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Gunjan Deshpande L.L.M Dissertation

Profile image of Gunjan Deshpande

"state is the protector and guardian." Hence the duty of the state to take care of the people who cannot take care of themselves. So, today the government is providing food, healthcare facilities, jobs and much more. If the government is guardian and even the natural guardian is responsible for the death of child by negligence and all then the government should also be responsible for the deaths of any child whenever there is the inability on the government part.

Related Papers

Nitin Ganorkar

‘Melghat’, meeting of Ghats. The region which situated in Southern offshoot of Satpura ranges is known as ‘Melghat’ which is in Amravati District of progressive North Eastern Maharashtra State. Melghat is hilly and covered with dense teak reserved forest. The population of this region is almost rural and tribal and it mainly consists of ‘Korku's’. Korku is a tribal community of Central India concentrated in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The tribal community of Melghat is in critical condition and living life somehow as it is Tiger Reserve Forest area. Similarly, this region has a severe problem of malnutrition. In Melghat, between the years 1992 to 1997 around 5000 tribal children’s died and are still dying due to very high child mortality & malnutrition. This research paper attempts to the Korku’s problem of distress health issues and zero to six years old child malnutrition. The Korku tribe in Melghat is literally excluding from the basic health facilities, education, and basic livelihood rights like collection of forest produces from the forest. Korkus are far away from the social main stream and they are excluded drastically from the agricultural land.

dissertation for llm pdf

Srijit Mishra , Lakshmikanth Hari

This paper explores calorie deprivation in Maharashtra across regions as well as sub-groups of population such as caste, sizeclass of land possessed, religion, and household type (indicating principal occupation of the household) for rural and urban areas separately. There are two aspects to the discussion. First, we explore the inequities with regard to average intake in terms of calorie, fat, protein and cereals. Second, we analyse incidence, depth and severity of calorie deficiency. In the latter calculation, we use per consumer unit calorie norm of 2400 in rural and 2100 in urban and arrive at incidences of calorie-poor to be 54% in rural and 40% in urban. This will be lower than a per capita calorie norm with the same bench mark, but is higher than the incidences of expenditure-poor of 30% for rural areas and 32% for urban areas. It is worrying that the hands that help produce food (farmers and agricultural labourers) have a higher incidence of calorie poor.

Siddhant Agarwala

The persistence of malnutrition, especially among children and mothers, in this” World of plenty, is immoral. To live a life without malnutrition is a fundamental human right. It is recognized by the academicians that the social and economic costs of poor nutrition are huge on the nation and social investment in nutrition will reduce health care costs, reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases, improve productivity and economic growth and promote education, intellectual capacity and social development. However, this understanding has never reached to the implementers of the program, and the program has the image of welfare not as a right of the child and women to live life free from malnutrition.

Mukta Arora

Focus on Children under Six (Report by Citizens’ Initiative for the Rights of Children under Six)

Surabhi Chopra

This analysis (on p.11 of the FOCUS report) considers the different laws relating to children in India, and identifies gaps and inadequacies in the existing legal framework. Focus On Children Under Six draws on a detailed survey -- the “FOCUS survey” -- of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), the only major national programme addressed to children under six. The report shows that the ICDS programme tangibly benefits Indian children, and makes a case for securing core universal entitlements for all children.

Budget for Children (BfC) in Andhra Pradesh:Trend Analysis for 2014-15 to 2016-17

Dolon Bhattacharyya

This conventional child budget analysis categorizes central & state government schemes/programs into child centric sectors viz. Education, Health, Development and Protection, to assess budget vs expenditure, outcomes against expenditure and performance of the schemes meant to ensure its delivery, thus focusing on existing gaps in implementation of major schemes that needs to be bridged with immediate effect. The report has special focus on schemes and programs for girls as well as children of marginalised groups such as, dalits and adivasis. This report expected to be an important tool in advocating for better grants for children in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Ganesh Maruvada

Background: Melghat is the hilly forest region of 312 small villages, known as one of the most underdeveloped regions in Maharashtra. The employment in Melghat is exploitative, enslaving and gender discriminatory. An estimated 5,000 tribal children died of malnutrition in Melghat in 92-97. Objectives: To find out situation of child mortality in Melghat and investigate any under reporting, and explore determinants of child health qualitatively. Material and Methods: The study was conducted in five PHC areas of Melghat area namely Sadrawadi, Bairagad, Dulghat Rly, Tembursonda and Hatru. Data on vital statistics was collected for April-July 2008 and corresponding period for year 2007. Line listing of all child deaths occurring during the period was done to find any under reporting. Verbal and social autopsy of deaths was done including social autopsy in one PHC village to find out underlying factors responsible for such deaths. Data was analysed using ATLAS. ti 5.5 and ANTHROPAC 4.98 t...

vristi patel



Technical Paper

Vimala Ramachandran

Lenin Raghuvanshi

Publisher UGC Approved

vs sridharan.

Sayantani Satpathi

Padma Buggineni

Nikita Agarwal

Ravindra Dholakia


SSRN Electronic Journal

Shashanka Bhide

Sachin Kumar Jain

Naresh Saxena

Journal Approved)

Preeti Jajodia

Shikha Nehra , Jasmeet Khanuja , Dipa Sinha

Kaveri Gill


Preeti Rana


Malyadri Pacha

dolon bhattacharyya

Ranvir Singh

Mara van den Bold

Jayraj Singh

Jaideep K.visave

Dr. K. P Vipin Chandran

Dr Sylvia Karpagam


Translation of Manual for Training of the Trainers

Shalu Nigam

Mara van den Bold , Neha Kohli

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LLM Theses and Essays

Submissions from 2013 2013.

Some Important Causes for Settlement in American Civil Litigation , Felipe Forte Cobo

Submissions from 2011 2011

TO REVEAL OR CONCEAL?—AN ISP’S DILEMMA, Presenting a New “Anonymous Public Concern Test” for Evaluating ISP Subpoenas in Online Defamation Suits , Cayce Myers

Submissions from 2008 2008

Infrastructure Development in Emerging Economies and the Roles Played by Multilateral Institutions , Amjad Ahasan Basheer

Universal Human Rights and Threat to International Peace and Security: The United Nations' Obligation to Intervene , Godfrey Mhlanga

Submissions from 2007 2007

Applicable Law Provisions in International Uniform Commercial Law Conventions , Paolo E. Conci

Licenses, Leases and Other Contractual Arrangements for the Exploration and Production of Petroleum A Comparative Study Between Nigeria and the United States , Omolara Elumelu

Judicial Review of International Commercial Arbitral Awards by National Courts in the United States and India , Aparna D. JUJJAVARAPU

Ethiopia's Sovereign Right of Access to the Sea under International Law , Abebe T. Kahsay

Comfort Women: Human Rights of Women from Then to Present , Jinyang Koh

Imports or Made-in-China: Comparison of Two Constitutional Cases in China and the United States , Xiao Li

Taxing Emotional Distress Recoveries: Does Murphy Show the Way? , Kaushal P. Mahaseth

The Land of the Free: Human Rights Violations at Immigration Detention Facilities in America , Caitlin J. Mitchel

International Legal Standards Governing the Use of Child Soldiers , Dorcas B. Mulira

Corporate Restrictions in Mexico and the United States , Dennis Rios

Regulating Transnational Corporation for Environmental Damage , Sonal Sahu

The Need for a Transnational Appellate Arbitral Review Body , Priya Sampath

A Consumption Tax versus a Federal Income Tax in the United States , Shelly-Ann R. Tomlinson

Financial Holding Company System and Relevant Legislation , Ye Wang

Submissions from 2006 2006

The Hamburg Rules , Kweku G. Ainuson

Tourism in Antarctica: History, Current Challenges and Proposals for Regulation , Juan Y. Harcha

Reconsidering the Medical Expert Witness System , Yunwei Jiang

A Comparative Study of the Legal Responses to Domestic Violence in the United States and Hungary , Adam Keri

Enforcement of Human Rights under Regional Mechanisms: a Comparative Analysis , Fekadeselassie F. Kidanemariam

Shareholders' Agreements in Close Corporations and Their Enforcement , Ricardo Molano Leon

A Comparative Study on the Trade Barriers Regulation and Foreign Trade Barriers Investigation Rules , Junrong Song

How to Deal with Multi-party Nominations of Arbitrators in International Commercial Arbitration - a Comparative Study of Appointment Procedures with Emphasis on U.S.-European Commerce between Private Entities , Marie-Beatrix Tupy

Balancing Regulations and Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment: a Case Study of Mexico and Kazakhstan , Dauren B. Tynybekov

Submissions from 2005 2005

The Legality of Humanitarian Intervention , Eric Adjei

A Comparative Assessment of U.S. Direct Investment in China and India , Kalpana Arjunan

Pre-contractual Obligations in France and the United States , Florence Caterini

Comparative Law: Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Jurisprudence from the United States to Korea , Hyun J. Cho

Commercial Speech in the United States and Europe , Oxana Valeryevna Gassy-Wright

Accountability of Transnational Corporations under International Standards , Lea Hanakova

Protection of "Persona" in the EU and in the US: a Comparative Analysis , Anna E. Helling

Income Tax Preferences to Foreign Investment in China since the Late 1970s , Xiaoyang Hou

Role of the World Bank and IMF in Issuing Loans to Russia: Responsibility, Tricks, Corruption, Mafia, and Important Use of Legal Enforcement , Elmira A. Makova

Governance and Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises: the Use of Codes of Conduct and Litigation to Change Multinational Enterprises' Behavior , Maria Fernanda Matach

Free Movement of Goods: a Comparative Analysis of the European Community Treaty and the North American Free Trade Agreement , Pedro A. Perichart

The Drafting Process For a Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Judgements with Special Consideration of Intellectual Property and E-Commerce , Knut Woestehoff

The Drafting Process for a Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Judgments with Special Consideration of Intellectual Property and E-commerce , Knut Woestehoff

Trade-related Environmental Measures and GATT: the Conflict between Trade Libralization and Environmental Protection , Fang Zheng

Submissions from 2004 2004

The Question of Non-trade Issues in the WTO from a Developing Country Perspective , Cecilia Alzamora

Cybercrime , Karissa Ayala

Protection of Children from Exploitation in West Africa: Illusion or Reality? , Afua Brown-Eyeson

Legal Structures of European Security and Defense Policy and War Powers under the U.S. Constitution , Heiko Buesing

U.S. Antidumping Law and Practices against Korean Exports , Jinwook Choi

Regulation of Hate Speech , Haiping Deng

The Institutional Framework of the European Union for the Conduct of Foreign Affairs , Frederic Eggermont

Comparison of New Zealand and United States Securities Markets through the Looking Glass of the Efficient Market Hypothesis , Carla Natalia Gargiulo

Private Party Participation in the World Trade Organizations , Taehyung Im

Issues Regarding the Most Effective Tool of U.S. Bankruptcy Law , Zeenat Kera

Contracts and Electronic Agents , Sabrina Kis

Historical Aspects of State Arbitration Policy , Elton R. Lanier

Regulating Non-territorial Commercial Environments in Territorial-based Legal Systems , Pedro Martin G. Less Andrade

Unilateral Refusals to Deal in Intellectual Property as Monopolistic Conduct , Bolanle Meshida

Comparative Analysis of Federal Income Tax Imposed on U.S. C Corporations and Russian Joint Stock Companies , Alina Y. Mitskevich

Legislation and Implementation of International Environmental Law by African Countries: a Case Study of Ghana , Brigitte L. Okley

The Challenges of Tax Collection in Developing Economies (with Special Reference to India) , Pramod K. Rai

Family Businesses, Choices of Legal Entity , Martina L. Rojo

Sound Record Producers' Rights and the Problem of Sound Recording Piracy , Stanislava N. Staykova

The Change of Corporate Governance Structure in the United States and Taiwan , Yifan Tseng

Fiduciary Duties of Directors in the Context of Going-private Transactions to the Minority Shareholders under Delaware Law , Yuan Wang

Recognition and Enforcement of International Commercial Arbitration Awards , Shouhua Yu

Submissions from 2003 2003

Interim Measures in International Commercial Arbitration: Past, Present and Future , Sandeep Adhipathi

Reservations, Human Rights Treaties in the 21st century: from Universality to Integrity , Pierrick Devidal

Technological Advances Leading to the Diminishing of Privacy Rights , Anabelle Maria D'Souza

Protection of Consumer Privacy in E-commerce , Choong L. Ha

Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe: Analysis of EC Competition Regulations , YoungJun Lee

Security Interests in Intellectual Property Rights: the Time Has Come for the Enactment of New Laws , Esteban Mazzucco

The Convergence of Trade and Environment and the Relative Role of WTO , Xiaoxi Meng

The Main Characteristics of State's Jurisdiction to Tax in International Dimension , Alfred Nizamiev

U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: a Case Study of Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa , Abenaa A. Oti-Prempeh

Free movement of goods: A comparative analysis of the European community treaty and the north American free trade agreement , Pedro A. Perichart

A Historical View of Intellectual Property Rights in the Palestinian Territories , Ihab G. Samaan

Submissions from 2002 2002

An Analysis of the Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith: Precontractual Liability and Preliminary Agreement , Aarti Arunachalam

Multinational Corporations Facing the Varying Concepts of Jurisdiction : "forum non-conveniens", Contrasts between the Anglo-American and the European Law Systems , Sandrine Buttin

Minority Shareholders and Oppression in Close Corporations: Contracting as an Effective Protection Device , Marcella Machado Carneiro

Freedom of Speech, Cinema and Censorship: a Comparative Analysis of Issues of Freedom of Speech Violations as a Result of the Rating Regulation Authorities in the Motion Picture Industry in France and the United States , Stephanie Grenier

International Corporate Governance Practices and Their Implications on Investors , Namwandi Hamanyanga

Current Problems of International Taxation of Electronic Commerce , Nuran G. Kerimov

An End to the Political Question Doctrine in Korea?: A Comparative Analysis , Myeong-Sik Kim

The Evolution of the Law's Treatment of the Confessions of Mentally Disabled Criminal Suspects , John E. Knight

Public and Private Interests in Copyright Law: Creativity, Science and Democracy vs. Property and Market , Daryana I. Kotzeva

The Intra-enterprise Conspiracy Doctrine as Applied to Affiliated Corporations under Section 1 of the Sherman Act , Michael B. Menz

Privacy and Personal Data Protection in the Information Age: A Comparative Evaluation , Emeka B. Obasi

The Right to Freedom of Religion vis a vis Religious Intolerance in the New Millennium , Buihe P. Okenu

Conflict of Laws in the Enforcement of Foreign Awards and Foreign Judgments: the Public Policy Defense and Practice in U.S. Courts , Anupama Parameshwaran

Balancing Interests: Statute of Limitations and Repose in Medical Malpractice Cases , Laurie L. Paterson

A Comparison of Environmental Impact Assessment Process between the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and the Basic Environmental Protection Act (BEPA) , V An Rhee

Offshore Investments , Ana Maura M. Safrin

Lawyers' Value in Mergers and Acquisitions under the New World of Multidisciplinary Practices , Yunling Wu

Submissions from 2001 2001



David vs. Goliath (2001): An Analysis of the OECD Harmful Tax Competition Policy , Truman Butler

Transfer Pricing: A Comparative Study of the French and U.S. Legal Systems , Valerie Ciancia



Foreign Direct Investment in Colombia , Juliana Gomez


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This is a guide to finding Harvard Law School (“HLS”) student-authored works held by the Library and in online collections. This guide covers HLS S.J.D Dissertations, LL.M. papers, J.D. third-year papers, seminar papers, and prize papers.

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The HLS Doctor of Juridical Science (“S.J.D.”) program began in 1910.  The library collection of these works is not comprehensive. Exceptions are usually due to scholars’ requests to withhold Library deposit. 

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The Master of Laws (“LL.M.”) degree has been awarded since 1923. Originally, the degree required completion of a major research paper, akin to a thesis. Since 1993, most students have the option of writing the LL.M. "short paper."  This is a 25-page (or longer) paper advised by a faculty supervisor or completed in conjunction with a seminar.  Fewer LL.M. candidates continue to write the more extensive "long-paper." LL.M. candidates holding J.D.s from the U.S. must write the long paper.

  • HLS Written Work Requirements for LL.M. Degree The current explanation of the LL.M. written work requirement for the master of laws.

The library generally holds HLS LL.M. long papers and short papers. In recent years, we require author release in order to do so. In HOLLIS, no distinction is made between types of written work created in satisfaction of the LL.M. degree; all are described as LL.M. thesis. Though we describe them as thesis, the law school refers to them solely as papers or in earlier years, essays. HOLLIS records indicate the number of pages, so at the record level, it is possible to distinguish long papers.

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HLS LL.M. Papers are sometimes available in DASH and Hein's Legal Dissertations and Theses. See descriptions above .

The HLS J.D. written work requirement has changed over time. The degree formerly required a substantial research paper comparable in scope to a law review article written under faculty supervision, the "third year paper." Since 2008, J.D. students have the option of using two shorter works instead.

Of all those written, the library holds relatively few third-year papers. They were not actively collected but accepted by submission from faculty advisors who deemed a paper worthy of institutional retention. The papers are described in HOLLIS as third year papers, seminar papers, and student papers. Sometimes this distinction was valid, but not always. The faculty deposit tradition more or less ended in 2006, though the possibility of deposit still exists. 

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HLS Third Year Papers in HOLLIS

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  • HLS Seminar Papers Note that these include legal research pathfinders produced for the Advanced Legal Research course when taught by Virginia Wise.

Prize Papers

HLS has many endowed prizes for student papers and essays. There are currently 16 different writing prizes. See this complete descriptive list with links to lists of winners from 2009 to present. Note that there is not always a winner each year for each award. Prize winners are announced each year in the commencement pamphlet.

The Library has not specifically collected prize papers over the years but has added copies when possible. The HOLLIS record for the paper will usually indicate its status as a prize paper. The most recent prize paper was added to the collection in 2006.

Addison Brown Prize Animal Law & Policy Program Writing Prize Victor Brudney Prize Davis Polk Legal Profession Paper Prize Roger Fisher and Frank E.A. Sander Prize Yong K. Kim ’95 Memorial Prize Islamic Legal Studies Program Prize on Islamic Law Laylin Prize LGBTQ Writing Prize Mancini Prize Irving Oberman Memorial Awards John M. Olin Prize in Law and Economics Project on the Foundations of Private Law Prize Sidney I. Roberts Prize Fund Klemens von Klemperer Prize Stephen L. Werner Prize

  • Harvard Law School Prize Essays (1850-1868) A historical collection of handwritten prize essays covering the range of topics covered at that time. See this finding aid for a collection description.

The following information about online repositories is not a recommendation or endorsement to participate.

  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses HLS is not an institutional participant to this collection. If you are interested in submitting your work, refer to these instructions and note that there is a fee required, which varies depending on the format of submission.
  • EBSCO Open Dissertations Relatively new, this is an open repository of metadata for dissertations. It is an outgrowth of the index American Doctoral Dissertations. The aim is to cover 1933 to present and, for modern works, to link to full text available in institutional repositories. Harvard is not one of the institutional participants.
  • DASH Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard

Sponsored by Harvard University’s Office for Scholarly Communication, this is an open repository for research papers by members of the Harvard community. See more information about the project. 

Some HLS students have submitted their degree paper to DASH.  If you would like to submit your paper, you may use this authorization form  or contact June Casey , Librarian for Open Access Initiatives and Scholarly Communication at Harvard Law School.

  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (Harvard Login) Covers dissertations and masters' theses from North American graduate schools and many worldwide. Provides full text for many since the 1990s and has descriptive data for older works.
  • NDLTD Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations Union Catalog Worldwide in scope, NDLTD contains millions of records of electronic theses and dissertations from the early 1900s to the present.
  • Law Commons of the Digital Commons Network The Law Commons has dissertations and theses, as well as many other types of scholarly research such as book chapters and conference proceedings. They aim to collect free, full-text scholarly work from hundreds of academic institutions worldwide.
  • EBSCO Open Dissertations Doctoral dissertations from many institutions. Free, open repository.
  • Dissertations from Center for Research Libraries Dissertations found in this resource are available to the Harvard University Community through Interlibrary Loan.
  • British Library EThOS Dissertation source from the British Library listing doctoral theses awarded in the UK. Some available for immediate download and some others may be requested for scanning.
  • BASE from Bielefeld University Library Index of the open repositoris of most academic institutions. Includes many types of documents including doctoral and masters theses.

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Osgoode Digital Commons

Osgoode Digital Commons

Osgoode Home > Osgoode Digital Commons > Theses and Dissertations > LLM Theses

Theses from 2022 2022

Transcending the Impasses: Towards an Indigenous Vision of Legality in Palestine , Juman Abujbara

Accepting the Unacceptable: Trinity Western University, Religious Freedom, and the Meaning of Liberal Constitutionalism , Robert Stephen Boissonneault

Executive Power, Territorial Jurisdiction, and the (Non-)Protection of Human Rights in Canadian Extradition , Jay De Santi

Law and Indigenous Religion: Theorizing a Complex Relationship , Kristen Elizabeth Lewis

Hartazgo: Understanding how #YoTeCreo emerged in Venezuela , Maria Corina Muskus Toro

Understanding the Failure of Police Reform in Nigeria: A Case for Legal History Through Literature , Olaoluwa Folasade Oni

Safety Valves: A Band-Aid Solution to the Ills of Mandatory Minimums? , Venus Sayed

Theses from 2021 2021

Fighting Climate Change with the Charter: An Inquiry into the Effects of Litigating the Right to a Healthy Environment , Kevin Patrick Berk

Access to Environmental Justice: NGO Environmental Advocacy on Mining-Related Environmental Issues in Mongolia , Ulziilkham Enkhbaatar

Aandaakonan inaakonigewin: Considering an Anishinaabe meaning to the Canadian law on consultation and accommodation , Veronica Ann Guido

Self-determination as resistance to legal violence: Jurisdiction, property, and the geographies of conflict in Unistoten and Xolobeni , Daniel Luke Huizenga

To Set Aside or To Not Set Aside the Agreement Pursuant to Section 56(4) of the Family Law Act: Applying Relational Theory to Domestic Contracts Involving Spousal Support Releases and Waivers , Sara Kun

Finding a Governing Law to Resolve Conflicts of Tax Laws , Catharine Marie McMillan

Transitional Justice, Peace and Everyday Reality: Somalilands Experience with Justice and Security-Sector Reform , Siham Rayale

Health Insurance, a False Dichotomy and a Negative Right to Abortion in Canada's Maritime Provinces , Clare Joanne Shrybman

Doomed to Fail: Ag-gag Laws and the Canadian Charter , Samantha Lynne Skinner

Theses from 2020 2020

With Great Advantage Should Come Responsibility: How the Territorialist Approach in Private International Law Maybe Overcome to Ensure Justice is Done for those Left in the Wake of Canadian Business Abroad , Michele Dominique Lemieux Charles

Sex Workers and the Best Interests of their Children: Identifying Issues Faced by Sex Workers Involved in Custody and Access Legal Proceedings , Julie Eleanor DeWolf

Using Charter Damages to Provide Meaningful Redress and Promote State Accountability: A Re-examination of the Omar Khadr Case , Katharine June Fisher

Towards Implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action in Law Schools: A Settler Harm Reduction Approach to Racial Stereotyping and Prejudice Against Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Legal Orders in Canadian Legal Education , Scott James Franks

Punishing Black Bodies in Canada: Making Blackness Visible in Criminal Sentencing , Danardo Sanjay Jones

Liquid Laws: Extractivism and Unstable Authority , Caitlin Rose Sargeant Murphy

Girls, Who Run The World? Not Yet: An Analysis of the Underrepresentation of Women on Boards in Canada and the Underlying Theory of the Regulation Thereof , Diana Christine Nicholls

Procedural Discretionary Decisions and Access to Justice Before Administrative Tribunals , Rachel Elizabeth Weiner

Theses from 2019 2019

The Nigerian Niger Delta and the Invisible Hand of TREMF: Exploring the (IM)Possibility of Socio-Economic Justice Under the Un 'Ruggie' Guiding Principles , Ikenna Emmanuel Aniekwe

Presumptive Deference and the Role of Expertise on Questions of Law in Canadian Administrative Law , Cheryl Laura Bowman

Understanding Trans Racialized Youth Autonomy in Health Care Decision Making in Ontario , Gitanjali Natasha Lena

Theses from 2018 2018

Charter Damages: Private Law in the Unique Public Law Remedy , Peter Krikor Adourian

The Legal Treatment of Informal Caregivers of the Elderly in Canada and Australia: The Importance of Recognizing Relations in Creating Reforms , Sara Nicole Pon

Toxic Enactments: Materializing Estrogen and Regulation Under Canada's Food and Drugs Act, 1939-1953 , Lara Jessie Tessaro

Theses from 2017 2017

Indigenous Blockades and the Power to Speak the Law: From Settler Colonialism to Indigenous Resurgence , Christopher Eric Jon Albinati

The ECOWAS Court, Activist Forces, and the Pursuit of Environmental and Socioeconomic Justice in Nigeria , Okechukwu Emmanuel Effoduh

Security and Liberty, Transparency and Secrecy, Parliamentary Control of the Secret Services in Canada and Germany: A Comparative Approach , Sophie Christine Barbara Wiesehofer

Theses from 2016 2016

Class Roots: The Genesis of the Ontario Class Proceedings Act, 1966 - 1993 , Suzanne Erica Chiodo

How Ontarians Experience the Law: An Examination on Incidence Rate, Seriousness and Response to Legal Problems , Matthew Dylag

The Role of Judicial Discourse in Distorting the Public Inquiry Image: Is the Inquiry Becoming an Endangered Species? , Diana Morokhovets

Lost in Translation? The Difference Between Hearsay Rule's Historical Rationale and Practical Application , Christopher Lloyd Sewrattan

Professional Discretion and the Law: Impact of Actuaries on the Underfunding and Decline of Private Sector Single Employer Defined Benefit Pensions in Canada: How Many "Post Nortel" Pension Fiascos are Brewing in Canada? , Paul Charles Walker

Theses from 2015 2015

The Political Economic Dimensions of Executive Compensation Reform: Can the Foundations of Shareholder Primacy Be Sustained in the Post - Crisis Regulatory Environment? , Dezso Peter Arpad Farkas

They Promised to Leave Us Some of Our Land: Aboriginal Title in Canada's Maritime Provinces , Robert Colin Hamilton

The Failure of the Canadian Human Rights Regime to Provide Remedies for Indigenous Peoples: Enough Time Has Passed , Jeffery Gordon Hewitt

The Rule of Liberal Legalism: The Challenge of the Normativities of Multiple Modernities and Religious Diversity , Noorjahan Pirani Hirji

The Right to Self-Determination of a People: A Twailian Analysis of ICJ Decisions in Cameroon v. Nigeria, East Timor, and Western Sahara Cases , Ngozi Sunday Nwoko

Lets Talk About Sexual Assault A Feminist Exploration of the Relationship Between Legal and Experiential Discourses , Dana Erin Phillips

The Globalization of Crime Control: The Use of Non-criminal Justice Responses for Countering Organized Crime , Bjarni Halldor Sigursteinsson

Theses from 2014 2014

Labour Law and Triangular Employment Growth , Timothy John Bartkiw

Responsibility to Protect (R2P), The Responsibility of the International Community to Protect Syrian Citizens , Ghuna Bdiwi

Workplace Harassment: A Cross-Jurisdictional Comparative Analysis of Legislative Responses to this Workplace Phenomenon in Canada , Kayla Alice Carr

Migrant Construction and Domestic Workers in the Arab Gulf States: Modern - Day Slaves? , Omaya Chidiac

Contesting Risk, Precaution and Legitimacy: A Case Study of Lafarge , Savitri Vasanta Gordian

Rules of Disengagement: "Low Skill" Migrant Workers, Law and the Social Dimensions of Exclusionary Inclusion , Brendan Breckman Jowett

Recovering the Promise of Public Truth: Juridification and the Loss of Purpose in Public Inquiries , Jessica Mckeachie

A Comparative Study of Patent Infringement Remedies Related to Non-Practicing Entities in the Courts of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States , Aleksandar Nikolic

The Allocation of Burdens in Litigation Between First Nations and the Crown , Michael Wilfred Posluns

The Application of Gladue to Bail: Problems, Challenges, and Potential , Jillian Anne Rogin

The March of Judicial Cosmopolitanism and the Legacy of Enemy Combatant Case Law , Madalina Lulia Sontrop

Legal Ethics as a Moral Idea: A Theory of Philosophical Legal Ethics Based on the Work of Lon Fuller , Emanuel Raul Tucsa

Informal Transnational Police-to-Police Information Sharing: Its Structure and Reform , Michael Robert Walton

Theses from 2013 2013

Grounding Equality in Social Relationships: Suspect Classification, Grounds of Discrimination, and Relational Theory , Jessica Nichol Eisen

Fuller and Godel: Prophets Against the Evils of Positivism: How the Natural Law is Necessary to Provide Legal Meaning and Consistency , Henry James Garon

Mapping the freedom to learn: making the case for student academic freedom in Canada , Angela Sylvia Regnier

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    LLM/MA in International Trade Law 2018-2019 Supervisor: Mohammed Khair Alshaleel DISSERTATION Regulating Financial Technology – Opportunities and Risks Name: Bedir Berkay Karadogan Registration Number (optional): 1806245 Number of Words: 19987 Date Submitted: September 11, 2019

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