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Communication Goals - Essay Example

Communication Goals

  • Subject: Miscellaneous
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Extract of sample "Communication Goals"

A goal presupposes an area of weakness in a system. In this case, the system being referred to is communication. The word “communication” can mean several things: the exchange of information between two people, the act of communicating information, a message spoken or written, and so on. A goal of communication encompasses all of these different senses of communication. A well-structured goal addresses the actual exchange of information, the act of exchanging this information, and the message itself.

A holistic approach to developing my skills as a communicator is necessary for my personal growth.In order to improve my communicative abilities with other people, I need to assess my current strengths and weaknesses. My strengths in communication consist of my ability to say what I really need to say in certain situations, being honest, being clear and concise, and being on-topic when it is necessary. My weaknesses in communication arise directly from my strengths. My directness in communication puts some people off, such as with my brutal honesty.

Sometimes being too clear and concise in what I am saying leaves people unable or unwilling to connect to me.The underlying key to my communication goals and success, I have decided is to remain conscious of context. Context is important in establishing expectations for both the speaker and the listener. The barriers I face to successful communication with my peers and superiors lie in how I am accustomed to speaking to others. Being so short with words is a habit, and like all habits, it has to be broken for me to achieve my goals.

The means of breaking habits and realizing success in communication is in practicing the opposite of the current practice. Doing the opposite of what I usually do will leave me open to a new way of doing things, which should hypothetically allow me to pursue communication methods that are less direct, more friendly, and more context-driven.My first goal in communication is being more dynamic in my speaking. By “dynamic”, I mean being full of energy, enthusiasm, and sense of purpose. Being dynamic with one’s communication leaves one able to both get things going and to get things done.

Of course, being dynamic also means being agile as well, which goes back to the concept of context. Knowing one’s context is perhaps the most important factor for all successful and productive interaction: it defines expectations and shapes the message being conveyed. Dynamicity defines whether one is able to be fluid in how he or she sends the message and whether those transfers of information is successful or not.My second goal in communication is being more conscious of motivation, which is another very important factor in determining the success of an interaction between two people.

Understanding another person’s motivation helps one understand how to deliver the message, and what information should be left out in the current context and what should be included. Right now, my using very clear and direct language does not include a personalized feel to my messages. When I convey information now, it is left out there for people to individually interpret and use. By understanding my audience’s motivation, I can more effectively correspond with them on important issues, and get them behind me by appealing to their needs and wants when I need their support.

As a habit, my current communication style must be broken through a series of steps. First, I need to decide that breaking the habit is a worthy exercise. After I decide it is, I need to keep track of my interactions in a journal, which I keep handy to measure my progress: writing down the situation, the context, and my feelings. After the fact, I should interpret the event and think about a more positive way to deal with the situation. Eventually, I can begin to catch myself before acting and perhaps change my action at its source.

At this point, I can start to develop new communicative habits. An alternative behavior will become the new habit, and I will have accomplished my communication goals.

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communication goals essay


Messaging & Face-to-Face Communication: Setting Goals

Communication plays a great role in the modern world as it ensures that people properly understand each other in different settings. The exchange of information is related to the flow, coordination, as well as learning and listening skills. In addition, communication is the basis for establishing both personal and professional relationships. I want to improve my text messaging and email communication and face-to-face interaction knowledge and skills.

The importance of face-to-face communication refers to the fact that people use it every day to translate their messages, cooperate with others, and understand what they want. Without effective communication, it is impossible to make strong connections and be effective as a team. Therefore, I believe that I should work on my verbal and non-verbal communication abilities to learn how to become an active participant in conversations. According to Hynes and Veltsos (2018), it is critical to choose proper words, maintain eye contact, and watch your posture, and it is also noted as useful to practice active listening. In other words, communication should not be perceived as for granted. Instead, effective face-to-face communication needs to be developed through both theory and practice.

As for text messaging and email communication, media and messengers allow for interacting remotely, which is important for business and personal communication. In this case, not only grammar rules, but also the structure, writing style, and purpose should be taken into account (Hynes & Veltsos, 2018). I would like to learn email communication etiquette to master my writing skills. It seems that I should focus on such strategies as defining value proposition, personalizing emails and messages, and understanding what the other person exactly wants from communication.

Hynes, G. E., & Veltsos, J. R. (2018). Managerial communication: Strategies and applications . Sage Publications.

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Inter-Cultural Communication Skills in Career Goal at the Contemporary Workplace Essay

On successful completion of my studies, I hope to pursue a career in art directing. I would like to work with a team of employees who produce artwork for advertisements, magazines and various products in the consumer market industry. My career choice will involve the supervision of graphic designers, artists, photographers and production staff.

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Since I will be working with various people, supervisors and subordinates alike, it will be crucial for me to possess certain communication skills. Further, it will be necessary for me to understand inter-cultural communication, considering the cultural diversities in the contemporary workplace.

Consideration my cultural differences and background, effective listening will be a very important skill for me to possess, develop and nurture. Reflective listening is one of the major points of intercultural communication.

It will be necessary for me to use proper listening strategies such as; reiterating what I think I heard to help me validate it and assess the accuracy of what I understood. Listening skills will be very critical, more so being able to integrate their techniques, i.e. active listening, critical listening and empathetic listening.

However, there are other interpersonal communication skills that will be especially helpful. It will be necessary for me to use emotional intelligence, for example in a scenario where the customer was mean or rude to one of my graphic designers’ due to dissatisfaction, it will be imperative that I read the emotional situation and give a word of encouragement to my colleague. Effective communication will also require me to be aware of my body language, tone and the choice of words I use.

Communication strengths and weaknesses

Being self-aware is very important in any given social or professional setting where there will interaction between people. After assessing myself keenly, I realized some of my communication strengths and weaknesses and how they could affect various scenarios and outcomes in my future career.

I consider myself as having various interpersonal communication skills. The most prominent strength is my ability to use the active listening technique. I find myself creating a mental outline of the important points contained in what the other party is telling me. This enables me to generate questions, which shows the other party I am interested and mentally involved.

This may go a long way in me having a good relationship with my superiors in my future job. I also have the ability to engage in necessary eye contact and maintain a moderate smile while in a conversation, more so when listening to someone. I also try to be enthusiastic in my communication.

I also have my fair share of weaknesses. I tend to be too “touchy” when I am communicating with people. For example, touching someone’s arm when emphasizing a point or, putting my arm around someone when discussing something. This has been proving to be very unsettling for some and quite embarrassing for me. I also realized that my strength of being able to use active listening sometimes works to my disadvantage.

This is because, in the process of me forming a mental outline of the main points in a bid to formulate questions, I sometimes get mentally distracted and find myself steering the conversation in a different direction, which I can imagine, can be rather irritating. Lastly, I realized that I have the tendency to tap my foot due to impatience when I feel the other party should get to their point quickly.

Communication plan

As is human nature, it is more likely for an individual to be able to identify their strengths more readily, than their weaknesses. It is for this reason that I intend to come up with an effective plan to help me analyze the interpersonal communication weaknesses I may have overlooked.

It will be imperative for me to discuss with my colleagues/team how we communicate and our preferred mannerisms of being communicated to. Hand in hand, I will use the team members to help me identify my communication skills and weaknesses and this will help me identify the areas that need improvement.

This will help me work on things like being too “touchy” because colleagues can explicitly state that they do not welcome that as a means of being communicated to. It will also be necessary for me to learn a bit of different cultures to be able to analyze various intercultural communication scenarios.

By virtue of doing this project, I have learned that the integration of effective communication skills in work ethic is very important as it determines the overall work atmosphere. In carrying out my research, I have learned that one should be keen on understanding intercultural communication as different cultures have different perceptions with respect to: body language, tone of voice and respect.

Further, learning how to engage effectively in interpersonal communication with your superiors and subordinates is a continuous process. One should be able to learn from his/her interactions by analyzing how previous conversations went. For instance, if a conversation went well, one should analyze the factors that contributed to that and remember the crucial points for future use.

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IvyPanda . (2019) 'Inter-Cultural Communication Skills in Career Goal at the Contemporary Workplace'. 7 May.

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            Having goals is an important part of any persons life. Goals are what urge a person to try harder. As a University of Phoenix student there are many personal goals that I would like to achieve.              Developing skills in communication is very important to me. I believe that communication is a way of life without it we would never get anywhere. Communication has two major parts to it. The first part is oral communication. Being able to stand up and speak to a group with confidence behind every word, and being able to speak with someone, face to face and coming across very clear. The second form of communication is written. By this I mean being able to write a speech, which goes back to the oral part. With a well written speech speaking to a group just comes natural. Also by written I mean being able to write a formal letter or email. .              Learning the "Team" working process will help to me to go far in the job world. A team must work together. Learning to be a leader would be a great goal for me to reach. I would like to be able to lead the team, but also know when I should follow. Not just stand back and listen but know when another team member is stronger in an area that I may not be. Understanding is very important with a team. With understanding a person will realize that different people have different problems and ways of life. .              Identifying my strengths and weaknesses is a major goal I would like to achieve. I sometimes do not realize how weak I am in certain areas. By not realizing this I am not fully doing my best. This could hurt me in the long run. I do not know my strengths I do not give myself the credit I should which makes my work sloppy and unorganized. I believe that by identifying these I would be able to apply myself more and do a much better job.              I know that by being a University of Phoenix student will help me with my research skills and my internet skills. By having all the resources at hand on my computer I will be able to fully devote my attention to the task that I am trying to complete.

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communication goals essay

Goals are a very important part of life. ... There are many types of goals, however the two main categories are short-term goals and long-term goals. Another important part of having goals, is deciding which goals are more important than others. ... I set many goals for myself, however the priority that place on his goal seems to come naturally. ... Long-term goals are to be the most important goals. ...

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communication goals essay

Guidelines for Applying Goals To apply goals effectively, it is important that EACH goal is SMART S-Specific: You should state exactly what you are responsible for. ... For example, suppose your goal was to finish a proposal this week. ... Too many companies set impossible goals that are simply not realistic. ... Destructive goals should not be supported. If someone is seeking potentially destructive goals, an effort to encourage him/her to consider different goals should be made.) ...

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communication goals essay

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8. The Goal

The Goal Reaction The book The Goal is a story about a manager whose manufacturing plant is not exerting sufficient production numbers and efficient and cost effective inventory levels. ... Alex cannot even determine the goal of his company. ... He spends the entire afternoon thinking about "the goal" and finally comes up with an answer for Jonah. Alex states that the goal of the company is to make money, and everything else they do is a means of achieving the goal. ... Jonah explains to Alex that an action towards the goal is productive, and an action away from the goal is an unprod...

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communication goals essay

I have many dreams for my future, as well as many hopes and goals. ... After all, life is all about happiness, and to be happy, I have to try to meet my goals. My first goal is to live where I have always dreamed to live, Atlanta. ... If I grow up to be a lawyer, which is another one of my goals, I think I would get enough money to buy at least one of these cars at some point of time in my life. ... My last goal is to meet certain people. ...

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Good Example Of Goals And Communication Analysis Essay

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Sociology , Leader , Goals , Community , Development , Science , Communication , Leadership

Published: 04/01/2020



Groups could be developed and sustained in various settings and circumstances. In the academic setting, for instance, groups are revealed to be established to perform identified tasks. In local communities, there are groups which are established for the purpose of fulfilling civic goals. Some of the activities include promoting children’s welfare through educational programs, enhancing health awareness, and undertaking endeavors that focus on environmental protection and conservation. Likewise, there are courses in various academic levels that require projects to be undertaken in groups. A course in English was remembered to require group presentation on the topic of effective communication techniques. In addition, science projects focus on conducting experiments or preparing innovative research on various scientific endeavors to be undertaken in groups. In this regard, the current discourse hereby aims to present and analyze aspects of group development through an examination of group goals, social interdependence, and group communication. Does the group have clear and specific goals? Explain why or why not. If not, suggest new goals or methods for developing new goals. The group had clear and specific goals at the onset. The group was formed for the specific purpose of coming up with an innovative and creative science project made from recyclable materials. Likewise, the criteria for judging the best project was also revealed to enable members to comply and adhere to the given standards. Are group members interdependent? If so, provide examples. If not, describe exercises or processes that may be used to increase interdependence. The group members were also interdependent. The fact that the effective undertaking of roles and responsibilities of each member would significantly contribute to the success and completion of the project was a clear indication of social interdependence. For instance, all members were expected to provide suggestions for project that were viable and doable. As such, the next phase was dependent on the quality of suggestions that would be presented by each member. The other members who were tasked to gather the needed recyclable materials were expected to exhibit creativity and innovation in their selection. These factors would be instrumental and contributory to the criteria on ingenuity and innovativeness. In addition, the ability of the group leader to motivate each member was also crucial for the success of the project. The leader’s was expected to be fair, to delegate tasks equitably, and to monitor the progress and performance of each group member to determine the progress and performance at each stage of development.

Finally, all members were expected to be sensitive to the needs of other members

especially in finding out how assistance could be provided. The unselfish sharing of ideas, as well as the cohesive efforts of the members, exhibited interdependence. Does the group communicate effectively? If so, provide examples. If not, identify aspects of the group’s communication that can be improved. The group was able to communicate effectively. The leader ensured that open communication was enforced. Contact details of each member were provided and exchanged for easy communication and feedback. However, at the stage when the group was still in the formation phase, there seemed to be some difficulties and challenges in communication. Since the members did not know each other, there were some apprehensions from the members to ask or inquire on matters pertaining to the performance of tasks. As a result, the group leader called an emergency meeting and discussed matters that need to be resolved. Likewise, the group leader asserted that each member should not hesitate to contact other members or the group leader to resolve any concerns about the project. In addition, a clear time frame to complete various phases of the science project was explicitly relayed to avoid missing the deadline. Therefore, since then, no barriers to communication were noted and all issues regarding the progress of the science project went smoothly according to schedule.

The current discourse successfully identified aspects of group development through a closer examination of group goals, social interdependence, and group communication. With clarity in goal setting, delegation of roles and responsibilities, as well as in exhibiting effective communication, the project turned out to be a success. The group was able to design a science project made from recyclable materials that won in the Science Fair.


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communication goals essay

Career Goals Examples in Marketing and Communication

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