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    environmental economics related thesis

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    environmental economics related thesis

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  1. Research in Environmental Economics

    Environmental Economics Research in Environmental Economics - NCEE Working Paper Series EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE) publishes a working paper series on research in environmental economics.

  2. Essays in Environmental Economics

    This dissertation presents research on environmental economics and policy, linking the effects of environmental uncertainty with policy effectiveness. In the first chapter, I study the effects of weather and seasonal forecasts on US agri- culture.

  3. 99 Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics for Research

    A list of environmental economics dissertation topics: A compilation of dissertation topics in ecological economics is provided to help the reader find a good research title: The economics behind the comparative debate on land sharing or land sparing- An inspection of UK policies. The economics of sustainable water desalination technologies.

  4. Essays on environmental and urban economics

    The thesis consists of three independent chapters on environmental and urban economics. A central theme explored in this thesis is what determines the distribution of economic activities across space.

  5. Thesis topics at the Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group

    This brochure lists possible topics for a BSc or MSc thesis at the Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group (ENR). The brochure is by no means meant as an exhaustive list of thesis topics. You are always free to suggest a topic by yourself!

  6. Essays in environmental economics

    This thesis examines various aspects of environmental economics. The first chapter estimates how individuals' beliefs about climate change are affected by local weather fluctuations. Climate change is a one-time uncertain event with no opportunities for learning; the belief updating process may not be fully Bayesian.

  7. Essays in Environmental Economics

    Armitage, Sarah Caldwell. 2022. Essays in Environmental Economics. Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. In the first paper, I examine how supporting early clean technologies affects the long-run transition away from dirty technologies. Early policy action generates immediate environmental benefits from ...

  8. Three Essays in Environmental and Development Economics

    In these three essays I examine the relationship between environmental quality and economic development in a variety of settings. In Chapter 1, I examine the impact of the world's largest anti-poverty program (NREGA) on agricultural burning and its subsequent contribution to air pollution in India. I find that agricultural burning increases ...

  9. PDF The Role of Economic Growth on Environmental Impact

    The first part of the thesis explores why (and if) economic growth plays such an important role in the planet, its potential for systemic change, and how it has ended surrounding all our social, ... See Annex 1 for the definitions of economic and environmental key concepts used throughout this thesis. 2. Contextual framework and analysis of ...

  10. (PDF) Environmental Economics

    EnvE as defined by Carton, (2018), "is a sub-discipline of economics that…seeks to apply the main concepts and methods of economic thought to environmental goods and services with the...

  11. Three Essays in Energy and Environmental Economics

    This dissertation is a collection of three essays in the field of environmental and energy economics. While each essay addresses different questions, they all contribute to the understanding of environment or energy economics related to energy demand using empirical analyses. The first two papers focus on domestic energy demand modeling and forecasting; one highlights the importance of ...

  12. Essays on Environmental and Urban Economics

    The thesis consists of three independent chapters on environmental and urban economics. A central theme explored in this thesis is individuals' responses to environmental challenges.The first chapter, "The Healthcare Cost of Air Pollution: Evidence from the World's Largest Payment Network", provides the first nationwide analysis of the healthcare cost of PM2.5 using the universe of credit- and ...

  13. Essays in Development and Environmental Economics

    Related Defended thesis by similar research fields. European Energy Markets Integration and its effects on Prices and Efficiency of Electricity Producing Firms; Essays on Dynamic Games, Sustainable Endogenous Growth and Regime Shifts; Economic regulation and efficiency of electricity systems; Understanding Recent Food Price Patterns: a Time ...

  14. Hot topics in agricultural and environmental economics

    Agricultural and environmental economics share a focus land and resource use but evolved in their own domains. Their specialized competencies can be complementary and thus strengthen policy...

  15. Essays on Environmental Policy and Green Investment

    Struggling Workers in a Changing World: Three Essays on Labour Economics and Political Economy. Essays on Labor Markets and Institutions. Essays on the Effect of International Migration on Local Labor Markets: Evidence from Europe. European Energy Markets Integration and its effects on Prices and Efficiency of Electricity Producing Firms.

  16. Environmental Conservation Masters Theses Collection

    Environmental Conservation Masters Theses Collection Follow Jump to: Unable to build JumpList: Forbidden Theses from 2023 PDF Modeling the Effects of Forest Management Practices on Ecohydrologic Processes in the Antalya River Watershed of Turkey, Hilal Arslan, Environmental Conservation PDF

  17. Essays in Energy and Environmental Economics

    Abstract. This dissertation consists of three essays in energy and environmental economics. In. Chapter 1, my coauthor and I study the impact of alternative policies on carbon emissions. and electricity costs in the United States. We quantify these impacts using simulations. from a detailed model of the electricity power sector.

  18. Urban Environmental Economics

    In this thesis track, students can combine courses and expertise from the chair groups 'Environmental Economics and Natural Resources' (ENR) and 'Urban Economics' (UEC). The programme focuses on how to make cities more sustainable, and how to assess the impacts, effectiveness and efficiency of different policy options.

  19. Environmental Studies Theses and Dissertations

    Environmental Studies Theses and Dissertations Browse by By Issue Date Authors Titles Subjects Search within this collection: Recent Submissions Managing Life's Future: Species Essentialism and Evolutionary Normativity in Conservation Policy, Practice, and Imaginaries Maggiulli, Katrina (University of Oregon, 2024-01-10)

  20. How do renewable energy and innovation impact environmental quality in

    More information: A Comparative Study on The Moderating Impact of Renewable Energy and Innovation on Environmental Quality, Natural Resources Forum (2024).DOI: 10.1111/1477-8947.12420 ...

  21. Dissertations / Theses: 'Ecological economics'

    The thesis has been orientated towards contributing to the discussion of the range of topics found in the ecological economics literature, which usually have been tackled with different methodologies: firstly, the current scenario of resource scarcity unavoidably demands the monitoring of the distribution issues; secondly, fair consumption ...

  22. Dissertations / Theses: 'Environmental policy economic aspects'

    In the first chapter of this thesis a historical perspective of the control and regulation of water management structures around the world is presented. A theoretical review of the environmental and institutional economics, together with a discussion on the ecological economics related to environmental policy and its instruments, is presented.

  23. 100+ Environmental Science Research Topics

    Here, we'll explore a variety research ideas and topic thought-starters related to various environmental science disciplines, including ecology, oceanography, hydrology, geology, soil science, environmental chemistry, environmental economics, and environmental ethics. NB - This is just the start…

  24. Essays in Environmental Economics

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  25. Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, January 2024

    McKinsey's Global Economics Intelligence (GEI) provides macroeconomic data and analysis of the world economy. Each monthly release includes an executive summary on global critical trends and risks, as well as focused insights on the latest national and regional developments.View the full report for January 2024 here.Detailed visualized data for the global economy, with focused reports on ...

  26. Fed officials remained worried that inflation could stop cooling ...

    Related article A US productivity boom may explain how inflation slowed amid a strong economy She added that three rate cuts this year is a "reasonable baseline" expectation.

  27. Winter 2024 Economic Forecast: A delayed rebound in growth amid faster

    Last year's modest growth largely owes itself to the momentum of the post-pandemic economic rebound in the previous two years. Already towards the end of 2022, the economic expansion came to an abrupt end and activity has since been broadly stagnating, against the background of falling household purchasing power, collapsing external demand, forceful monetary tightening and the partial ...