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List of essays on internet, essay on internet – short essay for kids and children (essay 1 – 250 words).

  • Essay on Internet – 10 Lines on the Internet Written in English (Essay 2 – 250 Words)

Essay on Internet – With Disadvantages (Essay 3 – 400 Words)

Essay on internet – for school students (class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 standard) (essay 4 – 500 words), essay on internet (essay 5 – 500 words), essay on internet – blessing or curse (essay 6 – 500 words), essay on internet – history, impacts, benefits and disadvantages (essay 7 – 750 words), essay on internet – long essay on the internet (essay 8 – 1000 words).

The internet is an advancement of modern technology that has swept the world off its feet with its vast usage. Internet is defined as a global network of computers that provides information and communication platforms. People all over the world are now using internet daily. The internet has enabled the growth of society both positively and negatively.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for kids, children and school students (Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard).


Sending a message to a friend, buying a commodity, finding directions to your destination or simply keeping in touch with friends can all be challenging endeavors. However, the internet has changed the way we relate with our environment and our world in general. You can simply find places on Google maps or stay in touch on Facebook, all have been made possible because of the revolutionary capabilities of the internet.

How it works:

To understand how the internet works, we can simply start from connecting two computers. Two computers can share files and information if they are connected with something known as the Local Area Network (LAN). This connection is usually done by physically attaching a cable to both computers.

However, since the advent of satellite technology, it is now possible to connect two computers without any physical cable. The connection could be made by simply sending signals from one computer to the satellite network. The network in-turn transfers the same message to the second computer. Thus, the internet is a web of computers connected together by satellite.

Uses of the Internet:

Aside from the obvious uses of the internet which includes file sharing, electronic mails, chatting etc., the internet also serves a lot more functions that cannot be exhausted in this article. Below are a few of those functions:

i. Researching

ii. Electronic news

iii. Education and self-help

iv. Interactive games

v. Job hunting

vi. Shopping


As the days go by new fields and application of the internet keeps emerging. Recently, people have found that the internet can learn from itself while others have explored the financial applications of the internet. The opportunities are definitely endless.

Essay on Internet – 10 Lines on the Internet Written in English ( Essay 2 – 250 Words)

The development of internet can be traced back to the 1960s. It mainly refers to the system made by interconnecting the different computer network which follows a common protocol so that devices all over the world can stay connected.

Ever since the popularity of the internet, it has managed to yield widespread use. When we talk of the uses of internet, we would really have a massive list. Let us shed light on some of them.

The Uses of Internet at a Glance:

When we are talking about the uses of internet, first of all we have to talk about how easy it is for people to stay connected despite being miles apart. Thanks to the internet, regardless of where you are, you can chat and even video call your friends and it feels like you are a part of their life.

Another important point as far as the uses of internet are concerned has to be the ease with which we have access to information. Even the details of what is happening in another continent can be accessed on the go without any fuss.

Better Knowledge Repository:

When people started capitalizing on the varied uses of internet, they understood the immense power it had. Regardless of what topic you want to know about, the internet is a knowledge hub with all kinds of details in it. You can research about absolutely any topic and even contribute to the knowledge repository too.

So, with these many endless uses of internet, are you making the most out of it? Technology should always be put to constructive use for the best results!

The advancements in technology have changed our lives in several ways, including how we communicate, how we do business, how we run our social and personal lives, etc. Thanks to the internet and the World Wide Web, the earth is now a global village. However, like the two sides of the coin, there are always some disadvantages of the internet and the technology.

Let’s see the disadvantages of the internet in the following paragraphs:

Spamming is the dumping of bulk e-mails which are not solicited by the users. These e-mails can clog the whole system and serve no purpose. The spam e-mails can also contain potential threats like viruses, details of illegal activities, or soliciting money from the users.

Information theft:

The internet contains everything and anything freely available. These opportunities pave way for misuse of information. We may also have come across situations where people steal information from someone’s research and share it as their own.

Identity theft and security breach:

This is one of the scariest disadvantages of internet. People’s identities are stolen and misused and at times, their privacy and security are breached to an extent that many people lose their lives or money because of this terrifying loophole on the internet.

Impact on children:

Continuous surfing and the variety of games found on the internet make the children addicted to the internet. Children tend to constantly use the system and thereby, their communication potential and attitude changes, are hampered to a great extent. This is another major disadvantage of the internet that is a sure shot possibility of spoiling the next generation. The violence in the games also affects the psychology of the children. Additionally, the adult contents that are freely available on the internet share unwanted and wrong information about sexuality and related things.

Impact on the health:

Apart from these, the continuous use of the internet can cause lifestyle disorders not only for the children but also for adults. Sitting in front of the computer for a prolonged time can affect your eyesight, cause obesity and related disorders. People tend to lose their productive time and get addicted to internet surfing. Such usage is considered as another major disadvantage of the internet because it hampers the productive time and quality time in the workplace and at home.


Although the internet is extensively used in the workplace, it can cause depression in human minds. Considering the availability of internet and VPN with which you can access your office materials from anywhere, a working person is expected to be available for the job throughout the day and night. These facilities, in the long run, can cause depression waves not only in the minds of those who work but also in the minds of those who are dependent on these working personnel. Spending quality time with our loved ones reduce to a greater extent. People tend to become more mechanical and there is a definite loss of emotions.

Although there are several advantages associated with the internet, we are also able to witness the horrendous disadvantages of the internet and its usage in all walks of life. It’s high time that we realize that technological advancements are like a double-edged sword and should be used wisely to live a quality life.

The internet has become a significant part of our lives today and has made our lives so much comfortable that it is really hard to live without it.

Internet can be technically defined as,

‘A large network of computer systems that are inter-connected through satellites, optical cables and telephone lines’.

Although the internet usage began in 1969, it got revolutionized during 1990s. This essay will talk about the key role played by internet today and at the same time how it is being misused.

Role of Internet in Today’s World:

Today internet is used by school students as well senior citizens. Users from different backgrounds get benefited with the help of internet in different ways.

i. The important advantage of using internet and why internet is so powerful today is because of the access it provides to information. The biggest search engines like Google and Yahoo helps us gather information from any part of the world within seconds.

ii. Internet is a boon to the student community . With the help of internet, students are able to save the time that they spend in a library to retrieve information for their projects.

iii. Business people are exploring internet in the maximum way possible. They use internet to build up their business through social media marketing and digital marketing .

iv. Just by the click of a mouse we are able to communicate face to face with a friend, relative or a business client even if they are thousand miles away.

v. What not? Today people order their favourite food and buy the latest fashion apparels sitting at home. This would not have been possible without internet.

Misusing Internet:

Man invented internet as a tool to make his life easier. But many are getting deviated from this concept and misusing it.

i. Data and information are the main benefits of having internet; since this can be obtained in large amount, some are using them in illegal ways .

ii. Over usage of internet is seen as a risk among children . The children who spend a huge amount of time using internet starts living in a virtual world and are losing their ability to communicate to others directly.

iii. There are endless games on the internet that make students lose their interest in studies .

iv. Many people misuse Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites to attract women and abuse them .

v. Internet hackers are growing day by day and this is a great threat to the business world as well as to common people.

There was a time when people felt that the internet was another world, but now people realize it’s a tool that we use in this world – Tim Berners-Lee.

It is good if people limit their internet usage for their own welfare instead of complicating it and experience its negative impact. Man should always own technology and never allow technology to overpower him.

Internet can be used as a boon as well as a curse. It is up to us to make the right choice.

Internet can simply be said to be a network that is global and connects a lot of computers from all around the world. The internet has evolved to become very easy and simple in the accomplishment of all our everyday activities that were extremely difficult to manage and time consuming in the past. Our lives would be totally unthinkable and unimaginable without the invention of the internet. Everything in life has a positive and negative side, so also the internet has its cons and pros. The internet has totally impacted our lives in both positive and negative ways and I will be discussing some of the effects the internet has had on us.

The internet has made online communication very simple and easy. A long time before the advent of the internet, the means of communication was through letters which took time to deliver because of the distance of travel and also cost of money. Nowadays, we can send messages and connect to someone on the other side of the world just by connecting our devices to the internet and opening one of the various social websites we have now and our messages will be delivered within a few seconds.

The invention of the internet has drastically reduced and cut down the consumption of paper and the use of paper works in schools, government offices, colleges, non-governmental offices, educational institutions, shops, industries, businesses, railways, training centres and universities to a very large extent through computerising almost everything. We can get informed about all of the happenings and news all over the world within seconds in one place.

The internet is a very efficient and effective tool for gathering large information that one might require on whatever topic within a very few seconds. The internet has helped the business, travel and education sector develop by putting all needed information out there. The access to public libraries can now be gotten online and there are tons of textbooks and other papers and resources on any and every topic on the internet.

Before the internet, people wasted a lot of time on various issues that might seem absurd today. There were no online stores so one had to the go to the mall personally if he/she needed something. People had to wait in long lines to get something as simple as a travel ticket. Nowadays, we can book a train or a plane ticket online with just a very few clicks without any stress and we can printout our travel ticket or just download a softcopy of the ticket on our mobile.

Meetings and conferences have been made easier by the internet as we don’t have to travel for business meetings or any other business related matter. Meetings can be organised, arranged and carried out from the comfort of our offices through conferencing, video calling, skype or any of the other brilliant tools available. The internet has helped improved many facets of our lives and the society and no matter what the negative effects of the internet are, the pros outweigh the cons.

The internet and cyberspace is one of the greatest inventions of modern times. We are able to accomplish a lot of things with the help of the internet. Lots of discoveries and inventions have come to place due to the ever helpful hand of the internet also referred to as the network of all networks. It curtails private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope. It is the system of interconnected computers.

The internet can be said to be one of the blessings to mankind, but can this blessing also be a curse? Many have praised the benefits that the internet has brought to mankind, some even refer to the internet as a god, but can this statement be attested due to the contrary belief some people have of the internet being a curse to humanity. This can be said to be either true or false because people would see it in various perspectives.

We try to dismiss the disadvantages of the internet based on the enormous catalogue of its benefits, some of us also try to cast out the merits of the internet due to the way its demerits have affected us in one way or the other.

Let’s try to look at some of the blessings the internet has brought to us and try to look at the curse aligned with it: 

1] Education – The internet has blessed the educational system due to the easiness it has brought to the teaching and learning situation. It has brought about an easy scope of the curriculum. Since the internet is a wide encyclopedia of information, students have found it easy in researching topics, assignments and projects. Teachers have benefitted from it because it has increased their knowledge base. Looking at these good benefits, we might want to dismiss the fact that the internet have served as a great factor of distractions. The internet contains a lot of things that can keep students away from their studies.

2] Business transactions have being made easy through online shopping sites, online banking and so on. Before the dawn of the internet, activities of such were strenuous and quite excruciating but the network of all networks has made everything within our fingertips. This medium has also created a black hole of internet scams and frauds. Through the availability of just a few details, a hacker can transfer all funds in a person’s account. This is a very disheartening case. Notwithstanding, the internet made these strenuous activities quite easy.

3] The internet has also made an easy way to access contacts of lost friends and families that you have not seen for a very long time. You can chat with them online and also pass along important information which can be sometimes life determining. This merit is life changing because it has brought together many lost ones and saved a lot of lives mentally, psychologically, socially and emotionally. This gave way for fraudsters to scam people pretending to be who they are not.

We cannot really say the internet is a blessing or a curse because it has its merits and its demerits and let us not forget the saying that goes thus ‘behind every blessing is a curse’.

Some of the moral values have become diluted through the use of internet while some have been built. Aspects of society including economy, culture, politics and religion have all been impacted by the use of internet. Internet use in the 21 st century has grown rapidly and more impacts have been realized.

Communication platforms provided by the internet consist of interconnected networks that use standardized communication protocols. The art of communication has greatly been influenced by the internet such that people can communicate across continents without much struggle.

The History of Internet:

The internet began with the idea of creating a wide area network in 1950s during the development of electronic computers. In 1960s, the use of internet was initiated through communication. Communication protocols were established and then a network of computers was developed using internetworking, which expanded because networks were joining one after the other. The standard networking protocol was therefore established.

Internet service providers were established in 1980s and that is when the journey of internet communication began. Networking started to grow through different means of communications e.g., telecommunications, electronic mail and social networking. Up to date, the progress made has been significant and advancements continue to be made in the communication aspect of networking.

Impacts of the Internet on Society:

The society has been impacted both positively and negatively by the internet. The intellect of the society has transformed through the use of internet because technological links have availed the networks and websites for learning. Through intellectual individuals, the society has become stronger over the years and more powerful due to the knowledge they possess.

Changes have taken place economically, socially and politically through the influence of the internet. Economic development has been influence by the internet because of the communication and interactions of people of different regions of the world.

The economy has greatly improved through the use of internet because trade and marketing is done over the internet, which enables a broader market to access goods and services. The political changes have been realized because through interaction of leaders from different regions and intellectual development due to the information provided on the websites and communication platforms, better leadership and politics have been realized.

Although the positive impacts of the internet include social development, social lives of individuals have been negatively affected. The use of internet to communicate has exposed individuals to culture, both desirable and undesirable culture. People tend to pick on the undesirable cultures thus social immorality has become a major social issue.

Benefits of Using Internet:

The internet provides communication platforms and information which has been of great benefit to the people in different ways. Education has been made easy because vast of information is provided on the internet in websites like google and it is accessible to whoever is interested. Communication has been simplified through the use of internet through the platforms provided including Facebook, WhatsApp among other platforms. Banking and paying bills services have been availed online and they are efficient and time saving.

Business has been simplified through online marketing and trade, which saves time and enables global participation. Working has become flexible and convenient because companies have structured online platforms for their employees to use instead of manual labor. The internet has enabled automation and complementation of human ability, which has enabled efficiency and reduced the workload.

Disadvantages of Using Internet:

Cyberbullying is one of the social problems that challenges the youth. Cyber-bullying lowers self-esteem of individual and affects their social interaction. Another challenge is cyber hacking. Since most companies and businesses have developed online platforms, the information is stored on the internet and there is risk of hacking and access of information by unauthorized personnel.

Cultural dilution is also a challenge because people tend to copy cultures from other people especially the western culture and they forget about their original culture. Culture has also been affected because immoral behaviour is being experienced due to disregard to moral culture.

To conclude, the internet has brought about a lot of changes in the society. These changes have impacted the society both negatively and positively. The internet challenges should be solved because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The Internet has flipped around our reality. It has changed correspondences, to the degree that it is presently our favoured mode of regular correspondence. Today, we use the internet in almost every activity. Requesting a pizza, purchasing a TV, imparting a minute to a companion, sending an image over texting, all can be done using the internet.

Prior to the Internet, on the off chance that you needed to stay aware of the news, you needed to stroll down to the newspaper kiosk when it opened in the first part of the day and purchase a nearby release revealing what had happened the earlier day. Yet, today a click or two is sufficient to peruse your nearby paper and any news source from anyplace on the planet, refreshed up to the moment.

The Internet, or what we have commonly known as the Net is something which has become a part of our lives. The Internet is basically a global system which is constituted of the Internet Protocol (IP) networks. But how it all started and from where did Internet originate is something quite interesting to know.

Open business utilization of the Internet started in mid-1989 with the association of MCI Mail and Compuserve’s email abilities to the 500,000 clients of the Internet. Just months after the fact on 1 January 1990, PSInet propelled another Internet backbone for business use; one of the systems that would develop into the business Internet we know today. In March 1990, the main fast T1 (1.5 Mbit/s) connect between the NSFNET and Europe was introduced between Cornell University and CERN, permitting considerably more vigorous correspondences than were proficient with satellites.

A half year later Tim Berners-Lee would start composing World Wide Web, the primary internet browser following two years of campaigning CERN the board. By Christmas 1990, Berners-Lee had assembled every one of the instruments fundamental for a working Web, the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 0.9.

In 1991 the Commercial Internet Exchange was established, permitting PSInet to speak with the other business systems CERFnet and Alternet. Since 1995 the Internet has hugely affected culture and trade, including the ascent of close moment correspondence by email, texting, communication (Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP), two-way intelligent video calls, and the World Wide Web with its discourse discussions, sites, long-range informal communication, and web-based shopping destinations. Expanding measures of information are transmitted at ever more elevated speeds over fibre optic systems working at 1-Gbit/s, 10-Gbit/s, or more.

Social Impact:

The ascent of the Internet has started a discussion about how online correspondence influences social connections. The Internet liberates us from geographic shackles and unites us in theme-based networks that are not secured to an explicit place. Our society is globalised with new innovations taking place every day. The Internet is the device we use to collaborate with each other, and as needs be presents new difficulties for protection and security.

Data advances have fashioned crucial change all through society, driving it forward from the modern age to the arranged period. In our reality, worldwide data systems are a crucial framework, yet in what ways have these changed human relations? The Internet has changed business, training, government, medicinal services, and even the manners by which we cooperate with our friends and family, it has turned out to be one of the key drivers of social development. The Internet has expelled all correspondence hindrances.

On the web, the traditional imperatives of reality vanish and there is a surprisingly wide variety of open potential outcomes. Such is the impact of the internet that a person sitting in one corner of the world can befriend another person from the other corner of the world without having met even once.

Advantages of Internet:

The ability to connect to almost anyone at anyplace in the world is perhaps the biggest advantage of the internet. It has allowed us to remain connected to our peers, family and friends no matter which part of the Earth they live in. Another advantage of the internet is that it has made shopping so easy. India has in particular seen a drastic rise in the volumes of online shopping with people buying even electronic goods such as televisions online which was near impossible to even think of till some years ago.

The Banking sector has also been hugely benefitted from the internet. Earlier, you had long queues in banks which have now just vanished. Requesting a chequebook is now just a click away just like other banking services which are available on mobiles connected through the internet. Apart from this, there are several advantages of the internet in almost every part of our daily lives.

The Darker Side:

Every technology has two sides, the brighter side and the darker one. The Internet also has its share of disadvantages or rather the ill effects which its misuse can lead to. For instance, with the advancements in the internet, there have been advances in cybercrimes as well. The leakage of personal data from Facebook is one such recent example which shows what misuse of the internet can do. Moreover, the increase in crimes related to syphoning of money from bank accounts has shown that how vulnerable we can be while using the internet.

The Internet has, by and large, proved to be useful for mankind. It has brought people and societies closer to each other. Moreover, it has made our lives so easy and fast. However, we must always remain aware of the ill effects of the internet and should follow the guidelines for the government and other agencies while using it.

For instance, we must never keep common passwords for internet banking which could be guessed easily. This is for our own safety, else we may land into trouble someday. Judicious use of the internet is certainly beneficial, although fringe elements of the society also use it to try and harm us. How we keep ourselves protected is related to how we use the internet. So, be careful, don’t use pirated software, follow the rules and the internet is all there to ease your life.

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Internet va uning Yoshlar tarbiyasidagi ahamiyati

Internet va uning Yoshlar tarbiyasidagi ahamiyati

21 asr – axborot texnologiyalari taraqqiyoti asri. Bugungi kun taraqqiyotini jahon axborot tarmog‘i-internetsiz tasavvur qilish mushkul.

Ma’lumki, internet-axborot va hujjatlarning o‘zaro almashinishini ta’minlaydigan kompyuter tarmoqlarini birlashtirgan xalqaro tizimdir.

Internet keng imkoniyatlar eshigini ochdi. Uydan ko‘chaga chiqmay turib global tarmoq orqali dunyo kutubxonalari bo‘ylab sayr qilib, kurrai zaminning narigi chekkasida joylashgan oliy ta’lim muassasasining masofaviy (virtual) talabasi bo‘lish, hatto elektron xizmatlarni (matnlarni tarjima qilish, video va audiomahsulotlarni tayyorlab berish, kitob va risolalarni sahifalash va hokazo) shartnoma orqali bajarish, pul ishlab topish mumkin. Xullas, internetning ijobiy jihatlari bisyor.          Ijtimoiy tarmoqlar yoki messennjerlarning qulayligi-chi? Onlayn konferensiyalar o‘tkazish, onlayn malaka oshirish, yaqinlar va tanish-bilishlar bilan tez, arzon video yoki audiomuloqot qilish.

Mana shu jihatlari bilan internet keyingi paytlarda jozibadorlikda televideniye, radio va boshqa axborot vositalarini ortda qoldirmoqda.

Lekin internet ko‘plab foydali jihatlari bilan birga salbiy oqibatlarini ham namoyon qilmoqda. Aholida ayniqsa yoshlarda axborot iste’moli madaniyatining sustligi, turli xabarlar oqimidan kerakligini ajratib olishda bilim, malaka va ko‘nikmaning yetishmasligi ba’zilarning g‘arazli kimsa va oqimlar ta’siriga tushib qolishlariga, internet qaramligi kasalligiga yo‘liqishlariga sabab bo‘lmoqda. Xitoy Xalq Repspublikasida internetga qaramlik kasallik sifatida e’tirof etilib, uni  davolovchi maxsus shifoxonalar tashkil etilgani so‘zimizning isbotidir.

Global tarmoq natijasida yuzaga kelgan eng katta muammo, bu, albatta, qaramlik, tobelik kasalligidir. Yoshlarning ko‘p vaqtini inernetda o‘tkazishlari global muammoga aylanib ulgurgan. Bugun internet ayrim yoshlar uchun mashhur yozuvchi Xudoyberdi To‘xtaboyevning “Sariq devni minib” asari qahramoni Hoshimjon topib olgan sehrli qalpoqchadir.

Umuman, internetga qaramlikning eng og‘ir jihati real olamni, insoniylik burchi va vazifalarini unutishdir. Inson haqiqiy hayotda yashashi, halol mehnat qilishi, ilm olishi, zimmasidagi vazifalarini sidqidildan bajarishi, elu yurtiga fidoyilik bilan xizmat qilishi, atrofdagilarga foyda keltirishi zarur.

Internetda ko‘p vaqtini o‘tkazadigan insonning ruhiyatida mavhumlik va o‘z qobig‘iga o‘ralib olish holati kuzatiladi. Bu esa uni kelajakda “uchinchi kuchlar” tomonidan manqurtlashishi, zombilashtirilishi uchun zamiin yaratadi. Bugungi kunda buzg‘unchi guruhlar yoshlar ongiga ta’sir qilishda asosan internetdan foydalanayotganlari bejiz emas.

Internetning yana bir salbiy jihati-kishilardagi xudbinlik, manmanlik, zamonaviy tilda ifoda etganda, egosentrizm illatining kuchayishiga sabab bo‘lishidir.

Bugungi dunyo yoshlari-son jihatidan butun insoniyat tarixidagi eng yirik avloddir, chunki ular 2 milliard kishini tashkil etmoqda. Bugun internet madaniyati, virtual madaniyat, axborot madaniyati, ma’lumotlardan to‘g‘ri foydalanish madaniyati kabi tushunchalar hayotimizdan o‘rin egalladi. Yoshlarda internet olamida o‘z o‘rnini to‘g‘ri belgilash va foydalanuvchilar bilan to‘g‘ri muomala qilish, virtual olamdagi axborotlarni to‘g‘ri tahlil qilish malakasini shakllantirish davr talabidir.

Jinoyat ishlari bo‘yicha  Tomdi tuman sudi arxivariusi

Nasiba Barakayeva

Bo'limga tegishli qiziqarli xabarlar

O‘zbekistonliklar Germaniyaga 6 ta soha bo‘yicha ishga taklif qilinmoqda

Fikr bildirish uchun qaydnomadan o'tishingiz so'raladi va telefon rakamni tasdiklash kerak buladi!

Tizimga kirish.



internet haqida essay

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Inernet bu – xozirgi zamon talabidagi yagona ommabop kompyuter tarmog'i hisoblanib, bizga barcha sohalarga oid noaniqlik ya'ni ongimizga mavhum bo'lgan tushunchalar haqida ochiq, oddiy va ravon ma'lumot beruvchi axborot manbaidir. Tabiyki, hozrgi kunda ushbu omilga bo'lgan ehtiyojmandlar soni kundan kunga ortib bormoqda. Mazkur tarmoq butun dunyo miqyosida global tarmoqdir. Zero unda mavjud yangiliklardan xabardor etuvchi matinlar, tasvir hamda ovoz hizmatlari va bir qator imkoniyatlar barcha jabhada katta yengilliklarni yuzaga keltirayotgan bo'lsa-da, ammo ikkinchi tomondan insoniyatni beixtiyor vertual olamga jalb etib bormoqda. Ayniqsa bu ta'sir doirasidan o'smir yoshlar ham yo'q emas. Bu borada mutahasislarning so'zlari quydagi natijalarni isbotlamoqda: internet tarmog'idagi ijobiylik insonning fan, soha va faoliyatiga bog'liq muhim aniq dalillarga ega bo'lishida har tomonlama qulayligi va tegishli vaqt miqdorining tejalishiga olib kelishi kundek ravshan, lekin qiziquvchanlik sababli Internet axborotlaridagi ortiqcha ma'lumotlarga haddan ziyod berilib ketishlaridir. Izlanuvchanlik, fikriy rivojlanish, mushoxada, taxlil qilish qobilyati va xotiraning o'tkirlik darajasini susaytirishga sabab bo'lmoqda. Ma'lumki, Internet vositasidan foydalanish hech kimga majburiy bo'lmagan va insonning o'z tafakkuridan kelib chiqqan qonun qoidalar asosida bo'lishi kerakligi hamda undagi me'yor talablari, ya'ni Internet tarmog'idan axborotlarni to'g'ri tanlash har jihatdan o'rinlidir. Bundan ko'rinib turibdiki, ushbu tarmoq vositasining o'z ichiga qamrab olgan axborotlar miqyosi shu qadar keng va ko'p ekanligi gohida o'zimizga kerakli bo'lgan ma'lumotlarni ajratib olishimizda ham qiyinchilik tug'dirmoqda. Barchamzga ma'lumki, Internetda ishlashimiz uchun qidiruv tizimining o'rni beqiyos. O'zingizga kerakli barcha ma'lumotlarni shu kabi biron bir saytning “izlash” katakchasiga yozib, chiqarilgan ko'pgina ma'lumotlar ichidan o'zingizga keraklisini tanlab olaverasiz yoki ma'lum bir saytning manzili yodingizdan ko'tarildimi, yana o'sha qidiruv sistemalari yordamga keladigan saytga aloqador kalit so'zlarini terasiz va qarabsizki o'sha sayt qarshingizda namayon bo'ladi. Internet tarmog'ida: Yahoo, Google, Ref.uz singari yana boshqa nomlar bilan ataluvchi qidiruv tizimlari mavjud. Yuqoridagi qidiruv dasturlari haqida batafsil va umumiy ta'rif berishda ularni biror bir tizim orqali masalan, Google tizimini tushuntirish maqsadga muvofiq bo'ladi. Bu kompaniya Internetdagi yetakchi qidiruv tizimi hisoblanadi, dunyo bo'ylab tarmoq foydalanuvchilarning o'ntadan yettitasi u yoki bu ma'lumotlarni topish ilinjida aynan mana shu saytga murojat qilishadi. Tizim har kuni 50 mlionga yaqin so'rovlarni qabul qiladi, sakkiz milyardlab veb-sahifalarni ideksatsiya qiladi. U 101 tildagi axborotni izlab topishi mumkin. Keyingi  yillarda butun dunyo internet foydalanuvchilari orasida keng ommalashib borayotgan Google tizimi 1998 – yil sentyabrda ishga tushgan. Hozirda bu kompaniyaning qidiruv tizimlaridan tashqari yana bir qator foydali va qulay hizmatlari mavjud va ular soni ortib bormoqda. Darhaqiqat, hozirda nafaqat Internet tarmog'i vujudga kelganligi, bundan tashqari shu kabi jahonaro rivojlanib keayotgan turli – tuman axborot texnologiyalar yosh avlodga ijobiy ta'sir kuchini o'tkazayotganligini bir tomondan quvonarli bo'lsa – da, ikkinchi tomondan ularni turli salbiy saboqlardan asrash maqsadida tarbiyaviy muhitni kuchaytirishga undaydi. Bugungi kunda xarbiy hizmatchilar radio–televidenie, matbuot Internet kabi vositalar orqali rang barang axborot va ma'lumotlarni olmoqda. Jaxon axborot maydoni tobora kengayib borayotgan shunday bir sharoitda xarbiylarimiz ongini o'rab–chirmab, uni o'qima, buni ko'rma deb bir tomonlama tarbiya berish, ularning atrofini temir devor bilan orab olish hech shubhasiz zamonning talabiga ham bizning ezgu maqsad – muddaolarimizga xam to'g'ri kelmaydi. Nega deganda biz yurtimizda ochiq va erkin demokratik jamiyat qurish vazifasini o'z oldimizga qat'iy maqsad qilib qo'yganmiz va bu yo'ldan hech qachon qaytmaymiz. Binobarin, biz davlatimiz kelajagi o'z qobig'imizga o'ralib qolgan holda emas, balki umumbashariy va demokratik qadriyatlarni chuqur o'zlashtirgan holda tasavvur etamiz. Biz istiqbolimizni taraqqiy topgan mamlakatlar tajribasidan foydalanib, davlat va jamiyat boshqaruvini erkinlashtirish inson huquqi va erkinliklarini fikrlar rang – barangligini o'z hayotimizda yanada kengroq joriy qilishda ko'ramiz. Biz butun ma'rifatli xalqaro hamjamiyat bilan tinch – totuv, erkin va farovon hayot kechirish o'zaro manfaatli xamkorlik qilish tarafdorimiz. Xozirgi zamon axborot tizimi uning, juda keng imkoniyatlaridan kelib chiqib aytish mumkinki, O'zbekistonda axborot olish, saqlash, foydalanish va tarqatishning umumiy manfaat va umumiy taraqqiyot nuqtai nazaridan boshqaruv mexanizmini yaratish, uning moxiyati va unsurlarini chuqur anglash zarur bo'lib qolmoqda. Ana shu hayotiy extiyojdan kelib chiqib axborot sohasida milliy xavfsizlikni ta'minlash tizimini yaratishning quydagi usullarini qo'llash madaniyatini zarur deb hisoblaymiz: Birinchidan, sotsiologik yo'nalish. Bunda axborot olish va tarqatish jarayonida jamiyat taraqqiyotining axborotini ijtimoiy voqelik sifatidagi rolidan kelib chiqib, jamiyatda shakillanayotgan ijtimoiy ong yo'nalishlari ijtimoiy tafakkur darajasi va uning oqimlarini o'rganishni yo'lga qo'yish kerak. Aholi turli qatlamlari, qarashlari, kasbiy va boshqa ijtimoiy holatlari asosidagi fikirlash tarzini aniqlab borish zarur. Ikkinchidan,  statistik  yo'nalish.  Ko'p  millatli  mamlakatda,  hususan, 130 dan ortiq millat va elat yashayotgan, 20 ga yaqin diniy konfessiyalar faoliyat ko'rsatayotgan O'zbekistonda millatlararo va dinlararo mojorolarni turli siyosiy manfaatlar va buzg'unchi g'oyalar tasirida kelib chiqishi mumkin bo'lgan nizolar manbalarini o'rganib borish, bu borada aniq hisob – kitoblarga tahliliy yechimlarga ega bo'lish. Uchinchidan, siyosiy konfiktologiya va siyosiy psixologiya. Axborot psixologik xavf avj olayotgan bir paytda, turli buzg'unchi g'oyalar inson ongi va tafakkuriga o'z ta'sirini o'tkazayotgan bir sharoitda siyosiy mojorolar kelib chiqish mumkin bo'lgan manbalarni o'rganish, omillarini aniqlash hamda siyosiy qarashlari, ruhiyati, ijtimoiy – siyosiy psixologik izchil ravishda o'rganib borilmog'i lozim. To'rtinchidan, mantiqiy tizimiy va funktsional tahlil. Axborot tizimi, xususan, axborot psixologik ta'sir axborot siyosati tizimi va vositasining muxim qismi sifatida baxolashi lozim. Voqelikka ana shu tarzda yondashib, ilmiy – taxliliy nazariy va amaliy xulosalar chiqarish kerak. Tig'iz axborotlashgan jamiyatda axborot oqimi ta'sirida shakillanayotgan ijtimoiy fikr fan nuqtai nazaridan izchil o'rganilmog'i lozim. Beshinchidan, axborot tizimida milliy istiqlol g'oyasining ustuvorligi. Har qanday fuqoro axborot bazasidan “maxsulot” tanlash jarayonida uning qalbida, ruxiyatida, kayfiyatida, fe'l atvorida, bularning barchasining oqibati sifatidagi hatti – xarakati va munosabatida mafkuraviy immunitet ustuvorligini ta'minlash. Albatta, O'zbeksiton mustaqillikning 23yili mobaynida ommaviy axborot komunikatsiyasi soxasida jiddiy o'zgarishlar yuz berdi. Eng avvalo har bir fuqaroning so'z va fikr  erkinligi, axborot olish va tarqatish huquqi Konstitutsiya bilan kafolatlangan. Ommaviy axborot vositalari to'g'risidagi bir qator qonunlar yaratildi va amalda qo'llanilmoqda. Mustaqil nashrlar soni keskin ko'paydi. Bularning hammasi mamlakat ichki hayotida milliy axborot tizimining o'ziga xos taraqqiyotidan dalolat beradi. Yana shuni takidlash lozimki, Internet vositalaridan o'rin olgan jamiki axborot va ma'lumotlarning hammasi ham real haqqoniy emasligi ayni paytda ayon bo'lmoqda. Bundan kelib chiqib aytish joizki, olinayotgan dalillarning qay darajada to'g'riligini ongli ravishda mushohada etish maqsadga muvofiqdir. Shundagina Internet orqali egallayotgan bilimlarimiz hayotimizda ijobiy samara berishiga ishonch xosil qilish mumkin. Muxtasar qilib aytganda, harbiy xizmatchilarimizning ma'naviy olamida bo'shliq vujudga kelmasligi uchun ularning qalbi va ongida sog'lom hayot tarzi milliy va umummilliy qadriyatlarga hurmat – ehtirom tuyg'usini har doim shakillantirishimiz zarur. Shuni unutmaslik kerakki, bugungi kunda inson ma'naviyatiga qarshi yo'naltirilgan bir qarashda arzimas bo'lib tuyuladigan kichkina xabar ham axborot olamidagi glaballashuv shiddatidan kuch olib, ko'zga ko'rinmaydigan, lekin zararini hech narsa bilan qoplab bo'lmaydigan ulkan ziyon yetkazishi mumkin.

S.Abdurashidov Olmazor tumani bosh imom–xatibi

Imtihon uchun qo'llanma

Internetdan foydalanish bo'yicha insho - afzalliklari va kamchiliklari

Muallif surati

Internetdan foydalanish bo'yicha insho - afzalliklari va kamchiliklari: - Internet fanning eng yaxshi sovg'alaridan biridir. Bu bizning hayotimiz va turmush tarzimizni avvalgidan ancha osonlashtirdi. Bugun Team GuideToExam sizga internetdagi bir qancha insholarni hamda internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklarini taqdim etadi.



Internetdan foydalanish bo'yicha insho tasviri - afzalliklari va kamchiliklari

Internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari haqida insho (50 so'z)

Internet bizga ilm-fanning zamonaviy tuhfasidir. Zamonaviy dunyoda biz internetdan foydalanmasdan hech narsa qila olmaymiz. Biz hammamiz internetdan biznesda, onlayn tranzaksiyalarda, turli rasmiy ishlarda va hokazolarda foydalanishni bilamiz. Talabalar o'qishni kuchaytirish uchun ham internetdan foydalanadilar.

Lekin internetning talabalar uchun ham afzalliklari, ham kamchiliklari bor. Ba'zi talabalar o'qishlarini yaxshilash uchun internetdan qanday foydalanish mumkinligini bilishadi, lekin internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish tufayli ba'zi talabalar qimmatli vaqtlarini yo'qotadilar va imtihonlarda yaxshi ball to'play olmaydilar. Ammo biz Internetdan ta'lim, biznes, onlayn tranzaktsiyalar va hokazolarda foydalanishni inkor eta olmaymiz.

Internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari haqida insho (150 so'z)         

Internet fanning eng katta ixtirosidir. Bu bizga har bir ma'lumotni bir marta bosish orqali olishda yordam beradi. Biz ma'lumot almashishimiz va internetdan foydalanish orqali butun dunyo bo'ylab odamlar bilan bog'lanishimiz mumkin.

Internet - bu turli sohalardagi ma'lumotlar to'plamini olishimiz mumkin bo'lgan juda katta ma'lumot ombori. Internetdan foydalanish ham, suiiste'mol qilish ham mavjud. Biznesda internetdan foydalanish zamonaviy davrda biznesni rivojlantirdi.

Bugungi dunyoda internetdan ta’lim sohasida ham foydalanishni ko‘rish mumkin. Mamlakatimizdagi ayrim ilg‘or maktab va kollejlarda raqamli sinf joriy qilingan. Internetdan foydalanish tufayli bu mumkin bo'ldi.

Internetning afzalliklari juda ko'p bo'lsa-da, uning bir qator kamchiliklarini ham ko'rish mumkin. Internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish har doim milliy xavfsizlik uchun bosh og'rig'i bo'lib kelgan. Ilm-fanning ushbu zamonaviy ixtirosidan foyda olishimiz uchun internetdan to'g'ri foydalanishni bilishimiz kerak.

Internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari haqida insho (200 so'z )

Bugungi dunyoda biz hayotimizning har bir bosqichida internetdan foydalanamiz. Taxminan yigirma yil oldin ko'pchilikning ongida "Internetdan qanday foydalanish mumkin?" degan savol bor edi. Ammo bugungi dunyoda internetdan foydalanish deyarli barcha sohalarda juda keng tarqalgan.

Bugungi kunda talabalar uchun Internetdan foydalanish juda keng tarqalgan. Talabalar turli veb-saytlardan onlayn yordam olishlari mumkin, ular onlayn murabbiylik, onlayn kurslar va hokazolarni tanlashlari mumkin. Internetdan foydalanish hayotning har bir sohasida kuzatilishi mumkin.

Bu butun dunyoni bog'ladi. Internet bizga elektron pochta, ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlari, veb va video qo'ng'iroqlar kabi turli xil muloqot kayfiyatlarini taqdim etadi. Boshqa tomondan, biznesda internetdan foydalanish bozorga inqilobiy o'zgarishlar olib keldi.

Internet dunyoda onlayn marketing platformasini targ'ib qildi. Endi tadbirkor o‘z mahsulotini uyidan turib internet orqali sotishi mumkin.

Internetning ko'plab afzalliklarini ta'kidlashimiz mumkin bo'lsa-da, internetning ba'zi suiiste'mollari ham mavjud. Ba'zi talabalar orasida internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanishni ko'rish mumkin. Ular ba'zan ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlariga yopishib qolishadi va qimmatli vaqtlarini behuda sarflashadi.

Natijada, ular o'qishga ko'p vaqt ajratmaydilar. Ular internetdan to'g'ri foydalanishni bilishlari va undan o'z manfaati uchun foydalanishlari kerak.

Internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari haqida insho (300 so'z )

Internet inshosiga kirish: - Internet - bu bizning hayotimizga inqilobiy o'zgarishlar olib kelgan ilm-fanning zamonaviy ixtirosi. Internetdan foydalanib, biz Internetda saqlangan istalgan joydan istalgan ma'lumotga kirishimiz mumkin.

Bugungi dunyoda biz internetsiz hech narsani tasavvur qila olmaymiz. Internetning afzalliklari juda ko'p, lekin internetning kamchiliklaridan yuzimizni burishning iloji yo'q.

Internetdan foydalanish: - Internet har qanday maqsadda ishlatiladi. U elektron pochta xabarlarini yuborish, onlayn chat, onlayn tranzaktsiyalar, fayllarni almashish, turli veb-sahifalarga kirish va hokazolar uchun ishlatiladi. Boshqa tomondan, hozirgi zamonaviy davrda biznesmen biznesda internetdan foydalanmasdan o'z biznesini rivojlantira olmaydi.

Yana ta'limda internetdan foydalanish ta'lim tizimimizni butunlay o'zgartirdi. Talabalar uchun internetdan foydalanish juda zarur, chunki talaba o'zining dasturga yo'naltirilgan barcha ma'lumotlarini Internetda olishi mumkin.

Internetni suiiste'mol qilish / Kamchiliklari internet: – Barchamiz internetning afzalliklarini bilamiz. Ammo internetni suiiste'mol qilish holatlari ham mavjud. Biz internet hayot tarzimizga inqilobiy o‘zgarishlar olib kelganini inkor eta olmaymiz, lekin internetning kamchiliklarini ham e’tibordan chetda qoldira olmaymiz.

Birinchidan, kompyuterda ko'p vaqt o'tkazadigan odam kasal bo'lib qolishi mumkin. Bu uning ko'rish qobiliyatiga zarar etkazishi mumkin. Boshqa tomondan, ba'zida internet bizga noto'g'ri ma'lumot berishi mumkin. Chunki internet yoki internetda har kim istalgan ma'lumotni joylashtirishi mumkin.

Shunday qilib, ba'zida noto'g'ri ma'lumotlar Internetda ham joylashtirilishi mumkin. Yana xakerlar zararli havolalarni joylashtirishi va maxfiy ma'lumotlarimizga zarar etkazishi mumkin. Bugungi kunda internetning eng xavfli kamchiliklaridan biri firibgarlik biznesidir. Internetning mashhurligi bilan biz firibgarlik biznesida tez o'sishni ko'rishimiz mumkin.

Internet inshosiga xulosa: - Internet har bir sohada ishimizni osonlashtirdi. Internet ixtirosi bilan insoniyat tsivilizatsiyasi juda ko'p rivojlandi. Internetning afzalliklari ham, kamchiliklari ham bo'lsa-da, internet bizni ancha rivojlantirganini inkor eta olmaymiz.

Hammasi uning ishlatilishiga bog'liq. Biz hammamiz "internetdan qanday foydalanish mumkinligini" bilishimiz va internetdan o'z manfaatimiz uchun foydalanishimiz kerak.

Internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari haqida insho (400 so'z )

Internet inshosiga kirish: – The Internet bizning turmush tarzimizni va ish uslubimizni butunlay o'zgartirdi. Internet ixtirosi bizning vaqtimizni tejadi va deyarli har bir ishda harakatimizni kamaytirdi. Internet bizga unda saqlangan har qanday ma'lumotni qisqa vaqt ichida taqdim etishi mumkin. Demak, “internetdan qanday foydalanish mumkin?” degan savol tug‘iladi. Internetdan foydalanish uchun bizga telefon aloqasi, kompyuter va modem kerak bo'ladi.

Ning ishlatilishi internet: - Internetdan foydalanish juda katta. Internet maktablarda, kollejlarda, banklarda, savdo markazlarida, temir yo'llarda, aeroportlarda va hokazolarda hamma joyda qo'llaniladi. Bundan tashqari, biz uyda Internetdan turli maqsadlarda foydalanamiz. Biz turli veb-saytlarga kira olamiz va ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlari internet orqali onlayn tranzaktsiyalarni amalga oshirishi mumkin.

Turli xil fayllar va ma'lumotlarni elektron pochta yoki messenjerlar orqali almashish mumkin. Biznesda internetdan foydalanish ham xaridorlar, ham sotuvchilar uchun boshqacha platforma yaratdi. Bizda internetning ko'plab afzalliklari bor.

Ning ishlatilishi Talabalar uchun internet: – Talabalar uchun internetdan foydalanish ular uchun barakadir. Talabalar o'qishlarini kuchaytirish uchun kerakli ma'lumotlarni Internetda topishlari mumkin. Bugungi kunda ta'limda Internetdan foydalanish juda keng tarqalgan. Ta'lim muassasalari o'quvchilarning bilimini oshirishlari uchun maktablarda internet bilan ta'minlangan.

ni suiiste'mol qilish internet yoki internetning kamchiliklari: – Biz internetdan foydalanish insoniyat tsivilizatsiyasini ko'p rivojlantirganini inkor eta olmaymiz, lekin bizda internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari borligiga rozi bo'lishimiz kerak. Internetni suiiste'mol qilish yoki Internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish har qanday vaqtda odamni buzishi mumkin.

Umuman olganda, internetni suiiste'mol qilish yoki internetni suiiste'mol qilish internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanishni anglatadi. Bugungi kunda o'smirlar internetga qaram bo'lib qolishadi, chunki ular ko'p vaqtlarini Internetda onlayn o'yinlar o'ynash, ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlarini kezish va hokazolar bilan o'tkazadilar.

Natijada, ular o'qishda ortda qolishadi. Boshqa tomondan, ko'plab odamlar kiberjinoyat qurboni bo'lishdi. Ba'zi anti-ijtimoiy guruhlar pul mablag'larini aldash orqali odamlarni aldash uchun internetdan foydalanadilar. Yana xakerlar internetda saqlangan shaxsiy ma'lumotlarimizga osongina kirishlari mumkin. Internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish hayotimizni buzishi mumkin.

Internet inshosiga xulosa: -  Har bir narsani ortiqcha yoki noto'g'ri ishlatish yomon. Internetdan foydalanish bizni katta darajada rivojlantirdi. Bu bizning hayotimizni sodda, oson va qulay qildi.

Ta'limda internetdan foydalanish bizni avvalgidan ko'ra dono qildi, biznesda internetdan foydalanish biz uchun boshqacha va kengroq bozorni shakllantirdi. Internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish, albatta, bizni buzishi mumkin, lekin agar biz internetdan o'z manfaatimiz uchun foydalansak, kelajakda hayotimizni osonlashtiradi va soddalashtiradi.

Internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari haqida uzun insho (800 so'z)

Internetdagi insho tasviri

Internet inshosiga kirish: – Internet, tabiiyki, ilm-fanning insoniyatga bergan eng hayajonli va yorqin sovg‘alaridan biridir. Internetning ixtiro qilinishi va uning internetdan foydalanishi bizning hayot tarzimiz va turmush darajasini ham tubdan o'zgartirdi. Bugungi dunyoda bizning kundalik faoliyatimizning aksariyati internet orqali amalga oshiriladi.

Internetdan qanday foydalanish mumkin: - Internetdan qanday foydalanishni hamma biladi. Internetdan foydalanish uchun bizga telefon aloqasi, kompyuter va modem kerak. Biz hotspot orqali mobil orqali internetdan ham foydalanishimiz mumkin.

  Ning ishlatilishi internet: – Hozirgi zamonda hayotning internet taʼsiriga duchor boʻlmagan qismi deyarli yoʻq. Aksariyat do'konlar, ofislar, fabrikalar va xizmat ko'rsatish markazlari o'z ishini osonlashtirish uchun internetdan foydalanadilar. U "axborot ombori" deb ataladi. Internet ixtirosi bilan butun dunyo global qishloqqa aylandi.

Internet ofislarimizdan ish yukini kamaytirdi. Internetda katta hajmdagi ma'lumotlar saqlanishi mumkin. Biz har bir ma'lumotni ostonamizdan bir marta bosish orqali olishimiz, yaqin va azizlar bilan istalgan vaqtda istalgan joydan muloqot qilishimiz, onlayn to'lovlarni amalga oshirishimiz, onlayn mahsulotlarni sotib olishimiz va sotishimiz mumkin va hokazo. Bularning barchasi faqat shu sababli mumkin bo'ladi. internet.

Ta'limda Internetdan foydalanish: - Ta'limda internetdan foydalanish ta'lim tizimimizga ajoyib o'zgarishlar olib keldi. Endi talaba Internetda istalgan kerakli ma'lumotga ega bo'lishi mumkin.

Ilgari talaba uchun ma'lum bir mavzu bo'yicha loyiha tayyorlash uchun ma'lumot to'plash juda qiyin edi. Ammo endi uni bosish orqali internetda topish mumkin. Bundan tashqari, ular elektron pochta yoki ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlari orqali o'z g'oyalarini do'stlari bilan baham ko'rishlari mumkin.

Biznesda internetdan foydalanish: – Biznesda internetdan foydalanish biznes standartini oshirdi. Ushbu asrda Internetdan foydalanmasdan tashkil etilgan biznesni tasavvur qilish juda qiyin. Endi Internet marketing va reklama uchun muhim vositaga aylandi.

Biznesda internetdan foydalanish mahsulotni targ'ib qilish yoki reklama qilish orqali biznesni rivojlantirishi mumkin. U onlayn reklama orqali ko'proq maqsadli auditoriyaga/xaridorga/iste'molchilarga erishishi mumkin. Shunday qilib, bugungi kunda Internet biznesda juda foydali deb hisoblanadi.

Dan foydalanish Aloqada internet: – Internet ixtirosi globallashuvda katta yordam beradi. Butun dunyo to'g'ridan-to'g'ri yoki bilvosita Internet orqali bog'langan. Ilgari odamlar o'zlariga yaqin bo'lmaganlar bilan muloqot qilish uchun xat yozishlari kerak edi.

Ammo telefon ixtiro qilingandan keyin odamlar bir-biriga qo'ng'iroq qilishlari mumkin edi. Ammo keyin internet ilm-fan ne'mati sifatida paydo bo'ldi va endi odamlar bir-biri bilan nafaqat telefonda gaplasha oladilar, balki uyda o'tirgan holda ham bir-birlarini jonli ko'rishlari mumkin.

Ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlari orqali biz do'stlarimiz bilan bog'lanishimiz, elektron pochta orqali ma'lumot va hujjatlarni almashishimiz mumkin va hokazo.

Internetni suiiste'mol qilish / Kamchiliklari internet: – Internetning kamchiliklari bormi? HA, internetning bir qancha kamchiliklari bor. Internetni suiiste'mol qilish holatlari ham borligiga ishonish juda qiyin. Biz bilamizki, hamma narsaning ortiqchasi yomon. Internetdan ortiqcha foydalanish ham sog'lig'imizga zarar etkazishi mumkin.

Boshqa tomondan, internet bizni ishimizda chalg'itishi mumkin. O'smirlar internetga qaram bo'lib ko'riladi. Ular mobil yoki kompyuter oldida soatlab vaqt o'tkazishadi va qimmatli vaqtlarini behuda sarflashadi.

Internet keng ma'lumot manbai bo'lib, bir vaqtning o'zida ko'plab ko'ngilochar manbalarni ham taklif qiladi. Internetning asosiy kamchiligi shundaki, u ba'zida pornografiya, shaxsiy videolar va boshqalar kabi noqonuniy ko'ngilochar manbalarni taqdim etadi.

Uning qurboniga aylangan odamlar odatlanib qolishlari va shu tariqa o'z ishlaridan chalg'itishi mumkin. Agar biz internetni suiiste'mol qilishni o'tkazib yuborsak va undan bilimimizni oshirish uchun foydalansak, foyda olishimiz mumkin.

Internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish: - Internetdan foydalanishning ko'plab usullari mavjud. Ammo yuqorida aytib o'tganimizdek, Internetning kamchiliklari ham bor. Internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish insoniyatga jiddiy zarar etkazishi mumkin. Internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanishning asosiy usullaridan biri bu kiberbullingdir. Odamlarga tahdid qilish uchun ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlarida soxta profil yaratilishi mumkin.

Aksil-ijtimoiy guruhlar yoki terroristlar jamiyatga qarshi faoliyatni tarqatish uchun internetdan foydalanishlari mumkin. Boshqa tomondan, Internetda qora nafratga oid ko'plab tadbirlar amalga oshiriladi. Internet ixtiro qilingandan so'ng bizning shaxsiy va rasmiy ma'lumotlarimiz Internetda mavjud.

Ular himoyalangan bo'lsa-da, internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish har doim ushbu maxfiy ma'lumotlarga tahdid soladi. Xakerlar ushbu ma'lumotni ommaviy ravishda oshkor qilish uchun tahdid solishi mumkin bo'lgan ma'lumotlarni buzishi mumkin. Ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlarining mashhurligi bilan birga, bu kunlarda ommaviy mish-mishlarni tarqatishning yangi tendentsiyasi kuzatilmoqda.

Internet inshosiga xulosa: - Internetda turli odamlar turli xil fikrlarga ega. Lekin biz internetning afzalliklarini e'tiborsiz qoldira olmaymiz. Bu bizning hayotimizni va turmush tarzimizni butunlay o'zgartirdi. Internetning kamchiliklari ham bo'lsa-da, biz internetni suiiste'mol qilishdan voz kechishimiz va undan insoniyat taraqqiyoti uchun foydalanishga harakat qilishimiz kerak.

Onam haqida insho

Internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari haqida uzun insho (650 so'z)

Internet inshosiga kirish: - Internet butun dunyo bo'ylab ko'plab kompyuterlarni bog'laydigan zamonaviy fan mo''jizalaridan biridir. Internet ixtiro qilingandan so'ng, ilgari juda ko'p vaqt talab qiladigan kundalik faoliyatimizni qilish juda oson bo'ldi. Internetdan foydalanish bilan bir-ikki daqiqada ko'p ishlarni bajarish mumkin.

Internetdan qanday foydalanish mumkin: - Bugungi dunyoda hech kimga “Internetdan qanday foydalanish mumkin?” deb o'rgatish shart emas. Internetdan qanday foydalanishni hamma biladi. Ilgari internetdan foydalanish uchun telefon aloqasi, modem va kompyuter kerak.

Endi zamonaviy texnologiyalar bizga internetdan foydalanishning ko'plab boshqa usullarini taqdim etdi. Endi biz mobil yoki boshqa zamonaviy routerlar orqali internetdan foydalanishimiz mumkin.

Internetdan foydalanish: - Ushbu zamonaviy davrda internet hayotning har bir sohasida qo'llaniladi. Aloqa olamida internet muhim rol o'ynaydi. Internetning ixtiro qilinishi bilan aloqa juda oson va sodda bo'ldi. Ilgari xatlar eng ko'p bog'liq bo'lgan aloqa usuli edi.

Ammo bu juda ko'p vaqt talab qildi. Shoshilinch ma'lumotni xatlar orqali baham ko'rish mumkin emas. Ammo endi biz bir daqiqa ichida elektron pochta, SMS yoki ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlari orqali ma'lumot almashishimiz mumkin. 

Bir vaqtning o'zida internetdan foydalanish qog'oz va qog'ozdan foydalanishni sezilarli darajada kamaytirdi. Endi ma'lumot yoki muhim hujjatlar qog'ozda emas, balki Internetda yoki elektron pochta orqali saqlanishi mumkin. Internet katta bilimlar omboridir. Biz internetda har qanday ma'lumotni bir daqiqa ichida olishimiz mumkin.

Biz internet orqali onlayn tranzaksiyalarni amalga oshirishimiz, onlayn kurslarni o'tashimiz, poezd-avtobus-avia chiptalarini onlayn bron qilishimiz, video tomosha qilishimiz, fikr va g'oyalarimizni baham ko'rishimiz mumkin. (Ammo internetdan foydalanish ham, suiiste'mol qilish ham bor. Biz internetni suiiste'mol qilish yoki internetdan foydalanishni alohida muhokama qilamiz).

Talabalar uchun internetdan foydalanish: – Talabalar uchun turli internet mavjud. Talaba Internetda ilmiy darajalar bo'yicha tadqiqot olib borishi, yarim kunlik ishlarda qatnashishi va internetdan foydalangan holda soxta testda qatnashishi mumkin. Talabalar undan foyda olish uchun internetdan to'g'ri foydalanishni bilishlari kerak.

Internetda talabalar o'qishlarini yaxshilash uchun turli xil ilovalar va vositalarni topishlari mumkin. Rivojlanayotgan dunyoda ta'lim muassasalari o'z muassasalarida talabalar uchun internet vositalarini o'rnatish uchun katta miqdorda pul sarflayotgani ko'rinadi, chunki ular talabalar uchun internetdan turli xil foydalanishni bilishadi.

Biznesda internetdan foydalanish: – Biznesda internetdan foydalanish biznes imkoniyatlari va biznes standartini ham mustahkamladi. Internet biznesdagi foydani maksimal darajada oshirishi mumkin. Biznesda internetdan foydalanishning ko'plab afzalliklari bor.

Internetdan biznes maqsadlarida foydalanish biznes uchun platforma yaratishi mumkin. Endi bir kunlik internet ham reklama va marketing uchun eng kuchli vositadir. Onlayn reklama bu asrning eng yaxshi reklamasi ekanligi isbotlangan. U qo'lda reklama qilishdan ko'ra ko'proq maqsadli auditoriyani qamrab olishi mumkin.

Boshqa tomondan, internetdan foydalangan holda video konferentsiya orqali biznes uchrashuvlarini tashkil qilish mumkin. Yana biznesda buxgalteriya hisobi va buxgalteriya hisobi uchun ko'plab vositalar va dasturlar mavjud. Internet yangi to'lov usulini, ya'ni onlayn to'lovni joriy qildi. Endi tadbirkor o‘z mahsulotini internet orqali sotishi va avvalgidan ham kengroq bozorga chiqishi mumkin.

Internetni suiiste'mol qilish / Kamchiliklari internet: - Internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish internetni suiiste'mol qilish deb nomlanadi. Internetning birinchi va eng muhim suiiste'mollari bu Facebook, Instagram, Twitter va boshqalar kabi ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlaridan haddan tashqari foydalanishdir.

Ijtimoiy tarmoqlar yaqin va azizlar bilan muloqot qilishdir. Ammo ba'zi odamlar, ayniqsa ba'zi talabalar ushbu ijtimoiy tarmoq saytlarida juda ko'p vaqt sarflashadi va qimmatli vaqtlarini behuda sarflashadi. Yana internet ko'p odamlarni vayron qilgan ba'zi aldash mablag'larini targ'ib qildi.

Internet inshosiga xulosa: - Internet insoniyatni katta darajada rivojlantirdi. Biz internetdan insoniyat farovonligi uchun foydalanishimiz kerak.

Internetdan foydalanish va suiiste'mol qilish haqida insho (950 so'z)

Internetdan foydalanish.

Internet bugungi kunda kundalik hayotimizda majburiy narsadir. Kundalik hayotimizda Internetdan foydalanish majburiy bo'lib qoldi. Biz ko'p vaqtimizni Internetda o'tkazamiz va miyamizni hayratda qoldiradigan har bir savolga javob olamiz.

Biz hatto Internet yordamida ko'proq o'rganish istagimizni amalga oshirishimiz mumkin. Internetdan optimistik foydalanish hayotimizni sodda va sodda qiladi. Er yuzidagi har bir narsaning ijobiy va salbiy tomonlari bo'lganidek, Internetning ham salbiy va ijobiy tomonlari bor.

Internetda vaqtimizdan unumli foydalanish o'zimizga bog'liq. Internetdan turli xil foydalanish mavjud bo'lsa-da, lekin siz onlayn ta'lim olish uchun internetdan foydalanishingiz mumkin. Siz o'z biznesingizni onlayn targ'ib qilish uchun Internetdan foydalanishingiz mumkin.

Ta'limda internetdan foydalanish

Hozirgi kunda internet yordamida biz onlayn kurslar o'tkazishimiz va yozishimizni yaxshilashimiz mumkin. Shuningdek, biz Internetdagi har bir savolga javob olamiz, bu ingliz tili yoki algebra savolidir.

Agar biz martaba yoki biznesda gullab-yashnamoqchi bo'lsak, Internet - bu mo''jizaviy vosita, ammo faqat Internetdan ijobiy va samarali foydalanish bizga yordam beradi. Talabalar bugungi kunda yangi ko'nikmalarga ega bo'lish va hatto professional onlayn kurslarda darajalarni olish uchun Internetdan foydalanmoqda.

Xuddi shunday, o'qituvchilar Internet yordamida butun dunyo bo'ylab o'z bilim va tajribalarini o'qitish va almashish uchun Internetdan foydalanadilar. Internet talabalar hayotini tubdan o'zgartirdi.

Hozirgi kunda talabalar ko'proq bilim olishlari va tanlov imtihonlari yoki kirish imtihonlarini topshirishlari uchun Internetdan foydalanishni boshlaydilar. Shuning uchun talabalarning yarmidan ko'pi internet bilan bog'langan.

Internetni suiiste'mol qilish

Kiberjinoyat (kompyuterlardan noqonuniy harakatlarda foydalanish): Internet kabi zamonaviy tarmoqlardan foydalangan holda jabrlanuvchining maqomiga/ismiga qasddan zarar yetkazish yoki jabrlanuvchiga jismoniy yoki ruhiy zarar yetkazish yoki yo‘qotish maqsadida jinoiy maqsadlarda shaxslar yoki guruhlarga nisbatan sodir etilgan jinoyatlar.

Kiberhujum: Kiberbulling - bu elektron qurilmalar yoki oddiygina internetdan foydalangan holda qo'rqitish yoki ta'qib qilishning bir turi. Kiberbulling, shuningdek, onlayn zo'ravonlik sifatida ham tanilgan. Kiberbulling - bu ijtimoiy media saytlarida kimdir boshqalarni qo'rqitishi yoki bezovta qilishidir.

Bezorilik xatti-harakatlariga mish-mishlar, tahdidlar va jabrlanuvchining shaxsiy ma'lumotlarini internetda joylashtirish kiradi.

Elektron spam: Bu kiruvchi reklama yuborishni nazarda tutadi.

Internetning afzalliklari

Internet kundalik vazifalarimizni tezlashtirishga yordam beradi. Internet tadqiqot va ishlanmalar uchun ishlatiladi. Tadqiqot sifati faqat Internet vositalari tomonidan ishlab chiqilgan. Yana Internetdan foydalanish bizga tez va bepul aloqani ta'minlaydi.

Eng yaxshi tomoni shundaki, Internetda muloqot bepul va tezdir. Biz hammamiz ijtimoiy tarmoqlarda bir-birimiz bilan bog'langanmiz. Ijtimoiy tarmoqlar ham shaxsiy, ham professional maqsadlarda keng tarqalgan.

Pulni boshqarishda internetdan foydalanish       

Internetdan pulni boshqarishda ham foydalanishimiz mumkin. Internetdan foydalanish faqat pul ishlash bilan cheklanmaydi; pulni boshqarish uchun ham foydalanish mumkin. Hozirgi kunda biz kundalik boshqaruv, byudjetni rejalashtirish, tranzaktsiyalar, transferlar va hokazolarni boshqarishda yordam beradigan minglab ilovalar, veb-saytlar va hokazolarni ko'rishimiz mumkin va bu tendentsiya asta-sekin o'sib bormoqda.

Internet-banking va mobil bankingdan foydalanish ham ortib bormoqda. Barcha banklar haqiqatan ham Internet-banking va odamlarga Internet kuchidan va pulni boshqarishning eng so'nggi vositalaridan foydalanish imkoniyatini beradigan mobil ilovalar bilan ta'minlashda qiyin ishlamoqda. Bu oddiy odamlarga katta yordam beradi.

Biznesda internetdan foydalanish

Odamlar o'z bizneslarini ilgari surish uchun ham internetdan foydalanadilar. Ular o'z mahsulotlarini Internetda turli xil elektron tijorat echimlaridan foydalangan holda sotadilar. Internetda elektron tijorat jadal rivojlanmoqda va biz har kuni yangi xizmatlar va ijodiy korxonalar ishga tushayotganini ko'rishimiz mumkin, bu esa o'z navbatida ish o'rinlarini yaratib, ishsizlikni kamaytiradi. Bu ko'p odamlarga pul topishga yordam beradi.

Kundalik hayotimizda xarid qilish uchun internetdan foydalanish.

Xarid qilish endi stresssiz vazifaga aylandi va deyarli har bir kishi mahsulotga onlayn buyurtma berishi mumkin, agar siz ko'plab mahsulotlar hali ham sizga yoqmaydigan narsalarni ko'rsangiz yoki hech narsa sotib olmasangiz, hech kim hech narsa dey olmaydi.

Onlayn xarid qilish biznesidagi raqobat aniq. Savdo saytlari ko'proq qiziqarli, chunki turli kompaniyalar mijozlarga taqdim etayotgan katta chegirmalar, shuningdek, mijozlarga haqiqiy tanlov taklif qiladilar. Eng yaxshi tomoni shundaki, odamlar bu narsalarga osonroq jalb qilinadi.

Mijozlar mahsulot uchun naqd pulni yetkazib berilgandan keyin ham to'lashlari mumkin, shuningdek, mahsulot yoqmasa, qaytarib berishi mumkin. Ko'plab onlayn-do'konlar mavjud bo'lib, ularda biz kerakli narsalarni mahalliy do'konlarga qaraganda juda arzon narxda sotib olamiz.

Internet inshosiga xulosa: -  Internet bizning hayot tarzimizni butunlay o'zgartirdi. Bu bizning ishimizni avvalgidan ancha osonlashtirdi. Internet aloqa olamida ajoyib o'zgarishlarga olib keldi.

final Words

Shunday qilib, biz internetdagi insho yoki inshoning yakuniy qismiga keldik. Xulosa qilib shuni aytishimiz mumkinki, internet va internetdan foydalanish muhokama qilinadigan juda keng mavzu. Biz Internetdagi inshoimizda imkon qadar ko'proq narsani yoritishga harakat qildik.

Shuningdek, biz talabalar uchun internetdan foydalanish, shuningdek, talabalar uchun internetning afzalliklari va kamchiliklari va ta'limda internetdan foydalanish kabi turli xil mavzularni batafsil muhokama qilishga harakat qildik.

Internetdan suiiste'mol qilish, internetdan noto'g'ri foydalanish, biznesda internetdan foydalanish va hokazo. Internetdagi ushbu insholar shunday tuzilganki, siz Internetda maqola yoki Internetda nutq va undan foydalanish va suiiste'molliklarni ham tayyorlashingiz mumkin. Umid qilamanki, bu insholar sizga yordam berdi.

Mobil telefonlardan foydalanish va suiiste'mol qilish haqida insho

Keksalarga g'amxo'rlik haqida to'liq insho

"Internetdan foydalanish bo'yicha insho - afzalliklari va kamchiliklari" haqida 2 ta fikr

Siz yaxshisiz…..katta rahmat, bu menga imtihonlarimda yordam beradi ……yana katta rahmat

xush kelibsiz veb-saytimizni boshqa talabalar bilan baham ko'ring.

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Keyingi fikr bildirishimda ismimni, elektron pochtamni va veb-saytimni ushbu brauzerda saqlang.


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