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Psychology Honors Theses

This series contains undergraduate honors theses based on the thesis professor’s department.

If you are an undergraduate student submitting your honors thesis, please click here to access the submission form.

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

College-Related Stress and Substance Use: Experiences of Honors and Non-Honors Students , Melanie Fischer

The Mediation of Mental Health between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Risky Sexual Behavior , Kayla Marie Mandrigues, Julia Claire Dodd, and Stacey Lynne Williams

Parents’ adverse childhood experiences in relation to parent-child emotion socialization , Emily Thompson

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

The Search for Truth: Legal Storytelling from the Psychological Perspective , Chloe Graves

Investigating the Misrepresentation of Statistical Significance in Empirical Articles , Blythe Lybrand, Ginette Blackhart, Amanda Parish, and Hannah Lowe

The Moderating Role of Social Support in Stigma and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression , Taylor Phillips

Client Predictors of Therapeutic Alliance in Court-Mandated Substance Use Treatment , Yasmine Punceles

Trauma Informed Care Training Initiative: Implementation Study in Appalachia , Mattie V. Raza

Psychological distress and susceptibility to disease in the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) Workforce in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic , Ashley Sexton

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Views of addiction etiology predict religious individuals’ willingness to help. , Emily Brady, Joseph Barnet, Valerie Hoots, and Andrea Clements

tidyTouch: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Data Science Education , Jonah E. DeVaney

Maternal Stress and Child Internalizing Symptoms: Parent-Child Co-Regulation as a Proposed Mediator , Tatum Harvey

Employer Perceptions about Addiction Recovery and Hiring Decisions , Haley Henderson, Joseph Barnet, Valerie Hoots, and Andrea Clements

Can Spiritual Experiences Promote Empathy in the Context of Past Adverse Childhood Experiences? , Alison Ickes

How Resilience-Building Interventions Impact Parenting Stress and Cortisol Reactivity in Mothers with Adverse Childhood Experiences , Victoria Jones

Polysubstance Exposure and its Relationship to Pharmacological Treatment Characteristics , Parker Miller

An Analysis of Substance Use in College: Identifying Possible Risk and Protective Factors , Stephanie Penpek

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Temperament in Children Aged 14 to 36-months , Elysabeth Sexton

Creative Gender Expression Performativity As a Coping Mechanism for Minority Stress , Emerson A. Todd

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Self-Rated Health, Healthcare Satisfaction, Healthcare Adherence, and Medical Mistrust: The Moderating Role of Rurality , Stephanie Alu

Coercive and Deceptive Predictors of Sexual Risk: The Moderating Role of Self-esteem , Morgan Barker

Trauma-Informed Care: Implementation Efforts in Northeast Tennessee , Kaelyn E. Bishop, Andrea D. Clements, and Valerie Hoots

Investigating the EEG Error-Related Negativity in College Students with ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression , Mariacristina Canini

Mindfulness and Religiosity/Spirituality as Protecting Factors for Internalizing Symptoms Associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences: A Moderated Moderation Model , Kayla Heineken and Diana Morelen


Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

An Overview of Suicide and the Impact of Interacting Factors on Current Suicide Trends , Shawna Burrow

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

A Study Looking at How Youth’s Self- Perception is Affected by Their Temperament , Emily K. Anderson

The Effect of Stigma on Intimate Partner Violence Reporting Among Men Who Have Sex with Men , Wesley Eugene Harris

Chronic Illness Stigma: The Experiences of Emerging Adults , Kaitlyn M. McKee

The Development of Sexually Abusive Behavior in Adolescent Males who have been Sexually Victimized , Brittany S. Sharma

The Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Intrinsic Religiosity in Southern Appalachia , Celina V. Unzueta Ms. and Andrea Clements Dr.

A Correlation Study between Religiosity and Empathy toward Victims of Crime , Amy Wilson and Andera D. Clements Dr.

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

The Effects of Deception and Manipulation of Motivation to Deceive on Event Related Potentials , Ethan C. Ashworth

Arrest or Hospitalization? An Examination of the Relationship Between Psychiatric Symptoms, Traumatic Childhood Experiences, and Socio-Ecological Factors in Forensic Mental Health System Responses to Offender Behavior , Stephanie Mersch, Jill D. Stinson, and Megan Quinn

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences on High Risk Inpatients Criminal Behavior , Alexis L. Booth and Jill D. Stinson PhD

Emotional Responses to Varying Sources of Interpersonal Rejection , Molly K. Cleek

Explaining the Negative Effects of Stigma through Sense of Mastery , Parker A. Dreves

An Examination into the Relationship between Self-Compassion and Parenting Styles , Jesi L. Hall

The Synergistic Effects of Methylphenidate on the Behavioral Effects of Nicotine , Kristen K. Leedy

To Whom It May Concern: Support-Seeking within Letters of Stigmatized College Students in the Southeast U.S. , Anna E. Nolte

Life in the LGBTQ+ Community: Protective Factors Against Depression in the Community and in Everyday Life , Kristen Paris

Perceived Stress and Suicidal Behaviors in College Students: Conditional Indirect Effects of Depressive Symptoms and Mental Health Stigma , Esther Reynolds

Executive Function Predictors of Children's Talk , Jacqlyne D. Weber

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Does nicotine alter what is learned about non-drug incentives? , Tarra L. Baker

Examining General versus Condition-Specific Health Related Quality of Life across Weight Categories in an Adolescent Sample , Autumn G. Dalton

Neuromodulation Therapy Mitigates Heart Failure Induced Hippocampal Damage , Timothy P. DiPeri



The effects of environmental enrichment on nicotine sensitization in a rodent model of schizophrenia , Marjorie A. Schlitt, Elizabeth D. Cummins, Daniel J. Peterson, and Russell W. Brown

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Analysis of the role of D2 receptors in methylphenidate-induced conditioned place preference. , Chase M. Duty

Effortful Control as a Mediator of Long-Term Declarative Recall in Toddlers. , Cassandra Valerio

Comparison between Two Methodological Paradigms of Conditioned Place Preference with Methlyphenidate. , Bryce D. Watson

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Random inter stimulus interval increases signal-to-noise ratio. , Juliane Armstrong

Family Context and Weight Status among 18-Month-Old Infants in Southern Appalachia: The Role of Temperament, Parenting Style, and Maternal Feeding Practices. , Vincent A. Carroll

Spirituality and Anxiety: Forgiveness as a Mediator. , Charli N. Caulkins

Intragroup Attitudes of the LGBT Community: Assessment and Correlates. , David W. Hutsell

Forgiveness, Mental Health, and Adult Children of Alcoholics. , Khia L. Sams

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Training Pediatric Residents to Manage Treatment for ADHD: A Feasibility Study. , Jonathan Calloway

Assessing the Accuracy of Manipulation Checks: Follow-up. , Travis Clark

Effects of Imagined Social Rejection and Acceptance across Varying Relationships. , Candace L. Hawkes

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Levels in D2 Receptor Primed Adolescent Rats Given Twice Daily Nicotine Administrations. , Josie Minnigh

Nicotine Sensitization and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Content in Adolescent Rats Neonatally Treated with Quinpirole. , Addie Roberts

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Undergraduate Honours Theses

Students enrolled in Psychology 4880 complete independent research under the direction of a faculty member. For undergraduate theses completed prior to 2014 please consult the Catalogue.

Submissions from 2022 2022

The Influence of Environmental Sounds on Cognition and Mood , Huda Ahmed

The Impacts of Researcher Attire on Participant Performance in Psychological Experiments , Jesse S. Basi


The Effects of Peer Connectedness and Popularity in Predicting Adolescent E-Cigarette and Binge Drinking Patterns Across the COVID-19 Pandemic , Kyla N. Lamb

Exploring Parent and Peer Support as a Predictor of Adolescent Adjustment During the COVID-19 Pandemic , Madeleine M. MacDonald

The Cross-Modal Relationship Between Language and Mathematics: A Bi-Directional Training Paradigm , Urvi Maheshwari

Mismatched Music: How Conflicting Musical Information Impacts Emotional Judgements , Matthew W. Tiplady

Mindsets for Goal Attainment and Experiences of Unethical Transgressions , Hallie Wiltzer

Are Conspiracy Beliefs Induced by Thinking Disposition and Economic Uncertainty? , Sean E. Yilmaz

Submissions from 2021 2021

Interactions between Brief Virtual Exposure to Natural Environments and Psychological Well-Being , Giuliana GN Brancato

Values Affirmation in The Treatment of Moral Injury: A Pilot Study , Eve G. Chapnik

To Sing Or To Speak: Closeness Between Mother-Infant Dyads In Different Contexts , Aislinn M. Connor

Examining the role of Diverted Attention on Musical Motion Aftereffects , Hannah D. Cormier

Defining Mother-Infant Synchrony in a Speech and Song Context , Roisin A. Delaney

Social Media as a Predictor of Depression Rates Among Male Versus Female Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic , Kaylee A. Fishback

Do Social Media Usage and The Endorsement of Collective Values Predict Loneliness? , Caoyu Cy Pan

Submissions from 2020 2020

A Nature Walk a Day, Keeps Unhappiness Away: Restorative Campus Environments and Student Well-Being , Justine Albert


The Relationship Between Extracurricular Activities and the Well-Being of Undergraduate Students , Angelica C. Galluzzo

Evaluating Success in Addictions Treatment , Cole G. Granger

Parental Marital Status and Perceived Parental Marital Stability as Predictors of Avoidant Attachment Style in Young Adult Romantic Relationships , Eden G. C. Jacobson

“Send Me Your Location”: Examining Cyber Dating Abuse Victimization and Self-Esteem in Adolescents , Grace K. Millett

Conformity and Persuasion: The Moderating Roles of Interpersonal Closeness and Interaction Partner Sex , Christianne Morrison

There is More to Snapchat than Snapping: Examining Active and Passive Snapchat Use as Predictors of Anxiety in Adolescents , Nicole A. Orlan

Narcissism and Attachment Anxiety Predicting the Impact of Hiding Instagram “Likes” In Canada , Madeleine T. Visca

Who's to Blame? How Attributions of Blame Impact Perceptions of Effective Leaders , Emily M. Wildeboer


Submissions from 2019 2019

Moral Perceptions in the Workplace , Leonid V. Beletski

Influences on Early Creativity: Examining the Role of Affect, Movement and Autonomy During Play on Divergent Thinking Skills of Preschool Children , Taylor S. Boyd

A Safe Place for Morally Corrupt Judgements: The Effect of Trust on Moral Decision Making , Robin C. Doyle

"Challenge Accepted": Exploring Predictors of Risky Online Behaviour in Emerging Adults , Shannon Ward

The Role of Extraversion, Sensitivity to Music Reward, and Music Tempo on Word Recall , Mingyang Xu

Submissions from 2018 2018

Examining the Effects of Framing on Probability Discounting , Owen M. Chevalier

The Effects of Aromatherapy on Stress in a University Population , Theresa L. Flagler

The Effects of Fantasy Role-Play on Bravery, Motivation, and Physiological Fear Responses While Playing Horror Video Games , Paul A. Giulietti

Every Other, Every Time - Rat Imitative Pattern Learning , Peter A. Khouri

Me or We? The Effect of Team and Individual Sports Activity on Executive Functioning , Alexander I. McKenzie

Snapchat and its Relationship to Alcohol Consumption and Associated Behaviours , Kellie S. Thomas

The Impact of Age and Social Media Preference on Facebook and Instagram Users Reactions to Social Media , L. E. Taylor Trelford

Submissions from 2017 2017

Cognition and Commerce: The Impact of Intuitive Judgment and Rational Analysis on Business Decisions , Bridget A. Bicknell

The Relationship Between Self Perceived Versus Peer Perceived Popularity and Alcohol Consumption in University Students , Dayna A. Blustein

Improving Workplace Commitment to Change: A Test of Impact Reflection and Motivation on Perceived Commitment Constructs , Trenton J. MacDuff

Attention to Melodic versus Phonetic Cues in 8-Month-Old Infants , Alexandra M. Ryken

The Effects of Interpersonal Relations in the Workplace on Cognitive Performance: Does Working with Irritating People Decrease your Performance? , Kristin Skritek

The Effects of Conformity on Eyewitness Testimony and Confidence , Kaitlyn B. Sluys

Submissions from 2016 2016

Stress Interventions for First-Year Undergraduate Students , Shawna N. Allen

Speech to the Beat: Infants' Processing , Alix Altow

Peer Group Belonging, Group Norms and Alcohol Consumption in Emerging Adulthood , Angelica Bell

The Effects of Video Feedback on Public Speaking Anxiety , Nicole M. Donovan

The Effect of Past Experiences on Forgiveness Intentions in Romantic Relationships , Morgane E. Lashkari-Moghaddam

Guilt as a Mediator in the Relationship between Transgression Severity and Transgressors’ Feelings of Forgiveness in Romantic Relationships , Laura Matias

Effects of Visual and Geometric Cues in Rat Foraging , Kyle Rubini

The Effects of Self-Care Meditation Behaviour on Undergraduate Students’ Reported Stress , Anna Smallwood

Resting State fcMRI in the Social Cognition Network as a Predictive Measure for Scores of Socialization of Preterm Neonates , Angela Westgate

Submissions from 2015 2015

Do Our Perceptions Affect Our Decision Making in Legal Contexts? , Scott Benedict

Infants' Memory for Melody and Words in Sung Songs , Leanna De Lucia

The Effects of Visual Cue Facilitation in Spatial Pattern Learning in Rats , Sachia M. Grogan

Infants' Sensitivity to Fine Durational Cues in Speech Perception , Alyssa K. Kuiack

Rhyming versus Repetition in Children's Stories: The Role of Reading Strategies in New Word Recognition , Katherine Stover

Submissions from 2014 2014

Observational Pattern Learning In Rats , Tristan J. Bell Knowlton

Reach-to-Grasp Actions Under Direct and Indirect Viewing Conditions , Ashley C. Bramwell

The Role of Future Time Perspective on Forgiveness: A Study of Transgressions Among Undergraduate University Students , Emily B. Briggs

The Effects of Arousal Induction on Infants' Tempo Preferences , Erin G. Eisen

The Role of Native Language Acquisition in Infant Preferences of Speech and Song , Emma J. Fogel

Working Memory and Music Perception and Production in an Adult Sample , Keara L. Gillis

Singing Competency and Language Abilities in Children , Rebecca Herbert

The Effect of Mood Context on the Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony , Ashley R. Lanys

Music-induced mood improves retention in visuomotor adaptation , Kristina Waclawik

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Psychology Undergraduate Honours Theses

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As you prepare for your thesis, you might want to get a sense of what you can accomplish in your finished product. Reading past theses can show you the scope and nature of well-done undergraduate projects. Because theses in different areas of psychology often look quite different, it will help you to examine several in the same general area you plan to conduct your research in.

The Psychology Undergraduate Office has hard copies of several prize-winning theses from the past five years that you may sign out to see what the best undergraduate work looks like. Above, you can browse the titles of past undergraduate theses to give you an idea of the topics of theses students typically write.

Only hard copies of recent prize-winning theses are currently available.

Please note: Recent theses stored in the Social Relations Library (which recently closed) are unavailable. Inquirers needing a thesis that is not listed in HOLLIS should contact the authors of theses directly to attempt to obtain a copy.  

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Home > Theses collections > Honours

Theses : Honours

Theses from 2022 2022.

Writing for multiple voices: A compositional project that employs the vocal composition and arranging techniques used by Imogen Heap , Shanae E. Campbell

How to succeed as a portfolio career percussionist in one of the world's most remote cities , Madeline G. Colvin

Evaluating ideasthesia as a creative tool in compositional practice: A personal reflection on coloured hearing synesthesia , Suzanne Kosowitz

Moments in performance: Developing an aid for articulation and reflection , Shelby R. McKenzie

Mindfulness in building a collaborative and sustainable choreographic practice , Casey Triplett

Awaken the dreamer: An ontology of dreams in the raven cycle, dreamstrider, and the dreamwalker trilogy , Clinton J. Visser

Emotional wellbeing, vulnerability and state-based choreography , Grace White

Theses from 2021 2021

Adapting barbershop harmony for the saxophone quartet , Jonathon Astbury

A genetic investigation of anticoagulant rodenticide resistance in Mus musculus of Western Australia: Implications for conservation and biosecurity , Bridget Judith Maria Lucrezia Duncan

Melodic improvisation strategies found in the improvisation of Peter Bernstein , Samuel H. Forster

An examination of Graham Fitkin’s saxophone music and implications for the modern saxophonist , Sean Hayes

Supervisors’ experience of emotion work in higher degree by research supervision , Natalia Hazell

Poverty and social security experiences in Australia: Experiences of wellbeing for recipients of the 2020 JobSeeker payment , Kira Huntley

The improvisational art of Shenzo Gregorio: Exploring his transition from classical violinist to cross-genre improviser , Judith A. Iddison

Developing a music composition practice: Exploring the choreography of cymatics , Joshua Jervis

Things are not always what they seem: An investigation of selfhood within an interconnected world , Aliesha V. King

A father at 1.5 metres: Poems of pandemic and fatherhood , Edward J. Leeming

Exploring the relationship of students’ emotional responses to feedback with their wellbeing and subsequent academic behaviours , Agustine Ruth Liyanti

Design, sound and compositional aesthetic: The grand piano in late eighteenth-century London and Vienna , Izaac Masters

Representations of chronic migraine and therapy through new electronic music composition , Peter Mcavan

The Matusiflute: A bi-timbral flute modification and the cultural influences that inform its performance practice and repertoire , Joshua Gabriel McMahon

Exploring and reapplying Wayne Krantz’s method of constructing the album Greenwich Mean , Christian A. Meares

Multimodal learning for dyslexic musicians: Practical applications for adults , Melissa Mikucki

Psychological distress in Australian psychology undergraduates: Exploring the role of self-care, dispositional mindfulness, and autonomous functioning , Erin Nichols

Perspectives on the relationship between theatre and education: A West Australian case study , Ceri Anne Nordling

The art of unknowing: Using improvisation to explore kinaesthetic attention in contemporary dance repertoire , Jessica Pettitt

Development of GC-FID-Methanizer method to detect products from electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide gas , Hailee Philipps

An investigative practice-led project into the vocal characteristics in Jeff Buckley’s song ‘Grace’ , Madoc R. Plane

The influence of camera perspective and viewer attitudes towards police on perceptions of police-civilian encounters , Anna-Louise Skidmore

Navigating the educational bottleneck: Psychological distress, academic burnout and potential protective factors in psychology Honours students , Chelsea Thompson

Making space for themselves: Lesbian separatism in Western Australia , Amber-Lia Van Aurich

Western Australian older adults’ perspectives on voluntary assisted dying: An in-depth qualitative investigation , Faye Rebecca Woodward

Exploring a compositional practice through the lens of The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto , Jie Hong Yang

Theses from 2020 2020

Silent chill: A spectral analysis of Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill 2 original soundtrack , Casey Nicole Atkinson

A comprehensive analysis of smart ship systems and underlying cybersecurity issues , Dennis Bothur

Glass ceilings and nylon strings: Reflections on Australian women’s contribution to classical guitar repertoire , Abbey Lee Bradstreet

Professional self-care practices, emotional work and burnout in Australian psychology academics , Claudia Yael Hoenig

Contextual tuning as a compositional technique: Investigating the paradigms of Jacob Collier’s music , Madeleine Hughes

Facilitating flow state: Preparatory processes for entering the flow state in dance , Alexandra Kay

So how does elastic grammar create meaning in children’s literature?: Storytelling and elastic grammar in Haroun and the Sea of Stories (1990), Inkheart (2003), and A Monster Calls (2011) , Kate Lomas Glendenning

Johann Melchior Gletle’s Expeditionis Musicæ Classis II, Op. 2: An Edition and Commentary , Michael James Clifton Lukin

Aletheia: The Orphic Ouroboros , Glen McKnight

Does providing pill testing at festivals increase intention to use Ecstasy? , Sherri Lee Murphy

“You crossed my mind … before?”: An intertextual analysis of songs from 'To Pimp A Butterfly' , Colin Outhwaite

Attitudes towards immigration-relevant decision-making: The roles of fairness judgements and national identity , Tessa Phipps

The evolving definitions of natural movement in dance , Bethany Reece

The impact of singing on pulmonary function and quality of life in patients with Muscular Dystrophy , Mia Simonette

Julien Wilson: Improvisation and timbral manipulation on selected recordings with the Julien Wilson Trio , Maximillian Wickham

Exploring the influence of emotional labour, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, and emotional valence on employee job satisfaction and burnout , Kirsty Lee Wilson

Theses from 2019 2019

Mobilising memes for unionist teens: An analysis of the social media use of an Australian hospitality union , Lili M. Archer

The characteristics and components of national identity in Australia , Kate Brown

“Some of them never met us in real life and see what we do, they only see us through the media”: Lived experiences of three young West Australian South Sudanese men , Elizabeth Chiwawa

Waiting for a queer change: Gender identity through performative waiting and the Boudoir Chronotope in Call Me By Your Name , Gregory R. Clarke

The Performer-Composer: A reimagined career pathway for the modern-day saxophonist , Jazmin Ealden

Avoiding stigma: Influences on Australian news reporting of drug issues and suggestions for improvement , Andrew L. Fewster

Facial re-enactment, speech synthesis and the rise of the Deepfake , Nicholas Gardiner

‘Bloodwood’ and ‘Liminal Spaces, Timeless Places: Abjection, Liminality and Landscape in Australian Gothic Fiction’ , Karleah Olson

su dansi. A dance film – and – Dancing elements: The making of su dansi - a dance film. An exegesis , Johanna Omodei

Beyond the numbers: Implications of the Palestinian Female Election Quota for women in local government , Elke Taylor

Image-based sexual abuse: A qualitative exploration of the lived experience and perceived consequences for women , Brienna L. Webb

Theses from 2018 2018

Rock ‘n’ roll radio: A case study of ‘tactics’ and teenage identity in Perth, WA, 1955-1960 , Lorna Baker

To what extent do the objection to confiscation provisions in Part 6 of the Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000 (WA) protect the family home of an 'innocent party' from confiscation? , Joel Bond

Cognitive imagery training in a dancer’s deliberate practice: Skills development, confidence and creativity , Sasha Brampton

Finding companionship on the road less travelled: A netnography of the Whole Food Plant-Based Aussies Facebook group , Robyn Chuter

Neoteric Drum Set Orchestration: An analysis of Nate Wood’s drumming on the music of Tigran Hamasyan , Ryan George Daunt

Saving behaviour in the Australian dream: Its relationship with aspiration and motivation, financial literacy, and materialism , Ming d’Iapico-Bien

The interaction between postminimalist music and contemporary dance , Azariah Felton

SNAC_OSHC: Exploring a multifaceted approach to develop outside of school hours care as a health promoting setting , Karen Forde

Layered analytical graphs: analysing and composing using the harmonic techniques of Wayne Shorter and Chick Corea , Samuel Hadlow

Apology effectiveness: The impact of prior wrongful behaviour and voluntariness of apologies within juvenile justice , Isolde Larkins

Using EEG data to predict engagement in face-to-face conversations , Brooke Maddestra

Analysing intonation of the Pied Butcherbird , Jean-Michel Maujean

An exploration of trumpet valve rotation: Its mechanics, sound, and notation , Daniel Francis O'Connor

Captured At The Scene: A proposal for the admissibility of visually recorded scene statements from domestic violence complainants in Western Australia , Benjamin Procopis

The rhythmic, harmonic and phrasing language of Lennie Tristano: Analysis and strategies for incorporation in modern jazz improvisation , Austin Salisbury

Creative awareness at LINK dance company 2017 , Lauren Ebony Sherlock

Muslim veiled women and religious discrimination: A strength perspective , Aishath Shizleen

“Second only to the Pharoah”: The role of the poet in H.D.’s Trilogy , Emily Alice Smith

Effects of uncertainty avoidance and high/low context cultural dimensions on online booking behaviour of international tourists: A cross-cultural study of Japanese and Australian tourists , Haruka Toki

A Survey to Investigate the Participation of Female Jazz-Trained Instrumentalists at WAAPA and in Perth’s Professional Music Scene , Talya Valenti

Using physiological measures to measure changes in cognitive load associated with automaticity and transfer , Joanna Verden

Walter Smith III: A comparison of improvisational techniques on “July” (2014) and “Stablemates” (2009) , Tom Walsh

Performance practice in Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies: A comparison of the Liszt-Pupil recordings of Hungarian Rhapsody No.12 , Nicholas Williams

Theses from 2017 2017

Resources, race and rights: A case study of Native Title and the Adani Carmichael coal mine , Kate Arnautovic

Investigating the relationship between preferences for therapists’ sex and seeking mental health support among a sample of Australian respondents , Stephanie C. Black

Drumming Up the Future: Musical Creativity and Drum Circles as a vehicle for personal and social change, and for improved wellbeing amongst women in a pre-release facility , Nanna Faulkner

Modelling financial risk: Essays in asset pricing and stress testing , Sarah Hirst

Unstable Ground: A novella - and - Riding Through Moratorium: Marcia’s Theory of Identity Formation and Young Adult Equine Literature: An exegesis , Amie Johnstone

Impact of aquaporin (AQP1 and AQP4) genetic variation on the relationship between sleep quality and Alzheimer’s disease pathological hallmarks , Gavin Noel Mazzucchelli

Changing lives through music: Professional audition practice and a community focus; an explorative study into the musical development of the Western Australian Charity Orchestra , Samuel Parry

‘Invisible women’: German migrant women’s cultural identity in Western Australia, 1945-1973 , Sonja Porter

Shanghainese parklife: Cultivating the Taoist body and exploring the traces of the absent figure and creature in the landscape , Brenton Mark Rossow

Edges of resting and going: The possibilities and limitations of recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome in a dance-training environment , Daisy Sanders

A Cosmopolitan Landscape: Development of a body of paintings that explore and expand upon the shared tropes of figuration in the work of Giovanni Bellini and Shen Zhou , Harrison See

Freshwater future: The influence of exposure to extreme summer rainfall events on the resistance and recovery patterns of an estuarine seagrass , Chanelle Webster

The classification of the finger frames method in violin playing , Brittany Williams

Theses from 2016 2016

An exploratory investigation into the impact of downsizing on occupational stress and organisational commitment , Bridget Girak

Physical and moral forces: An analysis of World War II’s 1944-1945 Ardennes offensive using Clausewitzian Theory , Rebecca Griffin

The corporate security stratum of work: Identifying levels of work in the domain , Codee Roy Ludbey

The Concert Pianist Myth: Diversifying undergraduate piano education in Australia , Helen Mather

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psychology honours thesis example

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As part of their final year undergraduate degree examination for MA or BSC Psychology, students submit a dissertation based on an original research project supervised by academic staff in the department.

During 2006/07 it was agreed that all Psychology Undergraduate students would be required to submit an electronic copy of their dissertation to the Library to be stored in the Edinburgh Research Archive. This was agreed in order to enable the University to preserve its academic record.

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Recent Submissions

The effect of sentence complexity on processing depth: a text change detection study using garden paths , a connectionist approach to causal learning , the effects of late non-proficient bilingualism and a year abroad on executive functioning , investigating the role of social media addiction in the relationship between impulsivity and disordered eating , the effect of healthy adult ageing and cognitive reserve on specific theory of mind abilities , investigating the effects of social exclusion on a child's tendency to imitate grammatical syntax , developing empathy in the digital age: the relationship between social media usage and empathic accuracy scores in young adolescents , can we learn to be more conscientious a behavioural intervention study using goal setting theory as motivation , real ghost stories: how do psychics construct their personal experiences as genuine , stepping into the shoes of another: how attachment security and parental mind-mindedness impacts the development of adolescent empathic accuracy , miraculous cures: how do individuals justify their beliefs in the authenticity and miraculous quality of faith healing cures , the brief acceptance measure: developing & testing a brief measure of psychological flexibility suitable for daily use , do garden path sentences affect the depth of semantic processing a change detection study , collaboration and emotional self-management in moba gamers , the effect of exercise on cognitive functioning in static and strategic sport , investigating human scale judgement , impulsivity in cognitive estimation formation and the influence of age , l2 response planning: effect of content and length predictability , can self-perception, personality, age, gender and duration predict addictive social media use in university students , investigating the effects of resilience, loneliness and neuroticism on social media addiction .

psychology honours thesis example

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Psychology Honours Thesis (PSYC402H)

UNE unit code: PSYC402H

*You are viewing the 2024 version of this unit which may be subject to change in future.

  • Year Long Honours - Period 1 - On Campus
  • Year Long Honours - Period 1 - Online
  • Armidale Campus

Unit information

UNE student studies on a laptop on her lounge at home

Expand your capacity for independent thought and critical analysis as you conduct an in-depth research project into a specific topic in psychology.

This unit comprises the research component of the Honours in Psychology program and is worth 50% of your final Honours mark.

Under the supervision of an academic staff member, you will complete a research proposal, literature review, data analysis and a thesis.

Whichever study mode you choose, most of the learning and supervision in this unit is online with a mandatory intensive school containing lectures, seminars and activities.

For further information about UNE's teaching periods, please go to Principal Dates .

*Offering is subject to availability

Intensive schools

Enrolment rules.

This unit comprises the research component of UNE's APAC-accredited Psychology Honours program and is worth 50% of the overall Honours grade. Only students who have received a letter of offer into Honours in Psychology may enrol in the unit. BPsych (Hons) students enrol in this unit when commencing their honours component. The difference between ON and OL enrolment is face-to-face access to your supervisor and on-campus resources

Please refer to the student handbook for further details on this unit.

Unit coordinator(s)

profile photo of Andrew Talk

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  • apply appropriate levels of autonomy and judgement in the demonstration of skills and knowledge relating to the planning and execution of psychological research, including the formulation of research questions, the analysis of data to test the research question, the interpretation of the findings, and the writing of a research report in journal article format;
  • demonstrate a broad and coherent body of knowledge on a specialised topic in psychology, including depth of understanding of underlying principles, theories and concepts, using a scientific approach;
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in critically analysing, reflecting on and synthesising complex information, problems, concepts and theories within the topic area;
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in study design and research methodology, data analysis, and the interpretation and reporting of research findings;
  • demonstrate effective communication by presenting the results of such work in a professional, scientific manner using APA style;
  • demonstrate knowledge and skills applicable to a professional career in this field, including the ability to work collaboratively with academic staff; and
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ethics in conducting research.

Assessment information

Assessments are subject to change up to 8 weeks prior to the start of the teaching period in which you are undertaking the unit.

Learning resources

Textbooks are subject to change up to 8 weeks prior to the start of the teaching period in which you are undertaking the unit.

Note: Students are expected to purchase prescribed material. Please note that textbook requirements may vary from one teaching period to the next.

SPSS Statistics: A Practical Guide

ISBN: 9780170460163

Allen, P. and Bennett, K., and Heritage, B., , Cengage Learning 5th ed. 2023

Text refers to: All offerings

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

ISBN: 9781433832161

American Psychological Assocation, APA 7th ed. 2019

Note: Recommended material is held in the University Library — purchase is optional.

Discovering Statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics

ISBN: 9781526419521

Field, A., Sage Publications 5th ed. 2017

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