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Chapter 1-3 research proposal

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Ena da Kultura

Ekaterine Vatsadze

research proposal chapter 1 2 3 pdf

Ngozi Anigbogu

Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1363, No. 1, p. 012060). IOP Publishing

Erwinsyah Satria

When identifying the learning strategies to be used, the teacher must choose two types of teacher-centered strategies or student-centered strategies. The selection of this strategy is closely related to the integration of technology and media in a learning process. Specifically this integration becomes the presentation of a concept by displaying a video or reading a story, or showing how to conjure up a verb. The student-centered strategy is an activity that involves students in active learning, while the teacher's position is more on the facilitator who will ensure that the learning objectives will be achieved. Integrating technology and media in a learning process will provide convenience and benefits not only to teachers but also students. Both teachers and students will be facilitated in learning that involves reading, writing, listening and listening to a material. Improving the quality of learning outcomes resulting from integrating technology and media will provide color for the development of Indonesia's human resources in the future.

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies

Dickson Mdhlalose

This study seeks to understand the effects of technology on education: teaching and learning. All the data used in this study comes from secondary sources. Information was gathered from several sources, including peer-reviewed journal papers, published and unpublished dissertations, online and print textbooks, and encyclopaedias. Findings: Evidence on the effects of technology is contradictory, according to a review of the relevant literature. Thanks to information technology developments, classroom collaboration between teachers and students is more efficient than ever. It broadens their academic and intellectual horizons, making students more versatile in the classroom. Due to the internet's accessibility, remote learning may now be supported by technological means. Students can use search engines to conduct research. Hardware failures, software incompatibilities between home and school, or non-existent internet connections, and outdated program versions are just some of the d...

Jesson Hero

Journal of Education and Practice

Ardita Ceka

Today, Information and communication technology has become a way of life in which children are drawn. Today's children are beginning to use digital tools at a very young age, so that the school should respond to the needs of students. Also today it is impossible for any profession performs without the help of information technology. The computer and the Internet gives us endless possibilities and resources in improving the quality of work.Even in education, computer skills and additional equipment are needed, because they create great opportunities for teachers and inspire curiosity, imagination and interest of students.Teachers should not oppose change, but they should use new technology for better quality teaching and make it more interesting. The use of technology will positively improve results faculty and students.Teachers must carefully plan the use and integration of technology in teaching. How to integrate technology into teaching mainly depends on how many computers has...

IJAR Indexing

Technology integration in teaching is one of vital medium to provide more engaging and interactive learning process in class. Integration of technology in English class is inevitable to achieve National education goals based on Malaysian Education Blueprint (2013-2015). Thus, the purpose of the study is to investigate teacher’s perception on contribution of technology use in English Language classes. Theresearchwas conducted in Kemena District in Bintulu Division, Sarawak. There were 80 English teachers in Kemena District involved as respondents for data collectionbased on questionnaire methods. The result of the study revealed that English teachers in Kemena District have positive attitude towards the instructional technology integration in their language classroom. However, instead of this positive attitude, the usage of the technologies is below the targeted rates because it was restricted by a few factors: lack of time and lack of technological means in the school. Teachers found that modern technology motivates the learners and improve their English skills. Besides, it also helps the teachers to have good control of their teaching in the classroom. For traditional technology, it is beneficial for teachers because it provides good control of the classroom and it encourages meaningful learning. So, both technologies basically were good for class controls.

Alejandro Celis

The incorporation of technology into teaching and research is one of the most important challenges for education today. It is time to move beyond the walls of our classrooms to join forces with other institutions and societies to revitalize education. The present paper focuses on the use of technology in teaching-learning process that will greatly contribute to meet student needs for learning anywhere, anytime. Integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into teaching and learning process is a growing field which has variety of definitions according to different points of view. A very common view asserts that the application of ICT processes should be presented in an integrated way as well as concrete model need to be developed for the teachers in order for the integration process to improve students' learning. Based on the premise that " The integration process should strengthen learning of students " , there is a need to present an integrated point of view in the application of these processes and to develop some concrete examples for teachers. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to develop a model assessing the ICT integration process and helping to improve students' learning.

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences

Juliet Joseph


In the teaching-learning process, the use of instructional materials is very important because they facilitate learning. This essay seeks to discuss the competencies which teachers should possess for the successful use and integration of technology in their work. The essay will define the crucial terms which are Teacher competencies, educational media and technology. However, for the media to be successfully used during the teaching-learning process, particularly in the teaching and learning process teachers should possess certain competencies such being computer literate, deep knowledge on curricular issues, communication skills, technical skills, presentation, Evaluation and Follow-up skills. There is no single definition that can satisfy anyone pertaining to educational media They are given different terms such as teaching aids, learning materials, learning resources, audio-visuals, instructional media, among others. According to Olowu (2005) Instructional media are the information carriers that are used in any teaching-learning process to facilitate the rate of learning (in the learners) and so also to enhance the teacher " s presentation of the learning content (subject matter). Alaku (1998) says that instructional media are variety of resources,


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Angela Soare

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Doğukan Koç

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Bandhana Bhasin

Jyoti Kumari

Siddique Abubakr Muntaka

Information Technologies and Learning Tools

Dave E Marcial

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Claudia Islas Torres

Noparat Tananuraksakul

World Journal of Education


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Filiz Mumcu

Sara Tabone , Laura Messina

Elvina Taran

Studies in Indian Places Names

Ramakrishna Avvaru

sevilay şahin

Intakhab A Khan

amina charania

Anthony Saba

Altina Ramos

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Elva Retnawati

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Javed Hussain Khan

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Oğuzhan Atabek

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research proposal chapter 1 2 3 pdf

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