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How to Create an Effective Thesis Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a thesis statement can be a daunting task. It’s one of the most important sentences in your paper, and it needs to be done right. But don’t worry — with these five easy steps, you’ll be able to create an effective thesis statement in no time.

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your paper. Think about what you want to say and write down any ideas that come to mind. This will help you narrow down your focus and make it easier to create your thesis statement.

Step 2: Research Your Topic

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to do some research on your topic. Look for sources that support your ideas and provide evidence for the points you want to make. This will help you refine your argument and make it more convincing.

Step 3: Formulate Your Argument

Now that you have done some research, it’s time to formulate your argument. Take the points you want to make and put them into one or two sentences that clearly state what your paper is about. This will be the basis of your thesis statement.

Step 4: Refine Your Thesis Statement

Once you have formulated your argument, it’s time to refine your thesis statement. Make sure that it is clear, concise, and specific. It should also be arguable so that readers can disagree with it if they choose.

Step 5: Test Your Thesis Statement

The last step is to test your thesis statement. Does it accurately reflect the points you want to make? Is it clear and concise? Does it make an arguable point? If not, go back and refine it until it meets all of these criteria.

Creating an effective thesis statement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these five easy steps, you can create a strong thesis statement in no time at all.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


thesis binding business


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Printing and Binding a Thesis: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide

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After many months you have finally completed your thesis. You have put everything into making sure it is perfect. Now all you have to do is complete the printing and binding of your thesis before you can finally submit it.

When it comes to printing and binding, students scarcely are experts in the field and therefore always have the same questions:

  • How do I print and bind my thesis?
  • Where can I print and bind my thesis?

We want to help you find the right answers to these questions. Therefore, this is a step-by-step guide to printing and binding your thesis to make it a success.

Printed and bound thesis.

What Should I Consider when Printing my Thesis?

When printing your thesis, you have to consider a few things beforehand:

Black and white or colour?

When printing your thesis, remember that colour is always more expensive than black and white. Printing in colour definitely looks impressive. However, if you have too much colour some people may take your thesis less seriously than they might otherwise. If printing in colour is not essential, you are better sticking with black and white.

Which kind of paper?

When you visit a copyshop, they usually print your thesis on 80 g/m 2 paper. However, this paper type is quite thin. Plus, the print on the paper's reverse side will often shine through which never looks good. Look for a shop with printing options that include 100 g/m 2 paper. Some may even offer this as a default which can save you lots of money.

Where do I get the best prices?

The price of printing your thesis is determined by the combination of your paper weight, the use of black and white or colour ink, and the number of pages. Visit various shops and ask for quotes for the same specifications. X pages in colour printed on 100 g/m 2 paper. Then compare the prices and see if you can find external customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Tip: If you order online, try to find a provider with free shipping.

What Should I Consider when Binding my Thesis?

"How" to bind a thesis is something most students do not know. First of all, they usually do not know which binding to use.

The answer to this question depends on the type of thesis being submitted. Research papers tend to be very long and detailed while regular term papers are shorter and completed faster. Regular term papers are worth a small fraction of a grade while a Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis or a research paper make a massive impact.

Simply put, when printing and binding your dissertation you need a superior binding if the paper is worth more. A leather-bound paper is appropriate for a Master's thesis while a spiral-bound paper will do for a regular term project.

Most colleges and universities will have specific binding requirements for you to adhere to. Before you print and bind your thesis, check what guidelines have been provided by your institution.

Which Bindings are Available?

When printing your thesis, it is much easier to bind it correctly if you know what your options are first.

Where can I have my Thesis Printed and Bound?

We have done the research on your behalf so that choosing where to go when printing and binding your thesis is easy. You want to find the best service quality possible so that you end up with the highest-quality product.

We recommend that you use online printing services . This way, you can place your order from your own home or your institute's library which saves a lot of time when compared to searching for a printing shop on foot.

Making sure Nothing goes Wrong

By the time your thesis is complete, you will have spent a lot of time and energy on it. With our tips, you have everything you need to choose the right printing options and then the right style of binding. All of our advice is relevant whether you are visiting copyshops or you are looking at online companies.

However, if you want to save on time and want high-quality printing followed by excellent binding with no stress at affordable prices, then we wholeheartedly recommend an online printing service.

Now that you have everything you need, we would like to wish you all the best with your thesis!

About the Author

Maxime Werner is Business Development Manager at BachelorPrint.

BachelorPrint is your first address for printing and binding your dissertation & co. They offer excellent bindings, a perfect service and free express delivery worldwide.

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Thesis Printing & Binding

Thesis Binding

Your Dissertation Printed and Bound!

Contact us today to speak with a representative about getting your masters or doctoral thesis printed and bound. We'll turn your thesis in to a very high quality printing from files that you provide us.

- Attractive, durable, library-quality binding - 60# white acid-free paper - Black & white or color printing available - Single or double-sided printing on pages inside

Thesis Printing and Binding

Cover material options include:

- 15 choices of F-grade Buckram - 12 choices of Imitation Leather - 6 choices of B onded Leather - 19 choices of Genuine Leather

 Lettering includes:

-  Full title - Publication year - Author's full name on front - Special requests

Hardcover Thesis Printing and Binding

- Author's last name - Publication year - Special requests

  Additional options include:

- Choice of white, black or gold lettering -  Pocket for relevant loose material - Media - Custom die stamping - Extra thick

Turnaround time ranges from 4-week, to 2 or 1 week rush. USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping available.

Recommended Cover Material For Thesis Printing and Binding: Buckram Please see our Cover Materials page for more information.

Even more options are available!  

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST

Toll Free (800) 344-9378 Fax (717) 469-0629

Wert Bookbinding, Inc. 9975 Allentown Blvd. Grantville, PA 17028

What Sets Us Apart?

Wert Bookbinding has been committed to quality, and to making sure that every single customer we work with is 100% satisfied for over 50 years. Our business and capabilities continue to grow year after year, due to consistently producing top-quality products.

Recent Work Samples

We are here to serve our customers needs and we take pride in our work so we're always happy to show it off!

Click on any of the images to the right to see larger images from our archives. We're Quality Bound!

Library Binding

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PHD Bookbinding

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Thesis and Dissertation Binding

Click the image of your binding choice for quote or to order, fabric hard cover.

thesis binding business

Fabric Hard Cover Binding with Gold Embossed Lettering and Gold Seal

Printed Hard Cover

thesis binding business

Printed Hard Cover Binding with full color design on wrap-around Hard Cover

Soft Cover, Perfect Binding

thesis binding business

Softcover Perfect Binding with full color design on wrap-around Soft Cover

thesis binding business

Gold Embossed School Seals

In addition to gold embossed lettering on the spine and cover of your book, you can add your College / University’s Seal or Emblem. Click here for a list of seals and emblems, or to request your school’s seal.

thesis binding business

Quality Paper Selection

We offer archival-quality paper in 25% Cotton or 100% Cotton, as well as standard 20 lb & 60lb Bond paper. You will only pay color printing rates for your specified color pages. Lots of photos? Consider our 80lb Gloss paper. Your entire book will be printed in stunning full color at a low color printing rate. Click here to view a detailed list of available paper options.

thesis binding business

Headbands & Archival Endsheets

Our Hard Cover books include top & bottom Headbands – chequered fabric that decorate and protect the edges of the spine of your book. Hard Cover books also use archival-quality Endsheets – the pages which attach your book’s body to its Hard Cover case, as well as heavy blank/fly pages on the front & back cover.

thesis binding business

Mail-In your paper document for Binding Only

We can print your document from a PDF file (see sidebar), or you can mail your already printed document for Hard Cover Binding. Simply click your Hard Cover binding style above and follow the instructions. You will be prompted to print your order form. You’ll then pack it with your documents and ship us the package.

thesis binding business

Check your Order Status

Shipping date is available on the day that you order. Tracking Number is available only if your order has shipped. For Printed Hardcover binding, shipping date will change based on the time you approve cover proof.

to Order or get a Quote:

That will take you to a page with the description of the binding style. For Fabric Hardcover binding, you can click on any swatch-rectangle to see a full-size book made with the fabric.

You can stop when you’re done, if a Quote is all you want

You now know the Exact Cost of your order with Shipping. You can stop here if Total Cost is all you want

If you’re Mailing a Paper Document, you will instead be prompted to print a form. Follow the instructions on the printed form for Shipping and Payment instructions

Yes, you will upload your file AFTER payment is made.

That’s it. Your order is now complete!

I’ve highly recommended you guys to the administrators, I’ll recommend you to all my MA and PhD colleagues.

– Bob

I received my theses last week and they look great! Cheers.

– Nic

Our first doctoral graduate has received her bound dissertation copies – our first with your company. They are excellent! Thank you for your quality product.

– Harold

Just got back three bound thesis volumes. Beautiful work. Thank you.

– Fred

Your company gained my trust very quickly. You did such a fast, efficient job.

– Natalia

I just received the two books I ordered — they are wonderful. I am very happy!

– Gianni

The thesis binding and the efforts of your company were excellent in all respects. I truly appreciate the promptness. Thank you for making my experience with your company and my finished project remarkable.

– Kimberly

I am completely satisfied with your service and speed. I would definitely recommend you to the grad students in my department. Thank you again for the wonderful job.

– Abdul

Thanks for taking such good care of my work. I will enjoy presenting them to my dissertation chair and the president of my organization next week.

– Barbara

I just received my dissertations in the mail. They’re perfect! They arrived quickly and in mint condition.

– Joe

I am thrilled with my thesis. You did an excellent job. Thank you. I have recommended you to some of my classmates.

– Tau

You put the finishing touches on a 30-month effort and exceeded my expectations…In terms of quality, speed, and overall "wow" factor. Thank you very much.

– David

I had my thesis bound with your company a few years ago and I have been recommending you to fellow grad students ever since. Thanks again!

– Alison

Everything has exceeded my expectation. Thank you so much for making my thesis so memorable.

– Subhendu

I would like for you to know that I was very pleased with the binding of my dissertation.

– Cora

I love it. Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job!

– Pam

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent work you have done to print my Thesis

– Jay

I can’t say enough about the experience of working with your company. I look forward to doing business again in the future.

– Doreen

You’re the best in the businesss! Keep up the great work.

– Leeanne

Just a quick note to thank everyone who worked on putting my book together. It looks beautiful, I could not be happier.

– Elissa

Can definitely recommend the service! Good quality binding, 2-sided, color and at a very acceptable price.

– Scott

thesis binding business

Thesis Binding

  • Corporate Branding
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Pull-Up Banners
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Shopfront Signage
  • Window Graphics
  • Wedding Stationery
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We are delighted to now offer high quality thesis binding. Our state-of-the-art Unifoil binder, gold foils, binds and seals your document in a few short hours . This machine has proven hugely successful with students in Trinity College and various other institutes throughout Ireland. Furthermore, our qualified staff guide you through your submission, making the process stress-free and as simple and straightforward as possible.

Our brand new Unibind machine gives student’s theses and reports the neat finish they’re looking for. It is ideal for softback or hardback binding all university and college theses and final year projects. The machine also gold foils the hardback thesis. Students can get this quality thesis binding service at a very competitive price and the best quality available on the market.

Best of all, if students have any queries or would prefer to go through the process with a member of staff, you can contact our graphic design studio where all printing and binding is carried out on-site. All in Design and Print staff are qualified in thesis binding so students know their work is in safe hands. This service is the first of its kind to be available in County Mayo giving your document the professional finish you are looking for…right on your doorstep!

Prices from €35*  (*price of hardback binding and gold foil. Printed pages provided by customer.)

We also offer a wide range of services from same day thesis printing & binding, report binding, full graphic design service, large format printing and laminating, and much, much more.

Contact us below to request a quote.

Get in touch

Looking for more information or a quote for our Thesis Binding services? Click the button below and send us your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Friendly professional & affordable service.

Design & print: Wedding stationary gaa & bespoke, memorial cards, binding, laminating, photocopying, scanning.


How to Start a Book Binding Business – An Ultimate Guide for Small Business Owners

Book Binding business involves the binding of books such that they are enclosed in an outer material that gives a book stability and durability. The bookbindery business is one of the best home-based business idea that can provide a decent income as well as work as hobby side hustle

Over the past years, the number of book binding companies as well as individual book binder have dropped due to low demand and preference for digital use over books. However, one shouldn’t worry that there is no scope for this business. You still have a good opportunity and plenty of internet information that can help you to grow your business

So, if you are a book binding enthusiast or looking forward to starting a small book binding business from home. This guide can help you

Book Binding Business

Pros and Cons of starting a Book Binding Business

First things first, before we start going through the business plan for book binding business lets quickly find out the pros and cons of this business

Pros of Book Binding Business

  • Requires very little investment. One can start a decent book binding company with less than $ $10,000.
  • Can be run by single person
  • Raw material/ craft supplies are readily available and come at reasonable prices.
  • Works best as a hobby side hustle. A good source of income for home makers.
  • Requires less capital for marketing and distribution
  • Plentiful of resources to learn and develop

Con’s of Book Binding Business

  • Low demand in market
  • Requires time to acquire customers.
  • Changing customer preference to digital usage rather than books
  • It has to be unique to attract customers
  • One must be creative and have high attention to detail to be successful in the business
  • Due to low market demand, one cannot expect high profits or revenue from this business

After reading the pros and cons you must be wondering, is this business right for me or not. Please don’t jump to a conclusion right now. Just go through the entire article and finally decide if it’s a right fit or not

Business Plan to Start a Book Binding Business

In order to start any business, one must first have a clear picture of the business plan to ensure they have clarity on what they are doing. Any business plan will have five essential elements that are resources, money, production, profit margin and marketing. So now, we will discuss on each of these elements and how they fit into your business

1. Conduct Market Research

Market research is an essential element of any business. By conducting market research you can understand customer preferences, market trends, and pricing structures

This allows you to have a better idea of materials to acquire, proper marketing channels, and pricing strategies. So here are some effective ways to do a personal market research

  • Type in any search engine – Bookbinding shops near me – This will give you information about the number of services around your locality. Check each one of those and read through the reviews.
  • Go and find out how much these bookbinders are charging to the customer and what type of services they are offering.
  • Look for Questions asked by users on ‘Quora’ and ‘Reddit’. This information too helps you to jot down the ideas.
  • Browse through Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube to get ideas on various types of book-binding supplies and bookbinding ideas. This will create interest
  • Next, search in online e-commerce stores such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc., for bookbinding kit and tools. Compare the prices in the online store vs. your near by stationary shop
  • In e-commerce stores look for ‘binded books’ and then use filtering options such as price, size, and design, etc., Boiling down by this method will help you to know what kind of books are popular in the market and help in kick-starting the production process

2. Resources required to Start Book Binding Business

The resources required to start the book binding process are minimal and are mostly economical. Here are the resources required to start a small book binding business

Book Binding Tools

The tools required for book binding are mostly available in almost all stationary shops or you can also purchase them online. Here are some essential tools required for the binding process. Most of the essential book binding tool kit can be purchased for $2,000 to $3,000. However, it may even cost more if you are going for a high-end automated press machines

  • Threads (especially waxed thread)
  • Large eye, small eye bookbinding needles and curved needles
  • Binding ribbon
  • Utility knife
  • Steel ruler
  • Bone folder
  • Wooden handle awl
  • Kraft papers
  • Book board/Binder boards
  • Work bench Large
  • Book Nipping press
  • Manual Press machine

Area for Working

Book binding process doesn’t take up so much space. One can even run the business from home. Almost all the equipment required for the binding process can easily fit in 100 to 200 sq. ft space. This much amount of space is super enough to store and easily organize your work area

Due to such low space requirements, you don’t have to bother renting a space. However, if you are interested in making it a medium-scale business and thinking of hiring an assistant, you can rent out a small space of about 200 – 300 sq. ft

Miscellaneous Requirements

In addition to workspace and supplies. You may also need to think about having basic amenities to carry out the business, such as having ample power supply, a small office set-up, and cabinets for storing your supplies safely

3. Establishing a Legal Business

Once you have completed market research, acquired resources, and figured out a working area, it’s time that you officially set up your business legally. Most of the book-binding businesses come under small-medium scale businesses. Here are important things to consider when you’re registering your business

Business Registration

Depending upon your feasibility, business size, and operating method, you can decide to register your book binding business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, and corporation

Creating Business Account

When you are operating a business, its always advisable to have a separate business account registered. This helps you to separate your personal finances from the business. It also helps you in filing for taxes easier

Registering for Taxes

In order to make sure you are running your business smoothly, it’s always better to keep a check on different types of taxes your business might require such as Federal tax, state, and local taxes. In order to check with the taxes, you must register for EIN- Which is a unique nine-digit number assigned by the IRS to any business operating in the USA

Licenses and Permits Requirement

In general, book binding businesses generally don’t require any special permits or licenses to operate. Especially if it comes to small business, most of the states allow these types of business without any permits. However, it’s basic to have a general business license

To make sure you are operating legally, its advisable to check with your local state secretary or contact your local small business administration office

4. Investment Required to run a Book Binding Business

In general, a book binding business doesn’t require high capital. It is one of the best small business ideas that can even operate from home. However, the basic essentials such as the tool kit, workbench set-up, and Website require around $3,000 to $5,000. Most of this amount is a single-time investment.

On the other hand, if you are renting a small space of just about 100 – 200 sq. ft which is not in the most demanding area, it may cost you $250 – $450 per month

For raw material such as paper material, cardboards, craft papers, and paper boards which are essential items that are required each month one may spend around $100 to $200

For marketing, promotion, and brand identity one may spend around $300 – $500. This amount is sufficient for 2 – 3 years for a small business that just requires a basic website theme, small hosting capacity, and decent marketing campaigns

So, overall, a decent small-scale bookbinding business can be started off with $3,000 to $5,000

5. Book Binding Production Process

There are different ways one can bind a book. You can either manufacture books on your own or acts as a third-party book binder company for a publication

In most cases, a small-medium scale book binding company usually produces a small proportion of binded books on their own. This means they acquire the paper, and raw materials, stitch and bind the book completely on their own, and start selling them in market. In this scenario, you are the one who is going to completely invest

Types of Book Binding Methods

The second option, you will start doing the binding process for other publication houses. In this scenario, the customer will provide the requirements and based on it, you will quote the price required for the raw material and also finalize the profit margin

Different types of Book Binding process and their details

Across the world, there are several methods of book binding process that are best applied based upon the customer preferences and demand in the market. However, according to Iron Mark, there are four most common book binding methods that are popular throughout the world

Most of the binding process fall under these four categories, so lest take a look at each of them

Steps Involved in Book Binding

A simple bookbinding process requires a few tools and a workbench that can assist you in carrying out the binding process. Plus, you need a couple of papers and kraft paper/binded board for making an outer cover

Here are the steps involved in book binding process

  • Setting up paper for the binding process – To get started with the binding process, you need to set aside couple of papers. Which are folded in half. To make sure the paper is folded properly without any rough edges, make sure to soften the surface with a bone folder
  • Cutting the paper to the required size – Next, the folded papers are cut into the required size depending upon the size and type of book you would like to bind. These steps require utility knife, ruler, and a cutting press (optional)
  • Punching Holes – Once you have the papers cut into required sizes, you need to punch holes at a desired distance.
  • Sewing – By using a thread and needle you can start sewing all the pages. There are different types of sewing techniques that might be different for different types of binding processes. You need to decide which one is best suited for your process
  • Gluing Spine – Once all the paper is sewn, it needs to be intact. For that, we need to apply adhesive to the spine. These require the help of a nipping press to hold the papers firmly
  • Cutting the extra edges – Once the glue is applied over the spine and the book is subjected to pressure overnight, it will be taken out from the nipping press and the extra edges will be chopped off for a desired size
  • Reinforcing the Spine – In order to make the spine of the book remain intact you need to ensure the spine is reinforced with either a cloth or waxed paper
  • Attaching an outer cover – The last step of the binding process involves, adding an outer cover to the book. A binding paper board is usually used in case it’s hardbound. This will be attached to the bound paper and finally, an outer color paper or a unique design paper sheet will be attached to the paper board giving a complete outlook to the book.

Overall, a set of 10 hardbound books requires about 1-2 days of time to finally complete in a manual method

However, with the help of automatic case-binding machines, you can get 300 – 500 hard outer cases within a day, and then with the help of a worker, you can continue the attaching process. Although automatic book binding production is costly, it saves a lot of time and also highly increases your production capacity

6. Profit Margin in Book Binding Business

The profit margin in bookbinding depends upon quality, quantity, and materials being used for the binding process. A typical hardbound book binding process usually costs $15 – $20 per book. Please note, that the price may also vary depending on the number of pages

So, if you have an order to make hardcover binding for 100 books, charging $20 per book would make $2000 in total

Let’s assume you have spent $5 for the resources per each book, then your overall return of investment is $15 x 100’nos = $1500

So, let’s assume if you can get 2 orders per month binding 100 books for each order, you can make around $1500 – $2000 per month.

7. Marketing and Expanding Your Business

Marketing is quintessential for book binders to attract customers and showcase your designs to a wider audience. Unlike previous days, where bookbinding enjoyed a repetitive business, it is quite challenging to make it a sustainable business source if you are not following digital media

Book Binding

So, to expand and attract your audience and increase your business, you can implement the following strategies

  • Set up a website for your book binding business. Make sure it has the information about the services your business offers and the Contact Us page.
  • Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can post updates of your completed projects on these channels. Of course, you need to get consent from your customer
  • Use e-commerce sites like Shopify, and Etsy to sell your designs worldwide

In addition to marketing you should also focus on expanding your business. Please just don’t fix yourself as a book binding service. Instead, your creativity and tools can also be be utilized for making other items too such as designing brochures, welcome cards, envelopes and visiting cards

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The final steps of your thesis: Finding the right printing and binding services and choosing the right style for you

One of the best things is the feeling you get when you’ve finished writing your thesis. After months of research and writing, at long last, your paper, thesis, or dissertation is finally done. What’s left to do is the printing and binding of your thesis. But still, you need to find out the best printing and binding services and choose a style that makes you proud of the final result of your work. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing how to print and bind your thesis or dissertation: the quality of the paper, the material, and color of the binding. A few other details can be customized, such as the ribbons and corner protectors. To help you decide, we have selected a few options from our partner, BachelorPrint.

Premium Leather book binding

Our pick: Premium Leather book binding

  • Page limit: 10 – 370 pages
  • Color options: Red, green, blue, black
  • Textured, leather-look surface
  • Ribbon bookmark in white, silver, gold, blue or black
  • Corner protectors in black, gold, and silver
  • Customized embossing in gold, silver, and black

BachelorPrint  is your go-to expert when it comes to printing and binding your thesis. The online market leader offers a wide range of bindings and will transform your thesis into a work of art. 

The  ultimate : with their free express shipping they guarantee that your thesis will be in your hands within a few days!

Binding thesis Online Bachelor Print

Leather book binding: a thesis to look like a book

  • Appearance: textured matte (premium bookbinding) or marbled leather-look with a slightly glossy finish (standard bookbinding)

You’ve made it! You’ve finished writing your thesis. Now all that’s left is printing and binding and knocking your examiner’s socks off! That’s why we recommend leather bookbinding . 

A leather book has the best quality for  printing and binding your thesis . Your thesis will look like a classy book. 

Choosing this type of binding will make your thesis stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression on your examiner. Combine that with additional options such as customized embossing, corner protectors, and a ribbon bookmark, and after that process your thesis you’ll have a one-of-a-kind, sophisticated-looking book.

There are two options available with this leather book: Premium leather book and standard leather book. Whereas the premium leather book has a matte finish, a standard leather book has a glossy finish. However, both are done in leather-look and consist of a solid and sturdy cover. 

Which leather book you choose for your  thesis binding is a matter of personal preference.

Upgrade your binding

Deciding on a leather book when printing and binding your thesis gives you the option to upgrade it to your tastes and create a one-of-a-kind binding. Here are the upgrade options:

Corners protectors

Corners protectors:

Adds a touch of class

Prevents the corners from binding

Available in silver, black & gold

Ribbon Bookmark

Ribbon Bookmark:

Enhance your book’s appearance

Can be used as a bookmark (your examiner will be grateful!)

Available in white, black, blue, silver & gold

Printing binding thesis embossing leather binding

Customized embossing:

E.g.: University logo and title of your dissertation on the cover

Embossed spine optional

Available in black, silver & gold

You can use BachelorPrint preview tool see how your dream binding would look like:

Thermal binding

Thermal binding: a clean and classic style

  • Page limit: 2 – 450 pages
  • Color options: black, red, green, yellow, blue, white, gray
  • Appearance: transparent front cover, colored, leather-look back cover

Of all the different types of binding,  thermal binding  is a classic. One of the features is the transparent front cover: it shows off the title page of your dissertation as well as the title of your thesis. This means that attention is immediately drawn to the topic of your dissertation.


Softcover: A thesis for artists

  • Page limit: 20 – 150 pages
  • Color options: customizable to suit your needs
  • Appearance: satin matte, smooth appearance; design and print your cover to your liking (magazine look)
  • Cover: 300 g/m² premium paper

Looking to make an impact with your thesis? In that case, the softcover is just for you! You have free reign and can decide what you want your cover to look like: Logos, colors, photos, or different fonts – you’re the one who decides what goes on the cover of your softcover. That is why this type is ideal for more creative fields of study. 

Note: Designing a one-of-a-kind binding that looks super original is tempting, but remember to keep it aligned with your field of studies and professional looking.

Spiral binding

Spiral binding: A sleek solution for your thesis

  • Page limit: 1 – 300 pages
  • Color options for cardboard back cover: black, red, green, gray, blue, yellow or white
  • Appearance: Leather-look cardboard back cover, transparent front cover
  • Spiral options: Metal or plastic

Of all the different types of binding, spiral binding is the sleekest and simplest type  BachelorPrint  has to offer. It has a transparent front cover. This allows the examiner to see the topic of your Master’s thesis or dissertation right away. However, spiral binding is better for printing shorter dissertations. 

Some professors will require that you use  spiral binding  for printing your thesis. If your post-secondary institution has no guidelines regarding printing and binding, then you should make sure that the “packaging” of your thesis matches the contents: If you are looking into printing and binding your Master’s thesis, we definitely recommend the leather book over spiral binding. 

Overview of thesis bindings

Tips from printing experts.

It’s one thing to know what thesis binding to choose when printing your thesis. But there are lots of helpful and important tips that you should consider when it comes to printing. We sat down with BachelorPrint to put together some exclusive advice just for you:

Tip #1- Choosing the right paper:  Most printing services use 80 g/m² paper by default. However, 80 g/m² paper is relatively thin and as a result, the print on the reverse side will shine through if you are printing double-sided. 

Tip:  Remember that printing and binding your thesis is not something you do every day – be sure to use high-quality paper and select 100 g/m² paper – if printing double-sided, we actually recommend 120 g/m² paper. BachelorPrint automatically uses 100 g/m² paper.

Tip #2- Printing single-sided or double-sided:  It’s totally up to you whether you print your thesis single-sided or double-sided. Make sure you check the examiner’s guidelines first – if there are none, the choice is yours! 

Tip:  When printing double-sided, make sure your page numbers are formatted correctly. Uneven page numbers should always be on the right-hand page, and even page numbers should be on the left-hand page.

Tip #3- Printing in color:  It’s up to you whether you print in color or black and white. This depends on your thesis. If your dissertation has lots of charts and photos, color printing would look better. 

Tip:  Color printing gives your thesis a classier appearance. But take note! Too much color and your thesis will look less professional.

Tip #4- Number of copies:  You can assume that two members of the examination board will read your thesis. Furthermore, the person or organization you did your internship with might also like a copy of your thesis. Last but not least, you would probably also like to own a copy of your dissertation, Master’s thesis, or  research paper . 

Tip:  Find out beforehand, how many copies you’ll need. We generally recommend making 4 to 5 copies. Of course, the type of binding is up to you.

Tip #5- Cost:  The cost of printing and binding your thesis is based on various factors: Paperweight, color printing, and actual printing. Many service providers often add a surcharge when you opt for color printing or thicker paper.

Tip:  BachelorPrint printing expert automatically uses 100 g/m² paper, and does not even add a surcharge. The same applies for color printing: whether you choose black/white or color, BachelorPrint charges the same.

Do you need to transcribe interviews for your thesis?

Interesting topics

  • How to add subtitles to a video? Fast & Easy
  • Subtitles, Closed Captions, and SDH Subtitles: How are they different?
  • Why captions are important? 8 good reasons
  • What is an SRT file, how to create it and use it in a video?
  • Everything You Need for Your Subtitle Translation
  • Top 10 Closed Captioning and Subtitling Services 2023
  • The Best Font for Subtitles : our top 8 picks!
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  • Adobe After Effects
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  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Canvas Network
  • What is Transcription
  • Interview Transcription
  • Transcription guidelines
  • Audio transcription using Google Docs
  • MP3 to Text
  • How to transcribe YouTube Videos
  • Verbatim vs Edited Transcription
  • Legal Transcriptions
  • Transcription for students
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  • Best Transcription Services
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  • How to improve your podcasting skills
  • Convert podcasts into transcripts
  • Transcription for Lawyers: What is it and why do you need it?
  • How transcription can help solve legal challenges
  • The Best Transcription Tools for Lawyers and Law Firms

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You can now process and Order your Thesis Online 24/7

Congratulations on finishing your Thesis. We know your time is precious during what can be a very stressful time, so we want to make ordering your thesis as easy as possible. Just click on the Order Online Now Button below, sit back and we’ll do the rest.

Thesis Hardback Cover

Thesis Prices

Hard Bound Choose either our 24 Hour Service and 48 Hour Service.

Soft Bound Choose from a wide range of soft bindings with foil printing option.

Printing We can also provide the printing of your thesis. We print on 100 gram white matt paper. However, if you require a different weight of paper or you have A3 pages in your thesis please let us know. You will need to have your file in PDF format. To avoid administration costs, order online to avail of our cheapest prices as listed here. For more information, please see our Thesis FAQs . You can upload your PDF when processing you order online or you can bring your PDF to us on a USB key, CD or you can send via email.

Soft Bound Thesis

Getting your thesis printed and bound is the final step of your university life and you don’t want to entrust printing something so precious to just anyone! We offer great prices and fast turnaround on our printing and binding solutions. See our Thesis FAQs .

Hardback Thesis

The thesis images on this page are only a visual guideline and the material finish may differ on the printed thesis. You can call into our office if you need to view an actual printed thesis.

PLEASE NOTE Colour pages are automatically calculated by our Printing Press. Pages with ANY COLOUR other than black, will have colour rate applied. If you have calculated the number of colour pages incorrectly, there will be a balance payment due on completion of your thesis. Our Hard Cover images are only a visual guideline and the material finish may differ. You can call into our office if you need to view an actual printed thesis. We do not proof the cover layout, so please ensure the information provided is correct including spelling, punctuation and text formatting.

thesis binding business

Thesis Printing & Binding

✓ Live preview of your binding

✓ 3D look inside function

✓ FREE express delivery

Price from $ 7.90



  • 1 Why choose BachelorPrint
  • 2 Our Binding Recommendation
  • 3 Ordering Process
  • 4 BachelorPrint Online Configurator
  • 5 Further Bindings
  • 6 Comparison of Bindings

Why choose BachelorPrint


FREE express delivery

Upload your work, configure your binding and submit your order. You will receive your order with free express delivery within a few days!


INNOVATIVE l ook inside function

Final check of your thesis with ease – this is possible with our look inside function that enables you to browse your thesis online as if it was already bound.


Online 3D configuration

Easy configuration in the online shop – with 3D Live configurator to see what the binding will look like. PLUS: Price preview & delivery time calculator.

Our Binding Recommendation


Thesis binding with the premium leather book binding for the best first impression

  • Surface: Textured, leather-like-surface
  • Colors: Available in blue, black, red, and green
  • Customized Embossing: In gold, silver, or black
  • Corners: In gold, silver, or black
  • Ribbon: In gold, silver, black, white, or blue
  • Our Recommendation: Binding a thesis with a page-count of 10 - 370

Ordering Process


1. Thesis upload

For printing and binding your thesis just upload your pdf in the BachelorPrint online shop.


2. Choose binding

Design your personal binding with our 3D live preview while configuring your perfect thesis.


3. Refine binding

Select embossing, book ribbon and corners, check with our look inside function and place your order.


4. Next day delivery

Free express delivery for your order.

BachelorPrint Online Configurator

New: final check with look inside function.

Our innovative look inside function enables you to do a final check of your thesis online right before printing and binding. Just browse through your binding before you place your order and thereby check your formatting, your charts, tables and illustrations. Even additional options to your binding are displayed, such as CD self-adhesive sleeves, triangular corner pockets or large format and fold-out pages.


3D online configurator with live price calculation and delivery date display

When configuring your binding in our print shop, you can see every adjustment live in our 3D preview of your finished binding. Additionally, we also show you the estimated day of delivery as well as a live price calculation.

Further Bindings


Standard leather book binding for your thesis binding

  • Surface: Standard leather binding with smooth and shiny surfaces, no genuine leather
  • Available in: Blue, black, red, and green
  • Individual Embossing: On leather binding in gold, silver, and black
  • Corners: In gold, silver, and black
  • Ribbon: In gold, silver, black, white, and blue
  • Our Recommendation: Thesis with a page-count of 10 - 370


Thermal binding as an affordable classic option for thesis printing

  • Surface: Cardboard cover with a textured surface, transparent front cover so the title page of your thesis is visible
  • Colors: Blue, black, green, red, gray, yellow, white
  • Our Recommendation: For binding a thesis with a page count of 2 - 450


Thesis printing: spiral binding as a cheaper alternative

  • Binding Options: Metal or plastic spiral binding
  • Surface: Transparent front cover so the title page of your thesis is visible, back page in textured surface
  • Back Page Colors: Blue, black, green, red, gray, yellow, white
  • Our Recommendation: For a thesis with a page count of 1 - 300 pages


Softcover as a flexible cover for a customized design

  • Design: Printable cardboard cover for a customized design
  • Binding: Cardboard cover with a magazine appearance using 300g/m² premium paper
  • Our Recommendation: For printing and binding thesis with a page count of up to 150 pages

The appearance of your thesis is crucial, therefore we recommend you to order the binding for your thesis online at BachelorPrint. We are the online printing service for thesis printing and binding for all students and graduates. Our expertise will help you to give your thesis the best first impression!

For the highest quality, we print exclusively on 100g/m² branded paper, making your contents stand out even more. Take advantage of our large selection of bindings for your thesis and add customized embossing to your leather binding . Thanks to our advanced technology and experience, we can offer you highest quality and shortest production time.

Together we’ll get the most out of your work! Choose a suitable thesis binding.

Use our countdown above to see until when you need to place your order to receive your binding as soon as possible. Order today and benefit from our free express delivery!

Our recommendation: Before printing, check your thesis for plagiarism!

Comparison of Bindings

1. how long does thesis binding take.

We use the latest printing technologies to offer you the fastest production time for your thesis. Be careful to order before the countdown above runs out if you want your thesis to be produced on the same day. We produce and deliver within 24-72 hours, depending on your location. Good to know: delivery is free!

Need more information? Head over to the online print shop to calculate the exact date of delivery for your thesis.

2. What are the costs for thesis printing?

Of course, the price is crucial when it comes to thesis printing. The price depends on your personal configuration, i. e. what binding you choose, how many pieces you order or whether you want extensions to your binding such as book corners or a ribbon. It is also relevant how many pages you want to be printed and bound in your thesis.

For example, if you want to print a 20 page Thesis with premium leather binding and additional embossing, the calculated price would be $64,80. This is 45% less in comparison to other market prices! Plus: with BachelorPrint, your order is delivered for free!

At BachelorPrint, we use 100 g/m² premium-paper as standard for printing and set the same price for color – and black/white printing.

Head over to the online print shop and your price will be calculated for you as you design your thesis.

3. Where can I order my thesis binding?

For thesis binding, you can choose between a usual copy shop or an online  print shop.

Advantages of an online printing service like ours are, among other aspects: easy ordering process from wherever you are, delivery to your address + configuration of your thesis binding with our 3D live preview and look inside function for a final look at your thesis!

4. Which binding is recommended for a thesis?

Which binding is right for your thesis depends on the importance of the printed work. A bachelor’s thesis or master’s thesis is very important and therefore should be bound with premium leather binding . If you want to hand in your thesis with an application or need it for storage purposes only, other types of binding, like the thermal binding or spiral binding should be sufficient.

5. Which paper for printing and binding a thesis?

Most printing services use 80 g/m²-paper for printing and binding a thesis, but this paper is rather thin and therefore might be see through if you decide to print your thesis double-sided.

We recommend using the 100 g/m²-paper that not only looks more valuable but also feels that way. At BachelorPrint, this is the standard paper we use for printing a thesis and there are no additional costs to it. We also offer printing with 120 g/m²-paper.

If you want to know more about choosing the right paper for your thesis, follow this link to our article: Which paper for thesis printing & binding?

6. How can I save money when printing a thesis?

BachelorPrint offers the best value for money. Additionally, we present you with no delivery costs and free embossing (for the’type of work’ position).

You want to save extra money? Read about how you can get free printing !

7. Why should I do my thesis binding online?

BachelorPrint as an online printing service offers you several advantages like:

  • Production of your thesis within one day. Order before the countdown above runs out and we deliver the next day (depending on your location)
  • FREE delivery
  • No minimum order value
  • 3D live preview in the BachelorPrint print shop
  • Individual embossing with your university logo
  • FREE ‘type of work’ embossing (e. g. bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, dissertation etc.)
  • High-quality bindings
  • FREE 100 g/m² premium branded paper

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thesis binding business

Bachelor Thesis Print & Bookbinding

Online Copyshop - Printing & Bookbinding

  • Fast Printing and shipping **
  • Free customer service for all questions concerning printing and binding
  • Online-Cover-Designer
  • Easy PDF-Upload in the shopping cart
  • Shipping only 3 €
  • Payment by invoice, PayPal, credit card etc.

simple pdf print

  • individual requests
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  • custom-made products

softcover plastick spiral binding or comb binding

Online Printing and Bookbinding: Print with sedruck.de - a professional online copy shop

sedruck.de is your online copy shop with fair prices and fast shipping. Regardless of whether you print your thesis, bind a company brochure or create a poster: We offer numerous opportunities for high-quality printing of all your projects. We give you advice and we help you to find the right option among our numerous types of printing.

Whether corporate brochure, readers or your own book: With sedruck.de you find an optimal solution for a good price.

Since 25 years we have been happy to provide top-quality printing for our customers. Every day we are binding bachelor theses, master''s theses, dissertations and more. It is always our goal to achieve the perfect look for your thesis. We use the latest technological possibilities for online designing and bookbinding. If you want us to print and bind a PDF as a book, then you have the choice between numerous high-quality looks.

Also for companies, small publishers or for print jobs for special occasions (wedding book, etc.) we are your partner.

Online copy shop customer guide: Everything you need to know when you print your work as a book

As printing professionals we want to inform you about all your possibilities:

How to order?

  • Which kinds of bookbinding are available?

What other services are available at our online copy shop?

What to consider if you want to print with us.

1. Select your product and calculate your price

By navigating through the sidebar or the product tiles on our start page you will have access to the various product options available at our online printing service. The total price will be calculated for you and is immediately visible to you during configuration of your desired product.

If you want to compare different versions of your product, use the 'Duplicate product' option in your shopping cart. You can always modify all the products in your shopping cart again before your finally place your order.

This picture shows a button leading to an video tutorial.

2. Upload your PDF document and select the shipping method

3. Enter your shipping and billing addresses

Finally, enter your shipping and billing address by logging into your account. Once you have placed your order, you can always view the current status of your order from the orders overview page in your personal account.

Which Kinds of Bookbinding Are Available?

If you want to bind a document as a book, then you have a lot of possibilities. Depending on the type of document some binding options may be more appropriate than others.

At the most basic level we distinguish between hardcover bindings and softcover bindings.

While softcover bindings originally were for documents which are often in use and therefore need to be more flexible, today it is also used for many scientific works. Whether you want to print a term paper, a bachelor, master's or doctoral thesis, a softcover binding can open up many creative possibilities. Softcover bindings are especially suited to brochures and booklets of all kinds.

Hardcover bindings are preferable if you want an especially durable and stable book. If you want to present the results of your thesis in an elegant look, then hardcover bindings offer many options to provide you with a beautifully designed final product. Here you can either choose a stylish foil-stamped lettering (in gold, silver or other colours) on a leather or linen cover, or alternatively your individually designed printed cover.

Printing Softcover Books: The Various Binding Options

Paperback : Perfect softcover binding , which we use to create paperbacks, is a particularly inexpensive and good-looking softcover binding, which allows you to make documents with up to 350 pages. At our online copy shop a variety of coloured cardboards are available. You also have the possibility to have an individual design printed on the cover. Your document will be printed and then glued into the cardboard cover. For this we use newest technology and high quality materials, so that the result remains stable and durable even after frequent use. The A4 and A5 paper formats are available, but you can also specify your own dimensions. An online cover designer is available for all formats. When you bind a dissertation or thesis, create a brochure or want to print a book, then perfect softcover binding is a convenient and high-quality choice.

Saddle-Stitched Brochure : Saddle-stitched brochures are suitable for music books, pamphlets and other documents under 80 pages long. Again, the cover design is entirely up to you and you can choose from many types of paper. The pages of your document will be stapled together with wire staples at the fold line, so the resulting booklet can be completely opened and folded without breaking the spine. You can choose between A4 and A5 paper format.

Plastic Ring Binding : The plastic ring binding or plastic spiral binding is particularly low-priced. The individual print pages are held together by a set of plastic rings; cover and spine can be designed on different cardboards. A4, A5 and A6 formats are available. The plastic spiral can be opened again, so that it is also suitable for the organization of work materials or seminar documents. If you wish to print a thesis or bind a presentation as a book, then the plastic spiral binding is a practical, affordable choice.

Wire Ring Binding : Wire-O spiral binding is ideal if you want to print documents such as transcripts, training documents or lecture notes as a flexible book. The individual pages are held together with a metal wire ring. Different colours, cardboards and formats are available.

Wall Calendars : Our wall calendars can be ordered in formats A4 and A3. Give free reign to your imagination and use your own images and design for a product or gift with a very personal touch.

Strip Binding : Strip Binding is particularly suitable if you want to print long documents such as books, dissertations or business documents. Up to 440 sheets of paper can be bound together with this stable binding system. A comb-like binding strip holds the sheets together while the spine will be reinforced with a fabric tape. Here at our online copy shop numerous cardboards and colours are available. An individual printed cover is also possible.

Printing Hardcover Books: The Various Binding Options

Hardcover Binding : If you want to print an PDF file as a book, then our classic hardcover binding is always a good option. The perfect binding hardcover is characterized by high stability and a quality appearance that comes as an advantage if you want to print a thesis or dissertation. This type of binding is often found in university libraries and can be designed in many ways. Choose between book leather or linen fabric in many colours, you can create foil-stamped lettering or your own printed cover design - for instance by using our online cover design tool. At our online copy shop there are many possibilities. If you want to make a good impression, then the hardcover binding is perfect for you.

Hand-made Books : Individual and high-quality - if you want to print a book, then this option is the first choice at our online copy shop. Experience the results of traditional bookbinding by a professional and choose between numerous design possibilities. Select your paper format, foil stamping or printed cover, book leather or linen covers in different colours, opt for a sewn book block or add book corners and one or two bookmark ribbons. Also, a CD or DVD can be attached and configured. You want us to print an individual and especially high-quality book? Then our hand-made book is the right choice for you!

Hardcover Ring Binding : Like with the softcover ring binding the pages are held together by a set of solid metal wire rings. But in contrast to it, here the cover is made of solid book leather or real linen cloth and can be decorated with foil-stamped lettering or an individual printed cover. Whether you want to print a dissertation, master's or bachelor's thesis or something else like a cooking book, the hardcover ring book is a flexible and durable solution.

Hardcover Springback Binding : Cheap, easy-to-use and of high quality - the hardcover springback binding is suitable for all documents with 15 to 195 pages. Whether you want to bind or print a long master's thesis or bachelor thesis: This special hardcover book binding bestows an elegant look on every document. The springback binders are available in black or blue.

In addition to the softcover and hardcover options you can find the following services at sedruck.de:

Loose Leaf Printing : Here we offer a variety of options to print documents wihtout binding them. However, your papers can be held together by corner stapling, prong fasteners or filing strips. We will also gladly print your flyers, cards, folded cards, greeting cards and business cards.

Posters & CAD Plots : We print posters in A2, A1, A0 or your own measurements on matt or glossy paper. Whether photo posters or advertisement posters: We deliver a brilliant result. Our CAD plot service for line drawings is perfect for architects, engineers and other customers who need plans and technical drawings.

Special Custom-made Products : You want to design your own photo album or have different exciting printing ideas that are not covered by our product palette? Then please contact us , we migth be able to realize your ideas together with you.

If you want to print a thesis or dissertation, you will need to submit your document as a PDF file. You can upload it in the card during your Order. Check the format requirements of your institution and make sure that there has been no transmission errors during file upload.

If you want us to print a book with a cover design you made by yourself, we will also need your cover design as a PDF file. For most products at our online store, our online cover designer will also be available.

For further information please have a look at our help section .

Your possibilities at our Online Copy Shop: Binding books, printing doctoral dissertation or master's thesis, create booklet, and much more

  • Top Quality : If you have invested a lot of time in your work, then you might want the result to reflect this in design. We therefore guarantee professional printing in the highest possible quality with our online printing service.
  • Versatile : We offer numerous types of bindings so you can customize your work to your exact needs. From individual printed covers to special colours and textures: If you want us to bind your thesis or print another document as a book, then you have all the opportunities you might wish for at our online copy shop.
  • Quick : If the deadline is approaching, time is of essence to the printing and binding process. That's why we provide a fast printing service for you. Order your work Monday to Friday before 14:00 and we will usually ship the finished product on the same day. The estimated shipping date will be displayed during the calculation and ordering process. No matter what kind of job it is: you get the result as quickly as possible.
  • Secure : Your data is safe with us. You can upload your print data as PDF files directly to our server. In addition, all our pages are encrypted with SSL. Neither print data nor contact data will be handes over to third parties. Thus, we offer the highest possible protection for your print data and your privacy.
  • Personal : As an online copy shop we are always responsive to our customers. We advise you in detail about your options as well as current trends. When you print your dissertation or thesis and you want to make a good impression, we will help you.
  • Fair : Whether you want to bind your bachelor's thesis or print a poster - our prices are always calculated fairly and can be seen live with our online price calculator. We guarantee you: No hidden costs, but full transparency. Whether you print booklets or books: With increasing print runs the prices per copy will get even lower.
  • Eco-Friendly : A responsible approach to environmental issues is important to us. Therefore, we focus on green electricity in our outlets and solar power as well as certified European paper. On request we will use the particularly environment-friendly wax colour printing system. We also provide a CO2-neutral shipping with environmentally friendly vehicles and an environmentally friendly packaging. Our online copy shop is also involved with several social organizations. When you bind a book with us or print your dissertation or thesis, then you can do so with a clear conscience. More about our commitment to environmental and social issues.

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