A Cruel Angel's Thesis

A Cruel Angel's Thesis is the opening theme song for the series Neon Genesis Evangelion , composed by Hidetoshi Sato and sung by Yoko Takahashi . The lyrics are by Neko Oikawa while the arrangement is by Toshiyuki Omori. The song also has the distinction of taking first place in the JASRAC Awards. [1]

This song was written with relatively limited involvement from Hideaki Anno and the production staff, being handled by producer Toshimichi Otsuki . [2] Anno originally wanted to use an excerpt from Borodin's Polovtsian Dances in the opening, but the producers did not approve of this and instead decided to use a J-Pop song, which eventually resulted in the creation of this song by Neko Oikawa.

Oikawa apparently had very little knowledge of the show, which was under production at the time with the episodes not having been colored. According to tweets and interviews, Oikawa went through a proposal of the show (possibly Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal ) and watched two unfinished episodes on fast-forward, only serving to broadly "fit" the anime after the fact [3] [4] The writing process for Episode 01 took as long as six months, [5] and the opening sequence was not yet finished. [6] [7] The original song included a male chorus, which was cut at director Hideaki Anno's request in order to "emphasize maternal affection". [8]

Oikawa states that she took inspiration for the title from the manga A Cruel God Reigns . [9] Among other statements, Oikawa said the lyrics "become a legend" were originally "become a weapon" and that she decided to make the song about the perspective of a mother when her child "leaves the nest." [10]

Original Japanese Lyrics: Neko Oikawa

Translation Notes

1 This was translated by Takayama Miyuki and these are the translator's notes:

  • young boy, become the legend! : The word "shinwa" actually means "myth" ("legend" would be "densetsu"), but I think it sounds better as "legend."
  • with surging, hot pathos : "Atsui" (hot) can also mean "intense, passionate." "Pathos" is "the quality or power in life or art of evoking a feeling of pity or compassion; pity; suffering; sorrow."
  • Embracing this sky [universe] and shining : "Sora" (sky) is the reading given for the kanji for "uchuu" (universe).
  • has any meaning : The kanji used for the "a" in "aeta" is not the normal kanji used in "au" (to meet). It's the first kanji in "ouse" (encounter, tryst) and has more of a connotation of meeting by fate or being brought together by fate, not just meeting. (Interestingly, a dictionary I have gives the meaning of "au," when written with this kanji, as "to meet (with drama or pathos)")
  • for learning freedom : The "watashi wa sou" is probably "watashi wa sou omou." And "bible" in this case isn't referring to *the* Bible. "Bible" can also mean "guide book, how-to book, a book valued for its use as a reference," like in "a handyman's bible," or "a bird-watcher's bible."

2 This is the translation found on the U.S. release of Evangelion by ADV.

3 The instrumental section contains chanted non-Japanese lyrics in Yoko Takahashi 's version and a few others, while other versions of the song have a purely instrumental section. The January 1996 issue of Newtype magazine transcribed Takahashi's lyrics in this section as "Fariya. Seta(or sepa) messo. Fariya. Tuse." which they speculate is from the fictional language of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Alternatively, an EvaGeeks forum discussion suggests that the lyrics may be "Faria? Será mesmo? Faria? Eu sei!" which is in the Portuguese language. Since the word "Faria" is usually used in a similar way as the English word "would", those lines could be interpreted as someone doubting something or someone else. There has never been any official information on the actual lyrics or their meaning, if any.

  • ↑ http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-05-25/songs-from-evangelion-other-anime-win-jasrac-awards
  • ↑ From the animania blog report on the March 28, 2005 NHK Anime Yawa talk show (translation by animania) - Otsuki said he allowed Anno to do whatever he wanted in the anime except for the theme music. Otsuki was particular about the theme and handled the music staff by himself, going as far as to claim that no anime staff, even Anno, met the music staff (apparently contradicted by Oikawa's statements). - Yuko Miyamura, BS AnimeYAWA
  • ↑ “My manager got the job, we had a quick meeting lasting about 30 minutes, skim-read the proposal and watched two episodes on fast-forward. And with that I was told ‘so, yeah, just write whatever you want!’, and finished the song [lyrics] in about two hours. Sorry to burst your bubble, guys!” http://soranews24.com/2015/01/08/a-cruel-angels-thesis-took-just-two-hours-to-write-says-evangelion-lyricist-neko-oikawa
  • ↑ "It wasn't even colored. I wrote the song, and my job was done. I wrote it in about two hours." Anime News Network interview with Neko Oikawa
  • ↑ 2nd JUNE interview
  • ↑ Notenki Memoirs
  • ↑ According to Hidenori Matsubara during the Animazement 2015 convention, "the song was created before they even got done with animation for the opening theme. Strangely enough, the song manage to go along with the opening animation."
  • ↑ Refrain of Evangelion OST Booklet, 2003.
  • ↑ https://web.archive.org/web/20160830224921/http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/11939169
  • ↑ https://www.sankei.com/west/news/161228/wst1612280011-n1.html
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A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Q111788790)

  • Cruel Angel's Thesis


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The following songs are ordered alphabetically by show.

  • 1.1 .hack//G.U.
  • 1.2 .hack//ROOTS: Friendly like in a childhood.
  • 1.3 .hack//SIGN: Before Dawn
  • 1.4 .hack//SIGN: Fake Wings
  • 1.5 .hack//SIGN: Rain & Storm
  • 1.6 A Lull in the Sea: Aqua Terranium
  • 1.7 A Lull in the Sea: Lull ~Soshite Bokurawa~
  • 1.8 A Lull in the Sea: Mitsuba no Musubime
  • 1.9 Angel Sanctuary: Adam Kadmon
  • 1.10 Angel Sanctuary: Kira's Theme
  • 1.11 Angel Sanctuary: Sara's Death
  • 1.12 Angel Beats: Brave Song
  • 1.13 Assassination Classroom: Bye Bye Yesterday
  • 1.14 Attack on Titan: Eye-Water
  • 1.15 Attack on Titan: Guren no Yumiya
  • 1.16 Attack on Titan: Omake-Phadlib
  • 1.17 Attack on Titan: Vogel im Käfig
  • 1.18 Attack on Titan: YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T
  • 1.19 Avatar: The Last Airbender: Main Theme
  • 1.20 Avatar: The Legend of Korra: Final Theme
  • 1.21 Bakemonogatari: Renai Circulation
  • 1.22 Bakemonogatari: Senjougahara Tore
  • 1.23 Bleach: Aoi Tori
  • 1.24 Bleach: Never Meant To Belong
  • 1.25 Bleach: Sky Chord
  • 1.26 Chobits: Sometimes Gently
  • 1.27 Charlotte: Yake Ochinai Tsubasa
  • 1.28 Chrome Shelled Regios: Brave Your Truth
  • 1.29 Clannad: Dango Daikazoku
  • 1.30 Clannad: Nagisa ~ Parting at the Foot of the Hill
  • 1.31 Clannad: Sora ni Hikaru
  • 1.32 Clannad: Ushio
  • 1.33 Code Geass: Continued Story(2016 version)
  • 1.34 Code Geass: Opening Theme(COLORS/JIBUN WOOOO)
  • 1.35 Cowboy Bebop: Piano Bar
  • 1.36 Cowboy Bebop: The Real Folk Blues PART 1
  • 1.37 Cowboy Bebop:The Real Folk Blues PART 2
  • 1.38 Cowboy Bebop: Green Bird
  • 1.39 Death Note: L's Theme
  • 1.40 Dragon Ball Z: Opening 1: CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA
  • 1.41 Eden of the East: Futuristic Imagination
  • 1.42 Elfen Lied: Hanayou
  • 1.43 Elfen Lied: Lilium
  • 1.44 Elfen Lied: Shinkai(-)
  • 1.45 Evangelion - Cruel Angel's Thesis
  • 1.46 Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo: Sakura Nagashi
  • 1.47 Fairy Tail: Main Theme(-)
  • 1.48 Flip Flappers: Flip Flap Flip Flap
  • 1.49 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Crime and Punishment
  • 1.50 Girls' Last Tour: Ugoku Ugoku(Opening)
  • 1.51 Guilty Crown: Euterpe
  • 1.52 Guilty Crown: Krone
  • 1.53 Guilty Crown: My Dearest
  • 1.54 Guilty Crown: Planetes
  • 1.55 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: When They Cry
  • 1.56 Hyouka: Madormi no Yakusoku
  • 1.57 Hyouka: Yasashisa no Riyuu (due to breaking at one tiny part midway due to instrument limitation. Other than that it plays perfectly.)
  • 1.58 Initial D: running in the 90s
  • 1.59 Initial D: I won't fall apart
  • 1.60 JoJo: Giorno's Theme
  • 1.61 JoJo: Jolyne's theme (Theme of Stone Ocean)
  • 1.62 JoJo: Kira's Theme
  • 1.63 JoJo: Traitors Requiem
  • 1.64 JoJo: Sono Chi No Sadame
  • 1.65 JoJo: Pillar Men Theme
  • 1.66 JoJo: Roundabout (sounds bad at some points but still acceptable)
  • 1.67 JoJo: Jotaro's Theme
  • 1.68 JoJo: Great Days
  • 1.69 JoJo: Bloody Stream
  • 1.70 JoJo: Fighting Gold
  • 1.71 JoJo: Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town
  • 1.72 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Ninelie
  • 1.73 Kill la Kill: Sirius
  • 1.74 Kill la Kill: Liar Mask
  • 1.75 Kimi ni Todoke: Ending 2
  • 1.76 Kimi ni Todoke: Reaching You(Opening 1)
  • 1.77 K-On!: Don't say Lazy!!
  • 1.78 K-On!: Fwua-Fwua time
  • 1.79 K-On!: Tenshi ni Fureta yo (I got to meet an angel)
  • 1.80 Konosuba: Fantastic Dreamer
  • 1.81 Konosuba: Tomorrow (Season 2 intro)
  • 1.82 Love Live: Aishiteru Banzai
  • 1.83 Love Live: Kaguya no Shiro de Odoritai
  • 1.84 Made in Abyss Adventure: Through the Light
  • 1.85 Made in Abyss Adventure: The First Layer
  • 1.86 Made in Abyss: To the Abyss
  • 1.87 Made in Abyss: Pathway
  • 1.88 Made in Abyss: Insert song
  • 1.89 Madoka Magica: Credens Justitiam
  • 1.90 Madoka Magica: Sis Puella Magica!
  • 1.91 My Hero Academia: You Say Run
  • 1.92 Naruto: Despair
  • 1.93 Naruto: Sadness and Sorrow
  • 1.94 Naruto Shippuden: Opening 3: Bluebird
  • 1.95 Naruto Shippuden: Opening 9: Lovers
  • 1.96 Neon Genesis Evangelion: Cruel Angel's Thesis
  • 1.97 Neon Genesis Evangelion: Komm, Süsser Tod
  • 1.98 {{{Oshi no Ko: YOASOBI - Idol}}}
  • 1.99 Parasyte: Human
  • 1.100 Parasyte: Next to you
  • 1.101 Rosario Vampire Capu 2 - Discotheque
  • 1.102 Sailor Moon: Theme
  • 1.103 Shin Sekai Yori: Wareta Ringo
  • 1.104 Showtime
  • 1.105 Spice and Wolf: Tabi no Tochuu
  • 1.106 Spirited Away: Inochi no Namae
  • 1.107 Spirited Away: Always With Me
  • 1.108 Spirited Away: Waltz of Chihiro
  • 1.109 Spirited Away: Sixth Station
  • 1.110 The Future Diary: Here With You
  • 1.111 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: God Knows
  • 1.112 Youjo Senki: Los! Los! Los!
  • 1.113 Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai: Fukashigi no Carte

Anime Songs

.hack//g.u., .hack//roots: friendly like in a childhood., .hack//sign: before dawn, .hack//sign: fake wings, .hack//sign: rain & storm, a lull in the sea: aqua terranium, a lull in the sea: lull ~soshite bokurawa~, a lull in the sea: mitsuba no musubime, angel sanctuary: adam kadmon, angel sanctuary: kira's theme, angel sanctuary: sara's death, angel beats: brave song, assassination classroom: bye bye yesterday, attack on titan: eye-water, attack on titan: guren no yumiya, attack on titan: omake-phadlib, attack on titan: vogel im käfig, attack on titan: youseebiggirl/t:t, avatar: the last airbender: main theme, avatar: the legend of korra: final theme, bakemonogatari: renai circulation, bakemonogatari: senjougahara tore, bleach: aoi tori, bleach: never meant to belong, bleach: sky chord, chobits: sometimes gently, charlotte: yake ochinai tsubasa, chrome shelled regios: brave your truth, clannad: dango daikazoku, clannad: nagisa ~ parting at the foot of the hill, clannad: sora ni hikaru, clannad: ushio, code geass: continued story(2016 version), code geass: opening theme(colors/jibun woooo), cowboy bebop: piano bar, cowboy bebop: the real folk blues part 1, cowboy bebop:the real folk blues part 2, cowboy bebop: green bird, death note: l's theme, dragon ball z: opening 1: cha-la head-cha-la, eden of the east: futuristic imagination, elfen lied: hanayou, elfen lied: lilium, elfen lied: shinkai(-), evangelion - cruel angel's thesis, evangelion 3.0: you can (not) redo: sakura nagashi, fairy tail: main theme(-), flip flappers: flip flap flip flap, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood: crime and punishment, girls' last tour: ugoku ugoku(opening), guilty crown: euterpe, guilty crown: krone, guilty crown: my dearest, guilty crown: planetes, higurashi no naku koro ni: when they cry, hyouka: madormi no yakusoku, hyouka: yasashisa no riyuu (due to breaking at one tiny part midway due to instrument limitation. other than that it plays perfectly.), initial d: running in the 90s, initial d: i won't fall apart, jojo: giorno's theme, jojo: jolyne's theme (theme of stone ocean), jojo: kira's theme, jojo: traitors requiem, jojo: sono chi no sadame, jojo: pillar men theme, jojo: roundabout (sounds bad at some points but still acceptable), jojo: jotaro's theme, jojo: great days, jojo: bloody stream, jojo: fighting gold, jojo: crazy noisy bizarre town, kabaneri of the iron fortress: ninelie, kill la kill: sirius, kill la kill: liar mask, kimi ni todoke: ending 2, kimi ni todoke: reaching you(opening 1), k-on: don't say lazy, k-on: fwua-fwua time, k-on: tenshi ni fureta yo (i got to meet an angel), konosuba: fantastic dreamer, konosuba: tomorrow (season 2 intro), love live: aishiteru banzai, love live: kaguya no shiro de odoritai, made in abyss adventure: through the light, made in abyss adventure: the first layer, made in abyss: to the abyss, made in abyss: pathway, made in abyss: insert song, madoka magica: credens justitiam, madoka magica: sis puella magica, my hero academia: you say run, naruto: despair, naruto: sadness and sorrow, naruto shippuden: opening 3: bluebird, naruto shippuden: opening 9: lovers, neon genesis evangelion: cruel angel's thesis, neon genesis evangelion: komm, süsser tod, {{{oshi no ko: yoasobi - idol}}}, parasyte: human, parasyte: next to you, rosario vampire capu 2 - discotheque, sailor moon: theme, shin sekai yori: wareta ringo, spice and wolf: tabi no tochuu, spirited away: inochi no namae, spirited away: always with me, spirited away: waltz of chihiro, spirited away: sixth station, the future diary: here with you, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya: god knows, youjo senki: los los los, seishun buta yarou wa bunny girl senpai no yume wo minai: fukashigi no carte, navigation menu.


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  1. A Cruel Angel's Thesis

    "The Cruel Angel's Thesis" (残酷な天使のテーゼ, Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze), also known as "A Cruel Angel's Thesis", is a J-pop song performed by Japanese

  2. A Cruel Angel's Thesis

    A Cruel Angel's Thesis (яп. 残酷な天使のテーゼ Дзанкоку на тэнси но тэ:дзэ) — изначально открывающая тема аниме-сериала «Евангелион», премьерный показ

  3. Zankoku na Tenshi no These

    "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" (残酷な天使のテーゼ, Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze?, "Zankoku na Tenshi no These" in Japan) is the theme song of the popular anime Neon

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    «A Cruel Angel's Thesis» — песня из опенинга аниме «Neon Genesis Evangelion», сочинённая Хидетоси Сато и исполненная Ёко Такахаси. Текст был придуман Неко

  5. A Cruel Angel's Thesis

    A Cruel Angel's Thesis is the opening theme song for the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, composed by Hidetoshi Sato and sung by Yoko Takahashi.

  6. A Cruel Angel's Thesis

    Theme song of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion / From Wikipedia, the free

  7. A Cruel Angel's Thesis

    https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q111788790#P2724 · https ... Shiro Sagisu, Yoko Takahashi - A Cruel Angel's Thesis - (Evangelion Original Soundtrack).

  8. A Cruel Angel's Thesis

    Kanji, "残酷な天使のテーゼ". Romaji, "Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze". English, "A Cruel Angel's Thesis". Original Artist, Yoko Takahashi.

  9. A Cruel Angel's Thesis

    Shiro Sagisu, Yoko Takahashi - A Cruel Angel's Thesis - (Evangelion Original Soundtrack). 369K views · 4 years ago ...more

  10. Шаблон:Neon Genesis Evangelion

    «A Cruel Angel's Thesis»; «Fly Me to the Moon». Альбомы. Neon Genesis ... Знание.Вики. Эта страница в последний раз была отредактирована 24

  11. Songs/Anime

    1.45 Evangelion - Cruel Angel's Thesis; 1.46 Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo: Sakura Nagashi; 1.47 Fairy Tail: Main Theme(-); 1.48 Flip Flappers: Flip Flap