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  • Challenges of HRM: Conclusion & Solutions This is because globally, there are many changes in terms of industrial workforce demands due to the need to beat competitions and increased technological innovations.
  • Human Resources Management and Future Career The main role of the human resource management is therefore ensuring that the organization receives maximum benefits from the human resources.
  • Human Resources Management’s Incentive and Compensate for Performance Incentive Plans are for the most part used in commerce managing to encourage human resources and in sales in order to create a center of attention and hold on to clientele.
  • HR Management System Functions and Features Therefore, by including the HR in the strategic plan, the firm is able to know vital aspects of the human resource management that are most relevant to the process.
  • Role of Human Resources Management in Health Care Industry Due to the increased diversity of cultural backgrounds of both patients and employee, the human resource managers should pay closer attention to the influence of globalization and technology on healthcare delivery and teamwork training, leading […]
  • Total Compensation in HRM They involve a comprehensive evaluation of the human resource requirements and the development of relevant guidelines to direct not only the compensation programs but guide the processes of training and development relevant for the specific […]
  • Human Resources Management in Hilton Hotels, Delta Airlines, and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd Human resources are the driving force of an organisation; they need to be well managed and preserved for the benefit of the company.
  • Recruitment Techniques in HRM The use of the right recruitment technique enables an organization to reduce recruitment costs, find the best talent and reduce the time needed to hire new employees.
  • Role of Human Resources Management: Policies, Programs, and Practices The secret is in incorporating every employee into the organization not as a lesser important member but for each of them to feel as an integral part of the organization and the success or failure […]
  • HR Outsourcing Issues and Benefits Ethical In outsourcing HR, an organization should ensure that all employees act in a professional manner and service delivery is fair and is in an impartial way.
  • Implications of Converging Economy for Human Resources Management It stands for the convergence of different economic systems under the influence of the social-economical factors or in the result of the economical development.
  • Mobilizing Talent – Human Resources Management The program comprises of questionnaires which seek to get answers as to whether employees are satisfied with the management of the organization.
  • Concept of Recruitment Model in HRM First, job analysis has to be done which involves the following; establishing the relevance of the job analysis, listing the characteristics of the personnel to be hired, selecting the job in question for analysis, gathering […]
  • HRM Role Within the Strategic Direction of an Organization The main aim of human resources planning is to ensure that there is the right number of employees, at the right time, at the right place, and at the right cost.
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) in a Multinational Enterprise In essence, the unique and diverse culture of MNEs and the institutional environment of the firms are widely thought-out to determine the explicit HRM practices in different states.
  • HR Management in Multinational Firms In their operations, multinational firms have to conform to the diversity of cultures and beliefs in the host countries in order to avoid conflicts thus guaranteeing good working relations.
  • Strategic HR Management Plan Implementation The plan has to include precise management of collected information because of the need to reduce errors in service delivery process, and the need to facilitate the role of meeting the client’s necessities.
  • Human Resources Management: Material, Psychological, and Social Expectations An employer who offers a good package is likely to attract employees to stay in the company and have the willingness to go an extra mile providing more revenue to the company.
  • Leadership as an HRM Strategy and Policy in MNCs: Apple Inc. The innovativeness of the employees of Apple can be attached to the excellent leadership strategies of Steve Jobs, the president and co-founder of the company.
  • HR Management Distinguishing Features in Japan This paper will address how the IHRM relates to the performance of the economy and identify the institutional and cultural features of Japan’s HRM.
  • ‘Human Resources Management’ and ‘Trade Unions’ Conventionally, the roles of trade unions have been to safeguard jobs and to protect the real earning of workers, provide them security and better working conditions and to struggle against mistreatment and uncertainty in order […]
  • Loyalty Schemes Effect: Information, Finance, and HR Management The main function of the customer information management is to facilitate the operation of customer segmentation strategies by figuring out the values and preferences of customers via customer loyalty schemes.
  • Human Resources Management in Small Organizations Employees always need to be assured of continuity in their careers and want to know that the organisation they are working in has a future for them.
  • Human Resources Management: Expatriate Adjustment Management The outcome after a certain period and the strategies set by the expatriate and team should be effectively evaluated to ensure they are in course. Motivational measures should be put in place to ensure that […]
  • Concept of Employees Empowerment in HRM Personnel empowerment refers to giving employees power and the capability to make decisions on their own; the concept means that employees are trained and coached on making the right decisions for the company in the […]
  • Generation Y: The Demand for Innovative HRM? Many companies agree that the millennium generation will continue to grow in the market share; hence, a need for companies to develop products that are appealing to the unique needs of this generation.
  • HR Management History and Present Days Armstrong sees the role of human resource management as holistic whereby, HRM has to serve the interests of the business but at same time remain keen to fulfilling the interests of the people in the […]
  • The Role of Human Resources Management Department The department and profession that plays one of the most important roles in any organization is the Human Resource Department because it deals with workers, their motivation, appraisal and strategic focus that determine the overall […]
  • Goals for Motivation Employees in HRM This paper shall therefore focus on the goals of motivation, motivational theories, and measurement of the outcome of motivation. This is essential in the achievement of the goals and objectives of an organization.
  • Industrial Relations Vs HRM Whereas industrial relations use unions in the management of people within organizations, human resource management is a nonunion employment approach that engages in the recruitment, management and development of policies in the workplace.
  • HRM in the Fast Food Industry: US, Germany, and Australia It should be mentioned that the term human-resource relations refers to the programs that an organization puts in place in order to ensure that the employees receive the benefits that are guaranteed by legislation.
  • HRM Evaluation: Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd Additionally, there is my recommended practice for the organization given current constraints: The major strategy to be used in tackling this question is the location of Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd as compared to the best […]
  • Linking the HRM with Organization Goals and Vision Adoption of technology in HRM practices depends on the success of HRIS, HRM department sizes and the resources used to train employees to increase a firm’s performance.
  • The Problems of Work Place Related Disorders in HRM Company’s success and productivity depend on organisation of the human resource management, and how the same relate to flexibility. Through this, the company will be in a position to draw a practical and satisfactory flexibility […]
  • HR and Sustainability: Australian Tourism and Hospitality The soft approach to HR management assumes that employees contribute to the creation of value thus leading to a firm attaining sustainable competitive advantage.
  • HR Management: Selecting and Promoting Staff Under the Employment Act of Singapore, Alex can use the Employment Standards Online. In Singapore, the employment act allows employees to sue for any acts of discrimination.
  • CultureWorks ESL: HRM Challenges The purpose of internal communication is to let employees know of the ongoing organisational strategies and possible changes in the institution.
  • Human Resources Management in Multinational Enterprises The human resource management structures that multinationals adopt for their foreign operations and the socialization strategies applied for host national staff are examples of strategies that may differ in accordance to the adopted policy.
  • Marginal Utility Analysis in Human Resources Management An evaluation system that has the support of top management of an organization and is viewed by all the stakeholders in the organization as fair and productive is the one suitable for effective evaluation.
  • HR Management Development Goals Effectiveness The profile of the staff should be available for the management to formulate the necessary measures to make the systems more proficient.

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  • International HRM Case Study: Apple Inc. Some of the things they need to know include the culture and customs of the host country. Failure to comply with the new rules and regulations would most likely jeopardize the operations of the corporation […]
  • Employment Relations & HRM in a Workplace For the human resource of IKEA to achieve this, its goals and objectives have been designed in a way to be in line with the overall goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Soap Producers and Distributors Ltd Human Resources Management The human resources management team should focus on the operating environment that employees work in; in this context, the management should ensure that employees enjoy their duties. Motivational measures should be put in place to […]
  • HRM in Singapore and Hong Kong The management of human resource in Singapore has evolved with the dynamic and competitive market environment especially since the mid 1990s to present time.
  • Human Resources Management: The Case of Carrefour in UAE The management has to define the destination of the organization and it is the employee to drive the entire firm to that destination.
  • Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises Investment in HRM: Is It Worth? On the basis of the above analysis, it is evident that there is a significant level of deficiency with regard to HRM in SMEs.
  • MechCon Company HRM Evaluation Some of the roles that the human resource manager should be linked with in the executive body of the MechCon Company include; balancing the needs of the staff and those of the company, he or […]
  • Human Resources Management in the Saudi Arabia Airliners In order to utilize the resources of the business effectively, the managers of the business must consider the mission, the objectives of the business and the vision of the business in order to develop the […]
  • Human Resources Management Profile for a Multinational Company The senior WiMax engineer normally surveys the topography of the area in which the client is based and selects the most suitable site for the construction and installation of the necessary equipment.
  • Human Resources Management in the Children Medical Research Institute In order for a Human Resource administrator to prop up employees adequately as well as to be able to deal with attitude or performance trouble, they must initially have a perception of the reason that […]
  • Clothing Company HR Politics With the managing style, the management was kept to ensure that employees were loyal to the company and worked for the benefit of the company.
  • Problematic or Challenging Aspect of HRM First the paper will focus on the description of the recruitment, training and development challenges within the Fly Emirates carbine crew staff and then critically analyzing the root causes of the problems.
  • Strategic HRM: Resource-Based View There is an agreement that human capital can be a basis of competitive advantage; that human resource practices are more influential on the human resource part of the firm; and that the complex nature of […]
  • Distinguishing Features of HRM in a Developing Economy Through literature review, the paper advances the understanding of the differences in Human Resource Management practices in, developing and developed economies, hence we can learn that developing and developed economies Human Resources Management practices have […]
  • HRM for the Service Industries This would refer to the orientation of the leader regarding the aims and responsibilities of employees. As a strategy, Delta Air Lines management has empowered employees to recognize and comment on the performance of their […]
  • HRM and Corporate Culture: Resource Management Status Before going into details concerning the way in which HRM impacts the employees’ organizational behavior, it is reasonable to touch upon the specifics of the corporate culture, its definition and significance for the well-being of […]
  • Harrods HR Management: Recruiting and Retaining Employees The training and development initiatives at Harrods lead to career progression as employees feel more comfortable in their work roles due to the internalization of the right mix of skills and abilities.
  • Functions of Human Resources Management: More Complex Management of People in Global Organizations The main objective of this essay is to understand the leadership requirements in organisations by looking at the way the managers spend their time in the handling of human resources.
  • Strategic Human Resources Management and Changes in Work Environments Human resource as a department and the focus of this essay is considered as the lifeblood of the organization. In addition, it will augment the behaviour and performance of an employee.
  • HRM Strategy at the Emirates Airline The Emirates Airline invests a lot in intensive training and employee development to ensure that the team achieves the goals of satisfying customers’ needs.
  • The Importance of HRM Within the Insurance Industry First, the company undertakes a rigorous procedure to ensure that the jobs that have been designed specifically meet the needs and requirements of the firm and its clientele and most importantly, the job description attracts […]
  • HRM Practices and Key Points Identifying the potential and the areas of interest of employees is important in staging training and coaching program to trigger positive change in an organisation.
  • Strategic HRM in a Multinational Firm Thus, IHRM must provide a comprehensive way of addressing the HRM in response to the multinational status of the company, the stage of the company growth, competitive strategies, the global structure, and the stage of […]
  • Human Resources Management: The Key to Strategic Success Human resource management entails the recruitment, selection, training, and development of the body of people that make up an organization in any sector of the economy.
  • The Effect of HRM Practices on Psychological Contract in Organisation Whenever the management makes promises to the employees when they are hired or during the normal management processes, the promise will develop a psychological contract that binds the employer and the employee.
  • Nestlé’s HR Practices and Operations in India In addition, a firm that has competent employees is able to come up with different types of changes in its operations which enable it to strengthen its brand in the market.
  • HRM Analysis – Children’s Hospital This is the group of people which composes the core labor market from which Children’s Hospital and all other employers in the area have to choose from. In the context of technology, IT has brought […]
  • HRM Practices at Superior Energy Services Before the end of 1999, the company had combined with Cardinal Services, the market leader in the Gulf of Mexico and the biggest holder and user of liftboats in the area.
  • Toyota Motor: The Role of Line Managers in Delivering HR Practices Objectives of the Proposal The purpose of this proposal is to evaluate the delivery of HRM in TMC and the role of line managers in execution of HR responsibilities.
  • HR Management in Ford Motor Company First, this business strategy outlined the importance of a competent and well-motivated workforce in the growth objectives of the automobile company.
  • HR Management at the Patient Care Hospital Evaluating the resourcing process at the hospital It is indeed factual that the resourcing process at the Patient Care Hospital needs to be updated and validated according to government standards.
  • Evaluation of Relevant HRM Issues in Germany The closer the characteristics between the home and the host country, the easier it is to transfer the HRM practices of the parent company to the subsidiary firm.
  • Host Country Analysis and International HRM Issues As subsidiaries operate in foreign countries, the parent company’s CEO strives to align the management practices of the subsidiaries to the practices of the parent company.
  • Emirates Airline: HR Framework in the Aviation Sector A key concept in this understanding is “Universalism,” which presupposes that the adoption of universal best practices in an organization would lead to an overall improvement of organizational performance, regardless of the context of analysis.
  • Human Resource Management Structure of Toyota The report also provides an insight into the role of the HR practices in the management of a large number of employees.
  • Destructive Leadership as a Phenomenon in HR Management The authors admit that the actions believed to be destructive can help to regain the leadership position in the short run; however, the damage to the leader’s image and followers’ trust is bound to render […]
  • HRM Practices at Atkins: Training, Development, and Recruitment Atkins proves to be very successful in its recruitment practices in the view of the fact that in the year 2010, the company was classified in the category of the best recruitment teams.
  • HRM in the Middle East – UAE vs Saudi Arabia Basing the arguments on the published information and most of the interviews carried out in both developed and the developing countries, this paper shall succinctly explore on the implications of the emerging legal framework for […]
  • Advantages of Joining an HR Professional Association In this case the point of concern will particularly be the importance of joining a human resources professional association and the implications to the person joining.
  • Cirque du Soleil’s- HRM practices In this case, the main stakeholders to the issues facing the company are: The top management of the company The human resource department of the company The employees and, The spectators, who are also the […]
  • The Public HRM Systems Based on Relatively Old Theories, Goals, and Processes The normative HRM theory The public HRM systems are founded on the normative theory that embraces both the soft and inflexible or hard HRM concepts under which the human resources management basics are anchored.
  • Medical Facility HR Management and Whistleblower Activity The union would have required the medical facility to follow the due process before terminating the employees. It is the duty of the labor union of the company to represent Green.
  • Global Challenges Facing HRM Practice Besides, the treatise explores the human asset in labor management and the significance of employee motivation towards optimal performance. The first challenge in HRM practice is designing relevant performance systems and discipline in labor management.
  • Strategic HRM at Quantum Corporation Other areas that have proved to be of a challenge to the firm include acquiring and retaining quality talent, expanding the competence to cover change management, as well as developing employees to achieve continuity in […]
  • The Nature and Practice of HRM in Organisations The Gulf News and the Reuters reported that the largest bank of UAE Emirates NBD would conduct fire 15% of its employees; the board of management has confirmed this job cutting with the intention to […]
  • HRM Challenges in Multinational Companies The development of such advances in technology for HR functions managements is fostered by the need of the HR department to conduct its functions in the global markets in a manner that ensures speed, costs […]
  • Emirates Airline Company HRM Process The Group has been balancing the interests of the company and the employees through effective relations. The recruitment team at the Fly Emirates offers solutions that support the growth of the company thereby facilitating achievement […]
  • Human Resources Management and Entrepreneurship The company management provides the employees with the freedom to implement their innovative ideas within the company irrespective of the prevailing risks.
  • Nursing as a Potential Career Some of the programs totaling to Registered Nurse threshold include Associate Degree in Nursing, Bachelors of Science in Nursing as well as a Diploma in Nursing.
  • HRM Globalization’ Cause and Effects The transformation witnessed in the hospitality industry aims at boosting the tourism business to benefit from the resulting competitiveness by capitalizing on human resource perspective.
  • HR Management Practices: ABC Inc. In as much as ABC is determined to solve the issues arising in the case study, it is required to equip the human resource staff with a comprehensive outline of the hiring process as well […]
  • Human Resources Management Negotiation One of the first things I did was to find common ground with the HR manager by accepting that a drug testing policy was required for the company considering the nature of the industry.
  • Weight Discrimination and Beauty Prejudice in the HRM It should be noted, though, that the identified change in the corporate policy will also require a change in the social standards, as well as the perception of people with weight issue in the society.
  • Social Cognitive Neuroscience in Corporate HRM It is expected that the application of SCN will be compatible with the leadership strategies that are aimed at enhancing employees’ motivation and leading to a steep rise in the levels of corporate loyalty.
  • Human Resources Management Methods and Planning Some benefits that the companies attribute to the telecommuting are as under: With the extensive use of telecommuting, there will be less use of vehicles like automobiles, buses, trains, and aircraft as a result, less […]
  • Psychometric Tests in Human Resources Management Psychometric tests are useful in the management of human resources to the extent that they are used for hiring and recruitment, job analysis, job satisfaction assessment, performance appraisal, team building, training and development, and turnover […]
  • Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd: Current HRM Strategy Thus, in the light of the above-mentioned, the efficiency of the chosen HRM strategy must be verified for the company to beta the rivals and stay the leading one in the sphere of poultry trade.
  • Payment and Reward Systems: An Argument for Localizing HRM Practices The problem arises whether to set similar payment and reward standards in all host countries or localize HRM practices.
  • Key Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources Management It is assumed that the most optimal national economic programme is the creation of flexible and dynamic markets of labour, goods and capital able to quickly and effectively adapt to the changing environment, reflected in […]
  • Human Resources Management System and Organisational Performance The authors cite seminal works in the field to explain the background of the study and provide a comprehensive review of the material.
  • Human Resources Management Perspective at the Turn of the Century Furthermore, the book “Insecurity and Work Intensification”, which is devoted to the insecurity of the job nowadays, takes us to the conclusion, that the importance of the job agreement, as the main indicator of job […]
  • Transfer of HRM Practices: An Argument for Localization The question arises whether recruitment practices should be standardized across all countries in which an MNC operates or adapted to respect the cultural specificity of host countries.
  • Human Resources Management in China: The Contemporary Period The country’s potential traditionally depends on a set of characteristics that include, first of all, a set of governmental policies on economic growth, the approach to arrangement of education and training, employment and working conditions, […]
  • HRM Skills of Communication and Conflict Resolution Business relations include the most diversified kinds of activities, for the successful realization of which knowledge of business etiquette and the rules of effective communication are necessary. The purpose of the training will be to […]
  • HRM Competencies – Interview Package The interview package urges to identify the way of a man’s destination, in order to fulfil the major goals concerned with a company and an interviewee as its possible member.
  • The Research on the Human Resources Management Competencies Finally the conclusion has been given for the report “Human Resource Management is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the […]
  • North East Wessex District Council: HRM Issues One of the sources of the problem is the resistance of civil service culture, which is a common problem in the public service in the UK.
  • Current State of HR Management in Oman The paper arrives at its conclusion after providing a thorough description of the local and global factors that affect the development of HRM practices in Oman.
  • Implementing HRM Programs in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises In modern SMEs, strategically targeted HRM approaches based on preliminary analysis and the assessment of business specifics are effective tools for successful staff interaction.
  • Timeline for Implementation: Human Resources Management It will be important to identify the steps involved when implementing this program, individuals responsible in each of the steps, the overall supervisors, funding sources, metrics used to measure the success, and problems encountered in […]
  • Self-Efficacy: Implications for Organizational Behavior and HRM According to the author of the article, self-efficacy is based on the continuing attainment of compound perceptive, communal, linguistic, and corporal abilities by the means of the existing knowledge.
  • Broadbanding Training: HRM In most cases, the management distributes annual pay rise uniformly to all employees. In such cases, it is computed as a percentage increase of current salaries of the employees.
  • Walmart: Global HRM To navigate international expansion, Walmart’s human resources group must create a strategic plan to analyze factors that will impact these plans.
  • HRM Practices, Organizational Commitment, and Knowledge Management Processes Knowledge management is a part of a project that defines its success and is related directly to human resource management (HRM).
  • Culture and Communication Problems in HRM Working in a team, as well as human resource management, is associated with a variety of culture-related problems.
  • HRM Role and Fixing Corporate Governance Failures The HR function needs to analyze these issues and come up with a viable decision as to how to reward employees and motivate them to serve the company’s goals.
  • Cross-Cultural Management and HRM in Walmart Specifically, this study will explore the CCM approach that Walmart has deployed in the U.S.setting and compare it to the CCM framework used in the German context.
  • Improving HRM at Krisna Hospital The fact that patients are willing to communicate with PCEs rather than physicians and follow the recommendations of the former can be seen as an influential factor contributing to the breach of the psychological contract.
  • Are HRM Departments Needed When a Company Has Effective Line Managers?
  • Can Western-Style HRM Practices Be Introduced to China?
  • What Are Integrated Human Resource Management Policies?
  • Can HRM Improve Schools’ Performance?
  • What Are the Effects of Human Resource Management on Corporate Performance and Employees?
  • How Do Action-Oriented HRM Departments Differ From People-Oriented Departments?
  • What Are the Important Aspects of Successful Human Resource Management?
  • Can Effective HRM Contribute to the Profits of an Organization?
  • How Can HRM Practices Influence Employee Commitment and Overcome High Employee Turnover?
  • What Can Organizations Gain From Human Resource Management?
  • Does the Choice of a Company Strategy Affect HRM?
  • What Is Human Resource Management and How Has It Developed?
  • Why Has Work-Life Balance Become a Key Issue in HRM?
  • How Can Human Resource Management Practices Lead to Increased Corporate Social Performance?
  • What Were the Socioeconomic Changes in the 1980s Which Contributed to the Emerging Popularity of Human Resource Management?
  • How Can Schools and Teachers Benefit From Human Resources Management?
  • Why Is Strategic Human Resource Management So Important?
  • How Do Contemporary Organizations Gain Competitive Advantage by Human Resource Management?
  • Does Effective Human Resource Management Improve Productivity of Employees?
  • Will the Strategic Fit Between Business and HRM Strategy Influence HRM Effectiveness and Organizational Performance?
  • Does Ethical Consideration Affect Human Resource Management?
  • Can Human Resource Management Contribute to a Company’s Success?
  • How Does Human Resource Management Apply to the Top Management?
  • Does Intercountry Differences Affect Human Resource Management?
  • How Do Personal Perceptions Influence Human Resource Management Decisions?
  • What Are the Roles of Human Resource Management in Education?
  • How Is Strategic Human Resource Management Applied in Practice?
  • Why Is the Human Resource Management Important in Small-Medium Business?
  • How Has Technology Changed Human Resource Management?
  • What HRM Approaches Need to Be Taken to Ensure Competitive Advantage?
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  • Riordan Manufacturing’s HR Marketing Services The main objective of the plan was identified as motivating employees in order to improve their productivity.
  • Zambia Population: Strengthening Human Resources for Health Zambia is by far one of the most peculiar African states. However, Zambia will soon have to face a serious challenge. The state government can possibly prevent the Zambian population from shrinking.
  • The Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention: Human Resources Founded in 1987, the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) is a non-profit community-based that relies on volunteers to achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Foreign Investment in Chinese Banking Sector: HR Policies China`s banking system and foreign investment policies have to survive numerous changes and improvements using its norms and guidelines in comparison to developing countries.
  • Role of Department of Marriott Human Resources for Employees This paper discusses human resources management at Marriott International – an international chain of hotels with the well-managed HR team that attributed to the success.
  • Human Resources Audit and Its Key Elements An HR audit is a process of evaluating the efficacy of an HR department’s activities and their effect on employees’ motivation and the results that they deliver.
  • Chinese Bank’ Human Resources Management The paper analyses HRM through an examination of new approaches, recruitment and selection, monitoring and rewarding at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.
  • Personnel and Human Resources Management Human resource management arm of an organisation has the responsibility of developing an organisation’s workforce to enhance productivity through training and development.
  • Informal HRD vs. Formal Learning Opportunities The aim of this paper is to answer the question of whether it is more important for HRD practitioners to facilitate informal learning than it is to provide training opportunities.
  • Google HR Practices & Google HRM Various approaches are employed by Google to manage its operation competencies, human resources prospective as well as talents and skill echelons.
  • Labor-Management Relations and Human Resources Cooperative bargaining is an approach whereby union leaders liaise with topmost leaders to improve relations and maximize productivity.
  • Human Resources Management: External Influences Like any sphere of management, human resources management can face external influences. There is a wide range of such influences, including political, economic, and social.
  • Human Resources in Global Business Management The paper examines how cultural and institutional differences affect integration in mergers, acquisitions, and international joint ventures on the example of two case studies.
  • Google Company: International Human Resources Management Google is one of the world’s largest and most renowned corporations. This paper is focused on the exploration of Google’s human resources practices such as recruitment and selection.
  • The ABASCO Company’s Human Resources Department The paper discusses the ABASCO company that should develop an effective HR department, to formulate and implement learning and development strategies successfully.
  • Federal and State Human Resources in Florida’ Health Care According to the latest update in the Florida healthcare legislation, a very strong emphasis is placed on the increase in the number and quality of staff competencies.
  • Human Resources Director Selection This report discusses the assessment methods that were used in selecting the Human Resources Director and the rationale for choosing one of the candidates.
  • Computer Zone Company’s Human Resources Management Human resources management is one of the core aspects that can affect the development of organizations. This paper includes a brief analysis of the issues Computer Zone, Inc. has to address.
  • Human Resources Managers and Problem Solving In the process of problem-solving, managers may resort to two types of thinking: systematic and intuitive. Both of these approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Role of HR Practice Within Contemporary Organizations The role of organizational work as it is conducted in various modern companies is primarily determined by the qualifications of the employees performing specific duties.
  • Healthcare Human Resources Management and Changes Human resource management is a vital emphasis of management in organizations. This essay explores the significance of HRM in the context of the health care industry.
  • Aligning Human Resources and Business Strategy Human resource management is vital for any organization that seeks to add value to its employees to ensure the growth of the business.
  • Human Resources Function Managment and Coordination For an organization to be successful, human resource professionals are required to be more concerned with the deliverables of their roles rather than doing their duties better.
  • Human Resources: Consolidated Chicken Products Case This paper analyzes the case study of Consolidated Chicken Products, examines discrimination against women, the compensation system, and other issues in the company.
  • Human Resources Management in Projects Team leaders should ensure they understand their team so that they can have responsive motivational policies and strategies.
  • Human Resources and Organization Management Company management to embrace changes that would improve its competitive advantage; such changes might involve empowering employees through training.
  • Managing Human Resources and Its Challenges This paper analyzes two case studies taken from the textbook Managing Human Resources, identifies critical issues, presents a thorough analysis, and provides conclusions.
  • Human Resources: Social Media Policy in Companies Employees still have a tendency to violate the company’s rules and publish inappropriate posts on Facebook. This paper examines two relevant cases.
  • Integration and Alignment of the Current HR Strategy This research includes a brief look at the institution’s strategy and how human resources can support that through an integrated approach.
  • The HR Business Partner Role in the Retail Industry HR business partners are specialists working with the main leaders of an organization to guarantee its evolution. This paper defines the role of the HRBP in the retail industry.
  • Trends in HR Management Analysis HR management is a complex and dynamic field that constantly undergoes changes and functions in a state of an ongoing flow.
  • Amazon Human Resources Strategy Being one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, Amazon.com constantly attracts the attention of potential employees, business partners, and competitors.
  • TorontoNorthAutoParts Company’s Human Resources The sudden shift in the percentage of rejects compelled TorontoNorthAutoParts to introduce a new human resource information system in an attempt to reduce the recorded defects.
  • Nike Inc. and Adidas Group: Business Direction and HR Planning The industry’s code, according to the N.A.I.C.S., is 339920, which refers to sporting and athletic goods manufacturing (“N.A.I.C.S. Code Description”).
  • Developing Yourself as an Effective HR &L&D Practitioner Effective HR practice can be a tricky balancing act between the administration and strategic leadership. The investors, the customers, and the employees all benefit from a well-performing HR division.
  • Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms HR Sergeants make sure the Army possesses sufficient resources and staff. In addition, this role requires Sergeants to ensure no events or occurrences can threaten peace and security in the world.
  • HR’s Contribution to Organizational Performance HR professionals usually contribute to business planning through the HRM strategy. HR interventions should align with both each other and other organisational policies.
  • Human Resources Process and Legal Requirements This paper evaluates the effects of legal, safety, and regulatory demands on human resources practices in organizations.
  • Human Resources Management and Organizational Culture Organizational Theory and studies focus on the systematic explorations of and analysis of how people as individual and as groups function within organizational operational frameworks.
  • Human Resources Recruitment and Selection Planning and controlling the staffing and selection process is a vital means by which organizational productivity can be improved.
  • Human Resources. Managing and Leading People Managing and leading people is one of the very challenging tasks, many managers and leaders in the organization have faced many challenges when dealing with leading people.
  • St. George Bank: Human Resources and Entrepreneurship St. George Bank should also come up with new methods to access their customers and also new channels on which the customers can get their services.
  • Strategic Management of Human Resources Human resources refer to the people of an organization. Human resource managers seek to facilitate the contribution people make to achieve an organization’s goals and strategies.
  • HR Tools and Student Perceptions of Service Quality The paper will look at the type of HR tools that can be used by educational service providers to increase student perceptions of service quality in UK universities.
  • Human Resources Defines a Company in Bad Times The human resource (HR) departments and managers who are concerned with labor relations help in bridging the gap in interactions between the top organs and workers.
  • Theoretical Models of the HR Role A paper examines two theoretical models of the HR role, assesses the empirical evidence offered in support and examines applicability to a small business of which the writer is part.
  • Standard Chartered Bank Managing Human Resources This report is a case study on Standard Chartered, and the strength-based approach in the bank has been discussed with its benefits and also disadvantages.
  • Life Care of America: Human Resources Department This research paper intends to explore how the recruitment is done and the contributing factors for recruiting new employees in the life care of America.
  • PeopleSoft Software and HR.net Enterprise Software With effective HRIS software, human resource employees can do their own benefits updates and address changes thus enabling them to have more time to perform other strategic functions.
  • Functional Role of HR as it Relates to Ethics Human resource managers play a vital role in every organization in ensuring that all staffs observe ethical conduct in their operations.
  • Human Resources Management: Job Analysis and Job Descriptions The most fundamental building block of HRM, job analysis, is a systematic way of collecting and analyzing information concerning the jobs’ context, content, and human requirements.
  • Strategy Application in Marketing With Human Resources Translating Strategy application in Marketing into Human resource practices proves to be of assistance in a company in three ways that are discussed in the paper.
  • Human Resources Management and How It Is Affected by Globalization and Technology? HRM functions have been widely affected by the changing trends around the world: various parts of the world are integrating, newer technologies and better concepts are evolving.
  • The Efficiency of Fixed National HR Policy in Driven High Growth Economies The main objective of the research is to show how Human Resource Policy in Qatar has influenced employee migration from the public sector to the private sector.
  • Company Keyence: HR Training Program The paper describes the necessity of creating the training program for the HR management of the company Keyence.
  • Denice Welch on HR in International Business The article under analysis is well-written and trustworthy. The data given by the authors are verified and authoritative.
  • Organizational Development and Human Resources in Organization The critical function of HRM is to eliminate the disruptive forces coming from within an organization by paying maximum attention to the way employees are treated at work.
  • Organizational Behavior Business: HR Dilemma HR’s Daily Dilemma: Between Management and Staff. HR should operate on equal footing with both management and employees.
  • HR Research Methods and Their Effectiveness Methods that companies’ managers use for their initiatives’ assessments, suggestions on plans’ management in the case of their inefficiency, and recommendations for Starbucks.
  • Effect of the Law on the Human Resources Process The purpose of the paper is to consider and describe the different types of external influence on HR processes.
  • Strategic Role of Human Resources in Health Care This paper examines in detail how different HR practices are related to the restructuring process of a health care company so as to extract maximum productivity.
  • Irish Healthcare System: HR Management and Financing The management of the healthcare sector requires using not only adequate leadership practices and approaches to monitoring employee performance.
  • Analysis of Trends and Their Implications for HR This paper looks at the demographics of the health care workforce. The trends in this field indicate that the health care workers who are aging are more than the younger ones.
  • HR Policies and Practices in Google In Google, the company’s overall success and size alongside the conditions make the most outstanding individuals to be drawn in.
  • Intervention Program of Human Resources in Emirates Airlines While taking into account the need to implement changes in the management of human resources in Emirates Airlines, the chosen intervention program.
  • Strategic Human Resources: Contemporary Nursing It is necessary to mention that the role of labor unions in the healthcare industry has been rapidly increasing, and they are focused on the interests of nurses.
  • Human Resources: Job Analysis and Description Job analysis entails the process of identifying the purpose and responsibilities of a given job position including the tasks assigned to an individual and the job qualifications.
  • NYC Human Resources Administration: Mission and Personal Experience The paper describes Human Resources Administration (HRA) which is also called the Department of Social Services (DSS) and serves the ‘problem-based’ type of community.
  • Human Resources: Dual-Career Family Lifestyle In a dual-career family lifestyle, the sustainment of work-life balance becomes more difficult as employees try to stay committed both to their work and their family.
  • Staffing Problem Solution: HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics The paper discusses that HR metrics program and workforce analytics will play a significant role at Regional Hospital.
  • HR Metrics: Assessing the HR Performance Within the Health Care Institution In this paper, five different metrics have been chosen to estimate the performance of the local health care organization.
  • “The HR Challenges Shaping the Healthcare Industry” Article Summary While human capital management and growth and staffing needs are priorities in most organizations, HR in healthcare institutions must also consider patient outcomes.
  • The Role of Human Resources in Managing the Nurse Staff The functions of a human resource manager are confined to facilitating the nurses’ work and activities. A leader needs to oversee organizational culture and leadership.
  • US Police Brutality and Human Resources Connection Police brutality is one of the most pressing crisis problems in the United States, it requires additional research and immediate solutions.
  • Emirates: Understanding Organization and the Role of Human Resources Emirates is a large airline that aims to provide quality services for passenger and cargo movements. This paper aims to analyze Emirates Airline and the role of human resources.
  • Analysis of Local Human Resources in Austin, Texas The paper states that Austin Company is adapted for people of different needs. Agencies support senior people, physically challenged people, and immigrants.
  • Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR
  • Strategies and Policies the HR of the Australian Multinational Organization
  • The Personnel Administration Functions of HR
  • Sociological Monitoring Problems Professional Development and HR Processes in the State Civil Service
  • The Growing Need for HR Professionals to Focus On Employees Potential Management
  • Theoretical and Practical Differences Between Personnel and HR
  • The Interrelationship Between HR, Strategy, and Profitability in Service SMEs
  • The Relationship Between the Dark Triad Personality Traits, Motivation at Work, and Burnout Among HR Recruitment Workers
  • What Are All the HR Policies and Procedures to Be Formulated in a Company?
  • Comparing and Contrasting the HR Practices in China and South Korea
  • Australian Employee Relationship and Human Resources Management
  • Possible Futures for the HR Function in Different Market Situations
  • The Respective Roles and HR and Line Managers in Managing
  • How the New HR Strategy Makes Lloyd’s One of the Best Companies
  • Sonoco Products Company: Building a World-Class HR Organization
  • Predicting HR’s Involvement and Influence in Strategic Decision-Making
  • Relationships Between Organizational Cultures and HR
  • Setting the Stage for Innovation: Towards a Conceptual Model of the HR-Innovation Link
  • Business Intelligence Instruments for HR Monitoring
  • Why the Role and Status of HR Varies So Much Between Organizations Critical Thinking
  • The Important Competencies Surveyed in the HR Assessment
  • Three Major Demographic Questions to Ask the HR Director
  • Reconstructing the New Role of the Strategic HR Manager
  • The Link Between HR, Strategy, and Culture
  • The Motives for and Consequences of HR Outsourcing
  • The Most Important Issue Facing HR Managers Today Is the Breakdown of Trust
  • The Human Resources Contribution to Responsible Leadership: An Exploration of the Csr-HR Interface
  • Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR Research
  • Social Media Policies, Concerted Activity, and HR Management
  • The Difference Between the Traditional Approach and Contemporary Approach to HR
  • Seven Common Misconceptions About HR Practices
  • Career Development: The Roles of HR Professionals
  • Relationship Between Human Capital of the Entrepreneur and HR
  • Between Employment Relationships and Market Relationships: Dilemmas for HR Management
  • The Role of Joint Consultative Committees, Unions and HR Policies in Employee Ratings of Workplaces in Britain
  • Atypical Employment Relationships and Commitment: Wishful Thinking or HR Challenge
  • Sunrise Software Launches Powerful New HR Case Management
  • Business Plan Writing: Overview, Operation, HR
  • Best Fit and Best Practice Perspectives for HR Management
  • Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR Assignment Study Mode
  • Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Corporate HR Practices
  • The Mean Preparation Fee HR Block Charged Retail Customers
  • The Main Models About Strategy of HR
  • Business Issues and Role of HR Samples
  • The Work-Life Balance HR Practice in Quintiles India
  • What Are the Primary Advantages of HR Portals and Shared
  • The Changing Role and the Future Challenges of HR
  • What Specific Functions Should an HR Unit Carryout?
  • What Are the Functions and Objectives of HR?
  • How Social Media Affects HR Practices in Recruitment?
  • How the Unilever People Place and Performance HR Vision Works?
  • What Are the Basic Concepts of HR?
  • How Business Strategy and HR Strategy Are or Should Be Linked Together?
  • What Are the Most Important HR Issues for Contemporary Organisations?
  • What Is the History of HR?
  • What Are the Principal Inputs and Outputs of the HR?
  • What Criteria Are Most Important When Evaluating HR Tools?
  • What Is the Difference Between HR and Human Resource Development?
  • What Specific Function Should on HR Unit Carry Out?
  • What Are Components of Strategic HR?
  • How Can HR Contribute to a Business?
  • Is There Any Difference Between Personnel and HR?
  • What Are the Problems Faced by HR Professionals?
  • What Is the Scope of HR?
  • Why Is HR the Most Hated Department in an Organization?
  • What Data Does the HR Management Process Use?
  • What Are the Latest Trends in HR?
  • Why the Role and Status of HR Varies So Much Between Organizations?
  • Will the Artificial Intelligence Be the Future of HR?
  • What Are the Weaknesses of HR?
  • Does the HR Function Exist to Protect Employer or Employee?
  • What Are the Contemporary Issues of HR?
  • How Is HR Helpful in the Overall Progess of an Organisation?
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  • Research questions generator

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human resources essay ideas

HRM Research Questions

  • Is it Necessary to Have an HR Department When a Corporation has Effective Line Managers?
  • Can Western-Style Human Resource Management Practices Be Introduced to China?
  • What Is the Definition of Integrated Human Resource Management Policies?
  • Can Human Resource Management Improve School Performance?
  • What Impact Does Human Resource Management Have on Corporate Performance and Employees?
  • How Do People-Oriented and Action-Oriented HRM Departments Differ?
  • What Are the Crucial Elements of Effective Human Resource Management?
  • Can Effective Human Resource Management Help an Organization’s Profits?
  • How Can Human Resource Management Practices Influence Employee Commitment and Help Overcome High Employee Turnover?
  • What Benefits Can Organizations Expect From Human Resource Management?
  • Does a Company’s Strategy Influence HRM?
  • What Is Human Resource Management, and How Did It Grow?
  • Why Has Work-Life Balance Become Such an Important Issue in Human Resources?
  • How Can Human Resource Management Practices Improve Corporate Social Performance?
  • What Socioeconomic Changes Occurred in the 1980s that Contributed to the Growing Popularity of Human Resource Management?
  • What Are the Advantages of Human Resources Management for Educators and Schools?
  • What Is the Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management?
  • Does Effective Human Resource Management Increase Employee Productivity?
  • Will the Strategic Alignment of Business and Human Resource Strategies Have an Impact on HRM Effectiveness and Organizational Performance?
  • Is Ethical Consideration Important in Human Resource Management?
  • Can Human Resource Management Aid in the Success of a Business?
  • What Role Does Human Resource Management Play in Top Management?
  • Does the Difference Between Countries Affect Human Resource Management?
  • How Do Personal Attitudes Affect Human Resource Management Decisions?
  • What Roles Does Human Resource Management Play in Education?
  • In What Ways Is Strategic Human Resource Management Used in Practice?
  • Why Is Human Resource Management Important in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?
  • What Impact Has Technology Had on Human Resource Management?
  • What HRM Approaches Are Required to Maintain Competitive Advantage?

Most Interesting Essay Topics about Honesty

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human resources essay ideas

Essays on Human Resources

Human resource management: pros & cons of diversity in workplace, recruitment and selection and training as procedures that unite associations and human resource, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

Each essay is customized to cater to your unique preferences

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The Issue Employee Engagement that Will Be Affecting The Future of Work

Human resources planning process, human resource management assessment: training and development in a selected company, contemporary issues in human resources management: bullying at the workplace, let us write you an essay from scratch.

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Five Tasks of Human Resources Management

Ethical issues in human resources, motivation letter for the program in human resources management, my aspiration to achieve great education in human resources, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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Analysis of Human Resources Management at Zappos: Training and Development

The purposes and challenges of hr industry, talent management for hr businesses, the importance of talent management and why you should invest in it, the role of hr policies in maintaining consistency and equity within an organization, affirmative action in personnel hiring and management, mid life career crisis in employees: critical analysis and role of hr department in the organisation, challenges being faced by hr in business companies, how effective human resource management improves productivity of employees, human resource management past present and future, simulation changes project, the human resource information system, new technology and information system in human resource management, concept of human resource planning, organizational effectiveness in human research, analysis of strategic human resource management in crh group, issue – lack of transparency in the recruitment process, what is human resource management, human resource (hr) strategies, human resource development (hrd).


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human resources essay ideas

Professional essay writing service

Top 50 Human Resource Research Topics

When an average college student faces the necessity to deal with human resource management topics, the chances are high that it may sound confusing. Even if you are provided with a good essay prompt, it is still necessary to come up with a competitive topic where you can narrow things down and provide due analysis. By doing so, you will be able to focus on something specific. In simple terms, human resource management relates to organizational aspects where the company's department approaches hiring, management, and training of the staff. It also strives to ensure the best work practices regardless of objectives or available funds. Therefore, the list of possible human resource topics for research paper topics can stretch from compensation and benefits to employment laws and workplace bullying.

HR research topics

The trick is to choose something that you know well, subjects that inspire you and let you make a significant contribution to your chosen subject. If you are already provided with a prompt by your college professor, it is still possible to adjust it a little bit based on your sources. You can start by browsing through various ideas to see what sounds good based on the list of sources you have encountered before. Both methods are quite helpful and will make it easier to complete your HRM research paper on time.

Human Resource Management Research Paper Topics​

It must be noted that human resource management is quickly becoming a proper science with a clear distinction. Starting with the list of complex business outcomes that it brings up to the use of various intelligence tools and innovations, it makes it possible to expand the academic scope.

As a rule, choosing HR research topics becomes an even broader task. For example, it becomes possible to understand and estimate (predict) organizational changes and behavior types. Since one deals with people and organizations through the lens of social and economic turbulence, HR as science must ensure all the expectations are properly written down and analyzed. Still, topics for business research differ significantly, as they are less concentrated on a human constituent. 

Here are some HRM topics to consider:

  • What is economic dependence through the lens of employee loyalty?
  • Should workplace conflicts be settled down with the help of mediation?
  • Should HR managers consider college students for employment?
  • What are the HR manager's ethical standards when working internationally?
  • Should companies invest more in the education of their employees?
  • Are online video courses efficient for staff training?
  • The pros and cons of the job freelance market.
  • What are the risks of outsourcing in 2021?
  • The bias in recruiting new team members.
  • HRM and the presence of racial and gender prejudice.
  • The importance of soft skills when hiring.
  • The role of CVs when recruiting college students.
  • The phenomenon of an overqualified employee.
  • What are the main responsibilities of the HR manager?
  • Should the talent-seeking campaigns be eliminated?
  • The pros and cons of team-building sessions.
  • International initiatives when working with outsourcing.
  • What are the ways to ensure employee safety?
  • How to identify strengths and weaknesses during an employment interview?
  • The use of certificates issued by online courses VS university diplomas.
  • How to deal with returning employees and the job holiday breaks?
  • How should HR managers decline certain proposals?
  • The transparency factors in the work of HR managers.
  • Is social media useful for better HR management?
  • How long should the training sessions be for the new employees (resource allocation)?

Of course, these are only some starting points for you. As you pay to write research paper , you can consider some other topics based on subjects like HR management specifics in Texas or why the talent agencies are more popular in California and Florida states. In either case, feel free to explore the topics provided and always start with the list of relevant sources or arguments that support your thesis.

The List of Interesting Human Resources Research Topics

As you are looking for a competitive human resource research topic, it is vital to understand that it also deals with the social and ethical issues as well regarding the workplace and the hiring processes. For example, we have freelance employees and bullying conflicts based on certain factors. Next, we are dealing with social media management and the representation of the company's data and private files. All of it makes it necessary to study all the current HRM trends.

Here are some interesting HR topics to consider:

  • How can we address healthcare issues and risks in the workplace?
  • The ways to identify workplace bullying.
  • The requirements for in-office workers VS freelancers.
  • How can HR managers establish successful communication during remote work?
  • Can special training sessions encourage diversity?
  • Additional workplace bonuses and motivation.
  • The problem of equal payments and position bias.
  • How can social media help improve the company's profile?
  • What are the factors that make the workplace a diverse environment?
  • What are the main challenges of HR managers in 2021?
  • How is the problem of employee retention addressed in European countries?
  • The challenges of religious and sexual discrimination in the workplace.
  • What constitutes typical job satisfaction?
  • The calculation of possible risks when hiring a new employee.
  • The daily childcare and bonuses for single parents issue.
  • The financial factor and the work progress relation.
  • How should workplace harassment be reported?
  • The workplace monitoring and safety methods.
  • The leadership style in the X company (case study).
  • How can an HR manager relieve stress when dealing with conflicts?
  • How can companies promote industrial harmony?
  • Should the ethical code be introduced as a part of the employment check?
  • What should be included in the staff training sessions?
  • The lack of human resources VS employee overfilling problem.
  • How can productivity be increased with the help of team competition?

As you are looking for a cheap research paper , it is still important to consider interesting human resource management research paper topics that will not only inspire you but will also force your audience to read further. Remember to think over your thesis and come up with an argument that fully reflects your subject.

Another important aspect related to HR research paper writing is avoiding plagiarism, which means that you should reference every idea that is not yours. The same relates to proofreading and accuracy. Consider custom research paper writing to handle such issues and never have to worry about not getting things done on time. Time is always a critical factor, which is why do not think twice as you reach out for academic success!

Order your paper now!

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human resources essay ideas

HR Management Essay Topics for Students

Update on 21 Mar, 23

5 minutes read

HR Management Essay Topics for Students

Relevant Human Resource Management Essay Topics:

Students select different industries to start their careers and make the fullest of their lives. If your job is prospective, you will earn a lot and will not be bothered by this crucial question.

It is a motivation for many people and many youngsters know that human resource management (HRM) is the right kind of profession.

Nonetheless, the process of education is quite complex and many of them cannot even choose relevant topics for their essays.

If you have this kind of problem, you surely spend a lot of time and energy to find at least one appropriate topic. Luckily, the Internet provides all kinds of academic support. For example, you may use the help of a credible writing agency that can generate relevant topics for you.

Another option is to read informative articles similar to ours. It incorporates useful writing tips and a great topic list. Make allowances for our human resource management essay topics:

1. The importance of planning in human resource management.

2. How do HR departments contribute to equal employment in companies?

3. The problem of finding good workers for an HR expert.

4. Is it perspective to be a human resource manager?

5. The value of strategic thinking when hiring new employees.

6. The role of human resources at the enterprise.

7. How to be sure the workforce will be effective?

8. Smart tips on finding good employees.

9. The most significant skills of a successful recruiter.

10. How to get employed: Common issues of employees.

11. All the legal steps you need to take to handle an unfair dismissal.

12. Why is a job interview important for finding good workers?

13. The main types of job interviews.

14. Is a virtual interview as effective as the standard one?

15. Factors that impact unequal employment in large companies.

16. The main duties of an HR manager in a company?

17. The issues related to LGBT employees.

18. Racial differences at the workplace.

19. How to sustain a healthy atmosphere at the workplace?

20. How to coordinate employees in a large organization?

21. Tips to create a reasonable working schedule.

22. Is it reasonable to look for workers on social media platforms?

23. Is LinkedIn the best platform for recruiters and employees?

24. The main issues of modern employees.

25. How can a recruiter understand who to hire?

26. Cases when the management should not interfere in the hiring process.

27. How does technology help recruiters?

28. How did coronavirus impact the recruitment process?

29. The main downsides of the human resource management industry.

30. How to become an effective HR expert?

Use these and similar topic ideas. They perfectly suit the HRM field and will be applicable to any academic project, including a dissertation, case study, research paper, coursework, and so on. Essay types do not limit your choice when you use this smart shortlist of topics.

How to Improve the Flow?

Many students fail, even if they select the right HR topics and have good outlines. Why does it happen? The main reason is the poor readability of their texts. For example, students write too long sentences.

Before a reader reaches the end, he or she may forget the beginning. It is especially complicated when there are too many explanations and the terms are unknown to ordinary people.

We want to help you and offer smart tips that help to improve the readability of your papers.

Consider the next essentials:

  • Be concise. Revise the entire paper to be sure it doesn’t contain too long paragraphs. The number of long sentences should not be more than 5-7 sentences per 500-word essay. Break all long sections into smaller chunks.
  • Be straight to the point. You should never go astray. Write sentences, which are related to the topic and avoid water sentences.
  • Watch the words you use. Be sure you use the lexicon that suits your topic and subject. Avoid jargon, technical terms, abbreviations, slang, clichés, etc.
  • Stick to the active voice. Active constructions are livelier. They also require fewer words compared to the passive voice.

It is also useful to read at least one sample with a similar topic to your essay and compare its readability. Try to find out the way another author managed to reach a high level of precision and comprehension.

Use those tips in your own projects. It is always useful to learn from the success stories of others. You can find a lot of high-quality samples and examples on the Internet. Access custom writing services or non-profit sites.


If you do not know how to select good human resource management essay topics, use our useful article. It offers the best ideas, which are easy and interesting to cover.

Do not forget to make your essay comprehensive. Boost the readability according to the writing tips offered by us. They will surely help you to enjoy academic success every time you are assigned this essay type.

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human resources essay ideas

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Human Resources Research Paper Topics For 2023

02 May 2022

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✍️How to choose a Human Resources topic for your project?

  • 💡HRM Research Topics
  • 📑Equal Employment Opportunity
  • 🎯Career Development
  • ✅Recruitment and Selection
  • ☝️Risk Management
  • 🧷Workplace Safety

Human Resources is one of the most popular and essential topics for the business minded. If you remember your basic economics, you may remember that the basic components necessary for production in any kind of economy are Land, Capital, and Labor.

Human labor is an essential resource that keeps a business running. Like any other resource, it must be managed. This is where the term “Human Resources” and Human resources research topics come in.

Having relevant data for research paper is easy if you know where to look. There are lots of online sources and books in libraries to use in your task. Make sure you spend enough time on planning before writing your task.

Is writing essays your hobby?

Participate in our "Independence Day of the United States" essay writing competition and get a 12-month Quizlet subscription.

  • Deadline: July 24, 2023
  • Topic: Declaration of Independence
  • Language: English
  • Length: 1000-5000 words
  • Font size: 11 or 12

Writing essays

How to choose a Human Resources topic for your project?

Selecting research topics in human resource management is not as simple as simply choosing the title and proceeding to write it. In order to get a good grade, the paper must be original and well researched. It needs to cover all relevant aspects of the chosen HR topics. Writing a hr related research topics is a very structured and analytical process. This is true for all fields, including human resources research topics.

The first step is topic selection. This is where we can help you. This page features a list of over 90 human resources topics. If you are having problems coming up with your own ideas, please choose hr related research topics from this list instead.

These titled papers all have a great deal of material about human resource management research topics out there. They are each trending topics in hrm topics for research and have plenty of resources available out there on the internet. Each of them is also relevant to the actual field of human resources management.

So, while writing a hr related research topics is not a typical or common activity for an HR employee, it will give you a lot of insights and information. These insights could give you a leg up in the future when you have graduated from School and College.

Human Resources Management Research Topics

At most large companies, ‘Human Resources’ is an entire department of its own. Most other departments at the company typically deal with producing a good or service. Others, like the public relations department, work with the media and other external affairs. Hence, there are many ways to approach HR research topics.

  • How HR helps companies remain competitive in a global market.
  • Managing part-time, full time, and freelancing employees.
  • How much paid leave is optimal?
  • What occasions deserve raises and bonuses?
  • The simplest way to resolve interpersonal conflicts.
  • The most effective team-building strategies.
  • Organizing teams according to personalities.
  • Can an introverted employee be a good team leader?
  • How to improve productivity through a goal-oriented approach.
  • The agile method and how it helps.
  • The best way to utilize productivity metrics.
  • Methods for disciplining employees.
  • How to manage international employees.
  • Preventing workplace violence.
  • Benefits of regular psychological counseling for all employees.

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Equal Employment Opportunity HR Research Topics

  • Are women more likely to get paid less for the same position as a man?
  • Do men and women deserve the same pay?
  • How to manage equal opportunity employment?
  • The best tactics for implementing equal opportunity.
  • Recruiting as an equal opportunity employer.
  • How to recognize and manage discrimination in the workplace.
  • The glass ceiling and how to break it.
  • Best practices for mediating disputes between employees.
  • Dealing with intimate relationships between employees.
  • How to create a diverse workplace?
  • Making the workplace an inclusive and accessible place for disabled employees.
  • Preventing unfair discrimination against LGBT+ employees.
  • The costs of an unequal workplace.
  • The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Government requirements for equal opportunity.

Career Development HR Research Topics

Those who are interested in working in the field could take their first steps by writing a paper on human resource management topics. There is a huge variety of possible human resource topics for research papers, so it is likely that everyone will find some aspect of it they enjoy.

  • Creating leaders among employees.
  • Why does professional career development matter?
  • How career development helps both employees and organizations.
  • The best approaches to on-the-job training.
  • Should training be prioritized over completed current work?
  • Best practices for training interns.
  • Should interns be paid more?
  • Professional certification training for employees.
  • How does active professional development affect productivity?
  • Is it worth it to help an employee develop if they find a new, better-paid job afterward?
  • Skills that all employees should develop.
  • Must-have training and development for all employees.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of paying for an employee’s professional training.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of leading professional development sessions.
  • Should companies help employees pay for school?

Research Topics on Recruitment and Selection

Studying human resources is a crucial part of management studies. Whether you are a college or university student, you can buy paper online to save time and effort. There are lots of reputable services that can provide excellent assignments to boost your academic performance.

  • What does the ideal new employee look like?
  • When is the best time to recruit a new employee?
  • When is the worst time to recruit a new employee?
  • Should highly skilled but untested individuals be recruited for senior positions?
  • Best practices for improving employee retention.
  • How to attract good employees?
  • The best platforms to recruit on.
  • Is social media an effective way to recruit?
  • What kind of employees should small businesses look for?
  • What kind of employees are needed for a large company?
  • Criminal background checks – Do’s and Don'ts.
  • How to effectively assess skills during an interview.
  • How does HR evaluate a potential new recruit?
  • Is it better to recruit an employee with experience but no skill, or the other way around?
  • Recruiting university graduates directly – a good idea or a bad one?

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HR Risk Management Topics

With so many moving parts working together in one company, it is natural for confusion or conflicts to arise. In order to make sure all these departments, employees, and managers work together, Human Resources is essential. In companies with hundreds of employees, their job simply cannot be understated.

  • What kind of risks does HR have to manage?
  • What role does HR take in risk management?
  • How does HR ensure worker protection?
  • Is HR there to protect employees or protect the company?
  • Legal measures HR can take.
  • Risk management during the covid-19 pandemic.
  • How HR managed risks revolving around covid-19.
  • Reasons to carry out regular internal audits.
  • Risk management among the ‘#metoo’ movement.
  • Training the workplace to minimize potential risks.
  • Risk management when working from home.
  • Ways to ensure all your employees follow masking and social distancing rules.
  • Ways to ensure all employees get vaccinated.
  • Responding to a legal action taken by an employee.
  • When should HR take legal action?

Workplace Safety HR Topics

  • How to ensure compliance with workplace safety rules.
  • The consequences of not following workplace safety.
  • Ways to prevent osha violations.
  • How to ensure all employees follow health and safety protocols?
  • How to ensure all employees get vaccines?
  • Fines and penalties for violating workplace safety rules.
  • Consequences of violating safety rules.
  • Steps to minimize or prevent burnout.
  • Bringing dangerous weapons into the workplace.
  • Steps to take when an employee is assaulted at work.
  • How to ensure psychological wellbeing during remote work.
  • Ensuring company leadership also follows safety roles.
  • Combating sexual harassment at the workplace.
  • Monitoring employees during remote work – is it ethical?
  • Developing specialized safety standards for the workplace.

Trending HR Topics

  • Unique ways to keep morale up during the pandemic.
  • Online recreational activities to develop teamwork during remote work.
  • Use of VR and AR in the workplace.
  • Famous figures or celebrities in the workplace.
  • Analyzing and updating how much a particular job is worth.
  • Steps to take to improve long-term retention.
  • Ways to handle overqualified employees or applicants.
  • Is an HR department necessary for smaller, family-owned businesses?
  • Defusing a tense and volatile moment in the workplace.
  • DRM tools for keeping in-house training methods proprietary.
  • Use of artificial intelligence for HR topics and tasks.
  • How big data is useful to human resources.
  • Virtual and online onboarding and orientation.
  • Hiring the most talented personnel from a global marketplace.
  • Are virtual interviews better than in-person interviews?

Conducting research on human resources is essential for any business looking to enhance their staff's productivity, skills, and management. Accessing the most effective resources is critical to achieving this goal. This is where an online essay writer can be an invaluable asset in producing high-quality research papers related to human resources. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of an online essay writer , you can conduct thorough research and create a top-notch human resources research paper that meets your needs.

HR is one of the most dynamic fields of work currently available. It is at the crossroads of psychology, sociology, accounting, and business. In the last few years, there have been many exciting changes in how human resources are handled, due to the rise of virtual platforms and working from home.

Only time will tell if these changes are temporary or permanent. But whichever way they go, our list of HR topics for research project 2023 will always be here for perusal.

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