Common mistakes in spelling and grammar

In this kahoot, students will get their brains ready for Language Arts! #ELA #BackToSchool #MiddleSchool #Grade5 #Spelling #Grammar #Review

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Pre-A1 level

Pre-a1 - in the classroom, pre-a1 - fun at the beach, pre-a1 - having lunch, a1 - at the toy shop, a1 - uncle charlie's hotel, a1 - jane's surprise, a2 - an exciting day in our school project, a2 - visiting sophia's cousins, a2 - a special day at school, our free kahoots for older learners.

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B1-B2 Learning tips: What to do with new vocabulary?

B1-b2 learning tips: varieties of english, b1-b2 grammar: can you talk about the past, b1-b2 grammar: which words go together, b1-b2 idioms: to see light at the end of the tunnel, b1-b2 idioms: to be on top of the world, for more information on using kahoot please see the videos below:.

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english grammar kahoot

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english grammar kahoot

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Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, their loved ones, and anyone affected by this crisis. 

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