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My sample of research proposal

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in Malaysian context, this anxiety is adapted as second language anxiety, due to the possibility that it may constrain language learning for some time since the numerous past researches have showed that anxious students are less willing to participate in learning activities and have lower performance than non-anxious ones ).

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International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature

Mohsen Shahrokhi

contoh research proposal bahasa melayu

Izzatulfarhana Nor

IJELS AIAC , Salih Abdullateef

This study examined the level of L2 speaking anxiety among school teachers undertaking a master’s degree at the International Islamic University Malaysia and sought to determine if the anxiety level would differ by gender, school location and teaching subject. A convenience sample of 290 teachers completed a 12-item survey on L2 speaking anxiety adapted from Nazir et al. (2014). The survey data were analyzed using the Rasch measurement modeling for polytomous data, independent samples t-test and one-way ANOVA. Overall, the respondents did not show high levels of speaking anxiety, (Mean -.89 logits). Most were largely worried about being able to express themselves effectively in English (-.66 logits), making mistakes in speaking (-.31 logits), and how lecturers would react to their mistakes (-.38 logits). The sample’s speaking anxiety scores were found to differ significantly by teaching subject, while no statistically significant differences were observed in regard to gender and school location. The results imply that the teachers need to be helped in terms of confronting the factors that cause them to be anxious about speaking in English. In terms of research, in-depth qualitative studies need to be undertaken to further understand the nature of L2 speaking anxiety among schoolteachers, while quantitative studies with larger samples are recommended to uncover underlying factors of speaking anxiety.

Nur Sa'adah Nazar

Language anxiety has a significant impact in determining the proficiency of students. Second language learners such as in Malaysia have a greater chance in developing language anxiety due to the arduous and complex process that they have to go through (Brown, 2007). English language anxiety also has proven to be a contributing factor in affecting the oral proficiency skills among students (Darmi & Albion, 2012).

E-proceeding of the Global conference on Language practice and information technology (GLIT 2014)

Ramiza Darmi

Learning English language in Malaysian formal classroom learning is similar to learning other subjects. The formal learning of English language begins at the age of seven and continues until seventeen, at the end of secondary school. The subject of English language is taught by skills, namely reading, listening, writing and speaking. English language is continuously assessed at the school level as well as the national level. Malaysian University English Test is an indicator of the learners’ English language proficiency as well as to determine the number of English language courses they need to take during their undergraduate programmes at higher education institutions in Malaysia. Nevertheless, Malaysian graduates limited incompetence in English communication skills is cited as a reason for their unemployment. Research has established that language anxiety is a consistent phenomenon in second language acquisition classrooms and presents an obstacle restricting learners from learning or acquiring a foreign language. This paper presents the research methodology on assessing the English language anxiety of first year Malaysian undergraduate learners. The study employed a mixed methods approach using the foreign language classroom anxiety scale as the quantitative research instrument, followed by the learners’ reflective journals as a supportive secondary role to the data collection. There is no single best design to favour in every case but the selection of any research approach should be appropriate to research problem(s) of any study.

Hamad Alsowat

This study aimed at investigating foreign language anxiety level and the factors affecting the anxiety among Saudi English major students at Taif University and exploring the impact of gender and academic level in this regard. It also examined the relationship between anxiety and language proficiency in the Saudi context. Two questionnaires, a modified version of FLCAS (Horwitz et al., 1986) and IFLAF, were administered to 373 English major students (205 male and 168 female). The results revealed that Saudi English major students had moderate level of anxiety. The highest provoking causes of students' anxiety were worrying about consequences of failing, forgetting things they knew and feeling uneasiness during language tests. The analyses of the variables related to foreign language anxiety revealed a significant negative correlation between language anxiety and language proficiency (grammar, speaking, writing, reading and GPA). Gender did not have a significant impact on foreign language anxiety in the current study. Finally, the academic level of students did not affect the level of anxiety indicating that all students, despite their academic level, suffer from the same level of anxiety. The study suggested an EFL practical Model to reduce the negative effects of anxiety. Suggestions and further research were presented.

Amr A Yassin

This study aimed at investigating the level of foreign language anxiety experienced by Yemeni University EFL students. Although many scales have been developed to measure the level of anxiety, each scale investigates anxiety in one skill except Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS) which investigates anxiety mainly in speaking and listening. The current study developed a new scale called Foreign Language Anxiety Scale (FLAS) which fused the three scales with modifications in order to investigate the level of anxiety in the four skills. This scale scored .807 in Cronbach's Alpha Validity test. The participants are 155 Yemeni University students and the results of the analysis revealed that 13% of the students experienced high level of anxiety, 69% experienced moderate level of anxiety, and 18% experienced low level of anxiety. The general level of anxiety among Yemeni university EFL students is moderate as they score 138 out of 240.

Taha T. Ali

Language anxiety is always seen as debilitative factor that deters learners from successfully learning a foreign language. Although many studies have been reported on foreign language learners' anxieties, little research, if any, has been undertaken on Iraqi postgraduate EFL learners. The objective of the present study is threefold: a) to investigate the factors contributing to foreign language classroom anxiety among Iraqi postgraduate EFL students, b) to investigate the difference between both genders in the level of anxiety and c) to investigate the relationship between the level of anxiety and the academic achievement of the students based on GPA. The study employed a mixed mode approach using survey questionnaire (AFLAQ)and semi-structured interview. The study reported that three factors such as communication apprehension, negative evaluation and test anxiety are anxiety-arousing factors with test anxiety has the greatest contribution. The study also reported that females show more anxiety compared to males. It was also shown that there is a negative correlation between language anxiety and academic achievement which means that students with high level of FL anxiety tend to yield lower grades and vice-versa.

Gina Berridge



Strategies to Overcome Speaking Anxiety among Saudi EFL Learners

Tanzin Ara Ashraf

Dr Shumaila Memon , Dr Habibullah Pathan

Mohsen Akbari

irish sioson

Elias Sven Bensalem

Evalinda Renacia

Research in English Language Pedagogy

Masoud Mahmoodzadeh

Prof. Dr. Choudhary Z A H I D Javid

Juhari Sham Jusoh

IOLC Conference

Rangsit University

RJAS Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences


Gizem Berber

Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

Min Jung Jee

Advances in Language and Literary Studies [ALLS]

Siti Faridah , Aisyah Nazamud-Din , Tang Eng , Imelia Daniel

Alhaji Malah

Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)

Mahfuzah Rafek


Ceyhun Karabıyık

Salama Embark

Karunakar Akki

Reza Moghaddam Kiya

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Investigating the Causes and Negative Effects of English Language Speaking Anxiety: A Case Study among EFL Learners at Kandahar University

Ahmad Anwari , ahmad anwari

Naemeh Nahavandi

International Journal of …

Assist. Prof. Dr. Murad M. Al-Shboul

Maryam Farnia

majid mallah

François Pichette

casestudies journal

Alhaji M A L A H Galti


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