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How to Create an Effective Thesis Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a thesis statement can be a daunting task. It’s one of the most important sentences in your paper, and it needs to be done right. But don’t worry — with these five easy steps, you’ll be able to create an effective thesis statement in no time.

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas

The first step is to brainstorm ideas for your paper. Think about what you want to say and write down any ideas that come to mind. This will help you narrow down your focus and make it easier to create your thesis statement.

Step 2: Research Your Topic

Once you have some ideas, it’s time to do some research on your topic. Look for sources that support your ideas and provide evidence for the points you want to make. This will help you refine your argument and make it more convincing.

Step 3: Formulate Your Argument

Now that you have done some research, it’s time to formulate your argument. Take the points you want to make and put them into one or two sentences that clearly state what your paper is about. This will be the basis of your thesis statement.

Step 4: Refine Your Thesis Statement

Once you have formulated your argument, it’s time to refine your thesis statement. Make sure that it is clear, concise, and specific. It should also be arguable so that readers can disagree with it if they choose.

Step 5: Test Your Thesis Statement

The last step is to test your thesis statement. Does it accurately reflect the points you want to make? Is it clear and concise? Does it make an arguable point? If not, go back and refine it until it meets all of these criteria.

Creating an effective thesis statement doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these five easy steps, you can create a strong thesis statement in no time at all.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


electronic engineering dissertation ideas

electronic engineering dissertation ideas

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  • Power Calculation
  • Qualitative Methodology
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  • Primary Data Collection
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Research topics in electronics and electrical engineering

Electronics and electrical engineering are the studies of harnessing electricity and the electromagnetic spectrum to enhance the lives of human beings. It is exciting and futuristic to think about significant technological advancements and electronic technology breakthroughs like smart grid systems, electronic vehicles, sustainable power consumption, wireless wearables, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Advanced developments in technology for electronics research and development contribute to the efficient use of energy for our daily needs. PhD Assistance may assist you in selecting the latest topic for study in electronics and electrical engineering.

Here are some of the topic research topics in electronics and electrical engineering.

Electrical engineering topics include the following:

  • Study on the use of a modified PNN classifier with SMO optimization techniques for diagnosing the severity of skin cancer conditions
  • A study on battery integrated multiple input DC-DC boost converter
  • A study on the impact of Evaluation of compact fluorescent lights in a 50 Hz electrical network
  • A Systematic Evaluation of deep neural network-based dynamic modelling method for AC power electronic systems:
  • A Review of 2D van der Waals Devices Using Electronic Modulation of Semimetallic Electrode
  • A Study on frequency stability of hybrid industrial microgrids using optimal fractional sliding mode
  • Review on Latent Features of Neural Network Design for Power Electronic Systems Using Impedance Modelling
  • Understanding Effective Power Electronics Using Circuit Simulation
  • First-principles calculations of phosphorus-doped SnO2 transparent conducting oxide: Structural, electronic, and electrical properties
  • Adaptive position control of a brush-based DC motor
  • Implementation of an A-Source DC–DC Boost Combination Phase-Shifting Full-Bridge Converter for Electric Car Rapid Charging Applications
  • PM machines with high power and high speed.
  • Series connected super-capacitor and li-ion capacitor cells: active voltage equalisation.
  • Design choice in the direct drive in-wheel motors.
  • Reluctance Motors.
  • Nanoelectronics.
  • Atomic layer interface engineering.
  • Using photovoltaics, graphene, and silicon carbide.
  • Piezoelectrics and ferroelectrics.
  • Studying behaviour thru computational modelling.
  • Computation research in new technologies, materials.
  • Power electronics tools and equipment.
  • Electrical motors and their redesigning.
  • Energy networks and their mathematical foundations.
  • Computer-aided design for electrical engineering.
  • Smart grid monitoring.
  • Soft magnetic composites.
  • Electric vehicle motors and gearbox.
  • Distributed generation systems: loss detection of grid events via pattern identification.
  • Challenges of autonomous power systems.
  • Extra-functionality devices: advanced technology modelling.
  • Switched reluctance motors.
  • Electric vehicles and health monitoring of power semiconductor modules.
  • Cost Functions for Efficient Electrics Vehicle Drive Systems.
  • Wind Turbine Generators: 3D temperature mapping.
  • DFIG Machines: improving energy efficiencies.
  • Power electronics.
  • Drives and controls.
  • Power systems and energy storage.
  • Hybrid electric aerospace.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Advanced propulsion science.
  • Designing compressor motors.
  • Motor design for aerospace—fault tolerant.
  • Wind turbine energy technologies.
  • Diagnosing green growth in India.
  • HPVPS stages (high power virtual systems).
  • Top speed motors and their topologies.
  • Low cost effective trains.
  • Low-cost virtual systems.

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Engineering Dissertation Topics: 30+ Topic Ideas For Inspiration

Are you looking for some engineering dissertation topics but feeling stuck on which ideas to consider? You might find the topic examples shared in this guide helpful.

You can also take advantage of our custom dissertation writing help if you need help with this long, extended project.

30+ Engineering Dissertation Topics

The following is a list of dissertation topics to explore depending on the field of study:

1. Dissertation Topics in Electronics and Communications

There are many topics to explore in electronics and communications, and that’s because of the evolution in electronic communication. Here are some topic ideas to consider: 

  • Frontier science and technology for chemical, biological, and radiological defense, as well as spectral sensing research for water monitoring applications.
  • Nanostructured membranes for biopharmaceutical preparative purification.
  • Creating an embedded communication system for the national grid in order to optimize energy use.
  • High-speed communication circuit design that successfully reduces signal noise.
  • Radiation emitted by integrated circuits and electrical devices
  • An investigation of the many types of mistakes and the creation of an equalization approach to minimize data error rates.
  • Realizing RFID’s potential for supply chain optimization.

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2. Sensors Technology Topics for Dissertation

Sensor technology is getting better by the day, and there’s still need for more research to supplement existing research on the evolution of this technology. Some topics you can explore in this area are as follows:

  • An examination of wind speed and direction sensors in order to optimize wind turbine operations.
  • Micro sensor development for measuring oil flow rate in tanks.
  • Sensors for measuring heat generated by solar panels are being developed.
  • Profiling airflow around big building structures with MEMS.
  • Micro sensor development and deployment for studying blood pressure.
  • LEDs are capable of sensing and adjusting the intensity of light.
  • A pressure sensor for a solar thermal panel was designed and developed.
  • A natural olfactory biosensor is being researched and computationally simulated.
  • Nanotechnology is being used to develop glucose biosensors.

3. Dissertation Topics on Environmental Engineering

Big companies like Google are working around the clock to enhance sustainability. The goal is to improve the overall health of the planet, and to create a sustainable future for everyone by 2030.

Many countries are coming together for this common course and are working to reduce carbon emission. Here are some dissertation topics that could be interesting to look at in this category:

  • In the automobile sector, process improvement strategies are used to detect and eliminate waste.
  • How might voltage reduction devices help businesses save money on electricity?
  • Determine how efficient control methods based on information systems may be implemented to evaluate energy utilization in a machining industry.
  • What are carbon credits, and how can businesses obtain them?
  • Techniques for identifying bottlenecks in the supply chain sector using process mapping.
  • Creating a little gadget to measure a household’s energy use.
  • How may altering burners within furnaces help organizations achieve energy efficiency in the forging industry?
  • Design and development of a method for assessing an energy-intensive company’s carbon index.
  • How may water conductivity probes aid in water quality determination, and how can water be reused?
  • The environmental cost of ‘wind energy,’ often known as green energy.
  • Improving procedures to minimize kWh use and inefficiencies.
  • An examination of compressor operations on a forging site, as well as mapping processes to detect and eliminate energy waste.

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4. Dissertation Topics in Supply Chain Management

The manufacturing business sector can’t get any better without support from supply chain management. That’s why it’s important that it has sufficient support through relevant processes an efficient methods. Here are some topics to consider in this regard:

  • The influence of culture on supply chain industries is being studied, with the goal of identifying characteristics that cause inefficiencies in the supply chain.
  • The supplier connection is critical to the success of just-in-time manufacturing. How can businesses guarantee that transactions go smoothly?
  • Is just-in-time delivery truly valid? Loss measurement as part of the deployment of a just-in-time procedure.
  • How can organizations achieve success by decreasing supply chain bottlenecks?
  • Investigate ways to improve the efficiency of information systems and enable the timely movement of knowledge and information.
  • How can process efficiency be implemented into the production process to decrease waste?
  • The impact of globalization on supply chain engineering and management for major multinational corporations.
  • Analyzing the major aspects in process planning and supply chain optimization for a manufacturing organization.

5. Computer Science Engineering Dissertation Topics

This area of engineering focuses on the elements of networking and programming to understand the knowledge behind the design, management, and implementation of information systems.

Not only doe information system plays a significant role in the operation of companies and organization, but also its management forms a pivotal element for organizations. Here are some dissertation topics that could be a great fit here:

How can organizations guarantee that their information systems are being used successfully in order to preserve process efficiency?

  • The current state of affairs and study on e-waste in the United Kingdom.
  • Conduct research to identify and minimize e-waste through the use of information technology techniques and systems.
  • A comprehensive examination of the role of information technology in increasing productivity and reshaping organizations.
  • A high-level analysis and extensive review of best practices for information technology adoption in modern-day organizations.
  • How can learning organizations affect information system development?
  • The function of risk management in organizational information technology systems.
  • A study of the use of information technology as a tool for long-term competitive advantage.

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6. Electrical Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Investigate, design, and implement techniques to guarantee that electrical machines consume as little energy as possible.
  • Investigate transformer losses in order to decrease energy loss.
  • Integration of smart metering pulsed outputs with wireless area networks for real-time data access.
  • Installation of a control system to monitor compressor process consumption.
  • A thorough examination and exploration of the major difficulties and challenges confronting rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Investigate metering strategies for control and efficiency.
  • Investigate the application of smart metering ideas to ensure the effective usage of power.
  • Creating efficient techniques and systems for pay-as-you-go charging for electric automobiles.
  • Development of a method to investigate motor efficiency in order to minimize kWh consumption

7. Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Creating a waste reduction plan in order to reach sustainable principles
  • Investigate the development of remote sensing applications to aid in the development of sustainable building approaches.
  • A high-level examination of the challenges to and drivers of sustainable building in underdeveloped nations
  • The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of sustainability ideas on organizational growth and development.
  • High-level strategies, best-practice recommendations, and approaches for sustainable building.

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Engineering Dissertation Topics

A dissertation (or a final year project report) is a comprehensive technical report of the research work carried out. A dissertation must present some new, original concepts that lead to further research. The core area of a dissertation consists of a hypothesis (or a research question) upon which an investigation is conducted and, in most cases, inevitably leads to further research. A dissertation must be focused, concise and must address the research topics at every level. Also, along with research, a dissertation is expected to present complete evidence of research work in the form of research methods. Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start. Herein, many engineering research areas, currently being sought after in the industry and academia, are suggested, including electronics, sensors technology, environmental engineering, supply chain engineering, computer science engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering, to help you start your research.

  • Electronics and Communication Dissertation Topics

Sensors Technology Dissertation Topics

Environmental engineering dissertation topics, supply chain engineering dissertation topics, supply chain management dissertation topics, computer science engineering dissertation topics, electrical engineering dissertation topics, civil engineering dissertation topics, management related engineering dissertation topics, electronics and communications dissertation topics.

Over the past decade the rise of electronic communication has been revolutionised; it is the fastest growing technology. There are numerous areas of research in this field; however, the most demanding ones are highlighted below.

  • Defining the boundaries of electrical signals for current electronics (communication) systems.
  • The limitation of fibre optic communication systems and the possibility of further improving their efficiency.
  • Developing the embedded communication system for the national grid to optimise energy usage.
  • Improvement of inter-symbol interference in optical communications.
  • A study of the various forms of errors and the development of an equalisation technique to reduce the error rates in data.
  • Gaussian pulse analysis and the improvement of this pulse to reduce errors.
  • Realising the potential of RFID in the improvement of supply chain.
  • Radiation in integrated circuits and electronic devices.
  • Design of high speed communication circuits that effectively cut down signal noise.
  • Spectral sensing research for water monitoring applications and frontier science and technology for chemical, biological and radiological defence.
  • Nano-structured membranes for preparative purifications of biopharmaceuticals.

The rise of smart technology has been revolutionising sensor technologies, and there is a high demand to make more efficient and compact sensors. The following topics are a few areas that researchers are currently working in to realise further potentials.

  • Design and development of a pressure sensor for a solar thermal panel.
  • An investigation into wind speed and direction sensors to optimise the operations of wind turbines.
  • Utilising MEMS for profiling airflow around large building structures.
  • Development of micro sensors to measure oil flow rate in tanks.
  • Development and implementation of micro sensors to study pressure of the blood stream.
  • Development of sensors to measure heat generated from solar panels.
  • Sensing and controlling the intensity of light in LEDs.
  • Research and computational simulation of a natural olfactory biosensor.
  • Development of glucose biosensors using nanotechnology.

We are living in the age of technology where the driving force is to reduce the environmental impact of engineering products. Many countries have been undertaking projects supporting the environment and aiming to reduce carbon emissions. The following engineering dissertation topics are of utmost interest for researchers in the industry.

  • Analysing the impact of aviation industry on the environment and the potential ways to reduce it.
  • The environmental cost of the so called green energy, ‘wind energy’.
  • An analysis of factors that hinder the realising of cutting-edge technology for reducing carbon emissions from automobiles.
  • Design and development of a system for measuring the carbon index of an energy intensive company.
  • Process improvement techniques to identify and remove waste in the automotive industry.
  • Process mapping techniques to identify bottle necks for supply chain industry.
  • A study of compressor operations on a forging site and mapping operations to identify and remove energy waste.
  • Improving processes to reduce kWh usage and reduce inefficiencies.
  • Developing a compact device to measure energy use for a household.
  • In the forging industry how can changing burners within furnaces help organisations achieve energy efficiency?
  • How can gas consumption be reduced and efficiency introduced to reduce kWh usage?
  • How can voltage reduction devices help organisations achieve efficiency in electricity usage?
  • What are carbon credits and how can organisations generate them?
  • There are some organisations that use water excessively, with bills totalling more than £25,000. Identify the main reasons for such water usage and investigate better ways to introduce water efficiency and create savings.
  • Identify the ways by which efficient control systems using information systems can be introduced to study the energy usage in a machining factory.
  • A project to set up ways to measure natural gas flow ultrasonically and identify waste areas.
  • How can water conductivity probes help determine water quality and how can water be reused?

Supply chain plays an important role in the manufacturing business sector. It is important that the supply chain is well supported by efficient methods and processes. Your engineering dissertation topics could be about:

  • Highlighting the difference between the supply chain engineering and management for a company to improve output.
  • Analysing the key factors in process planning and optimisation of supply chain for a manufacturing company.
  • Developing a supply chain template for a small but thriving online business.
  • How can organisations achieve success by reducing bottlenecks in supply chain?
  • Just-in-time – is it really valid? Measurement of losses within just-in-time process implementation.
  • How can process efficiency be introduced to reduce waste within the manufacturing process?
  • Supplier relationship is an important factor for the success of just-in-time. How can organisations ensure successful transactions?
  • Research to identify efficient logistics operations within a supply chain.
  • Research to introduce efficiency within information systems and support timely transfer of knowledge and information.
  • The effect of globalisation on supply chain engineering/management for large multi-national companies.
  • Research studying the impact of culture on supply chain industries: identification of factors that generate inefficiencies with the supply chain.

Supply chain management involves the administration, management, control and supervision of the movement of goods and services from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and to the end consumer. Supply chain management involves coordinating and integrating these elements using an effective and efficient approach and methodology. Supply chain management is important for businesses to ensure there is minimum waste, drive innovation thereby creating integrated value chains. Supply chain management plays an important and central role in the success of a business. Please find a list of topics on supply chain management that may be useful for your engineering dissertation:

  • A detailed investigation into the need and use of dynamic staff to determine and rectify supply chain problems with a specific focus on the construction industry.
  • Research into eco-friendly and sustainable practices in supply chain management.
  • Research to develop a learning organisation and its impact on supply chain management.
  • Research to measure and develop intellectual capital within the supply chain industry.
  • A detailed study of innovative forecasting and demand planning strategies for supply chain management
  • Research study to create measurements to study the impact of learning organisation on performance measurement in supply chain industry
  • Impact of training on knowledge performance index within supply chain industry.
  • The behaviour of Carbon index with the implementation of a learning organisation.
  • Developing a framework for supply chain management in densely populated urban cities
  • Detailed investigation and analysis taking into account supply chain and logistical strategies for perishable goods.
  • The influence and impact of emerging e-commerce technologies on supply chain management.

Computer science engineering focuses on the key elements of computer programming and networking with a focus on gaining knowledge of the design, implementation and management of information systems. Information systems play a major role in computer science engineering and an integral component to the successful operations of organisations. The management of information technology systems is a major element for organisations. The following could be used for an engineering dissertation as well as a computing dissertation:

  • How can organisations ensure that information system is effectively used to maintain process efficiency?
  • How can learning organisations influence the development of information systems?
  • The role of risk management in information technology systems of organisations.
  • Research to identify and reduce e-waste using information technology strategies and systems.
  • Current status and research on E-waste in the United Kingdom
  • Development of measurement systems to measure e-waste.
  • A detailed review of the role of information technology in improving productivity and transforming organisations.
  • An investigation into the use of information technology as a tool for sustained competitive advantage.
  • A high-level investigation and detailed review into best practices for the implementation of information technology in modern day organisations.

Electrical engineering is focused on the design, development, testing, supervision and the manufacturing of electrical equipment. Electrical engineers design the electrical systems of automobiles, aircrafts, power generation equipment, communications systems, radar and navigational systems. The design and development of these electrical components are key and central to modern day life. There are several topics within this area that you could research for your electrical engineering dissertation:

  • Development of a system to study the efficiency of motors in order to reduce kWh usage
  • Setting up of a control system to monitor the process usage of compressors.
  • Develop a scheme to normalise compressor output to kWh.
  • Research to investigate, develop and introduce schemes to ensure efficient energy consumption by electrical machines.
  • Research to study transformer losses and reduce energy loss.
  • Research to study metering techniques to control and improve efficiency.
  • Research to introduce smart metering concepts to ensure efficient use of electricity.
  • Integration of smart metering pulsed outputs with wireless area networks and access real-time data.
  • Developing effective strategies and methodical systems for pay as you go charging for electric vehicles
  • A detailed review and investigation into the key issues and challenges facing rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Trends and challenges in electric vehicles technologies
  • Smart charging of electric vehicles on the motorway

The main emphasis of civil engineering in recent times is focused on sustainable development of quality, durable structures that deliver value for money, maximise the benefits from innovation and meets the specifications of the end users. Construction of sustainable houses has been a top priority within civil engineering. The following research topics are being actively undertaken and may be a good area for you to base your research on your own engineering dissertation:

  • Development of sustainable homes making use of renewable energy sources.
  • The use of sustainable materials for construction: design and delivery methods.
  • The role of environmental assessment tools in sustainable construction
  • The use of warm mix asphalt in road construction
  • Research to study properties of concrete to achieve sustainability.
  • Development of waste reduction strategy to achieve sustainable concepts
  • High-level review of the barriers and drivers for sustainable buildings in developing countries
  • Research to study the impact of sustainability concepts on organisational growth and development.
  • Sustainable technologies for the building construction industry
  • Building Information Modelling in the construction industry
  • Research regarding micromechanics of granular materials.
  • Research to study and develop water treatment processes.
  • Research to set up remote sensing applications to assist in the development of sustainable construction techniques.
  • High-level strategies, best practice guidelines and methodologies for sustainable construction.
  • State of the art practice for recycling in the construction industry.
  • Key factors and risk factors associated with the construction of high rise buildings.
  • An investigation into health and safety in the construction industry.

Engineering management is the application of the practice of management to the practice of engineering. Engineering management integrates problem-solving, engineering, technological developments and advancements in organizational structure, administrative, and planning abilities of management in order to oversee the operational performance of complex engineering driven enterprises. These two topics go hand in hand and support each other quite well. It is important that both sides are well balanced. The following research topics could be useful for your engineering dissertation:

  • Steps to conduct management of change to ensure smooth process improvement.
  • Research to sustainably manage a project team.
  • Research to study the management of engineering projects and various risks involved with them.
  • Research to identify process improvement plans to support business strategies.
  • Efficient supply chain management to ensure and develop key motivational skills within staff members.
  • How leadership can help efficiency within a learning organisation.
  • Developing an integrated approach to strategic management in organisations.
  • Creating and sustaining competitive advantage in engineering organisations.
  • Developing frameworks for sustainable assessments taking into account eco-engineering measures.
  • The role of engineers in managing development in emerging countries.

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Engineering Dissertation Topics – Selected Industry-Oriented Topics

Published by Owen Ingram at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On August 18, 2023

Engineering is one of the most rewarding careers for students. With solid research, investigation and analysis, engineering students dig deep through different engineering ideas throughout the length of their degree programmes.

All undergraduate, Master and Phd engineering students must complete a dissertation on a topic that adds some value to their area of study.

Engineering is a branch of science that deals with the design and creation of products, machines, systems, and processes. Engineering students are responsible for the overall implementation of engineering projects, i.e., the invention of new products or services, the design of new products and systems, development of new processes, materials, or methods.

Here are some of the many responsibilities of an engineer.

  • Engineers design machines, buildings, and systems that help people do their jobs more quickly or efficiently.
  • They determine ways to make devices safer, faster, or more efficient.
  • Engineers create new technology to automate manual work and save time.

Engineering topics can be divided into different disciplines, such as civil, electrical, mechanical, and industrial. So without further delay, here are the engineering dissertation topics you have been looking for.

Engineering Dissertation Topics 

Civil engineering.

Civil engineers design and oversee construction projects such as roads, bridges, hospitals, water treatment plants, and airports.

Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics

The following list of civil engineering dissertation topics will help you with your next dissertation essay.

  • Bridges and Tunnels
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Building Structure
  • Planning and management in the construction industry
  • Construction technology
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Health, safety, and environment
  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • Smart buildings
  • Construction management and project management
  • Sustainable design

Complete list of civil engineering dissertation topics

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design and develop complex electrical machines, electronic devices, and power systems. They also use their skills to solve problems in robotics, medical technology, computer engineering, and other technologies.

Electrical Engineering Dissertation Topics

There are many research topics in Electrical Engineering. Some of them are listed below:

  • Electrical circuits and devices
  • Electrical systems, devices, and components
  • Electrical power engineering
  • Power electronics and power generation
  • Power transmission
  • Power distribution
  • Control and automation
  • Transmission systems
  • Signal processing and communications
  • Electronic engineering system design

How Can Research Prospect Help?

Research Prospect writers can send several custom topic ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order for our dissertation outline service which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions , literature review , methodology , expected results , and conclusion . The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing the order for our full dissertation writing service!

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design and develop engines, cars, aeroplanes, and other machinery used in factories. They also help manufacturers improve product quality by creating processes that increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Mechanical engineering covers a wide range of topics, from the materials used in the design and construction of products to the analysis of complex systems and processes. The field is diverse, but some of the many fields of topics may include.

Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Topics

The following list includes some of the most common topics in mechanical engineering:

  • Human factors and systems engineering
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Machine design and control
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Materials science, engineering, and technology
  • Manufacturing process technology, product design, and development
  • Engineered materials and structures
  • Materials processing, fabrication, and inspection technologies
  • Mechanics of materials (including solid mechanics)
  • Thermodynamics and heat transfer in engineering systems

Complete list of mechanical engineering dissertation topics. 

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers work with manufacturing companies to improve efficiency by redesigning processes. An example to see how products move through production lines or how workers perform their jobs more effectively.

Industrial Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Sustainable development and its impact on the environment
  • Design of products and services to meet the needs of the consumer
  • Industrial safety and health management systems
  • Energy-efficient products, processes, and buildings
  • Sustainable production systems
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) for manufacturing industries
  • Intelligent materials, devices, and systems
  • Managing natural resources in an environmentally responsible way

View chemical engineering dissertation topics here. 

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers are concerned with all aspects of information technology, including hardware, software, and systems. Computer engineers analyze problems in computer science and apply their knowledge to design new processes and devices. They may specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence or embedded systems.

Computer Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • Designing a system to provide an automated control system for an aircraft
  • Computer organization, software engineering, and programming languages
  • Design of a computer-based neural network controller for use in controlling an aircraft
  • Creation of a computer program to simulate the operation of a molecule in a given chemical reaction
  • Development of a real-time software package for the control of complex industrial machines
  • Development of an intelligent software system for controlling large-scale industrial processes

Computer engineering dissertation topics complete list. 

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Metallurgy Engineering

Metallurgy engineers are involved in designing and constructing equipment to extract metals from ores. They also develop processes for treating the ores to recover valuable metals and other materials sold at high prices because of their growing demands. Moreover, metallurgical engineers may specialize in producing steel by smelting iron ore or coal into pig iron (a low-grade form of steel). They may also work with other types of scarce metals in a limited quantity under the earth’s crust, such as aluminum or titanium.

Metallurgy Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • The use of Nickel and Nickel Alloys in the Manufacturing Industry
  • The Effect of Processing Techniques on the Properties of Ferrous Metals
  • Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels
  • Corrosion Behavior and Corrosion Inhibiting Mechanisms in Ferrous Metals
  • Corrosion and Corrosion Resistance Control in Cast Iron and Steel Castings and Forgings
  • Corrosion Control in High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels by Selective Annealing
  • Corrosion Behavior in Stainless Steels Used for Structural Applications
  • Mechanical Properties of Ferrous Metallics by Thermal Treatment and Chemical Modification Methods

Needless to say, engineering is a diverse field with a pool of opportunities for those looking to build a career in this booming field. If you’re still wondering which engineering topice is best for you, the choice will depend on your interests and abilities.

Therefore, it’s best to take some time and explore different options before choosing a topic Hopefully, the above engineering dissertation topics will help you write an appealing dissertation for your final year.

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  • Explore interdisciplinary areas.
  • Consult experts and professors.
  • Analyze practical applications.
  • Select a topic aligning with your passion and career goals.

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Latest Thesis topics for Electrical Engineering (EEE)

Thesis topics for Electrical Engineering

21 Apr 2018

In dissertation , news , projects , research topics , technology , thesis , thesis topics, 12 comments.

Our professional experts at E2Matrix Research Institute provides guidance to select good thesis topics for electrical engineering (EEE) for m.tech research. Thesis writing is an essential part of m.tech and for that proper thesis, guidance is very necessary. E2Matrix has a team of highly qualified professionals that help students and assist them in every way possible so that their research becomes one of the best ones. Our team of professionals has done a lot of exceptional work in the research field.

Electrical engineering is an engineering stream that comprises study and understanding about electricity and electronics. The main work of electrical engineers is to distribute energy for different devices. They have to use their knowledge and skills of electrical engineering for solving various technical problems. Some of the works that an electrical engineer is capable of doing on some specified electrical devices or products include developing GPS systems and airline navigation systems designing power generating and transmitting system like a power plant of a wind farmhouse, and so on.

An electrical engineer works on different energies that include wind energy, solar energy, geo- thermal energy, fuel cell, turbine, hydro-energy, gas, etc. Being an engineering student, one has to get thesis topics for electrical engineering (EEE) during their academics.

M.Tech Thesis and Projects Topics for Electronics Engineering

Power Electronics

  • Design and simulation of three phase inverter for grid connected photovoltic systems
  • Modeling and analysis of three-phase grid-tied photovoltaic systems
  • Modeling and simulation of single phase inverter with pwm using matlab/simulink
  • Performance of sinusoidal pulse width modulation based three phase inverter
  • Study of the load flow in electrical supply networks ac/dc
  • Simulation for a 3-phase induction motor under unbalanced conditions

Power system

  • Model of induction motor changes to power system disturbances
  • A  novel approach in the design of optimal tuning frequency of a single tuned harmonic filter for an alternator with rectifier loads
  • Evaluation of filter design and harmonic analysis using pscad/ emtdc
  • Minimization of harmonic distortion of industrial motor drives with active power filter in paper mill.
  • Modified newton-raphson load flow analysis for integrated ac/dc power systems

Renewable Energy

  • Cloud formation in the plumes of solar chimney power generation facilities
  • Solar powered 10 mg silicon robot
  • Design of a biologically-inspired climbing hexapod robot for complex maneuvers
  • A hybrid solar-wind power generation system as an instructional resource for industrial technology students
  • A study of hydroelectric power: from a global perspective to a local application
  • Solar driven absorption air conditioning systems for the caribbean
  • Human-powered refrigerator
  • Pumping water for irrigation using solar energy

Many Others M.Tech Thesis and Projects Topics List

  • Over Voltage- Under Voltage Protection System
  • Wireless Power Transfer in 3 Dimensional Spaces
  • Intelligent Feeder Control System in 230 kilovolts Switch Yard
  • Self-Switching Power Supply
  • Light Emitting Diode Based Automatic Emergency Light System
  • High Voltage Direct Current by Marx Generator Principles
  • Highway Monitoring and Controlling System by Using Embedded Systems
  • Four Quadrant Direct Current Motor Controls without Microcontroller
  • Power Generation from the Wind Energy Available During Movement of Train
  • Step-Up 6 Volt Direct Current to 10 Volt Using 555 Timers
  • High Voltage Direct Current up to 2KV From Alternative Current by Using Diodes and Capacitors in Multiplier Voltage Circuit
  • Induction Motor Protection System
  • Three-Phase Fault Analysis System with Auto-Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip Otherwise
  • Automatic Star Delta Starter by using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer for Induction Motor
  • Alternative Current Pulse Width Modulation Control for Induction Motor
  • Password Based Circuit Beaker
  • Dual Tone Multi Frequency based Load Control System
  • Automatic Control of Bottle Filling Using Programmable Logic Controllers with Conveyor Model
  • Industrial Temperature Controller
  • BLDC Motor Speed Control with RPM Displays
  • Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor
  • Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote
  • High Performance Alternative Current Supply with Low Harmonic Distortion for Multiphase AC Machines
  • Solar Powered Auto-Irrigation System
  • Personal Computer Based Electrical Loads Control
  • Optimum Energy Management System
  • Speed Control Unit Designed for a Direct Current Motor
  • Accident Alerts in Modern Traffic Signal Control System by using Camera Surveillance System
  • PIR Based Energy Conversation System for Lighting System and Corporate Computers
  • Attendance Management System by Using Face Recognition Technique
  • Diode Clamped Multi-Level Inverter Using Renewable Energy System
  • A Bi-Directional Visitors Counter
  • Fuse Tube light Glower without Any Electric Choke
  • Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation with Personal Computer Interface and OLM
  • Visual Alternating Current Mains Voltage Indicator

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Latest Thesis topics for computer science (CSE)

24 Apr 2018 - Dissertation , Projects , Research Topics , Technology , Thesis , Thesis Topics

Thesis topics for Electronics and communication Engineering ECE

Latest Thesis Topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

21 Apr 2018 - Dissertation , News , Projects , Research Topics , Thesis , Thesis Topics

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Help title dissertation in power system

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I am looking for a thesis for my b.tech +m.tech (integrated) (EE) (power system engineering)

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Ok iam now in masters degree programm . I need two scientific paper topics which are very useful in power electrical engineering

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I’m a running student in the Batchelor program in EEE. If you would give me an good idea about thesis topic what I can select.

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Electrical Engineering

Research papers/topics in electrical engineering, a decision model-based agricultural electrical automation control system.

This paper introduces a groundbreaking approach to revolutionize traditional farming practices by introducing a decision model-based agricultural electrical automation control system. The system integrates cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and sensor networks, with the goal of enhancing the efficiency and productivity of agricultural processes. By automating key tasks such as irrigation, fertilization, pest control, and harvesting, the s...

A Fault Detection and Protection Scheme for a 200 MVA Transformer using Fuzzy Logic

ABSTRACT Condition monitoring of Electrical power equipment has attracted considerable attention for years. The aim of this work is to use Fuzzy logic (FL) Tool Box in building a simulation system that will diagnose all kinds of incipient faults, phase to phase fault and overloading in a transformer and monitor its conditions. Current and rate of change of current with time have been identified as the input variables, duly represented in the programme as “Error” and “Error-Dot”. Thes...

Comparative Analysis of Distributed Power Control Algorithms in Cellular Network

ABSTRACT Wireless Communication is one of the most active areas of technological development of our time. It covers a very wide array of applications that lead to an ever growing demand on the limited radio resources. Consequently, the need for efficient management of the limited radio resources has become imperatively a global issue. The complexity of the cellular system and the propagation channel resulted in the interference issues that degrade the system performance. Transmit power otherw...

Multi‑time Scale Coordinated Optimization of New Energy High Permeability Power System Considering Flexibility Requirements

The high proportion of grid-connected intermittent energy such as wind power and photovoltaic makes the demand for power system flexibility increase sharply. In order to improve the overall flexibility of new energy high permeability system and enhance the economy of power system, promote the new energy consumption of system. This paper presents a multi- time scale Coordinated optimization strategy for the new energy high permeability power system considering flexibility requirement (MTS...

Robotic Soil Instrument

Soybeans are an important crop for global food security. Every year, soybean yields are reduced by numerous soybean diseases, particularly the soybean cyst nematode (SCN). It is difficult to visually identify the presence of SCN in the field, let alone its population densities or numbers, as there are no obvious aboveground disease symptoms. The only definitive way to assess SCN population densities is to directly extract the SCN cysts from soil and then extract the eggs from cysts and count ...

Wearable Devices and Connected Worker Solutions

The effects of the workplace on the safety, health, and productivity of personnel can be seen at various levels. To protect and boost general worker health, innovative hardware and software tools have been developed for the detection, elimination, substitution, and regulation of occupational hazards. Wearable technologies make it possible for constant tracking of workers and their environment, whereas connected worker solutions provide contextual information and support for decision-making. H...

A Pulse Width Modulated Voltage-Fed Inverter Vector-Controlled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive

ABSTRACT  A Pulsewidth Modulated Voltage-Fed Inverter Vector-Controlled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Drive based on Hysteresis Current Control (HCC) is presented in this work. A detailed conceptual dq modelling of the PMSM was undertaken in the rotor reference 26 frame for open loop studies, thereby setting the pace for the variable speed drive (VSD) of the PMSM which, inherently, is not capable of variable speed operation. Subsequently, vector control by Field Orientation Contr...

Design and build an electric car charger station with a renewable source of energy at IUK

Abstract Construction and use of electric cars have increased dramatically in recent years. It's totally silent, productive, wasteful to a minimum, and needs zero care. Although electric vehicles might help cut down on carbon dioxide emissions, the charging stations required to keep their batteries at an adequate level would put a significant strain on the country's electrical grid. Renewable energy sources, such as solar power, have the potential to lessen the burden on the power system. Ass...

Influence of Saliency Ratio (Xd, Xq) on the Performance of Three-Phase Synchronous Reluctance Generators.

ABSTRACT  In the study of the influence of saliency ratio (L /L ) on the performance of a synchronous reluctance generator (SRG), this project investigates two typical generator rotor designs: Generator with cage and without cage otherwise known as cage and cageless rotor respectively. A special attention had been paid to the possible rotor geometries of synchronous reluctance machine, SRM. This ratio can directly influence our insight into the machine’s potential abilities. From the studi...

Data Analysis using Decision Tree_Random Forest and KNN

Predictive Analysis using Decision Tree, Random Forest and K-Nearest Algorithm 

Modeling and Simulation of a Standalone Photovoltaic System

ABSTRACT  The increase in hazardous gaseous emission from the conventional source of energy has motivated many scientists to research on the alternate sources of energy which is cleaner. The chief source of renewable energy is the solar energy. The cleanness of this form of energy source motivated this research work. In this work, Modeling and Simulation of a Standalone Photovoltaic System aimed at increasing the efficiency of solar array system was developed. This work was undertaken to dev...

An Improved Model for Key Performance Indicators Analysis for Mobile Number Portability Scheme for GSM Subscribers in Nigeria

ABSTRACT  In Nigeria today it been observed that when changing from one GSM network operators to the other, customers has to give up their old numbers and adopt a new one. As a result, they face switching costs associated with informing people about changing their number, printing new business cards, missing valuable calls from people that do not have the new number, etc. In this research the Key Performance Indicatiors (KPI) of network providers and the causes of poor quality service qualit...

Comparison between Proportional Integral Derivative Controller and Fuzzy Logic Controller for DC Servomotor

ABSTRACT This study presents a comparative study of two controllers for position and speed control of DC servomotor. PID controller is the most usually used for the position control in DC servomotor. However, the PID controller has some disadvantages such as: the high starting overshoot, slow response for unexpected disturbance and high sensitivity to the controller gain. So, the reasonably design PID controller with computational optimization approach method is proposed to overcome the disad...

Thermal Modelling of Induction Machine Using the Lumped Parameter Model

Abstract Temperature rise is of much concern in the short and long term operations of induction machine, the most useful industrial work icon. This work examines induction machines mean temperatures at the different core parts of the machine. The system’s thermal network is developed, the algebraic and differential equations for the proposed models are solved so as to ascertain the thermal performances of the machine under steady and transient conditions. The lumped parameter thermal method...

Policy and Regulatory Framework for Fiber Optic Backbone in Abuja

ABSTRACT The purpose of this work is to make a contribution to the “Abuja grand design” by proposing a strategy that would facilitate making Abuja feature as a “modern city”. This proposal is entitled “Policy and Regulatory Framework for Fiber Optic Backbone in Abuja”. The main import of the strategy is to network every home and business in Abuja with fiber optics. The city fiber network would serve as a broadband communication medium to provide essentially unlimited and open comm...

Electrical engineering is a professional engineering discipline that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It is the branch of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity. Afribary curates list of academic papers and project topics in Electrical Engineering. You can browse Electrical Engineering Project topics, Electrical Engineering thesis topics, Electrical Engineering seminar topics, research papers, termpapers topics in Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering projects, thesis, seminars and termpapers topic and materials

Popular Papers/Topics

Design and construction of 36w automatic solar street light using solar panel, charge controller, led and with battery, impact of weather variables on electricity power demand forecast using fuzzy logic technique, modeling of core loss in induction machine, photovoltaics — a path to sustainable futures, correlation of light-induced changes in a-si:h films with characteristics of corresponding solar cells, double amorphous silicon-carbide p-layer structures producing highly stabilized pin-type protocrystalline silicon multilayer solar cells, levelized cost of electricity for solar photovoltaic, battery and cogen hybrid systems, light-induced defect states in hydrogenated amorphous silicon centered around 1.0 and 1.2 ev from the conduction band edge, maximization of the open circuit voltage for a-si:h n-i-p solar cells by incorporation of protocrystalline si:h p-type layers, coal with carbon capture and sequestration is not as land use efficient as solar photovoltaic technology for climate neutral electricity production, photovoltaic system performance enhancement with non-tracking planar concentrators: experimental results and bi-directional reflectance function (bdrf) based modelling, speed control of marine diesel engine self-tuning based on fuzzy pid control and genetic algorithm pid, absence of carrier recombination associated with the defect pool model in a-si:h i-layers: evidence from current-voltage characteristics on p-i-n and n-i-p solar cells, microstructurally engineered p-layers for obtaining high open-circuit voltages in a-si:h n-i-p solar cells, square wave to sinounsidal wave form.

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Recent Master’s Research Topic Ideas for Electronic Engineering 2020

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The present article helps the USA, the UK and the Australian students pursuing their computer Science postgraduate degree to identify the right topic in the area of Computer Science Electronics Engineering. These topics are researched in-depth at the University of Glasgow, UK, Sun Yat-sen University, University of St Andrews and many more. Tutors India offers UK Dissertation Research Topics Services in Computer Science Electronics Engineering Domain. When you Order Computer Science Dissertation Services at Tutors India, we promise you the following – Plagiarism free, Always on Time, outstanding customer support, written to Standard, Unlimited Revisions support and High-quality Subject Matter Experts ----------------- Contact: Website: www.tutorsindia.com Email: [email protected] United Kingdom: +44-1143520021 India: +91-4448137070 Whatsapp Number: +91-8754446690

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Tutors India

The present article helps the USA, the UK and the Australian students pursuing their computer Science postgraduate degree to identify a right topic in the area of computer science specifically on load balancing, task and resource scheduling method for efficient cloud service provisioning. These topics are researched in-depth at the University of Glasgow, UK, Sun Yat-sen University, University of St Andrews and many more. Tutors India offers UK Dissertation Research Topics Services in Computer Science Engineering Domain. When you Order Computer Science Dissertation Services at Tutors India, we promise you the following – Plagiarism free, Always on Time, outstanding customer support, written to Standard, Unlimited Revisions support and High-quality Subject Matter Experts Contact: Website: www.tutorsindia.com Email: [email protected] United Kingdom: +44-1143520021 India: +91-4448137070 Whatsapp Number: +91-8754446690 Address: No: 10, Kutty Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai -34

electronic engineering dissertation ideas

Stan Kurkovsky

Mobile application development is a hot topic that has great appeal to computing students. Harnessing this popularity is important to our programs to help attract new majors, retain those we have and to generally motivate learning. Many institutions are considering offering a course on mobile application development. Some already have.

The Journal of Computing …

Panagiotis Metaxas

rantala vamsi

Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges

Lisa MacLean

imscdr moodle

saravana kumar

Delays associated with high density multipliers are typically large and it is the main drawback of high frequency data manipulation. Optimizing the speed and area of the multiplier is a major design issue. A High Speed Serial-Serial Multiplier (HS-SSM) using half grid cycle for Ortho Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is proposed. In half grid cycling the data is fed at the input both during positive and negative edge of the clock. So more than one partial product is computed in each cycle. The computation of more than one partial product in each cycle reduces total delay of multiplication. The proposed HS-SSM and state-of the art multipliers are designed using VHDL coding and simulated using ALTERA QUARTUS II. The experimental results revealed that the proposed HS-SS multiplier performed better in terms of delay reduction. This accounts for the best Power Delay Product (PDP) and Area Delay Product (ADP) of the proposed multiplier. A HS-SS multiplier using half grid technique is proposed. Extensive comparison with the conventional and state-of-the art designs revealed the best performance of the proposed serial multiplier in terms of delay and PDP reduction. An implementation of the proposed multiplier design in OFDM block for signal processing revealed its suitability for high speed application.



Shankar Nagarajan

Dr Zeeshan Shafiq

Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Ln Keerthana


Yashwant Sooda

shujun zhao

Mahip Sandhu

kundan mani

Abdul Kalim

Rajinikanthreddy Dharmaiah Gari


Dennis Gannon

Wazir Zada Khan

10 th Annual Conference of the Subject Centre for …

Massood Towhidnejad

IJCSE Editor

Sreenivasu S

Devang Bharania

Bonnie MacKellar

Thomas Lancaster

Björn Gambäck

Bernd Carsten Stahl

Muhammed Anas

gomathi shanmugam

Eugene H Spafford

Patricia Morreale , David A. Joiner

Turki Alharkan

er.anubhav shukla

Namita Sarawagi

Iasir Journals


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Electrical Engineering Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2022 2022.

Stability and Interaction Analysis of Inverter-Based Resources in Power Grids , Li Bao

Healthcare IoT System and Network Design , Halil Ibrahim Deniz

Video Anomaly Detection: Practical Challenges for Learning Algorithms , Keval Doshi

Data-Driven State Estimation for Improved Wide Area Situational Awareness in Smart Grids , Md Jakir Hossain

Deep Learning and Feature Engineering for Human Activity Recognition: Exploiting Novel Rich Learning Representations and Sub-transfer Learning to Boost Practical Performance , Ria Kanjilal

Assistive Technologies for Independent Navigation for People with Blindness , Howard Kaplan

Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Higher Order Statistical Analysis of Electroencephalography Signals , Seyed Alireza Khoshnevis

Accelerating Multiparametric MRI for Adaptive Radiotherapy , Shraddha Pandey

A Model-Based Fault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems via Asynchronous Motors System Identification or Testing, and Control Engineering Observers , Kenelt Pierre

Improving Wireless Networking from the Learning and Security Perspectives , Zhe Qu

Improving Robustness of Deep Learning Models and Privacy-Preserving Image Denoising , Hadi Zanddizari

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

A Method for Compact Representation of Heterogenous and Multivariate Time Series for Robust Classification and Visualization , Alla Abdella

Dynamical System and Parameter Identification for Power Systems , Abdullah Abdulrahman Alassaf

Phasor Domain Modeling of Type-III Wind Turbines , Mohammed Alqahtani

An Automated Framework for Connected Speech Evaluation of Neurodegenerative Disease: A Case Study in Parkinson's Disease , Sai Bharadwaj Appakaya

Investigation of CoO ATO for Solar Cells and Infrared Sheaths , Manopriya Devisetty Subramanyam

Thermal Management of Lithium-ion Batteries Using Supercapacitors , Sanskruta Dhotre

Effect of Se Composition in CdSe 1-X T eX /CdTe Solar Cells , Sheikh Tawsif Elahi

Microencapsulation of Thermochromic Materials for Thermal Storage and Energy Efficiency of Buildings , Abdullatif Hakami

Piezoelectrically-Transduced ZnO-on-Diamond Resonators with Enhanced Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Power-handling Capability for Sensing and Wireless Communication Applications , Xu Han

Preparation and Characterization of Single Layer Conducting Polymer Electrochromic and Touchchromic Devices , Sharan Kumar Indrakar

Security Attacks and Defenses in Cyber Systems: From an AI Perspective , Zhengping Luo

Power System Optimization Methods: Convex Relaxation and Benders Decomposition , Minyue Ma

Metal Oxide Sensor Array Test Bed Prototype for Diagnostic Breath Analysis , Tiffany C. Miller

Packaging of Active RF Beamforming IC Utilizing Additive Manufacturing , Ryan Murphy

Adaptive Network Slicing in Fog RAN for IoT with Heterogeneous Latency and Computing Requirements: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach , Almuthanna Nassar

Development of a Bipolar Radiofrequency Ablation Device for Renal Denervation , Noel Perez

Copper Electrodeposition Assisted by Hydrogen Evolution for Wearable Electronics: Interconnections and Fiber Metallization , Sabrina M. Rosa Ortiz

Theory and Application of Dielectric Rod Antennas and Arrays , Gabriel Saffold

Advanced Organic Polymers for the Nanoscale Fabrication of Fiber-based Electronics Using the Electrospinning Technique , William Serrano Garcia

Transparent Planar Micro-Electrode Array for In-Vitro Electric Field Mediated Gene Delivery , Raj Himatlal Shah

High Speed Switching for Plasma Based Electroporation , Shivangi Sharma

Development of Small-Scale Power Supplies for Wearable Medical Diagnostic Devices , Donny Stiner

Novel Approach to Integrate CAN Based Vehicle Sensors with GPS Using Adaptive Filters to Improve Localization Precision in Connected Vehicles from a Systems Engineering Perspective , Abhijit Vasili

Modeling, Control and Analysis of Inverter-Based Generators in the Power Grids , Yangkun Xu

Fiber-Based Supercapacitor for Wearable Electronics , Rohit Lallansingh Yadav

Modeling, Identification, and Stability Analysis of Inverter-Based Resources Integrated Systems , Miao Zhang

Data-Oriented Approaches towards Mobile, Network and Secure Systems , Shangqing Zhao

Strategies in Botnet Detection and Privacy Preserving Machine Learning , Di Zhuang

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Architecture design and optimization of Edge-enabled Smart Grids , Adetola B. Adeniran

Multimodal Data Fusion and Attack Detection in Recommender Systems , Mehmet Aktukmak

Artificial Intelligence Towards the Wireless Channel Modeling Communications in 5G , Saud Mobark Aldossari

Enhancement of 5G Network Performance Using Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) , Faeik Tayseer Al Rabee

Investigation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection System in Cybersecurity , Mohmmed Alrowaily

Comprehensive Optimization Models for Voltage Regulation in PV-rich Multi-phase Distribution Systems , Ibrahim Alsaleh

Design and Implementation of Solid/Solid Phononic Crystal Structures in Lateral Extensional Thin-film Piezoelectric on Silicon Micromechanical Resonators , Abdulrahman Alsolami

Analysis of Computational Modeling Methods as Applied to Single-Crystal Organohalide Perovskites , Jon M. Bebeau

Development of a Monolithic Implantable Neural Interface from Cubic Silicon Carbide and Evaluation of Its MRI Compatibility , Mohammad Beygi

Performance Enhancement Techniques for Next-Generation Multi-Service Communication and Medical Cyber-Physical Systems , Ali Fatih Demir

Microfluidically Reconfigurable Millimeter-Wave Switches, Antenna Arrays and Filters with Fast-Actuation Using Movable Metallized Plates and Integrated Actuation , Enrique J. Gonzalez Carvajal

Multilayered Transmission Lines, Antennas and Phased Arrays with Structurally Integrated Control Electronics Using Additive Manufacturing , Merve Kacar

Cost Efficient Algorithms and Methods for Spectral Efficiency in Future Radio Access , Murat Karabacak

Design of DeLRo Autonomous Delivery Robot and AI Based Localization , Tolga Karakurt

Theory, Fabrication, and Characterization of Perovskite Phototransistor , Fatemeh Khorramshahi

Modeling and Control of Renewable Energy in Grids and Microgrids , Yin Li

Next-Generation Self-Organizing Communications Networks: Synergistic Application of Machine Learning and User-Centric Technologies , Chetana V. Murudkar

Reliability Analysis of Power Grids and its Interdependent Infrastructures: An Interaction Graph-based Approach , Upama Nakarmi

Algorithms Enabling Communications in the Presence of Adjacent Channel Interference , Berker Peköz

Electrospun Nanofibrous Membrane Based Glucose Sensor with Integration of Potentiostat Circuit , Kavyashree Puttananjegowda

Service Provisioning and Security Design in Software Defined Networks , Mohamed Rahouti

Reading and Programming Spintronic Devices for Biomimetic Applications and Fault-tolerant Memory Design , Kawsher Ahmed Roxy

Implementation of SR Flip-Flop Based PUF on FPGA for Hardware Security , Sai Praneeth Sagi

Trauma Detection Personal Locator Beacon System , Sakshi Sharma

Network Function Virtualization In Fog Networks , Nazli Siasi

Socially Aware Network User Mobility Analysis and Novel Approaches on Aerial Mobile Wireless Network Deployment , Ismail Uluturk

Spatial Stereo Sound Source Localization Optimization and CNN Based Source Feature Recognition , Cong Xu

Hybrid RF Acoustic Resonators and Arrays with Integrated Capacitive and Piezoelectric Transducers , Adnan Zaman

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Fabrication and Characterization of Electrical Energy Storage and Harvesting Energy Devices Using Gel Electrolytes , Belqasem Aljafari

Phasor Measurement Unit Data-Based Steady State and Dynamic Model Estimation , Anas Almunif

Cross Layer-based Intrusion Detection System Using Machine Learning for MANETs , Amar Amouri

Power Conditioning System on a Micro-Grid System , Tamoghna Banerjee

Thermal Response in a Field Oriented Controlled Three-phase Induction Motor , Niyem Mawenbe Bawana

Design and Development of a Wireless EEG System Integrated into a Football Helmet , Akshay V. Dunakhe

Machine Learning, Game Theory Algorithms, and Medium Access Protocols for 5G and Internet-of-Thing (IoT) Networks , Mohamed Elkourdi

Improving Stability by Enhancing Critical Fault Clearing Time , Ammara M. Ghani

RF Power Circuit Designs for Wi-Fi Applications , Krishna Manasa Gollapudi

Enhancing Secrecy and Capacity of Wireless Systems Using Directive Communications , Mohammed A. Hafez

Statistical Anomaly Detection and Mitigation of Cyber Attacks for Intelligent Transportation Systems , Ammar Haydari

Absorber and Window Study – CdSexTe1-x/CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells , Chih-An Hsu

Methods and Algorithms to Enhance the Security, Increase the Throughput, and Decrease the Synchronization Delay in 5G Networks , Asim Mazin

Piezoelectric ZnO Nanowires as a Tunable Interface Material for Opto-Electronic Applications , Anand Kumar Santhanakrishna

Security Framework for the Internet of Things Leveraging Network Telescopes and Machine Learning , Farooq Israr Ahmed Shaikh

Diversity and Network Coded 5G Wireless Network Infrastructure for Ultra-Reliable Communications , Nabeel Ibrahim Sulieman

The Design of Passive Networks with Full-Wave Component Models , Eric Valentino

CubeSat Constellation Design for Intersatellite Linking , Michael T. White

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Design of Micro-Scale Energy Harvesting Systems for Low Power Applications Using Enhanced Power Management System , Majdi M. Ababneh

A Study on the Adaptability of Immune System Principles to Wireless Sensor Network and IoT Security , Vishwa Alaparthy

Validation of Results of Smart Grid Protection through Self-Healing , Felipe Framil Assumpção

A Novel Framework to Determine Physiological Signals From Blood Flow Dynamics , Prashanth Chetlur Adithya

The Effect of Processing Conditions on the Energetic Diagram of CdTe Thin Films Studied by Photoluminescence , Shamara P. Collins

Physical Electronic Properties of Self-Assembled 2D and 3D Surface Mounted Metal-Organic Frameworks , Radwan Elzein

Three Dimensional Direct Print Additively Manufactured High-Q Microwave Filters and Embedded Antennas , Derar Fayez Hawatmeh

Embedded System Design of Low-Power Wearable Bioelectronic Devices , Matthew S. Hopper

Initial Beam Access Schemes for Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks , Mohammed Jasim

Towards Utilization of Distributed On-Chip Power Delivery Against EM Side-Channel Attacks , Ahmed Waheed Khan

In Situ Extrinsic Doping of CdTe Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications , Imran Suhrid Khan

Development of 3-D Printed Hybrid Packaging for GaAs-MEMS Oscillators based on Piezoelectrically-Transduced ZnO-on-SOI Micromechanical Resonators , Di Lan

Multilayer Dielectric Rod Waveguide and Dielectric Rod Antenna with Enhanced Performance , Denise C. Lugo

A Cost Benefit Analysis of Using a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Represented by a Unit Commitment Model , Nemanja Mihailovic

Quantitative Measurement of Cerebral Hemodynamics During Activation of Auditory Cortex With Single- and Multi-Distance Near Infrared Spectroscopy , Penaz Parveen Sultana Mohammad

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100+ Electrical Engineering Research Topics Examples

Electrical engineering comprises the comprehension of electricity and how it works. The main task of electrical engineers is to improve the distribution of energy to different electrical devices. Electrical engineers utilize their skills and knowledge to solve different technical issues. Electrical engineers’ tasks are working with the airline navigation system, GPS, systems for power generation, and transmissions like the wind farmhouses and similar projects. Working on different energies also comes in the domain of electrical engineers such as hydro-energy, turbine, fuel cell, gas, geothermal energy, solar energy, and wind energy. Electrical engineers use various passive components such as inductors, capacitors, and resistors, and so on while working on electrical devices and systems.

Students need to get different ideas for the research in electrical engineering on the latest ideas during the academic career of engineering. If you have been looking for an article that includes interesting  research paper topics for electrical engineering  students at a single site, you have come to the right place.

Top Research Topics for Electrical Engineering Students

For your convenience, we have compiled here a list of the top 100 electrical engineering project ideas in 2021.

  • Distance Locator for an underground cable fault
  • An analysis of battery energy storage (BES) systems financial incentive policies
  • Photovoltaic conversion efficiency improvement using the sparse matrix converter
  • Multiphase power and DC power transmission
  • SVPWM inverter harmonic elimination
  • Electric cars Regenerative braking efficiency improvement
  • UPS systems issues in power quality
  • Techno-environmental feasibility assessment of a standalone photovoltaic system
  • Electric Scooter Simulation model
  • Load-leveling economical analysis using EV
  • Energy minimization algorithm for an electric car with many motors
  • Minimization of Switching loss in the grid-connected system
  • Economic analysis and a battery’s life analysis with the supercapacitor
  • Protection System for an induction motor
  • A high-efficiency PLC boiler control system
  • SMART cities and IoT
  • Electric scooter Performance analysis using different motors
  • Semantics, knowledge management, and data acquisition using IoT
  • Technologies of Network virtualization
  • IoT home networks
  • Electrical Appliance Control with Android
  • The cost-benefit analysis of energy projects on grid-scale: A case study
  • Detection of the arcing fault in the electrical systems
  • Induction motor map development for efficiency
  • A sensitivity analysis for the parameters vehicle design
  • Research on electrical loads in the public and residential buildings
  • Comparative Analysis and Calculation Methods of the Losses in the electrical energy in low-voltage devices
  • Hybrid charging stations powered with solar energy
  • IoT smart energy meter
  • Wind-power generation using a synchronous generator with permanent magnet
  • Off-grid rural areas applications using a switched reluctance machine
  • Analysis and design of a magnetless multiphase dc-field machine to generate wind power
  • Smart home electric energy management
  • A techno-economic viability assessment of a decoupled energy storage
  • A techno-economic optimization and modeling of storage-based PV power generation systems
  • A technical model for the lithium-ion storage for biogas and PV energy system
  • An analysis of transparent power grids
  • Battery life and efficiency of regenerative braking
  • Economic and life analysis of a battery with the supercapacitor
  • EV home charging using the load-leveling algorithm
  • In-Vivo Imaging of the cancer cells using the Fluorescent Microscopy
  • Use of Dynamic Instrumentation for analyzing WhatsApp security
  • Smart grid architecture design
  • Use of PID controller for IM torque control
  • Design of a hybrid power system
  • Use of FIXCOM for designing a 3-level inverter
  • Harvesting solar energy from a solar-powered satellite
  • Use of microcontroller for battery discharging and charging of hybrid energy system
  • Analysis and modeling of electrical gripper’s DC motor actuator
  • Use of a brushless DC motor for Zeta converter’s power quality improvement
  • Use of a three-phase Inverter based on Thyristor for simulation and control of a DC motor
  • Use of PI Controller for designing a PLC speed control DC motor
  • Use of PID controller for speed control of a DC motor: a comparative study
  • Front-End ASICs power management circuits
  • Off-Grid renewable energy’s remote monitoring system
  • Non- Renewable and Renewable Energy Resources comparative analysis
  • Development of Green Building for harvesting renewable energy
  • Low carbon achievement: a case study
  • Use of PSO for load dispatch in case of renewable uncertainties
  • The hot climate and Vertical axis wind turbine relationship and consequence
  • Use of fuzzy control for efficient electrical energy management
  • Degradation in the performance of PV panel performance and shading effect: a case study
  • Solar angles simulation to maximize solar thermal collectors efficiency
  • Use of Node MCU for active solar tracking
  • Different techniques for DC networks with low voltage
  • Waste Management Approach based on information
  • Grid-Connected Solar PV System with decoupled control
  • Electric vehicle life analysis
  • Use of ADVISOR for minimizing EV energy consumption
  • Field data examination of energy consumption for an electric scooter
  • Use of an electric car for peak load shaving
  • Effect of the temperature on PV energy conversion
  • Digital Signal process control system for motors
  • Use of EMTDC/ PSCAD for evaluation of harmonic analysis and filter design
  • Load flow analysis of integrated DC/ AC power system using newton-raphson method
  • Auto-Irrigation System development using solar power
  • DC motor speed control unit design
  • Protection System design for under-voltage
  • Protection System design for over-voltage
  • Silicon robot based on solar power
  • 3-phase grid-connected PV systems simulation and design
  • Analysis of brushless servo motors
  • Grid-connected PV systems multilevel inverter simulation
  • MIMO transformer models
  • Fault detection in 3 phase transmission lines
  • An optimization technique for flexible load scheduling
  • Design of remote terminal unit for secure control of power
  • Use of the artificial neural network for 3-phase fault detection
  • Design of electrical substation earthing system
  • Microgrid integration in the power transmission lines
  • Induction motor temperature and material selection
  • Open-loop simulation for an optimal vehicle simulation and design
  • Use of STATCOM for improving the transient stability of a power grid
  • Peak load management using Vehicle to Grid system
  • Image sensing for a closed-loop traffic control system
  • Arduino based smart home automation system
  • 3 phase induction motor controlled by SVPWM in an electric vehicle
  • Increasing the efficiency of a superconducting transformer
  • An analysis of (SCADA) System in Power Stations

Research topics for electrical engineering can be exciting yet challenging to find at the same time as they require a lot of time for thorough research and writing. Moreover, the topic and the desired approach can a lot of time to be finalized. Keeping this hassle in view, we have compiled a list of the top 100  electrical engineering research paper topics  in a single article to save your time. We will also keep updating the list to include some more latest and fresh research topics related to electrical engineering.

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