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How to Write a Research Proposal | Examples & Templates

Published on October 12, 2022 by Shona McCombes and Tegan George. Revised on June 13, 2023.

Structure of a research proposal

A research proposal describes what you will investigate, why it’s important, and how you will conduct your research.

The format of a research proposal varies between fields, but most proposals will contain at least these elements:


Literature review.

  • Research design

Reference list

While the sections may vary, the overall objective is always the same. A research proposal serves as a blueprint and guide for your research plan, helping you get organized and feel confident in the path forward you choose to take.

Table of contents

Research proposal purpose, research proposal examples, research design and methods, contribution to knowledge, research schedule, other interesting articles, frequently asked questions about research proposals.

Academics often have to write research proposals to get funding for their projects. As a student, you might have to write a research proposal as part of a grad school application , or prior to starting your thesis or dissertation .

In addition to helping you figure out what your research can look like, a proposal can also serve to demonstrate why your project is worth pursuing to a funder, educational institution, or supervisor.

Research proposal length

The length of a research proposal can vary quite a bit. A bachelor’s or master’s thesis proposal can be just a few pages, while proposals for PhD dissertations or research funding are usually much longer and more detailed. Your supervisor can help you determine the best length for your work.

One trick to get started is to think of your proposal’s structure as a shorter version of your thesis or dissertation , only without the results , conclusion and discussion sections.

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See an example

research proposal ppt example

Writing a research proposal can be quite challenging, but a good starting point could be to look at some examples. We’ve included a few for you below.

  • Example research proposal #1: “A Conceptual Framework for Scheduling Constraint Management”
  • Example research proposal #2: “Medical Students as Mediators of Change in Tobacco Use”

Like your dissertation or thesis, the proposal will usually have a title page that includes:

  • The proposed title of your project
  • Your supervisor’s name
  • Your institution and department

The first part of your proposal is the initial pitch for your project. Make sure it succinctly explains what you want to do and why.

Your introduction should:

  • Introduce your topic
  • Give necessary background and context
  • Outline your  problem statement  and research questions

To guide your introduction , include information about:

  • Who could have an interest in the topic (e.g., scientists, policymakers)
  • How much is already known about the topic
  • What is missing from this current knowledge
  • What new insights your research will contribute
  • Why you believe this research is worth doing

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As you get started, it’s important to demonstrate that you’re familiar with the most important research on your topic. A strong literature review  shows your reader that your project has a solid foundation in existing knowledge or theory. It also shows that you’re not simply repeating what other people have already done or said, but rather using existing research as a jumping-off point for your own.

In this section, share exactly how your project will contribute to ongoing conversations in the field by:

  • Comparing and contrasting the main theories, methods, and debates
  • Examining the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches
  • Explaining how will you build on, challenge, or synthesize prior scholarship

Following the literature review, restate your main  objectives . This brings the focus back to your own project. Next, your research design or methodology section will describe your overall approach, and the practical steps you will take to answer your research questions.

To finish your proposal on a strong note, explore the potential implications of your research for your field. Emphasize again what you aim to contribute and why it matters.

For example, your results might have implications for:

  • Improving best practices
  • Informing policymaking decisions
  • Strengthening a theory or model
  • Challenging popular or scientific beliefs
  • Creating a basis for future research

Last but not least, your research proposal must include correct citations for every source you have used, compiled in a reference list . To create citations quickly and easily, you can use our free APA citation generator .

Some institutions or funders require a detailed timeline of the project, asking you to forecast what you will do at each stage and how long it may take. While not always required, be sure to check the requirements of your project.

Here’s an example schedule to help you get started. You can also download a template at the button below.

Download our research schedule template

If you are applying for research funding, chances are you will have to include a detailed budget. This shows your estimates of how much each part of your project will cost.

Make sure to check what type of costs the funding body will agree to cover. For each item, include:

  • Cost : exactly how much money do you need?
  • Justification : why is this cost necessary to complete the research?
  • Source : how did you calculate the amount?

To determine your budget, think about:

  • Travel costs : do you need to go somewhere to collect your data? How will you get there, and how much time will you need? What will you do there (e.g., interviews, archival research)?
  • Materials : do you need access to any tools or technologies?
  • Help : do you need to hire any research assistants for the project? What will they do, and how much will you pay them?

If you want to know more about the research process , methodology , research bias , or statistics , make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples.


  • Sampling methods
  • Simple random sampling
  • Stratified sampling
  • Cluster sampling
  • Likert scales
  • Reproducibility


  • Null hypothesis
  • Statistical power
  • Probability distribution
  • Effect size
  • Poisson distribution

Research bias

  • Optimism bias
  • Cognitive bias
  • Implicit bias
  • Hawthorne effect
  • Anchoring bias
  • Explicit bias

Once you’ve decided on your research objectives , you need to explain them in your paper, at the end of your problem statement .

Keep your research objectives clear and concise, and use appropriate verbs to accurately convey the work that you will carry out for each one.

I will compare …

A research aim is a broad statement indicating the general purpose of your research project. It should appear in your introduction at the end of your problem statement , before your research objectives.

Research objectives are more specific than your research aim. They indicate the specific ways you’ll address the overarching aim.

A PhD, which is short for philosophiae doctor (doctor of philosophy in Latin), is the highest university degree that can be obtained. In a PhD, students spend 3–5 years writing a dissertation , which aims to make a significant, original contribution to current knowledge.

A PhD is intended to prepare students for a career as a researcher, whether that be in academia, the public sector, or the private sector.

A master’s is a 1- or 2-year graduate degree that can prepare you for a variety of careers.

All master’s involve graduate-level coursework. Some are research-intensive and intend to prepare students for further study in a PhD; these usually require their students to write a master’s thesis . Others focus on professional training for a specific career.

Critical thinking refers to the ability to evaluate information and to be aware of biases or assumptions, including your own.

Like information literacy , it involves evaluating arguments, identifying and solving problems in an objective and systematic way, and clearly communicating your ideas.

The best way to remember the difference between a research plan and a research proposal is that they have fundamentally different audiences. A research plan helps you, the researcher, organize your thoughts. On the other hand, a dissertation proposal or research proposal aims to convince others (e.g., a supervisor, a funding body, or a dissertation committee) that your research topic is relevant and worthy of being conducted.

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research proposal ppt example

  • Research Process

Writing a Scientific Research Project Proposal

  • 5 minute read

Table of Contents

The importance of a well-written research proposal cannot be underestimated. Your research really is only as good as your proposal. A poorly written, or poorly conceived research proposal will doom even an otherwise worthy project. On the other hand, a well-written, high-quality proposal will increase your chances for success.

In this article, we’ll outline the basics of writing an effective scientific research proposal, including the differences between research proposals, grants and cover letters. We’ll also touch on common mistakes made when submitting research proposals, as well as a simple example or template that you can follow.

What is a scientific research proposal?

The main purpose of a scientific research proposal is to convince your audience that your project is worthwhile, and that you have the expertise and wherewithal to complete it. The elements of an effective research proposal mirror those of the research process itself, which we’ll outline below. Essentially, the research proposal should include enough information for the reader to determine if your proposed study is worth pursuing.

It is not an uncommon misunderstanding to think that a research proposal and a cover letter are the same things. However, they are different. The main difference between a research proposal vs cover letter content is distinct. Whereas the research proposal summarizes the proposal for future research, the cover letter connects you to the research, and how you are the right person to complete the proposed research.

There is also sometimes confusion around a research proposal vs grant application. Whereas a research proposal is a statement of intent, related to answering a research question, a grant application is a specific request for funding to complete the research proposed. Of course, there are elements of overlap between the two documents; it’s the purpose of the document that defines one or the other.

Scientific Research Proposal Format

Although there is no one way to write a scientific research proposal, there are specific guidelines. A lot depends on which journal you’re submitting your research proposal to, so you may need to follow their scientific research proposal template.

In general, however, there are fairly universal sections to every scientific research proposal. These include:

  • Title: Make sure the title of your proposal is descriptive and concise. Make it catch and informative at the same time, avoiding dry phrases like, “An investigation…” Your title should pique the interest of the reader.
  • Abstract: This is a brief (300-500 words) summary that includes the research question, your rationale for the study, and any applicable hypothesis. You should also include a brief description of your methodology, including procedures, samples, instruments, etc.
  • Introduction: The opening paragraph of your research proposal is, perhaps, the most important. Here you want to introduce the research problem in a creative way, and demonstrate your understanding of the need for the research. You want the reader to think that your proposed research is current, important and relevant.
  • Background: Include a brief history of the topic and link it to a contemporary context to show its relevance for today. Identify key researchers and institutions also looking at the problem
  • Literature Review: This is the section that may take the longest amount of time to assemble. Here you want to synthesize prior research, and place your proposed research into the larger picture of what’s been studied in the past. You want to show your reader that your work is original, and adds to the current knowledge.
  • Research Design and Methodology: This section should be very clearly and logically written and organized. You are letting your reader know that you know what you are going to do, and how. The reader should feel confident that you have the skills and knowledge needed to get the project done.
  • Preliminary Implications: Here you’ll be outlining how you anticipate your research will extend current knowledge in your field. You might also want to discuss how your findings will impact future research needs.
  • Conclusion: This section reinforces the significance and importance of your proposed research, and summarizes the entire proposal.
  • References/Citations: Of course, you need to include a full and accurate list of any and all sources you used to write your research proposal.

Common Mistakes in Writing a Scientific Research Project Proposal

Remember, the best research proposal can be rejected if it’s not well written or is ill-conceived. The most common mistakes made include:

  • Not providing the proper context for your research question or the problem
  • Failing to reference landmark/key studies
  • Losing focus of the research question or problem
  • Not accurately presenting contributions by other researchers and institutions
  • Incompletely developing a persuasive argument for the research that is being proposed
  • Misplaced attention on minor points and/or not enough detail on major issues
  • Sloppy, low-quality writing without effective logic and flow
  • Incorrect or lapses in references and citations, and/or references not in proper format
  • The proposal is too long – or too short

Scientific Research Proposal Example

There are countless examples that you can find for successful research proposals. In addition, you can also find examples of unsuccessful research proposals. Search for successful research proposals in your field, and even for your target journal, to get a good idea on what specifically your audience may be looking for.

While there’s no one example that will show you everything you need to know, looking at a few will give you a good idea of what you need to include in your own research proposal. Talk, also, to colleagues in your field, especially if you are a student or a new researcher. We can often learn from the mistakes of others. The more prepared and knowledgeable you are prior to writing your research proposal, the more likely you are to succeed.

Language Editing Services

One of the top reasons scientific research proposals are rejected is due to poor logic and flow. Check out our Language Editing Services to ensure a great proposal , that’s clear and concise, and properly referenced. Check our video for more information, and get started today.

How to Appeal a Journal Decision

  • Publication Process

How to Appeal a Journal Decision

Medical Research Abstract

  • Manuscript Preparation

Medical Research Abstract: How to Write

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Research Proposal Template

Template preview

Regardless of your field or level of study, a research proposal forms the basis of your research project. It provides a clear roadmap of what your central topic is, how you plan to get there, and shows an awareness of limitations and issues you may encounter. A written research proposal is an essential part of planning your research but can be quite sizeable. A presentation with accompanying slideshow is your opportunity to convince other people why your proposed project is worth funding.

A research proposal presentation encourages you to pare down your written proposal into a clear and concise summary of your project. Using a research proposal template can also help you organize your thoughts and ensure that your message gets across effectively. Try to use research proposal templates that can complement the information that you present.

Research Title

The title should be concise while still providing enough information to interest the audience.

This provides a brief summary of your presentation.  Most of these contents should also be a part of your research proposal, so it's just a matter of slotting the information in the right slide.

An abstract is a summary of your entire presentation. Make sure that it makes sense on its own without any further information. Stick to the key points of your research proposal.


An introduction serves as a place to introduce the background of your research topic while also showing how this previous research leads into your own topic.

Literature Review

Use this slide to highlight two or three landmark papers that have informed your field of study and your current research proposal. The literature review should provide additional background information that is necessary for understanding the rest of the proposal. This may be difficult in fields where there is a lot of research going on in your particular field, but you can always include further reading in the bibliography and references.

Notion of original research

This slide expands upon the information provided in the introduction. We recommend using this slide to illustrate the rationale behind the study and provide reasons for why this study is so important.

Key Assertions

This is the main focus of your entire research proposal and should follow naturally from the previous slide. You can list any initial observations that led to your research question or provide assertions of why you think this topic of study is necessary or useful.

Research Methods

Briefly describe the various methods you plan on using in your study. Most people in your field will be familiar with common methodologies, so summarize these without going into much detail. If you are using a novel technique, take the time to explain the methodology as well as why you're using this particular method.

Proposed chapter outline

Having a research plan means that you should have an idea of how your end product – whether it be a thesis, paper or book – will look like. You should be able to give at least a brief outline of how the end product will be structured in terms of a chapter outline.  

If your research proposal uses a lot of data, you should prepare how to analyze it. Use this section to describe the type of analysis you expect you'll be doing, as well as motivation for why this particular methodology was selected.

Research Limitations

It is always good to know what the limitations of any project are, either in scope or methodology. Be sure to discuss how these limitations may affect your project and how you plan to address these limitations if necessary.

Bibliography and references

Any document you publish, including slideshows, need to have a comprehensive set of references or a bibliography. Ensure you use the standard formatting in your field and that all references are also referenced in the slides themselves.

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Academic research proposal powerpoint presentation slides with all 34 slides:

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Academic research proposal powerpoint presentation slides

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Research Proposal

Research proposal liberty university sherry jarvis abstract the way a teacher teaches and interacts with students can have a tremendous impact on their success. – powerpoint ppt presentation.

  • Liberty University
  • Sherry Jarvis
  • The way a teacher teaches and interacts with students can have a tremendous impact on their success.
  • It is in everyones best interest that teachers try their best to reach all students by
  • Having a caring attitude toward students
  • Not giving up on them, no matter what the circumstances
  • Previous research suggests there are economic and social costs that are incurred by taxpayers from students dropping out. They include
  • Incarceration costs
  • Social Costs
  • Health Care Costs
  • The purpose of this study is to investigate why students are dropping out from their perspective.
  • The study will find the various factors that is putting these students at risk and determine ways the teachers can help.
  • The research will determine what teaching methods are working for students.
  • Why are students dropping out of high school?
  • What is going on in these students lives that has caused them to get to this point?
  • What preventions can be put in place to help these students?
  • Are certain teachers and or teaching methods hindering at risk student success?
  • High School Dropout This term is used in this study to refer to students who were interviewed and did not finish high school. The ages ranged from 16 to 24 (Bridgeland, 2006).
  • Drop Out Prevention- Are early warning indicators for students who may be considered at risk. Schools have their own methods of determining which students fit into the at risk category. Schools will determine how to help these students based on the criteria (Heppen and Therriault, 2008).
  • At Risk Students-
  • This is a group that may not be on track for graduation. Due to
  • Too many days missed
  • Failing Classes
  • Students with reading disabilities are also in this category.
  • One in six students with reading disabilities by the third grade are four times more likely to not graduate (Hernandez, 2011).
  • For this study family has a tremendous impact on these students.
  • Family can help or hinder a students progress in school.
  • This study will determine how much a students family negatively impacts their success in high school (Van Brummelen, pg. 249, 2009).
  • Why are they dropping out?
  • Not motivated, and spent very little time completing assignments
  • Had to get a job
  • Became a parent
  • Students said they would consider returning to school if
  • Teachers attitudes changed
  • Attendance policy changed
  • Health Concerns for Dropouts
  • A persons level of education is one of the number one predictors of their health.
  • The higher level of education a person possesses the better housing and medical care they can afford.
  • Substance abuse and pregnancy is the leading health concern for students (Freudenberg, Ruglis, 2007).
  • Warning Signs or Indicators of a Drop Out
  • Poor Attendance
  • Course Performance
  • Research suggest that a student who fails one or more courses their first semester freshman year are less likely to graduate compared to the students who pass all courses (Heppen and Therriault, 2008).
  • Prevention Suggestions
  • Engage the students by making the curriculum more interesting for students.
  • Get the teachers to interact more with the students on more of a personal level.
  • Start some students in vocational training if that is something that is better suited for them (Smith, 2011).
  • Vocational Training
  • This gives students an alternative to the standard learning environment.
  • This type of training gives students who do not see the value of a traditional education a skill they see as valuable (Berkins and Kritsonsis, 2007).
  • This design calls for a narrative research design.
  • This choice is based on the desire to understand what these students are thinking in order to better assist them.
  • This study focuses on interviewing students who have dropped out of school and ones who are at risk in school.
  • It will not focus on the amount of drop outs because the goal of educators is to help reach all students.
  • This information can be used to train teachers and administrators.
  • This study requires a lot of time on behalf of individuals and researchers.
  • The sampling procedure will be to select an area where the researchers live in close proximity to.
  • The sample size will be to select one school district in their area with a high drop out rate.
  • The students who are at risk or who have dropped out have to be willing to volunteer their time to the researchers.
  • This narrative design will use interviews to listen and gain understanding why students are not motivated in school.
  • One interviewer will interview all the students from one district, then the interviewers from multiple districts can get together to share the details of their findings.
  • Questions will be asked
  • Are you passing all classes?
  • Do you think you put forth 100?
  • Are your parents aware of your performance?
  • Do you live with your parents?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Do you like your teachers and do you think they care about your success?
  • Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who may take up a lot of your time?
  • How do you prefer a class to be managed and organized?
  • What is your ideal teacher?
  • Focus groups will be used to conduct the interviews.
  • These groups will help students become comfortable with the interviewer and the questions being asked.
  • Students will be broken up into groups depending on their teachers from a particular school district.
  • This will help determine whether a particular teacher or teaching style has an impact on student success.
  • This research method does not require the collection of quantitative data.
  • A report of the districts drop out rates will be included in the study.
  • These results will be used to identify any additional patterns that can help interviewers reach their conclusions.
  • The interviewers will keep a log of the persons being interviewed.
  • The log will
  • Take into account non-verbal features
  • Record the interviewers thoughts and reactions during the interview
  • Record answers to the questions
  • The interpretation of the data will focus on an explanation as to why students fail.
  • The risks associated with conducting interviews is that the participants may be worried about their information being confidential. To prevent this
  • Assure participants that they will remain anonymous.
  • Assure them that their answers will not be shared outside of the researchers in the study.
  • Interviewers chosen will not have an influence on the participants. To ensure this
  • Interviewers will not know the participants personally.
  • Interviewers will not know the teachers or school administrators personally.
  • Before interviewing students, researchers will meet with school boards to gain approval.
  • The interviews would take place twice a year.
  • The first interviews would be conducted at the end of the school year to talk with the students who did not finish school that year.
  • The second phase of interviews would be conducted mid-year.
  • Interviewers would meet with students who failed a class first semester.
  • Then they can provide information back to the school districts.
  • Allensworth, Elaine M. Easton John Q. (2007). What Matters for Staying On-Track and Graduating in Chicago Public High Schools A Close Course Grades, Failures, and Attendance in the Freshman Year. Research Report. Consortium on Chicago School Research. Retrieved on January 31, 2012,from Education Resources Information Center. (Document ID ED498350).
  • Berkins, Cynthia Lawry Kritsonis, William Allan. (2007). Curriculum
  • Leadership Curriculum For the at Risk Students. Online Submission, The
  • Lamar University Electronic Journal of Student Research. Retrieved on
  • January 31, 2012, from Education Resources Information
  • Center. (Document ID ED498643).
  • Bridgeland, John M. DiIulio, John J. Jr. Morison, Karen Burke. (2006). The
  • Silent Epidemic Perspectives of High School Dropouts. Civic Enterprises.
  • Retrieved January 31,2012, from Education Resources Information Center.
  • (Document ID ED513444).
  • Butts, P.. (2009). FREQUENT ABSENCES? Help Students Keep Up, Not
  • Drop Out. Kappa Delta Pi Record, 45(4), 163-165.  Retrieved
  • February 5, 2012, from ProQuest Education Journals. (Document
  • ID 1722972071).
  • Conner, E.,  McKee, J.. (2008, November). Drop-Out Challenges Pathways to Success. Principal Leadership, 9(3), 39-43.  Retrieved February 5, 2012, from Research Library. (Document ID 1596697691).
  • Dunn, Caroline, Chambers, Dalee, Rabren, Karen. (2004). Variables Affecting a Students Decision to Drop Out. Hammil Institute on Disabilites and Sage, 25 314. Retrieved Febuary 25, 2012.
  • Freudenber, Nicholas Ruglis, Jessica.(2007). Reframing School Dropout as a Public Health Issue. Public Health Practice and Policy. Vol. 4.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved February 1, 2012 from Education Resources Information Center. (Document ID ED399412).
  • Heppen, Jessica B. Therriault, Susan Bowles. (2008). Developing Early Warning Systems to Identify Potential High School Dropouts. Issue Brief. National High School Center. American Institutes for Research. Retrieved January 31, 2012, from Education Resources Information Center. (Document ID ED521558).
  • Hernandez, Donald J. (2011). Double Jeopardy How Third-Grade Reading Skills and Poverty Influence High School Graduation. Annie E. Casey Foundation. Retrieved on January 31, 2012 from Education Resources Information Center. (Document ID ED518818).
  • Monrad, Maggie. (2007). High School Dropout A Quick Stats Fact Sheet. National High School Center. Retrieved on January 31, 2012, from Education Resources Information Center. (Document ID ED501066).
  • Russell N Cassel.  (2003). A high school drop-out prevention program for
  • the at-risk sophomore students. Education, 123(4) , 649.  Retrieved
  • February 5, 2012, from Research Library. (Document
  • ID 370080721).
  • Smith, Denise. (2011). Understanding Factors That Influence Academic
  • Performance in Tenth Grade Students. Online Submission from School of
  • Education and Counseling Psychology. Dominican University of
  • California. Retrieved January 31, 2012 from Education Resources
  • Information Center. (Document ID ED521708).
  • Van Brummelen, H. (2009). Walking with God in the Classroom Christian
  • Approaches to teaching and Learning. Colorado Springs, Co Purposeful
  • Design Publications.

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