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70 Super Fun Birthday Party Ideas For 11-Year-Olds

Karaoke, fashion show, water games, crafts, baking, and more ideas for your 11-year-old's birthday bash.

akshay nair MA

Specialty: Love, Marriage, Relationships

Experience: 4.5 years

Akshay is an associate editor and former journalist with more than four years of experience. A post graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism, he has strong professional and academic background in... more

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

siddharth kesiraju MA, Certification in Relationship Coaching

Specialty: Love, Marriage and Relationships

Experience: 7 years

Siddharth holds a certification in Relationship Coaching and a masters degree in communication and journalism from the University of Hyderabad. He has around seven years of experience in various field... more

Image: Shutterstock

Entering the second decade of life is a special occasion for any child, and parents would need some creative 11-year-old birthday party ideas to make the day extra special. This is the year when children officially turn a tween. They will have new dreams and imaginations. Their idea of fun will also change.

So, why not create a unique party theme that suits their evolving preferences? If you are short of ideas, read on. We bring you some incredible 11-year-old birthday party ideas that will provide you with some serious inspiration.

70 Incredible Birthday Party Ideas 11-Year-Old

11-year-old birthday ideas for boys.

Image: IStock

These unique birthday party ideas for your just-turned-11 son can be used to celebrate your princess’ birthday too.

1. Football party

Arrange a football party for the birthday boy and his friends at the birthday party. They’ll have a great time celebrating his big day with the ‘goals.’

2. Pool party

This can be a cool 11th birthday party idea if you have backyard pools in your home. No pool? Don’t worry! You can have a kiddie pool and water balloon fight. Even pool noodles will do!

3. Ninja bootcamp

Give your child and his friends bandanas to tie around their heads. You can arrange activities such as balance challenges, races, obstacle courses, and acrobatics.

4. Spy party

Spy parties are best for children who love suspense thrillers! Teach them to create secret codes with invisible ink. Play the ‘Mission Impossible’ music in the background to set the mood.

5. Fortnite party

Create a fort using pillows, chairs, and blankets and let the children play the Fortnite video game at the birthday party. Give them med-kit Rice Krispies, Loot Llama birthday cake, and Chug Jug drinks!

6. Bowling party

Bowling parties offer a lot of fun to both boys and girls. You can either take the party guests to the local bowling alley or set it up in your home using some bowling balls and pins.

7. Movie party

Movies and children are usually inseparable. Plan a movie party for your 11-year-old with loads of popcorn and ice cream and you are set! Sit with your tween and come up with a list of movies you think everyone will enjoy. Then, prep the TV room with some comfy cushions and rugs, and voila! Your movie party is ready!

8. Pajama party

Do you think your tween would like to curl up in a cozy bed with their friends? Then a pajama party is the best idea for them! Ask the guests to attend the party in pajamas. They can lounge in bed or on bean bags, munching on snacks, sharing stories, playing games, and enjoying themselves.

9. BBQ party

Summer birthdays take on a special sheen with BBQs in the backyard. This party is apt for children fond of barbecues (but honestly, who isn’t?). Set up a BBQ stand in your backyard with the usuals – grilled meat, burgers, and fish. Take orders from the guests and dish out the delicacies to celebrate your kid’s birthday in a delicious style.

10. Chef party

If your tween is a foodie, why not go for a chef theme? Create a list of some easy recipes, assemble the ingredients, and you are done. You can go further and create a cooking game where you ask the guests to prepare a dish with the ingredients available.

11. Gaming party

Most boys are interested in games at this age. Indulge them on their birthday by arranging a gaming party for them. You can take them out to a gaming zone where they can play games to their heart’s content. Or you can connect your phone or gaming system to your TV and let them play their favorite games.

12. Superhero party

Superheroes are always trending among children. So, dress your boy in their favorite superhero costume. The guests can come in their superhero costumes, too. You can even give away “best-dressed” and “most-realistic” awards to the children.

Birthday Ideas For 11-Year-Old Girls

These party ideas can also be apt for your young boy’s 11th birthday celebrations.

13. Baking party

Unleash your girl’s inner chef by throwing a baking party! Invite her close friends and let them bake some delicious sweets. Of course, feel free to guide them.

14. Movie marathon

All you need is popcorn, soft drinks, and a projector! For the movie night, choose a wide area where the girls can sit, eat and binge on their favorite movies .

15. Karaoke party

Give your birthday girl a mic and let her sing her heart out to some awesome tunes on her special day. It’s time for her to impress one and all with her singing skills!

16. Sleepover party

At sleepovers, everything happens but sleep! Arrange movies, games, pizzas for a pizza party, and desserts on your kid’s birthday so that it’s all fun and laughter the whole night!

17. DIY crafts party

It’s time to show off your child’s creative side! Invite their friends and let them paint, design clothes and jewelry, make cards, or do whatever they want to make. You can get the party supplies from your local store. They can take their creations home as souvenirs.

18. Tie and dye party

Let your kid and their friends show off their creativity by making their own tie-dye bandanas or shirts. For this fun party, you need some rubber bands, dyes, white shirts, and gloves.

19. Masquerade party

Invite your kid’s friends and ask them to arrive in masks that are mysterious and fun. Once they enter the party, they’ll keep guessing who’s who while dancing to the music!

20. Fashion show party

A fashion show party will give your tween and their guests the encouragement to put their best foot forward, quite literally. You can also decide a theme on which the dresses need to be based. Set up a ramp or simply roll out a carpet in your living room. Watch the kids take the fashion world by storm!

21. Spa night party

If you have already been planning a sleepover party, why not include a spa night into it? Get some child-friendly face masks and hair products and let your girl and their friends enjoy the evening. Make sure you have some cucumber slices and funky nail polishes ready!

22. Petting zoo party

If your child and their friends are a bunch of animal lovers, this could be the ultimate experience for them. Take the children to a petting zoo and let them spend time with different animals. This will not only let them enjoy the day, they will also learn new things about nature.

23. Adventure party

Most 11-year-olds may not resist an afternoon at an adventure park. A visit to an adventure park will have them climbing and tumbling around with shrieks of joy. Adventure parks give your children a healthy workout – both physically and mentally.

24. Water party

Invite your tween’s friends to a water party. Fill up buckets and balloons with water. Keep a hosepipe handy. A rubber bathing pool could be the focal point of the party. Center all the games around water and watch as the children run around making a splash.

11-Year-Old Birthday Party Games/Entertainment

25. candy game.

Buy different types of candies and hang them from the ceiling. Now take some small papers, write the names of some popular songs in each of them and fix them on each candy. Ask the kids to get their favorite candy and sing the song that’s mentioned on the paper.

26. Scavenger hunt

Your child’s never too old for this. Divide the children into teams and see which team wins. You can help them with all the hiding.

27. Chocolate hunt

Create a road to the hidden treasure hunt for chocolate treasures and place clues in-between. The setup can be done in your home. The one who succeeds in finding the treasure wins!

28. Musical chairs

Arrange some chairs in a circle and turn on the music. Remember, the number of chairs should be fewer than the number of kids. Now, start the music and let them walk around the chairs. They’ll have to get to the chair once the music stops. One who fails will be out of the game. This continues till one is declared the winner.

29. Balloon stomp

Blow some balloons and tie them to the ankle of the children. Now, ask them to stomp at the balloons. They can only stop when their balloon pops!

30. Eggs and spoons

Get some spoons and eggs. Ask the children to hold one side of the spoon with their mouths. Place the egg on the hanging side of the spoon. Now mark a winning line and tell them to race to it, balancing the egg.

31. Water balloon fight

Buy loads of balloons and fill them with water. Now place them in buckets in your backyard. Divide the children into two teams and let the fight begin!

32. Mystery dinner

Keep the party food a secret and give the guests a cryptic menu that contains the name of the food as puzzles. They can order three times without knowing what they have actually ordered until it arrives at their table!

33. Hanging donuts

This game is a classic entertainer for all ages. Simply tie a length of rope between two poles or trees. Thread the free end of the rope through the hole of the donut and knot it so that the donut hangs just above mouth level. The participants have to eat the donut – no hands allowed!

34. Indoor laser

You don’t have to bring laser lights into your home for this. Simply stick paper ribbons to the walls of your hall so that they form a crisscross pattern. All children have to do is to get from one end to the other without letting the “lasers” touch them. Have fun watching kids contort themselves to get through the maze.

35. Cookie face

This is another game that is universally appealing to all ages. Place an Oreo on the forehead of a guest. The aim is to get the Oreo from the forehead to the mouth without touching it with their hands. Have a good laugh watching the funny faces all around!

36. Egg toss

Another game involving an egg, this game is better if the egg is raw. Give an egg to a pair of children. They have to throw it from one to the other. Every time both the children catch the egg, they have to take a step backwards before tossing it again. The team that manages to catch the egg from the maximum distance wins.

37. Make a sundae

Take a bowl of ice cream for each player and choose six different toppings. Assign each topping a number from 1 to 6. Ask the children to sit in a line and start rolling a die. The number on the die is the topping that needs to go on the ice cream. Once all ice creams are decorated with the toppings, the players can gorge on them.

11-Year-Old Birthday Party Decorations

38. bubble decoration.

To add a twist to the classic blowing of bubbles, you can ask the decorators to paint the party hall with bubble designs. You can also install large bubble sprays that’ll keep spraying inside the hall.

39. Night light

Talk to the decorations party supply and make arrangements for night lights. Make sure to not have any other source of light. The glittering night lights will illuminate the entire party area!

40. Balloons

You can never go wrong with balloons! Buy balloons of different shapes and sizes, and fill the birthday party area with them. Choose colors according to the party theme .

Arrange solid color napkins, plates, flatware, and cups, and place them around the birthday cake and the candles. You can use artist palettes instead of plates. And don’t forget to tie bright curling ribbons to the chairs!

42. Cupcakes

Food is one of the biggest motivations for children and who can refuse some artfully made cupcakes? You can create a cupcake mountain or even make a birthday cake out of cupcakes to make the occasion memorable.

43. Game cutouts

If your child is an avid games enthusiast, you can consider this idea. A huge Minecraft Steve at the entrance will definitely set the tone for the party. You can use balloons and ribbons based on the colors in the game to intensify the mood.

44. Confetti

Confetti never goes out of style. If you are worried about the environment, you can get eco-friendly confetti as well. Fill balloons with them and have fun with the children as the balloons get popped with vigor.

45. Ribbons

Ribbons are the definition of classy decoration. You can wrap ribbons around any surface and instantly make it stylish. Paper and cloth ribbons come in a variety of colors and patterns that you can use to convert an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

46. Movie posters

Movie posters are a surefire way to get the party going. Make a list of movies popular among children and get their posters printed out in different sizes. You can even roll out a red carpet and ask the guests to arrive dressed as movie stars. It will be a dazzling experience.

You may feel as if your child has grown up too quickly. What better way to slow down some time than to share pictures with the world? Print some photos of your child achieving different milestones or spending time with family. You could even get banners made out of them to decorate the party venue.

48. Cartoon characters

If your tween has a favorite cartoon character, you need to look no further. Get cutouts of your child’s favorite character and attach them in strategic places. You could also base the theme of the party on the character or franchise.

11-Year-Old Birthday Party Themes

Decorate the party hall with stuffed animals, trees, and flowers, and make it look like a deep forest. You can make accessories out of leaves and give them away as gifts or presents.

50. Fashion show

This birthday party theme is a huge hit among both boys and girls. They get to flaunt their costumes and accessories by wearing hats, necklaces, sunglasses, scarves, and wigs.

Ask the children to bring their bathrobes to match the party theme. Organize various stations for facials, hair styling, manicure, and pedicure.

Girls love makeup! Make arrangements for different makeup products such as eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and nail polish. Let them flaunt their creativity.

Yet again, games come to the rescue! Decorate the celebration area with posters and merchandise from different games and ask the guests to carry an item related to their favorite gaming characters.

Emojis have become a staple in everyone’s lives now. Your children must be quite well-versed in the emoji game. An emoji theme will brighten things up on their birthday. The yellow-colored faces can be used on cakes and balloons too.

55. Glow-in-the-dark

Glow-in-the-dark themes have an appeal among all ages. If you are willing, you can use glow sticks to create mock stick figures to dance in the dark too. This theme is sure to draw children’s attention straight away.

56. Hogwarts

For all those little Harry Potter fans out there, this theme can be a dream come true. Harry’s journey in Hogwarts starts when he is 11 and so it is apt that you use this theme for your kid’s 11th birthday party. Brooms, owls, wands, and wizard hats will complete the decorations.

57. Rainbow and sparkles

The rainbow is usually a sign of happiness and freedom. Use this theme for your tween’s birthday party to usher in the new decade of life with a colorful splash. If your child wishes, you can combine rainbows and sparkles with unicorns, too.

58. Prehistoric

Though this sounds intimidating, it is actually easy to set up. You will need some huge prints of dinosaurs, mammoths, and other extinct animals. Decorate your living room with them. You could even design your foods to look like something from the prehistoric era.

11th Birthday Invitation Ideas

Take a thick black paper and cut big rectangles out of it. Attach neon color papers on top of them. Now write the party invitation on them and ask your child to splatter some paint at the back. And you’re done!

60. Rainbow

Decorate the invitation cards with clouds, rainbows, or bluebirds. You can pick a color from the rainbow and ask the guests to dress up in that color, or they can come in their favorite rainbow color.

Go to your nearest party supply store and buy some large seashells. Write the party details on the flat side of the seashell. Use a black marker.

62. Cupcake

You can either make or buy invitations in the shape of cute cupcakes or even piñata cake. Write your kid’s birthday party details on it and put it in an envelope filled with confetti!

Buy cards that come with musical notes. Alternatively, you can cut hard boards in the shape of dance steps and stick them on the invitation card and have a dance party with your friends.

Write invitations on a movie ticket template,or you can print out the party information on a large label and stick big boxes of movie size candy to it.

Hand them out to your friends and invite them over for a movie night.

65. Hogwarts letters

For all those little ones waiting for their letters from Hogwarts, you can send an invitation to your child’s birthday party. Print out the invitations and write the name of each guest with a black pen to heighten the sense of fantasy.

66. Out at sea

Write an invitation and roll it tightly. Tie it with a string or attach the end with a tape. Then insert the invite into a bottle (a mason jar would also do) and send it along.

67. Gaming coupons

Get some templates for gaming coupons online. Only, instead of coupons, these are invites asking your child’s friends to attend an amazing party.

68. Pajama style

Cut out miniature pajamas from paper or cloth and glue them onto card paper. Decorate the paper in colors of your choice and address it to the invitee.

69. Dinosaurs and dragons

Children are usually obsessed with either dinosaurs or dragons or both at this age. Get some cool dinosaur or dragon pictures online, glue them to brown or green card paper, and hand-deliver them.

70. Floral invites

If your child is a budding gardener, encourage them to grow flowers and decorative leaves for invites. Dry them and attach them firmly to the invitation with the information about the party.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I ensure everyone feels included and has a good time at an 11-year-old’s party?

The key to ensuring that everyone feels included and has a good time at an 11-year-old’s party is to be mindful of individual needs, create a welcoming atmosphere, and plan age-appropriate activities that encourage interaction and cooperation.

2. What are some fun and age-appropriate party favors for an 11-year-old’s birthday party?

Ideas for fun and age-appropriate party favors for an 11-year-old’s birthday party: personalized water bottles, customized candy or chocolate bars, miniature board games, or card games.

3. How can I create a safe and supervised environment for my 11-year-old’s party?

To create a safe and supervised environment for an 11-year-old’s party, choose a safe location, set clear rules, provide adult supervision, screen guests, plan age-appropriate activities, serve safe food, and have a plan for emergencies.

4. How can we involve the birthday child in the planning and preparation for their party?

You can include your child in the party planning by asking them what kind of party they want and activities, decorations, and treats they would like to have. Let them help with the party preparations, such as picking out invitations, choosing a theme, and making decorations.

Creative and unique 11-year-old birthday party ideas can make your child’s day more special. They are in their preteen years and may not be interested in the themes and party ideas they enjoyed in previous years. So, ask for your child’s suggestions before planning the party. You may throw pool parties, football parties, ninja boot camp, baking parties, DIY craft project parties, sleepovers, and spa parties according to your child’s interests. You may also add age-appropriate games and activities to make the party more enjoyable.

Infographic: Snacks And Treat Options For 11-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Key Pointers

  • Make the birthday of your 11-year-old boy interesting by planning pool, spy, or bowling parties.
  • For your girls, you may plan karaoke parties, sleepover parties, or tie and dye parties.
  • You can also include interesting games, such as chocolate hunt and musical chairs.
  • You may use exclusive decorations and party themes from the list to add excitement to the celebrations.

Slumber parties are great fun when you are 11 years old! Let’s throw the best 11 year old tween slumber sleepover birthday party ever! They will have fun activities, delicious snacks, and lots of laughs!

Akshay Nair MA

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

Siddharth Kesiraju MA, Certification in Relationship Coaching

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Go Big! Eleven Year Old Birthday Party Themes

Your kid is now a tween!

Well there’s the pressure of having to plan it out but also giving them enough space to enjoy the

company of their friends during these times. During this age, they definitely would want to feel a bit

more grown up and would want to prove that to adults around them. Here’s where you show them a

little bit of responsibility. And of course, if you know you can trust your kids, now is the time to go big or

1. Bonfire Sleepover Party

You can do this in a park with permission or by the beach again with permission and under adult

supervision. There are several activities that can be programmed for kids in a bonfire sleepover party.

You can engage everybody in a design your own s’mores contest, followed by a stargazing activity, then

a ghost story session while grilling hotdogs in open flame by a pit. It’s undoubtedly an exciting idea, and

you can rent tents for this event as well as reward winners with badges. The kids party entertainment is

no sweat, and the party food is simple and effective.

Source: http://www.parenting.com

2. rainbow party.

Skittles, ponies, unicorns, these are what make up a brilliant and fun birthday party for girls at the age

of eleven. The thing about a rainbow party is that they can be both neon or pastels, it’s all up to you

how you want to adjust a bright or sweet party theme. It’s definitely going to be fun from the party

decorations, even until the food. If you’re creative enough, you can use chevron rainbow patterns from

your napkins, utensils and other details against a white background.

Making some colourful bath bombs is another creative idea to get the older kids involved!

https://www.savvyhomemade.com/ bath-bomb-recipe/

Source: http://porch.com

3. emoji hashtag party.

It’s time to relive those current trends we see on social media and bring them to life! Allow your

guests to express themselves creatively using emojis and you can set up a photobooth for your

partygoers using hashtags.

Source: www.frostedevents.com

4. glow in the dark thingies.

For a more grown up feel, you can have a Fly By Fun performer serve as a deejay and organize

this party in the basement! It’s a friendlier approach to having a house party but with better


Source: www.thatahost.com

5. hogwarts party.

It’s time to practice those spells! There are absolutely so many ideas that can overflow with this

particular theme, starting with party favours in the form of magic wands (prepare an assortment

of wands and hold a spell contest), to the creative party food ideas. If you’re familiar with

Hogwarts, you can prepare quite a feast for your guests such as Butterbeer, Every Flavour Beans

and Chocolate Frogs. Now that’s what you call party food! Of course, the kids party decorations

can be an inspiration for many eleven year olds. You can search for scarves in each of the

Hogwarts houses and display brooms all over the party venue. You also don’t need to sweat for

entertainment. It’s a fitting Hogwarts Party and your guests will be surely surprised to see none

other than Albus Dumbledore himself to be receiving his students by the door. You can give Fly

By Fun a ring and inquire as to their top-notch entertainers to complete your magic. This age is

when the wizards and witches receive their letters of admissions to Hogwarts and this can be

your invitation idea.

Source: www.karaspartyideas.com

Here’s a quick reminder for organizing birthday parties for tweens: everything does not have to be

perfect. It’s important as parents and organizers to also have fun and enjoy these moments. Keep a

camera nearby and take photos of these priceless moments. Also, it pays to be practical. If you admit to

yourself that you need help especially in the entertainment aspect, give Fly By Fun a ring and that issue

will be taken care of. Have fun!

@flybyfun on Instagram

☀️ Some Bubbly fun in the Sun ☀️#giantbubbles #flybyfun #kidsentertainmentaus #bubbles

Get in touch so we can help you plan the perfect party or event!

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what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

Happy Mom Hacks

55 Fun 11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys & Girls

Categories Kids Parties

55 Fun 11 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys  & Girls

Are you searching for the best 11-year-old birthday party ideas? Well, you found it 55 fun things to do at birthday parties for boys & girls.

Use this to plan an awesome birthday celebration for your child at home or in your local area near you.

This tween age group can be tricky to plan for but don’t worry I’ve got you covered. With a large variety of party games and party activites for every personality. Plan the perfect party for your birthday boy or birthday girl with our favorite birthday party ideas.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases . If you choose to buy something using my link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, see my disclaimer here .

What 11-year-old boys & girls want to do for their birthday parties.

Make planning easy with the Best 11 year old birthday party ideas for Tweens. Fun things to do, activities & games both boys & girls will have a so much fun playing. Your sure to find the perfect birthday party activity from this list of 55 party ideas for kids!

These 11-year-old birthday party ideas are so much fun and easy to do. Which is great for parents and kids. It’s a complete list of 55 unique birthday party ideas 11-year-olds will love. So stop stressing about what your 11-year-old tween wants to do for their birthday party and let’s get started planning.

After your read, this article find even more cool party ideas & birthday themes in our Best Birthday Party Ideas for Boys , 30 Awesome Birthday Party Games for Kids , and check out all our birthday articles on the Birthday Party Ideas Page .

How to Get Started Planning

First, make sure to grab our free printable Birthday Party Checklist . This has all the tasks you’ll need to get done for the birthday party in an easy-to-follow timeline & checklist.

Make planning a birthday party easy with this free printable birthday party checklist.

Next, decide how many party guests your child wants to invite. Will it be a small party with just their closest friends or a bigger party with everyone they know (:

This will help you decide if you need a party package at your party destination or if you could host the party at home.

Now that you know your guest list look through the fun games and birthday activities listed below. As you read through the great ideas think about if you want a birthday theme or if your child will be happy with a mix of all different birthday activities.

Whatever you pick you just want to make sure it’s a special day for them. I love to add in a few meaningful birthday traditions to go along with my child’s birthday party to really make it a special day.

1. Scavenger Hunt

This free printable Neighborhood scavenger hunt is a fun activity for Birthday Parties.

Kids will love the challenge of a scavenger hunt. At this age, it’s fun to pair the kids up and make it a competition. If you’re comfortable having them walk around your neighborhood send the kids out on a neighborhood selfie scavenger hunt .

Give the kids this free printable neighborhood scavenger hunt and set up some rules. Such as the time limit so they know when to be back at the house and the boundaries they have to search the neighborhood.

If you feel more comfortable each group could be paired up with an adult to head out on the search. Whichever group returns at the time limit with the most items checked off their list wins.

Plan a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt for kids with this free printable outdoor scavenger hunt ideas checklist. Take selfies of each item on the list to win. Great for birthday parties, kids' parties, & family game nights. Just print it out and play!

A Photo Scavenger hunt is another fun twist on the neighborhood hunt. For this version kids will need to take a picture or selfie of each item they find on their list.

This version of a scavenger hunt can be a little more exciting for tweens who have smartphones.

Find More Ideas in Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids

2. Obstacle Course

Plan a cool obstacle course for kids to race through at a tweens birthday party.

The kids will have a great time racing through an obstacle course. You can make one in your backyard easily with items you have already.

Here are some ideas: put out buckets to weave around, a longboard to walk over, hula hoops to hop through, slide down a slide on a swing set, or bend pool noodles to the ground with lawn sticks and make a tunnel to crawl through.

It’s just a matter of making an area with some obstacles for the kids to race through. Time each child racing and give out a prize to the winner.

We added this cool Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course between trees one year and it was a huge hit. Now we just put it out for the kids to play on all summer long.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

3. Relay Races

Get more energy out with a backyard relay race. Make DIY relay sticks with a paper towel roll covered in construction paper.

Set up a space for the kids to run in the backyard or nearby park. You can make it simple with a line in the grass on one side and a chair on the other side.

Break the kids up into teams. Have half the kids at the start line and the other half by the chair across the yard.

When you say go the first teammate will run to the chair and hand off the relay wand to the next teammate at the chair, then that child runs back to the start line and hands the relay wand to the next teammates waiting. Keep doing this until all the kids on the team have run the race.

Whichever team finishes the race first with all their kids competing is the winning team.

4. Indoor Laser Maze

Keep kids active at Birthday Parties with an Indoor DIY Laser Maze. Make it a race to see who can get through the streamer course the fastest.

If the weather is not great and you want to do an indoor obstacle course or relay race create a hallway laser maze indoors. It’s super easy to make a DIY Laser maze with streamers.

Kids will have a blast trying to race through without knocking the streamers off the wall. See who can get through the maze the fastest.

Here are directions for making a DIY Laser Maze .

5. Pool Party

Plan a fun pool party for the kids in the summer at the local pool. Or if you have a waterpark close by take a smaller group of close friends to a waterpark for the day. Six Flags water park is always a fun option if you have one.

Make sure to bring some games the kids can play at the pool. My kids absolutely love these skip balls to throw back and forth and these dive sticks .

Another fun idea is bringing pool floats for the kids to ride or a floating basketball hoop . Keeping the kids active in the pool will help cut down on how crazy it can get.

You could even give out the skip balls as part of the party favors for the birthday along with some pool snacks, and sunblock.

Plan an awesome Birthday Scavenger Hunt with free clues to help kids find their birthday presents this year. A fun new birthday tradition your kids will love.

6. Board Games

If you have a small group for the party, board games can be really fun 11 year old birthday party ideas. I suggest doing some cooperative board games. With these games, they have to work together to solve a problem as a group rather than having one child win the game.

You can also try bigger group games like Watch Ya Mouth or 5 Second Rule . Both are pretty hilarious games.

Find tons of board game ideas in our Favorite Board Games for Teens & Tweens .

7. Video Games & Game Trucks

Game Trucks are the Ultimate Birthday party activity for kids.

Kids at this age love video games so why not throw a video game party? You can go to a local video arcade or rent a video game truck.

The video game trucks are really cool as they pull up to your driveway and the kids play all the games they want right inside. The trucks usually have party packages so you can pick how long the truck is at your house.

Set up tables on your driveway to have pizza and birthday cake after the game truck leaves. It’s an at-home party with a twist. Plus it’s a great way to keep all the kids out of your house.

Just google escape room trucks and you’ll find ones near you.

8. Treasure Hunt

Plan an Awesome scavenger hunt with these free Treasure hunt clues & answers. The printable has 20 clues which you can use all at once or break up into two scavenger hunts. Your kids will love the thrill of this indoor scavenger hunt.

Plan an Epic Treasure Hunt through your house or backyard. You can create customizable treasure hunts in minutes with Riddle Me that the kids will love.

It’s so easy just enter the type of event (ie: birthday), location of indoors or outdoors, age group, hiding spots in your house you want to use, and the number of riddles. The system will quickly generate all the fun riddles you need for the treasure hunt.

Next, print out the clues and hide them around your house. At the end of the treasure hunt leave a small prize for each kid. The prize could even be their goody bags if you do this at the end of the party.

If you want the game to go longer you can add on an activity for the kids to do after they find each riddle. This would help fill up the whole party.

Bonus you can also create birthday invitations and thank you cards when you set up the Riddles.

Use this cool Riddle Me program for their birthday party and then the rest of the year as a fun activity for your kids. There are thousands of Riddle options.

Riddle Me works as a great last-minute game you can print out before the party too!

Learn more in Best Treasure Hunts, Clues & Riddles for Kids

Learn how to plan a thrilling Treasure Hunt with free printable treasure hunt clues & riddles for kids.

9. Laser Tag Party

This is another fun party this age group really loves. Head to your local Laser tag place to play. Most will give you a private party room to have pizza and birthday cake after you’re done.

Another idea is to look for a laser tag company that will set up a game in your backyard or at a local park. They have blow-up obstacles to turn your backyard into a laser tag course. It”s pretty cool and you don’t have to do anything to set it up they do it all for you.

10. Sleepover

Plan a summer sleepover for your kids. It's a fun activity to add to your summer bucket list.

Plan an awesome sleepover for the birthday kid. Let your child choose a few friends to invite over and plan some fun slumber party activites to do.

Then add plenty of snacks, dinner, and desserts for the kids. Maybe even a fun pancake breakfast bar in the morning.

Get tons of ideas in our Best Things to Do at a Sleepover .

11. Ice Cream Bar

What kid doesn’t love ice cream? Creating a yummy ice cream bar is a fun way to have dessert. Put out a few flavors of ice cream and tons of topping options.

Topping Ideas – chocolate sauce, camel sauce, hot fudge, gummy worms, M&Ms, chocolate chips, crushed toffee, cut-up candy bars, sprinkles, crushed Andes candies, whip cream, crushed Oreos, cherries.

Tip: Double-check if any kids have allergies before creating your ice cream bar.

12. Classic Games

Even 11 year olds will have fun playing classic birthday party games. They’ll just be more competitive than if little kids played.

13. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a fun birthday party game for kids.

Set up chairs for all the kids but one in a row. Start the music and let the kids walk in a circle around the chairs.

When you stop the music all the kids need to try and find a seat. The child who does not find a seat is out. Now remove one chair and repeat the games.

Play until you are down to the last child finding a seat. They are the winner.

14. Classic Game of Limbo

This game is so easy. All you need is a limbo stick to play. Have two people hold the limbo stick while the kids line up on one side.

Kids then try to go under the limbo stick one at a time without falling down. Each round you lower the stick closer to the ground. See who can go the lowest to make it under the limbo stick.

15. Tik Toc Challenge

Many kids this age love social media already so embrace it with a Tik Toc dance challenge. Break the kids up into groups and have each group create a Tik Toc dance. See which group can come up with the best dance-to video. Then do the dance as one big group.

16. Spa Party

Girls will love a fun Sleepover Spa Day. Help the girls feel all grown up with face masks and painting their nails at a fun birthday party at home.

Throw a relaxing spa party for the kids. Let the kids do face masks while listening to fun music. Then put out a bunch of different colored nail polish and let them paint each other’s nails.

Place on trays tea sandwiches, and small desserts accompanied by water with cucumber or fruit infused. As goody bags give the girls eye masks, yummy-smelling lotions, a nail file, and a nail polish bottle.

17. Water Balloon Party

If it’s warm weather plan an epic water balloon fight. Make this easy with water balloons that fill up as a group on your hose. Then add them to a large storage container.

Break the kids up into two groups and create a line down the middle of your yard so each team has a side. Give each group a storage container or two filled with water balloons.

Set some basic ground rules such as staying on your side and not aiming for friends’ heads. Then start the battle!

18. Balloon Stomp

A cheap way to entertain kids is with balloon games . There are tons of fun balloon games to try but here are two favorites.

First Way – Blow up 20 Blue balloons and 20 Red balloons. Break the kids up into the Blue Team and the Red Team. When you say go the kids will try and stomp and pop all the balloons for their color team. Whichever team pops all the balloons of their color first wins.

Second Way – Tie a ribbon to a balloon and tie the other end of the ribbon to a player’s ankle. Each player will have a balloon tied to their ankle. When you say go the kids try to stomp the other kids’ balloons. If your balloon gets popped you’re out. The last kid in without having their balloon stomped on & popped wins.

Find more Balloon Games including balloon races and Candy balloon games in our hilarious Balloon Party Games.

19. Ice Skating

Take the kids ice skating for a birthday party

Take the kids to the local rink to go Ice skating. See if the rink has birthday packages to rent ice skates and a party room for after their done skating.

20. Roller Skating

Head to a local roller rink to skate around. This tends to be easier than ice skating as you have four wheels to balance on rather than one blade when ice skating.

21. Arcade Games

Throw a birthday party at the local arcade. Kids will have a blast trying to win those arcade games and get tickets for all the prizes we think are junk but they love.

22. Nerf Wars Party

Host an awesome Nerf Gun Party birthday party. Kids will love the Nerf Theme and playing capture the flag.

Throw the Ultimate New Wars Party in your own backyard. It’s easier than you think and will be a huge hit with the kids. I’ve thrown several of these and all the kids have had a blast.

Get my step-by-step directions on How to Throw a New Wars Party .

23. Fortnite Birthday Party

How to host a Fortnite themed birthday party for kids at home. Fun party ideas with V bucks, Slurp Juice, supply drops and a nerf battle.

If your kids are huge gamers then they’ll love an awesome Fortnite birthday party theme. Server them V Bucks cookies with slurp juice for snack.

Then play a Fortnite version of capture the flag that’s so much fun.

Get my step-by-step guide to Hosting an Awesome Fortnite Birthday Party .

24. Escape Room Games

Fun Escape Room Games for Kids to play at Home, Parties or a family game night. Find the perfect printable escape room kit for your kids.

A thrilling & exciting group game for this age is printable escape room game kits. The kits come with everything you need to host an escape room birthday party in your home.

Each escape room game is filled with challenges & clues the kids use to figure out the mystery that will help them unlock the room to escape. They’ll have so much fun working together to figure out what all the clues mean.

Make sure to pick out an escape room game that is for this age group as you don’t want to make the game too easy or too hard.

Use our list of favorite Escape room games by age to find the perfect game for 11 year olds.

25. Charades

Free Printable Charades Game for kids to play at parties. The free printable has 10 Charades categories & words lists.

You’ll love how easy it is to host a charades party. All you need are these free printable Charades Words List to play.

Break the kids up into teams and add the charade’s words into a bowl. Decide ahead of time how many words each team will act out. I suggest letting each player go at least twice.

To play the first player will pick a word out of the bowl and have 1 minute to act it out for her teammates to guess. If the teammates guess the word correctly the team gets 1 point.

Then next player on the other team picks a word and acts it out for their team. Keep going until you go through all the words.

Make this game easy with Free Printable Charades Word List

26. Pictionary

This game is similar to Charades except instead of acting out the word you are drawing the word.

You will need a large tabletop easel pad and markers for the kids to draw. Plus Pictionary words to use. You can use our free printable Charades word list or find a Pictionary word list on Pinterest.

Next, break the kids up into two teams and add the words into a bowl.

The first player will pick a word out of the bowl and have 1 minute to draw the word for her teammates. If the kids guess the word within the minute the team wins 1 point.

Let both teams switch off players. The winning team has the most points at the end of the game.

27. Yard Games

Yard games are great 11-year-old birthday party ideas. Set up different yard game stations around your backyard for the kids to try out.

Tip: Check around and see if any friends already have these games you can borrow.

Cornhole or Bean Bag Toss

We have tons of outdoor birthday party games to choose from but here are a few easy ones to try. Cornhole

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

All you need is a cornhole set . For this simple game, the kids will try to throw bean bags into a hole in large boards.

Ladder Game

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

This Ladder game is a great yard game choice. The are two small ladders and two balls attached to a rope. Kids will throw the balls at the ladder and try and get them to hook. You’ll get a different number of points depending on where the balls hook on the ladder.

Horse Shoes

This is a classic game because it’s fun for all ages. All you need is some horseshoes and two stakes to play.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

For this game of Yard Pong , you have 12 buckets with each team setting up 6 buckets like pins at bowling.

Kids try to throw a ball into the opponent’s buckets to get them out.

It’s a good idea to add water or sand to the bottom of the buckets to keep them from falling over.

Giant Jenga Game

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

Get the yard version of Jenga that has huge oversize blocks. Set it up on a flatter part of the lawn or patio. Then play an awesome game of Jenga.

Find more ideas in our favorite Outdoor Birthday Party Games .

28. Dance Party

If your kids love to dance host a dance party it’s a super easy 11 year old birthday party ideas. This is a great option for sleepover birthday parties too.

Have your child create a playlist of their favorite dance songs to play. At the party crank up the music and let the kids dance.

29. Karaoke

Kids love to sing so host an awesome Karaoke Birthday Party boys & girls will have a blast at!

Set up a Karaoke machine which could be a birthday gift idea for the birthday child. Let the girls and boys pick out their favorite song to sing. They’ll love watching their friends try to keep up with singing all the words.

30. Walk the Red Carpet

Do your kids like to dress up? Have all the kids bring a fancy dress or shirt to wear on your red carpet. Then provide fun boas, hats, silly glasses, and more for the kids to wear.

Roll out a red carpet and play music for the kids to walk down the catwalk.

Tip: Head to your local Good Will and find some dress-up clothes the kids could wear.

31. Would You Rather Game

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

This hilarious game will have all the kids engaged. We like to play this while the kids are waiting for the food to be served or any lull in the party. It is an easy backup activity to pull out if you want the kids to sit.

Use our free printable Would You Rather Questions for Kids or Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens . All are appropriate questions for kids so don’t worry.

32. Climbing Walls

Head to a local place that has a climbing wall for the kids. They’ll love the challenge of trying to reach the top and rooting on their friends.

33. Sports Party at Local Park

11 year olds will love having a sports themed birthday party. With basketball, kickball, baseball, football, soccer and more.

Utilize the local park or a park district building in your area to host a sports party for your kids. Sports-themed 11-year-old birthday party ideas tend to be a huge hit.

See if the park district will let you rent out an area with picnic tables during the party to have birthday cake after the kids are done playing games. Get some ideas below of games you can play.

34. Flag Football Party

Host a flag football game in the local park. You can get a flag football kit that has the flags and cones you’ll need to run the game. Then all you need is a football to play.

35. Home Run Derby

Use a local baseball field to host this party. Have a parent pitch the ball and see which kids can hit the ball the furthest.

Have the kids not hitting go in the outfield to catch the balls. We did this one year and the kids had a blast. Let the parents try too.

36. Basketball Shootout

Find a local basketball court outdoors you could use or a basketball hoop in your driveway. Create three to four lines (use chalk) for the kids to shoot the ball from.

When it’s their turn the kids will try and shoot from each line. Add up the points and see who made the most shots.

37. Soccer Shootout

Soccer lovers can take turns kicking the ball to see who can make it into the goal without the goalie blocking the shot. Whoever gets the most goals wins.

38. Kickball Tournament

Again take advantage of a local baseball field or just a large field near your home. All you need for the game are four bases and a kickball. Divide the kids into two teams. You can have a parent pitch the kickball or let one of the kids. Then play a fun game of Kickball.

39. Beach Party

Plan a fun Beach day birthday party with snorkels, and beach games to play with boys & girls.

Take a small group of kids on a beach day. Pack a fun picnic full of drinks and food kids will like to eat. Then bring some awesome beach games to play like Spikeball , Beach Tennis , Frisbee, or a football to throw.

You could also give each kid a cheaper snorkel set to play with in the water and look for fish. Just make sure to give a quick lesson on how to use a snorkel properly. This can be the kid’s goody bag item too!

Don’t forget to bring a small speaker they could play music on too. Spend a couple of hours hanging out and swimming at the beach.

40. Craft Party

Do your kids like to craft? Find a couple of fun crafts the kids can make together at your house. Scrapbooks are always fun to make. Ask the kids to bring pictures to add to their book and they can go home with a new photo album.

You can also find unique craft ideas on Pinterest for tweens.

41. Movie Marathon

Plan a movie marathon with your child’s favorite movies or a new movie that came out on Netflix. Create a popcorn bar or candy bar to eat while they are watching the movies.

42. Outdoor Movie Night

Celebrate your child's birthday with an Outdoor Moive Night theme. Play movies in your backyard while eating popcorn and candy.

If the weather is nice create an outdoor movie night. Use a projector that links to your phone or firestick to get movies easily. Then use a white sheet for a screen. You can tie the white sheet between trees or up against your house.

Lastly set out blankets for the kids to sit on or lawn chairs. Add a fun food station outdoors for the kids to munch on party snacks while they watch the movie.

43. Theme Park Day Out

Take a small group to a theme park like Six Flags for the day. Check if kids already have a membership so you only have to pay for food. Or go on a day when it’s a bring a friend to the park to save money.

They’ll have a blast riding all the roller coasters together and playing games.

44. Bake Off

Have the kids make cookies or brownies for dessert. Then put out a toppings bar for the desserts. Let the kids all decorate the desserts and see who can make the coolest decorations.

Another idea is to get Gingerbread house kits and let the kids compete to see who creates the best house. We loved this M&M cookie house . You could always put out extra toppings so they can get even more creative with their house.

45. Pizza Topping Bar

Kid will love making their own pizzas as fun party food at your child's birthday party.

Let kids make their own pizzas. Buy some premade pizza dough for kids to roll out and stretch into a circle pizza. Then let the kids add to their pizza from a pizza toppings bar.

Pizza Topping Bar Ideas: Pizza sauce, pesto sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, cooked sausage, pepperoni, sliced bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, shredded chicken.

46. Volunteering As A Group

A unique experience as an 11 year old birthday party ideas is volunteering with the kids. Take them to a local animal shelter, a chapter of Feed My Starving Children, or a food pantry.

The kids will have fun and feel good about giving back to the community. Just make sure to ask the nonprofit if they allow 11-year-olds to volunteer.

47. Trampoline Park

Find a local Trampoline Park for the kids to jump and play during the party. Most locations will have a birthday party package.

48. Painting Party

Plan a fun painting party theme for your kids birthday party with easel, canvas and paints.

Buy unpainted small pots like these ones from Dollar Tree , different color paints , and paint brushes . Let the kids paint the small pots and then give them a small plant as a goody bag.

Another idea is to get a party pack of small easels and canvas . Let the kids create their own pictures on the canvas.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

A third option is to find a local place in your area that hosts kids painting parties. They will usually help you plan the party and host it for your child.

49. Hide & Seek

Yes, they still want to play hide & seek. They can play this in your house or in your backyard. It’s a great game to start when the kids are getting a little wild and need to get some energy out.

50. Glow in the Dark Dance Party

Give all the kids glow necklaces and glow sticks to wear. Then turn off the lights and crank up the music for the ultimate dance party.

This is a great option for kids who want to dance but are shyer. They’ll feel more comfortable dancing around in the dark with all their friends. Which means everyone will have a great time together.

51. Science Party

Rain Cloud in a Jar a fun Science Experiment for Kids

Plan a few cool science experiments to do with the kids for more unique 11 year old birthday party ideas. We love these super cool Volcano experiments and Rain Cloud in a Jar .

For the rain cloud in a jar experiment , you could let each child individually do this experiment. Just pick up a round glass vase for each child at Dollar Tree along with the shaving cream and food dye. It will make a cheap and fun science activity.

52. Tug of War

Play a fun game of Tug of War at kids birthday parties.

Plan an epic game of tug of war for the kids in your backyard. It’s an old-school game but so much fun. All you need is a Tug of War Rope with a flag in the middle to play.

53. Backyard Camping

Make it an overnight party with backyard camping. Set up tents in the backyard for the kids to sleep and ask them to each bring a sleeping bag. Have an outdoor fire to roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories.

Then play a game of ghost in the graveyard or glow-in-the-dark tag by having all the kids wear glow-in-the-dark necklaces .

54. Miniature Golf Party

Head to your local miniature golf spot with a small group of your kid’s friends to play. This is another easy 11-year-old birthday party ideas as the location has everything you need for a party. If it’s a small course and they don’t have a party room available just stop for ice cream after the miniature golf game.

55. Bowling Party

Kids love to bowl so book a party at your local bowling alley. Let the kids bowl a couple of rounds before having pizza and cake. Most bowling alleys will have a party room you could use or will let the kids eat near the bowling lanes.

I hope you have found a few 11-year-old birthday party ideas your kids will be excited to try. It’s going to be a fun birthday party that they’ll remember!!

Make sure to grab your free printable birthday party checklist to make party planning easier and help you get organized!

Plan the best birthday party with this easy to follow free printable birthday party checklist for kids parties.

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Bonus , you’ll get our  free printable Would You Rather Game  to use as a hilarious birthday party game or fun family game night.

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Mystery Dinner Game The Mystery Dinner Game is a fun way to serve dinner or snacks for the party.  All food is kept secret and guests are given a cryptic menu that lists the dinner items as puzzles.  Guests don't know what they have ordered until it arrives.   They get to order 3 times and by the third time all the kids have figured out what the items are and can order knowing what they will receive. 

This is a fun way for kids to get to know each other and talk with the kids sitting next to them as they try and figure out what to order.  The game includes a sample menu, but any food items can be substituted depending on what food will be served. 

You'll need waiters / waitresses for this game that will take the orders, collect the menus and serve the food.  Get help from older children or adults that aren't a guest of the party.  Complete set up, directions and free menu to print out  are on the  Mystery Dinner Game page.

Mall Scavenger Hunts  Mall Scavenger Hunts   Lots of fun and a great party activity for 11 year old boy or girl!  There are 8 different Mall Scavenger Hunts and all include a free printable item list for the ones that require a list.  Print out the free list and divide the group into 2 or more teams.  Most of the Mall Scavenger Hunts listed will not use any money to play.  They can be easily played by taking pictures of the items that the teams find in the mall.  The Freebie Shopping Spree has a great list of over 40 items that can be collected free at any mall.  This is a fun mall scavenger hunt and will create great memories for the birthday group!  Under the Mall Scavenger Hunt page you will find complete directions, set up and instructions on how to play all 8 of them!  Give the teams an hour to find their items and then set up a meeting spot at a restaurant inside the mall to meet and compare item lists and choose a winning team! 

Mall Scavenger Hunts include: Freebie Shopping Spree - over 40 items to find free in the mall! a 2 z - A fun list of items from each letter of the alphabet. Informational - players search for questions about the mall (how many stairs to the top floor? How many elevators?  How many shoe stores?)  This requires a little pre planning before the party so you can gather questions (and the answers!) about your local mall. One Color - Choose a color for each team or choose one color for all the teams!  Players try to find as many items as they can in that 1 color (one item per store!) Super Shopper Salesperson Scramble Ultimate Mall Hunt Rainbow Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger Hunts Scavenger hunts are fun for eleven year old boys and girls .  The Scavenger Hunt page contains many different ways to play a scavenger hunt.  Free lists are available to print out also. Scavenger hunt ideas and free lists to print out! 

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what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

11th Birthday Party Ideas

Dear Mum’s and Dad’s, know that coming up with an 11th birthday party idea can be tricky, right? You want to find something fun, unique, convenient and affordable – a party that your son or daughter will be talking about for years to come…

Well here’s the good news: your search is over!

Young Film Academy offer a range of kids parties, all perfect for eleven-year-old boys and girls. Our parties always end with a premiere screening of the pop video or film that’s been made during your party, so your guests feel like A-listers and every party finishes on a high! You receive copies of your video after the party, to share with your guests and re-live for years to come!

So call us on 0207 387 4341 to discuss your party or click on the big red button to get started choosing the perfect party for your 11 year old. Read More

 11th Birthday Party Ideas

Do you seek the best 11 Year Old Birthday Party Themes? – a party that your son or daughter will be talking about for years to come. With the following YFA information, you can make the birthday party memorable. When it comes to birthday fun party ideas, nobody knows it all. As a parent, it’s natural to be bothered about your child’s 11th birthday.

When your children become tweens, planning the best birthday parties can prove a little more complicated. Whether for fun ideas, party games, themes, and activities, talking about birthday party ideas, well, here’s the good news: your search is over! Young Film Academy is here to help!

Young Film Academy has it all covered for your amazing young child.  At YFA, the perfect party for your 11-year-old is perfectly planned. Not for the girls alone but also the boys. With YFA, the right 11th birthday party ideas you need are sure. Rest assured that these party ideas for 11-year-olds will keep your kids celebrating with a smile on his or her face. Our parties always end with a premiere screening of the pop video that’s been made during your party.

Best Birthday Party ideas

There are so many birthday party ideas you can explore with your 11-year-old kid. Find them on the YFA site. They are free. Free birthday party ideas are spanning from indoor to outdoor. If this is you right now seeking one party idea for your 11-year-old, then here are our top picks for 11th birthday party ideas. Tween Party Ideas for 11-year-old boys and girls.

It all begins with Cake Decorations, party theme, Movie Night Party, Printables, Movie Night Invitation. While your child makes preparation, he or she must choose their party theme. You can also find a party theme for giveaway items. Items such as make-up kits and wigs can be made available for the children to play with.

Go camping for an 11th birthday party.

Camping helps the family ignite that great bond again. A time where everyone is away from the tablet and iPad. This should keep your family together. It’s time to try something with fun, something out of the usual. Think of a birthday without confetti, party poppers, and other decorations. Think of a birthday party with a starry night sky, a campfire to roast some marshmallows, etc. Find out more about fun camping and give it a try.

 Try Group games for a party idea.

Games could be played during the party. Birthdays with group games that everyone could participate in the fun. There is a list of games that will interest your eleven years old kid. Games filled with so much fun. Less violent games so that everyone could participate. Games like a scavenger hunt, mystery dinner, etc. As they play the games, they will get acquainted with each other. Find out how many kids will be coming over for the celebration. This will help you choose suitable games. To find out, write their names as you send an invite.

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great game to play. The scavenger hunt concept is to divide the teams and ensure they do all that is written in the scavenger hunt list. The scavenger hunt is a fun activity for eleven-year-old boys and girls. The modern young 11-year-old boys will like the game also. You can find information regarding this party idea below.

A scavenger hunt can be done in different places such as around the house, for hunting secret treasure in the mall. Well next, It’s still the same as the regular scavenger hunt, where players carry out a given task.

Take a day trip with the boys and girls.

Sometimes, a day trip is all your kid wants for his or her eleventh birthday party. Maybe a day trip to a museum or hit the bouncy house park. This way, your child feels special and loved knowing fully well that the day trip is because of him or her. You can find information regarding these party ideas below:

Your child is mentally boosted and gets to meet other people from different walks of life and backgrounds in the park. A day trip can be the best your child needs for his or her mind to find rest.

Mystery Dinner Game

For a birthday party with lots of pre-tweens coming, ideas like a mystery dinner game are a great choice. It’s a fun game, and children are served dinner or snacks during the party. Here is more information below to help you choose the best items for your child. The third order qualifies the participants to make the usual order in which they are now aware of what they ordered for. Relevant information should be included in the list of clues to find as they play.

A perfect party suitable for all 11 year-olds. More information on activities for the party can be sourced online kids sitting next to each other communicate and share information with other children and establish new relationships and friendships. The game might require the help of waiters or waitresses or even kids who are not guests of the party. These little party ideas are easy to do on an 11-year-old birthday. Let them sit and enjoy the games.

Pin the tail game

Have you thought about the pin the tail game? There are different variations of pin the tail your child can play on his day: pin the tail on the donkey,  pin the tail on the Rabbit, Disney Pin Games, Pin the Bug on the Flower, Pin the Frog on the Lily Pad, Pin the Horn on the Unicorn, Pin the Tail on Angus, Pin the Eye on Mike, Tangled Pin Game, Sesame Street Pin Games, Pin the Nose on Elmo, Pin the Star on Abby Cadabby’s Wand, Pin the Tail on The Airplane, Pin the Smokestack on The Train, Hello Kitty Pin Game, Karate Pin Game, Olivia Pin Game, Pin the Nose on the snowman, Pin the Symbol on the Transformer, Pin the Eye on the Muno.

For generations, pin the tail remains one of the most popular games kids play on such a day. The rules involve blindfolding the child, putting a paper tail in his or her hand, spinning the child around, and pointing them in the direction of the cut-out paper of the image pin to the wall. The child who gets to place it correctly wins.

See a Movie party idea

This is one of the most fun ideas for a party. Have you thought about going out to see a movie with your kid? Display banners with information regarding their favorite movies and stars. There are kids-friendly movies you all can watch at the theater or do that at home. How about an extra prep like popcorn or set home snacks?

Find little decoration items like dots, stars, or any shape to beautify the rooms when dark. This gives your child a special feeling, making him realize that it’s his or her day and it’s all for him.  With the right information, these birthday party ideas are easy to plan and execute.

Get-together party ideas

Let it be a time your child gets to interact with his friends, share and try to know them better. You can order some pizzas, of course. Kids enjoy free pizzas and food, so pizza has to be enough for all the kids coming over. And he can play the kind of games your child loves to play with friends. It’s an informal get-together, and everyone gets to celebrate their child with songs and cheers.

To set your get-together rolling, you need party favors to get friendly budget-friendly, and easy, make sure you host the party on a budget, stir the mood with good music and lighting, get your guests all mingling, and also, get all the party supplies you need. Some basic information required is stated below. Find free party favors for guests like referee whistle, stickers, football, and pencil topper.

Spa Party/sleepover

Thinking of party ideas for your daughter? Here you will find some information for use at a special spa party. If your kid is a girl, then a spa sleepover can be a great one to try. Make the food sufficient for everyone. Some may need to take some food home for friends. Find some themes extremely childish and babyish. You may find many free information and ideas for 11 year-olds but may find it difficult to choose from.

Also, do some manicures and next, pedicures. And relish their pizzas. And after pizzas, they could put on their pajamas and set out for their homemade facial recipes with instructions. This is a perfect party Ideas for Eleven-Year-Old Girls. They can see a movie to spice it up and probably fall asleep.

You can find a matching robe for each of the girls. Major fun activities and information can be made into a list of items for the spa party, including feet massage, nail painting, hair styling, manicure, make-up, facial treatment, and good food.

Give your kids the chance to share their 11th birthday party idea:

Here are some ideas and information: Often it’s ideal we allow our kids to choose. The pre-tween age has a chosen theme. Tweens crave independence, so they would find this chance cool. “What do you want on this day?”  you never know what they may find interesting. Let them choose something they like. But if your child is stumped, then you can guide him or her in making the right choices. Find interesting places. Among many party ideas, this might be fun enough for all. So imagine telling your child he would decide his birth. He or she would choose what suits best for him or her. Remember, parties like these don’t come by all the time. So find a way to make it worthwhile.

Visit a sporting venue.

Does your child like sport? Maybe football? Find out, and Perhaps you need to know better to take him or her to a game locale. You can make this party extraordinary using the shared information.

There are many sporting venues for anyone to visit; you can take your child to one. These kids want to feel among and wish to feel your support in what they love; show them some love and support. That hits differently to them and shows them how much you care. Though there are so many other options for an 11-year-old birthday, this one is perfect. Find classy items for decorations with your kid’s favorite color, team, and football themes.

Go Hiking with the boys and girls.

Find the basic information needed below. Children of the tween age love to experiment with the unusual, and hiking on a birthday is an unpopular option in the present era. And your young child might find it interesting instead of a party where you’re all indoors to all developmental levels. Hiking is a great party idea for your 11-Year-Old Boy or girl. Find out all the necessary information needed for the outing. They would rather spend it with you hiking and exploring the beauty found in nature. There are so many other things your child will experiment with while hiking. Such as nature scavenger hunts even while they trek, finding some fresh mushrooms, a new set of bugs, and so much to be seen in the wild.

Canoeing: an idea for 11th-year birthday

Have you thought about canoeing? This leaves you with great memories. Imagine painting your kid’s day with this awesome adventure — water adventure. The companies will provide you with safety equipment to get it rolling. Safety wear such as a life jacket is a top priority to ensure they have reasonable buoyancy support, even for non-swimmers also. You can find out information about canoeing online.

Celebrate your tweens birthday in school

If your child’s school permits a birthday celebration of school kids, then it can be a great way to celebrate. School celebrations can be fun, academic, and still leave your child beaming with birthday bliss! You can make a healthy snack, especially for all students of the same grade as him. This should be after informing the school teacher or principal. You can let the information go around the school or classes. And also, use the face of your child Banner.

You can also stuff the goodie bag with a pencil and a few toys. The right information will get you started for your daughter or son’s 11th birthday. Find the basic information needed to make this party a successful one.

Make Them Paint And Spread Some Colors for a birthday party.

Most children in their tweens love painting and coloring. It’s one activity that fascinates them. Organizing a painting session during the birthday parties of 11-year-olds will be great for both boys and girls. The kids are provided with different sets of colors, paints, and themes so they can paint out their favorite pictures. Find more information below.

A Cake birthday party

Children love cake. There are several varieties you can order or buy. You can buy a chocolate cake or even a vanilla cake. Other cakes to buy a day before the main day of the celebration may include fruit or buttercream cake. Cake plays a vital role on such days of celebration, and your child will appreciate it when you use it on that day.

Birthdays are special moments in your kids’ lives. Sometimes all you need to do is get the right information to help your ideas. This information helps you to plan properly for your girls or boys. The party may not be expensive, but the show of care means a lot to your child. They count it the best. Whatever concept you would need to use, make it count. Whether a scavenger hunt, a cake, games, theme, food, friends, or a spa treatment, it has all the great fun. These are some information and ideas that you can also use in celebrating the birthdays of your 11-year-old girls or boys.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party


The best birthday party our 10 year old son has ever had! Brilliantly organised, beautifully run, incredibly exciting, wonderfully instructive and immaculately put together. The MovieStar Party team really know how to make films and inspire children. An amazing day!

Young Film Academy engaged amazingly well with our daughter and her friends who all had a brilliant time pretending to be popstars! Our Popstar Party kept the kids’ focus and energy levels throughout and the pop promo came out really well too! We were thoroughly impressed by YFA’s positivity and professionalism.

Astonishing…The success of Young Film Academy’s film parties boils down to a combination of talent and teamwork


what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

My Amusing Adventures

16 Unique Birthday Party Ideas For 11-Year-Olds

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

As your children become tweens, that calls for a great celebration.  They have outgrown the little kid themes, but you still want to make it special memorable party.  Whatever they like, you can make it a theme for their 11 th birthday.  Need some inspiration?  Here is a list of 15+ unique birthday party ideas for 11 year olds that you’ll just love.

Decorate your Tween’s birthday party with a mosaic balloon 11. Get the tutorial here . You can also get party game ideas for your tweens and teens .

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

15+ Birthday Party Ideas for 11 Year Olds

1. adopt a pet party theme.

It’s a puppy pawty! Does your child love animals? Why not throw them an adopt a pet party where each of her friends could take home a plush puppy or animal. Some of the party activities could include decorating the pet house, creating certificates of adoption , and picking out their pet.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

2. Pizza Party Theme

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

Who doesn’t love pizza?!  Why not make a party with pizza as the whole theme.  Have some fun with pizza photo booth props, pizza plates and a catch of pizzeria flair with these red gingham napkins .  Have a make it yourself station and pizza related games such as pin the topping on the pizza, photo booth, or replay races with carrying a pizza box.

3. Scavenger Hunt Party Theme

The basic premise of a Scavenger Hunt is to hide several prizes and clues either outdoors or indoors.  You can use all different types of items such as candies, small toys, chocolate coins, etc.  Write out a list of clues to help the birthday party guest find the hidden prizes and print enough copies so that each invitee can have their own list.  You can split off into teams or partner up.

There are many variations of this game that you can be creative and play a different way everytime. Some variations include: cake hunt, beach scavenger hunt, bug hunt, mall scavenger hunt, following spy clues, mardi gras baby hunt, nature scavenger hunt and more.

4. Science Theme Birthday Party

A science theme party can be a fun birthday party ideas for 11 year olds. With everything from simple experiments, space-themed fun, slime, bubbling liquids, mad scientists, and more.  Bonus points for mixing birthday cake with exploding experiments and you’ll have an awesome science birthday party theme.  You can even add in some lab coats or safety googles for extra fun.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

5. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s  Theme Party

Decade parties are a fun way to celebrate.  Guest can dress up for the time period.  Add some nostalgic playlists, decorations, food and drink to create a memorable occasion.  Play fun music and teach the dances from that period.  Karaoke is fun with oldies music!

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

6. Luau Birthday Party

From the moment the guests arrive, they’ll know they’ve arrived in paradise.  You can do this with your luau party decorations by visiting a local travel agency and ask for old travel posters of tropical destinations, use decorative fringe, palm trees, pile seashells and starfish, or set up tiki torches.  Play limbo, have a hula hoop contest, or play musical beach towels.

11 Year Old Birthday Party Themes for Tweens

7. pool party theme.

Dive into an amazing 11 th birthday party with a pool party.  Head to your community pool or if you’re lucky enough your own backyard.  Set the mood and let your party-goers know how big of a splash they’re in for with bright colors and festive accents using beach balls and pool noodles. Have a fun time with diving games, relay races, and other fun swimming games.

8. Football Party Theme

With so many color schemes and countless ways to make a football party theme classic or modern, there are football birthday party ideas to suit any team. A few key elements can be added to a football birthday party to truly make it shine. From football-shaped party foods to football-themed games and crafts, these football party ideas will help you throw a touchdown-worthy party your star quarterback will be sure to love.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

9. Minute to Win It Party

To plan a Minute to Win It party you’ll need to choose some fun Minute to Win It games for the challenges.  The great thing about these games is the props needed are ordinary objects you have around the house.  Challenge your guest to try and complete wild, fun wacky challenges in a minute or less.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

10. TikTok Birthday Party

Have a fun party with a TikTok inspired theme .  They will have fun celebrating and creating new videos.  Add fun backdrops and balloons.  Set up a karoke machine to sing their favorite songs, music to practice new dance moves, and send them home with fun birthday favors.

11. Tween Baking Party

Baking parties are great for tweens.  Have someone come teach them how to decorate cakes or cupcakes, or bake a dessert.  You could also split into teams to have a bake-off.  It is a chance to let your guests be creative and have a great time.

12. Fear Factor Birthday Party Theme

A Fear Factor theme is a night of gross challenges that test the bravest of kids.  Themed games and team challenges will keep your guest entertained and on their toes for the whole night.

Fear Factor is played with split teams that compete for Fear Factor points in awesome cringe-worthy challenges which could include a slime challenge, mystery jar guessing game, eating bugs and more.

fear factor birthday party ideas for 11 year olds

13. Laser Tag Birthday Party Theme

Whether you’re going somewhere or hosting your laser tag party at home, your 11 year old will have a blast.  If you’re going to have it at home, you’re going to need your guns.  Check out these rechargeable laser tag set that comes with vests and four guns.  Create your own maze at home in an empty room with things to find behind and black lights.  Divide into teams and have a competition.  Rearrange teams and go again.  Make the party perfect with a themed snack table and goodies.

paint your own pottery party birthday party ideas for 11 year olds

14. Paint Your Own Pottery Party

A paint your own pottery party for tweens is so easy to put together and is a hit. It is one of our favorite birthday party ideas for 11 year olds. Everyone gets to make and take home a creation or two. For this party you can have small ceramics or get canvas for paintings. While their creations are drying you can finish up with pizza and play games.

15. Nerf Gun Themed Party

Nerf Gun themed party is the perfect theme for your 11 year old boy and his friends.  Find an indoor or outdoor space with targets or forts for everyone to run around. Provide all the guns or have their friends bring their own.

Start off by having everyone play again everyone with a 5 to 10 minute limit.  After a round or two, play capture the flag or shoot at some targets. Pair it with a fun nerf theme cake and goodies.

16. Tie Dye Party

Set up your tie dye party outside to provide a stress-free time.  The key to having a mess-friendly spaces is the ease of cleanup and access to a water source for both filling water and dumping dirty dye buckets. Get a tie dye kit like Tulips One Step Tie Dye Kit to help eliminate the mess and make it easy for your party guests.

what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

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what is a good theme for a 11th birthday party

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