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Public Relations Research Library

About institute for public relations research.

Public relations research can serve to define not only what we know, but also what we don’t. The Institute for Public Relations supports PR research, and makes this knowledge widely available to practitioners, educators, researchers and the clients they serve.

The Institute’s public relations research program is guided by the Institute for Public Relations Research Fellows, the Board of Trustees, by various Institute Commissions and by colleagues in the academic and professional communities. All of our published PR research is available free through this website.


The Institute for Public Relations pursues an aggressive agenda of research studies and peer-reviewed white papers that demonstrate the value of public relations. IPR focuses on research that matters, delivering knowledge that ultimately helps business management to achieve their goals through more effective public relations. IPR has sponsored or published more than 500 studies and papers since its founding, such as the recently published paper, Using Public Relations to Drive Business Results.

Research published by IPR is read by a diverse global audience of public relations practitioners, academics, students, and colleagues working in client companies.

IPR funds high-quality research on topics relevant to current practice and in public relations education. Research results of IPR-supported studies are published on this website. Also, results appear as IPR white papers and/or as conference presentations, and subsequently as articles in journals, scholarly publications and books.

In addition to results from sponsored research, IPR solicits and reviews high-quality submissions from academics, graduate students and practitioners whether or not the original research was supported by IPR. If accepted for review, submissions of research results, white papers, case studies and similar research-based work is considered by IPR Research Fellows, by members of the IPR Commission on Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation or by ad hoc committees of scholars and practitioners who may recommend the materials be published by IPR.

pr dissertation topics

Behavioral Insights Research Center

The Behavioral Insights Research Center’s (BIRC) mission is to conduct research on the factors that influence attitude and behavioral change to enable effective communication. BIRC can help professionals understanding how and why people think and behave the way they do in this ever-changing business environment.

pr dissertation topics

IPR Signature Studies

These studies are composed of IPR’s best-in-class research, gold standard papers and other signature research that exemplify IPR’s mission of bringing relevant research to the public relations practice.

pr dissertation topics

IPR Measurement Commission

The Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission develops and promotes standards and best practices for research, measurement, and analytics that contribute to ethical, strategic, and effective public relations.

pr dissertation topics

Organizational Communication Research Center

IPR’s Organizational Communication Research Center (OCRC) is your comprehensive source for game-changing employee communication research, best practices and measures. If you want to learn more about engaging employees, building trust and improving communication climate, this is the place.

Research Journal

of The Institute for Public Relations

pr dissertation topics

Digital Media Research Center

IPR’s Digital Media Research Center is a comprehensive source for information about the social science of social media, best practices, measures and benchmarking. If you want to learn more about social media and how it is impacting the field of public relations, this is the place.

Research Library

This research library is a database of all the public relations research conducted by the Institute for Public Relations and its coalitions and commissions as well as research highlighted from other respected public relations publications.

pr dissertation topics

Dr. Tina McCorkindale

Institute for Public Relations

pr dissertation topics

Stacey Jones

pr dissertation topics

Mark Kaplan

The Mosaic Company

pr dissertation topics

Mubadala Development Company

pr dissertation topics

Margery Kraus

APCO Worldwide

pr dissertation topics

Kenneth Makovsky

pr dissertation topics

Oscar Suris

Wells Fargo & Company

pr dissertation topics

Rainer Mathes

PRIME Research International DEL: Mark Weiner

pr dissertation topics

Linda Rutherford

Southwest Airlines

pr dissertation topics

Dr. Juan-Carlos Molleda

University of Florida

pr dissertation topics

Adele Ambrose

pr dissertation topics

Frank Ovaitt

President & CEO Emeritus

Public Relations Dissertation Topics

Pr and social media dissertation topics, public relations in practice, future of public relations.

The public relations have moved their focus from traditional media such as print and radio to online, and especially to social media platforms from Facebook and Twitter to the latest favourite, Instagram. The key reason for this shift is the exponential rise in the consumption of social media by people. This section explores how the PR landscape is changing as a result of this and how it needs to adapt in order to become influential on these social media platforms.

This section deals with the challenges faced by the PR industry today as well as the challenges it needs to overcome or the areas in which it can create a real impact in a society and the role it can play in achieving this.

The move from print and television to digital happened a few years ago and changed the dimensions of public relations for ever. Now, with the pandemic, and the need to work from home, there has been an unprecedented rise in the OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus and so on. These platforms are now considered to be the future of PR. This section explores research topic relating to this exciting new PR opportunity.

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pr dissertation topics

Public Relations Dissertation Topics (26 Examples) For Research

Mark Aug 15, 2021 Aug 16, 2021 Public Relations No Comments

Public relation is a practice of deliberately managing the spread of information between the organization and the public. The ability of a company to relate to the public has an impact on its reputation and position. We have listed down some of the most impressive public relations dissertation topics that you can practice on. The […]

pr dissertation topics

Public relation is a practice of deliberately managing the spread of information between the organization and the public. The ability of a company to relate to the public has an impact on its reputation and position. We have listed down some of the most impressive public relations dissertation topics that you can practice on.

A list Of Public Relations Dissertation Topics

Topic with mini-proposal (paid service).

Along with a topic, you will also get;

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138 Public Relations Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for inspiring public relations topics? This field is really worth exploring!

👍 Interesting PR Topics to Write About

❓ Public Relations Discussion Questions

In your public relations essay, you might want to focus on mass communication or media relations. Corporate PR is another current public relations assignment topic. In this article, we’ve gathered hot PR topics that will be suitable for essays, research papers, presentations, theses, and other projects. A collection of public relations essay examples is a nice bonus!

🔝 Top 10 Public Relations Topics

🏆 Best Public Relations Essay Examples

🕵 Current Public Relations Topics to Research

🔥 Hot Public Relations Assignment Topics

🎓 Controversial Public Relations Research Topics

💯 Free Public Relations Essay Topic Generator

IvyPanda. (2023, January 29). 138 Public Relations Essay Topics & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/public-relations-essay-topics/

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IvyPanda . (2023) '138 Public Relations Essay Topics & Examples'. 29 January.

114 Public Relations Essay Topics

🏆 best essay topics on public relations, 🎓 most interesting public relations research titles, 💡 simple public relations essay ideas, ❓ questions about public relations.

Cite this post

StudyCorgi. (2023, January 25). 114 Public Relations Essay Topics. Retrieved from https://studycorgi.com/ideas/public-relations-essay-topics/

StudyCorgi. (2023, January 25). 114 Public Relations Essay Topics. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/public-relations-essay-topics/

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1. StudyCorgi . "114 Public Relations Essay Topics." January 25, 2023. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/public-relations-essay-topics/.


StudyCorgi . "114 Public Relations Essay Topics." January 25, 2023. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/public-relations-essay-topics/.

StudyCorgi . 2023. "114 Public Relations Essay Topics." January 25, 2023. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/public-relations-essay-topics/.

StudyCorgi . (2023) '114 Public Relations Essay Topics'. 25 January.

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Public Relations Dissertation Topics

In a competitive climate, several elements influence a company's performance. If a firm is to be successful, public relations is one of the most crucial components. The process of managing the information flow between an individual or organization and the public is known as public relations. Students pursuing master's and undergraduate degrees in public relations must develop a meaningful research topic that addresses current trends. However, students may find who write my dissertation topics on Public Relations ideas for a public relations paper. 

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Future of Public Relations Dissertation Topics

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Public Relations in Practice Dissertation Topics

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Characterizing the Public Relations Profession Dissertation Topics

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Other dissertation topics covered by myassignmenthelp.co.uk, faqs on public relations dissertation topics, q. what are public relations, q. why is public relations important for businesses and organizations, q. what are some potential dissertation topics in public relations.

The impact of social media on Public Relations strategies and practices

The role of Public Relations in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives

The effectiveness of crisis communication strategies in Public Relations

The impact of cultural differences on Public Relations practices in different countries or regions

The ethics of Public Relations practices and the role of transparency in building trust with stakeholders

The use of data analytics and technology in Public Relations

The role of storytelling in Public Relations campaigns and messaging

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Pr dissertation topics - what are the most popular questions today.

There are two important points to make at the start of this blog. One, there are many students required to write a dissertation on a public relations topic. Two, there are many of these students who haven't got much of an idea on what to write about. One of the best ways to overcome the problem is to answer the following questions.

Now if you're accurate in answering all of these questions, you give yourself an excellent chance of writing a successful dissertation on public relations. For example if your goal or aim in writing this particular dissertation is because you have to do it, you stand far less chance of being successful than if you put your heart into the matter and really want to benefit as a person from your study and writing.

You'll always write better when the topic you have chosen is something you care about or are passionate about. If you have a choice in the dissertation topics, always choose the one which excites you the most.

If the topic you are keen on has been written about many times before, you have the prospect of causing your own writing to suffer simply because the examiner has seen so many dissertations on this topic. Either go for a more unusual topic or go for an unusual approach to the well written about topic. Is there plenty of research material available on your chosen topic? If not you could be in trouble.

Of course you will be consulting your supervisor before you start your dissertation but it will always be good having a proposed topic and then examine it from the point of view of potential problems. This is a good exercise in itself but if it uncovers an area which would seriously impact the quality of your writing, you've been warned in advance and can switch topics. Here are some popular PR topics of today.

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pr dissertation topics

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Public Relations Dissertation Topics

pr dissertation topics

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pr dissertation topics

Leadership Dissertation Topics

pr dissertation topics

pr dissertation topics

Public relations is the art of maintaining cordial relationships with people you meet in daily life. It is a strategic communication process of building mutually useful bonding between an enterprise and its clients or a state and its public. At present, public relations has become one of the most important tools to develop a business and maintain smooth functioning. In academics, research in public relations has become a significant part of the literature. Therefore, students must find quality public relations dissertation topics to stand unique in their research modules.

For the ease of students, veteran writers at Premier Dissertations have prepared a list of dissertation topics in public relations for 2023 that capture essential concepts of public relations research.

If you would like to choose any topic from the given list, simply drop us a  WhatsApp Message  or an  Email , and we will be readily available for your assistance.

You may also like to review the following ;

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pr dissertation topics

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pr dissertation topics

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List of New Public Relations Dissertation Topics 2023

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pr dissertation topics

A Selection Of Fresh Public Relations Dissertation Topics

Coming up with public relations dissertation topics and ideas doesn’t have to be difficult. Based on what you know you have an advantage on creating a topic you can present yourself as an expert. Fortunately, there are actions you can do to get the topic you want along with sample ideas to get your search started.

There are all sorts of public relations thesis topics to consider, but it is important to stick to something you are passionate about in the field. Think about something typically in line with where you want to be in the field. Consider an idea on how to use PR to help find a job. In this example, it is a potential topic that gives insight on something that will keep you interested. The concept is true, and it could be something you see yourself doing in the future. Explore different methods of PR to gain new knowledge that can lead to an idea.

After reviewing what you have learned so far about the subject matter, it is time to brainstorm. If you can’t come up with something on your own, here are a few writing prompts to encourage the creativity you need to develop your best idea.

Choose something you can stay focused on throughout the project. Research your topic thoroughly and take clear notes to ensure discussion points are supported. The more you know about the topic, the easier it will be to present unique information instead of repeating content already presented. Have an interview, or two lined up with questions about your topic for another perspective to add to your content.

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Best Research Paper Topics - 2022.

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02. - Defend & have your Topic Approved.

If possible, review or have your topic approved by your supervisor or senior research advisor so that you do not start and later stall midway.

03. - You can now Start your Research Process.

When your topic has finally been approved & is researchable, you can now start the research process : We can help you Step by Step.

 Reasons Why you Might Need to Revamp your Research Paper Topic!

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Public Relations Research Topics | Project Topic Samples

A list of great public relations research topic ideas;.

✔ Public Relations Role in Building Good Image and Reputation for Politicians: A Case Study of Barrack Obama:  This study analyzes how Barrack Obama was made to become the most popular person in the world through a well-drilled team of public relations experts. The paper seeks to provide insights for other people with similar ambitions so that they can utilize the power of public relations in fulfilling their ambitions.

Once you have chosen one of the best public relations research topics , it is crucial to develop a research question or hypothesis that will guide your research. Your research question should be clear, concise, and specific. It should also be open-ended to allow for a broad range of responses and data collection. Next, you should conduct a thorough review of the existing literature related to your research topic. This will help you to identify any gaps in the current knowledge and provide a foundation for your research. You should consult academic journals, books, and other relevant sources to ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest research in your field. After conducting your literature review, you should develop a research methodology that is appropriate for your research question and the data that you plan to collect. You may choose to use quantitative or qualitative methods, or a combination of both, depending on your research question and the data available. You should also carefully consider the ethical implications of your research and ensure that your methodology adheres to ethical guidelines. Once you have developed your research methodology, you should begin collecting data. This may involve conducting surveys, interviews, focus groups, or analyzing existing data. Experts at Research topic Help have a great recollection of such activities and skills and can help you write a great topic or project. You should ensure that your data collection is comprehensive and accurate to enable robust analysis. After collecting your data, you should analyze it using appropriate statistical or qualitative analysis methods. Your analysis should be objective and unbiased, and your results should be clearly presented in tables, graphs, or other visual aids. Finally, you should draw conclusions based on your analysis and make recommendations for future research or public relations practice. Your conclusions and recommendations should be based on your research findings and should be relevant and actionable for public relations practitioners. Writing  public relations research topics requires careful consideration of the research question, methodology, and analysis. By choosing a relevant and interesting topic, conducting a thorough literature review, developing an appropriate research methodology, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting clear conclusions and recommendations, you can produce valuable research that can contribute to the development of the public relations field.

PR Research Topics – Latest Public Relations Research Ideas

PR research is a critical aspect of successful PR campaigns. It involves understanding the public's attitudes and opinions, identifying challenges and opportunities, and developing effective strategies to address them. The unique and elaborate sample titles for PR research topics discussed in this article provide a starting point for PR professionals to explore new research areas and develop innovative solutions to address the challenges facing their clients. By conducting thorough and thoughtful research, PR professionals can build strong relationships with their target audiences, and achieve their clients' communication goals.

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Examples of Research in Public Relations – Ideal Sample Ideas

Crisis communication is a critical aspect of public relations, as it involves managing the organization's reputation during times of crisis. Crisis can come in many forms, such as natural disasters, product recalls, accidents, or scandals. In such cases, the organization must communicate effectively with the public to reduce the damage to its reputation. One example of research in crisis communication is the study conducted by Coombs and Holladay (2007) on the role of organizational reputation in crisis management. The researchers surveyed 224 public relations professionals from various industries to examine how organizations can recover from a crisis. The study found that the reputation of the organization played a crucial role in crisis management, as it could mitigate the negative effects of a crisis. The researchers suggested that organizations should focus on building and maintaining their reputation through effective communication with the public, even before a crisis occurs.

Branding is an essential part of public relations, as it involves creating a unique identity for the organization or its products/services. Effective branding can enhance the organization's reputation and increase customer loyalty. Research is critical in developing a successful branding strategy, as it provides insights into the target audience's preferences and attitudes. One of the finest  examples of research in public relations  is the research in branding, a study conducted by Aaker (1997) on the five dimensions of brand personality. The researcher surveyed 1,000 consumers to identify the personality traits associated with different brands. The study found that brand personality was a crucial factor in building brand equity and loyalty. The five dimensions of brand personality identified by the study were sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. The researcher suggested that organizations could use these dimensions to create a unique brand identity that resonates with their target audience.

Social media has become an essential tool for public relations, as it allows organizations to communicate with their audience directly. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide a way for organizations to reach a large audience quickly and cost-effectively. However, effective social media communication requires research to understand the audience's preferences and behaviors. One example of research in social media is the study conducted by Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) on the different types of social media. The researchers identified six types of social media: collaborative projects, blogs, content communities, social networking sites, virtual game worlds, and virtual social worlds. The study found that different types of social media served different purposes and required different communication strategies. The researchers suggested that organizations should choose the type of social media that best suits their goals and target audience and tailor their communication strategy accordingly.

In summary, research is an essential part of public relations, as it provides insights into the opinions, attitudes, and behaviors of the target audience. The  examples of research in public relations discussed in this article illustrate in depth the importance of research in crisis communication, branding, and social media. By conducting research, public relations professionals can develop effective communication strategies that resonate with their target audience and enhance the organization's reputation. As the field of public relations continues to evolve, there are consultants like  Research topic Help  who assist students develop great research ideas because they understand that research will continue to play a crucial role in developing successful communication strategies.

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Tourism Marketing Dissertation Topics

Published by Owen Ingram at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On February 10, 2023

Tourism is the world’s second most important economic sector. In many countries, tourism contributes to the GDP of the country as one of the leading industries.

The more tourists visiting a country, the better its economy will be, so this growing industry benefits almost all countries.

The goal of tourism marketing is to attract and retain tourists. Generally speaking, tourism promotion includes all activities related to promoting tourism products and services. If you are planning to write a dissertation on tourism marketing , there are many tourism marketing dissertation topics and ideas to get started. But before that, let us explore the idea of tourism marketing in detail.

Marketing for tourism aims to achieve three key objectives or goals:

  • Increasing awareness of a destination’s attractions and resources
  • Providing relevant information to encourage people to visit a destination.
  • Delivering quality tourism experiences will encourage repeat visits or longer stays.

Let’s now take a closer look at how you can increase revenue for your business. Tourism marketers are responsible for driving your business growth and giving you a competitive edge.

It is, however, a broad field of marketing that includes a variety of subtypes for promoting tourism. The following are some of the most common tourism marketing activities.

  • Promotion through online banners

Online banners help businesses promote their business through creative brochures and banners.

  • Promotion through written content

In tourism marketing, you can start a blog to promote articles to make people aware of places they may not have heard of.

  • Using emails to capture the audience

To capture a larger audience in less time, creating an email newsletter is an effective way to engage more audiences in less time and budget.

  • 4P’s marketing technique

Utilizing the 4Ps strategy is another tried and tested method for promoting tourism in a destination. A marketer uses ”product”, ”price”, ”place”, and ”promotion” to encourage tourism.

Types of Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing is a broad field comprising many different types and concepts. The main types of tourism marketing are:

Destination Marketing

Destination marketing promotes a destination or region to encourage tourists to travel to a specific location.

Destination Development

In destination development, new attractions are created in an area that is already a tourist attraction. Adding exciting elements to an existing tourist destination is usually part of this type of tourism marketing. The process of developing a destination is also called “branding.”

Destination Management

Managing the whole process, from planning the route to tracking visitors’ progress once they arrive at their destination, means taking care of everything from start to finish.

Focused Tourism Marketing

Advertising of this type is used to promote a specific region, city, or destination. There is often promotion of a particular destination by local businesses, stakeholders, and companies. Marketing efforts must be focused on destinations with limited exposure to international travellers.

Portfolio Tourism Marketing

Portfolio tourism marketing includes focused and broad-based campaigns and local marketing activities to increase awareness among potential visitors.

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pr dissertation topics

List of Dissertation Topics For Tourism Marketing

Following is a list of some tourism marketing dissertation topics you may want to consider for your research.

  • Development of tourist industry with emerging trends
  • Important factors to consider for tourism marketing
  • Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of international tourism
  • Analysing different tourist movements and their effects.
  • Contributions of tourism in the accommodation sector.
  • Role of climate change in increasing or decreasing tourism in any region
  • Competition between different tourism destinations at the same pace.
  • Eliminating barriers in tourism marketing for both local and international tourism
  • Relationship between culture and tourism for various destinations.
  • Benefits of tourism marketing for a country’s GDP
  • Importance of eco-tourism for developing countries.
  • Basic challenges faced by tourists during travelling.
  • Spreading awareness for tourism marketing across borders
  • Importance of sports tourism to increase tourist population
  • Threats of dark tourism in underdeveloped countries.
  • Advantages of integrated marketing communication in the tourism sector.

Strategies For Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketers use a variety of strategies to do this, including:

Marketing communications

Communication is the process of creating awareness and preference through written or verbal messages. Social media posts, advertisements, brochures, and websites are all examples of marketing materials.

Promotional activities

Tourist attractions are promoted through events or activities designed to attract visitors. Incentives or discounts could be provided to extend a travel company’s stay, for instance.

Public relations

Your product or service’s reputation can be improved by using public relations to inform people about it. It also includes articles written by journalists, interviews with industry experts, and press releases.

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5 Creative Ideas to Write a Winning Tourism Marketing Thesis or Dissertation

1. Create a dissertation plan

The first step to putting everything in place for your tourism marketing dissertation is to develop a thesis outline.

2. Take advantage of influencer programs

Online social media platforms are a great way to promote a particular tourist destination with influencer marketing. Consider choosing a topic that explores the effectiveness of influencer marketing for tourist destinations.

3. Impact of travel guides

There is no better way to introduce someone to a place than with a travel guide. Contributing to the tourism industry can be accomplished by starting a travel blog or distributing travel PDFs online.

The guide should be readable, informative, and creative, with many interesting pictures that will entice foreign and local travellers to visit the site.

Your dissertation could investigate the impact of government travel guides on the tourism section.

4. Travel Videos

Creating travel videos can help make the buzz about the most spectacular destination places and help you get on the bandwagon like others. Over 67% of people learn visually online.

How about a dissertation topic that explores the affectivity of travel videos in promoting a specific location?

5. Follow user-generated content

Following user-generated content is one of the most traditional ways to capture your target audience’s attention. Thousands of travel freaks are online, sharing their travel experiences and finding inspiration from travel bloggers. You will have a higher chance of standing out in tourism marketing if you promote better content.

So a case study on a successful UGC tourism campaign would be a great way to capture your readers’ interest.

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pr dissertation topics

Tourism marketing is simply a form of promotion that aims to attract as many visitors as possible to a particular destination. It does not simply promote destinations; it also creates products and services that allow visitors to experience the culture and lifestyle of the country in a memorable way.

Tourism is the focus of most governments, but they neglect the importance of marketing to expand tourism with effective marketing strategies .

The tourism industry is a multifaceted one, and marketing by tourism agencies is an essential tool for growing, flourishing and making more money. We hope the above-mentioned tourism marketing dissertation topics can give you the inspiration to start right away.

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