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Essays on Affirmative Action

Affirmative action in the us.

Just as numerous policies adopted in the United States, affirmative action is one that has incessantly adapted to the country’s changing needs because of its flexibility. The first concrete reference to the term appeared in Kennedy’s Executive Order 10925 which pushed to take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed without regard to race (Sowell 124). This order’s intents were furthered by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited discrimination more effectively and in a larger scope. In […]

Affirmative Action and Color Blindness

Attending college is a profound moment in a young person’s life. It is a transition period where a student can find out who they are and what kind of adult they want to be. What if I told you that if you wanted to attend a University, your skin color would be a deciding factor on your admission? There has recently been a lawsuit related to this, against Harvard that has accused the university of placing a cap on the […]

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Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Affirmative action in higher education has been a very controversial topic in the American education system for several years. Many people around the world have constructed their own ideal definition of what affirmative action means to them, leading others to have a confused misconception of what the true meaning of affirmative action is. Affirmative action can be acknowledged as a form of “positive discrimination”. It is a policy that was created in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy to favor […]

Affirmative Action: Racism or Not?

Affirmative Action is a government program designed to redress historic injustices against specific groups by making special efforts to provide members with access to educational and employment opportunities. Affirmative action (in the past) was created because of the Jim Crow laws and the segregation against colored people in the 1950s. The purpose of this , is to establish a workforce that is diverse and promote qualified minorities, and give them an opportunity to succeed in life. Afirmative action began as […]

Is Affirmative Action a Discrimination?

Throughout the history of the united states we have had many run ins with discrimination, from the natives to the African Americans, and we can all agree that discrimination is unjust and is unconstitutional. That said how is affirmative action okay or different than regular discrimination, it is inherently unconstitutional and destroys the philosophy of meritocracy and reinforces negative views on minorities. What exactly is affirmative action? Well affirmative action is, as according to the google definition, an action or […]

Race-Based Affirmative Action Programs

A Critique of Race-Based Affirmative Action Programs in College Admissions  In recent years, the necessity and morality of affirmative action, especially in the context of college admissions, have been topics of contention in a particularly polarized political arena. The division of opinion is illustrated by a 2015 Gallup poll, which reported that 58% of respondents supported affirmative action for racial minorities9. While proponents of affirmative action programs popularly cite the necessity for rectifying historical discrimination and ensuring universal equality of […]

Dismantling Affirmative Action

Affirmative action enables students of a minority background to have an increased chance in being accepted to a college. The adverse effects it may have are often not brought to light.The policies that make up affirmative action support minorities by accepting students they feel could benefit from attending that institution. This is an opportunity to enter a selective school based heavily on their race, instead of focusing on academic skills. Their academic profiles do influence their admission; However, the students […]

What is Affirmative Action?

The world is a much faster paced and more competitive than it was 20 years ago. In the past you could graduate with a high school diploma, work, buy your house and car with relative ease. Now, you can’t really do much with it let alone afford a small apartment in the city, you will mostly likely need a college degree to be well off. A college degree is now more important than ever, being in the most educated generation […]

Why is Affirmative Action Necessary?

Julius Caesar Watts Jr. an American politician from Oklahoma who was a college football quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners and later played professionally in the CFL said, “Affirmative action is a little like the professional football draft. The NFL awards its No. 1 draft choices to the lowest-ranked team in the league. It does not do this out of compassion or guilt. Its done for mutual survival. They understand that a league can only be as strong as its weakest […]

History of Affirmative Action

  Affirmative Action was created in 1961 of the United States. The first anti-discrimination executive order was amended several times by President Kennedy and it gradually became an important act, affected millions of Americans until today. It mainly focused on education and employment. It took care of ethnic minorities, Native women and other excluded groups.              President Johnson made a speech at Howard University in June 1965. He set out the need for employers to take “positive actions” to overcome […]

Impacts of Affirmative Action on Asian- Americans

Abstract This paper expresses misconduct against Asian- Americans in the college applications process scene. Affirmative action affects not only those of Asian descent but impacts other minority races such as African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics. This paper examines the Harvard court case on Asian discrimination and other minorities through the use of SAT scores and Interviews. Introduction Despite America’s long rough history with the oppression of minority groups, one might think individuals have learned from past mistakes. However, revisions […]

Aim of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action was created in an effort to change unequal distribution of benefits including positions, income, and property. Since its execution in the United States at 1965, affirmative action has been the hot issue of discussion causing quite a stir in all aspects.         Affirmative action has been encouraged by the government since the mid 1960’s, when chairman Lyndon B. Johnson put government contractors to accept favorable action programs. At the moment, the nation struggled with social, racial, gender, and […]

An Issue of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action may be described as guidelines or practices that are intended to curtail or end practices that may seem discriminatory. In America since independence, the nation has had to undergo various forms of affirmative actions in order to make the nation more habitable and conducive to everybody living there. The actions have also seen the nation mark tumultuous times because great struggle had to be employed in order to attain the kind of civil liberties they enjoy in the […]

A Justification of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is any policy directed at compensating someone in return for discrimination that person suffered. It is applied at the group level, and most often in this country, to the variable of race. Elizabeth Anderson defines affirmative action in her book The Imperative of Integration in saying, By affirmative action,’ I refer to any policy that aims to increase the participation of a disadvantaged social group in mainstream institutions, either through outreach’ (targeting the group for publicity and invitations […]

The Debate over Affirmative Action

The Debate Over Affirmative Action: Is Affirmative Action justified? Affirmative Action had its origin in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but an extreme discussion whether minorities should receive special treatments in society has emerged in recent decades. Affirmative Action more narrowly refers to preferential selection based on race, gender, or ethnicity. This paper will argue that Affirmative Action reinforces stereotypes and permanently embeds them into the country’s system. Therefore, Affirmative Action is not legitimized and it even reinforces racism, […]

My Understanding of Affirmative Action

In the novel Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, the African American protagonist gets expelled from his university after showing the school’s white donor the reality of the slums. This crushes the narrator’s belief of carefully adhering to white supremacist rule and his dream of using education as a stepping stone to escape poverty is shattered. He is forced to move to the South, where he realizes he is invisible because of the way whites and blacks treat him.  As an […]

Turning the Page on Affirmative Action

Abstract The continual effort for equality and equal opportunity is a goal that we should all seek as a society. We need to invest in future generations in all social economic areas to provide an equal playing field for success. Academics, employment, and politics are major deciding factors in what opportunity we can be exposed too. African Americans among other minority groups such as women, were subjected to unfair disadvantages that prevented them from reaching the same success as others. […]

What should we Know about Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action (Value) Claim: The current implementation of affirmative action values are detrimental to impartiality within the college application process Organization: Monre’s sequence Argument Essay: Affirmative Action Let’s all take a moment to imagine what our lives may look like exactly a year from now. A lot has changed. Perhaps you have a different hairstyle or even a new car. And of course, the dreaded university transfer applications. You’ve worked non-stop to get into your college of choice, but soon […]

Impact of Affirmative Actions

Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. This is a typical question offered as a supplementary essay for the Common Application. The Common Application is an undergraduate admission application that can be used to apply to any number of 700 member colleges all with the simple push of a button. This question and many other […]

Democracy in South Africa Presaged the Transformation Agenda Business Essay

Democracy in South Africa presaged the transformation agenda essential to the building of a just and equitable post-apartheid state, and it is safe to say that the concept of transformation has become the central reference point that provides the momentum for the rebuilding of the South African state from its apartheid ruins (Jammine, 2009). To this end the South African government had passed various laws to stimulate the diversification of the labour force (Commission for Employment Equity Report, 2010). Likewise, […]

Gender Discrimination in Firefighting

This paper examines how systemic discrimination against women results in lower female participation in firefighting jobs. Firefighting jobs are a microcosm of the overall issue of systemic sexism in the workplace. Females have lower workplace participation than men overall. While there has been some improvement in the past half-century, the rate of change is slow and it will maybe decades until we reach full equality. More troublesome, there are reports of harassment, sexual discrimination and other negative treatment of women […]

Occupational Segregation

Affirmative Action is a right not a privilege that should be fought for. Everybody has a right to be taken into consideration without discrimination no matter their race, religion, national origin and gender. Women should strive for the right for equal representation throughout the workforce. While our men and women fight for our freedom, as citizen we fight for our rights. Occupation Segregation is still a huge issue in the military and civilian world. Women and men are still not […]

Discrimination and Open Slot Policy

Sex Discrimination at Walmart Stephanie Etheredge Ashford University What financial impact do you think the lawsuit could potentially have on Wal-Mart? The financial impact I think the lawsuit will have on Wal Mart is hire prices in the store. With the cost of legal fees the company would have to make up the cost. This could even be away for them to lay off employees and shorten staff. What are the major moral complaints of the females suing Wal-Mart? Do […]

Managing Multicultural Fet College

LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT Student Name: S. Z. Zungu Student Number:15931838 Lecturer(s):Prof. Erwin Schwella & Dr Belinda Ketel Institution:School of Public Management and Planning – University of Stellenbosch Managing a Multicultural FET College Abstract The Further Education and Training (FET) Colleges have gone through a big merger process where 152 colleges were reduced to only 50 colleges in 2001. This change was brought by the promulgation of the new legislation that further necessitated changes in both roles and functions of […]

Equal Employment Opportunity

Introduction Equal employment opportunity (EEO) began when President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8802 in 1941. Executive Order 8802 ensured that every American citizen was guaranteed equal employment opportunities in World War II defense contracts, regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin. Today, the EEO legislation has affected businesses. The topics discussed will be, how the organization, as well as the individual employee, has rights, the effect it has on the customers, how it can improve an organization’s […]

The Civil Rights Act in Modern Society

CIVIL RIGHTS ACT1 Civil Right Act In today’s rapid changing world, the mobility of labor has increased tremendously. In the past, it was common to find towns with inhabitants from one race. Issues of discrimination at work were rare due to the uniformity. Today, workplaces enjoy diversity. It is common to find an office where the secretary is from Hispanic origin, the manager an African America, and the HR officer a person from Caucasian descent. This diversity should create an […]

Diversity Management Strategies for Nike

With the concept of globalization, the pace of changes is increasing faster than before. Due to the impacts of this concept, organizations are working hard to keep them selves ahead of their competitors to not only to enjoy desired market share but also to sustain it. These organizations are also continuously changing to satisfy the increasing demands of customers regarding products and service delivery. Customers are no becoming inconsistent when it comes to loyalty. In recent years, many giants have […]

Essay Introduction

Research paper on affirmative action, thesis statement for affirmative action essay.

Throughout American history, marginalized groups have been discriminated against due to their ethnicity. However, ever since the Civil War, America has attempted to eliminate this discrimination by providing minorities with more opportunities to succeed. For instance, one of the earliest policies of this was Freedmen’s Bureau which provided African-Americans education; but soon it was overturned by President Johnson. Policies like this were aimed at helping minority groups but ultimately failed. The same can be said for affirmative action: a policy that promotes minorities into many job firms and prestigious schools around the country.

President John F. Kennedy contended that government contractors should “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.” Ever since Kennedy enforced this policy, it has been a lingering debate on whether or not it’s instrumental. Even though affirmative action may seem beneficial for minorities because it uplifts them to higher educational institutions and professions, affirmative action is ineffective and immoral because it causes reverse discrimination-favoring minority groups that were discriminated against before-and benefits upper-middle-class minorities.

Argumentative Essay Examples on Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is ineffective and immoral because it induces reverse discrimination. To begin with, a person named David Sacks is part of an alumni association for Stanford, and he elaborates his view on affirmative action: affirmative action goes against its intended purpose. Moreover, according to Sacks, affirmative action is just a policy that is pushing for “diversity,” and “that same push…also has led to Stanford to create racially segregated dormitories, racially segregated freshman orientation programs, racially segregated graduation ceremonies, and curricular requirements in race theory and gender studies” (Sacks).

Sacks emphasizes the different racially segregated communities in Stanford because it essentially conveys segregation never ended.. In addition, Sacks suggests that affirmative action “betrays Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of a color-blind community.”To explain affirmative action was enforced in 1961, which was during the Civil Rights Movement, and it aimed to end racial segregation and racial bias in America; instead, it judges people by the color of their skin and not by their character, as Martin Luther King wished.

On the other hand, many people who champion affirmative action would believe that the policy combats the racial stereotype of whites in job professions. Likewise, Anna Quindlen disputes that “only about 7,500 of the 127,000 students enrolled in law school last year were African-American” (Quindlen). Even though the policy of affirmative action would increase the number of African-American applicants in law school, it would mean that these job firms would overlook key components of their job applications.

To continue, in a study that goes deep into affirmative action, The Wilson Quarterly notes that job firms have been promoting more women and minority groups by ignoring their employment, educational, and criminal records in their applications (Wilson Quarterly). This implies that past records of white applicants were acknowledged more for their criminal records and past employment rather than minority records. Despite the fact that more minorities are being accepted into job firms, it’s not right that they should ignore key components of what they’ve done just because they’re underrepresented.

Also, a recent article about a Harvard affirmative action lawsuit elaborates on the case and the potential future for Harvard. Meghan Liu suggests that Asian Americans were required to have “higher SAT scores” to get accepted into Harvard (Liu). In particular, even though Asian Americans are a strong minority group in terms of socio-economic status, they don’t deserve to be discriminated against by making them have higher SAT scores because it should be equal for any person from any race. Yes, minorities are entering more job firms and schools, but it’s favoring groups that have been discriminated against before, which is essentially reverse discrimination.

Affirmative Action Ideas

Affirmative action is also ineffective and immoral because it benefits upper-class minorities. To begin with, a minority English professor named Richard Rodriguez contends in his autobiography about his privileged life and his view and thoughts about bilingual education, religion, and affirmative action. Specifically, Rodriguez believes affirmative action only helps minorities that are privileged and not those who are socially disadvantaged. Rodriguez illustrates that the policy couldn’t differentiate between educated upper-middle-class men like him from a disadvantaged minority (Rodriguez).

Affirmative action is a policy that falsely labels all minorities into one social group, therefore benefiting those who are upper-class minorities. To explain, Richard Rodriguez applied to Stanford, where they perceived him as a minority with academic potential without looking at his social class instead of “a slightly educated Mexican-American who lived in a barrio and worked as a menial laborer” who never hoped for a “future improved” (Rodriguez). Affirmative action is not helping the minorities in need but just pushing the successful minorities into higher and higher job positions and schools.

The Consequences of Affirmative Action

At the same time, people who support affirmative action might also interpret it as since Rodriguez is a minority, he shouldn’t be antagonizing or going against affirmative action because it aids him. However, even though Rodriguez benefits from this policy, he doesn’t need to because he was already privileged with authentic education when he was young. Essentially, affirmative action just pushed Rodriguez into higher fields instead of actually helping a socially disadvantaged minority like the “Mexican-American who lived in a barrio.” Also, a person might contend that some socially disadvantaged students do get accepted into higher educational institutions, but the same students also struggle in these schools.

To add on, when Rodriguez was a professor, he claimed that he saw “students in college then [that] barely knew how to read…among those students with very poor academic preparation, few completed their courses of study…” (Rodriguez). These students were uplifted into higher educational institutions because of their race but simply weren’t prepared for how rigorous these schools were because they lacked the heavy investment in education as upper-middle-class people are. Affirmative action is supposed to help socially disadvantaged minorities who lack authentic education, but instead, it’s helping people who don’t really need it.

Affirmative action is significant because even though it may seem like a policy that has only great benefits, the unintended consequences and effects of affirmative action convey that this policy may not be so great after all. Some of those consequences would be reverse discrimination, and the policy would only benefit rich, middle-class minorities. Acknowledging these types of unintended consequences would help shape future government policies as they would be tweaked and revised more before enforcing them to the public.

Affirmative Action Essays

An analysis of ira katznelson’s affirmative action proposals.

For political scientist Ira Katznelson (Columbia University), racism in the United States is not only a historical evil, it is a present-day, government-institutionalized evil. In his book When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America, Katznelson argues that the only way for United States society to bridge the gap created between minorities, specifically African Americans, and whites is for the federal government to actively create policies that favor minorities. Katznelson justifies this claim by […]

Affirmative Action and its Concequences

In 1961, Affirmative action was signed into action by John F. Kenndy.  It was created March 6, 1961 from executive order 10925 in reaction to non-discrimination against any employee applicant.  As defined by US Legal, affirmative action is the process of a business or governmental agency in which it gives special rights to hiring or advancement to ethnic minorities to make up for past discrimination against that minority.  In short, the intent of the law is to open up opportunities […]

Problem of Discrimination in Plain Sight

Race relations has arguably been the most divisive and hotly contested issue in contemporary American politics and throughout United States history. A solution to this issue in the past was to "level the playing field" through programs now colloquially named affirmative action. Many people feel that these programs are necessary to either counteract injustices or ensure the advancement of certain minorities. However, there is evidence to show that affirmative action has become a form of discrimination in and of itself […]

History of Affirmative Action Creation

Affirmative Action Affirmative Action was created by President John F. Kennedy through an executive order in 1961, continued through Lyndon B. Johnson's presidency, and so forth. The rationale behind affirmative action was to promote diversity and end job discrimination. It sought to even the playing field, giving minorities the opportunity to pursue higher education or a career field. The objective was to rectify the social inequality faced by many oppressed minority groups at a certain point in United States history. […]

The Dilemma of Affirmative Action

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, "Affirmative action means positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of employment, education, and culture from which they have been historically excluded. When those steps involve preferential selection?”selection on the basis of race, gender, or ethnicity affirmative action generates intense controversy(Fullinwinder,2009). With this being said, incorporation of ethics plays a crucial role in ensuring achievement of a fair and just community where everyone is perceived as equals which […]

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Educational System in America

Introduction In the past, education in America was exclusive and did not include a diverse demographic pool, women, and people of color were not a part of major decisions. And yet, today the dichotomy in the education system is still unsettling due to racial inequality. African Americans and women alike are victims of the lasting effects of racism and oppression. It was not until the 19th century where school was highly regarded as a serious matter in the United States. […]

Debates Around Affirmative Action Issues

Affirmative action is a largely debated topic in the political world. It is a policy that was formed in 1961 and favors people who are often discriminated against, such as African Americans, Asians, and more, especially in employment or education. It is often used to help disadvantaged citizens of the United States to gain an advantage in certain scenarios. Affirmative action doesn't simply prefer one race over another, it just takes race out of the decision process. I believe that […]

Issues of Affirmative Action Laws

Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. This is a typical prompt offered as a supplementary essay for the Common Application. The Common Application is an undergraduate admission application that can be used to apply to any number of 700 member colleges all with the simple push of a button. This question and many other […]

The End of Slavery and People of Color

Before desegregation the world was a much different place than today. Many people of color were being mistreated and excluded from things other citizens could do. In the process of civil equality and desegregation many people played roles to help out. Although people tried to help it wasn’t an easy task to complete. Overtime things changed and the U.S. is a more different place than it was when it was in its early stages. More and more people recieved the […]

Why Affirmative Action should be Banned

Affirmative action should be banned because it harms minorities and discriminates against non minorities. The solution is to ban any kind of race based, gender based, or economic based affirmative action. Colleges should judge the applicants only by their educational standards and determine if that individual meets the college's academic requirements. Whatever gender, race or economic class a student belongs too shouldn't matter. Affirmative action in college is the strategy of promoting members of society who belong to a race […]

Affirmative Action Policy

Attention Getter: According to data from the National Center on Education Statistics (NCES), in 2007, 70 percent of white high school graduates immediately enrolled in college, compared to 56 percent of African American graduates and 61 percent of Hispanic graduates.  More recent data from NCES reports some changes in this gap, most notably for African American students.  The updated report finds that in 2011, 69 percent of white high school graduates immediately enrolled in college, compared to 65 percent of […]

The Death Penalty

The death penalty is a widely controversial subject that involves the execution of an individual as a form of punishment to deter individuals in a society from committing the same crime. I believe the death penalty is a form of evil that cannot be justified or reasoned in any way by taking the life of a person. Not only does this process take years, where a prisoner is essentially put on a waitlist for death row, but also takes a […]

Affirmative Action in the Workplace

Affirmative action is a "government, or private, program designed to redress historic injustices against specific groups by making special efforts to provide members of these groups with access to educational and employment opportunities. Affirmative action was created in an effort to change unequal distribution of benefits including positions, income, and property. Since its execution in the United States at 1965, affirmative action has been the hot issue of discussion causing quite a stir in all aspects.         Affirmative action has been […]

Definition of Affirmative Action

What is Affirmative Action? The general view of minority representation in the American higher education system has historically appeared quite bleak. The racial diversification of America's higher education system has been a forefront discussion among those in the industry since the creation of higher education itself. There have been monumental Supreme Court decisions that allowed the argument in favor of renovating the study body population to gain momentum and ultimately helped to dismantle America's longstanding "separate but equal" doctrine, a […]

Aim of Affirmative Action Policies

Affirmative Action policies are to improve opportunities for historically excluded groups in American society due to factors such as race, color, sex, religion, or national origin. The main focus of Affirmative Action policies is on education. In institutions of higher education, Affirmative Action aims to provide equal access and opportunity to education for the groups that have been historically excluded, such as women and racial minorities. Affirmative Action first came out after the 1960's Civil Rights Movement. In 1961, President […]

A Rhyme and a Reason for Affirmative Action

The only thing more detrimental to a nation-state than an uninformed citizen is a citizen that is equipped with misinformation. In the past decades that have passed since the Civil Rights era of the 1960s, American society has viewed a plethora of federal government actions that have dealt with the constitutionality of favorable and race-conscious decisions; however, none more important or controversial than that of the federal government approval and enforcement of affirmative action. In short, affirmative action is the […]

Crash Movie Critique

For this assignment we had to watch the movie Crash(2004) which involves and intertwines the stories of several people living in Los Angeles and their experiences and how they were affected after 9/11. The story to show the racial tensions that are created and intensified in the aftermath of 9/11 and it shows how everyone in the film is guilty of racial discrimination and are also victims of it too by others who have stereotypes towards their race and skin […]

The Affirmative Action and the Discrimination with Employment

Segregation is characterized as making a qualification for or against someone or something dependent on the gathering, class, or classification to which that individual or thing has a place with instead of on individual legitimacy. Segregation does identify with only one significance as well as a few, and it very well may be depicted from various perspectives. This activity isn't just hostile however harmful also. Denying any individual work on account of their race, sexual introduction, religion, or sex is […]

Is Affirmative Action Useful?

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness (Declaration of Independence, 1776).The concept of affirmative action was introduced in the early 1960s in the United States, as a way to combat racial discrimination in the hiring process, with the concept  affirmative action was designed for providing benefits to those people that do not […]

Affirmative Action and its Main Aim

Affirmative action is an active effort to improve employment and educational opportunities for members of minority groups and for women. Affirmative action is used to ensure the respect of diversity within the public. It was implemented to provide equality in workplace environments and educational settings. In this essay, I will provide a brief history of affirmative action, explain all its meeting goals and shortfalls, and discuss the impact of affirmative action in the workplace. Affirmative action was first introduced by […]

Affirmative Action does it Hinder or Help Students in Higher Education

Under the recent Trump Administration, affirmative action has reversed the Obama-era policy that advised institutions to diminish race in one of the many factors into their admissions practices and policies. While many constituents are divided on affirmative action, the narrative of this policy has been framed through the media in a way that has caused a divide within higher education. As a country, the United States empathizes the importance of equality and equity among U.S. citizens including individual's in higher […]

Affirmative Action: an Outdated and Detrimental Practice

The concept of affirmative action has been persistent in America since the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Beginning in 1961, with Executive Order 10925, President John F. Kennedy declared that the U.S. government and its contractors would "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin" (US Department of Labor). According to the Cornell University Institute of Law, affirmative action is defined […]

Main Functions of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action generates an environment where equal employment opportunities can grow. Additionally, affirmative action is compensatory and helps to reform the effects of past discrimination. Affirmative action aims to achieve a positive effect in reducing discrimination and creates new opportunities for those who were historically discriminated against such as women, people with disabilities, African Americans, Hispanics, and the elderly. Affirmative action changes according to three important sectors: education, government contracting, and employment. According to Executive Order 11246, the government requires […]

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The Debate Over Affirmative Action: Is Affirmative Action justified? Affirmative action had its origin in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, yet an extreme discussion whether governmental policy regarding minorities in society is a decent open approach has happened in the ongoing decades in the United States. This paper will argue that affirmative action reinforces stereotypes and for all time embeds them into the country’s system. Therefore, affirmative action isn’t legitimized and it even reinforces racism, which still remains a major issue in our society. This paper has three parts. In the first, I will argue why affirmative action has to be seen as a reinforcement of stereotypes and racism. The second part of the paper will discuss an important objection to my argument I am presenting and offer an alternative response. In the third, I will present another important objection to my argument and offer an alternative response. Affirmative Action as Reinforcement of Stereotypes and Racism Affirmative action involves that individuals who are given a position only dependent on this policy usually do not meet all requirements for it, and the idea that all individuals under that race are for the most part not qualified and could not accomplish the position without this special treatment is called racism. It, therefore, assumes that all individuals of a similar race are from a lower class, and require extra help since it is assumed that they would not have the capacity to accomplish it on their own. By giving them a special treatment dependent on this policy it seems like saying that they are unable to accomplish it by themselves. It puts minorities in the perspective that they can not accomplish their goals with their own capacities or diligent work. This supports stereotypes and racism and even inserts it permanently into the country’s system. A race-based policy brings an undesirable stigma and minorities need to work considerably harder to prove that they have earned their position. The way how individuals are placed into boxes like that and separated depending on their appearance is humiliating, noxious, and simply just wrong and even worse to make it a law. Race and sex segregation remain a critical issue in our nation, yet affirmative action ought to be about class and helping lower class citizen, and not about race. Even though this society has to master many challenges and obstacles to become a nation in which each and every individual is treated equally and with the same respect, but putting affirmative action permanently into the country’s system goes into the wrong direction. In Steels opinion affirmative action causes more harm than good for minorities and underlines their inferiority. This causes and supports that white people feel superior and reinforces racism. He states that it has the effect of ‘stigmatizing the already stigmatized’ and legitimize it by the policy of affirmative action. There is no need for a policy to demonstrate that minorities have the same abilities to reach specific positions. 

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Affirmative Action Essay

July 21, 2015

Content 10

Affirmative action is defined as the reflection of diversity in hiring, recruiting, and other practices. It is an outcome of the 1960's civil rights movement that gave any minority the right to vote, free speech, as well as free and equal treatment. Its intended use was to provide equal opportunities for members of minority groups, such as people of color, and women within education and employment. Affirmative action policies focused initially on improving the opportunities African Americans had within education and business. Being a major part of the United States history, an affirmative action essay is an extremely common topic assigned to students. Here are the steps needed to write a good essay on affirmative action.

What one should always start with is finding or compiling a list of affirmative action essay topics. These topics can state how one feels about the subject that you are speaking of, why it exists, or even how it came to be. Here is a list of topics one may use when writing essays on affirmative action.

  • Why it was introduced: Racial inequality in the United states remained an issue almost 100 years after the civil war. Discrimination against minorities denied them the chance of being as successful as whites that lead to widespread poverty.
  • What it involved: Instead of making victimized minorities equal in law what affirmative action aimed to do was give minorities preferred treatment with the intention of reversing the effects of discrimination.
  • Who has to comply with affirmative action: In the laws of employment affirmative action laws now covers all of the U.S federal agencies as well as any company that makes a significant income from federal government contracts.
  • Where does affirmative action apply?: Although it is mandated by federal law, there are some states that have laws to ban positive discrimination quotas

One could write many different affirmative action essays, depending on how they view it. These views can also affect the type of essay one may write in order to express one’s viewpoints.

  • Pro affirmative action essay: Would be an affirmative action persuasive essay stating the good affirmative action has done for society, such as creating job opportunities and making the United States closer complete equal rights.
  • Con affirmative action essay: Would be another type of affirmative action persuasive essay. An against affirmative action essay would be an essay where the writer would try to convince someone that affirmative action is a bad thing, should not exist, and why one should oppose it.
  • Affirmative action argumentative essay: Is an essay where one gathers evidence on the specific topic of affirmative action, in order to establish a position on how they feel about the topic in a concise manner.

After determining what type of essay, as well as the topic you are focusing on, you can start working on the affirmative action essay outline. This outline is what you will base your paper on in terms of spacing out the facts and information. Depending on what your teacher wants there are many ways to create your outline. One example of this would be.

  • Introduction of your topic
  • thesis statement
  • First section of the body
  • Evidence proving the first fact is correct or incorrect
  • Second section of the body
  • Second fact
  • Evidence proving the second fact is correct or incorrect
  • Third section of the body
  • Evidence proving the third fact is correct or incorrect
  • Affirmative action essay conclusion

Affirmative action is a hard topic to write about, and perhaps you may not have the time to do it on your own. Perhaps you have more pressing matters to attend to in your everyday life? Well, don't worry atwewe webecause we'll write it for you, just visit and fill out your order form today!

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affirmative action essay outline

Essays on Affirmative Action

Affirmative action policies in american colleges and universities, the policy of affirmative action and individual responses to such policies, made-to-order essay as fast as you need it.

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The Effectiveness of The Implementation of Race-based Affirmative Action in College Admission

The debate over the implementation of affirmative action in higher-educational institutions, conflicting views on the idea of affirmative action, affirmative action: pros and cons, let us write you an essay from scratch.

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Fight Against Affirmative Action: Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of affirmative action, pros and cons of affirmative action in college admissions, race-based affirmative action in postsecondary institutions, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

Expert-written essays crafted with your exact needs in mind

An Examination of The Supporters and Opponents of Affirmative Action

Failure of the affirmative action in ending racism in the u.s, analysis of the effectiveness of affirmative action in our society, the affirmative action speech and the necessity for the affirmative action in the united states, evaluation of the problems associated with affirmative action, transparency and accountability within the american college admission system and the idea of affirmative action.


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affirmative action essay outline

affirmative action essay outline

Essay on Affirmative Action

The affirmative action emerged in response to the persisting inequality in the US society and attempted to close gaps between people that would help to prevent tension and confrontation between the privileged mainstream social group and discriminated groups, which consisted of low-income employees, minorities, and female employees.

Historically, the affirmative action in the US was started by the US government and legislators and the growing public pressure and emerging social problems. The National Labor Relations Act also known as Wagner Act of 1935 was the first major legal act that has launched the affirmative action in the US. The Wagner Act aimed at low-income groups mainly and provided employees with the right to unionize without fear of being discriminated by employers. The development of FDR New Deal programs contained equal opportunity clauses that also contributed to the enhancement of the affirmative action policies in the US.

Truman issued the Executive Order 9808 that established the President’s Committee on Civil Rights, which examined cases of violence and provided legal recommendations to prevent violence and discrimination.

At the same time, the affirmative action policies aimed at specific industries. At this point, it is possible to refer to Nixon’s Philadelphia Order of 1969, which was the most forceful plan to guarantee fair employment practices in construction jobs.

The affirmative action has a considerable social influence since it focuses on the inclusion of minority or discriminated groups and provides them with equal rights and opportunities facilitating their inclusion and integration into the workplace environment. The creation of equal employment opportunities contributes to the elimination of social differences and the society becomes less diverse and socioeconomic disparities become less striking.

The group dynamics was, to a certain extent, one of the drivers of the affirmative action because different social and racial groups have a different group dynamics. What is meant here is the fact that some social groups progressed faster and enhanced their socioeconomic standing, while others stumbled and lived in poverty. The affirmative action aimed at closing the gap not only between these groups but also and mainly between the groups’ dynamics. In such a way, the affirmative action sped up the development of low-income or discriminated groups to help them to catch up with the mainstream group dynamics.

The affirmative action has influenced substantially interpersonal relations between employees because employees from minority groups, for instance, African Americans, suffered discrimination in the workplace environment and had worse job opportunities compared to employees representing the mainstream culture. As a result, interpersonal relations between employees representing minority and mainstream groups were quite tensed. The affirmative action has eased the tension because it has contributed to the decrease of the difference and provided them with equal rights and opportunities. The equal position of all employees contributes to the improvement of their interpersonal relations because, having equal rights and opportunities, they view each other as equals.

However, the implementation of the affirmative action faced several challenges, among which deep-rooted biases and prejudices have proved to be the most significant challenges. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that white employees often opposed to the affirmative action which granted non-white employees new job opportunities, thus, enhancing the competition between white and non-white employees.

The affirmative action was also viewed as the violation of human rights and contradicted to the traditional American culture and lifestyle because Americans traditionally believed the career of an individual to be a private matter and the government should not interfere into the regulation of the labor relations creating better employment opportunities for certain groups to close gaps between those groups and other employees, for example.

Law enforcement agencies also confronted substantial challenges since regulatory functions also required professionals working in law enforcement agencies to overcome their biases and prejudices. As a result, they faced the problem of the adequate execution of legal norms that enhance the affirmative action.

In addition, the affirmative action still failed to close the gap between the rich and the poor because of the historical difference in the development of the mainstream group and discriminated groups. For instance, representatives of African American and other non-white communities historically had the limited access to education that deprived them of better job opportunities even after the introduction of legal acts in terms of the affirmative action policies.  As a result, in spite of the affirmative action the inequality between employees persisted.

At the same time, researchers (Greenberg, 2003) state that the affirmative action was an essential step to close gaps and prevent the further aggravation of the situation in the US. If the problem of persisting inequality has remained unresolved and the affirmative action has never been introduced, the US could have confronted the large scale social conflict and riots that could have outgrown into a new civil war. Furthermore, researchers (Hastings, 2006) are reasonable in their arguments that the affirmative action confronted the opposition from the large part of the US society because the majority viewed the affirmative action as the threat to their position. In addition, researchers (Hamby, 2001) point out that the affirmative action contributed to the enhancement of the employment legislation and tighter regulation of the employment relations which protected employees from discrimination.

On the other hand, some researchers (Hastings, 2006) argue that the affirmative action created the ground for protectionist policies conducted by the state. However, such argument is questionable in light of the long-lasting discrimination of minority groups. Also, researchers (Greenberg, 2003) argue that the affirmative action contradicts to the US democratic norms. But the discrimination of certain groups also contradicts to democratic norms and principles. Therefore, the affirmative action is fair practice. In addition, researchers (Hastings, 2006) argue that the affirmative action led to the overregulation of the employment relations. However, the affirmative action also contributed to the better self-organization of employees and their unionization that does not involve the excessive regulation from the part of the state.

The affirmative action should not be just the matter of the government policy but it is also the matter of each individual. People should accept the affirmative action as the essential step to prevent social injustice. In addition, people should support the affirmative action maintaining fair practices in the field of employment. Such policies should be supported by the criminal justice system which should prosecute organizations and individuals violating principles of equality. Moreover, the criminal justice system should implement the principle of affirmative action within law enforcement agencies and courts to prevent further cases of discrimination.

Thus, the affirmative action was and still is an essential policy to eliminate inequality and prejudiced attitude to certain social groups from the part of the mainstream group.

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affirmative action essay outline

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Affirmative action in psychology free essay samples & outline.


Examples of Psychology Essays Below

Sample essay on affirmative action in psychology, theories of abnormal psychology sample essay & outline, personality sample essay & outline.


The 1964 Civil Rights Amendment provided for affirmative action as women and America’s minority groups such as Hispanics, and African Americans were often disadvantaged (Featherman, 2010). This was mainly because these minority groups were often subjected to certain social outlooks that portrayed their inability to perform as well as white males. Without the affirmative action, women, and minority groups such as Hispanics and African Americans often lacked similar opportunities as whites. For example, Blacks often scored considerably low SAT grades and thus limiting their chances to get into college. Consequently, laws that would implement affirmative during college admissions and in hiring processes were developed. This is the same in psychology courses , where affirmative action has been used in taking in students in order to ensure diversity and equality.

However, such laws vary greatly from state to state due to the challenges associated with affirmative action. This has led to some states or institutions applying affirmative action while others have failed to apply it. This is because this action raises a lot of morality issues and criticism since it allows the discrimination of certain individuals in favor of the minorities. Affirmative action allows for individuals who had been disadvantaged by their sex, ethnicity or race to now have an advantage over others. For example during Psychology course college admission, Hispanic and Black students will be given priority over White students. This is often done by lowering the SAT scores for Hispanics and Blacks so that more of them can get into college (Forest, 2002). Meanwhile, the SAT scores for whites remain higher than the rest and thus, their chances of getting into college become limited.

According to utilitarianism, affirmative action should be maintained considering it has a positive implication on minorities. This is because by applying it, the happiness and well-being of the minority groups will be guaranteed. The number of Hispanics, Blacks and females will increase in college as their entry will be made easier by lowering their SAT scores. In this case, utilitarianism overlooks the consequences resulting from implementing the affirmative action (Jeremy, 2009).

One of the consequences of affirmative action is that it fosters discrimination while trying to seek equality. For example, White students will be discriminated against if affirmative action is applied college admission. This is because it will be harder for them to qualify since they will require higher SAT scores than Blacks. Overly, it would promote diversity within social institutions such as colleges and workplaces. This is because we would now have almost equal proportions of all races and genders within the various societal aspects. Furthermore, this diversity will also minimize the economic disparity between the various races.

If deontological or Kantianism were applied, affirmative action would be eliminated since this ethical theory mainly focuses on the consequences (Jones, 2004). It provides that one should determine an action’s moral worthiness depending on its consequences. When affirmative action is applied during picking of clients in psychological session, it will give advantage to minorities such as women while being disadvantageous towards others.

This is the same case when it comes to the hiring process, for example, if male and female job applicants with similar qualifications are being considered. Affirmative action would give due advantage to the female and select her purely based on her gender. This would be unfair for the male candidate as he had the same qualifications as the female applicant. In this case, it would be against Kantianism as affirmative action would be promoting an unfair outcome in the selection process.

When dealing with the issue of affirmative action, the virtue ethics would consider if it promotes human excellence upon implementation. This is because human excellence forms the basis of this ethics theory. Additionally, virtue ethics does not pay attention to rules or consequences of an action like utilitarianism and Kantianism. In this case, affirmative action does not seem to promote any human virtues. Instead, when affirmative action is used, it tends to encourage racism since individuals’ merit will be determined by their race or ethnicity. Consequently, virtue ethics theory would not promote the use of affirmative action as it does not encourage human excellence (Darwall, 2003).

Psychology is a profession that deems to promote equality and justice. Therefore, the issue of affirmative action should be handled in the right manner. There is a need for consensus among st the psychological community as whether to follow Kantianism or the utilitarianism thought.

References Darwall, S. L. (2003). Virtue ethics. Malden, MA [u.a.: Blackwell. Featherman, D. L., Hall, M., & Krislov, M. (2010). The next twenty-five years: Affirmative action in higher education in the United States and South Africa. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Forest, J. J. F., & Kinser, K. (2002). Higher education in the United States: : an encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, Calif. Jeremy, B. (2009). Utilitarianism. S.l.: Bibliobazaar, Llc. Jones, R. H. (2004). Mysticism and morality: A new look at old questions. Lanham, Md: Lexington Books.


Theories of the abnormal psychology describe the mental illnesses suggesting the possible causes of the illnesses and at the same time keep proposing the methods of checking them. The methods are inclusive of (a) biophysical (b) intrapsychic (c) existential as well as (d) behavioral.

Biophysical theories are concerned with emphasizing the underlying physical causes by psychological disturbances. These disturbances are incisive of those that are related to medical condition as well as those which are related to the use of medication.

Intrapsychic theories are mainly focused not he emotional basis of the abnormal behavior . They believe that those conflicts from childhood make people to have unpleasant feeling sin their lives. Existential theories of the normal behavior focus on the importance of the current experiences as well as personal view of themselves.

The humanistic perspective

The human perspective is a method of psychology which emphasis empathy as well as the good in human behavior. In the politics as well alas social theory, this approach calls for the human rights as well as the equality. In the counseling as well as the therapy, the approach allows a psychologist to focus on the manner in the improvement of an individual's self-actualization on the things which make them feel worthwhile (Davison, 2001).

It offers focus on the image of what it means to be human. Human nature is considered good, and the humanistic theories mainly focus on the methods which allow for the potential fulfillment. Abraham Maslow suggested that an individual is mainly motivated by a level of needs. The basic needs have to be met in order for the higher ones to be satsfied and have to be arranged in a certain order form the lowest to the highest. These needs include the following; physiological which offers satisfaction to hunger as well as thirst, safety, belonging as well as love, esteem, the self actualization . Maslow also believed that the achievements of self-actualization are mainly marked with experiences, the feelings of the incredible peace as well happiness during the activities.

Both humanistic as well as the existential theories put the emphasis on the significance of the individual choice. The freedom of the choice empowers the individuals and this is considered the greatest strengths as well as the humanistic-existential. When client are empowered they become invested in their treatment(Davison, 2001).. The behaviorist perceives the client as victim of their own environment. The psychoanalysts perceive the client as a victim of their own childhood(Cross, 1974).. An example of humanistic perspective approach feels like their life is boring. A humanistic approach would encourage the person to perform some soul-searching and determine what is missing.

References Davison, G. C., & Neale, J. M. (2001). Abnormal psychology. New York: John Wiley. Cross, F. R. (1974). Elementary school careers education: A humanistic model. Columbus, Ohio: C.E. Merrill Pub. Co.

Role of social psychology in the workplace

Social psychology can be describe as a discipline that often uses scientific methods in order to understand, and explain how the thought, behavior and feelings of an individual are influenced by the actual and imagined presence of other different human beings. Social psychology in the workplace aims at the creation of an environment that can be described as being relatively enjoyable as well as productive. This also means that there is a need to create a work schedule that does not lead to emotional or even physical distress. Social psychology in the workplace addresses several different factors and tries to shift attention from the negative aspects of the workplace such as work violence, job insecurity, burnout, and stress.

However, it still looks at these issues and tries as hard as possible to make sure that they are well managed and mitigated. The social psychology can be said to help when it comes to the creation of a working environment that promotes the goal of effective production and promotion of positive effects amongst the employees (Stangor, 2004). Happiness should not be viewed as something that cannot be able to be achieved during working hours but rather as a motivation for the staff. In fact, in the same lines, it is often important to examine the role of helping behaviors, and this include job resources, team building exercises, and work support. The field of social psychology will help the workplace to be creatively managed, and organizational behaviors will be streamlined.

This will lead automatically to an increase in the productivity in the workplace through the application of positive organizational forces. Social psychology also looks at the interactions of the people within the workplace , and how their interactions can be improved in order to increase productivity (Stangor, 2004). This is an important aspect as the workplace can be described as being a social place and consequently, there are both positive as well as negative interactions. It is, therefore, the role of social psychology to ensure that these social interactions are well understood and that the negative ones are shunned while the positive ones are encouraged in order to better the company. Therefore, the understanding of social psychology will decrease incidences of confrontation and increase those of praise and exaltation.

References Stangor J., (2004) Social Groups in Action and Interaction, SAGE: New York.

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Affirmative Action outline

Just recently, cases have once again been brought to the Supreme Court level over the constitutionality of considering race during the college admissions process. With affirmative action implemented in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy as a means to achieve non-discrimination in educational and occupational environments, the legality and success of this program are still being questioned. The leading concern of affirmative action is that the intended beneficiaries are actually harmed in the process…..

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  • Law Student Study
  • Effects in California
  • Reverse discrimination- racial preference over academic achievement
  • Income effects test scores more than race
  • Stanford Study- universities admit wealthy minorities who are not actually the ones suffering from the problem
  • Does not treat root cause/ underlying social problem
  • Will benefit if not top the current number of minorities getting into college
  • Everyone benefits
  • Resentment over racial preferential treatment will decline

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Good Example Of Affirmative Action Argumentative Essay

Type of paper: Argumentative Essay

Topic: Actions , Action , Affirmative Action , Democracy , Class , Race , Groups , Income

Published: 03/08/2023


Affirmative Action: Overview

A reflection on the society depicts the fact that it is composed of individuals with varying differences aligned with gender, race, socio-economic status, and education levels. While it is true that all people should be equal irrespective of these factors, there is a need to note that there exist a persistent discrimination of various people. Affirmative action has often been poised as the most comprehensive means through which equality can be attained. While much has been hypothesized regarding affirmative action, it is of the essence to note that it mainly connotes to actions and policies that are intended to ensure equality for all people regardless of the differences they exhibit (Bridges 73). Affirmative action is established with the sole intent of assuring equal opportunities for all. From this analysis, it can be deduced that the scope of affirmative action is to assure equality between minority and majority groups. There are various strategies that are often utilized to enhance the affirmative action. Control of biases in the employment sector occurs as one of these strategies. This strategy mainly encompasses a careful selection of recruits to ensure that minority groups are selected (Appiah 272). In the education sector, certain programs occur as adequate strategies that enhance the affirmative action. As an example, certain colleges have exchange programs whereby a higher percentage of students involved in these programs are drawn minority backgrounds. On another note, lawsuits against discriminatory policies and actions provide other means through which affirmative action can be guaranteed. An example of such lawsuits is one that was filed on 17th November 2014 challenging admission procedures employed by University of California and Harvard University. The quest for equality advocated by affirmative action has generated a contentious debate emanating from varying opinion as to whether calls for affirmative action should be based on class or race. Based on a personal thought, affirmative action would be more beneficial if it based on class and not race. Class-based affirmative action offers a comprehensive platform that assures an enhancement in the representation of the minorities. Class-based affirmative action favors individuals from low-income backgrounds, which ends up favoring the minority groups (Berry & Bonilla-Silva 237). An analysis of racial minority groups points to the fact that they have lower economic statuses. Therefore, class-based affirmative action caters for low-income groups who mainly comprise of the racial minority groups. Overall, class-based affirmative action is recommendable because it caters for both racial and class-based inequalities. Besides, class-based affirmative action is recommendable because they provide an ample platform where diversity can thrive. Class-based affirmative action ensures that low-income, middle-income, and high-income populations are represented regardless of their gender and race. Class-based affirmative cuts across and considers individuals of all income capabilities (Garrison-Wade & Lewis 24). As a result, it ensures that all groups are represented, which ensures diversity. Overall, well-defined socio-economic policies aligned with affirmative action are likely to lead to the realization of greater levels of minority representation. With regards to college and university admissions, existing evidence indicate that class-based admission procedures increase the admission rates of underrepresented minority groups and low-income students. In conclusion, race-based affirmative action elicits discrimination against the majority groups, especially the whites. This is contrary to class-based affirmative action that caters for all racial groups of various income backgrounds, especially those from low-income backgrounds. Conclusively, economic status offers a justified proxy through which equality amongst all races can be guaranteed.  

Appiah, Kwame. “Group Rights and Racial Affirmative Action. Journal of Ethics 15.3 (2015): 265-280. Print. Berry, Brent & Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo. “They Should Hire the One with the Best Score: White Sensitivity to Qualification Differences in Affirmative Action Hiring Decisions.” Ethnic & Racial Studies 31.2 (2008): 215-242. Print. Bridges, Khiara. “Class-based Affirmative Action, or the Lies that we tell about the Insignificance of Race.” Boston University Law Review 96.1 (2016):55-108. Print. Garrison-Wade, Dorothy & Lewis, Chance. “Affirmative Action: History and Analysis.” Journal of College Admission 184 (2004): 23-26. Print.


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affirmative action essay outline


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affirmative action essay outline

Affirmative Action Essay

Expert assistance to affirmative action essay.

Equality, equal opportunity, religious tolerance and diversity have been buzz words for quite some time now. Affirmative actions are the positive steps taken to embrace the women, ethnic minorities, and other marginalized sections of the society in business and educational institution. With the civil right movements and women empowerments, affirmative actions have got focus from all the sides, the social activist, the government, the business and the educational sectors. As such, Affirmative action essay is quite popular among the students of social science and humanities. For any expert assistance to your Affirmative action essay , you can just approach . is a writing service provider for all academic needs of the students. Our network is far reaching. Our writers come from varied backgrounds to cater to all the topics you encounter. And we hire only the professional writers who have unmatched experience in writing and researching in the area of affirmative action. Rest assured, at the hand of , you get nothing but a flawless paper as per your need and requirement. Do you want a one of a kind essay on controversial topics like euthanasia essay , abduction phenomenon essay or a general war essay ? Whatever is your need, all of them will be met right here.

The various aspects of affirmative actions that you can focus for your paper are given below

  • The history – Historically the women and the other sects like the black community in the society have been deprived of the privileges of the men and the white population. Even though slavery was eradicated and even though the women were accepted as an integral part of the society, they were not given equal opportunity on various propositions. And hence change or affirmative actions were needed.
  • The positive results of affirmative actions – affirmative actions have created better opportunities for the minorities who would otherwise be excluded. They are now promised equal opportunity in education sectors; the diversity is welcomed on business and government sectors. There are reservations too to ensure their participation.
  • The reasons – the countries where there was extant systematic discrimination or undue preference need affirmative actions.
  • The negative- affirmative actions are often considered as reverse discrimination. Giving extra privilege to a group due to race or sex is a kind of discrimination in itself. For example the affirmative action may discourage the qualified and skilled employees thus creating tensions.
  • The issues- though affirmative actions are endorsed by everybody, it has many a times limited to promises and the laws. The women and minorities are still bound by what is called ‘glass ceiling’. The tendency of discrimination is still engrained in the mind of some. On the other hand it has also been proposed that affirmative actions are often unproductive.
  • The caution- Thus you see affirmative action is a topic with many aspects. It has its own history, its rules, the support and controversy.

Before deciding to write an essay first figure out what interests you the most. Do you have any ideas that you strongly feel about? Do you have enough information and bases to prove your points? If yes, go for the topic, if not rethink, study and decide what you want to talk about. Following these outlines is certainly good but not enough when it comes to completing a superior quality Affirmative Action Essay . You must be aware of the facets of the topic you are writing about. You should put good effort and give time to do research. You should be able to distinguish between right materials and unnecessary one. You should find materials that will support your ideas and opinions. Then you should use right approach to the essay. Your outline should be- introduction, body and conclusion in the sequence. Besides you should have right language, grammar, and usage. All these aspects are given due attention by the writers at . We will ensure that your paper will get only those substances that will make a difference. does not tolerate plagiarism. And thus we have the latest software in place to detect any copy paste job or used materials in the papers written by our writers. We conform to the specification of each customer because we understand everybody has unique taste and need. You will get free unlimited revisions from us if you are not satisfied with the paper delivered to you. We assure absolute security to our customers when they are transacting with us online. Our customer support team is in place to promptly resolve any of your issues regarding your order. With all these bonuses, prices we charge are totally competitive. So do not worry yourself with the hassles when you buy custom essays online. Just order essays from us and rest worry free. We bet, from next time you will not look for any other services.

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affirmative action essay outline

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affirmative action essay outline

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