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Effective Leadership and Its Objectives

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Published: Jul 15, 2020

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essay on leadership goals

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Leadership: Definition and Goals Essay

Full bibliographic information of source.

Reynolds, S. (2015). Leadership 101. Defense Acquisition Research Journal: A Publication of the Defense Acquisition University, 15 (3), 16–20.

Stated research question and thesis

Reynolds (2015) sought to understand the diverse definition of leadership in students of the Defense Acquisition University’s Executive Leadership and Coaching programs. The author’s assumption is that leadership 101, or the very basics of being a leader, is easily theorized but implemented with a certain level of difficulty. Therefore, the thesis of the present study may be formulated as “leadership can and should be multifaceted and appeal to both the rational and irrational in people.”

Major argument and refutations

Based on students’ data, Reynolds (2015) concludes that leadership manifests itself through the following:

  • goal setting;
  • creating a team culture;
  • providing an environment that is sufficient in terms of resources;
  • setting the standards of performance and leading by example.

Despite participants’ broad knowledge of leadership and awareness of the many roles a leader assumes, they do not always live up to their own ideals. According to Reynolds (2015), it is the tyranny of today’s challenges that set a leader off the course and compromise his or her commitment to leadership 101.

Critique of author’s work including methods

The present study is not without limitations, the most significant of which is study sampling. One may infer that Reynolds (2015) only surveyed his own students at the Defense Acquisition University’s Executive Leadership and Coaching, which makes the sample homogenous and not representative of larger populations. Aside from that, it is hard to tell whether the students who took part in the study have sufficient experience in leadership roles to make a good judgment about the nature of leadership.

Research questions raised

The main question that Reynolds (2015) raises in his research is “How to create and lead extraordinary teams?”

Quotes that can be used towards mentorship and business

Some quotes from the study that may be useful for mentorship:

  • “If a team’s direction is set through a combination of rational and emotional arguments, setting culture is an emotional pull (Reynolds, 2015, p. 17).”
  • “A leader sets team values, rituals, and symbols and identifies and rewards those heroes modeling them (Reynolds, 2015, p. 20).”
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Personal Leadership Development, Goals and Actions

Introduction, personal leadership qualities, sources for learning leadership skills, personal leadership strengths and goals, ways to develop personal abilities and goals for the course.

Employees with the ambition to become better leaders should focus on self-development. One of the ways to become a high achiever is through training and learning new techniques and acquiring novel ideas. This aspect instills competitiveness and teamwork spirit, and thus someone can work under different environments and deliver exemplary results. I think that my leadership skills have improved significantly, but a deeper analysis would indicate my strengths and weaknesses. I believe that my goals are justifiable, but more learning is needed for better results.

A person with leadership qualities is expected to possess certain characteristics, such as integrity. While I lack the professionalism to emphasize my unique capabilities, I have some personal characteristics and virtues that I have developed over time. For instance, I am an honest and trustworthy individual. I am knowledgeable enough to exercise discretion to avoid looking or sounding overconfident, while at the same time proving that my skills are grounded on a sound educational background. Besides, I am naturally talented with good communication and oratory skills, and thus I could easily fit in the team involved in motivating and organizing my workmates to foster teamwork spirit.

Leadership skills can be gained through different avenues, and I have gathered relevant information on the issue from the numerous resources at my disposal. I have learned that a competitive environment is needed towards the achievement of flexibility, which is required for the proper functioning of any team or organization (Daft, 2014). Additionally, I believe personal experiences can be helpful.

For instance, I have gained useful skills and techniques with my teachers leading by example. Besides, other resources, such as written and electronic scientific learning materials are at the center of my education. Additionally, I listen to leadership experts as they talk about the topic on different platforms.

While we all have inherent strengths, hard work and training are needed in the development of specific skills. According to Manning and Curtis (2015), desirable leadership qualities and skills cannot be achieved without proper goal-setting strategies, and I echo such sentiments. One of my strengths is the ability to set clear, specific, achievable, and time-bound goals, and thus I can assist my colleagues on this area to ensure that they remain motivated to achieve their objectives. Besides, I am honest, transparent, and trustworthy, and these virtues will go a long way in winning the trust of my superiors and colleagues. However, despite my strengths, I will learn and acquire all the requisite skills that are needed for me to execute my duties exemplarily.

Daft (2014) posits that a seasoned coach is needed to facilitate the process of personal training. I agree with this observation as I have realized the course that we are undertaking is laying solid ground for self-development. Besides, reading relevant books and other resources will play an important role in the development of my personal abilities. At this stage, I need intensive training on self-development to improve my strengths. Therefore, this course will play a central role in the achievement of my goals. Ultimately, I think that I need to learn a lot in preparation of becoming a specialist who can motivate and influence my colleagues to achieve the set objectives in a company or organization. I believe that this course and my studies in general, will equip me with the necessary skills for the development of leadership qualities. Above all, I will take the initiative to study on my own because self-development is part of my learning process.

Daft, R. L. (2014). The leadership experience (6th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

Manning, G., & Curtis, K. (2015). The art of leadership (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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