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Writing your PhD/research degree thesis

The College provides you with a dedicated range of digital courses to help you with your writing. The courses are accessible via the King’s Learning and Skills Service platform (KLaSS)

The Library can assist you with identifying the right referencing style for your work, finding a suitable referencing and bibliographic management software, building comprehensive bibliographies and reference lists. For an overview of the areas supported, please consult our dedicated Library Guides page .

For assistance with ensuring academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism, please see the relevant module in the King’s Academic Skills for Learning (KASL) platform.

Depositing your PhD/research degree thesis with the Library

Since April 2012, students who are awarded a research degree are required to submit to the Library an electronic copy of their final PhD thesis. The College’s Academic Regulations have changed for 2020-21 and have dropped the requirement for a hard bound printed copy of an awarded thesis to also be submitted to the Library. Only an electronic version (ethesis) is now required to be submitted. 

This change in Regulations applies to PhD students whose PhD is awarded from October 2020. And also includes those awarded pre-October 2020 who have not submitted a hard bound printed copy to date.

The electronic thesis you submit must be the awarded, post-VIVA version, formatted as a PDF file. Please email this to [email protected] , copying in [email protected]

  • If your thesis is accompanied by supplementary material and/or appendices, please submit these together and at the same time with the electronic version of your thesis.
  • If you have created or collected research data (in the form of datasets, images, interviews and transcriptions, software, etc.) and would like advice on these materials, please send a query to [email protected] to discuss the most suitable solution for storing, securing, preserving and sharing your data, including ways to share data which are sensitive at the origin point, such as data anonymization and pseudonymization.

If you have any questions about your ethesis, please get in touch with the Research Support team in the Library at: [email protected]

Publishing your PhD/research degree thesis in our repository

All electronic research degrees theses that are submitted to the Library will be published Open Access via our institutional repository Pure. As a consequence, they will be discoverable through the College’s Research Portal, as well as through the Library Search Catalogue, along with all the research outputs produced at King’s.

The College strongly advocates for the dissemination of all research made at King’s via our institutional repository, including the research underlying your thesis. Publishing electronic theses in our repository facilitates greater impact, as electronic theses are hundred times more likely to be read; it helps students make connections with other researchers; it establishes precedence already at the early stages of a researcher’s career; it also provides the author with usage stats, which, by showing how many times the thesis has been downloaded, can offer factual endorsement when seeking for a deal to strike with a commercial publisher.

When an electronic thesis is downloaded from the Research Portal a PDF coversheet is dynamically created. The coversheet displays essential metadata (Author, Title) and provides the end-user with information on the thesis’ copyright which remains with you . The coversheet also states which Creative Commons license has been applied.

Please note that all the content we publish in our repository is made available under a CC BY NC ND license, which allows the reuse of such content for non-commercial purposes, as long as the content is not remixed, transformed or built upon.

The coversheet also declares that the College follows a strict take-down policy, to oblige any unintentional copyright breach the Library might be notified of.

EThOS - the British Library etheses service. Theses within Pure are harvested by the British Library's EThOS programme so that they may also be found by anyone searching this national service.

Your thesis and third party copyrighted material

Once uploaded in our repository, your thesis will become publicly available. Normal copyright rules will apply to your thesis which will no longer be covered by the ‘Fair Deal’ clause that allowed you to use any copyrighted third-party material without permissions, solely for research purpose.

Before submitting your thesis to the library you must have verified that the copyrighted material that you might have included in it is available under a Creative Commons license; or you must have been given by the copyright owner the necessary permissions to reuse it. Good citation and referencing practices are always strongly recommended and will sometimes suffice – but not always.

Some use of copyrighted work without needing to request permission is allowed, for example short quotations. However, there are no hard and fast rules about the meaning of 'short'. In case of doubt, please see the guidance offered by the Intellectual Property Office website , or get in touch with us at  [email protected]  

The copyright owner may be the author, a publisher, an illustrator etc. Many publishers give information on their websites about who to contact. If the publisher doesn't hold the rights, they will be able to forward your query to the correct person. If you have never written a copyright permission request, you could refer to this suggested wording

Third-party copyrighted materials that are often included in a research degree thesis are:

- figures, table and graphs from journal articles;

- manuscripts and photos from archives;

- images reproducing works of art;

- articles that you have authored or co-authored and are part of your thesis.

If you have reused several images and figures from journal articles, please check that they were published Open Access under Creative Commons. If they were, you will not need to seek with the copyright owner any permission to reuse them. Please note that the fact that the third-party material is available in the internet does not prove that the material is either non-copyrighted or genuinely Open Access or belongs in the Public Domain. It might have been unlawfully uploaded.

Whether you have used a well-known image or an image which is rather obscure, we would recommend to check with the Creative Commons searching tool whether there is a version of that image which has been licensed as CC.

If the articles you authored and need to include in your thesis were not published Open Access, it is very likely that you have waived your copyright to the publisher at the time of the article’s acceptance. This means that, even though you wrote it, you must consider your article as third-party copyrighted material and therefore seek for the permission to reuse it (in part or fully). If you fail to obtain it, you may still be able to include (or link to) the author’s accepted manuscript, which you might have already archived in our institutional repository and linked to your profile page .

In general, when you failed to secure permissions to reuse the copyrighted material included in your thesis, you will need to redact a new version of your thesis tailored for the repository upload, which will no longer include the copyrighted content. As the redaction must not significantly alter the content of your thesis, we recommend you contact us to discuss the most suitable options. 

If the removal of the copyrighted material from your electronic thesis compromises the integrity of the whole, it may be best to submit to the Library only the original, awarded version and request that the thesis be not made available online. This means you could either embargo your thesis or restrict the access to it . Please, discuss this with your supervisors before contacting the Library.

Embargoing your thesis

If you are planning to publish your thesis as a monograph or a series of articles with a commercial academic publisher, please discuss with your supervisors the opportunity to apply a temporary embargo to your thesis. If you have requested an embargo, the Library will not make your thesis publicly available until the embargo has elapsed. The embargo will also apply to the print copy of your thesis, which will be stored in a restricted area and will not be made available for consultation in situ .

If your thesis contains personal and/or sensitive data, or data that might endanger the national or individual security, you will need to permanently restrict the access to it. You will still be required to deposit your thesis to the Library, in both print and electronic format; however, your thesis will not be made available for consultation, or uploaded in our repository. If you have created or collected sensitive data, please contact the Research Data Management team to discuss the most suitable options for safely and securely store your data.

If your thesis contains third-party copyrighted material for which you failed to secure permission to reuse, and the removal of such material would compromise the integrity of your thesis, then you will need to restrict the access to it, until such permissions have become available to you. If you have been denied permission, then you might need to restrict the access to your thesis on a permanent basis.

Embargo and restriction of access requests must be submitted using the online form . Temporary embargoes can be applied for a period of either 1- or 5-year. Once your embargo has expired, you have the option to request a one-year extension. You can submit your extension request online .

[email protected]

+44 (0)20 7848 7298

Publisher Agreements

Publisher Agreements

Information about 24 publisher agreements

Example of KCL Thesis format

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Example of KCL Thesis format

KCL Thesis — Template for authors

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King's College London

Approved by publishing and review experts on SciSpace, this template is built as per for KCL Thesis formatting guidelines as mentioned in King's College London author instructions. The current version was created on and has been used by 983 authors to write and format their manuscripts to this journal.

Biochimie template (Elsevier)

SciSpace is a very innovative solution to the formatting problem and existing providers, such as Mendeley or Word did not really evolve in recent years.

- Andreas Frutiger, Researcher, ETH Zurich, Institute for Biomedical Engineering

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Time comparison

Time taken to format a paper and Compliance with guidelines

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Frequently asked questions

1. can i write kcl thesis in latex.

Absolutely not! Our tool has been designed to help you focus on writing. You can write your entire paper as per the KCL Thesis guidelines and auto format it.

2. Do you follow the KCL Thesis guidelines?

Yes, the template is compliant with the KCL Thesis guidelines. Our experts at SciSpace ensure that. If there are any changes to the journal's guidelines, we'll change our algorithm accordingly.

3. Can I cite my article in multiple styles in KCL Thesis?

Of course! We support all the top citation styles, such as APA style, MLA style, Vancouver style, Harvard style, and Chicago style. For example, when you write your paper and hit autoformat, our system will automatically update your article as per the KCL Thesis citation style.

4. Can I use the KCL Thesis templates for free?

Sign up for our free trial, and you'll be able to use all our features for seven days. You'll see how helpful they are and how inexpensive they are compared to other options, Especially for KCL Thesis.

5. Can I use a manuscript in KCL Thesis that I have written in MS Word?

Yes. You can choose the right template, copy-paste the contents from the word document, and click on auto-format. Once you're done, you'll have a publish-ready paper KCL Thesis that you can download at the end.

6. How long does it usually take you to format my papers in KCL Thesis?

It only takes a matter of seconds to edit your manuscript. Besides that, our intuitive editor saves you from writing and formatting it in KCL Thesis.

7. Where can I find the template for the KCL Thesis?

It is possible to find the Word template for any journal on Google. However, why use a template when you can write your entire manuscript on SciSpace , auto format it as per KCL Thesis's guidelines and download the same in Word, PDF and LaTeX formats? Give us a try!.

8. Can I reformat my paper to fit the KCL Thesis's guidelines?

Of course! You can do this using our intuitive editor. It's very easy. If you need help, our support team is always ready to assist you.

9. KCL Thesis an online tool or is there a desktop version?

SciSpace's KCL Thesis is currently available as an online tool. We're developing a desktop version, too. You can request (or upvote) any features that you think would be helpful for you and other researchers in the "feature request" section of your account once you've signed up with us.

10. I cannot find my template in your gallery. Can you create it for me like KCL Thesis?

Sure. You can request any template and we'll have it setup within a few days. You can find the request box in Journal Gallery on the right side bar under the heading, "Couldn't find the format you were looking for like KCL Thesis?”

11. What is the output that I would get after using KCL Thesis?

After writing your paper autoformatting in KCL Thesis, you can download it in multiple formats, viz., PDF, Docx, and LaTeX.

12. Is KCL Thesis's impact factor high enough that I should try publishing my article there?

To be honest, the answer is no. The impact factor is one of the many elements that determine the quality of a journal. Few of these factors include review board, rejection rates, frequency of inclusion in indexes, and Eigenfactor. You need to assess all these factors before you make your final call.

13. What is Sherpa RoMEO Archiving Policy for KCL Thesis?


  • Pre-prints as being the version of the paper before peer review and
  • Post-prints as being the version of the paper after peer-review, with revisions having been made.

14. What are the most common citation types In KCL Thesis?

15. how do i submit my article to the kcl thesis, 16. can i download kcl thesis in endnote format.

Yes, SciSpace provides this functionality. After signing up, you would need to import your existing references from Word or Bib file to SciSpace. Then SciSpace would allow you to download your references in KCL Thesis Endnote style according to Elsevier guidelines.

with KCL Thesis format applied

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dissertation guidelines king's college london

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dissertation guidelines king's college london

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dissertation guidelines king's college london

PhD Thesis Template for King's College London

This is an unofficial LaTeX template for King's College London PhD Thesis submissions which is modified from the template for CUED to meet the current requirements of King's. Please check them at before using this template. The usage details of the template can be found at:

PhD Thesis Template for King's College London

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United Kingdom

Student theses

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“comprehensive odyssey”, a digital critical repository of the odyssey and its sources: perspectives and consequences..

Supervisor: D'Alessio, G. B. (Supervisor) & Lavagnino, J. D. (Supervisor)

Student thesis : Doctoral Thesis › Doctor of Philosophy

‘Don’t @ me’: analysing online expression affordances on IRC and Twitter

Supervisor: Saunders, M. (Supervisor) & Ajana, B. (Supervisor)

The Web of Community Trust: Amateur Fiction Online: A Case Study in Community Focused Design for the Semantic Web

Supervisor: schraefel, M. (External person) (Supervisor)

The Use of Self-Tracking Technologies and Social Media in Self-Representation and Management of ‘Health’

Supervisor: Charman, T. (Supervisor), Chadwick, P. (Supervisor) & Simonoff, E. (Supervisor)

The story of Occupy Wall Street: Narratives of politics and identity on Twitter

Supervisor: Gerbaudo, P. (Supervisor) & Jordan, T. (Supervisor)

The script of Matthew Paris and his collaborators: A digital approach

Supervisor: Crick, J. (Supervisor) & Stokes, P. (Supervisor)

The roles of the malcontent on the early modern English stage

Supervisor: Lavagnino, J. (Supervisor) & Massai, S. (Supervisor)

The Liberator’s Labyrinth: Stand-alone, Read-only Hypertext Fiction and the Nature of Authority in Literary & Hypertext Theory

Supervisor: Lawrence, F. (Supervisor) & Denard, R. H. (Supervisor)

The history and politics of civilisation: the debate about Russia in French and German historical scholarship from Voltaire to Herder

Supervisor: Bourke, R. (External person) (Supervisor)

The English contribution to the emergence of manuscript culture in eleventh-century Norway and Sweden

Supervisor: Stokes, P. A. (Supervisor) & McCarty, W. (Supervisor)

The Effects of the Internet on Collective Democratic Action in China

Supervisor: Jordan, T. (Supervisor) & Gerbaudo, P. (Supervisor)

The Development of Black Led Archives in London

Supervisor: Flinn, A. (External person) (Supervisor), Bressey, C. (External person) (Supervisor) & Bunn, J. (External person) (Supervisor)

The area told as a story: An inquiry into the relationship between verbal and map-based expressions of geographical information

Supervisor: McCarty, W. (Supervisor) & Lavagnino, J. D. (Supervisor)

Technical narratives : analysis, description and representation in the conservation of software-based art

Supervisor: Hedges, M. (Supervisor) & Laurenson, P. (External person) (Supervisor)

Supporting unsupervised context identification using social and physical sensors

Supervisor: Muller, H. (External person) (Supervisor)

Spatial Perception Mediated By Locative Media: Walking Through Connections In London

Supervisor: Dunn, S. E. (Supervisor) & Earl, G. P. (Supervisor)

Smudges on the glass: Tracing and locating the museum in the British Museum’s digitised collections.

Supervisor: Blanke, T. (Supervisor) & Adams, R. (Supervisor)

Rethinking 3D Visualisation: From photorealistic visual aid to multivocal environment to study and communicate cultural heritage.

Supervisor: Dunn, S. E. (Supervisor)

Representing Complexity: The Material Construction of World Politics

Supervisor: Hutchings, K. (External person) (Supervisor)

Relative and Dynamic Aspects of Variation in Response to Lexical Repetition: A Corpus-Based Case Study of The Translations of Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury into Lithuanian, Polish And Russian

Supervisor: McCarty, W. (Supervisor)


Private in public: addressing the ethical, legal and curatorial issues of digital oral history.

Supervisor: Hedges, M. (Supervisor) & Geoghegan, B. (Supervisor)

Methods of Building Sustainable Digital Communities and Co-Productivity from Crowdsourcing in the GLAM Sector

Supervisor: Dunn, S. E. (Supervisor) & Hedges, M. C. (Supervisor)

Long-form Journalism and Archives in the Digital Landscape

Supervisor: Blanke, T. (Supervisor) & Coté, M. (Supervisor)

Supervisor: Blanke, T. (External person) (Supervisor) & Coté, M. (Supervisor)

Heritage and Digital learning: understanding how communities learn about Cultural Heritage from online content and how it can be embedded in traditional education

Supervisor: Earl, G. (Supervisor)

From Weibo to WeChat: social media activism in China

Supervisor: Gerbaudo, P. (Supervisor) & Coté, M. (Supervisor)

From Index Locorum to Citation Network: an Approavch to the Automatic Extraction of Canonical Reeferences and its Applications to the Study of Classical Texts

Supervisor: Ginzburg, J. (Supervisor), Lappin, S. (Supervisor) & McCarty, W. (Supervisor)

Exploring iconic images created by the Ministry of Information and their relation to cultural memory in Britain

Supervisor: Tanner, S. (Supervisor) & Dunn, S. (Supervisor)

Evaluating computational creativity: a standardised procedure for evaluating creative systems and its application

Supervisor: Collins, N. (External person) (Supervisor) & Thornton, C. (External person) (Supervisor)

Digital Narratives in Physical Museums. Narrative Construction with Contextual Technologies: The Di Casa in Casa Chatbot and the Museum of Augmented Urban Art in Milan.

Supervisor: Dunn, S. (Supervisor) & Hedges, M. (Supervisor)

Decolonising South African museums in a digital age: re-imagining the Iziko Museums’ Natal Nguni catalogue and collection

Supervisor: Tanner, S. (Supervisor) & Anderson, S. (Supervisor)

Data, Camera, Action: Screen Production in a Streaming Era

Supervisor: Feldman, Z. (Supervisor) & Conor, B. (Supervisor)

Cybersecurity Rewired: Threats, unknowns and sociotechnical security practices

Supervisor: Stevens, T. (Supervisor), Mathew, A. (Supervisor) & McBurney, P. (Supervisor)

Common struggles: policy-based vs. scholar-led approaches to open access in the humanities

Supervisor: Anderson, S. (Supervisor) & Hall, G. (External person) (Supervisor)

Changing the Tradition: The Morphology of Nascent Insular Caroline Minuscule in Tenth-Century Britain

Supervisor: Crick, J. C. (Supervisor) & Stokes, P. A. (Supervisor)

Automated Collation and Digital Editions : From Theory to Practice

Supervisor: Pierazzo, E. (Supervisor) & Moul, V. A. (Supervisor)

A Tweet at the Table: Black British Identity Expression on Social Media

Supervisor: Feldman, Z. (Supervisor)

A  syntax-based  approach  to  the  language  of  causality  in  Thomas Aquinas.   The   case   of principium and causa (Summa   Contra Gentiles, books I-II). Explorative study and first results.

Supervisor: McCarty, W. (Supervisor) & Prescott, A. (Supervisor)

A new British history of the home rule crisis: public opinion, representation and organisation

Supervisor: Readman, P. (Supervisor) & Bradley, J. (Supervisor)

An Ethnographic Study of Digital Humanists: Combining Virtual and Traditional Ethnography in the Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory

Supervisor: Hedges, M. C. (Supervisor) & Lavagnino, J. D. (Supervisor)

A computational approach to Latin verbs: new resources and methods

Supervisor: Lenci, A. (External person) (Supervisor) & Marotta, G. (External person) (Supervisor)

King's Guide to Referencing 2020

  • Getting Started with Referencing
  • Choosing the right software
  • King's Author-Date (APA 7th)
  • King's Footnotes (Chicago 17th)
  • King's Numbered (Vancouver)
  • Legal Footnotes (OSCOLA 4th)
  • Subject Specific Guides This link opens in a new window

This guide is brought to you by:

Libraries & Collections Logo

Use and reuse license for our guides

The material in these guides is licensed under: 

Icon for creative commons license allowing non-commerical reuse with attribution and sharealike

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

Find out more at the Creative Commons:

  • Creative Commons Licenses

Author-Date? Footnotes? What does this mean?

These terms refer to how and where a citation appears in your work. Author-Date means the citation appears as a surname and year, Footnotes means the citation appears in a footnote at the end of the page, linked to your work by a small superscript number, and Numbered means that citations appear sequentially through the text.

Author-Date (often called Harvard), Footnotes and Numbered both encompass many hundreds of styles in use throughout Academia. They could be seen as 'genres' rather than styles in their own right.

At King's we have chosen three, one from each genre:

  • Our Author-Date style is  APA 
  • Our Footnotes style is  Chicago 
  • Our Numbered style is Vancouver

We also have a Footnotes style specifically for Law:

  • Our Footnotes style for Law is Oscola

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Referencing

King's has produced new student guidance on the use of generative AI tools. Students are not expected to reference generative AI but are expected to acknowledge its use through a statement. Please see the central Student Guidance for details. 

Which one should you use?

Check with your tutors and departments if you aren't sure which referencing style you're expected to use when writing your academic assignments.

Every referencing style in use at King's can be found as standard in almost every piece of referencing software available, and they're kept up to date by their respective organisations.

Use the tabs on the left to see more about each referencing style in use at King's.

Aren't using referencing software just yet? Click on the Choosing the right software tab on the left to get started.

Need to know more about the Author-Date, Footnotes and Numbered styles?

You can find videos to learn more about the styles in use and some quizzes you can take to make sure you know what you need to do, on KLaSS:

dissertation guidelines king's college london

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How can I apply for mitigating circumstances?

  • Your doctor
  • A Counsellor
  • A Disability advisor ,
  • An Advisor in the Students’ Union
  • Your personal tutor
  • Log on to  Student Records . 
  • Select ‘Student Home Page’ within the banner at the top of the homepage. 
  • Select ‘My Mitigating Circumstances’ within the ‘My Modules’ area, (as shown in the screenshot below)
  • On the Mitigating Circumstances homepage, you will find links to user guides, videos and other Student Services Online articles. Before submitting a new request, particularly if it is your first request, please read this guidance and familiarise yourself with the  Mitigating Circumstances Policy . 
  • To begin completing a request, select ‘New Request’ within the ‘Submit a new Mitigating Circumstances request’ area.
  • Select the most appropriate/ relevant option from the Nature of the Circumstances drop-down list.  If neither of the options are applicable to your circumstances, select Other Personal difficulties .
  • Provide further details of your circumstances within the Summary of Circumstances free-text field. There is a 2000- character limit though you are not required to use all the characters. You’ll, however, need to ensure that your summary is clear, concise, and provides all the relevant information.
  • Once you have completed updating your circumstances click Next to proceed to the next stage (Select assessments)
  • Click on the Select Assessments button (against the relevant module)
  • You will then see listed the assessment(s) within that module. Before selecting an assessment, you are required to provide additional details, which will support the decision-making process. Some guidance on the information you should be providing is available within the  ‘Supporting Evidence’ section.
  • Click on the Select Assessments button ​​​​​​
  • Tick the box in the Select column ​​​​​​
  • Select Remove from Request
  • Once you are satisfied that all the details you've provided are accurate, you must agree to the Confidentiality Statement, before clicking on the 'Submit' button to complete your submission.
  • You will then receive an automated email to confirm your submission. This email will include a unique reference number, which you can quote if you are ever querying the status of your request. ​​​​​​ The submitted request will then be listed within the 'Requests Under Consideration' container on the Mitigating Circumstances homepage.

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  1. King's College London

    dissertation guidelines king's college london

  2. History style guide

    dissertation guidelines king's college london

  3. Final exam 10 May 2017, questions

    dissertation guidelines king's college london

  4. KCL Thesis Template

    dissertation guidelines king's college london

  5. King's Research Portal

    dissertation guidelines king's college london

  6. King’s College London

    dissertation guidelines king's college london


  1. PHD Thesis Writer Help In Uk

  2. The dissertation process 👎🏽🎓#shorts #students #education #college #dissertation

  3. Oluwafemi O.

  4. Thesis Academy #1

  5. How to make Dissertation? Complete Details about Dissertation / Thesis for Bachelors/ Masters Degree

  6. Thesis and research paper writing tips|How to write thesis and research paper/article @MajidAli2020


  1. Managing your master's dissertation

    King's Academic Skills for Learning on KEATS has tips to for studying smarter and managing your time and your studies. You can also book one-to-one online sessions with Academic Skills Tutors. Research shows that we can only concentrate for 30 - 45 minutes at a time. Form a plan that is achievable, splitting your research into manageable ...

  2. King's College London

    Word limits. PhD - not to exceed 100,000 words; MPhil - not to exceed 60,000 words; MD(Res) - not to exceed 50,000 words MPhilStud - not to exceed 30,000 words; Professional Doctorates - at least 25,000 words and not to exceed 55,000 words; Thesis word limit inclusions and exclusions The thesis word count includes everything from the start of chapter 1 up to the end of the last chapter.

  3. King's College London

    All degrees are awarded for the 1st of the month following ratification by the Research Degrees Examination Board. All students who have been awarded will be emailed an award letter within the first two weeks of the month - The letter will state what you have been awarded and your date of award.


    The King's Academic Manual includes academic regulations, policies and procedures applicable to all King's ollege London taught and research students enrolled on a programme of study in 2022/23, including programmes delivered by King's Online and King's International Foundations, free-standing

  5. PDF Guidelines on Submitting a Thesis Incorporating Publications

    A thesis incorporating publications is a variant of the traditional UK thesis, and the purpose is to allow candidates to include work they have published without having to rewrite it to the traditional thesis format. The allowance of a TIP by King's College London will be included in the guidance to make

  6. Managing your master's dissertation

    King's Academic Skills for Learning on KEATS has tips to for studying smarter and managing your time. You can also book one-to-one online sessions with Academic Skills Tutors. Research shows that we can only concentrate for 30 - 45 minutes at a time. Form a plan that is achievable, splitting your research into manageable chunks.

  7. Find Student theses

    Student thesis: Master's Thesis › Master of Science. Women as Agents of Desire in Middle High German Literature Author: Strachan, A., 1 Oct 2023. Supervisor: Bowden, S. (Supervisor) Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis › Doctor of Philosophy. ... King's College London data protection policy.

  8. PhD etheses

    Writing your PhD/research degree thesis. The College provides you with a dedicated range of digital courses to help you with your writing. The courses are accessible via the King's Learning and Skills Service platform (KLaSS) The Library can assist you with identifying the right referencing style for your work, finding a suitable referencing ...

  9. KCL Thesis Template

    KCL Thesis. Approved by publishing and review experts on SciSpace, this template is built as per for KCL Thesis formatting guidelines as mentioned in King's College London author instructions. The current version was created on and has been used by 983 authors to write and format their manuscripts to this journal.

  10. Student theses

    King's College London. Postal address Show on map. Strand, Strand - Main Building. London. United Kingdom. Overview; Fingerprint; Network; Profiles (9561) Research output (191210) ... Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis › Doctor of Philosophy. File 'Seize turtles deep down in the Five Seas': history of marine science in Qingdao in Mao Era ...

  11. PhD Thesis Template for King's College London

    This is an unofficial LaTeX template for King's College London PhD Thesis submissions which is modified from the template for CUED to meet the current requirements of King's. ... (The University of Cambridge PhD thesis guidelines recommends a page % size a4 - default option) or `a5paper': A5 Paper size is also allowed as per % the Cambridge ...

  12. Digital Humanities

    Heritage and Digital learning: understanding how communities learn about Cultural Heritage from online content and how it can be embedded in traditional education. Author: Gandolfi, E., 1 Jan 2022. Supervisor: Earl, G. (Supervisor) Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis › Doctor of Philosophy.

  13. Getting Started with Referencing

    At King's we have chosen three, one from each genre: Our Author-Date style is APA ; Our Footnotes style is Chicago ; Our Numbered style is Vancouver; We also have a Footnotes style specifically for Law: Our Footnotes style for Law is Oscola; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Referencing

  14. How can I apply for mitigating circumstances?

    Important to know: Progression requirements (Chapter 5 of the academic regulations) are still applicable and must still be met.Please be aware of the progression requirements if you are applying to defer assessment(s) to the following academic year and seek advice from your department/KCLSU if you are unsure if your progression will be affected.

  15. King's College London Phd Thesis Guidelines

    King's College London Phd Thesis Guidelines, Guitar Essay For College, In The Business Strategy Section Of The Business Plan The Entrepreneur Should Explain To Investors, Lined Writing Paper With Illustration Box, Serial Business Plan Pro 2005, 11+ Essay Examples, A full title deed is basically a searchable record of all of the rights, liabilities and obligations that exist in respect of a ...

  16. King's College London Dissertation Guidelines

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  17. King's College London Phd Thesis Guidelines

    Service Is a Study Guide. Our cheap essay writing service aims to help you achieve your desired academic excellence. We know the road to straight A's isn't always smooth, so contact us whenever you feel challenged by any kind of task and have an original assignment done according to your requirements. Location. Any.

  18. King's College London Dissertation Guidelines

    King's College London Dissertation Guidelines, Plate Tectonics Research Paper Topics, The Devil In Vienna Book Report, Jumping Castle Business Plan Pdf, Research Paper Ice Machines, Essay On Mental Retardation, How To Do A Literature Review 1084 Orders prepared ...

  19. King's College London Dissertation Guidelines

    Take a chance to talk directly to your writer. We provide only reasonable academic solutions. . Once your essay writing help request has reached our writers, they will place bids. To make the best choice for your particular task, analyze the reviews, bio, and order statistics of our writers. Once you select your writer, put the needed funds on ...

  20. King's College London Dissertation Guidelines

    King's College London Dissertation Guidelines - Big White Cursor. is owned and operated by. RATATATA LTD. 48 Vitosha Boulevard, ground floor, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgarian reg. number: 206095338. E-mail us: [email protected] Call us: +1 (877) 826 34 66. Oct 17, 2022. College ...

  21. King's College London Dissertation Guidelines

    King's College London Dissertation Guidelines, Vitamin C Extended Essay, Writing A Conclusion For An Academic Essay, Resume Visual Merchandiser Sample, There Is A Wisdom Of The Head And A Wisdom Of The Heart Essay Writing Competition, Narrative Essay Example Travel, how to study essay writing definitive boundary for the country. ...

  22. King's College London Dissertation Guidelines

    King's College London Dissertation Guidelines - OFF ON. Get Started. September 21, 2022. Contact Us. ProCon/Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. 325 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 200 Chicago, Illinois 60654 USA Natalie Leppard ... The College offers international experiences all across the globe. The programs provide teaching experience in schools ...

  23. King's College London Dissertation Guidelines

    14Customer reviews. Toll free 1 (888)499-5521 1 (888)814-4206. THREE. Curie Ju. Sophia Melo Gomes. #24 in Global Rating. 1349.