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    master thesis portal ku leuven

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    master thesis portal ku leuven

  3. Master Thesis Defense

    master thesis portal ku leuven

  4. Master's Thesis Awards 2018-2019

    master thesis portal ku leuven


    master thesis portal ku leuven

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    master thesis portal ku leuven


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  1. Master's Thesis Portal

    This section is for students who want to submit their final Master's thesis. For students in a two-year programme it concerns Master's thesis, part 2. Arrangements about Master's thesis, part 1 can be made with the supervisor. Submission procedure and information about defences . Submission deadlines.

  2. Master's thesis portal

    Master's thesis portal - Faculty of Engineering Technology Home Current students Master's thesis Master's thesis portal Content Concept When can you start working on your master's thesis? Master's thesis topic Contracts Master's thesis guidance Dissertation (& templates) Plagiarism and plagiarism control Confidentiality (embargo)

  3. Submitting the electronic copy of your master's thesis

    In most study programmes at KU Leuven, it is required to submit a hard copy (in paper) of your master's thesis. Information on this matter can be found on your faculty's student portal, where you can also find other practical guidelines with regard to submitting your thesis (deadlines, formal requirements, etc.).

  4. Online tool for Master's Thesis

    This brand new tool is a tool to assign master's thesis topics to students. Potential master's thesis topics are submitted via the tool and submitted to the master's thesis coordinator for approval. Approved topics are then offered to students so they can indicate their preference. After an assignment procedure, a Master's Thesis is finally ...

  5. Master's Thesis

    When you graduate, your Master’s Thesis will be uploaded in the KU Leuven library database, which is an open source on the internet. In some cases, when the Master’s Thesis is a co-operation with a company, confidentiality is required by the company. Then you can request an embargo for x-years on the Master’s Thesis.

  6. Tools regarding writing a Master's thesis

    The Master's thesis is the crowning achievement of your education and the opportunity par excellence for you to make a contribution to science. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that you work in a responsible and transparent manner.