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The Walden Dissertation Process

Profile image of Carter  Matherly, PhD

2019, Walden University Doctoral Student Cohort

Walden University has a 6 part dissertation process (prospectus, proposal, IRB, defense, research, final defense). Like all doctoral journeys there are important things to do and to avoid. This presentation is an overview and detailed discussion of the Walden University dissertation process. The presentation has universal applicability as the Walden model mirrors many other universities processes. It is a companion lecture to the book 'My Doctoral Journey' (available at Amazon,

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Dr. Cathy Williams

Guided by the conceptual framework of self-directed learning and culture, this study investigated the effectiveness of Title IV private, for-profit colleges and universities (FPCUs). Little research has examined this topic, which is problematic considering the disproportionate rate of student loan defaults experienced by Black FPCU borrowers. A phenomenological design was used to explore the meaning of academic achievement for Black doctorate recipients who attained a doctorate in psychology through an FPCU. This study specifically examined how Black students experience the completion of doctoral psychology programs at 2 FPCUs and what factors contributed to these students finishing their degrees. A unique-criterion-purposive sample of 7 Black students who completed doctoral psychology programs at FPCUs within the past 5 years was recruited to participate in telephone interviews. Moustakas’ data analysis steps were applied to the data. The results indicated that study participants saw an association between attaining their doctorates in psychology and their self-actualization. They shared the experiences of selecting a suitable FPCU, choosing a specialty area, negotiating transfer credits, completing the doctoral coursework phase, and completing the dissertation phase. Their commitment to achieving self-actualization was a salient experience in finishing their degrees. A core aspect of self-actualization was their cultural knowledge, which helped them to overcome challenges and persevere. However, the results uncovered some insufficiencies in the FPCUs’ practices. They have implications for positive social change by highlighting how FPCU academic support services might use cultural knowledge and self-actualization strategies to maximize the successful matriculation of Black students.

dissertation process walden university

Bounthanh Lee

A book like this cannot be written in isolation. While most of the text found in this manual is original, dozens of similar books and experts were consulted, and many colleagues and friends provided information, feedback, and suggestions. My greatest thanks goes to Nancy Vyhmeister, author of the first AIIAS writing manual, for her willingness to share original content and ideas from her work. Chapter 1 is taken largely from her prior work. She was also instrumental as a consultant for the Turabian chapter and in overall editing of this book. Thanks also to Juanita Bissell, for contributing the basis for the Turabian chapter from her earlier AIIAS Turabian manual. This has been revised, updated, and shortened, but her work is still the basis for Chapter 6. Thanks to Elsie Dela Cruz, Prema Gaikwad, and Esther Papaioannou for their substantial contributions to the APA explanations in Chapter 7. Thanks also to Bonnie Proctor, the editor at Andrews University, for her willingness to share ideas, resources, and materials. By now it is difficult to tell where her ideas end and mine begin, but some of her work is included especially in the introduction, and in the chapters on academic writing conventions, mechanics, APA and Turabian. Her support has been much appreciated.

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This is the handbook of the Museum and Exhibition Studies Master's Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Design by Jennifer Dominiak.

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Earning a doctorate degree is one of the highest honors in one's journey of academic progress; yet very few candidates actually achieve this rank. Part of the reason for some of the challenges in achieving such a rank can be the time requirement, the rigorous and focused research process, passing the comprehensive examinations, a publication requirement, and successfully finishing the

Andrea Hegedűsné Briák

E. Alana James, EdD Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation or Thesis Faster: A Proven Map to Success E.Alana James Tracesea H. Slater Publishing November 2013 Praise for this book: "It is extremely readable and candid. As a faculty [member], I want students to know the 'real deal'. The approach offered in this book provides one that is holistic realizing that our students are people with lives that influence the dissertation process. The Tracesea sections came at the right time when I was going to ask the very same question. Multiple voices of student and faculty add a wonderful dynamic. Love the use of PowerPoint slides, which would help me tremendously in my dissertation seminar." -Gretchen McAllister, Northern Arizona University "...The organization is well done. It would allow a student to go through the process with their hand being a sense." -Wesley T. Church II, University of Alabama "I really like the detail, experiences, ...


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  1. (PDF) The Walden Dissertation Process

    dissertation process walden university

  2. Dissertation prospectus guide walden university

    dissertation process walden university

  3. Walden university dissertation prospectus sample

    dissertation process walden university

  4. Walden university dissertation process

    dissertation process walden university

  5. Walden university dissertation prospectus sample

    dissertation process walden university

  6. PPT

    dissertation process walden university


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  1. What Are the Steps to the Dissertation Process?

    Description Proposal Development The first three chapters of a dissertation are known as the dissertation proposal. The proposal establishes the rationale for conducting the study, including a review and analysis of the relevant literature, and describes the design and methodology that will be used for the study.

  2. PhD Dissertation

    PhD Dissertation PsyD Doctoral Study Kits Doctoral Multilingual Writers Kit Proposal Kit Final Study Kit Form and Style Review Kit Postgraduation Kit APA Citations References Tables and Figures Abstracts for the Capstone More APA Style Guidelines Writing Grammar and Mechanics Reading to Write Self-Editing Scholarly Voice Evidence-Based Arguments

  3. What Is the Process for Completing a Dissertation ...

    Step One: Select a Topic During the coursework phase of your doctorate—before you officially become a PhD or doctoral candidate—you will be expected to select a topic for your capstone project.

  4. Five Things You May Not Know About Walden's Dissertation Process

    Walden University's online PhD and doctoral degree students prepare their dissertation or doctoral study following time-tested procedures outlined in Walden's Dissertation Guidebook, with comprehensive guidance and support from faculty and advisors.

  5. Capstone Documents

    Capstone Documents: Doctoral Capstone and Project Resources. DBA Capstone Studies. DHA Doctoral Study (Summer 2021 or before) DIT Doctoral Study. DNP Doctoral Project. Doctor of Nursing Program Capstone Resources. DNP Capstone Resources NURS 8702 and NURS 8703. DPA Doctoral Study.

  6. Where can I find an overview of the dissertation process?

    All Groups Topics There are many stages to the doctoral capstone or project process. You can find an overview (and more) of all of them using the Doctoral Research Coach —an interactive, virtual tool that you can use to stay on track, plan, and complete your doctoral capstone or project. All Walden doctoral students have access into the Coach tool.

  7. PhD

    Required: You have completed Residency 3. You have an approved prospectus. This track is right for you if: You need help developing chapters 1-3. You need help developing the literature review. Learning Outcomes Demonstrates an understanding of the Dissertation Checklist to support the development of the dissertation.

  8. Doctoral Final Projects

    Writing the Prospectus Doctoral Study Completion DDBA 8991 and 8100 Writing the Prospectus Courses These courses are focused specifically on the process of writing the doctoral study prospectus. Students will use their preliminary research plan, developed previously, and develop a problem statement, to be used in the doctoral study.

  9. Publications: Dissertations & Theses

    Select a publication type: Journals & Articles Dissertations & Theses Books Find dissertations & theses ScholarWorks ScholarWorks makes publicly available the scholarly and creative output of the Walden University community. The searchable database includes Walden dissertations and Walden's open access research journals.

  10. Doctoral Learning and Resources

    Faculty members in Walden University doctoral programs who accept the duty of serving on a dissertation or doctoral study committee assume a dual responsibility of high importance. One part is service to their students; the other is service to the academic practice, discipline, and professional field to which the dissertation is related.

  11. Office of Research and Doctoral Services

    Welcome to the Office of Research and Doctoral Services Questions or comments? Email us at [email protected] Riedel Research Grant Application Deadline: September 15, 2023 Faculty/Staff Information and Application Outstanding Student Research Award Nomination Deadline: October 20, 2023 Faculty Nomination Form Office Hours

  12. The Dissertation Guidebook

    The Walden dissertation demonstrates a commitment to addressing the phenomena of social change and, within that context, exhibits sensitivity to societal conditions and a consideration of social issues. The Walden dissertation confirms a student's understanding of and commitment to academic honesty and scholarly integrity.

  13. (PDF) The Walden Dissertation Process

    Walden University has a 6 part dissertation process (prospectus, proposal, IRB, defense, research, final defense). Like all doctoral journeys there are important things to do and to avoid. This ...

  14. Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies Collection

    Browse the Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies Collection : Frank Dilley Award for Outstanding Doctoral Study. Harold L. Hodgkinson Award for Outstanding Dissertation. School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA) Dissertation Award. Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies.

  15. URR Purpose and Support Documents

    URR Steps for Dissertation URR Request Form Social Media Connect with the Office of Research and Doctoral Services

  16. Online Doctoral Completion Programs

    Doctoral Completion Program. With Walden's PhD Completion Program—one of the few of its kind—you can finish your dissertation online and earn your PhD in Management or PhD in Public Health. This is a unique opportunity if you have completed all the needed coursework and requirements for your doctoral program except for your dissertation.

  17. (PDF) The Walden Dissertation Process

    Walden University has a 6 part dissertation process (prospectus, proposal, IRB, defense, research, final defense). Like all doctoral journeys there are important things to do and to avoid. This presentation is an overview and detailed discussion of the Walden University dissertation process.

  18. Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies

    Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies This collection is comprised of final capstone projects researched and written by Walden doctoral students. 2024 PDF Predictors of Depression and Life Satisfaction Among Asian Indians Living in the United States of America, Ramanjot Kaur Basanti PDF

  19. Capstone Resources

    4 Strategies to Prepare for Your Doctoral Capstone You've likely heard many references to the final 'capstone project,' the dissertation or doctoral study that will be the culmination of your work as a doctoral student. Setting Reasonable Expectations When Starting Capstone

  20. College of Management and Human Potential

    Learn more about the dissertation process in the Dissertation Guidebook. Doctoral Writing Assessment Students who start or readmit to doctoral programs at Walden University in the university catalog for academic year 2017 or later will complete the university's required doctoral writing assessment .

  21. How do I find Walden PhD dissertations?

    How do I find dissertations on a topic? How do I find dissertations or capstones by chair or committee member? How do I find dissertations or capstones by author? Where can I find Walden award-winning dissertations? Go to the Doctoral Capstone Resources: PhD . Do you have other questions about finding Walden Ph.D. dissertations? Ask a Librarian!

  22. Online PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision

    Step 1: About You Program of Interest Why Walden Program Details Tuition and Fees Specializations Program Outcomes Resources $5,000 grant* *if you start this program on August 28, 2023 NEXT START DATE Course-Based: August 28, 2023 ACCREDITATION CACREP ACCREDITED

  23. Resources for Your Dissertation

    Find Your Program Or browse by Browse our programs Resources for Your Dissertation The right resources can make it easier to complete your doctoral degree. If you're thinking about earning a PhD or professional doctorate, you already know you'll have to complete a dissertation, or in some cases, a capstone project.