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Dissertations for Instructional Design Education

Abrego, patricia c., perceptions of campus administrators, teachers, and students on use of interactive videoconferencing for the delivery of high school algebra in selected rural public high schools in south texas, ackerman, gary l., information technology in the k–12 classroom: curriculum and instruction reflecting emerging capacity and paradigms, adams, gergana v., the role of authentic assessment in online literature courses, agamba, joachim jack, exploring faculty integration of moodle resources: effects of theory-based training on performance objectives, moodle resource integration, and their alignment, aguirre, priscilla abel, comprehending emergent systems phenomena through direct-manipulation animation, ahmadi, zia, technology-enhanced project-based learning in a large undergraduate anthropology lecture course, alanazy, salim m., saudi students' attitudes, beliefs, and preferences toward coeducational online cooperative learning, allen, christopher gene, the effects of visual complexity on cognitive load as influenced by field dependency and spatial ability, alper, seth m., advanced placement (ap) social studies teachers' use of academic course blogs as a supplemental resource for student learning, amr, kannan, learning through games: essential features of an educational game, anastasiade, jordan v., instructional strategies for developing problem-solving skills: the worked-example effect using ill-structured visual pattern recognition problems, andrus, ward h., the allure of online education for the millennial student, antonacci, david m., the influence of direct instruction on asynchronous educational discussions, arano-ocuaman, julieta a., differences in student knowledge and perception of learning experiences among non-traditional students in blended and face-to-face classroom delivery, archibald, douglas, fostering cognitive presence in higher education through the authentic design, delivery, and evaluation of an online learning resource: a mixed methods study, archibald, thomas nielsen, the effect of the integration of social annotation technology, first principles of instruction, and team-based learning on students' reading comprehension, critical thinking, and meta-cognitive skills, armstrong, ann wakefield, executive beliefs about the critical success factors in defining, designing, developing and delivering e-learning for adult professional development in corporations, ashbaugh, marcia l., online pedagogical quality questioned: probing instructional designers' perceptions of leadership competencies critical to practice, bannister, clara m., an evaluative case study of nine virtual high school programs, barclay, matthew w., the impact of team-based learning's readiness assurance process on virtually isolated adults, sign in or register, sign in using email & password.

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Digital Commons @ USF > Theses and Dissertations

Instructional Technology Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2010 2010.

Evaluation of the Flicker Effect as a Generative Strategy in Enhancing ComputerBased Instruction (CBI) of Visual Recognition and Classification , Ping Luo

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007

The Effects of Goal Message and Goal Orientation on Learning in a Web-Based Tutorial , John M. Bunch

The Model-Based Systematic Development of LOGIS Online Graphing Instructional Simulator , Darrel R. Davis

The effectiveness and user perception of 3-dimensional digital human anatomy in an online undergraduate anatomy laboratory , Amy JoAnne Hilbelink

The relationship between technology integration and achievement using multi-level modeling , Tina N. Hohlfeld

Technology in low socio-economic K-12 schools: Examining student access and implementation , Katherine J. Kemker

Perceptions of Florida school library media specialists relative to the saliency of collaboration, leadership, and technology tasks outlined in Information Power: Changes since 1996 , Terrell M. Pace

Online delivery of career choice interventions: Preferences of first-year students in higher education , Melissa Venable

Theses/Dissertations from 2005 2005

A Comparison of Traditional Physical Laboratory and Computer Simulated Laboratory Experiences in Relation to Engineering Undergraduate Students’ Conceptual Understandings of a Communication Systems Topic , Giti Javidi

Theses/Dissertations from 2004 2004

Improving the Environment in Distance Learning Courses Through the Application of Aesthetic Principles , Darryl J. Hancock

Feedback In Distance Learning: Do Student Perceptions Of Corrective Feedback Affect Retention In Distance Learning? , Lori S. Kielty

Are Preservice Instructional Designers Adequately Prepared For Tomorrow’s Diverse Learning Audiences?—A Cultural Content Analysis Of Textbooks (1993-2003) Used For Instructional Design , Sujie Man

Theses/Dissertations from 2002 2002

The Effects Of Animated Textual Instruction On Learners' Written Production Of German Modal Verb Sentences , Elizabeth A. Caplan

Theses/Dissertations from 2001 2001

Effects of Deadline Contingencies in a Web-Based Course on HTML , Tina L. Majchrzak

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  1. LearnTechLib: Dissertations for Instructional Design Education

    Dissertations for Instructional Design Education « 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10 » Abrego, Patricia C. Perceptions of campus administrators, teachers, and students on use of interactive videoconferencing for the delivery of high school algebra in selected rural public high schools in South Texas Doctor of Philosophy thesis, Texas A&M University.

  2. Dissertations

    The purpose of this exploratory multi-case study was to examine the role of instructional design and instructor training on student learning outcomes and student satisfaction within the online class using group work, a form of collaborative learning. Author: Patricia K. Gibson, Northcentral University.

  3. An Examination of the Practice of Instructional Design and

    instructional design is a complex and purposeful process that requires creativity, collaboration, and an extensive knowledge of learning theory, instructional theory, and instructional design models (Gustafson & Branch, 2002). Instructional design models define the process the instructional designer should use to

  4. How Dissertations in Instructional Design

    1. When planning a dissertation, try to add a new dimension to the literature in either (a) the psychology of learning; (b) instructional design practice; or (c) instructional models. 2. When reviewing the literature on any topic, seek to identify its limitations in scope as well as faults in research design, theory, or statistics. 3.

  5. Instructional Technology Theses and Dissertations

    Instructional Technology Theses and Dissertations. Due to a restructuring of the College of Education, new Instructional Technology Theses and Dissertations after 2015 can be found at: