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Top 5 Research Timeline Samples with Templates and Examples

Top 5 Research Timeline Samples with Templates and Examples

Ashima Monga


When it comes to doing a thesis, project report, or dissertation, you spend lots of time doing research through case studies. It, however, always works best if you planned everything in a given timeline. Thus, a research timeline template is beneficial for writing a research report or project presentation for sponsors or investors.

To address this pain point of business, SlideTech offers you invaluable help in building innovative research timeline templates that give you the outline to create perfect project reports, add or remove new tasks and milestones, and change the deliverable dates of your project with a few clicks. Our templates provide an overview of the project plan’s events, highlight important points in time, break down the project’s agenda and distill important information about your products or services, etc.

In this blog, we are introducing our top-notch research timeline templates that are perfect for telling stories and visualizing the processes of your project. 

Template 1: Projected Research Timeline Milestone PPT PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Backgrounds

If you need to learn how to make a research document and set schedule activities for each step, then use this fantastic research template that encompasses the content of a well-maintained research paper. Organize your activities and map meetings according to project milestones with this expert-curated template. For instance, use this template to mark out when your ‘reading and research starts and mark it as task 1, with the color-coded legend. Then task 2 could be topic presenting that starts, as soon as task 1 ends. Then, topic interpreting can be task 3 with the same start as the work on the topic started. This editable template lets you change font styles and color themes with a few clicks.

Projected Research Timeline

Download Now!

Template 2: Projected Research Timeline Elements PPT Presentation Infographic Template Skills

When you introduce your new products and services to the customers, get this template where steps are needed to analyze, plan, design, implement, and evaluate a specific product. Adapt this PPT Template to give a comprehensive overview of your products to target audience that you value. This handy template design guides your project from inception to completion dividing your project research tasks into Elements, Tasks and Actions. 

Projected Research Timeline

Template 3: Projected Research Timeline Planning PowerPoint Presentation Icon Backgrounds

Manage your planning with this PPT Template design to complete your project research, enlist tasks or activities with its deadline. You can measure the activities you planned through it by going to the timetable you set and evaluating the work progress. Business owners can easily visualize data with customizable maps, widgets, graphs, and charts. The phases are also listed out in detail in this template.

Projected Research Timeline

Template 4: Dissertation Projected Research Timeline Analysis PPT PowerPoint Presentation Professional

Fashionably present your research project through this ready-made Presentation Template and keep track of project deadlines. This goal- oriented template breaks down your project’s events or tasks in chronological order, giving a high-level view of the project's planning and reflecting your business plan. Use color hues for each task that differentiate each task from others on the timeline, schedule prioritize tasks, and make information more visual.

Dissertation Projected Research Timeline

Template 5: Dissertation Projected Research Timeline Research PPT PowerPoint Presentation Topics

Grab this research timeline to illustrate and represent roadmaps for your project and highlight the planning process’s goals and tasks over a specific period. Color-coding of this template makes your design more readable, differentiating tasks, defining specific daily, weekly, or monthly activities, etc. The project manager can visualize processes and their status quo and also create natural flow of information among team members. 

Dissertation Projected Research Timeline

The Final Word

Running a business smoothly is a very tricky job and sometimes may be hard to manage. Our beautifully crafted research timeline templates provide the most solid foundation that builds something genuinely remarkable for your business that will captivate your audience, stakeholders, investors, etc. Our research timeline templates communicate the business’s core message clearly and emphasizes timely project delivery to your potential customers. You can always modify our templates to fit your business’s needs. 

FAQs on Research Timeline

What is a research timeline.

A research timeline is an essential part of any project proposal. It defines the chronological order of events of your project plan that includes aspects such as reading & research, analysis results, milestones, preliminary data results, literature review results, etc. It gives a broad overview of your project’s planned activities at a glance.

How do you write a research timeline?

Writing a research document for any project comes with levels of complexity. You must follow some guidelines while writing a research timeline to keep yourself on track. Write the research timeline of the project in stages and give enough time to complete every step of your work.

  • Define research ideas, objectives, and resources and then prepare the research proposal.
  • Develop a research design for it
  • Capture relevant information to create a sampling plan
  • Carry out data collection to write it up 
  • Prepare data for analysis and draw conclusions or recommendations
  • Write the final draft of the application.
  • Again, review it and edit it if required and submit the final research proposal.

How long should a research timeline be?

A research timeline project can be eight weeks, six months, one year, two years, three years, or more, depending on the requirement of the project proposal. But it would help if you remembered to complete it timely while planning these periods.

How do you write a  PhD research timeline?

A PhD Research Timeline is a challenging process that spans across years. Sometimes, researchers can feel quite overwhelmed. Some tips for writing a perfect PhD research timeline are:

  • Decide what elements like data collection, fieldwork, experiments, data analysis, writing plan, conferences, publications, coursework, etc., you must include in your PhD research timeline.
  • Share or discuss your ideas and thoughts with your guide or PhD supervisor and get their views. Note the discussion points during the meeting and edit your provisional PhD research timeline, accordingly. 
  • Think about the design of your PhD research timeline and prepare it across tasks and milestones.
  • Track your tasks and update your PhD research timeline to prioritize tasks and set achievable and concrete goals when needed.

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Office of Undergraduate Research

Surf awards: sample timelines.

  • Program Information
  • Prepare Your Application
  • Budget Policies & Samples
  • Sample Timelines

Your SURF proposal timeline should:

  • clearly indicate start and end dates,
  • include an anticipated number of project work hours each week (maximum: 40),
  • include a total number of project work hours,
  • provide a week-by-week listing of planned project milestones, and
  • include your full name.

This level of detail will show the reviewers you have carefully structured your project. Account for your planned enrollment in summer coursework, participation in study abroad programs, and/or any other substantial commitments in your timeline. All weeks of summer research must be completed between May 6 and August 23, 2024 .

The standard SURF timeline involves working on your project 40 hours/week for 9 weeks (or 35 hours/week for 10 weeks). However, the weeks need not be continuous, and you might elect to work fewer hours per week if that would be more appropriate to your particular situation. If you commit to fewer than 350 total project hours, your stipend amount will be prorated.

There are many different ways to present a timeline; three good examples follow below. Remember that your proposal, timeline, and budget should work in concert to demonstrate the feasibility of your project.

Timeline – Jane Husky Total project hours – 350. Work week: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm (35 hrs/week for 10 weeks). I will have weekly lab meetings with my advisor to track progress and troubleshoot any major issues. I will also be consulting regularly with graduate students in the lab working on related projects.

Timeline – Jonathan Husky Work weeks will be 5 days per week (Mon. – Fri.) at an average of 25 hours per week, totaling approximately 400 hours. In accordance with the policies of the Institute of Materials Science, I will not be working in the lab in the absence of supervision from either a graduate student or instructor.

Timeline – June Husky

I will remain in regular touch with my advisor, Professor Cross, throughout the summer. We have scheduled weekly Skype calls for the time I will be in Brazil and biweekly meetings on campus upon my return. Project hours: 350 hours total.

11+ Research Timeline Templates

When it comes to making a dissertation, or a thesis, it means spending lots of time doing research, looking through case study after case study, and going to school. With all these tasks, you need to plan them all out in a timeline. A research timeline template is a reliable source for any professionals and students who are at the task of writing a research. As years go by, making research becomes easy with the help of the newest innovation under Plan Project Timeline Templates that is accessible online. Here, setting your sample plans for the research paper is well outlined and a manageable way to accomplish where users can have an idea on how to create a perfect research template equipped with useful tools. With our templates, you will be able to make a timeline for your research. We have a variety of samples whether it’s for 3-year research or one for a master’s degree, all of which can help you get the job done!

research timeline templates

Simple Research Timeline Template

research timeline

  • Google Docs
  • Apple Pages
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Editable PDF

Sample Research Timeline Template

free research timeline template

Research Proposal Timeline Gantt Chart Template

research proposal timeline gantt chart templates

Free Research School Thesis Study Timeline Template

research study timeline template

Free Research Paper Dissertation Timeline Template

research paper timeline template

Free Research Project Schedule Timeline Template

research project timeline template

Free Research Proposal 3 Year Case Study Timeline Template

research proposal timeline template

Free Market Research Business Timeline Template

market research timeline template

Free Qualitative Research Timeline Visualizing Template

qualitative research timeline visualizing template

Free Research Master Plan Timeline Template

research plan timeline template

Free Action Research Timetable Timeline Template

action research timeline template

How to Make Research Timeline Plan

What are involved in research timeline plan.

  • Setting up the main objectives and the research basic template questions is the primary thing to start so you will know what you must do and how you can do it for the research paper you have.
  • The timeline layout you will have can confirm whether the research topic and method you will use are correct. There is always a factual basis for each research question and the means to solve must be viable too.
  • The professional schedule that will be used, must be following the methodology that will be applied in the research paper.

Tips for Using Research Timeline Template

  • The printable template must be following the overview of the scope and duration of the research process.
  • Have the sample template that is suitable for the research paper you are working on, as every research has its timetable to follow
  • Make sure that all that is written in the timeline in PDF can be worked on based on the time given and can be completed by the researchers to meet their deadline.

Here’s How We Can Help

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