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  • Challenges of Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder in School-Age Children and Adolescents: Clinical Psychologists' Perspectives The present study sought to explore the challenges faced by clinical psychologists in assessing school-age children and adolescents for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Author: Tyler Demers, Adler School of Professional Psychology.
  • Does Emotional Regulation Mediate the Relationship between Mindfulness and Positive Psychological Outcomes in Adolescents? This quantitative, mediational study was designed to assess the extent to which emotion regulation mediates the relationship between mindfulness and perceived stress. Author: Nancy L. Schuit, Northcentral University.
  • The Impact of Diagnosis and Gender on Psychologists' Attitudes Toward Adolescent Clients The purpose of this study was to provide evidence for what attitudes male versus female psychologists hold toward adolescents who have been labeled as having specific mental health disorders. Author: Katrina Evans, Adler School of Professional Psychology.
  • The Influence of Trauma, Locus of Control, and Health-related Quality of Life on a Child's Self-worth This paper attempts to elucidate the impact that traumatic childhood experiences may have on self-worth, and the importance of implementing targeted intervention before the child reaches adulthood. Author: Anita Alexander, Nova Southeastern University.
  • Prediction of Psychological Well-being and Academic Functioning of Children Experiencing Parental Divorce The purpose of this study is to examine whether gender of the child, age of the child, and family conflict impact a child’s academic functioning and well-being after a parental divorce. Author: Jillian Lakota, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.
  • Psychologist Disclosure of Adolescent Suicidality The present study utilized a set of 10 vignettes reflective of the five American Psychological Association (APA) General Ethical Principles of Psychologists to explore disclosure of adolescent suicidality. Author: Christina H. Kirsch, Carlow University.
  • Psychologists’ Experience Conducting Child Custody Evaluations: Stress and Self-Care This qualitative, phenomenological study examines the subjective experiences of psychologists who conduct child custody evaluations. This study will investigate the overall experience of working with a child and family, going through the evaluation process, taking note of the ethical and legal pressures placed on the psychologist. Author: Jessica Lee Mulrine, Chestnut Hill College.
  • Re-visioning Contemporary American Adolescence: Using Imaginal Psychology to Nurture the Emerging Souls of Adolescents This thesis explores how American culture and society understands its adolescents and offers a re-visioning of adolescence through the findings of James Hillman’s archetypal/imaginal psychology. Author: Katrina Pesl, Pacifica Graduate Institute.
  • The Relationship between Birth Order, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicide Attemtps in Adolescents The purpose of this study was to explore the association between birth order, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in adolescents. Author: Stacey. Jackson, Alliant International University.
  • Selfies and Mental Health Issues among Adolescents The present study empirically investigated in adolescents the relationships between their social networking behaviors and their levels of narcissistic tendencies, self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, depression, and anxiety. Author: Diana Kolcz, University of Hartford.
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1. Dilemmas in child custody disputes : the child's best interest in courtroom discourse

Author : Henrik Ingrids ; Karin Aronsson ; Lucas Gottzén ; Jonathan Potter ; Stockholms universitet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Child custody disputes ; discursive psychology ; conversation analysis ; institutional talk ; interactional dilemmas ; reported speech ; reported affect ; blame allocations ; social accounts ; membership categories ; gendered categories ; Child and Youth Science ; barn- och ungdomsvetenskap ;

Abstract : This thesis examines courtroom interactions involving child custody disputes, exploring how participants during courtroom hearings orient to and manage the task of presenting their own side, while contesting the opposing party, in matters like the child’s best interest, domestic violence, parental neglect and misconduct. Drawing on 42 audio-recorded courtroom examinations of litigating parents by the same side and opponent side attorneys, it examines authentic courtroom hearings. READ MORE

2. Children and Parents : Attributions, Attitudes and Agency

Author : Sevtap Gurdal ; Emma Sorbring ; Philip Hwang ; Solveig Hägglund ; Högskolan Väst ; Göteborgs universitet ; Gothenburg University ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Parenting attitudes ; parenting attributions ; personal agency ; child agency ; child adjustment ; school achievement ; Psychology ; Psykologi ; parenting attitudes parenting attributions personal agency child agency child adjustment School Achievement ;

Abstract : Children and parents are both part of children’s development and research on children and on parenting are both areas that, in some way, have changed in recent decades. These changes are related to the new way of seeing children and that children are no longer seen as ‘becomings’ or adults in the making; rather, children are insteadregarded – and seen – as more active in their development and as social agents. READ MORE

3. Play, Culture and Learning : Studies of Second-Language and Conceptual Development in Swedish Preschools

Author : Robin Samuelsson ; Per Ledin ; Stina Hållsten ; Karin Aronsson ; Södertörns högskola ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; early childhood education ; ECEC ; preschool ; play ; affordances ; embodiment ; multimodal ; interaction ; second-language development ; conceptual development ; culture ; cultural affordances ; digital tools ; artefacts ; perception ; förskola ; förskolepedagogik ; didaktik ; förskola ; lek ; affordanser ; kroppslighet ; multimodalitet ; interaktion ; andraspråksutveckling ; begreppsutveckling ; kultur ; kulturella affordanser ; digitala redskap ; artefakter ; perception ; Utbildningsvetenskapliga studier ; Studies in the Educational Sciences ;

Abstract : This dissertation studies how second-language and conceptual development emerge through interactions in Swedish preschool environments. It studies how types of interaction, such as play, can scaffold children toward such developments. READ MORE

4. Surviving the loss of a child, a spouse, or both : Implications on life satisfaction and mortality in older ages

Author : Anna S. Bratt ; Mikael Rennemark ; Ulf Stenström ; Gerd Ahlström ; Linnéuniversitetet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; negative life events ; child and spouse loss ; bereavement ; older adults ; Psychology ; Psykologi ;

Abstract : Losing a loved one – a child or a spouse –is described as one of the most stressful or negative experience of a person’s life. Aging is associated with a higher risk of the death of close family members, yet few studies have investigated the impact of such losses on different health outcomes either by type of loss or by the combined loss of both a child and a spouse. READ MORE

5. Prediction in Typical and Atypical Development

Author : Sheila Achermann ; Terje Falck-Ytter ; Pär Nyström ; Sabine Hunnius ; Jonathan Delafield-Butt ; Uppsala universitet ; [] Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP ; SOCIAL SCIENCES ; Prediction ; Infancy ; Developmental Psychology ; Motor Development ; Motor Control ; Motion Tracking ; Executive Functions ; Embodied Cognition ; Eye Tracking ; Visual Motion ; Predictive Coding ; Autism Spectrum Disorder ; Infant Siblings ; Psychology ; Psykologi ;

Abstract : Forming predictions about what is going to happen next is a crucial ability that develops early in life. Theory and some empirical evidence suggest that predictive abilities may be impaired in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). READ MORE

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Vorster, Hein. "Die psigososiale ontwikkeling van leerders in die ACE (Accelerated Christian Education)-skool." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2001.

Dixon, Wallace E. Jr, C. Shore, R. M. Bartlett, Page M. McIntyre, and K. E. Brakke. "Developmental Perspectives from the APA National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Psychology." Digital Commons @ East Tennessee State University, 2009.

Meyer, Lauren. "Child life specialists in foster care| A case for child life in a nontraditional setting." Thesis, Mills College, 2014.

The current study examined the possible gaps in meeting the needs of children in foster care, the additional skillsets that contribute to meeting their needs, and the role child life specialists play in meeting those needs. Additionally, the study looked specifically at how child life could find a place in the nontraditional setting of foster care. Two groups of participants were recruited for the study; the first group was comprised of child life specialists. The second group included professionals who worked directly with children in foster care in some capacity. Two surveys were designed and conducted, one for each group. Generally, both groups of participants identified the following unmet needs: emotional needs, attachment needs, behavioral needs, supporting children in coping, and psychological preparation. Skillset matches for meeting these needs included experience in psychological preparation for children, knowledge in supporting coping, child development expertise, and awareness of family-centered care. These matches are closely tied to child life specialists' training. Additionally, there seems to be a lack of play in working with foster children, and this was identified as a possible gap in the system, highlighting another way child life specialists could support children in foster care. Through this study, clear ways were identified in which child life specialists could strengthen the services provided to children in foster care. These results have implications for an interdisciplinary future of the child life field.

Keywords: child life, foster care, unmet needs, child life in nontraditional roles


Tsao, Li-you 1966. "Factors related to parenting knowledge, knowledge of child development, and childrearing involvement among parents." Thesis, The University of Arizona, 1994.

Mascall, Doris. "The development of the self-concept in the young child." PDXScholar, 1986.

Masarsky, Daniel N. "A Physical Education Curriculum For Promoting Sociomoral Development." CSUSB ScholarWorks, 2016.

Koussa, Michelle D. "Adolescent Academic Adjustment during Chronic Illness: Online Training for Child Life Specialists." Thesis, University of North Texas, 2018.

Hendricks, Sarah Elizabeth. "An examination of parent-child interactions and developmental pathways of emotion regulation." Scholarly Commons, 2012.

Heisner, Mary J. "Meeting the Professional Development Needs of Early Childhood Teachers with Child Development Associate Training." Digital Archive @ GSU, 2008.

Zvara, Bharathi Jayanthi. "Can fathers' education level moderate relations between low birth weight and child cognitive development outcomes?" Columbus, Ohio : Ohio State University, 2009.

Beins, Anton B., C. Blair-Broeker, C. Brewer, B. Buskist, B. Casad, Wallace E. Jr Dixon, Y. Harper, et al. "Principles for Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology." Digital Commons @ East Tennessee State University, 2009.

Rubinsztein, Denise Vivian. "Developmental adjustment of the pre-school child to the divorce process." Thesis, Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 1986.

Krieger, Kenin M. "School counseling and child development the integration of theory and practice in elementary school settings /." [Bloomington, Ind.] : Indiana University, 2006.

Kingery, Linda S. "Understanding E-Learning as Professional Development for Rural Child Welfare Professionals." ScholarWorks, 2018.

Mistretta, Jacqueline M. "The Relationship between Type of Child Care Setting and Externalizing Behaviors in Kindergarten Students." Thesis, Alfred University, 2017.

Past studies examining child care and externalizing behaviors have produced conflicting results. This study examined whether an association exists between type of child care that a child attended the year before kindergarten and externalizing problem behaviors as rated by the child’s kindergarten teacher. Ordinary least-squares regression was used to examine variables that impact ratings of externalizing behavior by evaluating data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 2010–2011 (ECLS-K:2011). The ECLS-K:2011 has up-to-date data that includes a nationally representative sample of children in the United States. Participants were 13,544 children. Additionally, SES and the total number of hours of weekly care were analyzed to see if they moderated the relationship between type of care and externalizing behaviors. Findings indicated that children who attended center care only exhibited more externalizing behaviors than children who attended other types or combinations of care. Children from lower SES families had significantly more externalizing behaviors than children from higher SES families. Findings also indicated that SES had less of an effect on externalizing behavior among children who attended relative and center care than children who attended center care only. The more hours a child spent in care each week, the greater their ratings of externalizing problem behaviors. Additionally, the effects of total hours on externalizing behaviors were lower for children who attended relative care only and relative and center care than those who attended center care only. Study implications for policymakers, parents, and researchers are discussed in depth. For instance, if parents wish to send their children to center care, they may want to incorporate an additional type of weekly care, which may act as a buffer to externalizing problem behaviors. Additionally, policymakers may want to facilitate greater access for child care other than center care only.

Zadeh, Sheava T. "Academic achievement factors in children with chronic illness: A report based on the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, from the Study of Early Child Care." Scholarly Commons, 2010.

Hoopes, Renee. "The Intervention Path: The Experiences of Mothers Seeking Help for Their Child with Atypical Behavioral Development." Scholar Commons, 2018.

Ryle, Mary Katherine. "Exploring the Prevalence of Learning Styles in Educational Psychology and Introduction to Education Textbooks: A Content Analysis." TopSCHOLAR®, 2017.

Greene, Andrea Paige. "A Review of LEAD PD Writing in the Content Areas: Measures of Teacher Self-Efficacy and Student Performance." TopSCHOLAR®, 2017.

Metindogan, Wise Aysegul. "Parenting, child mastery motivation, and children's school readiness to learn in Turkey a structural equation analysis /." Related electronic resource, 2007.

Manay, Quian Natalia. "Child functioning, parent coping strategies and parent mental health outcomes in families with children with developmental disabilities." Thesis, McGill University, 2013. http://digitool.Library.McGill.CA:80/R/?func=dbin-jump-full&object_id=114572.

McCarty, Betty M. Carlson. "The Effect Of Kindergarten Nonpromotion Of The Developmentally Immature Child On Self-Concept, Peer Acceptance, Academic Attitude, Classroom Adjustment And Academic Achievement." Scholarly Commons, 1986.

Carter, Jennifer. "Child life specialists' perspectives in supporting adolescents struggling with medical non-compliance." Thesis, Mills College, 2014.

The current study sought to examine child life specialists' perspectives on supporting adolescents struggling with medical non-compliance. The intent of the study was to identify various factors involved in adolescent medical non-compliance and to examine the role of the child life specialist in supporting this population. Eighty-five certified child life specialists were surveyed regarding their work with adolescents and the strategies used to support adolescents struggling with medical non-compliance. The issues surrounding medical non-compliance were examined as well as child life specialist education and how capable child life specialists felt in their ability to support this population. Results support previous literature suggesting a negative impact of typical adolescent development on medical compliance. In addition, results revealed the multidisciplinary team approach and family dynamics as being barriers to supporting adolescents' struggle with medical non-compliance. These findings support the need for additional education to better equip child life specialists in their work with this population.

Keywords: child life specialists, adolescents, medical non-compliance, medical non-adherence

Bersche, Sara. "Beyond theological correctness the role of others' knowledge in children's developing God-concepts /." Waltham, Mass. : Brandeis University, 2009.

Parker, Shaunette Roberta Byers. "Impact of Positive Youth Development Services on Resilience Among Adjudicated Girls." ScholarWorks, 2016.

Torres, Misty Dawn. "Finding Childcare for the Disabled Child: The Process and Decisions Through the Primary Caregiver’s Lens." Antioch University / OhioLINK, 2015.

Hopkins, Sydney. "The relationship between parent stress and child expressive and receptive language abilities in families of children with developmental disabilities." Thesis, McGill University, 2013. http://digitool.Library.McGill.CA:80/R/?func=dbin-jump-full&object_id=114334.

Hornby, Diana Scot. "Learning organisations: an exploration of the extent to which early childhood development non-government organisations (NGOS) in the Eastern Cape Province are learning organisations." Thesis, University of Fort Hare, 2008.

Doucerain, Marina 1982. "Characterizing grade 8 students' microdevelopmental changes in understanding of conservation of matter, in the context of a discussion-based instructional unit." Thesis, McGill University, 2009. http://digitool.Library.McGill.CA:80/R/?func=dbin-jump-full&object_id=116130.


Rudin-Gorelik, Julia Beth. "Examining Relationships in Head Start: Relations among Risk, Relationships, Child Characteristics, and Social and Academic Outcomes." Diss., Temple University Libraries, 2010.

Susmani, Krystle Anne. "Certified child life specialists' perspectives on supporting siblings of infants in the neonatal intensive care unit." Thesis, Mills College, 2015.

The current study sought to examine certified child life specialists’ perspectives on supporting siblings of infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The intent of the study was to identify the types of support available, barriers to offering support, the individuals who offers support and the effectiveness of interventions by certified child life specialists with siblings of infants in the NICU. Sixty-eight certified child life specialists were surveyed regarding their work supporting siblings of infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. Results support previous literature suggesting that there are many barriers to offering support to siblings in the hospital, including: staff availability, space constraints, funding, and visitation policies. In addition, results demonstrated that provided supports still vary widely from hospital to hospital and certified child life specialists are the individuals who are most likely to offer support when it is available. Furthermore, the certified child life specialists surveyed view their interventions with siblings of infants in the NICU as effective or very effective. In conclusion, these findings support the need to increase the presence of certified child life specialists in the NICU in order to adequately meet the psychosocial needs of siblings.

Keywords : certified child life specialists, child life interventions, siblings, neonatal intensive care unit, NICU

LaMont, Mary S. "Mother-Child Attachment and Preschool Behavior Problems in Children with Developmental Delays." DigitalCommons@USU, 2010.


Orten, Heather Rhea. "An Item Analysis of the Child Behavior Checklist with Preschool Children with Autism." TopSCHOLAR®, 2012.

Weiss, Maria. "Female Superiority in Social Cognition: Can Pretend Play Help the Boys Catch Up?" Scholarship @ Claremont, 2017.

Tremaine, Elizabeth Jane. "Profiles of School Readiness and Implications for Children's Development of Academic, Social, and Engagement Skills." Thesis, Portland State University, 2017.

Academic achievement gaps across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups are apparent as soon as children enter kindergarten: racial minorities, Hispanics, and poor children begin school at a distinct disadvantage compared to their White peers from middle- and high-income families (Chatterji, 2005; Fryer, Jr. & Levitt, 2004; Magnuson, Meyers, Ruhm, & Waldfogel, 2004; Magnuson & Waldfogel, 2005; Reardon, 2011). To understand these gaps at kindergarten entry, it is essential that researchers understand the skills with which children enter kindergarten.

Previous research on school readiness has been limited by variable-centered methods that separate components of school readiness (e.g., early academic skills, social skills, engagement). As each entering kindergartner possesses their own set of school readiness skills, it is not likely that school readiness skills are independent of one another. School readiness may be better conceptualized and measured as patterns of skills that children possess at the beginning of kindergarten. These detectable patterns of school readiness skills present at kindergarten entry may deferentially support development of academic and non-academic achievement outcomes, such that strengths can promote the development of weaker skills across the kindergarten year.

Within the framework of Cognitive Load Theory (Sweller, 1994), this study investigated the nature of the relations among children's school readiness skills and their associations with development of academic, social, and engagement skills across the kindergarten year. This study used a person-centered analytic technique to identify profiles of school readiness present in entering kindergartners and explored the different developmental trajectories of academic, social, and engagement skills of children across these profiles. Five school readiness profiles were detected: 1) Scholastic, 2) On Par, 3) Room to Grow, 4) Super Regulator, and 5) Wiggler. Membership in these profiles was predicted by key demographic variables, and membership in profiles in turn uniquely predicted change in achievement outcomes across the kindergarten year. More specifically, children in the Super Regulator profile improved notably in academic skills, which were their weaker skills at school entry, but did not show improvement in social and engagement skills as a group across the year; children in the Wiggler profile showed moderate improvements in engagement skills, social skills, and self control across the year; children in the On Par profile showed no change in social and engagement skills, while showing the most improvement in math scores across all the profiles; the social and engagement skills of children in the Scholastic profile improved moderately, while their academic skills improved the least of all the groups; and children within the Room to Grow profile showed the most growth in social and engagement skills and improved moderately in math skills, but did not show the same improvement in reading skills.

Furthermore, this study contrasted the person-centered approach described above to a more traditional, variable-centered approach. The author believes that the person-centered approach succeeded in providing findings about school readiness that can be more easily and succinctly communicated to early childhood education stakeholders than did the variable-centered approach.

Hughes, Kevin. "The Development and Construct Validation of the Children’s Academic Motivation Inventory." TopSCHOLAR®, 1986.

Michaelis, Stephen Henry. "A Model of Suicidal Behavior In Latency Age Children Based on Developmental Object Relations Theory." PDXScholar, 1989.

Keane, Melissa. "How the quality of the early mother-infant relationship Influences decision making in risky situations later in life." Scholarly Commons, 2014.

Waajid, Badiyyah I. "The Relationship Between Preschool Children's School Readiness, Social-Emotional Competence and Student-Teacher Relationships." VCU Scholars Compass, 2005.

Cannell-Cordier, Amy Lynn. "The Role of Emotional Support Consistency and Child Risk Factors in Predicting Pre-K Cognitive and Social-Emotional Development." PDXScholar, 2015.

Zhou, Yile. "Parent-child interactions in home numeracy activities: investigating the effect of game format." Diss., University of Iowa, 2019.

Sugimoto, Reiko T. "Japanese children's responses to the Gospel narratives and metaphors age five through seventeen /." Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN), 1988.

Gordon, Diandra Renee. "Childhood Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Socioemotional Development from Early to Middle Childhood." The Ohio State University, 2015.

Hurdle, David A. "The Giving Tree Academy." Scholarship @ Claremont, 2017.

Pasqualini, Juliana Campregher [UNESP]. "Contribuições da psicologia histórico-cultural para a educação escolar de crianças de 0 a 6 anos: desenvolvimento infantil e ensino em Vigotski, Leontiev e Elkonin." Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), 2006.

Pasqualini, Juliana Campregher. "Contribuições da psicologia histórico-cultural para a educação escolar de crianças de 0 a 6 anos : desenvolvimento infantil e ensino em Vigotski, Leontiev e Elkonin /." Araraquara : [s.n.], 2006.

Siller, Christina. "A father's supportive presence: Understanding how fathers influence children's developmental outcomes." Scholarly Commons, 2012.

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Dissertations for Developmental Psychology

Richards, melissa n., television use in early childhood and academic achievement in eighth grade: examining the moderating effects of parental involvement and program content, robb, michael benjamin, new ways of reading: the impact of an interactive book on young children's story comprehension and parent-child dialogic reading behaviors, scantlin, ronda mae, interactive media: an analysis of children's computer and video game use, simmons, jacqueline a., teenagers and media, “it's just life”: pedagogical possibilities in collaborative research with youth, smith, glenn charles, utilizing a virtual residence hall to introduce traditional age college freshmen to factors that enhance the identity development process: an exploratory study, snyder, warren e., perceptions on the diffusion and adoption of skillsoft® an e-learning program: a case study of a military organization, sobko, kristina, temperament and computer play patterns in preschool age children, templeton, joey rebecca, recreational technology and its impact on the learning development of children ages 4–8: a meta-analysis for the 21st century classroom, thompson, penny marie, the popular profile of the digital learner: technology use patterns and approaches to learning, torralba, jose antonio (tony), learning to speak for nature: a case study of the development of scientists and their representational practices, trego, christopher david, gender differences in communication patterns and learning styles in asynchronous distance education, tsai, yueh-feng (lily), the effects of interacting with a computer-simulated virtual pet dog on children's empathy and humane attitudes, turner, sherri lou, native american adolescent career development: initial validation of a computerized career exploration and assessment instrument, washburn, sherry june, distance education from the inside out: experiences grounded in the real world contexts of participants, zagarino, christina, big top fitness: an investigation of the effectiveness and appeal of interactive television, sign in or register, sign in using email & password.

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  • Psychology of early childhood
  • Role of early childhood vocabulary learning to future reading
  • Social and emotional development in infancy and early childhood
  • The role of early education in the development of children

Child Psychology Research Topics-Mental health

Mental health is an essential aspect of child development. Below is a list of top suggestions to help you through your next project:

  • A review of family support on children’s mental health
  • Barriers to children mental health services in your country
  • Children mental health: Challenges and future
  • COVID-19 impact on children’s mental health
  • Culture influences children mental health
  • Demographic factors influencing children’s mental health
  • Effects of family violence on children’s mental health
  • Effects of the internet on children’s mental health
  • Effects of parental drug abuse and violence on children’s mental health
  • How do economic conditions affect children’s mental conditions?
  • How does a neighborhood influence the mental development of children?
  • How does an ambient neighborhood influence children’s mental health?
  • How does children’s mental health affect their success in academics?
  • How does poverty influence children’s mental health?
  • Impacts of war on children mental health
  • Juvenile victimization and its impact on children mental health
  • Maternal background influence children’s mental health
  • Mental health problems on children quarantined because of COVID-19
  • Techniques for spotting mental health problems in schools
  • What is the future of children’s mental health

Best Child Psychology Research Topics

At HelpForHomework, we go for the best child psychology research topics. Please take a look and tell us what you think.

  • Characteristics of serious games
  • Cultural influence on early childhood brain development
  • Developmental perspectives on self-perception in children
  • Early childhood mental development stages
  • Future development in technology and the impacts in early childhood education
  • History, development, and impact of serious games in children development
  • How do digital games influence early childhood mental development?
  • How does hostile early childhood parenting affect adulthood?
  • How important is family to a child’s mental development?
  • Imaginary friends: Competence in children creation of imaginary friends
  • Impacts of harsh parenting in early childhood development
  • Impacts of role-playing and technology in early childhood development
  • Impacts of serious games and edutainment in early childhood education
  • Importance of parenting in early childhood development
  • Integration of religious values in early childhood education
  • Self-perception and friendship determinants in early childhood
  • The role of parents in early childhood development
  • Understanding early childhood: Effects of parenting behavior in child development
  • Use of games in schools in the improvement of early childhood education
  • Use of technology in early childhood literacy development

Interesting Child Psychology Research Topics

When you select an exciting topic, go ahead and beyond your coursemates. For you to stand out in your presentation, ensure you select an idea from the child psychology research topics below:

  • Are children more creative than adults?
  • Behavioral approaches in promoting play for autistic children
  • The behavioral theory of autistic children
  • Does the home environment affect literacy outcomes in children?
  • Father figure absence and personality development of a male child
  • How do children cope with emotions after a traumatic episode?
  • How do parental emotions affect children’s personalities?
  • How do culture and social behavior affect children with autism?
  • How does family and socioeconomic status affect a child’s personality?
  • How does genetics influence a child’s psychological development?
  • How does lack of family attention affect the psychology of children?
  • Importance of playing in promoting healthy child development
  • Is society changing the psychology of children?
  • Long-term outcomes of early intervention in autism spectrum disorder
  • Observing children creativity and its impacts on adulthood
  • Personality development in early childhood
  • Psychological impacts of encouraging children to play in a natural environment
  • Teaching playing skills to children with autism
  • Trends in childhood development research
  • Video modeling: Does it work for children with autism?

Professional Child psychology Research Topics

Once you select professional child psychology research topics, you are sure of top grades. Please select a topic below and contact us for more guidance.

  • Analysis of the parent-child relationship and ADHD symptoms
  • Child Psychology Development: Impact of sports on mental health
  • Explain the stages of early childhood development
  • The formulation in psychotherapy for children
  • Health and mental care for premature children
  • How does graphic violence affect a child’s psychology?
  • How does reading books improve language learning in children?
  • How does sports impact early childhood development?
  • Impacts of bullying on a child’s development
  • Impacts of e-books on young children’s reading habits
  • Impacts of poor diet on the mental development of children
  • Impacts of toxic events in a child’s mental development
  • Indicators of poor diet in children
  • Psychological implications of divorce on early childhood development
  • Reading books to children: Are books important for small children?
  • The relationship between housing instability and poor diet quality and their impact on a child’s development
  • The role of music in early childhood psychological development
  • Using electronic books to enhance literacy skills in young children
  • Using mobile phones, tablets, and applications to improve emergent literacy skills in early childhood
  • What are the causes of ADHD in young children?

Excellent Child Psychology Research Topics

Are you looking for excellent child psychology research topics? We have some top-quality suggestions for you:

  • Analyze early childhood education in your country
  • Antisocial behavior: Role of early childhood development
  • Application of developmental psychology in formulating children laws
  • Causes of aggressive behavior in children
  • Developmental changes from a child’s birth to eight years
  • Developmental implications on children suffering from prejudice and discrimination
  • Exploring the genetic conditions that influence happiness
  • How does the internet influence self-identity in children?
  • How to encourage good eating habits in children?
  • The role of mind games in cognitive development among children
  • What is the future of developmental psychology?

Final Verdict

To avoid getting into loggerheads with our clients, HelpForHomework provides professional research topics suggestions and writes top-notch papers. We have a team of experts with experience in the psychology field. Now that you have found the best child psychology research topics contact us for guidance. If you have not found a suitable research topic, chat with the support department to advise you accordingly. We are here to work with you on every step of your project. Also check out Developmental Psychology Research Topics.

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