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Essay on internet addiction in english in very simple words.

Essay on Internet Addiction in English in Very Simple Words

Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Internet Addiction  in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams.

1 - Essay on Internet Addiction - 200 Words

Internet addiction is a new age addiction that is known to attract people around the world. This addiction has affected many people of different age groups; However, it is more prevalent among the youth. People tend to go to the Internet to find solitude, kill boredom and bring some fun to their life. However, before they know that they become addicted to it.

Internet is a great tool for entertainment and it is difficult to oppose the narcotics offered. However, to ensure that you do not get this addiction, it is necessary to monitor your internet usage. This is because because of other forms of addiction, this one has serious consequences too. It has a major effect on one's brain function. Many internet addicts worry issues and develop depression. People feel short of time and ignore their work. This hinders their business growth. Their physical health also worsens. They give rise to health problems like obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure.

They become so accustomed to the internet that they ignore their loved ones. They like to talk to people online and develop close ties with them. It affects their personal relationships and makes miserable.

To live a happy and good life, it is necessary to stay away from such addictions.

2 - Essay on Internet Addiction - it is Increase Day by Day - 300 Words

The number of internet users worldwide is increasing with every passing day, and so is the number of internet addiction people are also increasing. Internet world is extremely attractive. Adopt video games, chat rooms, social media platforms, entertainment videos, web series, and interesting blogs can block a person for hours. Many people start using the Internet to remove loneliness and boredom and they get addicted in a short time.

Introducing Smart Phone Responsible for Increasing Internet Addiction

About a decade ago, when the Internet could only be accessed on desktops and laptops, Internet usage was limited. Many people were still addicted to it. He spent many hours surfing the Internet in front of his system. Many people often go to cyber cafes to use the internet. However, the situation was not as bad as today.

The introduction of smart phones has given a large number of people the Internet. Smart phones are called one of the main causes of internet addiction in today's time. People are sticking to the Internet even during the travel or social events. Some of them are fond of chatting apps, addicted to other gaming while others are still busy updating and checking their social media accounts.

The introduction of various types of web chains has added to the addiction of internet. This is an easy source of entertainment and extremely addictive. The web series of binges in people around the world is quite common. Eating addictions, fulfilling important tasks and forgetting to ignore their loved ones. They all want a high speed internet connection and a tool to access it. This is causing tension in their personal relationships and their work is being interrupted.

Internet addiction is a serious disorder that affects a person's ability to reasonably think. Even though internet addict people know the harmful consequences of this addiction and start feeling warm but they do not make much effort to remove it. This often leads to serious problems like depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders.

3 - Essay on Signs and Causes of Internet Addiction - 400 Words

Internet addiction has been identified as an impulse control disorder. It is harming the mental health of the addicts and also negatively affecting their physical health. People develop internet addiction for various reasons. It is important to identify and try to address the warning signs of internet addiction.

Symptoms of Internet addiction

Here are some warning signs of internet addiction:

Internet on everything

When a person prioritizes the internet on other things like work, study, sports and relationships, then it is a definite sign that he is addicted to the Internet. Internet addites spend most of their time online. They also forget food and gold.

Feeling uneasiness and emptiness

Internet addicts feel restless and the feeling of emptiness surrounds them when they do not have internet facility. They make a constant request for surf internet and engage in various activities online.

Too much screen time can blur the mind. Making goofy activities online for several hours can have a similar effect. This in turn causes the dizziness.

Mood swings repeatedly

Many internet addicts often experience mood swings. This makes them feel insecure and affects their work as well as on relationships.


Internet addicts engage in various useless activities online. Although they know, they should do some productive, they are not capable. They delay in completing studies, work of the office, doing household chores and other important tasks.

Due to internet addiction

Most people start surfing the Internet for hours, because they work to avoid problems from day to day. Many people are shy and hesitant to talk to the people around them. They are not able to make friends in the real world. They turn to the internet and make friends online. It provides them emotional support which is missing in their life. Similarly, many people start watching the web series and viral videos incorporate gaming to fill others with zero in their lives.

Very few people know that the things they are using as relaxing will soon become a cause of restlessness, which they will find difficult to overcome. While the Internet cools our minds and acts as a good distraction from our day-to-day problems, but when we become addicted to it, it can prove to be fatal.

People get accustomed to the internet for various reasons. If you see the warning signs of Internet addiction in a friend or family member, then you should help in resolving it. Support of loved ones makes it easier to overcome an addiction.

4 - Essay on Ways to Get Rid of Internet Addiction - 500 Words

Internet addiction is often compared to pathological gambling. It does not include the use of substances like medicines or alcohol, but they are just as bad as them. Internet addends stick to the internet for the most part of the day. They are engaged in various activities online and are cut off completely from the real world. Like any other kind of addiction, it is difficult to get rid of internet addiction. However, if someone is pressed hard to leave it, then it can remove it due to time.

Ways to Get Rid of Internet Addiction

Here are some ways to get rid of internet addiction:

Identify the cause

Unless you understand the reason for your internet addiction, you will not be able to find a way to get rid of the problem. Because of which you are surfing the internet for the most part of the day, it may be to kill boredom, seek emotional support, seek companion, or disturb yourself from any problem . You need to identify what it really is. As you begin to fix that issue, you will also be able to remove your internet addiction.

Friends and family support

Your friends and family members always coax your back. Discuss with your growing internet addiction and how you want to remove it. They will be more than willing to help you overcome this problem. Spend more time with your family members. Talk to them, help them in various tasks, and engage in fun activities together to keep your mind off the internet. Similarly, go to visit your friends or call them again because you try to get rid of internet addiction. You will be able to overcome this addiction in time with their cooperation.

Involved in physical activity

Exercise is a great way to calm your mind and feel positive. If you are becoming addicted to the Internet to maintain stress and anxiety on Bay, then replace this poisonous habit with exercise. As you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which promotes the feeling of happiness. Now you do not feel the need to depend on the internet to get that feeling of excitement.

Get professional help

Expert doctors who provide professional guidance to help overcome the addiction of internet. It has been suggested to seek help from one of these. They will take many steps to get rid of this addiction. The Center for Internet Addiction provides ample information about this disorder. It also provides effective treatment options for internet addict.

Reproduce your subconscious mind

Our subconscious mind directs our behavior to a great extent. If you are addicted to the internet and are unable to remove it, then you have to start by reproducing your subconscious mind. Reach the state of relaxation and order your subconscious mind to stop the use of excessive internet access. Do it again with confidence and see how it helps you overcome the problem.

An addiction is easy to develop but it is very difficult to overcome. You have to make good efforts to get rid of internet addiction and be firm. When the path ahead is difficult, still do not give up.

5 - Long Essay on Internet Addiction - 600 Words

Many people around the world are facing the problem of using binding internet. They spend most of their day in surfing the internet, because they know that this is a totally wasteful activity that is messing with their mind. Internet addiction is just as bad as any other addiction. People addicted to the Internet ignore their health, work and relationships and are often alone and depressed.

Internet addiction in youth

Internet addiction is more common among youth. They feel the constant urge to use the Internet. They constantly scroll through different websites, watch random videos, chat with online friends, engage in online shopping, and engage in various other activities online. As they become accustomed to the Internet, they begin to lose interest in real-life activities. They prefer to engage in online activities only.

They develop less mental flexibility and become socially awkward. Many young people these days are not able to communicate well with others. They avoid social events and prefer to make online friends and relationships. Many of them develop social anxiety.

Internet addiction interrupts their studies. Internet addicts are unable to focus on their assignments. They ignore their studies and lose interest in sports. All they want to do is surf the Internet.

It is unfortunate that parents give smart phones to their children at an early age. The Internet world is new and attractive to them. They quickly become addicted to it The time spent in study and other creative activities is useless on the Internet.

Similarly, many young business professionals are also accustomed to the internet. At an age when they should focus on making a career, they waste most of their time online. Internet addiction is spoiling the future of youth. It is affecting their growth and development.

Results of Internet addiction

Internet addiction can prove to be extremely dangerous. It also spoils a mental health, social health as well as physical health. Here's how it affects someone at different levels:

Effects on mental health

With the continuous use of the Internet, the ability to understand and focus on the brain becomes slow. Internet addends look forward to returning to the internet and are unable to focus on work. This reduces their productivity. Inability to use the Internet causes irritability and anger. These people often develop behavioral issues.

Research shows that people accustomed to the Internet are more likely to develop anxiety issues and depression.

Impact on Social Welfare

Internet addicts spend most of their time online. They avoid talking to people in the real world and do not engage in actual activities. This has an impact on their social life. They become socially awkward and soon begin to feel isolated.

Effects on physical health

Internet addicts begin to live a sedentary life. They sit on the internet almost all day and surf. This affects their physical health. They become overweight, which puts them at risk of many serious diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Internet addicts experience symptoms of withdrawal because they try to get rid of internet addiction. These are very similar to those experienced by drug addicts. They feel restless, anxious and angry while offline. Their level of stress is very high and they wish to come back to the Internet. It can be difficult to handle this emotional upheaval. However, it can be managed with professional help and support of loved ones.

It is important to identify and treat the warning signs of internet addiction. However, it is important to understand that it takes time to finish it. Do not force yourself or your loved ones to leave it. Doing this will lead to problems rather than curbing anybody.

Internet addiction is a serious problem. It should not be dismissed neatly. It is important to get rid of this addiction to healthy and fulfilling life.

7 - The Internet Addiction Essay 

In recent years, internet addiction in youth has been a worldwide problem. Many of them can sit in front of a computer to play online games; Chat with others all day without rest Long-standing activities bring a very devastating effect for both of them

The internet can be very creative, but we should be aware that how much time we spend on daily basis. People are addicted to the Internet because they do not control the time spent on it. It is important to have different interests from the internet.

Today, the web surfing bar has become a hobby as social and marketing as going into hophing or movies. As the web has become a part of mainstream life, some mental health professionals have noted that a few percent of the people using the web do it in a compulsive and out-of-control way. In Japan (Aril 2010), a 30 year old person who is addicted to the Internet, killed his father and his 1 year old niece because his father had terminated the Internet broadband contract. Then he set a fire and burned his house. In this case, 2 people died and 3 were injured. This incident of obsessive Internet usage has been called 'iction internet addiction', which is similar to the usual addictions like smoking, drinking, and gaming. Internet addiction has been especially seen by some psychologists as a real disorder. Even then, the true nature of internet addiction is not yet determined.

Because the use of the Internet is used by many as a normal part of their careers or education, it is difficult to know that it is too much to be separated from normal use and not using simple measures like the time spent online in a given period. Can. The most fundamental to isolating the general from the problem is the use of the internet to experience the compulsion of using the net. General users, no matter how heavy their use, they do not need to get online and do not neglect their business duties or their relationship with family and friends to get online.

Mental health professionals are divided whether the internet addiction is genuine or not. Nobody quarrels that some people use the Internet in an obsessive manner even at that point where it interferes with their ability to work on work and social relationships. It is doubtful whether people can be addicted to the internet, or rather than the excitement and information provided on the web. The logic around internet addiction is right whether people become addicted to the net themselves, or even through simple net communication such as online gambling, pornography, or chat through blogs and blogs.

Some psychologists do not consider themselves as addicted to the Internet, but look at the stimulus providing to the Internet. They offer that new Internet users often show an initial affair with the innovation of the web, but eventually lose interest and online reduces their time in the normal, healthy amount. People who are intoxicants go to show obsessive Internet access, most of the parts are compulsory only to consider specific types of information to be online, mainly due to gambling, pornography, chat rooms or Shopping site This is not just an addiction to the Internet, but rather to take risks, sex, socialization or shopping. In the true sense, the main addictive feature of the Internet is its ability to enable instantaneous and relatively social stimuli. The "addicted" Internet users are accustomed to a stimulant type of social stimulation and not to the internet themselves, although it is also true that the Internet has made it easier and convenient for someone to develop such compulsions.

Why do the youth have internet in particular? There are some reasons to explain it.

In the background of development by the internal factors, the family has a fundamental influence on the developing child. A caregiver who is emotionally and physically available, is essential for healthy children and adolescent development. In addition, therapeutic care, the lack of positive parental skills, and poor family management are strongly linked to the consumption and delay of drug substances in puberty. Therefore, the youth development in the poor family will seek alternatives to meet their psychological needs, it is a compensation. The level of compensation depends on individual factors such as self control, emotional control, problem solving ability, anxiety management degree. When, apart from compensation, will occur. There are some reasons that people choose the internet for compensation. Social education, when the strong developmental needs of adolescents, such as personal identities, autonomy, and relationships with peers can not be accomplished through physical activities, then they can overcome social barriers, Tsai, 2002), when they are dissatisfied with their free time, they can be motivated to take enthusiasm and pleasure from cyberspace and therefore, Can enhance tannnet addiction. Apart from this, encouraging the society and general use of internet activities increases the level of internet addiction. In addition, traditional activities are considered boring and fail to meet the expected optimal experience, youth can be motivated to find another alternate internet. The Internet caters not only the psychological needs of the youth but also fulfills the needs of the entertainment. In the end, the Internet was a dependency burden and the youth got used to using it.

Internet addiction is not recognized as a formal mental health disorder. However, mental health professionals, who have written about the subject note symptoms or behaviors, can indicate the problematic use when sufficient number exists. Contains:

Passion with Internet: Users often think of the Internet when offline.

Loss of control: Addicted users feel unable or unwilling to get away from the computer and go away. They sit to check the e-mail or see some information, and stay online for hours.

When not online, unnecessary sadness or mood: when the addictive user is separated from that substance, they often have side effects of mood changes, depending on which one it depends.

Distraction (using the Internet as a antioxidant): A common symptom of many Internet addictions is the compulsion to make someone happy by surfing the web.

Dishonest about the use of the Internet: Abusers can end up lying to employers or family members, who they spend online, or find other ways to hide the depth of their involvement with the Internet.

Damage to boundaries or obstructions: While it is often related to romantic or sexual limitations, such as sharing sexual fantasies online or participating in cyber sex, prohibition can also be financially or socially. Addiction from online gambling sites can cause people to fly more money because they will be in real life casinos because users do not actually see their money winning or losing, so it is easy to believe that money is not real. Chat rooms can prompt users to expose the mysteries that will not appear in a face-to-face or on-phone conversation due to being different from reality. In addition, the addict users are more likely to commit online (e.g., 'hacking') crimes than non-addictions.

Creating virtual intimate relationships with other internet users: Web-based relationships often cause people to spend in excessive amounts of time online, who try to make connections and dates around the net.

Loss of an important relationship due to the use of the Internet: When users spend too much time on the web, they often ignore their personal relationships. Over time, such relationships can fail because partners refuse to behave badly only and break the relationship with the addicted person.

Internet addiction is not an authoritative disorder, and many mental health professionals are not sure if it should ever be considered a real disorder. However, the use of binding internet for some people is a serious problem, and there are ways that can help to overcome this problem. The discussion below will describe some of these methods.

Internet addiction is a compulsive stimulus problem, like drug abuse. Due to this similarity, the treatment procedures considered useful for the help of drug addicts are studied, when adapted to use with internet addiction when needed. The techniques we describe below are known as a popular school of therapy, which is known as 'cognitive-behavioral' therapy. Cognitive behavioral forms of medicine are studied well and are known to be helpful for many different mental and behavioral difficulties. They are also very practical and control behaviors focus directly on reducing addictive behaviors and preventing relapses. However, they are not just valid forms of medicine.

In the treatment of drug addiction, often the goal of therapy is restraint. A drunken, for example, is often the best if he stops drinking completely and maintains a quiet lifestyle. Although it is understandable for a drug like alcohol, we can argue that this is a great luxury entertaining enjoyment and is not required, but it is not necessary that the Internet is used for over-utilization . Like the telephone, the Internet has become an essential part of modern business. Asking people not to use the Internet can be an important burden for them. Instead of restraint, then, a proper goal for internet addiction treatment is the lack of total use of the net. Because by definition Internet addicts will have difficulty moderating their own usage, therapy techniques can be employed to help them be more motivated to reduce their use, and how they are upset with the Internet To become more aware about this, become more aware.

The motivational interview can be evaluated to assess whether internet addicts can be motivated to change their behavior and can help addicts to increase their motivation to make lasting changes. In order to fulfill the latter, a doctor can help the junkie develop genuine sympathy for those who are hurt by their addiction (such as family and friends, employers, etc.). To help addictions to see how their actions affect others, about whom they care or are financially dependent, the abusers can help to increase the motivation to change the physician.

Doctors will generally help addictions to identify Ther Triggers, which lead to episodes of uncontrolled internet usage. Any kind of intoxicant drug addicts generally believe their enjoyment is "settled down" and that they play very little or no role in an episode. The more realistic evaluation of the true condition of the addictive will often reveal that a special unconscious set of events involves 'triggers' which has inspired a addiction. Like a noun, a trigger is a "person, place or thing" which is a step in a series of events that leads to a decline in addictive behavior. To provide a fictitious but realistic example, it may be bored with the first trigger, or be horned, or even a bad mood can be brought by the fight. The addicts look for the excitement of their choice in response to these triggers, most of the time without knowing all that they know as why they are doing. Doctors will often discuss in the episode of the expansion of enjoyment with addicts so that they become conscious of their triggers and when they become vulnerable next time they can choose to act in an alternative fashion. They will also help the abusers to generate a list of safe, more functional alternative behaviors, when they may feel that they are in danger so that they are not the default for their addictive behavior.

The trigger part and the parcel are helping addicts to set realistic goals for their internet usage. It may be that internet access is important in use, but it needs to be restricted at home. It may be necessary to avoid special websites, but other uses of the internet are OK. Doctors set realistic and measurable goals for their internet use with their patients. Then patients are actually asked to record their internet usage in a log which is used in medicine to track progress. For example, to help reduce the amount of time spent on the Internet, or a specific part of it, a user will set the maximum allowable time per day or week. The goal is to keep it under the maximum - under the better. In order to ensure that this goal is completed, users can rely on timers or alarms to ensure that they have spent time online. For example, if an internet user thinks he is spending too much time in the chat room, he can set the goal of not spending more than two hours per week using the Internet for this purpose. He sets a thirty-minute timer for each of the four times per week, he wants to use the Internet for the chat room

As anyone can achieve the goal quickly, according to the goals and logging your behavior is difficult, disciplined work that many people find it difficult to maintain on their own. Doctors help the patients to maintain this disciplined task, so that they can give weekly progress reports (either in individual or group medical settings), or establish (healthy) rewards, when patients agree on the amount of time the target goals Can be completed. Because one of the main draws of the Internet is the confidentiality that she gives, sharing an online experience in the context of offline relationships can discourage a user to hide the draw in the Internet. Sharing a progress in a group therapy session with a doctor, or with a family member, can help in motivation to cut back on the internet.

Even with the best intentions, it is easy for an addict to record defaults or not bring it in sessions. There can be powerful forces to refuse and the desire to please people. Objective monitoring can be useful when self-discipline and self-reporting are not enough to keep an addict on straight and narrow. Urine, blood and hair samples are used regularly to deal with drug addictions. In relation to internet addiction, it is possible to install a computer program to provide accurate and objective reports about a person's surfing behavior, where no one is surfing and how much time spent there. PC software will monitor the type and number of websites used by one person and the amount of time spent checking web surfing or e-mail. Such programs can help binding Internet users monitor their own Internet usage, but only if they are installed so that it is difficult to tamper with.

The above mentioned medical techniques are given by trained mental health professionals in the context of a medical relationship. A fair amount of self-help literature as books and websites is available to those whose problems are not so demanding, or those who want to be more educated about this problem. For tips on reading below, or for suggestions please see the links section of this topic center.

While dealing with Internet addiction, the bottom line is to identify triggers that promote problematic use, set realistic goals to reduce usage, and then monitor and monitor compliance with those goals, Encourage this conformity data with integrity and sticking to someone else. to plan. Author Manisha Dubey Jha

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Essay on Internet Addiction

Students are often asked to write an essay on Internet Addiction in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

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100 Words Essay on Internet Addiction


Internet addiction is a growing problem globally. It refers to excessive use of the internet, leading to negative impacts on a person’s life.

The main cause of internet addiction is the desire for online social interaction and entertainment. Online games, social media, and websites can be very engaging.

Internet addiction can lead to poor academic performance, lack of social skills, and health issues like eye strain and obesity due to physical inactivity.

It’s important to balance internet usage with other activities. Parents and teachers can help by setting limits and promoting healthy habits.

250 Words Essay on Internet Addiction

The advent of the internet has revolutionized human existence, providing limitless opportunities for learning, communication, and entertainment. However, this unprecedented access to information and connectivity has birthed a new form of dependency – internet addiction.

Understanding Internet Addiction

Internet addiction, also known as compulsive internet use, is characterized by excessive or poorly controlled preoccupations, urges, or behaviors regarding computer use and internet access. It is a psychological disorder that can lead to severe stress, anxiety, and a variety of other mental health problems.

Causes and Effects

The causes of internet addiction are multifaceted, ranging from the need for social interaction, escapism, or the thrill of exploring virtual realities. The effects, however, can be detrimental, leading to academic failure, job loss, and the breakdown of personal relationships.

Prevention and Treatment

Prevention is always better than cure. Encouraging healthy internet usage habits, promoting physical activities, and fostering real-life social interactions can help prevent this addiction. However, once addicted, professional help may be necessary. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has proven effective in treating internet addiction by helping individuals to identify and change patterns of thought that lead to compulsive behaviors.

In conclusion, while the internet has undoubtedly brought about vast benefits, it has also introduced new challenges. Internet addiction is a growing concern that requires our attention. By understanding its causes and effects, we can develop strategies to prevent and treat this modern-day affliction.

500 Words Essay on Internet Addiction

Internet addiction, also known as compulsive internet use, has emerged as a significant issue in the digital age. It is a psychological condition that involves excessive use of the internet, resulting in negative impacts on an individual’s life.

Internet addiction is characterized by an individual’s inability to control their use of the internet, which eventually interferes with their daily life, work, and relationships. It is not merely about the amount of time spent online but the obsession with internet activities to the point where it affects mental and physical health, personal relationships, and productivity.

Causes and Symptoms

The causes of internet addiction can be multifaceted. It can be a symptom of other underlying mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress disorders. The anonymity, ease of access, and perceived environment of acceptance and escape the internet offers can also contribute to its addictive potential. Symptoms may include preoccupation with the internet, inability to control online use, neglect of personal life, and emotional changes such as restlessness or irritability when internet use is limited.

Impacts of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction can have severe impacts. It can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which can result in obesity, cardiovascular issues, and other health problems. It can also lead to sleep disorders due to late-night internet use. From a psychological perspective, it can increase feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. It can also lead to academic or job failures due to a lack of concentration and reduced productivity.

Preventing internet addiction involves promoting healthy internet use. This can be achieved by setting time limits, taking regular breaks, and promoting a balanced lifestyle with physical activities and offline social interactions. Treatment for those already addicted often involves cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps individuals identify problematic behaviors and develop coping strategies. In severe cases, medication may also be used under professional supervision.

In conclusion, internet addiction is a growing concern that requires attention. As we continue to embrace digital technology, it is crucial to promote healthy internet use and provide help for those struggling with addiction. It’s a call to action for researchers, mental health professionals, and society as a whole to understand and address this modern-day issue effectively.

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Essay On Internet Addiction

internet addiction definition essay

Essay on the Types of Internet Addiction

Net compulsion, general addiction, relationship addiction, compulsive web surfing, essay on the symptoms of internet addiction, essay on the causes of internet addiction, social influences, self-medication, emotional patterns, compulsive behavior, essay on the effects of internet addiction, relationship issues, decreased productivity, disassociation and instant gratification, essay on the prevention of internet addiction, admit the fact, limit computer time, avoid send messages and mails, start a hobby.

Unfortunately, many people are addicted to the internet. The usage of internet has increased to a great extent that it started interfering in other key areas of life such as – education, work, and relationship, physical and emotional health. When internet becomes a priority, the individual no longer participate in life outside the virtual world.

Internet addiction is a compulsive disorder that interferes with normal living. It causes severe stress and relationship problems with family and friends.

There are different forms of addiction involved with over-use of internet, and it is essential to identify the category. Most of the times, internet addiction is characterized by a compulsive desire to interact online through cybersex, gambling, gaming, social networking and compulsive surfing.

Here is the detailed description of different types of internet addiction.

This type of internet addiction takes place in fantasy role playing sites and adult chat rooms. Watching internet pornography is the most common type of cybersex addiction.

This type of addiction includes compulsive gaming, gambling, trading stocks, shopping or excessive use of internet that interferes with personal and professional well-being.

Some people play on computer obsessively, such as – Solitaire, programming a computer etc. They enjoy playing offline games and stay in front of computer for long period. Such addiction is called general addiction and can be treated easily.

There are lot of people who have multiple social media accounts and chat rooms. These people take part in social networks and virtual messages with the purpose of having online relationships. They enjoy more with online friends than with family members or real friends.

Compulsive web surfing is a disorder where individuals keep on surfing the web or database to a point. They do not give time to friends, family members or regular work at home.

Not all the users who surf web become addicted to the internet. In some cases, excessive usage of internet is not associated with internet addiction. Internet is one of the best sources of information and there are many ways in which it can be used in a healthy way.

Now, the question is – how to recognize healthy internet use and unhealthy internet use?

Well, the level of internet usage differs from person to person and we should consider multiple factors to determine what level of internet usage is unhealthy. Some people depend on internet for professional work and use excessively. However, this does not mean that the person is internet addicted. Some people might use internet to connect with their family members who are staying far away. This too does not necessarily mean that the person is addicted.

Unhealthy usage of internet can often be characterized by the decision of the individual to interact online instead of the person in real life. The decision to spend time online without any purpose is a warning signal that the person is addicted. Using internet for long hours with the purpose of spending time can cause negative consequences in individuals in terms of broken relationship, increased anxiety, reduced productivity or financial distress.

Internet addiction can be manifested in both physical and emotional symptoms. However, the symptoms vary from person to person. Individuals should watch for warning signals that internet addiction may be developing.

Internet addiction can be diagnosed with some of the below symptoms.

  • Compulsive urge to use internet for increased amount of time to achieve browsing satisfaction. Individuals who lack control in computer usage often suffer from internet addiction.
  • If you are staying online for more time than you have decided, it means there is something wrong. Using internet as a way of escaping reality or negative mood can be a sign of internet addiction.
  • If you feel depressed, stressed or irritated when not using internet, you are suffering from severe internet addiction. You might have an addiction of internet if you are isolating yourself from family and friends to spend time online.
  • If you have trouble focusing on regular work or you have found that your online time has made you slack on the daily tasks, you may be suffering from internet addiction.

If you are using internet to reduce stress or boost your mood, it means you are seriously addicted to internet. Many people with internet addiction fail to achieve relationship connections normally and end up with unproductive results. If you have any of the above symptoms, you should schedule appointment with physiatrist.

It is hard to say what causes internet addiction. To understand how internet addiction causes, you should first compare it with different types of addictions such as drug addiction, relationship addiction etc. drug addicts feel normal, if their drug needs are fulfilled. Similarly, internet addict feel normal by surfing internet for longer periods.

Internet addiction is a newer phenomenon and there is no clear definition of internet addiction. More research needs to be conducted to know the primary causes of internet addiction. The causes can vary with gender, age and personality.

Some of the possible causes of internet addiction are as below –

Society plays an important role in different types of behavioral issues, such as internet addiction, drug addiction, TV addiction etc. If the individual’s friends or family members are constantly engaged in a particular activity, such behavior is socially acceptable. Internet addiction seems to be common among people who interact more online in the form of online games, chat rooms, social media etc.

This is another possible cause of internet addiction. Someone who is addicted to a substance is prone to become addicted to other activities. People with mental disorder like – depression, stress, anxiety may self-medicate by using internet to relieve their symptoms. For example – people with depression, anxiety, stress or any other mental condition may use alcohol or other substance to feel better.

The emotions and thinking pattern of person play a vital role in driving addiction behaviors. Thoughts and emotions tank on the top of list, when it comes to any form of addiction. It is all about how the person handles difficult emotions. As an escape mechanism, people who are suffering from anxiety or depression can easily get lost in the virtual world. When a person experiences the feelings of loneliness and finds relief while online, the seed of internet addiction starts to sprout.

An internet activity that encourages a compulsive behavior is another possible reason behind internet addiction. For example – online casinos and gambling sites encourage the individual to play again and again. Some people are information addict and do not stop themselves from browsing the web and reading informational articles.

People who are shy find it difficult to interact with others and many develop internet addiction. They often feel that meeting people online is less intimidating than direct communication. A lot of people have a strong desire for human connection and it is high in people suffering with social anxiety. Chat rooms and social media sites give them an opportunity to connect with others without facing the fear of direct communication. When they communication online, they can control how they are perceived by others.

People become addicted to the internet because they receive a positive feeling. Someone with right mix of addictive personality and poor emotional health could get addicted if internet happens to fall into their life.

People who spend hours on the internet start to see some negative effects in their lives. In a survey, it was found that internet addicts spend more than 60% of their time online. Addiction comes out as a compulsive need to engage in an activity that poses threat to other areas of life. The idea of internet addiction seems to be silly, especially in those who do not have any kind of disorder.

As said above, addictive behavior can be defined as something that increases tolerance levels or the need to spend more time. People who spend unusual amount of time online meet all the key criteria for addiction. The effects of internet addiction tend to become apparent with time.

Some of the possible effects of internet addiction are –

This is the most common effect of internet addiction. When someone is immersed in online activities for a longer period, it means they are not interested in real world activities. The changes become more apparent in terms of friends, family and beloved ones. Certain types of internet addiction such as online casino, gambling, rummy etc poses certain threats to stability in relationship.

Similarly, continuous web surfing can cause threat to close relationships. Loss of relationship in person’s life results in loss of self-identity and connection with life.

An individual who spends lot of time online may get isolated from family and friends. In some cases, the effects of internet addiction results in conditions involving loneliness and depression. Lack of social interaction can have an effect on the physical and mental condition of the individual. A with other addictions, the longer an individual uses, the severe are the symptoms.

The effects of internet addiction can be so severe that the person doesn’t feel the need of social interaction. As the screen time increases, the person may lack physical exercise – as a result of which his/her health starts to decline.

People suffering with internet addiction remain online just to avoid some important activities such as making a call or completing their office work. These people often go out less frequently and do not interact much with others. Moreover, they have low rates of productivity as they either put off doing the work or unable to do the work.

Surfing aimlessly or playing games for hours wastes a lot of precious time. Internet addicts are wrapped up with online activities and fail to notice that how time has gone by.

Internet addicts become heavily involved in online community with the purpose of escaping from real life problems. For example – if someone is involved in online social network, they use it to avoid having to deal with face to face interactions in real world. Internet addicts may even have a poor impulse control, which means they cannot stop themselves from clicking on the links or checking emails.

The advent of social media has created an obsession to share personal life with the world. People expect others to drop everything to respond to a text or email. Many people have trouble living in the moment because they are too busy sharing moments with others.

As said above, depression could be one of the possible causes of internet addiction. Depressed people may use internet as a self-medication to feel better, as it allows them to ignore the problems they are facing currently. Remember that they feel better for a time being only. Internet addiction can worsen the symptoms of depression when they logout. They still have to face their problems and deal with them, rather than putting them off.

Besides the above effects, internet addicts may notice decreased levels of personal hygiene. They hardly care about their looks. Internet addicts tend to feel zoned out after several hours of internet usage. Moreover, they may develop physical symptoms such as – back, shoulder, joints and hand pain. Some people even develop poor eyesight issues due to prolonged hours in front of computer.

When it comes to technology, you should create a healthy work-life balance. There are some simple ways to prevent internet addiction and live a healthy life.

To seek help with internet addiction disorder, you should be given a mental test to assess your dependency on the internet. The most common assessment to make diagnosis of internet addiction include – problematic internet use questionnaire, compulsive internet use scale and internet addiction test.

Many of us surf the internet and there is a fine line between casual surfing and compulsive surfing. If you fear that you may lose interest in real life activities as you prefer to be on the internet, you may be on your way to addiction.

Here are some proven ways to prevent internet addiction.

If you are using internet for prolonged hours, you should first admit that you are at risk of internet addiction. You are not the only one with the problem. Internet addiction has become a prominent issue and large group of people are facing this issue. Do not be embarrassed to accept or share your problem with others.

To prevent internet addiction, set aside some time for computer use. If you have a laptop, do not use it on holidays. Keep it somewhere and try not to go near it. Keep the screen closed, if you are not using it. When the computer is no looking at you, you are less likely to use it.

Use an alarm clock as time to limit computer usage time. You can even program your computer in such a way that it shuts down automatically after 30-40 minutes.

Call people instead of messaging them or sending an email. This will keep you way from computer. If you are in college or office, try doing work together with a friend or colleague. Make copies of information needed. If you have to browse same information again and again, you should consider copying the information, rather than browsing again and again. This will stop you from using the internet again and again.

Get involved in a hobby or class that keeps you away from computer, laptop, smartphones and other internet enabled devices. You can even make a habit of going to concerts, events, film screening etc happening in your city. Make sure that you get involved in those activities for long period. If you are not interested in a hobby or event, you can help with meals. Cook something for your family to stay away from internet. Avoid eating meals at computer. Instead, eat at a separate place to avoid going online.

You can go for a short trip with your family or even friends. Instead of watching TV or getting involved in individual things – you should spend some time with your family. You can even watch a movie along with your family or go out for an evening walk.

All the above things will help you prevent internet addiction. Remember that you are not the only one suffering from internet addiction. There are hundreds of people suffering from internet addiction and it can be treated easily.

Internet addiction refers to the compulsive need to stay online that interferes with normal life and may affect relationships. It can negatively affect personal relationships with beloved ones as well as cause negative impact on life. By spending hours on the internet, the development of social skills may be impacted negatively.

There are a number of ways to prevent and treat internet addiction. Some of the popular ways to treat internet addiction are – psychotherapy, counselling, support groups etc. The main objective of internet addiction treatment is to reduce the compulsion to use internet and reach a point where the individual uses internet for certain period. The individuals should be able to use internet as a ‘Choice’ and not ‘Compulsion’.

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internet addiction definition essay

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internet addiction definition essay

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Internet Addiction

Updated 14 April 2021

Downloads 104

Category Information Science and Technology ,  Sociology

Topic Gadgets ,  Internet ,  Society

Human culture has been revolutionized by the internet and how we do things. It has effectively transformed the world into a 'global village.' It has enabled real-time, unlimited access and sharing of knowledge to facilitate humanity's well-being, development and prosperity. There is no doubt that society has benefited a lot from the internet, but it has also had a lot of unprecedented negative side effects. Internet addiction is one of the most influential challenges that mankind has faced in the modern age. Internet addiction can be defined as a compulsive or habitual activity that involves not only excessive use of the internet but also withdrawal as well as negative effects. Such negative effects include social isolation, dishonesty, fatigue, and poor academic performance just to mention a few. The aim of this study paper is to establish the causes of internet addiction, its effects as well as recommend some solutions to address the problem. The information age has effectively moved all manner of human activity online. Commerce, communication, education, warfare, gaming and entertainment are just some of the human activities that have been digitized. Simply put, man now lives online; with just a few clicks, you can have everything you need from the comfort of your human. Not only that, the internet has changed how we function psychologically and it plays a critical role both in our private and public spaces. It is no wonder that some individuals get addicted to the internet, it comes with an unprecedented kind of convenience; everything is just a click away. The most complete definition of internet addiction is as follows,’ the repetitive use of the internet that has the potential to result in social, lifestyle, and ultimately cause health imbalance. Every behavioral addiction is a manifestation of deeper underlying issues such as emotional stress. Internet addiction has in recent times been recognized as problem that needs to be addressed especially among teens and young adults. Several countries have recognized internet addiction as a health issue that results in a mental disorder. Among the youth, addiction to the internet causes an improper lifestyle as well as impaired personalities. The prevalence in internet addiction can be attributed easier access to information technology. Education in first world countries in now computerized and kids are being exposed to the internet and technology at an early age. Internet addiction has been studied for a while now and even the though the literature on the same is limited, there is a consensus on the fact it is a real problem that needs addressing. (Griffiths 15) Research shows that most of the people who are addicted to the internet are not aware of this as a problem. Members of the public do not consider surfing the internet for long hours a problem. In fact, among teens it is considered hip and cool. These are some of the reasons I find this research topic significant and in need of more attention. The internet is a large part of our today; come tomorrow and it will permeate every inch of our lives. It is therefore very important that we understand the cause and effect of internet addiction. To understand the reasons for addiction to the internet, you need to establish what activities these teenagers and young adults engage in while online. Some of the activities they engage in while online are quite harmless if not constructive. Using the internet as a learning tool is advisable because of the wealth of information that is available online. Most learning institutions use the internet as a learning tool for students in the distant learning programme. For this research we are focusing on the negative side of surfing the internet which usually starts with harmless activities. Gaming is the one of the most addictive activities for the younger generation even when it is done offline. This compounded with the internet creates a whole new dimension for the problem of gaming addiction. (Jerald 26) Virtual reality games immerse the participants in a fantasy world that is completely different from reality because of the interactive environment. With ‘friends’ from all over the world, you don’t have to stop playing when it is time to go home; the fun continues via the internet. This is initially harmless fun and games until kids start skipping classes, sleeping too little and so on because all their time is spent online. It also affects the social life of participants as gamers end up substituting their real life friends with their internet friends. Gaming is just one of the types of addictive surfing behaviors. There are other subtypes of addictive internet behaviors such as sexual pre-occupation. There are endless sites on the internet that are loaded with endless sexual content such as pornographic videos. (Gao 29) Just like gaming, pornography easily captures the imagination of young minds as curiosity takes over. To top it all, access and sharing of pornographic content is anonymous. Activities involved with excessive online sexual pre-occupation include viewing, uploading, and downloading of sexual content as well as participation in chat rooms for adults. It is said that young minds are easily malleable, so if this kind of behavior goes on uncheck it could result in deeper psychological and sexual issues later in life. Another subtype of addictive behavior revolves around text messaging and social media. Communication is not limited to emailing and writing letters anymore. The advent of social media allows access and sharing of information in real time. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and content websites such YouTube have changed how we interact. (Xiong 31) It has however been discovered that social media has become a new way of escapism from social life by most. Entire lives are being spent online because of the anonymity that comes with communication online. Those addicted to social media show signs such as loneliness, social retreat and eventual loss in confidence. Internet addiction may be a habit that is prevalent among teenagers and the youth but this doesn’t mean that is limited to this age bracket. This is problem that transcends age, gender, income level, level of education and ethnicity. The theory that has been put forth on internet addiction claims that the internet habit-forming behavior is an extension of other addictions. (Li 19) For instance, those with a gambling problem find the internet as a more convenient and cheaper way of feeding their addictions. In the same way those who have sexual issues tend to spend too much time surfing pornographic sites. The internet has just compounded pre-existing problem so that if you are a spontaneous shopper, you spend countless hours going over the catalog at e-Bay, Alibaba or Amazon. Another major cause of internet addiction is social disorders such as anxiety and shyness. This is because people who have trouble socialization are more comfortable behind a computer screen or a mobile phone because it offers anonymity. Moreover, online interaction is less personal than meeting people face to face. Everyone wants to develop a connection with someone. Therefore, even shy people want to meet and interact with new people. The internet facilitates interaction without the personal touch that comes with a one-on-one interaction. It is said that on the internet you can be anyone you want to be, this means an individual can control how other people perceive them as opposed to how they are in reality. The allure of the internet is undeniable. The internet can also serve as a coping mechanism for those who have depression. In the same way that stressed people turn to alcohol and drug use to numb the pain, others turn to the internet. The internet is rife with content that can serve as a distraction from the world outside, all you need to do is turn on the computer and content to the internet. For people going through a hard time or with depression disorders, the internet helps them escape into an alternate reality. Peer pressure also plays a huge role in internet addiction. When your friends spend too much time on the internet, it begins to appear more socially acceptable, trendy even. To people who spend less time on the internet, excessive internet use stands out. However, among those who spend a lot of their time online such as gamers of dungeons and dragons or world of Warcraft, it is fairly normal. The topic of internet addiction is a topic that is generally overlooked in most health circles. To gain insight or understand the extent of the problem that is posed by addiction to the internet, there are several facts that need to be grasped as far as the issue is concerned. According to the center for internet addiction, at least one in every eight American’s is addicted to the internet. In addition, they also stress that addiction is not measured by the amount of time spent online but rather by how the time is spent and the negative effects that come as a result. If the use of the internet negatively impacts your school work, your play, your work or even your health, then you are addicted to the internet. Moreover, if an individual feels the need to lie about the time they spend online, or how the time is spent, or they are pre-occupied with their online activities, or they find it really hard to control the amount of time they spend surfing, they may as well have an addiction. A lot of people spend most of their time online but some are actually doing productive activities such as working, shopping, learning, and paying bills because of the convenience. These individuals fall under a different case cannot be referred to as addicts. Research suggests that people of Asian descent in countries such as China and South Korea have more prevalence for internet addiction than those in the west like United States. In this countries, reports suggest that at least thirty percent of the country has an addiction problem. (Deng 38) The problem is also gender sensitive with males showing a higher addiction percentage than their female counterparts. In addition, among the subtypes, cybersex and cyber-gaming are the two most prevalent ones. The internet gives sex addicts and cheaters are new way to cheat via chat rooms, dating websites and pornographic sites. Moreover, the internet provides a new frontier for gamers to pursue their hobbies and this might result in an addiction. Finally, the problem of addiction to the internet is more severe among individuals who suffer from depression, social anxiety or addiction to substances or other harmful activities. Children brought up in the digital age are prone to spend a lot of time online. They learn online, get entertainment online, and even work online. Our lives are largely dependent on information systems and technology. This is all evidence of the extent of the problem that were are facing if we do not get ahead of this. If we continue to ignore internet addiction, most of the adults in the future might end up being addicted to the internet. As with any other problem with addiction, there are several options as remedies for internet addiction. As previously stated, there are several triggers of internet addiction including depression and anxiety. Treating these disorders once treated can result in the recovery from internet addiction. (Marlatt 22) Moreover, in extreme cases medication can be used to ensure that internet addicts do not harm themselves. According to studies by Mount Sinai School of Medicine there is a drug that has shown promise in the treatment of addiction to the internet. This drug is known as Escitalopram and it resulted in positive outcomes with the test subjects. Beyond that clinical trials have shown little promise towards treating internet addiction. Conclusion In conclusion, my research has led me to believe that the internet addiction is a serious problem just like any other addiction. It is relatively new and hence research on the matter is a bit inconclusive; this makes it an area that requires more attention. Several things however stand out as far the problem is concerned. The internet cannot be avoided, not in this digital era. Instead, its users should be advised on how to use it without risking forming a habit or dependency. Most people have no idea that they are addicted and concerted effort should be made to educate people on the signs and symptoms of addiction to the internet. Moreover, kids and teens should be educated on the pragmatic use of the internet early in their lives because that’s when they are malleable. Failure to do this will result in a failed generation addicted to the internet, whose learning and working is compromised. Moreover, their physical and psychological wellbeing will be compromised and they will be lacking in social skills necessary in the real world. In essence, we risk becoming zombies. Finally, those addicted are not lesser beings and should not be stigmatized or ostracized. Instead, those around them should support their recovery efforts. (Young 39) After all, anyone can be addicted. Works Cited Marlatt, G. A; Baer, J. S; Donovan, D. M; and Kivlahan D. R. “Addictive Behaviors: Etiology and Treatment,” Annual Review of Psychology, Vol. 39, 2012. Deng, G. and Xuan, Y. “Internet Addiction and Mental Health Status of Chinese College Freshmen”, ICBBE 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bio- medical Engineering, Beijing, 11-13 June 2009. Li, H; Wang, J. and Wang, L. “A Survey on the Generalized Problematic Internet Use in Chinese College Stu- dents and Its Relations to Stressful Life Event and Coping Style,” International Journal of Mental Health and Ad-diction, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2009. Jerald, J. B. “Issues for DSM-V: Internet Addiction,” American of Journal Psychiatry, Vol. 165, No. 3, 2008. Griffiths. M. “Behavioral Addictions: An Issue for Everybody?” Employee Counseling Today: The Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol. 8, No. 3, 1996. Gao, W; Zhang, F; and Chen, Z. “Psychopathological Mechanism and Compensation Psychotherapy of Internet Addiction,” 1st IEEE Symposium on Web Society, Lanzhou, 23-24 August 2009. Xiong, J and Yao, L. “The Research of Event-Related Potentials in Working Memory of the Juvenile Internet Addiction,” 2010 International Conference on E-Health Networking, Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (EDT), Shenzhen, 17-18 April 2010. Young, K. S. “Understand Online Gaming Addiction and Treatment Issues for Adolescents,” American Journal of Family Therapy, Vol. 37, No. 5, 2009, pp. 355-372. Young, K. S. “Internet Addiction: Diagnosis and Treatment Considerations,” Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, Vol. 39, No. 4, 2009.

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internet addiction definition essay

Essay on Internet Addiction in English in Very Simple Words

Essay on Internet Addiction in English in Very Simple Words

Internet addiction is a new age addiction that is known to have gripped people around the world.

Several people belonging to different age groups have been affected by this addiction, though it is more relevant among the youth. 

People turn to the internet to find solace kill boredom and bring in some fun in their lives. 

However, before they know they grow addicted to it. 

Internet is a huge source of entertainment and it is hard to resist the addictive stuff it has to offer. 

However, it is essential to keep a check on your internet use to ensure you do not get addicted to it. 

This is because just like other types of addiction.

This one also has grave consequences it has a major impact on a person's brain function.

Many internet addicts develop anxiety issues and depression.

People lose the sense of time and neglect their work. 

This hampers their professional growth their physical health also deteriorates.

They incur health problems such as obesity heart disease and hypertension. 

They get so addicted to the internet that they tend to ignore their loved ones.

They prefer talking to people online and developing close ties with them this strains their personal relationships and causes unhappiness.

 In order to lead a happy and wholesome life, it is important to stay away from such addictions.

Essay on Internet Addiction 

Slogan:- Connect life starts with disconnecting the internet

Internet addiction is one of the major issues that teenagers are currently experiencing to define briefly it is an online-related compulsive behaviour that interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, works environment, particularly to oneself 

These days internet addiction is becoming more serious especially in the current situation where peoples are new normal most things are done through social media wherein the result leads to chances of social media involvement 

For youngsters or teenagers, these words in their internet addiction either for practical purposes or just fun for example gaming first chatting watching movies on youtube or Facebook spending time on using Facebook for pleasure and these actions are not habits to most the teenagers

This might cause problems like depression, social isolation and mood swings or some other emotional effects as well as physical problems such as gain or losing weight insomnia and many more 

This also may lead to psychological problems like for example failure to eat for long periods of time-limited physical activity and little sleep, this affects teenagers more under behaviour mentally emotionally physically and socially

around a decade ago when the internet could only be accessed on the desktop or a laptop, web usage was limited many were still excessively using it but it was not as bad as it is now 

The introduction of smartphones has given the rates of internet addiction a boost, people are seeing glued to their screens wherever they go this becomes worse as work is done on screen as well and these times you need this technology for getting an education as well 

Social circles play a critical role in causing behavioural issues like addiction internet addiction is no exception as constant internet surfing has become commonplace among the youth this is even an encouragement to seek friends online while playing online games chat rooms or just on social media 

The internet also become a coping mechanism for self-soothing and as an escape for those who are suffering from mental health issues and such 

In the same way that people who suffer from depression or anxiety use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate, the internet can be a distraction be it by playing video games, watching shows or surfing the Internet. 

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Essay on Technology Addiction in English for Children and Students

internet addiction definition essay

Essay on Technology Addiction in English : Albert Einstein once said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Unfortunately the fear of this great soul has become a reality in today’s times. The use of technology has become a priority for majority of people. They have become addicted to it. Their relationships, work and health have taken a back seat.

Long and Short Essay on Technology Addiction in English

Here are long and short essay on Technology Addiction to help you with the topic in your exam.

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These Technology Addiction essay are written in simple English to make it easily memorable and presentable when needed.

After going through these essays you will understand what technology addiction is, what its harmful consequences are, its impacts on health and relationships, types of technology addictions and how to overcome them, etc.

Hurry up, read all the essays given below and choose the best one for you:

Short Essay on Technology Addiction – Essay 1 (200 Words)

Technology addiction is an umbrella term for different kinds of addictions including internet addiction, mobile addiction, social media addiction, TV addiction, computer addiction, gaming addiction and web series addiction to name a few. This is the newest kind of addiction that has gripped people around the world.

Just like drug and alcohol addiction, technology addiction also changes the brain activity. It provides momentary pleasure and releases stress temporarily. However, the impact it has on the human brain in the long run is irreparable. Continuous use of mobile, internet, television or any other technology creates new neuropath ways in our brain. These neuropath ways replace the healthier ones and also bar the development of healthy neuropath ways.

Technology addiction stimulates all the senses and it is thus hard to get over. It gives addicts a high just like drugs. Addicts return to technology again and again to experience this feeling. They feel sad and depressed when they are away from technology. This is the reason why they remain hooked to it for most part of the day. They start ignoring their work and other important tasks. They also start neglecting their loved ones. Associate happiness with their addiction. They only feel happy when they indulge in their addiction and display aggressive behaviour when advised to leave it.

Technology addiction impacts a person’s health, ruins his relationships and hampers work. One must make effort to overcome it in order to lead a healthier life.

Essay on Harmful Consequences of Technology Addiction in E nglish – Essay 2 (300 Words)


Technology addiction is often taken lightly but research reveals that it is as bad as drug addiction. Many of the harmful effects caused by this new age addiction are as adverse as drug addiction. It impacts a person’s personal, professional and social life. Here is a brief look at its harmful consequences.

Essay on Technology Addiction in English

Impact of Technology on Health

Technology addiction of any kind has a negative impact on a person’s health. People addicted to technology such as mobile, computer, internet and the likes have a high risk of incurring many health issues. Dry and itchy eyes, backache, frequent headache and excessive weight gain are among the common health problems faced by technology addicts. Many of them go on to develop serious illnesses such as heart problem, hypertension and depression.

Impact of Technology on Work/ Studies

Technology addiction has a huge impact on a person’s brain. A person addicted to technology is unable to focus on work. He feels dizzy and lethargic most of the time and this hinders his work. He is unable to think creatively and rationally. Besides, he is so addicted to technology that he is unable to leave it. He often neglects his work and misses deadlines and meetings. This hampers his professional growth.

Students addicted to technology also face similar issues. Their academic performance dips as they are hooked to technology for most part of the day. Besides, they are least interested in sports and extra-curricular activities that are essential for their all round development.

Impact of Technology on Relationships

Technology addicts prefer technology over everything. Even as they sit with their family and friends, they are often engrossed in their mobile phones. They are either updating their social media accounts or playing video games or chatting with friends online. Therefore they do not like interacting with people in real life. They avoid going out with friends and ignore their loved ones. This creates problems in relationships.

Technology addiction is ruining the life of people. Technology must be put to good use. One must limit its usage to avoid getting addicted to it. If we don’t stand against technology addiction, the day isn’t far when it will prove lethal to our existence.

Essay on Technology Addiction in English: A Curse for the Society – Essay 3 (400 Words)

Technology addiction is a curse for the modern society. Several people these days turn to technology to kill boredom or to distract themselves from their routine problems. Many among them start using it excessively and soon become addicted to it. It is important to identify the warning signs of technology addiction and get over it to take control of your life.

Signs of Technology Addiction

People addicted to technology often feel guilty for using technology excessively and ignoring their work and loved ones because of their addiction. Even as they want to work and spend time with their family members and friends, they aren’t able to do so as they feel drawn towards internet, mobile, video games and other technology-driven things. They are unable to leave these things.

Many of them lie and defend their act and express anger when someone guides them otherwise. Technology addicts experience a feeling of euphoria while using technology. They lose sense of time. Therefore they are unable to maintain a good schedule. They become socially isolated and experience problems such as anxiety and depression. Avoid actual tasks such as office work, homework assignments and household chores. They do not pay heed to their health and it often begins to deteriorate.

Ways to Overcome Technology Addiction

In order to overcome technology addiction it is important to distract your mind and channelize your energy in the right direction. It is thus a good idea to join a course that adds value to your profession. You may also try something that interests you such as pottery, dance, painting or some sports. Indulging in something you love will keep your spirits high and take your mind off technology.

It is also important to build a social circle as you try to get over technology addiction. Real life interactions are much more refreshing and fulfilling compared to meeting and chatting with people online. Getting back with your old friends and making new friends in school, office or in your neighbourhood is a good way to cut ties with the technology addiction. Seeking support from family members will also help in this direction.

You can take professional help to get rid of technology addiction if nothing else seems to work.

Technology addiction is hampering people’s overall growth and development. It is a curse to the society. There should be special sessions in schools and colleges to guide students to stay away from this addiction. Those addicted to it must be counselled to overcome it.

Long Essay on Technology Addiction in English– Essay 4 (500 Words)

It is rightly said, “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”. This is to say that technology can be a wonderful thing if you put it to good use. However, it can be dangerous if you allow it to overpower you. Addiction of technology is destroying the life of numerous people around the world.

Technology Addiction Promotes Drug Abuse

Addiction of any kind be it mobile addiction, internet addiction, social media addiction or gaming addiction is as bad as drug abuse. Drug addicts become vulnerable and delusional. All they want in life is a dose of their favourite drug. It gives them a high and releases all their tensions temporarily. They crave for this momentary pleasure and get addicted to drugs.

Technology renders the same soothing effect and quite similar to drugs its impact is also temporary. Technology serves as an escape from our daily problems. It relaxes our mind for some time and releases stress. However, it is as damaging for our mind, body and soul as drug addiction.

Researchers have observed a connection between these addictions. It has been seen that those addicted to technology are more likely to develop drug addiction. Most people turn to technology to release stress and they are able to achieve the desired result initially.

However, as they grow addicted to it they begin to feel stressed and depressed. In order to cope up with the situation, technology addicts look for something that can render a stronger affect and help them achieve that euphoric state. They often turn towards alcohol and drugs and become addicted to them.

Technology Addiction: Damaging Young Minds

While technology addiction is seen among people of all age groups, it is more common among the youngsters living in different parts of the world. The young generation is full of energy and new ideas. Their energy and ideas must be channelized in the right direction in order to help them grow better and achieve more in life.

However, this does not happen in most of the cases. Children and youngsters gain access to different kinds of technological devices these days and spend most of their time and energy on them. Many of them have grown addicted to technology and this is damaging their mind. All they think about is getting back to the internet, computer, social media or whichever technology they are hooked to. They lose interest in other activities.

Sometimes they are unable to focus on work as they feel a constant urge to get back to the technology they are addicted to. They feel guilty about using technology excessively and giving priority to it over their relationships and work. However, they still can’t get over it. This causes a lot of stress. Many of them face anxiety issues and even get into depression.

Technology addicts are unable to think rationally. They lose sense of time, become defensive when asked to restrict the use of technology and even start lying about its use. Their performance dips and they often develop behavioural issues.

Technology addiction should be taken seriously. People must keep a check on the use of technology. If they see any signs of technology addiction, they must take measures to overcome the same.

Long Essay on Technology Addiction in English: Types of Technology Addiction – Essay 6 (600 Words)

Drug and alcohol addiction have affected the lives of millions of people around the world. However, these are not the only kinds of addictions that grip people in today’s times. The advancement in technology and its growing use have given rise to a new type of addiction termed as technology addiction. There are different types of technology addictions. Here is a look at these:

Mobile Addiction

Mobile addiction is one of the most common types of technology addictions in today’s times. Our mobile phones are a powerhouse of entertainment. They have so much to offer. Engrossing games, informative content, interesting videos, easy means to content with our loved ones and make new friends and what not – a mobile phone with a high speed internet connection has so much to offer. It is hard not to get hooked to it.

Numerous mobile users are addicted to their phones. They do not care if they are sitting in a social gathering, at the dinner table or in an important business meeting. However they are always on their mobile. They find it more interesting than anything happening around them.

Computer Addiction

Computer addicts are always seen on their computer systems. They are involved in useless activities on their computer. They keep wasting their time and ignore all the important tasks at hand. Therefore they mostly confine themselves to their chair and incur various physical ailments as a result. They also become socially isolated as they skip outdoor activities and social events. This hampers their mental as well as physical growth.

Internet Addiction

Internet has so much to offer to us. We need to see to it that it impacts our life in a positive manner and makes it better. Limited and correct use of internet can enhance our life. It can be used to learn something new that adds value to our personal and professional life. However, if we get addicted to the internet, we are on our way to ruin our life.

Gaming Addiction

Gaming is a great way to de-stress and rejuvenate. However, most of the video games are highly addictive. They are designed to keep a person hooked for hours. Gamers crave to make new high scores and crack the next level. They get addicted to different games.

All they think about is beating their friends and build better score. They spend several hours of the day playing video games. The time that can be used to do something productive is wasted in gaming. Gaming addiction also messes with the mind and leads to aggressive and anxious behaviour.

Social Media Addiction

Social media has become a craze among people of different age groups. It helps them connect with their near and dear ones living in different parts of the world. Healthy use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is good. However, it becomes a problem when people become obsessed with it.

Many people around the world have become social media addicts. They update their social media status frequently, upload pictures of everything they encounter, check for new notifications every few seconds and keep thinking about different ways to enhance their social media profile. They disconnect with people in the real world and prefer connecting with them over social media platforms.

Technology addiction is growing with the increasing use of new technology devices. This is affecting proper growth and development of people. They are glued to technology and as a result are ignoring various important aspects of their life. It needs to be understood that technology has been designed to enhance our life and not to degrade it. We must use it wisely and not grow addicted to it.

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