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Research Proposal Example/Sample

Detailed Walkthrough + Free Proposal Template

If you’re getting started crafting your research proposal and are looking for a few examples of research proposals , you’ve come to the right place.

In this video, we walk you through two successful (approved) research proposals , one for a Master’s-level project, and one for a PhD-level dissertation. We also start off by unpacking our free research proposal template and discussing the four core sections of a research proposal, so that you have a clear understanding of the basics before diving into the actual proposals.

  • Research proposal example/sample – Master’s-level (PDF/Word)
  • Research proposal example/sample – PhD-level (PDF/Word)
  • Proposal template (Fully editable) 

If you’re working on a research proposal for a dissertation or thesis, you may also find the following useful:

  • Research Proposal Bootcamp : Learn how to write a research proposal as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • 1:1 Proposal Coaching : Get hands-on help with your research proposal

Webinar - How to write a research proposal for a dissertation or thesis

FAQ: Research Proposal Example

Research proposal example: frequently asked questions, are the sample proposals real.

Yes. The proposals are real and were approved by the respective universities.

Can I copy one of these proposals for my own research?

As we discuss in the video, every research proposal will be slightly different, depending on the university’s unique requirements, as well as the nature of the research itself. Therefore, you’ll need to tailor your research proposal to suit your specific context.

You can learn more about the basics of writing a research proposal here .

How do I get the research proposal template?

You can access our free proposal template here .

Is the proposal template really free?

Yes. There is no cost for the proposal template and you are free to use it as a foundation for your research proposal.

Where can I learn more about proposal writing?

For self-directed learners, our Research Proposal Bootcamp is a great starting point.

For students that want hands-on guidance, our private coaching service is recommended.

Literature Review Course

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I am at the stage of writing my thesis proposal for a PhD in Management at Altantic International University. I checked on the coaching services, but it indicates that it’s not available in my area. I am in South Sudan. My proposed topic is: “Leadership Behavior in Local Government Governance Ecosystem and Service Delivery Effectiveness in Post Conflict Districts of Northern Uganda”. I will appreciate your guidance and support


GRADCOCH is very grateful motivated and helpful for all students etc. it is very accorporated and provide easy access way strongly agree from GRADCOCH.


I am at the stage of writing my thesis proposal for a masters in Analysis of w heat commercialisation by small holders householdrs at Hawassa International University. I will appreciate your guidance and support

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research proposal sample download

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16+ Research Proposal Templates – DOC, PDF, Excel

Notice of termination template in apple pages, word format.


Notice of Termination Letter


Termination Notice of Employee Template

termination notice of employee template

Termination Notice Due to Lack of Work Sample

termination letter due to lack of work sample

Termination Letter Example Template

termination letter example template

Terminantion Notice Format Template

terminantion notice format template

Contract Termination Notice Letter Template

contract termination letter template

Termination Notice Sample Letter Template

termination notice sample letter template

Letter of Terminantion Under Desiplinary Reason

letter of terminantion under desiplinary reason

Letter of Termination Due to Non-Performance

letter of termination due to non performance

Termination without notice – See Here How to Write a Termination Notice? – Check Out Does an Employer Have to Provide Notice of Termination? – Look Out Sample Letter of Notice of Intent to Terminate – Find Here These Examples of Notice Templates come up with a pre-designed termination notice framework so that you don’t have to start anything from scratch. You have to download the template and modify it according to your specific details. A lot of sites online offer the notice template samples free of cost.

research proposal template

More in Proposal Templates


University Grant Proposal Template


Research Proposal Timeline Gantt Chart Template


Biography Research Template


Small Business Competitive Research Template


Student Research Project Proposal


Research Paper Report Template


Research Paper Proposal Template


Research Paper Review Template


Conclusion Research Paper Template


Career Research Paper Template

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29+ Research Proposal Examples & Samples in PDF | DOC | Pages | InDesign | Word | Apple Pages | Publisher | PSD

research proposal examples

Research Proposal

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market research proposal

  • Google Docs
  • Apple Pages

research proposal template1

  • MS Publisher

research proposal timeline gantt chart

Research Proposal Sample Template

research proposal sample template1

University Research Proposal Example

university research proposal

Research Proposal White Paper Example

research proposal white paper

Research Project Proposal Example

research project proposal

Research Budget Proposal Template

research budget proposal template

Scientific Research Proposal Example

scientific research proposal

Research Proposal Table Of Contents

research proposal table of contents

What Is Research Proposal?

How to write a research proposal, step 1: state the problem, step 2: recommend solutions, step 3: add your estimated timeline and budget, step 4: make a proper conclusion, more design, 6+ fundraising proposal examples, 6+ non-profit proposal examples, 6+ budget proposal examples, 6+ proposal memo examples, 6+ dissertation proposal examples & samples, 6+ investment proposal examples & samples, 5+ cleaning proposal examples, how to write a business proposal for customers, 65+ examples of free proposals, 30+ sponsorship proposal examples, 30+ request for proposal examples.


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