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Find Your PhD, Fast Finding a PhD has never been this easy – search for a PhD by keyword, location or academic area of interest. Search Now

  • When looking for PhD research projects, a great place to start is with our comprehensive and up-to-date database .
  • Speak with lecturers within your area of interest about potential PhD opportunities they may have.
  • Attend Postgraduate Events . Whilst there, speak to current PhD students and career advisors to get an awareness of what PhD projects are on offer.
  • Visit the postgraduate section of university websites and the PhD Research Council section of the GOV.UK website

Finding A PhD

Searching for PhD research projects can sometimes feel like daunting process. Often, it’s difficult to know where to find a PhD position or where to even start.

To make this searching process as easy as possible for you, we’ve curated a collection of the best places to search for PhD projects. By using our recommended collection, you should hopefully gain a greater insight into where your interests lie and which programme is best suited for you.

Our Comprehensive and Up-To-Date Directory

We can’t create a list of great resources and not include ourselves! At DiscoverPhDs, our primary aim is to connect great students to great PhD projects. To enable this, we provide a comprehensive database of PhD projects offered from universities all across the UK.

We regularly add to our database to ensure you’re getting the latest opportunities and the most relevant information and programme details. On top of this, we’ve created our database to be as easy to use as possible; all our PhD listings provide a direct ‘apply’ link or contact email address of the lead supervisor. This enables you to:

  • Request further information about any aspect of the position,
  • Enquire about the specific applications process,
  • Connect directly with the supervisor

Universities Websites

Search on the website of the universities you are interested in as some many only be listing PhD research projects internally or may link you to other opportunities such as Professional Doctorate Programmes. As examples, have a look at the research pages of The University of Cambridge , Cardiff University , University of Leicester , Sheffield University and The University of Glasgow .

Your Current Supervisor

If you’re currently undertaking a research project or dissertation as part of your undergraduate or master’s degree, it would be a good idea to speak to your current supervisor. Not only would you have already built a good rapport with them, but having worked with you they will have a good idea on what PhD positions would utilise your strengths or best interest you. In fact, a noticeable percentage of past and current PhD students came into their PhD programme because of being recommended by their undergraduate supervisor. Your supervisor will be well-connected – make sure you take advantage of these opportunities.

Tip: Don’t just limit your discussion to your own personal supervisor. All supervisors are within their field of work because they have a natural passion for research and teaching. As such, most supervisors will be more than happy to help any student who wishes to follow in their footsteps and make their own impact.

Postgraduate Events

Nearly all universities hold regular Postgraduate Fairs and Open Days. As part of these events, current postgraduate students may be on hand to share their experiences of their projects and university. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only find out what PhDs the university is offering but to find out more about their facilities, research labs and library collection, etc. Given that you will be heavily relying on these resources during your PhD, it’s important that you know what’s provided by each university. Hearing student stories about what PhD life is really like, what to expect from supervisors and some of the challenges that current students have encountered can be really useful in your decision making process.

Besides the above, career advisers may also be available at these events. Speaking to them will help you understand what you can do with a PhD, whether a PhD is right for you, what degree class you’re expected to hold and how best to prepare for research projects. Seeing as they would have helped many PhD candidates through the decision-making process before, they will provide you with some invaluable insight that you would otherwise be oblivious to.

To help bring all Postgraduate Fairs and Open Days offered across all universities together, we’ve created a helpful Postgraduate Events page which we highly recommend you check out.

Research Councils

Research councils are nationally funded agencies which offer sponsored PhD research projects (also known as a PhD studentship). Different research councils cover different areas of research, these include:

  • The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC),
  • The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC),
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC),
  • The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC),
  • Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

The GOV.UK website has a full list of nationally-funded research councils available online. You can find further details on these councils on the GOV.UK website.

Although our database includes PhD programmes offered by these research councils, it would be a good idea to regularly browse the website of the ones you are particularly interested in case they list some internal only. These councils play an important role in supporting and encouraging doctoral researchers and they regularly hold calls for applications for PhD funding. If you or your potential supervisor have a PhD project proposal defined but need funding, then applying to these calls may become a key first milestone in your postgraduate research journey.

For example, the EPSRC offers a Doctoral Training Partnership programme in which a research student is given funding to pursue postgraduate study with a research question that aligns with the Councils core engineering and physical sciences themes. These awards often have eligibility criteria linked to them, impacting which postgraduate research students can apply; an international student, for example, may not be able to apply to a certain UK based scholarship scheme but there are several other options that can still help you fund your doctoral research; this may involve taking out a postgraduate loan (or more specifically a postgraduate doctoral loan).

To make this searching process as easy as possible for you, we’ve curated a collection of the best places to search for a PhD. By using our recommended collection, you should hopefully gain a greater insight into where your interests lie and which programme is best suited for you.

Further Resources

As you continue your search of PhD research projects, be sure to check our our PhD advice articles, including how to prepare for your PhD application, and interviews with current and past doctoral students. Many of the people we’ve interviewed have completed degrees within a STEM discipline; they offer a wide range of advice on their individual approaches to applied research and independent study, as well as sharing some the impact their work has had. Many have continued the research of their projects within academia after finishing, whilst some have developed successful careers in industry and business sectors.

It’s worth noting that when you apply to undertake doctoral study, you may first be registered as an MPhil researcher, depending on the specific doctoral programme you apply for, officially become a full PhD student after passing an upgrade viva. At the upgrade stage, some students do decide to graduate with an MPhil research degree rather than pursuing further PhD study however this is less common.

We hope the above list will help you find the perfect PhD position and earn your doctoral degree.

If you have any recommendations besides these resources, please let us know at [email protected] so we can look to add it.

If you’re ready to start your search for your PhD, start now with our  PhD database .

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PhD Program Newsletter

Two images; picture of graduates, picture of program staff, text reads; "See what it means to be Carlson Proud"

Support fellowships for Ph.D. students

Page contents:.

Alumni News

Alumni Highlights

Current Student Highlights

Student Publications & Presentations

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Professor addressing a class with overlay text "Alumni News"

Our Ph.D. alumni continue to distinguish themselves, and we will continue to celebrate them. A few of our alumni's recent accomplishments include:

  • Best proposal with practical implications (SMS)
  • Corporate Citizenship Research Award (POSCO)
  • Vincent Yu , SCO , PhD 2021, started as an assistant professor at Miami University (August 2023)
  • Ellie Stillwell , WOrg,  PhD 2021, moved from Visiting Assistant Professor at Northeastern University to Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics.
  • Haram Seo , SME, PhD 2021, 2022, Distinguished Paper Award from the STR division of the Academy of Management.
  • Keith Pennington , SME,  PhD 2021, Started as an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut in the Management and Entrepreneurship department.
  • Bori Csillag , WOrg , PhD 2021, was awarded the Stirek Assistant Professor of Management Professorship at Oregon State University (2023).
  • Presented a paper coauthored will Paul Johnson (emeritus at Carlson School of Management) called " Gaming rules in liminal settings leading to corruption: evidence from an experimental approach " at the Society for Business Ethics Conference in Seattle (August 2022)
  • Elected a member of the Junior Scholar Network Organizing Committee at the Society for Business Ethics (October 2022).
  • Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management Diversity and Inclusion Initiative 2021.
  • Academy of Management Gender & Diversity in Organizations Division Outstanding Reviewer 2021.
  • Maria Rodas , Mktg, PhD 2019, was named an MSI Young Scholar. Selections were made on the basis of productivity in a set of top journals, citation impact of work since the PhD, article awards, relevancy of work to MSI Research Priorities, and editorial board leadership.
  • Sehwon Kang, SCO,  PhD 2019, was awarded the Chris Voss Best Paper Award: Runner Up at EurOMA 2022, for the paper: " Labour issues at supplier factories in developing countries: Drivers and remediation of civil and collective violations ".
  • In September 2022, Probal's paper "So, Who Likes You? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment " co-authored with Professors Ravi Bapna, Edward McFowland III, Jui Ramaprasad, and Akhmed Umyarov, got accepted for publication at Management Science journal
  • Rick is currently finishing his 5th year and hopes to put his tenure packet together this coming Summer. Rick has 4 publications to date, with 2 more in review and 2 additional papers almost ready
  • Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.
  • Wiley Top Cited Article for 2020-2021
  • Best Proposal Award for Rigor in Research Finalist. Competitive Strategy Interest Group, Strategic Management Society Meeting 2021
  • Edward Pettinella Professorship in Business, Whitman School of Management, 2020 – 2022
  • Best Reviewer, Strategic Management Journal, 2022
  • Extraordinary Service to the Editorial Board, Organization Science, 2020 – 2021
  • Best Reviewer, Strategic Management Journal, 2019 – 2020
  • Best Reviewer, Academy of Management Perspectives, 2020
  • Outstanding Reviewer, Academy of Management Perspectives, 2019
  • Distinguished Paper Award, Strategic Management Division, AOM, 2018;
  • Outstanding Reviewer, Journal of Banking and Finance, 2018;
  • Best Reviewer, Knowledge, and Innovation Group, Strategic Management Society, 2018
  • Karyn Dossinger , WOrg,  PhD 2016, Started her new job in August 2022 as Assistant Professor of Management at Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business. In addition, starting 2023-2024, Karyn will take on a new role as Associate Program Director, MS in Human Resources. 
  • Yeonka (Sophia) Kim , WOrg,  PhD 2016, Promotion to Associate Professor and tenured at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, recently started a new job as an Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University. 
  • Florence Honore , SME,  PhD 2015, Schulze 2021 Publication Award for Your Startup Team: " Why Both Shared and Diverse Experiences Matter ." EIX March 2021.
  • Patricia Dahm , WOrg , PhD 2015, received the Best Paper Award, Organizational Behavior Division, Academy of Management in 2019.
  • Sumi Jung , Acct,  PhD 2015, Publication in the Accounting Review in 2022 with Minnesota Alumni Wen Chen, Xiaoxia Peng, and Ivy Zhang (former faculty member). 
  • Nelson Amaral , Mktg , PhD 2013, recently joined the faculty at Ontario Tech University as an Assistant Professor.
  • Georg Meyer, IDSc,  PhD 2012, is employed at Bossard Group as their Cheif Information Officier 
  • Named to Poets&Quants’ Top 50 Undergraduate Business Professors for 2018.
  • Fulbright Scholar for 2018-19
  • Pallab Sanyal, IDSc , PhD 2009, was recently named the Director of MBA Programs at George Mason University.
  • Amit Kramer , WOrg , PhD 2009, has been named Associate Editor of the Journal of Vocational Behavior.
  • Zhen Zhang , WOrg PhD 2008, has been named Editor-in-Chief of Personnel Psychology for 2023-2025.
  • Ajay Kumar, IDSc , PhD 2007, was appointed Defense Secretary of India in 2019.
  • Ashwani Monga , Mktg , PhD 2004, has been named Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor of Rutgers University.
  • Alina Chircu , IDSc , PhD 2001, was named dean of UNM’s Anderson School of Management in 2024.
  • Amy Cox , Mktg , PhD 2001, was recently named the Chair of the Economics, Accounting, and Business Department at Converse College.
  • Gregory Heim, SCO , PhD 2000, was promoted to full Professor in the Department of Information & Operations Management, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University.
  • serving as senior co-editor of the Journal of Accounting Research
  • Jesper Johansson , IDSc , PhD 1999, has been named Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at GoDaddy, Inc.
  • Philip Evers , Mktg , PhD 1993, was appointed Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs at the Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, in 2019.
  • He was named Project Director for the GLOBE 2020 research program

Tor Guimaraes , IDSc , PhD 1981, received the Caplenor Research Award for 2019. 

A group of students in the Carlson School atrium with overlay text "Alumni Highlights"

Jan DeGross

During its 50-plus-year history, the Carlson School of Management Information Decisions Sciences department has kept track of the IS graduates with each graduate receiving a number to indicate the order of completing their PhD.  Upon her recent retirement, Jan DeGross, PhD, has been honored by the IDS department in recognition of her long-running, dedicated, and excellent service to the IDS PhD program and to the IS discipline by naming the completion number of each CSOM IDS graduate as their DeGross Number in recognition of Jan's service and contributions.  

Congratulations to the most recent additions to the list, our 2023 graduates:  

DeGross Numbers 

  • 141 - Christina Jeong 
  • 142 - Jeff Clement
  • 143 - Zihong Zhang  

We would love to hear from our alumni!  If you have recently been promoted, received honors or awards, or have other news, please

Complete this form.

Infographic with text "Current Student Highlights"

Chris Winchester

More about Chris

Group presentation with overlay text "Selected Student Publications & Presentations"

Yixin (Ethan) Yao

  •  Xi Ji, Yixin Yao, and Xianling Long. “What Causes PM2.5 Pollution? Cross-Economy Empirical Analysis from Socioeconomic Perspective.” Energy Policy 119 (August 1, 2018): 458–72.

Information & Decision Sciences

  • Zenan Chen and Jason Chan, Best Paper Award in General IS Track, International Conference on Information Systems 2022
  • Best Student Paper Award, Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems 2022
  • Best Student Paper Award, Conference on Information Systems & Technology 2023

Xianyu (Bonnie) Hao

  • Hao, Xianyu (Bonnie), Mayank Anand, Tzushuo (Ryan) Wang, and Akshay R. Rao (2022), “Reducing COVID vaccine hesitancy by inducing a comparative mindset,” Vaccine, published online November 7, 2022, 

Mayank Anand

Sangmin Kim

  • Kim, S., Stavrova, O., & Vohs, K. D. (in press). Do voting and election outcomes predict changes in conspiracy beliefs? Evidence from two high-profile U.S. elections. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Yuanchen Su

  • INFORMS Marketing Science Conference (2019)
  • MSOM Annual Meeting (2019)

Supply Chain & Operations

Yeonjoo Lee

  • POMS Annual Conference (2022)
  • INFORMS Annual Conference (2021)
  • Innsbruck Workshop on Behavioural Operations and Supply Chain Management (2021)

Finn Petersen

  • European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) 29th Conference (2022)
  • Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Conference (MSOM) (2022) 
  • POMS Annual Conference (2022) 
  • Best Paper in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award at the Industry Studies Association Annual Conference runner-up (2023)
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award (Health Care Management division) Academy of Management Annual Conference (2021).
  • Finalist - Best OSCM student's paper award at the Academy of Management Annual Conference (2021). 
  • Roger & Marlene Schroeder Outstanding Student Paper Award (2020)

Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Pyung (Joe) Nahm

  • Academy of Management Annual Conference (2018)

Yeon Jin Kim

Awarded a $10,000 Will Mitchell Dissertation Research Grant (WMDRG) by the Strategy Research Foundation of the Strategic Management Society for her proposed research on Gender and Entrepreneurship. 

Work & Organizations

  • Carlson DEI Research Grant (G-DEIR) (2022)
  • "Social class differences in job search process and employment success: Examining the role of goal persistence and compromising strategy", 2022, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, Xuan Liu with L.Zhou, A. Ali, S. Liu, and S. Mo
  • "When jobs no longer fit well: How job dissatisfaction and social class jointly influence employee job search", 2022, Academy of Management Annual Conference, Xuan Liu with B. Csillag, L. Zhou, and A. Ali
  • "Creation and retention of professional networks: Coevolution with professional knowledge and impact from social class origin and core-self evaluations", 2022, Academy of Management Annual Conference, Xuan Liu with Y. Liu
  • "Childhood social class and leader emergence in adulthood: Mediating role of volunteering", 2022, Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Xuan Liu with L. Zhou

Jee Young (Jeeny) Seo

  • Journal of Management.
  • Symposium presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. 
  • Symposium presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.
  • Paper presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.
  • Symposium presented at the Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research, Lisbon, Portugal. 
  • Poster presented at the Annual Conference of Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Washington D.C. 

Youjeong Song

  • Business For A Better World Dissertation Proposal Contest 2023
  • CSOM Dissertation Fellowship (2023)
  • "Recruiting Women in the Workplace: A Review of Empirical Research. In J. E. Slaughter & D. G. Allen (Eds.), Essentials of Employee Recruitment: Individual and Organizational Perspectives. Abingdon: Routledge" Wanberg, C., Song, Y., & Yoo, S. M. (in press)
  • Symposium presentation at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (2023)., In Song Y. (Co-Chair) & Zellmer-Bruhn, M. E., (Co-Chair), Facilitating and Enhancing the Experience of Migrant Employees in Organizations.
  • Paper presentation at the 16th Groupe d’Etudes Management et Langage (GEM&L) (2023)
  • Symposium presentation at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (2023)., In Pizzinato, M. (Chair), New Perspective on Migration and Multiculturalism in Organizations.
  • Paper presentation at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (2023)
  • Paper presentation at the 17th Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup) (2022)
  • Poster presentation at the 38th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) (2023)

Marco (Dongil) Jang

  • Best Graduate Student Paper (2023) Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup) Conference
  • First International Network of Trust (FINT) (Finland, 2023)
  • Academy of Management Conference (AOM) (Boston, 2023)
  • Wharton People and Organizations Conference (Philadelphia, 2023; Accepted)
  • Labor and Employment Relations at Allied Social Science Associations (LERA, ASSA) (Texas, 2024, Accepted)

Christopher Winchester

  • Journal of Business Ethics, 183, 713-743.  
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division, Academy of Management (2023)  
  • Academy of Management Proceedings.  
  • PhD Student Representative (elected) - Organizational Behavior Division's Executive Committee of the Academy of Management (2022-2023)  
  • PhD Student Representative (elected) - Research Methods Division's Executive Committee of the Academy of Management (2022-2023)  
  • Logistics Subcommittee Chair (appointed) - Academy of Management New Doctoral Student Consortium Committee (2021-2023)  
  • Representative (appointed) - CARMA PhD Student Representative (2021-2023)  
  • Faculty Coach, China Bridge Challenge Case Competition (2023)  
  • Grant for Diversity Equity and Inclusion Research, U. of Minnesota (2023)  
  • Named Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS) Doctoral Institute Scholar (2022)  
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior, 42(8), 1330-1357.  
  • Symposium at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Seattle, WA, United States. In, "Aligning the stars: Theoretical and empirical advancements in star performer research." Hamrick, A., & Schilpzand, P. (Chairs)  
  • Presentation at the Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Conference, Pomona, CA, United States.  
  • Paper presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Virtual (due to COVID-19).  
  • Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Virtual (due to COVID-19). In, "Effects of constraints on creativity: Empirical and theoretical advances." Haught-Tromp, C. (Chair)  
  • The CASE Journal, 17, 754-783
  • Finalist for The CASE Journal's Best Case Award (2022)  

On The Job Market

For 2023-24, we have 14 job market candidates representing all seven departments. We look forward to seeing them all successfully settled for fall 2024. 

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find a phd newsletter

Doctoral Program Newsletters

This newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the accomplishments of Isenberg's PhD students and the program activities throughout the year. If you have a story to share or an idea for a future newsletter, please let us know. George R. Milne, Associate Dean of Research, [email protected] Michael Korza, PhD Coordinator and Office Manager, [email protected]

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March 2022 Newsletter for PhD Students

Basic page sidebar menu penn gsc.

Photo of woman (Karen Detlefsen) outside

Announcements from Vice Provost for Education Karen Detlefsen, Ph.D.

Welcome to this special edition of the VPE newsletter just for PhD students!

2022-2023 PhD Stipend I am happy to announce that the University’s minimum stipend level will increase 4.25% to $ 30,547 for nine months in the 2022-2023 academic year. Some schools and programs provide stipends above the minimum; check with your school to confirm your stipend amount for next year. I am particularly pleased that this is the fourth consecutive annual increase over 4% for minimum stipends, despite the many disruptions to our University operations. These stipend increases demonstrate the University’s strong and continued commitment to our PhD students.

Pilot Program to cover Penn Student Health Insurance Plan for PhD students on medical and family leave I am also very pleased to announce a pilot program, beginning in July 2022, for PhD students whose funding includes health insurance to continue to receive coverage for their individual health insurance while on medical or family leave for one full semester. Students may also petition to be considered for a second full semester of medical leave. We are hopeful that this additional benefit will support students taking a necessary break from their studies. The Penn Student Health Insurance Plan (PSIP) coverage during the fall semester extends from August 1-December 31. PSIP coverage during the spring semester extends from January 1-July 31. 

I am also happy to share with you that the 2022-23 PSIP will include an optional national dental plan. More details about this new benefit will be available later in March. Many thanks to the students on the Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC) who advocated for this additional benefit. The cost of PSIP next year will be $4,029. This price reflects a generous University subsidy of $240 per enrollee , which reduces the cost of the annual premiums for our students.  Many PhD funding packages cover this annual premium.

Resources for PhD students

I want to remind you that the Graduate Student Center’s Academic Policies and Support page for PhD students includes resources you might useful, including the Advising & Mentoring PhD Students Guide , Graduate Group Review Student Feedback Form , Navigating the Academy Programs , and more. The Graduate Group Feedback Form can be used at any time by students to convey — anonymously or not – feedback about your experiences in your Graduate Group. Forms are submitted to the Office of the Provost, not to the Graduate Group. 

In addition, Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are useful tools to help you set goals and stay on track while you are doing research and coursework. IDP s can help you identify, develop, and improve skills oriented toward academic and career goals. Some students at Penn are already required to use IDP s; however, we encourage all students to explore IDP tools. Here are a few to consider:

  • Imagine PhD for students in the humanities and social sciences
  • myIDP for students in the sciences
  • ChemIDP for students in Chemistry

Booster Shot Information Beginning March 14, students who have not yet uploaded their information, or are not yet booster-eligible, will be required to undergo screening testing twice each week. This requirement will be lifted once the booster information is uploaded. As a reminder, all students must upload their booster vaccine information into their  Student Health Portal .

Family Center phased reopening Beginning Monday, March 14, the Family Center facility located at 3615 Locust Walk will be open for in-person events and lactation room reservations. During this time, the facility will not be open regular operating hours, however, the space can be enjoyed and utilized during upcoming events. Please visit the website to register for events and submit your lactation room reservations:

Upcoming Programs and Activities  

All times listed are for the Eastern Time Zone (NY/PA) unless otherwise specified. 

Publishing Workshops Learn strategies and tips for how and where to share your research during this workshop series:

  • Responsibly Sharing your Scholarship March 15 @ 2 PM
  • Introduction to Data Visualization March 30 @ 2 PM
  • Introduction to Online Academic Profiles April 4 @ 2 PM
  • Raising the Visibility of Your Scholarship April 5 @ 1 PM
  • Spotting Low-Quality Journals April 7 @ 2 PM

Cosponsored by Penn Libraries and the Graduate Student Center. Learn more and register at .

Online Dissertation Workshops Learn the basics of copyright and ethical norms around reuse and documenting the work used in your dissertation during this workshop series.

  • I Finished My Dissertation, Now What? March 28th @ 2 PM
  • Copyright and Dissertation April 11th @ 1 PM
  • Ethical Dissertation Writing April 12th @ 2 PM

Cover Letters: From Experience to Narrative Thursday, March 17, 1:00-2:00 PM; Grad Center #304 During this workshop we will cover how to analyze job descriptions, and attendees will practice translating their own experiences into cover letter-ready narratives. This workshop is open to graduate and professional students from across Penn who are interested in roles beyond tenure-track faculty roles. Cosponsored by Career Services and the Grad Center. Learn more and register at .

See more upcoming events and activities:

  • Grad Center Events Calendar
  • Grad Center “Events Around Campus” Calendar
  • University Life Calendar of Events

Highlighted Opportunities 

Wolf Humanities Center Graduate Research Fellowships Deadline: March 21 The Wolf Humanities Center offers two one-year research fellowships to Penn graduate students in the humanities who are ABD and conducting research related to an annual theme. The 2022-23 theme is Heritage. Research fellows receive $2,500 each and are required to attend the Center’s weekly Mellon Research Seminar and to present their work at one of the sessions.

Y.H. Park Fellowship Deadline: March 27 One-year fellowship to support a Ph.D. or a research master’s student in the humanities, social sciences, international management, international studies, or fine arts whose primary research area is Korea and whose thesis/dissertation will be on Korea. Fellows must have sufficient Korean-language proficiency to use Korean-language sources in conducting research and writing dissertations.

To see additional fellowships and award opportunities, visit CURF Resources for Graduate Students and Grad Center Grants and Fellowships webpages. For general information about graduate funding and need-based aid, please visit the  Graduate Funding and Finances  section of the Graduate Resource Guide.    

About the Vice Provost for Education 

The Vice Provost for Education oversees undergraduate and graduate education at Penn, developing and implementing policies that promote academic excellence, innovative teaching and learning, and interdisciplinary knowledge across the University. The Vice Provost chairs the Council of Undergraduate Deans, the Council of Graduate Deans, the Council of Professional Master’s Degree Deans, the Graduate Council of the Faculties, and the Faculty Advisory Council for Access and Academic Support Initiatives. 

Graduate Student Center University of Pennsylvania 3615 Locust Walk Philadelphia PA 19104 215-746-6868

[email protected]

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The NICHD Connection

  • Created by Jonas, Nichole (NIH/NICHD) [F] , last modified on Feb 16, 2024

February 2024 Issue Now Available!

Download the February 2024 edition of The NICHD Connection here:

newsletter_2024_02_web.pdf (PDF/4.7MB)

Letter from the Editor: February 2024

Meet the 2024 Intramural Research Fellowship Awardees

The Rep Report: February 2024

February Announcements

February Events

What is the significance of obtaining a grant in the pursuit of a faculty position? This was a popular question at the 2023 fellows’ retreat career discussion led by Natalie Porat-Shliom, PhD, an Earl Stadtman Investigator in NCI’s Center for Cancer Research. Her answer is worth repeating:

“In my perspective, the importance of securing a grant cannot be overstated for several reasons. Beyond merely showcasing your capability to acquire financial support, it also underscores your proficiency in grant writing—an art distinct from manuscript composition. Gaining proficiency in grant writing is a vital component of scientific training that is often underemphasized during postdoctoral training.”

NICHD leadership agrees. In 2018, the NICHD Division of Intramural Research (DIR) launched a competitive research funding opportunity for NICHD postdoctoral, visiting, and clinical fellows: the Intramural Research Fellowship (IRF) . These research fellowships are for NICHD intramural fellows within their second or third year of training to help prepare them for the process of applying for an NIH grant.

This month, we honor those who applied for and received and IRF award for Fiscal Year 2024. Their work exemplifies the scope and impact of NICHD intramural research by postdoctoral fellows.

You too can hone your grant writing skills through workshops and grant application preparation. Several of the February announcements and events are dedicated to grant writing activities, including announcements for the Independent Research Scholars (IRS) Program, the next cycle of NICHD Early Career Awards, and the popular annual NIH Grant Writing Course led by Dr. Paula Gregory.

Before signing off for the month, I’d like to extend the warmest of welcomes to Dr. Megan Bohn , the new NICHD Office of Education Deputy Director. I’ve known Dr. Bohn since my own postdoctoral days at NICHD, and her return to the institute as an expert in science training and career development is a wonderful gain for the program. I’ll keep my words brief here, but please check back for an in-depth introduction to Dr. Bohn in a future issue!

This newsletter is for NICHD fellows and by NICHD fellows . We want to hear from you ! Please send your questions, comments, and ideas to our editor at [email protected] .

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Find Education Scholarships for PhD Students

Every little bit helps, get a head start funding your doctoral degree using the U.S. News scholarship database. Apply for money now.

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Elevar Scholars Program

California State University, Fullerton

What You'll Need

  • Application Form
  • Recommendation
  • Demonstrated Financial Need
  • Merit-based Aid


Funded by the CSU and Giles T. Brown Endowment for Graduate Studies through the Cal State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation, this program seeks to increase the diversity of students completing graduate degree programs, encourage further study in doctoral programs and promote consideration of university faculty careers. If provides fellowships to economically disadvantaged CSUF students who have overcome educational disadvantages or hardships. The fellowships are intended to minimize students’ debt burden, allowing them to complete their program more quickly and commence doctoral study.

Fletcher Jones Fellowship

University of California, Irvine

  • Need-based Aid

The Fletcher Jones Fellowship is a highly prestigious award, made available through funding from the Fletcher Jones Foundation. It is competitively awarded to an outstanding doctoral student who has advanced to candidacy and demonstrates financial need. The award of a one-year fellowship of approximately $22,290, to be used as a stipend, is intended to assist with doctoral degree completion.

Chancellor's Club Fellowship

Chancellor’s Club Fellowships recognize our most academically superior doctoral and MFA students — those who exhibit outstanding promise as scholars, researchers, and public leaders. Nominated students must be first-generation college students, with neither parent having received a four-year degree. Nominations are made by Associate Deans for scholars in their respective schools.

Miguel Velez Scholarship

The Miguel Velez Scholarship provides financial support to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding past academic achievement as well as future promise, have financial need, and are citizens and residents of a Latin American country. Preference is given to citizens of Colombia.

James Harvey Scholar

The James Harvey Scholar award provides financial support to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding past academic achievement as well as future promise, have financial need, and are completing a publishable thesis or dissertation on homosexuality or the life or works of James Harvey.

Otto W. Shaler Scholarship

The Otto W. Shaler Scholarship provides financial support to international graduate students who have financial need, and who demonstrate outstanding past academic achievement as well as future promise. Each school may submit no more than two applications for this award.

Brython Davis Fellowship

Overview: The Brython Davis Fellowship provides financial support to students who demonstrate outstanding past academic achievement as well as future promise, have financial need, are U.S. citizens, and are the child of a service member or veteran of the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps.

La Verne Noyes Fellowship

The La Verne Noyes Fellowship provides financial support to graduate students who demonstrate outstanding past academic achievement as well as future promise, have financial need, are U.S. citizens, and are descendants of World War I U.S. Army or Navy veterans.

Barbara Bell Blake Nursing Scholarship

Purdue University, Northwest

Need Based: Please note: This specialty scholarship requires a separate application. Even if you've already applied for a PNW admissions scholarship, you need to submit a separate application to be eligible.

Intel SWE Scholarship (Graduate)

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

SWE Scholarships support those who identify as a female/woman and are pursuing an ABET-accredited bachelor or graduate student program in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science in the United States. US Citizenship required. Minimum GPA: 3.0. Class: Graduate (Masters, Doctoral) Major: CprE, CS, EE.

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Introducing the Ag PhD Insider Magazine

By Brian Hefty

What you will find in the Ag PhD Insider magazine is more – more articles, more pictures, more guests, and more information to help your farming operation. You will see articles from yield champions and others who have great ideas on how to improve both bushels and profits. We’ll have a regular section on “The Weed of the Week”, as well as the “Ag PhD Mailbag”. We’ll give you talking points when you are speaking about ag to non-farmers, and you’ll hear from the new Shark Farmer Radio host, Rob Sharkey. The Shark Farmer Radio Show will air immediately after Ag PhD Radio on SiriusXM 147 each weekday, with repeats each night.

Please tune in to Rural America Live on RFD-TV on Monday, June 11 at 7 pm Central, as Darren, Rob Sharkey, and I will be talking about the Ag PhD Insider magazine, the Shark Farmer Radio Show, the Ag PhD Field Day, and answering your agronomic questions.

For more details on the magazine, Rural America Live, the Field Day, or anything we do at Ag PhD, please check out the rest of the content here on Thank you again for reading this final edition of the newsletter, and we hope you subscribe today to the new Ag PhD Insider magazine!

For more information on the publication, visit To subscribe, go to  .

Where to find jazz clubs in Los Angeles

A man sings while two other men play an upright bass and a piano.

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Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter . It’s Saturday, Feb. 17 . First, some big news. Unlike most Sundays, you’ll be receiving Essential California tomorrow, too. We are finally expanding to be a seven-days-per-week operation, so that you can start every day with the information you need. And now, here’s what you need to know to start your weekend:

  • Half of Republicans say California isn’t really American
  • Take our L.A. Times news quiz . This week, it’s all about a hoax, high-rises and the Happiest Place on Earth
  • And here’s today’s e-newspaper

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Jazz has a long history in L.A.

In the first half of the 20th century, Central Avenue in South Central L.A. was the heart of the city’s jazz scene. Nightclubs such as Club Alabam brought jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington to the stage.

In the daytime, Club Alabam was a hub of hardworking hoofers and musicians rehearsing for the nightly show. When they performed at night, integrated crowds danced to the sophisticated rhythms of big bands.

Those days are long gone. The number of clubs in the area that offer jazz more than once a week has dwindled to only about a dozen.

But jazz didn’t completely fizzle from L.A.

The jazz scene is evolving and there’s a new generation of players emerging, my colleagues Kailyn Brown and Christopher Reynolds wrote.

They put together a list of 12 vibrant spots where jazz still reigns in L.A. The clubs typically host at least two performances a week and come in a wide variety of flavors, including the chatty lounge feel of the Dresden or the communal feel at the Lighthouse Cafe, where much of the music in “La La Land” was filmed.

Here are just a few:

Catalina Jazz Club

Vocalist and actor John Lloyd Young at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood.

Founded in 1986 by Romanian immigrants Bob and Catalina Popescu, Catalina is the only jazz club in Hollywood. Two of the first artists on the stage were Dizzy Gillespie and Buddy Collette, a mainstay of L.A.’s golden era of jazz on Central Avenue.

To this day, the owners have stuck with the club’s long-standing formula: a snazzy setting for dinner and a steady stream of jazz, usually six nights a week.

Lighthouse Cafe

Jazz guitarist Jacques Lesur plays Monday nights at the Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach.

“La La Land” gave this venue a global and multi-generational reach. But the Lighthouse’s jazziest days were in the ‘50s and ‘60s, when performers included Miles Davis, Max Roach and Shelly Manne.

These days most of the jazz happens two days a week: Sunday (over brunch, all ages invited) and Monday (jam session, 21 and over).

Pip’s on La Brea

Illustration of Pip's on La Brea, 1356 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, 90019 for the music venue POI.

This popular jazz bar and restaurant hosts live music every night of the week except Monday. It’s the ultimate date-night spot for music lovers and vibe seekers.

While the clientele skews toward a certain age (read: aunties), the combination of live jazz and American comfort food appeals to people of all generations.

See the full list of 12 vibrant spots where jazz still reigns in L.A.

The week’s biggest stories

Mudslides damage both lanes of a street.

California storms

  • Back-to-back rainstorms have prompted fresh concerns about luxury homes on the edge of a California cliff. See the dramatic drone footage .
  • An L.A. weather mystery: So much rain, but relatively few destructive landslides . So far.
  • All this rain could invite mosquitoes into your backyard . Here’s how to prevent that.
  • Record rain saturates SoCal landscape , heightening fears of more landslides.
  • Flood damage raises alarms about California’s next ‘disaster insurance gap.’

Crime and courts

  • Ninety minutes. Four killed. A random ‘senseless rampage’ that terrorized southeast L.A.
  • The defense in Rebecca Grossman’s murder trial keeps ex-Dodger Scott Erickson the center of attention .
  • California’s war on plastic bag use seems to have backfired . Lawmakers are trying again.
  • Why replacing Biden with Newsom or some ‘mythical perfect Democrat’ is unlikely.
  • Half of Republicans say California isn’t really American .
  • Mayor Bass faces a choice for next LAPD chief: Hire from within or bring in an outsider.

More big stories

  • ‘This is just the biggest fiasco.’ College admissions upended by financial aid form glitches .
  • The body of woman is found on Mt. Baldy a week after she went hiking alone during a storm.
  • Tom Girardi left dozens of voicemails for The Times and a reporter investigating him. Was it a ploy?
  • A major auto insurer returns to California — with a 30% price hike.
  • A traveler landed at LAX without a boarding pass , the second time in four months.
  • What does a service fee ban mean for diners? Expect higher menu prices — a lot higher.
  • San Francisco is set to apologize to Black residents for ‘systemic racism.’

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Column One is The Times’ home for narrative and longform journalism. Here’s a great piece from this week:

Photo illustration of a hand with extra fingers laying a white rose on a gravestone with screenshots

Scammers used AI to tell the world I was dead. Why? I had to find out why . I was the victim of an elaborate AI death hoax, which spread fake news about me online. Here’s what it’s like to read your own obituary.

More great reads

  • How Allie Clifton became first woman to call Lakers game: She had 60 hours to prepare.
  • Inside the plan to diagnose Alzheimer’s in people with no memory problems — and who stands to benefit.
  • Gazans in Rafah watch Israeli bombs move closer with nowhere left to run.
  • A movie star, a suicide and a nation’s war on drugs .
  • Will Southern California be the ‘Napa Valley of coffee’?

How can we make this newsletter more useful? Send comments to [email protected] .

For your weekend

Ty Dolla $ign and Ye

  • 🎤 Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign slated to join Rolling Loud for an added fourth night.
  • 🎭 For better or worse, two new plays — on stage at the Noho Senior Arts Colony and the Matrix Theatre — reveal their writers’ TV backgrounds.
  • 📕💿 Life is ‘Plastic’ in Scott Guild’s novel and companion album .
  • 📺 ‘Welcome Home, Franklin’ tells the backstory of the first Black ‘Peanuts’ character.
  • 🧑‍🍳 Here’s a recipe for triple chocolate brownies .
  • ✏️ Get our free daily crossword puzzle, sudoku, word search and arcade games .

How well did you follow the news this week? Take our quiz.

Editor’s note: Open the newsletter tomorrow to get L.A. Affairs

A collage of photos from this week's quiz

The statue of Kobe Bryant recently unveiled at Arena depicts the Lakers legend as he appeared after what monumentous occasion? And 9 other questions to check how well you’re following the news .

Have a great weekend, from the Essential California team

Kevinisha Walker, multiplatform editor Karim Doumar, head of newsletters

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Kevinisha Walker is a multiplatform editor for newsletters at the Los Angeles Times. She previously worked as a social media editor at the Daily Beast and has a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Orleans and a master’s in journalism from Roosevelt University. Walker is a proud New Orleanian, but currently calls Long Beach home.

More From the Los Angeles Times

FILE - In this Aug. 20, 2020 file photo, postal workers load their mail delivery vehicles at the Panorama city post office in Los Angeles. The Nov. 3 election will test California's commitment to voting by mail as the nation's most populous state will offer fewer in-person polling places hoping it will convince more people to cast ballots from the safety of their mailboxes during a pandemic. If it doesn't work, the state could see long lines and frustrated voters on Election Day compounded by coronavirus protocols that will make voting in person slower in a year expected to draw a big turnout. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

They falsely said USPS packages were lost or damaged, collecting $2.3 million. Now brothers face prison

BISHOP, CA - MARCH 22: Ben Butler, 44, City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Supervisor Los Angeles Aqueduct and Reservoir Keepers, shown where repair work is being done to the A Drain feeding Big Pine Canal along Collins Road in the Owens Valley on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 in Bishop, CA. The canal was damaged from recent storms. The east side of the Sierra Nevada range is seen in the background. Flash flooding along the eastern Sierra Nevada a week ago caused an unprecedented breach in the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Los Angeles Aqueduct, as well as other damage. (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

Climate & Environment

Cost of Owens Valley storm damage continues to mount for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Feb. 18, 2024

A man wearing a hat and shirt that read "Don't Die" speaks to a crowd

Column: Still searching for the fountain of youth? Don’t drown in all the hype

A woman bikes along the Venice Beach Boardwalk on a hot day this summer.

Column: We hold these truths to be self-evident — the Golden State is still golden. And yes, we are Americans Rewards is now One Key™

Choose dates to view prices, photo gallery for alva donna.

Front of property - evening/night

Overview of Alva Donna

Property highlights.

  • Pet friendly
  • Free breakfast
  • Parking available

What's around


  • Popular Location Mega Belaya Dacha 10 min walk
  • Popular Location Red Square 27 min drive
  • Popular Location St. Basil's Cathedral 27 min drive
  • Airport Moscow (BKA-Bykovo) 40 min drive

Main amenities

  • Daily housekeeping
  • Restaurant and bar/lounge
  • Self parking
  • Room service
  • Coffee shop/cafe
  • Airport shuttle
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Air conditioning
  • Front-desk safe
  • Snack bar/deli
  • Laundry service
  • Self-serve laundry

Feel at home

  • Children stay free
  • Private bathroom
  • Laundry facilities
  • Self parking (surcharge)

Room options

View all photos for economy single room.

Economy Single Room

View all photos for standard twin room.

Standard Twin Room | In-room safe, desk, iron/ironing board, free WiFi

Standard Twin Room

  • 2 Twin Beds

View all photos for Standard Triple Room

Standard Triple Room | In-room safe, desk, iron/ironing board, free WiFi

Standard Triple Room

  • 1 Double Bed and 1 Twin Bed

View all photos for Suite

  • 1 Queen Bed OR 2 Twin Beds

View all photos for Design Suite

Design Suite

  • 1 Queen Bed

View all photos for Standard Double Room

Standard Double Room | In-room safe, desk, iron/ironing board, free WiFi

Standard Double Room

  • 1 Double Bed

View all photos for Premier Suite

Premier Suite

View all photos for honeymoon suite.

Honeymoon Suite

View all photos for panoramic suite.

Panoramic Suite

View all photos for family suite.

Family Suite

About the neighborhood, what's nearby.

  • Mega Belaya Dacha - 10 min walk
  • Moscow Kremlin - 25 min drive
  • Red Square - 27 min drive
  • St. Basil's Cathedral - 27 min drive
  • Lenin's Mausoleum - 29 min drive

Getting around

  • Zhukovsky (ZIA) - 42 min drive
  • Moscow (DME-Domodedovo Intl.) - 47 min drive
  • Sheremetyevo Intl. Airport (SVO) - 57 min drive
  • Podolsk (OSF-Ostafyevo) - 61 min drive
  • Moscow (VKO-Vnukovo Intl.) - 67 min drive
  • Lyubertsy-1 Station - 8 min drive
  • Lyubertsy Panki Station - 9 min drive
  • Moscow Ukhtomskaya Station - 10 min drive
  • Kotelniki - 22 min walk
  • Airport shuttle (surcharge)

About this property

At a glance, arriving/leaving.

  • Check-in start time: 2 PM; Check-in end time: midnight
  • Minimum check-in age: 18
  • Check-out time is noon

Restrictions related to your trip

  • Check COVID-19 restrictions.

Special check-in instructions

  • This property offers transfers from the airport (surcharges may apply); guests must contact the property with arrival details before travel, using the contact information on the booking confirmation
  • Front desk staff will greet guests on arrival

Required at check-in

  • Credit card, debit card, or cash deposit required for incidental charges
  • Government-issued photo ID may be required
  • Minimum check-in age is 18
  • If you require a visa to enter the country, your property may be able to help with the supporting documents needed to obtain one*
  • Russian citizens: Adults (aged 14 and over) must present a valid internal passport at check-in (international Russian passports and driver's licenses are not accepted). Birth certificates must be presented for all Russian children (aged under 14) at check-in. If a Russian relative or legal guardian (rather than a parent) is traveling in Russia with a child under 14, that relative or legal guardian is also required to present documentation certifying authority to accompany child at check-in. Non-Russian citizens: Adults and children must present a valid passport, visa, and migration card at check-in.
  • Children (3 years old and younger) stay free when occupying the parent or guardian's room, using existing bedding
  • No cribs (infant beds)
  • Pets allowed (1 total, up to 11 lbs per pet)*
  • Restrictions apply*
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free WiFi in rooms
  • Onsite self parking (RUB 270 per day)
  • Airport shuttle on request (available 24 hours)*

Other information

  • Smoke-free property

Property amenities

  • Safe-deposit box at front desk

Food and drink

  • Free buffet breakfast each morning 7 AM–10 AM
  • Coffee shop
  • Private dining
  • Room service (limited hours)

Traveling with children

  • Children stay free (see details)
  • Dry cleaning/laundry services
  • Luggage storage

Room amenities

Be entertained.

  • Cable TV channels

Home comfort

  • Iron/ironing board (on request)
  • Shower only
  • Free toiletries

Stay connected

  • Free bottled water
  • In-room safe

Fees & policies

Optional extras.

  • Airport shuttle service is offered for an extra charge

Children & extra beds

  • Rollaway beds are available for RUB 1000.0 per night
  • Guests must contact this property in advance to reserve rollaway/extra beds
  • Pets are allowed for an extra charge of RUB 1000 per pet, per night
  • Self parking costs RUB 270 per day

Also known as

Frequently asked questions.

All reviews shown are from real guest experiences. Only travelers who have booked a stay with us can submit a review. We verify reviews according to our guidelines and publish all reviews, positive or negative. More information Opens in a new window

Most popular destinations

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First refuelling for Russia’s Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP


find a phd newsletter

The FNPP includes two KLT-40S reactor units. In such reactors, nuclear fuel is not replaced in the same way as in standard NPPs – partial replacement of fuel once every 12-18 months. Instead, once every few years the entire reactor core is replaced with and a full load of fresh fuel.

The KLT-40S reactor cores have a number of advantages compared with standard NPPs. For the first time, a cassette core was used, which made it possible to increase the fuel cycle to 3-3.5 years before refuelling, and also reduce by one and a half times the fuel component in the cost of the electricity produced. The operating experience of the FNPP provided the basis for the design of the new series of nuclear icebreaker reactors (series 22220). Currently, three such icebreakers have been launched.

The Akademik Lomonosov was connected to the power grid in December 2019, and put into commercial operation in May 2020.

Electricity generation from the FNPP at the end of 2023 amounted to 194 GWh. The population of Pevek is just over 4,000 people. However, the plant can potentially provide electricity to a city with a population of up to 100,000. The FNPP solved two problems. Firstly, it replaced the retiring capacities of the Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant, which has been operating since 1974, as well as the Chaunskaya Thermal Power Plant, which is more than 70 years old. It also supplies power to the main mining enterprises located in western Chukotka. In September, a 490 km 110 kilovolt power transmission line was put into operation connecting Pevek and Bilibino.

Image courtesy of TVEL

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    Overview. Read more Supervisor: Dr L Gaughan 29 February 2024 PhD Research Project Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide) More Details PhD studentship in mucus - Immortalizing human mucus secreting intestinal goblet cells to provide mucus factories. Newcastle University Biosciences Institute

  4. Find Your Perfect PhD

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    Welcome to this special edition of the VPE newsletter just for PhD students! 2022-2023 PhD Stipend I am happy to announce that the University's minimum stipend level will increase 4.25% to $30,547 for nine months in the 2022-2023 academic year.

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    How To Find A PhD In The UK. In the UK, there are two ways to find a PhD. The first is to decide on a research topic and then find an institution, funding and a supervisor , and this search usually begins at your current institution. Finding a supervisor who shares your interest and enthusiasm for the topic is a challenging task, as is choosing ...

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  19. Finding Broncos: 10 Defensive Prospects Snubbed from NFL Combine

    Why is he a snub? Anderson is a big-nose tackle at 6-foot-3 and 350+ pounds. He showed solid explosion, so getting that 10-yard split would've been nice.

  20. PDF Test and Go Kiosk

    A kiosk for tests? YES! TestandgoTM makes it possible to access a test at the push of a button in a conveniently located kiosk. Kiosks can dispense free COVID-19 rapid antigen, multiplex rapid antigen tests (which detect Flu A+B

  21. 2 Dodgers Free Agents Could Find New Homes Soon

    Newsletter. 2 Dodgers Free Agents Could Find New Homes Soon. This would be a tough goodbye for a second time. Author: Kevin Skinner. Publish date: Feb 17, 2024 4:00 PM EST. In this story:

  22. U.S. swimmer Curzan, China's Pan win their 4th golds at the worlds

    Anastasiya Shkurdai, a Belarusian competing as a neutral athlete, won the bronze. Pan and China won the 4x100 mixed freestyle relay, which isn't on the Olympic program, ahead of Australia and ...

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    Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for MZ LLC of Elektrostal, Moscow region. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet.

  24. Watch This Incredible Angle of Yoshinobu Yamamoto's Range of Pitches at

    The Japanese pitching sensation is expected to make his mark with the Dodgers quite quickly this season, and fans are rightfully excited. We got to see a cool angle of Yamamoto pitching, and it ...

  25. Find Basic Chemical Manufacturing Companies in Elektrostal

    Find detailed information on Basic Chemical Manufacturing companies in Elektrostal, Russian Federation, including financial statements, sales and marketing contacts, top competitors, and firmographic insights. Dun & Bradstreet gathers Basic Chemical Manufacturing business information from trusted sources to help you understand company ...

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    Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter.It's Saturday, Feb. 17.First, some big news. Unlike most Sundays, you'll be receiving Essential California tomorrow, too. We ...

  28. Alva Donna in Moscow: Find Hotel Reviews, Rooms, and Prices on

    View deals for Alva Donna, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation. Mega Belaya Dacha is minutes away. Breakfast and WiFi are free, and this hotel also features a restaurant. All rooms have cable TV and free toiletries.

  29. First refuelling for Russia's Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP

    Rosatom's fuel company TVEL has supplied nuclear fuel for reactor 1 of the world's only floating NPP (FNPP), the Akademik Lomonosov, moored at the city of Pevek, in Russia's Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The supply of fuel was transported along the Northern Sea Route. The first ever refuelling of the FNPP is planned to begin before the end of ...