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Q. How do I find NUS honours year theses, academic exercises or final year projects?

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Answered By: jamila Last Updated: Nov 22, 2021     Views: 18310

NUS Academic Exercises (AE) and final year projects (FYP) are available only in hard copy and are usually kept in the closed stacks which must be requested  in advance before you can access it.

To find what you need, click LINC on the library portal search page

LINC search

On the LINC search site, you would need to enter your keyword (what you are searching for), restrict your search to "Thesis (NUS) Collection", and click Submit. 

searching NUS thesis in LINC

From 2018 onwards, new NUS Honours Year Thesis, Academic Exercises and Final Year Projects are hosted on Scholarbank@NUS

Not all theses submitted to NUS are in the Libraries' collection as some of them may not be released by departments to the Libraries. Some examples:

  • SDE Honours thesis 
  • CNM Honours thesis

Do note that NUS Honours Year thesis, Academic Exercises or Final Year Projects cannot be brought out of the library.

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For NUS staff and students only. Search our FAQs,  https://libfaq.nus.edu.sg , to find a ready answer to your question before submitting an online form. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

For loans related queries (e.g. renewals, membership, fines), please email Library Loans & Membership   or call 65166949. NUS Staff and students  may email  Technical Services (eResources)  to report e-resource access issues or connection problems. Please include screenshot of error message encountered.

For all other queries, please use the question form on this page, or  please email  [email protected]  


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