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12 Awesome 80th Birthday Party Ideas

Written by  Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Whether it’s a parent or a grandparent, turning 80 is a big deal, and it deserves to be celebrated. But along with finding the perfect birthday gift , there’s a few things to consider to make their 80th birthday one to remember. And it all starts with finding the right theme and party ideas. Check out our 80th birthday party ideas below to get your party planning started.

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How to throw an 80th birthday party, 80th birthday party themes, party favors for 80th birthday ideas, 80th birthday party games.

The trick to throwing the ultimate 80th birthday is starting your party planning early. By ensuring all plans are made and confirmed well in advance, you can be sure things will go more smoothly. Plus, you’ll have time to make last minute adjustments if anything does go wrong. So what are some of the key party plans to figure out well in advance? They include:

An 80th birthday party invitation from Shutterfly.

  • Time and Date
  • 80th Birthday Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Party Food Menu
  • Music Playlist
  • Birthday Gifts

And if you’re looking for a more complete list of party planning instructions, make sure to visit our resources on where to have a birthday party and how to plan a birthday party.

Before finding that perfect personalized gift , you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the right party theme. The following themes for an 80th birthday party are as easy to put together as they are to enjoy. Pick your favorite from the selection below or use them to inspire a unique idea all your own.

1. 80th Tea Party

Tea parties are perfect party themes for a parent or grandparent who loves an excuse to dress up for an elegant affair. Take the party to a local tea venue or set up your backyard with tea sets, elegant garden decor, and plenty of finger sandwiches and biscuits.

Grandmother and granddaughter are opening a present together at an 80th birthday tea party.

2. Cheers to 80 Years

This classic 80th birthday theme is perfect for the 80 year old who loves a particular drink. Whether it’s a nice glass of wine, beer, or signature cocktail, make sure to feature that drink across the party menu. Along with plenty of decorations, the key to pulling off this party is inviting all the guest’s friends and family to help celebrate.

3. Garden Party

Style your garden party with plenty of European or bohemian decorative elements for a picture perfect birthday. Consider a mix of picnic blankets and decorative outdoor pillows along with bistro tables for guest seating. String lights or pastel streamers with balloons also make great accents. And to ensure the party’s success, plan a menu full of finger food, sandwiches, and the honoree’s favorite drinks.

Family 80th birthday celebration outside in the garden.

4. Vintage Birthday Party

Fill your party with vintage elements like old photographs of the honoree, sepia colored decorations, vintage furniture, and glass mason jars. This elegant party theme looks great in photos and it’s a fun opportunity to make use of the birthday person’s old photos.

5. Outdoor Evening Celebration

Throw a dinner party like no other. Along with plenty of outdoor lighting like string lights and lanterns, it’s important to include some of your honoree’s favorites. This might include a playlist of their favorite music, a dinner menu full of their most loved dishes, and an evening toast in their honor.

Happy family and friends celebrating a birthday party with sparkler fireworks after dinner.

6. Still Rock’n It Party

If the birthday person still loves to rock out, throw a Rock n’ Roll themed 80’s birthday. This means a rock’n playlist, plenty of old Rock posters, and maybe even a rockstar dress code. This party is perfect for the young at heart.

7. Their Favorite Restaurant

If your parent or grandparent prefers smaller scale birthday parties with a few loved ones, consider taking them to their favorite restaurant. Not only are they guaranteed to love the food and company, but you can also make it an extra special occasion by bringing a cake or a few birthday decorations in advance.

Grandfather celebrating his 80th birthday with his family at a restaurant.

8. 1980’s Party

An 80’s party makes for a fun and festive 80th birthday. Ask guests to come in costume, decorate the house or venue in plenty of “groovy” colors, and provide old fashioned party foods. And don’t forget to fill a playlist with 80’s party music for a dance party that will last all night.

9. Tropical Birthday

If the birthday honoree loves vacations in the tropics, throw them a island-inspired birthday party. Along with plenty of floral and beach decorations, you want a dinner menu to feature plenty of Pacific-inspired foods as well as some delicious beach cocktails.

Smiling elderly woman at an 80th birthday party with tropical decorations.

10. Aged to Perfection Celebration

Throw an “aged to perfection” party featuring the honoree’s favorite wine, whiskey, or other liquor. This theme is a fun play on words that gives the birthday person a chance to celebrate themselves and their favorite beverage. It’s also a great theme for fun vintage decorations to help commemorate an 80th birthday.

11. Glitter and Golden Years

A glitter and golden years party is the perfect theme for an honoree who loves a birthday with glam. Decorate the venue with plenty of gold and glittering decor, and include fun props like feather boas, beaded necklaces, and a photo booth. This 80’s birthday theme also looks great with a few bottles of sparkling wine.

Family with presents standing indoor at a birthday party.

12. 80 Years Young Party

Feature the honoree’s favorite childhood memories with an “80 years young” party. This may include a snack table stocked with childhood sweets and beverages, old-school tunes, and plenty of decor with famous stars, movies, and other memorabilia from their younger days.

When the party’s over you’ll want to send guests home with a commemorative party favor. Some fun and cute ideas for 80th birthday party favors may include:

  • Custom Magnets
  • Personalized Glassware
  • Custom Paperweights

Chocolate birthday cupcake with gold numbers 80, and gold candle.

Party games are a great way to keep you guests engaged and entertained, while also providing an opportunity to get to know each other. Whether you’re looking for an ice breaker or a series of competitive games for your party, it’s important to find games that everyone can participate in. Looking for some fun, family friendly entertainment for your 80th birthday party? Then make sure to visit our complete list of 40 entertaining party games for our top picks.

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25+ 80th Birthday Celebration Decoration & Theme Ideas

Updated 6/17/2022

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Yvonne Bertovich

Contributing writer.

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what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Eighty years of life is a huge accomplishment. It’s hard to imagine both how long and how short of a time period it is. Regardless, if you have a friend, neighbor, or relative who’s celebrating an 80th birthday — you likely want them to feel special. Whether you think a huge gala or a more intimate gathering would make more sense, we’ll provide plenty of ideas to get you started. 

Jump ahead to these ideas:

80th birthday theme ideas, 80th birthday party decorations for a table, 80th birthday cake decoration ideas, inexpensive or diy 80th birthday decoration ideas.

If you foresee planning a large or small gesture or event, you’ll likely find a good bit of inspiration below that you can customize as needed. We’ll walk you through a variety of party theme ideas, table décor ideas, cake ideas, DIY tips, and more. 

Themes can alleviate decision-making and help you tie everything together. Many themes are also rather affordable and easy to create with a bit of brainstorming. You can easily tweak the themes below to your liking and make them your own.

Blast from the past

You can choose a specific decade to highlight, such as your loved one’s “prime,” or you can allow guests to dress up from any decade they’d like. 

This theme is easy for planning music as well as décor, and you can likely play up the décor that already exists in your home. 

Outer space

If your loved one enjoys sci-fi, is a fan of NASA, or other intergalactic endeavors, an outer space theme would be easy with glow sticks and blacklight elements.

You can also likely find astronaut food from local camping or outdoor stores. 

The Wild West

Western movies, though not uncommon today, are extremely popular among older generations. The peak of Western films raised quite a few cowboy and outlaw-enthusiasts, respectively. 

A cruise (boozy or not)

Cruises and booze. One or both of these things may make your loved one tick. Regardless, this would be an unforgettable theme. 

And, better yet, if you can organize an actual cruise as part of a gift for your older loved ones , that’d be pretty unforgettable too. 

British royalty or high tea

Planning a party based on British royalty or high tea can be fun for anyone. You can create custom hats or fascinators out of craft paper and other materials as a group activity, for example. The menu could be relatively simple, too. 

You can provide finger sandwiches, scones, a variety of teas, and more (affordably) since portions can be smaller.  

Golf, bowling, or other sport

You don’t necessarily have to bring an entire group out to a golf (or mini-golf) outing, bowling alley, or out to a ballpark. 

However, you totally could, depending on how big of a group you have. It would be easy to create any of these themes at home with a bit of DIY, too.

A food or drink crawl

A food or drink crawl, such as visiting all the best mimosa and pancake spots, or, pizza joints, for that matter, can easily have another theme incorporated into it. 

This is also a great opportunity to create custom T-shirts to keep your group together, and perhaps craft a custom map of places or events. You may even consider traveling to another city to do so, if it’s on your loved one’s retirement bucket list , for example. 

A favorite holiday

Christmas in July is a real thing, or you can make it happen for that matter. If your loved one has a favorite holiday, you can easily recreate the spirit and magic of it and tailor it to celebrate him or her. 

Relying on a table or two to tie the entire theme or party together is actually wise, as you can centralize food and décor without making a mess of the event space or your home. However, this doesn’t mean that décor has to remain strictly on the table. 

Movies and films  

You can easily create the look and feel of a high-class movie theater with fabric and other craft supplies, as well as snacks and drinks. 

You may even wish to go the extra mile and represent a specific series that the guest of honor likes, such as Jaws or Star Wars. 

Just all candy

Though candy isn’t really a theme, it’s fun, inexpensive, and easy when you’re at a loss. It may not be the healthiest choice, but it’ll likely be fun to set up. You can also unload leftovers on guests with goodie bags. 

Gaming or casino 

Whether your loved one is a fan of game shows, board games, or some other type of game, using real game pieces you already have will make set up affordable and simple. 

A casino-themed table can also incorporate other elements often found in casinos, like lights, showgirls, and general gaudiness.  

Cars or racing 

If your loved one is a fan of classic or new cars, this is an easy tablescape to create. You can use miniature cars and likely create some unique centerpieces out of food to model after some of his or her favorite vehicles. 

Pirates or the deep sea

Pirates or the deep sea may sound like it was made for kids, but what are some 80-year-olds, than just larger kids? 

This is a great idea if your loved one has a love for the ocean, sailing, or even canoeing and inland water activities. 

Adventure or travel

An adventure or travel theme is pretty open-ended. Perhaps your loved one has a passion for visiting National parks or spending time in nature. You can easily use items such as postcards, river rocks, plants, and the like, and repurpose them after. 

Don’t let the concept of “cake” limit your imagination. If your loved one has another favorite treat — sweet or not — run with it for something truly personal and memorable. That being said, classic cake can be special, too, with the right decorations.

Birthday flan (or something else unique)

If you’re a fan of the show Friends , you may recall that the flan wasn’t well-received by guests (and a wayward volleyball ended up ruining it anyway). 

However, your guest of honor may appreciate some sort of authentic or cultural dessert instead of a mainstream one. 

80 words about your loved one

Poll the guests of the party when they RSVP, and ask them to provide a list of words that make them think of your loved one. 

You can write these on top of the cake or preferred dessert yourself, have a decorating activity as part of the party, or hire a pro. 

80 cookies or pastries

If you’re thinking of creating a tower of 80 macarons, for example, this isn’t a bad idea. Tackling a family cookie recipe and recreating it to match your chosen theme is also a great way to honor your loved one.  

80 pigs in a blanket (or another classic app)

Pigs in a blanket are a relatively cheap and crowd-pleasing food. If your loved one doesn’t have the biggest sweet tooth, you can instead opt for a display of pigs in a blanket, mini quiches, or some other savory appetizer, for example. 

Some people really love bagels of all kinds. If you’re having a brunch party, for example, this would be a great centerpiece to create. 

Then again, some people only like authentic NY bagels. If you don’t have an authentic bakery near you, consider ordering online to make the gesture extra special. 

80 apples (or another favorite fruit)

Creating a tower out of 80 apples (to keep the doctor away) may be a bit of a challenge. In that case, another fruit of choice will work just as well. 

You may also wish to provide dipping sauces, such as chocolate or caramel, to go along with this.  

‘80s themed (or any decade, for that matter)

You can choose whatever decade you’d like for this. There’s likely a time when your loved one considered themselves in “their prime,” which is likely a fun choice. 

A tower of french fries

As another unconventional example of a cake, you can opt for something as out there as containers of french fries. 

This would be fun to incorporate if the theme of the party had to deal with classic diners, Americana, or cars and racing. 

Keep it classic

There’s nothing wrong with the classics. If your loved one is a fan of black forest cake, chocolate cake, or just plain vanilla, that’s cool too. 

It’s all about making your loved one feel special and appreciated. You can get creative with decorations to match the theme, or do something exciting (but slightly dangerous) like sparklers on top. 

There’s quite a bit of pride that can come along with DIY projects, especially when they’re done for the direct benefit of others. With a bit of brainstorming, planning, and creativity, it’s easy to repurpose household items or other affordable materials into amazing party decorations.

Beach or tropical

If your loved one’s birthday falls in winter or on a less than sunny day,  you can easily create a beachy or tropical environment with decor, lighting, live plants, and an exotic menu. 

80 balloons 

Feel free to gather a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and more. You may even wish to order online and buy a variety of balloons in bulk. Balloons are an affordable, but fun way to express “party” without overcomplicating things. 

You may also wish to personalize the balloons yourself with permanent marker, for example. 

A memory board

Creating a memory board with photos and other items you already have couldn’t be more affordable. Plus, it’s a fun way for your guests to get nostalgic and reflect on memories and events they may or may not have been present for.  

A family tree

You can easily get all of your guests and family together to create a family tree out of paint, a “tree,” and thumbprints.

This leftover memento will also serve as a great way for future generations to learn about their family tree and where they came from.

Paper flowers

There are literally limitless things you can do with paper. Buy a variety in bulk and print out some templates and other resources so your guests can create flower crowns, origami, and other art pieces. 

It’s a fun way to involve guests of all ages and give them something to take home with them.

You Only Turn 80 Once

It’s true, you only have the chance to turn 80 once (or any age for that matter). Making it count with little details personal to your loved one will make all the difference. 

However, it’s likely all they want is your company and the company of their other friends and loved ones. For more advice and tips on life’s milestones like birthday resolutions or end-of-life planning , check out the rest of Cake.


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15 Best 80th Birthday Party Ideas: Decor, Theme, And More

Just because it is a party for an 80-year-old does not mean it can't be fun!

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JoAnn is a Master Wedding Planner, a Certified Professional Wedding Consultant, a Certified Green Wedding Planner, and a Certified Sandals Specialist. She has 25 years of experience and has also authored a book titled “Laughing All the Wa... more

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Image: Shutterstock

Your loved ones deserve a special and memorable birthday blowout when they turn 80. The 80th birthday is a milestone that celebrates a long, eventful life. So, make the birthday ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ the center of attention by having the theme, food, décor, and every other detail of the party according to their taste and interests.

The 80th birthday celebrations are also the best time to reminisce about their younger years or even let them feel young. Choose a suitable event venue and activities that remind them of their youth and let them enjoy themselves freely. Old dance numbers, childhood games, and fashion statements can make your 80th birthday party a winner. This article lists some unique and fun 80th birthday party ideas. Keep scrolling to take notes for your birthday celebration!

In This Article

80th Birthday Party Ideas For Dad

When it comes to your dad’s 80th birthday, you must make it as iconic as they are for you. Listed below are a few ideas to make his birthday worth remembering:

  • Simple Dinner Party

As it is the 80th birthday party celebration, don’t overdo it. Call upon a simple dinner party with some of your close relatives to celebrate this milestone event. Keep your dad’s favorite restaurant-style cooked food on the menu. Make sure to keep his health issues in mind and plan accordingly. You can also take into account some dietary foods that can go along with the party.

  • Telling A Story Through Pictures

Tell your dad’s story, right from his childhood to his adulthood and senior years. Take the help of a projector and make it a full-fledged presentation through pictures and video clips. Put his favorite music in the background. Collect pictures from different guests and use speaker notes to weave the whole journey into a story. It will include his naughty childhood activities as well as his handsome youth pictures. He will surely love the emotional aspect of this idea. Give it a try!

Just like dads, moms are close to every child’s heart. So, you need to start party planning early to make her 80th birthday special for her. Highlight her journey using nostalgic moments. Head to the next section for some ideas on her 80th birthday party theme.

80th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom

  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Party

If your mom has the desire to sing along to rock ‘n’ roll publicly or have a party like the 1950s, this is a perfect time to fulfill her dream. With some planning, have a rehearsal before the event to teach the guests a “flash mob” routine. Use music that your guest of honor will know and loves. You can decorate the hall with old rockstar posters and set a playlist that contains songs from the ‘50s or ‘60s. She will love this splendid idea that will make her relive her younger years.

  • Young Party

We hope you are aware that your mom is still young at heart. Send her and her close friends for a makeover to a stylist. Make her feel like a GLAM mom! Later, you can even arrange a photoshoot for the lady of the hour. Finally, play her favorite song from the mid-90s, and even if she cannot dance like a pro, we are sure she will break into a step or two on the floor!

80th Birthday Party Ideas For Grandma

  • Evening Celebration On The Lawn

Decorate the lawn with some candles and fairy lights to give it an antique look. Call some of your grandma’s close friends and relatives. Add some champagne to the list and pair it with light snacks. An evening toast by her friends and family in her honor will be a heartwarming moment.

  • Party In Her Favorite Restaurant

If they cannot have outside food due to health conditions, you can make special arrangements at one of her favorite restaurants. Just be aware of the quality of the food and let the chef know of any allergy or health concerns beforehand. You can also bring in her favorite cake and have a grand celebration at the restaurant.

If your plan to organize the party at home, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on decorations. Senior people like it simple and classy. Keep your decorations elegant and theme-based to transform the party area into a new realm.

80th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

  • Decorate Using Photographs

With some pre-planning, you can have life size cardboard cutouts made of the guest of honor. Have them around the party venue. Dive into old photo albums, and you will get innumerable pictures of the birthday person. Turn them into a huge collage that shall serve as a background. You can also take individual prints of the pictures and clip them all around the room. Your loved ones will be delighted to cherish their childhood memories. You can also decorate the room with your childhood pictures that have good memories attached to them.

  • Gold Glittery Decoration

Try to get an idea of how things were when your parent/grandparent was young and just got into college. Then, take elements from that era and decorate the house in a golden tone to reflect those precious memories. Reminiscing about those memories will be an added gift to them on their 80th birthday.

Unlike other birthday parties, food for an 80th birthday party should be simple and not overcooked. Food often connects people and brings them closer. So, pay special attention to what everyone likes, especially the birthday person, and decide the menu accordingly. As older adults will be present at the party, make sure their health concerns are also considered.

80th Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • Local Treats

Arrange some delicious and light local foods from nearby restaurants. Keep the items limited and simple. You can also add some exotic continental foods, which your parents and guests might like. Continental foods are not heavy, and older people can consume them safely. You can also introduce chocolate pretzels in dessert, apart from the cake.

  • Mocktail Savory

Tap into some healthy ingredients to add sophistication to the party. Bring in some distilled spices and herbs and make savory mocktails that the senior crowd will cherish. You can also add some light-flavored alcohol to the mocktails if your guests prefer it.

Theme plays a pivotal role in the 80th birthday celebrations, just like any personalized gift. You can pick from a variety of themes to use for the party; the trick is to keep it minimalistic yet elegant.

80th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

  • Garden Party

You can doll up your garden with Bohemian decorations. Cover the eatery tables with outdoor decorations, such as streamers of pastel shades and balloons. Use Bohemian cushion covers to match the accent of the decorations. Also, decorate the flower pots with fairy lights for that warm ambiance.

  • Retro-Themed Party

Retro dress codes for the 80th birthday party will transport everyone in time. Imagine your grandma and her friends decked up like movie actresses of the ‘60s! Bring it all together with a playlist of that period. It will make the party revelers remember their college days, and maybe even their crush!

Being a senior citizen does not mean that they can not have fun. Throwing a birthday party should definitely be accompanied by fun-filling activities. The next section discusses a few ideas that people of all age groups can enjoy. Read on.

Fun Ideas For 80th Birthday Party

  • Sign Group Photos And Frame It

Arrange (or click) a nice photograph that includes all their close friends and relatives. Have your guests sign the picture with messages for the person of the hour. It will be a great gift for them and, of course, a memorable one.

  • Cake Designs Idea

Do not bring in some monotonous cake for the 80th birthday party. Align your cake idea with the theme of the party. You can involve some handmade cookies along with a huge pound of cake. Keep it simple with some magnificent colored roses or fondant. It might display their age and propose to make a century perhaps. You can use a family tree cake or a retro malt cake as well.

Infographic: Games For 80th Birthday Party

Turning 80 is a milestone that symbolizes a long and full life. It should definitely be celebrated with a beautiful and memorable party for your loved one. Since a party is incomplete without some games, we have provided a list of fun games you can play with your family and friends on this special day.

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

80th birthday party ideas need to be special as the day marks a celebration of a long and well-lived life. The birthday party can encapsulate the essence of the individual’s life journey and have elements that touch upon and reminisce youthful years. Whether you choose a simple dinner party, go wild with rock and roll parties, or make the party theme-based, you need to pay attention to the decor, guest list, and food. Photographs, gold and glittery confetti and hangings, and old musical hits can set the mood for the party. Keep the party decorations and themes respectful of the elderly and you will surely make their birthday into a joyful memory. However, the most important thing is to get all near and dear ones together to celebrate the significant milestone with joy and cheer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the color for an 80th birthday?

There is no specific color to celebrate an 80th birthday party. You can use the favorite colors of the person whose birthday it is or colors based on a theme.

What is traditional for an 80th birthday?

There is no traditional gift, symbol, or color for an 80th birthday. Only anniversaries have traditional colors, terms, and symbols.

How do you organize an 80th birthday party?

First, fix the budget. Decide where you want the party to be held and if you want to order food or catering services. Decide a theme or party decor. Make a guest list of the celebrant’s closest friends and family. When inviting everyone, make sure you add easy directions so everyone can find the venue easily, and let them know the theme of the party if there is one. And don’t forget to order or make a birthday cake with the celebrant’s dietary restrictions in mind.

Is 80th birthday a milestone?

Yes, celebrating someone who has lived through 80 years is a huge milestone. They have lived through so many memories and experiences. Their long life should be celebrated.

What do you say to someone who turns 80?

Congratulate them on reaching this big age. You can add a birthday quote that you find appropriate for them, along with your good wishes. If you have any special memories with them, you can mention those as well.

What is the flower for an 80th birthday?

It really depends on what the celebrant’s favorite flowers are. However, you also can search for flowers that symbolize the blessing you wish to convey to the celebrant. Or look for flowers that perfectly capture the personality of the celebrant.

What should I do for my 80th birthday at home?

For your 80th birthday at home, you can have a party at home and organize a close friends and family gathering, like a backyard BBQ. Invite your family to help decorate your house and hand out party favors to thank the guest for joining the celebration.

How can I celebrate an 80th birthday on a low budget?

First, fix your budget and hold the party at home. Make your own snacks and keep decorations to a minimum. Instead of having a party with many people, opt for something low-key with your family and close friends.

What is a good theme for an 80th birthday party?

Try a decade theme. You can pick a decade that the celebrant has the most amazing memories from or loves the most. Have everyone dress up according to that decade, play music from that era, and have foods that were famous during that time.

What is the 80th birthday called in English?

While there is no specific name for an 80th birthday, you could use the term “octogenarian birthday” as an octogenarian is someone who is in their 80s.

Key Takeaways

  • The 80th birthday marks a milestone of a life well lived and cherished.
  • Keeping the birthday boy or girl’s choices, preferences, health, and interests, is important in planning a grand party for their special day.
  • At this age, having friends and family together makes them feel loved and cherished for all the time and efforts they have put in all through their life.

Shivani Chandel Beauty & Lifestyle Writer

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80th Birthday Ideas: 15 Ways to Honor a Special Someone

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Learn about our Editorial Policy .

Whether you are planning an intimate party or a special trip or activity to celebrate a birthday for a special senior, these 80th birthday ideas are perfect to plan a memorable celebration that will brighten up their day.

80th Birthday Party Ideas

The party should be catered to the special guest who is celebrating their 80th birthday. Here are a couple of ways to make them feel special and get everyone involved in the party planning .

  • 27 Adult Halloween Party Ideas for a Ghoulishly Good Time
  • How to Ask Someone to Be a Godparent: 10 Special Ideas

Photos and Memories

One way to celebrate 80 years of life is to gather mementos of the past eight decades. Here's how to do this with photographs:

  • Ask everyone who will be at the party to bring along a photo of the person celebrating the birthday. These photos, put together, will tell a story of the person's life, including all of their loved ones and the major events that shaped the past.
  • Hang the photos from bulletin boards, streamers, or large pieces of craft paper and display them during the party.
  • After the party, put the pictures together in an album as a special memento.

You can also ask guests to write down a special memory or funny story about the person having a birthday. These stories can be gathered together and presented to the guest of honor, or you can ask those with especially poignant memories or 80th birthday wishes to read them during the party.

The Year You Were Born wishes

Taking a trip back in time can be fun for everyone involved in the party! Here are some ways you can incorporate the year the birthday person was born as a theme for an 80th birthday party:

  • Do some research online or at your local library to find out what the fads were at that time. Using what you've learned, choose decorations to reflect these fads and styles.
  • Serve food that was popular during the year or decade that the person celebrating a birthday was born.
  • Use images of pop culture figures, product advertisements, and other famous brands or people as decorations.
  • Find out what music was popular at the time, and play it in the background.
  • Make a list of what common household items cost during that year, and hang it in a prominent location.
  • Other lists can be fun to add as well, including famous people who were born in the same year or decade, notable inventions of the time, and ways that life was different or simpler.
  • Make sure the theme is also reflected in the birthday party invitations .

Surprise Room With 80 Balloons

Fill up a room with 80 balloons. If your loved one loves purple, make it fun by inflating balloons in different hues, such as lilac, purple, and lavender. Invite other family members and friends to join in on the fun and help turn the room into a fantastic balloon pit.

Throw a Backyard Barbecue Party

Fire up the grill and invite family and friends to celebrate a special birthday with a fun-filled backyard barbecue. Opt for an easy menu of traditional American favorites, such as burgers and hot dogs. Family members can contribute with a side dish and drinks to make party planning easy for the host. For extra fun, hang party banners and string lights for a festive touch.

Other 80th Birthday Ideas for a Special Celebration

You don't need to have a big party to celebrate a birthday. You can also opt for something more intimate and personal.

If your loved one loves the outdoors, plan a weekend getaway and go camping. Opt for a cabin in the woods to make the experience more comfortable for everyone. Be sure to bring a cake and party decorations that are safe for the environment.

Plan a Picnic at the Park

A picnic at the park is a lovely way to celebrate an 80th birthday. Grab your picnic basket, a blanket, delicious portable snacks and drinks for the ultimate birthday party outdoors.

Enjoy the Beach

Spending a few hours at the beach is an invigorating way to celebrate a birthday. If it's during the summertime and you would like to enjoy the sunset, plan to organize an intimate get-together at the end of the afternoon. Everybody can enjoy an early dinner and cake before the sun sets.

Serve Breakfast In Bed

Surprise your loved one with a special breakfast in bed. If the grandchildren are visiting, encourage them to help prepare a delightful birthday breakfast. From fresh fruit juice to homemade pastries, be sure to include the birthday honoree's favorites.

Go to an Amusement Park

Looking for thrilling ideas for an 80th birthday celebration? Spend a few hours at an amusement park. Opt for mild kid-friendly attractions, such as small roller coasters and ferris wheel rides. Remember to take breaks to recharge your batteries and enjoy all the fun nostalgic treats available.

Learn How to Fly a Kite

If your loved one has always wanted to learn how to fly a kite, a birthday celebration is a great excuse to find the perfect spot for this fun activity. Flying a kite is a great hobby for seniors as it helps with hand-eye coordination, provides a light exercise, and gives them the opportunity to spend more time outdoors to breathe some fresh air.

Add extra fun to a birthday celebration by organizing a Ludo match. Ludo is a wonderful game not only for seniors but for adults and kids in general for improving concentration power and triggering cognitive abilities while offering a great opportunity for quality family time.

Introduce Virtual Reality

Seniors are always willing to learn something new. Introducing a virtual reality game can be a great choice of entertainment for not requiring wires, computers, or external devices, from meeting up with their family members in a virtual space to playing games and going on an epic adventure around the world.

General Considerations for an 80th Birthday Celebration

Turning 80 is no small feat, and you'll want to celebrate accordingly. There are a few general things to keep in mind while coming up with 80th birthday party ideas , however.

  • 80-year-olds differ a great deal from person to person. Consider the overall health of the birthday person, as well as the guests, and plan activities accordingly.
  • An afternoon party is usually better than one that will run into the late evening.
  • Consider dietary restrictions and food sensitivities when planning the menu and offer alternative options for those who need them.
  • Make sure it's an accessible venue. If there will be people in wheelchairs or otherwise unable to climb stairs in attendance, ensure that there are ramps and elevators in place.
  • Have separate activities for children who will be at the party, as they will want to let off a little steam. Having something planned for them to do will keep them from running around underfoot.
  • Plan the party well in advance so that you'll have time to gather photos, get in touch with everyone you want to invite, and organize the event.

Make It a Party to Remember

Whether it's a large gathering with friends and family from both the past and present, or a small family affair, an 80th birthday party is a special celebration. Take time and care to ensure that the birthday celebrant will enjoy the party and have the opportunity to share special memories with loved ones.

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what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Party Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

It’s not every day that someone you love turns 80. Few people reach this milestone, making it an even bigger reason to celebrate! An 80th birthday is a time to reflect on all the amazing things your loved one has done throughout the years and to help them look forward to all the adventures that still await them.

If you’re searching for ideas on how to make your friend or family member’s 80th birthday party special, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss several different ways to make this celebration memorable. Whether you want to plan a low-key party with family and friends or an over-the-top extravaganza, we have got you covered!

Amazing 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

There’s no use denying it: The birthday cake is often the center of the party. To make the special day truly memorable, why not get creative by designing a cake that commemorates the life and times of the guest of honor? Get their favorite color in fondant, print out their picture from when they were 18 and place it on top. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, order a one-of-a-kind 3D cake rendering of their favorite hobby.

No matter what kind of unique design you choose to create (or have professionally created), it will surely make an impression and provide them with an unforgettable treat to commemorate this milestone event!

80th Birthday Ideas for Mom to Make Her Feel Special

Celebrating your mom’s 80th birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Doesn’t she deserve a unique and memorable party? We thought so, too! Get creative by hosting the party outside the house. Take your mom on an experience or excursion she’s always wanted to try, like a tour of the local vineyard, a whale-watching adventure, or an afternoon at the spa.

Alternatively, gather all of her friends for a tea party with delicious snacks and take turns going around the table and sharing stories about her incredible life. You could also decorate your home with her favorite photographs, and invite family members to pick their favorites along with funny stories that go along with them. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something amazing that pays tribute to the incredible woman in honor of her upcoming milestone birthday!

Creative 80th Birthday Ideas for Dad

Celebrate your dad’s 80th birthday in a unique and special way. Make him feel truly special by planning an unforgettable day. Take him somewhere he’s been wanting to go for a long time, like a sporting event or historic site.

Get a memento, such as a customized jersey or t-shirt with all of his grandkids’ names on it. Play some of his favorite music and let everyone share stories that show how much they love and appreciate him. End the night with heartfelt speeches from everyone, including your dad if he chooses to give one. With these simple tips, you can make your father’s 80th birthday an amazing event that he’ll cherish forever!

80th Birthday Decoration Ideas

Choose birthday decorations that speak to the guest of honor’s character and interests! Consider adding a vintage flair with cut-out paper numbers in a classic font and colors, or DIY hanging letter garlands that spell out their name. If they’re fond of travel, hang pennants representing countries they’ve visited, or make cheerful paper flower bouquets in a mix of colors that reflect their style.

Feeling extra fancy? Throw in an old-fashioned popcorn machine plus nostalgic treats like pastel candy like Lemonheads or Retro candy bars. The possibilities are endless – personalize it all so your special person can be surrounded by joy on this momentous day!

Some other ideas include:

1. A Life-sized Photo Cutout

For a fun and unique decoration, create a life-sized photo cutout of the birthday honoree. You can have the cutout made at your local print shop or online. Once you have the cutout, simply prop it up in a corner of the room or near the buffet table.

2. A Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is a classic decoration for any birthday party. You can buy a kit to make your own arch, or you can have one made professionally. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.

3. A Photo Collage

Another great way to decorate for an 80th birthday is to create a photo collage. This can be done easily by mounting photos on poster board or foam core. You can also frame individual photos and arrange them on a table or shelf.

4. Streamers and Balloons

No birthday party is complete without streamers and balloons! Choose colors that complement the party’s theme or the honoree’s favorite colors. For an extra special touch, spell out the birthday honoree’s name or age with balloon letters or numbers.

5. Personalized Napkins and Cups

For a simple but elegant decoration, personalize napkins and cups with the birthday honoree’s name and age. You can find personalized napkins and cups at most party supply stores, or you can order them online.

6. A Birthday Banner

A birthday banner is a must-have decoration for any birthday party! You can make your own banner using construction paper and markers, or you can purchase a pre-made banner from a party supply store. Be sure to hang the banner where everyone will be able to see it!

7. Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a great way to add some flair to your party décor. For an 80th birthday, try using photos of the honoree throughout their life as part of your centerpiece design. You can also use balloons, streamers, and other festive decorations in your centerpieces.

8. Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to thank guests for coming to the party! For an 80th birthday, try giving out small photo frames, candles, or bottles of wine as favors. You can also give out personalized pens or keychains with the honoree’s name and age on them.

80th Birthday Party Ideas for Grandma & Grandpa

Marking the 80th birthday of a beloved grandparent is an excellent way to show them your appreciation and create special memories. Buck tradition by throwing an over-the-top birthday bash to really celebrate this milestone year. Decorate with vibrant paper decorations and fill the party with your grandparent’s favorite treats.

If you’re feeling extra creative, craft hand-made invitations or send out a jazzy custom video invitation. Set up nostalgic photo areas that showcase your grandmother’s or grandfather’s journey all these years. Hire some jazz musicians to liven up the evening, or even better – surprise the birthday guy or gal with a visit from one of their favorite singers! At the end of the night, present the guest of honor with a delightful cake to celebrate all the wonderful things they have provided you throughout the years.

Customizable 80th Birthday Shirt Ideas

Want to really showcase your love? Consider creating a custom t-shirt that celebrates this momentous birthday! Whether you opt for a funny slogan or an endearing message, designing a unique tee is sure to make the recipient feel extra special on their special day. You can even include personal photos and images to add an extra special touch. With so many customizable options, you’ll be able to craft an unforgettable 80th birthday celebration filled with cherished memories.

Don’t Forget the 80th Birthday Card!

It wouldn’t be a great birthday without hearing all those wonderful things people say about you, right? Writing a birthday card for someone celebrating their 80th is a convenient opportunity to honor and celebrate them. Take some time to reflect on what makes this special person remarkable, and try crafting something personal in your greeting.

If you’re feeling creative, think about adding a unique touch – perhaps write a poem or a special note on the inside cover of the card. Designing something meaningful together with your words will make it even more special and unexpected.

Consider 80th Birthday Theme Ideas

An 80th birthday can be a truly special occasion, and the perfect way to commemorate it is with a unique theme. Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered.

1. A Roaring Good Time 

For a fun senior birthday party theme, go back in time to the roaring twenties! This era was all about having a good time, so your guests will be sure to enjoy themselves. To get started, decorate your venue with Art Deco-inspired posters and jazz up the menu with some classic dishes like oysters Rockefeller and chicken à la king. You can even hire a band or DJ to play some 1920s-style music to get everyone in the party mood!

2. A Night at the Races 

For a thrill-seeking senior, a night at the races may be the perfect birthday party theme! Guests can dress up in their best derby attire and enjoy sipping on mint juleps while they watch the races. You can also set up betting stations for guests to place wagers on their favorite horses. Of course, no race day party would be complete without a delicious spread of Southern comfort food, so be sure to have plenty of fried chicken and biscuits on hand!

3. An Island Adventure 

Is your senior citizen birthday boy or girl dreaming of a tropical getaway? Bring the beach to them with an island-themed party! To set the scene, string up some twinkling lights and hanging lanterns, and fill the room with the sound of waves crashing against the shore. Serve up some refreshing cocktails like piña coladas and mai tais, and don’t forget to put out a spread of Hawaiian-inspired appetizers like sushi rolls and teriyaki chicken skewers.

4. A Walk Down Memory Lane 

For a sentimental senior birthday party theme, take your guests on a walk down memory lane! Set up a photo booth with props from different decades, and encourage guests to dress up in clothing from their favorite era. You can also create a timeline of your guest of honor’s life by hanging photos and mementos from different stages of their life. Be sure to have plenty of nostalgic snacks on hand, like root beer floats and grilled cheese sandwiches.

5. A Hollywood Extravaganza 

For a truly glamorous senior birthday party theme, roll out the red carpet and transform your venue into a Hollywood movie set! Decorate with sparkling lights and star-shaped confetti, and serve up drinks in champagne flutes. You can even hire actors or actresses to mingle with guests and pose for pictures. Of course, no Hollywood party would be complete without a delicious buffet of movie theater snacks like popcorn and candy bars!

An 80th birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate your loved one. With a bit of planning, you’re sure to put on the party of a lifetime for them!

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27 Awesome 80th Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate The Seniority

Host a lovable and comfy birthday party for your beloved 80-year-old with these impressive ideas.

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

siddharth kesiraju MA, Certification in Relationship Coaching

Specialty: Love, Marriage and Relationships

Experience: 7 years

Siddharth holds a certification in Relationship Coaching and a masters degree in communication and journalism from the University of Hyderabad. He has around seven years of experience in various field... more

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Image: iStock

The 80th birthday is a special occasion in any person’s life, and we bring you some special 80th birthday party ideas to make the senior person feel loved. The party planners should ensure that the party suits the audience, but that does not mean it only needs to be about the traditional cake-cutting, candles, and balloon-bursting events. Since this is a momentous occasion, one needs to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of the birthday person, but at the same time ensure that the occasion is celebrated in such a way that it becomes a lifelong memory to be cherished. This post provides a curated list of grand birthday ideas to celebrate your special person’s 80th birthday.

Party Ideas For 80th Birthday Loved Ones

While planning the party, think about activities that the elder may be able to actively participate in. Also, factor in their energy and interest levels.

Image: IStock

  • Bonfire party: This can be a simple garden party with close family members that the elder will be meeting after a long time or a proper outdoor party, if their health allows it. The notion is to keep it cozy and intimate, with friends engaging in storytelling over a crackling fire.
  • Off to the golf course: If the birthday person is interested in the sport, a golf course is the perfect party space, instead of a boring restaurant setting. So tee off your way to a grand celebration.
  • Hobby day: What does the birthday honoree love to do as a hobby? Fishing, star gazing, cards? Make it the activity that warrants everyone’s attention and participation.
  • Music medley: Does the elder have special songs they love to hear on loop? Do you know what song was playing when they proposed to their partner? Collect all the special songs and make a playlist of 80s music and play them at the party.

Ideas For 80th Birthday Party For Dad

Your Dad is the rock of your life. Let him know how special he is by throwing him a grand 80th birthday party. Here are a few unique 80th birthday ideas.

  • The best Dad: Here is your chance to tell your dad why he’s the best Dad in the world. Get your siblings together, shoot a video that tells your father why he is so important to you or present him a memory book with notes from all of you. Spice it with special wishes and childhood videos of you with him, and hold a personalized film screening for an evening filled with warm memories.

Image: Shutterstock

  • Special life events : Your Dad has reached many milestones through these eight decades. Showcase something that celebrates them all for the 80th party. For example, display his awards at work or sporting trophies at the gathering.
  • 80 of everything: How about getting 80 gifts for your Dad to celebrate his 80th Birthday? They don’t need to be expensive. Simple little things that are funky and good for laughs will do.
  • Comedy night: Who doesn’t love a few good laughs? One of the most innovative ideas for 80th birthdays is to sign up a stand-up comedian to fill the night with laughter.

Ideas For 80th Birthday Party For Mom

Mom is that special person who always has a hug for you no matter how old you get. Tell her how much she means to you by doing something for her on her 80 th .

  • Live band: Hire a live band to play all her favorite songs through the years. Handpick the playlist, so she knows how much you value what she likes. Add a simple choreography to it and involve your siblings to make it all the more special.
  • Classic ball: Here’s your chance to make your Mom feel like a Queen. Hold an old-fashioned ball, complete with elegant invites and ball gowns. You may need the help of event professionals to pull this one off.  
  • Old friends’ party: Just her old friends and no one else for a night of sheer fun and nostalgia. Give them the privacy they need to wind back the clock to the times when they painted the town red.
  • Tea party: A tea party may be apt for an elder who has trouble staying up too late at night or taking in too much excitement. You can arrange for catering, and of course, can also go for a beverage of the birthday girl’s choice.

Party Decorations/ Favors For 80th Birthday

Customizing these aspects to suit the elder’s preferences will make it the perfect party.

  • Posters: Put up posters with different events or milestones from their life listed on top with blank spaces underneath. Let everyone in the guest list jot their own memories in the space given.
  • 80th birthday banner: A very common party decoration can turn innovative if you just get creative. Design banners showing the elder with popular stars, movie celebs, presidents, royals, anything you can think of to make things fun.
  • Sentimental trinkets: For party favors, look for trinkets that will bring back fond memories of the birthday person for the guests. Maybe, print a picture of the person’s old home or beloved jalopy on a keychain. Or think of a photo cube paperweight with family pictures.

Themes For 80th Birthday Party

Get creative and give your elderly birthday boy or girl a themed 80th birthday full of great memories.

  • Inspiration party: Show the birthday person why you consider them an inspiration by making a speech. Your guest list comprises people who believe they owe something awesome to the birthday honoree and would like to share it with them. Make sure to mention the elderly person’s special qualities that make them so lovable.
  • Memories party: Call in people who have known your elderly birthday celebrant all their life and ask them to share their fondest memories together. You can ask for pictures from the past and use them in your decorations or create a slideshow or memory lane montage to make the birthday person nostalgic.
  • Year of birth : Everything at the party represents something from the year of the birthday person’s birth. Posters of the hit movie that year, significant events that took place, pictures of their old neighborhood – the list is endless. This one could bring back some of their fondest memories from the past.

Games For 80th Birthday Party

There are many fun games to make sure your loved one has a blast on their 80th.

  • Movie star night: Everyone picks a movie star who reigned supreme during the teen years of the birthday person, comes dressed in a costumed character, and prepares a short piece to enact.
  • Guessing game: The guests take turns mimicking family members or friends, and the birthday person has to guess who it is.

80th Birthday Party Food Ideas

Take special care with the 80th birthday party food because both the 80 th party honoree and guests may have dietary limitations.

  • Easy to chew foods: Ice cream, shakes, and puddings can all make an appearance. Ask the caterer to give you a menu designed for elders beforehand and involve the birthday honoree in selecting the items.
  • Bottles of wine: Exotic wine is always a great addition to the dinner menu of the 80th Birthday to raise a toast to them and celebrate their life.
  • Family cookout: Get all your family members to bring one special item for the party that the birthday person loves.

The 80th birthday is a special occasion and celebrates a life full of beautiful and bitter memories. Although you should keep the preferences of the senior person in mind while organizing their birthdays, it should not stop you from being creative and bringing innovative ideas to the party. So, if you are ready to explore unique 80th birthday party ideas, try options such as pool party, hobby day, or bonfire party. Include easy-to-chew foods and some wine, and help them have great fun. You may organize a comedy night or plan an old friends’ party. Also, make it a personalized event by decorating the place with banners, personalized photographs, and posters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 80th birthday called in English?

In English, you can refer to someone celebrating their 80s or 80th birthday as a “quadragenarian” or “octogenarian.”

2. Is 80 a milestone birthday?

Celebrating your loved one’s 80th birthday is a huge age milestone birthday since they have completed eight decades of their life. Whether the person is your parent, grandparent, or someone else you know, ensure you make this birthday extra special for them.

3. How can I involve the celebrant’s grandchildren or great-grandchildren in the party?

To involve the celebrant’s grandchildren or great-grandchildren in the party, you can encourage them to create handmade decorations for the event. Let them make banners, posters, or drawings to display in the venue. Additionally, the grandchildren can prepare a special performance, such as singing a song, reciting a poem, or staging a skit that aligns with the celebrant’s interests and life. You could also plan a family photo session where the grandchildren can suggest fun poses or themes. These ideas will help the grandchildren feel actively involved in the celebration.

4. How can I create a timeline of the celebrant’s life to display at the party?

Gather information about significant events and milestones to create a timeline of the celebrant’s life for display at the party. Choose a presentation medium – poster, PowerPoint, or picture set. Divide the timeline into sections for different stages of life and arrange them chronologically. Enhance the timeline with images and visual elements to make it more impressive.

5. What are some ways to capture the memories and highlights of the party for the celebrant to cherish?

To capture the memories and highlights of the party for the celebrant to cherish, consider hiring a photographer or having a family member with photography skills document the event. Set up a photo booth with props for guests to take pictures. Ask guests to make short videos greeting the celebrant and sharing kind words. Encourage guests to take pictures with the celebrant and compile them into a digital photo album or slideshow.

Infographic: Gift Ideas For 80th Birthday

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Key Pointers

  • When you plan an 80th birthday party, include games and activities, so they enthusiastically participate in them.
  • You may display major milestones in their life, such as personal and professional achievements.
  • You may add easily chewable foods for elders to enjoy their birthday meal.

Shikha Thakur MBA

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Siddharth Kesiraju MA, Certification in Relationship Coaching

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80th Birthday Ideas For a Memorable Party

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May 11, 2020 by Jamie Leave a Comment

If someone you love is turning 80, they will need these 80th birthday ideas so the day is as memorable as possible! Turning 80 is a big deal. It may be one of the best birthdays a person can have. They've lived a lot of years and have seen a lot of cool things. It is their day to celebrate big.

80th birthday ideas

Table of Contents


Someone turning 80 is called an octogenarian….now that is a name, LOL. You can actually use this word for anyone between 80-89 years of age.

I don't know if I would put this name on a sign. 😆 


A lot of birthday milestones have a color associated with the birthday. The 80th birthday colors are black and white from the research I did. Of course I would want to add one more color to that combo!

The stone for the 80th birthday is the ruby.

80th birthday party ideas


Of course, not every 80-year-old will want a big deal to be made out of their birthday, which is where these great ideas come in handy. I have some great party ideas all across the board. 


When you’re 80, you may want to spend the day having a tea party. Tea parties are the best because you get to sit down with family and friends and have an amazing day. Tea parties are also very simple to put together. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and doesn’t require a lot of your time. This is one of those 80th birthday ideas that are going to be very memorable.


Just because you’re 80, it doesn’t mean you can’t get down with the best of them! Start planning an 80th birthday party dance party. You can hire a DJ or live music and invite the best dancers over for a rocking good time. The best part of this party is that you can have people of multiple ages over and everyone will enjoy it.

dance party


When you’re 80, you don’t always want to go out and party hard. Sometimes you just want to sit at home and have your favorite birthday dinner. Luckily, a lot of restaurants will have catering options or you can order it to go. The 80-year-old in your life may just thank you for allowing them to stay in, yet still have their favorite foods!


Another fun thing to do on the 80th birthday is to have a movie night. You can make this even more fun for the 80-year-old in your life by throwing a vintage movie night. Show movies from the era the birthday boy or girl grew up in. This will be so much fun for every single person there! It’s amazing how far movies have come in the last 80 years.


Do you know a few 80-year-olds that could use an invite to a bowling birthday party? This is one of those 80th birthday parties that are unforgettable. Most bowling alleys will allow you to rent a few lanes or a bunch of lanes. Bowling parties can be early afternoon or later in the evening. Trust me, timing is everything when it comes to the older generation and their parties.

bowling birthday party


If you know of an 80-year-old that has never had a surprise birthday party, this is the time to do it! (Some) 80-year-olds love having surprises too. Invite their best friends over and don’t tell them. When the 80-year-old in your life walks in, they will be so surprised. They will also feel really loved because all the friends and family in their life, took time out to appreciate them. Don’t forget to order their favorite foods for this surprise party.


I know the 80-year-old in your life more than likely enjoys board games. I told you that I would include some 80th birthday ideas for the 80-year-old that may not enjoy getting out. You can easily do a birthday party with board games. You can invite people of multiple ages and have an amazing board game party. A really fun game to play is Ticket to Ride and it works for all ages over 8 years old.

board game birthday party


When you turn 80, you may need to be reminded of all the friendships you’ve made over the years. A reunion of old friends is an excellent way to ring in your 80th year of life. If you are throwing a party, make sure you invite as many people as you can from every era of their life. This party will make them feel loved and thrilled. Celebrating an 80th birthday party with old friends is truly a great celebration.

Do you have a nice patio? As you turn 80, why not consider inviting friends over for a BBQ? Hamburgers, hotdogs, and your favorite fixings await you! A BBQ is also budget-friendly because you don’t have to worry about WHERE to have the party. This is one 80th birthday party ideas for a memorable day. You can even have a corn hole tournament with your best friends.

80th birthday ideas for a memorable day


Do you live close to the beach? Want to visit the beach? Your 80th birthday is not one that you will want to forget. Sit on the beach and think about the past 80 years. What a great time to reflect and meditate on your life and create new goals for the future. This is one birthday you won’t forget. If you don’t love the beach, you could also consider the mountains.

There are a lot of 80-year-olds out there that enjoy playing cards. Some of the most popular card games you can play for your 80th birthday party are:

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

The 80-year-old in your life will have so much fun playing cards for their birthday. Bring along their favorite cake and food to make the birthday night even more special. You’ll want to invite everyone to this birthday party. It’s time to teach everyone about old school card games!

card game birthday party


Are you still looking for an 80th birthday party you can enjoy? I have some other ideas for you!

  • Bingo Game Night
  • Disco Party
  • Dress Up Party

These 80th birthday ideas for a memorable day should make it easy to plan the perfect party. Who will you be celebrating? 

Check out all the other PARTY TIME posts while you are here! 

Be sure to PIN these ideas for later!

80th Birthday Ideas

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80th Birthday Ideas

You’ve reached the right place for all your 80th birthday ideas! Whether you need a gift, party idea, or decorations we have it all. We even have cake ideas, wishes and other treats to make this milestone birthday extra special.

Let us help you celebrate with friends and family in style. Browse our website now and find everything you need for an unforgettable 80th birthday celebration!

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Gift Ideas

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Gifts for Women – 25 Best Gift Ideas

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Gifts for Men

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Party ideas.

80th Birthday Party Tips

How to Plan a Memorable 80th Birthday Party

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Party Ideas

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Invitations

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Banners

Photo Centerpiece with Triva

80th Birthday Centerpieces

Celebrate 80! Centerpiece

80th Birthday Decorations

80th Birthday Photo Lanterns

Photo Centerpieces – Easy Table Centerpieces Using Pictures

More birthday fun, how to order an 80th birthday card from the president.

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Cakes

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Wishes

80th birthday card with balloons

Planning an 80th Birthday Card Campaign

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - You don't need a special pan to make a number-shaped cake. Click to see how to make number cakes with ordinary pans!

Easy Way to Make a Number 80 Birthday Cake

80th Birthday Cards - Looking for the perfect birthday card for someone turning 80? Shop these top picks - or download one of our 20 free printable 80th birthday cards!

Brilliant 80th Birthday Cards to Buy or Print at Home for Free

80th birthday ideas – 30 great ways to celebrate an 80th birthday.

Turning 80 is certainly cause for celebration!   If you’re wondering what can you do for an 80th birthday celebration, here are some great ideas for a memorable 80th birthday:

1.  Throw a Party!

If the birthday woman or man loves to get together with family and friends, then consider throwing an amazing 80th birthday party.  The party can be just as small as their immediate family members, or it can be a larger affair that includes friends from their past and present.

Does he or she enjoy surprises?  Then a surprise party might be a great option.   Otherwise, be sure to talk to the birthday celebrant about the type of party they would enjoy.

That way they’ll be able to enjoy planning the party, and will be able to look forward to the event.  Since many seniors can be a bit bored, planning a party is a great way to fill time.

2.  Make a Photo Album or Scrapbook

An 80th birthday is a fabulous time to reflect upon the memorable events of a lifetime.  Preserve some of those memories – and take him or her on a stroll down memory lane – by making a photo album or scrapbook filled with highlights from their life.

Use Facebook and email, or other social media sites, to request pictures from far-away family and friends.  The 80 year old will love seeing long-lost faces and pictures!

3.  Complete a Bucket List Item

Is there something that he or she has always dreamed of but not yet gotten around to doing?  Checking off a bucket list item or two is a a wonderful 80th birthday idea!

4.  Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane by Visiting Favorite Sites from the Past

By the time someone turns 80, there are many places that were important to them at some point in their life.  If possible, take them back to some of their most meaningful spots – their former schools, they house they grew up in, places they worked, or the church they’ve attended are sure to bring back treasured memories.

Most senior citizens truly enjoy a trip down memory lane!  And you’ll love hearing stories about what their life was like when they were younger.  Try to capture some of those memories on video (your smart phone will work fine) so that you can enjoy the stories for years to come.

5. Organize 80 Cards from Family and Friends

There’s something special about getting birthday cards in the mail!  Make their 80th birthday memorable by having as many friends and family members as possible send a birthday card to them.  Ideally, it would be perfect to have 80 cards.

It can take a bit of time to organize a card campaign like this, but the pleasure it will bring to the celebrant will make your effort well worth it.   This article explains exactly how to organize an 80th birthday card campaign .

6.  Order a Birthday Card from the President

Did you know that you can request a birthday card from the White House for anyone who is 80 or older?    You’ll need to plan ahead a bit, as it takes at least 6 weeks notice, although the more time you can gift the better.

It’s free (well, your tax dollars pay for it) and is sure to thrill the birthday man or woman!

7.  80 Days of Love Notes in a Jar

Looking for a fun 80th birthday idea that will last longer than just one day?  Write 80 little notes of memories or appreciation on decorative paper.   You can do write all the notes yourself, or ask family and friends to write messages.

Then just put the notes in a pretty vase or jar.  The recipient can then look forward to opening a note every day for the next 80 days.

8.  Make a Photo Bouquet

This is one of my favorite 80th birthday ideas for Mom or Grandma!   Make a bouquet of paper flowers that feature the pictures of her loved ones.  It’s such a cheerful decoration that’s perfect for brightening her room.  She’ll love having pictures of all of her favorite people.

9.  Make  a Memory Quilt

A memory quilt is another great way to use photos.  You can transfer favorite pictures to fabric squares and sew a quilt full of love and memories.  

A fun idea for an 80th birthday quilt would be to send fabric blocks to loved ones and ask them to write a message on the fabric.  You could then sew these blocks into the quilt as well.

10.  Drink Champagne

A milestone occasion like this certainly deserves a few toasts!  Pop open a special bottle of champagne and celebrate turning 80 in style.

11. Play Favorite Games

Playing games together is a fun way to enjoy being with your favorite octogenarian – and it’s an especially great way to celebrate if there are kids involved.

Try playing games from their childhood, such as dominos, card games or checkers.  If you have several age ranges, consider games such as Trivial Pursuit, bingo or cornhole.

12.  Watch a Favorite Childhood Movie

Talk about a blast from the past!  He or she probably has fond memories of going to the movie theater as a child (my mom went every Saturday – she paid a nickel for her ticket).

Order a few of their favorite movies from their childhood to watch together.   Don’t forget the popcorn!

13.  Plant Flowers Together

Plant a flower pots or a windowsill garden full of plants, herbs or other flowers.  They’ll then enjoy watching the plants grown and bloom long after their 80th birthday has passed.

If there are small kids in the family, you could have them decorate flower pots with their handprints.  It’s a fun (and colorful) way to involve children in the 80th birthday celebration!

14.  Listen to Music from the Past 80 Years

Listening to music from their past is a wonderful way to recall favorite memories.  Download some popular songs from their childhood and teenage years to listen to with them.

15.  Make an 80th Birthday Candy Gram

Grab some poster paper and candy bars, and put together a funny candy gram to celebrate this milestone birthday!  It’s fun to receive, easy to make and inexpensive to put together.

16.  Decorate T-Shirts or Sweatshirts

Looking for 80th birthday ideas that are fun for all age ranges?  Decorate shirts with fabric paints.  You could do this before the birthday and everyone could wear the shirts on the actual day.  Or spend the 80th birthday decorating shirts together.

17.  Take Pictures Together

If family and friends are getting together to celebrate, take time during the day to have a photography session.  If possible, schedule a professional photographer to take the pictures.

No need to be too serious though – bring along a few photo props to guarantee a few goofy photos!

18.  Decorate Their Yard

Surprise them when they wake up on their 80th birthday with yard decorations – the bigger, the better!  I’m sure you’ve seen those huge “Happy Birthday” yard signs that are so popular right now.

Plus the whole neighborhood will know that they’re celebrating…so they’ll probably get more Happy 80th birthday greetings than they usually would.

19.  Enjoy a Milkshake 

Most 80 year olds will have fond childhood memories of the drug store soda fountain.  If you can find one that’s still in existence, take him or her there for a malted or milkshake and a taste of old times.

Otherwise, mix up your own milkshake, seltzer or other childhood treat at home.

20.  Have a Picnic

If the weather is good, take the celebration outside.  Choose a park that has a playground so the kids can enjoy playing, and the senior citizen can enjoy watching them.

Cornhole, croquet, or horseshoes are all fun games to play at a picnic.

21.  Go to an Antique Car Show

Checking out vintage cars is a fabulous 80th birthday idea for Dad, Grandpa or any car buff.  Find an antique car show near you by checking the local newspaper or Twitter.

22.  Make a Money Tree

A money tree filled with 80 $1 bills is a festive gift for the frugal senior.    Just attach the bills to a pre-potted small tree.

23.  Sing Karaoke Together

Come on…everyone should sing badly in public at least once in their life!  Or throw a home karaoke party for the whole family.

24.  Give 80 Small Presents

Instead of one large present, give 80 small gifts.  The grandchildren and great-grandchildren will love thinking of (and counting out ) 80 gifts.

A few gift ideas would be small pieces of candy, stamps, beads or flowers.

25.  Go to a Casino

The gambler would enjoy visiting their favorite casino for their birthday.  Slot machines, cards, free drinks, buffet…and the chance to win big!

26.  Make a Video of Their Life

Another great way to stroll down memory lane!  Scan all those old photos onto a disc to play as a movie.  Serve candy, soda, and popcorn just like at a real movie theater.

27.  Decorate with 80 Balloons

Everyone should have balloons on their birthday!  Fill one of the rooms with 80 balloons in his or her favorite color.

If you have time, attach small photos to the end of the strings.  They’ll love seeing all the pictures of family and friends!   Read this article for more details .

28.  Go to an Elegant Tea

Looking for special 80th birthday ideas for Mom or Grandma?  Get dolled up and go out to a lavish tea!  She’ll love being pampered and fussed over.

29.  Take a Family Vacation

Go big for an 80th birthday and take a family vacation together!  Look for a destination that will appeal to all the different generations, such as a cruise or a resort vacation.

Everyone in the family can look forward to the event, and they’ll have loads of bonding moments and memories to look back on afterwards.

30.  Celebrate for 80 Days

Why limit the fun to just one day?  One of the most creative ways to celebrate their 80th birthday is to plan 80 days of surprises!

You’ll need to coordinate with family and friends.   Assign each of them one of 80 days before the actual birthday to drop off a small gift, send a card, or celebrate their 80th birthday in some small way.

Share Time with Your Loved One

Many elderly people don’t really want a birthday party or gifts, even for a milestone birthday like an 80th.  There’s a good chance that what he or she would enjoy the most is simply spending time with you.  

It can be as simple as going out together to a favorite restaurant, putting together a jigsaw puzzle, or looking over family photos.

He or she might enjoy going to church with you, or watching favorite TV shows or old movies together.  The more active senior might enjoy golfing, shopping, a walk on the beach, or fishing.

Remember that some seniors can be a bit lonely or bored.  Make their 80th birthday special by enjoying time with the birthday woman or man!

80th Birthday FAQ

What is an 80th birthday called?

Someone who is between 80 and 89 years old is called an octogenarian, so you could refer to the 80th birthday as the octogenarian birthday.

In Hindu culture, the 80th birthday is called Sathabhishekam.  The date is usually fixed after the person has seen 1000 full moons.  This usually occurs 7 or months after the actual 80th birth date.

Is 80th birthday a milestone?

Definitely!  Milestone birthdays (or landmark birthdays, as some people call them) are those birthdays that mark a big birthday year.  The milestone birthdays for adults in the United States are considered 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 110.

Some people also consider 65, 75, 85, 95, and 105 as milestone birthdays, although those are not quite as widely celebrated as the even numbered decades.  1st, 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays are also considered milestone birthdays for younger people.

What is the Color for an 80th Birthday?

There are no official colors for birthday years, so you’re free to choose any favorite color for an 80th birthday celebration! Each birth month has a different color, gemstone and flower associated with it, but you don’t have to follow those guidelines if you don’t want to (very few people know about birth month colors).

What is the stone for an 80th Birthday?

Gemstones are actually associated with anniversaries, not birth years.  So there is not an official stone for an 80th birthday.  

Each birth month does have a birthstone associated with it, so if you want to give a traditional 80th birthday jewelry gift, use the person’s birthstone.

  • Gift for Teens
  • Gifts for Her
  • Event planner
  • Gifts for Him

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

27 Best Ideas to Plan 80th Birthday Party for Your Close One

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 08:44 am

80th birthday ideas

If you have someone in your family turning 80 soon, you would surely want to do something special for this person.

The 80 th birthday is a not like any other ordinary birthday, it is a monumental occasion and the celebrations on this day need to just as grand as the wholesome life lived by the person celebrating the 80 th birthday.

The party organized for this day should be so special, that not only the person for whom the party is being thrown, but every guest attending the party should remember it and appreciate it for a very long time.

Planning this special birthday party would require some special ideas, which would celebrate the life and times of the person who has managed to complete 80 years of his or her life.

To help you make this amazing day in the life of your loved one, absolutely memorable, I present to you some very simple and creative ideas for planning the 80 th birthday party celebrations.

1. make an early start to your planning.

80th-birthday-ideas-Party planning

The 80 th birthday is an occasion where you would want, everyone who has been a significant part of that person’s life to be present for the celebrations.

Some of your relatives and friends may be living in far off places and hence require a good amount of time to plan their trip and come down for the party.

Therefore, it becomes important that you start planning the party well ahead of time, so that you are able to give all your guests, especially the outstation guest, ample of time to make plans for attending the party.

Here are some 80th birthday ideas. You can send the formal party invites closer to the party date, but it would be a good idea to at least send out an informal save the date card or message to the guests, so that everyone knows that an 80 th birthday party is being planned by you and you want them to be a part of the same.

These days people are using their smartphones to create some nice save the date cards online and mail them to all the guests, thus, saving time, energy and money.

2. Plan Your Party Budget First


The first and the most important thing that you will need to do before you start making any preparations for the party, is to carefully plan your budget for the party.

You need to figure out what is the maximum amount that you would be willing to spend on the party and whether there is someone else who would be sharing this expense with you or not.

Depending on this budget decisions like whether to have a grand celebration or a more private affair would be made.

It is also important that while figuring out the budget, you take into account all the possible expenses that you would have to incur for this party like party invitations courier charges for sending these invitations, food, music, decorations, gifts, favors, and anything and everything else that you can think for should be accounted for in the budget.

3. Pick The Date Carefully


For throwing a good birthday party, it is important that the day and the date of the party is carefully picked.

While you would want to pick a date which is close to the actual birthday date, it is also important that you make sure that the day of the party, is a holiday.

In fact, you should try to look for a long weekend, since you would be inviting guests from out of town and they might need at least a three day holiday for coming to the party.

Hence be on the lookout for the upcoming school holidays and pick a date which you think would be most convenient for all the guests.

4. Think Of A Theme For The Party


When we say the theme of a party here, we do not mean that you need to throw a royal theme party or a rock n roll theme party, but really you need to figure out what type of party you want to throw.

You might want to keep it a close family knit affair, or you may want to throw a surprise party , or you might actually want to go extravagant and choose an extravagant theme like rock n roll for the party.

This decision should be taken keeping in mind the likings and physical condition of the person for whom the party is being arranged for.

  • Here are few good birthday party themes you can consider for an adult of this age.

5. Prepare The Guest List Carefully

80th-birthday-ideas-guest list

The 80 th birthday party celebration of a person is as big an affair as the wedding of a person, and there are many people, who if not invited to this party, might feel offended.

Therefore, the preparation and compilation of the guest list for this party is a very important job. You can always seek help from other members of your family in ensuring all the important names are included in your list and you have not forgotten anyone in the family.

It would also be nice if you can actually locate some of the old school and college friends of the person whose 80 th birthday it is. Meeting these people from their past on their very special day, would surely bring smiles and some fond memories back for the birthday boy or girl.

6. Find The Right Party Venue

party venue-80th-birthday-ideas

The next step in planning a great 80 th birthday party is to search for the perfect location for the party. The party venue should fit in your budget and should be able to comfortably accommodate all the guests you have invited to the party.

While choosing the party location you might also want to consider the fact that most of the people coming to this party would belong to the older generation and therefore might not be very physically fit.

Hence, you need to find a party venue which is easy to access, wheelchairs can be carried inside the venue and are friendly in all respects towards the needs of the old people.

7. Foods And Drinks


In 80th birthday ideas the menu that you set for this party would again be suitable for the palate of the older people present at the party. Surely you can add a few special dishes for the younger people present at the party as well.

While setting the menu for the party, make sure to include those dishes which are a favorite of the birthday person.

In case you are throwing the party at a restaurant, you would have to restrict yourself to their menu, but in case you are hiring caterers for the job, you can plan on getting some special dishes made which were a hit at parties thrown when the birthday boy or girl was in their prime of life.

8. Party Decorations


Just because it is an old person’s birthday party does not mean that you have to use blacks, whites and grays for the decoration of the party venue.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the use of colors for these parties and therefore, you can pick any combination of colors which you think will make the venue look attractive, or you can pick the favorite colors of the birthday boy or girl and use those colors for decorating the entire party venue.

9. Dance And Music


This is one of the best 80th birthday ideas, to keep the mood of any party lively is to hire a nice DJ or live band to play music during the party. You can request the band to play some of the favorite songs of the birthday boy or girl, or you can ask them to play some really lively music that would force people to come on the dance floor and not just have fun themselves, but entertain others as well.

You can also prepare a special song and dance act dedicated to the birthday boy or girl, letting them know how special they are for you and how much you love and cherish them.

10. Party Games

party games-80th-birthday-party-ideas

This is not a kids party and therefore, you cannot plan games which require people to move around a lot. In fact, you might not even be able to expect most of the people at the party to stand for very long.

Therefore, the games that you would need to plan for this party would have to do more on the lines of trivia and quizzes, where all the questions in the game can be centered around the life and times of the birthday boy or girl.

These adult games can be really fun as they would bring back a lot of memories and some really hilarious stories from the past would get revealed.

  • While seeing games list , would recommend to also have glance at other party ideas for people who are old by age but not by heart over here .

11. Photography


This party will prove to be not just a celebration of the 80th birthday, but it would also prove to be a sort of a family reunion. You might actually end up meeting some of your cousins whom you probably didn’t even know existed.

Hence, it is essential that all the memories of this day get captured in the camera, so that even after the party is over, you are able to relive those memories for a very long time.

In fact, besides still photography, you should actually make arrangements for video photography to be done at the party as well, since the guests at the party are sure to do some really loving and funny gestures, which can be fun to watch later.

12. Collect Written Memories And Wishes

Collect Written Memories And Wishes

You can always place a scrapbook or a wishing tree in one corner of the party venue, and ask all the guests to write down their wishes and memories of the birthday boy or girl in that book, or on the tree.

To make the 80th birthday celebrations even more special you can actually place various photographs of the birthday boy or girl in different stages of life and the guests can pick the photo which is from the time when they first knew the person and write something special on the back of this photograph.

Later you can take all these photos, make a collage out of them and hang the same in your living room or any other special corner of your house.

13. Birthday Cake

80th-birthday-ideas-Birthday Cake

Hey, irrespective of whether the birthday party is for a small kid, a young boy or girl or for an 80 year old person, if it is a birthday party, birthday cake has to be present.

Get a really pretty and beautiful cake specially designed for the occasion made. If you have kept any special theme for the party, the design of the cake should then be in accordance with that theme.

Choose a universal flavor of the cake. In 80th birthday celebrations elders generally prefer vanilla, pineapple and chocolate flavors.

The more funky flavors like red velvet, blueberry, may not go down too well with them, hence, stick to the traditional cake flavors only.

14. No Need For Favors


If you want to thank the guests for making the effort and taking out the time to come for the party, then you can choose to give out favors, but for an 80 th birthday celebrations, distribution of these favors is not compulsory and you and your party would not be judged if you choose to not give out any favors to the guests.

Hence, check your budget, and if the same allows, only then think of giving favors, or else you can simply skip this aspect of a typical birthday party.

15. Give Special Dedication

Special Dedication

This is very important content in 80th birthday ideas, towards the end of the party, you can make a speech, or show a video with slides of the life of the birthday boy or girl, as a dedication to that person.

Saving this for the last is important as these dedications generally end in tears and the whole atmosphere of the party becomes a little emotional and serious.

Hence, keeping them for the last will ensure that your party ends on a very strong emotional note.

16. A fashion show for the glamorous 80’s

Old people fashion show

Well today age is just a number which is counted, one should feel young at heart. and the people in their 80’s want to enjoy their life again like a child or the teens. So the best way to celebrate and make your loved one’s special day more special you can organise a fashion show in the birthday party of all the 80 year old present their. They could be the birthday girl or boy’s friends and even family members of the same age.

Choose a theme of their youthful time like the 60’s or the 70’s and that would add some flavor to the bash. Also plan for prizes for the the runner ups and the winner. It would really bring back so many memories in their lives. And surely their 80th birthday would be memorable, as it is a fact that the more you age the more you love to relive each memory you have.

Do keep their favorite color in the limelight of the fashion show and end it with good food and drinks.

17. A melody of memories

Related image

The best way to remember the yesteryears is through the beautiful photographs with their loved ones and friends and at the 80th birthday these pictures would be the best way to bring back those beautiful and eternal memories.

You can plan out for a snap shot movie form of the old pictures starting from their youth and then covering their whole life, including their school days, their marriage, life, family everything. Also make one of their grandchildren the speaker who would be narrating the story of each of this pictures during the slide show.

This way with the birthday celebrations you would be gifting them back their old memories of love, togetherness and friends. What else could be the best gift or celebration at 80 to just refresh those beautiful memories.

18. A family reunion

With age the seniors always want their children and loved ones to be near them, which is today’s fast pacing life is not always possible. So this 80th birthday give him or her the best gift, bring all the family members together and spend some beautiful moments together.

You would be needing to make phone calls, email and convince all the family to be there on the birthday, also see that you can keep the surprise till the last moment. Arrange for a family lunch or dinner, if the birthday is on a weekend, then plan the whole weekend with different activities which would include the whole family and the birthday boy or girl would be the center of attraction.

Cook some good food and all the favorites of the 80 year old birthday baby. See that the 80th birthday with their all loved ones become the best ones ever. Also coordinate with the family of gifting them the best memorable gift which they would be cherishing once when all family members would be leaving.

19. Make an impressive birthday invitation card

Image result for impressive birthday invitation card 80th

Whenever you are inviting the guests on any occasion the invitation becomes an important part of the whole celebration. So this 80th birthday of the one you love just make an impressive and interesting birthday invitation card.

There can be various ideas which would be meddling in your mind, about the invitation and best would be add some memories into the card. Like adding some old pictures of the person you are celebrating the 80th birthday. It can also be some group pictures with their friends and specifically you can send those cards for their friends. This way you would be relishing their memories too.

Add some lines about the person, their qualities and the invite should be so convincing that anyone would love to be a part of the celebrations. You can even make the children of the family do some drawings and paintings for the card. That would be a much better idea, as nowadays kids are best to express their feeling through colors.

20. A food party

Related image

Food at any age is a good way to celebrate and what would be better to have a full food party on the 80th birthday, of your parents, or grandparents. Just make it special with tickling of the taste buds and some healthy version food.

At 80 food restrictions are quite common but within the limitations one can easily prepare some good tasty and healthy food too. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the birthday boy or girl make some dishes specially for them and their friends.

You can even keep a small cooking face off where they would themselves cook something delicious and can win some small prizes. Mention this cooking face off in the invitations so that the other guests should be ready with some recipes.

Make the children the judge as they would enjoy their grandchildren giving them so much attention, and with kids it becomes more fun to be with at 80. The food party would be a real hit and surely these youthful 80’s would again eagerly wait for such a fun filled birthday bash next year too.

21. Prepare a Birthday Book Of memories

Image result for Birthday Book Of memories

Sometimes it is very hard to express our feelings to our loved ones. There are many emotions which clouds our mind mind but bringing it out seems to be tough. So this 80th birthday share those words with your loved one, as that would be the best way to celebrate their special day.

You have to be a bit creative in this and you can make a Birthday Book of Memories, where you can put some old pictures of the person, the family photographs, the pictures with you and so one. With each photograph add a line or two expressing your gratitude or feeling towards the person or the particular event which the picture shows.

This way many beautiful memories would surround them and even they would feel on the top of the world knowing your feelings towards them, which generally you may be failing to express each day. The birthday book of memories would be the best gift this 80th birthday.

Memories are always known to be like a fresh breeze in life and when those memories would be presented with your feelings wrapping them then it would become priceless for the birthday girl or boy. So start working on the birthday book of memories and creating the most fascinating and emotional birthday present for the one you love the most.

Do not hesitate in expressing your emotions though your words, as that book would stay with them till their last breath and would be a fuel for living those years when you would be away from them. Express all the feeling you have been suppressing for years.

22. A simple family picnic to their favorite place

Image result for family picnic

What would be best on their 80th birthday to spend a day enjoying a family picnic in their favourite place. Everyone has a favourite place where they want to spend time, be it a park, a countryside, forest anything. So this special day why not take to the place they love the most for a small family picnic.

This would be the best way to celebrate their 80th birthday, with their grandchildren and children around them, laughing, cooking and chatting. Make it a surprise for them, and decide on the best place to have the family picnic.

The birthday boy or the girl must be having few favourite spots around the city they stay now or they have been in their youth and childhood, if needed plan out the whole picnic there, then the fun of the journey would be an added flavor to the special day. Do keep in mind their health so try not to make much longer drives, and make them as comfortable as you can make them.

For the food do keep some healthy options and which can be easily made like sandwiches and drinks, with some fruits and some quick desserts. The main idea is to spend some quality time refreshing those summer holidays picnic times of the past.

23. A morning choir in the church with a lunch on the grounds

With age spiritualism becomes an important part of the senior’s life. So on this special occasion of their 80th birthday arrange a choir in the nearby church, which would be followed by a small lunch with their church buddies.

This way not only they birthday would be celebrated but also they would find themselves closer to God, with a feeling of peace and serenity. See that the food you arrange are healthy and try to keep light snacks. The main purpose is to make a serene ambience.

Do talk to the father in the church for support and if needed you can arrange for some food and money donation to poor needy people or orphan kids. It would be another way to make the day special and best would be these donations be made by the hand of the person celebrating the birthday.

What else one can think of to on their 80th birthday than to spend some quality time in the ushering of God and less fortunate people along with their church buddies. A day with the almighty, with choirs and food of divinity, a beautiful spiritual birthday celebration marking their 80th years of living life with the flow and poise.

24. A karaoke and music night

Image result for old people music and dance party

Why not give these youthful 80’s generation a blast on their the day, but arranging a karaoke and music night in some nearby club or a pub, with their friends and family along. Music is the soul for any celebration, and with that the songs sung by the birthday girl or boy would make it more rhythmic.

Arrange for a good music system in the venue, and the list for the karaoke songs should be all the old classics which they love or best would be their favorites, then their singing would have that youthful spirit. The karaoke night should transport them back to time.

Also, arrange the prizes for the best singers, as this would bring that child in them back, and the fun they would have with their friends. Do make a list of all their friends and arrange to bring them safely bringing to the venue, as one thing you have to keep in mind now they are your children.

Also have a good menu for the evening, which would complement this starry evening of songs and music with smooth flow.

25. A midnight surprise bash at the stroke of 12

Image result for 80th birthday cake

This 80th birthday give him or her , your beloved one a surprise birthday bash by baking their favorite cake. Whatever age one be, birthdays are always the special day of the year, when everyone needs pampering and love.

So just bake the cake of their favorite flavor, add lot of love, with cream and cherries, one day treat them with their dream cake. As already they follow their diet at this age, so this day should be a little fun cheating day on the diet regime.

You can make a theme cake or just their favorite with some icing and the sparkle candles. Sing the song they love the most, but keep the secret till the end. Involve the kids of the family to make some decorations secretly in their room once they are asleep, as surely they would be hitting the bed early like the other days.

Then at the stroke of twelve sparkle them with the cake and the candles, you would be delighted to see that magical smile on their face with some tears of happiness, that their birthday is important for you all too.

26. Celebrate The Memories

A 80th birthday party is a great time for the the birthday recipient to reminisce about the life they have had. One a person hits the age of 80 they are not always so happy about getting old, and reminiscing about all the great things that have happened throughout there life is a great way to make them feel good and proud. A great way to share these memories is to view a DVD filled with photographs of their life, their children, grandchildren and their friends. This gift is not only something that can be cherished for the party, but they will be able to enjoy it after the party also.

There are to different ways of getting these pictures on a DVD and that is by hiring a company to do it for you, or by doing it yourself. Hiring a company to do it for you is a good idea if you have a large amount of pictures that you want scanned that are not digital. However if you have the technology and time to do it your self it can be done by purchasing a DVD slide show building software.

Another way to share memories is to pass pictures around during the party, or have the pictures displayed on posters or scrapbooks and other picture displaying methods. By displaying the pictures the birthday recipient will be able to look at the displays with others and enjoy stories that come from the pictures.

27. Make It A Surprise

The parties actually existence does not have to be a surprise although it can, but it is a good idea to have some small surprises throughout the day to make they party special to them. Whether its certain guests who keep there attendance a secret, special gifts or games, or a special meal for them are all great small surprises that can have a great impact to a party.

If you want to make the party an all out surprise, you need to go all out. Make sure that you think about what the person would like as far as a the surprise location, size, and time. A surprise that is well played off can have a great impact in a persons life to know that people would care about them enough to set up and plan a surprise party.

I hope that the above tips will give you all the help that you need for planning a great 80 th birthday party for that someone really special in your life.


what is a good theme for 80th birthday

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what is a good theme for 80th birthday

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what is a good theme for 80th birthday

15 Unique Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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what is a good theme for 80th birthday

11 Romantic Birthday Ideas

Homemade centerpieces ideas.


15 Fun 80th Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Loved Ones

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate when someone turns 80 years of age. Of course, if you have never planned or even attended a loved one’s 80 th birthday, there are some things you need to know. Some helpful tips regarding 80 th  birthday party ideas can go a long way. Today, we offer you a curated selection of 80th birthday party ideas for mom, 80th birthday party ideas for dad, and 80th birthday party ideas for grandma and grandpa, together with a short guide at the end to help you plan for your beloved family members an unforgettable happy 80th birthday.

For more inspiration, party ideas, and themes to choose, we also recommend you check out our guide on 70th birthday party ideas , as you can adapt many of them to the current situation. We know that when someone reaches 80, the family and friends have quite a clear idea when it comes to gifts. However, if you want a couple of more suggestions, we recommend you to see our list of best gifts for mom (that you can also adapt for your grandma) and our list of best gifts for men (because you might find there something your dad or grandpa might love).

Now, without further ado, let’s see some of the most interesting 80th birthday party ideas for your loved ones!

15 80th Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Loved Ones this Year

1. feature the year of birth.

Feature centerpieces made of cardstock that display a top 5 list of events or fun trivia facts from the day or year the guest of honor was born. For instance, the centerpiece could list the price of a gallon of milk at the time the birthday gal or guy was born. You can focus on important events that had a political, social, or economic impact (along the lines of “eighty years ago in history….”). If you want a trip down to memory lane with a less serious note but a fun, whimsical, nostalgic one, you can focus on trivia or events that revolve around the guest of honor’s hobbies and interests (“this was the music they loved 80 years ago…”).

Featuring the year of birth as theme – including music, foods, movies, fashion trends, etc. – makes everyone take a moment to remember how far they have come, how much the world has changed, and how amazing their journey has been until this day. This is one of the best 80th birthday party ideas for grandma, who have seen a lot and can tell you some stories you will not forget soon.

2. Tell a Story Through Pictures

Speaking of stories, instead of prompting the guest of honor to re-live moments from his/her life, you can turn the situation the other way around and make them hear stories about them. Ask guests to bring pictures that feature them with the guest of honor. Take the pictures and place them on a poster board. Everyone can have fun sharing their favorite stories behind each picture. Also, the special birthday guest can keep the poster board as a keepsake to hang on the wall. This one makes one of the best 80th birthday party ideas for dad or for mom, as the family, relatives, friends, and even close neighbors cand make a contribution to the poster board. From sweet family moments to spicy honeymoon details, the board is the fuel that can ignite an evening of sharing memories and having plenty of laughs.

3. Add Some Pep to Your Step

When it comes to entertaining 80 th birthday party ideas and guests, there is nothing more fun than music and dancing. Get everyone up and grooving to music that was popular during the time the guest of honor was born. For instance, that may entail swing music or jazz. Besides letting mom and dad show you how it’s done on a dance floor, you can create an entire scene and theme following this idea. The young generation can sport some 80-years-ago outfits, bake some trendy cookies that were all the rage back then, and so on.

4. Host a Roast of a Toast

If the elderly person you plan on throwing a party for has a good sense of humor, consider hosting a roast. Make sure the guests know to keep it clean, lighthearted, and fun. The goal is to make sure everyone gets a good laugh without any feelings getting hurt. If you never saw a celebrity roast before, Comedy Central has plenty of examples. However, do not turn into a “queen of mean” or a “roastmaster” on your grandma’s expense. You can have your share of fun without going in too deep and personal on past mistakes, personality traits, etc.

5. Enjoy Photo Ops from the Decades

Starting with the year your elderly loved one was born, select clothing from thrift shops that represent each decade of the person’s life. Encourage guests to dress up for fun photo opportunities using either a hired photographer or a rented photo booth complete with props.

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Image via Unsplash

6. Play Fun, Appropriate Games

Among all the fabulous  80 th  birthday party ideas are the opportunities to play games . Coming up with fun games for the guests and guest of honor to play is a great way to add fun and enjoyment to the party. One example is setting up a game of  picture bingo , which is played like regular bingo, except the board features pictures of loved ones rather than numbers. For more inspiration, check out our guide on the best fun family games to play . If the guests do not have a taste for modern board games or society games, pick a game that you know they used to play when they were younger. Instead of having your mom, dad, or grandparents learn the rules of contemporary games, do the opposite and let them teach you how to play the games they loved – even if it means for all of you to go outside in the yard for that.

As an alternative, the Never Have I Ever game is always an excellent choice. It also makes one of the best 80th birthday party ideas for dad or 80th birthday party ideas for mom, as your parents did do plenty of things and have plenty of “secrets” to share.

7. Choose Live Entertainment

Live entertainment can often spice up a party and make it fun. For instance, a DJ can set the tone for any event, including an 80 th birthday party. Another option is to hire a live band to play music, particularly some of the birthday guest’s favorite tunes over the years. If the situation allows, don’t be shy in hitting that dance floor, especially if your mom or dad still have their groove on.

8. Create a Birthday Inspired Video

Before the party, gather all the guests together and have them help you create a video montage that you can play on a big screen TV or large projection screen. Inspire guests to retell their favorite moments with the celebratory guest. Make sure everyone leaves their own personal Happy 80th Birthday message on the video. Take advantage of this idea and call people your mom, dad, or grandma knew who cannot be at the party to also record a message for them. Seeing old friends, colleagues, and relatives who are far away but still by their side is a magic moment.

9. Host a Themed Birthday Bash

Themed parties are great for a loved one no matter their age. However, you should select a theme that best suits the 80 th  birthday. For example, you can host a  Hollywood themed bash   featuring photos of actors and actresses from when the guest of honor was young. If everyone is on board with this, you can take things up a notch and try a costume party with a theme.

10. Get Creative with Foods

If you plan on feeding everyone who attends the 80 th  birthday party, try getting creative with the foods you choose. One idea is to pick foods that were popular around the time the birthday gal or guy was young. For instance,  chocolate covered pretzels would work well for someone born in the 1930s since the pretzels were first introduced in 1933. Take a look at our guide on the best 70th birthday party ideas and check out the “Food Throughout the Years” theme. We are sure it will get your creative juices flowing and the kitchen filling up with tantalizing flavors.

11. Take the Party Elsewhere

Hosting a fun and exciting birthday party does not mean you are limited to a specific residence. In fact, it is sometimes better to take the party elsewhere. For instance, if the celebrant has a love of gardening, see about hosting the party in a nearby public garden. You can always invite guests to enjoy the beautiful view while enjoying a luncheon birthday celebration. Of course, a fancy restaurant skilled in organizing themed events is also a great idea, especially if the venue can play oldies but goldies music and come up with dishes originating back in the day.

12. Prep Before the Party

To ensure that your loved one enjoys their 80 th birthday party, make sure you prep beforehand. Perhaps take your loved one out where the two of you can enjoy manicures, pedicures, or even a new hairstyle before the party starts. A barbershop for a spiffy haircut and a shave is always an option for men. In fact, consider this as one of the best 80th birthday party ideas and gifts. When did your mom go last time for a mani-pedi-hairstyle session? When did your dad receive last time a full grooming session? Pay for a spa day for your birthday guy or gal or take them shopping for new outfits to wear at the party.

13. Host a Potluck Birthday

Nothing can destroy the  fun of a birthday party than having to cook for many guests. Ask the guest of honor to list some of his or her favorite dishes and have your guests pitch in on cooking them all. By asking each of your guests to bring a small dish of the celebrant’s favorite foods, you will relieve the stress off your back and everyone will get to pitch in and have fun tasting different dishes.

14. Add Some Light to the Event

Considering that an 80 th birthday is meant to be a time for celebration, consider entertaining the celebrant and the guests in attendance with an incredible fireworks show. Of course, you would need to contact your local city hall to determine if you can light off fireworks. If you happen to get the green light, consider hiring a professional for the job.

15. Hire Professional Dancers

To really throw a birthday party with a bang, hire some professional dancers to come in and show guests some popular dance steps back from when the guest of honor was younger. For instance, a professional could teach you some jazz steps or even how to swing dance. Your loved one will get enjoyment out of seeing some familiar moves and the guests will have fun learning how people back in the day killed that dance floor.

80th Birthday Party Ideas: Bottom Line

If you are looking for 80th birthday gifts, you should know that the traditional gift for the 80th birthday is oak. However, in our more modern times, the gift of pearls or diamonds is an excellent choice. When you are searching for 80th birthday party ideas for mom, make sure you put some pearl jewelry on the list of possible gifts you and the rest of the family plan to buy for her.

When it comes to 80th birthday party ideas for dad, since he doesn’t probably wear pearls or diamonds, you could go with a gift made from oak in case you want to follow tradition. Otherwise, there are plenty of gift ideas out there you can consider. We also recommend you look at our housewarming gifts ideas, party themes, and menu suggestions , as you can easily “steal” a couple of tips from there too.

The 80th birthday is a ruby jubilee, so rubies can also work great if you consider jewelry as gifts for your mom or your grandma.

In addition, for tradition’s sake, you should also know that the agreed color scheme for an 80th birthday party contains black and gold, so you can use these colors for decoration or outfits.

All-in-all, the possibilities for a terrific 80 th birthday party are endless . As long as you are creative enough, you can think up just about anything from themes to music and everything in between. In the end, all that matters is that you are there to celebrate an important milestone in the life of someone you care about.

Featured Image via Pexels


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what is a good theme for 80th birthday

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24 of the best 80th birthday gifts to give in 2023

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

An 80th birthday is a huge landmark and is absolutely something to celebrate. They've reached their 80th circle around the sun and have experienced a lot of life. From life-changing historical events to private moments of joy, this is a time to celebrate the full life they've had and show them how special they are. 

For the new octogenarian in your life, a great gift is one that celebrates all they've already accomplished while also signifying anticipation for the new experiences to come. Whether it's a heated vest that they can take on all their outdoor adventures or an 8-in-1 vinyl player, these gifts will help them ring in this new chapter of their life.

The best 80th birthday gift ideas:

A birthstone necklace with profound symbolization.

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80th Birthday Birthstone Necklace, available at Etsy, $156.55

Getting them a customizable birthstone necklace with eight links to symbolize the eight decades of life, love, and laughter is a great way to celebrate their 80th and make them feel special. Handmade in Bath, England, these necklaces are all one-of-a-kind and uniquely beautiful.

A slim-fit heated vest

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Ororo Classic Heated Vest, available at Ororo , Amazon , and Walmart , from $139.99

This heated vest is especially helpful for those who live in colder climates or those who get cold easily. The heat emanates from four carbon fiber heating elements thoughtfully placed in the vest: one in the collar, one across the back, and one for each pocket. Great for recreational activities from walks to gardening, Ororo's slim-fit heated vest provides heat for 10 hours on a single charge so you'll never worry about them feeling chilly again.

A more comfortable way to garden

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat, available at Amazon and Sears , from $49.99

If they're an avid gardener, consider getting them a convertible garden kneeler and seat. Gardening requires a lot of movement, from bending to standing to lifting, and is a great way to get sun and exercise. Help them find a more comfortable way to pursue their passion while they tend to their buds.

A premier bidet for a luxurious toilet experience

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Coway Bidetmega 400E, available at Amazon, $453.59

A bidet is a wonderful way to upgrade your toilet without having to hire contractors or make any huge renovations. We loved the Coway Bidetmega with its heated seats, heated air dryer, adjustable spray, and ease of installation. They'll be able to control the bidet easily as well, with the included remote, eliminating any awkward body contours or uncomfortable movements to operate it. Check out our full guide here .

A fun way to practice balance and hand-eye coordination

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Durarange Golf Chipping Net, available at Amazon, $54.88

When they don't want to leave the comfort of their home but still want to get some play in, this golf net is a great way to practice their accuracy. For avid golfers or beginners, this gift will help train their hand-eye coordination while also allowing them to get a bit of exercise in their day.

An original, vintage newspaper published on the exact date they were born

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Original Vintage Newspaper, available at Historic Newspapers, from $59.99

Whether they're a history buff or not, this vintage newspaper is a unique gift that's sure to pique their intrigue. Seeing what was happening in the world when they were born is a wonderful way to reflect on their personal history.

A deep kneading foot massager

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

HoMedics Shiatsu Air Max, available at Best Buy , Amazon , and Kohl's , from $104.44

Turning 80 probably means that they've been on their feet quite a bit . This deep kneading foot massager is great for anyone who has tired feet (which is probably all of us, 80 or not) and even has air compression and a heated feature to penetrate the senses even deeper.

A clock that makes it easy to know exactly what time and day it is

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

American Lifetime Extra Large Impaired Vision Clock, available at Amazon , $54.95

As we get older, our vision and memory inevitably get impaired. With an extra large font, an auto dimmer, and clear readability, this clock will be helpful even from across the room.

A poster to remind them why they're one-of-a-kind

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

80 Things We Love About You Poster, available at Etsy, from $24.30

Sometimes, our loved ones need to be reminded why they're amazing, and this poster is a stunning way to do that. Personalize this poster with friends and family to bring a smile to your loved one's face.

A modernized, 8-in-1 vintage vinyl player

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Victrola 8-in-1 Record Player, available at Amazon, $139.99

With a vintage look and modern features, this vinyl player is everything they'll need to have the audio center of their dreams. Victrola's turntable not only plays their favorite vinyl records from over the years, but also has a CD/cassette player, radio, Bluetooth, and an auxiliary jack so they can stream playlists from their phone.

A nifty tracking device that doesn't need to be paired with an app

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Eksy Key Finder, available at Amazon and Walmart , from $18.99

The problem with modern tracking devices is that they often need a smartphone app to be used. This radio-activated tracking remote works without an app for frustration-free location of their keys, phone, remote, wallet, and more.

An aromatherapy steam room experience

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Calming Shower Steamer Gift Set, available at Uncommon Goods, $28

Forget the hassle of driving to the gym for the steam room and experience it right in your own shower. These calming shower steamers are a wonderful aromatherapy experience that'll soothe them before bed. Bonus: these steamers can also be used as an exfoliating body scrub! 

A practical gift that'll make their lives easier

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Royal Medical Solutions Extra Long Grabber (2-pack), available at Amazon, $32.99

The idea of our loved one on a ladder trying to grab something from the top shelf is enough to bring chills down our spine. Take the stress out of reaching for hard-to-grab objects with this extra-long grabber. With its reinforced rubber rotating jaw, even the smallest things will be simple to grab.

A monthly flower subscription service to bring fresh blooms into their home

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Monthly Flower Subscription, available at The Bouqs Co., from $40

Invite freshness into their home monthly with a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers from The Bouqs. It's a lovely way to remind them that you love them and are thinking about them and also a fun experience to look forward to, however often you choose your subscription.

A portable massage chair for any seat

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Comfier Neck and Back Massager with Heat, available at Amazon and Walmart , from $169.99

Full massage chairs can require a lot of space, but with Comfier's portable massager, space is never an issue — the massage can take place in their favorite spot, from the sofa to their recliner or even an office chair. It also has a heated function, perfect for an even deeper massage experience.

Their favorite treats delivered right to their doorstep

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Classic Favorites, available at Harry and David, $79.99

Royal Verano Pears, Moose Munch, signature chocolate truffles, sharp white cheddar cheese, and more — Harry and David's bestselling set features all of their signature and top-selling goods. They'll be overwhelmed by the scrumptious delight that arrives at their doorstep and, if you're lucky, maybe they'll give you a bite or two.

Connection between long distance friends

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Long Distance Friendship Lamp (2-pack), available at Uncommon Goods, $198

When you live far away from your loved one, it can be hard to get together consistently. These in-sync lamps are made to work together, so when you touch yours, theirs will light up with the same ambient color. There's something about having your lamp light up when they touch theirs that warms the heart and makes this a great gift.

The clogs that took the world by storm

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Crocs Classic Clog, available at Crocs , Zappos , and Dick's Sporting Goods , from $34.99

Crocs are seriously comfortable, great for indoor or outdoor use, and are non-slip, which is an essential factor for older folks. Make them the trendiest 80-year-old out there with Crocs's new options and find the color that's exactly suited for their style.

An adult coloring book to inspire them

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

National Parks Coloring Book, available at REI and Amazon , from $9.95

Paired with a set of markers or watercolors, this National Parks coloring book will spark their creative inspiration. It's a great way to include more art and creativity into their life while also inspiring them to visit and adventure in the great outdoors.

A classic Taiwanese oolong tea and biscuit set

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Choicest Tea & Biscuits Set, available at Té Company, $62

If they're a fan of tea, they'll love this classic Taiwanese oolong tea set. With a flavor profile of rose, citrus, and honeyed figs, and paired with Té Company's signature pineapple linzer cookies, they'll look forward to their afternoon tea time even more than ever before. 

For those who prefer a hand-held library

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Kindle Paperwhite, available at Amazon , Target , and Best Buy , $139.99

If physical books aren't their thing or if they need large print accessibility, consider getting them a Kindle. The new Paperwhite model has an adjustable warm light setting, making it easier on the eyes, and comes with an adjustable font setting, making it a great item for those who have impaired vision. And if they're privy to reading in the bath, no worries — it's waterproof! Check out our full review of the Kindle Paperwhite here.

Bird watching made easy

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Nature's Hangout Clear Window Bird Feeder, available at Amazon , from $27.95

Bird watching is endless fun but it can be hard to spot their favorite birds from far away, even with binoculars. Thankfully, this clear bird feeder hangs right on the window so they won't have to work hard to see their little buddies come to have a meal.

A mug that will keep their drink warm or cold for hours

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Yeti Rambler Mug, available at Yeti , REI , and Amazon , from $25

If they're a sipper, then look no further — these Yeti mugs keep drinks hot or cold for hours on end, thanks to the MagSlider lid that acts as a seal for the double insulated walls of the mug. Coming in a plethora of fun colors, they'll be reaching for this mug every day.

A luxurious wool cashmere beanie

what is a good theme for 80th birthday

Unisex Wool Cashmere Beanie, available at Woolrich, $120

Established in 1830, Woolrich has been a pioneer of wool comforts for nearly a century. Made in Italy, the craftsmanship of their items is trusted and not only looks good, but feels good too. This gift will keep them warm and stylish all winter long.

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what is a good theme for 80th birthday


80th Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

Your mom is turning 80 this year, and it’s a significant milestone to celebrate. She’s had 80 incredible years filled with memories, and now it’s time to create a party that everyone will remember. Throwing a party takes planning and preparation, so you’ll want to be fully prepared in order to throw a special 80th birthday. We’ve given a few different 80th birthday party theme ideas as well as everything you’ll need to do to plan ahead of time. 

What You Need to Throw an 80th Birthday Party

If you want to throw the ultimate 80th birthday party, you’ll want to get to planning early. Ensuring that all plans are made in advance will allow things to go smoothly. You don’t have to have it all figured out immediately, but there are a few basics you’ll want to start brainstorming in advance.

Here are a few things to consider when throwing an 80th birthday party for mom: 

  • Theme:  Choosing a theme is a fun way to add to the celebration. We’ve given a few different theme ideas below that just about every mom would love on her 80th birthday.
  • Location:  Think about where mom will want to celebrate her big day. Would she want to spend it at home, her favorite restaurant, or outdoors someplace? 
  • Time and Date:  Talk with mom as well as friends and family to determine the best date and time that works for everyone ahead of time. Make any necessary reservations in advance to avoid any issues as the big day approaches.
  • Guest List:  Mom’s 80th birthday is a big milestone, and everyone who knows and loves her will want to be a part of the fun. However, consider whether she’d want a huge party with everyone or if she’d want a more intimate gathering and create your guest list accordingly.
  • 80th Birthday Invitations:  Creating the 80th birthday invitations can be a huge part of the planning fun. When you know what your theme is going to be, think about how to incorporate it into the invitations. For example, you could use a newspaper-style invitation dated with her birthday an an “article” with the party details.
  • Decorations:  Based on your theme, decide on 2 or 3 colors that will match and go from there. Think balloons, paper plates, napkins, drinking glasses, and any other decor you want to have. As before, choose decorations that compliment the theme of the party. (are you sensing a  theme  here?)
  • Party Food Menu:  What’s mom’s favorite food? Does she have a favorite restaurant or are there family recipes she adores? You could have each party guest bring one of her favorite dishes or order from her favorite place to dine at. 
  • Music Playlist:  Music will add a lot to the vibe of the party. If you’re doing an 80s themed party, then obviously you’ll want 80s music. You could also ask friends and family to give ideas to create a playlist of her favorite songs from the time she was born through now. 
  • Itinerary:  You don’t necessarily need a very strict itinerary, but knowing the order of events ahead of time will decrease the chance of anything going off track (especially if you want it to be a surprise party)! Consider the best time for the guests to arrive, any activities you have planned, when to serve food, and when she’ll open gifts.
  • Birthday Gifts:  You don’t want to give mom any ordinary gift this year. It is her 80th birthday after all, and that’s a big deal. Below we have some activities that also double as meaningful gifts she’ll treasure forever. 

Celebrate Mom

Although planning an 80th birthday can seem like there is a lot of focus on the decade, you want to make the main focus, of course, mom. Keep her at the forefront of your mind when making the plans. Make everything as personal as possible by including nostalgic elements unique to her, special memories, and other sentimental tributes.

By putting mom at the focus rather than the celebration itself, you’ll be able to give her a special day. The last thing you want is to throw a generic party that solely focuses on the fact that she’s 80. She has a whole lifetime of memories and accomplishments, and it’s time to reminisce.

As we age, especially as women, birthdays can be an emotional time. Keep the tone of the party positive, keep her in the forefront of your mind throughout all of the planning, and she’s sure to love her 80th birthday party.

Putting Everything Together

First, consider the theme you want to go with. Below we’ve given you a few different 80th birthday party theme ideas for mom to help get you started. From there, you can choose the location, decor, and activities accordingly. 

We’ve also given you some additional ideas that will fit well with just about any theme you choose to do. The 80th birthday party activity ideas all include personal touches that are sure to make mom feel special on her birthday. 

80th Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Mom

1. cheers to 80 years.

Having a “Cheers to 80 Years” celebration is a classic theme for an 80-year-old who has a specific drink preference. Whether mom likes to indulge in a glass of wine, an ice-cold beer, or a signature cocktail, you can make it the featured detail for the party. You can even find decorations to match the drink of choice. For the invitations, thinking of a clever pun add to the humor. For example “Another beer older”, “Aging like fine wine”, or even a simple “Cheers to 80 years” can work!

2. Vintage Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate old memories than a vintage themed birthday party? Think sepia tones, nostalgic games, old photos of mom, and vintage decor such as glass mason jars. If you go this route, tie in as many personal touches to mom as possible. Ask around to find what her favorite games, candies , etc. were and use them for the party. For invitations, you could use a newspaper or polaroid design.

3. Still Rock’n It Party

Did mom love rock ‘n’ roll ? Maybe she still loves to rock out and wants to party like it’s 1950. For this party, you’ll want to make a rock’n playlist, decorate with some old rock ‘n’ roll posters, and maybe even have a rockstar dress code. If mom is young at heart, then this is the perfect party to celebrate her.

4. 1980’S Party

Similarly to the rock’n party, a 1980s party is a fun era themed party for a mom who’s still young at heart. Create some tye-dye invitations to set the tone of the party and fill the party room with groovy colors. Tell the guests to come dressed in 80s fashion and provide foods and drinks that were popular in the 80s. And of course, you can’t forget to make a playlist filled with songs she danced to back then. 

5. Glam and Golden Year Party

For a glam mama, she is going to feel like royalty at her party with this theme. Decorate the home or venue with gold decor. If you’re wanting to go the extra mile, add in a photo booth and bring props like feather boas and beaded necklaces. Pop a bottle of champagne or have a few bottles of sparkling wine. All that’s left is creating some glamorous and gold invitations and you’re ready to go!

6. 80 Years Young Party

An 80 years young party is also a great opportunity to celebrate mom’s life so far with lots of memories. Find out all of the things she loved during childhood, and center the theme around it. Fill the room with decorations of famous movie posters and other memorabilia from her younger days. Use a childhood photo for the invitations to add a personal touch.

7. Favorite Foods Potluck

Why do all of the cooking yourself when you can have everyone pitch in and make mom’s favorite dishes? Have mom make a list of her favorite dishes and have everyone choose what they’ll bring. Not only will this take some stress off of the party planning, but everyone will have a great time tasting a variety of different foods. 

Other 80th Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

1. memory book.

Giving mom a memory book is something she’ll cherish for life. Have everyone who’s near and dear to her to make a page of memories to create a big memory book for her to reminisce on. Add stories from her past and photos taken throughout the decades. She’ll be so touched when she sees what everyone came together to create for her. 

2. Thoughtful Messages

Head to the store and grab a plain white tablecloth and a handful of colored sharpies. Either hang it on the wall or lay it across a table and have all of the guests write a thoughtful message once they arrive. They can use it to write how much she means to them or a memory from the past and leave the signature. She’ll love pulling out the tablecloth to read everyone’s message for years to come.

3. Newspaper From the Day She Was Born

Find a newspaper from the day mom was born and have it as apart of the decor for her party. You should be able to find varies websites online that are able to track the vintage newspapers . Seeing different advertisements and news stories from those days will bring a flood of old memories, like when gas was just 15 cents a gallon.

4. 80 Things We Love

This could be a personalized gift just from you or you could work with her friends and family to create it together. Either way, the project is simple – write down 80 things you love about her. This could be special qualities, the way she cooks, memories, etc. It’s a simple and priceless gift that will make her feel incredibly loved.

5. 80 Years of Pictures

Create a personalized photo book that shows 80 years of mom’s life. Contact friends and family to see if they can dig up any photos throughout her life. Add in memories about each photo that can be summed up in a few sentences. You’ll want to have plenty of room to fill the book with photos. For additional writing, you could have everyone write out all of their favorite memories to add to the book.

In Conclusion

Mom is turning 80 this year, and it’s time to make her the guest of honor to celebrate her 8th decade. Although 80 is a big milestone age, you want to put more focus on her than her age. Adding nostalgic touches that are personalized to her will make her feel special and loved at her big birthday celebration. Think of a theme that she’ll love and plan accordingly! 

If you need some gift ideas for mom’s big day, check out this article .

Get the celebration started with these 80th birthday party ideas

A person’s birthday is a very important day. After all, it’s only the day you were born. While we are still kids, our birthdays are something to look forward to. You get lots of gifts, you get to have a party with all of your friends, in general, it is one of the best days of the year for any child. Naturally, as we grow older, we might not enjoy our birthdays as much. Some people don’t like the feeling of getting older, others embrace it. So, today we are going to talk about the celebration of a very important age – being 80 years old. And what better way to commemorate that day than having your entire family around you. So here are a few 80th birthday party ideas to help you plan the best party for the wisest person in your family.

How to plan an 80th birthday party?

80th birthday party decorations, 80th birthday party themes, 80th birthday party games.

80th birthday party ideas to get the celebrations started

80th birthday color, three red roses, metal number eighty, placed in front of them

Here are a few steps you need to take in order to plan the most perfect party:

  • Make sure that the party is tailored to the honoree. 80 is a specific age. For some elderly people having a large, loud party might be too much to handle. On the other hand, I have seen some 80 year olds being more energetic than I am sometimes. So, just plan accordingly. If you have decided on a larger party, consider hiring a venue to accomodate a larger group of people. On the other hand, if it is going to be just family, you can have the party at the house and save yourself some money.
  • When you are planning on a birthday party for an elderly person, the time of the party is very important. Although an evening party may not be your best option, you still have plenty of time during the day. Whether it will be a brunch party, or an afternoon affair, make sure that the birthday boy or girl is at their best.
  • Have plenty of seating available. Needless to say, older people can’t really stand on their feet for a long period of time, so just have enough chairs for everyone to sit whenever they need to.
  • Be ready to be flexible if you are having a larger party. Keep in mind that there will be people of all ages at the party and they need to be entertained. So, you need to make sure that you have coloring sheets for the kids, for example or a fun game they can play. Also, make sure that the music or entertainment is ready to cater to all ages.

Fun birthday party surprise will put a smile on a person’s face no matter their age

old lady with blonde hair, wearing white lace dress with long sleeves, 80th birthday color, holding a flower bouquet

80th birthday party ideas

Themes, decorations, games – all of these things take planning. Not to worry, though, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas you can totally steal from us.

When it comes to decor, probably the most popular colors are black and gold. Since 80 is a golden age, the color definitely stands out. Of course, you can always tailor the colors accordingly. If you are throwing a party for a man, you can choose to pair gold with blue instead of black. On the other hand, if it is for a lady, purple is a great choice. What’s more, flowers are always a classy and elegant look. Which is why, you need to make sure that you have plenty of floral elements in your decoration.

Whatever you decide to do at the party, it will definitely be a memory to cherish for the birthday boy/girl

old man standing in front of a table, large chocolate cake on it, blowing out candles, 80th birthday color

We probably won’t surprise anyone with these themes ideas. Naturally, the best way to go about it is to throw a vintage party from the decade in which the honoree spend his or her twenties. Not only will it bring back old memories from their young life, but you can also discover a whole new party side to your grandparent that you have not seen before.

First of all, sing-alongs are always a great idea. Furthermore, they are fun for everyone. Bingo, checkers, bridge, dominoes, pick your poison. All of these games are fun for people of all ages. You can also gather photographs and videos and make a short movie about the life of the birthday girl/boy. The memories will definitely be appreciated by everyone at the party. What’s more you can ask people to share memories they have from when they were young with the honoree and include that in the short presentation.

Simple, yet beautiful decor, incorporating flowers

wooden table in front of white wall, different desserts placed on it, 80th birthday color, gold yay balloon on the wall

Vintage themed party

vintage style decor, 80th birthday color, dessert table placed in front of fireplace, vintage happy birthday banner

Stunning cake for a lady who is 80 & stunning

two tier cake with buttercream, 80th birthday ideas for mom, eighty and stunning cake topper, decorated with flowers

Purple is a popular birthday color

two tier cake, covered with purple fondant, 80th birthday ideas for mom, decoated with white flower

Here is another fun idea you can add to your list

black chalkboard, hanging on white wall, 80th birthday ideas for mom, history trivia written on it

Cute cake for the 80 year old gents

one tier cake, covered with black and white fondant, 80th birthday ideas for mom, suit cake

Cheers to 80 years

cheeres to eighty years banner, 80th birthday ideas for mom, black wall, two small tables for mimosa bar

This cake is absolutely gorgeous

80th birthday ideas for dad, two tier cake, covered with blue and gold fondant, placed in the middle of table

80th birthday party ideas with a tropical twist

tropical theme for a party, ballon arch with blue yellow and white balloons, 80th birthday ideas for dad, number eighty balloons

A birthday trivia game you can try

birthday trivia, 80th birthday party, idea for a party game, trivia questions for guests to fill in

80th birthday party favors

hersheys kisses, wrapped in gold cellophane, stickers for eightieth birthday, 80th birthday party, party favors

Ask guests to share their fondest memories

its your 80th birthday, 80th birthday party, birthday party game, guests filling out questions

You can also ask guests to share personal messages and photos for the birthday girl/boy

book for special messages and photos, 80th birthday party ideas, black background with gold decorations

Aged to perfection – sure to bring a smile on your guests’ faces

black and white paper napkins, 80th birthday decorations, vintage 1929 aged to perfection written on them

Yet another fun idea to try – the number 80 made with old photos

number 80 made with old photos, arranged on white wall, 80th birthday gift ideas for mom, white and yellow balloons hanging

Here’s some gorgeous cake ideas

three tier square cake, decorated with black white and gold fondant, happy 80th birthday

These cuties can serve as your party favors

cookies in the shape of flowers and cakes, 80th birthday ideas, decorated in white purple and pink

An 80th birthday party should be a family affair

man and woman standing next to a table, 80th birthday party decorations, cutting into five tier cake

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15 Ideas for a Totally Awesome 80s Theme Party

80s theme party invitation

You’ve decided to throw a super awesome 80s theme party. Well, it’s time to get stoked ‘cause your guests are in for a rad time! Create the ultimate party atmosphere and give them a shindig to remember with these totally tubular 80s-inspired ideas for decor, food, activities, and more. 

1. Totally Awesome Dress Code

The 80s gave us so many eye-popping fashion trends. (Hello, scrunchies, mullets, lace blouses, and ripped jeans!) Bring back that style and have fun with it by introducing a dress code for your retro bash.

Ask guests to come dressed in their favorite 80s creations. Be prepared to see plenty of legwarmers, neon, animal prints, and hot pink. Or put a twist on a classic 80s party by making it a fancy dress code — challenge your guests to come as their favorite 80s movie character, or throw an 80s music-themed bash. Let your guests know all about your dress code on your party invitations.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Fun

Hosting an evening get-together? Turn on the black lights and bring out the glow sticks for some neon shenanigans. Transform your space into the ultimate 80s party scene with glow-in-the-dark paint and party supplies. Use this to set the scene for a dance party segment or theme your whole bash around the idea of a radical glow-in-the-dark party. 

3. Neon Lighting

80s theme party: Neon lighting invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Whether or not you break out the glow sticks, neon lighting is definitely the way to go for an authentic 80s theme party. 

Deck out your place with a neon word sign like “I love the 80s” or a quote from your favorite 80s movie. Add strip lighting or swap out your usual bulbs for color-changing LEDs for an easy way to add neon colors to your party.

4. A Rad Playlist

It isn’t an 80s themed bash without an awesome playlist. You don’t need a DJ as long as you have all the classics from the greats, plus some tunes inspired by nostalgia. Add in hits from 80s classics like Madonna, Culture Club, and Wham. If you’re breaking your party down into chill and more lively moments, create a playlist to match each moment. 

Everyone’s got their 80s favorites, so try to include a few within your playlist. Add a note with your digital invitations for your guests’ song requests for a fun way to get everyone involved. 

5. Retro Candy Bar

Get people reminiscing over their favorite sweets from the past with a retro candy bar. Stock up on classics like Skittles, Nerds, Runts, Razzles, and Sour Patch Kids. Don’t forget Push Pops and Chupa Chups too! Not only does a retro candy bar give you those nostalgic feels, but it’s a great way to brighten up your celebration with rainbow colors. 

6. Rubik’s Cube Cake

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or keeping the snacks light, there’s one thing you’ll want for sure — cake. And what better way to celebrate the 80s than with a Rubik’s Cube inspired cake?

Yes, it sounds complicated, but with a store-bought cake base and this Rubik’s Cube cake recipe , you can make it happen in no time. (OK, it takes some time but it’ll be so worth the effort.) The fondant is a lot of fun to work with — and if your hands end up a little stained consider it part of your multi-hued costume.

7. Music Themed Centerpieces

80s theme party: Music themed centerpieces invitation

Design: Owl and Toad

If you’re hosting an 80s theme party for a big occasion like a family reunion or wedding reception , chances are you’ll have party tables to decorate. Take inspiration from the music scene to create themed centerpieces around 80s greats. 

There are lots of fun ways you can use music to theme your tables and decor. Use album covers as centerpieces, with each table named after a famous band or album. Spray paint boomboxes and use them as centerpieces, or swap traditional name cards for cassette tapes with your guests’ names written on them. 

8. Retro Photo Booth

Everyone loves a photo booth. Bring plenty of nostalgia to your 80s party by staging yours with all the retro styling you can imagine. Create a scene with a neon patterned backdrop, then add some gold or brightly colored accents. Lay out plenty of photo booth props and fun cutouts for people to get creative with. Once your photos are ready to download, suggest a photo editing app with a retro filter your guests can use for a more authentic look. 

9. Inflatable Decorations

Retro inflatable decorations are such a fun way to add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your party. There are many great options when it comes to 80s inspired inflatables. We love brightly colored boomboxes, giant cell phones, bananas, microphones, and guitars. Encourage your guests to pose for photos and use some of these props in party games or karaoke battles later in the evening. 

10. Video Game Station

Video game station invitation

Design: Raven Erebus

The 80s were a great time for video games. Some of the old classics from back then are still some of our most-loved games now. Bring back the energy with a fun video game station at your 80s theme party.

Set up an area where guests can enjoy 80s classics like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Frogger, and Super Mario Bros. You can stay authentic and rent or borrow classic video game consoles, or opt for the modern versions on today’s consoles instead. If you’re feeling creative, you could even base your whole party theme around your favorite 80s video game. 

11. 80s Movie Character Cutouts

The 80s really gave us some of the most iconic music, fashion, and film. Celebrate the greatness of 80s movies by adding some life-size movie character cutouts to your party decor (and photo booth).

Bring out classics like Indiana Jones, the Terminator, and Doc Brown from “Back to the Future.” Mix in fantasy or horror treasures like Beetlejuice and Freddie Kruger. There are also fun picks like Mad Max, the Blues Brothers, and even Yoda himself. If you’re hosting a themed bash, this is the perfect way to bring your favorite 80s movie to life. 

12. Themed Party Games

We all love a great party game, and themed parties give you the perfect way to remember the decade with some light-hearted activities. 

Create your own pop quiz with trivia rounds based on 80s music, fashion, movies, news, and celebrities. Play a few rounds of themed charades where you have to guess the prime 80s reference. Load up a playlist and challenge your guests to play “guess that song” to score points and win. Whatever your favorite classic is, put a playful 80s spin on it for an easy party game idea. 

13. Brightly Colored Cocktails

Brightly colored cocktails invitation

Keep the colorful vibe alive throughout your party, including food and drinks. Swap classics like the margarita or mojito for fun, brightly colored cocktails that taste decadently sweet. ( Midori Sour , anyone?)

Set up a cocktail station with instructions so guests can DIY their own, or have a professional on hand to show them how it’s done. Take inspiration from these retro cocktail ideas and garnish them with fresh fruit, brightly colored eco-friendly straws, edible confetti, and cocktail umbrellas. 

14. Head-to-Head Challenges

It wouldn’t be an 80s theme party without a little mischief. Set up fun head-to-head and team challenges to see who’s the best at these retro favorites. 

You could create challenges around anything, but we love the idea of an air guitar challenge or a true 80s-style dance-off. Throw in some karaoke or hip-hop lip sync battles and you have a totally awesome way to spend your time together. Plus, it’ll give you the perfect opportunity to use all those photo booth props and inflatables. 

15. Awesome Themed Party Favors 

When it’s time to say goodbye, don’t let your guests go home empty-handed. Themed party favors are a fabulous way to send guests off with a reminder of all the fun they’ve had at your 80s theme bash. 

Tailor your favors to your party guests’ ages, interests, and the type of party you’ve thrown. You could send guests home with a Rubik’s cube, themed cupcakes, or an airbrushed T-shirt inside themed favor boxes. You could even send them a link to download your super rad 80s playlist. 

Retro Nostalgia Your Guests Will Love

We love 80s theme parties. They’re such a fun way to celebrate a birthday party, anniversary, or other life moment with the people you love most. 

Get your guests in that party atmosphere with the perfect playlist, themed party games, and all the 80s party decorations you could possibly want. With ideas like this, your 80s theme celebration is sure to go down in history.

what is a good theme for 80th birthday


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    Cruises and booze. One or both of these things may make your loved one tick. Regardless, this would be an unforgettable theme. And, better yet, if you can organize an actual cruise as part of a gift for your older loved ones, that'd be pretty unforgettable too. British royalty or high tea

  5. 15 Best 80th Birthday Party Ideas: Decor, Theme, And More

    Frequently Asked Questions Key Takeaways 80th Birthday Party Ideas For Dad Image: Shutterstock When it comes to your dad's 80th birthday, you must make it as iconic as they are for you. Listed below are a few ideas to make his birthday worth remembering: Simple Dinner Party As it is the 80th birthday party celebration, don't overdo it.

  6. 80th Birthday Ideas: 15 Ways to Honor a Special Someone

    Here are some ways you can incorporate the year the birthday person was born as a theme for an 80th birthday party: Do some research online or at your local library to find out what the fads were at that time. Using what you've learned, choose decorations to reflect these fads and styles.

  7. 80th Birthday Party Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

    Blog 80th Birthday Party Ideas for a Memorable Celebration 80th Birthday Party Ideas for a Memorable Celebration It's not every day that someone you love turns 80. Few people reach this milestone, making it an even bigger reason to celebrate!

  8. 27 Awesome 80th Birthday Party Ideas To Celebrate The Seniority

    Key Pointers Party Ideas For 80th Birthday Loved Ones While planning the party, think about activities that the elder may be able to actively participate in. Also, factor in their energy and interest levels. Pool party: A pool party is an informal setting that may suit the elder's preference better than an outdoor venue.

  9. 10 Special 80th Birthday Party Ideas

    Find the right venue For an 80th birthday party, it's especially important to choose a venue that's suitable for elderly guests. While your guest-of-honor may be in good health, not everyone who attends will be, so browse Peerspace to find a venue that can accommodate young and old guests alike.

  10. 80th Birthday Ideas For a Memorable Party


  11. 80th Birthday Ideas

    Or throw a home karaoke party for the whole family. 24. Give 80 Small Presents. Instead of one large present, give 80 small gifts. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren will love thinking of (and counting out ) 80 gifts. A few gift ideas would be small pieces of candy, stamps, beads or flowers. 25. Go to a Casino.

  12. 27 Best Ideas to Plan 80th Birthday Party for Your Close One

    1. Make An Early Start To Your Planning The 80 th birthday is an occasion where you would want, everyone who has been a significant part of that person's life to be present for the celebrations. Some of your relatives and friends may be living in far off places and hence require a good amount of time to plan their trip and come down for the party.

  13. 15 Fun 80th Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Loved Ones

    3. Add Some Pep to Your Step. When it comes to entertaining 80 th birthday party ideas and guests, there is nothing more fun than music and dancing. Get everyone up and grooving to music that was popular during the time the guest of honor was born. For instance, that may entail swing music or jazz.

  14. 24 Best 80th Birthday Gift Ideas in 2023

    An 80th birthday is a huge landmark and is absolutely something to celebrate. They've reached their 80th circle around the sun and have experienced a lot of life. From life-changing...

  15. 80th Birthday Themes

    Check out our 80th birthday themes selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our paper & party supplies shops.

  16. 80th Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

    Think balloons, paper plates, napkins, drinking glasses, and any other decor you want to have. As before, choose decorations that compliment the theme of the party. (are you sensing a theme here?) Party Food Menu: What's mom's favorite food? Does she have a favorite restaurant or are there family recipes she adores?

  17. 20 Great Ideas On How to Celebrate 80th Birthday

    1. Family Gathering Dinner Party There is no better way to celebrate your 80th birthday other than an intimate family gathering and dinner. It is a great opportunity to bring the whole family together and share a good meal as well as a good time.

  18. Get the celebration started with these 80th birthday party ideas

    80th birthday party ideas. Themes, decorations, games - all of these things take planning. Not to worry, though, we've got you covered with a few ideas you can totally steal from us. 80th birthday party decorations. When it comes to decor, probably the most popular colors are black and gold. Since 80 is a golden age, the color definitely ...

  19. 80th Birthday Ideas

    Check out our 80th birthday ideas selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our banners & signs shops.

  20. 45 Magnificent 80th Birthday Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Milestone in

    Oak-themed presents can range from charming home décor to beautiful keepsakes, making them perfect for honoring someone's eight decades of life experiences. So, whether you're looking for something unique or sticking to tradition, an oak-inspired gift is always a thoughtful choice. What are some great gifts to get for the elderly?

  21. 15 Ideas for a Totally Awesome 80s Theme Party

    Create the ultimate party atmosphere and give them a shindig to remember with these totally tubular 80s-inspired ideas for decor, food, activities, and more. 1. Totally Awesome Dress Code. The 80s gave us so many eye-popping fashion trends. (Hello, scrunchies, mullets, lace blouses, and ripped jeans!)

  22. 80's Birthday Theme

    Neon Light Birthday Invitation, Glow Party, 40th birthday, 80s theme birthday invite, neon 40th birthday, hello forty, Glow Party (971) Sale Price $4.90 $ 4.90 $ 7.00 Original Price $7.00 ... Good news! Many sellers on Etsy offer personalized, made-to-order items. To personalize an item:

  23. Break Out Your Neon & Spandex for These 80s Theme Party Ideas

    Weddings. Corporate Events. Birthdays. Baby Showers. Fundraisers. More Celebrations. For Pros. Travel back in time with 15 of the best 80s theme party ideas we've seen on PartySlate. — and discover the vendors behind each event.