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110 Fantastic Graphic Design Thesis Ideas To Succeed

graphic design thesis ideas

Graphic Design is an art where professionals plan and practice creating visual and textual content to deliver messages. In today’s world, it’s the most innovative and most effective way for businesses to connect with their consumers.

Graphic design has many forms, from a simple business logo to a complex page layout on a website. The magazine covers, posters, logos, business cards, websites, and mobile apps are only a few examples of what graphic design businesses can deliver as their concept to their clients and audience. A good graphic designer should know how to attract people by displaying innovative and appealing content. Hence, it’s crucial to master the ways to express ideas creatively.

Why Is Graphic Design Thesis Important for Students?

Creating an excellent thesis using some unique and intricate graphic design research topics is essential to have a successful career in this field. Also, it’s crucial to do graphic design research to wow potential employers for good prospects. The thesis paper is the gist of what you have learned for your bachelor’s degree in university life; therefore, it’s vital to showcase creative thinking and impressive skills. There are tons of thesis ideas for graphic design that allow the students to be creative and show their full potential. To help you ace your graphic design research paper, we will be discussing every step of creating the thesis in detail.

Creating A Winning Thesis Proposal for Graphic Design

For the best graphic designing thesis project, students should have strong writing skills and complete knowledge of visual design principles. Moreover, students should know the advanced application of the skills they have learned. Furthermore, choosing the topic according to your grade in school, college or university is essential. Senior students can choose a thesis topic from the several graphic design senior thesis topics available online. Sometimes people attend workshops to learn the art of creating an impressive graphic design research paper. We have simplified the thesis writing process for students who are not keen to participate in workshops. People who have some knowledge may also benefit from the blog as it provides simple tips that you can follow to get started. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing and writing you graphic design dissertation:

  • Have a catchy introduction. A perfect intro will create a good impression and would encourage the reader to read on. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a passionate topic as anything written with heart can easily catch the reader’s attention. Unleash your artistic side to express yourself eloquently. It’s better to start with a short introduction. Keep it brief so that you can capture the reader’s attention.
  • Create a strong problem Statement. Knowing the background of the problem or the topic you are dealing with allows you to create a convincing problem statement. In this part of the thesis, you will highlight your research question around the cause of your research. You should write a page-long description of evaluating various options and choose the most suitable one. This part of the graphic design research doesn’t have to be elaborate.
  • Include an Aim and Objectives of the Study section. Use this part of the thesis to provide reasons why the chosen topic is significant. Let the reader know about your intent behind the research. These are the outcomes that you hope to achieve from your project. Also, use this part of the graphic design writing to display the objectives behind your research. The reader should have all the answers to why you want to address the highlighted graphic design issues.
  • Describe the method you use. In this section of your thesis, describe the methodology you will use to attain your goal. You should highlight all the methods available, compare them and select the most viable option. You can add details about the software, print media, or any other media platform you have used to complete your graphic design writing.
  • Prepare a literature review. Creating a literature review is an integral part of the project as it contains details of the type of research you carried out and how you conducted them. Also, it provides a theoretical framework for your dissertation, giving the reader an insight into where you started, the ideas you chose, and where the concepts have brought you.
  • Highlight the key ideas, scope, and limitations of the study. Coming towards the end of your research, you should specify the critical objectives attained from the project. Also, the project’s scope should identify the advanced uses and the limitation of the concept discussed in the thesis. Keep your content original and take as much thesis help you need from the sources available for an outstanding dissertation.

Graphic Design Thesis Topics

According to your interest, there are many topics you can look for on the internet for your graphic design thesis topic. We have researched to compile the 110 most interesting graphic design research paper topics; you are sure to find the best one for your thesis. From environment enthusiast to an art school student, our diverse topics will help you find the best topic for your thesis.

Best Graphic Design Thesis Topics

  • Uses Of Graphic Design To Create Environmental Awareness
  • Current And Future Trends In The Commonly Used Software For Graphic Designs
  • Design And Culture Expectations
  • Enhancing Understanding Through Visual Imaging
  • The New Graphic And Media Designs
  • The Fall Of Desktop Publishing
  • Development Of Web Animation.How The Internet Shaped Animation Content
  • The Evolution Of Newspaper Ads In The Technological Era
  • Role Of Personality In Arts
  • Set Creation In The Film Industry Using Graphic Design
  • Theme Design For Restaurants
  • Elements Of Persuasion And Graphic Design
  • Commercial Design: Dealing With The Clients To Facilitate Feedback
  • Organisationational Branding And Websites.
  • Role Of Visual Hierarchy To Create Customer Perception Of E-Commerce Stores
  • Art Directors: Transformational Heads
  • How Graphic Designs Are Used In The Making Of Directories
  • Role Of Graphic Design In The Evolution Of Modern Cinema
  • Creating A Colorful Classroom
  • Typeset: Principles And Techniques
  • How Color Theory Effects Graphic Design
  • How To Smartly Use Space In Design Esthetics
  • Effect Of Organizational Branding And Logos On Sales
  • Use Of Graphic Design For Social Commentary And Street Art
  • Use Of Graphic Design For Movie Festival Promotion
  • Newspaper Ads And Graphic Design. How They Mold Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Graphic Designing Tools And How The Industry They Have Impacted The Industry
  • How Does Color Psychology Trigger Emotions? A Case Study On Baker-Miller Pink

Top Graphic Design Thesis Ideas

  • A Case Study On Renowned Graphic Designers Of The Time
  • Influence Of Tv On Graphic Design
  • Role Of Computers In The Evolution Of Graphic Design
  • How Graphic Design Is Used In Game Interfaces To Attract Consumers
  • Importance Of Balance In Creating Impressive Visuals. A Graphic Design Basic
  • Conventional Designing Software Vs. Online Graphic Designing Tools. Which Is More Convenient?
  • How Does Visual Heuristics Help In Segmenting The Viewer’s Attention?
  • Use Of Graphic Design For Political Satire
  • How Brands Use Negative Spacing To Affect The Subconscious Minds Of Consumers
  • Role Of Web Graphics In Creating Visitor’s Trust
  • Defining Consumer Perceptions To Web Designs
  • Theories Of Graphic Design. Application And Importance In The Design Industry
  • Human Psychological Connections And Color Selection
  • How Online Gaming Trends Have Changed
  • Impact Of Theory Of Repetition On Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Multimedia Design And How It Has Changed The World Around Us
  • Importance Of Graphic Design To Generate Sales For Online Service Providers
  • Evolution Of Digital Art Over The Years
  • Graphic Design In The 20th Century
  • Advertisement And The Subliminal Messages
  • Use Of Powerpoint Presentations To Create Amazing Designs
  • Graphic Design Trends In The 21st Century

Excellent Thesis Ideas for Graphic Design

  • Propaganda Posters: Political Messages
  • How Email Marketing Has Changed
  • Development Of Career Paths In Graphic Design
  • Essentials Of Business Branding
  • How Graphic Design Revolutionized Product Packaging
  • Redesigning A Book Cover
  • Growth Of Graphic Design Over The Years
  • Evolution Of Vehicle Wraps Using Graphic Design
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Investing In A Graphic Designer
  • Analyzing The Role Of Colors In Graphic Design
  • Trade Show Displays And Signage To Create Attention
  • Analyzing Various Techniques Used By Graphic Designers
  • Use Of Graphic Design To Create Infographics
  • Exploring How Service Design Impacts Visual Information
  • Studying The Application Of Graphic Design In Advanced Technology
  • How Does The Use Of Warm Colors Help Viewers Connect With Your Facebook Posts
  • A Case Study On Consumer Psychology-Difference Between Warm And Cool Colors
  • Use Of Graphic Design To Create Images For Blogs
  • Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Graphic Design
  • Photo Collages And Their Importance For Youngsters
  • Evaluating The Value Of The Visual Design Structure

Interesting Graphic Design Research Topics

  • Impact Of Artistic Sensibility In Graphic Design
  • How Banners To Aid In Conveying Messages
  • Analyzing Average Budget For Graphic Design Projects
  • Importance Of Graphic Design Education Across Borders
  • Impact Of Appealing Products On Consumer Choices
  • Retargeting Ads To Reach Out To The Target Market More Efficiently
  • Perspectives Of People On Visual Communication Design Education
  • Learning How To Apply The Theory To The Graphic Design Course
  • Analyzing The Trends In Graphic Design During The Past Decade
  • Graphic Novel-A Literature Review
  • Business Cards. An Essential For Businesses
  • Relationship Between Pop Culture And Graphic Design
  • Recognizing The Qualities Of A Professional Graphic Designer
  • Using Secondary Research To Explore The Various Features Of Web Design
  • Creative Coloring Books For Kids
  • Outcomes And Impact Of Graphic Design On The Consumer Market For The Top Brands Of The Country
  • Reinterpretation Of A Classic Book Cover
  • How Does The Design Language Trigger Brand Retention In The Minds Of Customers
  • Use Of Animation To Create Beautiful Postcards
  • 10-Minute Projects That Will Amaze You

Graphic Design Senior Thesis Topics

  • Use Of Graphic Design To Create A Plant Identifying App
  • Flat Logo Designs V/S Gradient Logo Designs. A Case Study On The Automobile Industry
  • Use Of Computer Graphics And Advertisement To Change Consumer Behavior
  • Effect Of Contrast Colors To Drive Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Passion Project: Following Your Dream
  • How Businesses Use Brochures To Attract Sales
  • Use Of Print Media And Advertisements To Change Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Logos. Essential For A Business Image
  • How Clothing Brands Use Graphic Design To Create Designs
  • 20th Century Evolution Of Computer Graphics
  • A Case Study On Computer Graphic Designers
  • Impact Of Using Filters In Videos To Gain Customer Attention And Sales
  • Use Of Psychological Triggers In Graphic Design To Create Customer Loyalty
  • Effect Of Limited Financial Plan On Graphics
  • Commercial Distinctiveness And Graphic Design
  • A Case Study On The Top Marketing Agencies Of The Country
  • A Case Study On Apple. How It Molds Consumer Buying Behavior
  • How Does The Consumer Remember Your Brand? A Case Study On Louis Vuitton
  • Impact Of Design To Create Sales For E-Commerce Stores

Is Your Graphic Design Thesis Due Soon?

When you start your thesis, you may encounter various graphic design issues, but keep your eyes on the master’s degree and keep working hard. You can also hire low-cost native writers for your project plan by googling “Do my research for graphic design thesis.” These professionals will provide complete research for your thesis topic, as well as high-quality content, and will also proofread your thesis when you are done. Moreover, writing professionals offer reliable services, so you don’t have to worry that your thesis idea will get stolen or hacked.

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Graphic design: year 4, graphic design thesis.

senior thesis graphic design

DES480/481 GRAPHIC DESIGN THESIS offers senior graphic design students opportunity to engage in a year-long investigation into a guided, but self-directed research project. Students initiate and frame a complex design project, clarifying individual interests and strengths as they relate to professional aspirations. Applying knowledge and skills acquired in previous courses, students determine the final form of their thesis project, which may involve multimedia implementation. The senior thesis is exhibited in the Year End Show.

Nina Andorf, BDes Graphic Design,  Ghost , 2014

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60 Best Senior Thesis Topics To Write On

Senior Thesis Topics

After completing your high school or college, you finally sense a sight of victory at the end. However, one more hurdle remains for you to conquer – a senior thesis paper. It will determine whether you graduate or not.

Many students struggle when it comes to selecting proper senior thesis topics. You receive pressure from your professors and supervisor to present a professional topic.

If you still feel unsure about what topic to use for your senior thesis, our expert writers have you in mind. You will find the right idea and motivation to get you started with your thesis from the list below.

Are you ready to finish your course in style? Then scroll down for professionally handpicked senior thesis topics.

High School Senior Thesis Topics

  • The role of the school administration in curbing bullying
  • Pros and cons of giving students homework in high school
  • What is the effectiveness of online learning for students in high school?
  • The impact of policing in schools and the role of student participation
  • How effective are group work assignments essential for students in high school?
  • Does the teacher’s competency relate to his/her academic qualifications?

Political Science Senior Thesis Topics

  • How third world countries are adapting to the emerging issues in political democracy
  • The impact of the 2020 US presidential elections on world peace
  • How do political ideologies affect freedom of speech in dictatorial countries?
  • Using social media to advance political manifestos and campaign
  • The role of political analysts in shaping public opinion
  • How did Cambridge Analytica play a role in the US elections

History Senior Thesis Topics

  • How peaceful protests have advanced over the years in championing civil rights
  • The history of the immigration patterns on the US-Mexico border
  • The rise of the birth of gay rights movements in the United States
  • Sexual orientation in the US during the slavery period
  • The history of the national flag and anthem
  • The impact of the first and second World Wars affected the perspective of the world on unity

Graphic Design Senior Thesis Topics

  • An investigation of how graphic design functions in marketing communications
  • Similarities and differences between contemporary and conventional graphic design tools
  • The evolution of graphic design in the technological era
  • The role of graphic design in corporate branding and marketing
  • An analysis of the use of colours in designing promotional materials
  • The approach of women in design in comparison to men

Senior Thesis Topics Psychology

  • How to moderate psychological and physiological responses to stress
  • Evaluating the vulnerability to acute stress-induced anxiety and depression
  • Examine the correlation between depression, sleep, and cardiovascular dysfunction
  • How does the quality of sleep vary with executive functioning in adults
  • How different sexes react to fear-conditioned behaviours
  • The role of motivational speeches in enhancing self-esteem

Good Senior Thesis Topics

  • How gender roles have continued to evolve in the 21st century
  • Investigating the relationship between hangovers and work productivity
  • Mapping the roles of supervisors in research projects and presentation
  • How does loneliness lead to depression and anxiety among teens?
  • How culture and traditions shape the moral aspects of a community
  • The place of technology in preserving valuable cultural artifacts

Sociology Senior Thesis Topics

  • How alcohol abuse among teenagers is affecting their performance in class
  • What is the impact of life-time jail sentences on the victim
  • How has female empowerment led to neglecting of the male gender
  • Pains and struggles of a single mother
  • The relationship between population pressure and increased crime rates
  • Challenges facing women in a male-dominated workspace

English Literature Senior Thesis Topics

  • Discuss the origins of Shakespeare’s novels
  • The relationship between literature and the renaissance era
  • How are fairy tales important in creating a narrative perspective in literature?
  • The differences between criticism and symbolism in oral literature
  • Evaluate the Gothic representations of gender
  • How has technology shaped oral and written literature?

College Psychology Senior Thesis Topics

  • Adjusting to physical illness through psychological therapy
  • The relationship between self-esteem and egocentrism
  • How to build your identity in modern society
  • How interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships shape behaviours.
  • The adaptability of the human mind to changing geographical locations.
  • How eating disorders affect society’s productivity.

Criminal Justice Senior Thesis Topics

  • Is capital punishment helping to reduce crime in society?
  • The role of community corrections towards a moral society
  • Are criminal courts serving their purpose to maintain justice?
  • Criminal justice ethics in modern society
  • The impact of technology in spreading war crimes and civil crimes
  • Effective ways of preventing crime in schools and colleges

Can Someone Write My Thesis?

If you have picked a topic of your choice and thinking about what to do with it next, we offer professional thesis writing help to college students. Place your order now and get a cheap, quality paper delivered to your inbox within no time.

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CDGD-403 Graphic Design Senior Thesis Project


9:00 am – 1:20 pm

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senior thesis graphic design


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The Senior Thesis course is the capstone of the Communications Design senior year. It provides students with the opportunity to apply the full range of skills and knowledge they have obtained and cultivated at Pratt in the execution of a single, self-initiated project tied to the student’s Area of Emphasis. In collaboration with their professor, students write a design or research oriented project proposal which may involve revising or extending existing work or creating new work with an eye to the future. The emphasis is on communication the design process, documenting research and experimentation phases and articulation a critical, reflective analysis of a body of work. Senior Thesis projects are the culmination of a program of studies, and therefore allow students to reflect critically on their own work and clearly identify their interests in the larger context of the communications design profession.

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Graphic design senior thesis project teaches about microaggressions

Gyona Rice '20 creates Mind Your Speech Campaign


By Julie Carle

Gyona Rice, a 2020 Bowling Green State University graphic design  graduate, used her senior thesis project to address an issue that she learned more about during her time at BGSU.

She created the Mind Your Speech Campaign, which was selected as the best Graphic Design thesis for the 2019-2020 academic year - to address “microaggressions.” Initially, Rice was unfamiliar with the term; however, when she learned the meaning - an indirect or subtle discrimination against a marginalized group or person - she recognized it from her own life experiences as a Black person.

She admits she had probably experienced microaggressions many times throughout her life, but it was during a critique of her work that it struck a chord for her.

“I was told that there was ‘too much Black work in it,’” Rice said.

She was immediately annoyed and later angered by the comment. “I don’t think they really thought about what was said. In the program, we are taught to think about what influences us. They ask, ‘Who influences you, who do you listen to, what music do you like?’” she said. “I’m Black. My influences and my outlook come from my lived experiences.

“For whatever reason, because the comment rubbed me the wrong way, I went on a path of finding out why I was feeling that way,” Rice said. “During a SMART training with Ana Brown (director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs ), she talked about microaggressions and instantly, it was like, ‘Oh! That’s what it was.’”

Rice decided to explore the topic more and to find out why that behavior was normalized by others when they justified it by saying, “They didn’t mean it that way; there’s no harm done.”

“As I thought about it more, the idea that as a Black person that’s what you have to go through just felt completely wrong,” Rice said.

The topic became the focus of, not only her graphic design thesis project, but also her McNair Scholars Program  project and a Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS)  grant project.

The project became “my baby,” she said. “All my energy, love and thoughts went into that project.”

Throughout her senior year, she researched, wrote and designed almost exclusively about microaggressions. The McNair/CURS project was presented as a written/oral project. For the graphic design project, she needed to think about representing the topic visually.

The last three months of her senior year became even more intense, not only because the projects were due, but also because COVID-19 shut down in-person classes and everything moved to 100% online.

“So, it was nonstop,” Rice said. “I was a researching, studying, putting it on the website, which meant I also had to teach myself to code, so now I know how to do coding for a website.”

The collateral for the project included posters, video scenarios and a game to help people learn about microaggressions and related definitions, a test for implicit bias, and a variety of resources to discover and reflect on the topic. (See associated images on this page)

“The power of microaggressions lies in their invisibility to the perpetrator,” Rice said.

Among the goals of her senior projects was to help educate others, including faculty and staff “because sometimes in the classrooms, students of color do not feel welcomed and included, or they are expected to represent their race.

“I know you can’t change everybody, but I hope maybe this helps somebody to speak up or put a bug in someone’s ear about what they are saying, how that sounds and what that actually makes it look like,” she said.

Rice is currently working as a freelance graphic designer. After graduating in May, she returned to her native Michigan where she could be closer to her family, including her older sister Dajaniere Rice, also a BGSU graphic design alumna. 

“It’s not often that we have two siblings in a program,” said Jenn Stucker, chair and associate professor of graphic design at BGSU. “They’re both incredibly talented and I learned a lot from them, personally.”

Gyona’s project earned the top honor for senior graphic design thesis projects in 2020. Dajaniere, whose senior project was the use of art to fight depression, received the Medici Circle Cup Best of Show Award for the 2017 BFA thesis show.

“They’re both artistically talented. They see design as an opportunity to utilize their artistic talent because graphic design is communication for the masses. They recognize the opportunity and the platform that design gives them, using their skill set as artists and designers,” Stucker said.

Regarding Gyona’s senior thesis, Stucker said, “She was mindful of the work she was creating. She often selected work that focused on Black-based businesses or topics. I’m sure that was a heavy burden on her to bring that content forward, but she never complained and handled everything with grace. She brought that content to us, and it was amazing.”

Media Contact | Michael Bratton | [email protected] | 419-372-6349

Updated: 12/04/2020 08:49AM

2022 BFA Thesis Show a Dazzling Display of Graduating Seniors’ Work

Photo of Brianna Howard (CFA’22) standing in front of her work at the BFA Thesis Art Exhibit at Stone Gallery May 5. Brianna is white woman with blonde hair; she smiles with her hands in her pockets, wears a green jacket and black plants. From left, they are named Reposition, Overlapped, Proximity, Talking with the Shadows, and Remnant. The prints are mostly gray and tan colors and are abstract in nature, featuring long curving lines.

Exhibition features graphic design, painting, printmaking, and sculpture

John o’rourke, pam debarros, cydney scott.

There’s something thrilling about the School of Visual Arts BFA Thesis Show 2022 . Featuring 133 works by the 39 graduating seniors majoring in painting, printmaking, sculpture, and graphic design, the show demonstrates the myriad ways students are experimenting with materials and developing their own unique aesthetics to tell visually compelling stories. The Thesis Show is on view at the CFA Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery through May 20.

Ashley Zhou (CFA’23) says she is constantly seeking out new techniques and applications in her painting that she’s never seen done before. She uses found materials like yarn, drywall, and scrap wood and works with a range of surfaces to create paintings that investigate her social and cultural identity. For her thesis project, she uses silk yarn suspended from planks of wood and painted with mahogany watercolor of varying opacity to illustrate moments from her parents’ childhood. Other than their stories of their childhood in China, Zhou says, she doesn’t feel a strong connection to her culture. The gaps between the strings in her work are aimed to reflect the distance she feels from her heritage. 

Photo of Ashley Zhou (CFA’22), a young AAPI student who wears a black face mask, tan pants, and a flowing white shirt, standing to the right of her piece called Cherry Tree at the BFA Thesis Art Exhibit at Stone Gallery May 6. The piece is a tapestry and a design of a tree with what looks like a woman sitting in it is made barely visible by light red stands of thread.

Ashley Zhou (CFA’22) and her painting Cherry Tree at the BFA Thesis Art Exhibition at the Stone Gallery.

“The sheer and transparent nature of the image is meant to convey a sense of looking through—me looking and reflecting on who I am as a result of social structures and cultural past,” Zhou says. 

Graphic designer Kylie Carroll (CFA’22) started her thesis project hoping to educate the public about how consumer culture is damaging the environment. But the focus shifted, she says, “from a singular narrative of saving the world against environmental despair to a lighthearted and digestible way of exploring personal accountability and up-cycling.” Carroll began working with single use plastics she’d been saving in her apartment to explore ways to repurpose her trash. “I used these plastics to crochet, heat fuse, weave, and ultimately transform them into new and functional items”—including a basket, a reusable clutch, and a reusable tote, all on view in the show. Even her thesis book is made with repurposed paper from her design studio. 

Photo of Kylie Carroll (CFA’22), a light-skinned woman with long brown hair who wears a white sweater, and black pants, sitting on a gray bench with her Single Use Society pieces at the BFA Thesis Art Exhibit at Stone Gallery May 5. The pieces include a woven basken to her right, and a few pieces made with what look like recycled white plastic bags.

Carroll says she immersed herself in sustainability—a subject she’s long been interested in—last semester when she and classmate Davide Bianchi (CFA’22) challenged themselves to execute a zero waste process. “We made our own paper, vegetable dye from food scraps, and created a garment,” she says. That project allowed her a chance to create a tactile, graphic design product, and forced her to rethink her design process and make it more environmentally conscious.

“As designers we have the toolbox to be innovative, we are taught how to think outside the box and how to question everything…this project was my first experience with treating my resources as sacred and pushing the boundaries of what I can do with ‘trash,’” Carroll says

Another graphic design major—Jonathan Pinchera (CFA’23)—has been experimenting with the art form of embroidery through the creation of wearable embroidered pieces. For him, embroidery is a way of making that addresses hyperconsumerism, mass production, and gender norms.

The title of this year’s show— Connection Line s—is meant to reflect the adaptability, resilience, and connectivity shared by the graduating seniors, and it has both literal and figurative connotations.

Photo of Jonathan Pinchera (CFA’23) sitting cross-criss next to his piece Narrative Lace at the BFA Thesis Art Exhibit at Stone Gallery May 5. Pinchera has short curly hair and a mustache, and wears a brown t-shirt and dark brown pants. The lace artwork is stitched onto a mannequin's torso; yellow, blue and green bubble letters are seen inside the design.

Jonathan Pinchera (CFA’23) with his piece Narrative Lace .

“These artists, 2022 BFA graduates, demonstrate deep care for their work and community, which manifests in intrepid drawing, design, sculpture, and installation,” says show curator Leah Triplett Harrington, a Boston-based writer and curator of the nonprofit public art accelerator Now + There . “These artists are linked by a sense of interdependence in their work; collectively, through a range of interdisciplinary approaches, they consider shared experiences that shape their artistic vision.”

Each of the show’s artists, Tripplett Harrington says, are working with lines, both aesthetically and conceptually. “Be they blurring hierarchical lines between art and craft, or using compositional devices, many of these students are investigating the potential of the line in their work,” she says. “There are also lines of time, or connections through time via lineages of ritual, process, and art historical genealogies.” 

Brianna Howard (CFA’22), a major in both printmaking and painting, says her work ties into the show’s title directly and indirectly. “Directly, I use a lot of line and gesture in my works to create space,” Howard says. “My lines aren’t usually linear. Rather, I refer to them as actions, meaning actions of my body or space. Indirectly, a lot of my exploration this past year has been creating a wide range of work and then trying to find connections between those works.”

Triplett Harrington began working with the students at the start of the spring semester, she says, to “really develop the trust needed for a successful artist-curator relationship.” She met with each of the painting, sculpture, and printmaking students after introducing the “connection lines” theme. Each student shared work with her they thought responded to that theme and together they discussed how and where it could be included in the show. “It was very much a dialogue,” Triplett Harrington says. 

Photo of Leah Triplett Harrington, guest curator of this year’s BFA Thesis Art Exhibit,  advising painting major Anna Frants (CFA’22) during installation of Frants’ work. Both wear face masks and stand looking at a series of paintings on the ground in front of them; each canvas is about 8x11 inches and features abstract portraits.

This year, in keeping with tradition, a committee of senior graphic design students created the branding identity for the show, under the guidance of Mary Yang , a CFA assistant professor of art, graphic design. 

Playing off the Connection Lines title, after several brainstorming sessions, the students hit on the theme of elasticity. The team—Carroll, Ashlie Dawkins (CFA’22), Joyce Hu (CFA’22), and Ken Rudoph (CFA’22)—wanted to create a visual narrative that was representative of the collective experience of this year’s graduating students, who had to deal with years of pandemic-caused disruption.

“Both faculty and students were forced to prove how adaptable and resilient we really are,” Howard says. “Adaptability and resilience became a recurring theme throughout our brainstorming process…graphic designers, painters, printmakers, and sculptors alike, we have all been trained to work in a way that is flexible and explorative.” 

A graphic artist and veteran exhibition designer, Yang helps the students gain real-world experience in collaboratively designing the typography used in the digital postcards, catalog, exhibition graphics, and posters. The team created a color palette inspired by classic multicolored rubber bands, experimenting with different hues before settling on the final red, blue, green, and yellow shades used across the various platforms. Even the typeface the students selected—Grover—was chosen because its bold and rounded look helps convey elasticity.

A number of works by this year’s graphic design students speak directly to this idea of elasticity. 

Photo of Mary Yang, CFA assistant professor of graphic design, gesturing with her left hand, as she helps her students hang their work in preparation for this year’s BFA Thesis show. A student of color is seen in the foregroud looking towards Yang. Behind Yang, a series of colorful prints, portraits of a man, hang.

“The stretching process presents an opportunity to challenge oneself and others, in part by approaching difficult topics or conversations,” Yang says. Perpetual Foreigner, the thesis project by graphic design major Cindy Chan (CFA’22), is a response to recent attacks and hate crimes against Asian Americans that have often gone unreported by the media. “The project combines research, interviews, and individual anecdotes into a visual body of work that brings awareness to the struggles that Asian Americans face and to empower the Asian American community,” Yang says.

Another thesis project— Full —by Geo Ferrari (CFA’22)—uses their identity as a Brazilian and nonbinary individual to address issues around trauma, queerness, sex, and community. “Ferrari’s thesis project ultimately serves as a form of healing,” Yang says, “while illuminating subject matters that are often ignored or too complex for words.” 

Dana Clancy, CFA School of Visual Arts director and an associate professor of art, says that being able to be part of an exhibition of this kind, curated by an outside professional, is invaluable experience for the young artists as they prepare to embark on their careers. 

“Through the exhibition process, the students make more ambitious work and demonstrate focus and material and conceptual decisions appropriate to their work as young professionals. They gain confidence that is critical to continuity in their field after graduation,” Clancy says, “confidence in scaling up, refining, and presenting their work and ideas, confidence in speaking and writing about their work for a larger public in cogent, but nondidactic ways, and confidence about how to advocate and negotiate professionally with a group.” 

Clancy says the show is also an opportunity for the BU community and the community beyond to interact with the students’ work.

“I hope that both visitors and the seniors take away the overall sense of resilience that these young artists have displayed in highly inventive, personal, humorous, and ambitious ways…we hope that people will come in to simply enjoy and spend time with this exciting group show,”  she says. “We need viewers in the gallery to complete what the work is about—seeing the scale, material, interaction of surface and form. Reaction to the work outside the studio is important for our students to complete the thesis year.” 

The 2022 BFA Thesis Exhibition is on view at the Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery, 855 Commonwealth Ave., through May 20. The show is free and open to the public. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am to 5 pm.

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John O’Rourke began his career as a reporter at  The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour . He has worked as a producer at  World Monitor , a coproduction of the  Christian Science Monitor  and the Discovery Channel, and NBC News, where he was a producer for several shows, including  Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric ,  NBC Nightly News , and  The Today Show . John has won many awards, including four Emmys, a George Foster Peabody Award, and five Edward R. Murrow Awards. Profile

Pam DeBarros Profile


cydney scott

Cydney Scott has been a professional photographer since graduating from the Ohio University VisCom program in 1998. She spent 10 years shooting for newspapers, first in upstate New York, then Palm Beach County, Fla., before moving back to her home city of Boston and joining BU Photography. Profile

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What Is A Senior Thesis And How To Write It?

senior thesis

First, what is senior thesis? A senior thesis is a written project where you use different hypotheses, theory, argument, or creative thinking. It is usual practice for most students to take this project work in the senior year of college or high school.

A senior thesis tends to be more demanding than a research paper in terms of the amount of work and the length of the write-up. However, it is less than the work required for any Master’s thesis.

Is a Senior Thesis Required?

It is understandable to want to know if a senior thesis is required. I mean, anyone would want to know just how important it is before choosing to dedicate much time to it.

Well, a senior thesis is not compulsory in every college/university, and neither is it compulsory for every course of study.

In general, you can write a senior thesis if you have an overall GPA of 3.2, are ending your junior year, and meet your departmental requirements. If a senior thesis is not a requirement for completing your degree, you may decide to write one for several reasons. Some benefits are:

  • It will look good on your resume
  • It will give you an opportunity for some independent research
  • You get some experience managing your project, etc.

If you cannot commit to finishing a senior thesis, then you shouldn’t start it. But if you would like to write one, then we’ve got lots of senior thesis topics and ideas for you! You will also get to learn how to write a senior thesis in this article!

How To Write a Senior Thesis

Writing a senior thesis can be a lot easier if you know what to do. First, you need to choose the right adviser, select a topic you would like to work on, write a proposal, and get approved. Here are some things you need to know about writing your senior thesis.

A thesis proposal is a short overview of what your senior thesis papers will look like. This document carries detailed descriptions of your senior thesis topic. Your thesis proposal can be between 1 to 5 pages long and should carry any relevant information. The proposal will also carry a list of books you’ve used or that you intend to use during the writing of your senior thesis.

The length of a senior thesis may vary depending on several reasons. The senior thesis length can be dependent on strict specifications by the college. Your senior thesis may be between 10,000 to 20,000 words long.

The senior honors thesis is a 6-credit final thesis that you must present as a written formal document. The senior thesis title page, also known as the cover page, is the page that carries, at first glance, details of the project. The information on this page includes the thesis title, name of the student, name of college, name of supervisor, etc.

The senior thesis defense is an avenue created for faculty and examiners to ask you about your research work. You are to tell them the outcome of the research to the point when you’re asked. The questions center around what you have in your senior thesis paper, so ensure you have remarkable up-to-date information at every point.

Senior Thesis Topic

It is essential that you find excellent senior thesis topics. Finding these excellent topics is the pain point for many students. Well, we are here to help you with some senior thesis topics.

Checking out past senior thesis topics can also set you on the right path earlier in your research. For example, if you are a student writing a CMC senior thesis, senior thesis UF, senior thesis Princeton, or yale senior thesis, you can search for award-winning senior thesis topics. These topics can give you an idea of topics that may best suit your purposes. Never forget that you should always choose topics that you find interesting. Here are some history senior thesis topics that you can choose from:

  • Yankees of the East: 20th Century America
  • History of the German Ford Motor Company
  • How women saw themselves in the Jazz Age
  • The Emergence of Great Societies
  • The roles of women post WWII

Get A Senior Thesis Example

Looking through some senior thesis examples can help you easily get the hang of what a senior thesis looks like. You can also request past projects from senior friends and colleagues, as this can significantly reduce the stress on you.

Senior Thesis Format

Now, I’ll give you a working senior thesis format. If you want an excellent and well-written thesis, you can follow the senior thesis outline given below. Here is an outline according to the guidelines for writing UF senior thesis or Princeton senior thesis.

In this chapter, you have to discuss the significance and purpose of the thesis. Also, you should state what you hope to achieve by the work.

Here, you will discuss the theory behind your research work. This chapter discusses past theoretical works that are related to your research.

This chapter explains how you intend to gather your data. Here, you state the method and experiments you followed to arrive at your results. It would help if you also described the analysis of your data. This must be done conscientiously.

This chapter addresses the findings from your experiments and data analysis only. You begin by listing out the types of tests taken and the outcome. You can use tables and charts to illustrate numeric results as the case may be.

Here you don’t just restate your findings, but you expatiate on the deductions you made from your findings. This chapter answers the “so what?” question. This is not a section to mince words when you explain what the results mean to the theory.

Include all references at the end of work.

Senior Thesis Ideas

There are many fields and sources to get senior thesis topic ideas from. These fields include health, technology, social media, education, religion, music, environment, etc. If you want to do a UF psychology senior thesis research, for example, these are some senior thesis psychology topics you can explore.

  • The deep-seated reasons for discrimination and prejudice
  • Personal perception and social cognition
  • Marketing, propaganda, and persuasion
  • Eating behaviors and outlook about life
  • Phobias and antisocial behaviors
  • Group therapy profile
  • False memories and dreams.

Graphic Design Senior Thesis

When you become a senior in the Graphic Design Program at your institution, you can choose a social or personal problem to address through a design problem-solving technique or process. It may take you a semester or session to complete this work, so you have to start early enough. After completing the thesis, you can showcase your work and experience an exhibition. Don’t forget to put in your best effort.

High School Senior Thesis

The high school senior thesis is a document of at least 2,000 words written by high school seniors. This exercise usually strengthens research capabilities. Some high school senior thesis topics may include:

  • A documentary on a place
  • Learning about programming
  • Research about the nature of colors and lots more.

In conclusion, when you’ve decided to write a senior thesis, the best thing to do is segment your work into small doable bits. Also, you need to schedule your time so that you can complete the thesis in due time or contact professional thesis writers . We wish you good luck!

How to Write a Research Design

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Search form

Thesis graphic design, general information  .

BFA Graphic Design majors seeking to graduate with honors in art must complete Art 4510 Senior Honors Thesis. They will register for ART 4510 Senior Honors Thesis but attend all the activities and fulfill all the requirements for the course ART 4202 Graphic Design Senior Studio.   In addition, BFA Graphic Design majors seeking art honors will be required to complete additional work beyond what is normally expected of students not graduating with art honors.  

Before registering for the Senior Honors Thesis ART 4510, students must complete the Art Department Senior Honors Thesis Registration Form and get all the requisite signatures.  

The senior honors thesis committee will consist of a minimum of two fulltime faculty. The chair of the committee must be a fulltime faculty member of the Art Department. The second reader may be a fulltime Art Department faculty member or a faculty member from another department at ASU. The student has the option to include a third reader from among the fulltime Art Department faculty or fulltime faculty from another department on campus.

Since the kind of honors projects proposed and work completed are so particular to the individual’s creative vision and the many possible uses of media, techniques and studio disciplines, some requirements to successfully complete a BFA Graphic Design honors thesis will have to be decided on a case by case basis.  

In consultation with the Graphic Design Honors Theses committee, a BFA Graphic Design Senior Honors Thesis could also include, among other possibilities, one or more of the following:

  • A solo exhibition  
  • Documentation of the senior project beyond what is normally required of all Graphic Design majors
  • A larger quantity of work than what is normally required of Graphic Design majors
  • A substantial (length to be determined in consultation with the thesis committee) critical and theoretical written analysis of the work created.

The Oral Examination  

Each student who completes a senior thesis in the Art Department's Honors Program is required to give an oral presentation and defense of the thesis to the committee.  The student will give a twenty-minute presentation of the project, discussing the choice of subject, the research methods, the specific methods of procedure, and a resume of the thesis.  The student will then answer questions posed by members of the thesis committee. The chair of the thesis committee is in charge of the oral examination.

University vs. Departmental Honors

University Honors “ creative projects must include a written component of at least 10 pages describing the process and project in addition to a copy of the project itself (such as a recording, film, or set of images).”  Please see  for specifics about the University Honors thesis and the differences between a University Honors thesis and a Departmental Honors thesis.  

Copies and Distribution

A minimum of two final copies is required, one for the major professor and the thesis committee, the other for the Coordinator of the Art Honors Program.    Please see  for specifics on submitting your final thesis copies. 

Signature of Acceptance

See  for the appropriate title page format. All members of the thesis committee will determine the student's final grade for Art 4510.

An abstract, not to exceed two hundred words, is required for senior honors theses.    The purpose of the abstract is to give the reader a concise and accurate synopsis of the significant elements of the manuscript.   Note that University Honors requires some kind of written document if students are doing a creative project.  

UMSL Daily Masthead

by Evie Hemphill | Apr 4, 2017

2017 UMSL Graphic Design Thesis Presentations

Eleven graduating graphic design students showcased their projects before a large audience on campus March 24. Along with formal 15-minute presentations given on stage, crowd members enjoyed close-up views of the students’ work – which ranged from campaigns to apps to furniture – during a reception and intermission. (Photo by Evie Hemphill)

“Isn’t graphic design just making art on a computer?” No, not quite.

But that’s a frequent question Brett Kessinger gets asked – and part of the inspiration for the project he shared earlier this spring during a standing-room-only event at the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center .

Brett Kessinger Pathfinder

“A lot of beginners have no clue what they’re doing and why they’re doing it,” Kessinger said to the audience as he discussed the goals of Pathfinder , an online resource he’s developed to help young graphic designers find their niche. In fact, it’s something he wishes had been available when he was first starting out.

Brett Kessinger Pathfinder 2

“This year’s presentations were outstanding,” Gretchen Schisla, professor of graphic design , said afterward. “Students brought their amazing topics to life through print, web and app design, motion, video and animation – plus social media.”

She and fellow faculty member Jennifer McKnight worked closely with the cohort of soon-to-be UMSL graduates over the past year as each student brought a senior thesis to fruition. The March 24 event marked the culmination of many ambitious efforts, with the projects ranging from extensive websites and awareness campaigns, to educational programming, to furniture.

Katlyn Sansone Critical Linking

“UMSL graphic design majors are highly regarded and sought after by agencies,” she said, “because of their broad skill sets, talent and motivation.”

Following Kessinger’s presentation was one by Katlyn Sansone, whose project is titled Critical Linking . It puts a focus on internet literacy and aims to help people be more responsible online when it comes to sharing information.

Katlyn Sansone Critical Linking 2

“Instead of offering you salvation, [these tracts] prompt you to think before sharing,” Sansone said. “If everyone makes a small effort, our online homes become a nicer, more accurate place to live.”

Brian Reller Generate

“Data can be beautiful,” Reller told those gathered at the Lee Theater. “And designers can reveal the beauty of processing.”

Reller’s site includes resources for others interested in learning processing as well as striking examples of the visuals he was able to create using processing himself.

Dustin Sinasky Cache

“I realized that saving needed to be gamified,” said Sinasky.

Inspired by his frugal grandfather who paid for most everything in cash, Sinasky went about developing a fun approach to budgeting, creating money-saving challenges and game-like rewards for would-be users of Cache.

Dustin Sinasky Cache 2

Lauren Talavera’s thesis went in a different direction. Her Peer to Peer project sets forth all the elements of a sweeping campaign focused on preventing sexual violence and assault on college and high school campuses.

Having experienced a situation where a friend intervened and helped a potentially bad scenario not become one, Talavera said the topic is important to her on a personal level.

Lauren Talavera Peer to Peer

She’s also convinced that student involvement and awareness surrounding date rape, assault, consensual sex and related topics must be at the center of prevention efforts. With that in mind, Talavera’s campaign includes a student-ambassador toolkit, social-media-friendly memes and hashtags and an overall site design geared to engage young people in conversation.

Following Talavera was Matthew Marchini, whose proof of concept was in fact an actual, three-dimensional object on display at the Touhill that night: a work desk.

Matt Marchini desk project

While Marchini said he has no immediate plans to open a furniture business after graduation, he relished the opportunity to take his idea through all the processes required to bring a concrete product to market.

Graphic designers are frequently creating, and they “regularly get to take an idea and bring it into reality,” but this one was particularly gratifying, he added.

Carley Fite’s project attempted to answer a question she asked months ago: How could she motivate people to venture into new parks in the St. Louis region? Meander is the result of her musings and research.

Carley Fite Meander

Users are encouraged to go for a “meander hunt,” taking photos of various nature “finds” and sharing them on social media. Fite’s video provides a preview of how it would all work.

“Tell us a story,” Sky Goodman’s new website urges the viewer. Titled Sparks , Goodman’s project takes the form of an online periodical that showcases animated stories – stories everyone is invited to share and submit .

Sky Goodman Sparks

He also discussed the storyboards and many other steps involved, along with the design that went into the website and the Sparks logo, which is a combination of simple and complex shapes.

For Kenna Mangan, settling on her finished Mental Morphosis name and logo was an extensive process. “Nourished Noodle” was a close runner-up.

Kenna Mangan Mental Morphosis

“My objective was to find a friendly approach to discussing the topic,” Mangan said.

Along with offering information and hope for families with mental illness via the website, Mangan recently put on a free public event at her children’s school to help connect local parents as part of her project. She even screenprinted tote bags with the Mental Morphosis logo for attendees to take home.

Emiljo Zhupani Third Culture

Calling his website simply Third Culture , Zhupani’s project had him out and about engaging with others in the local community as he sought to learn more about some of the challenges and experiences third culture kids face.

Emiljo Zhupani Third Culture 2

As part of that further exploration, he interviewed and photographed fellow third culture kids over the course of his project, and their stories and portraits became a centerpiece of the new site.

Closing out the thesis presentations was Matthew Washausen, whose community-driven project put him among a group of high school students for several intensive weeks – and also required countless hours inside UMSL’s printmaking studio.

Matthew Washausen Audio Chroma

As several local artists visited the GCAA classroom to perform original songs for the students, Washausen asked the students to express in words and images their individual responses to the music.

Then, after the young people finished their wide-ranging poster designs, Washausen pulled them all together for an art exhibition that took place in December at UMSL’s Gallery FAB – titled Audio Chroma: The Power of Music and Design .

For UMSL professors McKnight and Schisla, the presentation night was a special treat that embodied many great things about the field of graphic design.

“The projects are all very different, but they have the same result,” Schisla said. “They are about each of us making human connections, helping others to learn, explore and become more involved. Graphic design makes all these connections possible – that’s why we love what we do.”

The UMSL Experience


Engineering students Bushra Zaidi and Lorne St. Christopher II standing on the campus of Washington University

Evie Hemphill

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New Engineering Services Program helps UMSL students gain real-world experience at Boeing

New Engineering Services Program helps UMSL students gain real-world experience at Boeing

Bushra Zaidi and Lorne St. Christopher II are two of seven students in the UMSL/Washington University Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program currently taking part in the program, which launched last year.

Feb 19, 2024

Criminology and criminal justice doctoral student Ellie Lyne wins 3 Minute Thesis competition

Criminology and criminal justice doctoral student Ellie Lyne wins 3 Minute Thesis competition

The annual competition is meant to celebrate doctoral research while cultivating academic, presentation and research communication skills among students.

Jon Velier graduates from Succeed Program, works toward goal of becoming Japanese translator

Velier won second prize in a JVTA English subtitling contest last year, and this summer, he plans to take part in the Japan Study Tour.

Homecoming 2024 is bigger, better than ever for 60th anniversary

Homecoming 2024 is bigger, better than ever for 60th anniversary

This year’s celebration spans two weeks and includes a mix of classic activities and new events such as a campus talent show.

senior thesis graphic design


Senior thesis, about 2021 impressions, senior thesis exhibition, this year's senior show encompasses the design work of 38 well-equipped, eager graphic, industrial, and interior designers who are excited to show off their concepts and creations with you. design has the ability to enable, impact, and reflect change in the world. our thesis projects mirror just that: focusing in on an issue of some sort, big or small, and presenting a solution in an organized, logical, and effective way., this year's theme impressions is about what we have learned thus far in our educational careers, the connections we have made, and what lies ahead. although we are unable to make our first impressions as designers and professionals to you in person, we hope that we can still make a positive and lasting one through this digital format. as we take our next steps, whether it be entering the workforce or continuing our education, it is time for us to figure out what impressions we want to make in the world. , — sasd senior class 2021, the senior thesis project’s goal, the thesis project begins for each senior at the onset of the 2021 spring semester, with its main emphasis being for our students to choose a thesis project with significant depth and breadth within the first two weeks of this semester. our project’s focus is for student work to embody both thoughtful design and skillful execution and thereby highlights a full product development process. the process also mandates that they concurrently consider marketing and production sensibilities as they have evolved their designs., their individually executed design process should become evident as you review these projects. it is expected that each student exhibit a level of design proficiency, which is commensurate to an entry-level professional design position. our class discussions have focused on defining human- centered innovation, coupled with a focus to have students follow a systematic design methodology. , giving thanks, the longest year, it feels like this was the longest year of our lives. the covid 19 pandemic has made everything more difficult and completing your education is a bigger challenge than it was before., you all know now that extraordinary things happen that change our lives completely. you lived through it this year somehow students and faculty recover and adapt, making the extraordinary, the new workable normal. it is remarkable how well you all have done this year and prepared yourselves for a life in professional design. maybe we can all look back at this year sometime in the future and remember how much we learned and grew in this “longest year.”, the 2021 senior show student committee has done an amazing job their faculty members deserve credit for helping to evolve their approaches to online shows, and always encouraging great design work. thank you all for your extraordinary efforts to design and organize the 2021 senior show, professor white’s class, business practices and ethics, has been working on the 2021 senior show all semester. professor munch, chair of graphic design helped make a great online show a reality., the senior thesis professors matto, santarsiero and munch have done an impressive job bringing their senior classes to a brilliant conclusion for another year., finally, i would like to thank all of sasd’s faculty and staff, and all design students for their faith in themselves and our collective ability to carry on our high level of creative work and innovation., — professor yelle, director sasd, chair industrial design, behind the show, thank you to the business practices and ethics class, led by professor white, for their semester-long work to create the senior show. having taken place in the school's gallery in the past, these students welcomed the challenge of an online format and were solely responsible for the concept, implementation, and execution of the website. .

senior thesis graphic design

Dear SASD students:

Congratulations, 2021 sasd graduates. you worked through an unusual final three semesters of college.  it asked much of your resilience and grit. simply put,  it wasn’t easy. your career challenges will ask as much or more of that grit you have demonstrated so well at sasd., the most valuable attributes for success are a curious, inquisitive mind and an unparalleled work ethic. keep an eye on the evolving needs of the world and strive to offer solutions. out think, out create, out work and you will thrive, however you define success for yourselves. , this 2021 senior show marks my tenth year at sasd and, after 38 years, the end of my professorial career. i am retiring to southern austria where its history and unfamiliar culture will make every day an adventure.  i have enjoyed my years at sasd. working with eager students is very fulfilling. hearing from my former students is rewarding. i encourage you to keep in touch at  [email protected] ., — professor white.

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Mount St. Joseph University

2021 Art and Design Senior Thesis Exhibition

When walking through the san giuseppe art gallery at mount st. joseph university, viewers will experience pulsating color palettes and cohesive brand concepts that flood the room with identity and passion, all embodied into the creative process and achievement we know as the art and design senior thesis..

student presenting graphic design poster thesis in front of colleagues

On April 15 through May 8, 2021, the Art and Design Department presents the 2021 Art and Design Senior Thesis Exhibition, showcasing the unique, comprehensive degree projects of eleven combined fine art and graphic design students. These intensive experiences are the culmination of studies in the students’ major areas of concentration, and this final exhibition highlights their achievements and serves as a bridge to professional careers in the visual arts and design. 

“As Gallery Director, I plan and organize the annual Senior Exhibition, (normally held exclusively in the Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery ), and I work with the senior class all year,” says Velma Dailey, Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery Director. “It’s so exciting to see their vision and passion come to life in a visual display. The students really care about the themes they explore in their senior thesis project. It’s fulfilling for them to see all of their hard work come to fruition and it’s rewarding for all of the faculty and staff who have worked with them many years to see these students accomplish their goals.”

Seniors’ Creative Processes Come to Life

Students begin this process by choosing a topic they are passionate about, completing six months of research to begin developing concepts on their topic of interest. Each student has to look at the historical context of their topic, current information about their topic, and projected concepts for the future. The student must also learn from historical and contemporary artists and designers throughout their research process. Their creation process for their final art/design works are guided by all of this.

“It is inspiring to watch how a student grows throughout this process in their senior year,” says Kurt Grannan, Associate Professor in the Art and Design department. “There is such ownership in their work. They are the ones who have conceived this idea and have developed the product, organization, or event, and it becomes something genuine to them. They think it through at so many different levels it becomes second nature to talk about the project as if it were a reality. They believe in themselves and their work.”

Grannan speaks to this experience from a design perspective. Once students nail down a direction, that's when the fun starts. They begin with naming ideation and then design a brand mark/logotype for the company, organization, or event that communicates the main principles that define the organization, product, or event promotion. As the logo comes to life, so does the development of the brand. Throughout the semester, multiple components are created. These branded components should interact with a customer, potential customer, or attendee at any customer journey stage.

Senior Student Voice

Trevor Theuerling, ’21, Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, reflects on his senior thesis experience:

"Creating my senior thesis pieces was a fun and exciting experience for me because it showcased the culmination of skills that I have gathered from my classroom learning and co-op experience at Mount St. Joseph University. This design helped show me that that the skills that I developed can be used to serve the greater good. My thesis project's mission is to help end ocean pollution and advocate for using sustainable resources when it comes to selling merchandise. In addition to this, merchandise and graphics are not only used as desirable attire but also as a method towards causing change. Creating the logo, graphics, brand identity, and advertisements was a fun challenge for me because it pushed me to apply every discipline that I have gained and problem solve the visuals which I wished to create. Most of my pieces required multiple software to accomplish, and to see how far I have come since freshman year, makes me excited to see how much more I can grow and learn in the future. For me, I find pleasure when my work can be shared and admired by the public. Thesis work has allowed me to show off my skills and this greater message to the masses of people​."

View the Art and Design Exhibition online to see the comprehensive works of fine art and graphic design seniors, and for gallery hours, check out the Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery  page.

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Nostos. Based on Greek literature, describing an epic hero voyage back home. Through the many hurdles of an ongoing pandemic, we use this expression to showcase the student’s accomplishments with our thesis projects. Students position their investigations relative to conventional and contemporary design practices and use visual communication to help inform and engage a defined audience. The first semester, students research and write a detailed thesis proposal, apply design research practices, gather content, and develop prototypes. In the second semester, students refine their ideas and execute the project goals and outcomes. The thesis show showcases senior designers from SUNY New Paltz’s Graphic Design BFA.

4-7PM FAB ROTUNDA 05.06.2022

outer Space full of stars



Rebecca Angelou

Eating Through Fusion Cuisine

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Karen Aponte

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Eric Baloyo

Finneas Biles

class projectTitle()

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The Branding of Distilleries in the Hudson Valley

Kate Brodowska

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The Diamond League

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Pangram! Graphic Design Senior Thesis Exhibition

April 17, 2023

Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, Visual Arts Center Gallery


Spring 2023 MSU Graphic Design BFA Senior Exhibition

The Mississippi State University Graphic Design Senior BFA Portfolio Exhibition is open to the public from Monday, April 17th through Friday, April 21st at the Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery - adjacent to Barnes and Noble - and the CAAD Visual Arts Center Gallery on University Drive.

Exhibited work ranges from web & app design, posters, motion graphics, illustrations, packaging, editorial design, advertising design, branding & identity design, self-promotional materials + more. This year’s theme is ‘Pangram.’ A pangram is a sentence or verse that contains all the letters of the alphabet. Similarly, this show is a group of 27 individuals that have come together to create a unique whole. For the exhibit, each student was randomly assigned a letter from the alphabet and then chose a unique typeface to represent who they are as a person and as a designer. Visit the senior portfolio website, , and Instagram, @msu_gd, to learn more about the students and their show!

The public is invited to a reception honoring these talented students from 5:00pm–7:00pm on Tuesday, April 18th in the Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery and continuing to the VAC Gallery. Letters A–Q are located in the Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, and letters R–! are located in the VAC Gallery. There will be golf carts available for transportation between locations.

The Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am–5:00pm, and the Visual Arts Center Gallery is open from Monday through Friday, 1:00pm–6:00pm. For more information, contact the Department of Art at 662-325-2970.

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19th Edition of Global Conference on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering & Technology

  • Victor Mukhin

Victor Mukhin, Speaker at Chemical Engineering Conferences

Victor M. Mukhin was born in 1946 in the town of Orsk, Russia. In 1970 he graduated the Technological Institute in Leningrad. Victor M. Mukhin was directed to work to the scientific-industrial organization "Neorganika" (Elektrostal, Moscow region) where he is working during 47 years, at present as the head of the laboratory of carbon sorbents.     Victor M. Mukhin defended a Ph. D. thesis and a doctoral thesis at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (in 1979 and 1997 accordingly). Professor of Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Scientific interests: production, investigation and application of active carbons, technological and ecological carbon-adsorptive processes, environmental protection, production of ecologically clean food.   

Title : Active carbons as nanoporous materials for solving of environmental problems

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Questions to ask a prospective elektrostal' design-builder:, find design-build contractors near me on houzz, business services, connect with us.


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  1. 110 Diverse Graphic Design Thesis Ideas And Topics

    Senior students can choose a thesis topic from the several graphic design senior thesis topics available online. Sometimes people attend workshops to learn the art of creating an impressive graphic design research paper. We have simplified the thesis writing process for students who are not keen to participate in workshops.

  2. Graphic Design Thesis

    DES480/481 GRAPHIC DESIGN THESIS offers senior graphic design students opportunity to engage in a year-long investigation into a guided, but self-directed research project. Students initiate and frame a complex design project, clarifying individual interests and strengths as they relate to professional aspirations.

  3. Color Psychology and Graphic Design Applications

    Whether audiences are. conscious or unconscious of color's impact, its hypnotic potential makes it a worthy asset. for any visual communicator. A study assessed the point, if any, at which the joint effects. of brightness and saturation cause a viewer to prefer a yellow color to a blue color. Color Psychology and Graphic Design Applications.

  4. BFA Senior Thesis Capstone, Student Projects

    Projects shown here are from senior Graphic Design students working on a BFA thesis exhibition, and MFA students working on their final thesis. In 2015-16 and 2016-17 I co-taught our BFA Senior Thesis 'capstone' course, partly due to my interest in the course, and partly for pedagogical research.

  5. 60 Special Senior Thesis Topics You Need To Know About

    Graphic Design Senior Thesis Topics. An investigation of how graphic design functions in marketing communications; Similarities and differences between contemporary and conventional graphic design tools; The evolution of graphic design in the technological era; The role of graphic design in corporate branding and marketing

  6. Graphic Design Senior Thesis Project

    Graphic Design Senior Thesis Project. The Senior Thesis course is the capstone of the Communications Design senior year. It provides students with the opportunity to apply the full range of skills and knowledge they have obtained and cultivated at Pratt in the execution of a single, self-initiated project tied to the student's Area of Emphasis.

  7. PDF Delta State University Department of Art Senior Project Guidelines

    and conceptual idea as well as display and design specifics - a necessary skill for a graphic designer. Finally, you will create a display of your Senior Project for the Senior Thesis Exhibition. Senior Project Semester To complete your senior project, you will need to enroll in ART 416 Senior Project. Meetings with Senior Project Advisor

  8. Graphic design senior thesis project teaches about microaggressions

    Gyona Rice, a 2020 Bowling Green State University graphic design graduate, used her senior thesis project to address an issue that she learned more about during her time at BGSU. She created the Mind Your Speech Campaign, which was selected as the best Graphic Design thesis for the 2019-2020 academic year - to address "microaggressions.".

  9. Graphic design students take Senior Graphic Design Thesis Night online

    Danielle Ridolfi (left) and Andrew Clark (right) were two of the 15 senior graphic design students who helped build a website to showcase their work after the scheduled Senior Graphic Design Thesis Night was canceled. (Photos courtesy of Andrew Clark, Scott Gericke and Danielle Ridolfi)

  10. 2022 BFA Thesis Show a Dazzling Display of Graduating Seniors' Work

    Featuring 133 works by the 39 graduating seniors majoring in painting, printmaking, sculpture, and graphic design, the show demonstrates the myriad ways students are experimenting with materials and developing their own unique aesthetics to tell visually compelling stories.

  11. How to Write a Senior Thesis

    A senior thesis is a written project where you use different hypotheses, theory, argument, or creative thinking. It is usual practice for most students to take this project work in the senior year of college or high school.

  12. Graphic Design Thesis Projects :: Photos, videos, logos ...

    Behance is the world's largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work

  13. Thrive / Honors / Graphic Design

    General Information BFA Graphic Design majors seeking to graduate with honors in art must complete Art 4510 Senior Honors Thesis. They will register for ART 4510 Senior Honors Thesis but attend all the activities and fulfill all the requirements for the course ART 4202 Graphic Design Senior Studio. In addition, BFA Graphic Design majors seeking art honors will be required to complete ...

  14. Graphic design majors wow crowd with ambitious senior theses

    One of 11 University of Missouri-St. Louis students in the spotlight that evening, Kessinger was the first to take the stage during the 2017 UMSL Graphic Design Senior Thesis Presentations.

  15. Design

    The Thesis Project begins for each senior at the onset of the 2021 Spring Semester, with its main emphasis being for our students to choose a Thesis Project with significant depth and breadth within the first two weeks of this semester. Our project's focus is for student work to embody both thoughtful design and skillful execution and thereby ...

  16. 2021 Art and Design Senior Thesis Exhibition

    On April 15 through May 8, 2021, the Art and Design Department presents the 2021 Art and Design Senior Thesis Exhibition, showcasing the unique, comprehensive degree projects of eleven combined fine art and graphic design students. These intensive experiences are the culmination of studies in the students' major areas of concentration, and ...

  17. Thesis 2022

    The first semester, students research and write a detailed thesis proposal, apply design research practices, gather content, and develop prototypes. In the second semester, students refine their ideas and execute the project goals and outcomes. ... The thesis show showcases senior designers from SUNY New Paltz's Graphic Design BFA. 4-7PM FAB ...

  18. Press Any Key: BFA Graphic Design Senior Thesis Exhibition

    April 26, 2022 Works of 19 Department of Art seniors specializing in graphic design at Mississippi State will be on display April 22 through April 26 at the MSU Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery.

  19. Pangram! Graphic Design Senior Thesis Exhibition

    The Mississippi State University Graphic Design Senior BFA Portfolio Exhibition is open to the public from Monday, April 17th through Friday, April 21st at the Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery - adjacent to Barnes and Noble - and the CAAD Visual Arts Center Gallery on University Drive. Exhibited work ranges from web & app design, posters, motion ...

  20. Best Online Graphic Design Degrees 2024

    Assuming a typical four-year bachelor's degree in graphic design requires 120 credits, online graphic design majors could pay around $38,400-$74,520 for their entire degree. This figure may not ...

  21. Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize

    Moscow Metro Design Competition 3rd Prize Winners News, Russian Architecture Contest 2020 Moscow Metro Competition 3rd Prize Winners 7 Oct 2020 Moscow Metro International Competition 3rd Prize Design: AI and Nowadays Location: Moscow, Russia AI/ Nowadays consortium 3rd Prize Winner in an international competition for a metro station in Moscow, Russia. Consortium of London-based practice ...

  22. Victor Mukhin

    Catalysis Conference is a networking event covering all topics in catalysis, chemistry, chemical engineering and technology during October 19-21, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA. Well noted as well attended meeting among all other annual catalysis conferences 2018, chemical engineering conferences 2018 and chemistry webinars.

  23. Interior Designers & House Decorators in Elektrostal'

    A good home design professional will hone your style down to its very essence and be able to choose a functional layout that feels natural to you. Interior design companies can be involved as much or as little as the client desires. Many clients who hire a house interior decorator in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia — particularly those ...

  24. Design-Build Contractors & Firms in Elektrostal'

    Find an Elektrostal' design-build company on Houzz. Narrow your search in the Professionals section of the website to design-build firms in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia. You may also look through Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia photos to find a project you like, then contact the design-build contractors that created it. ...