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What Happens if You Fail Your Dissertation And How To Avoid It?

what happens if you fail your dissertation

Writing a dissertation is one of the most fulfilling experiences, yet one of the most dreadful too. It is fulfilling in that it marks the climax of your college or university venture. However, the dread comes in when one thinks about the results. What happens if you fail to defend your dissertation? Does it mean that is the end for you?

Our expert writers have collated several options available for you. Read to the end to clear all your doubts and fears about what happens if you fail your dissertation defense.

I Failed My Dissertation, What Might Have Caused That?

To start with, many would rather bury their faces in the sand than admitting their failure. For those bold enough to reveal it, the recovery process is fast, and soon, they are walking head held high. But what are the possible reasons for a failed dissertation?

  • One of the reasons can be inadequate help from your supervisor. Most professors are too busy, and finding time for their students becomes a nightmare. The result of this is the student lacking the necessary support, especially for a technical course.
  • Another reason might be on the student himself – lacking enough time for their academic studies. Most college and university students are pre-occupied with other activities such as work or family. These might lessen the time one has for research, thus the failure.
  • Plagiarism is a killer of many dissertations. Once proven beyond doubt that you have taken someone else’s work as your own, a Fail would be inevitable. In most universities, this is the first thing that they look at when you submit your paper.
  • Others include missing lectures, laziness on the student’s part, or inability to access the relevant reading sources during research. All these and many others are possible reasons for a failed undergraduate dissertation.

How Bad Does a Dissertation Have To Be To Fail?

Technically speaking, it is rare for one to fail a dissertation because it’s not a paper one writes for two hours or one week. Such a paper takes months or even years to complete. Therefore, one can identify the mistakes in the course of this long period. Furthermore, the report is assessed chapter by chapter so, by the time you’re concluding, your supervisor would have identified a couple of errors and told you to correct.

However, some may still fail because of a couple of reasons. One of them would be missing sections in the final paper. If, for instance, the research methodology or abstract is missing, then you might stand a chance of failing.

A poor layout may also cost you a lot. Failure to follow the right structure may cause your paper to be marked down – for instance, bringing the conclusion before the results and findings.

If technical terms or proper research methods are missing, then you can forget about your degree. These show a lack of knowledge, which is the essence of the dissertation.

Can You Re-sit a Dissertation?

So what next after a failed Master’s dissertation? Can one take a re-sit just like any other college or university exam?

To fail a dissertation paper, you will have scored below the cut mark that is typically 40 for most institutions. That is why the dissertation failure rate is lower. Most students can beat the cut-off points even by one point. When you fail your dissertation, there is a chance for you to take a reassessment. But before you start rejoicing, there is something you need to know about this retake. The pass mark is caped lower to a minimum mark because of your first failure.

Therefore, even if you give it your best shot, it would take a miracle for you to attain anything closer to grade B. And if you fail the second attempt, it will be considered a complete failure. Need I mention the repercussions of that last statement?

Can You Graduate if You Fail Your Dissertation?

No! Graduating with a Fail would be like celebrating your failure. Most institutions allow for re-sits, after which one can graduate if they pass the set mark. Therefore, you should strive for a high-quality paper if you want to secure a spot on the graduation list.

Is There Room for Appeal After I Failed My Degree?

At times, circumstances might be the cause of failure. After all, nobody wants to spend three or more years in school to fail in the end. Therefore, if you feel that you have compelling reasons that caused you to fail, you can always appeal.

You might have genuine reasons like being hospitalized and not studying well or financial constraints in the family. All you have to do is draft a letter appealing for the Fail while stating the reasons behind it.

After submitting the letter, the university council will look at it with the attached evidence. Upon a successful review, you can re-sit the exam or resubmit your paper. Different universities have their way of dealing with such cases.

How To Avoid The ‘I Failed My Dissertation’ Regrets

Are you aware that you can avoid failing your dissertation? Here are pro tips for an exceptional dissertation paper:

  • Review your paper before submission : It will help you detect typos, weird formatting, or wrong structure. Check to ensure that each section is supposed to be and that no part is missing.
  • Run your paper through a superior plagiarism software : If your dissertation is 100% original, you can confidently submit it. You should also check your referencing and citations to prevent penalties for plagiarism.
  • Consult with your supervisor every time : When you complete a section, check whether everything you’ve written is in tandem with the paper’s overall goal. In case of any challenges, raise them earlier before they become too great for you to handle.
  • Research extensively : Any research paper aims to test your knowledge on a particular topic. You can only achieve this by reading widely and consulting a variety of sources.
  • Seek writing help from dissertation experts : These come in handy to give you the essential tips and tricks for cracking a dissertation. They also offer writing help, especially when you are rushing against time to submit your paper.

You do not have to be a victim of failing a dissertation. Take the words of counsel from our gurus and graduate with top grades. Our professional dissertation writing services are affordable for all.

Hit us up today and get a quality dissertation delivered to you in no time!

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What Happens if You Fail a Dissertation?

Author Image

by  Antony W

June 9, 2022

failed dissertation twice

Failing a dissertation is one of the most difficult and painful experiences for many students. After months of research and writing, the last thing you want is to get failing marks. So what happens if you fail a dissertation?

If you fail your dissertation project, your institution will give you another chance to redo the work and re-submit it based on an agreed date. However, you institution will cap the marks for a resubmitted dissertation at a pass level.

Notably, it’s highly unlikely for students to fail their dissertations straight outright. More often than not, the possibility of failure often arises from a student’s negligence, which it’s easy to avoid with proper planning.

Just because you’ve failed a dissertation, if you have, doesn’t mean it’s the end of life. You still get the chance to change your marks from a fail to a pass.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything about failed dissertation, including the options you have to redeem yourself from the failing marks to the bare pass level.

Let’s get started.

What Does it Mean to Fail a Dissertation?

To fail a dissertation paper means you have scored below the institution’s cut mark, which is often a 40. The majority of pupils can beat the cut-off points by as little as one point, which means it’s often unlikely that one would intentionally fail the project.

You cannot graduate if you fail a dissertation. In fact, graduating with a failed grade would be tantamount to celebrating your failure. Most colleges permit re-sits, after which students may graduate if they get the required grade.

As a result, if you want to be included on the graduation list, you should work hard enough to make sure you don’t fail your dissertation. You have to aim to get a 40, although it’s best to aim higher because the set minimum marks don’t necessarily have to be the limit.

Why Do Students Fail Their Dissertations?

Nothing is as frustrating as spending months on a dissertation only to fail the assignment in the end. The question is, “why do students get failing marks in the first place”?

1. Failure to Dedicate Time to the Project

It’s possible to get failing marks for a dissertation because of failing to dedicate enough time to do the work.

The majority of college and university students are preoccupied with other aspects of their lives, such as employment or family. These factors may reduce the amount of time available for study, resulting in failure.

2. Plagiarism: Students Copying Other Research Projects as their Own

Another possible cause of failure is plagiarism. If your institution establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that you’ve copied another person’s work and use it as your own, you stand a 100% chance to fail the dissertation project.

From what we understand, plagiarism is usually the first thing that many institutions look at when students submit their dissertation projects.

3. Lack of Assistance from Project Supervisor

It’s possible for a student fail a dissertation if they don’t get enough help from your supervisor. Because the majority of instructors are overworked, finding time for their students becomes a nightmare. As a result, the student doesn’t get the help they need to stay on the right track, particularly for a technical course.

How Bad Does a Dissertation Project has to be to Fail?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll fail a dissertation project. A dissertation isn’t some assignment that you have to submit in two hours or within two weeks . You have more than 6 months to complete the project, which is enough to research, outline, write, proofread, and submit the assignment.

You’ll make mistakes as you work on the assignment, but the errors should be easy to fix provided you’re on schedule. Moreover, you will have your work evaluated on a chapter-by-chapter basis. So, by the time you get to the conclusion, your supervisor will have mentioned the errors you need to fix to make your dissertation stand out. 

While the chances of failing the dissertation are extremely low, some students still fail because their dissertations are extremely bad. A dissertation is bad if:

  • There are parts of the final document missing. For example, you risk failing if the work doesn’t have an abstract or study techniques.
  • The document doesn’t have a formally accepted and approved layout. Failure to adhere to the proper format may result in your work getting failing marks. For example, the conclusion cannot come before results and findings.
  • You omit technical words or adequate research procedures.

These examples demonstrate a lack of understanding, which is the dissertation’s central theme.

What to Do if You Fail a Dissertation

Is it possible to redo the dissertation project the same way you would other types of assignments in college or university?

Well, you have the option to redo your dissertation if you don’t get a 40, but keep in mind that your institution will reduce the pass mark to a minimum. You won’t get anything close to a grade B, but at least you will get passing marks.

Keep in mind that you only have one last chance to redo the dissertation project. If you fail a second time, your institution will declare that you’ve failed completely. So if you failed your dissertation the first time, take the second attempt as an opportunity to give the project the most attention possible because you cannot afford to fail twice. 

How Not to Fail a Dissertation

Here’s how not to fail a dissertation project:

  • Review your work before to submission. This will make it easy for you to identify mistakes, strange formatting, or an incorrect structure. Verify that each section is where it should be and that no component is missing.
  • Run the work through a plagiarism checker. Additionally, examine your references and sources to avoid plagiarism fines.
  • Consult your supervisor: When you’re through writing a section, double-check that what you’ve written is consistent with the paper’s overall objective. If you encounter any difficulties, address them immediately before they grow too large for you to handle.

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

Think Student

What Happens if You Fail Your Dissertation?

In University by Think Student Editor February 9, 2023 Leave a Comment

A dissertation module is one of the key things that defines the step up from secondary school to university. It’s one of the biggest pieces of writing you’ll do for your degree, in terms of research and word count. It’s no mistake to think that a lot rests on a good dissertation. However, it’s always good to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. You’ve probably already asked the question – what actually happens if you do fail?

If you fail your dissertation for the first time at any degree level, you will be allowed one resubmission, which is usually capped at the pass mark. However, if you fail your dissertation resubmission, there are different consequences. If you fail your undergraduate dissertation, you can still graduate as long as you have enough credits, although this may be with an ordinary degree. However, if you fail your master’s dissertation or PhD thesis resubmission, you will not be allowed to graduate.

The topic of failure is quite daunting for most students. Not to worry! This article is here to help you understand failure criteria for a dissertation, and what happens in the event of failure.

Table of Contents

Is it possible to fail your dissertation?

Like with modules of your university course, unfortunately it is very much possible to fail your dissertation . Although this sounds daunting, don’t worry too much! Dissertations are not designed for you to fail.

The grading systems for university modules and dissertations are very similar . Across most universities, the pass mark for a dissertation is 40% or 50%. For example, check out this guide by Royal Holloway University, London to learn more about their dissertation grading.

This means that while it is certainly possible to fail your dissertation, it is unlikely that you actually will . However, in the event that you do fail your dissertation for whatever reason, don’t panic. Your university will usually let you resit your dissertation .

Keep in mind you’ll only be able to resit your dissertation once , so try your hardest to achieve the grade you want. For all the details you’ll need about a dissertation, I’d definitely recommend reading this Think Student article.

In summary, while it is possible to fail a dissertation (just like any other university module), a dissertation only requires a pass mark of 40%. Although a dissertation is different to a module, it is still pretty difficult to fail.

In the event you do fail your dissertation, don’t be too hard on yourself . Keep reading further to find out what happens if you fail your resit dissertation.

How bad does a dissertation need to be to fail?

To understand how “bad” a dissertation has to be to fail, you need to know what examiners are looking for.

Your university will have published the marking criteria for dissertations . These will normally feature comments on the key areas to earn marks in. As an example, check out the University of Edinburgh’s dissertation criteria here .

Therefore, if you failed your dissertation, it isn’t necessarily because you’re “bad at researching and writing”. To fail, it has to be the case that you didn’t meet the criteria to achieve a passing mark. It’s important to keep your confidence, so that you can do better when you resit.

If you haven’t written your dissertation yet, I’d definitely recommend looking through your university’s marking criteria. Similarly , your tutor will want to help you as much as possible, so you can ask them for advice if you’re really struggling .

If you’re seeking advice on how to write a dissertation, you should check out this Think Student article.

Can you graduate without passing your dissertation?

For an undergraduate degree, you can still graduate as long as you have enough credits to pass the other modules .

However , if your degree is a BSc or BA with Honours, if you fail your dissertation and the resit dissertation, you will graduate with an ordinary degree . You can read more about what an ordinary degree is in this Think Student article.

If you fail your first dissertation attempt, but pass your resit undergraduate dissertation, you will still pass with whatever class of degree you earned.

However, the rule is slightly different for master’s dissertations and a PhD thesis. These rules also depend on the university you attend .

At all universities, you are allowed one resit of coursework (dissertation is a form of coursework, as it is not a timed exam), even for a master’s degree and a PhD. However, if you fail your resit dissertation for your master’s degree, you cannot be awarded a master’s degree.

In the case of a PhD, you will not be able to graduate with a failed resit thesis . I’ll explain this in more detail later in the article, so keep reading!

What happens if you fail your master’s dissertation?

Failing your master’s dissertation for the first time isn’t ideal, but it isn’t the end of the world. You’re allowed a resit, which if you pass, means you can still graduate with a master’s degree.

However, a failure is a lot more serious if you fail your dissertation a second time . Failing a resit dissertation at master’s degree-level means you cannot graduate with a master’s degree.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be awarded anything at all for your effort. For example, the this page by the University of Nottingham states that if your dissertation is not passable but still “adequate”, you may still be awarded a diploma .

What happens if you fail your PhD thesis?

Like with an undergraduate or master’s degree, you’re allowed to resubmit your thesis once only . Given that you pass the resubmission, you’ll still be on track to graduate with a PhD.

Failing a PhD thesis resubmission means you cannot graduate. The pass mark for a PhD thesis is usually around 60 , such as at the University of Cambridge, which you can learn more about on their website, here .

In most cases, a PhD thesis will account for around 50% of the degree . Looking at it this way, it makes sense that if you failed half of your degree, you wouldn’t be able to graduate. A PhD is a research-based degree, and the thesis proves you have good research skills.

If you’d like to know more about how a PhD is graded, I’d recommend this Think Student article.

How often do students fail their dissertation?

As I established earlier, it’s pretty hard to fail your undergraduate dissertation module . It’s also quite hard to fail a master’s dissertation or a PhD thesis given the pass mark.

According to this article by The Healthy Journal, up to 50% of PhD students will not finish their thesis or graduate . This statistic sounds quite extreme, but keep in mind that not many people choose to complete a PhD because of the amount of time and money it takes.

If you really are concerned about failing your dissertation, speak to your tutor . They will have been in your position and will know how to help. Don’t struggle on your own!


failed dissertation twice

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What Happens If You Fail Your Dissertation?

If you are on the brink of failure over your final year research, then don’t worry, you are not alone. It is no doubt that every year, several students go through a failing dissertation which is a traumatizing experience for anyone, thinking what will happen if you fail your dissertation?

Opportunity or Exhaustive?

It is a fact that the degree will not be awarded with a failed dissertation, no matter which academic program a student is enrolled in. The nightmares of ‘what happens if I fail my dissertation’ are completely fair.

When it comes to Ph.D., the dissertation failure rate is about 40% to 50% which increases the thoughts of what happens if you fail dissertation. Some don’t even make it to their final defense and are rejected over their proposal presentation. And gets in the list of fail dissertation UK professors manage.

With a figure like this of Ph.D. students who are comparatively professionals at what they do, think about the failed undergraduate dissertation rates that students might go through every year. In fact, before submission they are surrounded with one question; how bad does a dissertation have to be to fail? and try to conquer it.

The question arises, are facing such results an opportunity or exhaustive? That depends upon the student and how they perceive it. Many get motivated by their failures while others do breakdown and cry thinking I ‘failed my dissertation’. To have a say, it should be taken no less than an opportunity to improve a failing dissertation.

How “Dissertation Proposal” Can Help You!

Our top dissertation writing experts are waiting 24/7 to assist you with your university project, from critical literature reviews to a complete masters dissertation.

So What’s Next?

“What happens if I fail my dissertation?” or “what happens if you don’t submit your dissertation” is a common question. Students with this unfortunate situation will be given another opportunity to re-submit their dissertation within a given deadline.

Strictly keeping in mind, the marks will be kept to a minimum passing line during the resubmission, which is an academic probatory method practiced for certain reasons. Anyhow, it is somewhat a good news, better than wondering wondering ‘what happens if you fail your undergraduate dissertation?’ A passing grade would even work.

I Failed My Dissertation on Second Attempt

If the second attempt turns out to be unsuccessful, then you can re-submit your dissertation the next semester of your university. Doesn’t need to brag ‘I failed my dissertation’

Can you resit a dissertation again after the second attempt? That depends upon the regulation that the university has set forth. However, such situations are rare and are less likely to occur but might be possible to some extent when you failed undergraduate dissertation.

How to Avoid Possible Dissertation Failure?

Before starting your  dissertation writing  and possibly avoid the chance of saying: “I failed my dissertation”, it is necessary to keep certain practices in check.

Keep communication with your supervisors regular

The dissertation supervisor is the key to achieving a passing grade. Every help should be taken from the supervisors as they have the academic insider of all the do’s and don’t. Even ask what happens if you fail dissertation UK standard has rejected. This is a student’s guide to achieve perfection, let alone just passing.

Look for immediate help from other sources

Look for immediate help to overcome minor research issues. Avoid delaying as it might become last-minute trouble to fix a failed dissertation (what every student thinks). Yet again, it is not wise to disturb your supervisor over and over again so don’t be shy to seek help from your friends, or anyone professional, if you think you are on the edge to fail dissertation this year.

Have a maintained flow

Can you fail a dissertation? Failure is possible when it comes to not proposing a proper presentation. This may be caused due to not having a strong enough literature review, research methods, variables, or the research statement itself. Furthermore, there has to be a connection from one chapter to another. Without a connection, the judging panel might find it difficult to understand which can lead to rejection and failing a dissertation might become your fate.

The submission of hard copy needs to be structured properly with relevant and up-to-date citations used within the plagiarism percentage criteria. In this case, ‘can you resit a dissertation’ thoughts becomes void.

This is a glimpse of how bad does a dissertation have to be to fail, where following these guidelines are just the basics for passing on the borderline and resist ‘what happens if you fail a  dissertation’ thoughts.

Keeping in Mind!

These are the basic understanding as to what happens if you fail your dissertation on any academic level. But keep in mind, you can always appeal to your university for re-checking any unfair corrections that might have occurred in your failed masters dissertation or so. Universities around the world do facilitate such procedures where you can provide strong evidence to avoid such failure.

Consult Our Writers to Discuss Your Needs

View different varieties of dissertation topics and samples on multiple subjects for every educational level

Some of the common questions asked by students regarding this matter are:

You will need to submit a new application in the next semester for your dissertation and repeat the research credit hours all over again from scratch.

That varies from university to university and the regulations they might have set forth. However, it is required to complete the full credit hours of the final dissertation again.

Not much compared to the dissertation failure rate of Ph.D. students . The key is to follow all the advice of your supervisor as they usually carry most of the dissertation mark weightage.

To understand the procedure and to know what happens if you fail your dissertation on the first attempt, you will generally be given another opportunity to resubmit your dissertation on another given deadline.

To some extent, yes. It possible; judging by the dissertation failure rate which exists. However, there could be numerous reasons for failing your dissertation. This possibility exists and many students tend to go through the horror thoughts of ‘what if I fail my dissertation’ and it is completely fair to fear.

Put a stop to deadline pressure, and have your homework done by an expert.

So, How Bad Does a Dissertation Have to Be to Fail?

How Bad Does a Dissertation Have to Be to Fail

How hard is it to write a dissertation? Well, it is pretty difficult to write one because the research takes a long time and you also need to have strong critical and analytical skills to do a good job. Your questions should really be “how bad does a dissertation have to be to fail?”

While a failed masters thesis is not a very big deal, a failed PhD is. You can lose years of research and hard work because your university may not allow you to enroll a second time. However, you will be thrilled to learn that a dissertation should be pretty bad to fail. Read the rest of the article to find out just how bad (as well as what you can do to improve your score)!

Mandatory Parts of a Dissertation

Still in college, many students are starting to research ways to get their PhD. They are looking at the PhD failure rate and at what a dissertation means. Inevitably, you will ask yourself this question: what are the mandatory elements of a good dissertation? Fortunately, most dissertations are structured the same. Here is what you will need to include in your paper:

The dissertation Abstract. This is basically a very short summary of your entire dissertation. A scholar will read it to find out if your paper can help him with his work (or if your paper is going to be of interest). The dissertation Introduction. The introduction is around two pages long and its main goal is to give your reader an idea of what you will be discussing in your paper. You can also briefly describe the methods you will be using and even present a bit of information about your findings and conclusions. The Dissertation Methods and Discussion. This part is different from dissertation to dissertation. You will need to provide extensive information about the methods you have used to gather the data and the results of your research. Also, you will need to carefully discuss each result and critically analyze it. You can use an empirical or non-empirical route in this section. The Dissertation Conclusions. The conclusion should be viewed as the deduction part of your paper. Think long and hard about what you can deduce from your findings. Make assumptions and suppositions. This section is very important because it shows the committee that you have understood the subject and managed to answer the research questions. The Dissertation References. The references section is the part where you include all the materials you have used to write the paper. Any journals, articles, interviews, etc. should be included here if you’ve used them. Also, every time you cite anything in your text, you should create a reference entry.

Remember to check the requirements of your university to make sure you know what the committee expects to receive. Your university can tell you more about the number of words, which fonts to use, and even if you need to include the acknowledgements before or after the abstract.

Length and Quality of Content

What happens if you fail college? Well, you don’t get a bachelor’s degree. Also, you forfeit any chance of getting a Master’s degree and then a Doctoral degree. However, if you are thinking about a failed PhD, things are a lot easier. You won’t get the Doctoral degree, but you could get a Master’s degree automatically – depending on university rules. So, how can you avoid a dissertation defense failure? Well, one of the very first things you should do is pay attention to the length of your paper and quality of the content. Here are a few hints to get you started:

The length of a dissertation can vary from 100 to 300 pages in length. Margins are usually 1 inch on all sides Font size is usually 10-12 points Double spacing is used in the body of text The content needs to be structured in a logical manner and all the sections we’ve talked about above must be included. The content needs to be 100% free of plagiarism and spelling/grammar errors. The content needs to contain original research and a critical analysis of the findings. Referencing a dissertation is not that difficult, regardless of the academic format (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) Make sure you read the style guide and understand the proper way to cite and reference other people’s work.

What Can Go Wrong?

We’ve seen more than one failed masters degree. A dissertation failure is not that different. There are many things that can go wrong when it comes to such a complex academic paper. And remember, the paper is no everything. Here are some of the reasons why you can fail your dissertation:

  • You focus on your grades in grad school. Remember that nobody cares about your grades in grad school. Instead of working on your dissertation every chance you get, you are more worried about low grades.
  • You procrastinate. If you are like most grad students, you like to procrastinate. You think you have more than enough time to research and write the dissertation. Well, the sad truth is that you probably don’t.
  • You ignore the committee and its recommendations. In most cases, you will be asked to change some things during the oral presentation of your dissertation. Failure to implement these changes is a sure way to fail the PhD.
  • You don’t write at least 4 papers that can be published in reputable scholarly journals. This is also a sure way to fail your dissertation. Remember, the committee expects to see these pieces. And they will really read them. This means that you should not, under any circumstance, rush them just to get them done.
  • Not having a clear structure in mind is very risky. Also, not thinking critically is definitely going to hurt your score. Simply analyzing other works is not enough to get a passing score. You need to be able to think critically and come up with original ideas that are supported by well-researched data. A dissertation must present original data that you have uncovered yourself.
  • Not editing and proofreading your work can result in a failure. Poorly written content makes reading the dissertation difficult and can irritate the committee or at least the chair of the committee. This is enough to get you a low score.
  • Waiting for your supervisor to tell you what to do is not an option. You are expected to take charge of your paper and do the necessary research yourself. You should not expect the supervisor to tell you what to do.
  • Your thesis may be deemed not good enough. Keep in mind that your thesis needs to be original and present conclusive findings. If the evaluators think your paper is flawed beyond repair, you will fail.
  • The PhD defense fail. After you submit your thesis to the committee, you will need to defend it. The faculty members will ask you various questions to make sure you have understood the field and that it really is you who wrote the paper. If you are unable to answer the questions, you will fail. You can also be accused of plagiarism, which is not something you want.

There are many other things that can happen, including things that are outside your control (like poor health or family problems). However, keep in mind that the PhD completion rate is around 80% in the United Kingdom and around 56% in the United States. This means that you have a very good chance of getting a doctorate degree if you focus on your paper and you do whatever you can to perfect it.

The Process of Grading a Dissertation

What is the process of grading a dissertation? Do professors check sources? The process of grading a dissertation is not overly complex and yes, most professors really do check your sources. It is very important to use authoritative sources and information taken from reputable authors and scholars. Don’t include references just for the sake of having references because they will be checked and you risk failing your PhD. As for the grading process, every school has a different system. However, in most cases, you need to achieve the following to get a top score:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic and show originality with the research question and aims.
  • Demonstrate plenty of fieldwork (this can be independent research as well). This means you need to prove that you have analyzed primary published data in-depth (or carry out comprehensive computer-aided research or archival research).
  • Demonstrate that you have used strong critical commentary in interpretative techniques in your methodology and even the design of the research.
  • Your paper has a coherent structure and is very well organized (or even innovatively organized).
  • You show great critical synthesis skills and know how to put your work in context with the wider theoretical framework.
  • Your paper looks professional. This means having a greatly-written bibliography and excellent references.
  • You have a fluent style and there are very few or no spelling or grammar errors. We would advise you to hire a proofreader to proofread your work.

Basically, you will almost certainly get a top score if your dissertation can be published as a journal paper with only minor changes.

How Can You Avoid a Failed PhD?

I think my dissertation is bad, what can I do to make things right? This is one of the most common questions we get. And it’s not easy to give an answer. There are many things that you can do to avoid a failed PhD. Here are some of the most important things you need to do to avoid a fail:

  • Make effective use of your critical reflection skills. Most dissertations fail because of a lack of critical analysis. Being generally descriptive or criticizing other scholars’ work will not do the trick. You need to analyze the subject and come up with original solutions or use your research to bring something new to light.
  • Make sure your paper is coherent. Poorly organizing the dissertation will most likely cause it to fail. Keep in mind that the paper must be coherent in its entirety and not just a bunch of paragraphs thrown together.
  • Make the presentation as good as you can. A poor presentation will have disastrous consequences because it will give the committee the reason to fail you for poorly written content and even a lack of a logical structure. Proofread your work or hire a professional proofreader to do it for you. Make sure it is perfect!
  • Make the changes that have been requested by the committee during the oral examination. You probably won’t fail at the oral examination, but you will surely fail if you don’t make the changes that have been requested. And no, the changes should not be superficial either.
  • Make sure you have at least 4 or 5 pieces of publishable work. Usually, the committee does not expect you to have these published. However, you need to make sure that these pieces can get published in a good scholarly journal.
  • Don’t aim too high. Your research will probably not revolutionize the field and won’t probably lead to the discovery of a cure for cancer. The aim of your dissertation is to show the committee that you are able to do high level research, not to show your best work in your career.

Remember that all the dissertation stress can take a toll on you. You will hit a writer’s block sooner or later, with devastating consequences. To make sure you have the best chance to pass the dissertation and get a top score, you should consider getting some help from a person who already has a PhD and who knows how to write one the right way.

Get Writing Assistance From Our Dissertation Experts

Getting a doctorate degree is very difficult, as you can see. It is a lot more difficult than getting your masters degree. This is why we suggest you to get some writing assistance from our awesome thesis writers. Our experts have been writing dissertations for years. Also, they’ve helped students with any kind of dissertation proposal or defense you can imagine. Bottom line, we have extensive experience writing dissertations that any professor or any supervisor can appreciate.

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student, getting assistance from us is very simple. Get in touch with us and send us a detailed list of requirements. Give our professionals as much information about your project as you can. Also, you could send us some materials if you thing they will help our expert do a better job. We will pair you with our most experienced writers (or you can choose the writers you like). Once you make payment for the paper, our experts start working.

Your dissertation will be ready before the deadline, guaranteed. And remember, it will be perfect. All the information will be sourced from authoritative sources and properly cited and referenced. We will handle the research part ourselves as well. Getting the best dissertation help has never been easier. Let our writers (all of them have at least one PhD degree) work their magic and help you get a top grade on your dissertation. So, can you do my dissertation right away? Sure, just get in touch with us today!

Get on top of your homework.

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Failed Dissertation, Coursework, Report, or Exam – What to Do?

Published by Alvin Nicolas at August 13th, 2021 , Revised On August 22, 2023

Each year several hundreds of university students end up failing their dissertation, coursework, exam, or assignment. Receipt of a failing mark can be the most devastating experience for students in the UK.

Failing a dissertation, essay, or assignment can have a devastating effect on your life – from being shocked by hearing the news of their failure to the mental sufferings that follow.

Have you recently failed your  dissertation ,  assignment , exam or  coursework ? If yes, then be calm because you are not alone. There are several ways of tackling such a situation. This article presents several options for students who have failed an exam, dissertation, or assignment.

So, please sit back and relax because it’s not the world’s end.

Possible Reasons for Failure

Often students do not get enough help from their tutors  to pass an exam, dissertation or coursework, which results in a situation where they start to wait for things to resolve on their own until their problems become too large.

Fortunately, failing mark is not the end of the world, and students can change their circumstances.

There could be numerous reasons as to why you may have failed your dissertation, exam,  essay , or  report . Some students cannot keep up with course reading during the semester, while others do not have a sufficient understanding of their subject-related theories and knowledge due to various reasons.

The inability to understand key concepts, missing lectures regularly, and lack of understanding of course content are some of the most common reasons for a failing mark.

A sensible thing to do would be to  have your paper edited and proofread by an expert to eliminate any grammatical, structural, and spelling errors.

Does your Dissertation Have the Following?

  • Great Research/Sources
  • Perfect Language
  • Accurate Sources

If not, we can help. Our panel of experts makes sure to keep the 3 pillars of Dissertation strong.

Does your Dissertation Have the Following

Avoiding Failure Before you Even Begin

If you want to avoid failure before it happens, you must take some pre-emptive actions before your problems become too large.

Achieving a graduate or postgraduate qualification is not a walk in the park. Therefore, it is vitally important for students to make sure that they meet their challenges head-on to prevent them from turning into potential failures.

Here are some tips for you to avoid failure before you even start.

  • If you know that you are struggling with your  dissertation ,  coursework , or  assignment , then take out the time to discuss your problems with your academic supervisor. An academic supervisor or mentor is a member of the faculty assigned to you at your degree course.

Meet with them regularly and let them know of any problems you are facing so they can help you address them promptly.

  • Meet the challenges head-on. Don’t wait for your problems to become too large. A small issue can turn into a major crisis if you keep on ignoring it for too long. For example, if you are struggling to  collect primary data for your dissertation , it will be appropriate to consult with your mentor to avoid falling behind on deadlines.

Most universities understand that students may face unforeseen challenges now and then due to their finances, family problems, personal limitations, and prolonged sickness. Therefore, it is possible to minimise the damage by filing for extenuating circumstances.

  • By completing and submitting the extenuating circumstances form, you will be formally notifying your university that you are lagging on your dissertation or coursework. And do not forget to attach a formal plan to let them know how you will make sure to meet your new deadline so you can be granted an extension to your coursework, exam, or dissertation deadline.

Get an expert academic to help you with your dissertation, assignment, coursework, or essay so they can do the hard work for you. At Research Prospect , we have masters and PhD qualified writers in all academic subjects. Whether it’s an essay, coursework, exam, dissertation, or assignment, you need help with. Our writers will exceed your expectations.

All you have to do is complete our online order form to place your order , and we will send the completed paper to your email address on or before the specified deadline. You are welcome to  view our professional samples , take a look at  our service portfolio  and learn more  about our company  before placing your order.

Opportunities for Reassessment

Even if you end up receiving a failing mark, you will have several options to choose from to clean the mess. However, before making any decisions, you must determine whether you have failed the entire module, just an element of a module or the dissertation.

Failing Dissertation

if you have forgotten your dissertation because you will be allowed to resubmit it by the deadline agreed upon by yourself and the university.

However, the marks awarded for a resubmitted dissertation are usually caped to a minimum passing mark as a penalty for your failure in the first place.

A complete dissertation failure in UK universities will only occur if you cannot achieve the minimum passing mark even on your second attempt.

To improve your situation, you should regularly meet with your supervisor and avoid overlooking mandatory draft submissions.

Failing Module

You will be required to either re-sit an exam or re-submit the coursework (in some cases) if you have failed an entire module.

Each module that you take the exam for usually has a unique set of module guidelines associated with it. How you will be reassessed is taken by the board of examiners and the lecturers only after considering these guidelines.

Again, the maximum obtainable mark is usually capped to a bare pass level if you are re-siting an exam or resubmitting coursework.

Failing an Element of Module

If you only failed one piece of an exam or coursework and managed to achieve high marks for other modules, you may not need to resubmit that element.

The bottom line is that if your average coursework mark is above the bare minimum passing mark, you will pass that module even if you failed one piece of it.

For example, receive a failing mark of 35 in one essay coursework that counts for 25% of the overall module mark but pass the remaining 75% module assessment (which can be in the form of an exam or coursework). You can still give the entire module.

However, depending on your university’s regulations, you may have the opportunity to resubmit the failed coursework to improve your overall course grade.

Want to know what essay structure and style will work best for your assignment?

Problem fixed! We can write any type of essay in any referencing style. We ensure every essay written is beyond your expectations.

failed dissertation twice

Plagiarism – A Serious Offence

All UK universities have strict rules and penalties against students who are caught plagiarising. If you receive a failing mark due to  plagiarism , you may not be able to resubmit your dissertation/coursework or re-sit an exam.

So make sure to cite others’ ideas and  avoid copying work from other academic sources  to prevent your case from being sent to the University Ethics Board, which usually has the power to take a range of measures against you. In most cases, you will not be able to appeal the decision being taken if you are found guilty of plagiarising. So, refrain from it.

To help bring the point home, you can check out the comments and guidelines made by Reading, UK , regarding plagiarism.

Interesting watch: Check out a student’s account of how and why their dissertation went badly (UK institution).

Also read:   Consequences of Plagiarism 

How to Appeal Against a Failing Mark?

If you believe that you have been disadvantaged in some way or your university did not consider your financial or family problems while awarding you a failing mark. You may have the grounds to appeal against the mark awarded to you.

All UK universities have their own set of rules for lodging student academic appeals. Generally, this is a very lengthy procedure. Make sure that you provide documentary evidence along with the appropriate forms to justify your appeal.

The university exam board will review your case, and you will be allowed to resubmit your work or  resit the exam  if your application is successful.

Detailed information on appealing procedures is usually available on the university’s website and provided to students before starting their degree.

While no student ever wants to fail an exam, coursework, assignment or dissertation, the unthinkable sometimes can happen. But it would help if you did not get discouraged by the disastrous situation because most universities offer another chance to students who have genuine reasons.

How Research Prospect Can Help

Research Prospect is a UK-registered firm to provides academic support to students around the world. We specialise in completing design projects,  literature reviews ,  essays ,  reports ,  coursework ,  exam notes ,  statistical analysis , primary and empirical research,  dissertations , case studies,  academic posters , and much more. Getting help from our expert academics is quick and simple. All you have to do is complete our online order form and get your paper delivered to your email address well before your due deadline.

Winning Dissertation Presentations

Don’t let all the paranoia get to you. If you don’t want your dissertation to fail, make sure to take steps to prevent that thing from happening.

Alternatively, checking out some real-life instances of students defending their dissertational research might help, too:

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) 2011 Winner – Matthew Thompson

2014 Three Minute Thesis winning presentation by Emily Johnston

Oxford University’s graduate’s advice for an award-nominated, A-graded dissertation

Furthermore, you can also check out real-life students’ advice about writing a winning dissertation, advice they wish someone had given them.

Further still, if you want to take every last measure, you could also check out what institutions in the UK, such as Birmingham University, require in your dissertation .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if you fail your dissertation.

Failing a dissertation means not meeting required standards. It may lead to retaking or resubmitting. Understand feedback, identify weaknesses, and seek support to improve and succeed next time.

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When writing your dissertation, an abstract serves as a deal maker or breaker. It can either motivate your readers to continue reading or discourage them.

Writing a dissertation can be tough if this is the first time you are doing it. You need to look into relevant literature, analyze past researches, conduct surveys, interviews etc.

Anyone who supports you in your research should be acknowledged in dissertation acknowledgments. Learn more on how to write dissertation acknowledgements.

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What to Do if You Fail Your Essay, Assignment, Exam or Dissertation

One of the most difficult experiences for students in the UK is the receipt of a failing mark (usually anything marked 39 or below is a fail). It is important to understand that there are many reasons why this can happen to students, and there are usually several options to change the failing mark. Whether you fail an exam , coursework or even the dissertation itself, you have options available so it’s not necessarily the end of the world!

Common Reasons for Failure

Students fail elements of their degree for a number of reasons. The most common issues are not attending lectures, not keeping up with course reading, confusion or lack of understanding of course content, and personal problems that distract students.

How to Avoid Failure Before it Happens

With all of the problems noted above, students can usually avoid failing simply by taking pre-emptive action before the problem spirals out of control. There are several steps to take to ensure that small issues don’t become potential failures.

  • Talk to your Academic Tutor. This is a member of the faculty assigned to you at the beginning of your degree programme, who you meet with regularly to discuss your progress. You can contact this person at any time and they can advise you on how to address any challenges you are facing.
  • Don’t wait until problems become large. It is always best to be aware that a small issue can quickly become a crisis if you neglect to address it. For example, if you are struggling to understand the course material one week, you will be unlikely to follow along as the course progresses. It is far better to consult with your lecturer early to avoid falling seriously behind later.
  • File for ‘Extenuating Circumstances’. Most UK universities understand that students will sometimes face unavoidable difficulties due to prolonged sickness, family problems or financial issues. If you experience one of these problems you can file an ‘Extenuating Circumstances’ form, which formally notifies the university about your problem. Your Academic Tutor will sign this form and together you will construct a plan to catch up on any missed coursework or exams, and you will possibly be granted extensions to normal coursework deadlines.

Re-Assessment Opportunities

If the worst happens and you do receive a failing mark, you have several options. First, you need to understand whether you have failed an element of a module, the entire module, or the dissertation.

Failed Module Element

If you’ve failed one piece of coursework or an exam, it may not be necessary to re-submit that element. If your marks for other module elements are high enough that your averaged course mark is 40 or above, you will pass the module overall regardless of the one failure. In other words, if you receive a mark of 35 on an essay that counts for 40% of your module mark, you can still pass the module if you receive an average mark of 45 on the remaining 60% of the module assessment. However, you may wish to re-submit anyway, in order to achieve a higher overall degree average. The opportunities to allow this vary among Universities, so check the regulations at your own institution.

Failed Module

If you fail an entire module you are usually required to re-sit the assessments, either by re-submitting the coursework or, in some cases, by resitting an exam. The form of the assessment will be decided according to the existing module guidelines, university regulations, and the decisions of the lecturer and board of examiners. The resulting mark is usually capped at a bare pass level, which is typically in the 40-50 range.

Failed Dissertation

If you fail a dissertation, you will usually be given an opportunity to re-submit it by an agreed-upon date. As with a module failure, the marks awarded for a re-submitted dissertation will usually be capped at a bare pass level. It is worth noting that a complete failure of a dissertation is rare at UK universities, and typically occurs only if a student has neglected to meet with their supervisor at regular intervals, or neglected to submit drafts in advance of the final submission.

A Note on Plagiarism

Although university regulations usually allow a student to re-sit exams and assessments, as described above, there are special procedures in place in cases of failure due to plagiarism. If a student is found to have copied work from another source or used the ideas of others without citing their sources appropriately, they may receive a failing mark. In serious cases the matter can be referred to a University Ethics Board, that will have the authority to take a range of measures against the student. In many cases, students found guilty of plagiarising will not be provided with an opportunity to improve their marks, though they could potentially appeal the decision. In short, don’t do it!

Appeal Procedures

In addition to re-submitting assessment elements, you may have grounds appeal the marks awarded to you. This can happen if your university has neglected to take your Extenuating Circumstances into account, or if you were unfairly disadvantaged in any way. Each university has its own procedures for student academic appeals, and in general, it requires a somewhat lengthy process. You must be certain to file the appropriate forms before the deadlines, and fully document the reasons you feel justified in appealing your marks. Your case will be considered by a university exam board, and if you are successful you will be offered options for re-sitting or re-submitting work without restrictions on the potential marks you can earn. Full details of your university’s appeal procedures will be given to you at the start of your degree programme.

While every student hopes to avoid failing or even coming close to failing, sometimes the unthinkable does happen and a failing mark results. These situations can seem terribly disheartening for students, but it is important to remember that universities do offer second chances for genuinely honest and hard-working students!

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How To Ace Your IELTS Exam: Tips and Tricks

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What to Do If I Fail My Dissertation? What is the Solution?

how bad does a dissertation have to be to fail

Table of Contents

Failed your dissertation what next get the answer here, what happens when you fail dissertation, how bad does a dissertation have to be to fail, how to avoid the dissertation failure, who can write a perfect dissertation for me.

A dissertation is based on original research. You have to focus on numerous aspects before starting and while writing it. The paper begins with selecting a perfect topic. If it is not impressive, then your professor will not think twice while giving you poor marks. The next task comes is research. It is the crucial one because your entire paper depends on it. Then comes the planning and presentation of the information.

But what if, after all the hard work, your dissertation fails? Nothing can be devastating for a student than a dissertation failure. Many times, you don't know why does a dissertation fail? 

Most UK students are afraid of resitting a dissertation because it requires double hard work. If you also have a failed dissertation, you must know what can happen next in the below section.

Need Help with Dissertation?

Get a 100% Original Dissertation Written by EXPERTS

After the dissertation failure, students have many doubts. Read some doubts below:

Can I graduate if I fail my dissertation?

You can't graduate if you fail your dissertation. You will have to re-write it and get at least passing marks set by your university.

Is it rare to fail a dissertation?

Every student has to write a dissertation at least once in his academic life. You have to give major time to write this paper and it carries great importance. So yes, it is rare to fail a dissertation.

What if I fail to resit the dissertation?

As you know, you have to secure good marks in the dissertation to graduate. In case you fail to resit the paper, then you can't graduate. You have to write until you succeed to submit a perfect dissertation.

Apart from these questions, many other doubts come to your mind if you fail the dissertation. The failure demotivates you, and you can't write with the same enthusiasm. What if you write a perfect dissertation at once? Nothing can be better than this for you. But to produce an impressive paper in one go, you must be aware of the reasons for dissertation failure. Know them below.

Poor writing and improper research lead to dissertation failure.  Let's know other things that lead to the dissertation failure below.

1. Missing Information:  A dissertation contains various sections like introduction, abstract, methodology, literature review, discussion, references, and others. If you forget to include any of them, then you may have to face dissertation failure. And if you miss out on some vital information, then also it can lead to failure.

2. Improper Structure:  A perfect structure matters a lot to produce an impressive paper. If you don't focus on making a proper structure, then also you can fail the dissertation. Check out the guidelines and some examples to find a perfect structure for the dissertation.

3. Poor Presentation:  In a dissertation, you have to present original research. The information in the paper is vital;if it is not presented impressively, the professor can fail you. Poor presentation confuses the reader, and the quality of the document suffers.

4. Plagiarized Text:  No university will ever entertain the plagiarized text in the dissertation. Since original research is required in this type of paper, so the traces of plagiarism can ruin it. Most universities fail their students if the dissertation committee finds plagiarism.

Well! You have to focus on various things while writing a dissertation. That is why it takes months to complete the paper. If you want to know how to avoid dissertation failure, then read below.

You may also like to read : How to Write Dissertation Methodology? Excellent Guide Inside

1. Never Underestimate the Planning :  You can produce a perfect dissertation if you plan it properly. Analyze how many sections it has and how much time will be required to complete them? This analysis will help you to set targets, and you can come up with a perfect plan.

2. Draft Outline Before Presenting Any Information: Flawless presentation of the information can save you from dissertation failure. Draft an outline before you start to write so that you can present any information properly.

3. Focus on Formal Style of Writing:   In a dissertation, you must use formal language. Try to analyze how professionals write, then use the same tone. Avoid colloquialisms and contractions, and most importantly, writing in the first person.

4. Make Ending & Beginning Impressive:   If the professor finds the beginning and the ending of the dissertation impressive, then he can give you excellent marks. Also,the chances of dissertation failure get reduced. So, always try to make the introduction and the conclusion outstanding. 

You may also like to read : How to Start a Conclusion? | 4 Effective Ways to Make the Ending Best

5. Leave No Mistakes in the Dissertation:  Errors in the paper lead to poor results. They can be of any type, like spelling, punctuation, grammar-related, and others. To avoid them, proofread your dissertation at least thrice. 

If you can't avoid the mistakes due to some reason, then leave worrying. You can buy dissertations from us. Assignment Desk offers the best dissertation help; you can go for it .  Let's know about the website and the services below so that you can make the right decision before seeking assistance. 

If you have failed a dissertation and asked to resit it, then you should not make any mistake this time. If again you fail to produce a perfect paper, then maybe you can't get a graduate degree. You can hire a professional writer from the Assignment Desk to avoid & eradicate all the chances of mistakes. We have certified and experienced writers, so they can easily offer you a plagiarism-free, well-structured, error-free paper in a short time. 

If you are worried about the prices, then check out the discounts and offers. By doing so, you can get the paper at the lowest price. Besides them, we offer many services. Have a look at the services below.

  • Free Dissertation Topic Ideas
  • High-Quality & Customized Papers
  • Unlimited Revisions 
  • Free Plagiarism Report

Focus on the ways to avoid mistakes in the dissertation. If you still can't produce a perfect paper, then don't worry. Instead of agonizing, seek the best dissertation writing service  from the renowned website-  Assignment Desk.

Our Services

  • Assignment Writing Service
  • Essay Writing Help
  • Dissertation Writing Service
  • Coursework Writing Service
  • Proofreading & Editing Service
  • Online Exam Help
  • Term paper writing service
  • Ghost Writing Service
  • Case Study Writing Service
  • Research Paper Writing Service
  • Personal Statement Writing Service
  • Resume Writing Service
  • Report Writing Service

To Make Your Work Original

Check your work against paraphrasing & get a free Plagiarism report!

Check your work against plagiarism & get a free Plagiarism report!

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What Happens if You Fail Your Dissertation?

Jun 25, 2022 | 0 comments

blog banner

Jun 25, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

If you fail your dissertation, it can be a really traumatic event. This is because the doctoral degree has so much meaning and weight that failing means risking everything you’ve spent years working towards. So what happens if you fail? Are there any alternatives to this crushing blow?

If you fail your thesis defense, then you will have to repeat the entire process. This includes writing a new dissertation and defending it again. Read more in detail here: what happens if you fail your thesis defense.

Writing a dissertation is both one of the most rewarding and one of the most awful experiences. It’s satisfying since it’s the pinnacle of your college or university career. When one considers the outcomes, though, fear sets in. What happens if your dissertation isn’t successfully defended? Does this imply that you’ve reached the end of your road?

Our professional writers have compiled a list of possibilities for you. Read all the way to the conclusion to dispel any worries or anxieties you may have about what will happen if you fail your dissertation defense .

What Could Have Caused My Dissertation Failure?

To begin with, many people would rather bury their heads in the sand than accept defeat. The rehabilitation process is quick for those who are brave enough to admit it, and they are soon walking with their heads held high. But what are the grounds for a dissertation failure?

  • One of the causes might be a lack of assistance from your boss. Most instructors are overworked, making it difficult for them to devote time to their students. As a consequence, the student, particularly in a technical course, lacks the required assistance.
  • Another explanation might be the student’s own lack of time to devote to their academic endeavors. The majority of college and university students are preoccupied with employment or family obligations. These may reduce the amount of time available for study, resulting in failure.
  • Plagiarism is a major cause of dissertation failure. A Fail would be unavoidable if it was established beyond a reasonable doubt that you had stolen someone else’s work and passed it off as your own. When you submit your work to most colleges, this is the first thing they look at.
  • Missed lectures, student idleness, or difficulty to access essential reading materials during research are among the others. All of these factors, as well as a slew of others, might contribute to a failed undergraduate dissertation .

What Does It Take for a Dissertation to Fail?

Technically, failing a dissertation is uncommon since it is not a paper that is written in two hours or one week. It might take months or even years to complete such a report. As a result, faults made over a lengthy period of time may be identified. Furthermore, the report is graded chapter by chapter, so by the time you’re done, your boss will have pointed out a few mistakes and urged you to fix them.

However, individuals may still fail due to a variety of factors. One of them would have chunks of the final document missing. If the study technique or abstract are lacking, for example, you may be at risk of failing.

A bad layout might also cost you a lot of money. Failure to follow the correct format, such as placing the conclusion before the results and findings, may result in your work being graded down.

You might forget about your degree if technical words or adequate research methodologies are lacking. These demonstrate a lack of knowledge, which is the dissertation’s central theme.

Is it Possible to Retake a Dissertation?

So, following a failed Master’s dissertation, what’s next? Is it possible to retake the test as if it were any other college or university exam?

To fail a dissertation paper, you must have received a grade below the cut point, which in most cases is 40. As a result, the failure rate of dissertations is decreased. Even by one point, most pupils can beat the cut-off points.

You have the option of seeking a reassessment if you fail your dissertation. But there’s something you should know about this retake before you start celebrating. Because of your first failure, your pass mark has been reduced to a minimum.

As a result, even if you give it your all, achieving anything close to a grade B will be a miracle. It will be regarded a total failure if you fail the second try. Is it necessary for me to convey the ramifications of that final statement?

Is it Possible to Graduate if Your Dissertation Fails?

No! Graduating with a Fail would be like to congratulating yourself on your failure. Most colleges and universities offer retakes, after which students may graduate if they pass the required grade. As a result, if you want to be on the graduation list, you should aim for a high-quality paper.

Is it Possible to Appeal After I Have Failed My Degree?

Circumstances may sometimes be the cause of failure. After all, no one wants to waste three or more years of their lives in school just to fail. As a result, if you believe you have strong grounds for failing, you may always appeal.

You might have legitimate reasons, such as being sick and not studying properly, or family financial restrictions. All you have to do now is write a letter requesting the Fail while explaining why.

After receiving the letter, the university council will review it together with the supporting documentation. You may retake the test or resubmit your work after a successful review. Different colleges have different approaches to dealing with such situations.

How to Avoid Regrets About Failing Your Dissertation

Do you realize there’s a way to prevent failing your dissertation? Here are some helpful hints for writing an outstanding dissertation paper:

  • Before submitting your paper, make sure it’s in good shape: It will assist you in detecting mistakes, odd formatting, or incorrect structure. Check that each section is where it should be and that no parts are missing.
  • Check your manuscript for plagiarism with the following software: You may definitely submit your dissertation if it is 100 percent unique. You should also double-check your referencing and citations to avoid plagiarism fines.
  • Always seek the advice of your boss: When you’ve finished a part, make sure everything you’ve written is in line with the general purpose of the work. If you encounter any difficulties, address them as soon as possible before they become overwhelming.
  • Conduct comprehensive research: The goal of every research paper is to put your expertise on a certain issue to the test. Only by reading extensively and studying a range of sources will you be able to do this.
  • Seek writing assistance from dissertation experts: These may provide you with the necessary tips and tactics for completing a dissertation. They also provide writing assistance, which is very useful if you are pressed for time to complete your paper.

You don’t have to be a victim of a dissertation failure. Take our experts’ advice and you’ll graduate with flying colors. Everyone may afford our expert dissertation writing services.

Contact us right now to get a high-quality dissertation sent to you in no time!

If you fail your dissertation twice, then you will be required to take a re-write. This means that you will have to redo all of the work that was completed during your first attempt. If you are unable to complete the re-write in time, then you will need to withdraw from the program and reapply for admission next year. Reference: what happens if you fail dissertation twice .

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A Complete Guide to Failed Assignments, Resubmissions and Appeals

As once noted by UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”. While this statement is true in many situations, there exist many spheres where poor results can substantially disrupt your movement towards your goals or even stop you in your tracks completely. In academia, students are usually focused on the things they need to do to secure future success. However, all of these measures do not necessarily protect you from failures since the educational process is a path of trial and error and you will surely face both ups and downs.

In this article, we will analyse the steps you need to take in the case of failed examinations, coursework assignments , dissertations, resit exams, and resubmissions. While most students prefer to not talk about such topics, shutting your eyes and fears to ignore some threats is the worst type of risk management. The following sections will help you develop a Plan B for any academic failure in order to minimise possible damage and get you back on the right track as soon as possible.

failed dissertation twice

Dissertation and Coursework Failures

What happens if you fail your dissertation.

Many students are extremely concerned with a threatening question they frequently ask their tutors, “What happens if I fail my dissertation?”. If your thesis has failed to be unique and strong enough to earn a pass mark, you will be given a second chance to resubmit it. While dissertation failures are rarer than essay or coursework failures, they are more devastating for the affected students. If you feel lost and overwhelmed at the moment, the following ‘to-do’ list can help you regain control over your academic progress and prepare for the new submission more effectively.

Observe the Formalities

Most universities require you to get a 12-month extension for the resubmission of a failed dissertation and to pay applicable re-submission fees. Complete these procedures as soon as possible to ensure that your Time Limit Extension form has been approved. Do not proceed with re-writing your dissertation before you have obtained explicit permission to proceed with these activities.

Find the Key Failure Antecedents

In many cases, the examiners’ report reveals many problems in your work that you were not aware of (hence, the failure). While the scope of the required changes may seem overwhelming, you need to pinpoint the most critical issues. For example, your dissertation may have had a high Turnitin percentage showing its similarity to some prior works, your research questions were not addressed properly or your whole work was too descriptive.

Collect Feedback

If possible, contact your supervisor or the examiners to receive additional feedback in person. Preferably, this step should be taken after the previous one to make your meeting more informative. This way, you can discuss specific problems of your work, offer multiple improvement strategies, and get a confirmation of your overall re-submission course from the assessors.

Plan Your Progress

Any complex project requires thorough planning and students avoiding this step frequently make two popular mistakes. Some of them think that 12 months is a very long time and procrastinate as a result. Others start early but focus too much on some problematic elements of their dissertations ignoring the remaining ones until it is too late. In both cases, the resulting theses do not demonstrate a radical improvement in all areas of criticism and have high risks of failure.

Do Not Ignore Your Problems

If you have made some of the mistakes described in the previous step, you may realise that you are falling behind the earlier designed schedule. The key principle of success is to not ignore such problems. They will not simply go away and you will not be able to catch up later since the pre-submission phase usually brings even more force majeure factors.

If Lost, Prioritise

When you have to complete more work than it is humanly possible without a set timeline, you need to change your overall strategy or your priorities. The first option is to ask for extensions (most universities can grant you up to 3 additional months to complete your re-submission draft). The second one is to identify the most crucial problems and focus on them while ignoring minor corrections. Ask yourself a question, “How bad does a dissertation have to be to fail?”. This will allow you to define a ‘minimum viable product’ for future submission and prioritise the most crucial spheres.

Failed Coursework: Everything You Need to Know

Getting a fail mark on your university coursework can be devastating. If you have put a lot of effort into your submission, this information can leave you overwhelmed and senseless. However, most universities allow you to resubmit a failed coursework, which is exactly what you should concentrate your attention on right now. By reacting to this situation immediately, you will immensely increase your chances of fixing the problem and avoiding harsh penalties.

Here is everything you need to know about resubmitting coursework at university

Is retaking a coursework really your best option.

Resitting coursework may seem like a minor inconvenience to some students. However, this activity is associated with a lot of extra work that needs to be performed with some ultimate purpose in mind. If you have problems with multiple failures within your current course and your course grades do not seem bright, retaking your coursework may not magically solve all of these problems. In these circumstances, retaking the whole year may be a better option for some students.

Therefore, consider what is best for your study and the possible grades you can achieve. You should also account for the extra workloads associated with coursework rewriting . If they will interfere with your new academic workloads or personal obligations, retaking the whole year may be a better option.

When Should You Resubmit Your Coursework?

Each university has different policies surrounding resubmissions. Generally, they can take place during the summer period or during your next academic year. The first option may be preferable due to the aforementioned issue of overlapping academic workloads. However, you may not always have a choice in this matter since these provisions are determined by your university.

If you retake during your next year, make sure that you are managing your time and attending all extra classes to improve your grade as much as possible.

Will You Encounter Capped Grade Issues?

The majority of resits (usually excluding those with mitigating circumstances) will have a capped grade of 40%. Yes, this means you will only achieve a pass for that coursework (but you should still not take it as a sign to only put minimal work into it).

Learn more about this cap (of the lack thereof) to ensure that the resulting number of credits substantiates the extra effort and actually allows you to continue your academic journey afterwards.

Appraise the Costs of Resubmitting Your Coursework

Do not forget that resubmitting your coursework is never free. Usually, there is a fee that you must pay for the remarking and additional academic work associated with the resubmission of your coursework. Make sure that you pay it right after learning about your failure to win more time.

What if I Plagiarised?

Unfortunately, plagiarism can have serious consequences such as your suspension or a ban from your course. If you are permitted to resubmit your coursework in these circumstances, take this as a rare chance. This still involves creating a new and 100% original piece, which may be extremely challenging for many students.

Ultimately, the best thing to do is to put your all into your work from the beginning. A failed coursework is usually a result of many prior strategic issues such as not seeking external help when needed. In addition to resubmission, there also exists an appeal option that we will discuss in the following section.

University Appeals for failed work

How to appeal a grade if you didn’t achieve the grade you hoped for.

The day of exam results is a mix of happy smiles and disappointed faces. While some students fail in their attempts to get a pass, others are devastated by not acing their grades and getting maximum scores. In both situations, you usually have two possible solutions. While resubmission discussed earlier allows you to retake your coursework while getting penalised in terms of capped grades, you also have a second option that may not have these limitations. If you believe that there has been a mistake in marking your work, you can appeal to the examination board. This allows you to review the decision or awarded mark on the basis of personal circumstances influencing your performance or your claims of biased or inaccurate appraisal of your submission.

The process of applying for an appeal can be separated into four steps

Identify the appeal deadline.

Firstly, you should ascertain the time frame to submit an appeal. This will vary depending on the universities’ procedures, which you will find on their website. In most cases, the countdown for appeal deadlines starts from the date of the publication of the results.

Should You File a Complaint or an Appeal?

Next, you should differentiate between whether you want to appeal against a result or make a complaint against it. The procedures for the second option range from an informal conciliation to a formal investigation with a hearing. Complaints usually target some aspects of academic procedures such as teaching methods or examination organisation. It may be reasonable to consult with your university student services to identify whether your claims match the criteria for an appeal or a complaint.

Submit the Appeal

As soon as you have clarified your line of argument, you need to write and submit the appeal. Attach any evidence backing your claims and try to describe the events in chronological order to increase your chances of success.

Obtain an Appeal Completion Letter

The final step is to obtain a receipt or a procedure completion document, signed by the University authority, regarding the appeal. Be sure to check that you’ve filled in all the details accurately.

Depending on the outcomes of your appeal consideration, you may get a grade adjustment reflected in your final report card or get a formal rejection. In the second case, you may need to discuss potential further actions with the Head of the Office of Student Services of your university.

failed dissertation twice

Most Common Reasons Why Your Academic Appeal Might Be Rejected  

While academic appeal letters are accepted by most universities, a large share of them gets rejected by appeal committees. Knowing the most common causes for this outcome is a good way to minimise the possibility of its occurrence. Below you will find five primary factors leading to the non-acceptance of academic appeals.

Lack of Validation

If you claim that your academic performance was affected by some circumstances of personal nature or force majeure circumstances, your best option is to provide substantial evidence confirming your statements. Documents from hospitals, official authorities or other reliable third parties may convince the committee to give you a second chance. However, you need to prove that you could not provide this evidence earlier within the scope of the Exceptional Circumstances procedure.

Wrong Focus

In most cases, you cannot appeal against the judgement of the examiners. Submitted coursework assignments, examination papers, and essays are usually revised by multiple markers to minimise the possibility of biased or unfair appraisals. Your letter of appeal must only focus on the circumstances that can be appealed in accordance with university regulations. Other non-appealable factors include employment-related factors, financial problems, housing issues, visa-related issues, and family problems.

Failure to Meet the Deadlines

Most universities have established deadlines specifying the earliest and latest dates for submitting academic appeals. The general rule of thumb is to not submit one before the results of an examination have been announced even if you expect failure. Consult academic staff members or a lawyer specialising in this sphere to make your letter of appeal conformant to all best practices and regulatory provisions.

Poor Past Performance

If your performance throughout the semesters preceding the academic failure had been mediocre and you have a history of academic misconduct, substance abuse or violations of applicable codes of conduct, the committee may choose to decline your appeal. Your best option in this situation is to write a quality letter of appeal where you accept the responsibility for your past mistakes and provide a clear plan for future improvement. However, you must provide a well-defined strategy for remedying your underperformance to convince committee members.

Unsupported Claims

Your letter of appeal must never contain any false or misleading information that cannot be supported by trustworthy evidence. This is especially important for situations where you refer to procedural errors or biased judgements of the examiners. If you cannot support these statements with appropriate evidence, it may be better to refer to your own faults and minimise potential points of conflict. You need to be extremely polite and respectful in your letter and only use the relevant grounds for appeal if you want to succeed.

The best way to avoid rejection is to write your letter of appeal in the most professional manner. Our appeals and re-submission service experts can help you to maximise the chances of a positive outcome in the case of appealing your marks. We have already helped hundreds of students from multiple universities in re-writing their failed works and maintaining their academic progress.

How to Plan and Write a Re-Sit Assignment or Re-Submission

So, the results of your coursework or examination have been announced and they turned out to be worse than you expected. While this can make you feel depressed and lost, right now you need to concentrate on building a response plan. Most universities allow you to revert this failure and resubmit or resit your assignment if you act promptly and comply with their university resubmission policy. One of the most popular questions asked to our appeals and resubmission experts is, “Can you appeal if you failed your dissertation?”. Here are some tips on how to maximise your chances of success when planning and writing a re-sit assignment or re-submission.   

Discuss the Situation with Your Tutor

Your primary goal is to learn why you failed a particular assignment and what exactly should be done to eliminate its deficiencies. Many students adhere to the guesswork approach due to personal fears and fail for the second time due to not understanding existing dissertation resubmission policies. Keep in mind that your tutor may be the only person possessing the relevant information in this situation. They can also inform you about the scope of your problems and the key knowledge gaps that you need to eliminate.

Act Promptly

Make a plan of action and do not waste time. Some staff members involved in the appeal, re-sit, and re-submission procedures have non-matching office hours. Tutors suddenly fall ill. The sooner you understand what needs to be done and submit all the required documentation, the sooner you can start your preparation. You must also identify if your university has any restrictions on the marks you can get when re-submitting your work. These factors will directly influence your choice of preparation strategies.

Make Reasonable Estimations

Overconfidence is the second most popular reason for academic failure after guesswork. As soon as you have clarified the key deficiencies of your failed assignment, you need to appraise your capabilities to realise them within the set deadlines. If you are nervous about the risk of a second failure, you can contact our professional appeals and re-submission service to see how you can improve the quality of your re-submission. We can also create examination notes based on your course materials to speed up your preparation for resitting your exam.

Use Networking

In many cases, the discussion of your assignment with students may reveal additional facts that were not mentioned by your tutor. You can also cooperate in making new notes, discussing your findings, and simply supporting each other to minimise fears and self-doubts. Also, try to get help from your family and roommates so that you could prepare for your re-sit assignment or re-submission without distractions.

Stick to the Plan

To succeed with your re-sit or re-submission, you must strictly follow the earlier developed plan. Many students are distracted by other academic goals or excessively focus on specific parts of lecture materials ignoring the overall perspective. You need to maintain a balanced approach in order to succeed and improve your mark.

university library

What to Do If Your Appeal Is Rejected

As noted earlier, many appeals are rejected by universities, which leads to the need for re-submissions or restarting your annual course. Below, we will consider 5 main recommendations related to this outcome.

Do Not Panic

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that this is a regular situation that should not cause panic. While this is an exhausting experience, your focus should be shifted towards your further response strategy rather than your feelings in the moment.

An unsuccessful appeal should be followed by new ones as soon as possible to maximise your chances of getting a positive outcome. Learn more about the available procedures in terms of internal university procedures as well as external escalation options.

Define Your Expectations

Unrealistic expectations frequently cause appeal rejections. While your claims may be extremely persuasive, asking your university to resit an exam or resubmit your assignment for the second time may be against its official policies. Make sure that your demands are substantiated and reasonable.

Identify Your Dispute Escalation Readiness

If your university does not consider your appeal well-substantiated and you are 100% certain that your claims are valid, you can escalate your appeal to a higher external agency such as the Office of the Independent Adjudicator in the UK.

Get a Second Opinion

If your first attempt to protect your rights failed, you need to really invest in your second one to succeed. Contacting an external lawyer or a quality appeals and re-submission service may be a good idea to get professional recommendations and increase your chances.

What to Do If You Fail a Resubmission

While most students tend to ‘ignore the negative possibilities’, we always advise them to investigate all possible outcomes. Knowing what to do when the whole world around you fails gives you a sense of inner strength since you are aware of the options before you and maintain control over the situation. If you do not know what happens if you fail a resubmission, here are 5 things you need to do if you fail a coursework resubmission or dissertation resubmission.

Assess the Situation

In most cases, a second failure leads to the need to retake a whole academic year. However, a failure in some elective courses may still allow you to progress with your studies if you have a lot of credit points from other subjects. Try to keep your head cool and assess the situation realistically.

Appraise Your Plans

Any failure inevitably disrupts your well-laid plans. As soon as you have appraised the situation you got into, you need to evaluate how these new changes affect your long-term goals. If you have to retake a whole year, this usually requires additional funding and a number of difficult conversations. Outline the steps you need to take and potential adjustments to your academic and career plans.

Think about the Reasons

If you failed at something as major as a coursework assignment resubmission or a dissertation resubmission, this outcome was clearly determined by some major antecedents. Before you criticise yourself for being lazy or untalented, make sure that you perform an accurate revision of all factors that led to this situation. If you do not realise why you failed twice, you may be missing some crucial systemic issues that must be eliminated before you choose to make another attempt.

Choose the Optimal Course

The first three points should provide you with sufficient insights to build a realistic ‘escape plan’. Write down specific steps you need to take such as discussing the need to retake a year with your university officials and family members. Preferably, try to also account for all resources you will require as well as specific documents, conversations or expenses associated with these activities.

Take a Break

If you fail a resubmission, chances are you have run out of options for the time being. Any major steps you have to take will probably occur several weeks from now. When you have completed all official arrangements, you may need to give yourself a break. Even if you have not succeeded in realising your academic goals, you are still exhausted by these attempts and need to take care of yourself.

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Academic Manual

  • 9. Consequences of Failure


Section 9: Consequences of Failure

Published for 2023-24

9.1 Overarching Principles

9.2 failure at the first attempt, 9.3 failure at the second attempt, 9.4 resitting a module, 9.5 repeating a module, 9.6 non-modular programmes, 9.6.1 ba (hons) english, 9.6.2 ba (hons) fine art , 9.6.3 bfa (hons) fine art , 9.6.4 mbbs (bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery) , 9.6.5 ma fine art, 9.6.6 mfa fine art in the slade school of fine art, advice for students.

Further information and advice for students about assessment is available on the  Examinations & Awards webpages .

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failed dissertation twice

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Six things to know about the political debate around daylight saving time

Emily Olson

failed dissertation twice

This picture taken in March 2018 shows a technician working on the clock of the Lukaskirche Church in Dresden, eastern Germany. This weekend, Americans will wind back this clocks as daylight saving time ends. Sebastian Kahnert/DPA/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

This picture taken in March 2018 shows a technician working on the clock of the Lukaskirche Church in Dresden, eastern Germany. This weekend, Americans will wind back this clocks as daylight saving time ends.

Twice a year, every year, the ritual returns as literal clockwork: the start or end of daylight saving time.

Millions of Americans, filled with grunts or glee, tap at their devices or wind their watch hands, manually changing the time to reflect a change in seasons.

But in recent years, lawmakers have talked as if this timeworn tradition might be on its last legs. A raft of bills on the federal and state levels are taking aim at the biannual time changes — and yet nothing is changing, at least for now.

Here's a look at where things stand.

What's the status of that Senate bill to end time changes?

In March 2022, the Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act. The intent behind the bill was to make daylight saving time permanent starting in spring of 2023.

The Senate approves a bill to make daylight saving time permanent

The Senate approves a bill to make daylight saving time permanent

The U.S. tried permanent daylight saving time in the 1970s — then quickly rejected it

The U.S. tried permanent daylight saving time in the 1970s — then quickly rejected it

And at first, it looked as though it might become a reality. The Senate passed the bill through an expedited process and with unanimous consent — legislative rarities in this day and age.

But the bill failed to be taken up in the House. Members cited higher priorities, like a budget deficit and war in Ukraine, but there was also a growing chorus of criticism about the bill's approach (more on this below).

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., reintroduced the bill this March, and it was sent to the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, but there's been no notable movement on it since. A companion bill, introduced by Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., is similarly stuck in committee at the House level.

Daylight saving time ends Sunday. Here are 4 things you should know

Daylight saving time ends Sunday. Here are 4 things you should know

Even if either bill manages to pass both chambers, it'd still need to be signed by President Biden, who hasn't indicated how he leans on the issue.

So for now, the tradition remains intact.

When is the end of daylight saving time 2023?

This season's turnover time is 2 a.m. on Nov. 5, meaning residents of most states will want to move their clocks back an hour when they go to bed this Saturday.

Two states — Hawaii and Arizona — don't observe daylight saving time. The U.S. territories of American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands also don't change their clocks.

What's the argument against the Sunshine Protection Act?

When the Sunshine Protection Act was first debated in a House subcommittee, experts said switching to permanent daylight saving time would do everything: save lives, reduce crime, conserve energy and improve health.

And pretty much everyone agrees that ending the time changes is generally a good idea. Our bodies can be very sensitive to disruptions to our circadian rhythms.

But the medical community has taken issue with how the bill proposes to make the change — specifically, that it mandates all states adopt permanent daylight saving time rather than sticking to standard time.

Changing our clocks is a health hazard. Just ask a sleep doctor

Shots - Health News

Changing our clocks is a health hazard. just ask a sleep doctor.

Doctors and scientists argue that standard time is actually better for our health. Our internal clock is better aligned with getting light in the morning, which, in turn, sets us up for better sleep cycles.

The bill's sponsors aren't budging though. Sen. Rubio is still pushing for permanent daylight saving time.

And the biggest argument for this approach may be an economic one. The idea is that having more light in the evenings encourages people to go out and do things — i.e., spend money.

The nation's convenience stores, for example, told a congressional subcommittee that they see an uptick in spending when clocks are set to daylight saving.

Could the states adopt their own time change rules?

With federal legislation stuck in a holding pattern, states could take up the issue, but they're still subject to some federal limitations.

The Uniform Time Act , which was passed in 1966, says that states can enact permanent standard time but not permanent daylight saving time.

At least 550 bills and resolutions have surfaced concerning time changes at the state level in recent years, according to a tally from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). So the same debate that's happening at the federal level is playing out in statehouses across the country.

Which states are trying to end daylight saving time?

Nineteen states have actually passed measures pledging to switch to permanent daylight time if Congress changes the rules to allow for such an action.

Those states are:

  • Mississippi 
  • Montana 
  • South Carolina

California voters also authorized a resolution in 2018, but lawmakers haven't taken any action on the legislation so we're not counting it here.

As of September 2023, nine states were actively considering legislation that would also end daylight saving, but by switching the state to year-round standard time, according to the NCSL.

  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania

But these pieces of legislation are all marked 'pending' so residents should still plan to turn back their clocks this year — and check in before the next time daylight saving time starts up again.

When will daylight saving time resume in 2024?

That'll be Sunday, March 10. Mark your calendars.

Correction Nov. 3, 2023

An earlier version of this story said Samoa doesn't observe daylight saving time. In fact, American Samoa doesn't observe it.

  • sunshine protection act
  • standard time
  • state legislatures
  • sleep cycle
  • daylight saving time

US daylight saving time: When do clocks change and why was it created?

Oct 31 (Reuters) - As countries including the United States, Canada and Cuba prepare to set clocks back an hour on Nov. 5 as daylight saving time ends, debate is once again emerging in the U.S. over whether and how to end this practice .

Here is everything you need to know about daylight saving time and the arguments to end it.


Daylight saving time is the practice of moving clocks forward by one hour during summer months so daylight lasts longer into the evening. Most of North America and Europe follows the custom, while the majority of countries elsewhere, especially those close to the equator, do not.

The practice has been controversial from the outset, with many countries having adopted and rejected it multiple times. Egypt announced in March it would reintroduce daylight saving time after a seven-year gap to rationalize energy use. Japan considered adopting the practice for the 2020 Olympics but rejected the proposal due to lack of popular support and technical challenges.


Daylight saving time in the U.S. and some neighbouring countries will end on Nov. 5 at 2 a.m. local time, pushing clocks back an hour.

In the UK and other European countries, daylight saving time, also known as summer time, ended on Oct. 29.

Daylight saving time always starts on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November for the United States. This contrasts with the UK and European Union, where summer time begins on the last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday in October.


The modern idea of changing the clocks with the seasons can be traced back to at least the late 19th century when New Zealand entomologist George Hudson proposed it to conserve energy and extend summer daylight hours, something which would have benefited his own hobby of collecting insects after work.

The idea was slow to gain traction until World War One when European states sought any strategies to conserve fuel . Germany was the first country to adopt daylight saving time in 1916 and the U.S. followed in 1918.

Grand Central Terminal Clock inside Grand Central Terminal train station in New York

File photo: The Grand Central Terminal Clock is pictured in the Main Concourse inside Grand Central Terminal train station, in Manhattan, in New York, U.S., May 27, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File photo Acquire Licensing Rights

The practice went through many variations before the U.S. standardized it in 1966 in the Uniform Time Act, which allows states to opt out of it but not to stay on daylight saving time permanently.

A common myth is that the U.S. adopted daylight saving time to benefit farmers, but in reality many farmers are opposed to the practice for being disruptive to their schedules.

The original motivation to conserve fuel is also under debate, as studies have found little, if any, energy savings from the shift, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Opponents point to other studies that have found adverse health effects linked to daylight saving time, such as a spike in fatal traffic accidents, heart attacks, strokes and sleep deprivation in the days after clocks are moved forward an hour every March.

A March 2023 YouGov poll found that 62% of Americans want to end the practice of changing clocks, though only 50% preferred to keep permanent daylight saving time.


No, Hawaii and Arizona, with the exception of Navajo Nation, do not observe daylight saving time. American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands also observe permanent standard time.

While daylight saving time is widespread across the United States, 19 states have passed legislation to permanently use daylight saving time if Congress were to allow it, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.


The U.S. is not ending daylight saving any time soon, though there is an effort in the federal government to pass the so-called Sunshine Protection Act, which would make daylight saving time permanent.

The act, which a bipartisan group of senators introduced in 2022, was passed unanimously by voice vote but stalled in the U.S. House of Representatives because lawmakers could not agree on whether to keep standard time or permanent daylight saving time, said Representative Frank Pallone in March.

The group of senators reintroduced the bill again this year and it has been referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to review. The bill would need to pass the Senate and House of Representatives before President Joe Biden can sign it into law.

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Lander University Hosts Career Fair, More Than 50 Districts Attend

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The United Nations headquarters in Manhattan.

Top UN official in New York steps down citing ‘genocide’ of Palestinian civilians

Craig Mokhiber, director of human rights body, accuses the US, UK and much of Europe as ‘wholly complicit in the horrific assault’

  • Israel and Hamas at war – live updates

The director of the New York office of the UN high commissioner for human rights has left his post, protesting that the UN is “failing” in its duty to prevent what he categorizes as genocide of Palestinian civilians in Gaza under Israeli bombardment and citing the US, UK and much of Europe as “wholly complicit in the horrific assault”.

Craig Mokhiber wrote on 28 October to the UN high commissioner in Geneva, Volker Turk, saying: “This will be my last communication to you” in his role in New York.

Mokhiber, who was stepping down having reached retirement age, wrote: “Once again we are seeing a genocide unfolding before our eyes and the organization we serve appears powerless to stop it.”

He said that the UN had failed to prevent previous genocides against the Tutsis in Rwanda, Muslims in Bosnia, the Yazidi in Iraqi Kurdistan and the Rohingya in Myanmar and wrote: “High Commissioner we are failing again.

“The current wholesale slaughter of the Palestinian people, rooted in an ethno-nationalist colonial settler ideology, in continuation of decades of their systematic persecution and purging, based entirely upon their status as Arabs … leaves no room for doubt.”

Mokhiber added: “This is text book case of genocide” and said the US, UK and much of Europe were not only “refusing to meet their treaty obligations” under the Geneva Conventions but were also arming Israel’s assault and providing political and diplomatic cover for it.

The outgoing director’s departure letter did not mention the 7 October attack by Hamas on southern Israel killing more than 1,400 people and taking 240 hostages. Even more contentiously, his letter calls for the effective end to the state of Israel.

“We must support the establishment of a single, democratic secular state in all of historic Palestine, with equal rights for Christians, Muslims, and Jews,” he wrote, adding: “and, therefore, the dismantling of the deeply racist, settler-colonial project and an end to apartheid across the land.”

Mokhiber has worked for the UN since 1992, serving in a number of increasingly prominent roles. He led the high commissioner’s work on devising a human rights-based approach to development, and acted as a senior human rights adviser in Palestine, Afghanistan and Sudan.

A lawyer who specialises in international human rights law, he lived in Gaza in the 1990s.

In his role as director of the New York office of the high commissioner for human rights, he has come under occasional fire from pro-Israeli groups for his comments on social media. He was criticised for posting support of the boycott, divest, sanctions (BDS) movement and accusing Israel of apartheid – an accusation which he repeated in his retirement letter.

Journalists and academics began posting the letter ’s content to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday afternoon.

after newsletter promotion

A spokesperson for the UN in New York sent the Guardian a statement about Mokhiber, saying: “I can confirm that he is retiring today. He informed the UN in March 2023 of his upcoming retirement, which takes effect tomorrow. The views in his letter made public today are his personal views.”

The statement went on: “The position of the office on the grave situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel is reflected in our reports and public statements.”

Reaction to Mokhiber’s outspoken departure from such a prominent UN position was mixed. Louis Charbonneau, the UN director at Human Rights Watch, told the Guardian that he had made a powerful argument against double standards in the stance of the world body.

“You don’t have to agree with everything in the letter to see that he’s made a powerful and depressing case that the UN lost its way on human rights when it comes to Israel and Palestine, partly due to pressure from the US, Israel and other governments. It’s not too late to turn the UN ship around, but they need to do it quickly.”

By contrast, Anne Bayefsky, who directs Touro College’s Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust in New York, accused Mokhiber on social media of “overt antisemitism”. She said he had used a UN letterhead to call for “wiping Israel off the map”.

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  • Israel-Hamas war
  • US foreign policy
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How many states still do Daylight Savings time for this year?

Posted: November 4, 2023 | Last updated: November 4, 2023

Not all states use the Daylight Saving Time.

The resolution is still in the air

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Daylight saving time will end on November 5th, at 2 AM.

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    This season's turnover time is 2 a.m. on Nov. 5, meaning residents of most states will want to move their clocks back an hour when they go to bed this Saturday. Two states — Hawaii and Arizona ...

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  25. Top UN official in New York steps down citing 'genocide' of Palestinian

    The director of the New York office of the UN high commissioner for human rights has left his post, protesting that the UN is "failing" in its duty to prevent what he categorizes as genocide ...

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    Failed Dissertation Twice - Online classes, always on - 24/7/365. Highly rated 1-on-1 support, available 20 hours a day, 5 days a week. Start your degree when you're ready, with up to 18 opportunities a year.

  27. How many states still do Daylight Savings time for this year?

    Twice a year, like clockwork, Americans go through the ritual of changing their clocks for daylight saving time. ... While the bill passed the Senate, it failed to be taken up in the House due to ...

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