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Criminology Research Proposals Samples For Students

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Regardless of how high you rate your writing skills, it's always a good idea to check out a competently written Research Proposal example, especially when you're handling a sophisticated Criminology topic. This is precisely the case when WowEssays.com catalog of sample Research Proposals on Criminology will prove useful. Whether you need to come up with an original and meaningful Criminology Research Proposal topic or look into the paper's structure or formatting peculiarities, our samples will provide you with the necessary data.

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Free Research Proposal On Training The Trainers: Training Curriculum

This training is meant for the Centervale's law enforcement officials. However, the training curriculum can be used within the county. All the Centervale's law enforcement officials are required to undergo the training. - Purpose of the Training

This training has four main objectives or purposes. The purposes of the training include:

Good example of research proposal on deterrent effect of death penalty, introduction, burglary research proposal example.

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Sample Research Proposal On Prison Rights And Corporal Punishment

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Sample PHD Criminology Dissertation Proposal

Here is a sample that showcases why we are one of the world’s leading academic writing firms. This assignment was created by one of our expert academic writers and demonstrated the highest academic quality. Place your order today to achieve academic greatness.

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Transnational Crime and Security – Background and Possible Structures of Transnational Cyber Attacks

Cybercrimes are an international concern that threatens the entire world. Today’s world relies heavily on digitization, where connections and linkages formed between computers across borders help people share information. With the rapid increase in the number of internet channels and reliance on the internet, the threats of cybercrimes affecting governments, companies, and individuals have also increased.

The cybercrimes committed in the world majorly transnational in nature, where different cybercriminals have different motives and purposes of attacking computers of a country, company, or an individual. This research tends to analyze the various forms of threats and the structure of the cyber-attacks, which poses a threat to national concerns. On the other hand, this research also aims to suggest suggesting the measures using which the international community can collaborate to exert a joint effort to reduce or eradicate the cyberattacks.


Transnational crime may not be widely known by the people prevailing in the world. However, they might have experienced or witnessed different forms of transnational crimes that they are not aware of. Transnational crimes refer to the organized crimes that are executed by a group of individuals where the criminal activities are planned, coordinated, and controlled.

[1]. These crimes are committed across borders, which can be due to the alliance of different criminals across the globe. The crimes are committed by continuity, fulfilling the motivations of different criminal groups prevailing in the world. The motives behind committing a cybercrime mainly include financial gain. However, there can be several other motives for the crimes, including attaining the power of influence and commercial gains.

The world in which people live today can be considered a digital community where digital networks and linkages are formed across the countries to share information comprising large and valuable data. The entire infrastructure of information has been under the cybercriminals’ attack where the number of cybercrimes has been observed to follow an increasing trend.

The governmental bodies, commercial activities, and even individuals are becoming the victims of cybercrimes that are taking place around the world. [2]. Cybercriminals pose a severe threat to the world’s reliance on e-commerce and the informational infrastructure that revolves around it. Therefore the need for internet security to safeguard the interests and resources of the different informational structures is crucial for the world today.

[1] Berdal, M. R., & Serrano, M. (Eds.). (2002). Transnational organized crime and international security: business as usual?. Lynne Rienner Publishers.

[1] Edwards, A. and Gill, P. eds., 2004. Transnational organised crime: perspectives on global security. Routledge.

Problem Statement

Crime and security are the concepts whose relationships are merely opaque. However, both the concepts are distinct from each other, and several similarities can also be seen between them. Transnational cybercrimes have been the focus of various discussions and forums around the world. However, the measures taken to counter these criminal or terrorist activities is yet to be seen.

The public or private sectors of a country are seen to put efforts into securing their informational assets; however, a collective approach towards controlling cybercrimes also cannot be seen in the countries that have been the victim of severe cybercrimes in the past. [3].  The measures of transnational response are needed today much more than ever. To reduce the cyberattacks, it is important to understand different forms of cyber attacks and the structure using which cybercriminals pose a threat to the company’s informational structure. Further, the literature is scarce regarding cybercrimes where the planning and organization of these cybercrimes can be identified.

The Rationale of the Research

Since cybercrimes pose one of the most severe threats to the welfare of economies of different countries, it has been the center of attention for many researchers who have provided commendable information regarding the cybercrimes in countries around the world. However, the researchers conducted relevant to the topic of the research revolves around the impacts of cybercrimes on different economies of the country. Further, there have been several researchers who have identified various forms of cybercrimes that are committed in the world

[3] Perloff-Giles, A., 2018. Transnational Cyber Offenses: Overcoming Jurisdictional Challenges.  Yale J. Int’l L. ,  43 , p.191.

today. [4]  [5]However, it can be seen that a gap in the literature exists in determining the various structures of the cybercrimes, elaborating the planning, excitement, and controlling of these crimes due to which crimes are committed without being able to get traced. Further, the literature can also be seen contain gaps for providing information regarding the factors that can facilitate cybercrimes in a country’s networking. Although various forms of cybercrimes impacts have been identified in the previous literature [6] [7] , the strategies and measures that can be used to counter these crimes are missing.

Purpose of the Study

The research’s main purpose revolves around the transnational cybercrimes that are taking place around the world today. This research intends to understand the various concepts related to cybercrimes and investigate the presence of cybercrimes across the countries. The

[4] Anderson, R., Barton, C., Böhme, R., Clayton, R., Van Eeten, M. J., Levi, M., … & Savage, S. (2013). Measuring the cost of cybercrime. In  The economics of information security and privacy  (pp. 265-300). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

[5] Taylor, R. W., Fritsch, E. J., & Liederbach, J. (2014).  Digital crime and digital terrorism . Prentice Hall Press.

[6] Stabek, A., Watters, P., & Layton, R. (2010, July). The seven scam types: mapping the terrain of cybercrime. In Cybercrime and Trustworthy Computing Workshop (CTC), 2010 Second(pp. 41-51). IEEE.

[7] Saini, H., Rao, Y. S., & Panda, T. C. (2012). Cyber-crimes and their impacts: A review.  International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications ,  2 (2), 202-209.

research questions formulated in the context of the cybercrimes that are being committed around the world where the research questions are based on determining the structures behind these crimes, the economic, financial, and social impacts of these cybercrimes, along with identifying the measures that can help countries, corporations, and individuals to protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

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criminology dissertation proposal example

The objectives derived from conducting the research are as follows:

  • To determine various forms of transnational cybercrimes and their structures.
  • To identify the factors that facilitate the cybercriminals to commit severe crimes in a country.
  • To identify the measures that can be taken by the international community to counter the cybercrimes taking place around the world.

Research Questions

  • What are the various forms of transnational cybercrimes and their structures?
  • What are the factors that facilitate cybercriminals to commit severe crimes in a country?
  • What measures can be taken by the international community to counter the cybercrimes taking place around the world?

Literature Review

According to Shelley and Picarelli  [8] The reliance on wireless transportation of information increases, the threat of cybercrimes will also increase in the future. It is also predicted that the number of viruses, worms, and vandals will also be increased in the future, which will be populating the cyber world where a large amount of information is circulated, one of the severe threat posed by the cybercriminals is a Trojan, it is a virus installed in a PC which smartly transports all the data from the computer to the access of the cybercriminals, these Trojans tend to stay inside computers for a long period without showing its presence to the user nor posing any damage to the computers. Trojans are known to be passive viruses whose sole purpose is to steal the computers’ data without getting noticed.

These viruses are often downloaded into the computers by the users themselves. A simple email that tends to look harmless can contain a Trojan, which will be downloaded into the computers. Often many fake websites offer prizes. However, click through these websites can also enable the hackers to download Trojan into the computers  [9]  Once the Trojan is installed in a computer, the hackers can have full access to the files stored in the computer, while the hackers may also control the computers.

The threats posed by the cyber-attacks raises several concerns in the public interest. However, there hasn’t been a disaster that occurred until now. The financial losses incurred by different individuals and companies amounts to millions of dollars. The targets of cybercriminals include intelligence agencies, credit card details, and the database of a company.

[8]  Shelley, L.I. and Picarelli, J.T., 2005. Methods and motives: Exploring links between transnational organized crime and international terrorism. Trends in Organized Crime, 9(2), pp.52-67.

[9] Sofaer, A. D., & Goodman, S. E. (2001). Cybercrime and security. The transnational dimension. The transnational dimension of cyber-crime and terrorism, 1-34.


This research will have a qualitative research design, which will collect secondary information by reviewing the various literature relating to cybercrimes. Further, this research will extract information from different research journals, articles, and websites that can provide essential information regarding transnational cybercrimes elaborating on the various forms of cybercrime and their structures.

The researchers can gather these resources through the internet, which consists of different sites and a portal containing published articles and research papers, along with the measures that must be taken by the international community to counter cyberattacks. Thematic analysis or content analysis is the required tool that will be incorporated while conducting this research.


Anderson, R., Barton, C., Böhme, R., Clayton, R., Van Eeten, M. J., Levi, M., … & Savage, S. (2013). Measuring the cost of cybercrime. In  The economics of information security and privacy  (pp. 265-300). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

Berdal, M. R., & Serrano, M. (Eds.). (2002).  Transnational organized crime and international security: business as usual? . Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Edwards, A. and Gill, P. eds., 2004.  Transnational organized crime: perspectives on global security . Routledge.

Perloff-Giles, A., 2018. Transnational Cyber Offenses: Overcoming Jurisdictional Challenges.  Yale J. Int’l L. ,  43 , p.191.

Shelley, L.I. and Picarelli, J.T., 2005. Methods and motives: Exploring links between transnational organized crime and international terrorism.  Trends in Organized Crime ,  9 (2), pp.52-67.

Saini, H., Rao, Y. S., & Panda, T. C. (2012). Cyber-crimes and their impacts: A review.  International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications ,  2 (2), 202-209.

Sofaer, A. D., & Goodman, S. E. (2001). Cybercrime and security. The transnational dimension.  The transnational dimension of cybercrime and terrorism , 1-34.

Stabek, A., Watters, P., & Layton, R. (2010, July). The seven scam types: mapping the terrain of cybercrime. In  Cybercrime and Trustworthy Computing Workshop (CTC), 2010 Second (pp. 41-51). IEEE.

Taylor, R. W., Fritsch, E. J., & Liederbach, J. (2014).  Digital crime and digital terrorism . Prentice Hall Press.

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How to write a phd dissertation proposal.

To write a Ph.D. dissertation proposal:

  • Choose a research topic.
  • Develop a clear problem statement.
  • Outline objectives and methodology.
  • Review literature.
  • Present a timeline.
  • Seek feedback from advisors.
  • Revise and finalize the proposal before submission.

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Criminology assignments

While I was doing a Bachelor of Criminology, my problem was finding an example of essay or assignment which gave me a general idea of what the tutor was asking for. I have now finish the degree and thought maybe I should try to help others in providing some samples of what I gave the tutors in response to the request for me to complete yet another assignment. I hope it helps.

Aug 30, 2009

Sample research proposal.

hank you this helped with my criminology proposal.

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We use your research proposal to match you with a supervisor or team of supervisors.

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Where to Get a Winning Criminology Dissertation Proposal Example

A dissertation proposal is not the most difficult part to write, but your advisor will probably review it most closely. For this reason, you probably want a look at several good examples to make sure yours is done properly. Follow the instructions below to find them quickly.

Talk to a librarian.

The custodian of your university library should know whether it has any winning criminology thesis examples for you to use. Give preference to genuine papers submitted in your educational institution, not any textbook samples. You might not be allowed to know how high these dissertations actually scored (this information is confidential), but at least you can rest assured they have been successfully defended on your faculty. Begin your reading with most recent examples; academic guidelines often change over time, so the example of a proposal submitted last year is far more relevant than the one ten years old.

Explore your university website.

The website on your university might contain a range of materials to assist criminology graduate students, including a sample proposal and links to electronic versions of dissertations, each of which also incorporates a proposal. Make sure to use the sample that has been designed for you specialty; there might be several ones, considerably different from each other. You may be required to compose your proposal by another scheme than even your peers majoring in criminal justice.

Browse a free thesis database.

It can take just a couple of minutes to discover a reliable and free database if your search smartly. Enter “free criminology dissertations”. Refine your search by website type (site:.edu or site:.gov). This is the way to see mostly credible results, from resources that belong to governmental authorities or universities. Visit the databases that contain only criminology papers first. Next, try those that unite dissertation submitted in a particular area – they might also offer a large selection of papers in your major.

Talk to your older colleagues.

Do you know anyone who has recently defended a criminology dissertation in your university? Even if the answer is no, you can discover such a person to be a friend of your friend. Make an acquaintance, and, choosing a right moment, ask to have a look at their dissertation proposal. Explain that you are not going to plagiarize; you just want to see what this part should look like. This way to get a reliable sample is fast and easy and hence worth trying. Even if it fails, you still can use other methods.

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Free Research Paper Samples, Research Proposal Examples and Tips | UsefulResearchPapers.com

Criminology research proposal.

September 18, 2013 UsefulResearchPapers Research Proposals 0

Criminology is a social science which studies crime, the identity of a criminal, cause, effect and conditions of a crime and ways and methods of its prevention. The term ‘criminology’ is considered to be created by the anthropologist Paul Topinard in 1879. Criminology is a very important discipline, which helps understand the purpose and cause of crimes and the general motives of criminals. With the help of the science it is possible to get to know about crimes, criminals and make reliable predictions concerning the results of crimes and the best techniques of their prevention.

The methodology of criminology tries to answer all the questions connected with the nature and background of crimes and criminals.

The most widespread and effective methods used in criminology are: statistic methods (the research of the quality and quantity of crimes and the identity of a criminal); the method of questionnaire (helps to receive information which is impossible to learn from the statistic methods); interview (helps to collect information directly from a victim or a criminal about the crime and its details); test (helps to learn the identity of a criminal, the motive of a crime and the emotional, psychological, intellectual and other characteristics of criminals, their attitude towards the others and towards themselves); method of documents (helps to collect more information studying the official and non-official activity of a criminal registered in documents, etc); monitoring (observation of the situation or an individual connected with crime); experiment (modelling of various situations in order to define certain general rules and connections between the model and the reality).

Criminology tries to solve three core problems: find the identity of a criminal, understand the motives of a crime and prevent all possible crimes or reduce their effect to the minimum. When a student is interested in the research of the topic, he is free to try to prepare a successful criminology research proposal to persuade the professor that the chosen problem is worth investigation. One should organize a correct logical structure and present all the essential facts on the problem. It is important to write about the purpose of the research, its value, predictions and possible results. In order to succeed in writing a student should keep to the convincing manner of writing and present all the methods of the research in the proposal.

When students face problems with research proposal writing, they can find solutions in the Internet. It is easy to find a high-quality free sample research proposal on criminology prepared by the professional writer online and learn about the process of writing as much as possible. On the basis of a free research proposal example criminology a student can imagine the ideal image of a successful paper and complete it himself.

At EssayLib.com writing service you can order a custom research proposal on Criminology topics. Your research paper proposal will be written from scratch. We hire top-rated PhD and Master’s writers only to provide students with professional research proposal help at affordable rates. Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery. Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all proposal details:

Custom Research Proposal on Criminology

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