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The Dynamics of Migration Aspiration: Temporary Distributed Migration Aspiration Among Ethio-Eritreans Immigrants in Oldenburg, Germany

Political Participation and Representation of Migrant Organizations: the case of the Municipal Council for Immigrants in the city of São Paulo

How does the Norwegian majority population perceive their responsibility to facilitate the social inclusion of newly arrived refugees?

Subverting the Mainstream Representation of Migration. Migrant Filmmaking in the NGO 'Cinemaximiliaan'

Exported stigma: how Gambella refugees face ongoing forms of discrimination from other Ethiopian co-nationals in Nakivale settlement, Uganda

Linkages between Climate Induced Migration and Education: The case of Dhaka, Bangladesh

”Finding Free Zones” Women affected by Honor-Based Violence - A Case Study of Social Services in Uddevalla, Sweden

Trapped in Paradise? Rejected asylum seekers in Mayotte and their strategies to face the challenges of imposed immobility. An ethnographic case study

Turning Up The Heat: A Conceptual Model Of The Impact Of Global Climate Change On Migration Trends and Health Indicators

Between protection and criminalization. The case of young Moroccan asylum seekers in the Netherlands

Negotiating the Accommodation of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the Streets of Paris: the Interactions of Migrants, the French State and the NGO Utopia 56

Insights from Insiders: Experience of Vietnamese Nurses in Germany in the Bilateral Programme since 2013

Comparative study of the legal responses of the European and Inter-American protection systems to the “mass influx” of forcibly displaced persons due to “humanitarian crisis”.

Eradicating Statelessness: the Brazilian Legal Framework Analysed under the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (1961) and Hannah Arendt’s Concept “The Right to Have Rights” (1951)

Why do people get trafficked again? Ethiopian experiences of reintegration through the use of blockchain technology

The American Dream by Transnational Mothers: The Case of Undocumented Moms from East of Minas Gerais in the United States

Integrating conventional and traditional medicines in a Ugandan refugee settlement to facilitate refugee communities ́ access to healthcare in light of resource scarcity

An Evaluation of the Intermediaries in the Migration Process: A Case of Bangladesh

Brain Drain, Brain Gain or Brain Circulation: attitudes towards migration and return among high-skilled Brazilians researchers

“And what about work?” – the case of asylum seekers from Venezuela in Colombia and their struggle for integration

Migration, Mobility and Termination of Pregnancy: women’s experiences and navigation strategies in the inner city of Johannesburg - A Case Study

Opportunities for Reform: Corporate Governance of Migrant Workers’ Rights in Qatar

The analysis of the integration methods for young migrants in Bulgaria

Social participation of children with migration background in Germany

Re-examining the Implementation of UNHCR’s Durable Solutions: A Case Study of Indonesia, a Non-Signatory Country to the Refugee Convention

Ethiopian Diaspora’s Transnational Development Activities in Country of Origin; The Case of Tigrai Development Association (TDA), Germany Chapter

Empowered and Recognized through Volunteering: Successful stories of immigrants in Oldenburg and Delmenhorst

The Reintegration of Former Yazidi Child Soldiers in Northern Iraq – An Analysis of Protective Factors

Labor Market Integration of Eritrean Refugees in Germany

Understanding the dynamics of Gambian youth mobility aspirations and transnational migration to Europe A case study of unskilled youths from Upper River Region of the Gambians

Unveiling Somali-born women’s voices? - An Exploratory and Comparative Narrative Feminist Research on Young, Somali-born Women’s Experiences and ‘Gendered Identities’ in Uganda and Sweden

I'm not an animal - A comparative, feminist narrative research on gender(ed) identities and lived experiences exploring notions of ‘being a LGBTQI forced migrant’

Forced migrant children, daily stressors and psychosocial well-being - a case study of an educational intervention in Johannesburg

Resilience and Protective factors: unaccompanied children in the “mental asylum”, Moria Refugee Camp

Reunited Filipino families in Barcelona, Spain

Perceptions of teachers based in refugee settlements in Uganda about integrated social-emotional learning as one of the avenues of school-based psychosocial support

Migrants and Entrepreneurship : Nepalese migrant Entrepreneurs in Ceske Budejovice

Authoritarianism and activism outside the state borders The case of Berlin-based Azerbaijani activism platform Meydan TV

Drivers and Challenges of Migrant Entrepreneurs in Slovenia: The Case of Trubarjeva Street, Ljubljana

Exploring “Brain Drain”, “Brain Gain” and “Brain Circulation” concepts: Case of Serbian physician/academic associations in Norway

From Colonial Subjugation to Post-Colonial Migration Management: Border Drawing through Citizenship Restrictions

The role of performing arts in the integration of migrants and promotion of intercultural dialogue The case of a dance and storytelling workshop conducted in the Neighbourhood of Ballarò, Palermo.

No one size fits all: Re-think refugee management approaches in North & South through mobilities paradigm and refugees’ access to labor markets. A Comparative Case Study of Germany and Uganda.

''Bridging Home And Abroad'' Integration Program And Experiences of Relocated Eritrean Refugees In Slovenia

Narratives about asylum testimonies: experiences of storytelling practices. -A case study on sub-Saharan asylum seekers living in Siena, Italy.

Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Municipalities

Investigating the Influence of Migration on Women''s Economic Empowerment. The case of Ugandan women in Berlin-Germany.

Stuck in-between : the liminal experiences of asylum seekers in Eastern Sicily and their access to the labor market

Exploring Psychosocial Health Aspects in the EU Relocation Scheme Management; The Case of Eritrean Asylum Seekers Relocated from Italy to Slovenia

Landscapes of Violence: Reconciliation through decolonising space and narrative in the rural Prairies

Listening to those who stay: The collective experience of mothers whose children have fled to the United States.

A Floating Microcosmos

Digital Nomads: navigating the law in their (labour) migration process

Migration trajectories and perception about marriage of Vietnamese in Germany

Forced displacement and voluntary migration – analysis of gendered biographies of Afghans in Turkey

Subverting Rhetoric: An Exploratory Study on the Costs of North-South Migrants in Senegal/Ghana

Theatre as a potential form of dialogue amongst nationals and foreign born immigrants in Bologna, Italy

Neither victims nor criminals – About female Venezuelan migrants’ border struggle at the Colombian-Ecuadorian border

More than money: The effect of diaspora economic and social remittances on immobile populations in Asmara, Eritrea.

Refugees and University: Access to Higher Education Institutions for Refugees in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. Challenges and Good Practices

”Working from what they have not from what they need”. Solidarity and resistance, voices from NGO actors in Spanish southern borderlands.

Family Safety and Integration in Canada: A Community Based Approach, its Structural Preconditions and Ideas for Germany

Land Grabbing and Forced Migration of Bangladeshi Hindu Religious Minorities Towards India

MIGRATING FOR A BETTER LIFE? Migrant Perspectives: From Imagined Life to Long-Term Conditions

Queer Narratives - The (De)(Re)Constructions of Identity, Expression and Performances of Gender and Sexuality in Kenya.

Reducing Prejudice and Racism, Addressing Attitudes Among Adolescent Norwegians

Travelling Things: Clothing Habits and Meanings Among Ghanaians in Oldenburg

Negotiating women’s bodily autonomy – Migration and Reproductive Justice in Johannesburg, South Africa

Experiences of Female Migrant Domestic Workers from Kyrgyzstan in Istanbul and Antalya

Multi-approach analysis on identity transformation through mobile trajectories: The case of former EMMIR students

“this was the chance we got, and we take it”: a study about International students at an unrecognized State: the case of Northern Cyprus

Growing Up Precariously in the City

In search of a new narrative: Overseas migration of men and experience of their wives remain behind in rural Bangladesh

The human right to migrate: Immigration discourses and practices in Argentina

The Impact of Migration and Return Experiences on the Lives of Mexican Return Migrants

Citizenship and mobility in transition: Non-British EU nationals'' conception of citizenship, nation, and political participation since the Scottish independence referendum

Navigating the city: experiences of irregular migrants with borderscapes in the city of Madrid

(Spatial) Imaginations of Germanness. Young Sudanese and the Goethe-Institut Khartoum.

Humble, Hardworking, Violent – A critical analysis of the representation of migrants in Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung in 2015

Ghanaian Bremen. An analysis of the Ghanaian Diaspora and Bremen.

Aspects of Colonialism and Racism in contemporary German Travel Guides to Tanzania

Migration decision-making: Narratives of Polish and Swedish nurses in Norway

Second Class EUropeans? The migratory processes and the labour (im)mobilities of Romanian qualified women in Madrid

Migration Motivations of Female Polish University Graduates in Stavanger

Is Multiculturalism bad for Children? The Effects of Alternative Styles of Parenting on Children’s Welfare within Social Work in Germany

Exploring Aspects of Vulnerability in the Context of Human Trafficking among Female Kenyan International Labor Migrants

Leftist Voices: Exploring Perceptions of (National) Identity among the Left in Germany.

Unsettling our movements: Migrant justice activism in solidarity with indigenous struggles

Applied Theatre with Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers in Slovenia: Impacts, Critique and Reflexivity in using Theatre to generate Safe Space, Creativity and Expression

Autonomy of Migration in the border spectacle. The role of a humanitarian actor on Chios between the narratives of ‘illegal’ migrant and victimisation

The Element of Voluntariness in EU-IOM Return and Reintegration Management: A Case Study of Sudanese Returnees from Egypt

Discussions on climate change-induced migration - The case of Dominican Republic

URBAN INTERPRETERS WITH REFUGEE BACKGROUND IN ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA. Community Interpreting as a tool to overcome the refugee condition?

The Missing Link between Migrants Media Representation and Civil Society: A Case Study of the Radio Globale Project

Exploring the usages of Social Network Sites by queer asylum seekers in their struggle for recognition. The case of queer asylum seekers and queer support organizations in Berlin, Germany

Empowerment of Trafficked Persons in the German Asylum System: Opportunities and Challenges

Intersectional reading on agency, vulnerability and livelihood security of urban refugee women living in Nairobi

Orchestrating Linkages: Participatory Engagement of Yemeni Persons of Concern in UNHCR’s Community-based Protection Structures within an Urban setting.

The Effects of Privilege of White Social Workers Practicing in Nairobi

Rethinking Human Trafficking Prevention in Ukraine: An Alternative Approach to Anti-Policy

Occupying the Pauliceia: Migration, social movements and the claim of the urban space in São Paulo, Brazil

Beyond Survival, Towards Revitalisation: The Cultural Identity Struggle of the Rapanui People of Rapa Nui

Extension of Voting Rights to Citizens Abroad: Implications for the State and Citizens Abroad (A Case Study of Ghana)

Aspirations in the Context of Irregular Migration: The Trajectories of Syrian Asylum Seekers Arriving in Norway

Migratory Trajectories and Perspectives on Return Among Undocumented Ethiopian Migrants in Norway

Transition from Nomadism to Sedentarism - Conception, (Dis-)Advantages and Effects - Focusing on previously (semi-)nomadic pastoralists from the Beni Amir people in Eastern Sudan

Racist Violence against Asylum Seekers in Germany. The Perspective of Victim Support Organisations

Resisting violence(s): Internally displaced women in Khartoum and Mexico City

European family reunification policy - a possibility of a right? The impact of family reunification policies on Filipinas in Iceland

Diversity and Trust: A case study of King System, Oldenburg, Germany

Between the devil and the deep sea: The experiences of protracted refugee situations in the Nakivale refugee settlement

Imagining (im)mobility: A study on imageries of the West, aspirations, and (im)mobility, through the case of youth in Mbarara Municipality, Uganda

Stabilisation of Conflict-Affected Communities: Transition to peace through a value-chain-approach in Sudan

The Politics of 'Refugee' Mobility in the European Union: The case of Syrians Refugees in Germany

Patriotism in the discourses of PEGIDA on Facebook in Germany

Responding to Internal Displacement in Ukraine - Seeking Empowerment for IDPs in Host Communities

Disciplining Bodies across Borders? Migrant Women's Attitudes towards Norwegian Policies on Female Genital Cuttings

"Education is our weapon for the future" - Access and non-access to higher education for refugees in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda

"How could a city be made a perfect place for everybody?" An Action Research study of pedagogical interventions towards power-reduced group dynamics in a voluntary service seminar group.

A Comprehensive Study of Four Pertinent Agents Contribution in Relation to the Education Social Exclusion Pandemic Plaguing the Roma Children of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Tahrib - "A Shortcut through Hell". A mobile view on risk taking on the journey north from the Horn of Africa

Impacts of the criminalization of immigrants in post-apartheid South Africa: The Operation FIELA Case

The case of the "scafista": a modern scapegoat?

Migration and the Underworld. A research on the dynamics between migrants and criminal organisations in Ballarò, Palermo

Bilingualism, school system and circular migration? An analysis of the struggles of Italian migrant children in German schools: A case study

Integration perspectives and transnational practices of Latin American immigrants in Germany

Shuttle migration and the transfer of culture and music. The lifestyle of European traveling musicians in Berlin

Unaccompanied Minor Refugees - The (non-) implementation of legal rights for the protection of minors in international and national settings

The Global Governance Refugees: An analysis of Effectiveness of Burden Sharing Approaches of European Union in the Syria Crisis

Post-conflict reconstruction in Sudan

The European Dream and its Impact on Migration: The Nigerian-Italian Case

Challenges of working outside camps; lessons for UNHCR

The Pope Francis phenomenon: towards a new approach to migration?

Refugee education and the arts horizon: an applicable model emerging from Nakivale Refugee Settlement

Social Norms and anti-Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Initiatives in Sudan: A study on the normative expectations of male university students

The impact of neoliberal organization of the welfare state on living conditions of elderly people and their relatives with immigrant background: The Case of Sweden.

Transforming Gender Relations and Power dynamics in Refugee Setting. Empowered Women, Neglected Men? Case Study from Nakivale

Contesting illegality: Europeanised acts of citizenship? A case study of the pro-regularisation movement in The Netherlands

Indigenous cosmologies in politics and well-being improvement: Bolivia as study case.

Human Trafficking of Eritreans: Sinai Torture Victims

Norwegian housing policy and integration process of refugees: the power relations between state, municipality and individual

Language and Literacy practices among the Armenian community in Montevideo

Countering Antiziganism

Experience of settlement and integration - Research based on recalled memories of Vietnamese migrants in the Czech Republic

Work related stress among the personnel working with forced migrants

Identifying causes of low participation in primary education of nomadic children, and girls in particular; assessing potential solutions to this problem in Sudan

We became a city. Representations of diversity in the urban space: a comparative analysis of Stavanger and Oldenburg

The Making of Sudan's Student Movement: a History of Student Activities and Politics at Khartoum University, 1956-1985

African Identity in the Arab World

Challenges of Male Survivors of SGBV in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda

Successful and Unsuccessful Reintegration: A case study of educated and skilled return migrant in Bangladesh

Impacts of Habitus of Immigrants on the Integration Process: The Case Study of Chinese Immigrants in Zagreb

The World System, Social Networks, and Migration to South Africa: The Case of Ethiopian Irregular Migrants in Source, Transit and Destination Countries

Psychosocial Support in Refugee Settings. The case of Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda

Going back with a future? The case of rejected asylum seekers returning from Norway to Russia

Modern Slavery: Ethiopian Domestic Workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"Sauti Zetu": Songs from Nakivale Refugee Settlement. A participatory art-based research with young Congolese Refugees

Is There Empowerment Beyond Vulnerability? Ecuadorian Women Heading their Households in Madrid

ChinaLoveMatch: Does race really matter? A study of international matchmaking website

Is Political Integration actually working? An Emic-Analysis of the political integration of Ethiopian immigrants in Norway: a case of Oslo and Rogaland Region

"Technically I have two homes; yet I belong to none" - Motivations and Challenges of a transnational Passage from Germany to Istanbul for Women of the Second Turkish Migration Generation

What's in an Image? A Study of Belgium's 'Jihadi Syria-Fighters'

Migration Visualities, or How Ocular-­centric Directions Intervene in Dis-ordering Images and their Making

Organizational Support from Diakonie and Caritas to Irregular Migrants in Berlin, Germany

When a new "social" actor meets a historical channel of political participation: The complex approach of the 1st National Conference on Migration and Refuge in Brazil

Refugee integration in the City of Buenos Aires: an exploration on the possibilities for the advancement of labour mobility schemes

Foreign Natives?' Transnational mobility, sense of identity and citizenship: the case of UN international staff in Sudan

The Concept of Courage and Forced Migration Courage as an Aspect of Forced Migrants' Agency: Theoretical Concept and Everyday Strategy

Migration Challenges in post-revolution Tunisia: The case of Sub-Saharan migrants

Roma Civil Society Organizations in Combating Institutional Discrimination Against the Roma Population - The Case of Macedonia

The Transformation of the Immigrant Body: a study of Iranian Immigrant women in Norway

Effectiveness of Nightingale Mentoring Program - Integration and education of migrant children in Norway and Sweden

Trafficking in Human Beings, Challenges in the Identification Process: The Stavanger Case

Vulnerable Asylum Seekers: Towards an Appropriate Assessment, Special Reception Conditions and Comprehensive Care. A Critical Assessment of the BNS Network in Berlin

Return Migration and Gender in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Narratives of the Women Returnees in the City Banja Luka

'This Place is not magnificent': Trajectories and Narratives of Congolese Refugees at the Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda

'Every day the war continues in my body' - Narrativising the Social Construction of the Wounded Body in Post Conflict Northern Uganda

Empowered and Unrecognized: Stories of Highly-Skilled Returnees in Armenia

Embodied Socialities - Female Genital Cuttings in Eastern Uganda. Contingencies, Context and Change Within a Tri-Ethnic Framework

Immigrant Childrens' Perceptions of Home: The Case of Lithuanian Children in Stavanger Municipality, Norway

A Study in Ambivalent Care. Exploring After-School Support for Migrant Children in Vienna

Becoming a Transgender/Intersex Internal Migrant in Urban Gauteng: Challenges and Experiences of Transition while Seeking Access to Medical Services

'Bones in the Wrong Soil': Reburials and Belonging in Post-Conflict Acholiland, Northern Uganda

Representation of the 'Cultural Other' through Ethnographic Museums - A Critical Analysis of the Exhibition 'Muslim Worlds'

Border and Borderlands in the Past and Present: Observing the European Union Cross-Border Cooperation Policy in the Italo-Slovene Border

Unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in Slovenia: enhancing resilience through psychosocial support and social capital

Development and Human Rights Violations: The Case of Oil-Induced Displacement in Western Uganda

Protecting the Individual or Threatening the Group? A Critical Analysis of Legitimation Discourses

Formation of Diaspora through Diasporic and Transnational Linkages: The Case of Bangladeshi Immigrants in Padova, Italy

˜The other' crossing: Discursive Representations of the Management and Dynamics of the Southern Border of Spain

Welfare and Migration: Transitions into and out of Welfare Benefits Receipt Among Polish Migrant Workers in Norway

Going 'Home' for the Sake of the Nation? The Challenges Facing Southern Sudanese Women in Post-secession Khartoum

African Students in Stavanger. Everyday Life and Migratory Projects

No Voice, no Face, no Empathy. Critical Analysis of Asylum Seekers' Written and Visual Representation in Swiss Newspapers

From Refugees' Rights to States' Interests: The Expiration of Rwandan Refugee Status

Transnational Social Movements Organization: The Case of Mexico via Berlin (MvB)

Repatriation for Burmese Refugees along the Thai-Burmese Border in Protracted Refugee Situation

Would you ever go back? Never, Never! The multiculturalism hypothesis and the experience of inclusion/exclusion of Czech Roma refugees in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA)

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Topics in Migration Research

by Sarah Kups

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With respective emigrant and immigrant stocks that are among the largest in the world, Mexico and Germany are affected by migration like few other countries are. They also exemplify that migratory movements need not be permanent, but are also often less temporary than initially assumed. This dissertation explores topics related to the determinants and consequences of migration in these two countries.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Local Economic and Security Factors and Internal and International Migration in Mexico's Urban Areas

Chapter Two

Brain Drain among Second Generation Immigrants to Germany — Anecdotes or Reality?

Chapter Three

Self-Employment and Business Ownership among Mexican Return Migrants

Research conducted by

  • Pardee RAND Graduate School

This document was submitted as a dissertation in January 2014 in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the doctoral degree in public policy analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School . The faculty committee that supervised and approved the dissertation consisted of Silvia Barcellos (Chair), Emma Aguila, and Michael Rendall.

This publication is part of the RAND Corporation Dissertation series. Pardee RAND dissertations are produced by graduate fellows of the Pardee RAND Graduate School, the world's leading producer of Ph.D.'s in policy analysis. The dissertations are supervised, reviewed, and approved by a Pardee RAND faculty committee overseeing each dissertation.

This document and trademark(s) contained herein are protected by law. This representation of RAND intellectual property is provided for noncommercial use only. Unauthorized posting of this publication online is prohibited; linking directly to this product page is encouraged. Permission is required from RAND to reproduce, or reuse in another form, any of its research documents for commercial purposes. For information on reprint and reuse permissions, please visit www.rand.org/pubs/permissions .

The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. RAND's publications do not necessarily reflect the opinions of its research clients and sponsors.

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Research Papers/Topics in Migration Studies

Consequences of rural-urban migration of street vendors in the accra metropolitan area and the la nkwantanang-madina municipality..

ABSTRACT Rural-urban migration has resulted in rapid urbanization with attendant problems of urban unemployment leading to increasing street vending which invariably is a source of livelihood for many street vendors and their dependents at the destination and the origin. In their quest to eke for livelihood and survival on the streets, street vendors tend to have confrontations with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) city authorities who on one hand have designated the activities of the v...

West African International Student Mobility to Pentecost University College, Ghana.

ABSTRACT  International student mobility has become a topic of interest in recent migration literature. This is probably because international student mobility has considerable implications both on economic and academic sphere and has rapidly grown across the world. Many tertiary institutions in the world today have interest in recruiting talented international students to ‘enhance their academic reputation, enrich campuses and programmes with cultural, social and academic contributions. M...


ABSTRACT The main aim of the study was to assess the implementation of the ECOWAS Protocol on free movement of persons, rights of residence and establishment. For this, the mixed method of data collection was used which formed the basic design for the study. Using the convenient method, 84 travellers and 30 officers were sampled to respond to structured questionnaires and semi interview questions respectively. Data was analysed using quantitative and qualitative methods and the results triang...

Conflict-Migration Nexus In Ghana: A Case Of Bimbilla Conflict In The Northern Region Of Ghana.

ABSTRACT The study examined the relationship between conflict and migration. Specifically, the factors that influence a person‟s decision to either stay or migrate during the conflict were the focus of this study. The study also analyzed the challenges and opportunities encountered by victims of the conflict and the reasons for their return to Bimbilla. Using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, a total of 226 questionnaires were administered to persons who fled during th...

The changing role of the family as a source of social capital among Zimbabwean migrants in Johannesburg

Abstract This study analyses the changing role of the family as a source of social capital in aiding migration, settlement and social integration of Zimbabwean migrants. The study is based on qualitative interviews with 58 Zimbabwean migrants in Tembisa and Kempton Park in Johannesburg metropolitan city. The article makes an important contribution to literature revealing how as a result of decreased chances to get a good job, pressure to remit back home and expectations to look after newcomer...

The Nigeria Immigration Service and the Challenges of Immigration (1986-2012)

ABSTRACT What informed this study is the changing trends and developments in international migration and its challenges to the Nigeria Immigration service whose institutional role it is to manage international migration as it concerns Nigeria. In its efforts over the years to control criminal activities associated with international migration, the Nigeria Immigration Service is yet to succeed. Nigeria is an important destination country for migrants in the West African subregion. The latest ...

The Effects Of Rural –Urban Migration On Agricultural Development: The Case Study Of Two Farming Communities In The Tolon District

ABSTRACT This study examined the effects of rural-urban migration on agricultural development in the To District of the Northern Region of Ghana. Many studies in Ghana have focused on the causes and consequences of rural-urban migration on the destination communities with fewer emphases on the effects on the non-migrants left at the origin. The framework for analysis of causes of rural-urban migration was the push and pull theory. Non-probability sampling was employed in this study because i...

Migration Intentions Of Health Professionals: The Case Of Final Year Medical Students, University Of Ghana

ABSTRACT The continuous migration of health professionals, including medical students after school has negative effects on the health system in Ghana. The role of doctors is very paramount in health care delivery as it is reflective in the quality of services given. It is in this vein that a study was conducted to examine the migration intentions of final year medical students and the factors that influence their intentions. The research design that was adopted for the study was mixed method...

Trading activities of Chinese migrants in the central business district (cbd) of Accra.

ABSTRACT This study investigated the impact of the Ghanaian investment law on the operations of Chinese trading activities, especially in the wake of protest by the Ghanaian traders leading to the amendment of the law, which now makes engagement in trading in the central business district by foreigners more stringent. Despite the amendment of the law, some of the local traders are still having issues with the presence of the Chinese traders in the market. The study sought to examine the impa...

Migration And Changing Food Habit Among Ghanaian Migrant In London

ABSTRACT Migration and food habits are two areas with commanding interest and analysis in contemporary society. There are often many new experiences to deal with when arriving in a new country. In addition to coming to terms with a different monetary system, social stratification, language and also changing in food habits. Emigrants tend to miss their country, specific food and dishes and their taste for their traditional food following migration and together with many other aspects, the foo...

Experiences Of Left- Behind Children: The Case Of Foreign Service Officers’ Children In Ghana

ABSTRACT Transnational migration has become a reality and is on the increase globally. Most of the parents travel to provide economic and other support for their children and families. As a result of this, millions of children are growing up with single or no parent staying with them. However, children’s wellbeing is very dependent on parental care. The roles of parents are delegated to caregivers when they migrate. These have necessitated the concern about the effect of migration on left-b...

To Move Or Not To Move: Students’ Perceptions About Embassies, Travel Constraints And Migration Information Channels On University Of Ghana, Legon Campus

ABSTRACT Migration takes so many forms and all these have their own challenges, constraints and motivation. In view of this, it is important to identify some of these travel constraints and also further identify the information channels used by some of the migrants and their perceptions about embassies. Against this backdrop, this study examined students‘ perception about how embassies influence destination choice, travel constraints and migration information channels on University of Ghana...

Effects Of Rural-Urban Migration On Socioeconomic Status In The Accra Metropolitan District

ABSTRACT Rural urban migration has been a phenomenon that has gained world attention due to its associated challenges. This study sought to find out the effects of rural urban migration on the sociodemographic characteristics of migrants living in Abossey Okai Zongo. Using a mixed method approach, both qualitative and quantitative methods were applied in the administration of 100 semi-structured questionnaires. The questionnaires were administered using a multi-staged approach. Respondents ge...

Reducing Rural-Urban Migration Through Local Economic Development: A Case Study Of Sankpala Community In The Central Gonja District Of The Northern Region.

ABSTRACT The pre- colonial development gap between the North and the South still persists even though there havebeen several attempts by governmental and non-governmental interventions to bridge the gap. This has created a net migration of Northern youth to the South for menial jobs. The movement of people to urban centres poses some challenges to the development of rural areas in that in most rural areas, the impact of rural-urban migration is the rapid deterioration of the rural economy whi...

Migration And Health Among Female Porters (Kayayei) In Accra, Ghana

ABSTRACT The thesis aimed at contributing to the emerging body of knowledge about migration and health linkages, with a focus on migrant female porters (Kayayei) in Accra, Ghana. Several studies that have so far given attention to female porters have focused mainly on their livelihoods, with only cursory remarks made on the health of these migrants. Also, some existing studies have largely examined the health of migrants without reference to the entire migration process. Employing both quanti...

Popular Papers/Topics

Migration identity and land rights: a case study of the nubians in kibra nairobi kenya, health seeking behaviour among rural-urban migrant slum dwellers at madina in the greater accra region, combating human trafficking: an assessment of the national policies on eliminating human trafficking in ghana, international migration and drug trafficking in ghana, migration and integration: understanding the experiences of rural-urban migrants in madina, effects of the single spine salary structure on migration intentions of health professionals in the accra metropolis, security implications of immigrants’ participation in the mining sector of ghana, migration and gender relations among migrants in madina, an assessment of migration process, livelihood, challenges and coping strategies of migrant traffic entrepreneurs in the ga-east district, accra, ghanaian media reportage on liberian refugees, economic livelihoods of refugees in krisan, western region of ghana., livelihood and survival strategies of migrant transport apprentices: a case study of ‘tro-tro’ mates in accra..

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In this thesis we will identify which are the desired features and functionalities for implementing a system capable of acting as an information bridge for content available in the “wired” Internet to be delivered to mobile devices. We will also explore how to design and build such a system based on the specifications within parts of the MUSIS project. The MUSIS’ system development is used as a base of the work described in this thesis and the experiences from those efforts are used in order to design a system with more focus on data portability and media migration.

During the development of the MUSIS platform, problems related to system upgrading, i.e. adding new ad-hoc functionalities were discovered. Due to the fact that a user-centred design approach was taken, this was essential in the project. To solve some of these issues, we propose a new component-based system with a high level of scalability and re-usability. We name this system Collect, Convert and Send, CCS. The system shall be seen as a base that can be used as a core system for different projects where interoperability of content between different platforms, devices or systems is important.

The implementation of the system is based on the use cases and those theoretical aspects and ideas related to component software, interoperability, media migration and metadata in a Web service context. The results of our efforts give some indications that the use of component software gives a foundation for a service-oriented architecture.

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