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A 1200-word essay is a standard undergraduate college assignment. You might need to write an essay of such a length on almost any discipline: economics, psychology, philosophy, education, linguistics, etc. While writing a paper of 1200 to 1300 words, you will need to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the topic and the ability to structure your thoughts well.

Incarceration Costs and Effects in Australia

Executive Summary Australia is one of the highest spending countries when it comes to the incarceration of prisoners, coming second after the United States. Among some of the causes for the high prison retention rates are that more women have turned into criminal offenders. Also, the high standard of living...

Using Motivation to Improve Employee Performance

Introduction Motivation refers to the internal and external factors that encourage an employee to perform assigned tasks or achieve set goals and objectives (Robbins & Jugde, 2015). Both the conscious and the unconscious factors interact to form motivation. Such factors include need intensity, goal reward value, employee expectations, as well...

Current Status of “The American Dream” by B. King

The American Dream is the most significant concept: after all, it is difficult to neglect the wishes and hopes of an entire nation. As the situation in the country changes, and the realities of the American life conflict with its Dream, some are quick to announce that the latter has...

Advertising: Patriotism and Buyer Behavior

Patriotic advertising is a viable way of appealing to the consumer base. However, it may lead to undesirable adverse effects if applied inappropriately or without alignment with other important determinants of consumer behavior. The following paper presents an overview of patriotism-oriented marketing in the Canadian market and provides an assessment...

Moreno Medical Center’s Financial Performance

Nowadays, financial analysis monitors the effectiveness and helps the company or organization stay competitive (Sebe-Yeboah & Mensah, 2014). In the context of this essay, it is vital to understand the significance of different ratios when interpreting the firm’s operations by using an example of Moreno Medical Center and its financial...

1200 Words Is How Many Pages?

A 1200-word text usually takes about 5 pages. All the major citation styles assume that an essay will take approximately 250 words per page. The most common format is double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. The details might differ – for instance, in MLA 9 and APA 7, Calibri and Arial are also accepted. However, 12-point Times New Roman remains preferable.

How Many Paragraphs Is a 1200-Word Essay?

A 1200-word essay contains 8 to 12 paragraphs on average. The length of a typical academic paragraph is about 100 words. You should include at least four sentences in your paragraph.

How Does a 1200-Word Essay Look Like?

A 1200-word essay is quite an extensive piece of academic writing. It is to be planned well. The three distinct parts of such a paper are: introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction should include a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. Each of the body paragraphs is to focus on one argument. The conclusion should summarize your arguments.

How Long Does a 1200-Word Essay Take?

It will take you about 24 to 48 minutes to type 1200 words on your keyboard, depending on your typing speed. However, if you also need to perform research, make a reference list, add in-text citations, and graphic materials, you’ll need more time – not less than 4 hours for 1200 words.

How Many Body Paragraphs Are in a 1200 Word Essay?

An average 1200-word essay contains 10 to 11 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be 70 to 150 words long.

Protecting Browsers from DNS Rebinding Attacks

Summary This article focuses on security threats on the internet. It reveals how a browser is an important part of security in any computerized device. The ‘same-origin’ principle in the security of browsers is the point of focus. The authors state that it prevents malicious websites from accessing personal machines...

The Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Community Teaching Plan

The present paper will offer a reflection on a lesson with a focus on the evaluation of related teaching experience, community response, and the aspects that could be improved. The lesson was dedicated to the topic of the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and took place in Miami, Florida....

BRL Hardy Company’s Strategic Options

Introduction BRL Hardy is a merger of two wine companies BRL and Hardy that was established in the year 1992. Operating within the wine industry and setting high goals can be challenging for every organization, and BRL Hardy faced specific issues in terms of creating a global wine brand. Globalizing...

“Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now” by Lanier

Introduction Social media platforms are trapping more and more people into their golden cages. Although the vast majority of people are aware of the hazardous effects of social networks, they still cannot imagine their life without them. In the past few years, many researchers published some serious studies on the...

Budget Consolidation vs. Redistribution Policies

Introduction Priority areas for the development of domestic policies regarding the allocation of budgetary funds are the essential components of economic development. Relevant strategies aimed at controlling costs, the growth of public debt, and other aspects are designed to regulate cash flows and prevent potential financial crises. In developed countries,...

Hand Hygiene Guidelines to Reduce Infections: Change Model

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) create a problem that negatively affects both patient health and the status of a medical organization. The number of HAIs is connected to the quality of hand hygiene practices and the antisepsis guidelines implemented in a hospital (Fernando, Gray, & Gottlieb, 2017). Therefore, these activities and policies...

Lead Like Jesus: Critical Book Review by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

Thesis and Purpose of the Book In the book Lead Like Jesus, the authors Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges develop an entirely new approach to leading and influencing people – servant leadership. The idea is hardly unique as it is familiar for people from the Bible for thousands of years....

Christian Salvation: Essential Elements

Introduction Salvation is derived from a Greek word sozo or soterion which means deliverance (Arnold para.1). Salvation in the Christian context can be used to mean deliverance to safety, which means individuals believably get their sins forgiven and thus they are rescued from the ultimate penalty for sinning. This essay...

Customer Satisfaction in Business

Introduction Customer satisfaction is the key to success for a business. It can lead a company to success or complete failure (Simon, 2006, p. 4). If a company manages to achieve high level of customer satisfactions it will be one step closer to form a new relationship with them. Satisfied...

Hispanics in the United States

Introduction Spanish is the second widely spoken language in America. It is therefore common to hear most people speaking it along the streets. The number of US residents from Spanish speaking countries has been increasing considerably since 1950. According to research, it accounts for approximately 14 percent of the American...

Inconsistency of Socrates’ Arguments in Crito and Apology

It is often the case that philosophical judgments are self-contradictory. The matter is that philosophy as such is a very contradictory science and what at first may seem true, turns out to be absolute lies after thorough consideration. A number of philosophers are blamed for being inconsistent in their arguments...

Is the Digital Effect Making us Stupid?

Introduction Over roughly five or so decades ago, not even the most far-fetched of positive idealists could have foreseen how rapidly technology, and especially in the information sector, would grow. The epitome of this growth is perhaps the Internet, a vast field of boundless information that can be accessed by...

Enlightenment: Andrew Miller’s Novel “Indigenous Pain”

Introduction The world’s existence is established on philosophical foundations that influence world trends and actions. These trends determine the common outlook and interpretation of social and scientific phenomena. Societies take positions under the influence of prevailing philosophical ideals. These philosophical ideals imply that a society ascribes its values and standards...

The Role of Significant Others in Adolescent Diabetes, A Qualitative Study by Carroll and Marrero

Researchers Burns and Grove Burns and Grove (2009) define a critical appraisal of research as a “systematic, unbiased, careful examination of all aspects of a study to come up with the merits, limitations, meaning, and significance based on previous research experience and the knowledge of the topic” (p. 694). They...

Diverse Environment: Cultural Stereotyping Aspects

Stereotyping and Ethnicity Stereotyping is usually a means to an end when it comes to the ever-evolving and diverse world of today. Especially in the United States, where so many cultures and ethnicities coexist, making assumptions based on someone’s background instead of who they are on a personal level is...

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The International Connection of African History

Introduction The African continent had been connected to the rest of the world since ancient times, and by the XI century, it was deeply embedded in international trade. Its central geographical position allowed access to and from all over the Old World. Caravans with various cargo coursed across the Sahara...

Weber’s and Marx’s Views on Capitalism Comparison

Introduction Modern sociology is rooted in the works of Max Weber and Karl Marks, who laid the foundations of the capitalist and communist views of history, the society, and mechanisms affecting the lives of every citizen on a daily basis (Sayer, p. 2). The purpose of their endeavors was to...

The Prevalence of Diabetes in the Elderly From 2000 to 2009

The elderly populace is generally predisposed to numerous non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. Owing to a lack of vital knowledge concerning these diseases and the risk factors associated with them, the menace associated with such ailments has heightened leading to its puffiness impediment and transience. The endeavor of this review...

Hinduism and Christian Doctrine Investigation

Hinduism that originated in India is one of the oldest religious cultures in human history. Every religion to be a part of Hinduism should support the caste system, respect the Vedas (Sanskrit scriptural texts), and honor particular spirits and deities (Corduan, 2012). The main Hindu deities, the caste system, and...

The U.S. Environmental Protection

IntrThe United States is among the nations that well understand the need for having a clean environment. As early as in 1995, the country designed an initiative to verify the performance of environmental technologies. For the initiative to succeed, stakeholders created a supervisory body called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)...

The Problem in Nursing Workload

Introduction The heavy nursing workload is one of the central problems in the modern system of American healthcare. Nurses have to cope with too many tasks, that is why the overload takes place. It is obvious that something should be done. The main purpose of the paper is to identify...

Earthwear Clothiers Audit: Employee Stock Ownership

Earthwear Clothiers has a solid corporate structure, with founders Williams and Rogers still at the executive roles. The distribution structure consists of a range of customer offerings. The increase in revenue from 2014 to 2015 demonstrates the firm’s positive business control. The sales volume has undoubtedly risen due to overseas...

Corporate Social Responsibility: Environmental Impact

Introduction Modern industries are built on the corporations’ success as the large-scale businesses generate jobs, develop infrastructures and push the technologies forward. Companies, their culture, and values integrate into societies, and it is crucial for the executives to establish values that would help people thrive. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is...

How Access to Clean Water Influences the Problem of Poverty

The problem of water scarcity is one of the central factors that define global poverty. This research aims to examine the significance, development, and reasons for the issue to understand how people can improve it. It is determined that access to clean water becomes more problematic, and it influences the...

Schizophrenia of John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind”

The article “An Assessment of Five (PANSS, SAPS, SANS, NSA-16, CGI-SCH) commonly used Symptoms Rating Scales in Schizophrenia and Comparison to Newer Scales (CAINS, BNSS)” by Suneeta Kumari and Mansoor Malik was published in the Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy on 11th May 2017. The authors are psychiatrists who...

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Digital Technologies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the world works. With the high risks of contamination and quarantine restrictions implemented in virtually all countries, physical connections between countries and even on the scale of one country were extremely severed. Along with that, it led to the unprecedently vast spread and...

“Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” by ZZ Packer: Plot, Key Themes, and Topics

The collection of short stories Drinking Coffee Elsewhere is, in itself, an exploration of the role of race and ethnicity in modern American society and literature. By employing the lens of a specific narrator for each story, Packer makes them more personal, filled with the experiences of a living, breathing...

The US-China Trade War: Microeconomics Principles

Economics is a discipline that may be divided into two major categories, including macroeconomics and microeconomics. While macroeconomics addresses economic-related decisions made by governments and countries, microeconomics studies business decisions that affect individuals’ behavior in relation to supply and demand. However, even though macroeconomics and microeconomics refer to different spheres...

Acid Rains: Environmental Economics and Management

Climate change caused by anthropogenic activity had a tremendous negative impact on the environment and human health. Industrialization and technological progress made people’s lives much more comfortable. However, it caused immense harm to nature and led to the rise in the number of non-communicable diseases. The power-generating sector is one...

Information Technology in Healthcare

Information technology is changing the way people work, learn, and interact in the world today. Artificial intelligence is at the center stage of machine and human surveillance, redefining the health systems on the ground. This change had to happen because of the existing flaws between the service providers and customers...

Risk Management and Patient Safety

This report explores the 2022 Safety Management Plan for Management of the Environment of Care (EOC) in Duke University Hospital (DUH), North Carolina. In particular, the report examines DUH Plan’s compliance with the directives stated by the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM). In addition, the areas of potential...

Benchmark Crisis Intervention Plan

Introduction An intervention plan is a guide used when it comes to helping individuals who are going through a difficult situation. When it comes to social science, a crisis intervention plan is always geared towards addressing a specific problem within a specified period. For this assignment, the skills of a...

What Is Public Administration? Essay Example

The Concept of Public Administration Many concepts have more than one definition, and public administration is no exception. Firstly, it is the implementation of government policy. Secondly, it is an academic discipline focused on studying it. By the way, public service is quite an attractive perspective for many students. Those...

Racism in the United States Judicial System

Abstract This literature review uses the retributive theory of punishment which explains the reasons behind the large number of imprisoned black American men. This incarceration has consequently led to the high prevalence of poverty among the black American community with women as the primary causalities. The retributive theory of punishment...

Electronic Medical Records: Life Cycle Phases

The Broad Category of HIT Chosen The type of health information technology (HIT) chosen for this paper is the electronic health records (EHR), also known by the name of electronic medical records (EMR), an innovative type of software for health care institutions. EMR is a software system that allows for...

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Nursing Shortage and Turnover Management

Introduction A nursing shortage and turnover remain to be a serious problem for many American hospitals. Thousands of nurses are eager to leave their jobs in the next year after their graduation due to poor or unstable working conditions, long working hours, and the amount of work that has to...

Ebola Virus Infection: General Overview, Statistics, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Introduction Origin and the discovery of the disease The Ebola disease is a fatal infection that affects human beings and other primates. It is believed that the Ebola virus got its name from where it was first discovered. The virus causing the fever was first reported along the Ebola River...

The Affordable Care Act: Healthcare and Ethics

Introduction Any substantial government reforms, even those that are generally beneficial for the people, create certain ethical conflicts and discourses. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, has sought to expand health care access by increasing state health expenditures to provide more coverage to vulnerable populations, while at...

Privatization in Housing: Beijing and New York

Beijing: Role of Private Sector and Privatization The history of privatization in Beijing is somewhat recent, as the city entered the sphere of the market economy at the end of the twentieth century (Yang et al. 522). The market-oriented housing reform significantly affected the place of public housing in the...

Communicable Illnesses in Miami

Introduction In the past few decades, nations all over the world have strived to eradicate preventable illnesses to achieve a healthy population. The Healthy People 2020 is one of the forces that drive countries to embrace the fight against such illnesses. The mentioned initiative requires countries to develop strategies aimed...

Toyota Company’s Lean Leadership Principles

Leadership provides a means for organizations to pursue their goals. The vision determines where the team wants to be in the long-term. The Toyota lean principles are important in the day to day running of organizational activities. The fourteen principles guided the success of Toyota’s change of strategy. The Toyota...

The Science Debate: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus appeared at a time when the science fiction genre was only at the initial stage of its emergence and development. For the 19th century, the story of a man who managed to create an unnatural living being was, on the one hand,...

Appaloosa County DAY Care Center, Inc. Costs

Introduction The primary focus for the Appaloosa County Day Care Center, Inc. (ACDC) is to provide child care services to members of the local community. The company offers child care to three main age groups: infants, toddlers, and pre-K children. Each of these services is part of ACDC’s line of...

Clinical Decision Support System for Quality Improvement

A clinical decision support system (CDSS) is a type of healthcare technology that exists to assist professionals with clinical decision-making. CDSS is evidenced to reduce adverse medication events (AMEs), which is a very important care quality measure (Jia, Zhang, Chen, Zhao, & Zhang, 2016). The present paper will offer a...

Hellenistic Philosophy and Art: Views on Emotions

Abstract The breakdown of the poleis (Greek city-states), which occurred after Alexander’s death, left a majority of the people feeling alone and frightened. In order to regain what they had lost, the Greeks turned to upcoming cultural movements, each of which tried to provide them with a sense of community...

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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

OOA/D has a history of many branches; knowledge of an object-oriented language does not guarantee you the ability to create object systems. The introduction of OOA/D was a milestone in assisting the programmers who were used to traditional programming methods. This in effect led to rapid development and growth in...

Developmental History Research of a Child on a Specific Example

Introduction Filling and analyzing the developmental history of a child, the main critical purpose of such analysis is the identification of any disorders and deviations of the development, at the earliest stage possible. Such identification can be seen as a function of primary and pediatric care. The significance of analyzing...

Toyota Corporation: Organizational Assessment

Toyota Historical Sales Analysis Toyota Corporation, which is considered to be one of the largest automakers in the world, started to function as Toyota Motor Corporation in 1935. The achievements of the company have always been followed by customers’ needs satisfaction. The analysis of the Corporation historical sales since 1937...

Gender and Race Factors in ‘My Year of Meats’ by Ruth Ozeki

The first thing that is sure to burst upon the eye when one takes a look at the front cover of the book “My Year of Meats” by Ruth L. Ozeki is the eloquent quotation taken from the book review by Jane Smiley for ‘Chicago Tribune’ that describes Ozeki’s debut...

Obesity: Diet Management in Adult Patients

Introduction This paper aims at answering the following PICOT question: In patients 40-60 years old diagnosed with obesity (P), does diet and physical plans modifications (I) compared with diet management (C) reduce patient weight and improve healthy lifestyles (O) in 6 months (T)? When assessing these causal relationships, it is...

About Burnout Syndrome Among Healthcare Professionals

Introduction Burnout syndrome is a problem commonly seen at various healthcare facilities among medical workers. The article by Lahana et al. addresses the manifestation of this phenomenon among nurses working in social welfare centers for mentally challenged persons in Greece. The study’s purpose was to examine the syndrome and identify...

DNA Manipulation in Control of Mosquitoes and Gene

The incidence of malaria has been increasing at an alarming rate. Nearly 3000 million people are reported to be affected annually and 1/3 of them die. Confronting malaria has achieved good progress in the elimination of mosquito species that would carry Plasmodium parasites by eradiation of breeding grounds and using...

Cervical Cancer: Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Abstract Nursing is one of the few careers that are not only based on the passion to save lives but also on a calling to serve humanity. Therefore, nurses are very important in our lives as humans. Therefore, Evidence-based Practice (EBP) means the exploration and use of the best available...

“Twelve Angry Men” by Sidney Lumet

12 Angry Men is an American film directed by Sidney Lumet, based on a screenplay from the TV show by Reginald Rose. The film was produced by Westinghouse Studio One and was first released in 1957. The film’s genre is a courtroom drama, and its plot takes place mainly in...

Under Fire by Henri Barbusse: Novel Analysis

Under Fire by Henri Barbusse is a masterpiece that belongs equally to literature and history. An unforgettable and immortal document of the era remains the best book of all written about the war of 1914-1918. The book received a profound response not only in France but also in almost all...

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Issues We Face While Taking Care of Aging Parents

The trend of adult children becoming caregivers for their parents is one of the most widespread in American society. It is a tough experience for those who suddenly realize that it is time to shift roles with their parents and take care of them. Aging is one of the greatest...

Statistical Process Control Methods

Process Evaluation During production, waste is defined as any process that does not add value to the final product. Examples of wastes are excessive or unnecessary motion, excessive inventory, periods used in waiting, over-processing, production defects, overproduction, and transportation. The Lean concept utilizes principles and techniques to reduce operational waste...

Artificial Intelligence in the Labor Market

Technology has taken a dramatic leap forward in the last 100 years, taking center stage in every industry. All the people in the world face technological advances: some are more affected by them, while others are confused by technology. Nevertheless, progress is happening almost every day, and the leading player...

The Anti-Science Attitudes in the U.S.

Introduction The March 2017 cover of Time magazine features stark red lettering against a black background, loudly asking the question: “Is Truth Dead?” The headline is indicative of the rise of anti-intellectualism and conspiracy theories among the American public within the last ten years. Large sections of the American population...

Substance Use Disorder and Outpatient Treatment

A substance use disorder (SUD) is a psychiatric condition that affects a person’s development and behavior, causing them to lose control over their use of materials like intentional or accidental drugs, drinking, or prescriptions. Addiction is the most extreme condition of SUDs, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. The...

African American Children Suffering From Anxiety and Depression

African American children and adolescents are among the most marginalized groups of people in the United States of America, considering their age and race. These children are exposed to various life problems such as racism, poor households, and consistent violence, negatively affecting their mental health. Nonetheless, other subjects look into...

Impact of Operation Anaconda on the Ability of Predetermined Battle Plans

Operation Anaconda was one of the operations of the global war on terrorism. It was carried out by an international coalition led by the United States against the forces of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan from March 1, 2002 (Adamec & Johnson, 2021). The US command declared Operation Anaconda...

Utilization Management, Utilization Review, and Case Management Essentials

Utilization management, utilization review, and case management play a crucial role in the health care system for patients, insurance companies, and health care providers. These processes aim to improve the quality of health care delivery and optimize medical services in relation to their expediency and costs. In this paper, utilization...

Positive Reinforcement, Classical Conditioning Learning, and Semantic Memory

Introduction Semantic memory, positive reinforcement, and classical conditioning learning are the three concepts I learned in psychology class. Each of these concepts plays an important role in psychology for a variety of reasons. Classical conditioning is important because it assists people in understanding how they learn and remember certain occurrences....

Protection of Vulnerable Communities by United Nations

Problem Description The sustainable development goals are referred to as a call for action by all nations, whether rich, middle, or poor, to enhance prosperity while protecting the planet. The core purpose of the United Nations is to protect vulnerable communities against hunger, poverty, lack of education, and gender inequality....

Ventricular Septal Defect Concept

Introduction “VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect)” refers to a defect in the heart. VSD is characterized by one or more holes in the septal wall. This wall separates the two ventricles (right and left). On the other hand, “ToF (Tetralogy of Fallot)” is a condition of the heart that occurs at...

“Right After” and “Two Figures in a Landscape”

Introduction When existentialism appeared in the 1940-50s as a philosophic and literary movement, it primarily concerned the idea of alienation of the artist from the world and the deteriorating influence the society exerts on human nature (Modern art movements, n.d.). Existentialists reacted against the systematic approach of rationalist philosophy that...

Blended Bedside Nursing Report Implementation

Introduction The article prepared by Sand-Jecklin and Sherman (2014) is focused on the effects of blended bedside nursing shift reports. It discusses improvements obtained due to the implementation of the change. Mainly, professionals focus on patient safety and nurse accountability. Assessment of the effectiveness of nursing shift reports is required...

Garner’s Murder in El-Khazen’s “Hummingbird Effect”

Justine El-Khazen’s lyrical piece was an attempt to make sense of Eric Garner’s senseless murder. She was able to learn more about the case by going beyond the news footages, news reports, and even beyond the uncut version of the recorded event via YouTube. She was able to have a...

Sears Company’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Sears image creation using social media Sears has been around for over 100 years. Its recent launch of social media and product placement campaign aims at appealing to a young market aged between 10 and 17 years just before they get back to school. To achieve this, Sears has collaborated...

The New Medicare Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule Rates

Introduction At the beginning of October, a proposal to organize an effort within the Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings to repeal or amend the upcoming changes in Medicare clinical laboratory fee schedule rates was created. The proposal was approved by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David P. King shortly...

Online Grocery Shopping Behaviors

Behaviors involved in online grocery shopping Personal thought Online grocery shopping calls for consumers to make adjustments to their purchasing procedure. They can combine information contact with product contact and transaction, such as reading a review when selecting a product online and having the system deduct funds from their account...

Personal Development Planning: Important Habits

Introduction Habits in connection with personal development refer to behaviors that are repeatedly assimilated over time and can either be good or bad (O’ Neil 2015 (a)). They are, usually, seven in number; habits of being proactive, beginning with the end in mind, prioritizing first things first, win-win situations, seeking...

Strategic Controls: Implementation and Contingency Plan

Executive Summary To make sure that the performance levels should be high in the target environment, one should consider using the Balanced Scorecard approach. As a result, the needs of customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders will be met. Furthermore, the reconsideration of the company’s approach toward the use of...

Council-Manager and Other Forms of Governance

A city government is entitled to an array of responsibilities, one of which is the representation of the city population and their interests respectively. Although most city governments typically pursue roughly the same range of goals, their structure varies depending on several factors, primarily the size of the city and...

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Labor and Income Inequality in the U.S.

Introduction Every day people meet and try to fight with various forms of injustice. Some persons are discriminated against by their religion, nationality, and culture. One may also notice discrimination and inequality in labor and income as, usually, women and ethnic minority groups get a smaller salary or cannot get...

Violence: “A Child Called “It”” by Dave Pelzer

Introduction Domestic abuse is one of the most significant issues nowadays. Destructive family members often create a harsh environment for their relatives who have to overcome serious difficulties. In many cases, the victims of domestic violence are kids that cannot protect themselves. In 1995, Dave Pelzer wrote a book A...

Women in Joyce’s “The Boarding House” & Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers”

Introduction Literary devices constitute certain elements of the story, without which literature would make little to no sense. One of the centerpieces of any story are their characters, since they are the driving factors behind certain events as well as the eyes and ears, through which the readers are allowed...

Proof Scene by David Auburn: Catherine Monologue

Introduction What can I say about myself? I am Catherine; I am a usual young girl. However, not so usual and not so young, in fact. What do you know about me? That I am a daughter of an extremely endowed father, a genius, a mathematical God. He is the...

The Employment of Industrial, Organizational Psychologist

Introduction According to (Muchinsky, 2008), An I/O psychologist is someone who has studied operations that take place in workplaces. This particular specialization is very essential in the promotion of workers’ behavior and their way of thinking. It is also applied in the selection of people to employ so as to...

Labor and Autonomy Among Slaves in the US and Egypt

Slavery is an old evil that has existed on earth for a long time. The most memorable episodes of slavery include the enslavement of Israelites in Egypt and the enslavement of African Americans in the United States. With a focus on the slavery that existed in the United States, what...

Social Relations and State Control in “Penguin Island” Novel and “Brazil” Film

Since ancient times, social relations and state control have been an issue of discussion in the literature. The decay of modern society in both works participates in a widespread concern with social, moral, and even biological degeneration that swept through Western culture in the 20th century. Part of the failure...

Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory

Introduction Evolution can be defined, in general terms, as any process of change over time (Evolution-Def. 2010, par.1). Evolution is a theory that was first developed by Charles Darwin, who is considered the father of evolution. Development of explanations as regards to the existence of man started to emerge long...

Relaxing Travel Company Business Report

Introduction Relaxing Travel Company is facing serious challenges following the economic downturn in the UK. On top of this, there have been other factors that have posed a big challenge to the business operations of the company and they include; Regular customers create their packages using budget airlines and the...

VipShop Holdings Limited: Management and Strategic Analysis

Background VipShop Holding Ltd. is an online discount retail company based in The People’s Republic of China (RPC). It was among the first internet shops that successfully implemented a third e-commerce model, which allowed VipShop to become highly profitable and scalable. The company regularly provides major discounts and special offers...

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Reducing Stress in Student Nurses: Article Critique

The aim of the review Systematic reviews usually aim at providing knowledge and evidence about a particular intervention along with the implications of the findings on future research or current policy. In Galbraith and Brown’s quantitative systematic review, “Assessing the intervention effectiveness for reducing stress in student nurses,” the aim...

The USA Debt Situation Analysis

Introduction There have been increased concerns over the future of US debt ratings considering the shaky financial situations prevailing in the country and the world economy at large. Several credit ratings are downgrading the US debt ratings and one independent credit rating agency claims that in the next two years,...

Risk Management in Correctional Facilities

Abstract In any correctional facility, risk management is very important in ensuring safety and management of all potential risks. With a well-organized risk management unit, correctional facilities operate efficiently and hence serving the society adequately. However, in order to ensure that all risks are managed properly all stakeholders should participate...

Multidimensional Theory Applied to Social Work

Introduction Today’s social environment is characterized by the high degree of its complexity, which adds new dimensions to the context in which people live. These intricacies pose additional challenges for counselors and people seeking to preserve their mental health. The pressure of the surroundings can reach extreme levels without being...

Even Givers Have Needs: Challenges Nurses Face

Introduction Nurses spend much of their time in hospital environment interacting with patients and visitors from all walks of life. They put on a smiling face daily, which is always reassuring. By spending much time with patients, nurses normally have a major influence on their safety and experience. Moreover, communication...

Shockwave Therapy: Alternative for Osteitis Pubis

Introduction Osteitis pubis is a painful condition and it is difficult to handle without a comprehensive treatment method. The majority of the people affected by this condition are young athletes. However, women also get this condition during pregnancy or after birth. Conservative and surgical methods are used to manage this...

Strategic Audit Analysis of the Amazon Company

Introduction Cost leadership techniques are helpful in consistent and reliable conditions. To achieve this, the Amazon Company has effectively implemented processes to lower employees’ costs and reduce expenses through lower-cost raw materials, manufacturing processes, and dissemination. Differentiation strategies might include trademark, innovation, service quality, distribution channel, and other factors (Kurt...

Aspects of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Introduction Timely first aid can often be vital in saving a person’s life. Its provision through simple manipulations aims to prevent complications, human suffering, and, of course, death. First aid can be provided at the place of an incident while waiting for professional doctors. One type of emergency procedure is...

Breast Cancer: Threat to the Patients

Tumors manifesting in mammary glands are majorly benign, representing almost no threat to the patients. Although their cells are different from others, they lack the ability to transfer to other organs. Cancer is developed from mutations, namely from atypical changes in genes that regulate cell growth and keep them healthy....

Communication Technologies in the Historical Context

Introduction Communication is a vital aspect of human lives because people are naturally social beings. More importantly, long-distance communication posed a greater challenge to the early man but due to technological advancements in the field of communication, the threats have been overcome. Before major inventions in communication, people relied on...

Themes in “Beloved” Novel by Toni Morrison

Introduction Beloved by Toni Morrison is an allegory of emotional and physical trauma caused by slavery. It is illustrated through the story of a black woman haunted by her daughter’s ghost that she murdered to save her from servantry’s fate. The genre used in this novel is called magical realism,...

Loyalty as a Source of Tragedy in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

Introduction Being a thematically intricate and unbelievably nuanced work, Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” incorporates a plethora of ideas. However, of all concepts that the play embraces, the one of loyalty seems to be particularly persistent and ubiquitous throughout the narrative. Although vengeance and the corruption of power are usually regarded as the...

Obesity as a Wellness Concern in the Nursing Field

Obesity A Major Wellness Concern The history of obesity in the U.S. can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s, when a slight rise in the percentage of people with unhealthy dietary habits and increased weight were spotted. However, what would later on be called the epidemic of obesity...

Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Female 35-Year-Old Patient

Patient Information Jane Doe was a female 35-year old patient who presented to the clinic for the first time as the records indicated. She was white, stood at 172 cm in height, and weighed 57 kilograms. Jane initially came to the clinic with her husband and was assigned to a...

Comparison Paper on the Character Malvolio

Many would not dispute the fact that people nowadays tend to recreate literary classics. The movie “She’s the Man,” a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy “Twelfth Night,” exemplifies this the best. At first glance, the film and the play appear to have apparent congruities. However, the differences and alterations that...

Coaching: Responsibility, Strategies, and Relationships With Client

Introduction Compliance with the norms of professional ethics is an integral part of the coach’s work. If a person is a specialist certified according to ICF standards, he has support in the form of an ethical code. Coaches are responsible for their work not only for the client but also...

The Emancipation Proclamation

Introduction The Emancipation Proclamation was President Lincoln’s decision to enforce the Republicans’ armies and weaken the Confederates during the Civil War. The document declared that 3,5 million enslaved people could be free if they escape the Confederacy’s government by reaching the Union’s line (Broomall & Reidy, 2020). The Proclamation’s application...

Great Sphinx of Giza in Ancient Egypt’s Culture

The Sphinx is a colossal structure, the mystery of which still is not completely revealed. Located near the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, this monument is considered as one of the most recognizable relics, whose origin, despite the number of researches, remains unclear (History.com Editors). Professor of Philosophy at Marist...

Political Censorship in Social Networks

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Multinational Companies in a Post-Pandemic World

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Technological Progress as the Cause of Obesity

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Introduction The attitude to death in the countries of the East is considered best of all in the example of China. This is because it is the country where the classical form of the cult of ancestors is the most developed. The Chinese funeral rituals and traditions are deeply rooted...

Piaget vs. Vygotsky: Theory of Cognitive Development

Introduction There are two major approaches to understanding the cognitive behavior of children – continuous and discontinuous. Continuity theorists conceptualize a smooth-line development that occurs gradually. At the same time, discontinuity theorists believe that the road to maturity is a series of abrupt changes happening in stages (stepping stones), with...

What Does the Red Balloon Symbolize? Movie Analysis

The Red Balloon, directed by Albert Lamorisse, is a captivating film that tells about innocence, joy, and the complexities of human interactions. In this Red Balloon analysis, we delve into the rich symbolism and societal themes that resonate with audiences worldwide. Discover what the red balloon symbolizes in the Red...

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Argumentative Essay on Fashion

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Here you have an Argumentative essay on fashion Let’s start…

Fashion is important and should not be taken lightly. It emphasizes the importance of dressing in your body style and what you feel comfortable with. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is just as important as taking proper care of your clothes. Also, we will explore the general idea of ​​what clothing means to the individual and the attractive trends in trends and how we value it compared to other industries.

What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a saying that means style. Refers to the famous beauty choices of clothing, makeup, architecture, and interior design. In the past, fashion was associated with wealth and status; however, the term has changed from describing a particular social category to expressing a personal sense of ownership. Fashion is often thought of as a central part of human culture, from the birth of civilization. There is no doubt that fashion is something we all look at, question and appreciate.

Why Care About Fashion?

Fashion reflects our culture, and it is impossible to understand social styles without understanding what people wear. Manner affects how we feel about ourselves and influences our purchasing decisions. The fashion industry costs about $ 2.7 trillion, so we must pay attention to style and expand our knowledge on the subject. Here are a few important things you never knew about fashion:

Fashion Is a Choice of Life

Fashion is not just something you wear, something you live for. It can be seen as a way to express oneself or conform to a crowd. Also, people may be attracted to fashion simply because it is different from the clothes they wear in their daily life.

The Appearance of Fashion

The emergence of fashion is essential, especially for new to the field. Many techniques have changed over the years and continue to change. With each new season, designers think of different ways to express themselves in their creations.

Women Fashions

The fashion industry has changed the way women feel about themselves. Today, women are more independent and independent than ever before. They can be more confident and express themselves more.

How It Affects Everyone

Whether you are a fashionista or not, everyone gets involved in it at some point. From the clothes we wear to the labels we wear to our bodies, fashion significantly impacts everyone.

Fashion is not what you wear, and it is what people see. There is a big difference between styles that motivate you and those that do nothing without attention. Fashion does not just wear; it is an idea, a way of expressing oneself in a public way.

 Your style is a perfect combination, mixed with the various trends you follow. It’s the idea that you can wear less than ideal clothes and look like a million dollars. However, remember to drop it when needed; you do not want to be the only one dressed like a bucket of crayons.

Essential Things to Consider When Buying Clothes

Are you looking for the ideal dress for a date, a business party, or a social gathering? There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for clothes. Whether old, famous, or new from high-end designers; make sure you consider the following factors when buying clothes:

Material:  Cotton, silk, cashmere, linen, and wool have a variety of properties and textures. Also, some items may be more appropriate to wear depending on the location, occasion and season.

Cut:  A cut is the shape of a garment when worn on the body. Simple is usually the best when it comes to looking stylish, but other amounts can be as good from time to time as a coat with a high, wide lapel.

Colour:  The color of the clothes you wear is more than just an attractive attraction. Showing off your colours will also help attract attention and influence others.

Fit:  This is important as your clothes will help determine how others will see you. Make sure you choose clothes that fit you best and that highlight your features and body shape, as well as your personality.

Accessories:  Proper clothing includes not only clothing but also accessories. Make sure you show off your personality by expressing your sense of fashion using appropriate accessories.

Principles of Good Dress

Fashion is about what you want. It all comes down to who you are and how you want to be expressed. That is why people will spend so much time and money on the things they wear. They do not see fashion as a necessity but rather a luxury. It’s not about how you look but rather how you want to dress. In addition, dressing correctly requires being willing to try new things. It would help if you were willing to try different styles and stances to find your style. Being well-dressed does not mean that you can wear only black and white, but that you need to be willing to try new things and have fun with them. Dressing well is like being a modern Renaissance man. Not with just one fashion style, but rather your style.

Fashion Shopping Tips

Buying clothes has become a way of expressing ourselves and our style. We could always dress according to our needs and desires, but more recently, fashion has taken over the world with social media. While the clothing industry is highly profitable, it can also be a problem industry. The sheer quantity of options accessible might easily make one feel overwhelmed. There are so many different styles, colours, prints and cuts that one can easily get caught on the fashion web.

Here’s an easy way to find out more about fashion: When buying clothes, it’s important to remember what your purpose is. This can be very convenient if you have a particular asset you are trying to access. For example, if your goal is to look good in the workplace, it may be a good idea to buy business attire. If you are trying to look fashionable and comfortable, you may choose the most appropriate matching clothes. Think about your goal before you go shopping and keep that in mind while in the store.

Another essential thing to note is that calling is not always better. If you find that the clothes you are looking for are too expensive, look for cheap ones. Do not buy something because it is expensive but do not buy something very reasonable. You want to make sure you want quality and style.

Fashion is an essential part of one’s life. It can affect how they feel and their confidence, so it is worth considering their clothes. The fashion industry is constantly changing, but knowing what styles are on the market today can be helpful.

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argumentative essay 1200 words

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay 2023

argumentative essay 1200 words

1000-word essays aren’t hard. A student can write one in a day.

All it takes is a solid topic and some planning. Cook up three sources, organize them in a 5-paragraph format, and you’re good to go! But writing a 1000-word essay that’s interesting and meaningful may take more than that. Formatting requirements (MLA) and punctuation-loving professors can make toughen things up.

In our blog, we will explore how to write a 1000-word essay. After covering a few engaging and relevant topics, we’ll jump right into the essay structure. Make sure to stick around for helpful tips at the end. As always, EssayPro — essay service — is here if you need any extra help. Happy writing!

What if I Can't Come up With 1000 words?

The best tip that will shed light in the dark is writing in a non-stop regime. Just start writing without thinking about any word limit. Of course, it seems much more time-consuming and complicated. Nevertheless, this technique will let you understand and determine any gaps in your writing and then fix them in the shorter version of your draft.

Don’t panic if it ends up more than 2000+ words or more. Once you are done with the writing, read it several times, and highlight parts that you believe are worth attention. Then exclude all parts of the text that you think are unnecessary. Next step will be combining, polishing up and connecting them together. Include transitions between paragraphs to make sure that everything flows smoothly.

1000 Word Essay Example

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Choosing Topic for a 1000 Word Essays

Usually, instructors assign topics for such essays. If not - choosing a topic isn’t hard - make sure it fits the required essay type. Remember that you’ll have to know some background information and form a convincing argument on your topic.

The first thing to do is come up with a list of topics you find intriguing. Don’t settle for a generalized topic like “Gun control”. Instead, be more specific with your topic - “How have gun control laws affected gang activity in the state of California.” After making a list of about ten to fifteen essay topics - narrow it down and choose the best one. You may also be interested in an argumentative essay topics , read it.

These essays can sometimes be in-class assignments. Which means you’ll have to pick a topic and draft a quick outline on the spot. Here are some good sample topics for a 1000-word essay:

  • Video games were more immersive, challenging, and rewarding in the early 2000s compared to now
  • Superman is a role model superhero embodying traits people want to see in themselves: compassion, morality, and a sense of purpose
  • 2000 years later, Plato’s Republic still provides relevant insights into justice, education, and soul.
  • Forrest Gump is the greatest American movie ever made
  • Students should write more essays in school as it teaches vital critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Before going to college, students should take a break from learning for at least a year
  • Winona Ryder is one of the most underrated American actresses
  • Alcohol and nicotine should be labeled and classified as drugs
  • These three artists prove that electric guitars have not gone out of fashion and are still a vital part of American music culture
  • Kendrick Lamar is one of the few rappers who does justice to African-American culture, history, and traditions through his music

If you need to write historical essay for 1000 words and you are struggling with the topic, ask our history essay writer for help.

Types of 1000 Word Essays

When a professor explains how to write a 1000-word essay, they will probably list several types of essay from which you may choose. Your choice of topic will depend on the type of essay. Here are the most common ones:

  • ‍ Persuasive Essay. Persuading a reader will require solid facts, logical reasoning, and reputable sources. ‍
  • Descriptive Essay. Vivid and illustrative language, describing a person, scene, object or memory, is the quintessence of the descriptive essay. ‍
  • Narrative Essay. Mostly written during college admissions, narrative essays tell a story rather than feed information. ‍
  • Expository essay. Digging deep into the roots of the topic, exposing every side of the argument, and deep critical analysis are what expository essays are notorious for.

How Long Is a 1000 Word Essay should be?

Actually, the number of pages that a thousand words might take depends on the format of those 1000 words. We found out that 1000 words take:

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

These are some of the common requirements if we are talking about high school and college writing.

How to Structure a 1000 Word Essay

We advise students to avoid the common mistake of ignoring their essay’s structure. Another mistake is writing too many words about unnecessary parts. Use the following structure for 1000 word essay outline to avoid such mistakes:

Introduction (100-200 words)

An introduction must capture the reader’s attention and explain what the essay will be about. Introductions vary based on different types of essays. For example, in a narrative essay the story doesn’t start until after the introduction.

‍ In short, ever introduction has these three parts:

  • Hook or attention grabber;
  • Background information;
  • Thesis statement.

Body (800 words)

There are three body paragraphs in a 1000-word essay. Each one of them is focused on a specific point of discussion in the essay. The three body paragraphs work together to provide evidence and reasoning to support the thesis statement.

Each body paragraph has these four parts:

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

  • Paragraph 1 (200-300 words)
  • ~ Topic sentence
  • ~ Concluding statement
  • Paragraph 2 (200-300 words)
  • Paragraph 3 (200-300 words)

Conclusion (100-200 words)

The conclusion of your paper should summarize all the main arguments and tie them together. As mentioned previously, everybody paragraph works to support the thesis statement. In your conclusion, you must explain how all of this relates together and proves your point.

Here are the three parts of a conclusion:

  • Summary of main points;
  • Restating the thesis;
  • Concluding statement.

If you still need help writing your essay, or possibly editing it, you can contact our essay rewriting service .

How to Format a 1000 Word Essay

Another thing that significantly impacts the grade is adhering to the correct paper format. In most cases, your professor will specify which font, margins, alignment and citation style to use. The title page is also formatted differently, depending on the essay.

In addition to the format, a significant technical part of your essay its citation style. The two most common styles are the APA and the MLA style, with the Chicago and Harvard styles being used less often.

Follow the correct essay format and citation style to avoid lessening your grade. You may also find the article on how to write a hypothesis useful. We recommend that you read it.

Useful Tips for Editing and Productivity

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

The most important parts of writing an essay are organizing and editing. Writing is barely half of the work. We want to share some pro tips to save time writing and make your essay genuinely outstanding.

  • Write an Outline first: Most of the time, a 1000-word essay is an in-class assignment. Scribble an outline on a separate sheet of paper to keep you focused when writing. Essay outlines aren’t made for your professor, and they’re made for you. Without an outline, you cannot see the logical structure of your essay and the progression of your arguments.
  • Write an Introduction last: Starting an essay can be frustratingly hard, and most writers know this. A general rule of thumb is to write the introduction last. An essay introduction sets the tone and introduces the writer’s main arguments. After writing the whole chunk of your paper, you’ll know all your main points and the tone of your writing. Therefore it is best to leave it for last.
  • Proofread Twice before submitting: If your 1000-word essay is an in-class assignment, proofread it. Grammar and logic errors won’t be tolerated by your tutor, besides it will only take a minute. Rewriting the whole paper in class is impossible. Therefore proofreading is the only quality-check you get. If your essay is not an in-class assignment, you have many more opportunities to make it good by proofreading.
  • Use Apps for Proofreading: If your 1000-word essay is a homework assignment, proofread it with apps like Hemingway or Grammarly. They will find errors which you may have easily missed. Additionally, if you wish to upgrade your word choice, use sites like Dictionary.com and Thesaurus for synonyms and words with similar meaning.
  • Ask a Friend or EssayPro for Help: Never be shy to ask a friend or us to read your essay and tell you if it makes sense. EssayPro is service that provides you help with dissertation and it can come in handy if you need help with any type of paper works. If writing a 1000-word essay seems overwhelming for you and you think 'i want pay someone to write my essay ' just leave your request to us and get it done asap.

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