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250+ Unique and Excellent Nursing Thesis Topics to Investigate in 2023

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Aiming to pursue nursing for post-graduation? Well, let us tell you a huge bulk of your academic work will include crafting an impeccable thesis to demonstrate your understanding of countless aspects and preparedness as a nursing professional. Put it this way – if you aim to have a fruitful nursing career in the near future, you need to get your nursing thesis right.

The most critical aspect of a nursing thesis is its focus and precision, where the subject matter must be detailed. It should also outline the specific objectives of the research. Hence, choosing interesting nursing thesis topics is integral to the research. It can spark further analysis and help you effectively contribute to the field of study.

But there remains an abundance of topics that you can dive into. So, what are the effective ways to choose perfect nursing research thesis topics and ensure you will hook your readers successfully? Which topic can help you contribute to the community?

To aid you, today’s comprehensive post will walk you through certain trending and interesting nursing thesis topics. It will also walk you through certain effective guidelines to select nursing master’s and Graduate thesis topics that will enable you to turn the table in your Favour with ease.

What is a Nursing Thesis? A Quick Overview

Before you delve deep to understand how to choose thesis topics for nursing students, it is crucial to get the hang of the definition of the nursing thesis.

A nursing thesis is a piece of academic writing about a specific topic relevant to nursing that you may require completing while pursuing the nursing program. The thesis paper demonstrates that you can conduct extensive research and possess a firm understanding of special topics in the field you desire to pursue.

It also demands students to determine a problem in nursing and review academic literature while developing advanced research skills. Writing a nursing thesis can also help you to become well-versed with your future specializations in nursing. These papers are integral components of your degree and form significant parts of your grades.

How to Select Nursing Thesis Topics? Foolproof Tips and Techniques

To craft a well-informed and relevant nursing thesis, it is crucial to select perfect nursing thesis topics . But how do you choose an outstanding one? You need to have various tips and techniques up your sleeves.  

Have a look at certain tips and techniques you need to implement while choosing unique and interesting nursing thesis topics –

  • Determine the nursing research area you are passionate about
  • Assimilate ample nursing thesis topics from your preferred research
  • Conduct in-depth research on your interests
  • Review the literature on the potential nursing research thesis topics and determine the gap.
  • Consult your advisor or faculty for any feedback or suggestions
  • Take into consideration the practical relevance of the theme you choose
  • Consider the feasibility of data assimilation and analysis of the selected
  • Identify the originality and novelty of nursing research topics for graduate thesis before finalising
  • Take into consideration your future career aspirations before choosing a subject
  • Go with a topic that has enough valid evidence, facts, or examples to prove your thesis statement
  • Select a topic that has a wide research scope and ample credible sources for references
  • From the shortlisted research ideas, choose one that is comfortable for you to explore and write about.
  • Finally, remember, the nursing thesis topics you finalise should fulfil the guidelines shared by your professors or university.

Getting the hang of it? We are sure you are. To get the ball rolling, you can choose or find inspiration from the list of interesting and inspiring nursing thesis topics below. Some of the prolific stalwarts of reputed universities in present times have helped us compile this well-researched list of topics for you. You can be assured of securing those much-coveted brownie points with of these.

An Extensive List of Interesting and Inspiring Nursing Thesis Topics

Childhood nursing.

  • Discuss the key causes of seizures in children
  • Explore the most efficient newborn resuscitation practices
  • Explore the reasons behind Tourette’s in children
  • Discuss the potential complications of measles in children and explore some effective treatment methods.
  • Write about the impacts of social media on eating habits in children
  • Discuss the connection between child obesity and a healthy diet
  • Discuss the ethics of pediatric care
  • Investigate the PANDAS syndrome and the way it impacts childhood behavioral disorders.
  • Present a comparative analysis of child nursing standards between developed and developing countries.
  • Discuss the ways health in children can impact their health later in life
  • Explore the ways to diagnose and manage respiratory illnesses in children
  • Explore the causes of childhood obesity
  • Write about the presentation and treatment of ADHD in children
  • Explore the theory of neuroblastoma and metabolic syndrome in children
  • Explore pathogenesis as well as treatment for opportunistic fungal infections
  • Determine the significance of emotional and mental health among children under age 5
  • Discuss the impact of burnout among child health nursing and nursing staff
  •  Discuss how nurses manage child abuse incidents in the UK and Australia
  • Present your views on how mothers from various cultural backgrounds are worried about the weight issues of their children
  • Explain ways academic nursing education prepares nurses to manage the IPV of clients during home visits

Adult Nursing

  • Explore health implications caused by abortion.
  • Discuss home remedies for people suffering from high blood pressure
  • Explain why cases of obesity are increasing among men above 35 years
  • Discuss remarkable techniques for the treatment of acute coronary syndrome in persons older than 35 years
  • Describe the ways caregivers should tackle patients in prison
  • Analyse diversity in healthcare settings
  • Discuss mental health and psychiatric care in adults
  • Explore clinical cardiology innovations
  • Discuss CV imagine process
  • Explore treatment processes for sleep apnea and narcolepsy
  • Discuss the impact of age on the immune and nervous system
  • Discuss non-chemical treatment methods for bipolar disorders
  • Discuss the treatment process of restless leg syndrome
  • Discuss the strategies to minimise the contraction and spread of infectious diseases by nurses
  • Explore the history of treatment for eating disorders and current treatment analysis
  •  Evaluate dental and oral health in a region
  • Evaluate the difference between treatment for cardiovascular issues between the sexes.
  • Describe unbalanced depressive illness non-chemical practices
  • Discuss the connection between exercise and sports medicine
  •  Discuss the pointers of hearing loss and the ways the condition can be managed

Midwifery Nursing

  • Discuss the role played by a midwife in health risks that results from postpartum depression.
  • Explain the crucial factors that hugely influence the competence of midwives in a clinical set-up.
  • Describe how midwives can enable women to tackle postpartum depression
  • Explore the role of a midwife in complicated cases of pregnancies
  • Write about the difficulties associated with the water-birth randomised controlled trial
  • Write about the safety rules that obese pregnant women must adhere
  • Evaluate impacts of telephone-offered care in the course of postnatal treatment
  • Write about the treatment of disabilities during postnatal care
  • Evaluate spirituality in midwifery
  • Evaluate risks associated with advanced maternal age
  • Describe treatment for diabetes and sleeplessness associated with pregnancy
  • Explore the symptoms, causes, and treatment of a child suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Discuss the influence of antibiotics on childhood immunities
  • Describe the reasons the childhood mortality rate has reduced over the last ten years
  • Write about the history and development of midwifery
  • Discuss the benefits of maintaining high standards of skin hygiene for newborns
  • Discuss the best ways to aid during prenatal and postnatal stages for fathers
  • Discuss the crucial features of caring for pregnant women suffering from breast cancer
  • Explore the impact of oral contraceptives on the contents of immune complexes in the blood
  • Describe treatment tactics for pregnancy complications in women suffering from disorders of the upper urinary tract

Elderly Nursing

  • Describe the ethics in geriatric care.
  • Explore the connection between stroke and cardiovascular diseases in elderly patients.
  • Explore the causes and treatment techniques of Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Write about the most effective and unique therapy for bladder cancer therapy
  • Discuss the most effective practices to minimise cardiovascular risks
  • Explore critical care requirements in elderly care
  • Present a detailed study on the Atrial Fibrillation
  • Discuss best and effective nursing practices when working with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease
  • Discuss the holistic approach to geriatric care
  • Present medical emergencies associated with the treatment of cancer in senior patients
  • Discuss care strategies for enhancing pain management in elderly patients
  • Evaluate the role played by nurses in advanced-care planning
  • Present a detailed evaluation of the physical environment as a factor in the functional decline
  • Discuss effective strategies to enhance the recognition of dehydration in aging adults
  • Write about remarkable nursing strategies to offer ophthalmic care to elderly individuals
  • Discuss remarkable intervention strategies to avoid adverse drug effects in senior patients
  • Discuss the ways sepsis is managed in critically older patients who are ill
  • Write about malnutrition in older adults. Discuss the impacts and consequences on organ systems
  • Explore the physiologic changes in the musculoskeletal system in the elderly patients
  • Discuss diet as a risk factor for dementia

Women’s Health

  • Present a detailed evaluation of the emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
  • Write about the cultural differences in women’s health
  • Discuss the causes of vaginal atrophy
  • Present your views on the prognosis and treatment for breast cancer
  • Write about the effectiveness of screening measures for breast cancer
  • Discuss ethical treatment techniques for infertility
  • Explore crucial factors that increase conception in women
  • Discuss the remarkable approaches used to tackle postnatal depression
  • Discuss techniques for avoiding sexually transmitted diseases
  • Discuss the gap between female and male healthcare professionals
  • Write about the remarkable treatments for acne in women
  • Explore the critical environmental factors that result in high infertility rates
  • Evaluate women’s health care for immigrants
  • Write about the causes and treatment techniques for menopause
  • Discuss the causes and treatment of sepsis after labour
  • Explore the treatment techniques for cervical and ovarian cancer
  • Present a comparative analysis between neonatal care in the modern era and neonatal care in the rural area
  • How to prevent pregnancy with external agents? Explore their side effects
  • Discuss sexual health issues in women. What are the ways to prevent the aftermath?
  •  Discuss the endocrinology of reproduction. Present a detailed study of technological advancements.

Mental Health Nursing

  • Present a detailed evaluation of the connection between depression or fatigue and cancer.
  • Present a detailed evaluation of the relationship between ADHD and screen time.
  • Discuss the methods of recognising and aiding intimate partner violence victims.
  • Discuss remarkable prevention techniques for post-traumatic stress disorders.
  • Discuss the relationship between social phobia and selective mutism
  • Explore the early detection and risk factors of bipolar disorder
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of emergency medical assistance for road traffic accidents
  • Explore the ways to help stroke patients regain their motor functions
  • How to use abdominal massage to minimise residual gastric volumes in critically ill patients?
  • Explore the relationship between cancer-associated fatigue and depression
  • Explore the harms vs. benefits of utilising antipsychotics when avoiding delirium
  • Describe the efficacy of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation
  • How to comprehend personal experience and sense of self in schizophrenia?
  • Evaluate the relationship between dopamine levels and autism
  • Evaluate the risk factors associated with anorexia
  • Present a detailed evaluation of mediation treatment on patients suffering from cognitive development impairment
  • Explore the management techniques of ADHD
  • Discuss the major causes of PTSD among war veterans
  • Discuss the ways to prevent aggression acts among teenagers due to playing violent video games
  • Explore the combined impact of TMS and therapy on patients suffering from depression

Pain Management Nursing

  • Discuss abdominal pain management in children.
  • Present your views on the use of opioids in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Explore the phenomenon of phantom pains
  • Discuss the pros and cons associated with therapeutic injections
  • Write about the connection between botulinum toxin and pain management controversy
  • Explore the use of opioids in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Write about the history and best practices of cognitive hypnotherapy in pain management.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of non-chemical pain management methods in adolescents.
  • Discuss pain management in hemophilia.
  • Explore chemical and non-chemical pain treatment plans for post-surgery patients.
  • Write about medication trends in pain management relevant to nurses
  • Discuss the controversy associated with botulinum toxin and the management of pain
  • Write about the management of abdominal pain management in children
  • Evaluate pain limits
  • Evaluate chemical and non-chemical pain treatment plans for post-surgery patients.
  • Discuss mobile pain units.
  • Explore the effectiveness of cognitive hypnotherapy application in the management of pain.
  • Explore the relaxation therapy of Benson for pain management
  • Discuss how spinal cord nerve injury is associated with chronic constipation
  • Discuss ways to manage acute dental pain in children

Healthcare Management

  • Evaluate the quality of healthcare in outpatient facilities
  • Discuss ethics of healthcare for the homeless
  • Write about the role of remote care in the future of nursing
  • Discuss remarkable methods to improve staff relations in the sector of healthcare
  • Explore remarkable leadership styles within the management of the ER
  • Evaluate the digital effect on nursing and its future
  • Assess the shortage of men in healthcare
  • Present a detailed analysis of gender roles in the nursing sector
  • Present a detailed analysis of ethics associated with nursing uniform code rules
  • Write about the pathways from nursing to physicians
  • Describe the clinical pathways for the referral system
  • Is it essential for healthcare providers to be internet-savvy?
  • Explore the approach of case management in the healthcare delivery system
  • Describe the ways to start a private medical practice
  • Explore the rules for medical marijuana management
  • Discuss gender bias in the nursing profession
  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of Medicare
  •  Do you think the healthcare industry should seek to have more diversity?
  • Discuss the ways technological advancement impacted the quality of healthcare services.
  • Explore the ways healthcare providers undertake leadership positions in the hospital.

Medical-Surgical Nursing

  • Present your views about hyponatremia.
  • Discuss postoperative complications
  • Explore the pre- and post-care treatments for general surgery
  • Discuss the critical principles of the ICU
  • Write your views on postoperative nursing care techniques
  • Explore trauma and its huge impact on the brain
  • Determine different kinds of tracheostomy tubes, indications, and any equipment that must be made available for daily and emergencies.
  • Present your views on renal function and its treatment
  • Determine insulin regimens, with the inclusion of basal-bolus, correctional, and insulin drips used in the acute care inpatient setting
  • Explore the ways fostering a ‘Culture of Well-being’ influences patients, families, and the professionals who care for them.
  • Explore prevention interventions to refrain from perineal skin breakdowns
  • Explain new continuing competency requirements and enforcement.
  • Present your views on the basic EKG/telemetry evaluation of atrial fibrillation, afib with RVR.
  • Determine proactive interventions to limit the escalation of vulnerable patients.
  • Discuss three interventions that can contribute to the prevention of SSI
  • Explore hazardous drug safety for non-oncology nurses
  • Explore the scope of nursing practice. Did COVID-19 change the field of nursing?
  • Discuss ICU considerations for COVID-19 acute care patients
  • Explore glycemic control in the acute care setting of healthcare
  • Present your views about trauma-informed care

Paediatrics Nursing

  • Analyse the effectiveness of primary patient care
  • Discuss the leading causes of heart disease
  • Discuss the problem of an overabundance of information noise in the modern world.
  • Discuss the crucial psychological aspects of the infant care
  • Discuss various kinds of assistance methods in suicide attempts
  • Write about the safety and the efficacy of telehealth for pediatric patients
  • Present your views on a specific population health issue -child obesity
  • Explore psychological issues in children and their families suffering from cancer
  • Write about stem cells and their usage in the treatment of paediatric diseases
  • Discuss pathogenesis, immunology, and the treatment of HHV6
  • Write about the efficacy of dance and music therapy in children suffering from ADHD
  • Discuss the development and symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Discuss how eating disorders impact and growth and health in children
  • Discuss the beneficial effects of surfactant replacement therapy for premature infants
  • Explain the diagnosis of ear infections in childhood
  • Write about different assessments of language models in children suffering from autism
  • Discuss the role of molecular markers in the diagnosis of childhood leukaemia
  • Describe the ways anorexia impacts cognitive function in children
  • Evaluate the role of paediatric nurses in educating parents and encouraging compliance with vaccinations
  • Investigate the effect of family involvement on the outcomes of paediatric healthcare

Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing

  • Discuss the role of gender among obstetric nurses. Present a case study
  • Discuss the ethical side of abortion care
  • Explore the Hi-Fi simulation training for obstetric nursing
  • Discuss social factors that impact obstetrics
  • Discuss the principles for ob-gyn nurses
  • Present a case study of rural and urban obstetrics nursing
  • Describe the ways to tackle patient abuse towards nurses in the obstetrics unit
  • Discuss how the health of a mother can be under threat during the birth of her child
  • Discuss certain advanced trends in obstetrics
  • Explain the challenges associated with saving a mother and child during the delivery.
  • Explain the significance of having in-depth knowledge of menstrual menopause.
  • Describe the impacts of midwifery care on maternal satisfaction of primiparous women and outcomes of birth.
  • Discuss the relationship between lactation support and the success of breastfeeding of primiparous women.
  • Discuss the different practices of labour and delivery management
  • Discuss the dangers associated with the consumption of food items comprising unsaturated fatty acids
  • Discuss the checklist of delivery room behaviour
  • Write about COVID infection in women who have ovary stimulation lowered chances for pregnancy.
  • Discuss how patients with PCOD have a 47% increased risk of mortality
  • Do you think doctors should offer pain management during OB/GYN procedures?
  • Explain how the AI model can predict remarkably which drugs may cause birth defects.

ICU Nursing

  • Describe the team nursing model in the intensive care unit
  • Explain compassion fatigue in paediatrics and intensive care units
  • Explain nosocomial infections in neonatal intensive care units
  • Present your views on physical restraints in acute and intensive care units
  • Present your views on pain, parental involvement, and oxytocin in the neonatal intensive care unit
  • Discuss nurse stress and burnout in neonatal intensive care
  • Discuss the ways to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia in the ICU
  • Write about the evaluation procedure of patients in intensive care
  • Write about the abuse of drugs and alcohol in the intensive care unit
  • Explain the ways to avoid ventilator-associated pneumonia in the ICU
  • Discuss moral distress among European intensive care nurses
  • Discuss the ways to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections in the ICU
  • Discuss psychological flexibility. Present your views on its connection with distress and work engagement among medical staff of the ICU
  • Discuss the quantitative and qualitative research applications of the ICU
  • Present your views on continuous renal replacement therapy in the ICU
  • How to evaluate and prevent intensive care unit delirium
  • Discuss the risk factors for ICU admission in patients suffering from autoimmune encephalitis
  • Discuss horizontal violence encountered during orientation in ICU
  • Determine key challenges and best practices of communication in the ICU
  • Present a meta-analysis of nursing interventions to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill patients

What are the Other Examples of Nursing Thesis Topics?

  • Discuss the models and theories that have transformed the noble profession of nursing.
  • Explore the significance of evidence-based practice in critical care environments.
  • Do you think barriers in nursing are related to evidence-based practice?
  • Explore the benefits of pet therapy in kids suffering from autism disorders.
  • Discuss certain symptoms noticed in ER that can’t be explained by medicine
  • Write about the changes in heart rate due to exposure to passive smoking. Do you think it is an environmental health concern?
  • Do you think it is right for doctors and nurses to get equal opportunities?
  • Discuss the treatment methods used by nurses and doctors
  • Discuss remarkable non-medical techniques for recuperating from physical trauma
  • Explore the advantages and drawbacks of complementary and alternative therapies

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Frequently Asked Questions by Student

How do i choose a nursing thesis topic.

Since your nursing thesis is so significant, it is crucial to be mindful of the topic you choose. Try to select one that is –

  • Explorative

What are some popular nursing thesis topics?

  • Pros and cons of choosing a nursing career
  • Explore the causes of child mortality
  • Explore remarkable ways used to improve working conditions for caregivers
  • Evaluate the evolution of newborn care over the past decade
  • Explore the dangers associated with exposure to chemotherapy
  • Discuss the key roles that can be played by caregivers in rehabilitation.
  • Discuss the challenges involved in trying to look for the major causes of cancer

How do I make my nursing thesis topic researchable?

To make your nursing thesis topic researchable –

  • Ensure to narrow your focus. If the problem you’ve selected is too large, it will become impossible to investigate it properly.
  • Select a current topic that has ample literature studies and add something new to it.
  • Look for nursing research questions in any area – be it a social network, obstetrics, clinical nursing, or psychology
  • Select a topic based on your personal experience.

Can I choose a nursing thesis topic related to a specific population or healthcare setting?

Undeniably, you can choose a nursing thesis topic related to a specific population or healthcare setting. As a matter of fact, this is an exceptional way to narrow down the topic and focus your research.

When selecting a nursing thesis topic connected with a specific population or healthcare setting, it is crucial to consider the below-enlisted aspects –

  • Your interests and experiences
  • Availability of the research
  • Feasibility of the research

How can I contribute something new to the nursing field through my thesis topic?

There are countless ways to contribute something new to the nursing field through thesis topics. Here are some of them –

  • Select an under-researched theme
  • Utilise a new research method
  • Concentrate on a specific population or healthcare setting
  • Establish a new program or intervention
  • Determine a gap in the literature
  • Speak with your professors and mentors
  • Be creative


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nursing student thesis ideas

Are you ready to earn your online nursing degree?

Writing a thesis presents an opportunity for graduate students to conduct scholarly inquiry, with the potential of publishing their finished paper. A thesis requires nursing students to identify a problem in nursing, and review academic literature while developing advanced research skills. Thesis advisors and committees guide students from the proposal phase to the final oral defense, a process that spans about two semesters.

Not every nursing student is required to complete a thesis. Some nursing programs offer a non-thesis option, in which candidates complete a final capstone project or oral examination on topics such as nursing theories and clinical practices.

The thesis process and requirements vary by school. Ohio State University’s master of science in nursing program’s final examination includes oral and written portions.

Want to know what to expect during the thesis process? Read on to learn how you can choose a thesis topic and orally defend your paper.

Choosing Your Nursing Thesis Topic

Nursing students must choose a thesis topic before they begin the research and writing process, typically within the first two terms of nursing school. A solid thesis must present an original argument, manageable research scope, and worthy academic pursuit. A thesis advisor or research professor will help to guide each student through the process of choosing a topic.

In the conceptual phase, candidates research potential thesis topics based on their interests within their nursing specialty. Students may start with a broad topic such as obesity and weight management, depression, or cardiovascular disease. To narrow their thesis argument, graduate students might focus on racial or ethnic groups, socio-economic issues, or current events.

After settling on a topic, students draft and submit a thesis proposal to an advisor or committee chair. Once this proposal has been approved, students can begin the formal work on his or her approved thesis topic.

While graduate students must complete a thesis to fulfill the requirements of a master’s degree in nursing, the thesis process also offers a chance for future nurses to immerse themselves in current academic literature and collaborate with fellow graduate students, faculty, and professors. A thesis can also serve as the foundation for doctoral studies. A thesis at the doctoral (PhD) level is called a dissertation.

Completing Your Nursing Thesis

Brainstorming a thesis topic begins as early as the first semester of a master’s in nursing program. The formal thesis process, which typically spans multiple terms, does not take place until the student's final year, usually during the last term.

Thesis requirements vary by school, and students must meet specific deadlines and take prerequisite courses beforehand. At the University of Texas-Houston’s School of Nursing , candidates take a public health class before they submit a thesis proposal.

Future nurses work under the guidance of a thesis committee and advisor. The experience of writing a thesis trains students in original investigation, data collection, implementing research design, and public speaking. Candidates also learn to flex their analytical thinking skills and master a specific area of nursing as they develop the ability to analyze and draw conclusions through data.

At a program's conclusion, students submit their thesis as a bound manuscript or electronic file. In addition to submitting a written report, students orally defend their final thesis in front of the committee. Many graduates also submit their manuscripts for publication.

Presenting Your Nursing Thesis

Graduate students generally orally defend their proposal and present their completed thesis in front of their committee. This committee also includes the thesis mentor, a faculty member specializing in the nursing discipline of their scholarly inquiry. There are generally 3 total committee members on a thesis committee.

Fellow graduate students or consultants outside of the college may attend presentations, if the process is open to the public. Otherwise, the thesis defense remains a private session, with students presenting their findings. The oral examination of the thesis takes up to one hour, but can last longer depending on how many questions the committee has for the student.

During that time, the committee evaluates the thesis based on how the research experience has shaped the student’s graduate education and the findings' significance to the nursing field. When the exam concludes, the committee either accepts or rejects the thesis defense.

How is a Nursing Thesis Graded?

Nursing schools rely on each committee to formally grade each product in the thesis process. Some graduate nursing students may receive a letter grade, while other nursing schools adhere to a “pass” or “fail” policy.

To determine a grade, the committee assesses the thesis based on set criteria. Committee members look at the project's key components, including the statement of purpose, literature review, research methodology, analysis, findings, and implications. The process and grading criteria for the thesis process can be found in the school's graduate handbook. Most of these handbooks are published online for student review.

The thesis must identify significant issues or service gaps in nursing and present them in a concise and coherent fashion. Candidates must support all findings and analysis by research and explain the implications for healthcare.

The oral defense also factors into the grade. The committee grades the defense based on the quality of the student’s presentation, taking into consideration if the student spoke clearly and presented a logical and well-organized argument.

What is the Difference Between a Nursing Thesis and a Capstone?

A nursing thesis and a capstone demonstrate the student’s comprehensive knowledge and educational journey. Graduate students in a non-research track may have the choice of completing a clinical project. Doctoral of Nursing ( DNP ) students complete a capstone project.

Graduate-level nursing students work on an original scholarly inquiry during their thesis, while undergraduates recap their cumulative learning experience. The thesis process, which includes completing nursing courses and writing a proposal, takes place over the entire program.

Learn more about the difference between a thesis and capstone project on this page .

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Fatigue-related Symptom Clusters and their Relationship with Depression, and Functional Status in Older Adults Hospice Patients with Cancer. , Suzan Fouad Abduljawad

Genetic Moderation of Pain and Fatigue Symptoms Resulting from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Breast Cancer Program , Carissa Bea Alinat

The Moderating Effect of Religion on Death Distress and Quality of Life between Christian Cancer patients in the United States with Muslim cancer patients in Saudi Arabia , Doaa Almostadi

Prevention of Post Intensive Care Syndrome-Family with Sensation Awareness Focused Training Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Trial Pilot Study , Paula L. Cairns

Assessing Abstinence in Infants Greater Than 28 Days Old , Genieveve J. Cline

The Relationship Between Sleep Quality and Motor Function in Hospitalized Older Adult Survivors of Critical Illness , Maya N. Elías

The Role of Migration-Related Stress in Depression Among Haitian Immigrants in Florida: A Mixed Method Sequential Explanatory Approach , Dany Amanda C. Fanfan

The Effect of Depression, Inflammation and Sleep Quality on Risk for Cardiovascular Disease , Catherine L. O'Neil

Adapting SafeMedicate (Medication Dosage Calculation Skills software) For Use In Brazil , Samia Valeria Ozorio Dutra

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

The Relationship Between Total Neuropathy Score-reduced, Neuropathy Symptoms and Function. , Ashraf Abulhaija

Validation of the Electronic Kids Dietary Index (E-KINDEX) Screening Tool for Early Identification of Risk for Overweight/Obesity (OW/OB) in a Pediatric Population: Associations with Quality of Life Perceptions , Patricia A. Hall

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

The Effectiveness of an Intervention Designed to Improve Chlorhexidine (CHG) Bathing Technique in Adults Hospitalized in Medical Surgical Units , Janette Echemendia Denny

Levels of Distress Among Women Veterans Attending a Women’s Health Specialty Clinic in the VA Healthcare System , Debbie T. Devine

Examination of the Use of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) in the Treatment of Symptoms of PTSD and Sleep Dysfunction in Veterans and Civilians , Marian Jevone Hardwick

Investigating the Mutual Effects of Depression and Spiritual Well-being on Quality of Life in Hospice Patients with Cancer and Family Caregivers Using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model , Li-Ting Huang

The Change in Nutritional Status in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: A Retrospective Descriptive A Retrospective Descriptive Study , Dina A. Masha'al

Exploring the Relationship Between Severity of Illness and Human Milk Volume in Very Low Birth Weight and Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants Over Six Weeks , Shannon Leigh Morse

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Scores and Novel Risk Factors in Relation to Race and Gender , Johanna Wilson

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

A Comparative Evaluation of the Learner Centered Grading Debriefing Method in Nursing Education , Marisa J. Belote

Sleep, Depressive Symptoms and Cognition in Older Adults and Caregivers of Persons with Dementia , Glenna Shemida Brewster

The Relationship between Hearing Status and Cognitive Performance and the Influence of Depressive Symptoms in the Older Adult , Julie A. Daugherty

Basal Salivary Oxytocin and Skin to Skin Contact among Lactating Mothers of Premature Infants , Jessica Marie Gordon

The Relationship Between Nurses' Emotional Intelligence and Patient Outcomes , Mary Kutash

Sexual Functioning and Body Image in Younger Breast Cancer Survivors , Carly Lynn Paterson

Cognitive Load of Registered Nurses During Medication Administration , Sarah Faith Perron

A Comparison of Quality of Life between Intense and Non-Intense Treatment for Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and High-Risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome , Sara Marie Tinsley

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Acculturation, Self-Efficacy and Breastfeeding Behavior in a Sample of Hispanic Women , Ivonne F. Hernandez

Knowledge and Acceptance of HPV and the HPV Vaccine in Young Men and Their Intention to be Vaccinated , Brenda Renee Jasper

The Relationships Between Sleep Disturbances, Depression, Inflammatory Markers, and Sexual Trauma in Female Veterans , Ellen Marcolongo

Examination of Possible Protective Effect of Rhesus D Positive Blood Factor on Toxoplasma-related Depressive Symptoms in Pregnancy , Lisa Lynn Parnell

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice of Primary Care Nurse Practitioners Regarding Skin Cancer Assessmnets: Validity and Reliability of a New Instrument , Debra Michelle Shelby

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Knowledge and Practice of Reproductive Health among Mothers and their Impact on Fetal Birth Outcomes: A Case of Eritrea , Winta Negusse Araya

Race/Ethnicity, Subjective and Objective Sleep Quality, Physical and Psychological Symptoms in Breast Cancer Survivors , Pinky H. Budhrani

Factors Predicting Pap Smear Adherence in HIV-infected Women: Using the Health Belief Model , Crystal L. Chapman Lambert

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Predictors of Quality of Life in Patients with Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma , Darcie Marie Deaver

Relationship between dysphoric moods, risk-taking behaviors, and Toxoplasma gondii antibody titers in female veterans , Allyson Radford Duffy

Prenatal Stress, Depression, and Herpes Viral Titers , Pao-Chu Hsu

Factors Associated with Fear of Breast Cancer Recurrence Among Survivors , Jean Marie Lucas

Sickle Cell Disease: The Role of Self-Care Management , Nadine Matthie

Factors Influencing Vaccination Decisions in African American Mothers of Preschool Age Children , Chauntel Mckenzie Mcnair

The Strong Black Woman, Depression, and Emotional Eating , Michelle Renee Offutt

Development of an Investigator-designed Questionnaire Concerning Childbirth Delivery Options based on the Theory of Planned Behavior , Chun-Yi Tai

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

The Mediating Effect of Distress Caused by Constipation on Predictors of Quality of Life of Hospice Patients with Cancer. , Abdel Alkhalouf

Testing a Model of Bacterial Vaginosis among Black Women , Jessica Brumley

The Effect of Tight Glycemic Control on Surgical Site Infection Rates in Patients Undergoing Open Heart Surgery , Sierra Gower

Development of a Tool for Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Preventive Interventions in Ancillary Services Patients , Monica Shutts Messer

Hospice Nurses- Attitudes and Knowledge about Pain Management , Amie Jacqueline Miller

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Literacy and Hazard Communication Comprehension of Employees Presenting to an Occupational Health Clinic , Christine Bouchard

A Meta-Analysis of Cultural Competence Education in Professional Nurses and Nursing Students , Ruth Wilmer Gallagher

Relationship Between Cancer-Related Fatigue and Depression: A Pilot Study , Gloria Michelle Guess

A Comparison of Oncology and Non-Oncology Nurses in Their Knowledge of Cancer Pain Management , Nicole Houle

Evaluating Knowledge and Attitudes of Graduate Nursing Students Regarding Pain , Eric Bartholomew Jackson

Bone Marrow Transplant Nurses' Attitudes about Caring for Patients Who are Near the End of Life: A Quality Improvement Project , Leslie Lauersdorf

Translation and Adaptation of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression (CES-D) Scale Into Tigrigna Language for Tigrigna Speaking Eritrean Immigrants in the United States , Mulubrhan Fisseha Mogos

Nurse Manager Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor to Registered Nurse Job Satisfaction and RN Perceptions of the Practice Environment and the Relationship to Patient, Nursing and Hospital Outcomes , Jacqueline Cecilia Munro

The Relationship of Mid-Pregnancy Levels of Cytokines, Stress, and Depression with Gestational Age at Delivery , Melissa Molinari Shelton

Prophylactic, Risk-Reducing Surgery in Unaffected BRCA-Positive Women: Quality Of Life, Sexual Functioning and Psychological Well-Being , Sharon Tollin

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

The Relationship Between FAM5C SNP (rs10920501) Variability, Metabolic Syndrome, and Inflammation, in Women with Coronary Heart Disease , Jennifer L. Cline

Women’s Perceptions of Postpartum Stress: A Narrative Analysis , Nancy Gilbert Crist

Lived Experience: Near-Fatal Adolescent Suicide Attempt , Phyllis Ann Dougherty

Exploring the Relationships among Work-Related Stress, Quality of Life, Job Satisfaction, and Anticipated Turnover on Nursing Units with Clinical Nurse Leaders , Mary Kohler

A Comparative Study of Knowledge of Pain Management in Certified and Non-Certified Oncology Nurses , Sherrie A. LaLande

Evaluating Knowledge and Attitudes of Undergraduate Nursing Students Regarding Pain Management , Jessica Latchman

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Moderating the Effectiveness of Messages to Promote Physical Activity in Type 2 Diabetes , Rachel E. Myers

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The Correlation Between Neuropathy Limitations and Depression in Chemotherapy Patients , Melissa Thebeau

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

Fatigue Symptom Distress and Its Relationship with Quality Of Life in Adult Stem Cell Transplant Survivors , Suzan Fouad Abduljawad R.N., B.S.N.

Nursing Advocacy and the Accuracy of Intravenous to Oral Opioid Conversion at Discharge in the Cancer Patient , Maria L. Gallo R.N., O.C.N.

Transitional Care for Adolescents with HIV: Characteristics and Current Practices of the Adolescent Trials Network Systems of Care , Patricia Gilliam

The Effect of Ethical Ideology and Professional Values on Registered Nurses’ Intentions to Act Accountably , Susan R. Hartranft

Falls in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients: A Retrospective Study , Lura Henderson R.N., B.S.N.

Predictors of cancer caregiver depression symptomatology , Henry R. Rivera

Psychosocial outcomes of weight stigma among college students , Sabrina Joann Robinson

The Experience of Fatigue and Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer , Andrea Shaffer

The Relationship Between Uncertainty in Illness and Anxiety in Patients With Cancer , Naima Vera

Shifting Paradigms: The Development of Nursing Identity in Foreign-Educated Physicians Retrained as Nurses Practicing in the United States , Liwliwa Reyes Villagomeza

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008

Prostate Cancer Screening Intention Among African American Men: An Instrument Development Study , Susan Anita Baker

The Geriatric Cancer Experience in End of Life: Model Adaptation and Testing , Harleah G. Buck

Communication Systems and HIV/AIDS Sexual Decision Making in Older Adolescent and Young Adult Females , Rasheeta D. Chandler MS, ARNP, FNP-BC

Relationship of Anger Trait and Anger Expression to C-Reactive Protein in Post-Menopausal Women , Rosalyn Gross

Identifying Patients with Cancer at Risk of Experiencing a Fall While Hospitalized , Joann M. Heaton

Modulation of Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cell Maturation and Function by Cigarette Smoke Condensate in a Bronchial Epithelial Cell Co-Culture Model , Alison J. Montpetit

Cancer Patients with Pain: Examination of the Role of the Spouse/Partner Relationship In Mediating Quality of Life Outcomes for the Couple , Mary Ann Morgan

Development of an Ecological Model to Predict Risk for Acquisition of Clostridium difficile -Associated Diarrhea During Acute Care Hospitalization , Susan Elaine Steele

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Health Decision Behaviors: Appropriateness of Dietary Choice , Daryle Hermelin Wane

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007

The Relationship Between Sleep-Wake Disturbance and Pain in Cancer Patients Admitted to Hospice Home Care , Marjorie Acierno

Wheelchair Positioning and Pulmonary Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy , Lee Barks

Structural Equation Model of Exercise in Women Utilizing the Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms and Social Cognitive Variables , Sarah Elizabeth Cobb

The Effects of a Structured Adherence Intervention to HAART on Adherence and Treatment Response Outcomes , Donald E. Kurtyka

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120+ Interesting Nursing Research Paper Topics

nursing dissertation topics

Developing the skill of writing dissertation topics in nursing takes practice, time, and patience. Nevertheless, that skill will improve and develop the more you write. With this article, writing an essay topic will become more comfortable than ever as your confidence increases.

Therefore, let us explore some of the guidelines for any essay topic.

Tips for Great Nursing Research Paper Topics

To attain the highest standards of dissertation topics, you need to have the following tips in mind:

  • The problem must define the purpose of your essay
  • It should be engaging
  • It should act as a hook
  • It should be of the required word count

Let’s now get to the real deal; we are going to explore 70 nursing dissertation topics arranged in clusters for easier retrieval.

Research Paper Topics in Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing

  • Understanding Gestational Diabetes, screening, diagnosis, and prognosis
  • What are Blood pressure, renal function, and structural changes?
  • How pre-ecliptic pregnancy occurs
  • Receptor-mediated agonist and antagonism with particular regard to the audiology
  • The process of treatment of preterm labor and primary dysmenorrhea
  • Background knowledge concerning several biochemical markers
  • Understanding Vascular mechanical properties
  • Analyzing tissue localization and prognostic importance
  • Hormonal regulation and functional significance
  • Significance of the Plasminogen activation system
  • Dynamic Fetal and Placental Circulatory Changes during Uterine Contractions
  • Aspects of risk factors, evaluation, and surgical treatment
  • Diagnosis and prognosis, with particular reference to maternal fever in labor
  • Evaluation of a new form of therapy for menorrhagia
  • Risk factors and the role of the urethra
  • How well do Cloposcopic Cervical Screenings work and are they optimal?
  • Do individuals with a higher miscarriage frequency tend to have more anticardiolipin antibodies?
  • The different medical treatments for acute liver failure in pregnant patients.
  • The connection of thyroid problems in obstetrics patients.
  • Different techniques are used to determine fetal weight during the entire pregnancy.
  • Different methods are used to control hypertension during a patient’s pregnancy.
  • Women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome and how to treat their insulin resistance.
  • How does supplementing with vitamin D change the conditions for a mother and her child during the pregnancy?
  • The various medical techniques used to treat gestational diabetes.
  • Do vaccines prevent the transfer of Hepatitis B in pregnant women?

Nursing Research Paper Topics in Critical Care

  • An investigation on whether critical care nurses achieve resilience
  • A phenomenological study on how critical care affects the nurse and her family personally
  • Established models used to evaluate the efficacy of pain assessment in critical care
  • A review of how the nurse-patient ratio in the ICU determines the quality of care
  • A qualitative survey of how essential nurses of care’ manage workloads during the holiday season
  • Are critical care nurses sufficiently trained to monitor acute secondary health issues arising out of primary care issues?
  • A comparison of critical care nurses in cardiac units in private and public organizations
  • Does miscommunication occur between physicians and nurses in the intensive care unit?
  • How gender determines the effectiveness of essential nurses of care in hospitals
  • A comparison of different critical care nurses’ salaries and allowances in the world
  • How do critical caregivers communicate with patients in ICU?
  • What is the role of Critical Care givers organizations in the country?
  • Evaluating different medical schools offering critical care courses in Europe
  • How to avoid complications in blood transfusions among ICU patients
  • An insight into essential caregivers of rural areas versus those in urban areas
  • The importance of stress and energy burnout amongst nurses.
  • How can communication be improved for critical care nurses?
  • How to prevent ventilator-contracted pneumonia in significantly ill patients.
  • The connection between real and theoretical risk with the use of catheters.
  • The various nursing techniques used to manage open abdominal wounds.
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of nutritional care for significantly ill children.
  • How to better interact with the family of a critically ill patient.
  • Medical complications connected with incorrect insertion of peripheral catheters.
  • How to avoid medical complications with patients prone to heart attacks and hypertension.
  • Reasons to pursue a career in critical care nursing.

Emergency Nursing Research Paper Topics

  • Pediatric trauma: The need for accurate patient assessment to identify life-threatening injuries
  • How supporting relationship-based care is a standard of practice to improve patient satisfaction
  • A case study on why many young people get injured: Risky games and activities
  • How children maltreatment causes the deaths of many children less than four years of age
  • Things to look out for and some ideas on how to fight compassion fatigue
  • Identifying the mechanisms of injury associated with spinal injuries
  • Goals of metabolic acidosis, hypothermia, and coagulopathy in damage control
  • Assessing the benefits of a geriatric emergency department
  • Exploring the latest innovations in Emergency Stroke care
  • Short or long-term effects of heroin on Emergency response
  • A review of the parameters used in eye assessment
  • The result of a lack of self-care and how it contributes to emergency responses
  • How to detect the emergency level preparedness of the patients
  • The use of implanted venous access device in the Emergency Department
  • Analysis of the best test instruments for measuring an emergency nurse’s perceived stress when in the emergency department
  • Understanding emergency nurses’ attitudes and knowledge toward patients admitted with alcohol use and abuse
  • A case study on the level of treatment emergency department nurses uses toward patient care.
  • What can be done to further improve patient care in the emergency room?
  • The significance of stroke care innovations in hospital emergency rooms.
  • The need for more emergency rooms and nursing services in needy areas.
  • A case study on the emergency responses towards men affected by heroin.
  • What nursing techniques can be used to calm a highly distressed patient?
  • The best strategies to use in the emergency room to calm a distressed patient.
  • Detailed analysis of the techniques used to save drowning victims.
  • What precautions can be taken before a large medical emergency takes place?
  • How to manage the stress levels of emergency nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Paper Topics in Community Health Nursing

  • An evaluation of new developments in community health nursing care
  • How does a shortage of nurses in hospitals contribute to increased life loses
  • Understanding critical care practices in a community health clinic
  • How to create a pleasant work environment in community health nursing
  • Effective community health nursing training programs
  • Evaluating proper patient support in health institutions
  • Legal issues affecting community health nurses
  • Do religious or spiritual beliefs affect community health nursing?
  • How can community health nurses deal with diversity in the workplace
  • Importance of nursing code of ethics
  • Media and community health nursing
  • Role of nurses
  • Health and safety of nurses
  • Work-life balancing
  • The importance of nurses educate patients in an environment of various cultures.
  • Detailed analysis on using frailty as a factor for home placement.
  • The importance of nurses educating women on domestic partner violence.
  • A case study on difficult patients in the community health sector.
  • The importance and significance of nurses in community health services.
  • The importance of having nurses and community health services in impoverished areas.
  • A case study on the impact of nurses in community health services.
  • How nurses manage an inpatient dealing with depression.
  • Detailed analysis of the outcomes that occur in a social setting from community health nursing services.
  • The best nursing practices used in the community health sector.

Research Paper Topics in Nursing Education

  • Home-based nursing services
  • Effects of technology advancement on nursing
  • Nurse wages case study
  • Registered nurses versus fresh graduates
  • Education and developmental programs for nurses
  • Practical communication skills as a nurse
  • Role of non-verbal communication in nursing
  • Improving the efficiency of community nurses
  • Purpose of personal development in nursing
  • Attitude and behavior of nursing behavior
  • Why is nursing at home chosen over hospital admission amongst most patients?
  • What will you need to re-enter the nursing field after taking a prolonged leave of absence?
  • What improvements has technology brought to nursing?
  • Do nurses deserve to earn higher compensation?
  • How do nursing graduates perform in the field compared to their time in education?
  • Why education is important for nurses in any medical field.
  • Why nurses need to have excellent communication techniques.
  • How body language can communicate with patients with various needs of care.
  • How can nursing be optimized as a whole?
  • How nursing can contribute to self-improvement.

And that’s all, 120 top nursing research topics for you!

Now, this is interesting:

Steps to Choosing a Top-Notch Paper Topic

In such a case, the task may seem tedious, but that is about to get solved. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Identify the purpose of your essay (informative or persuasive)
  • Research on topics you find intriguing
  • Evaluate the available options
  • Settle on one suitable topic

The text should interest you. I don’t thiif anyone can write a captivating essay on a topic that doesn’t interest him/her in any way.

If you would like writing assistance on these titles, contact us ASAP!

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290 Good Nursing Research Topics & Questions

Florence Nightingale is called “the mother of modern nursing.” She was the first one who started incorporating research into her practice. While providing patients with health care and support, nurses observe things that may need further investigation. This way, they become not only caretakers but also scientists.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for 13.00 10.40/page

Research topics in nursing are a way to gain valuable evidence-based knowledge while providing patient care. Moreover, they offer an opportunity to help other nurses by contributing to global healthcare. Some of the most pressing nursing research questions concern medical surgery, midwifery, and geriatrics, as well as the issues of leadership and management.

Need some inspiring topics for nursing students? Look no further! This article by experts contains 290 hot nursing research topics, as well as useful additional information and writing tips.

  • 🔝 Top 10 Topics
  • ☑️ How to Choose a Topic?
  • 🐥 Pediatric Topics
  • 👴 Geriatric Topics
  • 🍼 Midwifery Topics
  • 💆 Mental Health Topics
  • 🏊 Health Promotion Topics
  • 💡 Topics for Discussion
  • 🔝 10 Research Questions
  • 🔢 Quantitative Research
  • 🔬 Qualitative Research

👋 Conclusion

🔝 top 10 nursing research topics 2023.

  • The social effect of the opioid crisis.
  • Cancel culture and women’s health.
  • Economic aspects of euthanasia.
  • Nursing adaptation for a digital era.
  • The gender pay gap in nursing.
  • Health issues of immigrant women.
  • Should futile medical care be provided?
  • Ways to improve diversity in nursing.
  • Ethics of artificial hydration and nutrition.
  • Overcoming vaccine hesitancy during pregnancy.

☑️ Research Topics in Nursing: How to Choose?

BSc students and interns often find it challenging to come up with a nursing research paper topic. Healthcare covers a lot of very diverse topics. It’s easy to get confused while trying to choose the most interesting one.

First of all, t is very important to narrow your focus. If the problem you’ve chosen is too large, it can be impossible to examine it properly. Remember: you don’t have to solve world problems in order to contribute to medical science. Choose a current topic which already has plenty of literature studies , and add something new to it. There are interesting nursing research questions in any area, be it social work, psychology, obstetrics, or clinical nursing.

Narrow your focus when choosing a research topic.

You can choose a topic based on your personal experience. It can be something you observe in your family or an issue that made you interested in the nursing profession in the first place. You can look at the situation in your hometown or city to help you come up with an idea for evidence-based practice nursing research topics.

📜 Nursing Research Topics

Once you’ve chosen your area of interest, you are ready to formulate your thesis and write a research proposal. Below is a list of research questions examples for you to choose from.

🐥 Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Ways of enhancing language development for children with developmental disabilities

  • Evaluation of pragmatic language patterns in autistic children
  • Taking care of children with congenital heart disease : psychological issues
  • Childhood cancer treatment optimization: new ways
  • Children with cancer and their families: psychological issues
  • Cancer: health service delivery efficiency
  • Childhood obesity: a population health issue
  • Radiation therapy: the response of the hematopoietic system in oncology patients
  • Leukemia cells and the immune system: mechanisms of interaction
  • Childhood acute leukemia : the use of molecular markers in diagnosis
  • Blindness in children receiving oxygen therapy : risk-reducing strategies

Pediatric Nursing.

  • Early life exposures that promote heart disease later in life
  • Role of early-life exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in childhood obesity
  • Obesity in children and adolescents : prevention strategies
  • Childhood obesity and other cardiovascular risk factors: epidemiologic research
  • Childhood obesity : identification, screening, prevention, and management
  • Stem cells and their usage in the treatment of pediatric diseases
  • Early-life exposure to air pollution : health effects
  • Prenatal exposure to nicotine : health effects
  • Effects of early life stress on metabolic and cognitive development of children
  • Asthma in children: diagnosis and management
  • Asthma in children : monitoring techniques
  • Opportunistic fungal infections: pathogenesis and treatment
  • HHV6: pathogenesis, immunology, and treatment
  • Meningitis in children: prevention and vaccination
  • Vaccination against influenza in children: reactions and complications
  • Common measles complications in children
  • Surfactant replacement therapy for premature infants: beneficial effects
  • Animal models for respiratory diseases : the investigation of pathogenesis
  • Cells and molecules in lung health and disease: understanding the function
  • Neurotrophin and neurotransmitter receptors: a molecular study
  • New therapeutic approaches to developmental diseases of the nervous system
  • Movement disorders in children: understanding and treatment
  • Tourette syndrome in children: causes and treatment
  • Neuroblastoma in children: understanding racial differences
  • Understanding Metabolic Syndrome : symptoms and causes
  • Anorexia and related changes in brain function and behavior
  • Eating disorders in children : effects on growth and health
  • Infant nutrition: prevention of obesity and eating disorders
  • ADHD medication for children: long-term effects
  • ADHD in children: efficacy of dance and music therapy
  • Efficacy of mind-body therapy in children with ADHD
  • Autism in children : benefits of meditation techniques
  • Ear infections in children: diagnosis and treatment
  • Acute renal insufficiency: nursing care and treatment
  • Childhood nephrotic syndrome : nursing care and management
  • Kidney stones in children: preventive strategies
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy : development and symptoms
  • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome: management strategies
  • Type 1 diabetes in children: genetic and environmental factors
  • Children with type 1 diabetes from ethnic minorities: risk factors

👴 Geriatric Nursing Research Topics

  • Age-Related Changes in Health: cardiovascular system
  • Age-Related Changes in Nervous System and Cognition abilities in older adults
  • Physiologic changes in the musculoskeletal system in older adults
  • The effects of aging on the immune system
  • Vaccination for older adults: benefits and challenges
  • Urinary tract infections in older adults: risk factors and diagnosis
  • Malnutrition in older adults: consequences and effects on organ systems
  • Gastrointestinal tract disorders in older age: nursing care strategies
  • Nursing: long-term care facilities
  • Sensory system changes and impairments in older adults: nursing care strategies
  • Assessment of physical function in older adults: effects of regular physical activity
  • Oral health conditions in older adults: effects and treatment
  • Ways of improving oral care for older people
  • Oral hydration in older adults: ways of maintaining
  • Dehydration in older adults: prevention, recognition, and treatment
  • Diet as a risk factor for dementia

Mark Twain quote.

  • Personalized diets for older adults and their role in healthy aging
  • The role of diet in reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  • Family caregiving of older cancer patients: psychological issues
  • Taking care for seniors with chronic illness : psychological issues
  • Risk factors for functional decline in older patients: ways of optimization
  • Physical environment as a risk factor for functional decline in older patients
  • Later-life depression : cause and risk factors
  • Ophthalmic care for older patients: nursing strategies
  • Medication adherence in patients with dementia : development and implementation of interventions
  • Use of machine learning in predicting dementia in older adults: effectiveness and accuracy assessment
  • Alzheimer’s disease : biological mechanisms and preventive measures
  • Cognitive therapy for older patients with Alzheimer’s disease : effectiveness and strategies
  • Delirium in elderly patients: prevention strategies
  • Massage Therapy vs. Simple Touch to Improve Pain and Mood in Patients with Advanced Cancer: A Randomized Trial
  • Improving pain management in older patients: care strategies
  • Falls and injury risk in older adults: prevention and management
  • Adverse drug effects in elderly patients: interventions and care strategies
  • Use of physical restraints : ethics of the issue
  • Ethnicity as a risk factor for pressure ulcer development
  • Excessive sleepiness as a risk factor of cognitive decline in elderly patients
  • Alcohol use disorders in elderly patients: care strategies
  • Substance use disorders in older adults: treatment and care options
  • Management of sepsis in critically ill elderly patients
  • Complications in critically ill patients due to prolonged hospital stay
  • Heart failure in older adults: current therapeutic options
  • Care of elderly surgical patients: ways of optimization
  • The concept of geriatric dehydration
  • Perioperative care of older adults: nursing strategies
  • Medical emergencies associated with cancer treatment of elderly patients
  • Cancer surgery in elderly patients: risk assessment
  • Pancreatic cancer surgery in older adults: balancing risks and benefits
  • Bladder cancer in older adults: risk factors and challenges
  • Older patients with fragility hip fracture: care strategies
  • Handling pressure ulcers in hip fracture patients
  • Care of the older patients in the ED: nursing intervention
  • Transitional care for elderly patients with chronic disease : care strategies
  • Advanced care planning : nurse’s roles and strategies

🍼 Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

  • Women with a disability: pregnancy and childbirth
  • The effect of midwifery care in pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postnatal period
  • Maternal and infant outcomes of caseload care
  • Caseload midwifery care in ethnic minorities
  • Ways of improving health outcomes for women and babies from ethnic minorities
  • Depression and anxiety in new mothers : effects on the health of mothers and infants
  • Postnatal depression : risk factors
  • Complication of pregnancy: Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)
  • Effectiveness of peer support in preventing postnatal depression
  • Telephone support as a means of reducing postnatal depression : a cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Diabetes in pregnancy: risk factors and management
  • Hypoglycemia in newborns: preventive measures
  • Women’s experience of motherhood: attachment and mother-infant bonding
  • Stress in midwives and nurses: causes and prevalence
  • Group antenatal care: feasibility and acceptability
  • The positive impact of early parenting education

Midwifery Nursing.

  • Midwifery continuity of care and its effectiveness.
  • The role of community support in maintaining emotional health during pregnancy
  • Birth plan and its effects on the birth experience
  • Effects of prenatal yoga on women and infants
  • Prolonged labor and its effect on birth experience in women
  • Childbirth experience for autistic women
  • Pain management in labor: relaxation techniques and therapies
  • Cesarean section : risks and long-term effects
  • Fear of childbirth: symptoms and treatments
  • Parental experiences with premature and low birth weight infants
  • Sleep disorders in new mothers: effects on mothers and infants
  • Perinatal palliative care : the role of midwives in providing care and support to families
  • Childbirth expectations and experience: effect on new mother’s mental health
  • Advanced maternal age: risk factors
  • Adverse pregnancy outcomes: causes and risk factors
  • Periodontitis: effect on preterm birth and low birth weight in babies
  • Spirituality in midwifery: effects on labor and delivery
  • Obesity and pregnancy: labor intervention and outcomes
  • Teamwork in midwifery: key concepts
  • Power dynamics in midwifery care: initiating, building, and maintaining relationships
  • Domestic violence against women: raising awareness among midwives
  • Midwifery care for women of low socioeconomic status: benefits of understanding social context
  • Psychological traumatic childbirth: contributing factors
  • The role of midwives in the monitoring process of emergency care
  • Fetal monitoring, screening, and other tests during pregnancy
  • Weight management and physical activity in pregnancy
  • Handling physical and emotional changes during pregnancy
  • Facilitating and maintaining normal childbirth: strategies and practices
  • Decision-making during birth: the role of midwives
  • Midwifery care during the immediate postnatal period
  • Engaging fathers in perinatal services: ways and strategies
  • Skincare and hygiene for newborns and infants
  • Immediate care of the newborns
  • Infant feeding : methods and techniques
  • Common feeding problems: identification and management

💆 Mental Health Research Topics in Nursing

  • The connection between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Vitamin D Deficiency and long-term cognitive impairment among older patients
  • Effects of meditation on patients with cognitive impairment
  • The connection between social phobia and selective mutism
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder : new prevention techniques
  • Social media : effects on mental health among teenagers
  • Stimulant treatments of ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder : early detection and risk factors
  • Bipolar disorder in families: genetic factors
  • Effectiveness of deep brain stimulation in patients with depression

Rainer Maria Rilke quote.

  • Reconstruction of the sense of self in schizophrenia patients
  • Understanding personal experience and phenomenology in patients with schizophrenia
  • The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy for panic attack treatment
  • The connection between panic disorder and maladaptive behavior
  • The connection between brain inflammation and OCD
  • White matter abnormalities in patients with OCD
  • The combined effects of TMS and therapy on patients with depression
  • Changes in task performance under stress in patients with anxiety disorders
  • Biological processes of generalized anxiety
  • Depression in perimenopausal women
  • Schizophrenia : genetic factors
  • Schizophrenia : environmental factors
  • Ways of diagnosing autism spectrum disorder in adults
  • Ways of detecting early-stage dementia
  • The connection between dopamine levels and autism spectrum disorders
  • The connection between serotonin levels and autism spectrum disorders
  • The connection between screen time and inattention problems in children with ADHD
  • ADHD : prevention strategies
  • The efficacy of mindfulness techniques in patients with social phobia
  • The efficacy of paroxetine in treating patients with anxiety
  • Etiology of anorexia nervosa
  • The role of socio-cultural factors in the development of eating disorders
  • Treatment of agoraphobia : new ways
  • Phobias and the ways to deal with them
  • Seasonal affective disorder: summer and winter patterns
  • Brain differences in patients with insomnia
  • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder: brain mechanisms and risk factors
  • The physical response to a traumatic experience in patients with PTSD
  • Borderline personality disorder : brain factors
  • Effects of music therapy for adolescents with autism
  • The connection between traumatic events during childhood and the development of borderline personality disorder
  • Dialectical behavior therapy in the treatment of patients with a borderline personality disorder
  • Ways of diagnosing of psychogenic movement disorders
  • Conduct disorder in children : ways of increasing awareness
  • Adverse childhood experiences : the long-term effects
  • Body dysmorphic disorder : diagnosis and treatment
  • The mechanisms of body dysmorphic disorder : the use of brain imaging studies
  • Adjustment disorder : diagnosis and treatment
  • Schizotypal personality disorder : neurobiology and symptoms
  • The efficacy of exposure therapy in the treatment of PTSD
  • Codependency : ways of raising awareness
  • Mood disorders in children: treatment options

🏊 Health Promotion Research Topics in Nursing

  • Preventative medicine practices for seniors
  • New ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in older age
  • Communication and sharing of preventative medicine techniques: new ways
  • Community-based exercise programs for older adults
  • Late-life depression management programs for the elderly
  • Planning meaningful activities with older adults as a means of reducing depressive symptoms
  • Smoking cessation : the study of obstacles
  • Ideas for quitting smoking : new techniques
  • Youth inactivity : ways of raising awareness
  • Health promotion strategies for obesity
  • Motivation to change inactive behavior in young people
  • Involvement of children in various physical activities: promotion strategies
  • New ways of educating young people about the importance of having a positive body image
  • The relationship between a healthy lifestyle promotion and social media: new educational strategies
  • Improving diabetes lifestyle
  • New ways of increasing cancer screening rates
  • New strategies in fostering cancer-preventive behaviors
  • Workplace wellness programs as ways of supporting healthy behavior
  • Occupational health and safety programs for people working in dangerous conditions
  • Maintenance of healthy work environments : new ways
  • Workplace programs for raising awareness of AIDS
  • Workplace programs for raising awareness of heart disease
  • Workplace health promotion among low-paid workers: new strategies
  • New ways of increasing workers’ participation in shaping the working environment
  • Non-occupational factors in the general environment: ways of raising awareness
  • Award-system as means of promotion of participation in workplace initiatives
  • New ways of reducing exposure to cancer risk factors
  • The effects of second-hand smoking: ways of raising awareness
  • Healthy eating habits as a means of preventing the development of diet-associated cancers
  • The connection between obesity and cancer: ways of raising awareness
  • Alcohol use as a risk factor for cancer: ways of raising awareness
  • The importance of vaccines for the hepatitis B virus in cancer prevention
  • Cancer-causing air pollution : ways of raising awareness
  • The connection between air pollution and lung cancer
  • UV radiation and skin cancer : ways of raising awareness
  • Physical inactivity as a major cause of death in developed countries
  • Physical activity promotion among people of low socioeconomic background: challenges and opportunities
  • Physical activity promotion among people with disabilities: challenges and opportunities
  • Eating habits and behaviors in children: ways of influencing
  • The efficacy of school-based sex education programs
  • Cyberbullying : ways of raising awareness and prevention
  • Workplace policies: depression management promotion
  • The efficacy of school health promotion
  • The role of school-based interventions in preventing childhood mental health problems
  • Brain health programs: creating new strategies on a small budget
  • Brain exercise: understanding key principles
  • Communication of useful health information to lay community: new ways
  • Managing the global epidemic: ways of raising health awareness
  • Disease outbreaks : the role of health promotion
  • HIV prevention : new ways of health promotion
  • Ways of raising awareness on the routes of transmitting infectious diseases
  • Healthy childhood development : health education for children

💡 Nursing Topics for Discussion

  • Concept comparison and analysis across nursing theories
  • New technologies in nursing
  • Undergraduate nursing program and resnick’s theory
  • Contemporary nursing knowledge components
  • Nurse-patient interactions and outcomes in clinical practice
  • Continuing nursing education: a 3-5 year plan
  • Evidence-based practice & applied nursing research
  • Nursing communication process
  • Certified nurse assistant preparatory school: business plan
  • Nurse roles in practice
  • Self-employed nurses as agents of change in Canada
  • Joint Commission: national patient safety goals

🔝 Top 10 Nursing Research Questions

  • What’s the connection between psychiatric ward design and aggressive behavior?
  • How can computerized nursing records improve the outcomes for patients?
  • Do changes that occur in the brain due to dementia cause pain?
  • How can tweet reminders help teenagers with type 1 diabetes maintain lower blood sugars?
  • What’s the efficacy of yoga as a treatment in reducing lymphedema in cancer patients?
  • How can peer support intervention help to prevent suicides among female high school students?
  • Is it possible to link veterans’ suicide rates to the timing and location of suicide prevention appointments?
  • What can be done to improve the sustainability of operating rooms?
  • What are the roles of nurse managers in turnover intervention among nursing staff?
  • What are the ways of preventing cachexia in cancer patients receiving radiation and chemotherapy?

📑 Types of Nursing Research

When writing nursing research, you need to use a particular research design. Typically, the choice of design depends on your research question. There can be qualitative and quantitative nursing research topics.

🔢 Quantitative Research In Nursing

Quantitative research is aimed at gaining empirical evidence using deduction and generalization. This means gathering evidence to support or refute a particular theory and deciding to what extent the results can be generalized to a larger population.

Quantitative research can be non-experimental and experimental in design.

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Non-experimental designs imply a description of what happens naturally, without intervention. They are usually not used to detect causes and effects and are not effective for making predictions. Non-experimental designs are classified as follows:

  • Descriptive. Descriptive studies are centered on under-researched subjects and phenomena. You describe it, see how often it occurs, and categorize the information you’ve gained.
  • Correlational. Correlational studies are aimed at the examination of relationships between the variables. You must measure the variables, analyze the results, and present statistics.

Types of quantitative research in nursing.

Experimental designs imply strict control from the researcher. They can be used for establishing cause-and-effect relationships, as well as predictions. The experiments are usually blind, which helps to avoid bias. Experimental designs are classified in the following way:

  • True-experimental designs , in which cause-and-effect relationships are examined in a controlled environment. It includes studying two groups of people who receive different treatments, assigned randomly.
  • Quasi-experimental designs , which differ from true experiments by the absence of random assignments.

🔬 Qualitative Research In Nursing

Qualitative research studies are focused on one’s personal experience. It is conducted through observation and interaction with patients via interviews, notes, and diaries. Induction is often used, by which you gain evidence to support a theory without generalizing the results.

Qualitative research designs in nursing.

Qualitative research study designs include four types:

  • Phenomenology. Phenomenological research is aimed at describing the phenomena as it is experienced by an individual. In this study, you need to select people who are familiar with the particular phenomenon. You gain information from each participant and make a conclusion.
  • Grounded theory. This type of study includes the influence of social processes on individuals. You would need to interview the subjects themselves, as well as their relatives, spouses, etc. Then you synthesize the data into one theory.
  • Ethnography. This type of research design is associated with the influence of a particular culture on individuals. It involves describing unique attributes of a culture from the insider’s perspective.
  • Narrative inquiry. Narrative inquiry is a research study design that is based on an interpretation of personal accounts of the participants. You ask your subjects to talk about their experiences, and then you analyze their narratives. Contents, as well as the structure of the narratives, must be taken into account.

As you can see, there are great many research topics for nursing students to choose from! See what suits you best and formulate the idea for your own project. You can then publish your results in a nursing research journal article and start a discussion with other nurses around the world.

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If you’ve chosen an evidence-based practice nursing research topic, make sure that you find suitable human subjects for your experiment. You can ask your friends or make online questionnaires to help you conduct your research. Always take care of your subjects and protect their rights.

Once you’ve chosen your topic, study the available literature. See if there’s anything you can critique or question. This type of research is just as useful as applied research, as it helps to keep medical science relevant by constantly checking for obsolete information.

Find the topic, choose the design for your research, set yourself clear goals – and write your best nursing research paper or reflective essay ! Good luck!

🤔 Nursing Research FAQs

Nursing research is a type of study conducted by nurses during their practice. It helps them to gain evidence on the effectiveness of different treatments. Nursing research can be used to demonstrate the trustworthiness of new methods in medicine, as well as to predict outcomes for patients with illnesses or injuries.

The scientific activity of nurses is essential for the medical community. Nurses help to move medicine forward by challenging traditional practices with fresh ideas. Their research is usually aimed at enhancing professional practice and improving nursing activities. The topics include both physical and mental health.

The primary sources of nursing research are experience and scientific knowledge. Your personal experience as a nurse is especially important because it allows you to observe and gather first-hand information about various medical conditions. Scientific knowledge is then used for the evaluation and analysis of the collected data.

Sampling theory in medical science is a study of gathering information about a population by investigating only a part of it. To do that, you need to collect samples from a group of individuals who all share a common trait. A statistic is then estimated and applied to the whole population. Sampling is often conducted as part of nursing research because it allows making conclusions without testing it with all people.

Qualitative research in nursing is aimed at gathering information about patients’ subjective experiences. It is usually conducted in the form of interviews, notes, and diaries. It helps in understanding complex phenomena and is often used in psychology. Sometimes nurses themselves are interviewed about their working conditions. This type of research allows nurses to make their practice better by continually learning from experience.

Extraneous variables may affect the results of your research and even threaten its validity. They are hard to control, but their influence can be reduced in the following ways:

  • Assign the subjects to treatment and control groups as randomly as possible.
  • Match your samples by distributing people with different variables, such as age and gender, as evenly as possible.
  • Maintain objectivity by avoiding bias.
  • Adjust the results for the effects of extraneous variables through statistical analysis.

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🔎 References

  • Find a Topic Idea: Questia
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  • Center for Nursing Research: Duke University
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  • Nursing Notes

200+ Great Ideas of Nursing Research Topics to Get Started

nursing research topics student assignments

Running out of topic ideas for your nursing research paper?

Stay on this page to find really cool and helpful lists of interesting research topics for your nursing dissertation or thesis.

What are Some Cool topics to Research?

Whenever students are asked to work on a research paper or present their thesis, the very first concern for them is choosing a unique, interesting, and research-worthy topic that makes their research significant and has enough future scope.

When it comes to finding a unique topic without working on something that’s already been done, most of the nursing and healthcare students struggle. A good research topic should be unique, relevant to current times, and have future scope as well. And you’ll find all three qualities in the topics mentioned below:

1. Primary Healthcare Nursing Research Topics

Primary healthcare refers to essential or basic health care service based on socially acceptable and scientifically sound methods and technology. Since it includes physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being, there are many topics for nursing scholars to explore:

  • Strengthening primary healthcare system as the first line of referral system
  • Introduction of home health nursing in the community set up
  • Primary health care delivery system clinical pathways
  • From home visits to home health care: strengthening primary health care delivery system
  • Expanding the roles of community health nurses
  • Millennial models of health care system
  • Strengthening disease surveillance program in the community health set-up
  • Home health care of debilitated patients
  • Acceptance of evidence-based practice in the primary health care
  • Strengthening continuity of care in the community / home health care post hospitalization
  • Physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy in the community health care setting

2. Good Research Topics in Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is the management, administration, or oversight of healthcare systems, hospitals, public health systems, and other medical facilities. Since it comprises the overall management of all the work of the hospitals, it opens avenues for a lot of research work. Take, for example, the following:

  • Evaluating who is responsible for failure in surgeries?
  • Healthcare Contracts Limitations
  • Medical Home Service
  • Analysing nursing channels that nurses can use for becoming physicians?
  • Gender Bias in Nursing Profession
  • Starting Private Practice as a Nurse
  • Medicare: Pros and Cons
  • What are the most appropriate methods for increasing staff retention in a health care setting?
  • Nursing Uniform Code Rules
  • Role of nurses in enhancing a hospital quality improvement
  • Legal Risks with Non-English Patients
  • Medical Marijuana: Risk, Benefits, and Management Rules
  • Shortage of Men in Healthcare
  • Health tracking apps for continuity of care post discharge to home
  • Telehealth: the impact of virtual care to urban and rural areas
  • Strategic referral system to prevent tertiary hospital congestion
  • Clinical pathways for referral system
  • Drive-thru pharmacy
  • Strenghtening the roles of social works and social workers in the health care team
  • Case management approach in the healthcare delivery system
  • Defining and application of Expected Length of Stay in patient management
  • Impact of case managers in Expected Length of Stay and patient outcomes
  • Redefining hospital cultures on bed rest versus mobilization
  • Redefining hospital cultures on diet and food services
  • Redefining hospital cultures on the assumption of the sick roles
  • Strict implementation of Expected Length of Stay to prevent hospital congestion
  • Roles of Case manager in the Clinical pathways
  • Case Manager as a new nursing role an specialization
  • Nurse navigator as a new form of nurse entrepreneurship
  • Case management clinical pathway for smooth admission, patient flow and continuity of care after discharge
  • Increase nursing specialization
  • Internet savvy for healthcare providers

3. Nursing Research Topics about Pain Management

Pain management, in nursing, includes study of all the interventions nurses can make during their hospital hours – mainly to relieve a patient’s pain or ailments through medicinal interventions. Pain is complex, with many treatment options such as therapies, medicines, and also mind-body techniques. Nursing research scholars can research about the following topics:

  • Pain management in children suffering from life-limiting illnesses: learning about the best practices
  • Headache Treatment Protocol
  • A closer look at hemophilia patient’s pain management
  • Myofascial Pain Rehabilitation
  • Labor and delivery: best practices for pain management
  • Using Opioid for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fetal pain perception: analysis by medical experts
  • Innovative Injection Use
  • Therapeutic Injections: Cons & Pros
  • Cognitive hypnotherapy application: how effective are they in pain management?
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of Benson’s relaxation therapy as a pain management practice.
  • Post-discharge pain-management strategies: evaluating their effectiveness in a health care setting?
  • Phantom Pains Phenomenon
  • Pain management in cancer patients: best practices according to expert nurses
  • Spinal cord nerve injury related to chronic constipation
  • Mobile pain unit

4. Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

In Pediatric nursing, the nursing staff is responsible for medical care of the children and neonates, and adolescents – mainly in a day-clinic or the in-patient setting. Though the main role of child health nursing is administering procedures and medicines to all children as per their prescribed nursing care plans, the research scholars can write papers on the following topics:

  • Speech Disorders Therapy
  • ADHD Causes & treatment
  • Prevalence of misdiagnosis in child health or paediatric ward
  • Vaccination & Autism
  • Systematic review of range of child health nursing services in UK
  • Antibiotic Resistance in Preschool Children
  • Mental and Emotional health of children under 10
  • Eating Disorders in Children
  • Social Media Impact on Teenagers
  • Seizures Causes in Infants
  • Teething issues in children under 10
  • Psychological Aspects of Infant Care
  • Use of social media platforms in preparation and prevention of hospital phobia among pediatric groups
  • Family engagement in the pediatric care by using hospital information system
  • Safety and efficacy of telehealth for pediatric patients

What are the Current issues in Nursing?

Nursing is a high-pressure job. It demands patience, determination, and perseverance. As a high-pressure job, it gets quite challenging and leads to issues from time to time. Some of the examples being staff shortages, long working hours, workplace hazards, personal health, and workplace violence. All of these can be addressed in nursing research papers:

  • Analysis of the registered nurse workforce and the relationship to work environments
  • Transforming loss: A developing concept for nursing
  • Nursing Staff Shortages
  • Nursing Practitioners
  • Meeting Patient Expectations: A challenge for nurses
  • Biggest obstacles nurses face in their education and maintaining career alongside
  • Workplace Violence and Hazards Nurses face
  • Diversity in Healthcare
  • Importance of Community Nursing
  • Future of Nursing in the Digital Age
  • What measure can a nurse take for helping a person with their eating disorder?
  • Clinical Nurse Roles
  • How can nurses help in treating patients who already know they don’t have a survival rate?
  • Ethics and Homeless People Treatment
  • Critical Care Nursing Management
  • A nurse’s role in helping and assisting patients with chronic diseases?
  • Nursing Theorists Works
  • Remote Intensive Care Unit
  • Stress Management Practice for Nurses Working in Night Shifts
  • Between Career & Professional Service
  • Preceptorship and training after distant education program and online learning
  • Centralized infectious disease surveillance
  • Centralized reporting of chronic diseases
  • Patient become more educated: the pros and cons of social media
  • Fake news and misinformation on health related issue with the rise of social media platforms
  • BPO and call centers for medical procedures booking and admission to decongest emergency room
  • Application of BPO in the quality assurance monitoring in documentation

What are Some of the Research Topic Ideas in Surgical Nursing?

  • Moral distress among nurses in Surgical units
  • Patient’s satisfaction and experience about care provided by nurses in the surgical units
  • Organizational effects on patient satisfaction in surgical units
  • Medical-Surgical nurses and their perceived leadership abilities as responders in patient deterioration events
  • Role of Nurses in Surgical Wards
  • Medical-surgical nursing: Critical thinking in client care
  • Pain assessment and management in surgical nursing
  • Understanding technology in contemporary surgical nursing
  • Understanding Medical surgical nursing as an integrated approach
  • Standardising fast-track surgical nursing care
  • Mobilization team for the fast recovery of post-operative patients
  • Use of telehealth for pre-operative preparations and elective surgical admissions to lessen hospital length of stay among surgical patients
  • Continuity of care post surgery in the community health care

What have been some of the more important nursing research questions discussed in nursing class?

If you are here to find more important topics for your nursing dissertations, then scroll through this section for topics that are often discussed in nursing classes. Nursing research articles and topics change over time. However, we find these relevant to current times and challenges in healthcare:

1. Research topic ideas for Midwifery Nursing

Nurse-midwife, as a licensed healthcare professional, specialises in child birth and also women’s reproductive health. Apart from attending pregnant women during childbirth, they are responsible for several roles during emergencies, and pre and postnatal care. Hence, opening avenues for research topics such as:

  • Role of nurses in improving patient safety during childbirth: Evidence from obstetric trauma
  • Evaluate the impact of delayed umbilical cord clamping after child birth
  • Maternal & Neonatal Practices in Rural Areas
  • Emerging trends in obstetrical and midwifery nursing
  • First Antenatal Appointment Analysis
  • Limiting interventions during a low-risk labour
  • Mental Illness & Post-natal Period
  • Analysing the role of prenatal care in pregnant women
  • Shift Study Midwives & Length
  • Evaluating impact of AIDS and Hepatitis B in the pregnant women
  • Self-Instruction Kits & Natal Safety
  • Studying advanced trends in obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Midwifery Continued Care
  • Evaluating pros and cons of labouring in water
  • Gestational Weight Gain Challenges
  • Vitamin D’s role as a supplement during pregnancy
  • Studying clinical reasoning integration into midwifery practice
  • Obese Pregnant Women Safety Rules
  • A decade after BEmONC and CEmONC

2. Health Promotion Research Topics

Health promotion mainly comes from behavioral social science which draws from the environmental, biological, psychological, medical, and physical sciences for promoting health and preventing diseases. For health promotion, the research topics include the following:

  • Healthcare Dangers of Digital Age
  • Benefits and Shortages of Telemedicine
  • Healthy living and Preventive medicine for Senior Citizens
  • Role of School Nurses
  • Obstacles for Smoking cessation
  • Healthy Eating & Sports
  • Causes of Youth Inactivity
  • Roles of Parents for Healthy Lifestyle of Children
  • Obesity and Mental Stability
  • Pharmacist Responsibility
  • Social Media and Educational Strategies
  • HealthBank as new form of medical insurance inside the hospital organization
  • Collaboration of private health insurance company with public and private hospitals

3. Adult Research Topics for Nursing Students

As a nursing scholar, you can also write research papers on adult healthcare, disease prevention, and management. Take, for example, reasons behind anxiety disorders in adults. Find more topics in the list below:

  • Nurses’ experiences with urinary catheter insertion: A qualitative focus group study
  • Clinical Cardiology Innovations
  • CV Imaging Process
  • Migraine Case Example
  • Bipolar Disorder Non-Chemical Practices
  • Mental Health & Psychiatric Care in Adults
  • Online nursing education program
  • Self care in Nursing
  • Home health care for longterm vented patients
  • Clinical Instructor, Preceptorship, Educator and Professor as specialized field requiring licensure
  • Specialization program in nursing education

4. Geriatric Care Nursing Journal Topics

Nurses working in Geriatric care and management are responsible for coordinating and planning care of the elderly people dealing with mental or physical disabilities. Some of the research work topic ideas for geriatric care include the following:

  • Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke in Elderly people
  • Pain in elderly people: Assessment and Management
  • Joint Disorders Study in Elderly Population
  • Rapid Nutritional assessment in Elderly
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Bladder Cancer Therapy
  • Atrial Fibrillation Study
  • Critical Care Requirements
  • Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
  • Geriatrics Ethics
  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Parkinson’s Disease Precautions
  • Geriatric care clinical pathways of care: holistic approach

What are the recent nursing research paper topics?

If you’re facing the challenge of choosing a recent nursing research topic, we’ve got your back. Many nurses, including experienced and freshers, are faced with this challenge at some point. But there’s no need to panic. So, without further ado, let’s jump-start the list of most recent research topics for nursing students:

1. Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics

Research topics related to women’s health are always trending, relevant, and have future scope as well. Hence, these topics are still worth exploring and researching:

  • Culture affects women’s health
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction in Women
  • Menopause Challenges
  • Infertility Ethical Rules
  • Ovarian Cancer and Ovarian Disorder Analysis
  • Modern Neonatal Practices
  • Pregnancy Prevention Measures
  • Sepsis after labour
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Cystic Fibroids
  • Sleep Disorders in Women
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Women’s Sexual Health Disorders
  • HPV and Cervical Cancer
  • Vaginal Atrophy Causes
  • Sleep disturbances in Women

2. Mental Health Nursing Research Articles Topics

Research papers focusing on mental health are still one of the most read and referred papers. And there’s still more scope for research on topics such as:

  • Evaluating the concept of Integrated Mental and Physical Health Care
  • Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health
  • Possible skills required for Nurses in Mental health care setting
  • Assessing the mental health of nurses
  • Depression Causes
  • Schizophrenia Diagnostics
  • Alcohol Addiction Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Studying the impact of PTSD in the Army Veterans
  • Impact of Video Games on Teenage Aggression
  • Stress Among Police Officers
  • Psychiatric Patient Ethics
  • Forbidden Substances: Prevention and Use
  • Bioterrorism Medicine
  • Physical Traumas & Recovery Methods
  • Application of Nursing Case Management in Psychiatry

Nursing leaders have called for research focusing on which of the following topics?

If you’d like to take an expert’s opinion before choosing a topic for your nursing dissertation, this section will be helpful. Our list of best nursing research topics doesn’t end here. We’ve got here more interesting topics that are recommended by nursing leaders and experts. Take a look at some more relevant topics:

  • Preterm Labor Dangers
  • Labor and Delivery Management Practices
  • Saving Mother & Child Challenges
  • Abortion Care Ethical Side
  • Adolescent Gynecology Education
  • Antenatal Care Recommendations
  • Hypertensive Disorders Causes
  • Newborn Resuscitation Rules
  • Caesarean Section Preparation
  • Delivery Room Behavior Checklist
  • Nurses play vital roles in healthcare. Why are they invisible in the media?
  • Increasing nursing research capacity: The roles of nurse scientists within healthcare systems
  • Microeconomics and macroeconomics for sources of hospital funds
  • Diverting patients and funds to economical services
  • Culture vs evidence based practice
  • Social media influencer in health education dissemination
  • Acceptance of evidence based practice in the hospital
  • Impact of socio-cultural nursing to evidence-based practice
  • Hindrances in the implementation of evidence-based practice
  • Nursing faculty shortage and brain-drain
  • Online continuing professional education and development

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Final Thoughts

Nursing research topics for a dissertation or thesis should not be difficult to find through the ideas suggestion above. Just make sure that you provide a twist (segment or expand the topic, perhaps) and come up with a unique topic for your paper.

During the initial stages of finalising a nursing research topic, you can struggle with a lot of choices or overwhelming information. However, when you start to consider a research topic’s limitations and scope, and outline your topic into a question, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of the topic you can manage in terms of workload.

We hope these nursing research topics mentioned above help you find that unique thesis statement or idea you’re looking for. In case you’re still having a tough time making a choice, leave us a comment or drop a mail, and we will direct you to better resources.



Evidence-based practice in nursing: beyond the scientific proof of care, nursing research definition: the importance and nurses roles.

It’s was very helpful for me

Disparities in enumeration of staff nurses in developing countries are not researched on.

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Research Topics & Ideas: Nursing

50+ Nursing Research Topic Ideas To Fast-Track Your Project

Research topics for nursing dissertations and theses

Finding and choosing a strong research topic is the critical first step when it comes to crafting a high-quality dissertation, thesis or research project. If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re looking for a nursing-related research topic , but aren’t sure where to start. Here, we’ll explore a variety of nursing-related research ideas and topic thought-starters, including general nursing, medical-surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, obstetrics and gynaecological nursing, ICU and mental health nursing.

NB – This is just the start…

The topic ideation and evaluation process has multiple steps . In this post, we’ll kickstart the process by sharing some research topic ideas within the nursing domain. This is the starting point, but to develop a well-defined research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , along with a well-justified plan of action to fill that gap.

If you’re new to the oftentimes perplexing world of research, or if this is your first time undertaking a formal academic research project, be sure to check out our free dissertation mini-course. In it, we cover the process of writing a dissertation or thesis from start to end. Be sure to also sign up for our free webinar that explores how to find a high-quality research topic. 

Overview: Nursing Research Topics

  • General nursing-related topics
  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Obstetrics and gynaecological nursing
  • ICU nursing
  • Mental health nursing

General Nursing Research Topics & Ideas

  • The impact of cultural competence on patient care in the UK
  • The importance of evidence-based practice in nursing for patients with HIV/AIDS
  • The effects of workplace stress on nurse well-being and performance
  • The role of nurse-patient communication for patients transitioning from adolescent to adult care
  • The impact of technology on nursing practice and patient outcomes
  • The importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare for the rehabilitation of patients post-surgery
  • The effects of fatigue on nurse performance in the emergency room
  • The impact of nurse staffing levels on patient outcomes in rural areas
  • The effectiveness of nurse-led interventions in managing chronic conditions: a case study of diabetes
  • The impact of patient-centred care on health outcomes for the elderly
  • The importance of patient safety in nursing: bedside nurse vigilance
  • The effects of empathy and compassion in critical care nursing
  • The role of nursing in disaster preparedness and response: a case study of the Haiti earthquake of 2021
  • The impact of the level of nursing education on patient outcomes
  • The importance of ethical considerations in frail care nursing practice

Topics & Ideas: Medical-Surgical Nursing

  • The impact of bedside care on patient outcomes in medical-surgical units
  • The role of the nurse in managing post-operative patient pain
  • The effects of nurse-patient ratios on patient outcomes in medical-surgical units
  • A systematic review of different approaches to patient education in medical-surgical units
  • The relationship between nurse-patient communication and patient satisfaction in medical-surgical units: perspectives and recommendations to improving patient satisfaction

Topics & Ideas: Pediatrics Nursing

  • The impact of family-centered care on pediatric patient outcomes with sickle cell anemia
  • The role of nursing interventions in promoting developmental and behavioral health in pediatric patients
  • The effects of play therapy on anxiety and pain in pediatric patients during hospitilisation
  • A systematic review of different approaches to pain management in pediatric cancer patients
  • The relationship between parent involvement and post-operative patient outcomes in pediatric units

Webinar - How to find a research topic

Ideas: Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing

  • The impact of nurse-led prenatal care on maternal and fetal outcomes in African American communities
  • The role of the nurse in promoting sexual and reproductive health for women in the UK
  • The effects of midwifery care on maternal satisfaction of primiparous women and birth outcomes
  • A comparative study of different approaches to childbirth education for expectant mothers and partners: perceptions of control
  • The relationship between lactation support and breastfeeding success of primiparous women

Topics & Ideas: ICU Nursing

  • The impact of nursing interventions on patient outcomes in intensive care units in a developing country
  • The role of the nurse in managing palliative and end-of-life care in the ICU
  • The effects of family presence on patient outcomes and satisfaction in the ICU: A systematic review of the literature
  • A comparative study of different approaches to pain management for trauma patients in the ICU
  • The relationship between nurse-patient communication and geriatric patient outcomes in ICU

Research topic evaluator

Topics & Ideas: Mental Health Nursing

  • The impact of nurse-led therapy on adolescent patient outcomes in mental health settings
  • The role of the nurse in promoting recovery and resiliency in mental health patients through group interventions
  • The effects of mindfulness-based interventions on stress and anxiety in mental health patients: A systematic literature review
  • A comparative study of the role of nurses in applying different approaches to patient education in mental health settings
  • The association between nurse-patient therapeutic alliance and patient outcomes in mental health settings

Nursing Dissertation & Theses

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a nursing-related research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual dissertations and theses to see how this all comes together.

Below, we’ve included a selection of research projects from various nursing-related degree programs to help refine your thinking. These are actual dissertations and theses, written as part of Master’s and PhD-level programs, so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • Nursing Workload and Interventions of Licensed Nurses in Nursing Homes: An Observational Time and Motion Study (Kang, 2021)
  • Missed Nursing Care: Accounting for Education, Experience, and Job Satisfaction in Registered Nurses (Bechard, 2021)
  • Examining Predictors of Attitudes and Knowledge of Registered Nurses and Nursing Students in Tennessee toward Pregnant and Perinatal Women with a Substance Use Disorder (Patrylo, 2021)
  • A Program Evaluation of the Organizational Readiness for Pathway to Excellence at Two Community Hospitals  (Behling, 2021)
  • The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic Policy Decisions on the Wellbeing of Nursing Home Residents in Missouri (White, 2022)
  • Battling A Parallel Pandemic: An Evaluation of Sustainable System-Level Nursing Support in Response To COVID-19 (Gifford, 2022)
  • Holistic Nursing Process Maps: a Tool for Student Nurses to Operationalize the Nursing Process to Increase Clinical Reasoning (Reyes, 2022)
  • Satisfaction and Work-Life Balance in Undergraduate Nursing Faculty: A Mixed-Methods Study (Crawford, 2021)
  • The Effect of Mindfulness Meditation on the Stress, Anxiety, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion Levels of Nursing Students (Heinrich, 2022)
  • Effectiveness of Simulation-Based Case Studies in Undergraduate Nursing Students (Becnel, 2022)
  • A Telehealth Simulation Experiment: Exploring Prebriefing (Owen, 2022)
  • Perceptions of Lateral Violence Among Vocational Nursing Students, Associate Degree Nursing Students, and Bachelor’s Degree Nursing Students (Martha, 2022)
  • Nurse Educators’ Description of Ethics from a Disciplinary Perspective: A Qualitative Descriptive Research Study (Cuchetti, 2022)
  • A Literature Review of the Relationship Between Oral Health and Pneumonia Risk in the Geriatric Nursing Home Population (Swift, 2021)

Looking at these titles, you can probably pick up that the research topics here are quite specific and narrowly-focused , compared to the generic ones presented earlier. This is an important thing to keep in mind as you develop your own research topic. That is to say, to create a top-notch research topic, you must be precise and target a specific context with specific variables of interest . In other words, you need to identify a clear, well-justified research gap.

Get 1-On-1 Help

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure about how to find a research topic for your nursing dissertation, thesis or research project, check out our private coaching services below.

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

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Topic Kickstarter: Research topics in education

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nursing student thesis ideas

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Home > Nursing > dissertations and theses

College of Nursing Dissertations and Theses

The College of Nursing Dissertations and Theses Series is comprised of dissertations theses authored by Marquette University's College of Nursing doctoral and master's students.

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

Why We Work: Exploring the Relationships Between Work Rewards, Burnout, and Intention to Leave for Professional Nurses , Jacqueline Christianson

Examining Relationships Among Nursing Students' Views of Suffering, Positive Thinking, and Professional Quality of Life , Ruth Anne Engbers

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Mediating Effects of Positive Thinking on Compassion Fatigue, Compassion Satisfaction, and Resilience in Nurse Leaders , Jay Randall Gottschalk

Exploring Relationships Between Depression Self-stigma and Trust in Primary Care Provider on Willingness to Seek Help , Tana Karenke

The Impact of Nutrition Literacy and Neighborhood on Diet Quality in the Mexican Origin Population , Sylvia Pena

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Experiences of Exclusively Expressing Breast Milk for Term Infants: A Qualitative Analysis , Lisa Anders

Examining the Relationship of Physical Activity, Inflammation & Adiposity on Physical Function with Gender Differences , Jeanne Hlebichuk

Securing Nasogastric Tubes in Children , Julie Ann Lavoie

Exploring Culture of Safety and Failure to Rescue , Holly Lynn Losurdo

Processes Used by Mothers in Opioid Recovery to Manage the Needs of the Maternal-Infant Dyad: A Grounded Theory Study , Nicole M. Mattson

Pregnant Women's Experiences with Gastrointestinal Discomforts and Strategies They Use to Cope , Heidi Jo Paquette

Examining Social Factors in Self-Management for Older Adults Living Alone , Margaret Salinas

Effectiveness of a Postpartum Breastfeeding Protocol for Avoiding Pregnancy and Descriptive Analysis of the Physiology of the Postpartum Transition , Mary Schneider

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Modeling Heart Failure Predictive Mortality in Skilled Nursing Facilities , Stephen Charles Biondi

Understanding the Requisite Content for Interprofessional Education on Sentinel Injuries, A Qualitative Study , Elizabeth A. Cleek

Leading Rural Nurse Academic Progression , Cynthia Jean Larsen

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

The Influence of Continuity of Nursing Care in the Acute Care Setting on Readiness for Discharge and Post-Discharge Return to Hospital , Sarah J. Bahr

Understanding Baccalaureate Nursing Education Progression from the Student Perspective Using a Grounded Theory Approach , Jennifer Jean Dahlman

Identifying a History of Nonfatal Strangulation: What Impacts Screening by Healthcare, Law Enforcement and Advocates? , Jennifer Delwiche

Healthcare Provider Influence on Health Behavior Modification in Gestational Diabetics , Denise K. Fryzelka

Measuring Polyvictimization Among Vulnerable Children: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis , Kelli J. Jones

Toward Quality Preceptorship: A Dyad Sudy , Laurie Ann Kunkel-Jordan

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Qualitative Exploration of the Perceptions of Nursing Undergraduates Regarding Family Care at End-of-Life , Penny A. Alt-Gehrman

Evaluation of Clinical Growth and Nursing Student Motivation in the Traditional Clinical Learning Environment , Jessica Barkimer

United States Born Mexican Origin Women's Descriptions About Their Eating Patterns , Juanita Teresa Garcia

Comparing Interprofessional Socialization in Mixed Discipline and Nursing Student only Cohorts , Kara Groom

Chronic Stress and Reproductive Function in Female Childhood Cancer Survivors , Theresa Marie Hardy

Understanding Relationships Between Early Life Toxic Stress, Childhood Socioeconomic Disadvantage, and Allostatic Load in Adolescence , Amanda King

Pre-Death Grief, Resourcefulness and Perceived Stress Among Care Givers of Partners with Young Onset Dementia , Karie Kobiske

Home Health Care Effect in Post-Discharge Return to Hospital , Danielle M. Siclovan

The Impact of Advance Directives on the Intensity of Care Received in the Acute Care Setting in Older Adults , Marsha Helen Tyacke

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

The Mediating Effects of Positive Thinking and Social Support on Suicide Resilience Among Undergraduate Students , Denise Marie Matel-Anderson

The Development and Psychometric Analysis of the MU- Fertility Knowledge Assessment Scale , Qiyan Mu

Pediatric Oncology Nurses' Experiences with Prognosis-Related Communication , Amy Rose Newman

Relationship of Exposure to Heart Failure Discharge Teaching to Readmission Within 30 Days , Becky Ann Pogacar

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Effect of Sequence of Simulated and Clinical Practicum Learning Experiences on Clinical Competency , Jamie Hansen

Experiences of Registered Nurses Who Were Not Initially Successful on the NCLEX-RN, Then Subsequently Passed , Tammy L. Kasprovich

Racially and Ethnically Underrepresented Students’ Completion of RN BSN Program: Factors Affecting Success , Patricia Ann Varga

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Role of Shared Care in the Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Self-Care in Patients with Heart Failure , Susan Cole

Diffusion of Inclusion: Measuring Willingness , Janet A. Levey

Effects of Spiritual Care Education on Pediatric Nurses' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Competence , Cheryl Lynn Petersen

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Relationships among Uncertainty, Coping, and Psychological Distress in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment , Jennifer Sjostedt Avery

Spirituality And Religiosity In Adolescents With Sickle Cell Disease: A Descriptive Qualitative Study , Dora L. Clayton-Jones

A Feminist Perspective On Listening To Women: Birth Stories Of Vaginal Birth Following Previous Cesarean Delivery , Elizabeth Hill-Karbowski

The Influence Of Patient Activation And Social Facilitation On Engagement In Postpartum Weight Self-Management Behaviors , Jennifer Marie Ohlendorf

Hispanic Mothers' Normative Beliefs and Intentions about the Discussion of Sex-Related Topics with Their Adolescent Daughters , Dana M. Rodriguez

Antecedents of Regular Exercise among Women Who Do and Do Not Achieve Weight Loss Over Six Months , Heather Vartanian

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

The Relationships Between Nurse Attributes, Site Characteristics, And Labor Support Attitudes And Behaviors Among Intrapartum Nurses , Ann Prenger Aschenbrenner

Patient Perceptions of Patient-Empowering Nurse Behaviors, Patient Activation, and Functional Health Status After Surgery , Teresa Arline Jerofke

Self-Care Behaviors of African Americans with Heart Failure: A Photovoice Project , Aimee A. Woda

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Academic Success Factors Influencing Linguistically Diverse and Native English Speaking Associate Degree Nursing Students , Josie Lynn Veal

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

Associate Degree Nursing Students' Thoughts, Feelings, and Experiences of Short Study Abroad in a Low-Income Country , Cynthia Foronda

A Narrative Analysis of Perinatal Hospice Stories , Anthony Adams Lathrop

The Transition from Hospital to Home in Parents of Pediatric Solid Organ Transplant Recipients , Stacee M. Lerret

The Lived Experience of Hispanic new Graduate Nurses in the United States , Esther Morales

Pushing Techniques Used by Midwives When Providing Second Stage Labor Care , Kathryn Osborne

The Association of Spirituality, Religiosity, Depression, Anxiety, and Drug Use Among Persons Undergoing Methadone Maintenance Therapy , Linda B. Piacentine

Parenting Behaviors and Their Relationship with a Child's Weight Status , Michele L. Polfuss

African American Women's Infant Feeding Choices: Analyzing Self-Efficacy and Narratives from a Black Feminist Perspective , Karen Marie Robinson

More than S.K.I.N. Deep: Decreasing Pressure Ulcer Development in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit , Christine A. Schindler

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

Efficacy of a behavioral intervention to decrease medication transcription errors among professional nurses , Kathleen Ann Becker

Quality of Life: The Humanbecoming Perspective, A Descriptive Exploratory Study , Barbara J. Johnson Farmer

Factors Associated with Nurses' Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture in One University Hospital in China , Xianqiong Feng

The Meaning of Spirituality in Elders with Dementia , Lesley Boaz Gardiner

Understanding Relationships in Health Related Quality of Life for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder , Norah Louise Johnson

Loneliness, Self-Esteem, Cognition, Physical Functioning, and Nursing Home Satisfaction As Predictors of Depression , Lynn Rose Maloney

The Impact of Health Literacy and Patient Trust Glycemic Control , Josephine M. Mancuso

Investigating Relationships Among Collaborative Behavior, RN Experience and Perceptions of Discharge Teaching Quality , Jane Morgan Nosbusch

Is a School Based Educational Program Effective in Changing Knowledge Regarding the Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome? , Margaret Kay Stelzel

Effects of Beta Blockade on Physiologic Regulation, Depressive Symptoms and Heart Failure Severity , Kimberly A. Udlis

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008

Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectation, Self-Care Behavior and Glycosylated Hemoglobin Level in Persons with Type 2 Diabetes , Kathryn B. Kott

Oppression in 21st Century Nursing , Linda K. Matheson

Predictors of success and failure on the NCLEX-RN for Baccalaureate graduates , Christine L Vandenhouten

Predictors of Success and Failure on the NCLEX-RN for Baccalaureate Graduates , Christine L. Vandenhouten

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007

Being-With Dying: Tacit Wisdom Embedded in the Experiences of Nurses Who Attend to Dying , Virginia L. Burton

Theses/Dissertations from 1999 1999

An Organizational Case Study of Shared Leadership Development in Nursing , Vicki George

Submissions from 1971 1971


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Dissertation Topics in Nursing

  • PMID: 35583448
  • DOI: 10.1097/NNR.0000000000000604

Background: Few quantitative studies have documented the types of research topics most commonly employed by nursing PhD students and whether they differ by program delivery (in-person vs. online/hybrid programs).

Objectives: We examined a large set of publicly available PhD dissertation abstracts to (a) describe the relative prevalence of different research topics and methods and (b) test whether the primary topics and methods used differed between online or hybrid and in-person PhD programs. A secondary goal was to introduce the reader to modern text-mining approaches to generate insights from a document corpus.

Methods: Our database consisted of 2,027 dissertation abstracts published between 2015 and 2019. We used a structural topic modeling text-mining approach to explore PhD students' research topics and methods in United States-based doctoral nursing programs.

Results: We identified 24 different research topics representing a wide range of research activities. Most of the research topics identified did not differ in prevalence between online/hybrid and in-person programs. However, online/hybrid programs were more likely to engage students in research focused on nursing education, professional development, work environment, simulation, and qualitative analysis. Pediatrics, sleep science, older adults and aging, and chronic disease management were more prevalent topics in in-person-only programs.

Discussion: The range of topics identified highlights the breadth of research nursing PhD students' conduct. Both in-person and online/hybrid programs offer a range of research opportunities, although we did observe some differences in topic prevalence. These differences could be due to the nature of some types of research (e.g., research that requires an in-person presence) or differences in research intensity between programs (e.g., amount of grant funding or proximity to a medical center). Future research should explore why research topic prevalence may vary by program delivery. We hope that this text-mining application serves as an illustrative example for researchers considering how to draw inferences from large sets of text documents. We are particularly interested in seeing future work that might combine traditional qualitative approaches and large-scale text mining to leverage the advantages of each.

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The Top 25 Best Thesis Topics for Nursing

The process of finding the right topic for your thesis can be difficult. So, you have to spend a lot of time figuring out what you want to write about as there are so many options to choose from. Going through your textbooks can help you get some ideas on the topics you can use. Nevertheless, I would advise you to write about a subject that interests you so that you can be fully dedicated to the thesis. With that said, here are 25 top suggestions for topics you can use for your thesis:

  • Mentorship in nursing - This thesis discusses students’ experiences before, during and after this.
  • Palliative care and nursing skills associated with it - This topic defines palliative care and shows its significance in long-term patient care, as well as outlining its goals for the patient and his/her family and/or loved ones.
  • Intuition in the nursing profession - This topic basically dives deep into Shon’s theory of reflection and its role in making clinical decisions in practice.
  • Burn-out in the nursing profession.
  • Proposal for an initiative for teenage youth regarding the prevention of stress.
  • Case study on the management of pain in pediatric nursing.
  • Measures to take when the elderly refuse to eat.
  • Managing serious weather cases.
  • Techniques for treating the feet of diabetic patients.
  • Nursing through non-verbal communication.
  • Stress factors in the practice of nursing.
  • Cooperation in the profession between different players.
  • HIV/AIDS care and the changes that have occurred over the years.
  • Returning to work after an absence.
  • Changing the public’s view of the profession.
  • Taking care of the elderly.
  • Importance of family in treating teenagers with eating disorders.
  • Mental health and poor housing.
  • Procedures to follow when treating a mental patient.
  • Listening to a mental patient detail his/her problems. Does it help?
  • Educating people on the importance of eating healthy. What procedures can be used?
  • Relationship with the patient. Does it lead to better recovery?
  • What type of therapy is best for the elderly?
  • Alzheimer disease and the problems encountered by the spouses of the patients.
  • Laughter therapy and its effects.

Hopefully, this list of 25 best thesis topics for nursing will help you. But remember, choose one that interests you! Happy writing.

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nursing student thesis ideas

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110 Amazing Nursing Research Topics for Students

nursing research topics

Are you planning to join a nursing college? Well, the bulk of your work will involve writing research papers to demonstrate your comprehension of various aspects and preparedness as a nursing professional. Put it this way; if you want to be successful in nursing, you have to get it right on every nursing research paper. This brings us to the main question: “How do you write a great research paper?”

To help you craft top-notch papers, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive guide. Finally, we will list 110 top nursing research paper topics that you can use today.

What is Nursing Research Paper?

Before we can list the hottest researchable topics in nursing, it is important to establish what these papers are.

A nursing research paper is a common type of academic writing for nursing students. The papers can be based on theoretical aspects such as human physiology, healthcare management, or lab applications.

The main goal of the research papers is to help students develop skills that are necessary for the nursing profession. Your professor will be looking for a clear understanding of key concepts, penchant for details, and impressive writing skills.

Top Nursing Research Paper Topics Today

If you are faced with the challenge of selecting a research topic for your nursing paper, there is no need to panic. In reality, you are not alone. Many students, including proficient writers, are faced with the challenge at some point. To jump-start your process, we are going to list the top 110 hot topics in nursing that you can use. Go ahead and pick them directly or tweak a little to fit your preferred paper.

Great childhood nursing research topics

  • Causes and treatment of ADHD.
  • A closer look at antibiotics resistance in children.
  • What are the main causes of seizures in children?
  • Child obesity: What are the main causes?
  • Analyzing why the strategies adopted for addressing child obesity are failing.
  • Ethics of pediatric care.
  • How effective are the measures used in preventing infant injury during delivery?
  • The best strategies for treating malnutrition in children.
  • Analyzing the evolution of neonatal care in the last 50 years.
  • What are the main causes of child mortality in the UK?

Mental health research topics for nursing students

  • What are the best treatment methods for dementia patients?
  • How effective is the mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation?
  • Harms vs. benefits of using antipsychotics when preventing delirium.
  • Cancer-related fatigue and depression: What is the relationship?
  • How safe are disposable cuffs?
  • Using abdominal massage to reduce residual gastric volumes in critically ill patients.
  • Helping stroke patients regain their motor functions.
  • What are the main causes of chest pain in adults?
  • How effective are the methods used to help intimate partner violence victims?
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of emergency medical assistance for road traffic accidents.

Good nursing research topics on women issues

  • A closer look at post-pregnancy care for women after losing fetuses.
  • What are the main factors contributing to the current high infertility rates in women?
  • How effective are the procedures used for breast cancer screening?
  • A deeper look at the preventative measures used for sexually transmitted infections.
  • Evaluating Chlamydia treatment plans and their effectiveness.
  • Analyzing the main causes of osteoporosis in women.
  • How effective are preventive health programs against sexually transmitted diseases in women?
  • Addressing the emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
  • What are the best methods for treating acne in women?
  • Evaluating the current strategies used to increase the chances of conception in women.

Interesting obstetric nursing research topics

  • Does breastfeeding increase mother to child HIV infections?
  • What are the main risks associated with early pregnancies?
  • Education workshops for new mothers: Are they important?
  • Importance of awareness about blood sugar during pregnancy.
  • What are the causes of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy?
  • Demystifying episiotomy.
  • What is epidural?
  • What is the best pain management method during delivery?
  • What are the benefits and demerits of delivery with a partner?
  • Caesarean Section: What emergencies necessitate the use of CS for delivery?
  • Evaluating unhealthy habits during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • What factors cause the pregnancy to go beyond the 40 th week?

Hot topics in nursing issues

  • How effective are the strategies used to address emotional health for nurses?
  • A closer look at the evolution of nursing in the 20 th century.
  • What strategies are used to reduce the danger of contracting infectious diseases?
  • What are the dangers of inadequate nurse staffing for patients?
  • Analyzing the role of nursing in healthcare services.
  • Evaluating the impact of culture in nursing.
  • What are the benefits of collaborative nursing?
  • What legal issues can a nurse face in the course of her/his work?
  • Male nurses offering intimate care to female patients.
  • What are the challenges that stand on the path of becoming a certified nurse?
  • What are the best strategies for addressing staffing challenges in public health facilities?
  • Human resources development: What are the best strategies for increasing nurses’ productivity?
  • The ethics of adopting internationally trained nurses.

Top quantitative nursing research topics

  • A closer look at data collection ethics in adult healthcare.
  • Evaluating the mortality rates related to sex and heart attack.
  • Analyzing the development of telehealth.
  • Cardiovascular issues and their treatment.
  • Comparing home care to nursing homes.
  • Evaluating critical care nursing.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of massage therapy.
  • Analyzing the ethics of assisted suicide.
  • What are the benefits of healthy diets?
  • A closer look at peculiarities of ambulatory healthcare.
  • A closer look at the balance between healthcare and costs.
  • Should stress and information overload be treated medically?
  • Managing chronic diseases: What are the challenges?
  • How effective are the current strategies for treating eating disorders?
  • What is the effectiveness of the application of pet therapy?
  • Teaching self-care: Should this be the primary role of every nurse?
  • What are the rights of nurses when handling abusive patients?
  • Comparing nurses from different countries across the globe.
  • Analyzing the main causes of heart attacks.

Hot nursing research topics in pain management

  • A closer look at pain management in hemophilia.
  • Analyzing fetal pain perception by medical experts.
  • Best practices in pain management during labor and delivery.
  • How effective is cognitive hypnotherapy application in pain management?
  • What are the best alternatives for long-term pain treatment?
  • What are the common pain disorders caused by wrong acute pain management?
  • Analyzing Benson’s relaxation therapy for main management.
  • A closer look at the main post-discharge pain-management strategies.
  • How effective are the strategies for pain management in cancer patients?
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of non-pharmacological methods of pain-relief for adolescents.
  • What are the best methods of managing pain in children with life-limiting illnesses?
  • Analyzing the US policy on acute dental pain management in children.

Nursing research topics in primary healthcare

  • Analyzing the role of private healthcare providers in the mental health services system.
  • Evaluating bias in most healthcare financing strategies.
  • How effective are the assessment methods used in public healthcare facilities?
  • Comparing private healthcare and public healthcare systems.
  • What improvements can you recommend for the primary health care services today?
  • A closer look at the benefits and demerits of vaccination programs.
  • What are the primary roles of nurses working in schools?
  • Medical services at patients’ homes: What are the pros and cons?
  • What are the benefits of nursing classification?
  • How effective are probiotics in diarrhea treatment?

Good nursing research topics in nurses and doctors relationships

  • Should nurses and doctors have equal opportunities?
  • Exploring the methods of treatment used by doctors and nurses?
  • Comparing the training process for doctors and nurses.
  • Demonstrating the importance of good relationships between doctors and nurses.

Nursing research topic ideas in healthcare management

  • Who is responsible for failure in surgeries?
  • What roles do human resources management play in hospitals?
  • Nursing uniform code: Evaluating the main rules.
  • Evaluating gender prejudices in nursing.
  • Analyzing the management principles for healthcare experts.
  • What are the best methods for enhancing staff relations in healthcare facilities?
  • Pros and cons of Medicare.
  • Marijuana management: What are the main rules?
  • Analyzing the quality of healthcare service in the US asylums.
  • What are the main channels that nurses can use to become physicians?

Developing a Good Nursing Research Paper Outline

Now that you know what a nursing research paper is, the next step, the nursing essay outline. This will be your blueprint for crafting a great paper.

The first step when developing a nursing paper outline is selecting the preferred topic. Here, the aim is picking an interesting topic with ample resources. The best resources should be no older than five years after their publication. When working on your research paper outline, consider it as a table of content that tells you where a specific item is discussed in a publication. Here is a complete outline that you should consider for your paper.

  • The nursing research paper title
  • Introduction

Here, you commence by broadly defining the topic. You should consider telling the reader what the main concept you are working on is about. Remember to make the opening statement interesting so that the reader can have the anticipation to keep reading the paper.

Still, in the intro, provide the research questions and give some background about the topic. You can opt to capture some statistics about the topic or use a quote. For example, a student writing about HIV and AIDS might opt to capture the prevalence rates in the region of interest. Note that this should be brief because the main details will be discussed in the body of the paper.

At the end of the introduction, provide a thesis statement. This is your argument that will feature in every part of the paper.

  • The Main Body

Once you are through with the introduction, it is time to get down to crafting your nursing paper. Make sure to break the body of the essay into individual paragraphs. Every paragraph should be about a specific item. If the nursing research paper is long, consider dividing the body into several sections.

When crafting a paragraph, the golden rule is using the three main parts; make a claim, support with evidence, and explain. On the claim part, you highlight the main point. Then, dig deeper and support it with evidence. This can be quotes, reports, demonstrations, and statistics. Finally, you should explain the information so that the reader comprehends everything you are talking about.

To make your nursing essay more professional, go ahead, and capture counterarguments. And, if the paper is very long, consider using a sort of conclusion for every section. This will serve as a great connector between various arguments that you highlight in the paper.

Nursing Research Topics – Use Them Today!

This post has provided you the complete details of how to craft a winning paper in nursing. Once you have selected a great topic and crafted an outline, it is time to get down to writing. But remember that you will also need to reference the paper well and write a reference list. This could be in APA or Harvard, among other styles recommended by your department. Are these requirements too much for you?

If you find writing your nursing paper too much because of one reason or another, the best option is seeking writing help from professionals . The writing professionals will craft a winning outline, body, and conclusion for your paper. It is a sure way to rake the best grade for your nursing paper.

medical research Topics

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Nursing Research Paper Topics for Students

Updated Aug 2021 If you picked nursing as your major, you are probably aware of how challenging and demanding nursing studies are. While many students are excited to finish their studies and start working in prestigious hospitals and practices, they face some common challenges. The most common one is staying on top of practical assignments and writing tasks.

Since practical assignments are highly demanding, many students fall behind with their writing tasks. Nursing research papers appear to be most challenging. Yes, doing the actual research and writing while taking care of structuring, formatting, and citations is hard. However, students also often struggle with finding the right nursing research topic.

nursing research paper topics

Sometimes, even spending hours combing through journals and online publications is not enough to develop a good nursing research topic. To help you out, here at Study Clerk, we offer you the list of nursing research topics.

What is a Nursing Research Paper?

A nursing research paper is focused on a nursing-relevant topic. The topics of nursing research papers are similar to medical research topics . Still, they tackle the topics from a nursing standpoint: child, midwifery, elderly care, and primary healthcare nursing.

Whether you decide to research and report on an original topic or provide a systematic review of published research, you must adhere to the highest academic standards. When you complete it, your nursing research paper needs to be ready for publishing. It simply means that it has to:

  • Contain all the important components;
  • Be properly formatted and structured;
  • Format citations according to the requirements.

Here are the components of the nursing research paper:

  • Title page – title explaining the study design, full names of authors, and name of the corresponding author if any;
  • Abstract – 350 words long summary of research paper containing background, methods, results, conclusions, keywords;
  • Introduction – the section explaining the background of the study. It should contain a summary of the existing research and literature. When writing an introduction for a research paper , your should make sure that readers can clearly see why is the research important;
  • Methods – the section outlining the aim and design of the study and description of all research methods used during research. It should also highlight the characteristics of the research participants;
  • Results – the section outlines the findings, results of statistical analysis, tables, and charts;
  • Discussion – the section discussing the implications of the result in the context of available research. It often contains the limitations of the study;
  • Conclusions – the section stating the main conclusion and the relevance and importance of the research.

How to Choose a Good Topic for Nursing Research?

To write a well-informed and relevant nursing research paper, you need to choose a proper topic. How do you choose a good one, though? There are several guidelines to follow. If your assignment outlines the guidelines on topic selection, make sure to review them. The most important thing to do is to choose a topic that you personally find interesting. Why?

Because when you are engaged with a topic, the research is a breeze, and you will be motivated to dig deep, make notes, and find all relevant existing literature. You also need to ensure that your topic isn’t too broad or too narrow.

A too broad topic will cause you to lose focus and have to go through too much literature. A narrow one, on the other hand, may prove too hard to work on because of the limited access to the literature.

Finally, try to define your selection of the topic as questions. It will help you better understand it and decide whether it’s an interesting question.

List of Research Topics for Nursing Students

Below is the list of good and easy examples with the most popular ideas you might come across when writing research papers.

  • Assistance in Elderly Care Unit
  • How to Enhance the Quality of Aid Care in Rural Environment
  • Risk Management
  • Assessment Development Tools
  • Emergency Aid Techniques
  • Treatment of acute stroke: Role of Nurse during the Care
  • Practices during End of Life Care
  • Occupational Therapy for Nurses
  • PTSD and OT
  • Pharmacological Math Computation Skills

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Pediatric assistance includes all-around care delivered to children, so one should be well-versed with the techniques, theories, and practices when working with a child.

  • Why Nurses Should Know ABout the Confort Theory
  • Children’s Expectation from Pediatric Nurse
  • Pain Management for Pediatric Nurses
  • Burnout and Job Satisfaction: A Pediatric Nurse Case
  • Hospitalized Children: Best Practices for Pain Management
  • Verbal Abuse in Pediatric Practices
  • Pediatric Aid Essentials
  • Nursing Research in the US: An Overview
  • Heroes of Pediatric Assistance
  • Pediatric Unit at the Middle School

Adult Nursing Research Topics

This field has its own peculiarities the young practitioner should know about beforehand to prevent the negative consequences from occurring.

  • Adult Cancer Priorities
  • Nursing in the 20th and 21st centuries: New Approaches
  • Adult Surgical Assistance Practices
  • Adult Research Knowledge Utilization Among Nurses
  • Adult Critical Care: Why Nurse Matters
  • Moral Judgement in Nursing Dilemmas
  • Spirituality in Nursing
  • Priorities for Adult Intensive Care
  • Gender Ambiguities in Nursing Practices
  • Retention Strategies for Adult Care Nurses

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

If EBP sounds too complicated at first glance, but you still don’t want to pay to write research paper , here are a few topics to help you with your papers.

  • Rating Systems in Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
  • Educating for EBP
  • Misconceptions the Nurses Have About Evidence-Based Practices
  • Development of EBP Nursing
  • EBP and Leadership
  • Challenges for New Nurses Concerning EBP
  • Promotion of Quality Care and EBP
  • EBP Manual for Nurses
  • EBP for Primary Care

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Topics

Below are examples of quantitative and qualitative research methods for one to learn how to apply them during one’s career.

  • The Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Assisting the Patient with Acute Psychosis
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Method
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research: Myths and Facts About Generalization
  • Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed: Best Research Method for Nursing
  • Why Quantitative Research is Never Enough
  • Qualitative Research and Sampling
  • How to Analyze the Data for Qualitative Research
  • Mixed Methods for Mental Health Assistance
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Mother Satisfaction with Postpartum Nursing Care
  • Faults of Qualitative Research for Pediatric Nursing

Critical Care Nursing Research Topics

From stress management in nurses to practical technics and strategies applicable to adult and child care, knowledge of critical care nursing (CCN) is essential.

  • Gray Gorrila Syndrome
  • Critical Care Stress and Its Management
  • Experience of Grief in a Critical Care Units
  • Nursing Decision Making in Critical Care
  • Technologies in CCN
  • Post-Surgery CCN of Kids
  • SImulator Training for New Nurses in the Critical Care Unit
  • Patient Safety Among Critical Care Nurses
  • LGBTQ Patients and CCN
  • Organ Donation and CCN

Pain Management Nursing Research Topics 

The pain management is one of the core medical skills a nurse should master before start working with patients. These topics are dedicated to this concept.

  • Attitudes and Beliefs in Pain Assessment
  • What Can a Failure to Provide an Efficient Pain Management Lead to?
  • Nurse’s Pain Assessment during Surgery
  • Medicated or Non-Medicated: Post-Surgery Pain Management
  • Pain Management in Elderly Patients
  • Chronic Pain and Its Effective Management
  • Pain Management for Cancer Survivors
  • Pain Assessment for Kids Post-Operational Treatment
  • Practices of Pain Management in the Pediatric Department
  • Medication trends in Pain Management the Nurses Should Know

Emergency Nursing Research Topics

Medical assistance in emergency situations demands a lot of responsibility from a person in care, and that’s why there are a lot of related things a nurse should know before going on duty.

  • Intuition for Emergency Aid Personnel: Case Study
  • Anxiety Level in Assistance Personnel in ER
  • Violence Towards Nursing Personnel in ER
  • Accuracy in Emergency Nurses When Assessing the Patients’ Pain: Techniques
  • EN Interventions After Abdominal Surgery in Women
  • Emergency Department Patients Flow: How Nurses Can Make It More Efficient
  • Patients’ Assault towards Emergency Nurses
  • Pediatric ER: Role of Nurse in the Unit
  • How to Reduce Stress in Emergency Nurses and prevent Burnout
  • The Future of Emergency Room Assistance

Obstetrics Nursing Research Topics

Let’s be fair: the quality of care delivered at Ob-Gyn cabinets is pretty much the quality of our survival as species. That’s why it’s paramount for every nurse to be as professional and skilled as they can be.

  • The Role of Gender Among Obstetric Nurses: A Case Study
  • Hi-Fi Simulation Training for Obstetric Nursing
  • EBP during Obstetric Care
  • Social Factors That Affect Obstetrics
  • Qualities Every Obstetric Nurse SHould Have to Be Successful
  • Principles for Ob-Gyn Nurses
  • How to Deal With Patient’s Abuse towards Nurses in Obstetrics Unit
  • Rural and Urban Obstetrics Nursing: Case Study
  • Obstetrics Assistance in Cabinets Around the World: Practices
  • Depressive Symptoms in Women and the Role of Obstetrics Nurse in Managing Them

Neonatal Nursing Research Topics

  • Inhibiting Interactions of Nurses with Young Mothers
  • Neonatal Palliative Care
  • Neonatal Intensive Care: Technologies
  • Barriers in Neonatal Care: What a Young Practitioner Should Know
  • Vulnerability during Neonatal Nursing
  • Pain Management in Neonatal Units
  • Nursing Intervention to Foster Becoming a Mother
  • Adapting the Neonatal Unit to Decrease Noise
  • Parents Visiting Management in Neonatal Units: Nurse Perspective
  • Neonatal Hypothermia: Mapping the Nursing Intervention

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

It is a very responsible mission to assist patients with a mental disorder. This is why you have to learn about the peculiarities of it at your medical school. You also might need the help of a nursing paper writing service to do well.

  • Patients in Military Hospitals: Mental Health Therapy
  • Mental Health: Factors to Define a Successful Collaboration between Nurses, Patients, Relatives
  • Emotional Labor in Mental Health Units
  • Transcultural Mental Practices
  • History of Mental Health Medical Assistance
  • Acute Patients in Mental Asylums: Methods for Nurses
  • Mental Health Education: A Nurse’s Perspective of What It Lacks
  • Social Control in the Mental Health Department: A Nurse’s Perspective
  • Mental Health and Physical Well-Being: A Correlation
  • Child Mental Health Practices

Women's Health Nursing Research Topics

Women’s care has a lot of factors that influence its success and it’s a new professional’s duty to know about them.

  • Women’s Health Issues Across the Lifespan
  • Cultural Differences in Women’s Health Medical Assistance
  • Maternity and Women’s Health Nursing: Practices to Avoid
  • Postpartum Stress and Women’s Health Nursing
  • Women’s Health among Immigrants
  • Impact of Health Literacy on Women’s Health: What a Nurse Can Do
  • Women’s Mental Health Aid: A Qualitative Study
  • Moral Responsibility in the Women’s Health Medical Assistance
  • An American Model of Women’s Health Medical Assistance
  • Women’s Health Nursing: A Feminist Perspective

Ethics Paper Topics

There is a line between what is ethically wrong or right, and a professional nurse knows it.

  • The Importance of Ethics
  • What is Unethical: A Nurse Perspective
  • A Guide to Ethical Decision Making in Intensive Care Unit
  • Who is an Ethical Nurse?
  • Ethical Issues in Nursing of Elderly Patient with Mental Disease
  • Code of Ethics for Nurses at ER
  • Cross-Cultural Ethics
  • Holistic Ethical Care Practices
  • End of Life Nursing Ethics: A Case Study
  • Moral Distress in Everyday Medical Care: An Ethical Approach

Nursing Intervention Research Topics

Nursing intervention (NI) practices are an important part of any medical school program. That’s why if you aren’t willing to pay for medical research paper on the topic, here you have a list of problems to research yourself.

  • NI for Patients after Cardiac Arrest
  • Abdominal Surgery and NI
  • Music Playing as NI: When It Makes Sense
  • NI and Family-Centered Care
  • Foot Massage as NI for Patients with Cancer
  • NI for Patients with Diagnosed Cancer
  • Animal-Assisted NI for Pediatric Care
  • Pre-Surgical NI to Reduce Anxiety
  • NI Art Therapy: Adult Care Approach
  • How to Design an Effective NI for ER

Nursing Leadership Paper Topics 

  • Leadership Styles
  • Leadership Within ER Management
  • Nursing Leadership: How to Become a Leader
  • Leadership Roles and Priorities at Pediatric Unit
  • Ways to Leadership in Rural practices
  • Leadership and Patient Outcomes: a Correlation Study
  • Nursing Education for Leadership Roles
  • Clinical Leadership Among Nurses
  • Evolution of Nursing Leadership
  • Why Leadership Matters: Patients Perspective

Nurse Practitioner Research Topics

  • Trial of Nurse Practitioner
  • Primary Care for Nurse Practitioners
  • Studies of Nurse Practitioner Effectiveness
  • Evaluating the Nurse Practitioner Role in a Community Health Center
  • A Guide to Become an Effective Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Practitioner in Generic Practice
  • How to Assess Patients Satisfaction: To-Do List for a New Nurse Practitioner
  • A Private Clinic Nurse Practitioner Role: Administrating vs Assisting
  • Nurse Practitioner Transition of Roles: Switching Units
  • Nurse Practitioner Management

Psychiatric Research Topics

  • Psychiatric Care Plans for Nurses
  • Psychiatric Theory in Practice: What Doesn’t Work for Nurses
  • Psychiatric Nursing Contemporary Practices
  • Cultural Ethics Competence in Psychiatric
  • Occupational Therapy in Psychiatric Medical Assistance
  • Working with Young Patients: Psychiatric Unit
  • Stigmatization of Nurses in Psychiatric Practice
  • Qualities for a Psychiatric Nurse
  • Psychiatric Nursing Skills to Keep the Unit Safe
  • Fostering a Social Dialogue: a Psychiatric Nurse Perspective

Child Nursing Research Topics

Caring for children is one of the most specific fields of medicine. Children are just like regular people, only smaller and incapable of telling what seems to be the issue – making the treatment that much more difficult.

Child nursing is a broad topic, and writing research papers on it can be done in various ways to explore an abundance of topics. Here are some of the most interesting topics that we’ve come up with for child nursing.

  • The Main Causes of Seizures in Children
  • The Ethics in Pediatric Care
  • Healthy Diet and Child Obesity
  • The Impact of Social Media on Eating Habits in Children
  • Exploring the Speech Disorder Therapy
  • The Most Efficient Newborn Resuscitation Practices
  • Demands of the Children Critical Care
  • Malnutrition in Children: The Most Effective Treatment Strategies
  • The Main Causes of Child Mortality in the “Country Name”
  • ADHD in Children: Causes and Emerging Treatments

Midwifery Nursing Research Paper Topics

Midwives are the medical specialists that don’t get nearly enough attention. Being a midwife is a fantastic career choice, and as long as babies are being born, midwives will be needed. As a midwife or a midwife-to-be, there are plenty of things that you can learn to improve the level of care that you provide.

If you’re writing a research paper, however, things might seem a bit complex, but don’t worry, here are ten midwifery nursing research paper topics that you can use for your next examination.

  • The Most Important Safety Rules of Obese Pregnant Women
  • The Methods to Evaluate the Impact of Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping
  • The Emerging Trends in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Why is Vitamin D Important Supplement During Pregnancy
  • Mental Health and Postnatal Period
  • How to Improve Neonatal and Maternal Practices in Rural Areas
  • The Most Common Challenges of Gestational Weight Gain
  • The Common Risks Associated With Laboring in Water and How to Prevent Them
  • The Impact of Hepatitis B and AIDS on the Pregnant Women
  • The Importance of Antenatal Appointment

Elderly Care Nursing Topics

Caring for babies as a midwife is one thing, but caring for the elderly is a polar opposite. Caring for the elderly is difficult. Unlike pregnant women, who are usually all excited about their pregnancy or fall within some category – geriatric patients are vastly different from one another and will require a special approach with every patient.

That being said, elderly care is one of the most rewarding fields of nursing and one of the most demanding. With that in mind, here are ten topics on geriatric care that you can explore:

  • Exploring the Ethics in Geriatrics Care
  • Critical Care Requirements in Elderly Care
  • Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease in Elderly Patients
  • The Causes and Treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Exploring the Holistic Approach to Geriatric Care
  • The Most Efficient Practices to Reduce Cardiovascular Risks
  • The Best Nursing Practices When Working With Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Study on Atrial Fibrillation
  • The Most Effective Therapy for Bladder Cancer Therapy
  • The Most Common Joint Disorders in Elderly Population

Primary Healthcare Nursing Topics

Primary health care applies to the most common health problems that people face. It’s by far the biggest aspect of nursing and will require the broadest possible approach. As someone who is studying nursing or writing a research paper on the topic, you have endless options if you have primary healthcare as a broader topic.

However, whenever you have a slew of different options, you might latch onto one that really isn’t all that great. With that in mind, why not latch onto one of ours that we’ve provided below, as all are interesting, fun, and most importantly, original.

  • The Efficiency of Probiotics in Diarrhea Treatment
  • The Upsides and Downsides of Private and Public Healthcare Systems
  • Vaccination Programs: Exploring the Benefits and Potential Downsides
  • The Common Oversights Made By Primary Health Care Service Providers
  • How Did Private Healthcare Providers Change the Mental Health Services System?
  • Understanding the Different Levels and Job Requirements of Different Nursing Credentials
  • The Pros and Cons of Medical Services at Patients’ Homes
  • Nurses in Schools: Required Qualifications, Role, and What the Future Holds
  • The Efficiency of the Assessment Methods in Public Healthcare Facilities
  • Patient Privacy Rights: Exploring the Data Collection Ethics in Public Healthcare Facilities

Nursing Careers Research Topics

Nursing as a job in itself is insanely difficult but exciting and rewarding work. Just like a lot of other things, it's really not for everybody, but people that seek out nursing as their career tend to thrive in it.

The medical world has so many positions available, and nursing makes up the bulk of jobs in the world of healthcare. Here are some top-tier topics that concern nursing as a career choice:

  • Comparing Diversity in Private and Public Healthcare Systems
  • How is Technology Shaping the Future of Nursing
  • Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Remote Intensive Care Unit
  • The Best Practices to Promote Physical and Mental Well-being in Nurses
  • Clinical Nurses: Exploring the Main Roles and Responsibilities
  • Nursing and Medical Treatment of the Homeless
  • The Nursing Practitioners Who Have Changed Nursing Forever
  • Types of Nursing Theories and Their Implications on Modern Nursing Practices
  • Stress Management Practices for Nurses In Critical Care
  • The Role of Nursing Professional and Career Service in Health Promotion

Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Now, to be fair, Nursing may not be as exciting as being a brain surgeon, and it might not be as well paid – but the job of a nurse is still pretty interesting when you compare it to a lot of other professions. Think about it, as a nurse, not only do you have to deal with an abundance of tasks every day, you get to work with people, which brings a whole new dimension to the career.

Saying that the job is interesting is an understatement – what isn’t an understatement is doing a research paper on just what makes nursing so interesting, which you can do by following one of the ten topics listed below.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies and Innovations in Clinical Cardiology
  • The Most Effective Treatments for Sleep Disorders
  • Common Issues Associated with Menopause
  • Exploring the Moral Aspects of Euthanasia
  • Hypertensive Diseases: Causes and Treatment
  • Caesarean Section: Indications and Preparation
  • Differences Between Alternative and Complementary Therapy
  • The Primary Causes of Type II Diabetes
  • Nursing and Night Shifts: The Most Efficient Ways to Alleviate Stress
  • Breast Cancer Prevention: Exploring the Most Effective Methods

When you need to select a nursing research paper topic for the exam, midterm, or assessment, you can feel like you are under a lot of pressure. Practical assignments often take too much time and energy, and you can feel overwhelmed. Finding inspiration for nursing research papers can prove difficult at these times.

Hopefully, you’ll find our selection of nursing research topics inspirational and be able to select one that resonates well with you. We also have a variety of sports research topics to choose from. However, if you don’t have the time to do research and write your nursing research paper on your own, don’t despair.

Contact our team of professional writers here at Study Clerk, and we will deliver a high-quality nursing research paper just in time for you to submit it.

Order your paper now!

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nursing student thesis ideas

Nursing Professors

How to write a successful nursing thesis.

Most nursing students find it difficult to write a successful nursing thesis. Read this article to find out how to write a successful nursing thesis by using a 7 steps process that we designed for creating a successful nursing thesis.

Summary of how to write a successful nursing thesis.

A nursing thesis is a written document that outlines the nursing student’s original research findings on a certain topic. It is similar to a research paper but with a more specific focus on the nursing profession. To write a successful nursing thesis, the student must first choose a topic that is both interesting and relevant to the nursing profession. Once the topic has been selected, the student must then conduct a literature review to identify the existing research on the topic. After the literature review has been completed, the student can then begin writing the thesis itself. The nursing thesis should be well-organized and well-written, and it must include a clear and concise research question.

How to write a successful nursing thesis

What is a nursing thesis?

A nursing thesis is a written document that outlines the research that a nursing student has conducted. Thesis topics can vary, but usually center around a specific area of nursing practice or theory. For example, a student might choose to research the effectiveness of a new nursing intervention in the treatment of postpartum depression. Thesis projects can be completed as part of a degree program, such as a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), or as an independent research project. Nursing students typically work with a faculty advisor to complete their thesis.

How to write a successful nursing thesis in 7 steps.

Do you want to write a successful nursing thesis? We have designed a 7 steps process to help you write a top-notch nursing thesis. These steps include:

Start with a clear research question in mind

Review the literature to find gaps in current knowledge, develop a clear research methodology, collect and analyse your data, write up your findings, discuss your results in relation to the literature, draw conclusions and make recommendations for future research.

When it comes to writing a nursing essay, it is important to start with a clear research question in mind. This will help to focus your research and ensure that you are able to find relevant and up-to-date sources to support your argument. Once you have a research question, try to narrow it down to a specific topic that you can explore in more depth. This will make it easier to plan and structure your essay. When you are conducting your research, be sure to take careful notes and keep track of the sources that you consult. This will make it easier to reference them in your essay and avoid plagiarism.

There is a lot of nursing research out there, but it can be difficult to keep up with everything. Instead of trying to read and remember everything, it can be helpful to focus on finding gaps in current knowledge. This can be done by reviewing the literature and looking for studies that contradict each other or that raise new questions. By keeping up with these gaps, you can be sure that you are always up-to-date on the latest research.

When developing a clear research methodology, it is important to consider the following: what research question(s) you are trying to answer, what type of data you will need to answer these question(s), and what methods you will use to collect this data. Additionally, you will need to think about how you will analyze the data you collect and what type of conclusions you can draw from your analysis. By carefully considering each of these elements, you can develop a clear and concise research methodology that will help guide your nursing research project.

In order to write a good nursing essay, you need to first collect and then analyse your data. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most important thing is to be organized and to have a plan. Once you have your data, you can then start to look for patterns and trends. This will help you to write a more effective essay.

Findings from nursing research are vital to improving patient outcomes and developing new, evidence-based practices. When writing up your findings, it is important to be clear, concise, and accurate. Be sure to include all relevant information, such as demographics, interventions, and results. Be sure to also discuss any limitations of your study and future directions for research. By sharing your findings, you can help contribute to the body of evidence-based knowledge and make a positive impact on the nursing profession.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of nursing interventions on patient outcomes. The results of the study showed that nursing interventions had a significant impact on patient outcomes. The literature review showed that there is a lack of research on the effects of nursing interventions on patient outcomes. The results of this study suggest that nursing interventions can improve patient outcomes.

Nursing research is essential to the advancement of the profession and the improvement of patient care. The conclusions and recommendations of nursing research studies are important for future research and for the development of clinical practice guidelines. The findings of nursing research can help to improve patient outcomes and to make nursing practice more evidence-based.


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List of 350 Brilliant Nursing Research Topics to Investigate in 2023

List of 350 Brilliant Nursing Research Topics to Investigate in 2023

Nursing education is challenging. Writing hundreds of tedious nursing research pieces is the most frustrating part. But we know how to help you! Discover 350 exciting nursing research topics and learn how to choose the best one.

  • Primary Care Topics
  • Public Health Topics
  • Emergency Nursing Topics
  • Midwifery Topics
  • Neonatal Nursing Topics
  • Pediatric Research Topics
  • Nutrition Topics
  • Mental Health Topics
  • Healthcare Management Topics
  • Medical Ethics Topics
  • Nursing Leadership Topics
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • How to Choose a Nursing Topic

Process of Nursing Research

350 interesting nursing research topics.

Nursing research topics for college students can cover various areas of this field. Below you will find a list of 350 exciting ideas, which we have divided into different areas of activity. No matter what nursing research is in your sphere of interest. We’ve got you covered! You can also check research essay samples on the same topic for more inspiration.

Primary Care Research Topics

Primary care is the leading clinical service that sustains the health of an entire nation. The study of this topic is mandatory for the stable development of the healthcare system. Here are primary nursing research titles examples:

  • What healthcare problems can be in primary care?
  • The role of private health care providers in primary care.
  • Peculiarities of vaccination in rural areas.
  • Basic methods for assessing the quality of primary care .
  • The role of modern technology in primary care .
  • Basic techniques of evaluating the patient’s health .
  • Private sector activities in primary care .
  • The necessity to provide childcare services.
  • Primary care and chronic pain problem .
  • Vaccination programs : pros and cons.
  • The role of social workers in primary care.
  • Responsibility of the pharmacist for public health.
  • Effective methods of asthma prevention.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of home nursing care.
  • How can primary care system help fight depression?
  • Vaccination of the elderly: challenges and potential benefits.
  • Principles of preventive medicine: primary care for the elderly.
  • Migraine diagnosis and treatment methods.
  • Innovative methods in cardiology .
  • Major causes of anxiety disorders in adults.
  • The problem of obesity treatment in primary care .
  • Effective ways of taking anamnesis.
  • Methods for diagnosing stroke in the elderly.
  • Basic precautions for Parkinson’s disease .
  • Basic requirements for intensive care .
  • Connection of primary care and information technology training .
  • Sleep disorders in women.
  • Standard protocol for the treatment of headache in adults.
  • Basic guidelines for primary care for disaster victims.
  • The role of government agencies in primary care.

Based on previous papers, you can try to come up with your nursing research topics, for example, on infection control.

5 Characteristics of Quantitative Research

Research Topics in Public Health

The public health area has a strong connection with government issues. However, it is doctors who study the basis of all problems. So, let’s check out these special nursing research paper topics!

  • The role of governmental organizations in the public health system .
  • Effectiveness of government programs to prevent drug addiction .
  • What role do parents play in promoting children’s health?
  • Features of the school nurses’ work.
  • The importance of proper nutrition and exercise .
  • Telemedicine : advantages and disadvantages.
  • The role of government in providing nursing education .
  • The importance of long-term care facilities to the healthcare system .
  • Discovering public health’s primary functions .
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle in old age.
  • Sedentary change programs for adolescents.
  • Educational strategies for healthcare organizations in social media.
  • Ways to educate young people about a positive body image .
  • Formation of public behavior in the problem of cancer prevention.
  • Occupational health and safety for workers in hazardous professions.
  • Connection of modern technologies and public health system .
  • Government AIDS awareness programs.
  • State programs to increase awareness of heart disease .
  • Government programs aimed at maintaining a healthy work environment .
  • Health promotion methods.
  • Companies against alcohol: examples from history.
  • Public health policies: sugary drink tax .
  • Raising awareness of the importance of vaccines .
  • How is lung cancer related to air condition?
  • Promotion of activity among children with disabilities .
  • Disease eradication as a leading public health policy target .
  • Government mental health awareness programs.
  • Improving individual health as a way to counter epidemics .
  • Ways of transmission of infectious diseases .
  • Educating children about the importance of sports .

Public health is an excellent topic choice for a nursing dissertation. Try it!

Emergency Nursing Research Topics

New studies are essential for new practical approaches for nurses in emergencies. Try to discover new methods with these critical care nursing research topics!

  • What role can stress play in emergency nursing?
  • How to deal with anaphylactic shock?
  • Effective methods of providing emergency care .
  • Features of decision-making by a nurse in critical situations.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of emergency assistance in case of accidents.
  • Analysis of the extreme degrees of pain in a patient.
  • Diagnosing problems in ER.
  • Emergency training methods.
  • How to increase chances to save a drowning person?
  • Models for reducing violence in emergency departments .
  • The problem of rural residents’ access to ambulance services.
  • Can family stay close to the patient during resuscitation?
  • What effect do tasers have on the development of heart disease ?
  • Diagnosing sepsis in emergencies.
  • Effective methods of dealing with the effects of using pepper sprays.
  • Screening for alcohol and drug addiction in adolescents.
  • The role of ambulance crews in the fight against human trafficking .
  • Identification and assistance to victims of violence.
  • How to deal with unwanted patient behavior?
  • Pediatric trauma and shock.
  • Psychiatric screening in first aid cars.
  • Ways to develop tolerance in first-aid workers.
  • Effective ER worker behavior models.
  • The role of private clinics in providing emergency services.
  • The role of nurses in the ambulance crew.
  • Common causes of death in ER patients.
  • Correct gender policy towards ER staff.
  • How to organize a working emergency care system?
  • How to help relatives survive the death of a patient?
  • Techniques for teaching nurses to diagnose and respond to life threats quickly.

These nursing research topics for critical care would be an excellent choice for your papers!

Midwifery Research Topics

Midwifery is one of the more challenging medical areas. We picked 30 of the best nursing research topics on pregnancy and prenatal care to help you improve your knowledge! Take a look:

  • How can midwifery recognize domestic violence?
  • Excess weight problems during pregnancy .
  • How to analyze the effectiveness of childbirth ?
  • Disease prevention during pregnancy.
  • Effective methods of newborn resuscitation.
  • Features of adolescent education in gynecology.
  • Prenatal nursing care.
  • Precautions for preterm labor.
  • Rules of conduct for staff in the delivery room.
  • Basic rules for saving mother and child.
  • Preparing staff and the patient for a caesarean section.
  • Preventing depression during pregnancy .
  • Features and importance of family planning .
  • Childbirth in water: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Features of caring for pregnant women with breast cancer .
  • The influence of the autonomic nervous system on the course of pregnancy.
  • Methods for predicting preeclampsia.
  • Diseases of the cervix associated with human papillomavirus .
  • Frequency and possible complications of pregnancy and cervical disease.
  • Treatment tactics of pregnancy complications in women with disorders of the upper urinary tract.
  • Identifying asymptomatic pregnancy complications.
  • The use of modern technologies in the treatment of fetal diseases.
  • Features of the reproductive system after termination of pregnancy.
  • Reasons for using iodine supplementation during pregnancy.
  • Prevention of complications after operations on the pelvic organs .
  • Impact of epilepsy on reproductive health .
  • Features of reproductive behavior in students and ways to correct it.
  • The effect of oral contraceptives on the contents of immune complexes in the blood.
  • Operative delivery and influence on the child.
  • Psychological assistance to patients with infertility .

Remember some of these nursing research topics on midwifery. Profs love them!

Neonatal Nursing Research Topics

Neonatal studies are one of the most innovative medical spheres. Check out this brilliant list of research topics for nursing students in the neonatal area. They will help you better understand the neonatal care importance.

  • The importance of hand hygiene in neonatal units .
  • Features of neonatal practice in rural areas.
  • The leading causes of child mortality .
  • How neonatal care has evolved in recent decades.
  • Hygiene of newborns and skincare for babies.
  • Postpartum infant care basics.
  • Principles of breastfeeding infants.
  • Predicting feeding problems and treatments.
  • The leading causes of seizures in newborns and methods of treatment.
  • Eating disorder in infants.
  • Methods for predicting diseases in newborn children.
  • Effective medical practices for babies.
  • Nursing ethics for newborn care.
  • Features of modern neonatal practices.
  • Features of the development of the pulmonary tract of newborns.
  • Studies of the lungs of a newborn: functions and structural features.
  • Influence of inflammatory processes on the infant’s brain.
  • The role of biomarkers in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury in infants.
  • The importance of neonatal health services.
  • Basic strategies for modeling neonatal education.
  • Monitoring the quality of neonatal services.
  • Influence of neonatal care on the further treatment of a newborn.
  • Impact of maternal obesity on infant development.
  • Causes of abnormal neurological development in children.
  • Use of hormones to regulate fetal lung development.
  • Diagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia in infants.
  • Potential lung disease in premature babies.
  • Using nitric oxide to treat premature babies.
  • Parental drug use and effects on fetal neurological development.
  • Use of biomarkers for neonatal sepsis.

A nursing dissertation on neonatal issues is always a wise choice!

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Studies in pediatrics are aimed to help students discover children’s health issues to solve. Innovative approaches are mandatory to fight modern challenges. Check out these research topics for nursing students; they’ll help you become more informed:

  • The importance of self-care nursing in pediatrics.
  • Features of the treatment of children with autism .
  • Childhood obesity problem.
  • Features of vaccination of minors.
  • Therapy for speech disorders .
  • Causes of diabetes in young people.
  • Music therapy and phlebotomy.
  • Suboptimal diabetes: causes and methods of intervention.
  • Causes of increased fatigue in adolescents.
  • HIV prevention in adolescence.

HIV statistics.

  • Preventing unwanted teenage pregnancies .
  • Features of the use of painkillers in children.
  • Methods for analyzing adolescent behavior.
  • Features of the work of the pediatric department in schools.
  • The importance of health promotion in pediatrics .
  • Ways to connect with your child.
  • Pediatric care basics.
  • How can a healthcare professional deal with adolescent aggression ?
  • Reducing the risk in children receiving oxygen therapy .
  • The role of molecular markers in the diagnosis of childhood leukemia .
  • Psychological help for children with cancer .
  • Assessment of language models in children with autism .
  • The use of stem cells in the treatment of childhood diseases.
  • How do environmental problems affect the development of a child’s body?
  • Implications of passive smoker syndrome for children.
  • Possible complications of measles in children .
  • Methods for diagnosing asthma in children .
  • Common causes of Tourette’s syndrome in children.
  • How does anorexia affect cognitive function in children?
  • Diagnosis of ear infections in childhood.

We guess this ultimate list of research topics in pediatric nursing will be helpful for you!

Nutrition Research Topics for College Students

The eating habits of modern people can be harmful to the body. Therefore, doctors are seriously studying the current problems in this area. Here you can find tons of excellent nursing research topics on nutrition and its possible issues.

  • What are referral reasons for the dietary assessment?
  • Nutrition assistance for the elderly.
  • Effects of stress on childhood metabolism .
  • Prevention of obesity in adolescents.
  • Linking diet to behavioral changes.
  • How social media influences teen food choices .
  • Patient nutrition problem in healthcare policy .
  • Predicting and assessing diabetes .
  • The problem of dietary intervention in the elderly.
  • Promoting healthy eating as a way to fight obesity.
  • Nursing promotion of healthy homemade food.
  • Effects of good nutrition on fetal development .
  • How does nutrition affect a child’s development ?
  • Root causes of weight gain : a clinical study.
  • Common diseases caused by poor nutrition .
  • Nutrition screening for the elderly.
  • The nutritional problem of children with autism .
  • The importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy .
  • Baby food: preventing eating disorders.
  • Diet as a cause of dementia development in adults.
  • Osteoporosis : the role of diet in disease prevention.
  • The role of diet in healthy aging.
  • What is the relationship between cancer and diet ?
  • Nursing role in the safety of nutrition.
  • The main benefits of a healthy diet : advice to patients.
  • The role of parents in maintaining healthy eating habits in children.
  • The relationship between healthy eating and cognitive development .
  • Modern trends in youth nutrition.
  • The nurse’s role in maintaining quality nutrition for pregnant women .
  • Innovative nursing nutritional care.

Now let’s move to the next section – research topics in mental health!

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Mental health problems are more relevant now than ever. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness , nearly 20% of the US adult population suffers from mental health problems. That’s why psychiatry research topics capture the interest of college students.

  • The importance of nursing in mental health safety .
  • Features of mental disorder in alcohol dependence .
  • How does police work affect mental health?
  • The connection between video games and the development of teenage aggression.
  • How is schizophrenia diagnosed?

Facts about schizophrenia.

  • Main theories in mental health studies .
  • Features of bipolar mental disorder .
  • Causes and prevention of drug addiction .
  • Mental health problems of athletes after physical injuries .
  • Conditions for the use of psychotherapy .
  • Reasons and methods for tackling health imbalances.
  • The influence of phone usage on mental health .
  • Brain stimulation techniques.
  • Diversity of sexual orientation psychology features.
  • Methods for dealing with physical violence.
  • The effectiveness of traditional methods of treating mental illness .
  • Features of mental support for the patient’s relatives.
  • The role of nurses in the management of geriatric patients with mental disorders.
  • Combating burnout in the practice of healthcare professionals.
  • The problem of war veterans’ mental health .
  • The phenomenon of occupational deformation as a type of mental disorder.
  • Chest pain as a symptom of mental health problems in adults.
  • The relationship between increased risk of cancer and depression.
  • Basic treatments for dementia .
  • Nursing refugee mental health help .
  • The practice of mirror therapy in rehabilitation.
  • Methods to help victims of violence.
  • Helping patients after a stroke .
  • The use of antipsychotics : benefits and harms.
  • How belly massage helps fight residual stomach volume.

We believe you’re going to find one of the best psychiatric nursing research topics!

Healthcare Management Research Topics

The effective functioning of the health care system is impossible without competent leadership. Therefore, nursing research study topics on healthcare management are as important as the others!

  • The importance of financial management for the healthcare industry .
  • Assessment of the economic component of primary health care .
  • How does bias affect healthcare funding?
  • How to properly organize health care at home?
  • The Importance of a Unified Nursing Code.
  • How risk management affects healthcare projects?
  • Gender policy in health management .
  • Features of the initial stages of private medical practice.
  • The importance of the apology law.
  • Features of selling medical marijuana .
  • Features of healthcare contracts.
  • The problem of human resources in the healthcare industry .
  • The problem of the shortage of men in healthcare.
  • Medicare : how to get benefits.
  • How to improve the minimum level of nursing training ?
  • Modern trends in the healthcare management area .
  • Staff uniform rules.
  • Legal risks of medical personnel .
  • Gender bias in nursing.
  • Features of the organization of the first aid service in private sector.
  • Risk management in healthcare.
  • The connection of healthcare and conflict management .
  • Ways to solve staffing problems in healthcare.
  • Ensuring the personnel safety from infectious diseases .
  • Strategies to improve the emotional health of employees.
  • What is the danger of not having enough nursing staff for patients?
  • Personnel policy in public medical institutions.
  • International nursing training.
  • Basic principles of management in healthcare facilities.
  • Possible ways to get a nursing promotion.

These nursing research titles on healthcare management will impress your professors!

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

Controversial issues in the field of medical ethics are felt more and more acutely every year. That is why they need to be solved, and research topics related to nursing ethics present a good opportunity for highlighting them:

  • The role of ethical values in the nursing decision-making process .
  • Particular ethics of data collection in primary care.
  • The ethical dilemma of abortion.
  • Moral choice in opioid addiction .
  • Features of ethics in helping the homeless .
  • Ethics of care for patients with mental disorders .
  • Phantom pain phenomenon.
  • Features of cultural perception in the work of nurses.
  • How can religious beliefs affect medical ethics?
  • The role of relatives in the treatment of geriatric patients .
  • Ethics of the need to increase sales in medicine.
  • The problem of sexualizing the image of a nurse.
  • The importance of solving moral dilemmas in nursing .
  • Assisting female patients by male nurses .
  • What are the main medical ethics principles?
  • Ethics of care for geriatric patients.
  • The problem of compulsory vaccination : solutions.
  • The dilemma of artificial feeding of patients.
  • Ethics of nursing in preventive medicine.
  • The importance of a hospital work ethic.
  • The U.S. standard of ethics for nursing .
  • The dilemma of medical ethics .
  • The difference in medical ethics in Asian countries and European countries.
  • How can medical ethics conflict with religious beliefs?
  • Assisting suicide as a dilemma in medical ethics.
  • The ethical problem of marijuana usage for medical purposes .
  • The impact of cultural patterns on medical ethics .
  • Child maltreatment : a medical ethics dilemma.
  • Implementation of international medical ethics standards for healthcare development.
  • Methods for monitoring compliance with medical ethics.

Nursing ethics research questions have a tendency to be the most interesting ones!

Nursing Leadership Paper Topics

The principle of developing leadership among nurses is vital for improving the performance of any clinic. This list consists of 30 nursing research topics about leadership in healthcare field:

  • What role does leadership play in nursing?
  • Which skills are necessary for effective nursing leadership performance?
  • The nurse’s role in providing quality health care .
  • Why is it important for nurses to attend medical conferences?
  • Features of the classification of nurses.
  • What is a retention strategy for experienced nurses?
  • How does nursing leadership development affect patient outcomes?
  • The problem of obtaining a diploma for a nurse.
  • Nursing leadership : key challenges and opportunities.
  • Ethical issues in nursing leadership .
  • Protecting staff interests in nursing management .
  • Analyzing college students’ nursing leadership experience .
  • Effective nursing leadership styles .
  • Ways to develop nursing leadership in private healthcare facilities.
  • Nursing manual: Betty Newman theory.
  • The importance of intuitiveness in the workplace.
  • The importance of conflict resolution in the nursing leadership sphere .
  • Patient advocacy opportunities for the lead nurse.
  • Nursing manual: theory of intellectual capital.
  • Effective models of professional practice in nursing.
  • Professional opportunities for nursing graduates in nursing leadership .
  • What are modern approaches in nursing leadership?
  • Transformational leadership model for nursing.
  • Fundamental theories for effective nursing leadership .
  • Methods for applying leadership theories to nursing .
  • What is the need for effective nursing leadership ?
  • Methods for monitoring the effectiveness of nursing leadership .
  • Principles of delegation of authority in nursing leadership practice.
  • The importance of nursing leadership in strategic hospital planning.
  • Nursing leadership as a method to retain experienced staff.

Evidence-based nursing topics on leadership can become a great start to your career!

5 Characteristics of Qualitative Research.

Easy Topics for Nursing Qualitative and Quantitative Research

The division into qualitative and quantitative research can be confusing. But don’t worry, we’ll help you figure it out! Each type of nursing research topic and other materials may depend on dry numbers or subjective opinions. Keep reading for more detailed information and examples of quantitative and qualitative research topics in nursing!

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Nursing Research

Empirical research methods can be divided into two broad categories: quantitative and qualitative. As their name suggests, each view relies on specific types of data. Therefore, your nursing paper topics can also reveal either qualitative or quantitative aspects of the problem. Let’s take a quick look at the main differences between these two methods.

The quantitative method relies entirely on numbers and statistics. Your task is to find patterns and come to a conclusion by analyzing a large amount of data. This type of nursing research is as structured and objective as possible. These are the quantitative method characteristics:

  • Sources of information are polls, reviews, records, documents.
  • The deductive methodology involved.
  • As objective as possible.
  • The main content is numbers and data.
  • Validity depends on the selected analysis tools.

The qualitative method , on the contrary, is a reflection of the author’s thoughts and conclusions. It depends entirely on the depth of understanding of the problem and the existing materials on the nursing thesis topics. The task of the researcher is to analyze previous works and create their theory through reflection. Check the qualitative method characteristics:

  • Sources of information: focus groups, document reviews, interviews.
  • The inductive process is involved.
  • The subjective opinion of the author is allowed.
  • The main content is text and reflections.
  • Validity depends on the skill of the author.

You can check lists of topics for nursing research ideas in these spheres below!

Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

Qualitative analysis is a complex but critical aspect of medical practice. Nursing qualitative research topics are designed for students to develop skills of analyzing challenging issues and make proper conclusions:

  • The role of technology in improving the quality of nursing care .
  • Empowering nurses to prescribe: advantages and disadvantages.
  • The problem of equality between doctors and nurses .
  • Nursing stereotypes.
  • Issues of accreditation of medical schools.
  • The problem of systemic racism in the healthcare system.
  • How nursing has changed in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • The importance of nursing staff in primary care .
  • Priority of cancer in adults.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research in nursing .

These qualitative nursing research topics can help you improve your analytical skills significantly!

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Quantitative type of scientific work is all about statistics, percentages, and numbers. Prepare yourself to analyze tons of information with these nursing quantitative research topics:

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of primary patient care.
  • The leading causes of heart disease .
  • Analysis of the efficacy of telemedicine .
  • The problem of an overabundance of information noise in the modern world.
  • Evaluation of methods of assistance in suicide attempts.
  • Statistical analysis of the benefits of diets .
  • Causes of mental illness in women.
  • Using unconventional methods to treat diabetes .
  • Benefits of probiotics for treating diarrhea .
  • Methods for assessing pain in critically ill patients.

For a successful paper, it’s importnt to pick a good research topics for nursing students based on quantitative evidence.

How to choose a Nursing Research Topic?

Choosing a quality nursing research topic idea can be a daunting task. This is mainly because the variety of possible options is simply too large. But don’t worry, here are some simple tips to help you choose the theme that’s right for you!

📜 Remove large-scale topics . You should not waste your energy on massive topics. Instead, choose narrow evidence-based ideas that allow you to focus on one issue. 📜 Use personal experience . One cannot be informed in all aspects of medicine. So when you write about a topic you have no experience with, you risk getting bogged down in hours of tedious research. Try to remember what problems you faced yourself. This way, you will already have a basic knowledge of the topic. 📜 Review literature . A large amount of ready-made research a topic will be an excellent help in writing about it. Try to do a systematic nursing topics review to find more examples. This does not mean that you should copy the work of another medic. On the contrary, it will be a good opportunity for you to highlight additional information. Therefore, before choosing from easy nursing research topics, look at how much information is already in the public domain.

What is the process of nursing research? Oh, that’s a tricky question. Let’s look at the main stages you need to go through!

✨ Define the research problem . To solve a problem, you first need to find it. That is why the first thing you should do is choose a nursing research question. If you have any experience with the topic, that will be a big plus! ✨ Develop hypothesis . Now, you need to think and create your theory. It can be of any form. The main thing is to make a connection between the data pieces and find a pattern. Of course, the hypothesis must be consistent with the current nursing research topics. ✨ Literature review . Before you start writing, it’s important to tighten your knowledge of the central thesis of the topic you’ve selected. Try reading other people’s research, finding the statistics you want, and just surfing the internet. ✨ Prepare an outline . It is essential to formulate a plan for your work before you start working on it. The more detailed you describe each paragraph of your article, the less time you will need to write it. Quality work begins with a quality plan! ✨ Conduct research . Now you start the longest and most important part of the whole nursing project. You should delve deeper into the problem and find the information you need. Everything that you write should help you prove your hypothesis in one way or another. ✨ Make a conclusion and develop further recommendations . After you have processed all the material, it is time to write a conclusion. Here, you must indicate whether you have succeeded in proving the hypothesis and recommend the application for your scientific work.

Congratulations, you did it! Writing a good paper is not that difficult. It all depends on a well-chosen research topic in the nursing field; luckily, you have a list of 350 topics to look through in this article! You can find more nursing research ideas on our website!

❓ What Is Translational Research in Nursing?

Translational research is a kind of scientific work, and its task is to transform theory into new practical approaches. In other words, discoveries made in laboratories become the basis for creating a new actionable framework in nursing.

❓ What Is an Example of a Clinical Question?

The clinical question is an integral part of your scientific work. It can relate to categories such as the cause of the problem, the manifestation of the disease in the patient, possible solutions, and potential results. A well-formulated clinical question helps you write a quality article.

❓ How to Determine Level of Evidence in Nursing Research?

Several criteria determine the level of evidence in nursing research. These include quality of design, validity, and applicability of results to patient care. Therefore, you should constantly monitor the reliability of your sources and the correctness of your conclusions.

❓ What Are Some Controversial Issues in Nursing?

In modern nursing, there are some controversial issues, mainly of an ethical nature. Such problems include the issue of vaccination of people who are against it, artificial nutrition, opioid addiction, and others. There is a lively discussion about how to act correctly in some instances and what factors the decision may depend on.

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  • Choosing a research topic. Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Nursing Process. NCBI
  • Sample Research Topics. CFAES
  • Selecting a Research Topic: Overview. MIT Libraries
  • Three Important Nursing Subjects Students Should Know. Distant learning systems
  • Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial: Asking Clinical Questions. University of Maryland
  • Top 5 Ethical Issues in Nursing. Avant Healthcare
  • Ethical Issues in Nursing: Explanations & Solutions. Duquesne University
  • Clinical & Translational Research. UCN
  • Writing a Thesis for Nursing School |
  • A practical approach to the process of writing a dissertation. Nursing Times
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Are you now thinking about who will help you get out of this struggling time of finding a perfect thesis topic? So, here we are at your service! We have heard all that you have in your heart, and we are eager to serve you with the flawlessly written topics that will make it easier for you to continue writing your thesis. None of your problems regarding the topics extraction and selection following the best nursing thesis examples when reaching out to us.

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List of the best thesis topics for nursing students

With the help of the children reaching out to us to get their exceptional topics for their nursing thesis samples, we have compiled a whole list of the top-notch topics. These topics are written in such a way that you can trust them with a blindfold on your eyes. Each topic will bring boost-up in your academic grades.

Nursing thesis topics on primary healthcare

  • The referral system is built up to strengthen the primary healthcare system.
  • The acceptance of the evidence that is present in healthcare.
  • Enhancing and improvising the role of community health care nurses.
  • Amazing strategies for providing home services within the community setup.
  • Surveillance programs of the disease to improvise the standards of the community.
  • Introduction of millennial models for the healthcare system.
  • The existence of physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy in the community healthcare system.
  • Evidence-based practice is being followed in the primary healthcare system.

How “The Research Guardian” Can Help You A lot!

Our top thesis writing experts are available 24/7 to assist you the right university projects. Whether its critical literature reviews to complete your PhD. or Master Levels thesis.

Nursing thesis topics in healthcare management

  • Details on gender bias nursing profession.
  • An effective way of increasing staff retention in a healthcare setting.
  • What are the clinical pathways for the referral system?
  • The uniform code rules for the nurses.
  • Medical home services and the role of nurses in such factor.
  • The role of nurses in enhancing the hospital quality movement.
  • Internet-savvy for the nurses’ profession.
  • The new form of nurse entrepreneurship via the nurse navigator.

Nursing thesis topics on pain management

  • An in-depth look at the hemophilia patients’ pain management journeys.
  • Pain management strategies.
  • Analysis of fetal pain perception by the medical experts.
  • A closer look at a myofascial pain rehabilitation.
  • The pros and cons of therapeutic injection.
  • The application of cognitive hypnotherapy and its effectiveness in pain management.
  • The strategy of pain management for cancer patients and what practices are being followed by the professional nurses.
  • The protocols followed for the headache treatment in the people.

Some more interesting nursing thesis topics

  • The relationship of nurses with the patients; does it lead to a quick and better rec0overy of the patients?
  • What is the proper nursing model that students should follow as a profession in nursing?
  • The problems that are occurring due to the shortage of nurses and how can this be sorted?
  • The stress that new and even experienced nurses go through in their professional careers.
  • How to improvise the efficiency of nurses in the community.
  • Why do the majority of people prefer home-based nursing when they are being admitted to the hospital for a longer period.
  • What are the provisions for integrated community nursing services and what is its impact on individual health costs?
  • What role do the nurses play in taking care of the elderly people who are fighting chronic diseases or at a high risk of entering the pool?
  • The role and job of mid-views in the high-risk pregnancies.
  • A comparative study on the nurses and healthcare of the different cities and regions.
  • How the community nursing services are being used after the surgical procedures of the patients.
  • The role of midwives to deal with the postpartum depression of pregnant women.

So with a handful of researched nursing thesis examples, choosing one would be an easy job for you now. As promised, we always work on catering things so that it will end up giving you multiple benefits. We can ease your life in a way that you won’t ever think of.

Selecting the perfect nursing research thesis topics

It might seem more manageable for you to select a perfect topic for your nursing thesis from our lists of nursing thesis examples or the one you have made on your own, but it isn’t this easy. Even for the selection purpose, you need to have a few points in your mind that will make you choose the right topic.

When you come to The Research Gaurdian, you will see that our experts follow all the factors and keep all the points into consideration when picking out the best-fit Ph.D. thesis help topics in nursing. We know how meaningful is the topic selection and how you should work on it equally as you did on the other things. This is why we have been looking into all the new trends and requirements becoming the reason for the stressful life of students.

However, if you want to look at the points you need to consider when selecting a topic, we have gathered them for you. These points will guide you about the professionalism of our services and give you the knowledge of how to sort such problems on your own when there is no way you can lend help.

The topic you might be looking to select should be relevant to your field of study. It can be of anything different, but it should have relevance to the field of study at some point.


When selecting a topic, go for something that you can be explorative about. Some topics are so straightforward that there is nothing about researching and knowing new things when covering the online thesis writing service project. The explorative topic will not only add uniqueness to the thesis, but it will also be beneficial to increase your knowledge.


An interesting topic is the main factor that can keep your reader sticking to your thesis till the end. Sticking to the end means that he will give you higher grading when going through all the areas where you have put in your great efforts.

Students make the mistake of picking up such thesis topics written by the students of bygone times. Whereas, when you have entered a new year and era, it’s better to look for a perfect topic from the list of nursing thesis topics 2022.

It is understood that students might get tired when looking for a perfect topic, but that doesn’t mean that you end up writing any vague topic that has no meaning. You won’t be able to write a professional thesis on it. Find such a topic that makes sense and is of some use.

Students who lack interest and the fraudulent companies both prefer copying the topics. Remember copying any type of content is considered plagiarized or stolen. So, it’s better to take professional help to construct original topics for the thesis independently.

Get Help from Expert Thesis Writers! providing expert thesis assistance for university students at any sort of level. Our thesis writing service has been serving students since 2011.

Get a complete package at Theresearchguardian

When we offer our service to you, we are offering a complete package so that you can get all your problem solved at once, rather than contacting us again and again to lend different help each time. We value your time, and this is the reason why we offer the best thesis topics for nursing students under the umbrella of so many offers, such as;

  • Helping the customers at the eleventh hour.
  • Have the list of all advanced nursing thesis topics for 2021.
  • The topics provided by our experts are up to date and relevant to the ongoing trends.
  • Well-researched and highly credible topics extracted and constructed by our experts.
  • Everything is done under the umbrella of the most affordable charges.
  • The support team is on their toes to help you with your topic problems, and even at midnight, they are available for a catch.

Looking For Customize Thesis Topics?

Take a review of different varieties of thesis topics and samples from our website on multiple subjects for every educational level.

Meet Our Professionals Ranging From Renowned Universities

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  • How It Works

110 Impressive Nursing Research Topics To Use

Nursing Research Paper Topics

As with all sciences, nursing is a technical subject to handle. It is not one of those subjects that you can wake up in the middle of a dream and start writing. A nursing assignment calls for an apt mind that can think both logically and coherently. The Mount Everest of any assignment is settling on the topic. Students will endure sleepless nights, and especially in nursing, to come up with a viable case. For you to attain your nursing degree, the healthcare topic you choose should:

Appeal to the reader’s interest in mind Deal with a problem where you have the scope to research Bring something new or offer a solution

How To Develop Researchable Topics in Nursing

Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate level scholar, the topic you choose for your paper should be up to the mark. There is no place for playing around with every ‘Tom, Dick, and Harry’ title. You can generate ideas for your nursing research paper using the following tips and tricks:

  • Brainstorming them with pen and paper
  • Consulting your friends and professor
  • Looking at other nursing topics
  • Reading on a specific nursing niche
  • Visiting a healthcare facility

With the ideas above, you can develop fascinating nursing research topics that will guarantee you a score. However, avoid the temptation of plagiarizing already existing nursing topics. Doing this will cost you – not only your grades but your reputation as well. You can also use the following questions to develop your nursing topic(s):

  • What is that one area that people have overlooked in nursing?
  • Is there any heated nursing debate you can address?
  • Does your topic bring out a fresh perspective?
  • Is there a nursing problem under research? How can you contribute to it?

These and more will jog your mind to articulate potential nursing topics. Nevertheless, your assignment may be due soon, and you need writing help on your case. We have a full pack for you. Scroll down to view 110 expert-recommended nursing topics.

Interesting Nursing Research Topics For College Students

  • Why does the number of nurses in a work station affect productivity?
  • Is working for long shifts suitable for nurses and patients?
  • Should nurses receive motivational packages now and then?
  • Is it right for nurses to go on strike?
  • What is the difference between nurses and doctors?
  • Why does it seem odd for men to enroll as nurses?
  • Is the salary of nurses proportional to the work they do?
  • Should nurses advance their level of education?
  • Why are medical training colleges receiving low entries?
  • What are the work ethics that determine the conduct of nurses at work?

Researchable Topics in Nursing

  • What are the dangers of nurses administering prescriptions?
  • Can a doctor operate effectively without a nurse?
  • What is the future of nursing in the digital age?
  • What is the difference in care between private and public nursing homes?
  • How did nurses come in handy in the care of coronavirus patients?
  • Do nurses work more than doctors?
  • Is online training recommended for professional nurses?
  • Why do hospitals have more nurses than doctors?
  • Why should nurses have an ever-smiling face?
  • The importance of psychological conditioning for nurses

Nursing Research Paper Topics on Ethics

  • How nurses defend the dignity of those in their care
  • What personal traits should nurses portray?
  • How should nurses respond to the vulnerability of patients?
  • Do nurses find it difficult to handle mentally ill patients?
  • Can nurses develop intimate relationships with patients?
  • What are the moral dilemmas in nursing?
  • What happens when a patient attacks a nurse?
  • Is it ethical for male nurses to handle female patients?
  • Why are nurses quitting based on ethical problems?
  • Should nurses discuss their patients’ issues with their families?

Nursing Research Questions on Critical Care

  • How to communicate with patients in critical care
  • Do critical care nurses experience mental breakdowns?
  • How can nurses handle patients in Acoma effectively?
  • Which means do nurses use to gather data from critically ill patients?
  • How do nurses deal with deaths in the critical care unit?
  • Does critical care nursing impact the psychological behavior of these nurses?
  • How long should a nurse work in an acute care unit?
  • How can nurses interact with patients in ICU?
  • How long should blood be stored after donation?
  • What is the best care for a patient who has just had a heart transplant?

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

  • How can we relate nursing care with the patient’s recovery rate?
  • Discuss the significance of donning protective gear (PPEs)
  • What is the link between cost and quality of nursing care?
  • Factors responsible for irritable patient behavior.
  • Differentiate care, treatment, and healing.
  • Role of technology towards an improved healthcare system.
  • The significance of family support inpatient recovery.
  • The relationship between immunizations and vaccines.
  • The effect of coronavirus on nursing care practices and protocols
  • Discuss how the ventilator functions

Hot Topics in Nursing

  • What is the effectiveness of e-care in the digital age?
  • How to deal with women and men sexual disorders
  • What is the best approach when handling a bisexual patient?
  • Latest measures in handling coronavirus patients
  • Is healthcare receiving the support it needs from the government?
  • Why should all medicine be tax-free?
  • What should happen to doctors practicing illegal abortion?
  • Does a medical practitioner possess the right to end life?
  • Why are syringe injections more effective than tablets?
  • What is the difference between midwifery in urban and rural areas?

Good Nursing Research Topics

  • What are some of the shortcomings of home-based healthcare?
  • Why should people practice healthy nutrition and hydration?
  • What are the standard operating procedures in case of an accident?
  • Ways of treating headaches without visiting a doctor
  • Is it recommended to take prescriptions from chemists and shops?
  • Should we treat mild illness seriously?
  • Why is the world racing against time to find a coronavirus vaccine?
  • Can an ambulance be a hospital?
  • Should Ph.D. holders still serve as nurses?
  • How to remain healthy without visiting a hospital

Popular Nursing Research Paper Topic Ideas

  • Discuss why Nurses Unions are essential in fighting for their rights
  • The role of teamwork in the nursing profession
  • How to reduce the chances of heart attacks in obese patients
  • Steps to take when a patient refuses to eat
  • Why are there increasing cases of depression among youths?
  • Can nurses serve as an alternative for a psychologist?
  • Consequences of self-medication without a doctor’s prescription
  • Ways of dealing with infectious diseases without being infected
  • What is the place of robots in nursing care?
  • How to deal with alcohol addiction and get rid of it

Nursing Research Topic Ideas on Standard Treatments

  • Ways in which post-surgery care can accelerate recovery
  • Why ICU patients need the support of their family more than anything else
  • What are the treatment options for coronavirus?
  • What happens when a doctor makes a wrong diagnosis?
  • Why is the oxygen necessary during surgery?
  • How to care for amputated body organs
  • How long should patients stay in the hospital after surgery?
  • Quick treatment for a patient who has gone in shock
  • Critical care skills that each nurse should posses
  • How to prevent re-infection of contagious diseases in a hospital

Nursing Topics on the Career

  • Which are the best nursing schools?
  • Between colleges and universities, which one offers top nursing education?
  • Should you advance your nursing certificate or degree?
  • What are the potential nursing areas you can venture to in school?
  • What are the challenges that nurses face in their career?
  • Is nursing a well-paying job?
  • Considerations you have to take before pursuing a nursing course
  • Will you have time for your family if you are a nurse?
  • Discuss privileges associated with a nursing career
  • How long does a nursing career take?

Holistic Research Topics For Nursing Students

  • How nurses deal with stress at work
  • How to manage an open wound during surgery
  • Are nursing interns overworked?
  • A study about caring for cancer patients at home
  • An in-depth analysis of what causes obesity
  • How long should nurses take a break from their patients?
  • The dangers of seeking herbal medical care
  • Top control measures for HIV/AIDS
  • How to care for homeless patients
  • Do patients in prison receive adequate medical care?

We have more examples of tip-top nursing topics that can be made available at your request. Our writers are qualified in their respective nursing fields – childcare, surgery, adult care, mental health, and many more. You only need to shoot your question, and we will respond with expert writing help.

anatomy research topics

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Nursing essay thesis statement [+how to & examples].

This article provides information on thesis statement , structure, and style, as well as tips on how to write an effective nursing essay thesis statement and nursing essay thesis statement examples.

There are many different formats that you can use when writing nursing essays. Thesis statements, for example, will be at the beginning of your essay, while the body of your essay will contain details and examples supporting your thesis statement.

In order to ensure that your essay is well organized and flows from point to point, it is important to follow a specific structure.

As you continue,  has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is  place an order  with us.

How to write a Thesis Statement in a nursing essay

What You'll Learn

Nursing essay writing format [Thesis, Structure]

A thesis statement is the most important part of your nursing essay . It should be a clear, concise, and compelling statement that outlines your main argument. It should also be based on research you have done and reflect your personal opinion. Follow these tips to help create a strong thesis statement for your nursing essay:

1. Start by identifying the problem you want to address. What problem do you think needs to be addressed in the nursing profession? For example, do nurses need more training in preventative care ? Do they need more support when caring for patients ? When writing about a problem that you haven’t personally experienced, it’s important to cite reliable sources that will help support your argument.

Read more on How to Start a Nursing Essay [Nursing Essay Introduction]

2. Be specific about the impact of this problem on nurses and patients . State how this problem has harmed nurses and patients in specific ways . For example, do nurses feel overloaded with work? Do they lack adequate resources to care for their patients effectively ? Be clear about the magnitude of the issue and how it impacts both nurses and patients.

3. Use evidence to back up your argument. Cite reliable sources that supports your thesis statement . For example, if you’re arguing that nurses need more training in preventative care , you can use research studies to back up this claim. Be sure to cite your sources so that readers can verify the information you are presenting.

4. Write in a clear and concise manner. Use specific examples and language to help illustrate your point. For example, rather than saying “Nurses need more support,” say “Nurses need more assistance from their superiors when caring for patients.” This will make your argument more clear and easier to understand.

Nursing essay thesis statement [+how to & examples] 1

5. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion. In fact, it’s important to do so. However, make sure that your opinion is based on evidence and research. Don’t simply state what you believe without backing it up with evidence or analysis.

here’s How to Conclude a nursing essay [Nursing Essay Conclusion + Examples]

Nursing Essay Thesis Statement Examples

A thesis statement is a concise, compelling statement of your argument. When writing an essay , you should choose a thesis statement that reflects your main arguments and supports your analysis. A good thesis statement will summarize the main points of your essay and introduce new ideas . The following are examples of effective thesis statements for nursing essays:nnNurses are in constant need of updated education in order to provide quality care to their patients .

There are three main types of thesis statements in nursing: descriptive, explanatory, and persuasive. Descriptive statements describe what has been observed or what is known about a certain subject. Explanatory statements explain how something works or why it exists. Persuasive statements engage the reader in your argument by showing how what you are saying is related to their own situation or experience.

Besides, you can use these 100+ Strong Persuasive Nursing Essay Topics Ideas [+Outline]

The following are examples of descriptive, explanatory, and persuasive thesis statements:

Descriptive Thesis Statement: Nursing is an important profession that helps people to maintain their health and extend their lives.

Explanatory Thesis Statement: Nursing plays an important role in the care of patients who are critically ill or who have serious injuries.

Persuasive Thesis Statement: Becoming a nurse is an excellent way to gain valuable experience that will help you to become a successful

Here are 210+ Current Nursing Essay Topics to write about [+Outline]

Nursing Essay Thesis Statement Examples 1

In this essay, I will discuss the importance of nursing , identify the essential skills and qualities necessary for success as a nurse, and provide an example of a powerful nursing thesis statement.

Here are four example thesis statements for nursing essays:

Nursing is an important career choice for those who want to make a difference in the lives of others. Nursing provides unique opportunities to develop personal relationships with patients and their families. Nursing is critically important to the health and well-being of the population . The nursing profession faces many challenges , but it has the potential to make a significant impact on society

Find out more on  How to write DNP capstone project Methodology Chapter ,  How to write a DNP Capstone Project Literature Review ,  How to write a DNP capstone project chapter 1 – Introduction , and  DNP Capstone project Abstract Examples [Outline & How-to]

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prompts for thesis

Fifteen Great Nursing Master's Dissertation Ideas To Consider

Stuck for ideas for writing your Master’s dissertation in Nursing? Consider some of the fifteen great ideas:

  • The effectiveness of public information programs about Heart Health. A comparison of available information between 1970 and 2015. A review of the policies and effeciencies of the programs and a projection for 2020.
  • The Challenges of Nurses returining to work after an extended leave of absence. The possibility of training updates. How does returning to work differ in other professions, for example teaching or law?
  • The effectiveness of mentoring programs. The protocols of mentoring. The reality of mentoring programs in comparison to the idealized programs that are covered through a literature search. Comparison to mentoring programs in teaching.
  • Looking at public confidence in hospital care. Which is the greatest influence: the media, personal experience or the related experience of a family member? How can negative confidence levels be improved?
  • What the expectations in the level of professional nursing support by patients receiving palliative care? Do their expectations collate with the expectations of their family and the people providing the care program?
  • What constitutes the best mutual strategies between care assistants and registered nurses to work together? Look not just at hospital settings, but also at residential nursing homes for people with brain trauma.
  • When it comes to treating a patient how much of it is clinically based and how much is based on intuition and practical experience? Question whether we provide nursing students with sufficient hands on experience.
  • Consider the amount of stress that a student nurse is put under when on placement. How does this compare to other professions such as teaching? Based on Literature and observations what improvements could be made?
  • Why do Psychiatric Nurses have a higher incidence of burn out in comparison to an Orthopedic Nurse or a Nurse working at a GP surgery? Make comparisons and contrasts based on sound documentation and observation.
  • Devise a program for Primary School Children that supports mental health issues. Focus on what is already available through covert activities within the curriculum and how they can be built upon. Stress the importance.
  • Hospitals can be very difficult places for children with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Level 1 DSM V). has the use of the hospital passport been successful in supporting these children?
  • We seem to be continually dealing with inclement weather. Develop a program for heath awareness during these times. Focus on all age groups. How can community nurses be supported during inclement weather?
  • Pain management for children. How is the effectiveness of pain management measured? Do all of the health care staff that work with children understand how to cope with children who are experiencing pain?
  • What are the most effective methods of dealing with adult pain management? Look at the benefits of using CBT alongside analgesics. What other psychological strategies are effective?
  • The importance of supporting people with thyroid problems. Look at the changes in the information available to patients in 2015 compared to 1955. How can diet help support thyroid function?

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Fellowships, Awards & Honors: Graduate Students

A year in review of honors and achievements by UW Chemistry graduate students.

Jump to Prizes for Best Ph.D. Thesis Jump to Prizes for M.S. Research and Thesis Jump to Merit Awards Jump to University and External Awards

Excellence in Chemistry Graduate Awards

These fellowships were awarded in Autumn 2022 and are funded by various donor-supported gift funds as indicated below each awardee’s name.

Adewunmi Felicia Adebanjo Howard J. Ringold Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

Austin (Augie) Dobrecevich Chemistry Fellowship Fund

Kinsey Drake Paul H. and Karen Gudiksen Endowed Fund

Adrian Guerrero Ritter Endowed Scholarship Fund

Michaela Gustaitis Mary K. Simeon and Goldie Simeon Read Chemistry Research Endowment

Max Hoffman Faculty Endowment for Graduate Study in Chemistry

Greta Jacobson Eugene S. Mindlin Endowed Fellowship Fund

Thao Kim Basil G. and Gretchen F. Anex Endowed Fund

Jay Lee Rowland Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

Gage Owens Niels H. Andersen Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry

Alyson Shoji Dorothy Shimasaki Gilmer Endowed Student Support Fund

Fubin Song Lewis R. and Joan M. Honnen Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

Maxwell Taub Chemistry Graduate Alumni Fund

Bailey Vahsholtz Paul H. and Karen Gudiksen Endowed Fund

Caleb Walton Lloyd E. and Florence M. West Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

Jamison Whitten Larry R. Dalton Term Ph.D. Fellowship in Chemistry

Marcus Woodworth Boris and Barbara L. Weinstein Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry

Haoxian Xu Howard J. Ringold Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

Chisa Zensho Lloyd E. and Florence M. West Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

Prizes for Best Ph.D. Thesis

These awards, established in Fiscal Year 2022, recognize doctoral research and carry a $1,000 prize which was disbursed in Spring 2023. They were funded by departmental fellowships and endowed funds established by philanthropic support from faculty, friends, and alumni.

Ulri Lee Gary and Sue Christian Prize for Best Thesis in Analytical Chemistry

Jitkanya Wong Niels H. Andersen Prize for Best Thesis in Organic Chemistry

Rob Weakly B. Seymour Rabinovitch Prize for Best Thesis in Physical Chemistry

Jonathan Kephart George H. Cady Prize for Best Thesis in Inorganic Chemistry

Prizes for M.S. Research and Thesis

These awards, established in Fiscal Year 2022, recognize master’s program research and carry a $500 prize which was disbursed in spring 2023. They were funded by the Lloyd E. and Florence M. West Fellowship in Chemistry which Lloyd and Florence West endowed to give back to the university where Lloyd cultivated the necessary tools for his distinguished career and rewarding life.

Camille Jackson Lloyd E. and Florence M. West Prize for Best Thesis “Investigating the surface reactivity of black phosphorus.”

Bofei Wang Lloyd E. and Florence M. West Prize for Excellence in Research “Regio and diastereoselective synthesis of allylic amine through hydrocupration of terminal alkynes.”

Merit Awards

These awards, revised in Fiscal Year 2023, recognize doctoral research and carry a $1,000 prize which was disbursed in Spring 2023. They were funded by departmental fellowships and endowed funds established by philanthropic support from faculty, friends, and alumni.

Caitlin Cain (Analytical) Kwiram/CCR Fellowship

Jack Geary (Inorganic) Ritter Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kristina Herman (Physical) Kwiram/CCR Fellowship

Micaela Homer (Inorganic) Mary K. Simeon and Goldie Simeon Read Chemistry Research Endowment

Lixin Lu (Physical) Kwiram/CCR Fellowship

Julian Smith-Jones (Organic) Irving and Mildred Shain Endowed Fund in Chemistry

Tammi van Neel (Analytical) Kwiram/CCR Fellowship

Sarah Zeitler (Organic) Irving and Mildred Shain Endowed Fund in Chemistry

University and External Awards

Lejla Biberic Accelerating Quantum-Enabled Technologies NSF Research Traineeship

Madeleine Breshears Advanced Experience Program in Clean Energy, Torrance Tech Due Diligence Track

Caitlin Cain Student Excellence Award, Chinese American Chromatography Association

Tyson Carr Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Matthew Chang Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Hannah Contreras Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Andrei Draguicevic Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Erin Dunnington NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention

Matthew Elardo NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Jacob Finney Clean Energy Education & Training Fellowship

Jack Geary Advanced Experience Program in Clean Energy, Torrance Tech Due Diligence Track

Theresa Gozzo UW Excellence in Teaching Award

Amanda Haack 2022 Younger Chemists Committee ACS Travel Award, Division of Analytical Chemistry

Mercie Hodges Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Julisa Juarez Accelerating Quantum-Enabled Technologies NSF Research Traineeship Mark A. Jones-ARCS Foundation Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

Jonathan Kephart ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator Award

Phuong Le Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Adelaide Levenson Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Ben Link Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Xiaolin Liu Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Anika McManamen Distinguished Thesis Award, UW Graduate School

Ben Mitchell Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Hao Nguyen Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Emily Nishiwaki Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Meredith Pomfret Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Justin Pothoof Advanced Experience Program in Clean Energy, Torrance Science Policy Analysis Track

Michael Riehs Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Ricardo Rivera-Maldonado 2022 Outreach & Service Award, Clean Energy Institute Clean Energy Education & Training Fellowship

Gillian Shen Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Thom Snoeren Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship

Ella Spurlock Nicole A. Boand-ARCS Foundation Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry

Milomir Suvira Graduate School Conference Presentation Award Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) award, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Rachel Tenney Clean Energy Institute Graduate Fellowship NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Jodie Tokihiro Institute of Translational Health Sciences TL1 Fellow

Tammi van Neel Advancing Science Conference Grant, NOBCChE

Kelly Walsh Advanced Experience Program in Clean Energy, Torrance Tech Due Diligence Track

Caleb Walton Accelerating Quantum-Enabled Technologies NSF Research Traineeship

Other Fellowships, Awards & Honors


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Estudiantes de enfermería de SXU educan a la comunidad sobre temas de salud importantes

Los estudiantes de enfermería de la Universidad Saint Xavier (SXU), junto con el profesor de enfermería clínica Zepure Samawi, Ph.D., MSN, BSN, RN, ANEF, se asociaron recientemente con Susan Latocha, MS, BSN, RN, CCRN, enfermera registrada de Advocate Health Care. Alcance/Relaciones comunitarias regionales, para brindar educación sanitaria sobre hipertensión y accidentes cerebrovasculares, cáncer de piel y de mama, y ​​tabaquismo y cigarrillos electrónicos en el Shannon and Athletic Convocation Center de SXU.

Los estudiantes, que forman parte del programa BSN acelerado de SXU, están trabajando para marcar una diferencia en los resultados de salud de los estudiantes, profesores, personal y la comunidad de SXU. Al evento asistieron aproximadamente 100 personas y los estudiantes de enfermería adquirieron una gran experiencia en promoción y educación de la salud.

"Estos estudiantes de enfermería marcaron una diferencia en la salud de la comunidad SXU. Un papel importante de la enfermera es participar en la promoción de la salud y la prevención de enfermedades. Esto es exactamente lo que hicieron los estudiantes, profesionalmente y con conocimiento y competencia", dijo Samawi.

Lea más a continuación para ver cómo los estudiantes de enfermería reflexionaron sobre la experiencia.

"Mi experiencia de hoy cambió mi forma de pensar. Me di cuenta de que a los estudiantes universitarios sí les importa recibir educación sobre su salud. Creo que es fantástico involucrarlos y enseñarles cómo protegerse", dijo Cristina, estudiante de enfermería.

"Sé que las personas con las que hablamos se llevarán información valiosa sobre el cáncer de mama, el cáncer de piel, el cáncer de pulmón, los accidentes cerebrovasculares y la hipertensión. Nuestro objetivo es la alfabetización sanitaria con miras a las estrategias preventivas, y creo que lo hemos logrado hoy aquí. ", dijo Jessica, estudiante de enfermería.

 "Creo que hacer preguntas a las personas para evaluar sus conocimientos de salud confirmó que la educación del paciente es muy importante y puede salvar vidas", afirmó el estudiante de enfermería Nicholas.

"La experiencia de hoy me permitió practicar mis habilidades. Interactuar con varios tipos de personas me ayudó a sentirme más cómodo y confiado en mis conocimientos a medida que avanzaba el día. Varias personas con las que interactué provenían de entornos muy diferentes y con diferentes problemas médicos, lo que realmente me abrió "Mis ojos se fijaron en lo diversa que puede ser una población de pacientes. Pude utilizar mis conocimientos sobre la hipertensión y los accidentes cerebrovasculares para educar al público sobre los síntomas y las formas de prevenirlos", dijo Maggie, estudiante de enfermería.

"Mi experiencia de hoy mejorará la atención a mis pacientes porque demostré conocimiento, promoví la educación sobre el cáncer de mama y mostré a las pacientes cómo realizar un autoexamen de mama. Educamos a los estudiantes sobre el autoexamen de mama como una herramienta de detección temprana que utiliza un combinación de exámenes físicos y visuales de los senos para detectar signos y síntomas de cáncer de seno", dijo la estudiante de enfermería Meghan.

"Disfruté hablando con los estudiantes y educándolos sobre la hipertensión y la prevención de accidentes cerebrovasculares. También disfruté tomándoles la presión arterial y diciéndoles más sobre los rangos normales y a qué prestar atención. Mientras los educaba, también practicaba mis habilidades. "Prevenir estas enfermedades es el objetivo para que podamos vivir una vida más larga y saludable", afirmó la estudiante de enfermería Gabriela.

"Esperaba que durante la experiencia clínica alternativa interactuaría con algunos estudiantes universitarios, pero que la mayoría de ellos no estarían interesados ​​en pasar por nuestras mesas. Me sorprendió la cantidad de estudiantes con los que interactuamos. Fue genial que una clase entera vino a visitar nuestras mesas. También fue fantástico poder interactuar con algunos miembros de la comunidad que habían venido al Centro Shannon para hacer ejercicio. Me inspiré e impresioné por la forma en que tanto Susan como el Dr. Samawi pudieron "Atraer a los estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad para que interactúen con nosotros. Me inspiró a salir de mi zona de confort y ser más extrovertida al intentar relacionarme con los estudiantes", dijo la estudiante de enfermería Shannon.


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    SXU Nursing Students Educate Community on Important Health Topics. Date: 11/15/2023. Tags: Community, Nursing. Saint Xavier University (SXU) nursing students, along with clinical nursing professor Zepure Samawi, Ph.D., MSN, BSN, RN, ANEF, recently partnered with Susan Latocha, MS, BSN, RN, CCRN, registered nurse for Advocate Health Care's ...

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    Most new doctors in the area trained in the clinic's residency program, Koepke said. The OHSU-led program, built three decades ago, has 27 residents at any given time, plus nurse practitioner, physician assistant and medical students from OHSU. And now, from UC Davis too. Drws said the program and the town are leaving a good impression on him.

  26. Fellowships, Awards & Honors: Graduate Students

    A year in review of honors and achievements by UW Chemistry graduate students. Jump to Prizes for Best Ph.D. ThesisJump to Prizes for M.S. Research and ThesisJump to Merit AwardsJump to University and External Awards Excellence in Chemistry Graduate Awards These fellowships were awarded in Autumn 2022 and are funded by various donor-supported gift funds as indicated below each awardee's name.

  27. Estudiantes de enfermería de SXU educan a la comunidad sobre temas de

    Saint Xavier University (SXU) nursing students, along with clinical nursing professor Zepure Samawi, Ph.D., MSN, BSN, RN, ANEF, recently partnered with Susan Latocha, MS, BSN, RN, CCRN, registered nurse for Advocate Health Care's Regional Community Outreach/Relations, to provide health education on hypertension and stroke, skin and breast cancer, and smoking and e-cigarettes at SXU's Shannon ...