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Are you struggling to decipher what your dissertation committee actually wants, over 50% of doctoral candidates don’t finish their dissertations..

Too many talented students end up with crippling student debt and no doctorate. Simply because after numerous attempts, their dissertation just won’t get accepted. Even after what feels like an endless cycle of revising and resubmitting, in the hopes of getting it accepted eventually.

They’re afraid they’ll let down their families and fail to meet their high hopes and expectations. It can feel a lot like you’re playing a game you can’t win.

Imagine turning in your dissertation, not with trepidation but with a bold certainty that it’s exactly what your committee is looking for. Imagine you’ve got your cap on, your robe flowing behind, and your family applauding as you walk across the stage. Imagine rocking your dissertation defense.

Not by addressing your committee’s comments one-by-one and continuing to resubmit, but by learning the unspoken rules of the dissertation process.

dissertation writing coach

“I struggled for over two years in my Ph.D. program and was barely making any progress. With just one month of coaching, I was able to make significant progress in my Ph.D. program.”

Hi, i’m steve..

I’ve been a professor for over 30 years. I’ve had the privilege to help hundreds of students complete their dissertations. 

As a professor, I’d seen too many talented students end up with student debt and no doctorate. So I started Beyond PhD Coaching. 

24 months later, I’d helped 27 students graduate with their doctorates.

They all started out by saying something like this:  “I’m afraid I’ll let my family down if I don’t get my doctorate,” or “ My committee won’t accept my dissertation no matter how many times I revise.”

By the end,  each of them ROCKED their dissertation defense. They skipped their way across the graduation stage.

If you can learn the unspoken rules of the dissertation process and give your committee what they want, you can get your dissertation accepted.

And I can teach you that process.

dissertation writing coach

Does this sound familiar?

The revision maze : You’re caught in an exhausting cycle of revisions. Every time you think you’re close to approval, there’s another round of feedback, and it feels like you’re running in place.

The weight of expectation : You’re under pressure to succeed, not just for yourself, but for your family and future. The fear of failing after investing so much time and effort is overwhelming.

Isolation in academia : Working on your dissertation can feel like playing a game you don’t know the rules to. You long for guidance from someone who truly understands the journey, the process, and can navigate you through it.

The balancing act : Juggling your dissertation, work, and personal life is a high-wire act. You’re struggling to find enough hours in the day and feeling the strain on all fronts.

We can help get your dissertation approved!

Introducing the dissertation acceptance program.

The Dissertation Acceptance Program is designed to navigate you through every aspect of the dissertation process. From developing your proposal to the final defense, our tailored approach ensures your journey is smooth, structured, and successful.

After completing the program, you’ll…

dissertation writing coach

Your dissertation will be accepted.

dissertation writing coach

You’ll pass your oral defense.

dissertation writing coach

You’ll overcome any committee roadblocks and graduate.

dissertation writing coach

With the Dissertation Acceptance Program, you’ll get

Personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced phds., custom-tailored strategies addressing your specific dissertation challenges., access to a wealth of resources and tools for dissertation success..

This coaching will help you to equip yourself with an insider’s understanding of the academic system. You’ll not only get your dissertation accepted but do so with fewer revisions and less stress.

And some of our favorite success stories…

dissertation writing coach

We commit to your dissertation success.

This coaching program is designed to guide you to dissertation acceptance , but also to empower you with the skills and confidence needed for a thriving academic career ., tired of…, spinning your wheel with revisions, not being sure how to satisfy your committee’s requirements, lacking clarity and an insider’s perspective on what’s expected.

The Dissertation Acceptance Program provides the clarity and direction you need. We offer not just advice but a strategic partnership to ensure your dissertation is a resounding success.

dissertation writing coach

Ready to take control of your dissertation journey?

Take the first step towards turning your dissertation challenges into accomplishments.

Join Dr. Steve Tippins and and embark on a journey to academic excellence and success as he reveals the unspoken rules of the dissertation process and learn the system he uses to help students get their dissertations accepted.

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Dissertation By Design

  • Dissertation Coaching
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Statistical Consulting
  • Dissertation Editing
  • On-Demand Courses

Dissertation Coach, Dissertation Consultant


Our team specializes in guiding professional doctorate candidates through their unique dissertation journey. Recognizing the distinct needs of professionals in various fields, we offer expert coaching in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research. We are committed to helping you conceptualize research that not only contributes to academic knowledge but also has practical applications in your professional domain. From writing each chapter of your dissertation or thesis to analyzing results and formulating actionable recommendations, our holistic approach is tailored to the busy schedules and specific goals of professional doctoral candidates.

Our sister company,  The Dissertation Coach , specializes in providing comprehensive academic coaching and support services tailored specifically for traditional doctoral degree students, such as those pursuing PhDs across various disciplines.


At Dissertation by Design, we understand the dual challenges of managing a professional career while pursuing a doctorate. Our personalized coaching is designed to alleviate the stress of dissertation writing by providing tailored support that respects your time constraints and professional commitments. Our goal is to empower you to successfully navigate the dissertation process with efficiency, confidence, and a focus on practical outcomes.

How Dissertation Coaching Works

Complimentary Consultation: We start with an in-depth consultation to understand your professional background, research goals, and the practical application of your study. This ensures a perfect match with a coach who not only has academic expertise but also appreciates the professional context of your research.

Personalized Guidance: Your dedicated coach will offer targeted guidance throughout your journey, helping you refine your research to address real-world challenges in your field, enhance your academic and professional writing skills, and develop research that resonates with both academic and professional audiences.

Alignment and Planning: Our experienced coaches will ensure alignment among your study aims, research questions, research design, and data analysis plan. They will also assist you in selecting, designing, and validating survey instruments, planning sampling strategies, developing statistical hypotheses, conducting power analyses, and analyzing and reporting qualitative and non-traditional data.

Virtual Coaching Sessions: All coaching sessions are conducted virtually, providing flexibility and convenience. Our confidential coaching environment encourages open and productive discussions, allowing you to address any challenges, seek clarification, and receive valuable insights from your coach.

Contact us if you need help:

  • Narrowing and refining your dissertation research topic
  • Developing and improving your academic writing skills
  • Developing research questions and/or hypotheses
  • Selecting a theoretical framework
  • Developing a conceptual framework
  • Selecting a dissertation research design
  • Ensuring alignment among your study aims, research question(s), research design, and data analysis plan
  • Selecting, designing, and/or validating a survey instrument
  • Planning sampling strategies and data collection processes
  • Developing and planning statistical hypotheses, methods, sampling strategies, and data collection methods
  • Conducting a power analysis
  • Analyzing, reporting, and presenting qualitative data
  • Analyzing, reporting, and presenting non-traditional data (e.g., social media, narrative, portraiture, poetic, visual, reflexivity, photographic techniques, etc.)

Note: This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us if your specific needs are not listed.

Price: TBD after an initial consultation.

We accept PayPal Credit , which allows you to make interest-free payments for up to 6 months.

  • American University
  • Appalachian State University
  • Arizona State University
  • Augusta University
  • Austin Peay State University
  • Baylor University
  • Barry University
  • Bay Path University
  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • Brigham Young University
  • Cabrini University
  • California State Polytechnic University Pomona
  • California State University Bakersfield
  • California State University Fresno
  • California State University Fullerton
  • California State University Long Beach
  • California State University San Jose (San José State University)
  • California State University Stanislaus
  • Capella University
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Clemson University
  • Concordia University
  • Drexel University
  • East Carolina University
  • Fielding Graduate University
  • Florida State University
  • Fordham University
  • Hult International Business School
  • Indiana University
  • Iowa State University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Kent State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Northeastern University
  • Northern Illinois University
  • Ohio State University
  • Pepperdine University
  • Radford University
  • Rutgers University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Bridgeport
  • UC Davis (University of California, Davis)
  • University of Denver
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Portland
  • Virginia State University
  • Washington State University
  • Webster University
  • Western Carolina University
  • College of William & Mary (William and Mary)
  • Walden University

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dissertation writing coach

Coaching, Consulting, and More

Susan Corbin Dissertation Coach and Author

Individual Dissertation Coaching

Individual coaching is accountability coaching. Successful coaching often occurs over the course of several months allowing clients to discuss roadblocks and celebrate milestones. I offer four half hour sessions per month OR two one-hour sessions of individual dissertation coaching per month depending on the client’s desires.

$300 a month

Susan Corbin Dissertation Coach and Author

Group Dissertation Coaching

I keep a waiting list of students interested in group coaching. You can gather some of your dissertation friends and form your own group. We start a group at the beginning of each month if there are enough to build a group. Each group will have four to six students. The sessions are forty to forty-five minutes long once a week. Students can suggest topics of conversation or I’ll have a plan for what to talk about.

$75 a month per student

Other Services


Dissertation Consulting

If you have a few questions about the process of any step of writing a dissertation and are not interested in a long term coaching relationship, I’m happy to spend an hour or two discussing it with you. I charge $150 an hour for this service. Sometimes we can solve your stumbling block this way.

Dissertation Editing

If you have some writing that you’d like me to review and edit before you submit to your advisor, I’m happy to do that for $0.05 (that’s five cents) a word. Payable half up front and half when done. Most turn around will be two days. Be sure to check my availability on the turn around.

Dissertation Writing Workshops

During the summer one week a month, I will hold a dissertation writing workshop in my home (when there’s not a pandemic). Each workshop will have four to six participants. I will be available throughout the day for individual coaching and discussion. The general layout of the week will be: Planned group discussion at the beginning of each day of the week, then write, a break for lunch (provided), another discussion, then more writing time. Voilà, chapter done! Cost to be determined.



You coached me very early on in my dissertation process. I am very grateful for your guidance and support during that excruciating time of getting started.

I wanted to let you know I’m set to defend my dissertation in just a few weeks! This has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life and I’m extremely thankful for you helping me reach this milestone.


Texas Tech University

Thank you for helping to get me focused again so that I could finish my dissertation.Throughout the process having someone to bounce ideas off of who also provided support in setting small incremental goals took the overwhelming feeling away.

Texas A&M University April 2017

I first contacted Dr. Corbin because I was frustrated and unsure of what direction I should take with the initial stages of the dissertation process. We had our consultation and after the first five minutes, I knew Dr. Corbin is an exceptional dissertation coach. Dr. Corbin is a mindful listener, which is one of the attributes that makes her a great coach. She has a unique way of deciphering the problem and putting it into a context that I could understand. Her polite and positive demeanor was an additional benefit. She was always willing to assist me and her straight forward approach was appreciated.

Derek Cortez

Dr. Corbin served me in the role of dissertation coach. This working relationship was at her initiative as she expressed to me her desire to see each student successfully complete his/her doctoral dissertation. We met on an almost weekly basis. We discussed my progress as well as established weekly goals. Given that I had a full-time position off campus, this proved to be of tremendous help.

Doctoral Graduate,   University of Texas

Adria Battaglia

From the moment I first entered the PhD program at the University of Texas at Austin, Susan became my coach. She coached and counseled me through my coursework for three years, and directed me through my comprehensive exam process. It was for the final two years of my graduate career, however, that I had the wonderful opportunity to work very closely with Susan as she coached me through my prospectus and dissertation.

Instructor, Tx Literacy Coalition; Part-time Lecturer, UT-Austin; Adjunct Faculty, ACC March 24, 2011

Susan Corbin is an amazing personal coach. Her positive attitude towards the people she coaches, her sharp analysis of the struggles we face, and her wealth of solution ideas and personal wisdom make her one of the very best coaches out there. She helped me understand that what holds me back from realizing my full potential is the little voice in my head.

Assistant Professor of Organizational Communication, with expertise in Social Media, Big Data, & Cyberinfrastructure March 14, 2011

Billy Earnest

Susan was the architect of my dissertation defense. When crunch time came, we sat down and she mapped out a strategy that allowed me not only write and defend my prospectus, but also write and defend the dissertation itself. We established a set of intermediate goals and made a calendar that showed everything from start to finish. Then we met routinely to evaluate and adjust the schedule as needed (as it was, her original calendar was remarkably accurate). She also gave me specific strategies for writing, researching, and working with committee members. In short, Susan knows whereof she speaks. A trusted advisor and a good friend, I recommend her to anyone.

Asst. Prof. of Communication at St. Edward’s University August 15, 2009

Dr. Corbin was incredibly helpful during my graduate career. She was attentive to all my high-stress & often time-sensitive concerns. I knew I could rely on her for immediate attention, and she was always available to me for encouragement & support –I can’t imagine my graduate experience without her in it.

International Risk Analyst at The University of Texas at Austin September 9, 2009

Stephanie Hamel

Susan’s insight, guidance and fresh perspectives were a welcome respite at a critical point in my graduate career. Her interest, sincerity and ability to listen and identify underlying issues that were serving as obstacles in accomplishing the goals I had set for myself were immensely helpful and allowed me to set a realistic timeline in writing my dissertation. Susan’s careful listening skills are one of the things that make her such a great personal coach.  

2006 University of Texas Doctoral Graduate

Finish your dissertation!

No need to do this alone. Let me help you find momentum, clarity, and strength!

writing and dissertation coach


View of Meditation Garden


Hi, i'm natalya. writing is my passion. my other passion is working with writers. if you feel ready to discover your own strength, clarity, and passion for writing,  let me help you make your writing dreams a reality..

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Make sense of your writing process

Set up an accountability system 

Find a clear direction when you feel stuck

Set effective writing goals and achieve them 

Organize your writing process 

Set up an individual or a group writing retreat

Get feedback on your writing and your approach

Develop a realistic writing schedule

Protect your writing time

Learn ways to monitor your progress

Learn effective writing and research strategies

Synthesize your ideas

Find a better structure

Wheat Field


Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you have had the good fortune to have crossed paths with Natalya. I had this good fortune at a very low moment in my doctoral journey. I had hit a wall and was struggling with the writing process while working a full time job and raising a child. Out of desperation I starting researching writing coaches and came across Natalya.

One phone call with her filled me with hope.

Natalya is deeply knowledgeable about the process of writing (in my case, academic writing), and her exercises and tips allowed me to make break through after break through. 

I went from seriously considering quitting my PhD to successfully defending my dissertation a year later. 

While Natalya never actually looked at my writing, our meetings provided the inspiration and confirmation that I had what it took. Natalya is much more than your writing cheerleader (although she is amazing at that!). She brings a deep compassion and insight that helped me to understand how to write in a way that is deeply connected to my authentic self. 

If you've struggled with writing blocks, do yourself a favour and contact this phenomenal writing coach -- and human! I'm forever grateful to her for showing me that I could do it.

Thank you, Natalya!

Erin, PhD, Educational Studies

I have known Natalya for many years. We initially met when I enrolled in one of her reflective writing circles, at the start of my Master’s degree. As a new graduate student, I marvelled at her abilities to cultivate a safe space, inspire deep curiosity, and help students connect to their innate wisdom through reflective writing. I remember leaving each session feeling surprised by the depth of insights found through reflective writing, with her gentle support.

I reconnected with Natalya earlier this year – this time, as a late-stage PhD student, exhausted from juggling various professional and personal responsibilities, while struggling through dissertation writing. After an introductory phone call, I immediately decided to work with Natalya and started her 5-week program. As a graduate student, I had considered working with a writing coach many times over the past few years and had not moved forward with these plans. The decision to work with Natalya was simple because I trusted her.

She has undeniable expertise in her field (demonstrated through her publications, testimonials, etc.), but it is her compassion and sensitivity that make her truly effective. During our first meeting, she skillfully diagnosed the underlying issues that were holding me back from meeting my writing goals. We developed a detailed writing plan, with personalized strategies, to help me produce a full draft of my dissertation and reconnect with the joy of writing.

After just three weeks, I had met my goal of finishing my dissertation and found the spark of joy that I had for writing many years ago. Natalya’s frequent check-ins improved my motivation because I knew she was invested in my success – ready to support or encourage me, as needed. I choose to continue working with N atalya because her curious and kind questions help me to continue learning about my writing and myself. Natalya is a true gem and working with her has been the smartest decision that I made during the PhD journey.

A.I., PhD candidate, Health Services Research

Natalya is someone who truly cares about the people she works with and the projects she works on. Her deep thoughtfulness and genuine kindness shine through every interaction, pairing with her wisdom and experience to provide a positive experience with every encounter. I feel extremely fortunate to know and have the opportunity to work with Natalya. 

Melanie Steele, MS, Writing Coach and Founder of  For the Writer's Soul

Melanie Steele.png

I turned to Natalya, when I lost touch with my work. I no longer knew what my next step should be and how to manage the sense of internal paralysis I got every time I thought of it. Natalya got me from that to defending my dissertation eight months later.

Alya, PhD, Communication and Culture

I am indebted to Natalya. I had a long history of challenges and delays with my dissertation, complemented by a lack of success in setting, implementing, and achieving big writing deadlines in graduate school. I switched PhD programs at the beginning of my fourth year and started a new dissertation proposal; in year six, I was still struggling to write about my topic and was required to apply for a special extension in my graduate program.

I needed help with writing and was connected to Natalya through my university learning strategist. Working with her was transformative. Her joy for writing is infectiously stimulating; it taught me how to recognize my own value and passion for writing.

Practically, Natalya coached me to conceptualize, organize, and complete dissertation writing tasks that worked for me by facilitating my own exploration of writing styles and strategies. Moreover, she is very approachable and supportive, and was fully present at each step of my dissertation writing process. From the first submission of chapter drafts to scheduling my defence, I completed my dissertation within one year. I now see writing not only as a practice I do, but a place I genuinely look forward to going. I look forward to my future work with her!

Ashley, PhD, Psychology

Natalya's passion for writing is infectious! The encouragement and guidance she offered during the dissertation writing process helped me stay motivated, confident, and focused.

Natalya - Thanks again for such an incredible retreat!! Ryerson students are so lucky to have you. Your dissertation support programs are really making a huge difference when it comes to my progress. 

Erin, PhD, Communication and Culture

I feel great about the progress I made on the retreat! I was really struggling with the initial introductory chapters for my dissertation and the way in which they weren't "fitting" very well with my analyses and discussion. I was also trying to merge feedback from two committee members with very different ideal about the "identity" of these chapters. I was able to break through being "stuck" by dismantling the chapter and starting over with a clear sense of what I want to say and what plan works best for my project. While a painful process initially, I now feel excited and engaged with my project again as I am writing from a focused and entered place. This means that I am more clear now on what to include vs. exclude. This was great progress for me and I noticed that I felt lighter and more energized as time went on. Natalya, you are a special person. You shared so many nuggets of wisdom this week that touched me. I feel so grateful to have been at the retreat and inspired by your philosophy on life.

Amy, PhD, Clinical Psychology

I can't thank you enough. Every session with you helps me immensely and propels me forward and gives me energy. Thank you so much for your kindness and support 💜

Erin, PhD Candidate, Education

I was returning to my dissertation after an absence of several years. Natalya provided me with tools and strategies to make significant new progress towards completion. Just as valuable was her personal encouragement and engagement, helping me rediscover my love of writing and belief that I could finish.

Ryan K., PhD candidate, Theology

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Grad Coach

6 Reasons You Should NEVER Use A Dissertation Writing Service

By: Derek Jansen (MBA). Expert Reviewed By: Dr Eunice Rautenbach | June 2021

By the time you’ve reached the final stage of your degree program, the dissertation (or thesis) can seem like a major hurdle. The temptation to hire someone to write your dissertation for you is understandable. The faint light at the end of the tunnel is visible, but you’ve got this seemingly massive hurdle between you and the finish line – your dissertation.

In this post, we’ll cover 6 major reasons why you should NEVER consider using a dissertation or thesis writing service. These reasons range from ethical (which you may or may not care about) to practical (which you’ll definitely care about).

Dissertation and thesis writing services

The 6 reasons you should never use a dissertation writing service:

  • It’s blatant academic misconduct .
  • It will likely amount to fraud .
  • You probably will be caught.
  • The quality won’t be pass worthy.
  • There’s a good chance it’s a scam .
  • You’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life .

Reason 1: It’s blatant academic misconduct.

Despite what the dissertation writing websites may tell you, if your dissertation or thesis is written by anyone other than yourself (even partially), that constitutes academic misconduct . Yes, you can get guidance and review support from a dissertation coach, and generally you can outsource non-essential tasks such as transcription, editing and proofreading – but the writing must be your own work .

So, what does this mean for me?

Academic misconduct in the form of having someone else write your dissertation will usually result in your entire degree being revoked . Yes, you read that correctly, your entire degree. It doesn’t matter that you completed your assignments or reports on your own. And yes, the university will likely investigate those too if they have suspicions about your dissertation.

So, if you hire a dissertation writing service, you’ll be risking the many years’ worth of work you’ve put into your degree. Plus, some universities will go so far as to blacklist you and share the information with other universities, which will make your life very difficult should you ever try to apply for another degree programme.

One more thing to keep in mind is that your university can initiate an investigation at any point in the future if there’s any reason for them to suspect you’ve cheated the system. This means that your degree can get revoked many years after you receive it . So, just because you get away with it and receive your certificate doesn’t mean you’re set for life.

Think you won’t get caught? You’ll want to read on.

Remember that your university can initiate an investigation at any point in the future (for any reason), which means that your degree can get revoked many years after you receive it.

Reason 2: It will likely amount to fraud.

If the thought of getting blacklisted for academic misconduct doesn’t scare you off, the idea of committing fraud should. But how does a little rule-bending in university amount to fraud, you ask?

Well, the primary reason that most people complete a degree is to gain employment or to improve their current employability. Of course, employers don’t make their decisions based purely on your qualifications, but your education is always an important factor in the recruitment process.

Therefore, if your degree was gained in part due to cheating, you would be using illegitimate documentation (your degree) to earn money.

Well, here’s the dictionary definition of fraud:

“Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.” (Oxford)

Sounds familiar?

Naturally, different countries will take different views on this, but there is a very real risk that if you’re caught out at any point by your employer, they will have a clear case of misrepresentation against you (at best) or fraud (at worst).

That’s not going to be fun (especially if you earned a law degree).

If your degree was gained in part due to cheating, you would be using illegitimate documentation (your degree) to earn money.

Reason 3: You’ll probably be caught.

The biggest misconception we see amongst students who are considering using a dissertation or thesis writing service is that they genuinely think they won’t get caught.

“But my writer has a PhD.”

“But this company has loads of positive reviews.”

“But my friend knows someone who did it and it worked.”

Here’s the thing.

Universities know all about these types of services and dedicate resources to detecting them – especially for dissertations and theses, as these are the crowning jewel of any degree.

In fact, it’s really quite easy for a university to see when things look fishy and to ultimately catch you out. For a start, a dissertation or thesis is usually a project that involves supervisor interaction. That supervisor works with you and can easily spot any inconsistencies in writing or communication style.

Ultimately, the project is an ongoing dance between you and your supervisor – there’s simply no way to incorporate an outsourced dissertation writer into this party without someone smelling a rat. Moreover, if you have to do an oral defence , you will almost certainly get caught out at that stage as the examiners will dig into the finer details of your research.

If any suspicions arise, your university can easily compare your previous written work to your forged dissertation and identify inconsistencies, both in terms of the language and the overall quality of the work. They can also ask to review your data sources , which you won’t be able to provide, since dissertation writing services typically don’t undertake any real research (i.e. they falsify the data).

Lastly, keep in mind that hacks and attacks happen all the time. Most dissertation writing companies are based in low-cost, third world countries with very little data protection legislation. Moreover, they often make use of third-party freelancers (to keep costs low). Therefore, data protection is not a top priority . While the chances are fairly low, companies do get hacked and client information does spill out onto the web. And you can guess who keeps an eye on these data leaks.

Need a helping hand?

dissertation writing coach

Reason 4: The quality is unlikely to be pass-worthy.

This one’s pretty simple. As the saying goes, “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. Undertaking quality research and writing up a quality dissertation or thesis requires a significant time investment and a substantial amount of effort . Therefore, you can’t realistically expect quality work from a dissertation writing service that promises a dissertation in a week or two at a rock-bottom price.

We’ve seen it so many times.

Students approach us at Grad Coach after they’ve paid anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars (ouch!) to some supposedly highly ranked dissertation writer and have received a piece of work that’s nowhere near pass worthy . In their despair, they reach out to us to try to help put the proverbial lipstick on the pig – an impossible task.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for (and sometimes not even that). No self-respecting PhD is going to pump out dissertations and theses for minimum wage, and with impossible timelines. Moreover, anyone that’s been through the pain of earning a (real) PhD would have major ethical objections to engaging in this type of work. It fundamentally goes against the ethos of academia – i.e. learning and development.

If you decide to hire a dissertation writer, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to end up with a piece of work that is nowhere near the quality level it needs to be. Which means you’ve achieved nothing and are back at square one.

And that’s a good outcome compared to the next one.

You get what you pay for. No self-respecting PhD is going to write dissertations for minimum wage, with impossible timelines.

Reason 5: There’s a good chance it’s a total scam.

If you thought getting a low-quality piece of writing was bad, imagine this – not getting anything at all. Very often, these services fall into the “if it looks too good to be true, it isn’t” category.

Over the years, we’ve had numerous students approach us after falling victim to a dissertation writing service scam. Generally, it’s the companies and websites that promise really low rates and/or very quick turnaround times – but it can happen with any “level” of provider. These students then find themselves in a really tough position – they’ve spent all their money on a scam and have made absolutely zero progress towards a submission worthy dissertation or thesis.

“But this company has over a thousand reviews on Facebook!”

Don’t be fooled by the glowing reviews – anything can be faked online. Remember, you’re looking at the reviews of a company whose core business is creating fake documents.

Students end up having spent all their money on a scam and made absolutely zero progress towards a submission worthy dissertation.

Reason 6: You’ll have to live with it forever.

Okay, so let’s just assume that somehow you do get away with it.

Somehow you manage to find a reliable company that isn’t a scam, produces a semi-decent dissertation without any interaction with your supervisor (that would be a miracle in itself), and doesn’t trigger any alarm bells with your supervisor or examiners.

As we’ve already said, this is highly unlikely, but let’s just assume you somehow manage to do it.

Even if you manage to pull that off, you’ll still have to live with the lie for the rest of your life. There’s no rewinding the clock or making it right at a later stage. Perhaps that doesn’t seem like a major thing now, but your perspective will change as you get older and imposter syndrome will creep in. Trust me, even people who have put in the work and earned their degrees legitimately suffer from imposter syndrome – and they have no reason to.

So, keep that in mind. As you get older, your ethical perspectives will change and you’ll have no option to reverse the decision you made. You’ll always have the weight of deception on your shoulders and you’ll always be wondering if one day you’ll get caught out.

Even if you manage to pull that off, you’ll still have to live with the lie for the rest of your life. There’s no rewinding the clock.

Let’s recap…

If you’ve put in the effort to read this far, I’m hoping that you’ve come to see the light and realised that hiring any sort of dissertation or thesis writing service is possibly the worst decision you could make, regardless of the circumstances.

To recap, here are the 6 reasons you should NEVER use a dissertation writing service:

  • It’s blatant academic misconduct.
  • It will likely amount to fraud
  • You’ll probably be caught.
  • The quality is unlikely to be pass-worthy.
  • There’s a good chance it’s a scam.
  • You’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.

Have a question, suggestion or counterargument? Leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to reply.

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Research proposal mistakes

I just fall onto a situation and they’re asking more money day after day and I want to get safe. Please tell me what can I do now and they’re threatening to let know my university and now I’m in a dilemma that what i need to do.

Derek Jansen

Thanks for sharing your story and warning others, Sonia. I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to advise on these types of matters.


Sonia, you may not like this advice, but you should start your dissertation over. You may not have realized that what you were doing was unethical, but now that you know, you need to make it right. Don’t risk it-change your topic and start over from scratch!


If someone writes a master’s thesis for another person, what are the consequences for the person that actually wrote the thesis (from scratch)? This was a question posed to me and I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. I don’t know if the student actually wrote any of the assignments or not leading up to the master’s thesis. Her thesis was accepted and was used to get a big pay raise from her employer.

Tariq Shafi

Thanks, for the six tips. I was in search of my Ph.D. dissertation services for lack of time due to work.. now after reading your tips, definitely I am not going to hire any service and will put in all my efforts.

Anne Garber Kompaore

Is it possible for an essay writing or thesis writing service to plagiarize your paper without you realizing it? I have a student that tried to tell me that his thesis was not plagiarized. Now I wonder if he used a service that did it to him?

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Our Coaches

Dissertation Coaches is made up of a professional team of dissertation coaches, mentors, and tutors that have been coaching students from undergraduate to doctoral, helping them finish their dissertations and earn their respective degrees.

Dissertation Coaches With a Vision

Ready to finish your dissertation early.

Our dissertation coaches can help you write your dissertation by offering constant support along the way. Each of our dissertation coaches is, or has been a  Dissertation Committee Chair who has guided many students from undergraduate to masters and postgraduate through the process. They know what your committee wants to see. They know what your Chair really means when they say something confusing. They know what’s important to focus on and what you don’t need to worry about. Their real-time feedback has saved students weeks–and even months–of work.  All of our Ph.D. coaches have earned their doctoral degrees. They currently serve as university professors, researchers, consultants, and more!

dissertation writing coach

English Dissertation Coach

Karen henthorn.

Karen has keen interest on English and Comparative Literature. She writes on a wide range of Victorian literature and culture and is highly sought after for her coaching on Global Languages and Literatures.

  • View Profile

dissertation writing coach

Business Dissertation Coach

Bruce devere.

Bruce is focused on Operations and Technology Management.   His research focuses on marketing strategy, Management Practice in Strategy,  Entrepreneurship, design and management of marketing channels.

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History Dissertation Coach

Michelle dhillon.

Michelle is a historian of the Arab and Mediterranean worlds, with a particular interest in the cultural, social, intellectual, and political histories of the Ottoman and post-Ottoman Levant.

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Philosophy Dissertation Coach

Dave fletcher.

Dave is basically interested in Philosophy. His research focuses on Kant and the history of modern philosophy, and on themes in aesthetics, philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, and environmental philosophy.

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Law Dissertation Coach

Celinde brennan.

Celinde is interested in Law and Government and teaches in the areas of constitutional law, civil liberties, the jury, and political theory, Torts, Advanced Torts, and Civil Procedure.  She has also taught Domestic Violence and Immigrants’ Rights and in the Clinical Law Program. 

dissertation writing coach

Economics Dissertation Coach

Roger alborough.

Roger loves Economics. His teaching and research fields are international economics and applied theory and his most recent work is focused on the analysis of global value chains and on the interplay between trade, inequality and costly redistribution.

dissertation writing coach

Psychology Dissertation Coach

Danielle webb.

Danielle is interested in Psychology and is highly experienced in Social Psychology. Her research stems from a merging of data science, quantitative psychology, and public health. Main interest in the combination of these fields is developing methodologies and tools for complex human data.

dissertation writing coach

Paul Manning

Paul is a Constitutional Lawyer and the First Amendment Law enthusiast. He is also interested in Constitutional Law, First Amendment, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the Law, Technology Law, Media Law,  American Constitutional Theory, Contracts, Constitutional Law,  Language and Power.

dissertation writing coach

Accounting and Finance Coach

Victoria cronin.

Victoria loves Accounting and Finance. She  brings extensive professional experience from her careers in both private and public accounting, where she provided audit and financial reporting services to both private and public companies. 

dissertation writing coach

Art Dissertation Coach

Geneviève lemon.

Genevieve is into Art and Art History. She coaches on dissertation projects relating to Painting, Drawing, 2D Design, 4D Design, and Animation. She is an interdisciplinary coach who investigates the evolution of human interaction with queerness and ecologies in relation to art.

dissertation writing coach

Management Dissertation Coach

Simon gligora.

Simon has interest on Management, where he coaches on dissertation projects relating to Magement Practice in Strategy and Entrepreneurship Organizational Behavior, Diversity, Leadership, and Human Resources. His research focuses on employment barriers and opportunities for traditionally marginalized applicant groups.

dissertation writing coach

Marketing Dissertation Coach

Jeanette lemon.

Jeannette is a marketing and consumer researcher dedicated to informing two main domains: consumer relationships and product design. Her research strives for theoretical and substantive contributions and focuses on concepts of direct relevance to academia and practice. These include, for example, customer relationship management and aesthetic response styles and skillsets.

dissertation writing coach

Education Dissertation Coach

Philip focus is on Secondary Education and Educational Leadership. Professional areas of interest include educational leadership, educational research and evaluation, equity in education, and conflict management. He coaches on dissertation projects relating to Systems Planning for Educational Leaders, Curriculum Design and Improvement, Legal and Ethical Issues in Educational Leadership, and Communication between and among stakeholders.

dissertation writing coach

Criminology Dissertation Coach

Kerrie hayes.

Kerrie is a Criminal Justice junkie. Her research and study areas primarily focus on the negative effects that criminalization and victimization have on women and youth, specifically undocumented immigrants, and homeless populations. She coaches on dissertation projects relating to Symbolic Interaction, Qualitative Inquiry, Encyclopedia of Women and Crime and The Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminology.

dissertation writing coach

Mathematics Dissertation Coach

Mark womack.

dissertation writing coach

Nursing Dissertation Coach

Emily Chan is highly experienced in the area of Human Development Nursing Science. She coaches on dissertation projects related to providing an evidence base in proving the importance of nurses caring for fewer patients each and improving nurse work environments.

dissertation writing coach

Literature Dissertation Coach

Dave mckeever.

Dave’s focus is in Rhetoric and Composition in the English language. He coaches on dissertation projects relating to decolonial pedagogies and embedding Indigenous ways of knowing into interdisciplinary frameworks. In addition to coaching postgraduate writing, cultural rhetorics, Indigenous rhetorics, he coordinates Ethnic and Indigenous Studies as a Faculty Associate. 

dissertation writing coach

Political Science Dissertation Coach

Liz berrington.

Liz focuses on Political Science and specializes on political theory. She coaches on dissertation projects related to American Government, Political Theory (Western Political Thought and American Political Thought), as well as International Politics and Legal Studies (Democratic Theory and Democratization and International Law) thought, and constitutionalism.

dissertation writing coach

Computer Science Dissertation Coach

Chris hitchen.

Chris studied computer science and ICT. He has extensive work experience in the field of education, both as a lecturer on various computer science programmes. He  coaches on dissertation projects related to  web/mobile application development, database systems, information retrieval, Linux system administration, and various programming languages

dissertation writing coach

Ben Cullinane

Ben loves everything about Computer Science. His research interests include cloud computing and data centers, distributed systems, computer networks, wireless networks and communication, wireless sensor networks, mathematical modeling and optimization, performance analysis, stochastic processes, data analysis and machine learning. 

dissertation writing coach

Geography Dissertation Coach

Giselle cartwright.

Giselle is into Geography and everything related to land and matter. She specializes in the field of Urban and Regional Science and Spatial analysis. She teaches classes in Intro and Advanced GIS and Cartography and Urban Geography. Her research focuses on GIS application in urban and community planning, geo-design, urban revitalization and sustainable communities.

dissertation writing coach

Biology Dissertation Coach

Leanne barnett.

Leanne loves Biological Sciences. Her dissertation coaching responsibilities include General Biology, Genetics, Plant Physiology and Parasitology. Her research focuses on the interaction between plants (Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato) and a nematode parasite (Meloidogyne incognita). 

dissertation writing coach

Robert Emms

Robert is into Psychology and a  systems and is primarily interested in understanding how distributed networks of neurons work together to create a memory. His research focuses on sex differences in the behavioral and neuroanatomical consequences of developmental teratogen exposure. He  coaches on dissertation projects related to  Biopsychology and Research Methods.

dissertation writing coach

Chemistry Dissertation Coach

Stephanie aird.

Stephanie’s interest is mainly on Chemical Sciences. She teaches General Biochemistry I & II, General Biochemistry I Laboratory, Chemical Principles I & II, and Survey of Chemistry I & II. Her research interests are in electron transfer in metal containing proteins with multiple applications. Her work uses a wide variety of molecular biological, biochemical, and analytical techniques to analyze these electron transfer systems.

dissertation writing coach

Michael Jibson

Michael loves numbers and Mathematics in general. He is interested in statistical courses, such as Regression Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, and Analysis of Variance. His broad research interests include design and analysis of experiments, generalized linear models and mixed models. 

dissertation writing coach

Stanley Barnett

Stanley can argue about anything and win. Oh, and can also write about everything that relates to law, and mainly on issues of law and finance with an emphasis on corporate governance, corporate transactions, and shareholder litigation. Much of his recent work uses text analysis and machine learning to analyze debt agreements, merger documents, and shareholder class action complaints. 

dissertation writing coach

Medical Dissertation Coach


Puleston is a director of the Health Systems Science curriculum at a leading Medical School in the United States and has been a health/medical/nursing dissertation writing coach for over 20 years. He is committed to the highest possible quality in education and research and is motivated by academic work that makes a clear difference to healthcare processes and outcomes.

dissertation writing coach

Business & Finance Coach

Greg wilkinson.

Greg is recognized as one of the world’s leading dissertation coaches on business, finance, and management. He has coached largely on research projects  focused on financial innovation, asset allocation, and market imperfections. He can mentor and coach about issues related to portfolio insurance, Value at Risk-based risk management, credit risk, tax arbitrage, incentive problems plaguing institutional asset management, mispricing, arbitrageurs, and monopoly power in financial markets.

dissertation writing coach

Matt Hepple

Matt is in to the legal profession.   He spits fire when it comes to Contracts, Corporations, Mergers and Acquisitions, conflict of laws, civil procedure, U.S. foreign relations law, and private and public international law and theory. and seminars related to these topics. His  scholarly interests include sanity and competency issues, police use of force, judicial ethics and various topics in law and religion. Areas of expertise include  Capital Punishment, Constitutional Criminal, Procedure Criminal Law, Lawyering Skills and Procedure.

dissertation writing coach

Research Methods Coach

Isabella laughland.

Isabella works primarily on methods related to the design, execution, and analysis of sequential multiple assignment randomized trials (SMARTs). SMARTs give rise to high-quality data that can be used to build and optimize ATSs. She is also interested in the development of methods for causal inference using longitudinal intervention data in which treatments, covariates, and outcomes are all time-varying. A specific interest in this area has been the development of methods for examining time-varying effect moderation.

dissertation writing coach

Robert Dillane

Your methodology chapter is where you highlight the philosophical underpinnings of your research and outline the specific research design choices you’ve made. Robert imparts knowledge on the meaning and importance of research methodology in social sciences, the  different types and strategies of research processes, the  various concept of research, such as topics, objectives, literature reviews, hypotheses, measurements, data collection, and data analysis, and the  ethics of social sciences research and researcher’s code of conduct.

Orla Piccirillo

Orla’s clinical expertise is in the area of community health nursing. Her research involves developing interventions to enhance resilience (special interest in the connection of spiritual well-being to resilience)/promote health (holistic health including spiritual well-being) in individuals (of all ages), families, and communities. A secondary research area involves developing effective, evidence-based teaching/learning strategies for healthcare professional education. She can coach in any area of nursing and health. 

dissertation writing coach

Roderick Hill

Roderick’s interest on research is mainly in the areas of econometrics, including causal inference, high-dimensional data, and machine learning. His research focuses on mathematical and statistical foundations as well as applications. He also has experience coaching dissertations students in the areas of Energy and Economics, Quant Modeling, Consumer Analytics Modeling, Tradings FDRs, Macroeconomics, Economic Development, Monetary Economics, and International Development.

Dissertation and Thesis Coaches for Hire: Guiding Your Academic Journey to Excellence

Welcome to Dissertation Coaches, where academic success meets expert guidance. Our platform,, is your gateway to accessing a network of seasoned dissertation and thesis coaches for hire. With a global presence that spans major cities worldwide, including New York, London, Toronto, Melbourne, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Singapore, and Amsterdam, we are committed to elevating your academic journey and ensuring your success.

Empowering Your Academic Growth with Expert Coaches

Who Are Our Coaches?: Our coaches are more than mentors – they are your partners in academic excellence. Each member of our esteemed coaching team is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in academia. With backgrounds spanning various disciplines, our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge, research expertise, and writing prowess to the table. Their commitment to your success is unwavering, and they are dedicated to guiding you through every step of your dissertation or thesis journey.

Why Choose Dissertation and Thesis Coaches for Hire?: The decision to hire a dedicated coach from Dissertation Coaches stems from a deep understanding of the challenges that accompany academic research and writing. Our coaches recognize that this journey can be arduous, laden with obstacles that require expertise, guidance, and unwavering support. When you choose one of our coaches, you’re not just gaining a mentor – you’re enlisting a collaborator who will champion your success.

The Expertise You Can Count On: Our coaching team comprises professionals who hold advanced degrees, ensuring that they comprehend the nuances of academic research, methodology, and scholarly writing. Whether you’re in the early stages of refining your research proposal or finalizing your defense presentation, our coaches possess the expertise to guide you through every phase of the process.

How Our Coaches Enhance Your Journey:

Personalized Guidance: Our coaches understand that every student’s journey is unique. They tailor their approach to cater to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the guidance that resonates with your goals.

Milestone-Oriented Coaching: Your coach will collaborate with you to set achievable milestones, helping you stay on track and make consistent progress toward completing your dissertation or thesis.

Research Refinement: From designing your research methodology to conducting literature reviews, our coaches offer insights that refine your research, ensuring its scholarly rigor.

Writing Excellence: Our coaches are adept at honing your writing skills. They provide constructive feedback, helping you articulate your ideas with clarity, precision, and academic prowess.

Preparation for Defense: Facing your defense with confidence is essential. Our coaches prepare you thoroughly, ensuring you’re equipped to address questions, articulate your findings, and defend your work effectively.

Requesting Your Coach: A Seamless Process:

Visit Our Website: Navigate to, where academic support awaits.

Explore “Hire a Coach”: Discover our dedicated section for hiring a dissertation or thesis coach.

Complete the Form: Provide essential details about your project, academic level, and preferred coaching location.

Your Perfect Match: Our platform’s advanced algorithm matches you with a coach whose expertise aligns with your field of study.

Initial Consultation: Engage in a consultation to discuss your goals, challenges, and expectations with your chosen coach.

Customized Coaching Plan: Together with your coach, craft a personalized coaching plan that outlines sessions, milestones, and projected outcomes.

Progressive Support: Your coach provides continuous feedback, refines your work, and ensures you meet your goals.

Achieving Excellence: With your coach’s guidance, reach the pinnacle of your academic journey, presenting a dissertation or thesis that embodies scholarly excellence.

Dissertation and thesis coaches for hire from Dissertation Coaches are more than mentors – they are catalysts for your academic success. With their expertise, guidance, and unwavering support, you’ll navigate challenges, refine your research, enhance your writing, and present your findings with confidence. Take the transformative step of enlisting a dedicated coach who will champion your academic journey, propelling you toward a future marked by scholarly excellence.

You’re already here…

Yes, you can trust us. We treat clients like friends. If you are falling behind on your dissertation, thesis, or any other research project, just give us your email address and we will contact you right away. We’ll save you a lot of time, and money!

5 Best Dissertation Writing Services In 2024

After evaluating hundreds of reviews on trustpilot, we have meticulously selected the best dissertation writing services tailored to assist you in 2024..

5 Best Dissertation Writing Services In 2024

Identifying the most suitable platform to buy dissertation online can be exhausting

A dissertation holds significant importance as it represents a student's independent research and subsequent defence. It demands careful formatting and a well-structured approach to reflect the quality of research, ultimately aiming for top grades. Many students encounter challenges when writing dissertations, leading them to seek professional assistance to ensure timely submission and assured success.

As per the results of research published in the National Institute of Health, NLM in 2023 , “Seeking academic help has a positive impact on students' ability to handle challenges, leading to improved academic success.”

While numerous options exist for students to buy dissertation online, identifying the most suitable platform can be exhausting. To address this issue, we have curated a list of the top 5 premium dissertation writing services for 2024. This selection is the result of a comprehensive evaluation of various factors, including:

    ● Guarantees

    ● The efficiency of the customer support team

    ● Problem-solving skills

    ● Writing quality

    ● Pricing

    ● And user feedback

Keep reading about these platforms to understand the salient features and services they offer.

5 Leading Dissertation Writing Services of 2024 in the UK

We understand that finding the perfect dissertation writing services can be daunting, so we have simplified it for you! We've rated the top 5 companies based on the quality of their services provided to the students.

1. The Academic Papers UK (9.9/10 ) – A trusted and reliable dissertation writing company

2. Affordable Dissertation UK (9.8/10) – Perfect platform to buy dissertations online

3. Dissertation Writers UK (9.7/10) – Known for its exceptional dissertation writers

4. Cheap Dissertation Writing UK (9.7/10) – Offers the most professional and cheap dissertation writing services

5. Cheap Essay Writing UK (9.6/10) – Provides top-notch dissertation help

The Academic Papers UK - Trusted Dissertation Writing Company

Latest and Breaking News on NDTV

The Academic Papers UK stands out as a top-notch website in the UK that offers a variety of academic writing services, including dissertations, essays, and coursework. The company was established in 2003 and has served millions of students worldwide. They claim to be the best in the UK due to their extraordinary dissertation writing services , along with some amazing features that no one offers.

They always get 5-star ratings from their customers for quick turnarounds and trusted services provided by native UK PhD dissertation writers. They also have gained the best ratings from various credible sources like Trustpilot (4.7). To explore more about them, let's have a look at their prices and advantages:

The price of The Academic Papers UK's services changes for each academic level, length of your dissertation and the deadline. However, £9.95/ page is the starting price for dissertation writing services to be completed in 15+ days. They have a free price calculator on their website, so you can get an estimate of the price of your paper before you order.

The following are some plus points of getting dissertation help from The Academic Papers UK:

● Wide Range of Services: They provide a comprehensive range of dissertation writing services, including research, writing, editing and proofreading. In addition, they also offer research papers, essays, assignments and coursework writing help online.

● 24/7 Customer Service: They offer 24/7 customer service support via live chat, email, and WhatsApp. Students can get assistance at any time of the day or night. So, whether you want to get an answer to any queries or are looking to meet your deadline, it will be the best decision to seek help from them.

● Experienced and Skilled Writers: The Academic Papers UK has a team of highly qualified subject specialist PhD dissertation writers for each discipline. They guarantee your well-written dissertation paper that satisfies your customised needs.

● Money-back Guarantee: If you're not happy with your paper, they believe in refunding your money rather than imposing their work. So, you can be sure about the satisfaction level of their reliable dissertation writing services.

● Free Plagiarism Report: Every purchase from The Academic Papers UK comes with a free Turnitin report. It gives you confidence that your work is unique and free of plagiarism.

● On-time Delivery: The company claims to deliver your paper on time since they know how vital it is to meet deadlines. In addition, you can also order your paper to be completed within 6 to 12 hours from their experts.

● Free Revisions: They claim to offer unlimited free revisions for their written work to prioritise their customer's satisfaction. It means that you can benefit from these revision services until you are happy with their dissertation writing services.

● Transparency: They work hard to keep everything straightforward and clear. That's why they have given complete details of their dissertation writers on the website along with their qualifications, specifications, and completed orders. It helps students to choose the right expert for their dissertation writing needs.

In short, The Academic Papers UK is the UK's leading dissertation helper so you can count on them without hesitation. Their competitively low prices and high-quality paper writing services differentiate them from the rest of the crowd. However, if you are still in doubt, you can research this company before ordering from them.

Affordable Dissertation UK - Best Website to Buy Dissertations

Latest and Breaking News on NDTV

In our list of 5 best UK dissertation writing services, Affordable Dissertation UK stands as the number 2nd well-known website in the UK for expert guidance on academic research and writing. They have been serving students for more than ten years, and have gained immense success in this field. As the name suggests, they understand the condition of students' pockets, and that's why they offer affordable dissertation writing services in the UK.

Their team of native British writers offers the best help with dissertations from proposal writing to topic selection to literature review and critical analysis to portraying the results. It can be your dreamland to get an A+ grade through perfectly written dissertations or a thesis.

How Much Does It Cost?

Affordable Dissertation UK's prices are quite reasonable, starting at £12.95 for one page of 250 words with a delivery time of more than 15 days. They also offer a 15% discount for orders of more than 10,000 words.

● Native Writers: One of the specialities of their services is that they have 2000+ native UK writers who fulfil all the student's requirements through their custom dissertation writing services.

● Unbeatable Free Services: They not only have kept their prices reasonable but also offer a lot of free features along with dissertation services. These include:

     1. Free title page formation

     2. Free formatting

     3. Free bibliography

     4. Free unlimited revisions

     5. Free editing and proofreading

     6. Free plagiarism reports

● Affordable Prices: Their services are budget-friendly, making them a good option for students on a tightrope budget.

● Extensive Service Portfolio: They offer a variety of services from undergraduate and master's to PhD dissertation writing services. They also provide chapter-wise help to the students if they need it.

● Fast Turnaround Time: They claim they can complete your dissertation within 24 hours. This feature attracts students who are mostly facing issues of tight deadlines. which can be a lifesaver for students facing tight deadlines.

● Positive Customer Reviews: Affordable Dissertation UK has a number of positive customer reviews on its website, which motivate and inspire other students.

Dissertation Writers UK - Known for Best British Writers

Latest and Breaking News on NDTV

Dissertation Writers UK is also one of the best choices for students who want to hire dissertation writing services online. They provide the best solutions for your complex academic needs and claim to shape your ideas and convert them into reality. They have highly qualified English native language experts with PhD offering the best dissertation writing services for help.

Dissertation Writers UK offers a wide range of services, including topic selection, research, dissertation writing, data analysis, and statistics support. They also offer editing and proofreading services to make your papers free of errors. Not just this, they also have a quality assurance team that reviews all the work before submission.

What About Their Prices?

We have shortlisted this dissertation help firm because of its reasonable rates while maintaining the best quality. This company offer competitive rates of around £13.95 for one page of master's dissertation writing services with a deadline of more than 15 days. But this price changes for every academic level and the delivery time.

● Original Dissertations: It is the need of the hour to create 100% original content for academic writing. Their dissertation helpers completely understand the situation and thus guarantee plagiarism-free papers with free Turnitin reports as proof.

● Quality Assurance: They prefer quality over quantity, so you can rest assured that your dissertation is in safe hands. They understand your requirements and create well-written dissertations accordingly.

● Transparent Pricing: Unlike most of the websites, they have mentioned a clear pricing system on their website to get an idea from it. They offer affordable prices for top-notch services and charge no hidden fees from students.

● Timely Delivery: Even if you have a short deadline to submit your work, you can contact their professional dissertation writers. They always offer great and urgent dissertation writing services to students worldwide.

● High Success Rate: The company claims that they have a success rate of 99.98% for their high-quality work. They also offer a lot of free services including revisions, table of contents, abstract formation, editing and much more.

● Latest Testimonials: Everyone wants to know what others say about a certain company. They have resolved this issue too by mentioning all the testimonials on their website. You can go through them to check the insights of their quality work.

● Free Samples Available: Before making any decision, it is crucial to check the writing style, depth of research and quality of writing. Dissertation Writers UK has provided free samples of their writing on the website so that you can explore them to satisfy yourself.

Cheap Dissertation Writing UK – Cheapest Dissertation Help Service

Latest and Breaking News on NDTV

So, if you are looking for expert dissertation help at affordable rates, Cheap Dissertation Writing Service UK can be your first choice. They have dedicated writers for every field of the subject to assist students at all levels, including undergraduate, master's, and PhD. They guarantee the best grades for students through their tailored dissertation help services according to the student's needs.

They even assist students in writing a single chapter of the dissertation, such as the introduction, literature review, or methodology. You can also benefit from their best dissertation editing and proofreading services online.

You can get an idea of pricing from the name of the company Cheap Dissertation Writing UK. Their pricing starts from £13.95 for Master's level dissertations, which is far better than other high-rated dissertation writing services.

● Guarantees: No one provides a guarantee of A+ grades like Cheap Dissertation Writing UK. They even offer a number of guarantees including on-time delivery, plagiarism-free work, confidential work and unlimited revisions.

● Extensive Services: They provide several services looking at your dissertation needs. You can get help in dissertation outline formation preparing a dissertation proposal and the complete writing process as well.

● Huge Discounts: They understand the condition of students' pockets, so they offer various discounted deals so that everyone can benefit from them. You can get 20% off on your first order of more than 10,000 words.

● 24/7 Customer Support: They offer 24/7 cheap dissertation writing services to the students. Their customer support representatives are always ready to answer your questions and instantly address any concerns you may have.

Cheap Essay Writing UK - Top-Notch Dissertation Help Provider

Latest and Breaking News on NDTV

Cheap Essay Writing UK is the last but not least dissertation writing company that we are reviewing. They have specialisation in providing dissertation writing help services in the UK. Their services are not limited to dissertations only; rather they offer versatile service options, including essays, dissertations, coursework, and more. They claim to have a team of 1000+ experienced UK writers who can help you get the grades you need without breaking the bank.

Cost of Their Services

Cheap Essay Writing UK's services start from £12.95/ page for undergraduate dissertation writing services for a relaxed timeline of 15+ days. Additionally, they also provide discounts to students, starting from a 5% discount on 250 words that goes on to increase with the number of words.

● Instant Services: The company claims that they can complete your essay within 24 hours with the help of their in-house team of professional dissertation writers.

● Privacy Guaranteed: Cheap Essay Writing UK promises not to disclose your personal information without your permission. So, even if you are concerned about privacy issues, you can count on them as they take your privacy very seriously.

● Proven Record: Their website mentions that they have successfully served 50,000+ students with a 99.9% success rate and 105000 completed projects.

● Plagiarism Reports: Cheap Essay Writing UK aims to provide 100% original papers to students and also add their proofs in the form of Turnitin's plagiarism reports with all of their orders. It saves students from unwanted trouble of plagiarism.

● Free Revisions: Free unlimited revisions are the best benefit you can get from a dissertation writing company like Cheap Essay Writing UK. It means you can request changes to your project until you are satisfied.

We understand that writing a dissertation is both an exciting and demanding responsibility for students. Balancing classes and daily life routines, students often have a lot on their plates. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek assistance with the dissertation to ensure you achieve a degree with distinction.

Hence, we have provided you with a compilation of the top 5 globally recognised dissertation writing companies known for satisfying their customers with quality papers, round-the-clock customer support, and continuous assistance until the final submission. While all the mentioned services can be beneficial, we recommend selecting the one that aligns best with your needs.

Are Dissertation Writing Services Legal?

Yes, dissertation writing services are legal, and the rumours of not getting help from such companies are wrong. For this purpose, you just have to pick the right one that offers no cheating and encourages students to get the best grades possible.

How Much Does It Cost for Someone to Write Your Dissertation?

Different companies offer different rates for providing dissertation help to students. However, the most affordable rates for high-quality dissertations are from The Academic Papers UK. They charge £12.95/ page for an undergraduate-level dissertation with a delivery time of 15+ days.

Which Website Provides the Best Dissertation Writing Service?

The Academic Papers UK is one of the best dissertation writing service providers renowned worldwide for its top-notch services. The company has been serving this field since 2003 and has gained 5-star ratings from most of its customers. They offer a variety of academic writing services at very cheap rates along with some additional benefits including

    ● Instant delivery

    ● UK PhD writers

    ● Negotiable price

    ● Safe and trusted

    ● Free revisions

    ● Free editing and proofreading

    ● 24/7 Friendly customer support

    ● 100% Money-back guarantee 

    ● Custom written work

    ● Special discounts

Is Using a Dissertation Writing Service Cheating?

Not at all! Dissertation writing services are completely legal, as there is no law stating that getting academic help is wrong in any way. You just have to ensure that the company you are contacting is trustworthy and doesn't sell your written work to anyone. They should take care of your privacy and keep your work confidential.

How Can I Get Help With My Dissertation?

To get assistance with your dissertation, you need to find a perfect source offering the best dissertation writing services like The Academic Papers UK. Contact them through their official website by filling out an order form and getting a price quote for free.

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  1. 1-On-1 Dissertation Coaching & Thesis Coaching

    Our award-winning Dissertation Coaches all hold doctoral-level degrees and share 100+ years of combined academic experience. Having worked on "the inside", we know exactly what markers want. Any time, anywhere Getting help from your dedicated Dissertation Coach is simple.

  2. Free Course: Dissertation & Thesis Writing 101

    Free Course: Dissertation & Thesis Writing 101 - Grad Coach The (free) course to get you started Take the first step towards crafting a high-quality dissertation, thesis or research project with our free mini-course. - 100% free - there's absolutely no cost to enroll - Easy to understand explanations and examples

  3. Expert Dissertation & Thesis Services

    910.250.8767 Learn More About Our Expert Dissertation Coaching & Consulting Services Since 2000, we have helped thousands of graduate students finish their doctoral dissertations and master's theses once and for all.

  4. 1-On-1 Dissertation & Thesis Help

    100+ Years worth of combined experience on the coaching team 4.9 Stars Average review score across Trustpilot and Facebook 1:1 Dissertation & Thesis Coaching Get your own dedicated coach to provide you with plain-language, actionable advice, direction and feedback, every step of the way.

  5. Our Team

    Dissertation Coach, Faculty Coach, and Consultant. PhD in Creative Writing and Literature University of Houston. Kathryn's Bio. Nicole Prause, PhD. Dissertation Consultant and Statistician . PhD in Clinical Science Indiana University, Bloomington. Nicole's Bio. Deirdre Rogers, PhD.

  6. Dissertation Coaching

    Book a Consultation Get your dissertation accepted without endless revisions. Are you struggling to decipher what your dissertation committee actually wants? Over 50% of doctoral candidates don't finish their dissertations. Too many talented students end up with crippling student debt and no doctorate.

  7. How To Write A Dissertation Or Thesis

    Step 1: Understand exactly what a dissertation is This probably sounds like a no-brainer, but all too often, students come to us for help with their research and the underlying issue is that they don't fully understand what a dissertation (or thesis) actually is. So, what is a dissertation?

  8. Dissertation Coach

    Whether you need dissertation coaching, dissertation editing, or statistical support, Dissertation by Design can help! Our team of experienced dissertation coaches can help you navigate your dissertation journey with confidence. ... We believe that strong writing skills open minds and doors. As a demonstration of our commitment to educational ...

  9. Service and Pricing Schedule

    Dissertation Coaching (editing services separate) Three Payment Options: Hourly Rate - $85 per hour. Monthly Rate - $850 per month. One-Time Rate (Lifetime of the Doctoral Program Enrollment) - $8500. Includes all aspects of dissertation coaching, including methodology and high level writing, APA, and formatting (non-editing, see below)

  10. Dissertation Coaching

    DISSERTATION COACHING Our team specializes in guiding professional doctorate candidates through their unique dissertation journey. Recognizing the distinct needs of professionals in various fields, we offer expert coaching in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research.

  11. How to Hire a Dissertation Coach

    Typically, dissertation coaches help you manage the behavioral aspects of writing a dissertation, such as time management and dealing with writing blocks. Dissertation consultants, on the other hand, tend to help with the content of the dissertation. They may help you shore up your statistical knowledge or respond to your adviser's feedback.

  12. About Us: Expert Dissertation and Thesis Coaches is a global provider several services, including dissertation coaching and editing, data analytics, writing, research, and survey services for students from undergraduate to masters and postgraduate. Our company provides expert consulting with the goal of empowering researchers through education and communication during ...

  13. Expert Dissertation and Thesis Coaching Services

    Our expert dissertation coaches and mentors will guide you through the process of conceptualizing your research (selecting a topic, but formulating a defensible and researchable research problem), writing each dissertation or thesis chapter, analyzing and reporting results, and developing conclusions and recommendations for future research.

  14. Dissertation Coaches

    Dr. Mark Quantitative Dissertation Coach Dr. Mark earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Columbia University, master's degree from New England College with a focus in Program Management, and his Ph.D. from Capella University.

  15. Coaching Services

    Dissertation Consulting. If you have a few questions about the process of any step of writing a dissertation and are not interested in a long term coaching relationship, I'm happy to spend an hour or two discussing it with you. I charge $150 an hour for this service. Sometimes we can solve your stumbling block this way.

  16. The Power of Mentorship: Finding a Dissertation Coach for Success

    Guidance and Expertise: A seasoned dissertation coach brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. They can help you navigate the complexities of research design, data analysis, and academic writing with confidence. Accountability: A mentor provides a structured framework for your dissertation journey. They set milestones ...

  17. How To Write A Dissertation Or Thesis

    3.5K 165K views 2 years ago How To Write A Dissertation Or Thesis Learn how to write a high-quality dissertation or thesis in 8 straightforward steps. We explain the dissertation writing...

  18. Natalya Androsova

    WRITING AND DISSERTATION COACH Hi, I'm Natalya. Writing is my passion. My other passion is working with writers. If you feel ready to discover your own strength, clarity, and passion for writing, let me help you make your writing dreams a reality. WHY USE A WRITING COACH? A COACH CAN HELP YOU Make sense of your writing process

  19. Workshops

    Our workshops are led by Alison Miller, PhD and the team of The Dissertation Coach. Watch A Dissertation Workshop Successfully Navigating the Dissertation or Thesis Process Watch on We Have Led Workshops At The Following Universities: Argosy University Chicago School of Professional Psychology Depaul University Harvard University

  20. Grad Coach

    The Grad Coach channel covers all things dissertation, thesis and research-related. Subscribe for plain-language, actionable advice. Visit https://gradcoach....

  21. Pricing & FAQ

    Law & Int'l Relations. Pricing & FAQ. We have three options. Dissertation coaching is billed on a month-to-month basis at $1000 per month. For this to be a worthwhile investment, you must be committed and ready to take advantage of the speed at which coaching can help you progress. If you have specific and aggressive goals, consider discussing ...

  22. What does a dissertation coach do?

    The role of a dissertation coach. A dissertation coach is a professional who provides guidance and support throughout the dissertation writing process. They are experienced experts in academic ...

  23. 6 Reasons You Should Never Use a Dissertation Writing Service

    Overview: The 6 reasons you should never use a dissertation writing service: It's blatant academic misconduct. It will likely amount to fraud. You probably will be caught. The quality won't be pass worthy. There's a good chance it's a scam. You'll have to live with it for the rest of your life. Reason 1: It's blatant academic misconduct.

  24. Dissertation and Thesis Coaches for Hire

    Greg is recognized as one of the world's leading dissertation coaches on business, finance, and management. He has coached largely on research projects focused on financial innovation, asset allocation, and market imperfections. He can mentor and coach about issues related to portfolio insurance, Value at Risk-based risk management, credit risk, tax arbitrage, incentive problems plaguing ...

  25. 5 Best Dissertation Writing Services In 2024

    1. The Academic Papers UK (9.9/10) - A trusted and reliable dissertation writing company. 2. Affordable Dissertation UK (9.8/10) - Perfect platform to buy dissertations online. 3. Dissertation ...