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Topics in semantic representation.

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In semantic representation.

Modeling Semantic Memory

Modeling the Structure and Dynamics of Semantic Processing

Constructing Semantic Representations From a Gradually Changing Representation of Temporal Context

Statistical models of learning and using semantic representations

The Construction of Meaning

Inferring a probabilistic model of semantic memory from word association norms

Multimodal Distributional Semantics

Distributed representations for compositional semantics

In defense of spatial models of semantic representation


Word Association Spaces for Predicting Semantic Similarity Effects in Episodic Memory.

Modelling the effects of semantic ambiguity in word recognition

Producing high-dimensional semantic spaces from lexical co-occurrence

The role of knowledge in discourse comprehension: a construction-integration model.

Retrieval time from semantic memory

A Solution to Plato's Problem: The Latent Semantic Analysis Theory of Acquisition, Induction, and Representation of Knowledge.

A Comparison of Statistical Models for the Extraction of Lexical Information from Text Corpor

Representing word meaning and order information in a composite holographic lexicon.

Integrating Topics and Syntax

A Probabilistic Model of Lexical and Syntactic Access and Disambiguation

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The inextricable bound of semantics and grammar is discussed in this work. The present researcher delves into exploring several literatures on the interface, before discussing their interplay as an inextricable bound.

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Antonio Fábregas

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Lilian Guerrero

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Claudio Iacobini

Main Theme: Variation and Change in Morphology

Morphology 20

Stela Manova

Cambridge Univ Press

Stefan Müller

The fact that in­flec­tion­al af­fix­es al­ways at­tach to the ver­bal stem leads to the brack­et­ing para­dox in the case of par­ti­cle verbs since the se­man­tic con­tri­bu­tion of the in­flec­tion­al in­for­ma­tion scopes over the com­plete par­ti­cle verb. Fur­ther­more some deriva­tion­al af­fix­es (as for in­stance -bar) pro­duc­tive­ly at­tach to tran­si­tive verbs only. If the di­rect ob­ject of a verb is li­cenced by the par­ti­cle, this leads to an­oth­er brack­at­ing para­dox. I will dis­cuss nom­i­nal­iza­tions and ad­jec­tive deriva­tion, which are also prob­lem­at­ic be­cause of var­i­ous brack­et­ing para­dox­es. I will sug­gest a so­lu­tion to these para­dox­es that as­sumes that in­flec­tion­al and deriva­tion­al pre­fix­es and suf­fix­es al­ways at­tach to a form of a stem that con­tains the in­for­ma­tion about par­ti­cles al­ready, but with­out con­tain­ing a phono­log­i­cal re­al­iza­tion of the par­ti­cle. The par­ti­cle is a de­pen­dent of the verb and is com­bined with its head after in­flec­tion and deriva­tion. With such an ap­proach no re­brack­et­ing mech­a­nisms are nec­es­sary. Ap­part from mor­pho­log­i­cal prop­er­ties of par­ti­cle verbs, I also dis­cuss their syn­tac­tic prop­er­ties and sug­gest a syn­tac­tic anal­y­sis. There­fore the anal­y­sis cov­ers mor­phol­o­gy, syn­tax, and se­man­tics of par­ti­cle verbs.

Journal of Linguistics

Per­sian com­plex pred­i­cates pose an in­ter­est­ing chal­lenge for the­o­ret­i­cal lin­guis­tics since they have both word-​like and phrase-​like prop­er­ties. For ex­am­ple, they can feed deriva­tion­al pro­cess­es, but they are also sep­a­ra­ble by the fu­ture aux­il­iary or the nega­tion pre­fix. Var­i­ous pro­pos­als have been made in the lit­er­a­ture to cap­ture the na­ture of Per­sian com­plex pred­i­cates, among them anal­y­ses that treat them as pure­ly phrasal or pure­ly lex­i­cal com­bi­na­tions. Mixed anal­y­ses that an­a­lyze them as words by de­fault and as phras­es in the non-​de­fault case have also been sug­gest­ed. In this paper, I show that the­o­ries that ex­clu­sive­ly rely on the clas­si­fi­ca­tion of pat­terns in in­her­i­tance hi­er­ar­chies can­not ac­count for the facts in an in­sight­ful way un­less they are aug­ment­ed by trans­for­ma­tions or some sim­i­lar de­vice. I then show that a lex­i­cal ac­count to­geth­er with ap­pro­pri­ate Im­me­di­ate Dom­i­nance (ID) schema­ta and an ar­gu­ment com­po­si­tion anal­y­sis of the fu­ture aux­il­iary has none of the short­com­ings that clas­si­fi­ca­tion-​based anal­y­ses have and that it can ac­count for both the phrasal and the word-​like prop­er­ties of Per­sian com­plex pred­i­cates.

Alexander Coupe

A Grammar of Mongsen Ao, the result of the author’s fieldwork over a ten-year period, presents the first comprehensive grammatical description of a language spoken in Nagaland, north-east India. The grammatical analysis documents all the functional domains of the language and includes four glossed and translated texts, the latter being of interest to anthropologists studying folklore. Mongsen Ao is a highly agglutinating, mostly suffixing language with predominantly dependent-marking characteristics. Its grammar demonstrates a number of typologically interesting features that are described in detail in the book. Among these is an unusual case marking system in which grammatical marking is motivated by semantic and pragmatic factors, and a rich verbal morphology that produces elaborate sequences of agglutinative suffixes. Grammaticalisation processes are also discussed where relevant, thereby extending the appeal of the book to linguists with interests in grammaticalisation theory. This book will be of value to any linguist seeking to clarify genetic relationships within the Tibeto-Burman family, and it will serve more broadly as a reference grammar for typologists interested in the typological features of a Tibeto-Burman language of north-east India.

Retrieved from morphologyonline. …

Abisola Olaiya

Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A-accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment

Frank Seifart

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Perspectives on aspect

Roumyana Slabakova

Hei [email protected]

Bozena Cetnarowska

Jean-Pierre Koenig

Hikmat Ahmed

Computational Linguistics journal 2002

Cem Bozsahin

Jan Rijkhoff

Taranvir Singh

Ewa Konieczna

Rajendran Sankaravelayuthan

Marios Andreou


Encarnacion Hidalgo Tenorio

Geert Booij

Jean-Pierre Koenig , karin michelson

Учител Английски

jack oppong

Rizki Wijayanti

Oxford Handbooks Online

Nikos Koutsoukos

Yaovi d'Almeida

Manching Chan

Nicolas Suarez Riano

mitu aklima

Mantoa Smouse

Yemi Jonathan

Vridhachalempillay Subramaniam

Michael Karani , M. Visser

Olomouc: Palacký University Olomouc. ISBN 978-80-244-5130-5.

Ludmila Veselovská

Adil amjeggar

basma tahat

sergio vitoria

Book Review of Analyzing Grammar: an Introduction

Mehdi Zouaoui



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