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Reflection About General Chemistry

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Is this content inappropriate, queenie trett macula.

General chemistry (sometimes called "gen chem" for short) is a requirement for us to finish our 11th Grade. It is a chemistry course that studies fundamental concepts, theories, and laws of chemistry, as well as the structure, properties, and methods of obtaining the chemical elements and major chemical compounds.

This subject taught us different kind of learnings which I could apply in life. In Balancing chemical equation I learned that before you solved a problem you must balance the equation because it is important . The chemical equation needs to be balanced so that it follows the law of conservation of mass. A balanced chemical equation occurs when the number of the different atoms of elements in the reactants side is equal to that of the products side. In real life situation we should balance everything. First is striking a balance helps you lead a happy and contented life, it ensures your growth as an individual and secures your mental peace and well-being. Second, by maintaining a healthy balance, you secure your future. Your improved mental health helps you aim for higher levels in life and chase big dreams like a big house, a luxury car, family vacations and improved quality of living. This subject taught us to be strong and patient because for us it was a difficult subject. Never give up and saying “Kaya pa” while solving was my type of motivation. This subject was exciting cause aside form discussions we also do our experiments and because of this experiments our learnings are also rising or increases. Through doing labs, I was able to realize the connections and applications from chemistry to every day life. I'm proud of most the work that I've done this semester and I've learned from as well as work that I'd initially done worse on, and through learning from my mistakes, I was able to create a new piece of work and through that work show my new understanding of what we're learning in class. In the future I'm sure to see chemistry everywhere I go. Chemistry is involved everywhere at all times in my life. I know that through brushing my teeth, I just used water, in which the chemical composition is two hydrogen molecules for every oxygen molecule.

In conclusion I would like to say that I did find chemistry interesting, difficult and

enjoyable. But it was very difficult for me to understand. I was never good at science and for I

know this learnings is important because we never know in the future it might help us in our

daily life. Thank you for our general chemistry teacher who never get tired of teaching us even

though we are not a good students.

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How to Study Chemistry

chemistry reflection essay

Chemistry Education Research and Practice

Case study analysis of reflective essays by chemistry post-secondary students within a lab-based community service learning water project.

ORCID logo

* Corresponding authors

a Department of Chemistry and Physics, B2736(N), 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB, Canada E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +1-403-440-5919

b Department of Chemistry and Physics, 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB, Canada

c Department of Education, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB, Canada

Intentional reflection is a key component of Community Service Learning (CSL) as it guides students to integrate knowledge of theory with experience in practice. A semester-long chemistry curriculum with an integrated CSL intervention was implemented in a Canadian university to investigate how reflection in the laboratory setting enhances post-secondary students’ ( n = 14) conscious awareness of their learning and their attitudes toward having reflection as part of a course. In typical chemistry laboratories, students follow cookbook recipes from the lab manual and are assessed through written lab reports. These lab reports are similar to a technical report with scientific writing where the design aims to communicate scientific information to other scientists. A case study was conducted with reflective essays, focus group interviews, and student observation to analyze qualitatively how students' attitudes changed in their learning over the course of the CSL activity and how they engaged in this type of reflection. The expected audience that may be interested in this study are those involved in teaching chemistry in higher education and those that are interested in Community Service Learning and experiential learning. The results demonstrate that science students are able to articulate their academic growth, civic engagement, and personal growth through reflective pieces. Furthermore, the reflective pieces support self-regulated learning with a positive engagement and attitude over time. The results support the integration of reflective pieces in laboratory settings.

Article information

Download citation, permissions.

chemistry reflection essay

K. Ho, S. R. Smith, C. Venter and D. B. Clark, Chem. Educ. Res. Pract. , 2021,  22 , 973 DOI: 10.1039/D1RP00123J

To request permission to reproduce material from this article, please go to the Copyright Clearance Center request page .

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If you are the author of this article, you do not need to request permission to reproduce figures and diagrams provided correct acknowledgement is given. If you want to reproduce the whole article in a third-party publication (excluding your thesis/dissertation for which permission is not required) please go to the Copyright Clearance Center request page .

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Chemistry LibreTexts

6.2.2: The Law of Reflection

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this section, you will be able to:

  • Explain the reflection of light from polished and rough surfaces
  • Describe the reflection of the interface between two transparent media

Whenever we look into a mirror, or squint at sunlight glinting from a lake, we are seeing a reflection. When you look at a piece of white paper, you are seeing light scattered from it. Large telescopes use reflection to form an image of stars and other astronomical objects.

The law of reflection states that the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence:

\[θ_r=θ_i \label{law of reflection}\]

The law of reflection is illustrated in Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\), which also shows how the angle of incidence and angle of reflection are measured relative to the perpendicular to the surface at the point where the light ray strikes.

A light ray is incident on a smooth surface and is making an angle theta i relative to a line drawn perpendicular to the surface at the point where the incident ray strikes it. The reflected light ray makes an angle theta r with the same perpendicular drawn to the surface. Both incident and reflected ray are on the same side of the surface but opposite sides of the perpendicular line.

We expect to see reflections from smooth surfaces, but Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\) illustrates how a rough surface reflects light. Since the light strikes different parts of the surface at different angles, it is reflected in many different directions, or diffused. Diffused light is what allows us to see a sheet of paper from any angle, as shown in Figure \(\PageIndex{1a}\).

The figure shown parallel light rays falling on a rough surface. The rays hit the surface at different angles to the perpendicular lines to the surface at the points of incidence, and the reflected rays get scattered in different directions.

People, clothing, leaves, and walls all have rough surfaces and can be seen from all sides. A mirror, on the other hand, has a smooth surface (compared with the wavelength of light) and reflects light at specific angles, as illustrated in Figure \(\PageIndex{3b}\). When the Moon reflects from a lake, as shown in Figure \(\PageIndex{1c}\), a combination of these effects takes place.

Figure a shows the rays of light from a flashlight falling on a page of paper. The light gets reflected at many angles as the surface is rough. Reflected light reaches eyes placed at many location. Figure b shows the rays of light from a flashlight falling on mirror. All of the light gets reflected at the same angle since the surface is smooth. Reflected light only reaches an eye placed so that the reflected beam hits it. An observer not at the angle of the reflected light does not see it. Figure c shows a photograph of moonlight falling on a lake. The lake’s shiny surface reflects it. A bright , slightly rippled strip of moonlight is seen reflecting from the lake on a dark background.

Reflection from the interface between two transmissive materials

Figure \(\PageIndex{4}\):illustrates what happens when electromagnetic radiation crosses a smooth interface into a dielectric medium that has a higher refractive index (\(\eta_{t}\) > \(\eta_{i}\)).  We see two phenomena: reflection and refraction (a specific type of transmission). The angle of reflection, θ r , equals the angle of incidence, θ i , where each is defined with respect to the surface normal.  The angle of refraction, θ t , (t for transmitted) is described by Snell’s law (of Refraction) which is described in the next section.

light at interface.jpg

Figure \(\PageIndex{4}\): Reflection and refraction at the interface between two transmissive materials of differing refractive indices.

The radiant power of the reflected and refracted light depend on several factors.  The Fresnel equations describe the dependence of the reflected light on the angle of incidence, the refractive indices of the two media and, in some cases, the polarization of the incident beam.  In the case of normal incidence, the fraction of light reflected reflectance (ρ= I r / I 0 ) is


where I r is the intensity of light reflected and I 0 is the incident intensity.  The reflectance is thus related to the difference in refractive indices between the two media. For glass and air, which have refractive indices of 1.50 and 1.00, respectively, the fraction of reflected light is 0.04.  For water and diamond, which has a refractive index of 2.4, the fraction of light reflected is 0.08.  It is therefore easier to see diamonds in water than it is to see glass in air.

It should be noted that reflection occurs upon each pass through an interface.  Consequently for light passing through a cuvette reflection will occur at 4 interfaces and the fraction of light lost due to reflection will (ρ) 4 .

An of interesting tangent that is important for the ATR accessory with our FTIR

Snell's law, \(\eta_{i} \sin \theta_{i}=\eta_{t} \sin \theta_{t}\),  predicts the phenomenon of total internal reflection, depicted in Figure \(\PageIndex{5}\).  Whenever light is traveling from a more optically dense medium to a less optically dense medium  \(\eta_{i}\) > \(\eta_{t}\), θ t  can appear to exceed 90.  In reality, most of the incident beam is totally internally reflected.  At incident angles above a critical angle specified by Eqn. 4.1, the transmitted beam becomes vanishingly small and propagates parallel to the interface.  This small electric field extends beyond the boundary of the interface into the lower refractive index medium for a distance approximately equal to the wavelength of light. This electric field beyond the interface is called the evanescent field, and it can be used to excite molecules on the other side (\(\eta_{t}\)) of the interface, provided they are within a distance on the order of the wavelength of light. The evanescent field strength is dependent upon the polarization (the orientation of the electric field), the angle of the incident beam and the refractive indices of the two media. The technique of “attenuated total internal reflectance”, or ATR, is commonly used in infrared spectroscopy to make measurements of films or solids by launching an IR evanescent wave into a thin layer of the material of interest adsorbed or clamped to a crystal  in which an IR beam undergoes multiple internal reflections.


Figure \(\PageIndex{5}\): Total internal reflection for light traveling from glass to air.

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  • IGCSE Biology
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EE reflections

Ee reflections - criterion e, word count of the rppf.

  • Show the IB guy that you're a good IB student
  • Try to tick as many of the IB 'boxes' as you can. Whoever is marking your EE is probably only doing it for the extra cash and probably has a checklist of stuff to look out for.
  • Don't say everything was good if it wasn't. You'll probably get extra marks for talking about what went wrong
  • Check your reflections with your supervisor before they go off.

Reflection 1

  • Why certain ideas were or weren't chosen
  • The preliminary research that was done on the topic
  • Will you research more into methodology?

Reflection 2

  • What went wrong and how did you fix it?
  • How did you structure and focus your essay?
  • What did you find challenging?
  • Are you happy with your draft
  • Only include this is if you have space, it's not as important.

Reflection 3

  • Through what? e.g. I developed a strong work ethic after having to spend large amounts of time analysing data
  • What went well
  • What was challenging
  • (if anything)
  • This could be experimental methods, or cool new chemical theory you learnt
  • If you're going into a sciency uni course and/or job, you can write about it

chemistry reflection essay

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The health was mainly science, a subject I love so I got the highest grade on the test. However after the health portion we had a swimming unit. At the start of the swimming unit we all got changed into our bathing suits and were told we were going to do a relay race. My partner kept saying she was very slow and I felt confident in my abilities.

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Reflection paper.

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Jumana Fathima

Throughout the duration of the class, we discussed various complex ideas of Chemistry. Whenever Jumana was confused about the material and wanted to ensure complete understanding of the material, she never hesitated to request additional explanations to the topic inside and out of class. Jumana

AP Chemistry Reflection

My junior year, I decided to take my first Advanced Placement class, AP Chemistry. In the beginning, it required no effort since it only reviewed the material of the general chemistry class I had taken the previous year. Then, it started to become complicated. Through all of high school, I had drifted by and I never needed to study before. Suddenly, I needed to study for hours every night. The stress began to take a toll on me and my will to try diminished during the third quarter. During fourth quarter, the teacher gave us class time to review and ask him questions. On top of refreshing myself on what I learned first semester, I needed to learn all the material I had missed out on during the third quarter.

“Writing an essay is not difficult! I am actually great at it.” This is a common statement that I would formally say, and even believe. In the past, I had never felt the need to thoroughly revise my essays before. In all my past essays, I would work intensely on my first draft and then just turn the essay in. I never spent too much time re-evaluating my writing decisions before turning it in. This process had worked well for myself in the past, and as a result, each essay I turned it would be an easy “A”. When I signed up for EN100 I figured that it would be just like the other easy English class that I have taken. I assumed that I would work on an essay, turn it in, and then earn an A on it, but this was not the case. When I signed up for EN100 I figured that I could continue my previous essay writing methods, but that was quickly disproven. When I received my first graded essay, I was unsure why I earned anything but an “A” on it. It soon became clear to me that I was going to be required to change the way I formerly wrote my essays and spend more time with correcting them.

Reflection Paper For Science

The students were working on science fair projects for science, and many of the students needed to create a graph to add to their science fair backboard. This allowed me to teach a lesson that would become multidiscipline lesson combining math skills and scientific data analysis. The purpose of the graph was to display data collected during the student during their experiments.

Since the beginning of the semester, my writing has changed and evolved to accommodate and sustain longer essays. With longer essays, there is more room for in-depth analysis. Further analyzing a topic has led me to findings that I did not know existed. As I continue to write, I uncover addition and superior methods to approach my writing to the benefit of me and therefore, my audience. Throughout the semester, I have incorporated techniques to further my narrative throughout my writing.

Over the course of the past few months I have learned that writing for college differs from writing an assignment for high school. During this semester I have had the chance to be challenged as well as grow as a writer. I have written various types of papers; These papers have ranged from memoirs to research papers. Different papers serve different purposes. For example, a research paper serves to inform, while an analysis paper serves to take a deeper look at a work or character. Nonetheless, each paper requires a different approach, and has compelled me to take the different skills that I have learned in class and incorporate them into the paper. Throughout this course I have acquired skills that improve my writing and communication skills. Through these assignments I have learned how to properly cite sources, incorporate outside sources into my writing, as well as analyze information to strengthen my argument.

There is much beauty in communication. This semester, we have been able to use language to discuss and question such abstract, prevalent concepts that united a group of students with different experiences, backgrounds and stories. The open dialogue that was implemented in the classroom allowed us to all feel comfortable sharing our most vulnerable thoughts and memories, and this level of comfortability is hard to establish. The women that you invited to speak: Kristen, Naomi and Jae, all blended perfectly into our space. Additionally, the topics these women brought to the floor correlate to our readings in Stimpson’s Critical Terms for the Study of Gender, allowing us to expand on the literature and make real life connections to the texts. Therefore, Kristen, Naomi and Jae all stem from different backgrounds and specializations, yet have overcome many of the hardships that many of us are currently struggling with, making their messages both engaging and applicable.

While I am always very open about my accomplishments there is one piece of me I don't boast around as an accomplishment. On Wednesday nights, every month, I teach a Rainbows class at First Assembly of God. This class consists of 10-15 preschoolers who want to learn about God. I teach because having an impact on someone’s life,especially someone younger than me, is important to me. This class has a great impact on both me and the kids who come through the program. I personally have gone through all five years of my church’s children’s program. I have taught the rainbows class for three or four years, which makes this year's class my fourth full year of teaching. I still have kids that come up to me getting so excited to tell “Ms. Brooklynn”what they have done since the last Wednesday I’d seen them. These encounters have validated the effect I can have on the kids who come through my class. However,the effect they’ve had on me is even greater. Before I had spent every Wednesday with these children, I didn’t know what I wanted to be, what I wanted to do with my life, and I wasn’t sure what my suture would hold. After realizing how much I loved children and how much I loved teaching them, I knew what I wanted to do. The children that I taught had such a strong connection and they know they have a steady figure in their life. I had a student whose home life wasn’t steady, and he had one steady figure in his life. When he first came to Rainbow’s class he was antisocial and

I have always been a reader. Almost every chance I get, there is a book in my hands. Somewhere in my life, I have found a way to make literature meaningful and applicable to my life. This is so because I can see the characteristics and qualities the characters have and what they do with what they and I can see which ones I want to apply to my own life, to do something good or accomplish something. They are the characteristics and qualities that I admire and strive to have. In the books my class read in English class I can find characters with qualities that I prize and desire to have. Three major writings that resonated with me are The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and excerpts from The Odyssey by Homer.

When I was 7 years old, my mom was driving me to dance class and we stopped at a stop light. All I thought about at that moment was how does the stop light change colors? Is it on a timer; does it assume the length of time based on the time of the day and the traffic usually associated with that time; or, my personal favorite, is there a person assigned to each stoplight who manually switches the lights? This was just the beginning of my curiosity. Compared to the novice inquisitive thoughts I had as a child, I now ponder over how parts combine to create a larger whole. For example, how to build bridges in a body of water—do the constructors use boats to build them? I continue to constantly asking questions about the world around me and there is so much more to learn that I cannot even imagine.

While most of my work in my fellowship is focused around the needs of commuter, graduate, transfer, and veteran students, I have gotten the opportunity to serve on a few student conduct cases in my spare time. In one of the cases I served on this past week, I interacted with a student who had been accused of being in the residence halls on a weekend, which he was forbidden from after receiving a sanction for a previous violation in the last academic year. As I listened to his story regarding how he believes he was not in the area he was accused of being in, it was evident that many of the perspectives concerning student development theory had effected his past and present decisions.

There are many things that happen in my life. I have been alive for 15 years. I have been exposed to manything that could have changed me as a person. The real world is brutal and keeps changing. T was okay to have discrimination against blacks back in the 1900’s. Now in 2017 the rules have changed and now black and white people have the same rights as everyone else. No One thought that the life for blacks would change but it did. I have changed to based on what I have learned. I have learned from my mistakes and it changed who I am.

My whole family is very religious. Growing up we put on our best clothes and went to church every Sunday and bible study on Wednesday's. It was a huge part of our daily lives, we said our prayers every night, morning, meal, good things, and bad, we prayed a lot. For most of my adolescences I believed or was forced to believe that being an Christian Evangelist was the only way of life and everybody else in the world was going to hell. Whenever anything good happen in my life God did it; bad it was Satan himself. Around the age of 16 I began to ask questions and wonder if God was real or not, of course my family did not want to hear it and often ignored me or would say you just have to believe and have faith. If I asked what if I don't believe, would I go to hell? my family would say of course you will go to hell so just believe so you don't have to find out. The moment that was a turning point in my life was when I was 17 I had a conversation with my minister uncle. I asked him why would God send me to hell for an eternity just for having doubts? and if god created everything including Satan then God himself is evil. Well that did not sit to well with my uncle and he accused me of being possessed by demons and that I had the devils tongue. My uncle practically held me hostage, called all of my family and another preacher and held an exorcism. They had crosses, holy water and Bibles

Perspectives of how we view the world around us at many points of life can become so obscured that they often become lost and forgotten leading one to live a life with a single perspective--a single story. You see it was a day like any other in the chaotic mess that is the center for the community during dinner hours where hundreds upon hundreds if not thousands of students converge in a swarm echoing clattering noise of conversations, and endless queues wrapping around every little space to eat what most consider to be subpar food. I was sitting alone merely being that weird guy who preferred to read. All the while, I noticed some students horsing around, and in my attention, I saw a full cup of soda which was obviously at some point going to get spilled.

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    Large telescopes use reflection to form an image of stars and other astronomical objects. The law of reflection states that the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence: θr = θi ( ( θ r = θ i. The law of reflection is illustrated in Figure 6.2.2. 1, which also shows how the angle of incidence and angle of ...

  10. A Personal Reflection on the Chemistry-Biology Interface

    Here, I describe few historical endeavors at the interface of Chemistry and Biology that inspired me and shaped my research interests. These examples highlight the uniqueness of implementing a chemist's mindset to fundamental biological questions, by obtaining biological insight via structure-function analyses and by implementing the ...

  11. Chemistry Reflection

    Chemistry Reflection Good Essays 1259 Words 6 Pages Open Document For the three students, a major reason for not liking chemistry was the unknowing surrounding the point of each lesson and unit in their lives.

  12. Chemistry Lab Reflection

    Chemistry Lab Reflection. 747 Words3 Pages. Chemistry, we all have heard this term and have managed to create our own definition. It could stand for a connection we share with someone, or it could simple be a class we have taking either in high school or college. Most students have taken a chemistry class while in high school, but for me I had ...

  13. Reflection Essay Examples

    Examples from Reflection Essays Disciplinary Awareness "The research I did this summer focused on sorption of cesium and strontium by soils. These two chemicals ... and a little bit of nuclear chemistry. If I did not research the mineralogy of my soil sample, I would not have understood what was absorbing the cesium and strontium

  14. EE Reflections

    The RPPF should make up a total of 500 words, including all 3 reflections. It is recommended that your reflections 1,2 and 3 are either. 150, 150, 200 respectively. 120, 180, 200 respectively. Depending on which parts of the EE were most difficult and require more reflection on. RPPF form.

  15. Reflection Of Chemistry

    Satisfactory Essays. 739 Words. 3 Pages. Open Document. During the first semester we have learned about different information that all relates to the topic of chemistry. Many of the things include matter,particle structure, and discoverers. First and foremost, There are many phases and facts about matter starting off with the solid.

  16. Reflection

    REFLECTIONS TIME FOR MAKING REFLECTIONS. ♥ Chemistry been so a challenging subject for all of us but this subject thought us many learnings that we'll be holding on forever. #Moments #Treasure #SIRMISTHEBEST #GroupOneWoo! #SolidAngSTE #ChEME #HappySadLife #CallMeMaybe #feelingacidic&basic #HashtagsEverywhere PERSPECTIVES: ♥ RECHILLE BAGUINDO 1.

  17. Chemistry Reflection

    Chemistry Reflection Good Essays 770 Words 4 Pages Open Document Objectives for the lesson: *Based on the Worksheet given, higher Depth of Knowledge questions are not asked.* Students will be able to classify types of elements according to periodic table location.

  18. Reflection Of Chemistry

    Reflection Of Chemistry Decent Essays 757 Words 4 Pages Open Document "Dr. Adriana, we need 70 mL of ethanol," I said confidently after computing the dilution factor needed for an immunohistochemistry experiment. This was my first time using the molarity formula in real life.

  19. AP Chemistry Reflective Essay

    AP Chemistry Reflective Essay; AP Chemistry Reflective Essay. Decent Essays. 341 Words; 2 Pages; Open Document. For the life of me I could not understand what was being taught in my AP Chemistry class. A big part of chemistry was memorizing important facts and equations and using those concepts in the comprehension of chemistry ...

  20. PDF The Evaluation of Students' Written Reflection on the Learning of

    chemistry with experience teaching general chemistry labs. Reflective writing began after about 3 hours (one session) of experimental work in the general chemistry module. This reflective writing is at an appropriate level, with most of the required theory having been covered in lectures. The written output may indicate how

  21. AP Chemistry Reflective Essay

    AP Chemistry Reflective Essay. 566 Words3 Pages. n AP Chemistry, test scores weigh heavily on our grade in the class so they are not taken lightly. It just so happened that the Tennessee HOSA (Future Health Professionals) Leadership Conference coincided with the final days of lecture and review for the test that was to take place the day after ...

  22. Reflection Paper For Chemistry

    Reflection Paper For Chemistry. Click. Tap. Crinkle. As the clock hands wound down, my pulse went up. "Done.", he breathed. "Okayyy, let's see…", I pored through his answers, matching each letter to the answer key. "YES, 800!", I exclaimed, tallying his practice exam. Seeing him to the door, I couldn't help but admire the glow ...


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