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60+ Amazing Research Topics for Educational Leadership

dissertation topics educational leadership

A dissertation or thesis is a document presented for one to be awarded a degree or professional qualification. It involves research on a given topic.

Educational leadership, on the other hand, involves identifying and nurturing talents in a school set up to meet the objectives of education.

Now let’s merge the two and see the meaning.

A dissertation topic in educational leadership is, therefore, a thesis on how pupils, teachers, and parents will work towards achieving a common goal.

Leadership dissertation topics are common nowadays attributed to the growing number of institutions, and schools were also incorporated. Education dissertation topics are hence being researched daily due to the emerging challenges in running schools.

Dissertation topics in higher education leadership are vast because of the various tertiary institutions available; vocational training institutions, colleges, and universities. Enough of the explanations, and now let’s delve into the course meal. So sit tight and belt up, this is going to be one fantastic flight you’ve ever had.

60 Research Paper Topics in Educational Leadership

  • The Effects of Religion on Educational Leadership
  • Analyzing Long Term and Short Term Educational Leadership Goals
  • How to pass teacher’s excellence to students easily
  • The role of Leadership Summits on Educational Leadership
  • The Impact of leadership Training Institutions on Educational Leadership
  • How To Improve Education Leadership in the Society Today
  • How effective is the Youth than the Elderly in Educational Leadership?
  • Evaluating Different structures of Organizational Leadership
  • How Education Leadership Varies with Different Continental Settings
  • The Effects of Teacher-Parent-Student Ratio in Educational Leadership
  • How Public and Private Institutions Vary in Education Leadership
  • Policies in Educational Leadership and Their Impact
  • Analyzing Higher Education Leadership Characteristics
  • Leadership in Higher Education Frames Analysis
  • The Impact of Higher Education Programs Leadership Development
  • The Higher education Leadership Indigenous Perspective
  • Distance Education Programs and Transformational Leadership Characteristics in Higher Education
  • How to Plan For an American Higher Education Leadership Crisis
  • Preparing of Educational Leadership Personnel
  • Evaluating Better Schools With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership
  • How is Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
  • Understanding What a Masters in Educational Leadership Entails
  • How Educational Leadership is Financed
  • Evaluating Differences in Educational Leadership Between Profit and Non-Profit Organizations
  • The Need for Effective Leadership in Education
  • Analyzing Globalization in Educational Leadership
  • Understanding the Different Education Leadership Styles
  • When To Start Teaching Education Leadership and The Impact
  • Impact of Online Courses on Educational Leadership Graduates
  • How Innovative Strategies Impact Educational Leadership
  • Evaluating Trends in Educational Leadership
  • How Educational Leadership Contributes to Discrimination
  • Analyzing Technical Terms in Educational Leadership
  • What is the Impact of Subordinate Staff on Educational Leadership
  • How Can we Merge Student Leadership with the Administration
  • The Need to Simplify Educational Leadership
  • Innovative Solutions to Educational Leadership Challenges
  • Ensuring Sustainable Student-Parent-Teacher Relationship
  • Demystifying Myths About Educational Leadership
  • How To Initiate a Re-Birth in Educational Leadership

Also, here are additional dissertation topics for custom dissertation writing on educational leadership:

1. Understanding The Role of Women in Educational Leadership

Ladies, first am being a gentleman here. It has been one of the most researched educational leadership topics.

2. How Cultural Organizations Influence School Institutions

A set way of life defines every Society in any part of the world. These cultural aspects also imply educational leadership.

3. The Influence of Educational Leadership on Transformation

This form of organizational leadership dissertation aims to establish the impact of educational leadership in Society. For instance, how has the Society grown or depreciated as a result of the educational leadership?

4. What Role Does Educational Leadership Serve in Society?

The values and morals set by an education institution determine how the Society will be in the future. A valuable educational leadership system will thus pass on responsible, and reliable people to Society.

5. The Role of Education Leadership on the Success of the Society

Success is critical in any undertaking. If not, why engage with it in the first place? This dissertation topic, therefore, seeks to unveil how education leadership can contribute to the success of the Society.

6. The Impact of Educational Leadership in Research and Literature

Educational leadership determines decisions such as the number of resources invested in research. Thus, it will major on how various forms of educational leadership either contribute to or against study and literature.

7. How Social Media Affects Educational Leadership

The digital era has immensely contributed to the organization of various forms of leadership. Social media can either be positively or negatively impacting educational leadership. Therefore, such a dissertation topic will bring this out.

8. How Poor Leadership and Poor Results in Schools Relate

Decisions made by the parents, teacher, or the students themselves will have an impact on their results.

9. The Role of Technology in Educational Leadership

Has it improved or depreciated the value of educational leadership?

10. The Impact of the Community on Educational Leadership

It focuses on how to incorporate the community into the educational leadership and the subsequent results.

11. How Racism Impacts Educational Leadership

This leadership dissertation topic focuses on institutions with mixed races. Does this affect the running of institutions?

12. The Impact of Interdisciplinary Teams in Running of Schools

Are they effective? And if so, to what extent?

13. The Comparison between Top and Lower Performing Schools

How are the two institutions managed? Are the educational leadership systems the same?

14. How to Intertwine Certain Teaching Methods with an Efficient Organization

Can specific strategic teaching methods be incorporated into educational leadership?

15. How Leadership Wrangles Affect Students

Teachers and parents fighting for different positions in the administration can affect student performance.

16. Analyzing Characteristics of Various Teachers Handling a Certain Subject

The traits of various instructors can either have a positive or negative impact on their mode of delivery.

17. How can Students be incorporated into the Educational Leadership

Ways in which students can adequately represent in the school leadership.

18. Government Regulations on Educational Leadership

Do Government regulations promote or inhibit educational leadership?

19. How Can Special Groups Be Represented Effectively

Persons with disabilities also have an equal right in administration.

20. Evaluating the Impact of the Politics of a Country to Educational Leadership

Do politicians have a say in the running of school institutions?

Use Our Topics And Get A+ Grade

These dissertation topics will properly groom you in writing your next thesis. Ask our professional team of writers to get help in writing more leadership dissertation topics.

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Education leadership dissertation topics, how to get best idea for dissertation topics in education leadership.

Education Leadership Dissertation Topics

Education leadership is a highly important subject that inculcates morals of higher values in students and even helps in acting as a ladder to success. A student pursuing this subject can be able to transform or add value to society.

Education leadership refers to the procedures and techniques used for the administration of an educational institution.

The student opting for this subject maintains the style and structure of the format to earn good grades at university. However, before starting with writing a dissertation , it is necessary to choose the best ideal dissertation topic in education leadership to make the readers interested in your writing.

If you choose topics that are boring or predictable then the readers might not be interested in reading at first. So, you must ensure that when you choose a topic, it is relevant and contemporary so that it can hook the attention of readers.

To do that, you must spend a good amount of time finding the best one. We have done a little easier for you and collected a list of dissertation topic ideas in education leadership. You can find them below:

Some List of Dissertation Topic Ideas in Education Leadership

  • What is the role of educational leadership in society? The role of educational leadership makes the environment more effective.
  • How can educational leadership be known properly using the study of people, power, and culture?
  • How education leadership affects researchers and literature. The role of educational leadership is to focus on human development, teaching stream, and epistemology.
  • The impact of educational leadership on the path to success. Educational leaderships not only produces the spark but it accomplishes the path with enthusiasm and vitality
  • How education leadership can transform the society
  • How the community is incorporated in education leadership.  
  • How interdisciplinary teams are effective in the running of middle schools
  • The women's role in education leadership.
  • The effects of social organization in school institutions
  • How to reduce racist habits in the authorized universities
  • How teachers can help students in passing seamlessly 
  • How education institutions think differently to provide exceptional leadership
  • Assessing contradictory traits among instructors teaching the same subject
  • What is the reason for conflict of leadership positions among teachers and how it impact on students
  • How students suffering from dyslexia can be developed compassionately
  • How the teaching methods can make an institution efficient
  • What is the impact of culture on the running of educational institutions
  • How the leadership of top-performing educational institutions can help mediocre schools.
  • How technology has affected educational leadership
  • Social media has a huge impact on educational leadership
  • What is the relation between poor leadership and bad results in schools?

Using these dissertation topics in education leadership will help you write a great paper. Our expert PhD professors cum writers suggest you some best ideas for your topic selection and even work towards its completion.

To find an education dissertation topic, you can contact us, our specialized team will help you write your paper with a wide array of topics such as public school education, holistic education, the role of ethnicity, adult education, primary school education, child development, university education, politics, and teacher education, and curriculum.

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sample dissertation topics in educational leadership

20 Dissertation Topics In Educational Leadership

Education leadership is the foundation of success in schools as it inculcates morals of higher values to students even as they step ahead of the success ladder. In most cases, this is usually governed by an authoritarian leadership whose goal is to set examples. Some people are able to transform higher performance for the improvement of the society. Educational leadership refers to the means through which the parents, teachers and pupils work towards the common goal. In order to assist you narrow down your thesis to a particular educational leadership topic, we suggest you to get help from a cheap term paper writing service . Here are the top 20 dissertation topics in leadership.

  • The role of the education leadership on the society. It is the role of educational leadership in creating an environment that is effective. Not only are teachers and students supposed to follow a certain method of teaching. When a school runs an educational management system that is valuable, it is inheriting the principles, ethics and morals in a society.
  • How education leadership impact researches and literature. Educational leadership mainly focuses on pedagogy stream, epistemology and human development.
  • The impact of education leadership on the path to success. Educational leaderships doesn’t only produce the spark but it enables each person to move ahead of the accomplishment path with zeal and vigor
  • How education leadership causes transformation
  • How the community can be included in the education leadership
  • How effective are interdisciplinary teams in the running of middle schools
  • The role of women in education leadership
  • The effects of cultural organization in the school institutions
  • How to dilute racist habits in the accredited universities
  • How teachers excellence can be passed to students seamlessly
  • How education institutions can think outside the box to provide exceptional leadership
  • Evaluating negative traits among instructors teaching the same subject
  • The fight for leadership position among teachers and its impact on students and the school at large
  • How students who suffer from dyslexia can be developed compassionately
  • How certain strategic teaching methods can be blended with an efficient organization
  • The impact of culture on the running of educational institutions
  • How leadership of top performing educational institutions can be simulated in mediocre schools
  • How technology has impacted educational leadership
  • The impact of social media on educational leadership
  • The interrelation between poor leadership and poor results in schools

With these dissertation topics in leadership, you will be on your way to writing a great paper.

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Educational Leadership Dissertation Topics & Ideas

Published by Oliver Smith at April 7th, 2023 , Revised On July 11, 2023

Are you looking for some interesting and trending educational leadership dissertation topics for your undergraduate, master or PhD project? Well, your search ends right here because this article provides twenty unique educational leadership dissertation idea on that you could base your research.

For a small fee, our dissertation experts can help you choose the right topic and write a first-class project on your selected topic. For more information, read about our dissertation service and place your order online now.

Educational Leadership Dissertation Topics

  • The impact of emotional intelligence on effective educational leadership
  • The relationship between teacher leadership and student achievement
  • The effectiveness of distributed leadership in schools
  • The role of ethical leadership in promoting student success
  • The impact of technology on educational leadership practices
  • Developing effective communication strategies for educational leaders
  • Addressing equity and inclusion in educational leadership
  • The importance of mentoring new educational leaders
  • The role of shared vision in successful educational leadership
  • The impact of principal leadership on school climate and culture
  • The relationship between leadership style and teacher job satisfaction
  • Developing effective school improvement plans through collaborative leadership
  • The impact of instructional leadership on teacher effectiveness
  • Strategies for managing conflict in educational leadership
  • The importance of data-driven decision-making in educational leadership
  • The role of emotional intelligence in developing teacher leaders
  • The impact of principal leadership on parent and community engagement
  • Developing effective professional development programs for teachers
  • The relationship between teacher empowerment and student achievement
  • The role of transformational leadership in promoting organizational change in schools.

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Choose any of the topics suggested above to get started with your dissertation . Or hire an expert to complete the thesis project while you sit back and have a cup of coffee. Essays.UK is Britain’s best essay and dissertation support . We have been helping students achieve their academic goals since 2011. Contact us today to see how we can help you manage your academic workload so you can finish your degree with a first.

How to develop leadership skills in children from the early classes?

To develop leadership skills in young children, encourage participation in group activities, foster decision-making and problem-solving, promote communication and teamwork, provide opportunities for responsibility, and emphasize empathy and positive role modelling.

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15 Outstanding Dissertation Topics On Educational Leadership

In order to write a compelling dissertation on educational leadership, it is important that students have a very deep understanding of the subject matter. Sometimes, the knowledge that a lot is expected makes some students very nervous. When this happens, it becomes very difficult for such students to come up with interesting topics on the subject matter. If you are nervous or needs inspirations in order to come up with your own topics, here are some ideas to inspire you. They are as follows:

  • Understanding some of the elements required for effective teaching
  • Are there changes in elements of leadership between college instructors and high school instructors
  • Impact of improving communication within students with multi cultural backgrounds
  • Understanding the influence of great education leaders on international students from various countries
  • Primary school pupils – What are the best and most effective reform measures to adopt
  • A look at reform measures that need reevaluation in order to achieve increased positive growth among younger students
  • An evaluation of the impact of good relationship between principals and teachers on students
  • The role of the principal or dean in helping students achieve success
  • A look at the best leadership strategies for both teachers and principals
  • What makes a good educational leader?
  • The impact of educational leadership on a given society
  • The effect of educational leadership on researches
  • The impact of educational leadership on a given country’s transformation
  • What are the impacts of effective educational leadership on students?
  • Understanding the relationship between educational leadership and the path to success

These are some of the topics you can choose for your dissertation on educational leadership. You can also get inspirations from these topics and as a result, come up with a very interesting topic of your own. Educational leadership has come to stay and over time, it has kindled the spark in a lot of people and in turn, gave them the nudge they needed towards accomplishing their academic goals with great zeal. Through effective educational leadership, a good number of students have been able to follow the footsteps of their teachers and succeeded in making significant progress in life.

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Dissertation Topics

  • Alan Aab Pathways to Dropping Out: A Snapshot at Sixth Grade using Structural Equation Modeling, 2011: Dr. Carolyn Eggleston and Dr. Matt Riggs, Co-Chairs, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Randall Wright, Member 
  • Gordon Amerson Narrowing the Gap: Exploring the Characteristics and Practices of Urban Schools Principals Closing the Achievement Gap, 2014: Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Thelma Moore-Steward, Member 
  • Gail Angus The Effects of School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports on Student Achievement and Other Outcomes, 2011: Dr. Brett Nelson and Dr. Deborah Stine, Co-Chairs, Dr. Matt Riggs, Member
  • Cherina Octavia Betters Bridge Over Troubled Water: Creating an Ecology of Transformative Care for Students At Risk of their Promise, 2017: Dr. John Winslade, Chair, Dr. Edna Martinez, Member, Dr. Jaime Anderson, Member
  • Jennifer Blum Ethical Decision Making Under High-Stakes Testing, 2010: Dr. John Winslade and Dr. Donna Schnorr, Co-Chairs, Dr. Sam Crowell, Member
  • Joe Boffa Understanding the Lived Experiences of Late-Entry English Learners in the Vista Canyon Unified School District, 2014: Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Chair, Dr. Bonnie Piller, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member
  • Frieda Brands Practical Wisdom in the Office of the School District Superintendent, 2014: Dr. Patricia Arlin and Dr. Deborah Stine, Co-Chairs, Dr. David Stine, Member
  • Beverly Bricker National Board Certification: The Perceived Value and Renewal Rates of California National Board Certified Teachers, 2015: Dr. Patricia Arlin, Chair, Dr. Stacy Begin, Member, Dr. Bonnie Piller, Member, Dr. John Winslade, Member
  • Pamela Buchanan Appreciative Inquiry: A Path to Change in Education, 2014: Dr. Patricia Arlin, Chair, Dr. Marita Mahoney, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member
  • Newell Canfield Exploring The Essence of Trust Through The Lived Experiences of Jazz Educators, 2013: Dr. Deborah Stine and Dr. Randall Wright, Co-Chairs, Dr. Herb Shon, Member
  • Carly Chavez Planting, Learning, Growing–Utilizing Service-Learning In Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Among Urban Middle School Students, 2013: Dr. Ruth Sandlin, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Herb Brunkhorst, Member
  • Courtney Doussett The Impact of a Classroom-based Physical Activity Program on Teachers’ Perceptions of Student Engagement, 2015: Dr. Marita Mahoney, Chair, Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member

Wendy Durkee From Outlaw to Outlier: The Role of Teacher Attachment Style in Addressing Student Behavior Problems in Kindergarten, 2017: Dr. Bonnie Piller, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Frieda Brands, Member

  • James Feffer Teacher Learning within Professional Learning Communities, 2015: Dr. Donna Schnorr, Chair, Dr. Doris Wilson, Member, Dr. Thelma Moore-Steward, Member
  • Jean-Jacques Francoisse Moving Beyond Class Size: The Importance of Addressing Class-context on Academic Achievement, 2011: Dr. Marita Mahoney and Dr. Matt Riggs, Co-Chairs, Dr. Jim Hill, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member

Stephen Louis Franklin Exploring Organizational Factors that Influence  Resilience and Persistence Among High School Students of Color, 2017: Dr. Donna Schnorr, Chair, Dr. Doris Wilson, Member, Dr. Sherri Franklin-Guy, Member

  • Edwin Gomez Narratives of Principal Sustainability in High-Poverty Schools, 2013: Dr. David Stine, Chair, Dr. Joseph Jesunathadas, Member, Dr. Enrique Murillo, Member
  • Audrey Hovannesian Conceptual Change Theory in Education: Using Dinner-Home-Visits to Reshape Teacher Perceptions of Students, 2013: Dr. Marita Mahoney, Chair, Dr. Bonnie Piller, Member, Dr. Ruth Sandlin, Member 
  • Miguel H. Lopez Fostering a Consciousness of Academic Success with Latino English Language Learners in High School: The Role Self-efficacy and Social Capital Play, 2011: Dr. Enrique Murillo, Chair, Dr. Thelma Moore-Steward, Member, Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Member
  • Jennifer Lucht Relationships Between Initial CAHSEE Performance and Academic Success of High School Students, 2012: Dr. Carolyn Eggleston, Chair, Dr. Matt Riggs, Member, Dr. Todd Jennings, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member
  • Christy Martinez Instructional Disability: Voices of the Resource Specialist on the Design of the Resource Support Program, 2013: Dr. Bonnie Piller, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Diane Brantley, Member
  • Sane Mataitusi Recognizing Samoan Students' Cultural Capital in Schools, 2011: Dr. John Winslade and Dr. Donna Schnorr, Co-Chairs, Dr. Bonnie Piller, Member, Dr. Enrique Murillo, Member
  • Jessica Mendoza Testimonios on the Role of Mentorship on Mexican Immigrant's Higher Academic Attainment: Vengo con ganas, solo échame una mano!, 2015: Dr. Enrique Murillo, Chair, Dr. Miguel A. Lopez, Member, Dr. Elsa Valdez, Member
  • Renee Middleton Focus on principal and teacher perceptions of the shared ideas and agreements that change teachers’ instructional practice, 2014: Dr. Bonnie Piller, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Carole Lee, Member
  • Tabitha Muteti Educational Experiences of Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents in a Pregnant Minor Program (Cal-Safe), 2013: Dr. John Winslade and Dr. Randall Wright, Co-Chairs, Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Member, Dr. James Mbuva, Member 
  • Lari Nelson At the Core of School Reform: A Culture of Commitment, Collaboration, and Collective Leadership, 2014: Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Chair, Dr. Bonnie Piller, Member, Dr. Doris Wilson, Member
  • Mark Norris At Risk Students and Resiliency 2014, Dr. Donna Schnorr and Dr. Michael Verdi, Co-Chairs, Dr. Amy Leh, Member Dr. Eun-Ok Baek, Member, Dr. Young Suk Hwang, Member
  • Teri Osborn How Technology Professional Development Guides Instructional Practice, 2016: Dr. Joseph Jesunathadas, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Barry Last, Member
  • Sharon Pierce Taking Our Seat at the Table': A Narrative Inquiry of the Experiences of Seven Latina Administrative Leaders in Higher Education, 2017: Dr. Enrique Murillo, Chair, Dr. Edna Martinez, Member, Dr. Alexandru Roman, Member
  • Derek Pinto Effective Principal Leadership Behavior: The Student Perspective, 2014: Dr. Patricia Arlin and Dr. Marita Mahoney, Co-Chairs, Dr. Bonnie Piller, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member
  • La'Resha Richardson Education Through the Eyes of Foster Parents, 2017: Dr. John Winslade, Chair, Dr. Lorraine Hedtke, Member, Dr. Aja Henriquez, Member
  • Charron Rodriguez Student Engagement of Fifth Grade Students in a General Engagement Class, 2016: Dr. Bonnie Piller, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Carole Lee, Member, Dr. Renee Middleton, Member

Dorry Sathoff-Lillard Understanding the Purpose of Restorative Practices for Schools: A New Zealand Perspective, 2017: Dr. John Winslade, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. Doris Wilson, Member

  • Sonya Scott Post-Oppositional Culture Theory: Counter-Narratives of African American Preservice Teachers, 2013: Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Chair, Dr. Thelma Moore-Steward, Member Dr. Mary Texeira, Member
  • Catherine Terrell Explicit Content-Area Vocabulary Instruction for English Learners: Impacts with Reading Comprehension, 2011: Dr. Bonnie Piller and Dr. Matt Riggs, Co-Chairs, Dr. Mary Jo Skillings, Member

LaTrenda Terrell Head Start Teachers Professional Development on Language Modeling and Children's Language Development: A Sequential Mixed Methods Design, 2017: Dr. Diane Brantley, Chair, Dr. Marita Mahoney, Member, Dr. Edna Martinez, Member

  • Eric Vreeman Contributions of Wellness on Student Achievement and Behavioral Engagement, 2011: Dr. Donna Schnorr, Chair, Dr. Brett Nelson, Member, Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Member

Gina Marie Vyskocil Single Parent Student Mothers: How Single Parent Student Mothers Fare in Higher Education, 2017: Dr. John Winslade, Chair, Dr. Rafael Canizales, Member, Dr. Sam Crowell, Member

  • Henry Yzaguirre The Physics of School Culture: Unleashing Student Voice in the Quest for School Improvement, 2012: Dr. Enrique Murillo, Chair, Dr. Thelma Moore-Steward, Member, Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Member
  • LaTanya Sherrie Greer Firm But Fair: Authoritative School Climate as a predictor of Restorative Justice Readiness, 2018: Dr. John Winslade, Chair, Dr. Edna Martinez, Member, Dr. Marita Mahoney, Member
  • Emily Ledesma Factors Related to Optimal Service Delivery Models for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities: A Phenomenological Inquiry, 2018: Dr. Bonnie Piller, Chair, Dr. Carolyn Eggleston, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member
  • Brice Scott African American High School Students' Attitudes Toward Mathematics and Perceptions of Extant Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Ethnomathematics, 2018: Dr. Joseph Jesunathadas, Chair, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. James Smith, Member

Community College / Higher Education

  • Eyad Alfattal Globalization, Internationalization, Marketing, and College Choice: Key Factors Affecting International Students’ Mobility in the Case of a Comprehensive Public University, 2017: Dr. Jay Fiene, Chair
  • Christine Bender Enhancing Leadership Ability In First-Time Freshmen Through Mentorship: A Grounded Theory Approach, 2015: Dr. Patricia Arlin, Chair, Dr. Carolyn Eggleston, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member
  • Gustavo Chamorro Career Academy Scholars Program, 2012: Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Chair, Dr. Bonnie Piller, Member, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member
  • Mark Darby Understanding Why International Student Applicants Choose a Public Four-Year Institution, 2015: Dr. Jay Fiene, Chair, Dr. Jenny Zorn, Member, Dr. Rueyling Chuang, Member
  • Tamara Dean Examining Fully Online Degree Students’ Perceptions of Online Student Support Services: A Mixed Methods Study Using Grounded Theory and Rasch Analysis, 2014: Dr. Doris Wilson, Chair, Dr. Joseph Jesunathadas, Member Dr. Eun-Ok Baek, Member, Dr. Aja Henriquez, Member

Mahbuba Hammad Factors Influencing Attitudes and Motivation Toward Reading Arabic: The Impact of Leveled Reading on the Experiences of Language Learners and Teachers, 2017: Dr. Nancy Acevedo-Gil, Chair, Dr. Dany Doueiri, Member, Dr. Edna Martinez, Member

  • Aja Henriquez 'I hope to be a symbol of encouragement': Using CRAFT in Community Colleges to Facilitate Student Voice in the Remedial Studies Debate, 2012: Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Chair, Dr. John Winslade, Member, Dr. Mary Texeira, Member
  • Helena Johnson Concerns about Faculty Teaching Distance Education Using Technology, 2010: Dr. Patricia Arlin, Chair, Dr. Sylvester Robertson, Member, Dr. Deborah Stine, Member, Dr. James Smith, Member
  • Risa Lumley The Academic Library and Social Justice: A Q-Study of Librarian Attitudes, 2016: Dr. John Winslade, Chair, Dr. Edna Martinez, Member, Dr. Doris Wilson, Member
  • Ernesto Reyes Community College and High School Partnership: College Math Readiness Program, 2016: Dr. Donna Schnorr, Chair, Dr. Marita Mahoney, Member, Dr. Joseph Jesunathadas, Member 
  • Ricky Shabazz   The Role of College Counseling in Increasing College Access for Black Students: A Case Study of an Effective College Counseling Program, 2012: Dr. Donna Schnorr, Chair, Dr. Angela Louque, Member, Dr. Thelma Moore-Steward, Member
  • Nori Sogomonian Academic Self-Efficacy and Persistence in the Context of High-stakes Testing, 2011: Dr. Patricia Arlin and Dr. Marita Mahoney, Co-Chairs, Dr. Donna Schnorr, Member, Dr. James Smith, Member
  • Cynthia J. Spence The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation Focusing on Self-Determination Theory in Relation to Summer Bridge Community College Students, 2014: Dr. Bonnie Piller, Chair, Dr. Marita Mahoney, Member, Dr. Doris Wilson, Member
  • Tomasz Stanek Applications of the Well-Educated Mind 2003 Concept by Susan Bauer in the Southern California History Classrooms, 2012: Dr. Michael Verdi and Dr. Mark Groen, Co-Chairs, Dr. John Winslade, Member, Dr. Jim Hill, Member
  • Ginny Stewart-Hattar Transfer Student Experiences at a Four-Year University, 2016: Dr. Donna Schnorr, Chair, Dr. Marita Mahoney, Member, Dr. Diane Podolske, Member 
  • Karen Wall Administrative Development for Academic Deans in the California State University System, 2015: Dr. Jay Fiene, Chair, Dr. Todd Jennings, Member, Dr. Aja Henriquez, Member

Other or Both

  • Mauricio Cadavid Literacy Tutoring Strategies of America Reads University-Level Tutors, 2017: Dr. Debbie Stine, Chair, Dr. Marita Mahoney, Member, Dr. Diane Brantley, Member, Dr. Catherine Terrell, Member
  • Greg Jones Articulating a Vision: A Case of Study of Democracy, Education, and Prisoner Rehabilitation in a Day Reporting Center, 2014: Dr. Randall Wright and Dr. John Winslade, Co-Chairs, Dr. Louie Rodriguez, Member
  • Janet A. Long Addressing Articulation between 11th & 12th Grade English Language-Arts and College-Level English Course Content in the Community College, 2014: Dr. Donna Schnorr and Dr. Thelma Moore-Steward, Co-Chairs, Dr. Bonavita Quinto-MacCallum, Member
  • Cecilia L. Ornelas College Choices of Latina/o Students Attending a For-Profit College: Understanding Persistence and Retention, 2018: Dr. Acevedo-Gil, Chair, Dr. Schnorr, Member, Dr. Garcia, Member
  • Jesse R. Neimeyer-Romero 'I didn't feel alone': A Phenomenological Study of Universtiy Branch Campus Graduates, High Impact Practices, and Student Persistence, 2018: Dr. Martinez, Chair, Dr. Wilson, Member, Dr. Acevedo-Gil, Member

CSUSB Ed.D. Dissertations completed from 2014 to present can be viewed at Scholarworks .

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Educational Leadership Dissertations

Candidates for a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) at UNE complete a culminating dissertation employing their professional knowledge and new learning in order to demonstrate transformative leadership, organization, and community change.

Dissertations from 2021 2021

Exploring Sense Of Belonging As A Factor Of Well-Being Among Home Care Aides , Anonymous UNE Author

A Data Analysis Of Emotional Intelligence Interventions With Third Year Medical Students , Frank Bailey

Exploring Public, Primary School Educators’ Perceptions Of Adverse Childhood Experiences , Jessica Berry

Re-Defining Leadership: Exploring Women’s Roles As Successful Leaders In Online Higher Education , Kristen Card

Teachers’ Perceptions Of Restorative Practices In K–8 Classrooms , Jamie Elizabeth Coady

The Impact Of Student-Centered Coaching On Teacher Self-Efficacy: An Exploratory Case Study , Dustin L. Collins

Dual Enrollment Programs: Advising Policies And Practices For High School Students In Post-Secondary Institutions , Devin V. Cribb

Faculty Perceptions Of Self Efficacy In Interprofessional Healthcare Education , Rose M. DeFeo

Computer-Mediated Communication Of History Museums In The Midwestern United States: A Web Content Analysis , Heather Lynn DiAlfredi

The Lived Experience Of New Physical Therapy Graduates Working In The Early Intervention Setting: Perceptions Of Preparation , Michelle L. Donahue

Role Of Health Professions Faculty Leadership In Student Success: Exploring Student And Faculty Views , Kim Emery

First-Generation College Students: Making Sense Of Academic Advising And Advisor Leadership For Student Success , Andrew Martin Frazier

Compassion Fatigue Among Help Me Grow Care Coordinators: A Case Study , Alexandra Goldberg

Exploring The Roles, Responsibilities, And Leadership Styles Of Rural School Principals , John L. Hewitt III

The Influences On And Experiences Of Underrepresented Minority Females In One Southeastern United States Medical School , Brianne Holmes

Creating The Conditions For Deeper Learning: Leadership Practices For Reframing 21st Century Education Systems , Caryn M. Lewis

Experiences Of Successful African American And Hispanic Non-Traditional Single Mothers At An Urban Community College , Gerald Maitre

Childhood Factors Influencing Elder Never-Married Women’s Avoidance Of Economic Vulnerability , Kimberley J. (Mendall) Mondoñedo

Rural Teachers’ Perceptions Of School Principals’ Leadership Behaviors Affecting Motivation To Improve Professional Practice. , Zeljko Micevic

Value Perceptions Of Basic Clinical Laboratory Assistant Training With Certification , George Noll

People Manager Mindset Perceptional Influence On Culture At A Large Technology Company , Robert Patterson

Women C-Suite Executives In Cybersecurity: Transformational Experiences And Gender Barriers On Their Leadership Journeys , Toni C. Plato

Professional Advisor Practices For Student Identity Development , Brittany Potter

The Impact Of Administrative Support For Dental Hygiene And Nursing Online Faculty , Margarita Rivera

Rural Elementary Teachers And The Impact Of Professional Development On Mathematics Instruction , Heather Rockwell

The Influence Of Concept-Based Instruction On Student Academic Engagement , Amanda Romey

Measuring Faculty Motivation And Engagement Through An Institutionally Supported Faculty Development Program At An Academic Healthcare Center , Elizabeth S. Rose

1:1 Chromebooks In High School Classrooms: Teacher Perceptions Of Integration Efforts , Jason Saltmarsh

Transformative Leadership In Nature-Based Preschool Education , Stanley F. Sampson III

Attitudes Related To Trauma-Informed Care In The Educational Setting: An Exploratory Case Study , Natalie Lynne Smith

Urban Teachers Program: Culturally Responsive Middle School Teachers Describe Their Competencies , Kristina Sterling

The Benefits And Barriers To Arts Integration: Arts Accessibility In Public Montessori , Heather Teems

How African American College Graduates Who Attended An Early College Describe The Benefits , Reginald L. Towns

Organizational Change In The Legal Education Environment: Institutional And Individual Responses To Times Of Crisis , Mary E. Wilson

Leadership Style And Subordinate Work Stress , Jennifer Yoho

Dissertations from 2020 2020

The Effect Of School Discipline Processes On Student Perceptions Of Personal Safety In Rural Middle Schools , Jaslene Atwal

Educator Perceptions Of Social-Emotional Learning Embedded In Academic Instruction To Improve Student Outcomes , Christopher T. Basta

Nontraditional University President: From Candidate To President , Mark J. Braun

Exploring The Sport Identity Of Female NCAA Division I Assistant Women’s Soccer Coaches , Kristin M. Cannon

Surviving Higher Education: Retention & Persistence Through The Lens Of Psychological Survivorship , David R. Cartwright

Relationship Of Procedural Justice And Public Satisfaction In A Sub-Urban Maine Community , Kevin J. Chabot

Implementing The SIOP Model To Support English Language Learners , Pamela T. Chandler

Examining The Relationship Between Teacher Stress And Disruptive Student Behavior , Sidney Crudup II

The Effectiveness Of Read 180 At A Cooperative High School In New England (CHSNE) , Michael E. Daboul

Program Director Support For Adjunct Faculty In The Promotion Of Student Success , Nicholas Anthony DeJosia

COVID-19: Descriptive Case Study Of A K-8 School District’s Abrupt Transition To Remote Learning From A Traditional In-Person Model , Matthew C. Ferreira

Teachers’ Perceptions Of The Observation, Coaching, And Feedback Cycle , Susan B. Ficke

Soft-Skill Development In Co-Curricular Programs: An Evaluation Of A Community College Student Leadership Program , Michael James Fischer

First-Generation College Students: Examining The Perceived Impact Of Roommate Pairings , Jodie Ruth Hurley Gay

Understanding The Importance Of Formative Assessment Programs In Undergraduate Medical Education , Matthew Gentile

A Comparative Analysis Of Tardiness Policies Of Elementary Schools , Diana J. Goodwin

Ethical Considerations For Outpatient Behavioral Healthcare In North Texas , Carolyn B. Guillory

American Registry Of Radiologic Technologists Exam Preparation: A Case Study , Sarah E. Harradon

Building Student Development Through Creative Writing Workshops , Kerry C. Hoey

CLEW’d In: Exploring The Lived Experiences Of Leaders Performing Clinical Learning Environment Walks (CLEWs) , Lisa Ingram Hutcherson

Stop-Out Factors For Nontraditional Students In Online Competency-Based Education Programs , Henry T. James

Designing Student Services: A Case Study Of Design Thinking At A University , Sukhwant S. Jhaj

Equal Access To Educational Opportunities In Texas: An Analysis Of English Language Learner Programs , Edna E. Johnson

Avoiding Cultural Calamities: Exploring The Influence Of Culture In Intercultural PLCs At An International School , Eric K. Johnson

Middle School Teachers’ Perceptions Of Homework Assignments Effective At Increasing Student Homework Completion , Jennifer E. Keck

A Brain-Based Approach To Educational Pedagogy , Troy M. Kennett

Cultivating Leaders: Professional Development Needs Of Community College Chairs , Heidi Kirkman

Competency-Based Education In A Postsecondary Setting: An Analysis Of Leadership Perception , Thomas D. Lescarbeau

The Influence Of Fraternity Membership On The Leadership Identity Development Of Latino Men Attending Primarily White Institutions (PWIs) , Francisco M. Lugo

The Tesol 6 Principles Of Exemplary Teaching Of English Learners: Perceived Effectiveness In The Community College Esl Classroom , Stephanie N. Marcotte

Motivation, Practice, And Self-Efficacy And Their Impact On The Development Of Musical Abilities , Eli Marcus

Occupational Therapy Student Preparedness For Clinical Fieldwork , Jean A. McCaffery

Barriers And Opportunities For Provision Of Specialized Programming For Rural, Low-Incidence Students , Eric McGough

Evaluating Leadership Development Through Experiential Learning In A Virtual Environment , Paul J. McKenney

A Phenomenological Study Of Emotion Amid Significant Organizational Change , Ian Menchini

An Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of The Higher Education Anatomy Educational Software Mastering Anatomy & Physiology , Jason L. Moir

Androgynous Leadership: A Gender Balanced Approach To School Administration , Kristie Morin

The Student Placement Decision-Making Process: A Study Of Administrator Considerations , Jonathan Roland Normand

Physical Therapists’ Perceptions Of Leadership Orientations: An Exploratory Case Study , Theresa O'Neil

Health Science Faculty Retention At Small And Mid-Sized Sized Private Universities , Thomas Pahnke

Students’ Perceptions And Experiences: African American Students In Band And Orchestra Programs , Sharese Pearson-Bush

Latinx Student Development At An Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution In The Midwest , Gilberto Pérez Jr.

Parent Perception Of The Parent And Placement Team Process , Deborah Perry

Student Leadership Development: Accreditation Considerations For PharmD Programs , Cyndi Porter Fraser

Investigating Early Childhood Educators’ Experiences In Teaching Phonological Awareness: A Case Study , Kristine Reilly

Wellness Programming For Adults With Disabilities: A Qualitative Inquiry Of Stakeholders’ Perspectives , Courtney Roca

Knowledge And Access: An Investigation Into Course Material Models At The Collegiate Level , Jonathan David Sadhoo

Brain-Targeted Teaching As A Tool To Facilitate Implementing Mind Brain And Education Science Into Community College Pedagogy , Adrienne Seegers

The Value Of Food: A Small Rural School Cafeteria Budget Case Study , Rosie Rochelle Slentz

Examining The Challenges And Benefits Of Inclusion In Urban Secondary Schools , Jeff James Spaletta

Examining The Communication Strategies Utilized During An Organizational Change Within Universities’ Branch Campuses , Portia R. Stallworth

Promoting A Successful Transition To A Professional Career For Vocal Studies Graduates , David C. Strobbe

Curriculum Developers’ Experiences Adopting Assistive Technology In An Educator Preparation Program , Keisha Tipton

The Connection Of Academic Advising To College Student Identity Development , Kaela Urquhart

Student Perceptions Of Mathematical Mindset Influences , Jaclyn S. Vitale

International School Leadership: A Phenomenological Study Of Climate And Culture , Richard Webster

Exploring A New Path For School Climate & Safety Assessment , Skip Wilhoit

Former High School Music Students’ Motivation To Persist Through Yearly Adjudicated Music Festivals , Edward D. Wilkin

Military Leadership Strategies In A Higher Educational Setting , Lori A. Wilkin

Assessment Of Working Relationships Between Athletic Training Program Faculty And Clinical Preceptors , Kathleen Williams

New Jersey Overdose Prevention Act: Police Officers’ Experiences At A Drug Overdose Scene , Michael Ziarnowski

Dissertations from 2019 2019

How Private International School Leaders Meet The National Education Transformation Agenda In Dubai , Marie-Pascale Addison

A Phenomenological Study Into Niche Marketing In Higher Education , Scott W.H. Barton

The Visiting Team: Research On The Engagement Of Urban, Commuter Student-Athletes , Corey Christine Berg

How Ideology And Pedagogy Impact Technology Adoption In The Classroom, A Causal-Comparative Study , Christopher J. Bernard

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Education Administration/ Leadership Dissertations

About this collection.

The works in this student research collection have been approved by the Graduate Faculty of Georgia Southern University as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Ed.D. in Education Administration/ Leadership from the College of Education.

  • All Electronic Theses and Dissertations (1964-present)
  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations by Subject Area (1964-present)
  • Legacy Theses and Dissertations (1964-2006)

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Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience Through the Eyes of Transition , Andrew J. Dies

Predicting Online Course Success from Usage of an Online Tutoring System , Brett Miles

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Perceived Student Gains Associated with Peer Tutor and Supplemental Instruction Leader Experiences , Rebecca Cofer

Educational Transformational Leadership and Teacher Organizational Citizenship Behavior Motives , Jeremy T. Davis

Leadership Self-efficacy of Students Participating in On-Campus Leadership Programming , Benjamin S. Phillips

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

An Examination of Faculty and Staff Collaboration and Relationships in Higher Education , Jennifer Syno

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

A Phenomenological Exploration of Principals' Influence on Teacher Attrition , Kellie E. Gebhardt

The Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Teacher Retention and Student Achievement , David Earl Murphy

The Impact of an Intensive Blended Learning Reading Intervention on Standardized Assessment Scores , Ashley M. Snyder

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

The Relationship between Instructional Leadership Practices and Leadership Self-Efficacy of School Leaders , Carter B. Akins

Predictors of Community College Students’ Academic Success in the Corequisite Model , Damon Andrews

Leadership Behavior Development of First-Year Students Within a Leadership Development Program , John N. Banter

A Phenomologial Study of the Lived Experience of College Students Participating in a Multi-faith Education Program , Atawanna R. Baxter

Qualitative Content Analysis of Policy as an Expression of Educational Theory on Special Education Preschool Placement Options , Jennifer M. Dineen

Exploring Alumni Valuation of an Undergraduate Leadership Program , John D. Egan

Nontraditional Student Veterans' Experience with Campus Support Services Designed to Assist with Degree Completion , Tamela Evans

Elementary School Leaders' Practices to Provide Equitable Discipline: Disproportionality on the Rise , Beverly L. Ford

Stakeholder Attitudes Toward Student Drug Testing , John Jordan

Evaluation of I-Ready Elementary Reading Program , John A. McAfee Jr.

The Multicultural Center's Role In Black Male Success At A Predominantly White Institution , Stephan Tramaine Moore

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

The Lived Experiences of First-Generation College Students of Color: A Phenomenological Study , Talisha L. Adams

A Georgia's School Districts Grades 3-5 Teachers' and Principals' Perceptions Regarding On-Line Georgia Milestones Testing , Doriastino Cheely Brown

Institutional Conditions That Matter to Community College Students' Success: A Multiple-Case Study , Crystal L. Edenfield

Examining Work-related Factors that May Predict Teacher Retention Intention in Rural Georgia , Katrina M. Evans-Dobbs

A Meta-Assessment of an Institution's Administrative Assessment Processes , Cynthia Groover

The Manifestation of Principal Training: Preparing Assistant Principals for Assuming the Role of Building Leader , April S. Hodges

School Size and Its Effect on Pathway Completion and End-of-Pathway Pass Rates in Georgia , Kierstin Johnson

The Relationship Between Middle School Lexile Growth and School Nutrition , Lori A. Joiner

Systemic Family Engagement in Georgia Schools , Mia Lakes

Examining the Collegiate Experiences of African American Males with Same Race Mentors , Crystal L. Locke

Emotionally Connected: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Work of School Leaders , Tanzy Lewis Mason

Collegiate Recreation Participation and Student Retention, Progression, and Graduation , Gabriela McCollum

Deciding on Classroom Composition: Factors Related to Principals' Grouping Practices , Brigid M. Nesmith

The Relationship Between Teachers' Perception of Data-Driven Instructional Leadership and Their Sense of Efficacy and Anxiety for Data-Driven Decision-Making , Jarvis J. Price

How School Superintendents Make Decisions: The Influence of Politics , LaTanya Reeves

Assessing a Study Skills Freshman Academy Program in a Rural Georgia School District: A CIPP Program Evaluation , Cheryl D. Rowe

Novice Teachers' Perception of Mentoring and Teacher Retention , Alissa Sasser

Intrinsic, Future-oriented Goal Awareness and Two-year College Graduation , Brent A. Stubbs

The Formation and Promulgation of Institutional Ethos by New University Presidents , Charles F. Ziglar

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Pass/Fail Grading in Medical School and Impact on Residency Placement , Brittany L. Ange

Impact of Purposeful Professional Learning on Instructional Technology Integration in Daily Classroom Practices , Julie Chance

Leading Ladies: A mixed-method study of the influence of gender bias on leadership styles for women who lead secondary schools , Angela S. Coaxum-Young

Bahamian Elementary School Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions of Inclusive Education , Tracy Colebrooke

Graduate Student Perceptions of Support Services in Online Degree Programs , Lydia Karakolidis Cross

An Interactionist View of African American Males In Educational Leadership , Samuel D. Dasher Jr

Relationship Between School Climate and Student Achievement , Gail H. Greenway

Producing a College Graduate Using Retention, Progression, and Graduation (RPG) Initiatives: A University Systems’ Approach , Deborah N. Kittrell-Mikell

Academic Engagement, Motivation, Self-Regulation, and Achievement of Georgia Southern University Sophomore Students , John O. LeMay IV

Principals' Perceptions of Their Impact on School Reform in South Georgia , Lisa B. Linton

Speaking Out Despite White Noise: Examining the Leadership of African American Female Technical College Presidents and Vice Presidents , Ashley Morris

The Difference in Academic Achievement for Students in the Healthy Fitness Zone Compared to the High Risk Zone for BMI and Aerobic Capacity , Nathan C. Pennington

A Correlational Study of the Georgia School Board Association's Board Recognition Program and Student Achievement , Holly E. Rutledge

An Analysis of Campus Civility: Best Practices from Student Affairs Professionals , Amy Zieziula

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

A Study of Black Teachers’ Perceptions of the Academic Achievement of Black Male Students in Elementary Schools in Rural Georgia , Marshall F. Aker

In Search of Financial Literacy: A Qualitative Analysis of Student Money Management Centers in the U.S. , Jenny E. Cotton

Student Motivation and Intent to Take Online Courses , Ashley W. Cullum

Surviving at the Top: A Critical Case Study of Female Administrators in Higher Education , Renanda Wood Dear

Charter School Governance: An Exploration of Autonomy and Board Effectiveness , June A. Erskine

Principals' Perceptions of Differentiated Instruction and Leadership Practices for Successful Implementation in Elementary School Settings , Allison Foles

The Complex Dichotomies of Student Affairs Practitioners' Perceived Competencies: A Quantitative Evaluation of Self-Awareness , Jami K. Hall

Deans of Students’ Responsibilities in Campus Crisis Management , Patrice B. Jackson

Dystopian Identities: Exhuming the World of Zombies through the Camera's Eye: A Documentary , Julie Kimble

Perceptions of the Effectiveness of the Communities in Schools Model at One Rural Georgia Performance Learning Center , Roschelle D. Miles

Analysis of Cases on Ethics in Educational Leadership , Angela J. Moton

An Exploration of the Impostor Phenomenon and its Impact on Black Women Administrators in Higher Education in the South , Marian Muldrow

Characteristics of Effective Alternative Schools in Georgia: Leaders’ Perceptions , Janet L. Poole

Exploring the Connection between Christian Colleges' Mission and Finance , Farrah Rachele Senn

Remedial Education Programs and Student Success: Perceptions of Faculty and Administrators at HBCUs , Tenora J. Simonez

The Experiences of High School Principals Implementing One-to-One Technology , George B. Skipper

The Relationship between Secondary Schools' PLC Characteristics and Literacy Achievement , Jennifer C. Topper

The Influence of Middle School Teacher-Student Relationships on Future Academic Decisions of African American Males , Andrea R. Williams-Baugh

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Principals’ Perceptions on Bullying Interventions and Strategies in Georgia High Schools , Jacqueline M. Brown

African-American Males, African-American Female Principals, & The Opportunity Gap , Jennifer N. Dunbar

A Test Score Comparison between Block and Traditional Scheduling , Yancy J. Ford

Army Rotc, Student Engagement, and Graduation , George L. Fredrick

An Evaluation of a Secondary Student Advisement Program , Barbara A. Jordan

Elementary Principals’ Perceptions of the Co-Taught Classroom , Michael Todd Langley

A Phenomenological Study of Instructional Coaches and Critical Friends Groups , Ethelstine Lett

The Road Less Traveled: Alumni Perceptions of the Georgia Early College High School Experience , Tequila Tranise Morgan

The Effectiveness of a Mentoring Program on Teacher Retention at an Urban High School , Tamaine S. Prince

Teacher Perceptions of Bring Your Own Technology Classrooms , Steven C. Puckett

The Influence of Leadership Styles on Teacher Job Satisfaction , Patricia M. Saxon

Principal Instructional Leadership in Ga High Poverty Elementary Schools , Ginger W. Spires

The LandWarNet School, The Army Learning Model, and Appreciative Inquiry: How is a Centralized Training Organization Improved by Introducing Decentralization? , Lisa Jayne Stamper

The Obama Effect on African American High School Males , Aundra Simmons Vaughn

An Evaluation of Principals’ Perceptions of Georgia’s Teacher Keys Effectiveness System , Denise B. Warnock

The Effect of Principal Leadership and Professional Development on Classroom Practices in Southeast Georgia. , Yvette P. Wells

Fighting on the Frontline: An Examination of Teacher Retention Practices in Urban Elementary Schools , Kelley J. Young

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

The Relationship between Financial Aid Type and Academic Success in a Public Two-Year College in Georgia , Donald D. Avery

IT Staff Turnover Intentions, Job Modification, and the Effects of Work Recognition at Large Public Higher Education Institutions , Steven C. Burrell

Faculty Motivation & Intent to Teach Online , Michael S. Casdorph

Development and Support of Dual Language Policies , Hollis Derek Cone

Achieving Work-Life Balance: Perspectives of Female Principals , Brandy Bray Corbett

Stakeholders' Perceptions of Dropout Prevention Strategies in a Rural Ninth Grade Academy , Shawn A. Davidson

Teachers' Perceptions of Merit Pay in Georgia , Jessica Edenfield

An Exploration of the Relationship between Teachers' Perceptions of Principals' Instructional Leadership and Transformational Leadership Behaviors , Michael J. Finley

An Examination of the Correlation between the Seven Critical Leadership Functions and Middle School African-American and Hispanic Student Achievement , Shannon A. Flounnory

Use of Strategic Intentionality in Becoming Military Friendly , Allison V. Gorman

Faculty and Staff Perspectives of a Behavior Assessment Team: A Case Study Evaluation , Kerry Greenstein

Embracing A Diverse Curriculum In University Teacher Preparation Programs , Stascia R. Hardy

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UKnowledge > College of Education > Educational Leadership Studies > Theses & Dissertations

Theses and Dissertations--Educational Leadership Studies

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Principals as Instructional Leaders: Building Knowledge of Applied Learning to Confidently Lead Implementation , Janell Lynn McClure



Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Impacting Website Visitor Engagement Through Information Provision , Will Buntin

Using Communities of Practice to Support At-Home Gospel Learning from a Release Time Seminary Classroom , Nicholas A. Davis


The Power of Connections: An Online Doctoral Program's Use of Strategic Onboarding to Enhance the Doctoral Experience , Jeri Heileman


Meeting Transfer Students Where They Are: A New Organizational Approach to Transfer Student Communication, Support, and Recruitment , Daniel Wright

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021


Action Research as Professional Development: Creating Effective Professional Development in Every Classroom , Lori A. Cambareri

Fostering A Sense of Community Among Teachers Via A Community of Practice: A Mixed-Methods Action Research Study , Apryl Clark Moore


A Constructive Approach to Managing Faculty Conflict: An Action Research Study , Natasha L. Davis



Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020


A Personalized Approach to Professional Development Through a Community of Practice , Kelly I. Cua

Responding to Students Experiencing Emotional Distress: An Action Research Study of Professional Learning Experiences for Faculty and Staff , Christopher Taylor Lakes

Instructional Coaching: Developing Efficacy for Project-Based Learning , Klista L. Rader

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019



Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018



Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017


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A List Of Successful Educational Leadership Dissertation Topics

If you are working on your educational leadership dissertation, then you need to decide on a topic that you can research and successfully write. Since the world of educational leadership is constantly evolving, the topics about for dissertations are constantly changing, too. What might have been a popular topic five years ago will probably not work as well now.

Here are some suggestions for successful educational leadership topics:

  • - Involving teachers and students in the process of leading the school
  • - Incorporating the Common Core in a school
  • - Managing standardized test prep in a high school
  • - Running a data-driven school without overwhelming teachers
  • - Developing a successful policy about bullying and putting it into action
  • - Keeping school pride positive
  • - How to develop a community within a school
  • - How to manage schools-within-a-school programs
  • - The best methods to hiring new teachers
  • - How to evaluate teachers without stress for the leader or the teacher
  • - Managing one-on-one technology in a large school
  • - How to successfully manage a school that uses professional learning communities
  • - Including students with special needs in regular ed classes
  • - Working with students who struggle with eating disorders or other psychological challenges
  • - The troubles with homelessness in an urban school setting

Specific Topics Based on School Environment

The topics for educational leadership dissertations should be chosen based on the environment that the new leader will be working. For example, if a graduate expects to work in an urban school, the selected topic should not focus on rural education. This graduate should look at the challenges of working in an urban school, like parental support or poverty. Likewise, a graduate who will be working in a wealthy school district probably does not need to be educated on the challenges of working with students who live in poverty. This student should focus on topics like working with parents or managing technology.

General Ideas for Educational Leadership Topics

There are some topics that will be helpful for every student who is pursuing a degree in educational leadership. Those topics are general ones that involve special needs students, working with parents, managing teacher evaluations, and working with community leaders. For students who are interested in working as a dean of students, they should study topics relating to school pride. bullying, and managing student groups. Graduates who are planning on earning even more degrees should look at topics relating to curriculum management, differentiating schools, and maintaining faculty morale. Of course, these topics will need to be narrowed to a dedicated focus.

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Animo Repository


Educational Leadership and Management Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2022 2022.

Case Studies of Three Successful Family-Owned Higher Educational Institutions , Maria Luz T. Macasinag

A mixed-method study on the exercise of personal power by schools division superintendents in the Philippines , Glaiza Mama

Towards an understanding of seminary leadership in mainland China , Shejun Ma

Embodying the Marist values in education: A grounded theory approach , Nino Mayor Pizarro

Exploring instructional leadership practices in selected centers of excellence – Colleges of nursing in the Philippines: A multicase study design , Mary Nellie T. Roa

Being a school leader in Filipino-Chinese basic education schools in Metro Manila during COVID-19: A phenomenological study , Angeline K. Tan

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Teachers at the forefront of educational change: A mixed methods study of academic track teachers undergoing a career transition to senior high school in the Philippines , Elizabeth R. Enverga

Defining a Catholic teacher leader: Cultivating the seeds of Catholic school charism , Argel I. Hipol

Actualizing self-autonomy: A grounded theory on the Aetas' understanding of higher education , Michael Anthony B. Lapid

Case studies of three successful family-owned higher educational institutions , Maria Luz T. Macasinag

Achieving the Desired: A Grounded Theory of Visionary Leadership among higher Educational Institutions in the Philippines , Kimberley Mendoza Migallos

Toward a Conceptual Framework of Filipino Leadership among educational leaders in selected Philippine Higher educational institutions using multi-grounded theory , Lorelie Paraiso

Shared strategic leading: A substantive grounded theory of the leadership of academic deans of Centers of Excellence in higher education institutions in the Philippines , Nelson C. Tantoco

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Modeling Leadership: A Grounded Theory on becoming educational leaders , Montano Agudilla Jr.

Development of a transition management framework: Multiple case studies of Catholic basic education institutions in the Philippines , Joseph B. Azarcon

Understanding knowledge management in the implementation of outcomes-based education in Malayan Colleges Laguna , Dodjie S. Maestrecampo

Understanding the instructional leadership practices of exemplar secondary school principals in Kerala, India: A multiple case study , Bijumon Thomas

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  1. Leadership Dissertation Topics For Students and Researchers

    sample dissertation topics in educational leadership

  2. PhD Dissertation Topics

    sample dissertation topics in educational leadership

  3. leadership dissertation

    sample dissertation topics in educational leadership

  4. (PDF) Doctoral Dissertation Topics in Education: Do They Align with

    sample dissertation topics in educational leadership

  5. (PDF) Dissertation Redesign for Scholarly Practitioners in Educational

    sample dissertation topics in educational leadership

  6. 😂 Leadership research topics. 23 Dissertation Topics in Leadership and

    sample dissertation topics in educational leadership


  1. What Is the Difference Between Thesis and Topic?

    The difference between a thesis and a topic is that a thesis, also known as a thesis statement, is an assertion or conclusion regarding the interpretation of data, and a topic is the subject a research paper is based on. The thesis provides...

  2. The Top 5 Leadership Training Topics Every Manager Should Know

    Leadership training is essential for managers to develop the skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead their teams. With a wide range of topics available, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are the most important.

  3. Empowering Future Leaders: Important Topics to Cover in Leadership Training

    Leadership training plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of any organization. It equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for effective leadership. However, to ensure that leadership training is truly impac...

  4. 60 Amazing Research Topics for Educational Leadership

    60 Research Paper Topics in Educational Leadership · The Effects of Religion on Educational Leadership · Analyzing Long Term and Short Term Educational Leadership

  5. Dissertation Topics in Education Leadership

    Some List of Dissertation Topic Ideas in Education Leadership · What is the role of educational leadership in society? · How can educational leadership be known

  6. 20 Dissertation Topics In Educational Leadership

    20 Dissertation Topics In Educational Leadership · The role of the education leadership on the society. · How education leadership impact researches and

  7. Educational Leadership Dissertation Topics & Ideas

    The impact of emotional intelligence on effective educational leadership · The relationship between teacher leadership and student achievement

  8. 15 Amazing Educational Leadership Topics For A Dissertation

    15 Outstanding Dissertation Topics On Educational Leadership · Understanding some of the elements required for effective teaching · Are there changes in elements

  9. Dissertation Topics

    Other or Both · Greg Jones Articulating a Vision: A Case of Study of Democracy, Education, and Prisoner Rehabilitation in a Day Reporting Center, 2014: Dr.

  10. Educational Leadership Dissertations

    Candidates for a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) at UNE complete a culminating dissertation employing their professional knowledge and

  11. Education Administration/ Leadership Dissertations

    in Education Administration/ Leadership from the College of Education. Additional graduate student theses and dissertations are available at: All Electronic

  12. Theses and Dissertations--Educational Leadership Studies

    Master's theses and doctoral dissertations from the University of Kentucky Department of Educational Leadership Studies are available here.

  13. A List Of Successful Educational Leadership Dissertation Topics

    A List Of Successful Educational Leadership Dissertation Topics · - Involving teachers and students in the process of leading the school · - Incorporating the

  14. Educational Leadership and Management Dissertations

    Follow. index. Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022. Case Studies of Three Successful Family-Owned Higher Educational Institutions, Maria Luz T. Macasinag.