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212 Unique Biology Research Topics For Students And Researchers

biology research topics

Every student studying something related to biology — botany, marine, animal, medicine, molecular or physical biology, is in an interesting field. It’s a subject that explores how animate and inanimate objects relate to themselves. The field unveils the past, the present, and what lies in the future of the relationship between the living and nonliving things. This is precisely why you need custom and quality biology topics for your college and university essay or project. It’ll make it easy to brainstorm, research, and get to writing straight away. Before the deep dive, what is biology?

What Is Biology?

Everyone knows it’s the scientific study of life, but beyond that, biology facilitates the comprehension of living and nonliving things. It’s a branch that explores their anatomy, behavior, distribution, morphology, and physiology.

For example, it understands how genes are classified and constituted into generations. It encompasses various branches, including botany, medicine, genetics, ecology, marine biology, zoology, and molecular biology. Here are what some of these mean:

Botany: This study of plants examines their structure, physiology, ecology, economic importance, and distribution, among others. It also deals with their biochemical processes, properties, and social interactions between plants. It extends to how plants are vital for human life, survival, and growth and how they play a significant role in stabilizing environmental health. Zoology: Zoology studies animal behavior, brain, structure, physiology, class, and distribution. It’s the general study of the lives of both living and extinct animals. It explains animal classification, the animal kingdom, evolution, habitat, embryology, and life span. Physiology: Physiology deals with the daily functions of the human body: How it works and the factors that make it work. It examines molecular behavior, the chemistry and physics behind locomotion, and how the cells in the living organisms’ body function. It helps understand how humans and animals get sick and what can be done to alleviate pain. Microbiology: Dealing with microorganisms, it examined how viruses, algae, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and slime molds become parts of human life. They’re regarded as microbes, which play substantial roles in the human biochemical processes, including climate change, biodegradation, biodeterioration, food spoilage, biotech, and epidemiology. Marine Biology: This is the scientific study of organs in the sea. It understands their family classification, how they survive, and what makes wild marine animals different from domesticated and consumable ones. It also explores their interaction with the environment through several processes. The marine biologist studies marines in their natural environment, collects data on their characteristics, human impact on their living, and how they relate with themselves.

Now that you know all these, here are some custom biology topics to research for your university or college essay and paper.

Controversial Biology Topics

There are many controversial subjects in every field, and biology isn’t exempt from controversy. If you’d like to create an original essay through diverse opinions, here are biology topics for you:

  • What are your thoughts on the post-Roe V Wade world?
  • How can the post-Roe V Wade policy affect developing countries looking up to America for their laws?
  • Abortion and feminism: discuss
  • Does saving life justify cloning?
  • Explain the principle of abortion in medical practice
  • The effects of cloning in medicine
  • How does genetics contribute to obesity?
  • Explain why a parent could have Hepatitis B virus and only one of five offspring have the virus
  • Is homosexuality really in the gene?
  • How does depression correlate with genetics?
  • Additives and how they affect the genes
  • Examine how genetic mutations work
  • Discuss the grounds that you could prove for legalizing human cloning
  • Which is more immoral: Human or animal cloning?
  • How is nanotechnology different from biotechnology?
  • Discuss the manifestation of nanotechnology in science
  • Explain three instances where public opinion has held back scientific inventions
  • How does transgenic crop work?
  • Would you say genetically modified food is safe for consumption?
  • Explain why sexual abuse leads to trauma.

Biology Research Paper Topics

You’d need to write an extensive paper on biology one day. This could be when you’re in your final year in college or the university or submitting to a competition. You’d need Biology topics to research for brainstorming, and here are 30 of them:

  • Stem cells and tissue formation processes
  • Why are there different congenital disabilities?
  • Mixtures in anticancer drugs?
  • What are the complexities of existing HIV drugs?
  • What is the contribution of chemotherapy to cancer?
  • Examine the chemotherapy process and why it doesn’t work for some patients.
  • Explain the origin of developmental diseases
  • How do germs affect the cells?
  • What are the consequences of the sun on the white person’s and black person’s skin?
  • Why are some diseases treatable through drugs while some are not?
  • Scientific lessons learned from COVID-19 and ideas to tackle the next virus
  • If animals are carriers of the virus, what should be done to them?
  • Examine five animals in extinction and what led to it
  • Discuss the subject of endangered species and why people should care
  • Is a plant-based diet sustainable for human health?
  • Account for the consequence of living on Mars on human health
  • Discuss the inconveniences involved in space travel
  • How does space flight contribute to environmental disasters
  • Discuss the emergence of leukemia
  • Explain how the immune systems in humans work
  • Evaluate the factors that weaken the immunological system
  • What would you consider the deadliest virus?
  • Autoimmune: what is it, origin and consequences
  • Immune disorder: origin and how it affects the body
  • Does stress affect the ability to have sex?
  • Contribution of vaccine to eradicating disease: Discuss
  • What are the complexities in taking the Hepatitis B vaccine while being positive?
  • Allergies: why do humans have them?
  • DNA modification: how does it work?
  • Explain the misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Interesting Biology Topics

Biology doesn’t have to be boring. Different aspects of biology could be fun to explore, especially if you’ve had a flair for the study since your elementary school classes. You can either write an essay or paper with the following interesting biology research topics:

  • Human emotions and conflicts with their intellectual intelligence
  • Emotions: Its influence on art and music and how the perception of art influences the world
  • The consequences of marijuana and alcohol on teenagers
  • Compare and contrast how alcohol affects teenagers and adults
  • Discuss the contributions of neuroscience to the subject of emotional pain
  • Explain how the brain process speech
  • Discuss the factors that cause autism
  • Explain what is meant when people say humans are animals
  • Why do scientists say humans are pessimists?
  • Factors contributing to the dopamine levels human experience
  • How does isolation affect the human brain?
  • What factors contribute to instinctive responses?
  • Noise pollution: how it affects living organisms
  • Fire ecology: The contributions of plants to fire outbreak
  • Explain the science behind how hot temperature, soil, and dry grass start a fire
  • Microbes: what do you understand by bioremediation?
  • Explain urban ecology and the challenges it pokes to solve
  • Discuss how excessive internet usage affects the human memory
  • Evaluate how conservation biology contributes to the extinction prevention efforts
  • Discuss the role of satellites and drones in understanding the natural world
  • Why do we need space travel and studies?
  • Explain the limitations of limnology studies
  • What are infectious-disease-causing agents all about?
  • Discuss what epigenetics studies encompass
  • Why is cancer research essential to the world?
  • Discuss climate change: Governments are not interested, and there is no alternative
  • How is behavioral science studies a core part of the understanding of the world?
  • Discuss the issues with genetic engineering and why it’s a challenge
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the arguments for a plant-based diet
  • Create a survey amongst students of biology asking why they chose to study the course.

Biology Research Topics For College Students

If you find any of the above beyond your intellectual and Research capacity, here are some topics you can handle. You can use these for your essays, projects, quizzes, or competitions. These custom yet popular biology research topics will examine famous personalities and other discourse in biology:

  • Effects of the human hormone on the mind
  • Why do men get erect even when they’re absentminded?
  • How does women’s arousal work?
  • How can melatonin be valuable for therapy?
  • Risky behavior: Hormones responsible for the risk
  • Stem and cloning: what is the latest research on the subject?
  • Hormones: changes in pregnancy
  • Why do pregnant women have an appetite for random and remote things?
  • The role of physical activities in hormone development
  • Examine the benefits and threats of transgenic crops
  • The fight against COVID-19: assess current successes
  • The fight against smallpox: assess current successes
  • The fight against HIV: history, trends, and present research
  • Discuss the future of prosthetic appliances
  • Examine the research and the future of mind-controlled limbs
  • What does cosmetic surgery mean, and why is it needed?
  • Analyze the meaning and process of vascular surgery
  • Discuss the debate around changes in genital organs for males and females in transgender bodies
  • How do donors and organ transplants work?
  • Account for the work of Dr. Malcom E Miller
  • Discuss the contribution of Charles Darwin to human evolution
  • Explain the trends in biomedicine
  • Discuss the functions of x-rays in botany
  • Assess the most efficient systems for wildlife preservation
  • Examine how poverty contributes to climate hazards
  • Discuss the process involved in plant metabolism
  • The transformation of energy into a living thing: discuss
  • Prevention for sexually transmitted disease: What are the misconceptions?
  • Analyze how the human body reacts to poison
  • Russian Poisoning: What are the lessons scientists must learn?
  • COVID-19: Discuss the efforts by two or three governments to prevent the spread
  • Discuss the contributions of Pfizer during the pandemic.

Marine Biology Research Topics

This subject explains orgasms in the sea, how they survive, and their interaction with their environment. If you have a flair for this field, the following Biology research topics may interest you:

  • Discuss what quantitative ecology through modeling means
  • Smallest diatoms and marine logistics: discuss
  • How is the shark studied?
  • Acidification of seas: Causes and consequences
  • Discuss the concept of the immortality of Jellyfishes
  • Discuss the differences between seawater and freshwater in marine study
  • Account for some of the oldest marine species
  • Discuss the evolution of the deep sea
  • Explain whales’ communication techniques
  • What does plankton ecology encompass?
  • The importance of coral reefs to seawater
  • Challenges that encompass geological oceanography
  • How tourism affects natural animal habitat
  • Discuss some instances of the domestication of wild marine animals
  • Coastal zone: pros and cons of living in such areas
  • How do sharks perceive enemies?
  • Analyze why some animals can live in water but can’t live on land
  • Explain how plants survive in the sea
  • Compare and contrast the different two species of animals in the water
  • How can marine energy be generated, stored, and used?

Molecular Biology Research Topics

Focusing on the construct of cells and analysis of their composition, it understands the alteration and maintenance of cellular processes. If you’d like to focus on molecular biology, here are 15 good biology research topics for you:

  • Ethical considerations in molecular genetics
  • Discuss the structure and component of the gene
  • Examine the restrictions in DNA
  • What are the peculiarities in modern nucleic acid analysis
  • What goes into the Pharmaceutical production of drugs
  • Evaluate the building blocks of life
  • Discuss the systems of RNA translation to protein
  • PCR: How DNA is tested and analyzed
  • Why is prion disease so dangerous?
  • Compare and contrast recessive genes vs. dominant genes
  • Can there be damage to the human DNA, and can it be repaired?
  • Constraints in the research of microarray data analysis
  • Protein purification: How it evolves
  • Objectives of nucleic acid
  • Explain the structure of a prion.

Biology Research Topics For High School

Your teachers and professors will be awed if you create impeccable essays for your next report. You need to secure the best grades as you move closer to graduation, and brainstorming any of these popular biology research topics will help:

  • Identify the most endangered species
  • The challenges to animal extinction
  • What are the things everyone should know about sea life?
  • Discuss the history of genetics
  • Explain the biological theory of Charles Darwin
  • How did the lockdown affect social interaction?
  • Why do some people refuse the vaccine?
  • Origin of genetics
  • What is animal hunting, and why is it fashionable
  • Explain the evolution of a virus
  • Role of lockdown in preventing deaths and illnesses
  • Invasive species: What does it mean?
  • Endangered animals: How do they survive in the face of their hazards?
  • Lockdown and their role in reducing coronavirus transmission
  • Vaccine distribution: Ideas for global distribution
  • Why can viruses become less virulent?
  • Discuss the evolution of the world
  • Explain the evolution of the planet
  • Explain what Elon Musk means when he says life on Mars is possible
  • What does herd immunity mean?
  • Flu: why is there a low incidence in 2020?
  • Relationship between archaeology and biology
  • Antiviral drug: What it means
  • Factors leading to the evolution of humans
  • Give instances of what natural selection means
  • What is considered the dead branches of evolution
  • Whale hunting: What it means and the present trends
  • Who is Stephen Jay, and what is his role in paleontology?
  • Origin of diseases: why must humans fall sick?
  • Why are humans called higher animals?

Human Biology Research Topics

Human biology understands humans and their relationship between themselves and their environment. It also studies how the body works and the impediments to health. Here are some easy biology research topics to explore on the subject:

  • How do gut bacteria affect the brain?
  • What are the ethical concerns around organ transplants?
  • The consequence of alcohol on the liver
  • The consequences of extreme salt on the human body
  • Why do humans need to deworm regularly?
  • The relationship between obesity and genetics
  • Genetically modified foods: Why are they needed?
  • How sun exposure affects human skin
  • Latest trends: Depression is hereditary
  • Influence of music on the human brain
  • What are the stages of lung cancer
  • Forensic DNA: latest trends
  • How visual consumptions affect how humans think
  • What is the process that leads to pregnancy?
  • Explain the role of nanotechnology in HIV research
  •  Discuss any experiment with stem cells you know about
  • Explain how humans consume food
  • Discuss the process of metabolism as well as its criticality to human health
  • Explore the consistent challenges technology poses to human health
  • Explain the process of body decay to a skeleton.

Cell Biology Research Topics

There are many evolutionary biology research paper topics formed not by the nomenclature but for what they stand for. Cell biology is one of the most complex branches of the field. It examines minor units and the living organisms that make them up. The focus is on the relationship between the cytoplasm, membrane, and parts of the cell. Here are some topics to explore for your scientific dissertation writing:

  • How does chromatin engage in the alterations of gene expression?
  • What are the usual cell infections, and why does the body have immunity defections?
  • Identify and account for the heritage of Robert Brown in his core career focus
  • Explain the structure of the animal cell and why It’s what it is
  • Identify the cells in the human body as well as their functions
  • Explain a scenario and justify the context of animals photosynthesizing like plants
  • Why do bacteria invade the body, and how do they do it?
  • Why are mitochondria considered the powerhouse of the cell
  • Use the molecular analysis tool to explain multicellular organisms
  • Examine how the White blood cells fight disease
  • What do you understand about the role of cell biology in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • What are the latest research methods in cell biology?
  • Identify the characteristics of viruses and why they threaten human existence.
  • Discuss the differences between DNA and RNA
  • What part of the body is responsible for human functionality for as long as the individual wants?

Get Biology Research Help As Soon As Possible

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Engineering Research Paper Topics

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100 Best Biology Topics For Academic Writing

biology topics

The importance of choosing interesting biology research topics comes down to the impact your assignments will make on your audience. In most cases, you will be writing with only one reader in mind – the instructor. And as this person likely sees hundreds of biology topics each school year you need to make sure you stand out as much as possible. Here are 100 biology topics for research that are sure to get your work noticed and improve your chances of earning a top grade. You can also check out our bioethics topics .

Biology Topics for High School

If you need some biology dissertation help and are looking for easy biology research topics for high school assignments, these ideas will meet most requirements without causing too much stress:

  • Can Ebola be used as a biological weapon?
  • How do biological genes affect depression?
  • Are genetically modified foods safe for humans?
  • Is human cloning a moral issue?
  • How does cloning affect health medicine?

Hot Topics in Biology

This is a list of the current “hot” topics in the field and will certainly capture your audience’s attention:

  • Why are abortion issues so controversial in the U.S.?
  • How has gene molecular biology shifted in the last decade?
  • Can enhanced antibodies help curb COVID-19 cases?
  • Is immortality a realistic goal for humans?
  • Why is abortion a bigger issue in the U.S. than in Europe?

Very Interesting Biology Topics

These current topics in developmental biology cover the most interesting ideas in this growing area of science:

  • Can people rely on their dreams when making recollections?
  • Does the Covid-19 pandemic affect medical funding?
  • What is the difference between cellular function and structure?
  • What is the difference between natural and planned selection?
  • In what ways did evolution theory chance biology science?

Biology Research Paper Topics

Biology research is an area of study that is constantly changing. New studies come up every year and it’s important to stay up-to-date with the following issues:

  • What are animals that don’t die of natural causes?
  • What is the origin of human cloning?
  • What are the basic principles of cloning in humans?
  • Is it possible for domestic wild animals?
  • Does human genetics cause obesity?

Current AP Biology Topics

AP tests have focused a lot on evolutionary biology research paper topics and this set of questions will help you prepare for the advanced placement test:

  • Medicinal marijuana as a means to aid pain?
  • How does rapid plan DNA change affect humans?
  • What is cell tissue engineering?
  • What are the most promising regenerative medicine treatments?
  • What is meant by therapeutic cloning?

Molecular Biology Topics

Need topics on molecular biology issues? These five topics represent the latest research on this subject:

  • Are humans naturally frugivores or omnivores?
  • What are the ethical issues surrounding cloning?
  • What are the biological reasons behind food intolerances?
  • How can hypertrophy be enhanced in the body?
  • What impact on the cellular level do sunburns have?

Biology IA Topics for 2010

The following good research topics for biology are excellent for students that do not have the time to conduct in-depth research:

  • Does following a paleo diet help athletes perform?
  • Does drinking more water prevent serious sunburns?
  • What are the three evolutionary branches?
  • How does sleep and wake cycles affect learning?
  • In what ways is the brain affected by music?

Biology Topics for Presentation

  • How is metabolism affected by physical exercise?
  • Describe the study of behavior in birds.
  • Are bees in veritable danger of becoming extinct?
  • What impact does deforestation have on the biosphere?
  • Is it possible for the brain to heal itself?

More IB Biology IA Topics

Advanced placement tests in this field require high-level responses on a variety of popular biology research topics. Check these out:

  • How does climate change affect biodiversity?
  • What are the benefits of organic farming?
  • What is bioluminescence and can it be used?
  • How is insulin created in the body?
  • What is the relationship between cancer and telomerase?

Biology Debate Topics

These topics in biology are perfect for anyone who wants to leave a lasting impression on the reader:

  • Do sports help improve humans’ biological makeup?
  • How is the translation of reprobation affected by cell biology?
  • Does the human body function when he or she is in a coma?
  • Define the levels of molecular biology.
  • How does cell manipulation affect the growth hormone?

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

This group of interesting biology topics for presentation deals with what we use to understand how humans act and react:

  • Is the DNA from amber a way to clone prehistoric animals?
  • What is the resistance capacity of the immune system?
  • How does a malfunction to the immune system increase risk?
  • How do allergic reactions cause asthma in some people?
  • What are the benefits of vaccination?

Biology Project Topics

These topic ideas can also make a great impression on your teacher, even though they are not controversial.

  • How does stress affect the human immune system?
  • How does cell structure affect resistance to antibodies?
  • How do human hormones affect depression levels?
  • What are the limitations of transplantation?
  • What are the biological insights on abortion?

Marine Biology Topics

These marine biology research topics are ideal for college-level students and up:

  • What are the biggest sea challenges to marine life?
  • How does economic stability affect sea life?
  • What sustainable acts can be attributed to marine science?
  • Ancient sea life presents a look toward modern life.
  • What impact does the study of marine development have in the field?

Biology Topics to Write About

These ideas cover a wide range of study areas perfect for a graduate course where students can introduce biology issues:

  • How is feminist ideology related to abortion and biology?
  • What are the different types of cloning in existence today?
  • Describe the history of cloning in the United States?
  • What do we know about organisms with modified DNA?
  • How effective is DNA-based cloning in the medical field?

Cell Biology Research Topics

These excellent human biology topics are ideal of long research projects in college or graduate school:

  • Are microbial factories the answers to a shortage of raw metals?
  • How does the U.S. affect international abortion opinions?
  • Describe the advancements of extra-cellular matrix biology study?
  • How does the study of cell biology aid in fighting Alzheimer’s?
  • What are the negative effects of using antibiotics?

Biology Paper Topics

These ideas focus on the changing ways that media has changed the way we handle global affairs in biology:

  • How does the study of antibodies help with the Covid-19 crisis?
  • In what ways does physical trauma affect cells in the body?
  • Can we use cell regeneration to build antibodies?
  • What is bio-diesel and how is it created?
  • What are the implications of coral reef biology?

Biology Research Topics for College Students

Looking for exciting cell biology topics? This collection is great for college students getting into this field of study:

  • What changes to medicine are possible with cloning?
  • Can restructuring DNA help fight the effects of aging?
  • How does a proper diet for pets affect their health?
  • How does miscarriage affect women’s health?
  • What are the best cancer treatments today?

Biology Topics List

This list of topics in biology caters to the college undergraduate community of students:

  • What are the ethical questions related to human cloning?
  • What are the implications of the second wave of Covid-19?
  • What is the best way to fight global pandemics?
  • What are the most effective ways of slowing the aging process?
  • How does regular exercise postpone aging in adults?

Controversial Biology Topics

Controversy can turn heads and these cool biology topics will attract your readers’ attention:

  • What are the biggest threats related to salmonella?
  • What is the study of laparotomy?
  • What impact does BMI have on injuries?
  • What is the link between environmental pollution and cancer rates?
  • How does cellular health affect mental health?

Biology Essay Topics

These five biology research topics are for graduate-level students, catering specifically to those in top programs around the country:

  • What evidence is there of a pandemic that can wipe out half of the world’s population?
  • What is the most effective way of fighting an endemic?
  • Is it possible to increase brainpower?
  • How can humans fight disease with altered DNA?
  • What impact does clean water have in preventing disease?

Choosing original and interesting topics is the key to writing a great biology thesis or research paper. We understand that this doesn’t always come easy to students – no matter what their educational level – so we’ve created this list to inspire ideas or to be used as-is. If you need fresh biology research topics you may want to contact our support staff for ideas catered towards your specific assignment needs.

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200+ Unique And Interesting Biology Research Topics For Students In 2023

Biology Research Topics

Are you curious about the fascinating world of biology and its many research possibilities? Well, you are in the right place! In this blog, we will explore biology research topics, exploring what biology is, what constitutes a good research topic, and how to go about selecting the perfect one for your academic journey.

So, what exactly is biology? Biology is the study of living organisms and their interactions with the environment. It includes everything from the tiniest cells to the largest ecosystems, making it a diverse and exciting field of study.

Stay tuned to learn more about biology research topics as we present over 200 intriguing research ideas for students, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right one. In addition, we will also share resources to make your quest for the perfect topic a breeze. Let’s embark on this scientific journey together!

If you are having trouble with any kind of assignment or task, do not worry—we can give you the best microbiology assignment help at a value price. Additionally, you may look at nursing project ideas .

What Is Biology?

Table of Contents

Biology is the study of living things, like animals, plants, and even tiny organisms too small to see. It helps us understand how these living things work and how they interact with each other and their environment. Biologists, or scientists who study biology, explore topics like how animals breathe, how plants grow, and how our bodies function. By learning about biology, we can better care for the Earth and all its living creatures.

What Is A Good Biology Research Topic?

A good biology research topic is a question or problem in the field of biology that scientists want to investigate and learn more about. It should be interesting and important, like studying how a new medicine can treat a disease or how animals adapt to changing environments. The topic should also be specific and clear, so researchers can focus on finding answers. Additionally, it’s helpful if the topic hasn’t been studied extensively before, so the research can contribute new knowledge to the field of biology and help us better understand the natural world.

Tips For Choosing A Biology Research Topics

Here are some tips for choosing a biology research topics:

1. Choose What Interests You

When picking a biology research topic, go for something that you personally find fascinating and enjoyable. When you’re genuinely curious about it, you’ll be more motivated to study and learn.

2. Select a Significant Topic

Look for a subject in biology that has real-world importance. Think about whether your research can address practical issues, like finding cures for diseases or understanding environmental problems. Research that can make a positive impact is usually a good choice.

3. Check If It’s Doable

Consider if you have the necessary tools and time to carry out your research. It’s essential to pick a topic that you can actually study with the resources available to you.

4. Add Your Unique Perspective

Try to find a fresh or different angle for your research. While you can build upon existing knowledge, bringing something new or unique to the table can make your research more exciting and valuable.

5. Seek Guidance

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your teachers or experienced researchers. They can provide you with valuable insights and help you make a smart decision when choosing your research topic in biology.

Biology Research Topics For College Students

1. Investigating the role of genetic mutations in cancer development.

2. Analyzing the impact of climate changes on wildlife populations.

3. Studying the ecology of invasive species in urban environments.

4. Investigating the microbiome of the human gut and its relationship to health.

5. Analyzing the genetic diversity of endangered species for conservation.

6. Studying the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

7. Investigating the ecological consequences of deforestation.

8. Analyzing the behavior and communication of social insects like ants and bees.

9. Studying the physiology of extreme environments, such as deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

10. Investigating the molecular mechanisms of cell division and mitosis.

Plant Biology Research Topics For College Students

11. Studying the impact of different fertilizers on crop yields and soil health.

12. Analyzing the genetics of plant resistance to pests and diseases.

13. Investigating the role of plant hormones in growth and development.

14. Studying the adaptation of plants to drought conditions.

15. Analyzing the ecological interactions between plants and pollinators.

16. Investigating the use of biotechnology to enhance crop traits.

17. Studying the genetics of plant breeding for improved varieties.

18. Analyzing the physiology of photosynthesis and carbon fixation in plants.

19. Investigating the effects of soil microbiota on plant health.

20. Studying the evolution of plant species in response to changing environments.

Biotechnology Research Topics For College Students

21. Investigating the use of CRISPR-Cas9 technology for genome editing.

22. Analyzing the production of biofuels from microorganisms.

23. Studying the application of biotechnology in medicine, such as gene therapy.

24. Investigating the use of bioplastics as a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics.

25. Analyzing the role of biotechnology in food production, including GMOs.

26. Studying the development of biopharmaceuticals and monoclonal antibodies.

27. Investigating the use of bioremediation to clean up polluted environments.

28. Studying the potential of synthetic biology for creating novel organisms.

29. Analyzing the ethical and social implications of biotechnological advancements.

30. Investigating the use of biotechnology in forensic science, such as DNA analysis.

Molecular Biology Research Topics For Undergraduates

31. Studying the structure and function of DNA and RNA molecules.

32. Analyzing the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic cells.

33. Investigating the mechanisms of DNA replication and repair.

34. Studying the role of non-coding RNAs in gene regulation.

35. Analyzing the molecular basis of genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis.

36. Investigating the epigenetic modifications that control gene activity.

37. Studying the molecular mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding.

38. Analyzing the molecular pathways involved in cancer progression.

39. Investigating the molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases.

40. Studying the use of molecular markers in genetic diversity analysis.

Life Science Research Topics For High School Students

41. Investigating the effects of different diets on human health.

42. Analyzing the impact of exercise on cardiovascular fitness.

43. Studying the genetics of inherited traits and diseases.

44. Investigating the ecological interactions in a local ecosystem.

45. Analyzing the diversity of microorganisms in soil or water samples.

46. Studying the anatomy and physiology of a specific organ or system.

47. Investigating the life cycle of a local plant or animal species.

48. Studying the effects of environmental pollutants on aquatic organisms.

49. Analyzing the behavior of a specific animal species in its habitat.

50. Investigating the process of photosynthesis in plants.

Biology Research Topics For Grade 12

51. Investigating the genetic basis of a specific inherited disorder.

52. Analyzing the impact of climate change on a local ecosystem.

53.Studying the biodiversity of a particular rainforest region.

54. Investigating the physiological adaptations of animals to extreme temperatures.

55. Analyzing the effects of pollution on aquatic ecosystems.

56. Studying the life history and conservation status of an endangered species.

57. Investigating the molecular mechanisms of a specific disease.

58. Studying the ecological interactions within a coral reef ecosystem.

59. Analyzing the genetics of plant hybridization and speciation.

60. Investigating the behavior and communication of a particular bird species.

Marine Biology Research Topics

61. Studying the impact of ocean acidification on coral reefs.

62. Analyzing the migration patterns of marine mammals.

63. Investigating the physiology of deep-sea creatures under high pressure.

64. Studying the ecology of phytoplankton and their role in the marine food web.

65. Analyzing the behavior of different species of sharks.

66. Investigating the conservation of sea turtle populations.

67. Studying the biodiversity of deep-sea hydrothermal vent communities.

68. Analyzing the effects of overfishing on marine ecosystems.

69. Investigating the adaptation of marine organisms to extreme cold in polar regions.

70. Studying the bioluminescence and communication in marine organisms.

AP Biology Research Topics

71. Investigating the role of specific enzymes in cellular metabolism.

72. Analyzing the genetic variation within a population.

73. Studying the mechanisms of hormonal regulation in animals.

74. Investigating the principles of Mendelian genetics through trait analysis.

75. Analyzing the ecological succession in a local ecosystem.

76. Studying the physiology of the human circulatory system.

77. Investigating the molecular biology of a specific virus.

78. Studying the principles of natural selection through evolutionary simulations.

79. Analyzing the genetic diversity of a plant species in different habitats.

80. Investigating the effects of different environmental factors on plant growth.

Cell Biology Research Topics

81. Investigating the role of mitochondria in cellular energy production.

82. Analyzing the mechanisms of cell division and mitosis.

83. Studying the function of cell membrane proteins in signal transduction.

84. Investigating the cellular processes involved in apoptosis (cell death).

85. Analyzing the role of endoplasmic reticulum in protein synthesis and folding.

86. Studying the dynamics of the cytoskeleton and cell motility.

87. Investigating the regulation of cell cycle checkpoints.

88. Analyzing the structure and function of cellular organelles.

89. Studying the molecular mechanisms of DNA replication and repair.

90. Investigating the impact of cellular stress on cell health and function.

Human Biology Research Topics

91. Analyzing the genetic basis of inherited diseases in humans.

92. Investigating the physiological responses to exercise and physical activity.

93. Studying the hormonal regulation of the human reproductive system.

94. Analyzing the impact of nutrition on human health and metabolism.

95. Investigating the role of the immune system in disease prevention.

96. Studying the genetics of human evolution and migration.

97. Analyzing the neural mechanisms underlying human cognition and behavior.

98. Investigating the molecular basis of aging and age-related diseases.

99. Studying the impact of environmental toxins on human health.

100. Analyzing the genetics of organ transplantation and tissue compatibility.

Molecular Biology Research Topics

101. Investigating the role of microRNAs in gene regulation.

102. Analyzing the molecular basis of genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis.

103. Studying the epigenetic modifications that control gene expression.

104. Investigating the molecular mechanisms of RNA splicing.

105. Analyzing the role of telomeres in cellular aging.

106. Studying the molecular pathways involved in cancer metastasis.

107. Investigating the molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases.

108. Studying the molecular interactions in protein-protein networks.

109. Analyzing the molecular mechanisms of DNA damage and repair.

110. Investigating the use of CRISPR-Cas9 for genome editing.

Animal Biology Research Topics

111. Studying the behavior and communication of social insects like ants.

112. Analyzing the physiology of hibernation in mammals.

113. Investigating the ecological interactions in a predator-prey relationship.

114. Studying the adaptations of animals to extreme environments.

115. Analyzing the genetics of inherited traits in animal populations.

116. Investigating the impact of climate change on animal migration patterns.

117. Studying the diversity of marine life in coral reef ecosystems.

118. Analyzing the physiology of flight in birds and bats.

119. Investigating the molecular basis of animal coloration and camouflage.

120. Studying the behavior and conservation of endangered species.

  • Neuroscience Research Topics
  • Mental Health Research Topics

Plant Biology Research Topics

121. Investigating the role of plant hormones in growth and development.

122. Analyzing the genetics of plant resistance to pests and diseases.

123. Climate change and plant phenology are being examined.

124. Investigating the ecology of mycorrhizal fungi and their symbiosis with plants.

125. Investigating plant photosynthesis and carbon fixing.

126. Molecular analysis of plant stress responses.

127. Investigating the adaptation of plants to drought conditions.

128. Studying the role of plants in phytoremediation of polluted environments.

129. Analyzing the genetics of plant hybridization and speciation.

130. Investigating the molecular basis of plant-microbe interactions.

Environmental Biology Research Topics

131. Analyzing the effects of pollution on aquatic ecosystems.

132. Investigating the biodiversity of a particular ecosystem.

133. Studying the ecological consequences of deforestation.

134. Analyzing the impact of climate change on wildlife populations.

135. Investigating the use of bioremediation to clean up polluted sites.

136. Studying the environmental factors influencing species distribution.

137. Analyzing the effects of habitat fragmentation on wildlife.

138. Investigating the ecology of invasive species in new environments.

139. Studying the conservation of endangered species and habitats.

140. Analyzing the interactions between humans and urban ecosystems.

Chemical Biology Research Topics

141. Investigating the design and synthesis of new drug compounds.

142. Analyzing the molecular mechanisms of enzyme catalysis.

143.Studying the role of small molecules in cellular signaling pathways.

144. Investigating the development of chemical probes for biological research.

145. Studying the chemistry of protein-ligand interactions.

146. Analyzing the use of chemical biology in cancer therapy.

147. Investigating the synthesis of bioactive natural products.

148. Studying the role of chemical compounds in microbial interactions.

149. Analyzing the chemistry of DNA-protein interactions.

150. Investigating the chemical basis of drug resistance in pathogens.

Medical Biology Research Topics

151. Investigating the genetic basis of specific diseases like diabetes.

152. Analyzing the mechanisms of drug resistance in bacteria.

153. Studying the molecular mechanisms of autoimmune diseases.

154. Investigating the development of personalized medicine approaches.

155. Studying the role of inflammation in chronic diseases.

156. Analyzing the genetics of rare diseases and genetic syndromes.

157. Investigating the molecular basis of viral infections and vaccines.

158. Studying the mechanisms of organ transplantation and rejection.

159. Analyzing the molecular diagnostics of cancer.

160. Investigating the biology of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

161. Studying the evolution of human ancestors and early hominids.

162. The genetic variety of species and between species is being looked at.

163. Investigating the role of sexual selection in animal evolution.

164. Studying the co-evolutionary relationships between parasites and hosts.

165. Analyzing the evolutionary adaptations of extremophiles.

166. Investigating the evolution of developmental processes (evo-devo).

167. Studying the biogeography and distribution of species.

168. Analyzing the evolution of mimicry in animals and plants.

169. Investigating the genetics of speciation and hybridization.

170. Studying the evolutionary history of domesticated plants and animals.

Cellular Biology Research Topics

171. Investigating the role of autophagy in cellular homeostasis.

172. Analyzing the mechanisms of cellular transport and trafficking.

173. Studying the regulation of cell adhesion & migration.

174. Investigating the cellular responses to DNA damage.

175. Analyzing the dynamics of cellular membrane structures.

176. Studying the role of cellular organelles in lipid metabolism.

177. Investigating the molecular mechanisms of cell-cell communication.

178. Studying the physiology of cellular respiration and energy production.

179. Analyzing the cellular mechanisms of viral entry and replication.

180. Investigating the role of cellular senescence in aging and disease.

Good Biology Research Topics Related To Brain Injuries

181. Analyzing the molecular mechanisms of traumatic brain injury.

182. Investigating the role of neuroinflammation in brain injury recovery.

183. Studying the impact of concussions on long-term brain health.

184. Analyzing the use of neuroimaging in diagnosing brain injuries.

185. Investigating the development of neuroprotective therapies.

186. Studying the genetics of susceptibility to brain injuries.

187. Analyzing the cognitive and behavioral effects of brain trauma.

188. Investigating the role of rehabilitation in brain injury recovery.

189. Studying the cellular and molecular changes in axonal injury.

190. Looking into how stem cell therapy might be used to help brain injuries.

Biology Quantitative Research Topics

191. Investigating the mathematical modeling of population dynamics.

192. Analyzing the statistical methods for biodiversity assessment.

193. Studying the use of bioinformatics in genomics research.

194. Investigating the quantitative analysis of gene expression data.

195. Studying the mathematical modeling of enzyme kinetics.

196. Analyzing the statistical approaches for epidemiological studies.

197. Investigating the use of computational tools in phylogenetics.

198. Studying the mathematical modeling of ecological systems.

199. Analyzing the quantitative analysis of protein-protein interactions.

200. Investigating the statistical methods for analyzing genetic variation.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Biology Research Topics

Here are some importance of choosing the right biology research topics: 

1. Relevance to Your Interests and Goals

Choosing the right biology research topic is important because it should align with your interests and goals. Studying something you’re passionate about keeps you motivated and dedicated to your research.

2. Contribution to Scientific Knowledge

Your research should contribute something valuable to the world of science. Picking the right topic means you have the chance to discover something new or solve a problem, advancing our understanding of the natural world.

3. Availability of Resources

Consider the resources you have or can access. If you pick a topic that demands resources you don’t have, your research may hit a dead end. Choosing wisely means you can work efficiently.

4. Feasibility and Manageability

A good research topic should be manageable within your time frame and capabilities. If it’s too broad or complex, you might get overwhelmed. Picking the right topic ensures your research is doable.

5. Real-World Impact

Think about how your research might benefit the real world. Biology often has implications for health, the environment, or society. Choosing a topic with practical applications can make your work meaningful and potentially change lives.

Resources For Finding Biology Research Topics

There are numerous resources for finding biology research topics:

1. Online Databases

Look on websites like PubMed and Google Scholar. They have lots of biology articles. Type words about what you like to find topics.

2. Academic Journals

Check biology magazines. They talk about new research. You can find ideas and see what’s important.

3. University Websites

Colleges show what their teachers study. Find teachers who like what you like. Ask them about ideas for your own study.

4. Science News and Magazines

Read science news. They tell you about new things in biology. It helps you think of research ideas.

5. Join Biology Forums and Communities

Talk to other people who like biology online. You can ask for ideas and find friends to help you. Use websites like ResearchGate and Reddit for this.


Biology Research Topics offer exciting opportunities for exploration and learning. We’ve explained what biology is and stressed the importance of picking a good research topic. Our tips and extensive list of over 200 biology research topics provide valuable guidance for students.

Selecting the right topic is more than just getting good grades; it’s about making meaningful contributions to our understanding of life. We’ve also shared resources to help you discover even more topics. So, embrace the world of biology research, embark on a journey of discovery, and be part of the ongoing effort to unravel the mysteries of the natural world.

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Published by Robert Bruce at August 29th, 2023 , Revised On September 5, 2023

Biology Research Topics

Are you in need of captivating and achievable research topics within the field of biology? Your quest for the best biology topics ends right here as this article furnishes you with 100 distinctive and original concepts for biology research, laying the groundwork for your research endeavor.

Table of Contents

Our proficient researchers have thoughtfully curated these biology research themes, considering the substantial body of literature accessible and the prevailing gaps in research.

Should none of these topics elicit enthusiasm, our specialists are equally capable of proposing tailor-made research ideas in biology, finely tuned to cater to your requirements. 

Thus, without further delay, we present our compilation of biology research topics crafted to accommodate students and researchers.

Research Topics in Marine Biology

  • Impact of climate change on coral reef ecosystems.
  • Biodiversity and adaptation of deep-sea organisms.
  • Effects of pollution on marine life and ecosystems.
  • Role of marine protected areas in conserving biodiversity.
  • Microplastics in marine environments: sources, impacts, and mitigation.

Biological Anthropology Research Topics

  • Evolutionary implications of early human migration patterns.
  • Genetic and environmental factors influencing human height variation.
  • Cultural evolution and its impact on human societies.
  • Paleoanthropological insights into human dietary adaptations.
  • Genetic diversity and population history of indigenous communities.

Biological Psychology Research Topics 

  • Neurobiological basis of addiction and its treatment.
  • Impact of stress on brain structure and function.
  • Genetic and environmental influences on mental health disorders.
  • Neural mechanisms underlying emotions and emotional regulation.
  • Role of the gut-brain axis in psychological well-being.

Cancer Biology Research Topics 

  • Targeted therapies in precision cancer medicine.
  • Tumor microenvironment and its influence on cancer progression.
  • Epigenetic modifications in cancer development and therapy.
  • Immune checkpoint inhibitors and their role in cancer immunotherapy.
  • Early detection and diagnosis strategies for various types of cancer.

Also read: Cancer research topics

Cell Biology Research Topics

  • Mechanisms of autophagy and its implications in health and disease.
  • Intracellular transport and organelle dynamics in cell function.
  • Role of cell signaling pathways in cellular response to external stimuli.
  • Cell cycle regulation and its relevance to cancer development.
  • Cellular mechanisms of apoptosis and programmed cell death.

Developmental Biology Research Topics 

  • Genetic and molecular basis of limb development in vertebrates.
  • Evolution of embryonic development and its impact on morphological diversity.
  • Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine approaches.
  • Mechanisms of organogenesis and tissue regeneration in animals.
  • Role of non-coding RNAs in developmental processes.

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Human Biology Research Topics

  • Genetic factors influencing susceptibility to infectious diseases.
  • Human microbiome and its impact on health and disease.
  • Genetic basis of rare and common human diseases.
  • Genetic and environmental factors contributing to aging.
  • Impact of lifestyle and diet on human health and longevity.

Molecular Biology Research Topics 

  • CRISPR-Cas gene editing technology and its applications.
  • Non-coding RNAs as regulators of gene expression.
  • Role of epigenetics in gene regulation and disease.
  • Mechanisms of DNA repair and genome stability.
  • Molecular basis of cellular metabolism and energy production.

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

  • 41. Investigating the effects of pollutants on local plant species.
  • Microbial diversity and ecosystem functioning in a specific habitat.
  • Understanding the genetics of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
  • Impact of urbanization on bird populations and biodiversity.
  • Investigating the role of pheromones in insect communication.

Synthetic Biology Research Topics 

  • Design and construction of synthetic biological circuits.
  • Synthetic biology applications in biofuel production.
  • Ethical considerations in synthetic biology research and applications.
  • Synthetic biology approaches to engineering novel enzymes.
  • Creating synthetic organisms with modified functions and capabilities.

Animal Biology Research Topics 

  • Evolution of mating behaviors in animal species.
  • Genetic basis of color variation in butterfly wings.
  • Impact of habitat fragmentation on amphibian populations.
  • Behavior and communication in social insect colonies.
  • Adaptations of marine mammals to aquatic environments.

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Best Biology Research Topics 

  • Unraveling the mysteries of circadian rhythms in organisms.
  • Investigating the ecological significance of cryptic coloration.
  • Evolution of venomous animals and their prey.
  • The role of endosymbiosis in the evolution of eukaryotic cells.
  • Exploring the potential of extremophiles in biotechnology.

Biological Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Neurobiological mechanisms underlying memory formation.
  • Impact of sleep disorders on cognitive function and mental health.
  • Biological basis of personality traits and behavior.
  • Neural correlates of emotions and emotional disorders.
  • Role of neuroplasticity in brain recovery after injury.

Biological Science Research Topics: 

  • Role of gut microbiota in immune system development.
  • Molecular mechanisms of gene regulation during development.
  • Impact of climate change on insect population dynamics.
  • Genetic basis of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Evolutionary relationships among vertebrate species based on DNA analysis.

Biology Education Research Topics 

  • Effectiveness of inquiry-based learning in biology classrooms.
  • Assessing the impact of virtual labs on student understanding of biology concepts.
  • Gender disparities in science education and strategies for closing the gap.
  • Role of outdoor education in enhancing students’ ecological awareness.
  • Integrating technology in biology education: challenges and opportunities.

Biology-Related Research Topics

  • The intersection of ecology and economics in conservation planning.
  • Molecular basis of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria.
  • Implications of genetic modification of crops for food security.
  • Evolutionary perspectives on cooperation and altruism in animal behavior.
  • Environmental impacts of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Biology Research Proposal Topics

  • Investigating the role of microRNAs in cancer progression.
  • Exploring the effects of pollution on aquatic biodiversity.
  • Developing a gene therapy approach for a genetic disorder.
  • Assessing the potential of natural compounds as anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Studying the molecular basis of cellular senescence and aging.

Biology Research Topic Ideas

  • Role of pheromones in insect mate selection and behavior.
  • Investigating the molecular basis of neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Impact of climate change on plant-pollinator interactions.
  • Genetic diversity and conservation of endangered species.
  • Evolutionary patterns in mimicry and camouflage in organisms.

Biology Research Topics for Undergraduates 

  • Effects of different fertilizers on plant growth and soil health.
  • Investigating the biodiversity of a local freshwater ecosystem.
  • Evolutionary origins of a specific animal adaptation.
  • Genetic diversity and disease susceptibility in human populations.
  • Role of specific genes in regulating the immune response.

Cell and Molecular Biology Research Topics 

  • Molecular mechanisms of DNA replication and repair.
  • Role of microRNAs in post-transcriptional gene regulation.
  • Investigating the cell cycle and its control mechanisms.
  • Molecular basis of mitochondrial diseases and therapies.
  • Cellular responses to oxidative stress and their implications in ageing.

These topics cover a broad range of subjects within biology, offering plenty of options for research projects. Remember that you can further refine these topics based on your specific interests and research goals.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some good research topics in biology?

A good research topic in biology will address a specific problem in any of the several areas of biology, such as marine biology, molecular biology, cellular biology, animal biology, or cancer biology.

A topic that enables you to investigate a problem in any area of biology will help you make a meaningful contribution. 

How to choose a research topic in biology?

Choosing a research topic in biology is simple. 

Follow the steps:

  • Generate potential topics. 
  • Consider your areas of knowledge and personal passions. 
  • Conduct a thorough review of existing literature.
  •  Evaluate the practicality and viability. 
  • Narrow down and refine your research query. 
  • Remain receptive to new ideas and suggestions.

Who Are We?

For several years, Research Prospect has been offering students around the globe complimentary research topic suggestions. We aim to assist students in choosing a research topic that is both suitable and feasible for their project, leading to the attainment of their desired grades. Explore how our services, including research proposal writing , dissertation outline creation, and comprehensive thesis writing , can contribute to your college’s success.

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Explore List of Biology Research Topics for College Students

Updated Aug 2021 ​ Humans have been researching life around us for the entire history; and each year new natural conditions appear, species develop, and scientific discoveries arise. Biology research papers are some of the most complex writing assignments since this particular subject encompasses all living organisms. You have nearly endless subjects to choose from, but it’s vital to pick the right topic. Selecting an engaging biology research topic will help you entice the reader, encourage discussions in the scientific community, and perhaps even inspire future studies. There are surely some that have scientific potential and are interesting for you at the same time.

What Is Biology? What Topics Might Biologists Study?

Biology research paper topics

Biology is the study of living organisms that covers their origin, anatomy, physiology, development, evolution, and behavior. A biologist could study a wide array of options, such as animal and plant cell structure, human DNA, neurobiology, stem cell treatments, immunology, hormones, and much more.

If you’re feeling stuck and can’t think of an exciting topic to write about, check out our comprehensive list of research paper topics ideas to get some inspiration.

How to Choose Biology Research Topics?

To choose a good biology research topic, we recommend following these general tips:

  • Avoid general topics - The key to choosing a biology research paper topic is ensuring it doesn’t have to do with something general. If your topic is too broad, you may not be able to go into detail, which is crucial for showcasing your knowledge. The sheer amount of information on a broad topic might also overwhelm both you and your reader.
  • Avoid too narrow topics - If your focus is too narrow, you may not find enough sources to write a paper. The reader may become disinterested as well if there’s no room for overarching questions.
  • Explore different ideas - Find several topics that interest you before sifting through recent biology research papers. That’s how you’ll get a better idea of the current trends and narrow down your focus to a single topic and idea. There are tons of scholarly articles online that are available to the public.
  • Conduct thorough research - Just like chemistry research paper topics , for example, biology research topics must be based on hard scientific evidence. So, once you’ve picked a single idea, conduct preliminary research to see if there are enough relevant and reliable sources you could use, along with hard data, to support all your claims.
  • Make sure your research will derive new findings - The topic you choose and how you want to go about it should add value to the scientific community. So, avoid topics that can’t add anything new to the table.

What Is a Good Biology Research Paper Topic?

A good biology research paper topic is one that reveals something interesting that can offer a whole new perspective on life. It should be thought-provoking, attention-grabbing, and relevant to the community.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about - humans, animals, plants, ecology, etc. - as long as it addresses something from a new perspective, makes a new discovery, shows a link between two organisms or phenomena, or potential to lead to a scientific breakthrough.

It’s all about tackling an area or topic that holds great potential and can help us understand life and living organisms better.

Biology Research Paper Topics

Do you need good ideas for your future papers? Biological research can be fascinating as long as you master the art of choosing the right topic. Not only that you have to focus on current studies by reputable biologists, but your topic must be easily researchable so you can make strong arguments. This our list of the most interesting topics for an excellent college paper.

  • Coronaviridae - evolution, causes, and symptoms
  • Ebola - evolution, causes, and symptoms
  • Plant pathology – most common diseases
  • Immortality in the animal world
  • Human memory
  • Organ transplantation
  • Rare genetic disorders
  • Is obesity hereditary
  • Human hormones
  • Basic principles of cloning
  • What are the biological effects of pollution?

Biology Research Topics for College Students

Undergraduates struggle the most with finding the right topics for their papers, so they hire a research paper writing service for popular and easy topics. To get started, check our list of ideas below.

  • Humankind’s origins – theoretical foundations
  • The genetics behind human physical features
  • Gestation periods in mammals
  • Immune system diseases
  • Current science on oxytocin and serotonin
  • Hormonal control: human reproduction
  • The science behind drug addiction
  • Does vaccination have benefits
  • Protection of rare species
  • Infectious diseases

Biology Research Topics for High School Students

High-school biology can be very interesting if you focus on topics that interest you. Choose from our examples a topic that fascinates you.

  • Male pregnancy in animal species
  • Fertilizers
  • Immune system and stress
  • Allergic reactions
  • Plant systems
  • Biodiversity and climate change
  • Melatonin therapy
  • Brain functions
  • DNA and physical traits
  • Cell structure and specialization

Cell Biology Research Topics

Developments in cell biology can cure diseases and eliminate viruses. Writing a paper in this field can be very rewarding for a biology student.

  • Cell biology and Alzheimer’s Disease treatment paths
  • Developing cellular technology
  • Research methods in cell biology
  • Studying fixed objects
  • Light microscope functions
  • Living matter organization
  • Characteristics of viruses
  • DNA and RNA
  • Cell structure

Zoology Research Topics

Struggling with your zoology paper? You can pay for research paper . Our list of ideas can also help you.

  • Birds migration patterns
  • Wild animal protection projects
  • Primate language
  • Camouflage in sea animals
  • Invasive species analysis
  • Human speech patterns in Asian elephants
  • Cooperative behavior in ant colonies
  • Animal communication methods
  • Canine domestication
  • Brain size and species intelligence

Animal Research Topics

  • Obesity rates among home pets
  • Beauty products testing on animals
  • Diet optimization for modern home pets
  • Cognitive functions in primates
  • Predators and prey
  • Vision in animal species
  • Fishing and conservation science
  • Removing animals from their natural habitat
  • Primates behavior in zoo versus in the wild
  • Animal habitats conservation

Botany Research Topics

Are you interested in writing a paper about plants? Here are some of the latest developments in botany to get inspiration.

  • Innovations in plant research and influence on agriculture
  • Plant stress physiology
  • Plant growth control
  • Crop science – recent developments
  • Fungi – Structure and types
  • Current findings in the study of plant fossils
  • Photosynthesis
  • Genetic inheritance in plant species
  • Common occurrences in plant pathology
  • A study of ferns

Developmental Biology Research Topics

  • From stem cells to differentiated tissue
  • Tumor formation
  • Genome duplication
  • Developmental plasticity
  • Birth defects
  • Gene-environment interactions
  • Anticancer drug combinations
  • Drosophila Oogenesis
  • Diseases of developmental origin
  • Top killer viruses

Marine Biology Research Topics

Are you a marine biology student? Find your next topic below.

  • Marine ecosystems
  • Metal accumulation in marine invertebrates
  • Marine birds
  • Biotechnology in the study of marine life
  • Invertebrates
  • Marine microbiology
  • Ocean management
  • Coastal Aquaculture
  • Toxicology and pollution in oceans
  • Fishery science

Molecular Biology Research Topics

Molecular biology can save the world. If this is your area of interest in college, you can write about one of the following research topics.

  • Prion disease
  • Memory storage
  • Dengue fever – pathogenesis
  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
  • Unique and repetitive genes
  • Genome mapping
  • Development stages in molecular biology
  • DNA damaging/repairing cycle
  • DNA diagnosis of hereditary and infectious diseases
  • Viral genome organization

Ecology Topics for Research Paper

A paper on ecology can contribute to a better relationship between human communities and their environment. Look below for an engaging topic.

  • Animal response to environmental changes
  • Effects of environmental change on species diversity
  • Resistance mechanisms in animal species under environmental threat
  • Global warming effects
  • Tropical forests extinction
  • Wildlife protection measures
  • Rare species protection
  • Types of ecological disasters
  • Rain forests extinction

Environmental Topics for Research Papers

Environmental concerns are high among biology students. If you want to craft a fascinating paper, write about something that matters to you.

  • Analyzing environmental sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability through a change in global diets
  • Green growth concept
  • Effects of environmental changes on seabird population
  • Conservation practices and methods
  • Geospatial science – applications
  • Ecohydrology
  • Invasive species – the black rat
  • Coral reefs destruction versus conservation

Human Biology Research Topics

Stem cells or cloning? There’s hardly anything as engaging in science today as the research on human biology.

  • Experiments with stem cells
  • Genetic disorders
  • Abortion - biological perceptions
  • How music influences the human brain
  • Perspectives on human cloning
  • Influence of gut bacteria on the human brain
  • Molecular evidence of human’s origin
  • Stem cells’ role in medical treatment
  • Genetics and aging
  • Experiments on human DNA

Genetics Research Topics

  • Human cloning science
  • Correlation between genetics and obesity
  • How addictive substances affect genes
  • Safety concerns regarding genetically modified foods
  • Genetic mutations
  • Organ transplantation – ethical concerns
  • Is depression hereditary
  • How alcohol affects the human brain and liver
  • Lung cancer stages
  • Sun exposure – effects on human skin

Recent Research Topics in Biotechnology

Can someone write a research paper for me on biotechnology? Yes, but first choose a topic.

  • Plant biotechnology
  • Biotechnology applications on food
  • Principles of pharmacogenetics
  • Anti-cancer drugs
  • Nanotechnology methods for DNA isolation
  • HIV treatment based on nanotechnology applications
  • Detection of foodborne pathogens in food systems
  • Heavy metal tolerant and sensitive genotypes
  • Using nanotechnology in the diagnosis of cancer
  • Latest developments in forensic DNA

Evolutionary Biology Research Paper Topics

  • Original functions of the human appendix
  • Evolutionary connections between moths and butterflies
  • Anatomy of gorillas versus chimpanzees
  • Natural selection among aquatic organisms
  • Evolutionary response of parasites to human vaccination
  • Animal camouflage – evolutionary causes and evidence
  • Malaria parasites resisting to drugs
  • Social behavior among wolfs
  • Evolution of HIV
  • Evolutionary changes in mating behavior

Neurobiology Research Topics

The human brain is intriguing, and there are always things to learn about it. Have you considered these new topics?

  • Brain injuries
  • Understanding human memory
  • Self-repair capabilities in the human brain
  • Schizophrenia – genetic causes
  • Neurobiological causes of migraine
  • How gut bacteria contribute to anxiety
  • Visual cortex - an analysis
  • Links between depression and oxidative stress
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – biological markers
  • Correlation between cannabis use and dopamine release

DNA Research Topics

The DNA makes us who we are. For scientists, this gives way to experimentation and great study potential.

  • DNA-modified organisms
  • DNA experimentation in humans
  • How DNA structure is involved in genetic disorders
  • Genetic disorders treatment
  • DNA changes versus ageing
  • Analyzing DNA and cloning
  • DNA as a heredity agent
  • DNA research regarding cancer susceptibility
  • DNA genome sequencing
  • Ethical concerns regarding DNA-modified organisms

Easy Biology Research Topics

Easy biology research topics are quite popular among both high school and college students. They deal with common yet fascinating ideas that are highly relevant and add value to the community. These are some of the most interesting to consider.

  • Understanding bird behavior
  • Animal behavior due to ecological factors
  • Environmental psychology
  • Endangered species and animal extinction
  • Global warming
  • Wildfires and reforestation
  • Plant disease resistance
  • Evolution of animal behavior
  • Obesity in house pets

History of Biology Topics

If you want to tackle the history of biology, you have a whole world of topics to pick from. These might spark your creativity and help you develop a topic to write about from a fresh angle.

  • Darwin’s theory
  • The history of genetics
  • Evolution factors
  • The history of vaccination
  • Natural selection theory
  • Evolutionary dead ends
  • Famous biologists and their innovations
  • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and microbiology
  • Paleontology and evolution
  • Whaling effects on deep-sea biodiversity

We hope these biology research paper topics have sparked your creativity and nudged you in the right direction for writing a high-quality paper. If you need any assistance with research, writing an outline, editing, or writing a summary of a research paper , StudyClerk can help.

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biology thesis ideas

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Dedifferentiation of Cytotoxic Lympthocyte into Central Memory CD8+T Cells:  Lessons from Antiviral T-Stem Cells on the Architecture of Aging and Immunotherapy - Jonathan Johnnidis, Ph.D.

Class of 2017

Proteolytic Activation by ADAMTS3 Defines Distinct Mechanisms of Lymphangiogenesis Mediated by VEGFC and VEGFD - Hung Bui, Ph.D.

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Phylogenetics and Diversification of the Neotropical Serrasalminae (Ostariophysi: Characiformes)  - Wasila Dahdal, PhD

100 Fascinating Biology Research Paper Topics for Students

15 January, 2021

11 minutes read

Author:  Elizabeth Brown

Biology research is a serious analytical task that usually contains scientific findings, debatable questions, and detailed explanations. Students who are studying biology may get an assignment to find some interesting biological topics to do research for essays, term papers, and scientific reports.

Biology Research Paper Topics

It is quite a challenging and overwhelming task that takes pretty much time and effort. If your topic is not relevant, you won’t be able to include a scientific argument and proceed with further discussion. In this article, you will discover some topics for biology projects that will help you gain attention in a rapidly evolving field like this.

How to Choose Topic for Biology Research Paper?

Well, you’ve been researching for a while now, and you are ready to focus on a particular topic. Professors often ask students to write about something that has not been researched for a hundred times. Among all topics in biology, you should choose the one you are actually interested in. There are certain tips you need to follow before opting for your topic:

  • Narrow down the subject matter. Before choosing an interesting biology topic for your research paper, you first need to identify a particular aspect of biology that interests you.
  • Examine the existing research papers. You should conduct thorough research on the existing scholarly articles in order to gain a better idea about recent trends in the particular sphere of Biology.
  • Brainstorm a particular area . By brainstorming ideas and thoughts, you may find the ideal research topic for biology to focus on.
  • Conduct a preliminary research . By conducting preliminary research, you will check the amount of materials covering the selected topic. If you fail to find any information, you should choose another topic.
  • Have a look at relevant examples . Checking credible examples is important for biology topics selection. This way, you will learn how to structure your research paper and go about the selected topic.

History of Biology

Do you consider covering the history of Biology in your research? Then, you may refer to the history of all life forms on the planet and explore how they have been researched over time. Here are some topics to dwell on:

  • How archeology influences animal biology?
  • The latest explanation of Darwin’s theory in modern science
  • Edward Jenner and his contribution to the fight against epidemics
  • The dead branches of evolution
  • Exploring the importance of evolution factors
  • Study of modern theories related to the origins of humankind
  • The contribution of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek to the science of Biology
  • The most significant milestones in the development of behavioral mechanisms in the late XIX – early XX centuries
  • Can we trust the Natural Selection Theory? Does it work in the human world?
  • The development of genetics over the last century

Immune System Biology Research Topics

The immune system, as our main defense against different diseases and infections, is one of the most important topics for discussion in Biology. Take a look at the following topic examples:

  • The resistance capacity of the human immune system
  • Why is vaccination important and what are its benefits?
  • Problems caused by immunotherapy
  • Effects of probiotics on  the prevention of infections
  • How poor immunity leads to fatal diseases
  • The functions of immune system agents
  • The resistance of the human immune system
  • Medical conditions caused by immune system malfunction
  • How does insomnia influence the human immune system?
  • Molecular biology of Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Molecular Biology Topics

Are you looking for a molecular biology issue to cover in your research paper? The following topics represent the latest research on this subject matter.

  • The effective ways and tools for effective lifetime prolongation
  • The role of genetically modified crops for the national economy
  • Molecular biology research in the United States
  • Can Ebola be viewed as a biological weapon?
  • The effect on antibiotics on cells
  • Challenges caused by diseases to molecular biology
  • Does molecular biological research of rare genetic disorders provide us with the keys to understanding cancer and other diseases?
  • What are the biological reasons behind food intolerances?
  • Production of growth hormone and insulin in genetic engineering
  • Molecular chaperones and their role in polypeptides folding

Genetic Researches Biology Topics

Research on genetic concepts can reveal intriguing insights into human nature and potential. The variety of options here is unlimited. Some of them include the following:

  • How to solve the ethical dilemma of human cloning?
  • The recent implementation of genetic disorders treatment
  • Modern technology in  DNA analysis
  • The process of DNA modification on smoking females
  • Methods of the sequencing of nucleotide sequences of DNA
  • DNA Modifications and its Effects on Humans
  • Genetics of chromosomal diseases related to structural chromosome rearrangements
  • Genetics behind human physical features
  • DNA diagnosis of hereditary and infectious diseases
  • Can DNA influence the process of aging?

Neurobiology Research Topics

The human brain is intriguing, as there are always some new things to learn. The following topics have a great study potential:

  • The improvement of brain activities with the most advanced neurobiology aids
  • The innovative technologies in neurobiology
  • Does gut bacteria lead to depression?
  • Genetic defects that cause schizophrenia
  • The molecular and gene regulatory signature of a neuron
  • The influence of music on cognitive processes in a human brain
  • What are the negative consequences associated with neurosurgery?
  • Formation of thinking, speech, and consciousness of an average person
  • Neurobiological Explanation of Sleep
  • The role of neuroscience in the development of robotic technologies

Plant Research Topics

Are you interested in writing a paper about plants? Here are some of the latest ideas in botany to get inspiration by: 

  • How does climate change affect biodiversity in Australia?
  • The evolutionary factors that affect plant growth
  • A comparative analysis of invasive plants in New Zealand
  • Friction in the plant world
  • How modern technology can facilitate plant disease treatment
  • Disease resistance mechanism in plants
  • An extensive research on plant-associated microbes and available genomic tools
  • Feature and functions of photosynthesis
  • Impact of electric current on plant cells
  • Plant cells plastids structure and function

Ecological Subjects

Ecology-concerning subjects are becoming more and more popular as society has to deal with the results of human behavior all the time. In your biology research study, you can offer some new solutions to ecological problems in order to turn the world into a better place. Let’s review some popular topic examples:

  • Exploring the relevance of chemical ecology in the context of Oceania
  • The impact of Ecological factors on animal behavior
  • Ways animals and plants adapt to fast-changing environment
  • Explore the ecological footprint of cotton production
  • The ecological approach to sustainable marine research
  • Why does biodiversity need to be conserved?
  • Consequences of building the Hetch Hetchy valley dam
  • What causes toxic algae bloom?
  • Indoor air pollution: causes and risks
  • The devastating impact of deforestation in Amazon forests

If you are interested in the animal world , feel free to write about it in your research paper. By conducting a deep analysis of one phenomenon or species, you may shed light on the growing problems. Some of the burning topics to consider include the following:

  • How the mechanism of camouflage is used by sea animals?
  • How does veganism affect meat production?
  • How do humans influence the diversity of animal species?
  • The mechanism of resistance in animals
  • Domestication: can foxes become domestic animals?
  • Possibility of homosexual connections in the world of animals
  • The future of the planet through the prism of Species Extinction
  • Can beauty products testing on animals be viewed as ethical?
  • Evolutionary connections between moths and butterflies
  • The importance of home diet for dogs

Behavior and Hormones

You can also share ideas on how human hormones influence their mood and well-being. A short list of topic samples covers the following: 

  • How hormones affect women’s behavior during pregnancy
  • Psychopathic Disorders: Are They Hormone-Specific?
  • The hormones disorder and constant depression
  • How does your brain control your behavior?
  • The three main psychopathic disorders influenced by hormones
  • Analyze the features of oxytocin that turn this hormone into a love drug
  • How to generate growth hormone by means of genetic engineering methods?
  • Biologic basis of the bipolar disorder
  • The influence of diabetes and its potential threats
  • The role of hormones in women’s health

Easy Biology Research Topics

If you don’t know what to write about in your biology research paper, you can use one of the most common topics. Although they have been widely covered by scientists, it doesn’t mean they are not suitable for further research. These topic ideas might come in handy:

  • How to prevent the risks related to global warming?
  • The future prospects of molecular biology in Europe
  • Is growing organs for transplantation in laboratories ethical?
  • How is melatonin used for therapy purposes?
  • What is the value of sustainability in Biology?
  • Explore the effects of marijuana on the human brain. Should the use of marijuana become legal?
  • Accuracy of DNA testing in the modern medical environment
  • Different ecological pyramids and the ratio of organisms at each of their levels
  • The positive and negative aspects of transgenic crops
  • Various means of wildlife protection

biology research topics

Biology research is one of the most complicated academic assignments that needs to be written according to strict requirements. While checking the variety of biology research topics, you should be ready to deal with certain problems, such as a poor understanding of the subject matter, its value for society, etc. Try to select a brief and concise topic that can be supported with relevant and up-to-date evidence. Make sure to conduct thorough research by using all the available tools and methods you know. Remember that the importance and timely revelation of the topic increases your chances to get an excellent grade eventually.

If you are still unsure on whether you can cope with your task – you are in the right place to get help. Our essay writers know the perfect answer to the question “Who can write my paper?”

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Ethical Research Paper Topics

Ethical Research Paper Topics

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ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst


Molecular and Cellular Biology Masters Theses Collection

Theses from 2023 2023.

Elucidating the Priming Mechanism of ClpXP Protease by Single-Domain Response Regulator CpdR in Caulobacter crescentus , Kimberly E. Barker, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Discovery of a Novel Bacteria from a Large Co-assembly of Metagenomes , Matthew Finkelberg, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Investigating Diterpene Biosynthesis in Medicago Truncatula , Sungwoo Hwang, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Combining Simulation and the MspA Nanopore to Study p53 Dynamics and Interactions , Samantha A. Schultz, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Caulobacter ClpXP Adaptor PopA’s Domain Interactions in the Adaptor Hierarchy of CtrA Degradation , Thomas P. Scudder, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Climate Change, Giant Viruses and Their Putative Hosts , Sarah K. Tucker, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2022 2022

Changes in Gene Expression From Long-Term Warming Revealed Using Metatranscriptome Mapping to FAC-Sorted Bacteria , Christopher A. Colvin, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Determining CaMKII Variant Activities and Their Roles in Human Disease , Matthew J. Dunn, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Developmental Exposures to PFAS Mixtures Impair Elongation of the Exocrine Pancreas in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) , Emily M. Formato, Molecular & Cellular Biology

A Metatranscriptomic Analysis of the Long-Term Effects of Warming on the Harvard Forest Soil Microbiome , Brooke A. Linnehan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Characterization of the Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Family in the Fusarium oxysporum Species Complex , Daniel Norment, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2021 2021

Exploring Knockdown Phenotypes and Interactions between ATAD3 Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana , Eli S. Gordon, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Development of a Site-Specific Labeling Assay to Study the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Type III Secretion Translocon in Native Membranes , Kyle A. Mahan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Liposomal Nanoparticles Target TLR7/8-SHP2 to Repolarize Macrophages to Aid in Cancer Immunotherapy , Vaishali Malik, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Hsp70 Phosphorylation: A Case Study of Serine Residues 385 and 400 , Sashrika Saini, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Activation of Nrf2 at Critical Windows of Development Alters Protein S-Glutathionylation in the Zebrafish Embryo (Danio rerio) , Emily G. Severance, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Utilizing Fluorescence Microscopy to Characterize the Subcellular Distribution of the Novel Protein Acheron , Varun Sheel, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2020 2020

The Association Between Sperm DNA Methylation and Sperm Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number , Emily Houle, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Gene Expression Regulation in the Mouse Liver by Mechanistic Target Of Rapamycin Complexes I and II , Anthony Poluyanoff, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Sperm Mitochondrial DNA Biomarkers as a Measure of Male Fecundity and Overall Sperm Quality , Allyson Rosati, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Exploration of the Association between Muscle Volume and Bone Geometry Reveals Surprising Relationship at the Genetic Level , Prakrit Subba, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2019 2019

Studies on the Interaction and Organization of Bacterial Proteins on Membranes , Mariana Brena, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Investigating The Role Of LBH During Early Embryonic Development In Xenopus Laevis , Emma Weir, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2018 2018

Exploring the Influence of PKC-theta Phosphorylation on Notch1 Activation and T Helper Cell Differentiation , Grace Trombley, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2017 2017

Partial Craniofacial Cartilage Rescue in ace/fgf8 Mutants from Compensatory Signaling From the Ventricle of Danio Rerio , Douglas A. Calenda II, Molecular & Cellular Biology


Characterization of Calcium Homeostasis Parameters in TRPV3 and CaV3.2 Double Null Mice , Aujan Mehregan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Microtransplantation of Rat Brain Neurolemma into Xenopus Laevis Oocytes to Study the Effect of Environmental Toxicants on Endogenous Voltage-Sensitive Ion Channels , Edwin Murenzi, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Regulation of Katanin Activity on Microtubules , Madison A. Tyler, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2016 2016

The Role of MicroRNAs in Regulating the Translatability and Stability of Target Messenger RNAs During the Atrophy and Programmed Cell Death of the Intersegmental Muscles of the Tobacco Hawkmoth Manduca sexta. , Elizabeth Chan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

An in Vivo Study of Cortical Dynein Dynamics and its Contribution to Microtubule Sliding in the Midzone , Heather M. Jordan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

A Genetic Analysis of Cichlid Scale Morphology , Kenta C. Kawasaki, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Modulation of Notch in an Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis , Manit Nikhil Munshi, Molecular & Cellular Biology

One-Carbon Metabolism Related B-Vitamins Alter The Expression Of MicroRNAS And Target Genes Within The Wnt Signaling Pathway In Mouse Colonic Epithelium , Riccardo Racicot, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Characterizing the Inhibition of Katanin Using Tubulin Carboxy-Terminal Tail Constructs , Corey E. Reed, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Identification of Notch1 Functional Domains Responsible for its Physical Interaction with PKCθ , Wesley D. Rossiter, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Dynamics of Microtubule Networks with Antiparallel Crosslinkers , Kasimira T. Stanhope, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Modifications of Myofilament Structure and Function During Global Myocardial Ischemia , Mike K. Woodward, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2015 2015

Regulation of Jak1 and Jak2 Synthesis through Non-Classical Progestin Receptors , Hillary Adams, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Antineoplastic Effects of Rhodiola Crenulata on B16-F10 Melanoma , Maxine Dudek, Molecular & Cellular Biology

RNAi Validation of Resistance Genes and Their Interactions in the Highly DDT-Resistant 91-R Strain of Drosophila Melanogaster , Kyle Gellatly, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions for Therapeutic Drug Design Utilizing Mass Spectrometry , Alex J. Johnson, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Promoting Extracellular Matrix Crosslinking in Synthetic Hydrogels , Marcos M. Manganare, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Characterization of the Reconstituted and Native Pseudomonas aeruginosa Type III Secretion System Translocon , Kathryn R. Monopoli, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Thermocycle-regulated WALL REGULATOR INTERACTING bHLH Encodes a Protein That Interacts with Secondary-Cell-Wall-Associated Transcription Factors , Ian P. Whitney, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2014 2014

Engineering Camelina sativa for Biofuel Production via increasing oil yield and tolerance to abiotic stresses , Kenny Ablordeppey, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Designing a Pore-Forming Toxin Cytolysin A (ClyA) Specific to Target Cancer Cells , Alzira Rocheteau Avelino, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Role of the Novel Lupus Antigen, Acheron, in Moderating Life and Death Decisions , Ankur Sheel, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Expression and Purification of Human Lysosomal β-galactosidase from Pichia Pastoris , Sarah E. Tarullo, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Properties of Potential Substrates of a Cyanobacterial Small Heat Shock Protein , Yichen Zhang, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2013 2013

Characterizing the Heavy Metal Chelator, Tpen, as a Ca2+ Tool in the Mammalian Oocyte , Robert A. Agreda Mccaughin, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Sustainable Biofuels Production Through Understanding Fundamental Bacterial Pathways Involved in Biomass Degradation and Sugar Utilization , James CM Hayes, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Stiffness and Modulus and Independent Controllers of Breast Cancer Metastasis , Dannielle Ryman, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2012 2012

The Pyrethroid Deltamethrin, Which Causes Choreoathetosis with Salivation (CS-Syndrome), Enhances Calcium Ion Influx via Phosphorylated CaV2.2 expresssed in Xenopus laevis oocytes , Anna-maria Alves, Molecular & Cellular Biology

A Test of the Hypothesis That Environmental Chemicals Interfere With Thyroid Hormone Action in Human Placenta , Katherine Geromini, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Analyzing the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Male-Female Interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana. , Eric A. Johnson, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Rhythmic Growth And Vascular Development In Brachypodium Distachyon , Dominick A. Matos, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Polymer Prodrug Conjugation to Tumor Homing Mesenchymal Stem Cells , Nick Panzarino, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Investigation of Differential Vector Competence of Bartonella quintana in Human Head and Body Lice , Domenic j. Previte, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Downregulation of Cinnamyl Alcohol Dehydrogenase or Caffeic Acid O-Methyltransferase Leads to Improved Biological Conversion Efficiency in Brachypodium distachyon , Gina M. Trabucco, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2011 2011

Evolutionary Relationship of the ampC Resistance Gene In E. cloacae , Shanika S. Collins, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Sex Difference in Calbindin Cell Number in the Mouse Preoptic Area: Effects of Neonatal Estradiol and Bax Gene Deletion , Richard F. Gilmore III, Molecular & Cellular Biology

In Vivo Investigations of Polymer Conjugates as Therapeutics , Elizabeth M. Henchey, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Examination of Sexually Dimorphic Cell Death in the Pubertal Mouse Brain , Amanda Holley, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Human Niemann-Pick Type C2 Disease Protein Expression, Purification and Crystallization , Yurie T. Kim, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Revealing the Localization of the Class I Formin Family in the Moss Physcomitrella patens Using Gene Targeting Strategies , Kelli Pattavina, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Connecting Motors and Membranes: A Quantitative Investigation of Dynein Pathway Components and in vitro Characterization of the Num1 Coiled Coil Domain , Bryan J. St. Germain, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2010 2010

The Protective Effects A Full-term Pregnancy Plays Against Mammary Carcinoma , Matthew p. Carter, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Analysis Of An Actin Binding Guanine Exchange Factor, Gef8, And Actin Depolymerizing Factor In Arabidopsis Thaliana. , Aleksey Chudnovskiy, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Role of Ykl-40, a Secreted Heparin-Binding Glycoprotein, in Tumor Angiogenesis, Metastasis, and Progression: a Potential Therapeutic Target , Michael Faibish, Molecular & Cellular Biology

In Vivo Visualization of Hedgehog Signaling in Zebrafish , Christopher J. Ferreira, Molecular & Cellular Biology

An In Vivo Study of the Mammalian Mitotic Kinesin Eg5 , Alyssa D. Gable, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Identification of Dynein Binding Sites in Budding Yeast Pac1/LIS1 , Christopher W. Meaden, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Functional Characterization of Arabidopsis Formin Homologues Afh1, Afh5, Afh6, Afh7 and Afh8 , Shahriar Niroomand, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Regulation of Crbp1 In Mammary Epithelial Cells , Stacy L. Pease, Molecular & Cellular Biology

In Vivo Labeling Of A Model β-Clam Protein With A Fluorescent Amino Acid , Mangayarkarasi Periasamy, Molecular & Cellular Biology

In Vivo Characterization of Interactions Among Dynein Complex Components at Microtubule Plus Ends , Karen M. Plevock, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Anti-Diabetic Potentials of Phenolic Enriched Chilean Potato and Select Herbs of Apiaceae and Lamiaceae Families , Fahad Saleem, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Interconversion of the Specificities of Human Lysosomal Enzymes , Ivan B. Tomasic, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Deletions of Fstl3 and/or Fst Isoforms 303 and 315 Results in Hepatic Steatosis , Nathan A. Ungerleider, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2009 2009

A New Laser Pointer Driven Optical Microheater for Precise Local Heat Shock , Mike Placinta, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2008 2008

Cysteine Dioxygenase: The Importance of Key Residues and Insight into the Mechanism of the Metal Center , Jonathan H. Leung, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Invertebrate Phenology and Prey Selection of Three Sympatric Species of Salmonids; Implications for Individual Fish Growth , Jeffrey V. Ojala, Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation

Paralemmin Splice Variants and mRNA and Protein Expression in Breast Cancer , Casey M. Turk, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Stability of the frog motor nerve terminal: roles of perisynaptic Schwann cells and muscle fibers , Ling Xin, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2007 2007

Antioxidant Response Mechanism in Apples during Post-Harvest Storage and Implications for Human Health Benefits , Ishan Adyanthaya, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Progress Towards A Model Flavoenzyme System , Kevin M. Bardon, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The effect of Rhodiola crenulata on a highly metastatic murine mammary carcinoma , Jessica L. Doerner, Molecular & Cellular Biology

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Biology research topics unveil the intricate tapestry of life, from genes to ecosystems, catalyzing discoveries that impact medicine, conservation, and our understanding of life itself. Explore all of our thesis topics in biology below.

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biology thesis ideas

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Overview of all Biology thesis topics

Find biology research topics and themes related to evolutionary biology, genetics, ecology, cell biology, biodiversity, biotech, and much more! Begin your biological thesis exploration here.

  • University of Copenhagen
  • Spring 2023

University of Copenhagen


Heterologous expression




Bioengineering and/or fermentation

Synthetic biology and production of bioproduct in yeast or bacteria

I am not settled on a topic yet, and is therefore very open to adapt the topic of my project to fit with a possible company. However, I would like my thesis to deal with bioengineering/synthetic biology/heterologous expression and how this can be used to produce bioproducts (medicine, fragrances, etc.) in yeast or bacteria. Depending on the organism and how far your company has come with the bioengineering of it, the project could also deal with how to upscale the production in terms of fermenta...

biology thesis ideas

Find more thesis topics in related research areas

Looking for more thesis topic inspiration? Find topic ideas and examples in related research areas below.

34 IT & Computer Science

Interested in the digital era of endless innovation and opportunities? Explore information technology & computer science research topics that develop algorithms, secure systems, craft user-friendly interfaces, and much more.

IT & Computer Science research topics

18 engineering & technology.

Interested in machines, algorithms, and structures that shape industries, societies, and our lives? Browse engineering and technology research topics that merge design, creativity, and innovation toward a smarter future.

Engineering & Technology research topics

7 sustainability & environment.

Interested in environmental dynamics and safeguarding our Planet? Explore research topics in environment, sustainability, and climate seeking to tackle climate change, cultivate sustainable practices, and craft greener, healthier solutions.

Sustainability & Environment research topics

2 chemistry.

Interested in our universe's building blocks, unlocking the secrets of chemical compositions and reactions? Explore chemistry research topics that delve into the world of atoms and molecules.

Chemistry research topics

1 mathematics & statistics.

Interested in the language of numbers, equations, and probabilities? Explore mathematical and statistical research topics digging into real-world puzzles that unravel complex data, patterns, and problems.

Mathematics & Statistics research topics

1 medicine & health.

Interested in the complexities of human well-being, from cellular mechanisms to healthcare systems? Explore medicine and health research topics delving into solutions for healthier societies.

Medicine & Health research topics

0 astronomy.

Interesting in delving into the celestial mysteries, from stars and galaxies to the universe's grand narrative? Explore astronomy research topics on an astronomical journey to understand our universe's origin and evolution.

Astronomy research topics

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biology thesis ideas

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Senior thesis examples.

Graduating seniors in Biological Sciences have the option of submitting a senior thesis for consideration for Honors and Research Prizes .  Below are some examples of particularly outstanding theses from recent years (pdf):

Sledd Thesis

Digital Commons @ University of South Florida

  • USF Research
  • USF Libraries

Digital Commons @ USF > College of Arts and Sciences > Molecular Biosciences > Theses and Dissertations

Molecular Biosciences Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Exploring strain variation and bacteriophage predation in the gut microbiome of Ciona robusta , Celine Grace F. Atkinson

Distinct Nrf2 Signaling Thresholds Mediate Lung Tumor Initiation and Progression , Janine M. DeBlasi

Thermodynamic frustration of TAD2 and PRR contribute to autoinhibition of p53 , Emily Gregory

Utilization of Detonation Nanodiamonds: Nanocarrier for Gene Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer , Allan E. Gutierrez

Role of HLA-DRB1 Fucosylation in Anti-Melanoma Immunity , Daniel K. Lester

Targeting BET Proteins Downregulates miR-33a To Promote Synergy with PIM Inhibitors in CMML , Christopher T. Letson

Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis by M82 Peptidases: The Role of PrsS in the Staphylococcus aureus Stress Response , Baylie M. Schott

Histone Deacetylase 8 is a Novel Therapeutic Target for Mantle Cell Lymphoma and Preserves Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxic Function , January M. Watters

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Regulation of the Heat Shock Response via Lysine Acetyltransferase CBP-1 and in Neurodegenerative Disease in Caenorhabditis elegans , Lindsey N. Barrett

Determining the Role of Dendritic Cells During Response to Treatment with Paclitaxel/Anti-TIM-3 , Alycia Gardner

Cell-free DNA Methylation Signatures in Cancer Detection and Classification , Jinyong Huang

The Role Of Eicosanoid Metabolism in Mammalian Wound Healing and Inflammation , Kenneth D. Maus

A Holistic Investigation of Acidosis in Breast Cancer , Bryce Ordway

Characterizing the Impact of Postharvest Temperature Stress on Polyphenol Profiles of Red and White-Fruited Strawberry Cultivars , Alyssa N. Smith

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Multifaceted Approach to Understanding Acinetobacter baumannii Biofilm Formation and Drug Resistance , Jessie L. Allen

Cellular And Molecular Alterations Associated with Ovarian and Renal Cancer Pathophysiology , Ravneet Kaur Chhabra

Ecology and diversity of boletes of the southeastern United States , Arian Farid

CircREV1 Expression in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer , Meagan P. Horton

Microbial Dark Matter: Culturing the Uncultured in Search of Novel Chemotaxonomy , Sarah J. Kennedy

The Multifaceted Role of CCAR-1 in the Alternative Splicing and Germline Regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans , Doreen Ikhuva Lugano

Unraveling the Role of Novel G5 Peptidase Family Proteins in Virulence and Cell Envelope Biogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus , Stephanie M. Marroquin

Cytoplasmic Polyadenylation Element Binding Protein 2 Alternative Splicing Regulates HIF1α During Chronic Hypoxia , Emily M. Mayo

Transcriptomic and Functional Investigation of Bacterial Biofilm Formation , Brooke R. Nemec

A Functional Characterization of the Omega (ω) subunit of RNA Polymerase in Staphylococcus aureus , Shrushti B. Patil

The Role Of Cpeb2 Alternative Splicing In TNBC Metastasis , Shaun C. Stevens

Screening Next-generation Fluorine-19 Probe and Preparation of Yeast-derived G Proteins for GPCR Conformation and Dynamics Study , Wenjie Zhao

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Understanding the Role of Cereblon in Hematopoiesis Through Structural and Functional Analyses , Afua Adutwumwa Akuffo

To Mid-cell and Beyond: Characterizing the Roles of GpsB and YpsA in Cell Division Regulation in Gram-positive Bacteria , Robert S. Brzozowski

Spatiotemporal Changes of Microbial Community Assemblages and Functions in the Subsurface , Madison C. Davis

New Mechanisms That Regulate DNA Double-Strand Break-Induced Gene Silencing and Genome Integrity , Dante Francis DeAscanis

Regulation of the Heat Shock Response and HSF-1 Nuclear Stress Bodies in C. elegans , Andrew Deonarine

New Mechanisms that Control FACT Histone Chaperone and Transcription-mediated Genome Stability , Angelo Vincenzo de Vivo Diaz

Targeting the ESKAPE Pathogens by Botanical and Microbial Approaches , Emily Dilandro

Succession in native groundwater microbial communities in response to effluent wastewater , Chelsea M. Dinon

Role of ceramide-1 phosphate in regulation of sphingolipid and eicosanoid metabolism in lung epithelial cells , Brittany A. Dudley

Allosteric Control of Proteins: New Methods and Mechanisms , Nalvi Duro

Microbial Community Structures in Three Bahamian Blue Holes , Meghan J. Gordon

A Novel Intramolecular Interaction in P53 , Fan He

The Impact of Myeloid-Mediated Co-Stimulation and Immunosuppression on the Anti-Tumor Efficacy of Adoptive T cell Therapy , Pasquale Patrick Innamarato

Investigating Mechanisms of Immune Suppression Secondary to an Inflammatory Microenvironment , Wendy Michelle Kandell

Posttranslational Modification and Protein Disorder Regulate Protein-Protein Interactions and DNA Binding Specificity of p53 , Robin Levy

Mechanistic and Translational Studies on Skeletal Malignancies , Jeremy McGuire

Novel Long Non-Coding RNA CDLINC Promotes NSCLC Progression , Christina J. Moss

Genome Maintenance Roles of Polycomb Transcriptional Repressors BMI1 and RNF2 , Anthony Richard Sanchez IV

The Ecology and Conservation of an Urban Karst Subterranean Estuary , Robert J. Scharping

Biological and Proteomic Characterization of Cornus officinalis on Human 1.1B4 Pancreatic β Cells: Exploring Use for T1D Interventional Application , Arielle E. Tawfik

Evaluation of Aging and Genetic Mutation Variants on Tauopathy , Amber M. Tetlow

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Investigating the Proteinaceous Regulome of the Acinetobacter baumannii , Leila G. Casella

Functional Characterization of the Ovarian Tumor Domain Deubiquitinating Enzyme 6B , Jasmin M. D'Andrea

Integrated Molecular Characterization of Lung Adenocarcinoma with Implications for Immunotherapy , Nicholas T. Gimbrone

The Role of Secreted Proteases in Regulating Disease Progression in Staphylococcus aureus , Brittney D. Gimza

Advanced Proteomic and Epigenetic Characterization of Ethanol-Induced Microglial Activation , Jennifer Guergues Guergues

Understanding immunometabolic and suppressive factors that impact cancer development , Rebecca Swearingen Hesterberg

Biochemical and Proteomic Approaches to Determine the Impact Level of Each Step of the Supply Chain on Tomato Fruit Quality , Robert T. Madden

Enhancing Immunotherapeutic Interventions for Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia , Kamira K. Maharaj

Characterization of the Autophagic-Iron Axis in the Pathophysiology of Endometriosis and Epithelial Ovarian Cancers , Stephanie Rockfield

Understanding the Influence of the Cancer Microenvironment on Metabolism and Metastasis , Shonagh Russell

Modeling of Interaction of Ions with Ether- and Ester-linked Phospholipids , Matthew W. Saunders

Novel Insights into the Multifaceted Roles of BLM in the Maintenance of Genome Stability , Vivek M. Shastri

Conserved glycine residues control transient helicity and disorder in the cold regulated protein, Cor15a , Oluwakemi Sowemimo

A Novel Cytokine Response Modulatory Function of MEK Inhibitors Mediates Therapeutic Efficacy , Mengyu Xie

Novel Strategies on Characterizing Biologically Specific Protein-protein Interaction Networks , Bi Zhao

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Characterization of the Transcriptional Elongation Factor ELL3 in B cells and Its Role in B-cell Lymphoma Proliferation and Survival , Lou-Ella M.m. Alexander

Identification of Regulatory miRNAs Associated with Ethanol-Induced Microglial Activation Using Integrated Proteomic and Transcriptomic Approaches , Brandi Jo Cook

Molecular Phylogenetics of Floridian Boletes , Arian Farid

MYC Distant Enhancers Underlie Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility at the 8q24.21 Locus , Anxhela Gjyshi Gustafson

Quantitative Proteomics to Support Translational Cancer Research , Melissa Hoffman

A Systems Chemical Biology Approach for Dissecting Differential Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Clinical Kinase Inhibitors in Lung Cancer , Natalia Junqueira Sumi

Investigating the Roles of Fucosylation and Calcium Signaling in Melanoma Invasion , Tyler S. Keeley

Synthesis, Oxidation, and Distribution of Polyphenols in Strawberry Fruit During Cold Storage , Katrina E. Kelly

Investigation of Alcohol-Induced Changes in Hepatic Histone Modifications Using Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics , Crystina Leah Kriss

Off-Target Based Drug Repurposing Using Systems Pharmacology , Brent M. Kuenzi

Investigation of Anemarrhena asphodeloides and its Constituent Timosaponin-AIII as Novel, Naturally Derived Adjunctive Therapeutics for the Treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer , Catherine B. MarElia

The Role of Phosphohistidine Phosphatase 1 in Ethanol-induced Liver Injury , Daniel Richard Martin

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Changing the Pathobiological Paradigm in Myelodysplastic Syndromes: The NLRP3 Inflammasome Drives the MDS Phenotype , Ashley Basiorka

Modeling of Dynamic Allostery in Proteins Enabled by Machine Learning , Mohsen Botlani-Esfahani

Uncovering Transcriptional Activators and Targets of HSF-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans , Jessica Brunquell

The Role of Sgs1 and Exo1 in the Maintenance of Genome Stability. , Lillian Campos-Doerfler

Mechanisms of IKBKE Activation in Cancer , Sridevi Challa

Discovering Antibacterial and Anti-Resistance Agents Targeting Multi-Drug Resistant ESKAPE Pathogens , Renee Fleeman

Functional Roles of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer , Jeremy S. Frieling

Disorder Levels of c-Myb Transactivation Domain Regulate its Binding Affinity to the KIX Domain of CREB Binding Protein , Anusha Poosapati

Role of Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 in Ovarian Cancer Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Drug Sensitivity , Chase David Powell

Cell Division Regulation in Staphylococcus aureus , Catherine M. Spanoudis

A Novel Approach to the Discovery of Natural Products From Actinobacteria , Rahmy Tawfik

Non-classical regulators in Staphylococcus aureus , Andy Weiss

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

In Vitro and In Vivo Antioxidant Capacity of Synthetic and Natural Polyphenolic Compounds Identified from Strawberry and Fruit Juices , Marvin Abountiolas

Quantitative Proteomic Investigation of Disease Models of Type 2 Diabetes , Mark Gabriel Athanason

CMG Helicase Assembly and Activation: Regulation by c-Myc through Chromatin Decondensation and Novel Therapeutic Avenues for Cancer Treatment , Victoria Bryant

Computational Modeling of Allosteric Stimulation of Nipah Virus Host Binding Protein , Priyanka Dutta

Cell Cycle Arrest by TGFß1 is Dependent on the Inhibition of CMG Helicase Assembly and Activation , Brook Samuel Nepon-Sixt

Gene Expression Profiling and the Role of HSF1 in Ovarian Cancer in 3D Spheroid Models , Trillitye Paullin

VDR-RIPK1 Interaction and its Implications in Cell Death and Cancer Intervention , Waise Quarni

Regulation of nAChRs and Stemness by Nicotine and E-cigarettes in NSCLC , Courtney Schaal

Targeting Histone Deacetylases in Melanoma and T-cells to Improve Cancer Immunotherapy , Andressa Sodre De Castro Laino

Nonreplicative DNA Helicases Involved in Maintaining Genome Stability , Salahuddin Syed

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Functional Analysis of the Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility Locus at 9p22.2 Reveals a Transcription Regulatory Network Mediated by BNC2 in Ovarian Cells , Melissa Buckley

Exploring the Pathogenic and Drug Resistance Mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus , Whittney Burda

Regulation and Targeting of the FANCD2 Activation in DNA Repair , Valentina Celeste Caceres

Mass Spectrometry-Based Investigation of APP-Dependent Mechanisms in Neurodegeneration , Dale Chaput

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Undergraduate Theses, Department of Biology, 2022-2023

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23 catalog results, online 1. a predictive model of human transcriptional activators and repressors [2023].

  • Liongson, Ivan (Author)
  • May 4, 2023

Online 2. A Representative Role for the Alternative Splicing of Synaptic Genes [2023]

  • Choeb, Reyan (Author)

Online 3. Building a B Cell Differentiation Model for X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia Using Pluripotent Stem Cells [2023]

  • Hernández González, Elaine (Author)
  • May 5, 2023

Online 4. Dissecting the Parasympathetic Neural Circuits of the Heart [2023]

  • Nguyen, Annie (Author)

Online 5. Early Life Stress Moderates the Relation Between Inflammation and Nucleus Accumbens Gray Matter Volume in Adolescents [2023]

  • Jaeger, Emma L. (Author)

Online 6. Identification of DNA Termini in Sequencing Data through Combined Analysis of End Capture and Local Strand Bias [2023]

  • Wang, William (Author)

Online 7. Identifying Endocrine Bases of Parental Neglect and Infanticide in the Mimic Poison Frog [2023]

  • Lewis, Amaris (Author)

Online 8. Injectable Biomimetic Hydrogels Providing Prolonged Delivery of GLP-1 Analogues for Enhanced Diabetes Treatment [2023]

  • Lu, Katie (Author)

Online 9. Internalization of anti-GD2 antibodies as a key component of the antibody-induced cell death mechanism in pediatric neuroblastoma [2023]

  • Wang, Alice (Author)

Online 10. Investigating impacts of heat stress on symbiosis in cnidarian larvae using high-throughput fluorescence-based quantification [2023]

  • Paul, Maitri (Author)

Online 11. Mechanisms of Ferroptosis Evasion Promoted by Extracellular Metabolites [2023]

  • Alchemy, Grace (Author)

Online 12. Morphological Analysis of Axo-Axonic Cell Variability [2023]

  • Linker, Lexi (Author)

Online 13. Mosquitoes in the Anthropocene: A Multi-Decade Study at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve [2023]

  • Dutta Gupta, Tanvi (Author)

Online 14. Propagule size has context-dependent effects on colonization success in mixtures of gut microbial communities [2023]

  • Goldman, Doran (Author)

Online 15. Spatiotemporal gene expression mapping of brain aging in mice [2023]

  • Kedir, Blen (Author)

Online 16. Specific extrusion of Enterovirus-A71-infected cells from human colonoids and consequences for viral spread [2023]

  • Craven, Ailsa (Author)

Online 17. Stuck in the Matrix- Patch Matrix Dynamics in Florida Scrub [2023]

  • Narasimhan, Sriram (Author)

Online 18. The Junctional Epithelium Organoid: A Novel System for Periodontitis Research [2023]

  • Dawid, Isaiah (Author)

Online 19. Using inducible signaling receptors for in vivo fate determination of hematopoietic stem cells to erythroid-specific lineages [2023]

  • Majeti, Kiran (Author)

Online 20. We Are What We Eat: The Impact of Agricultural Intensity on the Microbiome of Honeybee Guts [2023]

  • Murran, Aisling (Author)
  • May 17, 2023

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BYU ScholarsArchive

Home > Life Sciences > Microbiology and Molecular Biology > Theses and Dissertations

Microbiology and Molecular Biology Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Elucidating the Architecture of the TclIJN Complex that Converts Cysteine to Thiazoles in the Biosynthesis of Micrococcin , Diana G. Calvopina Chavez

Manipulating and Assaying Chromatin Architecture Around Enhancer Elements in vivo , John Lawrence Carter

Halophilic Genes that Impact Plant Growth in Saline Soils , Mckay A. Meinzer

Characterizing Stress Granule Regulation by PAS Kinase, Ataxin-2 and Ptc6 and Investigating the Lifespan of Covid-19 Virus on Currency , Colleen R. Newey

Changes in RNA Expression of HuT78 Cells Resulting From the HIV-1 Viral Protein R R77Q Mutation , Joshua S. Ramsey

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Biofilm Characterization and the Potential Role of eDNA in Horizontal Gene Transfer in Hospital and Meat Isolates of Staphylococcus aureus and Their Biofilms , Ashley Lynne Ball

Novel Patterns for Nucleosome Positioning: From in vitro to in vivo , David Andrew Bates

The Effects of Polymorphisms of Viral Protein R of HIV-1 on the Induction of Apoptosis in Primary Cells and the Characterization of Twelve Novel Bacillus anthracis Bacteriophage , Jacob D. Fairholm

Analysis of the Cytopathogenic Effect of Different HIV-1 Vpr Isoforms on Primary Human CD4+ T Cells and a Model Cell Line , Jonatan Josue Fierro Nieves

The Role of Chitinase A in Mastitis-Associated Escherichia coli Pathogenesis , Weston D. Hutchison

Big Data Meta-Analyses of Transcriptional Responses of Human Samples to Orthohantavirus Infection and Shotgun Metagenomics From Crohn's Disease Patients. , John L. Krapohl

An Exploration of Factors that Impact Uptake of Human Papillomavirus Vaccines , David Samuel Redd

Genomic Analysis and Therapeutic Development of Bacteriophages to Treat Bacterial Infections and Parasitic Infestations , Daniel W. Thompson

The Use of Nucleotide Salvage Pathway Enzymes as Suitable Tumor Targets for Antibody-Based and Adoptive Cell Therapies , Edwin J. Velazquez

Comparative Sequence Analysis Elucidates the Evolutionary Patterns of Yersinia pestis in New Mexico over Thirty-Two Years , M. Elizabeth Warren

Regulation of T Cell Activation by the CD5 Co-Receptor and Altered Peptides, Characterization of Thymidine Kinase-Specific Antibodies, and Integrating Genomics Education in Society , Kiara Vaden Whitley

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Evolution and Selection: From Suppression of Metabolic Deficiencies to Bacteriophage Host Range and Resistance , Daniel Kurt Arens

Identifying Sinorhizobium meliloti Genes that Determine Fitness Outcomes , Alexander B. Benedict

Pushing the Limits of SARS-CoV-2 Survival: How SARS-CoV-2 Responds to Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and Wastewater , Benjamin Hawthorne Ogilvie

Mutations in HIV-1 Vpr Affect Pathogenesis in T-Lymphocytes and Novel Strategies to Contain the Current COVID-19 Pandemic , Antonio Solis Leal

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Staphylococcus aureus Metal Acquisition in Milk and Mammary Gland Tissue , Shalee Killpack Carlson

Antimicrobial Peptide Development: From Massively Parallel Peptide Sequencing to Bioinformatic Motif Identification , Alexander K. Erikson

A Comparison of Chikungunya Virus Infection, Dissemination, and Cytokine Induction in Human and Murine Macrophages and Characterization of RAG2-/-γc-/- Mice as an Animal Model to Study Neurotropic Chikungunya Disease , Israel Guerrero

The Effects of Immune Regulation and Dysregulation: Helper T Cell Receptor Affinity, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Cancer Risk, and Vaccine Hesitancy , Deborah K. Johnson

Identification of Genes that Determine Fitness, Virulence, and Disease Outcomes in Mastitis Associated Eschericia coli , Michael Andrew Olson

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Investigation of Thymidine Kinase 1 in Cancer Progression , Eliza Esther King Bitter

Ribosomally Synthesized and Post-Translationally Modified Peptides as Potential Scaffolds for Peptide Engineering , Devan Bursey

Bioaerosols Associated with Evaporative Cooler Use in Low-Income Homes in Semi-Arid Climates , Ashlin Elaine Cowger

PAS Kinase and TOR, Controllers of Cell Growth and Proliferation , Brooke Jasmyn Cozzens

Regulation of Immune Cell Activation and Functionby the nBMPp2 Protein andthe CD5 Co-Receptor , Claudia Mercedes Freitas

Characterizing Novel Pathways for Regulation and Function of Ataxin-2 , Elise Spencer Melhado

Interactions Between the Organellar Pol1A, Pol1B, and Twinkle DNA Replication Proteins and Their Role in Plant Organelle DNA Replication , Stewart Anthony Morley

SNFing Glucose to PASs Mitochondrial Dysfunction: The Role of Two Sensory Protein Kinases in Metabolic Diseases , Kai Li Ong

Characterizing the Function of PAS kinase in Cellular Metabolism and Neurodegenerative Disease , Jenny Adele Pape

Isolation, Characterization, and Genomic Comparison of Bacteriophages of Enterobacteriales Order , Ruchira Sharma

Isolation, Genetic Characterization and Clinical Application of Bacteriophages of Pathogenic Bacterial Species , Trever Leon Thurgood

Investigation of Therapeutic Immune Cell Metabolism , Josephine Anna Tueller

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Innate Immune Cell Phenotypes Are Dictated by Distinct Epigenetic Reprogramming , Kevin Douglas Adams

Bacteriophages for Treating American Foulbrood and the Neutralization of Paenibacillus larvae Spores , Thomas Scott Brady

Methods for Detection of and Therapy for Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae , Olivia Tateoka Brown

The Diversity Found Among Carbapenem-Resistant Bacteria , Galen Edward Card

Exploration of Antimicrobial Activity in Natural Peptides and High-Throughput Discovery of Synthetic Peptides , Emma Kay Dallon

Gut Microbiota Regulates the Interplay Between Diet and Genetics to Influence Insulin Resistance , Jeralyn Jones Franson

The Antimicrobial Properties of Honey and Their Effect on Pathogenic Bacteria , Shreena Himanshu Mody

The Ability of Novel Phage to Infect Virulent Bacillus anthracis Isolates , Hyrum Smith Shumway

Galleria Mellonella as an Alternate Infection Model for Burkholderia Species and a Comparison of Suspension and Surface Test Methods for Evaluating Sporicidal Efficacy , Joseph D. Thiriot

The Clinical Significance of HPRT as a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biomarker for Hematological and Solid Malignancies , Michelle Hannah Townsend

Biomarker Analysis and Clinical Relevance of Thymidine Kinase 1 in Solid and Hematological Malignancies , Evita Giraldez Weagel

Hospital and meat associated Staphylococcus aureus and Their Biofilm Characteristics , Trevor Michael Wienclaw

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Comparison of Cytokine Expression and Bacterial Growth During Periparturient and Mid Lactation Mastitis in a Mouse Model , Rhonda Nicole Chronis

Influence of Epstein-Barr Virus on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Development and the Role of Depression on Disease Progression , Caleb Cornaby

The Effects of Nucleosome Positioning and Chromatin Architecture on Transgene Expression , Colton E. Kempton

Phosphate Signaling Through Alternate Conformations of the PstSCAB Phosphate Transporter , Ramesh Krishna Vuppada

Acetobacter fabarum Genes Influencing Drosophila melanogaster Phenotypes , Kylie MaKay White

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

The Path to Understanding Salt Tolerance: Global Profiling of Genes Using Transcriptomics of the Halophyte Suaeda fruticosa , Joann Diray Arce

Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of the Micrococcin Biosynthetic Pathway , Philip Ross Bennallack

Characterizing Interaction Between PASK and PBP1/ ATXN2 to Regulate Cell Growth and Proliferation , Nidhi Rajan Choksi

The Activity of Alkaline Glutaraldehyde Against Bacterial Endospores and Select Non-Enveloped Viruses , Justen Thalmus Despain

The Role of Viral Interleukin-6 in Tumor Development of Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Lymphomas , Rebecca A. Fullwood

The Role of the Transcriptional Antiterminator RfaH in Lipopolysaccharide Synthesis, Resistance to Antimicrobial Peptides, and Virulence of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Yersinia pestis , Jared Michael Hoffman

A CryAB Interactome Reveals Clientele Specificity and Dysfunction of Mutants Associated with Human Disease , Whitney Katherine Hoopes

The pmrHFIJKLM Operon in Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Enhances Resistance to CCL28 and Promotes Phagocytic Engulfment by Neutrophils , Lauren Elizabeth Johnson

Characterization of Five Brevibacillus Bacteriophages and Their Genomes , Michael Allen Sheflo

Analysis of Nucleosome Isolation and Recovery: From In Silico Invitrosomes to In Vivo Nucleosomes , Collin Brendan Skousen

Human Herpesvirus 6A Infection and Immunopathogenesis in Humanized Rag2 -/-γc-/- Mice and Relevance to HIV/AIDS and Autoimmunity , Anne Tanner

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Identifying and Characterizing Yeast PAS Kinase 1 Substrates Reveals Regulation of Mitochondrial and Cell Growth Pathways , Desiree DeMille

The Detection and Molecular Evolution of Francisella tularensis Subspecies , Mark K. Gunnell

Isolation and Host Range of Staphylococcus aureus Bacteriophages and Use for Decontamination of Fomites , Kyle C. Jensen

The Antioxidant and DNA Repair Capacities of Resveratrol, Piceatannol, and Pterostilbene , Justin Ryan Livingston

High Salinity Stabilizes Bacterial Community Composition and Activity Through Time , Tylan Wayne Magnusson

Advancing Phage Genomics and Honeybee Health Through Discovery and Characterization of Paenibacillaceae Bacteriophages , Bryan Douglas Merrill

Specialized Replication Operons Control Rhizobial Plasmid Copy Number in Developing Symbiotic Cells , Clarice Lorraine Perry

Gene Networks Involved in Competitive Root Colonization and Nodulation in the Sinorhizobium meliloti-Medicago truncatula Symbiosis , Ryan D. VanYperen

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Snf1 Mediated Phosphorylation and Activation of PAS Kinase , Bryan D. Badal

Studies of PhoU in Escherichia coli: Metal Binding, Dimerization,Protein/Protein Interactions, and a Signaling Complex Model , Stewart G. Gardner

Pharmacologic Immunomodulation of Macrophage Activation by Caffeine , Ryan Perry Steck

Analysis of Nucleosome Mobility, Fragility, and Recovery: From Embryonic Stem Cells to Invitrosomes , Ashley Nicolle Wright

Enhancing Protein and Enzyme Stability Through Rationally Engineered Site-Specific Immobilization Utilizing Non-Canonical Amino Acids , Jeffrey Chun Wu

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Thymidine Kinase 1: Diagnostic and Prognostic Significance in Malignancy , Melissa Marie Alegre

Promoter Polymorphisms in Interferon Regulatory Factor 5 , Daniel N. Clark

Modulators of Symbiotic Outcome in Sinorhizobium meliloti , Matthew B. Crook

Evidences for Protein-Protein Interactions Between PstB and PhoU in the Phosphate Signaling Complex of Escherichia coli , Kristine Dawn Johns

Identification of the Binding Partners for HspB2 and CryAB Reveals Myofibril and Mitochondrial Protein Interactions and Non-Redundant Roles for Small Heat Shock Proteins , Kelsey Murphey Langston

A Quadruplex Real-Time PCR Assay for the Rapid Detection and Differentiation of the Burkholderia pseudomallei Complex: B. mallei , B. pseudomallei , and B. thailandensis , Chinn-woan Lowe

The Role of Nuclear BMP2 in the Cell Cycle and Tumorigenesis , Brandt Alan Nichols

Nuclear BMP2 and the Immune Response , Daniel S. Olsen

Hypersaline Lake Environments Exhibit Reduced Microbial Dormancy , Joshua Christopher Vert

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Characterization of the Cellular and Organellar Dynamics that Occur with a Partial Depletion of Mitochondrial DNA when Arabidopsis Organellar DNA Polymerase IB is Mutated , John D. Cupp

Effect of Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress on Different Cancer Cell Types , Gaytri Devi Gupta Elera

Effects of Chemical Stimulation and Tumor Co-Incubation on Macrophage Activation and Aggressiveness, Measured Through Phagocytosis and Respiratory Burst , Bo Marcus Gustafsson

Loss of the Lipopolysaccharide Core Biosynthesis rfaD Gene Increases Antimicrobial Chemokine Binding and Bacterial Susceptibility to CCL28 and Polymyxin: A Model for Understanding the Interface of Antimicrobial Chemokines and Bacterial Host Defense Avoidance Mechanisms , Cynthia S. Lew

Partial Characterization of the Antimicrobial Activity of CCL28 , Bin Liu

Characterizing the Role of HspB2 in Cardiac Metabolism and Muscle Structure Using Yeast and Mammalian Systems , Jonathan Paul Neubert

Humanized Mice as a Model to Study Human Viral Pathogenesis and Novel Antiviral Drugs , Freddy Mauricio Sanchez Tumbaco

Transgene Delivery via Microelectromechanical Systems , Aubrey Marie Mueller Wilson

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Antioxidants in Cancer Research and Prevention: Assay Comparison, Structure-Function Analysis, and Food Product Analysis , Andrew Robert Garrett

Characterization of the Role Nuclear Bmp2 (nBmp2) Plays in Regulating Gene Expression , Fialka Grigorova

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

Effects of Diabetic State and Gender on Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Secretion by Human Macrophages Infected with Burkholderia pseudomallei , Annette J. Blam

Organellar DNA Polymerases Gamma I and II in Arabidopsis thaliana , Jeffrey M. Brammer

Determining the Function of Nuclear Bmp4 , Trina Jane Loos

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Recent Submissions

Structure and function of microtubule nucleation proteins , evaluation of the structural, functional, cellular and molecular basis of heart pathophysiology in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy , understanding and utilising bacterial growth rate changes at high external osmolarities , origin and maintenance of diversity in british euphrasia (orobanchaceae) , single-cell time-series analysis of metabolic rhythms in yeast , ectopic heterochromatin provides an alternative route to fungal resistance , understanding adaptive immunity using immune receptor repertoire sequencing , mapping inbreeding depression in wild red deer (cervus elaphus) , transcription-only cell-free systems and their application in biosensing , encapsulin engineering for metal nanoparticle production , adaptive genomics and phylogeography of guazuma ulmifolia (malvaceae) , structural and functional characterization of cenp-v: a novel glutathione-binding protein , chromosome rearrangements and population genomics , quantitative genetics of gene expression: regulatory complexity and patterns of variation , exploring an enigma: the geographic and temporal origins of the western ghats flora , spatio-temporal organisation and dynamics of centromere  , investigation of the chromatin characteristics driving murine rif1s association with and compartmentalisation of late-replicating chromatin , exploring the importance of axial identity in transplantation studies using neural progenitors of specific anteroposterior identity , investigating the role of sucrose in controlling lateral root formation in arabidopsis thaliana , is mutational meltdown a threat to the mega diverse genus begonia .

biology thesis ideas

  • Thesis Guidelines

A thesis for Distinction in Biology is a wonderful way for you to close the loop on your undergraduate research experience and showcase your scientific scholarship. Your thesis will be evaluated by the Faculty in Biology and answers the following questions: What did you do? Why did you do it? What is the significance of your results? What else would you do, were you to continue the project?

In answering the above questions, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and intellectual ownership of a project; not simply your productivity in the lab. The volume of results or completeness of the study is not critical for a successful thesis. Instead, we will be looking for the following:

  • An argument for the significance of your research, contextualized within the scientific literature;
  • A review of appropriate literature as evidence in support of claims you make in your argument;
  • A statement of your research goals, i.e., a meaningful question of biological importance;
  • A description of experimental approaches and methods ;
  • Appropriate presentation of results through tables, figures, and images;
  • A discussion of the meaning and significance of your results;
  • A description of limitations and future directions for the project.

Expanded guidelines can be found in the Biology Thesis Assessment Protocol (BioTAP):

Format of the Thesis

The basic format of the thesis should resemble that of any scientific journal article that is common in your subdiscipline. It generally includes the following sections: Introduction & Background; Methods; Results; Discussion; Acknowledgements; and References. In some instances, it may be useful to sub-divide the Methods & Results section to correspond to multiple aims. However, if you chose to take this route, remember that there should still be a general Introduction and Discussion sections that address the project as a whole. The thesis should not consist of several "mini-papers" that are unconnected.  

Submission Guidelines

The format of the final copy should follow these guidelines:

  • Cover Page ( sample ): Title; student's name; supervisor's name; date of submission; 3 signature lines at bottom right (Research Supervisor, DUS, Reader). Please follow the format and language of the sample.
  • Abstract Page: single-spaced, roughly 250 words.
  • Thesis should be double-spaced
  • Pages should be numbered at the top right corner of the page
  • It is preferred that figures are embedded within the document instead of all at the end
  • There is no minimum page requirement or limit, although most are approximately 25 pages. 

Sample Theses

Examples of Distinction papers from previous years are available for examination in the Undergraduate Studies Office (Rm 135 BioSci).  Several samples are also available below as PDF files.

  • Tracing the origins of antimalarial resistance in Plasmodium vivax
  • Interaction network optimization improves the antimicrobial efficacy of phage cocktails
  • Identifying how ufmylation of RAB1B regulates IFN-β signaling

Additional Resources

  • Library Resources for Students Writing Theses
  • How to write and publish a scientific paper by Barbara Gastel and Robert A. Day
  • Biology 495(S): Scientific Argument in Writing . This course is particularly appropriate for seniors working on an undergraduate thesis or major research paper and is recommended, although not required, for all candidates for Graduation with Distinction in biology. The course is writing intensive and carries a “W” designation and, in the fall semester only, is a seminar and carries an “S” designation.
  • Biology Writes  offers writing resources, feedback, one-on-one consultations, and more.  
  • Duke Biology’s Mission Statement
  • AJED Annual and Semester Reports
  • AJED Meeting Notes
  • Biology Cultural Association (BCA)
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Antiracism Committee (IDEA)
  • Learning from Baboons: Dr. Susan Alberts
  • Extremophiles and Systems Biology: Dr. Amy Schmid
  • How Cells Manage Stress: Dr. Gustavo Silva
  • Predator-Prey Interactions in a Changing World: Dr. Jean Philippe Gibert
  • Exploring the Extracellular Matrix: Dr. David Sherwood
  • Cell Division's Missing Link: Dr. Masayuki Onishi
  • Listening in to Birdsong: Dr. Steve Nowicki
  • Biogeochemistry as Ecosystem Accounting: Dr. Emily Bernhardt
  • Building a Dynamic Nervous System: Dr. Pelin Volkan
  • Investigating a Key Plant Hormone: Dr. Lucia Strader
  • Imagining Visual Ecology: Dr. Sönke Johnsen
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Graduate Student Research Topics

Current students, steffen peterson , 2023.

Thesis: Estimating black bear population parameters with spatial capture recapture in a high desert mountain ecosystem Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Sara Moriarty-Graves , 2023

Thesis: Carnivore and ungulate occurrence in a fire-prone region Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Photo of Sara Moriarty-Graves

Erika Anderson , 2023

Thesis: Sympatric carnivores and vegetation structure influence the distribution and abundance of Humboldt martens in Northern California Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Photo of Erika Anderson

Ashley Harper , 2023

Thesis: Identifying habitat suitability and connectivity for Roosevelt elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti) on the North Coast of California Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther , Ho Yi Wan

Photo of Ashley Harper

Brian Fagundes , 2022

Thesis: Estimating the ecosystem service of Aleutian cackling goose droppings on pastures Advisor: Jeff Black

Jessica Guenther , 2022

Thesis: Do Steller's jays respond to human providers? Advisor: Jeff Black

Travis Farwell , 2022

Thesis: Geographic and seasonal variation of flying squirrel vocalizations in California Advisor: Barbara Clucas

Travis Farwell

Rebecca Carniello , 2022

Thesis: Carnivore and ungulate response to livestock in a grazed forest ecosystem Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Becca Carniello photo

Ashley Hansen , 2022

Thesis: Use of an avian predator as a biological control agent in agricultural systems: Do barn owls (Tyto alba) impact rodent abundance in a vineyard setting? Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Ashley Hansen holding an owl

Jessica Barger , 2021

Thesis: Barger, JL 2021. Merging Art and Science : Lessons Learned from an ‘Otterly’ Different Case Study . Humboldt State University Advisor: Jeff Black

Leigh J. Marshall , 2021

Thesis: Recreation, vegetation management, and disease impact sympatric carnivore activity in California's East Bay parks Advisor: Barbara Clucas , Micaela Szykman Gunther

Photo of Leigh

Makenzie Henk , 2021

Thesis: Using noninvasive genetic sampling with a Bayesian spatial capture-recapture analysis to estimate abundance of Roosevelt Elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti) Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Makenzie Henk

Evelyn Lichwa , 2021

Thesis: Ecological and Social Drivers of Mexican Gray Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) Home Range Patterns Across Spatiotemporal Scales Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Evelyn Lichwa

Frank Juma Ong'ondo , 2021

Thesis: Bird abundance and diversity in shade coffee and natural forest in Kenya Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Frank Juma Ong’ondo standing in front of a tree with binoculars in his hands

Adam Mohr , 2020

Thesis: Spatial ecology for two subspecies of elk in California Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Kachina Rowland , 2020

Thesis: Rowland, KL 2020. The Rattle Call : a Female-Specific Vocalization in Steller’s Jays . Humboldt State University Advisor: Jeff Black

Chad Moura , 2020

Thesis: Temporal Partitioning of Mammalian Mesopredators in Response to Anthropogenic Urbanization and Climate Change in California’s Central Valley Advisor: Barbara Clucas

Chad Moura

Jon Ewanyk , 2020

Thesis: Habitat use and prey selection by mountain lions in an altered sagebrush steppe environment Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Deven Kammerichs-Berke , 2020

Thesis: Foraging selectivity of insectivorous birds in Kenyan shade coffee systems Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Deven Kammerichs-Berke - holding a small bird

Claire Nasr , 2019

Thesis: Identifying spatial overlap and seasonal variation between human and seabird use along the Trinidad Coast to better predict timing and location of potential disturbance events Advisor: Daniel Barton

Claire Nasr

Alyssa Marquez , 2019

Thesis: Response of headwater amphibians to long-term logging impacts and assessing potential for restoration in Redwood National and State Parks Advisor: Daniel Barton , Micaela Szykman Gunther

Alyssa Marquez

Alyssa Semerdjian , 2019

Thesis: Evaluation of range-wide occupancy and survey methods for the giant kangaroo rat (Dipodomys ingens) Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Pairsa Belamaric , 2019

Thesis: Direct and/or indirect effects porcupine foraging may have on coastal dune forest ecosystems Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Pairsa Belamaric

Sarah Schooler , 2019

Thesis: Shade trees preserve avian insectivore biodiversity on coffee farms in a warming climate Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Matt Delgado , 2019

Thesis: Achromatic plumage patch quality: internal organ and skeletal correlates in Aleutian cackling geese (Branta hutchinsii leucopareia) Advisor: Jeff Black

Molly Parren , 2019

Thesis: Drought and Coyotes Mediate the Relationship Between Mesopredators and Human Disturbance in California Advisor: Barbara Clucas

Molly Parren

Trinity Smith , 2019

Thesis: Elucidating Patterns of Bat Species Occupancy Across a Disturbed Landscape in California’s Central Valley Advisor: Barbara Clucas

Trinity Smith

Holly Gamblin , 2019

Thesis: Investigating range expansion and habitat use of Humboldt marten in a fragmented landscape Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Rudy Mena , 2019

Thesis: Targeting social cohesion in female roosevelt elk (cervus canadensis roosevelti) groups minimizes survey efforts for fecal dna capture-recapture estimates of abundance Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Andria Townsend , 2019

Thesis: Tree squirrels and fishers in Northern California: The effects of masting hardwoods on stand use Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Andria Townsend photo

Brooks Estes , 2019

Thesis: Farmer perceptions of barn owls as part of integrated pest management in vineyard ecosystems. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Brooks Estes smiling with a horse

Allison Huysman , 2019

Thesis: Barn owl hunting responses to wine country wildfires. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Allison Huysman - Holding an owl in a vineyard

Dane St. George , 2019

Thesis: Barn owl prey delivery rates in Napa Valley vineyard ecosystems. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Dane in a vineyard holding an owl

Katrina Smith , 2018

Thesis: Evaluating habitat selection models to improve site selection in a population monitoring program for Townsend's big-eared bats (Corynorhinus Townsendii) Advisor: Daniel Barton

Katrina Smith

Justin Deminaew , 2018

Thesis: Changes in demography, distribution, and diet in garter snakes following eradication of a non-native prey subsidy Advisor: Daniel Barton

Justin Deminaew

Jennie Jones Scherbinski , 2018

Thesis: The influence of microclimate and local adaptation for a climate-sensitive species (Aplodontia rufa) Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Ivy Widick , 2018

Thesis: Evaluating current and future range limits of an endangered, keystone rodent (Dipodomys ingens) Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Elizabeth Morata , 2018

Thesis: Seasonal home range variation and spatial ecology of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) in coastal Humboldt County, CA Advisor: Jeff Black

Genevieve Rozhon , 2018

Thesis: Sex-specific habitat selection of rough-legged hawks (Buteo lagopus) wintering in western North America Advisor: Jeff Black

Xerónimo Castañeda , 2018

Thesis: Quantifying habitat use by barn owls foraging in vineyards versus adjacent habitats. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Xerónimo Castañeda - Holding a bird in the forest

Dawn Blake , 2018

Thesis: Foraging habitat of pileated woodpeckers in relation to a managed landscape on the Hoopa Valley reservation, Northwestern California Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Dawn Blake in the forest with a bird

Kelly Commons  , 2017

Thesis: Mobbing behavior in wild Steller's jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) Advisor: Jeff Black

Trinity Tippin  , 2017

Thesis: Propensity of predator mimicry in wild Steller's jays Advisor: Jeff Black

Ryan Baumbusch , 2016

Thesis: A model to evaluate barred owl removal strategies for the conservation of northern spotted owls Advisor: Daniel Barton

Ryan Baumbusch

Shannon (Murphy) Brinkman , 2016

Thesis: Evaluating Brandt’s Cormorant (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) reproductive success: Effects of parental care behaviors and estimating individual chick survival Advisor: Daniel Barton

Shannon (Murphy) Brinkman

Emily Cate , 2016

Thesis: Consumer movement among successional communities in relation to the rare, endemic plant Lassics lupine (Lupines constancei) ? Advisor: Daniel Barton

Emily Cate

Nathan Alexander , 2016

Thesis: Genetic structure and connectivity of the endangered Giant Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys ingens) in a heterogeneous environment Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Cara Appel , 2016

Thesis: Seasonal habitat selection of the North American porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) in a coastal dune forest Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Sharon Dulava , 2016

Thesis: Fine-scale change detection using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to inform reproductive biology in nesting Waterbirds Advisor: William "Tim" Bean

Alexis Dejoannis , 2016

Thesis: A description of pre-alternate molt in snowy plovers. Advisor: Mark Colwell

Teresa King , 2016

Thesis: An experimental test of response by Common Ravens to nest exclosures Advisor: Mark Colwell

Caylen Cummins , 2016

Thesis: Environmental and anthropogenic influences on fisher (Pekania pennanti) den attendance patterns in California  Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Marisa Parish , 2016

Thesis: Beaver bank lodge use, distribution and influence on salmonid rearing habitat in the coastal plain of the Smith River, California Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Carrie Wendt , 2016

Thesis: Examining barn owl nest box selection at three spatial scales on Napa Valley vineyards  Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Carrie Wendt - Holding an owl in a vineyard

Shannon Mendia , 2016

Thesis: Examining ecosystem services and disservices of bear damage on Hoopa Valley Reservation Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Shannon Mendia with a large cat

Jennifer Brown , 2016

Thesis: Effects of canopy cover on the prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis on frogs in Jamaican coffee farms. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Jennifer Brown in a field of plants with an animal

Derek Harvey  , 2015

Thesis: Innovative problem solving in wild Steller's jays Advisor: Jeff Black

Brendan Leigh  , 2015

Thesis: Habitat shifts and food intake in American Wigeon Anas americana in winter. Advisor: Jeff Black

Matthew Delheimer , 2015

Thesis: Assessment of short-term effectiveness of artificial resting and denning structures for the Humboldt marten (Martes caurina humboldtensis) in harvested forests in northwestern California Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Jacob Mesler , 2015

Thesis: Modeling gray wolf habitat suitability and expansion into the Pacific Northwest Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Kerry Rennie , 2015

Thesis: Home range overlap and female philopatry in fishers on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Wendy Cristina Willis , 2015

Thesis: Perceptions of shade tree cultivation by coffee farmers in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Wendy Cristina Willis with a man in a blue shirt

Bryan Daniels  , 2014

Thesis: Activity budgets, daily energy expenditure and energetic model of Black Brant Branta bernicla nigricans during winter and spring along the Lower Alaska Peninsula. Advisor: Jeff Black

Ted Torgerson , 2014

Thesis: Latrine site selection and seasonal habitat use of a coastal river otter population Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Megan Milligan , 2014

Thesis: Quantifying pest control services by birds in Kenyan coffee farms Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Megan Milligan hiking with a backpack in the mountains

Chris Smith , 2014

Thesis: Bird species richness and abundance in shade and sun coffee farms in Kenya Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Chris Smith with a bird out in the forest

Stephanie Eyes , 2014

Thesis: The effects of fire severity on California spotted owl habitat use patterns Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Stephanie Eyes in the forest with her hand in the air

Katlin Overeem  , 2013

Thesis: Extra-pair paternity and sexual selection in the Steller’s jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) Advisor: Jeff Black

Josh Cocke  , 2013

Thesis: Observations of Aleutian Cackling Geese (Branta hutchinsii leucopareia) breeding on Buldir Island, Alaska: forty-seven years after the discovery of a remnant population Advisor: Jeff Black

Betsy Elkinton , 2013

Thesis: Foraging and energy acquisition by black brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) on South Humboldt Bay, California Advisor: Jeff Black

Will Goldenberg  , 2013

Thesis: Steller’s jay space use and behavior in campground and non-campground sites within Redwood National and State Parks Advisor: Jeff Black

Hilary Cosby , 2013

Thesis: Variation in diet and activity of river otters (Lontra canadensis) by season and aquatic community Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Megan Garfinkel , 2013

Thesis: Pest-removal services provided by songbirds on small organic farms in Humboldt County, CA Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Megan Garfinkell with a baby goat on her shoulders

Pia Gabriel  , 2012

Thesis:  Steller’s jay behavioural syndromes.Technische Universität München, Germany. Advisor: Jeff Black

Ange Darnell , 2012

Thesis: Space use of African wild dogs in relation to other large carnivores in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, South Africa Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Ryan Kalinowski , 2012

Thesis: Habitat relationships of great gray owl prey in meadows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains  Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Ryan Kalinowski - in the field holding a specimen rat in a bag

Brent Campos , 2012

Thesis: Habitat selection, habitat use, and home ranges of black-throated blue warblers on Jamaican coffee farms: implications for an ecosystem service Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Campos out in the wilderness with binoculars around his neck

Christina Rockwell  , 2011

Thesis: Bolder, older, and selective: factors of individual-specific foraging strategies in Steller's jays Advisor: Jeff Black

Jen Terry Zalewski  , 2011

Thesis: Ecological factors influencing stress in northern river otters (Lontra canadensis) Advisor: Jeff Black

Jeff Zirpoli  , 2011

Thesis: Parasites and plumage: an experimental field test of the parasite-mediated handicap hypothesis Advisor: Jeff Black

Jennifer Terry Zalewski , 2011

Thesis: Ecological factors influencing stress in northern river otters (Lontra canadensis) Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Sacha Heath , 2011

Thesis: The effects of bird and bat arthropod predation on sapling black cottonwoods in the context of restoration Advisor: Matthew Johnson

birds and trees

Marlene Wagner , 2011

Thesis: Habitat selection by red-breasted sapsucker (Sphyrapicus ruber) in southeast Alaska old-growth forest Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Marlene with binoculars at the river looking into the sky

Kyle Spragens  , 2010

Thesis:  Aleutian goose response to facilitation by livestock grazing regimes in coastal pastures.  Advisor: Jeff Black

Penny Spiering Becker , 2010

Thesis: The genetics, behaviour and success of African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (PhD) Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Kristin Brzeski , 2010

Thesis: A non-invasive approach examining North American river otter abundance and sociality Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Chris West  , 2009

Thesis:  Vigilance in reintroduced California condors: the impact of early-rearing experience.  Advisor: Jeff Black

Shannon Murhpie , 2009

Thesis: Effect of hair loss syndrome on survival, behavior and habitat selection of black-tailed deer fawns Advisor: Micaela Szykman Gunther

Jared Wolfe , 2009

Thesis: Habitat use of Nearctic-Neotropic migrant birds in northeastern Costa Rica Advisor: Matthew Johnson

a bird biting someones finger

Dominic Bachman  , 2008

Thesis: Managing grassland pastures at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge for Aleutian geese Advisor: Jeff Black

Susannah Ferson  , 2008

Thesis: Manipulation of food quality and quantity by black brant geese Advisor: Jeff Black

Jeanne Hammond , 2008

Thesis: Nest predation at the Cosumnes River Preserve: Is an introduced predator, the black rat (Rattus rattus), limiting songbird breeding productivity? Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Jeanne Hammond bio photo

Amy Roberts , 2008

Thesis: Bat use of redwood basal hollows with increasing isolation in contiguous, remnant, and legacy redwood forest stands. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Amy Roberts bio photo

Dominic Bachman , 2008

Thesis: Aleutian Cackling Goose Habitat Management [co-advised with Dr. Jeff Black]. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Dominic Bachman bio photo

Emily Bjerre  , 2007

Thesis: Optimal grit : investigating grit acquisition and site use by black brant Advisor: Jeff Black

Rebecca Green , 2007

Thesis: Distribution of forest carnivores and evaluation of habitat models for American Marten in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Rebecca Green in the forest cheering

Amy Leist , 2007

Thesis: The importance of fruit to Swainson’s thrushes, Catharus ustulatus, at stopover sites during fall migration: A field test of plasma metabolite analysis. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Jherime Kellermann , 2007

Thesis: Assessing an economic incentive for bird-friendly coffee cultivation in Jamaica, West Indies. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Jherime Kellermann bio photo

Eric Wood , 2007

Thesis: Predictive modeling of focal bird species in Central Sierra Nevada Foothill woodlands. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Eric Wood with a bird

Jim Tietz , 2006

Thesis: Stopover ecology and habitat selection in fall migrant Swainson’s Thrushes (Catharus ustulatus) along the northern California coast. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Jim Tietz bio photo

Chris Tonra , 2006

Thesis: Hatching Synchrony in Brown-Headed Cowbirds: The influence of host density, chick gender, and habitat. Advisor: Matthew Johnson

Chris Tonra bio photo

Anne Mini  , 2005

Thesis:  Energetic expenditure of Aleutian Canada geese experiencing different management regimes. Advisor: Jeff Black

Jeff Moore  , 2003

Thesis: Distribution of spring staging black brant Branta bernicla nigricans in relation to feeding opportunities on south Humboldt Bay, California Advisor: Jeff Black

Ken Griggs  , 2003

Thesis:  Parental investment in Western Canada geese. Advisor: Jeff Black

Derek Lee  , 2002

Thesis:  Spring stopover of black brant geese at Humboldt Bay, CA. Advisor: Jeff Black

John Quinn  , 2000

Thesis:  Relationship between red-breasted geese and peregrine falcons during the breeding season, Oxford University, England. Advisor: Jeff Black

Friederike Woog , 1999

Thesis:  Dominance and dispersal of Hawaiian geese, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. Advisor: Jeff Black

Glynn Young , 1995

Thesis: The systematic position of Meller's Duck: a behavioural approach, University of Kent, England. Advisor: Jeff Black

Friederike Woog , 1993

Thesis:  Ecology of Hawaiian geese in habitats of Haleakala National Park, Maui, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. Advisor: Jeff Black

Sharmila Choudhury  , 1992

Thesis:  Mate choice in barnacle geese, Oxford University. Advisor: Jeff Black

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101 Biology Capstone Project Ideas to Get You Started

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Are you struggling to develop a topic for your college or university biology capstone project? Look no further! Here is a list of biology capstone project ideas to get you started on your research journey. From the human body to human cloning, these ideas cover a wide range of fascinating and relevant biology topics that will spark your curiosity and inspire you to create an amazing project.

Simple biology capstone project ideas

  • The effects of acid rain on plant growth
  • The process of photosynthesis in plants
  • The role of the human immune system in fighting disease
  • The impact of environmental pollution on human health
  • The effects of different diets on human health
  • The process of human reproduction and development
  • The impact of climate change on animal populations
  • The role of genetics in the development of cancer
  • The effects of different exercise regimes on human health
  • The role of the human gut microbiome in overall health
  • The process of cellular respiration in animals
  • The effects of different types of fertilizers on plant growth
  • The role of DNA in the development of traits
  • The impact of pesticides on the environment
  • The effects of different types of stress on human health
  • The process of human digestion and the role of enzymes
  • The impact of pollution on marine ecosystems
  • The role of genetics in the development of mental disorders
  • The effects of different types of exercise on muscle growth
  • The role of hormones in the regulation of human behavior

Biology Research Paper Topics for College Students

  • The process of cellular division in animals and plants
  • The effects of different types of soil on plant growth
  • The role of DNA in the development of inherited diseases
  • The impact of deforestation on the environment
  • The effects of different types of drugs on the human body
  • The process of human respiration and the role of the respiratory system
  • The impact of pollution on freshwater ecosystems
  • The role of genetics in the development of physical traits
  • The effects of different types of exercise on cardiovascular health
  • The role of hormones in the menstrual cycle
  • The process of protein synthesis in cells
  • The effects of different types of light on plant growth
  • The role of DNA in the development of cancer
  • The impact of climate change on plant populations
  • The effects of different types of bacteria on human health
  • The process of human bone growth and development
  • The impact of pollution on air quality
  • The role of genetics in the development of personality traits
  • The effects of different types of exercise on weight loss
  • The role of hormones in the development of secondary sexual characteristics

Biology capstone project Topics for High school

  • The process of DNA replication in cells
  • The effects of different types of nutrients on plant growth
  • The role of DNA in the development of inherited disorders
  • The impact of pollution on soil quality
  • The effects of different types of bacteria on plant health
  • The process of human nerve cell development and function
  • The impact of climate change on animal behavior
  • The role of genetics in the development of behavioral traits
  • The effects of different types of exercise on cognitive function
  • The role of hormones in the regulation of appetite
  • The process of transcription and translation in protein synthesis
  • The effects of different types of herbicides on plant growth
  • The role of DNA in the development of physical traits
  • The impact of pollution on the ozone layer
  • The effects of different types of viruses on human health
  • The process of human muscle growth and development
  • The impact of climate change on plant physiology
  • The role of genetics in the development of intelligence
  • The effects of different types of exercise on mental health
  • The role of hormones in the regulation of mood

Interesting Biology capstone project ideas

  • The process of DNA sequencing and its applications in genetics
  • The effects of different types of pesticides on animal health
  • The role of DNA in the development of inherited traits
  • The impact of pollution on human respiratory health
  • The effects of different types of bacteria on animal health
  • The process of human skin cell growth and repair
  • The impact of climate change on animal physiology
  • The role of genetics in the development of allergies
  • The effects of different types of exercise on bone density
  • The role of hormones in the regulation of metabolism
  • The process of gene expression and regulation in cells
  • The effects of different types of fertilizers on animal health
  • The role of DNA in the development of personality traits
  • The impact of pollution on water quality
  • The effects of different types of viruses on plant health
  • The process of human nerve cell communication and function
  • The role of genetics in the development of addiction
  • The effects of different types of exercise on sleep quality
  • The role of hormones in the regulation of sleep

Best biology capstone project ideas

  • The process of DNA methylation and its role in gene expression
  • The effects of different types of herbicides on animal health
  • The impact of pollution on the quality of indoor air
  • The effects of different types of bacteria on water quality
  • The process of human blood cell production and function
  • The impact of climate change on plant ecology
  • The role of genetics in the development of eating disorders
  • The effects of different types of exercise on stress levels
  • The role of hormones in the regulation of stress
  • The process of RNA splicing and its role in gene expression
  • The effects of different types of pesticides on water quality
  • The role of DNA in the development of behavioral traits
  • The impact of pollution on the quality of outdoor air
  • The effects of different types of viruses on animal health
  • The process of human brain development and function
  • The impact of climate change on animal ecology
  • The role of genetics in the development of anxiety disorders
  • The effects of different types of exercise on memory function
  • The role of hormones in the regulation of memory function
  • The process of DNA repair and its role in maintaining genetic integrity

Need Help with Biology capstone project Writing

If you are having difficulty choosing a topic or writing your biology capstone project, you may want to consider hiring our professional writers to help you. Our writers have experience in research and writing and can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the process of writing your research paper or capstone project.

Regardless of your chosen topic, it is important to remember that your biology capstone project should be engaging, informative, and well-researched. Following these guidelines can create a successful and impactful project that will impress your professors and peers.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a topic for your biology capstone project, it is important to consider each topic’s pros and cons. Some topics may be more interesting to you but may be more difficult to research or may not have as much available information. On the other hand, some topics may be easier to research but may not be as interesting or engaging. It is also important to consider whether you have the necessary resources and expertise to complete the project successfully.

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Majority Of US Biology Textbooks Teach Outdated Ideas About Gender And Sex, Study Finds

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The textbooks used in about 66% of U.S. classrooms teach outdated ideas about the differences between sex and gender, a new study published in the journal Science from the American Association for the Advancement of Science found, while Republican-led efforts in states like Florida have moved to ban instruction on the topic altogether.

The new study found that most textbooks fail to conform with the current scientific consensus.

The study examined six textbooks commonly used in California, Texas, New York and Florida—four of the most populous states in the U.S.—and found that none of the books differentiated between sex and gender.

According to researchers at BSCS Science Learning, New York University and the University of Texas, the textbooks “inappropriately conflate” sex, a biological phenomenon, with gender, which scientists widely consider to be socially constructed .

By doing so, these books promote gender and sex essentialism—or the idea that these categories have “fundamental or ‘essential’ qualities,” according to a 2018 study on the topic published by the National Institutes of Health.

According to Brian Donovan, the lead author of the study, biologists have rejected essentialism for about a century, with researchers now understanding that “most organisms vary continuously in their traits, and that complex traits have multifactorial explanations that involve genes interacting with environments.”

Donovan said biology textbooks “rarely, if ever, explained these complex ideas and concepts to students,” and criticized them for falling short and relying on outdated and simple concepts.

What Is The Scientific Consensus On Sex And Gender?

Experts at the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health believe that sex and gender are related, but distinct, categories that are informed by different variables. According to the NIH, sex is determined by traits including “anatomy, physiology, genetics, and hormones.” Meanwhile, experts say gender is a sociocultural phenomenon, related to the norms, roles and behaviors associated with men, women or other identities. Although the study in Science highlights how modern school textbooks get these concepts wrong, Donovan is optimistic that the curriculum can be updated easily to better teach these ideas. “In short, we suggest that textbooks need to do a better job of embracing variability,” Donovan told Forbes in an email. “Variability is the only reality in biology.” By not adequately understanding what Donovan calls the “tremendous variability” within sex and gender groups, students are more likely to develop essentialist views on these topics.

Key Background

The study in Science comes as an intense debate over school lessons, textbooks and library materials rages across the country. In some Republican-controlled states, including Florida and Texas, conservative politicians are pursuing strict control on education standards related to topics such as sex and gender. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration has taken major steps to remake the state’s education system. In 2022, the Republican governor and former presidential candidate passed the “Stop WOKE Act,” as well as the Parental Rights in Education Act, two laws that restrict instruction on gender identity, sexual orientation, race and other social justice topics in Florida classrooms. In 2023, Florida’s Department of Education took even more steps to restrict certain topics that are taught in the state’s schools. In April, the department expanded a controversial ban on teaching gender identity at all. Although the ban was originally instituted only for students in kindergarten through third grade, the new rules effectively banned the topic for all students through high school. One month later, the state announced it only approved 66 of 101 social studies textbooks submitted to the department for review, rejecting books with references to social justice and protesting police brutality. A report in the Tampa Bay Times found that some of the rejected texts included books on African American history, modern genocides and the Holocaust. In August, the College Board announced that its A.P. psychology course was “effectively banned” in Florida due to the ban on gender identity. Days later, the Department of Education seemingly reversed course , allowing schools to teach the course “in its entirety.” However, the problem may not be isolated to conservative states. Donovan said the study did not directly examine political pressure to teach sex and gender essentialism. However, the researchers did note that the four states they chose—California, New York, Texas and Florida—all have very different political environments, but teach these topics in a similar way.

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