How to use "these guys" in a sentence?

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the these guys

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the these guys

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these guys vs this guys

A complete search of the internet has found these results:

these guys  is the most popular phrase on the web.

104,000,000 results on the web

Some examples from the web:

  • Whoever killed these guys also landed this plane.
  • Without his testimony these guys go free.
  • I entrust all the preparations to these guys .
  • Most of these guys are gentlemen.
  • And these guys came to deliver.
  • It just never ends with these guys .
  • Some of these guys feel replaceable.
  • You are not giving these guys enough turnaround time.
  • Look like these guys had some robbery experience.
  • Wedon'treallyhaveanyidea why these guys were shot.
  • I bet you that's how these guys communicated with each other.
  • I'm kind of a legend to these guys .
  • And so these guys continue messing about, harassing.
  • Maybe these guys saw Rick with one of them. Okay.
  • Kurt, let these guys do it.
  • Look, these guys , they got the three million.
  • It still doesn't mean these guys are cops.
  • Come on, let's get these guys to bed.
  • So... none of these guys saw anything.
  • So, these guys - they met at a remote place.

561,000 results on the web

  • Ethan's not exactly sure who this guys is.
  • With any luck they'll like this guys trail.
  • So this guys targets certain neighborhoods until things get hot, then he moves on.
  • You want to find out who this guys works for, you hang back and watch.
  • Does anyone else here speak whatever language this guys are speaking?
  • Seems like this guys entire convergation, whose resting in peace.
  • What about other cases this guys prosecuted?
  • We were using cruise missiles, predators, we even had a B-2 bomber fly to this guys villa to jade him.
  • OK, so, a week ago, this guys stumbles into the Atlantic City E.R., having been shot in the jaw.
  • So only way this guys buys you as a major player is if we make a splash.
  • Look, this guys like to get it on with dead people.
  • This guy... this guys smells like garbage over a layer of clean skin.
  • Look, even if this guys is the Charles Manson of ghosts, you're taking someone's life in your hands, their energy, and you're snuffing it out forever.
  • This guys got a problem with his station in life.
  • This guys is using an element hedoesn't have permission to use.
  • This guys sleeps outside your room, though, and that's okay?
  • This guys spends so much time in the sand that his nickname should be Falu-ser.
  • I don't think we should deliver this guys .
  • At least, I got to see this guys go down.

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the these guys

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the these guys


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  3. These Guys Worldwide

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