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115 awesome architecture research topics: useful list of ideas.

architecture research topics

If you are reading this, it means you need to write an excellent architectural research paper and need some help choosing the topic. The good news is that our expert writers have just updated our list of 115 unique architecture research topics.

This means you can find some original ideas right here on this page. Of course, you can use any of our ideas for free – as long as you get an A+ on your next research paper.

Writing an Architecture Essay Quickly

If you are like most students, you probably don’t know how to write complex architecture research papers quickly. This can be a real problem, especially if you need to finish your essay quickly. After all, you probably have several other school projects to focus on – not to mention tests and exams. This is why we will give you more than just awesome architecture research paper topics. We will help you with a guide on how to write a great paper quickly:

  • First, go through our architectural research topics and pick the one you like the most.
  • Write a thesis statement. In a sentence, tell your readers what your paper aims to demonstrate.
  • Write an introduction for your essay. This is where you present your thesis statement and tell your audience a bit more about the subject.
  • Write three or more body paragraphs, each dealing with a single idea. Generally, you will start the paragraph with a clear statement and then use the rest of the paragraph to bring evidence in support of your statement.
  • Write a conclusion for your research paper. Most often, it’s enough to restate the thesis and summarize all your findings. Tell your audience how your findings support your thesis and wrap everything up with a call to action (this is optional).
  • Edit your work and delete parts that are redundant, don’t make sense or are simply unnecessary. Add more content to parts that need it.
  • Proofread your work at least twice. Who wants to lose some points over silly mistakes like typos or spelling errors?

Best Architectural Topics for Research

Now that you know what you need to do to write a paper quickly, you probably want to minimize the time you spend searching for architectural topics for research. This is where we can definitely help you. Take a look at our list of 115 awesome architecture paper topics and use as many of them as you like. All of them are 100% free!

Interesting Questions About Architecture

Here are some interesting questions about architecture that should fire up your creative engine:

  • What are the costs of an architect?
  • Is concrete obsolete in 2023?
  • How long does it take to design a unique skyscraper?
  • What are the worst architectural mistakes of the 1900s?
  • What does an architect really do?
  • How do you pick the right architect for a major project?
  • What is the worst thing about architecture in the UK?
  • Is architecture an artistic profession?
  • What are the expected advancements in architecture in 2023?
  • How long will we continue to use steel?
  • What are the best ways to design a skyscraper?
  • Is architecture a creative profession?
  • Why is planning a bridge so difficult?

Easy Research Topics in Architecture

If you don’t want to spend more than a few hours working on your architecture paper, we have a list of easy research topics in architecture right here:

  • A short history of architecture in the United States
  • Discuss urban planning in Eastern Europe
  • Talk about maritime technology
  • Ancient Greek architecture
  • Talk about metal fatigue in skyscrapers
  • Is it difficult being an architect?
  • Ancient Roman architecture
  • The importance of restoring heritage buildings
  • Talk about innovations in bridge design
  • Architecture in Asian countries
  • Planning a new urban park in your neighborhood
  • Discuss climate control in modern buildings
  • Architecture in African countries

Topics Related to Public Structures

Designing public structures is not an easy thing to do, but writing a paper about them shouldn’t be too difficult. Here are some nice topics related to public structures:

  • An in-depth look at the design of the Lincoln Memorial
  • Design the plan of a new bank in your neighborhood
  • Designing a new skyscraper in your city
  • An in-depth look at the design of the Empire State Building
  • Building the latest public service building in the city
  • A space research center in Colorado Springs
  • An in-depth look at the design of the White House
  • Research the design of the United States Capitol building
  • The Golden Gate Bridge: an innovative design

Top Ideas Related to Urban Planning

Interested in talking about urban planning? No problem, we can help. Take a look at our list of top ideas related to urban planning:

  • An in-depth look at bicycle transportation in New York City
  • Research the rational-comprehensive approach to urban planning
  • Housing peculiarities in Scotland
  • Discuss the importance of urban design in 2023
  • Discuss the Concentric Model Zone by Ernest Burgess
  • How can you become a successful urban planner?
  • The importance of landscape in modern urbanism
  • An in-depth look at housing affordability in the UK
  • Planning land use in large cities in North America
  • What is the role of an urban planner?
  • Transport problems in London
  • Discuss the Three Magnets theory by Ebenezer Howard

Architecture Thesis Topics

In case you’ve ran out of ideas for a topic, we have some of the best architecture thesis topics on the Internet. Check out these original ideas:

  • Talk about the latest trends in environmental tech
  • Discuss urban intensification challenges
  • Design a brand new shopping mall in your area
  • An efficient plan of the London transportation system
  • Latest trends in theatre architecture
  • Talk about lighting technology in Egyptian pyramids
  • Common problems when designing a skyscraper
  • Latest advancements in virtual planning

Complex Architectural Topics for Research

We know some students want to try something a bit more difficult to impress their professor. Here are some pretty complex architectural topics for research:

  • Compare urban housing with rural housing in the UK
  • The use of concrete in 2023
  • Modern building technologies
  • The latest building materials
  • Talk about resource use maximization
  • Discuss the impact of environmental technology on architecture
  • Talk about the peculiarities of Islamic architecture
  • Discuss planning a new school in a rural area

Great Architecture Thesis Ideas

If you are preparing to start working on your thesis, you will be thrilled to learn that we have a list of great architecture thesis ideas for you:

  • Talk about the theories behind resilient designs
  • Solving traffic congestions in New York City
  • Building materials of the future
  • Talk about sustainable rural development
  • What are the principles of lightweight architecture?
  • Materials used in ancient architecture
  • The importance of using domes in your designs
  • How can you make architecture an art?

Interesting Topics Related to Architecture

This is where our writers and editors selected the most interesting ideas. Check out our most interesting topics related to architecture:

  • Talk about the rehabilitation of an ancient structure
  • The design of Egyptian temples
  • What do you think architecture will look like in 100 years?
  • Indoor air quality and architecture
  • Historic French architecture peculiarities
  • How can you maximize usable space in your designs?
  • Talk about constructing in extreme weather conditions
  • How important are arches in 2023?

Interior Design Topics

If you want your research paper to be about something in interior design, our experts have compiled a list of unique interior design topics for you:

  • Is interior design a dying industry?
  • Talk about how people perceive colors
  • The latest decorating styles in the UK
  • The best color combinations in 2023
  • Latest trends in interior design
  • Differences in interior design in 3 different countries
  • Talk about the rise of statement ceilings
  • Curves instead of straight lines in 2023

Good Topics for High School Students

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a section of good topics for high school students. Check out these ideas and take your pick:

  • Discuss why arches are important
  • Is interior design a part of architecture?
  • How do domes influence modern designs?
  • Design a simple living space
  • Design a new stadium in your area
  • What is lightweight architecture?
  • Talk about Roman concrete

Awesome Ideas for College

Are you a college student looking for top notch topics for his next architecture research paper? Check out these great awesome ideas for college:

  • What is the most important building material today?
  • Discuss the creation of 3D architectural designs
  • Discuss about weather effects on buildings
  • Common problems designing a hospital
  • How did Covid-19 influence architecture?
  • Talk about the use of technology in architecture
  • The importance of virtual planning

Thesis Topics Related to Cultural Facilities

If you want to write your next paper on something related to culture, we have some of the best thesis topics related to cultural facilities:

  • Design a new library in your city
  • How important is the design of a cultural facility?
  • Designing multidisciplinary spaces in 2023
  • The concept of resonating with people
  • The importance of integrating nature into your designs
  • Making effective use of land in your designs
  • Designing a worship center worthy of an award

Controversial Architecture Topics

Of course, we encourage every student to write about controversial topics. In fact, we have some very interesting controversial architecture topics right here:

  • The design and building of the Sagrada Familia
  • The lack of a national building code in Nigeria
  • Discuss the problems involved with collaborative processes
  • Trust issues in the modern world of architecture
  • An in-depth look at the Scottish Parliament Building
  • Is a good architect a good designer?
  • Are building codes in the US flawed?

Need Some Excellent Writing Help?

Our trustworthy academic writers are ready to help high school, college and university students with their architecture essays and research papers right now. Getting high quality writing help online is now easier than ever. Our professionals and PhD-holding writers have been creating custom academic content that professors love for over 10 years, so we know what we’re doing.

Does this mean you can write my paper fast and cheap? Yes, we can! Writing a thesis architecture professors appreciate can be really difficult, we know. However, we want to assure you that we will help every student do a great job and get a top grade on his next essay or research paper. Get in touch with us today and get a nice discount on your first order!

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Architecture Research Topics: A List of 45 Topics to Pick From in 2023

When you’re a student, a project and thesis become a great way to learn about your subject matter in detail. Are you an architecture student looking for the best topics to cover in your next project? Do you want some brainstorming ideas that perfectly fit your architectural skills and abilities?

architect research paper topics

If the answer to your questions is yes, this article is for you.

Here, we present exciting thesis and project topics to inspire you.

What we often hear from students is the time it takes to come up with a topic rather than starting to do a project. So, why not sum it up in a place to provide you with some great topics and ideas for your next project?

We reached out to the research paper websites to help us come up with the best architecture research topics. How To Select a Topic for Your Architecture Research? A project or a thesis you do can showcase the skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience you’ve gained as a student in the field of architecture.

You must select the subject matter you’re passionate about and something you would love to work in!

Here are some valuable tips for selecting the best research topic as suggested by academic writing services in UK:

Understand Your Project Requirement

As we mentioned before, don’t proceed with anything random. Research requires a lot of effort, time, and energy. So, when you decide to pick your topic, ensure it aligns with your skills, interest, and requirement.

All the research purposes are different, and what you want to do might not be on the requirement list. So, ensure you’ve everything sorted before proceeding with your topic.

Select Something That Stands Out

Hundreds of other students will be working on the same projects assigned to you, so how do you create a difference? Uniqueness always stands out.

Rather than going for something fundamental, you should take a chance and choose something eye-catching! They will make you stand out from the rest and have an impact that genuinely showcases.

architect research paper topics

Make Sure to Consider Your Interest

As we mentioned earlier, architecture research is a challenging job! So, rather than going for something you have zero interest in, it’s better you do something on your mind that you’ll enjoy doing.

Also, there are thousands of topics regarding architecture research, so you’ll come up with some good ideas.

Now that we have insight into possible ways to develop the best topic, let’s proceed with some research ideas.

Top 50 Best Architecture Research Topics

To simplify it for you, we have broken down the list into five different subheadings, i.e.,

  • trending architecture topics
  • thesis topics in architecture
  • architecture topics in sustainability

Further, depending on your education level, we have listed the

  • students doing their master’s in architecture
  • Students doing their design in architecture
  • a few bonuses topics

Let’s dig further!

Trending Architectural Topics

If there’s no specific requirement, trending topics are the best to move forward. They also incline very well with your experience and portfolio to show when you apply for your dream job.

We have curated a list of trending topics based on the keyword research volume, the traffic these topics are getting, and people’s interest.

  • Building your dream house – how to get started?
  • Variations in architectures based on geographical zones
  • Importance of architecture in the modern design
  • Most popular architectural pieces in the world
  • How is Architecture connected with nature, and what impact does it create?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts when selecting an architectural design for your home?
  • How is architecture helping us build our ways of life?
  • How does modern architecture differ from a traditional one?
  • Which do you think is the best architectural design – traditional or modern?
  • What are the basics of a smart house – The extending features

Thesis Topics in Architecture

A thesis is usually a final submission you make – something like a final project before you graduate from your university.

Compared to many other projects and architecture research you’ve done; the thesis stands out as the most important one. These topics are usually deep and are expected to provide detailed justice to every element involved.

Here are a few thesis topic ideas for your architecture research:

  • What is parametric architecture? How do you design using it?
  • Highlight the importance of architecture robots and 3D design
  • How is the Internet of Spaces shaping the architecture world?
  • What’s the secret behind accommodating millions of residents in populated cities?
  • What is a vertical city approach in architectural design
  • Integrating Computers and the human mind to enhance architecture

Architectural Research Papers in Sustainability

Sustainability in architecture is defined as creating sculptures, landmarks, and buildings that sustain for a longer period and co-exist without causing any disputes. It is the ability to design architectural designs that remain continuous over time.

The architecture research topics under sustainability are

  • How is sustainable architecture creating a positive impact on the environment?
  • How can we reduce waste through sustainable architecture?
  • Ways to minimize energy loss through sustainable architecture
  • Efforts of sustainable architecture in reducing the effect of climate change
  • How are the materials used in architecture mitigating diverse ecological impacts?
  • What is energy efficiency in building, and how is sustainability a part of it?
  • Importance of the location of the building for its sustainability
  • Analyzing sustainability towards modern architecture design and infrastructures

Architecture Research Paper Ideas for Students doing their Masters

If you’re doing a master’s degree in architecture and its scope, the above topics could be for you!

  • History of architecture: how it started?
  • Critical evolution of architecture photography
  • Specification of architectural codes and regulations in the environment
  • Relevance of visualization and digital mapping in modern architecture interfaces
  • Evaluating costs and guides in architectural estimation and specification
  • How were the best architectural designs developed (the motivation behind them)
  • Case studies of urban planning in sustainable architecture design

Architecture Research Topics for Design Students

When we mention the word architecture, there are various aspects involved in it, few might be related to developing, planning, and designing. Further, it could be categorized into education levels like Master, Degree, Bachelor, and such.

These are a few architecture research topics if you’re a design student.

How are women shaping the architecture world (top women architects) Use of computer and graphic software in the visualization of architectural structures Role of mechatronic architectural innovations in upgrading designs Features of the emerging morphogenetic design strategies in architecture Elevating design to a more human-oriented interface

Bonus Research Topics in Architecture

The only limitation behind your research topic is your interest in going beyond and searching for possibilities.

And to add up to it, we are listing a few more bonus topics that could be a cherry on top for you!

  • Project to build your ideal stadium
  • Outdoor theater: the benefits and what to expect
  • Designing the model of your house – the do’s and don’ts
  • How to create and implement an architectural plan
  • The future of modern architectural design
  • The evolution of architecture in the modern world
  • Building an indoor swimming pool
  • Projecting a beautiful city – the mass architecture planning
  • Creating a perfect museum

Wrapping Up

This summarizes our list of best architecture research topics.

Here, we suggested 45 different topics under various subheadings to help you better subdivide them and make a decision.

This article aims to showcase some of the best topics in the a rchitecture field to help you develop the best one.

You can select the topic that best fits you depending on your needs and requirements. Also, please consider the points mentioned before proceeding with a topic.

Research is a long process with a lot of what to offer, so it’s better you’re considerate and thoughtful in deciding on the topic. Further, the topic in this article will be beneficial for you to come up with ideas.

You’ll always have the option to modify and tweak the topic to your needs!

Have you worked on any of these research projects yet? Which do you think is going to be your next research topic? Do let us know!

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architect research paper topics

123 Provocative Architecture Research Topics That Will Inspire You

architecture research topics

We have 123 brand new architecture research topics right here, and they’re all free! Yes, you can use these ideas right now without having to pay anything and without having to give us any credit. We know how difficult finding the right topic can be, especially when we’re talking about a research paper. Here is what you should do if you decide to find original topic ideas on your own:

Identify areas of interest: Determine what aspects of architecture interest you the most. Research current trends: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Consider audience: Think about who will be reading your work and what they are interested in. Narrow focus: Select a specific topic to research, rather than a broad subject. Do background research: Read articles, books, and academic papers to gain a deeper understanding of your topic.

Yes, this takes time; time that you may not have. Why risk submitting your paper late or doing a rush job? Check out our list of 123 awesome architecture research topics and start writing your paper in 5 minutes!

What Is Architecture?

Architecture is the creative and technical process of designing and building the spaces we inhabit, from homes to skyscrapers and everything in between.

It encompasses a wide range of fields including urban planning, interior design, and construction engineering. Architecture has been a central aspect of human civilization for thousands of years, and its impact can be seen in every community and city around the world. Are you looking for some captivating architecture research paper topics? We’ve just updated the list of 2023 and added a ton of unique architecture topics:

Easy Architecture Topics For You

Designed to be approachable and easy-to-understand, these easy architecture topics are perfect for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this fascinating field:

  • The history of modernist architecture
  • The benefits of green architecture
  • The influence of digital technology on architecture
  • The role of architecture in urban planning
  • The impact of COVID-19 on architecture
  • The evolution of skyscraper design in the US
  • The significance of preserving historic architecture
  • The importance of accessibility in architecture design

Controversial Architecture Topics

Get ready to challenge your perspectives and delve into some of the most hotly debated issues in architecture with these controversial architecture topics:

  • Gentrification and displacement in urban design
  • Architects and the global housing crisis
  • Public space and community impact
  • Preserving history vs. promoting progress
  • High-rise sustainability and ethics in the United Kingdom
  • The value of vernacular architecture
  • Architecture and cultural appropriation
  • The future of suburban design
  • The impact of urbanization on rural areas

Some Fun Ideas For An Architecture Paper

Want to have fun writing your essay? Unleash your creativity and explore the fascinating world of architecture with these fun ideas for an architecture paper:

  • The role of playfulness in architecture design
  • The relationship between food and architecture
  • The history of amusement park architecture
  • The architecture of movie theaters in China
  • The design of airports and their impact on travel experience
  • The use of color in architecture
  • The architecture of sports facilities and its impact on athletes

Interior Design Research Topics

Dive into the exciting world of interior design and discover new perspectives with these engaging and informative interior design research topics:

  • The impact of color psychology in interior design
  • The role of technology in modern interior design
  • Sustainable materials in interior design
  • The history of mid-century modern interior design
  • The use of texture in interior design
  • The impact of nature on interior design
  • The relationship between interior design and mental health
  • The impact of cultural identity on interior design
  • The design of hotel interiors and guest experience
  • The future of smart homes and interior design

Advanced Architecture Research Topics

Do you want to give some more difficult topics a try? Give these advanced architecture topic ideas a try and let us know if you’ve managed to write an outstanding research paper on one of them:

  • Generative design in architecture
  • AI in architecture design
  • Architecture and environmental sustainability
  • Biophilic design in architecture
  • Sharing economy’s impact on architecture and urban planning
  • Digital fabrication’s influence on architecture

Sustainable Design Topics

Join the movement towards a greener future and learn about the latest developments in sustainable design with these sustainable design topics:

  • The role of green roofs in sustainable design
  • The use of renewable energy in building design
  • The impact of mass timber construction on sustainability
  • The history of sustainable architecture
  • The significance of indoor air quality in sustainable design
  • The use of circular design principles in architecture
  • The impact of transportation on sustainable urban design
  • The integration of sustainable food systems in design

Most Captivating Topics In Architecture

If you’re looking for the most captivating topics in architecture, you have definitely arrived at the right place. Here are some of the best possible ideas:

  • The impact of climate change on architecture design
  • The role of community engagement in architectural design
  • The relationship between architecture and crime reduction
  • The impact of the gig economy on architectural practice
  • The influence of virtual reality on architecture design
  • The use of bioclimatic design principles in architecture
  • The role of play in architectural design and its impact on well-being

Research Paper Topics In Architecture

We know finding some great topics for a research paper can be tough. So here are some unique research paper topics in architecture just for you:

  • Cultural identity’s impact on architecture
  • Architecture and urban planning
  • Biomimicry in US architecture
  • Technology’s impact on architecture
  • Daylighting in architectural design
  • Smart materials in European architecture

Urban Planning Architecture Research Paper Topics

Shape the future of cities and learn about the complex challenges of urban planning with these insightful and informative urban planning topics:

  • How can data-driven approaches be used in urban planning?
  • What is the impact of transportation on urban planning?
  • The use of smart materials in architecture in the UK.
  • The impact of cultural identity on architectural design
  • What is the impact of urbanization on rural areas?
  • The relationship between urban planning and economic development
  • What is the significance of green spaces in urban planning?
  • The impact of climate change on urban planning
  • The use of technology in the future of urban planning

Landscape Architecture Research Topics

Of course we have some very interesting landscape architecture research topics as well. Hare is a list of our latest (all 100% original) topic ideas:

  • Sustainable water in landscape design
  • Green infrastructure and urban landscapes
  • Public art in landscape design
  • Biophilic design in landscape architecture
  • History of urban landscape architecture
  • Mitigating climate change through landscape architecture
  • Community involvement in public landscape design

Interesting Architecture Research Paper Ideas

Why spend hours looking for some interesting architecture research paper ideas when we have some right here? Choose one for free and start writing your paper:

  • Culture’s impact on architecture
  • Digital technology’s impact on architecture
  • Benefits of sustainable architecture
  • Skyscraper design evolution
  • Social/cultural factors on public space design
  • Architecture and livable city development

Current Architecture Research Paper Topics

Looking for some current topics? Discover the newest innovations and current hot topics in the field of architecture with this up-to-date list:

  • Smart tech in architecture design
  • What is the impact of biophilic design on human health?
  • How does big data influence architectural decision-making?
  • The gig economy’s impact on architecture
  • Addressing inequalities in architecture design
  • What does the future of tall building design look like?
  • Can architecture mitigate the impact of the built environment on the environment?

Best Architecture Topics For College

Our writers and editors have managed to put together a list of the best architecture topics for college students. Check it out below:

  • The impact of globalization on architecture
  • The use of materials in sustainable architecture
  • What is the future of architectural education?
  • The role of collaboration in architecture design
  • The influence of social movements on architecture
  • How does architecture impact mental health?
  • The significance of community involvement in architecture projects
  • The integration of nature in urban architecture design

Topics Related To The History Of Architecture

Are you interested in writing about the history of architecture? No problem, we have some of the most engaging topics related to the history of architecture right here so you can write your academic term papers :

  • The evolution of ancient Greek architecture
  • How did the Renaissance shape architecture?
  • The impact of colonialism on architecture
  • The development of Gothic architecture
  • What influenced Baroque architecture?
  • How did World War II impact architecture?
  • The influence of the Industrial Revolution on architecture
  • What led to the modernist movement in architecture?

Unique Questions About Architecture

What better way to get your creative juices flowing than to look at some intriguing research questions? Here are some great unique questions about architecture:

  • Technology’s impact on architectural design process
  • Sustainable design in architecture: benefits and drawbacks
  • Culture’s influence on architecture
  • Accessibility in contemporary architecture
  • Challenges for architects in the 21st century
  • COVID-19’s impact on architecture industry
  • Future of skyscraper design
  • Reducing urban sprawl through architecture
  • Importance of preserving historic architecture

Architecture Topics For High School Students

Are you a high school student? Start your journey towards a future in architecture with these accessible and engaging topics, perfect for high school students:

  • The basics of architectural design
  • Famous UK architects and their work
  • Historic architectural styles and their influence
  • The impact of climate on architectural design
  • Sustainable architecture and green building
  • The role of technology in architecture
  • The history of skyscraper design in the United States
  • Accessible design in architecture

It is not easy to write a research paper for a high grade. Don’t be afraid to get research paper help from our professional writers. Contact us with a “ do my research paper for me ” request for quality assistance.

Need Some Paper Writing Assistance?

Do you need a couple of brand new, 100% original architecture research paper topics? Or perhaps you need some creative writers who can write your entire research paper for you in no time. No problem! Get in touch with us today and our experts will write you an amazing essay or research paper for any class or course (high school, college or university level). Your professor will be so impressed with our work that he will most likely award you an A+ score. Our company has been providing top tier academic writing services to students all around the world for years. In fact, our friendly ENL writers and editors are not only highly educated – they all have at least one PhD degree. This is the best place online to get unique custom papers written for you. The process to buy a research paper or a complex essay is fast, cheap and secure. We are here to help every student with his school assignments, no matter how simple or complex they may be. And did you know that we usually have some very attractive offers and discounts for returning customers or for customers who place a larger order? Don’t wait! Reach out to us anytime, day or night, and discover how we can light up your path to success!

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Architecture Research Topics: 100 Interesting Ideas to Start Writing

Architecture is an essential and relevant area in our times as the current technological advancement affects all the aspects of our lives and needs to be investigated thoroughly.

What’s a Research Paper in Architecture?

An architectural research paper is an intellectual input to the future profession that students usually write for their classmates. The paper highlights a topical issue for the specialty and strives to clarify the current problem and answer the question based on past investigations.

How to Pick Up the Topic

To write a successful paper, you have to follow a few simple steps that guarantee the right choice of civil engineer research topics.

Choose several topics you like and make sure you have a strong opinion on this issue. Think about if you know something about recent investigations in this subject and what the result was. Identify what sub-questions are too difficult to be highlighted clearly.

It might seem that there is a lot to say about this issue. Still, in fact, you are likely to run into the lack of information or a lot of controversial opinions making it tough to follow the main idea of your engineering topic.

Feel free to adjust your topic according to the information found and paper requirements. Or sometimes, students can even form the topic in the writing process when it becomes clear what questions will be pointed out.

The Architecture Research Paper Structure

If you are a beginner dealing with architecture project topics and research materials, you might be confused with an abundance of information. Use the following structure to arrange your paper.

You inform the audience about the importance of your research and mention its objectives.

In this part, you need to point out the plan you stuck to and the workflow. Describe how you conducted your study, collect the data, and processed it.

This section aims to report what results you got while carrying out the research. Give the results in detail and back up your outcomes with the statistics, but stay off the hard stuff.

Here you have to analyze the strong and weak points of your architectural research papers and mention what problem your investigation can solve.

Since you didn’t write a paper based on empty thoughts, you need to provide the list containing resources where you took the information.

100 Exciting Architecture Research Paper Topics

Infrastructural design and general architecture research topics:.

  • The Peculiarities of Urban Architecture
  • How to Install Climate Control in Different Types of Buildings
  • The Construction Process of Steel Buildings
  • The Maritime Technology in Architecture
  • The Most Famous Bridges Around the World
  • How the Technology of Concrete Buildings Construction Has Changed Throughout the Years
  • What Fatigue in Large Buildings Is and Its Main Reasons
  • The Key Factors in Bridge Designing
  • The Role Hydraulics in Constructing
  • Advanced Materials Used in Building Concrete Constructions
  • Designing of Stone Buildings
  • How Architectural Objects Become the Elements of Art
  • What Is the Difference Between Urban and Rural Architecture?
  • When Did Architecture Topics Become in Demand?
  • Tendencies in Rural Design

New buildings are erected every day. Thus, researching any topic will help to learn about the process of building architectural structures that can be turned into works of art.

Materials Science and Advanced Engineering Research Topics:

  • Nanotechnology in Building:
  • Polymer and Soft Materials for Designing
  • Fibrous Materials in Engineering
  • Durability and Sustainability of Textiles
  • How Advanced Materials Are Processed
  • Biotechnology in Creating New Materials
  • How Eco-Friendly Materials Appear
  • Steel Technology in Use
  • Industrial-Scale Modeling of Building Materials
  • Interchangeability of Materials in Constructing
  • The Application of Concrete Technology on Practice
  • Green Technologies in Advanced Engineering
  • Materials of the Future
  • Materials That Could Be Easily Substituted
  • The Benefits of Using Acryl

Advanced engineering materials are replacing usual materials for creating a lot of stuff around us. Choosing the sub-topic helps to learn more about today’s technologies in creating new materials and those which seem to be eternal.

Modeling and Systems Engineering Research Topics

  • How to Tailor Nanomaterials on Atomic Level
  • The Supply Chains Designing
  • The working Principle of Neural Networks
  • Types of System Design
  • The Design System Implementation
  • Data Modelling and Working Principles
  • Computer Optimization
  • How System’s Data Is Documented
  • Ways to Control Dynamical Systems
  • Analyzing of Communication Systems
  • Challenges While Modelling Computer Data
  • Data Processing
  • How Data Influences Our Daily Routine
  • Recording and Processing of Speech Signals

If you still stay away from computers, it's time to decide on one of the systems engineering research topics you will write about to understand this topic better. Conducting a deep study will provide you solid knowledge about collecting, storing, and distributing data in computers and beyond.

Sustainable Energy and Facilities

  • Efficient Energy Systems
  • What Is Tribology?
  • Early History of Tribology
  • The Principles of Friction in Tribology
  • Where to Get Renewable Energy
  • The First Alternative Fuel for Engines
  • How Do Electrical Power Systems Work on a Large Scale?
  • Accurate Analysis of Electrical Power Machines
  • Where Do We Use Cold Plasma Technology?
  • The Stages of Transport Technology Development
  • Equipment to Renew Energy
  • The Efficiency of Alternative Fuels
  • What Secrets Is Perpetual Motion Machine Powered?
  • Tribology in the Up-to-Date World
  • Facilities Working on Solar Energy

We have often heard of the earth's resources depletion. Today, discussions about solar energy and alternative fuels haven't faded in the scientific circles. If you like to talk about it, you should choose one of the engineering research topics.

Electronics and Modern Gadgets

  • How Microfluidics Works
  • Theoretical Physics in Creating Devices
  • The Advantages of Biometric Voting Machine
  • The Working Principle of Wireless Technologies
  • How Nanotechnology Affects the Electronics
  • Artificial Intelligence Is in Every Our Device
  • HD Technologies Rule the World
  • Scanning Systems Warrant Your Security
  • The Benefits of Solar Cell Technologies
  • OLED as the Breakthrough in the Electronics
  • Microsystems and Their Main Functions
  • Why Do Scientists Consider Chipping?
  • How to Use Space Solar Power
  • Electronic System Design: Sensor Technology
  • 3D Printing in Medicine

Electronics topics will never run out like civil engineer research topics. After all, all we have is just a small piece of technological progress we use. Study what novelties we can get in the future.

Relevant ICT and Multimedia Research Topics

  • How Multimedia Changes Our Lives
  • The Ways to Cope With Current Technologies in Relationships
  • Do We Interact Better With ICT?
  • Social Media Makes Relationships Stronger: True or False?
  • Multimedia Pushes Us to Move Forward
  • Web Technologies
  • How Should You Know to Create Content for Social Media?
  • Smart Services
  • Multimedia as a Way to Entertain Ourselves
  • Is ICT Always Beneficial?
  • The Role of Social Profiles in Hiring
  • Why Should Social Networks Be Limited for Teenagers?
  • The Influence of Multimedia on Medicine
  • Social Media as the Source for Sharing Architecture Project Topics and Research Materials
  • How Social Networks Can Identify Our Tastes

This topic is one of the most pressing today. We spend every single day on social media and need to know how to get the most out of it.

Architecture Education

  • Why Choose a Degree in Architecture?
  • Engineering Impacts Each Aspect of Our Lives
  • Choosing the Architectural College
  • What Educational Program to Enroll in?
  • How to Gain Extra Skills in Engineering
  • Ways to Succeed in Picking Up Architecture Thesis Topics
  • The Development of IT Decreases the Number of Architecture Applicants
  • Getting the First Customer is Always Challenging for an Architecture Student
  • How to Create the Great Design-Build Projects
  • Key Points to Get Ready for the First Semester at the Architectural University
  • Jobs With Great Opportunities for Architectural Students

Investigating current topics, you will find out what advantages you can take while getting a degree in architecture in addition to ordering papers on engineering topics from professional writers.

When you choose an engineering research topic, you should stick to certain steps to complete your paper.

  • Collect and study carefully all the information you found on the current topic.
  • Arrange it according to the sections in your research: introduction, methods, results, and discussion.

First, you need to describe your methods and then — the results. After that, you can move to discussions.

The introduction will be second to the last when you see your paper's general picture and highlight the main points of the architecture research paper topic. The last section is devoted to the references, i.e., the credible services you drew on while investigating.

  • Proofread your paper to avoid mistakes, typos, and repetitions.

Sounds scary? It’s not a problem for students who use our writing services. We have thousands of grateful customers. And our writers strictly follow technical requirements to satisfy all your needs.  Buying essay papers online from us, you can be sure that you will get a unique architectural research paper without mistakes and flaws.


  • Research Paper Examples on Engineering
  • How to Write a Research Paper
  • Tips on Writing Paper in Engineering
  • Research Papers Outlines
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Concrete Bridge Construction in Sweden
  • Paper Example in Designing Bridges


155 Top Architecture Thesis Topics for Students to Consider

Table of Contents

If you are an architecture student, then to obtain graduation, you must submit a well-researched thesis on any topic associated with architecture. In case, you have no idea what topic to choose for your architecture thesis, feel free to check this blog post. Here, for your convenience, we have suggested a list of the 155 best architecture thesis topics and ideas. In addition to that, we have also shared some key steps and tips for identifying a good topic for your architecture dissertation.

Architecture Thesis Topic Selection

When students of architecture go to their final year of B.Arch, they commonly face the decisive problem of selecting architecture thesis topics . There are many themes to choose from, but only one of the many variables that can affect.

The approach can be overwhelming since the decision has many implications; often, the subject’s choice alone can explain the difference between the success of a thesis and its failure. Students quickly make decisions that they regret later, with too many variables to weigh and deadlines closing in. To assist you in deciding on the matter, here are some tips:

Architecture Thesis Topics

1. Choose a subject that interests you personally

Your year will be all about you and your colleagues choosing different architecture thesis topics and schedules; the most you will have for business on an ordinary day is a drawing board, some books, your laptop, and coffee. Choosing the subject that you are passionate about will ensure that you remain inspired and driven to work, which eventually can lead to a successful final project.

2. Set The Scope Small

By choosing topics or issues that are too expansive, and therefore almost challenging to implement in a limited time frame, many learners give in to the natural desire to do too much. Here is a tip to start with the simplest version of a topic and bring in additional complexity succeeding if the conditions allow it.

3. Recognize What You’re Good At

Each student has a specific collection of abilities and skills that they have learned through their experiences and pursuing their interests. With all, no one is wholesome. You should select a topic that best uses your talents from an unbiased view of your creative and technological strengths and their limits.

4. There is Enough Literature on the Topic

Before beginning the design process, a thesis project needs an immense amount of reading and study. The primary source of reference material for an undergraduate student is typically current studies or research. Therefore, it makes sense to select a field of research where there is a considerable amount of previous work. The availability of such work will enable you to evaluate, examine, draw conclusions, and use the knowledge gained to submit an informed proposal.

Read More – What You Know About the Modern Age of English Literature?

5. Strike a Compromise Between Art and Science

When they begin to romanticize their thesis projects, architecture students dig themselves a grave. However, when you realize that the thesis project is seen as the result of a multi-year program rooted as profoundly in art and philosophy as it is in construction technology, it is difficult to blame them. But to find an architecture thesis topic that is a balance of the two is imperative. A subject that seems too abstract may make it difficult for a jury to determine the understanding of a student’s real problems.

6. What Do You Want to Do in the Future?

As a recent architecture graduate pursuing a position in the industry or applying for a graduate program, the thesis project is the most critical portion of the portfolio. Your interest in or familiarity with a specific specialized subject will reflect the choice of topic. Hence, it would help if you tried to align it with your plans for the near future when choosing a thesis subject.

7. Seek to Solve a Real-World Problem

While there are many wide-ranging perspectives on the ideal role of architecture in society, there is a common consensus that an architect’s work determines how society works and develops. It allows young architecture students to get to know the bigger picture in a world dealing with myriad serious problems such as climate change, population development, inequitable distribution of resources, and choosing the architecture thesis topics that aim to solve a current socio-environmental issue through design intervention.

List of Architecture Thesis Topics and Ideas 

Over the years, the structures for buildings worldwide evolve and come from several different styles since the cultures in which they were built have many different meanings. This provides you with an infinite list of architecture thesis topics and opportunities to chat about. When it comes to writing about architecture, there are no limits.

There is one thing you need to keep in mind throughout the whole process when you are faced with the challenge of writing your dissertation online for your Ph.D. or Master’s degree, i.e., the subject. You can take a look at the list below if you still have no idea what to talk about, which will provide you with a set of topics that other students have been talking about over the years, and they are still popular.

Simple Architecture Thesis Topics

  • When building an ample public space, understand the correct number of restrooms.
  • Redefining a town using architecture.
  • Maximizing tiny spaces: everything there is to know.
  • Family building: privacy and proximity.
  • Cathedrals: to rebuild the old world by using the new world’s budget.
  • Discuss the disparity between cold climates and warm climates in the construction of buildings.
  • Explain in architectural diagrams some advantages of using technical models.
  • Give an accurate description of an architectural model that a religious client might appeal to.
  • Discuss the essence of architecture in the middle class and its position in contemporary society.
  • Elements of famous architects are included without copying their work.
  • Having individuals pass through the architecture of electricity.
  • Family and architecture. The necessity of closeness and privacy
  • Cathedrals: recreating the old world on a modern budget for the world
  • Multicultural Architecture in the urban landscape
  • Trends of Environmental Technology in Residential Structures

Good Architecture Thesis Ideas

  • Maritime and hydraulics technology
  • Architectural uniqueness of Academy Museum in Los Angeles.
  • The Museum of the Future in Dubai –  An architectural excellence
  • Maximizing Resources and Space with Accessibility.
  • Slum Redevelopment
  • Redesigning Spaces under the Elevated Roads
  • How does architecture change with time?
  • Analyze the architectural significance of the Taj Mahal, India
  • Compare and contrast the architectural significance of the Pantheon and Notre Dame de Paris
  • Describe the architectural excellence of the Eiffel Tower
  • Why are The Great Pyramids of Giza considered the greatest architectural achievement in ancient times?
  • Discuss the architectural values of the Megalithic Temples of Malta
  • In the Urban Landscape of Multicultural Architecture
  • Environmental technology trends for residential structures
  • Designing IoT Commercial Ventures

Thesis Topics on Modern Architecture

  • In Municipal Systems, assessing design
  • New Age Innovative Designs
  • Accessibility Optimizing Capital and Space
  • Compact Areas Minimalist Architecture
  • Natural Disaster Strategies for Reducing Harm
  • Pre-fabricated Production processes
  • Portable Housing Units Features
  • Pre-fabricated and Minimalist design approach
  • Evaluation of the designs of municipal structures
  • Modern design and construction of the bridge
  • The Ohio River Bridge project
  • Discuss the New Nice Middleton Bridge Project
  • Rebuilding and modernization in naval architecture
  • Building a skyscraper: will it harm any bird?
  • Comparative analysis of some most iconic buildings of modern architecture

Research Ideas on Sustainable Architecture

  • Describe the characteristics of modern architecture
  • Compare and contrast contemporary architecture and modern architecture
  • Describe the architectural excellence of The Fallingwater House and The Guggenheim Museum
  • Discuss the use of BIM, VR, and 3D printing in modern architecture
  • Hemp Uses in Building Structures
  • Staying on the budget to create an architectural masterpiece
  • Inefficiency retrofitting of existing buildings
  • In response to climate change, building
  • In the future, Micro-Construction
  • Production of Self Sufficient Structures
  • Solar Panel Performance Estimation with Preparation
  • Determination of optimum R-Values insulation
  • Net-Zero Design Principles
  • Waterfront development of an exhibition center
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of A Building

Sustainable Architecture Thesis Topics

  • For Clean Energy Heating and Cooling Systems
  • A critical view of architecture – is it sustainable?
  • Discuss the concept and benefits of sustainable construction
  • Scalable design and architecture of SMART village
  • Discuss the most sustainable construction methods
  • Use of passive solar and greywater plumbing systems in building construction
  • Comparison between Synthetic roof underlayment and Felt roof underlayment
  • Architectural development in the United Arab Emirates
  • Digital morphogenesis and its implementation
  • How to protect parks and squares from vandals?
  • How does architecture help people to impress themselves?
  • Why do third countries have poor architecture?
  • Creating a perfect museum
  • Peripheral parks
  • Urban monuments and Land art

Basic Architecture Thesis Topics

  • Design conventional centers.
  • Difference between Victorian architecture and   modern architecture
  • The architecture of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world
  • The evolution of architectural engineering
  • Architecture of the Eiffel Tower
  • The architecture of Pisa Tower
  • History of architectural engineering
  • The architecture of the Cinema and theater hall
  • The Architecture of a Modern Airport
  • Bridges and communication towers
  • Architecture of a railway station
  • The architecture of a sports stadium
  • Beach-facing luxury apartments
  • Discuss the cooling/heating systems in beach huts
  • Evolution of industrial architecture

Institutional Architecture Thesis Topics

  • Religious buildings
  • Auditoriums
  • Theaters and cinemas
  • Sport facilities
  • Theme parks and attractions
  • Art galleries
  • Cultural centers and foundations
  • School and universities

Common Architecture Thesis Topics

  • Bars, discotheques,
  • Shopping malls
  • Stores and showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation thesis on airports
  • Train stations
  • Urban transport
  • Promenades and streets
  • Urban parks

Thesis Ideas on Architecture Design

  • Educational and Skill-Training Institutions
  • Corporate Office Towers
  • Rehabilitation and Wellness Institutions
  • Research Institutions
  • Student Hostels
  • Eco-Tourism Resorts and Visiting Centres
  • Affordable Housing
  • Film, Photo, and Animation Studios
  • Co-working and Remote-working Spaces
  • Backpacker Lodging
  • Government Buildings
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Gated Communities
  • Conservation of Heritage Structures
  • Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings

Trending Architecture Thesis Topics

  • Using mathematical tessellation techniques, a method for designing kinetic planar surfaces.
  • Kinetic node with a bio-inspired design for flexible structures.
  • The Beach Convention and Exhibition Center is a waterfront development.
  • Time conception construction in the world of architecture.
  • Sustainable architecture: A Critical View.
  • Place Concept Determination in the Built Environment Reproduction Process.
  • Analysis of Kinetic Architecture’s Design Possibilities.
  • Equation of equilibrium and its effects on the conversion of architectural end products from static to dynamic.
  • The Strangeness of Light as an Architectural Quality
  • An expression of architectural thought through color design of outside surfaces.
  • How will you use architecture to define the excellence of the Taj Mahal?
  • Do you think we have been able to uncover all the architectural techniques of Egypt, and can we make pyramids as excellent as those that stand still even today in Giza?
  • Are the do-it-yourself tips and tricks on the architecture shown on social media platforms of any use? Can this trend reduce the burden architecture brings upon a household or an individual?
  • How efficient is the modern trend of transforming vans into moving houses? Can the architecture used to transform vans into houses be a long-term solution?
  • Creative architecture for using small spaces around the house?

High School Architecture Thesis Ideas

  • What characteristics define middle-class architecture in contemporary culture?
  • Showcase the greatest features of well-known architects without copying their designs.
  • What is the purpose of intimacy and seclusion in architecture and family?
  • Cathedrals: Redefining the old world on a contemporary scale.
  • What distinguishes houses built in cold climates from those built in warm climates?
  • Utilizing Speculative Design to Examine the Creative Design Process and Conceptual Interiority: Paper Space & Interior Fiction
  • Using Biophilic Characteristics in Elementary Schools
  • An investigation of mobile homes in rural North Carolina is called “Re-Mobile Home.”
  • Designing Deeper: Explorations in Process-Driven Design to Produce Interior Spaces that Support Well-Being
  • How can exhibition rooms demonstrate how well a design complements the aesthetics of the space?
  • What architectural design is being used for protecting buildings and their residents against lightning?
  • How can architecture be used to protect buildings and residents against robbery?
  • Can architects make use of terracotta air-conditioners to increase sustainability?
  • Can chemical-free materials be used to make buildings?
  • Can net zero construction be a reality?

The Bottom Line

From the list of top architecture thesis topics and ideas suggested in this blog post, you can very well pick any topic of your choice. In case, you are unhappy with the ideas shared here, for topic selection assistance, contact our architecture Assignment help experts online. The subject professionals in our platform will assist you with architecture thesis topic selection as well as writing. In accordance with your university guidelines, our specialists will prepare and deliver a well-structured architecture thesis in advance of your deadline and aid you in securing high grades.

Architecture Thesis Topics

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The global COVID-19 vaccination campaign is the largest public health campaign in history, with over 2 billion people fully vaccinated within the first 8 months. Nevertheless, the impact of this campaign on all-cause mortality is not well understood. Leveraging the staggered rollout of vaccines, we find that the vaccination campaign across 141 countries averted 2.4 million excess deaths, valued at $6.5 trillion. We also find that an equitable counterfactual distribution of vaccines, with vaccination in each country proportional to its population, would have saved roughly 670,000 more lives. However, this distribution approach would have reduced the total value of averted deaths by $1.8 trillion due to redistribution of vaccines from high-income to low-income countries.

Funding provided by NIA R01AG073286 (Whaley) and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation Pandemic Response Policy Research Fund (Agrawal). We thank Coady Wing and seminar participants at the 2023 ASHE conference for helpful comments. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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Get the Best 200 Architecture Topics Online Right Here!

architecture topics

If you are looking for the latest and most interesting architecture topics, you have definitely arrived at the right place. In this blog post, you will find an extensive list of 200 of the best and most interesting architecture topics. However, what makes our article unique is the fact that we don’t focus solely on building architecture. This is the place to get the computer architecture topics research paper writers would be proud of. You will find plenty of research topics in computer architecture, so you can surely find one that suits your needs. And yes, using our ideas is – and will always be – 100 percent free.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Architecture Topics

Did you know that it pays to find the best architecture ideas for your high school or college academic papers? To be honest, most professors greatly appreciate students who manage to surprise them with interesting topics. So, why would you want to write a boring paper on a topic that’s already been used by two or three of your classmates? Here are 3 of the benefits of using our website as a source of inspiration every time you are looking for unique architecture topics:

You will most probably get some bonus points for coming up with an interesting, captivating topic. You will write the paper faster because our topics are easy to research and write about. You will get your essay to stand out from all the rest, which means your professor will most likely award you a top grade.

200 Free Ideas for Your Architecture Paper

OK, but why would you choose our architecture research paper topics or computer architecture research paper topics? There are several reasons why we are the best source of topic ideas on the Internet. First, all our topics are original and very well thought of. Second, these topics are absolutely free to use as you see fit. Yes, this means you can reword the topics and use them without giving us any credit. And third, this list of architecture topics is updated periodically. We want to be able to help as many students as we can, so our ENL writers are constantly replacing old topics with fresh ones.

Architecture Research Topics

When you need to write a research paper about a subject in architecture, you should definitely choose one of these awesome architecture research topics:

  • Analyze vertical housing architecture
  • Research latest developments in recreation areas
  • Discuss living urban spaces
  • Famous architects of the 19th century
  • Effects of weather on buildings
  • Advantages of vertical housing
  • Unique structures in Romania
  • Unique structures in the United Kingdom
  • Research the average pay of an architect
  • Research rural housing tendencies in 2022

Architecture Thesis Topics

Are you looking to start working on your thesis? We know that writing such a paper can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together a list of excellent architecture thesis topics:

  • Disadvantages of vertical housing
  • Store and studio combinations
  • Building an elderly facility
  • Problems with school building planning
  • Engineering’s influence on architecture
  • Worst architectural disasters of all time
  • Discuss lightweight architecture principles
  • Architecture in Europe vs. the US
  • Preserving ancient buildings
  • Discuss virtual planning
  • Building a major sporting structure

Architecture Ideas for High School Students

Our writers managed to create a list of exceptional architecture ideas for high school students. Choose one of our ideas and star writing your essay today:

  • The safety precautions on a construction site
  • Building a new school
  • Discuss urban infrastructure
  • Building a new hospital
  • Dangerous problems when building towers
  • Building a bridge
  • Differences between USA architecture and Canada
  • Discuss minimalism in architecture in Europe
  • Analyze the Egyptian Pyramids
  • Discuss the Venetian Gothic style

Cultural Facilities

There are many things you can talk about when it comes to architecture. If you would like to discuss the architecture of cultural facilities, pick one of these ideas:

  • Problems with university planning
  • Building a new library
  • Extreme weather conditions and cultural facilities
  • Influence of Ancient Greek architecture
  • Influence of Roman architecture
  • Safety at the construction site
  • Architecture in Islamic states
  • Discuss the concept of Panopticism
  • Best approach to building a new campus
  • Transportation architecture in London

Easy Computer Architecture Topics

When it comes to computer architecture, some topics are definitely better than others. Some are even easier to write about that most of the others. Here are some easy computer architecture topics:

  • Discuss hardware reliability
  • Discuss hardware security
  • The best memory system
  • What are HW accelerators?
  • Latest microprocessor designs
  • Latest trends
  • Discuss cache optimization
  • What is Non Volatile Memory?
  • Bus interfaces
  • Random Access Memory
  • What is a microcomputer?

Computer Architecture Ideas for High School

You can write about computer architecture in high school, of course, but you need easier topics. Check out this list of great computer architecture ideas for high school:

  • Memory hierarchy and access times
  • Discuss memory performance
  • The principle of locality
  • Temporal vs spatial locality
  • What is cache and what is it used for?
  • Fully associative cache
  • Direct mapped cache
  • Set associative cache
  • Discuss cache line addressing
  • Research the Least Recently Used algorithm
  • Discuss the 2.5D memory organization

Computer Architecture Research Topics

Writing a research paper on computer architecture can be difficult, but only if you don’t pick the right topic. Check out the following computer architecture research topics:

  • Research cache coherency
  • Static RAM vs dynamic RAM
  • RAS vs CAS memory
  • Research wait states
  • What is memory timing?
  • CAS latency explained
  • Research ColdFire SRAM Timing
  • Research NvRAM memory
  • Compare the system bus with the control bus
  • Machine learning with hardware accelerators
  • Best architecture for artificial intelligence systems

Transportation Architecture Ideas

Would you like to write about something your classmates are most likely avoiding? We have some excellent transportation architecture ideas for your right here:

  • The Bucharest transit system
  • Architecture in motion principles
  • Building a new bus terminal
  • Building a new train station
  • Building a new marina
  • Japanese high speed railroads

Landscape Architecture Topics

Writing about landscape architecture doesn’t have to be difficult. However, you need to choose the right landscape architecture topics for the job:

  • Adapting to low water conditions
  • Adapting to changing climate
  • The Back to Nature Movement
  • Discuss aesthetic appeal
  • Computer-assisted landscape architecture
  • Contemporary theories related to landscape architecture

Dissertation Topics for Interior Architecture

Are you preparing to start on your dissertation? This means you need some excellent ideas to choose from. We have some of the best dissertation topics for interior architecture right here:

  • Interior architecture in rich countries
  • Wellbeing and interior architecture
  • Lights and shadows
  • Interior architecture in public places
  • The many uses of glass
  • Interior architecture in Hong Kong

Master Thesis Topics in Architecture

Writing your master thesis doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Check out our excellent master thesis topics in architecture and pick the one you like:

  • Analyze the muquarnas in Islamic architecture
  • Research monumentalism
  • Analyze virtual planning in 2022
  • Ancient churches architecture
  • Building an auditorium
  • Building a discotheque
  • Building a new airport
  • The Los Angeles transit system
  • Analyze one of your local heritage sites

Housing Ideas

House architecture can be a fun and interesting thing to talk about. It’s also relatively easy to write an essay about this, if you choose our housing architecture essay ideas:

  • Computer-assisted housing design
  • Best architecture for a 5 bedroom house
  • Designing smart homes in 2022
  • Recycling spaces by reusing building materials
  • Discuss segmented spaces in America
  • Architecture’s effect on the price of homes in the United States
  • Research mud houses
  • What is abstract expressionism?
  • Energy efficient homes in the 21st century
  • The future of housing in the UK

Urban Planning and Infrastructure

When talking about urban planning and infrastructure, you need to be careful which topics you choose. These are difficult subjects, but we have some easy ideas for you nonetheless:

  • Sustainable urban planning
  • Urban infrastructure design problems
  • Residential design in UK vs the US
  • Urban planning in East European cities
  • Urban infrastructure in Canada
  • Computer assisted urban planning
  • Flexible design principles
  • Sustainable urban planning in metropolitan areas
  • The future of urban planning in Europe
  • Discuss the concept of architecture in motion

Architecture Topics for Dissertation

Writing your dissertation will be both stressful and time consuming. However, you can minimize the time you spend on the paper by choosing the right architecture topics for dissertation:

  • Analyze the architecture of Kartner Bar
  • Analyze the Greenfell Tower
  • Discuss the modernist theory
  • Research architecture in Ancient China
  • The future of infrastructure
  • Research adaptive architecture
  • Research the architecture of underwater restaurants
  • The London transit system
  • The building of the Empire State Building
  • The building of the Arch of Triumph

Architecture Thesis Topics in Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the best and most interesting things you can talk about in 2022. And the good news is that we have plenty of architecture thesis topics in sustainability:

  • Discuss natural siding materials
  • Effective use of small spaces
  • Benefits of a rooftop terrace
  • Renewable energy
  • Using less resources for building tall structures

Architecture Graduation Project Topics

Before you start working on your graduation project, make sure you pick the right idea. It can save you time and get you a better grade. Check out these architecture graduation project topics:

  • Build an international airport
  • Design a new college campus
  • Come up with an intelligent home idea
  • A complex project using wood and stone
  • Build your very own Golden Gate

Design Thesis Topics for Architecture

Before you start working on your design thesis, we strongly advise you to take a look at our design thesis topics for architecture to get an idea of what you should write about:

  • Smart home design
  • Urban planning designs
  • Design a new municipal market
  • Design a boutique hotel
  • Computer-aided design

Leisure Facilities

Discussing the architecture of leisure facilities can be a very interesting and fun activity. Your professor will surely love the outcome. Here are some awesome ideas:

  • Build a new sauna
  • Build an Olympic swimming pool
  • Build a 15-story hotel
  • Leisure facilities in an airport
  • Design a new adventure park

Computer Architecture Topics for College

Are you a college student looking for some interesting topics about computers? Pick one of our excellent computer architecture topics for college and start writing today:

  • Discuss major issues in computer design
  • Interfacing programs with hardware
  • What are SIC computers?
  • Discuss the Harvard architecture
  • Discuss the Von Neumann architecture
  • Compare instruction cycles
  • Quantum computing advantages
  • Research register allocation (memory)
  • TLB vs CPU Cache
  • Types of pipelining
  • Research synchronous data transfer

Controversial Architecture Topics

Nobody will ever prohibit you from writing about a controversial topic, as long as you keep your writing objective. Check out these interesting controversial architecture topics:

  • Poor architecture designs in the United States
  • Most embarrassing architecture mistakes in Europe
  • Using asbestos in construction in Eastern Europe
  • The most controversial buildings in history
  • Building codes in Nigeria
  • Dangers posed by old, communist apartment blocks in Eastern Europe

Dissertation Topics for Landscape Architecture

If you are about to start your dissertation on landscape architecture, why don’t you pick one of our well thought of dissertation topics for landscape architecture?

  • Landscape architecture in London
  • Research a new method for landscape architecture
  • Using eucalyptus and palm trees
  • The importance of a great pond
  • What makes a good landscape architecture project?
  • Latest developments in landscape architecture

Architectural Project Topics

Remember, architectural projects can be tricky, especially if you choose the wrong thing to work on. Here are our best and most interesting architectural project topics:

  • Design a football stadium
  • Build a new bridge near your location
  • Expand the current airport
  • Build a new COVID-19 hospital
  • Design a courthouse
  • Build the subways system of the future

Public Offices Ideas

The architecture of public offices can be very interesting to write about and research. Take a look at our best architecture of public offices ideas:

  • Build a new courthouse
  • Build an education center
  • Designs a healthcare facility
  • Design a military base
  • Your take on a modern fire station
  • Design the police station of the future

Architecture Ideas for College Students

If you are a college student who wants some interesting ideas about architecture, we are here to help. Pick one of these unique architecture ideas for college students:

  • Discuss the open rainscreen design
  • Good design best practices
  • Using traditional materials for sustainability
  • Design a new space station
  • Design an infinite forest in your city

Most Interesting Architecture Ideas

Lastly, we’ve put together a list of the ideas we think are the most interesting on the Internet. These should all work great in 2022. Check out our most interesting architecture ideas:

  • Discuss the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • Sustainable housing for the future
  • Using renewable energy in the 21st century
  • Discuss cinema architecture
  • Unusual architectonic designs
  • A forest in a city: concept
  • How high can we go with our buildings?
  • Eco-friendly construction materials
  • Developments in construction technology

Best Help With Architecture Thesis

Remember, if you need any help with your architecture paper, our writers can put together a new list of architecture topics for you in no time. All you have to do is get in touch with us. And don’t forget, we can help you get an A+ on your next architecture essay.

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Top 25 Architecture Research Paper Topics to Write About

architect research paper topics

  • 28th December, 2020

Many children have a mathematical mind and advanced creative skills. Oftentimes, these qualities make them choose architecture as their future profession. It’s an amazing field, which creates so many beautiful buildings that surround us. Undoubtedly, the process of learning is very long and complex. Students deal with heaps of academic assignments and sometimes cannot handle them properly. Thus, many of them seek essay help websites as they want to pay for a research paper on architecture topics, written by academic experts to earn the desired grades. Some of them cannot even choose relevant topics.

Architecture topics

We think that custom wiring services are not the first thing you should try when you experience any form of complications. You can use educational and non-commercial websites, which propose relevant learning tips, samples, recommendations, and topic lists. For example, this informative guide provides a list of excellent topics suitable for research papers on architecture.

Research papers on architecture

01. Consider the Following Suggestions for Architecture Research Topics

01. Use of Lightweight Architecture in Advanced Structures.

02. School Planning and Main Complications.

03. What Should Modern Architects Learn from Their Ancestors?

04. The Most Famous Architects of the 20 th .

05. How Is Engineering Related to Architecture?

06. How to Benefit from the Light When Planning a Building?

07. The Issue of Safety on Construction Sites.

08. How Did Ancient Egyptians Affect Modern Architects?

09. Common Problems While Building and How to Overcome Them.

10. How Do Extreme Weather Conditions Affect the Durability of Buildings?

11. Are the US Architects Fairly Paid?

12. The Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Housing.

13. Major Differences Between Architecture in the USA And Europe.

14. Unique Structures in the Czech Republic.

15. The Influence of Ancient Greece on Modern Architecture.

16. How Does Technology Help in Building?

17. The Main Peculiarities of Building Homes for Elderly Patients.

18. How to Combine Store and Studio Naturally?

19. The Main Peculiarities of Architecture in China.

20. What Challenges Do Architects Face When They Build Sporting Structures?

21. How to Preserve Ancient Structures?

22. Architecture Concepts in the USA and Canada: Differences.

23. Can We Trust Virtual Planning?

24. The Major Tendencies in Rural Housing.

25. Urban Versus Rural Housing: How Much in Common Do They Have?You’re welcome to utilize any of these concepts or create similar ideas based on our topic list. It’s necessary to understand the main qualities and features of an acceptable topic. Our guide will shed more light on this and other peculiarities here below.

02. How to Select a Good Topic for Architecture Research Topic?

Select a Good Topic

When you have appropriate examples of what a topic should be like, it’s a huge advantage. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand the things that make it relevant to your professors and readers. It’s supposed to be:

  • Informative;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Meaningful;
  • Helpful, etc.

Choose a certain problem in any architecture direction. There are multiple fields you may study. The most famous and popular categories are:

  • Urban planning and infrastructure;
  • Public offices, buildings, and institutions;
  • Leisure and fun facilities;
  • Cultural facilities;
  • Houses, etc.

The first ideas that occur to the mind are commonly too broad. You won’t have much space to fully disclose housing or urban planning. Such topics are overly general, and you should narrow them to propose a specific theme. However, the categories mentioned above help to narrow your choice.

Research Paper

A lot depends on the research of the chosen topic. Let’s imagine that you’re interested in the process of urbanization and the appearance of big cities. You should select a certain region to minimize the search area. It may be Europe and you may narrow the topic by choosing a concrete city, which is Berlin.

Begin to work in that direction and gather all the facts about this city. Read historical chronicles, encyclopedias, and similar documents. Make sure all the sources are trustworthy. Keep the track of the bibliography, take smart notes, and refine them afterward. Create at least variants of the anticipated topic and try to make them different. Thus, you’ll have at least opposite points of view to choose from. You should be confident that you have enough information to cover a concrete issue and are enthusiastic about completing your research paper on architecture.

03. Craft a Strong Thesis Statement 

Strong Thesis Statements

The central idea of any academic assignment is called a thesis statement . It’s the core of the entire project, and you should take it seriously. A thesis statement commonly consists of a single (sometimes two) sentence and plainly explains the purpose of your research. It helps to:

  • Organize and develop your main argument;
  • Explain why you’re chosen a certain issue;
  • Provide your audience with a “guide” to your argument;
  • Clarify the importance of your research;
  • Determine the type of analysis you want to use, etc.

You should build the rest of the text around this single sentence. All the arguments, examples, research, and analysis methods you’ll use should be related to your thesis statement. If you feel you’re probably gone astray, check your thesis. If it’s so, make the necessary adjustments. A strong thesis statement may sound like this “Berlin is a big city with a rich history, which teaches architects to constantly improve themselves”. Your task is to develop this statement and provide explanations about why Berlin’s architecture can teach modern architects something new and has the potential to encourage them.

04. Short Smart Tips for Writing and Editing in Architecture Research Paper

Smart Tips for Writing

We want to briefly inform you about the special steps you’re supposed to undertake to write a winning architecture research paper. They will help to avoid potential mistakes. These are:

  • Write at least two drafts;
  • Prefer the active voice;
  • Don’t try to cram several issues at once;
  • Avoid slang, jargon, acronyms, etc.;
  • Use dynamic words;
  • Avoid long sentences and paragraphs;
  • Make smooth and logical transitions;
  • Always explain any technical terms;
  • Support your hypotheses with adequate examples;
  • Revise the project at least twice;
  • Use learning applications to edit and proofread;
  • Never exceed the recommended length.

On a final note, these recommendations and tips aren’t that difficult to follow. Fulfilling them correctly, you’ll avoid mistakes and will receive the highest grade. Use our list to choose a perfect topic. We hope that you found our blog informative enough to write a good architecture research paper topic.

If you want to do a research on the historical or traditional topics, here we have some information for you:

Ancient Greek Architecture: One of the Leading Ones

Importance of vernacular architecture.

Image Courtesy: Image 2 , Image 5

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architect research paper topics

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architect research paper topics

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30 Architecture Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen

Successful Architecture Research Paper Topics

Architecture is a growing field of interest for research purposes. This area is important and relevant to the current times of rapid technological advancement as well as development, and as a result, a need for more research in all dimensions of the field appears. In this blog, we introduce you 30 topics on architecture. The list is not limited to topics only, but there’s also a separate list for 10 questions and yet another for 5 ideas.

We’ve considered all areas related to architecture that need further research and crafted topics, questions, and ideas out of them. Go through the entire lists and select anything that inspires you. They may be availed in the way they are presented or can be modified as you like.

Easy Tips On How to Select the Best Architecture Research Paper Topic?

The process of selection of a topic is a tricky one, but most of the guidance comes from you. Since you are the prime researcher, its essential that the topic you choose is in line with your interests for research. None of the topics in our list is good or bad as long as each of them has been suggested after an in-depth study and analysis of the existing literature. Each topic is equally worthy of being studied, so go with the one that you find interesting.

30 Most Interesting Architecture Research Paper Topics

Topics for research in architecture have a wide span. Since the field is vibrant, deep, and diverse, the topics are accordingly unique. 30 of the most important ones are as under:

  • Design integration in campus planning
  • Use of lightweight architecture in advanced structures.
  • The importance of parametric designing in modern architecture.
  • The significance of sanctuaries for the preservation of wildlife in urban areas.
  • The construction process of Egyptian pyramids.
  • Best designs for shared accommodations.
  • The importance of sustainable urban development.
  • The influence of Islamic architecture on the design of structures in the UAE.
  • The impact of historic French art and architecture on modern designs.
  • Best designs for restaurants for revitalization of urban areas.
  • The effect of IoT on urban architectural design.
  • Best designing for maximum building space utilization.
  • Important things to consider for resilient design.
  • Conservation as a way of sustaining cultural heritage.
  • Best practices for school planning in rural areas.
  • The impact of unlimited housing developments on the environment.
  • A smart approach to the designing of a transport system to regulate traffic congestion.
  • The origins of Islamic architecture.
  • The influence of classical art on modern architecture.
  • A comparison of materials used in ancient and modern architecture.
  • Famous architects of the 20 th
  • Optimum balance between structural strength and aesthetic appeal.
  • Benefits of low-cost high-strength architecture.
  • The effect of extreme weather conditions on the durability of architecture.
  • The influence of European art on architecture.
  • Best practices in town planning.
  • Art as the prime influencer of architecture.
  • The impact of Islamic architecture on the modern structural design.
  • The significance of arches for structural safety.
  • Reconstruction of architectural heritage.

10 Attention Grabbing Architecture Research Paper Questions

Questions for research in architecture made for perfect titles. They instantly provide the readers with an insight into the content of the paper. 10 questions suitable for research in architecture are as follows:

  • How to make the maximum use of sunlight in advanced structures?
  • How to redesign highways for best urban mobility?
  • Is rapid urbanization dangerous for sustainability?
  • How were the pyramids of Egypt constructed?
  • How do domes increase the strength of a structure?
  • What will the architectural practices be like in 2050?
  • What limit of indoor air velocity is allowable?
  • How has building information modelling influenced architecture?
  • How the architectural design of an office building differs from that of a residential building?
  • When architecture becomes art?

5 Architecture Research Paper Ideas To Explore

Finally, let’s have a look into 5 best ideas for architectural research. You may change the structure and meaning of the ideas suggested, e.g. ‘modern architecture’ rather than ‘ancient architecture’. The options are:

  • Ancient temples in Egypt.
  • The architecture of Taj Mahal.
  • Rehabilitation of ancient structures.
  • Ancient architecture.
  • Sustainable architecture.

Get Help with More Topics, Questions, Or Ideas from Us

If you have a basic idea in your mind but can’t form a topic or question out of it, let us know. Our team of experts helps students with paper writing. Take our professional research paper help .

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architect research paper topics

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Biophilic design in architecture and its contributions to health, well-being, and sustainability: A critical review

February 2022

Weijie Zhong | Torsten Schröder | Juliette Bekkering

In the last ten years, ‘nature’ and biophilic design have received widespread attention in architecture, especially in response to growing environmental challenges. However, open questions and controversies...

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Using passive cooling strategies to improve thermal performance and reduce energy consumption of residential buildings in U.A.E. buildings

Hanan M. Taleb

Passive design responds to local climate and site conditions in order to maximise the comfort and health of building users while minimising energy use. The key to designing a passive building is to...

The effects of environmental factors on the patient outcomes in hospital environments: A review of literature

Saman Jamshidi | Jan S. Parker | Seyedehnastaran Hashemi

This study investigates the evidence supporting the impact of the built environment on the health outcomes for patients within the hospital setting. Improving the hospital environment may potentially...

Designing with nature: Advancing three-dimensional green spaces in architecture through frameworks for biophilic design and sustainability

August 2023

Weijie Zhong | Torsten Schroeder | Juliette Bekkering

In the transition to a more sustainable built environment over the last two decades, the “greening” of architecture as a popular approach has received widespread attention. However, there are still...

Healthy campus by open space design: Approaches and guidelines

December 2014

Stephen Siu Yu Lau | Zhonghua Gou | Yajing Liu

This paper examines the architectural and landscape design strategies and intentions for green, open spaces facilities targeting stress alleviation for learning environments such as those of university...

Computational design in architecture: Defining parametric, generative, and algorithmic design

Inês Caetano | Luís Santos | António Leitão

Computation-based approaches in design have emerged in the last decades and rapidly became popular among architects and other designers. Design professionals and researchers adopted different terminologies...

Exploring the influence of the built environment on human experience through a neuroscience approach: A systematic review

Tulay Karakas | Dilek Yildiz

The built environment provides a habitat for the most sophisticated mammal in our universe, the human being. Developments in science and technology are forcing us to reconsider the priority of human...

Evolution of Islamic geometric patterns

Yahya Abdullahi | Mohamed Rashid Bin Embi

This research demonstrates the suitability of applying Islamic geometrical patterns (IGPs) to architectural elements in terms of time scale accuracy and style matching. To this end, a detailed survey...

Mapping urban public spaces based on the Nolli map method

September 2021

Huimin Ji | Wowo Ding

In 1748, Giambattista Nolli published a large map of Rome, which accurately depicted the form and system of public space in the city. This graphic presentation has become a powerful tool for urban space...

Studies on sustainable features of vernacular architecture in different regions across the world: A comprehensive synthesis and evaluation

December 2019

Anh Tuan Nguyen | Nguyen Song Ha Truong | David Rockwood | Anh Dung Tran Le

Due to the increasing pressure brought by recent global environmental problems, building designers are embracing regionalism and the knowledge of traditional structures, arguing that these structures...

Geometric proportions: The underlying structure of design process for Islamic geometric patterns

December 2012

Loai M. Dabbour

This paper discusses geometric proportions which serve as a design tool, especially for Islamic pattern design. The key role of geometry in Islamic patterns is discussed with relation to proportions...

Tree-inspired dendriforms and fractal-like branching structures in architecture: A brief historical overview

September 2014

Iasef Md Rian | Mario Sassone

The shapes of trees are complex and fractal-like, and they have a set of physical, mechanical and biological functions. The relation between them always draws attention of human beings throughout history...

Short- and long-term effects of architecture on the brain: Toward theoretical formalization

Andréa de Paiva | Richard Jedon

The physical environment affects people's behavior and wellbeing. Some effects can be easily noticed through observation, whereas others require an in-depth study to be understood and measured. Although...

Integrated design of transport infrastructure and public spaces considering human behavior: A review of state-of-the-art methods and tools

Liu Yang | Koen H. van Dam | Arnab Majumdar | Bani Anvari | Washington Y. Ochieng | Lufeng Zhang

In order to achieve holistic urban plans incorporating transport infrastructure, public space and the behavior of people in these spaces, integration of urban design and computer modeling is a promising...

An account of critical regionalism in diverse building types in postcolonial Indian architecture

December 2018

Sanyam Bahga | Gaurav Raheja

Critical regionalism is an architectural concept that seeks to balance local needs and capabilities with the progressive lessons of modernisation. Critical regionalism has been an influential architectural...

Lighting, colour and geometry: Which has the greatest influence on students' cognitive processes?

María Luisa Nolé Fajardo | Juan Luis Higuera-Trujillo | Carmen Llinares

Many studies have analysed the effects that design elements, such as lighting and colour, have on students' cognitive functions. These analyses, while providing useful information, do not allow researchers...

What is a Korean officetel? Case study on Bundang New Town

Emilien Gohaud | Seungman Baek

The purpose of this study is to identify a little-known element in Korea׳s housing typology: the officetel. A portmanteau of the English office and hotel, the officetel was originally a work facility...

Privacy, modesty, hospitality, and the design of Muslim homes: A literature review

Zulkeplee Othman | Rosemary Aird | Laurie Buys

Traditional Islamic teachings and traditions involve guidelines that have direct applications in the domestic sphere. The principles of privacy, modesty, and hospitality are central to these guidelines;...

Modernity in tradition: Reflections on building design and technology in the Asian vernacular

Mamun Rashid | Dilshad Rahat Ara

Vernacular buildings across the globe provide instructive examples of sustainable solutions to building problems. Yet, these solutions are assumed to be inapplicable to modern buildings. Despite some...

Kahn's light: The measurable and the unmeasurable of the Bangladesh National Assembly Building

Blerim Lutolli | Kaltrina Jashanica

To incline and unfold the constituent elements of Louis I. Kahn's architecture and philosophy, a precise attention must lie on the fundamental objectives that he vigorously pursued and mastered, especially...

The impact of the design of learning spaces on attention and memory from a neuroarchitectural approach: A systematic review

Mar Llorens-Gámez | Juan Luis Higuera-Trujillo | Carla Sentieri Omarrementeria | Carmen Llinares

Enriched environments in animal models have demonstrated that exposure to an optimal stimulus improves behavior, cognition, and genomics. However, the evidence base for the neurophysiological influence...

Quality of public space and sustainable development goals: analysis of nine urban projects in Spanish cities

Raimundo Bambó Naya | Pablo de la Cal Nicolás | Carmen Díez Medina | Isabel Ezquerra | Sergio García-Pérez | Javier Monclús

The starting point of this research is the urban model promoted by the United Nations through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The importance of public spaces is especially highlighted in Goal...

Biology and architecture: An ongoing hybridization of scientific knowledge and design practice by six architectural offices in France

Natasha Chayaamor-Heil | Louis Vitalis

As a highly interdisciplinary field, architecture is being influenced by many subjects of natural and social sciences. Biology despite being apparently distant from architecture is currently a scientific...

Therapeutic landscapes and healing gardens: A review of Chinese literature in relation to the studies in western countries

The paper deciphers the Chinese literature to English speaking scholars and bridges the gap between China and the western countries on the topics of therapeutic landscapes and healing gardens. Three...

Urban planning historical review of master plans and the way towards a sustainable city: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

September 2019

Linda Lazaro Peter | Yuzhen Yang

Urban planning in Tanzania has focused mainly on economic development. The Tanzanian government prioritizes large-scale modern projects to increase national income and propel world-class urban settlements....

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The Practice of Architectural Research: How to start

architect research paper topics

Architectural research is the organized investigation done in the architectural field by studying materials and sources to generate insights, knowledge, and understanding. This research is based on tools, competencies, and methods found in the architectural field and possesses its strategies, scope, knowledge base and tactics. Research is vital to architectural practice, as it teaches prospective architects important architectural skills in research. Exposure to research-based education for architecture students creates better development and learning experiences. Research in schools helps to create a research mentality in architects.

The Practice of Architectural Research: How to start - Sheet1

There was a rise in the independence of architectural theory as a discipline in the 1960s, developing the theory of architectural practice. This creates a self-referential and independent area in architecture which is separate from the world of production and the sphere of action. The break between theory and practice was stated to be linked in the 1990s through the development and use of ontological research of exemplary buildings integrated with analytical research methods. This approach was developed by architects in the academic field, and it focuses on the principles of architecture, grand narratives production and the voice of the architect.

There are three types of research approaches in architecture, with each having a distinct approach (Seppo  et al.  2002). Practice-based research and architectural design -based research are created from the architect’s theory or related disciplines. These two types of research are research approaches which are theory-based and come from scientific practice. The action research approach is the last type of architectural research; it is practice-oriented and originates from architectural practice. This article will consider methods to go about the action research approach and the architectural design-based research.

Architectural design -based research 

The Practice of Architectural Research: How to start - Sheet2

Create your research paper topic

Identifying a research topic is the first line of action in starting research. Architecture is a broad field of study with different research areas such as architectural history, philosophy of architecture, design theory, interpretation of architecture , etc. Reviewing from a wide perspective to a narrower perspective enables one to grasp the topic better.

Resources Gathering 

Choosing a research topic is followed by obtaining relevant data to carry out the research. This relevant data may include building codes and existing research to write discussion points. These existing studies are found in articles and journals and must be cited accordingly if used in the research paper. Research resources are also collected by the use of research questions developed, which serves as the advanced search feature.

Structure of the research paper

The detailed structuring of a research paper involves arranging the points in an orderly way for the smooth flow of the article. Abstract and introduction are the first point of call in a research paper. They are important elements of the research paper, providing the overview for a reader to continue going over the research paper.

Review the research paper

A research paper must be properly cited and reviewed after writing to correct errors within the article . This review can be done using an editing tool which helps produce grammatically correct content which is easily understandable by the reader. A proper citation of the article should be carried out to acknowledge the use of individuals’ ideas and for further reading by prospective readers.

Getting Funding | Architectural Research

Funding is a major issue in carrying out architectural research. There are numerous ways to get funding for research projects. Architectural bodies offer to fund researchers, which the funding is based on how feasible the projects are and their relevance to the architectural field. Schools also provide funding for researchers and some help researchers in finding grant opportunities.

Action research approach | Architectural Research

architect research paper topics

Research Strategy

In action research, knowledge is developed and integrated into a particular area in the architectural field. This knowledge is researched by an architectural firm, which in turn focuses its research efforts on aligning with the firm’s business strategy . Architectural research is carried out by different organizations to give the firm strategic benefits and a comparative advantage in the field. This research may focus on the technical or the material research process to create new areas of expertise for the firm or improve the current areas.

Daring during research

Architectural firms sometimes focus their research on new and revolutionary innovations as opposed to research aimed at improving the current architectural field. Research is made to test new methods and ideas, i.e., research is mistake bound and about trial and error. Risky research gives the firm a comparative advantage and can cause a big edge in business.

Networking in research

Building a network of experts and advisers focused on research in an architectural firm. This group tests and discusses new concepts which are essential in research. Networking is used to gather knowledge about new research development and new ideas across the research areas. Networking creates an ecosystem of research collaborators which create new knowledge in the field and recognize what happens in the architectural profession.

Teamwork in Research

Collaboration within a firm to carry out research in the architectural field is another dilemma for architectural firms. Architecture is an area that focuses on creativity, and such creativity can be discovered through collaboration. Teamwork should be encouraged in research as it produces new design processes and conceptual ideas through an iterative process which gives a competitive advantage to the architectural firm involved in the research.

Involving the academics | Architectural Research

The architecture academia is focused on research and development, which is an interesting area for architectural firms. Encouraging the participation of academic researchers to participate in a firm’s research through workshops . This allows for a better understanding of happenings both in academics and in architectural practice, such as the time pressures of practice and roles in research projects.


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The Practice of Architectural Research: How to start - Sheet1

Chukwuebuka is an architecture student and an amateur writer using his skills to express his ideas to the world. He has written a few articles for DAPC Uniben and he is adventuring to become a popular writer.

architect research paper topics

Book in Focus: The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings by Marc Kushner

architect research paper topics

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architect research paper topics

How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture: Step-by-Step Guide

how to write a research paper on architecture

An architecture student that envisions joining the field in their career life can learn important architectural skills through writing research papers.

Also, researching and writing original architectural content allows students to channel what they’ve been learning into practical skills. These are skills they can use later in their career world.

To effectively write a quality piece of content, a student should choose a topic they understand well and adhere to the set structure parameters. 

How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture

Create your research paper topic.

The field of architecture is wide, but you must create a unique topic to help your paper stand out and avoid common  research paper writing mistakes . But, first, you should brainstorm from a broader perspective before researching for ideas online or from offline sources. 

Because the architecture field deals with building structures , building designs, and building plans , you should go a little deeper when researching topics such as how a historical city like Athens was built or how hanging bridges are designed.

Get some understanding of any loopholes in the design, as they will serve as important points in your paper.

You should then narrow down all the research topics you have chosen and focus on one topic.

Consolidate your information sources

With your research paper topic ready, your next step is to gather relevant information for writing your discussion points.

For example, suppose your research topic is on green architecture, AI in architecture, or changing culture and modern architecture, you need to immerse yourself in research again to get the right sources for information.

For architecture topics, books might be your focus. Architecture is an old practice, and there are hundreds of books written about great structures and how they were created.

For better results in your research, you can use the advanced search feature to  formulate research questions .  

Journals and articles form another excellent source for research. Take note of each source you come across, including the type of source, page number, publication date, author, and so on.

These details will be useful when citing your references at the end of your research paper.

how to write a research paper on architecture

Introduce your paper and create your thesis

The introduction and thesis are two important components of your research paper on architecture. They play a significant role in determining if someone will be interested in reading your paper or if they will just award some grades and move on to another paper. 

In one short paragraph, the introduction gives details of why anyone should read your paper. First, it focuses on the background information, then sheds light on the purpose of the paper.

The thesis, on the other hand, is often confused for the introduction, but it’s different. It summarizes the main point in your paper by stating the topic, the main idea, and briefly noting some supporting information. These could be supporting or opposing information. 

The points in your introduction and thesis should be strong, attractive, and highly relevant to your topic. It should urge the reader to continue reading.

Ask professionals for help on your research paper

Writing college research papers may be challenging due to time constraints, so you may choose to pay a professional for assistance.

For example, there was a time I was doing technical research in architectural design but did not have enough time to complete it. So, I  paid for research paper  at Edubirdie to help me save time and pursue other educational endeavors simultaneously.

Professional researchers understand what students go through when trying to meet assignment deadlines. 

Create a detailed structure

Even when you have all your sources, you may not write a well-structured paper if you don’t have a detailed order of how the information will flow. This order is your paper structure, and it outlines the number of headings you will use.

Ideally, your paper structure should start with the main heading, followed by the thesis, body, subheadings, conclusion, and ends with citations. It also highlights the points you will use to prove your arguments and other supporting information relevant to your paper.

In simple words, creating a detailed structure involves you arranging your points in an orderly manner so that once you begin to write, your content flow will be smooth.

how to write a research paper on architecture

Piece together all your information

Once your structure is ready, begin piecing together your headings, subheadings, supporting points, and every relevant information into a smart, well-thought, and widely researched paper. 

When writing, do not ignore the  paragraph structure  because it affects grammar flow, progression from one point to the next, and quality. Also, keep your focus on the main topic lest you wander away into irrelevant information.

Proofread, edit, and cite your paper

Your research paper on architecture will be incomplete without proper editing and citations.

For thorough editing, first read through your paper without using any editing tool. Then, correct the errors that you can easily pinpoint. Afterward, you can run the paper on an editing tool. The tool will help you achieve grammatically correct content that is attractive to your audience.

Even after editing using editing tools, take your time to read your paper again and then use the right citation format to cite your paper. After citing your paper, check for errors and plagiarism, and write the concluding paragraph. 

A research paper on architecture enhances students' research and writing skills. It helps students gain better knowledge of the architectural field, which will prove useful in the career world.

To write the best quality paper, students must commit themselves to research and use their cognitive skills to identify any loopholes in their sources. They must also pay attention to structure and paragraph flow to make their paper unique and attractive. 

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architect research paper topics

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architect research paper topics

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architect research paper topics


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How to write a research paper on architecture

Guide to How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture, Building Writing Advice, Online Architectural Help

How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture

21 Dec 2020

Architecture is widely considered one of the most challenging degrees you can choose. Some people go as far as comparing it to a medical degree in terms of the workload and difficulty. If you know someone who studies architecture, you have probably heard about many deadlines, all-nighters, and 18-hour work days. Besides, architecture students need great communication skills for networking and pitching their ideas to clients.

How to write a research paper on architecture

How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture Design

While some architecture schools are more focused on practical tasks, others may dedicate more attention to research and writing. Whether you have to write research papers on architecture on a weekly basis or just once in a while, this article will help you do it in the best way possible. Why not visit this page .

Determine the scale of your project

Architecture is a very wide field. There are dozens different jobs in the field, hundreds of architectural styles, and millions of niches you can get into in your research paper. That’s why it’s important to keep the scale of your project in mind and make sure you go into just the right amount of detail.

If you are struggling to choose a topic that would work well, consider reaching out to paper writing services so that professional architecture writers can help you. To choose the best service, try looking for a review from students’ who have used the service before. For example, a Paperhelp review can help you decide if the service is right for you.

If you choose a topic that’s too wide, you’ll have a hard time getting your point across. On the other hand, if your topic is too narrow, you might not be able to find enough information about it on the Internet. To prevent that from happening, always do some preliminary research to determine how many sources are available.

Choose your analysis type

In architecture, research papers usually focus on one of the three types of research — visual research, textual analysis, or historical analysis. Visual research is, perhaps, the most interesting and the most creative part of the research. Look at the space and try to think what it reminds you of, how does it make you feel, what impression does it create, etc. If you’re writing a more in-depth paper, textual analysis might be necessary. In order to understand a more complex content or a narrow niche, study the research of people who have looked at it before.

Try to figure out where the writer is coming from, what are their references, inspirations, or goals. If socioeconomic context is important for your topic, do some historical analysis as well. It will help you better understand the buildings, their details, and their significance. If you are analyzing a particular style or movement, looking at different movements that were prominent at that time will give you a better perspective. You might want to focus on one particular analysis type or combine several types. Before making the decision, consider what is the goal of your paper and what type of analysis can help you reach it.

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Have a logical structure

Once you’ve chosen your topic, your sources, and your analysis type, you should consider the structure of your paper. Normally, you would start with a short introduction that would give the reader some background information regarding why you choose that topic, what research have you done, and what was your main question or idea. After that, map out your paper in a way so that it makes sense to someone who doesn’t know anything about your topic.

You might want to start with some background information and present some key theory points or describe the time period that you are dealing with. Then you can proceed to more details and your observations of the object. In the conclusion, briefly summarize the main points and findings of your research and give your own opinion on the subject.

When it comes to academic writing, it’s important to be concise. Remember, your research paper is not a magazine article, so you shouldn’t add any fluff, poetic phrases, or your personal sentiments. Stir away from emotionally colored words and sentences such as “a magnificent building” or “I love how(…)” If you are particularly impressed with some aspect of your research subject, explain what makes it stand out among others, highlight the complexity of the structure, or point out why it was so important.

That way, you will express your admiration in a more appropriate manner. Try not to use very long sentences too. Although they might sound natural in your head, the reader will find it much easier to follow your train of thought when the sentences are shorter. Of course, remember not to use any colloquialisms, slang, or contractions.

Say what you think

As we’ve mentioned before, a research paper is not an article or a blogpost, so it cannot be based solely on your personal opinion. However, architecture is a creative field. It’s creativity that attracts people to the field and what is valued most in an architect. That’s why in your research paper, you shouldn’t just paraphrase the opinions of other people and leave it at that. Always include your personal perspective and your opinion on why something is the way it is or how it could have been done differently.

Comments on this guide to How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture article are welcome.

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MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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In a surprising finding, light can make water evaporate without heat

Press contact :, media download.

8 images show discs of hydrogels, labeled A-H. The bottom rows are very wet, and the top looks dry.

*Terms of Use:

Images for download on the MIT News office website are made available to non-commercial entities, press and the general public under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license . You may not alter the images provided, other than to crop them to size. A credit line must be used when reproducing images; if one is not provided below, credit the images to "MIT."

Green leaves with water droplets.

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Evaporation is happening all around us all the time, from the sweat cooling our bodies to the dew burning off in the morning sun. But science’s understanding of this ubiquitous process may have been missing a piece all this time.

In recent years, some researchers have been puzzled upon finding that water in their experiments, which was held in a sponge-like material known as a hydrogel, was evaporating at a higher rate than could be explained by the amount of heat, or thermal energy, that the water was receiving. And the excess has been significant — a doubling, or even a tripling or more, of the theoretical maximum rate.

After carrying out a series of new experiments and simulations, and reexamining some of the results from various groups that claimed to have exceeded the thermal limit, a team of researchers at MIT has reached a startling conclusion: Under certain conditions, at the interface where water meets air, light can directly bring about evaporation without the need for heat, and it actually does so even more efficiently than heat. In these experiments, the water was held in a hydrogel material, but the researchers suggest that the phenomenon may occur under other conditions as well.

The findings are published this week in a paper in PNAS , by MIT postdoc Yaodong Tu, professor of mechanical engineering Gang Chen, and four others.

The phenomenon might play a role in the formation and evolution of fog and clouds, and thus would be important to incorporate into climate models to improve their accuracy, the researchers say. And it might play an important part in many industrial processes such as solar-powered desalination of water, perhaps enabling alternatives to the step of converting sunlight to heat first.

The new findings come as a surprise because water itself does not absorb light to any significant degree. That’s why you can see clearly through many feet of clean water to the surface below. So, when the team initially began exploring the process of solar evaporation for desalination, they first put particles of a black, light-absorbing material in a container of water to help convert the sunlight to heat.

Then, the team came across the work of another group that had achieved an evaporation rate double the thermal limit — which is the highest possible amount of evaporation that can take place for a given input of heat, based on basic physical principles such as the conservation of energy. It was in these experiments that the water was bound up in a hydrogel. Although they were initially skeptical, Chen and Tu starting their own experiments with hydrogels, including a piece of the material from the other group. “We tested it under our solar simulator, and it worked,” confirming the unusually high evaporation rate, Chen says. “So, we believed them now.” Chen and Tu then began making and testing their own hydrogels.

They began to suspect that the excess evaporation was being caused by the light itself —that photons of light were actually knocking bundles of water molecules loose from the water’s surface. This effect would only take place right at the boundary layer between water and air, at the surface of the hydrogel material — and perhaps also on the sea surface or the surfaces of droplets in clouds or fog.

In the lab, they monitored the surface of a hydrogel, a JELL-O-like matrix consisting mostly of water bound by a sponge-like lattice of thin membranes. They measured its responses to simulated sunlight with precisely controlled wavelengths.

The researchers subjected the water surface to different colors of light in sequence and measured the evaporation rate. They did this by placing a container of water-laden hydrogel on a scale and directly measuring the amount of mass lost to evaporation, as well as monitoring the temperature above the hydrogel surface. The lights were shielded to prevent them from introducing extra heat. The researchers found that the effect varied with color and peaked at a particular wavelength of green light. Such a color dependence has no relation to heat, and so supports the idea that it is the light itself that is causing at least some of the evaporation.

The researchers tried to duplicate the observed evaporation rate with the same setup but using electricity to heat the material, and no light. Even though the thermal input was the same as in the other test, the amount of water that evaporated never exceeded the thermal limit. However, it did so when the simulated sunlight was on, confirming that light was the cause of the extra evaporation.

Though water itself does not absorb much light, and neither does the hydrogel material itself, when the two combine they become strong absorbers, Chen says. That allows the material to harness the energy of the solar photons efficiently and exceed the thermal limit, without the need for any dark dyes for absorption.

Having discovered this effect, which they have dubbed the photomolecular effect, the researchers are now working on how to apply it to real-world needs. They have a grant from MIT’s  Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab to study the use of this phenomenon to improve the efficiency of solar-powered desalination systems, and a Bose Grant to explore the phenomenon’s effects on climate change modeling.

Tu explains that in standard desalination processes, “it normally has two steps: First we evaporate the water into vapor, and then we need to condense the vapor to liquify it into fresh water.” With this discovery, he says, potentially “we can achieve high efficiency on the evaporation side.” The process also could turn out to have applications in processes that require drying a material.

Chen says that in principle, he thinks it may be possible to increase the limit of water produced by solar desalination, which is currently 1.5 kilograms per square meter, by as much as three- or fourfold using this light-based approach. “This could potentially really lead to cheap desalination,” he says.

Tu adds that this phenomenon could potentially also be leveraged in evaporative cooling processes, using the phase change to provide a highly efficient solar cooling system.

Meanwhile, the researchers are also working closely with other groups who are attempting to replicate the findings, hoping to overcome skepticism that has faced the unexpected findings and the hypothesis being advanced to explain them.

The research team also included Jiawei Zhou, Shaoting Lin, Mohammed Alshrah, and Xuanhe Zhao, all in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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System can sterilize medical tools using solar heat

Researchers found that strontium cobalt oxide (SCO) naturally occurs in an atomic configuration called brownmillerite (center), but when oxygen ions are added to it (right), it becomes more orderly and more heat conductive, and when hydrogen ions are added (left) it becomes less orderly and less heat conductive.

A material’s insulating properties can be tuned at will

The new aerogel insulating material is highly transparent, transmitting 95 percent of light. In this photo, parallel laser beams are used to make the material visible.

Getting more heat out of sunlight

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Teenager Dustin Liang standing in front of a lake with some tall grass in the foreground

Teen uses calculus learned through MITx to better understand his cancer treatment

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Anne White (foreground, gesturing) and Robert Stoner (out of focus) sit in chairs on a stage.

How to decarbonize the world, at scale

Andres Rico stands next to Eva next to a brick building. Each holds a bucket with a small rectanguar sensor glued to the side.

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Abigail Schipper smiles with arms crossed while standing in front of a parked MIT ambulance with red lights on.

Innovating for health equity

Two by two grid of images. At top left, a large robotic arm with objects it can pick up, including a white doll, a banana, multicolored building blocks, and green grapes. The other three panels show the same demonstration setup in different heat signatures.

Using language to give robots a better grasp of an open-ended world

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Top Ideas of Architecture Research Paper Topics

Note: Only 'PhD' academic level option is available for Dissertation

14 Jan 2020

architecture research paper

In this article, you’ll find various issues related to architecture that require further study, topics to explore, and questions for analysis. Look at all the list and choose the idea for research that can inspire you. You can use these topic options as they are offered on the site or change them at your discretion according to the specified paper format.

Selecting a topic is complicated, but most of this process is up to you. You are the prime college essay writer and the principal researcher, so it’s important that the issue for the study you select meets your academic interests. Each idea in the article was proposed after a thorough research activity and an in-depth analysis of the relevant materials. Each of them is research-worthy, so you can choose the one that interests you. In case none of them tugs at your heartstrings, request assistance from the architecture expert.

You can use it on one order over $


Computer Architecture Research Paper Topics

For up-to-date research papers computer architecture (a.k.a. digital architecture) is perhaps the most obvious topic choice. This concept applies to absolutely all projects, as their creation requires using such modern computer technologies as calculation programs for structural mechanics, graphic editors, 3D drawing software, etc.

The digital architecture provides fundamentally new opportunities for using computer technology both at the design stage and during the operation of a building. It can be characterized as the integrated use of computer technologies that create the so-called virtual reality. In turn, everything related to virtual reality and digital technologies is a hot-topic issue today. So if you’re looking for a relevant theme for your research paper on architecture, take a look at these ideas:

  • Features of digital architecture in the high-rise building.
  • Parametric architecture as the leading style of the new digital era.
  • Borrowing the natural principles of shaping in parametric design.
  • The use of 3D modeling technologies in the bridge construction industry.
  • Is digital architecture the future of humanity and why?

Also, if you’re at a loss to find a starting point for your research, check out some pdf papers from expert writers or researchers. This might inspire you and allow you to come up with your own ideas for your research paper on computer architecture.

The History of Architecture Research Paper Example Topics

The architecture is arguably the most significant heritage of mankind, which has survived through the thickness of centuries and millennia. History of architecture studies the functional, constructive and aesthetic development of building art in time and space in accordance with social needs and scientific and technical conditions.

The architectural constructions of ancient cultures amaze the imagination with the originality of styles and technological effectiveness of execution. In architectural forms, people tried to embody their desire for beauty, their ideas and hopes. Every art of building is a construction, but not every construction becomes the art of building.

In your research paper, you can present the basic concepts of architecture and its development, prominent styles, main features based on an objective comparative analysis of famous buildings in different countries. Here are some examples of topics on architecture history:

  • Gothic cathedrals of France and their architectural design features.
  • Egyptian pyramids: technologies and building process.
  • Distinguishing characteristics of medieval architecture.
  • Temple art of Ancient Rome.
  • The influence of French historical art of building on contemporary design.

Interesting Ideas for Modern Architecture Research Paper

Architects always work with reality and contemporary problems. The spontaneous growth of cities, increase in the number of people employed in industrial production, construction density, building height increase, destruction of greenery are modern architecture issues that need to be analyzed and resolved. Check out this list of topics that contains relevant issues in the field of architecture for research:

  • Design of shopping malls and indoor market.
  • The principles of industrial location in the city.
  • Types and elements of the planning structure of the city.
  • The landscape and its role in creating an optimal urban environment.
  • Construction activity in seismic areas.

Conducting powerful research is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, provided that you have a good, engaging, relevant topic. Also, keep in mind that you can always use the research paper service if you cannot cope with the architecture paper on your own.


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Best 170 Architecture Thesis Topics For All Students

architecture thesis topics

Architecture thesis topics may be difficult to find because there are so many subjects and possible topics. However, good thesis topics for architecture are the ones that you have a personal interest in. Before picking architecture thesis topics, you also need to ask yourself if the topic is significant or realistically doable.

Choosing Thesis Topics For Architecture

Architecture thesis projects topics, master of architecture thesis topics, industrial architecture thesis topics, institutional architecture thesis topics, sustainable architecture thesis topics.

What is the best way to choose dissertation topics? This guide will highlight how to pick interesting architectural thesis topics. Here are some factors to consider when searching for architecture thesis project ideas :

Pick a Topic That Interests You

While picking creative architecture thesis topics, you need to opt for a topic that you are personally interested in. You can easily get bored with your undergraduate architecture thesis projects, that is why you need something that you are passionate about. It will help you to stay motivated and inspired to create a unique project.

Set a Small Scope

It can be tempting to pick dissertation topics in architecture that are too expansive. This reduces the delivery time. It is safer to start with a simple version of the topic and includes some complexity later if necessary.

Find Architecture Thesis Topics That Reflect Your Skills

Everyone has unique skill sets that they have developed over time. There is no single person who is perfect at everything. When you know your technical and creative capabilities, you will be able to pick thesis topics in architecture that employs your expertise.

Can You Find Enough Research On The Topic?

Unusual architectural thesis topics require lots of research and analysis before starting. Therefore, it is essential to pick an area of study with a substantial amount of work already done. It will help you to easily analyze, compare, and draw conclusions.

Balance It Between Art And Science

While searching for architecture dissertation topics, students often dig themselves a grave. They tend to view the project as a culmination of a long program rooted deep in art and theory. You need to pick a topic that balances art and science. It shouldn’t be too abstract, so your teacher will know that you understand the issues raised.

Don’t Forget To Tie It To Your Plans For The Future

Your architecture thesis topics should be aligned with your plans. It should reflect your experience or interest in a specialized subject. It will play an important role as a part of your portfolio.

Pick Architecture Thesis Topics That Solve A Real Problem

Your thesis topics architecture ideas shouldn’t just be theoretical, they should also solve a real-world problem. The world struggles with several issues, such as population growth, climate change, and a lack of proper distribution of resources. So, find a topic that can solve a socio-environmental problem using design intervention.

  • Creation of affordable housing
  • Development waterfront property
  • Airport functioning
  • Heritage museums
  • Skyscraper design
  • Cinema and theatre architecture
  • Suburban homes for multi-families
  • Multimedia film city
  • Gaming and Animation studio
  • Aquarium-Aqua display and design
  • Marine park design
  • Lightning excellence center
  • MTRS study and station
  • Modern art museum
  • Convention center
  • Automobile training center
  • Archaeological survey institute
  • Luxury beach-facing apartments
  • The bus terminal with a commercial complex
  • School of art & design
  • Cruise terminal design
  • Bio-climatic buildings
  • Media center
  • Cricket stadium display
  • Disaster management institute
  • Resort design
  • Polo retreat
  • Television and film institute
  • The transit system as well as the possible improvements
  • Educational Institute for all rural children
  • A local heritage site
  • The lighting system in the Egyptian Pyramids
  • Film city studios, gaming area as well its structure
  • Underwater restaurants in different parts of the globe for light, electricity, and sanitation.
  • The transformation node found at the Lancaster
  • The heat/cooling systems in beach huts
  • Checking pressure and oxygen levels for building tourists spots
  • Fashion Fiesta Paris
  • The Golden Gate and architecture
  • An archaeologist’s point of view of China from a survey of China
  • WHO’s headquarters and renovation
  • The ideal environment for a Rehab
  • Russian fairytale-style homes and huts
  • A clear insight into the auto industry
  • Installing swimming pools in a mall
  • Training centers for adults in Texas
  • Buildings for religious purposes
  • Comparing contemporary vs. traditional housing
  • Deconstructing a typical school to make room for collaboration and creativity
  • Apartments for couples
  • Multifamily suburban homes
  • The power of air: leaving closed windows for good
  • Semidetached and row houses
  • Staying on the budget while creating an architectural masterpiece
  • Single-family suburban homes
  • Hotels and residence
  • Single-family country homes
  • Developing healthy living spots in third-world countries
  • Design of Ruled Surfaces.
  • A method to design the kinetic planar surface using mathematical tessellation techniques.
  • Waterfront development of an exhibition center
  • Bio-inspired design for adaptable structures
  • Construction of time conception
  • A critical view of architecture – is it sustainable?
  • Analytical studies of design potentials in architecture
  • Determination of the concept of place in the built environment’s reproduction process
  • Aqua display/Research Center
  • Forest Research/Training Institute
  • Archaeological Survey of Canada – Research and Training Institute
  • Luxury Sea-front Studios at Ottawa
  • Digital Morphogenesis as well as Its Implementation
  • Bio-climatic Tower
  • Mass rapid transit system study and station
  • Designing organic structures to withstand time
  • Showing culture in structures
  • Maximizing size in miniature apartments
  • Architectural trends at most transportation hubs
  • Redefining a city with architecture
  • Renovating century-old structures without losing the culture
  • Outdoor architecture: creating getaways in small backyards.

A master of architecture qualification provides students with the relevant knowledge, skills, and values needed to enter the architecture sector and pursue opportunities and careers in this profession for master thesis help . It focuses on developing the ability to adapt to change in the diverse and critical world we live in. students are allowed to create a speculative and reflective relationship to their work.

  • The introduction of biotechnology in architecture design for adaptable structures.
  • An analytical assessment of mathematical organization methods in active flat surface plans.
  • The consideration of soil and terrain conditions to determine adequate story building locations.
  • A conceptual method for the outline and fabrication of cultural centers and foundations
  • Finding the importance of a town or county’s various buildings and structures.
  • A critical analysis of the architectural techniques used to construct the lighting within the ancient pyramids of Giza.
  • An evaluation of the restaurants near the coastline in various areas of the country with important consideration on plumbing, air supply, and lighting.
  • An analysis of China’s Great Wall with consideration of the structure’s historical significance.
  • Understanding the impact of certain architectural codes and protocols on the environment.
  • The possibility to achieve inexpensive house construction plans in first-world countries.
  • Why do the majority of third-world countries have substandard housing structures?
  • A case study on the significance of all learners of architecture in the profession.
  • An analysis of the primary conditions that affect buildings in places that are susceptible to earthquakes.
  • Building methods and consideration for constructions with the ability to endure natural disasters.
  • A detailed report of the Twin Towers and the popularity of skyscraper construction.
  • The significance of applied science in defining modern housing from traditional examples.
  • Using records in architecture to understand the history of the profession.
  • A critical analysis of architectural photography.
  • The evaluation of cost considerations in architectural specifications and estimations.
  • What motivates different architectural drawings and concepts.
  • Case studies on sustainable modern design structures.
  • The importance of digital mapping and concepts in architecture.
  • Methods of limiting energy loss.

Industrial architecture is a branch of architecture that is used for the design of industrial buildings. These buildings need to be designed with consideration of their main purpose, which is to process raw materials. Their designs need to prioritize safety and optimal function over aesthetics and exterior appeal.

With the increased evolution taking place in technology today, industrial buildings and their designs need to adapt and keep up. This is why it calls for more research and consideration since industrial buildings are a need for modern society.

  • Waterfront development – Beach convention and exhibition centers.
  • Design of ruled surfaces.
  • Construction of time conception in the architectural realm.
  • A critical view of sustainable architecture.
  • Determination of Place concept in the reproduction process of the built environment.
  • Analytical study of the design potentials in kinetic architecture.
  • Is deconstructive architecture useful?
  • How did brutalism and contemporary architectures influence the world?
  • Current trends in parametric architecture.
  • How will traditional industrial structures be made more environmentally friendly and sustainable?
  • Industrial architecture’s evolution.
  • A critical analysis of the Dockland building, Germany.
  • What purpose does industrial architecture play in creating a safe environment?
  • Where do the professions of car construction and manufacturing come together?
  • Industrial architecture during the industrial revolution.
  • Evaluation of daylight in office buildings.
  • Analysis of different lifestyle interactions.
  • The purpose of reinforced concrete skeleton systems and earthquake’s effect on them.
  • The future of architecture with the consideration of space exploration.
  • The purpose of environmental science and social anthropology in architecture.
  • Making architecture design studios relevant in the technological era.
  • Extra skills are necessary for working on complex architectural projects.
  • How collaboration is helping architectures achieve complex structural needs.

This is the branch of architecture that deals with environmental, social, and economic factors. This profession is based on various rules and traditions that were passed down for centuries. It grants architects the ability to find new ways to innovate the architectural industry.

Over time, the design for buildings all over the world evolves and is influenced by different cultures and styles. This can give the structure of the building different meanings and provides various opportunities to discuss its design and reason to be built.

  • Theme parks and attractions
  • Religious buildings
  • Auditoriums
  • Sport facilities
  • Art galleries
  • Cultural centers and foundations
  • School and universities
  • Bars and discotheques
  • Shopping malls
  • Theaters and cinemas
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation thesis on airports
  • Train stations
  • Urban transport
  • Promenades and streets
  • Urban parks
  • Stores and showrooms
  • Peripheral parks
  • Urban monuments and land art

Sustainable architecture is the use of various plans and techniques to withstand the negative effect on the environment of modern man-made structures. Architects would take all aspects of the project, from landscape to water drainage, and determine the best way for the building to function with the least impact on the environment. These buildings and designs need to ensure that they are functional, appealing to the eye, and have as little carbon footprint as possible.

  • Neighborhood development
  • Community garden concepts
  • Waste recycling facilities
  • Heritage building restoration
  • Rehabilitation housing
  • Riverfront development
  • SMART village
  • Net-Zero energy building
  • Bermed structure
  • Regenerative design
  • Urban Agriculture center
  • Revitalizing abandoned mills and processing buildings
  • Eco-tourism facilities
  • Revival of an old building
  • Repurpose a building
  • Redevelopment of a slum
  • Vertical farm
  • Wetland restoration
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • How the location of the building is necessary for sustainability

Picking one of the topics above may help you get a head start on your paper. However, if you still need dissertation writing help, you can find professionals to help you with fresh ideas to work on.

Are you stuck with writing your thesis? Just enter promo “ mythesis ” – that’s all you need to get a 20% discount for any architecture writing assignment you might have!

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architect research paper topics

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18 Useful Research Resources for Architects Online

architect research paper topics

  • Written by Marie Chatel
  • Published on August 01, 2016

For those of us that aren’t based out of a university—and even for many who are—finding research resources that cover the topic you're interested in can be a challenge. But they can be found, and thanks to the internet your search no longer needs to be limited to nearby libraries. In fact, many world-renowned libraries and magazines are now working to digitize important parts of their collection, while a number of online organizations have sprung up with missions to improve access to information. To help you identify some of the most useful, we’ve put together a list of 18 free websites that offer scholarly articles, publications, photos, videos, and much more.

architect research paper topics

JSTOR is a must-know, and one that you’ve probably come across before. JSTOR contains digitized back issues of leading academic journals, current issues of journals, books and primary sources. JSTOR’s digital library has a number of excellent architectural publications, and has broad coverage of humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

2) Arts & Architecture

architect research paper topics

Well-known for its Case Study House program, Arts & Architecture magazine highlighted the development of single-family dwellings during the Post-war period, with specific focus on the work of Southern California architects like Richard Neutra , Rudolf Schindler , Charles Eames , Frank Lloyd Wright , and John Lautner among others. Published from 1929 until 1967, the website now dedicated to cataloging Arts & Architecture offers digitized versions of selected articles from 1945 onwards, as well as full issues from the magazine's last 11 years.

3) Colossus

architect research paper topics

Created by North Carolina Modernist Homes (NCMH) and Hanley Wood (parent company of ARCHITECT), Colossus focuses on 20th century architectural publications, and especially on designs from the 60s, 70s and 80s. When complete, the digital archive will provide over 1.3 million pages , becoming the largest online reference for modernist architecture.

4) The Archigram Archival Project

architect research paper topics

The hugely influential Archigram group was active from 1961 to 1974, and their work has now been digitized. Students from the University of Westminster created this platform in collaboration with the remaining members of Archigram or their heirs. The database include digital versions of drawings, collages, paintings, photographs, magazines, articles, slides and multi-media material, and original texts by Archigram where available. Given that most of Archigram’s work remained unbuilt, its digitization provides a poetic structure to the collective output of the architects involved.

5) Getty Publications Virtual Library

architect research paper topics

In 2014, Getty Publication launched its virtual library, featuring over 250 titles to read for free online. Works published by Getty Publication complement the work of the J. Paul Getty Museum , the Getty Conservation Institute , and the Getty Research Institute . The library’s resources cover architecture, but also art, photography, archaeology, conservation, and the humanities at large. You can also find interesting material on Getty’s education portal .

architect research paper topics

With over 21 million publications, ISSUU is an engaging publishing platform for magazines, catalogs, and newspapers, and has become a go-to platform for small publishers and individuals who want to make their work available online. The digital media company offers both leading and emerging titles, on subjects of culture, arts, lifestyle, and (most importantly) architecture.

architect research paper topics

Archnet focuses on the built environment and iconic buildings of the Islamic World, and provides a wide range of documentation: images, drawings, publications, seminar proceedings, articles, monographs and architect’s archives. This research tool is a must-see for people interested in Islamic Art and Architecture.

architect research paper topics

You may know the Royal Institute of British Architects for their awards and advocacy for the British architecture industry—but did you know RIBA also has its online image library? RIBApix features over 85,000 digital images issued from the British Architectural Library. From iconic buildings, to street scenes and vernacular architecture, the platform gives photographic evidence from different historical periods. The collection is frequently updated with recently built projects, and covers interior design, landscape, topography, planning, construction and the decorative arts. All images can be downloaded in low resolution for free, and can be purchased to illustrate a publication.

9) Pathé Newsreel Archive

architect research paper topics

In 2014, the British branch of the famous film and production company Pathé released 85,000 videos on their Youtube channel to watch for free in high resolution. The archive contains films produced from 1910 to 1970, and is incredible in terms of scope, covering notable subjects on architecture and design, such as the construction of the Empire State Building , Frank Lloyd Wright ’s Johnson Wax Building , Le Corbusier ’s Couvent de la Tourrette , and Montreal’s Expo’ 67 and the construction of Buckminster Fuller ’s geodesic dome.

10) Architectural Association Photo Library

architect research paper topics

The Architectural Association ’s online photo library contains 8,000 images that represent the highlights of the school’s broader collection. Slides, negatives and prints of historical and contemporary architecture are available in low resolution for educational purposes, but can also be purchased for commercial use. The AA also offers photographs of its students’ work since the 1880s, as well as a video archive for its lectures, conferences, and symposia.

11) The Courtauld Institute’s Conway Library

architect research paper topics

The Courtauld Institute offers online access to some major primary sources and images of its collection. The online database includes 40,000 photographs, cuttings, architectural drawings, and publications, spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Although the Courtauld is best-known as an art history institution, its Conway library focuses on architecture and is a valuable resource for researchers and students alike.

12) Harvard Library’s VIA (Visual Information Access)

architect research paper topics

Harvard Library’s VIA (Visual Information Access) provides descriptive records, architectural drawings, and photographs. All images are available for educational use only.

13) New York Public Library Photographic Archives

architect research paper topics

New York Public Library’s photographic archive offers over 180,000 high resolution images that are public domain and not subject to copyright restrictions . These images chronicle New York’s street scenes and historical buildings, and include incredible documentation on the design of the Chrysler building, and construction of the Woolworth building. But the library also has panels of photographs from demolished or destroyed buildings across the world, like London’s Crystal Palace demolished in 1936.

14) ArchInform

architect research paper topics

On ArchInform, you will find complete biographies of architects, and descriptions of the buildings that shaped their career. Buildings under construction, completed buildings, and unbuilt projects, as well as awards received and publications are all listed on the website. Moreover, ArchInform has a very wide database that gives credit to both famous and less well-known architects.

15) SAH Archipedia

architect research paper topics

The Society of Architectural Historians offers an architectural encyclopedia for SAH members or those with a subscription to the University of Virginia Press, but their free version includes notable articles on 100 historically-important buildings in each US state .

16) The Charnel House

architect research paper topics

Run by Ross Wolfe, this blog presents excerpts of primary sources and historical material. Although it is not an archive in the stricter sense, this platform can prove very useful when researching on Modernist Architecture in Germany and Eastern Countries, and on Russian Constructivism.

17) The Magazine Rack

architect research paper topics

Run by the Internet Archive—who you may have heard of thanks to "the Wayback Machine" or any number of their other archival missions—this ever-expanding collection of monthly publications and digitized magazine so far features archives of “The Builder,” the UK’s oldest and most comprehensive magazine on the building industry that dates back to the 19th century.

18) Canadian Architect

architect research paper topics

The magazine Canadian Architect has shared digital archives of its publications since 2008. Articles report on architectural practices in Canada, review designs across the country, explore newly built projects, and look at the use of new technology in current practices.

architect research paper topics

  • Sustainability



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architect research paper topics

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Emilie Nilsson

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Hot topics in Architecture for a research paper

 I'm planning to write my research paper on architecture or design for my english class. I have thought about some topics but I'm having some trouble finding an original idea because this research is not for people who are in the design industry. As it is going to be graded by my english language instructor, the research topic should be comprehensible to everyone and it should  concern daily life such as impact of architecture/design on culture or human behavior. I would like to know about your suggestions.

How about the effect technology has on architecture? Read Martin Heidegger's essays/works.

i hear footing insulation is all the rage these days

Footing insulation is crucial in my area... don't understand why that's surprising to some. Not everwhere has the same weather and or codes.

To the OP, I assume this is more of an opinon piece instead of a research paper you're chasing. Perhaps you can take a building component (say a brick for example) and chase it's history and use in your city's important buildings. Architecture and Design are highly subjective subjects so you can rant for hours on anything and it still wont not be wrong or correct.

i don't think it's whether you have said insulation or not; the discussion seems to revolve around whether a small gap in insulation is allowable.  if you have continuous insulation on the exterior of the footing, there tends to be issues with finish at grade.  if you insulate the interior of the footing, you end up with a thermal gap.  also it seems there is some confusion as to whether it's possible to provide rigid insulation on the interior side of the footing while maintaining a continuous thermal break. 

I followed that discussion Curt but I doubt the the OP took the time especially since it's his first post here and that , he/she is only fishing for some high-school level essay topic. Don't want to mislead him/her into writing about insulation.

I have to deal with -40C degree winters and we still don't extend the insulation above grade if we want the concrete foundation to be exposed. It is often a benefit for there to be some heat loss at the foundation as that will maintain a few extra Ds in the ground and therefore reducing the lifting of the supports due to frost.

i know.  i just thought it amusing to move the OP in a direction that considers what architects are often actually thinking about, rather than something like biomimicry, which doesn't have as extensive real-world consequence.

...but I want my future palace/mansion to be shaped like a sea-shell bubble-matrix...

A lot of papers have been written on such subject as architechture, and that is why it will be really complicated to impress with something new. Good choice would be just to choose one appropriate subject and research it more deeply and in this way there is a good chance you will tell people something new about  it. 

Could you help me make a thesis title for me? its about architecture..maybe some inventions

Josh Mings

I'm currently living in one of the Sub Saharan region African countries (Swaziland) to be specific. With the countries geographical landscape of very high and low regions, whereby we experience temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius and high as 38-40 degrees Celsius. please help me out with topics suggestions on how to tackle insulation issue for existing buildings in Sub Saharan Africa.

What's the problem? Insulation, vapour & air control, and solar orientation are not new concepts.... and by the way, 5C is not low. I have to design for -40C to +40C. 8-)

Peter Normand

Architectural Design Competitions 

A lot of publications to cite for the effect of design competitions on the built environment and the profession.  Think Maya Lin and the Vietnam Memorial and the Harold Washington Library in Chicago. Lots of books and articles on this subject so you won't have too much trouble researching and it should be relatively straight forward and a conversation free of jargon and topics so thick into the weeds like foundation insulation that most people should be able to understand.

Hope this helps

I suggest you write about how zoning required parking minimums are not based off of actual utilization rates (or any science) and make traffic problems (and car dependency) worse in most cities. Not to mention add cost to projects making new housing even more unaffordable in high-cost cities. Good place to start would be Shoup’s book on parking.

Rule number one is you usually don’t have a building if you can’t get the parking to work. The ultimate goal is to right size (or even eliminate) parking need.

Parking and traffic is the one thing everyone complains about in zoning hearings. These concerns are usually based on the problem that there is a dearth of other transportation choices, and no plans from gov officials for weening people off cars. You’d think that high multi-modal usage places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen are immune to these complaints, but with any project that goes through a public hearing process there is always someone concerned about traffic and parking even in these cities.

Just a warning: This is a rabbit hole subject.

i am a student of B.Arch from India and i have to start and do research on a topic. My topic is Can architecture sustain water? 

so can someone please help me where to start and how to write a research paper ??

Start with a statistic that will scare the reader so they start using their reptile brain. it works for republicans.  For instance, you can say socialist Scandinavian countries are making it so the government is controlling everything, and in fact, compared to the free countries like the USA and GB, Scandinavian citizens only are able to consume 25% of water each year of the average American. This is because the corrupt bureaucracy and inefficient distribution by centrally controlled water planners. blah blah blah. then get into architecture and how green initiatives are actually covert propaganda by the UN. This part is easy so I won't go into detail.

im a student of b.arch from india.i need yours help on knowing what is an architectural  deign thesis ? and what are the expectations of it from students at bachelors level? and how to choose a topic?and considerations to be taken while choosing the topic?please reply asap.

If you don't know [it] by now (If you don't know [it]) You will never never never know [it] (No you won't) If you don't know [it] by now You will never never never know [it]

hi iam student Msc in architectuer,i have problem to choose topic about my thesis i suggest the (usability) but ithink its not very interest !! i hope czn find interest topic about design study in architectuer cause ihave presentation of proposal at sunday

i hope you czn too !! best luck findings

Don't worry, you'll do just great.

I am a student of B.Arch from Ethiopia. I am doing my thesis on Drug Rehab Center for street youths. I need to make my title more interesting, can you help?

Or public feminism in architecture

or feminist spaces in public architecture

or feminist architects and public spaces

any topic suggestion for a quantitative research on architecture or engineering, your suggestion will help a student here, thank you!

oh, thought by the title you were designing a ‘Hot Topic’ as in the shitty store in the mall. 

I am a fresh graduate Arch from Vietnam. Currently, I have a problem to define my research topic " Understanding solar radition, naturally ventilation, indigenous material in residential building adapt climate change. It aims to apply for scholarship. Could you mind giving me some clues? Thank you so much.

Here’s a clue, you’re not getting that scholarship. Do your own homework you lazy hobo. That’s why you’re in school. Don’t cheap out and crowd source your research topic.

Hello Non Sequitur. In franking speaking, I did nothing wrong here, I posted something that really necessary for my future career. Currently, I work as an architect in Vietnam, please respect me as others do. If you cannot give advice, please don't use the rude words to other. Thank you,sir

Jesus fucking christ on a pogo stick... You're a student, not an architect and as a student, it is your responsibility to do thoughtful and intelligent research. Asking for answers in an online forum for exceptionally basic questions si beyond lazy, hence my very accurate comment regarding the fate of your scholarship application.

Sir, do you know English is not my mother language. Maybe I do not use the right word in this situation. Now, I know why you said that:" on a pogo stick​". I'm no longer a student. I signed to log in the website. That's it. Have you ever learned a new language? What would you think if you were me in this situation? Here I'm looking forward to gaining knowledge, not an argument, sir.

English is also not my primary language. What I would think if I were you? Why is that important? The questions you asked earlier are super easy first year environmental-studies type problems. This should not be a problem to anyone claiming to have graduated form an architecture program.

This topic is getting hotter and hotter!

Randomised, Yes, I know that. We see eye to eye on how important it is. It's a new trend in developing country and to takcle climate change. Let me know if you have any idea. Thank you

I was talking about the heated discussion...

Any suggestion about outstanding master thesis topic ? 

Do your own research you lazy bum.

A topic could be how modern architects in training outsource to the internet instead of looking within for creativity and conceptual thought.

^I would read that paper.

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    Out of the large range of options, here are 20 architectural thesis topics. 1. Slum Redevelopment (Urban architecture) Slums are one of the rising problems in cities where overcrowding is pertinent. To account for this problem would be one of great value to the city as well as the inhabitants of the slum.

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    When you need to write a research paper about a subject in architecture, you should definitely choose one of these awesome architecture research topics: Analyze vertical housing architecture. Research latest developments in recreation areas. Discuss living urban spaces. Famous architects of the 19th century. Effects of weather on buildings.

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    Undoubtedly, the process of learning is very long and complex. Students deal with heaps of academic assignments and sometimes cannot handle them properly. Thus, many of them seek essay help websites as they want to pay for a research paper on architecture topics, written by academic experts to earn the desired grades. Some of them cannot even ...

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    Since the field is vibrant, deep, and diverse, the topics are accordingly unique. 30 of the most important ones are as under: Use of lightweight architecture in advanced structures. The importance of parametric designing in modern architecture. The significance of sanctuaries for the preservation of wildlife in urban areas.

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    Using passive cooling strategies to improve thermal performance and reduce energy consumption of residential buildings in U.A.E. buildings. June 2014. Hanan M. Taleb. Passive design responds to local climate and site conditions in order to maximise the comfort and health of building users while minimising energy use.

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    Abstract and introduction are the first point of call in a research paper. They are important elements of the research paper, providing the overview for a reader to continue going over the research paper. Review the research paper; A research paper must be properly cited and reviewed after writing to correct errors within the article. This ...

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    How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture Create your research paper topic. The field of architecture is wide, but you must create a unique topic to help your paper stand out and avoid common research paper writing mistakes. But, first, you should brainstorm from a broader perspective before researching for ideas online or from offline sources.

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    How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture. 21 Dec 2020. Architecture is widely considered one of the most challenging degrees you can choose. Some people go as far as comparing it to a medical degree in terms of the workload and difficulty. If you know someone who studies architecture, you have probably heard about many deadlines, all-nighters, and 18-hour work days.

  19. How to Write a Research Paper on Architecture

    Scope out sources before you commit yourself to a long-term research. Many promising topics are simply inaccessible in the time given and with the resources that we have. Let's say you start with a Topic. Then you must seek the question . 4. Do some preliminary research on your topic and scope out what you might learn.

  20. In a surprising finding, light can make water evaporate without heat

    The findings are published this week in a paper in PNAS, by MIT postdoc Yaodong Tu, professor of mechanical engineering Gang Chen, and four others. The phenomenon might play a role in the formation and evolution of fog and clouds, and thus would be important to incorporate into climate models to improve their accuracy, the researchers say.

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    Computer Architecture Research Paper Topics. For up-to-date research papers computer architecture (a.k.a. digital architecture) is perhaps the most obvious topic choice. This concept applies to absolutely all projects, as their creation requires using such modern computer technologies as calculation programs for structural mechanics, graphic ...

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    Institutional Architecture Thesis Topics. This is the branch of architecture that deals with environmental, social, and economic factors. This profession is based on various rules and traditions that were passed down for centuries. It grants architects the ability to find new ways to innovate the architectural industry.

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    Architect Research Paper Topics, Thesis Archive Uu, What Are The Nine Essential Elements Of A Business Plan According To Sba, Essay Title Says Substance Abuse, Critical Thinking Case Study Sample, Ats Resume Simple Formatting Examples, Other than essay writing, we provide highly qualified content for other forms of academic papers - term paper, research paper, thesis paper, capstone, or ...

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    Frontiers of Architectural Research is an international journal that publishes original research papers, review articles, and case studies to promote rapid communication and exchange among scholars, architects, and engineers. This journal introduces and reviews significant and pioneering achievements in the field of architecture research.

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    7) Archnet. Archnet focuses on the built environment and iconic buildings of the Islamic World, and provides a wide range of documentation: images, drawings, publications, seminar proceedings ...

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    Architect Research Paper Topics | Best Writing Service. User ID: 108261. Financial Analysis. offers three types of essay writers: the best available writer aka. standard, a top-level writer, and a premium essay expert. Every class, or type, of an essay writer has its own pros and cons. Depending on the difficulty of your assignment and the ...

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    As it is going to be graded by my english language instructor, the research topic should be comprehensible to everyone and it should concern daily life such as impact of architecture/design on culture or human behavior. I would like to know about your suggestions. Feb 10, 14 11:56 am. BulgarBlogger. History · Contact.

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    6G network architecture - a proposal for early alignment. Network evolution to support the 6G vision, use cases and requirements within the 2030 time frame is a topic of great interest in the telecommunications industry today. To ensure the smooth introduction of 6G, and the ability to monetize on it from day one, Ericsson advocates early ...