1. (PDF) In-Band Digital Predistortion for Concurrent Dual-Broadband

    digital predistortion thesis

  2. (PDF) On the Robustness of Digital Predistortion Function Synthesis and

    digital predistortion thesis

  3. (PDF) Fractional delay compensation in digital predistortion system

    digital predistortion thesis

  4. PPT

    digital predistortion thesis

  5. (PDF) Digital predistortion based on envelope feedback

    digital predistortion thesis

  6. Sampling requirement for digital predistortion.

    digital predistortion thesis


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  1. Adaptive Digital Predistortion of Nonlinear Systems

    tem - is becoming an essential requirement in many areas. In this thesis adaptive digital predistortion techniques for a wide class of nonlinear systems are presented. For estimat-ing the coefficients of the predistorter, different learning architectures are considered: the Direct Learning Architecture (DLA) and Indirect Learning Architecture ...

  2. University of South Florida Digital Commons @ University of

    Patel, Jayanti, "Adaptive Digital Predistortion Linearizer for Power Amplifiers in Military UHF Satellite" (2004). USF Tampa Graduate Theses and Dissertations. This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the USF Graduate Theses and Dissertations at Digital Commons @ University of South Florida.